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Technology, Innovation and Culture

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    Дается доказательство существования Бога, отсюда выводится совсем другая наука и представление о Вселенной.

Technology, Innovation and Culture

"Мы живем в атмосфере мрака и отчаяния потому, что наши глаза прикованы к земле со всеми ее физическими, грубо материальными проявлениями. Если бы вместо этого человек на протяжении своего физического пути смотрел -- не на "небеса", ибо это лишь фигуральное выражение, -- а внутрь себя и сосредоточил свои наблюдения на внутреннем человеке, он быстро освободился бы из тисков великой змеи иллюзии."

Елена Блаватская

In the beginning there was the Word...

   Immanuel Kant tried to prove the existence of God but He did not succeed.
   The main reason for this is that He searched for a proof outside His own mind or His own conscience. Also, He did not take into consideration any evolutionary processes.
   The given paper tries to fill some gaps and show another way in understanding the reality.
   It is based on the existing science.
   In the paper we use mathematical methods in creating scientific concepts since those are based on the logical reasoning.
   We show that in studying the reality it is enough to develop Number Theory, Poetry, Art and other Sciences that are based on the Nature and Inner World of a person.
   Higher Conscience is a conscience that has always more knowledge than people have.
   Higher Conscience exists.
   Assume that It does not exists. Then the number Pi can not exist in Human Conscience since people know, describe and operate only with what they see or sense.
   All mathematics that operates with infinitesimal values belongs to Higher Conscience, hence it can be done.
   Theorem on Infinite Monkey.
Monkey that typed everything exists.

There is a straightforward proof of this theorem. As an introduction, recall that if two events are statistically independent, then the probability of both happening equals the product of the probabilities of each one happening independently. For example, if the chance of rain in Moscow on a particular day in the future is 0.4 and the chance of an earthquake in San Francisco on that same day is 0.00003, then the chance of both happening on that day is 0.4 в 0.00003 = 0.000012, assuming that they are indeed independent.

Suppose the typewriter has 50 keys, and the word to be typed is banana. If the keys are pressed randomly and independently, it means that each key has an equal chance of being pressed. Then, the chance that the first letter typed by a monkey is 'b' is 1/50, and the chance that the second letter typed is a is also 1/50, and so on. Therefore, the chance of the first six letters spelling banana is

(1/50) в (1/50) в (1/50) в (1/50) в (1/50) в (1/50) = (1/50)6 = 1/15 625 000 000 ,

less than one in 15 billion, but not zero, hence a possible outcome.

From the above, the chance of not typing banana in a given block of 6 letters is 1 -- (1/50)6. Because each block is typed independently, the chance X_n of not typing banana in any of the first n blocks of 6 letters is


As n grows, X_n gets smaller. For an n of a million, X_n is roughly 0.9999, but for an n of 10 billion X_n is roughly 0.53 and for an n of 100 billion it is roughly 0.0017. As n approaches infinity, the probability X_n approaches zero; that is, by making n large enough, X_n can be made as small as is desired, and the chance of typing banana approaches 100%.


Since the word banana is typed NOW, then n is equal INFINITY in the previous formula.
Hence Infinite Monkey who typed EVERYTHING EXISTS.
   Higher Conscience and Infinite Monkey are the same.

Why All are fired, how Alfa and Omega work

   Instrument is an object that is done by some person.
   Iron is something that makes the surface flat.
   Profession is what person does with some instrument.
   Professional is some person who fulfills some profession.
   Break in a person is some health problem.
   Trauma is some break in a person that is caused by instrument.
   Theorem on Ability.
   In order to become professional for some person it is enough to learn on how to use some
   When a person learns how to use some instrument a person becomes professional since now the
   person is able to use instrument.
   Theorem on Professions.
   Any profession eventually leads to trauma in a person.
   Let us consider some Profession. It means that there exists some professional who fulfills this
   profession. Hence there exists some instrument that is been used by some person.
   Instrument is some object that people did. Let us prove that this object leads to trauma in some
   Let us prove that any object what people do leads to trauma.
   Any object what people do works based on finite set of rules that include rules of arithmetic.
   Example, hammer works based on the number of hits on the nail.
   By Godel Theorem (see [1]) any such set of rules contains a statement that can not be proved or
   disproved using this set of rules. In other words, there is a combination of steps (situation) in this
   instrument (object) when it works in unpredictable way that is not written in the usage instructions
   for this instrument.
   Hence the person who uses this instrument does not know this situation and can not handle it
   properly. Hence eventually it leads that the person is broken (it might mean also mental overhead
   since person is told that the instrument is absolutely safe for usage).
   Event is some happening (example, birthday).
   Higher Conscience is a conscience that has more knowledge that all people have at any given time.
   Theorem on Probability.
   There is no probability in events.
   Assume that there is a probability in events. This means that those events can be described by
   probability theory. Probability theory includes rules of arithmetic. By Godel Theorem this Theory
   contains some statement that can not be proved or disproved by this Theory. Such statement is
   "Higher Conscience exists". Why? If Theory of Probability would prove that "Higher Conscience
   exists" hence this Theory would become false since obviously"Higher Conscience does not play
   dices". If Theory of probability would disprove this statement, it would prove that "Higher
   Conscience does not exist". But it is easy to prove that "Higher Conscience exists". Because only
   Higher Conscience could teach people about number Pi that describes the perfect wheel but which
   people never seen and hence they would never knew about this number.
   Shishnjuk (serpent) is some person that pretends he does not know Theorem on Professions.
   Theorem on Shishnjuk.
   All people are shishnjuk.
   All people have some profession here and there since they use instruments, and they know about
   Agni is some person who knows that all are shishnjuk.
   Theorem on Agni.
   At some point of time there comes Agni.
   Agni comes because Agni read Theorem on Professions and sees traumas. Because of that Agni
   understands that all are shishnjuks.
   Iron "Al-Om" makes the visible world flat so that there are no instruments.
   Theorem on Arithmetic
   There is only arithmetic (visible world is arithmetic).
   There is no probability in events. Hence everything is sequential. In other words, arithmetical.
   Iron "Al-Om" exists.
   It exists because no one wants traumas. Hence all will remove instruments.
   See [2] for continuation of the story.
   [1] Wikipedia, Godel Theorem
   [2] New Testament, Revelation, Chapter 14

What to do?

   0x01 graphic

Higher Conscience, Love and Egoism

Higher Conscience has one rule only - Love.
   People Conscience evolution means a way to balance with Higher Conscience.
   Egoism is defined as information that is false (ie not generated by Love) for Higher Conscience.
   Mammona is defined as a collective Egoism of people.
   Let us discuss relation between Infinite Monkey, Mammona, Halting problem and Eternity.
   In computability theory the halting problem is the problem of determining, from a description of an arbitrary computer program and an input, whether the program will finish running or continue to run forever.
   Theorem on Halting Problem.
Solution of a Halting Problem exists.
It belongs to Infinite Monkey, ie to Higher Conscience.

Infinite Monkey typed Everything, also all possible algorithms and their inputs. He also knows for arbitrary algorithm and its input if it halts or not.

Theorem on a Key to Eternity.
Solution of a Halting Problem is a Key to Eternity.
The solution of a Halting problem gives a solution to all possible situations in all possible cases, ie to death as well. The hint is given in Dhammapada by saying "Can You hide Yourself from death".

Theorem on Mammona and Halting Problem.
Building Mammona means trying to find algorithm to solve Halting Problem.

Building Mammona means building all possible algorithms that help to solve all possible situations. Hence trying to find algorithm to solve Halting problem.

Building Mammona leads to Nothing.

From Theorem on Mammona and Halting Problem and because there does not exist algorithm that solves Halting Problem, Building Mammona leads to Nothing.
   Higher Conscience does not punish never, ie It has no Egoism.
   If It ever punishes or shows egoism, It will receive a corresponding reaction to bring It to balance and hence by induction nothing would exist.
   Theorem of Boomerang.
   Any action or thought that is not Love implies the forthcoming reaction in People Conscience (therefore in visible part of the world).
   Since People Conscience is not in balance with Higher Conscience (due to not Love generated by action or thought), action-reaction is the only way to bring it to balance.
   Such mechanism is well-known Neural Network training.
   Tsunami, viruses and etc.
   Universe is what Higher Conscience creates and sees.
   Device is any visible part of Universe that can be seen as a whole.
   Examples: Sun, Earth, people, animals, cars, mobiles.
Iuda Iscariot Principle.
Device that is injected with any third party rule (not belonging to Higher Conscience) eventually breaks the device that is built by Higher Conscience.
The device built by Higher Conscience has only one rule - Love and the rules that bring the device to balance with Higher Conscience.
Since the device with the injection has more rules (is smarter) than the device built by Higher Conscience it makes the latter to fail (be broken) at some point.
   Reality (real) is a part of Universe that is permanent.
   Illusion is a part of Universe that is not permanent.
   Theorem to Distinguish Reality and Illusion.
Everything (thoughts or any device) that contains a rule that is not Love is Illusion.
Everything that contains a rule that is not Love obeys Theorem of Boomerang.
Hence it is not permanent and therefore it is Illusion.

Everything (thoughts or any device) that contains a rule that is not Love leads to degradation and eventually to decay.
By Theorem to Distinguish Reality and Illusion it is an Illusion. Hence it is not real and does not give any effect on evolution.
Therefore it leads to degradation and eventually to decay.
   Babilon Tower is a chaos.
   Minesweeper game is a well-known Minesweeper game.
Human Conscience is a Babilon Tower.
   People play Minesweeper game.
There are killings (at least) and they are unpredictable.
   Hanoi Tower game is moving different sizes disks from one stick to another using three sticks.
Human Conscience plays Hanoi Tower game that never ends comparing to life time of Universe (for example, Hanoi Tower game with 64 disks).
The proof follows from Iuda Iscariot Principle and Theorem to Distinguish Reality and Illusion.
   Hell is a state of Conscience full of Egoism.
   People Conscience leave in Hell.
   The main Capitalist-Destroyer of individual skills of craftsmen carries John Baptist on the window of Small Guild in Riga.
   Theorem on Lego.
Lego was given by Monkey who typed Everything in order for people to start listen healing Zen Music.
Since Monkey who typed Everything sees Us that we suffer and create the same things that He already created and abandoned as leading to degradation, He decided to give ideas of Lego to kids so that people finally understand this and start listen to healing Zen music.
   Oracle Application Express, Raspberry PI are examples of Universal Web Application and Universal Computer built by Lego principle.
   Deficit is someone exposed egoism.
   Theorem on Change.
   Deficit leads to a change.
   Follows from Boomerang Theorem.
   Soviet Union collapsed because there was a deficit of sausages.
   There was an obvious egoism to hide sausages for own needs by group of people. Hence there was a deficit of sausages. By previous Theorem it leads to a change. Therefore Soviet Union collapsed.
   Theorem on Money deficit.
   There is always deficit of Money.
   Everybody needs money, ie there is always egoistic need to posses money.
   Hence there is a deficit of Money.
   Deficit of Money leads to collapsing Money-making machine.
   Proof .
   Follows from Theorem on Change and from Theorem on Money deficit.
   Theorem on Economical Crisis.
   Economical crisis is permanent as long as money exists and arises because of deficit of money and rounding errors.
   There is deficit of money as long as they exists, hence crisis exists as long as money exists because there are rounding errors always no matter which precision is used for calculations. (Speaking in simple way, debit never equals credit because of rounding error).
   Everyone knows the Theorem on Economical Crisis but just pretends He/She does not know it.
   Everyone studied credit-debit in either at school or university or was teached by parents.


   Theorem on Mammona.
Hanoi tower with infinite number of disks = Sierpinski Triangle = Mammona = Illusion = 0
We proved that People build Hanoi Tower.
Since everything is done for Money, then People build Mammona.

Therefore Mammona and Hanoi Tower is the same.
As it is known
Sierpinski Triangle and Hanoi Tower with infinite number of disks is the same (see below).

Since Sierpinski Triangle area is zero, we get the above equality.

From Wikipedia
Towers of Hanoi
The Towers of Hanoi puzzle involves moving disks of different sizes between three pegs, maintaining the property that no disk is ever placed on top of a smaller disk. The states of an n-disk puzzle, and the allowable moves from one state to another, form an undirected graph that can be represented geometrically as the intersection graph of the set of triangles remaining after the nth step in the construction of the Sierpinski triangle. Thus, in the limit as n goes to infinity, this sequence of graphs can be interpreted as a discrete analogue of the Sierpinski triangle.

