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Конкурс фантрассказа Блэк-Джек-21
Поиск утраченного смысла. Загадка Лукоморья
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                            I long to tell you so much more
                            It feels like time runs out on me.
                            The moment comes... But what for?
                            I"m quiet and think of me so scornfully.

                            I would do anything for thee.
                            I"d dance and sing. Confess upon your wish!
                            But when you are present, silence rushes over me.
                            Oh that I"m shy, but I don"t tend to be selfish.

                            A friend would say: "Since love has mingled in your heart
                            It has enchanted your lonesome soul.
                            Open yourself to other loves beyond
                            That will enfranchise you from burden and all.

                            The days are not what they once used to be,
                            "Though roses still bloom in the seas of human blood."
                            His words are such that penetrate like sword inside of me,
                            He slaps my face with words against pure love.

                            "Awake my friend! And face reality.
                            Just listen to my words while you still can.
                            Go free yourself at last from false fidelity.
                            It shall arrive-the happiness-to you, oh sinful man."

                            I listened; did I have a choice?
                            Then interrupted what he was speaking of.
                            At first the silence ruled his voice,
                            But then he just replied: "Bewitching love..."

                            "Love"s a disease " - he strikes my ears.
                            "It"s there to crush you, entwine in chains so cold."
                            Yet be without it your spirit dies, escapes in chariots of years
                            And blood gets wrapped in thickest mold.

                            "What"s there to do? My tears are louder than my cries.
                            Love soars inside like precious dove
                            And she, life"s music and the light that never dies
                            I call the duchess and her name is Love."

                            "Forget about everything, listen to my advice,
                            You have to find yourself another one.
                            Believe me, it"s just a silly caprice
                            You will be fine; the pain will soon be gone.

                            We men know how those women behave
                            They have no logic, they"re full of absurdity.
                            Blind love will make you a pitiful slave
                            You will obey and serve it with dazzled loyalty."

                            I begin to fade and fall like a leaf.
                            Eerie sounds of thought"s invasion.
                            The destiny"s wind brings on the grief
                            His speech! That dirty condemnation!

                            How silly, is not this true?
                            I do not care to hear: "Good bye" or "I will see you!"
                            I thank you anyway:
                            For pain and other things that we"ve been through...
                            For the love that will always exist in the poem
                            In which I will always find place to roam.
                            For unfinished wine and dreams with no returning
                            And for the tormenting, yet beautiful yearning. 


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