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My experience with Meizu M3 Note

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 Ваша оценка:

  I like this phone, I like this stylish case, made of metal. When I take this phone, then it's a good feeling, I want to tap icons and again tap the icons. Of those models of Android phones that I had, it is the most convenient case. Especially considering the cost of the phone $150. Still have some work to do as we get the analogue of the iPhone 6.
  The phone is controlled by its own operating system FlymeOS. I can't say outright it is better than the usual Android. Every manufacturer strives to make its operating system based on Android. It is not always clear why. In this shell I have not noticed the particular pros and cons. The user consistently gets the update. Nothing hangs, the applications work. Given the 8-core processor and 2 GB RAM, everything works without hangs.
  The phone has not three buttons like a normal phone, and one Home button like the iPhone, which has greater sensitivity. Button distinguishes between light touch and hard touch. I personally got used to it. The application menu is called by the gesture up from the base phone to the area of the screen.
  The phone's sound weak. This is for the external dynamics, which can be easily drown out for by pressing at the base of the phone from the front. With headphones the same problem - the signal level is not up to the usual, and you will miss the sound at maximum volume. I bought a headset Meizu, but I didn't like it. These sets are made to be stored in the bottom drawer of the Desk.
  The camera in mobile, does not cling to the eye. Quality the the Android brick and does not surprise you. But not upset. Does the job okay. The first day I recorded a video clip at a concert and the sound has turned nasty, as the phone has distorted all frequencies. The video clip can be discarded.
  The matrix screen is also average, not as nature's miracle intense screen Samsung. Some faded picture with a bluish tinge. All can be disassembled, but it is without raisins.
  Pleased with the battery. It really is enough for the whole day. Charge you late in the evening or the next day, you can stick to the phone all day without special damage to charge. If the phone is not touched, then the batteries enough for two days.
  The side buttons on the right, volume buttons pressed down and not react on the phone sometimes. That is, they are not made very efficiently, which causes discomfort. The iPhone, for example, everything is done well and thoughtfully.
  The Wi-Fi module at some point refused to connect to work network 5GHz. At home, these problems do not occur, but at work I was not able to connect to this network. Maybe it's a problem of the firmware not the phone itself.
  Overall the feel of the phone is positive, in spite of its disadvantages. You can use and not think about charging. The phone has the authorization to fingerprint, and updates can fix existing deficiencies.
 Ваша оценка:

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