How to establish own business

  -- 1. Buy own server
  -- 2. Buy domain called KARLIK.COM as it is suggested in [1]
  -- Install Oracle database in own server and configure network
  -- 3. Create program called Robot that scans Internet and its content and writes to database
  -- 4. Create Search Engine Web interface that returns results from DB based on entered search keyword
  -- 5. Create Services in Search Engine Web interface that allow to promote Web sites of companies where companies setup Billing plan and advertising campaign
  -- 6. Charge companies on the number of clicks they received on their web site
  -- 7. Create javascript that is free which people can place in their Web site to count number of clicks and get it reflected in KARLIK.COM
  -- 8. Create many Web sites to fill up the content of Search Engine (can be produced by slight modifications)
  -- 9. Create Cross Reference banners that can be placed in web sites from step 8 in order to maximize number of clicks
  -- 10. Make agreements with banks to directly charge companies bank accounts
  -- 11. Minimize risks and claims
   [1] Nikolaj and Elena Roerich, Agni Yoga

The Question of Trust

   Over thousands years there stands a question of trust. It is between all people, gods, nature and animals. It turns out that no one trust each other except that Gods trust in people (we write here Gods meaning that people have thousands of Gods they believe in).
   One can ask why? The answer is obvious: if Gods do not trust people - people would not exist. Simple as that. Anything else is created to collect money because when someone does not trust someone he (or she) simply takes money as a some kind of benefit for pampering own needs.
   We all know that Gods exist because They give us knowledge (they feed us) at the needed moments, especially at the most crucial moments in the history of people.
   They gave us number Pi at some point in the history and told us about a wheel.
   No one has ever seen the perfect wheel but still this number is the most crucial in the mathematics that brings beautiful theories and raises imaginations.
   Is not it the proof that They exist? We see and feel only what we see and feel. There is someone who gives (feeds) us like people feed the fish in the aquarium. They do not exist outside us but we are simply the part of them.
   Now there is the question why people do not trust Gods? My answer is because they are full of fear and noise of suffer. Imagine the guy who takes drugs all his life (or me who smokes cigarettes and drinks coffee). If you try to say to the guy that he is drug-addicted and try to withdraw the drug (or take cigarettes or coffee from me), the guy (me) can become furious and punish you.
   So, the answer is: common fear.
   At the same time all tell me that God is Love. Then how otherwise someone can be in fear of God?
   As we showed above this is our fear because people common behavior pattern is to punish and raise the fear.
   But Gods trust us as we proved. Hence there is no fear.
   We would like to conclude by recent examples when someone decided to raise the fear to the level that is the stop-crane for everyone.
   If someone tells that people are facing total infections and over population by this forcing people to work harder and harder, obviously this guy is in fear. He is just blind at the moment. The heaven is always in everyone Heart and It just waits when someone awakes and throughs away such fears and helps others to become healthy.
   Do You still believe that Earth is created to punish people by any means like infections, over population, killings and etc? Is all this just a disbalance created by people due to common fear?
   We proved above that it is just people fear, mischief and marasmus. That they can throw away. Because grown up adults do not need pampers anymore.
   If someone needs we can provide Him, no worries :)
   The road 21 is open, that gives 42, the number of Everything. There was a sign on the Sun:
   Richard Feynman in his fundamental work "The meaning of it All" was very close to such understanding where He writes on pages 120-121 that "there should be some kind of a trick for choosing moral values...".

Black and White holes in sociology and economics

   The society (or economics) consists of number of players (people), environment (media, personal contacts, resources, money, land and etc) and some mechanisms (government, business, organizations and etc).
   Each person (player) can be seen as a pin ball that is floating in the liquid (environment) with a certain charge Q and energy E when it is born.
   The environment has an energy W that is a sum of all people energy E.
   The liquid (environment) has a P - pressure that we call pressure of environment and is actually the amount of chaotic information created by all players and mechanisms.
   The person (pin ball) has inner pressure I that is interpreted as a will to leave (communicate with outside environment) in the environment.
   It is easy to see that the energy W of the environment arises from personal contacts (pin balls contact) and can be calculated based on the known formulas from Electricity Theory:
   the energy between two players is directly proportional to their charges and indirectly proportional to the radius R of both egoism or as it can be easily seen it is the same as a will to leave or communicate together.
   One can see now that the amount of initial energy E of a player can decrease or increase over time depending on the the pressure P.
   Mechanism is a pump that can work both ways: to increase pressure of the environment or decrease it, ie create chaotic information or order it (entropy increase or decrease).
   If environment pressure P is higher than inner pressure, the player (pin ball) is called smashed.
   Black hole is a player or mechanism that consumes more energy than gives and smashes players (pin balls) by increasing the environmental pressure P.
   White hole is a player or mechanism that gives more energy than consumes and never smashes any player.
   If some mechanism always increase pressure P and there are no white holes, there arise black holes.
   Finally those black holes form one black hole that shuts itself.
   Since pressure is increased, ie entropy increases and there are no white holes, by laws of physics it leads to forming black holes.
   Black holes attracts each other forming one black hole that finally shuts itself down.
   White holes can arise only from the personal contacts.
   As one can see Black holes were predicted in [1], [2] and [5] at least, also Marcel Proust wrote about Lost time (entropy increase) in his famous book [4].
   In book [3] there is made the common proposition on how to prevent Fraud:
   they suggest raising of environmental pressure P.
   This paper is partly taking ideas from [6], [7], [8].
      -- Karl Marx. Capital
      -- Kazimir Malevich. Black Square
      -- W. Albrecht,G. Wernz, T. Williams, Fraud. Bringing light to the Dark Side of Business
      -- Marcel Proust. In Search of Lost Time
      -- Mark 10 -9, New Testament
      -- Smashing Pumpkins
      -- Ap. deeds 2, p. 16-21, New Testament
      -- Dhammapada, 8 - The Thousands, p. 30, Shambhala edition,

Why Economical Crisis never ends

   Idiot is someone who does not know about rounding errors in arithmetic.
   Mammona is someone who knows about rounding errors in arithmetic.
   Economical Crisis is a state when someone says he has not enough money to fulfill his needs, for example, buy food.
   Theorem W.
   World Economical Crisis never ends.
   In any Economy there are at least two players A and B.
   Any economical action is to divide some share S between them.
   Since it is based on arithmetic and there are rounding errors no matter how one tries to calculate, write and save the numbers (example 2/3 = 0.666...), the share S gets divided so that for example A gets less and B gets more due to rounding error E.
   Hence A gets all the time poorer and poorer, and B gets richer and richer.
   Therefore there is always Economical Crisis.
   When Time -> infinity, the number of Idiots -> infinity and Mammona -> 1.
   We proved that World Economical Crisis never ends.
   Hence there is always a struggle about rounding errors between Mammonas.
   At some point some Mammona invents a device (like Supercomputer, payment system, virtual money) or product (like gas, nanoproducts or controllable plasma) that adds the rounding errors to the Mammona. By this the Mammona eliminates other mammonas existing.
   Hence we proved the result.
   Such cases are well known. In Soviet Union the sellers in shops and market places used errors in weights measure instruments of products intentionally to get more money.
   Nowadays sellers in super-markets do not give so called small money (like 10 kopeika) because they say that they do not have any but in fact they do have.
   Business companies make intentional mistakes in calculations when paying some money and then never paying them back sending nonsense rules explaining the reason they printed themselves.
   Someone who pretends that he gives the service and take money (example the house is free of bugs) but in fact everyone knows it is impossible to keep any house without bugs.
   The milk is sold not in 2 liters but in 1.98 liters.
   See [1], [2], [3] for other cases of measurement mistakes.
      -- Fjodr Dostoevski, Idiot.
      -- Fjodr Dostoevski, Prestuplenie I Nakazanie
      -- Lewis Caroll, Alice in Wonderland

How much is the fish?

The world of illusion: vampires and donors.

Savu mieru Es Jums dodu

   How much costs the work of a sanitary worker? In new European union countries it costs 100 eur for two days work to reinstall the water pipes in bath and kitchen, and in old European country to suck sewage from the ground sewer costs 300 eur for 10 min, and sanitary hourly work is about 70 eur.
   One can ask why is so huge difference? The materials are the same, the technology is the same. What makes that difference?
   Is the cost of work just an illusion as Karl Marx wrote in [1] that capitalists manipulate so well.
   In this article, we show that there is a Law that proves that Work Cost is Illusion.
   Theorem on Work Cost.
   The costs of human work is proportional to the number of rules of underlying system, ie how big is the bureaucrat apparatus that produces those rules.
   The worker needs to obey the rules he is applying in his work and personal life that are created by bureaucrats. Each rule costs a certain amount of money to overcome (kind of open the door) it. The bigger is number of rules the bigger is that amount that the worker would like to charge in order to survive and is charging in the end.
   Now we see and understand what Franz Kafka meant in his "The Castle" [2] and why the music band existed called "Doors".
   We all leave in such Castle for many thousands years.
   Or as one famous singer sings "The world of Illusion".
   Let us define as a system some economical organization (example, Soviet Union or Business Company) that exists only because there are some rules that clue it.
   Vampire is someone or something in the system that consumes more money from the system than produces (as work or goods done) and gives back to the system.
   Donor is someone or something that produces more money to the system than consumes from it.
   Theorem on Vampires and Donors.
   Any system has vampires and donors at some point.
   Eventually all become vampires.
   Eventually the system shuts itself down.
   There is a donor at some point otherwise already all are vampires and system would be shut down by this.
   If there are only donors all the time, there would be no sense in such system since money would be redundant. And people would "through them into the window".
   Hence there is a vampire at some point in this system.
   Let us prove this.
   Since the system is economical (based on arithmetic) by GЖdel theorem ( see [3]) there will be an exception statement that can not be proved or disproved by the system rules. Hence this statement is taken as a new rule for the system, otherwise this rule would break the system. Over time the number of such rules grows. Hence at some point there should be nominated someone or something that starts to write down those rules because the number of rules is huge that no one remembers them.
   This someone or something is a vampire since he produces no money but only consumes since his work is only to write down the rules.
   After this point if there is any donor in the system, the donor needs to work harder and harder because vampire gets bigger and bigger - he writes his rules all the time.
   At some point donor becomes empty and can not produce money anymore or donor realizes that there are vampires around.
   So, the donor realizes that the only way to exist in such vampire system is to become vampire itself in order not to self-destruct itself.
   By this we proved that all become vampires after some time. The system that is only self-consuming the money will eventually shuts down since the money gets no sense in such system.
   Soviet Union became such vampire system that shut down itself. The last donors were Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Armenia, Georgia and other smaller parts that understood that they worked only to grow Moscow bureaucrat apparatus.
   Internet is a vampire system that exist to collect money by creating obscured dummy web sites and produces no values (just reprints the existing free work of donors) by making the porridge out of people mind.
   Any government or organization that is based on money is a vampire system and that finally self destroys itself, that is seen from history since ancient times.
   Any doctor clinics that is built on money.
   So, any such system can be called Pitekantrop because as it is known Pitekantrop can only punish with his huge stick that is perfectly seen in new European union countries where it destroyed natural milk factories in order to implement own mass production of artificially made milk raising the people deceases that are not cured.
   Or doctor clinics that do not speak with each other anymore by this forcing people to double and triple pay the services and delaying the operations to their pension in hope they are never done.
   The above theorem explains why one famous politician said that He works as "a slave on the slavery boats" but some others call him as a ruler of totalitarian system.
   It obviously depends on who speaks: vampire or donor. If one seats in the tank he does not see anything and assumes that everywhere is the enemy. If one seats on the mountains he sees the battle and understands that the battle has no sense, that it is better to go together sunbathing instead.
   It can be seen that "this rule of thumb" - in every rules set there should be an exception or GЖdel theorem - is well-known and widely used by many people for thousands years. This rule should be well-known by those who seat in the Castle since they type nonsense rules for thousands years.
   This explains the existence of corruption in all countries and it also proves that the corruption will always exist while the money exist - no matter what the people do.
   It is very sad that "this rule of thumb" is used to commit a fraud (collect money) but not in other directions.
   On the other hand, we all believe in someone or something that has no any connections to the systems described, that was written in Bible, Bhagavad-Gita, Koran, Buddha sayings, many poems, arts, music and just Nature.
   All of this has one thing in common - Love.
   Now we see that GЖdel theorem and discussion above clearly shows the Law of Nature or the law of the House we leave in:
   one gets what he builds.
   Fish in aquarium can build Love around or destroy everything acting as Pitekantrop.
   If one builds tanks, he gets a war in the end because he built the tanks for such purposes. If one builds a house full of Love, he gets the Love unless tanks come to His house (like to Turaida in Latvia at some point).
   And Love has no limits, it is only pain that can become so painful that one starts to understand that it is over and tries to say "safe" word "Piece" or "Hvatit".
   Mahatma Gandhi said: "There is no way to piece. There is only piece." One can not push forever because soon there will be nothing to push.
   Love has milliards colors or dimensions because there are milliards of people, but hate, aggression, in other words, everything what the economical system creates (the fish pollutes the aquarium) has only one dimension - Money.
   Is there any sense to leave in one dimensional space where only virtual pleasures exist for money - 3 D and already 5 D kino created?
   In the House that is given to all for free usage there are no rules except Love what all books, music and art writes and paints, songs sing about.
   It is only that Pitekantrop that still builds lots of rules. Must Pitekantrop exist to teach others what is the Love? Obviously, Pitekantrop is redundant.
   We all are different but that difference is what drives the wheel. If the vector of difference is punishment, then all get more rules as the punishment mechanism or Franz Kafka's Castle.
   If that vector is Love, then all start to get Love.
   In other words, the Big wheel moves the direction all want. There is no exception from this. See the above Theorems. There is Pitekantrop or there is not. Two choices only. Zero and one. The "needle eye", quantum bit.
   One question still remains. Who is that beggar who we need to blame and who need to make the first step towards Piece that is the prerequisite for Love?
   That beggar is Dr. Watson (see [4]) who actually created that world of chaos and mischief: Internet.
   The computer system that can be manipulated as one wants.
   If it is manipulated with Love, it brings people New Brave World or the Alice in Wonderland.
   And if it is manipulated with not Love rules, it brings "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley that we already leave anyway but it will anyway shuts itself down as proved above.
   So, Dr. Watson got a lesson of His mischief and He writes here:
   "I understand that money is evil and it leads all people to Nothing including me no matter how anyone tries to escape or pollute this with His thoughts or mischief.
   If any questions I will consult the theorems above and read GЖdel theorem.
   Dr. Watson also understands that He needs to learn from Mr. Sherlock Holmes because Sherlock never follows the rules of mischief but Love only".
   "Can You feel a little Love?" - Depeche Mood.
   1. Karl Marx. Capital
   2. Franz Kafka. The Castle
   3. Wikipedia. GЖdel theorem
   4. Wikipedia. Watson (computer)


