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Translation of Формирование единой основы общественных устремлений: от диалектики к возможности

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Formation of the Unified ideas through public aspirations: From Dialectics to the possibility


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   Andrey Angorskiy
   The historical development of logical structures in the society has passed several stages, among which the most important for us two: and Aristotelian dialectic. Each of them imposed a special imprint on the world view of generations. Moreover, dialectic and Aristotelian logic is still the most important procedural units of thinking of any civilized person.
     Nevertheless, much of the contemporary challenges and perceptions do not fit into the framework of these logics. For example, an analysis of the concepts of matter and consciousness in dialectical materialism, an enormous influence on the understanding of the processes that occur in the animate and inanimate nature, is not passed through a synthesis of these concepts to a qualitatively higher level, and the problem of description of what we identify with using the concept of "time", on the contrary, it was because of the lack of a logical framework for its analysis. A further development is clearly a crisis of dialectical thinking manifested itself in social ideology, the logic of social consciousness, which determines, ultimately, ideological and, therefore, targets in the community.
   All of the above circumstances, and many others resulted in a new direction logic capabilities. The latter brings together all previous private logical formations, not only did not deny them as a matter of fact, but also gives them the right to their existence.
   Here we only briefly touch on the philosophical basis of the logic of opportunity and on some important issues arising in the analysis of individual attitudes in this area.
   In defining the philosophy adopted by the possibility of the thesis that the world is being possesses all the properties of infinity and self-samorealizuyuschayasya possible. Under Infinity Infinity refers to "power" in advance to the higher than any of the possible, so the very possibility of a much "more" to itself in all its parts. One of the major intrinsic properties is the possibility of any distinction as relevant ( "dynamic") and potential ( "inherent"), and this distinction should not be conceived as an absolute opposition, but only as a functional opposite, taking the basis of any single party process. This contrasts the current and potential establishes an inability to both the main and the only possibility of an opposition at all.
   Here it would be appropriate to define the most possible. Note that in the strict sense such a definition, no. Normally under the same opportunity to realize a unity mnogoformennosti mnogosoderzhatelnosti content and form.
   In a field of possibilities is acceptable to provide a computer with monitor and mouse. Computer memory and boundless stores of all images presented. In this case, our actions are confined to the "movement-choice." There is also another great feature-Factor "simultaneity." Indeed, the possibility of any means and the possibility of time in particular.
    As for all the rest, the opportunity for to us through us and through us, because "we do our own destiny as far as it allows us to do it."
   Question about the "meaning of life" in its usual setting here is not lawful, because the issue turns on "the meaning of life", then in the question of "identity" (itself an opportunity for a value).
   Note that apart from a rhetorical question about "the meaning of life", many others found their solution in the framework of the philosophy of opportunities: there was an odd set of functional basis of the notion of time, found the ratio of "true, accurate, truthful, non-linearity and asymmetry, the major prospects for the development of information systems and the duplication (clone-based systems), developed the concept psihofilosofii, etc. ..

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