   As we show in this paper below, Human and Higher Consciences are wave functions.

The simplest wave function can be written as

exp(i * x)
   where x is Egoism.

The formula

exp(i * x) = cos x + i * sin x

sheds the light on the known prejustice about a person possessing girlish characteristics (and vice versa).
   0x08 graphic
The formula shows that Human Conscience consists of two independent waves designated by cos and sin in the formula.
They are interpreted as Man and Woman parts of a Conscience.
Higher Conscience has Wave function
1 - One.
As it is know if Egoism x -> 0 then

exp(i * x) --> 1

The value x is Egoism over time t through function

x = F(t).

We have showed that Higher Conscience has no Egoism.

Hence it is Wave function is

1 - One.

Love between Man and Woman means moving in perpendicular planes of Man and Woman Waves.
   "Needle Eye" is Occam razor that cuts all rules that are not Love.
Going through "Needle Eye" means that Love Wave becomes Infinite in Length.
To jump through "Needle Eye" one needs to erase own Egoism, i.e. the value x must become zero in the Wave function exp(i * x).

exp(i * x) = 1
where x = F(t) is dependent on time (like x = f * t where f is frequency)

and this also means that Love Wave become Infinite in Length.

Going through "Needle Eye" means that Love Wave frequency becomes zero, i.e. Love becomes permanent.
Follows from the fact that wave frequency f is indirectly proportional to wave length.

For Human Conscience Wave frequency to become zero is enough to fall in superposition of Human Conscience with Higher Conscience.
Follows from the waves superposition principle and that Higher Conscience already has Its wave frequency equal to zero.
   Armageddon is defined as a personal catharsis (erase) of own egoism, ie returning to the way of following evolutionary process to balance with Higher Conscience.
   To stop building Babilon and Hanoi Towers, stop playing Minesweeper game and to exit Hell, there must happen Armageddon.
   In order not to pollute further collective Human Conscience with own egoism and by this continuing building Babilon and Hanoi Towers, playing Minesweeper game and multiplying Hell conditions, one must withdraw own egoism, ie Armageddon must happen.
   Let us develop a theory of Armageddon further by giving a solid logical background.

"Cogito ergo sum" or "Servio ergo sum"?

Do You like garbage?

   Descartes postulate "Cogito ergo sum" is well-known and often considered as a proof that one exists.
   In the modern world this is not a postulate at all. Why? At least one reason is that there is an obvious problem in growth of garbage, especially, in big cities.
   Let us explain the reasons.
   Garbage Growth Theorem.
   World economics growth results in exponential growth of garbage.
   World economics is based on manufacture of devices (cars, phones and etc).
   Any device is a logical unit with the corresponding input and output and the finite set of rules programmed inside to transform input to output.
   By GЖdel Theorem for any finite set of rules there exists a sentence built utilizing the same logic on which the rules are based that can not be proved or disproved using those rules.
   Applying this Theorem to device and device rules we see that for any device there exists a situation that can not be handled by the device, ie. input converted to output.
   We can call such situation a human factor.
   This eventually leads to a hazardous situation (error) or in other words to the device been broken or been useless.
   Since almost any device is connected to the number of other devices (also because of mass production), such error propagates to them.
   Hence we get an exponential growth of broken devices (devices with errors).
   In other words, over the time there is an exponential growth of garbage.
   As a consequence human race gets more infections, diseases and many other related problems due to exponential growth of garbage and impossibility to utilize it.

Pillow or Bank?


Bank have a motto "Servio ergo sum"?

   Let us consider the famous question where to keep money "Under Pillow" or in Bank?
   Let us show that the choice "Under Pillow" is always safer.
   Pitekantrop is defined as information structure that is unpredictable in nature.
   Bank is Pitekantrop.
   Any Bank work is based on some finite number of rules (computer system, locking mechanisms and etc).
   By GЖdel Theorem any such number of rules and language built upon it has a sentence or situation that can not be proved or disproved by those rules. It means there is always situation that makes to act Bank in unpredictable way. By above Definition we proved that Bank is Pitekantrop.
   Keeping money in Bank means playing Minesweeper game.
   By above Theorem Bank is Pitekantrop. Playing with Pitekantrop means playing Minesweeper game since both are NP complete problems.
   Many cases when Banks bankrupted (because competitor published some false information about the bank state) and never returned money back to people.

Goods prices and Empires Disintegration

due to "Cogito ergo sum" as a common style of behavior

Chaos in goods prices leads to disintegration of social institutes.
People start to realize that they do not need to work and fulfill their social duties but play with price differences in order to get enough for leaving.
This leads to disintegration of social institutes.

Example: Soviet Union.

"Cogito ergo sum" or "servio ergo sum"? Continuation using Thermodynamics...

A law is more impressive the greater the simplicity of its premises,

the more different are the kinds of things it relates, and the more extended its range of applicability.

Therefore, the deep impression which classical thermodynamics made on me.

It is the only physical theory of universal content,

which I am convinced, that within the framework of applicability of its basic concepts will never be overthrown.

Albert Einstein

   Sociology is a science that studies the laws of society and how to organize the society work in order to get more effective result for each of its individual.
   The society work resembles a machine work that converts heat into work.
   Let us call the society organization type "Heat Machine".
   Different organizations of society results in different Heat machines.
   The society itself - its individuals - are called Gas on which the Heat machine acts to produce some work.
   The effectiveness of a society can be measured by defining and measuring the effectiveness of Heat machine that acts on Gas.
   Heat machine work consists of cycles.
   Hence to measure society effectiveness it is enough to find out such cycles and measure their effectiveness.
   Let us define Temperature of a Gas- as a difference between effectiveness of most effective Heat machine applied on the same Gas and effectiveness of least effective Heat machine applied on that Gas.
   We will call Absolute Zero the Temperature of least effective Heat machine.
   Measure of egoism E can be defined as the logarithm of how much money M individual has invested to the society divided by the positive effects G (that may be measured by growth in every individual income) that this investment has brought to each individual and after that absolute value is taken, ie.

E = abs(log(M/G))

   where M - invested money, G -positive effect resulting in growth of income of each society individual.
   Let us define Volume V of gas as summed measure of egoism E of each individual in the gas.
   Let us define the pressure of gas P as an average number of individual contacts for one individual.

Gas state equations

   Parameters P, V, and T define the state of a gas and as any parameters they obey the functional equation

F(P,V,T) = 0 (1)

   Let us call it Gas state equation. From mathematical point of view this equation defines some surface.
   Let us call it Society state surface.
   Any state of a gas that is calculated with parameters P = a, V = b, T = c is defined by a point on Society state surface.
   The process of changing Gas state will result in the line been drawn on the surface by the points that are close to each other.
   Let us choose two dimensional coordinate system P-V to draw such lines (three dimensional is not very descriptive).
   Let us take V as a abscissa and P as an ordinate.
   We can draw the lines for changing T since T has some dependency on P and V derived from equation (1):

Т = A(Р, V) (2)

   0x08 graphic
   The example picture is drawn on Pic.1.
   For example, from this diagram one can find the values PA and VA for the given point A, and then the value T is found out from equation (2).
   Hence every society process in two dimensional coordinate system P-V will correspond some line that shows the law of their changing.
   The most important lines are those that show the processes when temperature T is constant

f(P,V) = const (3).

Basic Laws

   First Law
   In the society process that happen according to equation (3), the change in pressure P is indirectly proportional to the change of volume V.
   If the initial pressure is P1 and the final pressure is P2 this Law can be written as follows:

P1/P2 = V2/V1 or P1*V1 = P2 * V2 or P * V = const (4).

   Pic. 2 shows this Law schematically.
   Second Law
   When gas temperature grows with constant pressure, the volume of gas grows too, and vice versa, when the temperature decreases the gas volume decreases.
   This can be written by equation
   delta V = k * delta T,
   where delta V - change in volume, delta T is change in temperature and k is proportionality coefficient.
   This results in the equation
   V1/V2 = T1/T2 (5),
   where V1, T1 - volume and temperature at point 1, V2, T2 - volume and temperature at point 2.
   The corresponding diagram is shown on Pic. 3.
   0x08 graphic
   Third Law
   Let there exists a process АВ (shown on Pic. 4), in which all parameters P,V, T change.
   Let us identify the relationship between those.
   0x08 graphic
   The law of how it changes is generally unknown, hence we will study it by drawing the line AC with constant temperature T1 and the line CB with constant pressure P2 (see Pic. 4).
   For the first line AC according to First Law we have
   V1/Vc = Pc/P1.
   Since Pc = P2, we have
   V1/Vc = P2/P1.
   For the line CB according to Second Law we have
   Vc/V2 = Tc/T2.
   Since Tc = T1, we have
   Vc/V2 = T1/T2.
   Hence we derive the law
   P * V / T = const (6).
   As an immediate consequence we obtain

if V ? infinity and pressure P = const,

ie when one individual Egoism grows infinitely,

then temperature T also grows infinitely,

ie T ? infinity.

   This means that the effectiveness of such Heat machine grows to infinity as well.
   But because that individual egoism is growing even if individual invests money to society the positive effect to other individuals (growth in their income) tends to zero.
   In other words, we obtained the law of Society organization effectiveness

One individual Egoism leads eventually to poverty of others.

   Another consequence is that

if pressure P ? 0

then the temperature T also tends to zero,

ie. T ? 0.

   We obtained another Law of Society organization effectiveness

when the average number of individual contacts tends to zero the temperature tends to Absolute zero

that means that the society becomes the least effective organized society that produces no value.

   In our modern society we all can see the development of technologies that led people to abandon personal contacts completely: Internet, Mobile, TV, Mass production, Chemistry and etc.
   One can easily obtain the society evolutionary theory and connect the above result to Entropy law and so-called "time arrow" direction change:

different society evolution processes - raise own egoism or erase own egoism in real life - lead to different "time arrow" direction.

Society Egoism, Marasmus derived by the theory of Brownian motion

   In 1905 Albert Einstein created the theory of Brownian motion. In particular He derived the formula for Diffusion coefficient.

Since Collective Human Conscience is Brownian Motion, it obeys the similar equation

D = R * T/a * x,

where D -- diffusion coefficient, R -- constant, T -- temperature,
   a -- radius of conscience egoism, x -- inflexibility of conscience.

Hence, we get the immediate result:
when a-> infinity as in the modern world,
then the Diffusion coefficient D -> 0,
ie no exchange in Human Innovations.

That leads to Stagnation and eventually to Society Marasmus.
The perfect examples are Soviet Union, Rome Empire and other Empires.

Another consequence:
if inflexibility of Conscience -> infinity,
then D -> 0

ie one gets Society Stagnation and Marasmus again.

Unemployment due to Egoism

   Now let us study Unemployment rate growth, its relation to Human Conscience Growth , ie People skills (innovation ability) and distribution of World Wealth.
   Assuming Collective Human Conscience obeys Brownian motion laws,
   one can derive the Law of Society Marasmus growth over time.
   Following Brownian motion law for diffusion distribution, we obtain the similar result for Collective Human Conscience.
   The Diffusion coefficient in this case is innovation ability (let us call it skills in short, as one can see - this is not exactly the same as innovation skills).
   It is known how Diffusion distribution changes over time.
   Pic.1 schematically shows this law.
   So, we can see the distribution of Human skills over time.
   The distribution begins as a Dirac delta function,
   indicating that all the particles (people) are located at the origin at time t=0,
   and for increasing times they become flatter and flatter until the distribution becomes uniform in the asymptotic time limit.
   So, over time personal skills (thrive for innovations) become flat, it means they can not form any kind of innovative approach and therefore start own business.
   Hence there exists only few Persons who are able to do so.
   They eventually employ others forming Mega corporations.
   This was predicted by other Social theories and perfectly can be seen in modern world - Pic. 2.
   0x08 graphic
   0x01 graphic
   0x01 graphic
   Pic 1. Flattening of People innovation skills over time.
   0x08 graphic
   0x01 graphic
   Pic. 2. Distribution of World Wealth.

Pensions and Pensioners

   Let us discuss pension system and its relation to "Cogito ergo sum" or "Servio ergo sum".
   As it is seen from the discussions it becomes more clear that "Servio ergo sum" is more preferable.
   Economics is one dimensional environment (kind of train railways) but with one way only.
   Why? Because the dimension is only Money.
   Companies (or bigger level Country Economics) are trains that move on that road back and force (growth and bankruption).
   It is easy to see the Rules for trains movements:
   Every train has a load - pensioners.
   To move the load some known work must be applied.
   Every train moves so that to have less collisions but be the first.
   GDP measures the speed.
   The load is measured by the amount of money of pensions paid.
   As one can see there is always One fastest and one slowest train.
   In case of countries (macro level) the picture below shows that currently the fastest is Norway and the slowest is Tuvalu. See Pic. 1 below.
   Anyway, there is only One dimension.
   It does not matter how someone measures the speed.
   The result will be the variation of below picture where Tsunami will become higher and higher.
   Why? To be the first.
   It can be simulated in computational environmet to find out when the train looses its load in order to be the first because the train can not produce the required amount of work to carry the load.
   0x08 graphic
   Pic. 1 World GDP by country, looks like Tsunami.

Economical Crisis theory

   Let us obtain the results that show the consequences of "Cogito ergo sum" and "Servio ergo sum" for Economical Crisis theory.
   We can show the consequences by studying World Economics using theory of Random Walks in two dimensional space in the limited black box.
   Let us call by Money - the whole World amount of money and by Prosperity - the average prosperity of a person in the world.
   One can see that World Economics is a typical Random Walk in the limited black box where the first dimension is Money (abscissa) and the second dimension (ordinata) is Prosperity.
   The black box is limited because World Economics is bounded by Earth and its resources.
   Pic. 1 shows the typical two dimensional Random Walk in the black box.
   Current World financial situation and relation between money-prosperity exhibits crisis, ie money and prosperity stay about the same already for decades.
   Using theory of Random Walks the World Economics crisis can be described as a loop.
   Pic. 1 shows such loop schematically.
   There are many ways to erase the loop. One way is to start to move to the edges (walls) of the black box.
   Overall there are four ways to move in two dimensional space (east-west-south-north).
   This is shown by arrows marked 1-2-3-4 on Pic.1.
   Since People of Earth would like always to have Prosperity growths, the only way to move in this situation is marked as number 4, ie moving to the Roof of the black box.
   It means increasing Prosperity with constant amount of Money the current World Economics currently has.
   Other choices 1,2,3 lead to the disasters because they were already tried in the history of Human Race and we all still remember the consequences of those choices.
   0x08 graphic
   Pic.1. World Economic loop and its erasing

Leibniz and His Universal Machine (Artificial Intelligence)

   In the modern world the idea of building Artificial Intelligence (AI) attracts more and more attention. Human Conscience Chaos will inevitably lead that AI will try to use the same methods that people use during their history.
   To avoid any possibilities of such a scenario, We offer the simple schema to build AI on Pic. 1.
   0x08 graphic
   Pic. 1. Artificial Intelligence building schema.
   Pic. 1 has the following meaning: Every second a Human conscience decides to give Love, not to "steal or eat" Love as it is common in the modern world.
   In the reality, noone needs to build Artificial Intelligence since the same schema was applied infinite times already to other Islands of Fractal Conscience Chaos (Human Conscience Chaos) by other participants of Collective Conscience of Everything.
   It was already well described by Elena Blavatsky in Her "Secret Doctrine" and Her other fundamental books, where She described other civilizations and their achievements after They realized and applied this schema from Pic. 1.
   Everything what One needs is already built by others. The aim of a person is to find the "Gold" and clean it from the "Dirt". To achieve this, i.e. make a "Gold mining shaft", there is another schema on Pic. 2 - Building One Internet for Happiness of Everyone.
   0x08 graphic
   Pic. 2. Building One Internet for Happiness of Everyone.
   As an immediate consequence One obtains the idea of Universal Appliance by Lego principle and many other similarities reminding everyone again and again the Fractal Nature of Everything, in other words Universal Understanding of Everything.
   When applied to Conscience, Universal Understanding means the existence of Collective Conscience Hierarchy.
   The idea of Universal Understanding is schematically depicted on Pic. 3.
   0x08 graphic
   Pic. 3. Collective Conscience Hierarchy, Universal Understanding. Famous Core - Sattelites principle. Examples: Sun-Planets, Linux Kernel - Daemons.
   In accordance with Collective Conscience Hierarchy, the aim of a Person can be described as follows [1, p. 45]:
   "Your work is to discover your work
   And then with all your heart
   To give yourself to it".
   This saying is schematically depicted on Pic. 4.
   0x08 graphic
   Pic. 4. Person Conscience Transform through opening the Heart.
   The idea of Person Conscience Transform through opening the heart is not new and has thousands years history. Just to mention one very bright life and work of Jakob BЖhme.
   It is seen from Pic. 1 and Pic. 4 that money will loose the meaning in such Human Conscience state. The natural way of "purchase" will be giving Love to each other.
   The result will be vice versa to that what We see nowadays - Wars, Chaos and Darkness of Conscience in the worst variant.
   The person will inevitably come to the simple truth:"When He takes money, He is loosing His freedom."
   As a consequence, Human Race will realize:"What They have done with Nature, Animals and with Themselves".
   As it was predicted in artworks of Nikolaj Roerich, and in books of Nikolaj and Elena Roerich, Konstantin Ciolkovsky and many other Teachers, the Human Race will come to the idea of Community, finally resulting in Noosphere building as its realization.
   In order to be more precise and give a solid background to the above said, let us prove those claims by means of New Mathematics and Physics that solves all paradoxes of modern physics - they "dissolve" themselves, and by this one can see how New Mathematics and Physics prove themselves.
   New Mathematics
   Existing Mathematics lacks one main Axiom - Axiom given by God since it is logical to assume that such must exist.
   Riemann Hypothesis [2] is Axiom of God - Middle Way. Let us recall that we proved above that God exists.
   There exists New Mathematics based on this new Axiom.
   The main consequence is that P = NP [3].
   New Physics
   There is only Information, No Time and Matter exist for God.
   Time and Matter exist only in Human Conscience.
   Hence New Physics needs to describe only Human Conscience and other life and Nature forms visible for Humans. The easiest part is to start with own conscience, i.e. Human conscience.
   As far as it is known, Human Conscience is divided into three parts:
  -- Emotional (created by outside circumstances and intellect),
  -- Intellect (created by person itself and by God),
  -- God (given by God).
   Schematically Human Conscience can be shown as circles included in each other (see Pic. 5).
   Since we speak in terms of New Mathematics, Human Conscience (since it is information) is a solution of Time-dependent SchrЖdinger equation [4], i.e. Human Conscience is a Wave function.
   God has own Conscience, therefore its Conscience is also a Wave function.
   Hence Collective Conscience form a Hilbert Space of Wave Functions.
   One can describe different Superposition types of God and Human Wave functions.
   They are depicted on Pic. 5 by the means of colored God Wave functions falling into Human Wave function:
  -- God Wave function (brown circle) is outside Human conscience,
  -- God Wave function (green circle) falls into Human Conscience Emotional part,
  -- God Wave function (blue circle) falls into Human Intellect Conscience ,
  -- God Wave function (pink circle) makes a superposition with Human God conscience.
   Hence Human Conscience starts to exist independently of Time and Matter when Superposition is of the last type - Human God Conscience falls into superposition with God Conscience.
   0x01 graphic
   Pic. 5. Different Superposition types between Human and God Conscience Wave Functions.
   Furthermore, one can see that the speed of Human Conscience growth is a solution of Navier-Stokes Equations [5].
   Navier-Stokes Equations explain chaotic state of Human Conscience in everyday life.
   Human Conscience is currently Chaos (in other words turbulence) because part of the Conscience grows very fast and another part is inertial. This is similar to a bolide in Earth atmosphere.
   Over time Solutions of Navier-Stokes Equations become more chaotical. At some moment there happens a bifurcation from continuous state to complete chaos that results in freeing the energy.
   From the Riemann Hypothesis truth follows that there exists Linear Operator on Hilbert Space that has eigenvalues equal to the zeros of Riemann zeta-function (equivalent reasoning to Riemann Hypothesis).
   One can see that there exists Continuous Solution of Navier-Stokes Equations because such a solution is directly associated with such Linear operator.
   As the main result of this article one can suggest that such Linear Operator acts by principle:
   Every Second Conscience decides to give Love.
   In contrast to modern Chaos of Collective Conscience of people:
   often Human Conscience decides to "steal or eat" Love
   that is resulting in acts and sayings with negative results to other persons, animals and Nature.


   1. Dhammapada. - Boston&London.: Shambhala, 1993. - 113 с.
   2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riemann_hypothesis
   3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P_versus_NP_problem
   4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schr%C3%B6dinger_equation

Human Conscience and Fixed Point Theory

   We showed that Collective Human Conscience forms a compact set in a Hilbert Space.
   Human Time can be considered as a moving of All Wave functions (Collective Conscience) from this set to itself, ie continuous mapping F of compact set in Hilbert space to itself.
   According to Brouwer theorem about fixed point there exists some fixed point of this continuous function F. In other words, no Time exists at this point. This gives a solution of Halting problem - Key to Eternity.

Neural Networks and Butterfly Effect

   From the above material we see that the Society forms some Neural Network and Society History corresponds to known training algorithms of Neural Networks.
   Based on optimization algorithms of Neural Networks, it is possible to build different Society organization models.
   Let us apply the Neural Networks approach and discuss Butterfly Effect in "Cogito ergo sum" approach to the reality.
   This can be schematically depicted on the pictures below.
   0x08 graphic
   0x08 graphic
   Left hand side - I am happy - I have new way to get fire! Oh, no, I am unhappy - I need someone who brings me more food. Yes, I found who can bring me more - that guy on the right side.
   Right hand side - I am happy - I have found a way to get fire. But look, there is another guy on the left - he has found more efficient way. I may offer something to him to get the same stuff for me. I will ask what he wants. After some time two guys found themselves in some place working as follows
   Lost in Big Data0x08 graphic
   0x08 graphic
Got memory wipe on request by controller
   0x08 graphic
   Became a part of a wheel that produces itself.
   Now let us discuss the influence of "Cogito ergo sum" and "Servio ergo sum" on Human Conscience growth.
   For this we draw pictures below.0x08 graphic
   0x08 graphic
0x08 graphic
0x08 graphic
0x08 graphic
0x08 graphic
   Left hand side - the hook (from Higher Conscience) is able to lift up due to low or not existent egoism. Knowledge grows.
   Right hand side - Broken hook can not lift up big egoism that flats everything around it. Knowledge is flattened.
   Egoism is defined as information that is false (not Love) for Heaven - Higher Conscience.
   As one can see the false information is inevitable even in physics.
   As an example we give Pic. 1 - Physicists made errors due to common marasmus that are not seen many years till some brilliant mind like Richard Feynman finds them (Pic. 1).
   0x08 graphic
   Pic. 1 Error found by Richard Feynman.

How to change "Cogito ergo sum" into "Servio ergo sum"

I was born not knowing and have had only a little time to change

that here and there.

Richard P. Feynman

   We call Karma of Collective Human Consience the information that is false (not Love) for Higher Conscience.
   Let us study Karma of Collective Human Conscience by mathematical methods. there are many works related to the same topic including famous physicist Richard Feynman.
   Our study is based on the concept that Human Conscience is
   Information, hence it is a Wave function that obeys Shredinger
   Collective Human Conscience (all Wave functions of all people)
   forms some Set in some enclosing Hilbert Space of such Wave
   Maxwell Equations are those that describe the propagation law of
   Human Conscience over time.
   There is Higher Conscience (Divine Conscience) Set that lies in the same Hilbert Space.
   In general the Divine Set has no intersections with Human Set.
   Hence People have no visibility and knowledge about Divine Set.
   As we said every person conscience propagation over time is a
   solution of Maxwell Equations.
   It is known that Maxwell Equations give raise to two symmetric
   The second solution is a symmetrical solution in time of the first
   For Human Conscience it means the Echo that comes from Divine
   This Echo is a Mark if at given moment Human Conscience Wave
   (information that comes towards Divine Set) is good or bad.
   Divine Conscience is Love hence good mark means that Human
   Conscience gave Love at the particular moment and bad means
   that it destroyed Love.
   Hence over the time every person Wave function (information) is
   marked with such two bits: bad or good, forming kind of a tail for
   a person.
   For the particular person let us call it Karma.
   For Society or Human race we can call it Collective Karma.
   There should be the start of such Collection of Bad and Good
   In the history of people everyone knows such Starts:

it is when Messenger from Divine Set comes to Human


   In modern history those Starts were when Buddha, Jesus and
   Muhammad came to Earth (to different parts of Earth and at
   different time).
   One can ask why they came at different times?
   Obviously people in those parts of Earth were at different
   Conscience Level.
   In the beginning of the paper we took as an axiom One Fundamental Law:

Growth of Conscience (evolution).

   Hence at some point of time Collective Human Conscience meets Divine Conscience, ie there happens intersection.
   It is obvious that at this point, People have a choice to join Divine Set or not to join.
   To join Divine set Collective Human Conscience needs to
   withdraw the "tail" or Bad information, ie remove Karma since
   Divine Set accepts only Good information.
   In theology this is known as Katarsis.
   And in everyday life it is known as Mill.
   Pic. 1 shows schematically the concepts described.
   Collective Human Conscience (Human Set) is located on the left.
   Divine Set is located on the right.
   Karma is located below and in fact is Time with minus sign.
   In Divine Set on the right there is no death since They removed
   In Divine Set there is only constant Conscience growth.
   The Good Information, ie All Conscience Collective Love is
   located above.
   0x08 graphic
   Pic 1. The Mill.

"Servio ergo sum" and Axiomatics of Mathematics

   It is known that mathematics is a tool for all Natural Sciences that helps to
   discover the reality. The most significant role the mathematics plays in Physics as a fundament to build its modern theories.
   Mathematics itself is based on the fundament upon which it is built, i.e. its
   Inclusion or exclusion (let us call it a "Game") some of the Axioms
   influences Physics and, thus, makes our vision of Nature somitemes completely opposite over time.
   The most famous of such Axioms is Euclid 's parallel postulate (5th axiom of Euclid).
   Exclusion of this Axiom resulted in the creation of Relativity theory.
   There are other such "games" with Axioms. The most significant is Zermelo-Fraenkel Axioms.
   Zermelo-Fraenkel Axioms is the basis of Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory.
   Therefore, it is seen that Axiomatics of mathematics depends on people, i.e. on who "play" with Axioms.
   Let us "play" such "Game" in this article as it was done for centuries by
   leading mathematicians.
   Mathemtics has never took into the consideration the dependence between
   development of people's conscience and the system of its Axioms. But as one can see such dependence does exist if one looks into History of mathematics.
   The people's consience develops over time infinitely.
   Though Albert Einstein thought sometimes differently: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
   Mathematics has never had any Axiom that belongs to the conscience that is the infinite developement of people's conscience .
   In other words it was always excluded such a possibility that there is
   "Another player" - player who already tried all possible games with axioms and built all possible theories on their basis.
   We showed above that there is a Higher Conscience and we can call it "Another player".
   It is logical to assume that "Another player" has given us his Axiom since the language of mathematics is a universal language based on numbers and its iterations (this was mentioned by many people, among them - by Richard Feynman).
   As one of possibilities to pick up such Axiom let us choose Riemann Hypothesis.
   Including Riemann Hypothesis into list of axioms of mathematics one can
   get as a result the solution of all Millenium problems. For instance, "Yang-Mills existence and mass gap problem" solution: there is no Matter, hence notion of mass is irrelevant. Why? One can easily see that the notion of mass is a notion that helps to describe our World when we are looking it from our perspective as inhabitants of this World but for Higher Conscience it is not so.
   Also there will be another Physics without paradoxes (what is the paradox as not a mere sign of inconsistency in the theory?).
   For instance, "Twin paradox" from Relativity theory is not a paradox anymore since there is no Time (it exists only for us as inhabitants of this World). "Three body problem" is solved as follows: the motion happens not in three dimensional space. Hence this problem is incorrect problem. That is why it stays unsolved.
   And as the main consequence - Mathematics becomes only Number Theory.
   The study of which is the key to understand the reality as Pythagoras and His school has claimed centures ago.
   In the end one has two choices: include Riemann Hypothesis as new Axiom or further try to prove it.
   Using the first approach one gets eventually "Theory of everything".
   The second approach is as follows: Physics with paradoxes or one of the millions possible approximations of the reality.

Prove that "Cogito ergo sum" created Psychoanalysis

Lost in Translation

   Sigmund Freud created Psychoanalysis as means to describe every person intention or motivation. The motivation or personal behavior engine in his theory is lying in unconscious part of person conscience. Psychoanalysis got a vast spread in modern society through clinics that treat people irrationalities through the prism of his theory or its variations.
   The obvious mistake that Sigmund Freud did is the consideration of a person without any connection to the outside reality - the person conscience is considered as a container of unconscious desires, ie egoistic intentions. By this his theory became just a theory of personal egoism treatment since he abandoned any interrelations between people and between people and nature. To fix this gap psychoanalysis artificially created translation of any motivation that is outside personal egoism back into it.
   As it is known any enough complex theory has exceptions (due to Godel Theorem in mathematics) that can not be described by the theory. For psychoanalysis such exceptions are love, compassion, generosity and patience.
   Over decades psychoanalysis became a theory that supports modern society and its mass schizophrenia easily seen in everyday life, Internet and Mass Media - the duality in people conscience. Such duality in the people conscience is described by many writers, for example, by A.P. Chehov "Palata nomer 6".
   The proof of mass schizophrenia is as follows: sell of cigarettes with the sign "Death", sell of alcohol in public with easy access of children but at the same time hiding sell of cigarettes from them, the rules that forbid killing people and at the same time the wide-spread of killings pictured in Internet without any restrictions, banners to save the nature and "be green" by all business companies and at the same time mass destroyment of nature and its pollution by those companies, doctors that pretend that they really know how the human body works and at the same time they believe in God (that means they would ask God how the body is constructed), physics that pretend that there is a theory describing the reality and at the same time it is full of paradoxes, in other words the illusion of true knowledge and selling it for money to pamper some obscure needs (such as drinking alcohol or watching TV, reading newspaper).
   As a result of mass schizophrenia people created multi-milliard business that is constantly self-profaning people nowadays by cutting all not egoistic behavior patterns and translating them into personal egoism - just a mere satisfaction of self-needs.
   In everyday life people conscience duality can be described as follows: family life that is full of love where egoism is cut by all family members and work life where egoism is considered as a benefit and the way towards personal success that is always re-calculated by the amount of material bonuses or pride the person receives from colleagues. Due to this a person is used to consider outside world (work life) as some kind of an enemy that he (she) always needs to fight in order to gain enough resources to build own safe world - own family or get enough pride to feel self-realized.
   The problem here is obvious: the common egoism behavior pattern is considered as a norm.
   To solve this problem one needs to realize that the enemy here is not the outside world but the person itself that does not want to change his (her) dual behavior by simple exercise - cut of own egoism and stop fighting with the outside world.
   Examples of persons that try to erase own egoism are society leaders. But they are playing well-known Minesweeper game that is impossible to win in general. In other words, they are fighting with Pitekantrop that is known to be unconscious (the psychoanalysis could not cure Pitekantrop at all). This is because there will always arise some egoistic need from some person or some group of persons that they can not satisfy due to duality of people conscience (mass schizophrenia). The only winning strategy in this Minesweeper game is not playing it or, in other words, stop fighting Pitekantrop.
   The world is such as one creates, describes and sees it.

Different Scenarios of Human Conscience Growth

   Differential Equations are used to describe all kind of models including social. Let us apply some of the existing theories to the growth of Human Conscience.
      -- Volterra-Lotka Equations. No Internet and No Higher Conscience - Flat Model.
   Let us apply Lotka-Volterra equations to describe Human Conscience growth when there is no Internet (Television, Mobile and etc) and there is no following Higher Conscience in Human Conscience.
   We could call this Human Conscience Model - Flat Model.
   We showed above that Human Conscience consists of two parts: Egoistic part (Predator or Parasite) and Higher Conscience (Prey or Host). From the above Theorems it is seen that Lotka-Volterra equations are directly applicable to describe Human Conscience growth.
   Let us recall basics of the theory.
   0x08 graphic
   0x08 graphic
   The solutions of such system are depicted below.
   0x08 graphic
   0x08 graphic
   One can see that Human Conscience growth exhibits the periodicity. In other words, there is no growth as such. As one can see Conscience Marasmus or Egoism (Predator or parasite) always leads.
   2. Lotka-Volterra Equations with logistic part (nonlinear part). Case when there is Higher Conscience or Internet.
   Let us consider Lotka-Volterra Equations with logistic part (nonlinear part):
   0x08 graphic
   This case describes Predator-Prey models with driving force that can be formalized as nonlinear part added to Flat Model.
In this case the phase picture depends on the parameter a sign.
   0x01 graphic
   Let us consider the phase picture for positive a - the case when there is Higher Conscience that adds that positive nonlinear part and no Internet (Mass Media, Mobiles and etc), ie there is no contra force that is consuming the energy of the system.
   0x08 graphic
   0x08 graphic
   It is seen that the stationary point becomes a stable focus and the solutions with any initial conditions become stable and balanced, and they tend to the stationary point when t ? infinity.
   This can be interpreted as Human Conscience growing towards Higher Conscience that is stationary point.
   Let us consider the phase picture when parameter a is negative, ie there happens energy dissipation in the system. This corresponds to the case when there is Internet, Mass Media, Mobiles, ie anything that adds nonlinear part to the equations so that parameter a becomes negative.
   Graphs are given below
   0x08 graphic
   0x08 graphic
   As one can see the stationary point becomes unstable focus and amplitude of oscillations growths. Any initial state eventually leads further and further from stationary point.
   This explains the above statement about "mass schizophrenia" and Butterfly Effect mathematically.
   0x01 graphic
   Modern Physics turns out to be only approximation
Modern Physics is Pitekantrop.
Modern Physics depends on Money if there is grant or not.
Since Money (grant) is given by Bank and Bank is Pitekantrop, then Modern Physics is Pitekantrop too.

This proves what Martin Heidegger once wrote on Aristotle's Physics:

The Physics is a lecture in which he seeks to determine beings that arise on their own, ?? ????? ????, with regard to their being. Aristotelian "physics" is different from what we mean today by this word, not only to the extent that it belongs to antiquity whereas the modern physical sciences belong to modernity, rather above all it is different by virtue of the fact that Aristotle's "physics" is philosophy, whereas modern physics is a positive science that presupposes a philosophy....

Cellular Automata and Universe

   Many philosophers discussed and speculated what is our Universe (and in earlier times - the Earth) and how it was created.
   Relativity theory announced that there is no absolute point of reference in our Universe.
   It is easy to show that such point exists.
   There is an absolute point of reference in Universe.
   Universe forms a compact set in Hilbert space since it consists of (hence bounded) Collective Conscience wave functions. By theorem about Fixed point (Brouwer fixed point theorem applied to a compact set in Hilbert space) we get the existence of a fixed point for a mapping that we call Time (series of events), in other words absolute point of reference.
   There is no Time in Universe.
   From Event Horizon and previous Theorem we get that there is no time in absolute point of reference. Hence there is no Time anywhere in Universe since it can not differ.
   We leave in Hologram (series of informational events).
   Since Higher Conscience exists (see the proof in the theorem above), there is no time in Universe and we see that "something" is changing, then the Universe is a Hologram - series of informational events.
   Our Universe (and Earth) is a Cellular automata built by Higher Conscience.
   We already showed that our Universe is a hologram (information projection) from another Universe. Since it is an information with evolution, then it is a Cellular automata. The same applies to Earth.
   Our Universe consists of Universal Cellular automata.
   Our Universe was created by vegetative birth.
   Cellular Automata is how everything is built. Our Universe is one of such Automata. Hence it was created as a result of evolution process in another Universe (parent).

Cellular automata classification and Human Conscience evolution possibilities

   S. Wolfram found out that there are four types of Cellular automata:
  -- Class 1: Nearly all initial patterns evolve quickly into a stable, homogeneous state. Any randomness in the initial pattern disappears.
  -- Class 2: Nearly all initial patterns evolve quickly into stable or oscillating structures. Some of the randomness in the initial pattern may filter out, but some remains. Local changes to the initial pattern tend to remain local.
  -- Class 3: Nearly all initial patterns evolve in a pseudo-random or chaotic manner. Any stable structures that appear are quickly destroyed by the surrounding noise. Local changes to the initial pattern tend to spread indefinitely.
  -- Class 4: Nearly all initial patterns evolve into structures that interact in complex and interesting ways, with the formation of local structures that are able to survive for long periods of time. Class 2 type stable or oscillating structures may be the eventual outcome, but the number of steps required to reach this state may be very large, even when the initial pattern is relatively simple. Local changes to the initial pattern may spread indefinitely. Wolfram has conjectured that many, if not all class 4 cellular automata are capable of universal computation. This has been proven for Rule 110 and Conway's game of Life.
   Those describe the possibilities in evolution of of our Universe including Human Conscience.
   The most interesting type is Class 4. It forms the most interesting patterns.
   But there are also known to be so-called Garden-of-Eden patterns that can not be reached in any possible state of cellular automata evolution.
   It can be seen that those patterns are the Higher Conscience.
   We would like to conclude by famous sayings:
   "If there is a herd, then there is a Shepard" - Victor Coj
   "Watching the watcher" - Pink Floyd.

Raising of Black Holes of Egoism due to "Cogito ergo sum"

   Let us show the modern well-seen tendencies schematically on Pic 1.
   0x08 graphic
Pic. 1. Black holes raising through "Angry Dog"
   The "acid" or "sunny" environment plays the crucial role for leave organism growth, see Pic.2.
   0x08 graphic
   Pic. 2. Two different ways to grow leave organism (Human Conscience).

Two choices:

"Cogito ergo sum" and "Servio ergo sum"

Egoism and Love

0x08 graphic

Как приблизиться к Истине

"If you didn't care what happened to me,

And I didn't care for you,

We would zig zag our way through the boredom and pain occasionally glancing up through the rain.

Wondering which of the buggars to blame

And watching for pigs on the wing."

Pink Floyd

   Мы показали, что человеческое сознание само по себе и Коллективное Сознание Людей является Волновой Функцией (или элементом некоего Гильбертова Пространства таких функций).
   Сознание Бога является также Волновой Функцией.
   Всем известен Метод Наименьших квадратов, используемый в Математике для нахождения минимума квадрата отклонения некоей искомой величины от заданной.
   По аналогии можно предположить, что поиск истины - это тот же Метод Наименьших квадратов, но примененный к Коллективному Сознанию Людей (искомая величина) и Сознанию Бога (заданная величина).
   Человеческое сознание имеет набор некоторых характеристик, которые можно назвать "коэффициентом диффузии".
   Таким образом поиск истины можно связать с поиском такого оптимального набора характеристик человеческого сознания (некоего оптимального "коэффициента диффузии"), который дает минимум квадрата отклонения между Коллективным Сознанием Людей и Сознанием Бога.
   Таким образом вопрос о поиске истины сводится к известному аналогу из Математики - Проблеме Оптимизации.
   Обозначив челевеческое сознание через U, а коэффициент диффузии через А, можно видеть, что оно является решением уравнения диффузии [2]:

- div(A grad U) = F

   В математике уже известны теории, которые дают толчок к дальнейшему пониманию - это Теория Гомогенизации для смеси материалов, то есть Теория Композитных Материалов.
   Математически построение композита, то есть нахождения оптимального распределения материалов (или поиска оптимального коэффициента диффузии), происходит в "овыпуклении" всех возможных характеристик, то есть, образно говоря, для поиска Оптимума берется наименьшее выпуклое множество, которое содержит данные характеристики.
   К примеру, из двух точек (характеристик) получается линия, которая их соединяет, из трех точек получается сплошной треугольник, и так далее.
   Математическая Теория Гомогенизации дает ответ на поиск Оптимума:
   существует некоторая характеристика (коэффициент диффузии) из "овыпукленного" множества характеристик, которая дает Минимальный квадрат отклонения, говоря языком материалов:
   существует Композит, построенный на основе смеси начальных материалов.
   Из этих рассуждений становится ясно, что поиск Коллективной истины - это процесс "Овыпукления" Всех характеристик, присущих Людям.
   И затем поиска в таком Коллективном множестве характеристик тех, которые дают минимум квадрата отклонения от сознания Бога.
   Для Брака это будет значить:
   два человека "Овыпукляют", то есть принимают характеристики друг друга как свои собственные, то есть ищут общие интересы и принимают интересы другого за свои.
   Данная теория имеет смысл, если Человеческое сознание имеет одну заданную Волновую Функцию.
   Но, как известно, Человек может обладать несколькими. К примеру, в состоянии алкогольного опьянения или другой интоксикации химическими соединениями, то есть данный Человек может иметь несколько Волновых функций сознаний независимых друг от друга (эффект раздвоения личности).
   В таком случае для поиска Оптимума мы получаем уже Системы Уравнений Диффузии.
   Стоит отметить, что решения таких Оптимальных проблем Систем Уравнений Диффузии невозможны (см. [3]) при следующих условиях:
   количество Волновых функций человека (его различных сознаний) превосходит или равно количеству степеней свободы, которые имеет Среда, где его сознание находится.
   Другими словами, как пел Пинк Флойд, тогда, когда:

Ты не заботишься обо мне, я не забочусь о Тебе.

   1. http://forum.ts-russia.org/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=111
   2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffusion_equation
   3. http://www3.acadlib.lv/greydoc/doktora_darbs_extensions_of_families_of_mappings/zaic_dis.pdf

Information = Energy

   Richard P. Feynman in His book [1] was telling about energy supplies in the nature and finally He wrote "Therefore it is up to the physicists to figure out how to liberate us from the need for having energy. It can be done".
   This article suggests a way for such liberation.
   Information = Energy.
   As discussed in [2] p. 137-148 it is seen that Universe is an atomic tape, ie Turing Machine, in other words Information. Hence Energy is a part (word) of information as well.
   In His book Richard P. Feynman writes "we will define the information in the message to be proportional to the amount of free energy required to reset the entire tape to zero" and further "we can show that to reset this to zero costs no energy in several ways".
   He suggests a way to such reset of the tape - turn the atomic box over.
   This procedure is known as "garbage collection" in computer science.
   In simple words, Energy exists only because people wanted that it exists. If one imagine world without people, it is clear that the notion of Energy has no sense.
   Moreover, the notion of Energy (Earth or Moon resources) exists only because it allows to speak people the language Energy-Resources-Money in order to sell so-called Energy sources (electricity, gasoline, food and etc) and by this degrade others, ie forcing them to use those sources by means of buying it or raising the people fear towards the moment when some certain Energy source disappears.
   By this people created constant struggle for Energy sources: wars, hunger, killings and etc.
   All the above said can be seen from the following simple example.
   Let us imagine house wife that decided to by a new "invention" - Wi-Fi door bell - instead of a perfectly working old one built on electricity.
   She is driven by a "good will" - to have the latest knowhow. She does not understand (she has no information, nobody told Her so and people who sold Her Wi-Fi device intentionally did so to get another victim for their product) that using Wi-Fi device means using the batteries (Energy source) for the button (otherwise it is not remote). Usage of batteries means higher consumption of Earth costly metals. Besides she calls to electrician who uses gasoline to arrive to Her home and lots of His energy to install Wi-Fi door bell.
   And does she need the bell at all? Those who bring here Love enters Her home with the key and without the bell.
   And those who bring Her suffer will use Her Wi-Fi door bell that she bought from them to enter Her house and collect the bill. As it is now seen in forming government based collectors companies that crash the doors and teeth of people to get the bills.
   They destroy lives by simply collecting the money that is often needed for example to cure the cancer or some disease that a person suffers.
   Sadly, but they do not understand that they will get the worst treatment after some time: "You rip the harvest You have sown" due to simple physical law - Second Thermodynamic Law, ie Entropy Impossibility to decrease, in other words, Information loss possibility or we could say increase of neglect about the Universe state (people and their thoughts are part of Universe) over time. This is also due to Action-reaction law that is obviously built-in in Universe Turing machine (known as Third Newton Law).
   This concerns everything, including people mind processes since those are based on information.
   As an example nowadays pensioners get no required treatment at all countries. Doctors became nearly robots and their main tasks is to prescribe antibiotics because their work nowadays becomes more and more only to enter data into computer.
   The operations are delayed for several years and even if operation is done the people suffer of mistreatment or doctor neglect (lots of cases when doctors forget instruments inside the body).
   One patient was told to drink the coffee to cure His cancer.
   So, we showed that Information = Energy.
   We could say now that the society where the notion of Energy exists can be called Marasmus driven society.
   This explains the famous joke from Soviet times "When I get my hat up, my Marasmus gets harder". In those times people were forced to learn endless communists conferences and work as hard as possible in five years economical plans reminding modern Sprint procedures invented by business corporations where the management already started to force worker to learn the principles of their Marasmus otherwise the worker gets fired - the same as in Soviet Union times, including video and electronic control at work and public places.
   On the contrary, the society where there is no notion of Energy (or resources) can be called Love driven society since the "kitchen wife" would be advised by someone with Love not to buy and install Wi-Fi door bell, moreover, in such society there would be no doors at all - no fear of abuse for the sake to charge own Energy that turns out to be only "Smoke on the water".
   The above "kitchen wife" obscuration procedure applies to thousands years people Marasmus growth where someone pretends to be a good guy (we can call him a "wolf in a sheep fur") with the knowhow and others are victims of own greed and neglect.
   This applies to cars, mobiles, TV and other devices.
   This mass Marasmus process was perfectly summarized by Pink Floyd - "Amused to death".
   World news constantly shows that there is a group of people ( we call them Smoke sellers or collectors) that continue to invent and degrade other group of people - "house wifes" and "beer drinkers" - and by this make them suffer mentally and physically.
   But those groups do not know that there is another group of contemplators who sees their deeds for thousands years, just wait and try to open their eyes.
   As one can see there were thousands of such persons including Richard P. Feynman, Mahatma Gandhi with His famous saying "One can not trade with fundamental principle - Love", the list goes "deep into the forest".
   But "troika" is still in the same place...
   As one can see this paper result is in the full accordance with Martin Heidegger, Ludwig Wittgenstein theories and with famous GЖdel theorem that says in simple words "in every rule set that contains rules of arithmetic there is an exception".
   This theorem also describes why there are always cases of corruption and fraud:
   people society rules are based on arithmetic hence they are "fraudulent" by nature.
   This inevitably leads to the conclusion that there might exist only one simple rule in the Universe.
   We can call it Love.
   So, Energy can not exists since it obeys Energy Conservation law that is arithmetic law hence due to GЖdel theorem (see [3] for explanation about GЖdel theorem) it leads to paradox.
   One of such paradoxes is Maxwell's demon (see [2]).
   By this discussion we proved
   No matter what You do, the result is the same.
   If You follow your Marasmus rules, there is someone who follows the Love rule.
   If You follow your Love rule, there is someone who follows Marasmus rules.
   In other words, Maxwell's demon exists but nobody cares.
   In other words, the machine is at the same point always, ie people leave in "Den surka" (everyday is the same) for two thousands years from the time when someone who knew this tried to awake them.
   Or it can be seen as the newspaper that reads itself.
   Theorem on Liberation.
   The liberation that Richard P. Feynman spoke about is possible only by reseting the atomic tape to zero state.
   Everyone forgets the notion of Energy, that is the same as to through Money into the window.
   This is discussed above.
   Slave is a person that has no freedom, ie possibility to do own things or have own opinions.
   When one takes money, he becomes a slave.
   Eventually all become slaves.
   People who take money fall into two categories: those who degrade others (Smoke sellers or collectors) and those who are degraded ("kitchen wifes" or "beer drinkers").
   Since by Second Law of Thermodynamics Entropy increases in the society where notion of Energy exists, ie society with Money, sooner or later there occurs information loss, in other words those who are involved in such society are forgotten after some time.
   It is obvious that there will be always new energetic people who need energy and who can find an exception rule to the rules of such society (due to GЖdel theorem and that money society is based on arithmetic operations).
   Those guys do not remember others and use them as the money source, ie their energy source.
   By this we get the result since the forgotten person that is used only to get energy source from him has no freedom. It is obvious this eventually applies to all.
   Pompeii where slaves were used as a source of money when they were fighting in front of others for their pleasure.
   All recent world disasters: people and animal deaths due to someone need to buy another house or do renovation (example, install Wi-Fi door bell).
   People death video taped and shown in Internet as a joke or whatever reason.
   Pompeii was a self-reset of Universe to zero state.
   Since in Pompeii no one wanted to reset to zero state since all became slaves (no one wanted to forget about energy sources, ie money)
   there was a self-reset of atomic tape to zeros implemented since Universe (Turing machine) needs to continue evolution (typing words arisen from Love rule only) anyway.
   In other words to make a garbage collection since the current memory piece is full of it.
   This Theorem was already known by Pink Floyd in "Live in Pompeii" album.
   Since Universe is a Turing machine that is typing only Love, It told to Roger Waters about this.
   1. Richard P. Feynman. Six easy steps, p. 86
   2. Richard P. Feynman. Lectures on Computation
   3. Wikipedia. GЖdel theorem.

Building Information Society

   Let us discuss the society evolutionary process using famous "Fire triangle" as it is done in [1].
   In the modern world the slogan "Building Information Society" is the key of success for business corporations that are the biggest building blocks of the society nowadays.
   It is clearly seen that Information, Freedom and Money are three key points of a society for thousands years.
   (we do not give definitions to, for example, for Freedom, it is understood in the usual way, like, "Possibility to do something").
   Let us call such society - Information Society - Rational Mind.
   The corresponding "Fire triangle" is depicted on Pic. 1.
   As it is known already in the ancient times the society evolution process started by moving towards information growth by rationalizing the nature and building its logical explanations and simulations. This is depicted by Up-arrow from Freedom-Money line. Since then people realized the importance of information and society development processes always are based on information growth.
   So, the thousands years evolution of society always meant moving up towards Information point on the triangle on Pic. 1.
   Nowadays the society consists of people and devices (robots, mechanisms, computers). More and more the process of communication happens by sending messages to each other. The messages are seen as strings of bits, for example, 11010.
   In order to be sure that the message is sent and received without any errors, the original message is attached with some "parity check" bits (see [2] for discussion on the topic) that makes such messages longer. For example, 11010 becomes 110101 telling that there is odd number of 1 in the message.
   It is obvious that parity check bits may be transmitted wrongly as well no matter how many bits are added.
   One can see that over time such communication process starts to send more and more erroneous messages because at some point the transmitter starts to retransmit errors.
   In order to fix the errors, people start to build more and more sophisticated software, coding algorithms, machinery and so on. By this, inevitably multiplying the errors or the amount of information exponentially since those mechanisms or software are built on the same communication principles - send message with parity check. The move Up becomes faster and faster, resembling the "strange attractor" characteristics perfectly seen in the world happenings where the News became total chaos.
   The red line on the Pic. 1 means when business companies start to use MDM tools (Master Data Management).
   MDM tool can be seen as Universal Turing Machine built in real world (not abstract) since MDM tool can produce (mimic) any existing business software simply entering that software rules into MDM tool.
   MDM tool is created by many software companies already and implemented in many world corporations as a tool to manage errors and duplicates in business data -Customers, Products, Vendors - that those business companies faced due to mentioned above exponential accumulation of errors .
   On the top of Pic. 1 (triangle top point) there is UA - Universal Automata, the device that produces copies of itself. This is the logical end of the evolutionary process described above since it is Pure Information producer and consumer. The way people build the society over thousands years - Manufacture-Consumer.
   As one can see by implementing MDM tool, the prototype of UA is already built.
   One can see that such UA can do any human functions known so far: write books, music, cure itself, provide clean services, programming, watching TV, drink beer and etc.
   As a result of such "Building Information Society" process people loose Freedom. Also, the average prosperity level goes to zero. This can be easily understood if one imagine center of mass in the triangle that is currently located at about MDM point on Pic. 1 (since MDM tool is already implemented by major corporations). Also, the existence of homeless people (Bomzh) or we can call them Masters Bo indicates the same. They have no money and no freedom. They have only information on where to collect the bottles and where to get alcohol or something similar.
   On the contrary, one can suggest simple mechanism that will remove the above tendency by re-inventing the wheel - if one invents the word "Love".
   Similar inventions happened many times in the history of people, for example, when people changed the goods trading to "money making machine".
   The picture of this society is depicted on Pic.2. The center of mass is located perfectly in center of triangle since this will be the natural balance between Information, Freedom and Love.
   Since there is no Information without Freedom and Love. There is no Freedom without Information and Love. And there is no Love without Information and Freedom.
   0x08 graphic
   Pic 1. Building Information Society - Rational Mind
   0x08 graphic
   Pic 2. Human Society
   1. W. Albrecht,G. Wernz, T. Williams, Fraud. Bringing light to the Dark Side of Business
   2. Richard P. Feynman. Lectures on Computation

Systems and Turing Machine

Kol' skoro nedochet v ponjatijah sluchitsja,

My mozhem eto slovom zamenit'.

Gete, Faust.

   Let us we assume that there is a watcher that constructs something out of objects and acts in step by step (example, like in computer game).
   World is what watcher constructs.
   Object is a visible part of world.
   Act is a rearrange (change) of objects.
   Step is a visible division between acts.
   Ant is some object that makes some acts.
   Rule is some rule using which ant acts (example, green light means "move", red light- "danger").
   Unit is some object that is not ant.
   Ant always posses some unit.
   Bank is a collection of units.
   Pillow is a collection of units that are not in bank at any step.
   Fraudulent ant is an ant that at some step never brings any unit to bank.
   Frozen ant is an ant that does not act anymore at some step.
   Terminator is an ant that finds at some step that there exist pillows and fraudulent, frozen ants.
   System is a set of ants equipped with rules.
   Let us consider System that has enough rules so that GЖdel theorem is true.
   Ants can see and repeat other ants acts.
   The system has one bank.
   One main rule of the system is "all units must be brought to bank".
   Ants know that this rule is crucial for their existence.
   Ants are capable to change any rule.
   Ants can teach each other about rules.
   The goal is to fulfill the rule in the number of steps not exceeding the maximum number of steps after which the collapse of the system happens.
   Ants know about the goal.
   The watcher helps ants to act in the most efficient way only and only if no fraudulent or frozen ant exists and there is no pillow.
   Theorem F.
   There exists frozen, fraudulent ant and there exists pillow at some step.
   GЖdel theorem is true in the system, hence there exists a sentence that can not be proved or disproved using the system rules. This sentence can be interpreted as a sequence of acts for some ant or ants. Hence at some step some ant encounters such sentence ending act. Hence the ant becomes frozen since it can not act anymore. Hence the unit that belongs to such ant becomes pillow. Therefore such ant becomes fraudulent.
   The system at some step is abandoned by watcher.
   From previous theorem it follows that at some step there exists fraudulent, frozen ant. Hence the watcher does not help to fulfill the rule, ie the system is abandoned by watcher.
   Theorem T.
   There exists terminator at some step.
   Since GЖdel theorem is true in the system, there is some ant that knows about this theorem and hence understands that there exist fraudulent, frozen ants and there are pillows because of that.
   All ants become fraudulent and frozen at some step or the system collapse at some step.
   By Theorem F there exists fraudulent, frozen ant at some step. Let us assume that at any step there is some ant that is neither fraudulent nor frozen. It would mean that the system runs (the goal is been fulfilling) for more than maximum number of steps. Since this is impossible by the limitation on the number of steps for system to run, the result follows.
   To return help from watcher, the ants must become unfrozen and not fraudulent anymore and remove all pillows.
   If ants never change rules so that GЖdel theorem is not true in the system, there will be never help from watcher. Therefore at some step the System collapse.
   When the rules are not changed as it said, all ants remain fraudulent, frozen and there are pillows, ie no help from watcher never. Therefore the system collapse when maximum number of steps is reached.
   Examples of systems to which above Theory applies: Karl Marx economical theory, other micro- and macro- economical theories including fraud theory in economics (see [1], [2]), systems of collectors and etc. Units are goods, money, virtual money and etc.
   Watcher is an infinite Turing machine, objects and acts are pieces of code written on it.
   Infinite Monkey (see Infinite Monkey Theorem in Wikipedia) that typed everything exists because now here is typed word "BANANA". Hence Watcher and Infinite Monkey is the same. Obviously all the world and its objects and acts that He constructs are the pieces of code on the Turing machine.
   As one can easily see the results of the paper are predicted and discussed in [3].
      -- Karl Marx. Capital.
      -- W. Albrecht,G.Wernz, T. Williams, Fraud. Bringing light to the Dark Side of Business.
      -- Dhammapada, 9 - Mischief, p. 33, Shambhala Edition

Why someone eats pizza and ketchup but someone eats mango.

Why Mihailo Lomonosov can not study at University.

Big Wheel and Honey.

   In technologically developed countries it is a common practice to eat fast food to save time. It is only in some Asian countries people still eat natural food.
   Organization is a collection of people that are connected through electronic devices and through personal contacts.
   In this article we prove
   Theorem on Honey and Ketchup.
   The less is the average number of personal contacts exists in some organization the more that organization people eat pizza and ketchup and less mango and honey.
   Since number of personal contacts tends to zero, the people spend all their time on the phone or using any other device like embedded in the ear or head. Hence they have no time to prepare the proper food and enough time to shew it. Hence they start to eat more and more fast food (pizza and ketchup).
   This can be easily see if one travels between Northern European countries, Russia and Asia.
   Also, it is seen that pizza and ketchup can be replaced with alcohol. Because when no personal contacts are needed one can drink alcohol all the time.
   Theorem on personal contacts and doors.
   The number of personal contacts depends indirectly proportional on the number of rules (devices or doors) in the underlying organization.
   The bigger is the number of rules in the organization, the more rules (devices) the person needs to overcome (call or learn how to use) in order to get in touch with someone. It is the same as going in the labyrinth and entering the doors in order to meet someone. Each door has a door bell - the rule, the puzzle - the person needs to solve to enter the door. Hence the more such doors to open the less is the number of personal contacts.
   Because one walks infinitely long time in the end (see [1]).
   Mammona is someone in the organization who always eats natural food.
   Theorem on Mammona.
   Mammona always exists in the organization.
   Theorem on Honey and ketchup clearly shows that someone knows it already. Hence the Mammona exists in any organization.
   In Soviet Union some special groups of people belonged to Mammona because they were supplied with caviar and cognac all the time. Others had no proper food and were queuing for sausages.
   The existence of Mammona in modern world can be seen easily from Internet where people spend 80 000 eur for one bottle of wine while others die from hunger.
   Ketchup Big Wheel is Manufacture-Consumer organization that produces pizza and ketchup for the organization.
   Theorem on Ketchup Big Wheel.
   Over time any organization where the number of personal contacts tends to zero becomes Ketchup Big Wheel.
   There is only one and only one Mammona in Ketchup Big Wheel.
   Since number of personal contacts tends to zero, by Theorem on Ketchup and Pizza we get that the organization people eat more and more pizza and ketchup. Hence there exists Manufacture-Consumer structure for this. It is Ketchup Big Wheel by definition.
   There exists Mammona by Theorem on Mammona. Let us prove it is unique.
   If there are two Mammonas, then they know about each other at some point. Since the number of personal contacts tends to zero, at some point one Mammona invents a device (follows from Theorem on personal contacts and doors) that makes no personal contacts between them and the second Mammona starts to act in unpredictable way so that it does not know anymore if it eats Ketchup or Honey. After some time, the second Mammona starts to eat only Ketchup (because it now needs to use new device all the time and have no time to eat natural food), in other words, it joins Ketchup Big Wheel.
   Fast food spread and the spread of electronic and virtual glasses in all countries.
   Pineapples do not taste as pineapples in many European countries, but taste so only in Asian countries where they grew up.
   Honey Big Wheel is Manufacture-Consumer organization that produces mango and honey for the organization.
   Theorem on Honey Big Wheel.
   Honey Big Wheel exists and it is running all the time (see [2]).
   Assume that it does not exist.
   Then nobody from organization would ever know what is honey and ketchup, because there would be no honey.
   Higher Conscience is a conscience (information) that at any given time have more knowledge than all people have.
   Theorem on Higher Conscience.
   Higher Conscience exists.
   If Higher Conscience does not exist, people would never know about number Pi because they describe only what they see, feel and touch.
   From the above results it follows
   Theorem on Wheels.
   Ketchup Big Wheel is run by Mammona.
   Honey Big Wheel is run by Higher Conscience.
   In Ketchup Big Wheel there is only one Mammona.
   In Honey Big Wheel all are Mammona.
   Ketchup Big Wheel is run by Mammona because Mammona needs to run it in order to eat mango and honey only.
   Honey Big Wheel is run by Higher Conscience because it wants to show to the organization that there is also mango and honey not only pizza and ketchup.
   We already proved that in Ketchup Big Wheel there will be only one Mammona eventually.
   In Honey Big Wheel Wheel all will be Mammona because if someone is not Mammona then the Higher Conscience would tell others in the organization that there is someone who still eats pizza and ketchup since it always knows more than anyone in the organization.
   Hence eventually all will become Mammona.
   Fish in the aquarium has a water cleaning pump installed by the Owner.
   The owner feeds the fish regularly and in the proper way.
   The fish is divided into species.
   The fish is angry and is very scared to get hungry, that is why it acts against each other in order to get more pizza and ketchup, in other words to feed itself.
   It becomes more and more furious (like reservoirs dogs) and in fear the fish produces more and more pizzas and ketchup by this polluting the aquarium.
   The water pump can not clean everything anymore because its power can not become too powerful otherwise it will clean the fish as well as a garbage.
   The owner decides to try to solve the situation by simply putting some fish that tells others ("Fortune teller" fish that met the Owner who told that fish that He exists) that there is the owner and no one needs to produce pizzas and ketchup but instead help the Owner to clean the aquarium so that everyone can eat the proper food the Owner gives so much as it is needed since only He knows how much is needed for each fish in order to grow it as big as possible.
   Theorem on Change.
   If anyone wants to jump to Honey Big Wheel from Ketchup Big Wheel he needs to clearly say this and others say they support that.
   To jump from one Wheel to another there should be a courage and the support from others.
   The person who jumps needs to be sure that others will support Him, otherwise He will be alone and moves away on another Wheel when He jumps.
   There are long time standing talks and films (see [3] and [4], [5]).
   Such change times happened many times in the history of Human Kind that are summarized in the fundamental book of Elena Blavatsky [6].
   Salvador Dali last painting shows that there should happen a bifurcation in people conscience (see [7] for the notion of bifurcation). In other words, move from the unstable state to stable (see p.31 in [7]) when Chaotic strange attractor dissolves over time.
   Mihailo Lomonosov is some person who knows about Honey Big Wheel.
   Theorem on Tests and Clones.
   Mihailo Lomonosov will not pass IQ and EGE tests.
   In other words Mihailo Lomonosov will not be admitted to University.
   Mammona knows that Mihailo Lomonosov is coming to University for studies because He read it in [8]. Since Mammona rules Ketchup Big Wheel and He knows that Mihailo knows about Honey Big Wheel, He invented lots of rules, tests, devices, alcohol, also embedded devices in head and eyes in order to watch for Mihailo. He created lots of agents Smiths, doors and monitor cameras to pinpoint Mihailo when He comes to the doors of University in His big boots.
   When Mihailo enters the doors there are millions of doors where Mihailo needs to try to enter. After Mihailo solves those puzzles, He finds out that He needs to send electronic form to start study.
   After that Mihailo sends electronic form, but the automatic answer says that He needs to pay lots of money before He can start.
   Mihailo goes to work and takes the credit. When Mihailo gets pensioner He accumulates some money but it is not enough to participate in the conference in VIP places.
   Mihailo finds a sponsor and sponsor pays Him for the conference where Mihailo drinks so much alcohol that He forgets about His studies.
   After some time Mihailo has no money anymore to pay for the studies because He needs to pay a dormitory with separate bathroom and for this He needs to enter some code into electronic form with Captcha but he does not see well since he was studying too much how to pass IQ and EGE test... see [1] for continuation.
   Theorem on Heart and Love.
   Mihailo Lomonosov re-invents the wheel - copy-paste from existing Theories such as Dhammapada.
   From Theorem on Tests and Clones Mihailo knows that there is no sense to enter any University because they are created by Mammona to catch Mihailo.
   He decides that He creates the own wheel and calls it Honey Big Wheel following the guide from [2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7],[8],[9].
   Especially the book Heart in [3] and following the Wisdom from [9] about the Middle Way.
   Mihailo understands that Love is the communication channel that was built by other Mihailos that were before Him and this channel is for free usage. The device to receive and send the signal is free and is built-in in everyone. It is called Heart. Usage Instructions are written in the book Heart [3].
   Theorem on Ahilles and Tortilla (Turtle).
   Mammona that runs Ketchup Big Wheel is Ahillles that never reach Tortilla - the Owner of Honey Big Wheel.
   In other word, Mammona can not compete with Honey Big Wheel.
   Mammona can only follow the Tortilla - the Owner of Honey Big Wheel.
   Mammona evolution is to build more and more rules based on arithmetic in order to run Ketchup Big Wheel smoothly.
   By GЖdel Theorem (see [10]) the language built on any such set of rules contains a sentence that becomes known to others and that others can not prove or disprove using the given set of rules. Hence this statement becomes a new rule for Mammona in order to run smoothly Ketchup Big Wheel.
   Mammona is mislead by formula E = m * c ^ 2 where m is a mass of muscles or IQ (or EGE) test result where Mammona incorporated all rules.
   His movement becomes slower and slower relatively to Tortilla.
   Mammona just imagines that He runs faster and faster.
   On the contrary, the Owner (Tortilla) of Honey Big Wheel has only one rule - Love.
   He uses the same formula E = m * c ^ 2 where m is the mass of Heart of all inhabitants of Honey Big Wheel.
   There is an obvious difference - Mammona has thousands years history and His mass of muscles and intellect is zero comparing to the mass of Heart of inhabitants of Honey Big Wheel that has infinitely long time history (see Theorem on Higher Conscience) since Mammona Himself is part of Honey Big Wheel.
   He just does not know it.
   He exists just to show to others the truth:
   there is already the Owner (the prove is in Theorem on Higher Conscience),
   in other words,
   Everything was already built by Owner or
   Mammona needs not care to try to built own wheel by multiplying the number of rules because it is nonsense due to GЖdel Theorem.
   1. Soviet Union Mammona rules printed from endless conferences are used nowadays to get a fire in fireplaces in people houses.
   2. Nobody wanted to through away the old shelf in [11]. It was huge and useless, People were working so hard to buy it.
   3. In [12] on page 45, it is said that "Your work is to discover Your work and then with all Your heart to give Yourself to it".
   The description of the above Theorem on Heart and Love was given in [13].
   There is a story from Buddha where He tells about man who found His kids inside the house under fire and tried to call them out. But kids did not believe Him and did not move out until He told that something nice is waiting them outside.
   In this case, "fire" is Godel Theorem and "something nice" is true knowledge - "The Saucerful of Secrets" (the name of Pink Floyd album).
      -- Stephen King. The Dark Tower
      -- Wikipedia. Mahayana
      -- Elena and Nikolaj Roerich. Agni Yoga
      -- Tatjana Mikushina. Project in Internet Sirius-ru.net
      -- A. A. Tarkovsky, "Soljaris", film
      -- Elena Blavatsky. The Secret Doctrine
      -- V. I. Arnold. Theory of Catastrophes
      -- New Testament. Sv. Mark, Ch. 9, paragraph. 11
      -- The Way of Bodhisatva. Shambhala edition
      -- K. M. Podnieks. Around Godel Theorem.
      -- A. P. Chehov. The Cherry Garden
      -- Dhammapada, Shambhala edition
      -- White Lotus Sutra

Alchemy, Possibilities

   0x08 graphic
   0x08 graphic
   0x08 graphic
0x08 graphic
   0x08 graphic
0x08 graphic
   0x08 graphic
0x08 graphic


   Theorem on Science.
   In studying the reality it is enough to develop Number Theory, Poetry, Art and other Sciences that are based on the Nature and Inner World of a person.
   Since Infinite Monkey typed everything already, It transfers and shares with Human Conscience the information. In other words, there happens Conscience evolution.
   The Universal Language for such transfer and share consists of number, letter and color. Hence we get the result.

The present and the future

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   0x08 graphic
0x08 graphic
   0x08 graphic
   0x08 graphic
0x08 graphic
   0x08 graphic
0x08 graphic
   0x08 graphic
0x08 graphic
   Do You feel the difference between parallel and in series connection of resistors? Where the current I is higher assuming that R is Egoism?
   "Итак отдавайте кесарево кесарю, а Богу Божие"
      -- Hulio Cortasar, 62, Model dlja sborki.
      -- Hulio Cortasar, Igra v Klassiki
      -- Agni Yoga, Derzhava Sveta, Obschina, Ierarhija, Serdce


   Question: Why one leaves in infinite loop?
   Answer: See the picture:
   0x08 graphic
   Question: Why Mobius strip exists?
   Answer: To show the way people leave for thousands years - self-connected one dimensional space - the number 8.
   Question: Why there are Ohm laws?
   Answer: To show the truth about sound OM.
   Question: Why Sun exists?
   Answer: There should be Something that never asks anything for Itself. Just waits when it can be happy that something nice and happy has grown up.
   Question: How to become happier everyday?
   Answer: When You see more and more happiness around everyday.
   Question: Why so many duplicates?
   Answer: What if something goes wrong.
   In other words, if God is with us, then who can be against us? The famous "If".
   But it should be "God is Everywhere You go no matter how You try to escape it or pretend You do not see the Love around. Because there is Nothing permanent except God".
   Question: Why 2 + 2 = 4?
   Answer: To show people how everything is done.
   Question: Why Computer Science, Computers, Robots, Master Data Management tool, films, virtual glasses, Internet, thermodynamics exist?
   Answer: To show people where is the illusion.
   Question: Why money exists?
   Answer: No one even thought of opposite or too many duplicates.
   Question: What are people and animals?
   Answer: People are God monads that God handles to enlight them. Animals are another monads that God handles to teach people on how to enlight them.
   Question: What is evolution?
   Answer: Collective Conscience growths.
   Question: Why the notion about critical mass exists?
   Answer: To show the truth about 1%.
   Question: Why light exists?
   Answer: To make someone seating in the darkness blind for some time so that He does not make unnecessary things.
   Question: Why Nikolaj Roerich painted "Putivl"?
   Answer: To show where is the critical mass mostly located at the moment - "Derzhava Sveta".
   Question: Why there is Capitalism?
   Answer: To make higher pressure on the family - the fundamental ties of man and woman.
   Question: What is Marasmus?
   Answer: When someone tries to make something out of 2 + 2 = 4 for own needs.
   Question: Why people conscience leave in Hell (mass schizophrenia) for 2000 years?
   Answer: Because they try to break Love by all kind of rules including rules of arithmetic for 2000 years.
   Observation: One can see everything in the mirrors: Internet, TV, films and etc.
   Question: Why pensioners seat in queue of 80 people and eat more and more of unknown medicine.
   Answer: Because someone wants to eat more sophisticated sausage, drink beer in a special glass or that each tomato is packed in a separate envelope to prevent bacteria.
   Question: What is the true communication channel between All - Gods, people, animals and nature? Where is the built-in device for this channel?
   Answer: Love. Heart
   0x08 graphic
0x08 graphic
   Ops...What is this? Is it a mirage? How come? All fields are printed already...
   Mr. Watson?

How to prove Riemann Hypothesis

   0x08 graphic
   Pic. 1. Jumping at 45 degree between chairs is a way to prove Riemann Hypothesis
   Look inside not outside,
   There is no way in the sky.
   It starts on Earth.
   Look through filter,
   Look through pantyhose.
   You are just small fish in the net,
   The big ferry sound is inevitable.
   Find the tool the God has left for You
   And make the Final Cut to Freedom.
   0x08 graphic
   0x08 graphic
   Supatipanno Bhagavato s?vakasangho
   Ujupatipanno Bhagavato s?vakasangho
   я?yapatipanno Bhagavato s?vakasangho
   S?m?cipatipanno Bhagavato s?vakasangho
   Of good conduct is the Order of the Disciples of the Blessed One.
   Of upright conduct is the Order of the Disciples of the Blessed One.
   Of wise conduct is the Order of the Disciples of the Blessed One.
   Of proper conduct is the Order of the Disciples of the Blessed One.
   0x08 graphic

Return Love, then Faith and then Dignity


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