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  Chapter 51 - Competition at the Auction House
  Shi Feng called out the Search Panel, immediately entering the words 'Hard Stone.'
  Suddenly, rows of information appeared on the semi-transparent screen.
  In a single glance, Shi Feng could see over a hundred stacks of Hard Stones being sold. There were many players selling them. When Shi Feng saw a stack of Hard Stones selling for 1 Gold Coin, he felt such a player must have been driven insane by poverty. Immediately, Shi Feng filtered the display to show prices from lowest to highest.
  After adjusting the display, the cheapest stack of Hard Stones still cost 26 Coppers. After deducting the processing fees of the Auction House, players could still receive 25 Coppers. As expected, the prices were a lot higher than normal.
  However, Shi Feng still had to buy them. He could afford them as long as the price was below 30 Coppers.
  Suddenly, the number of Hard Stones available on the Auction House had been reduced by a large half. The remaining ones were all selling for 30 Coppers and above, and there was no spendthrift who would buy them.
  After looking at Hard Stones, Shi Feng casually took at the miscellaneous section.
  Shi Feng's eyes abruptly shone. There were actually Card Sets. Moreover, there was a large number of them. There was some chance for monsters to drop these Card Sets; however, the drop rate for it was extremely low. There was not even a ten thousand to one chance for one to drop. Monsters below Level 10 were able to drop twelve Card Sets, and they were divided into two ranks: Bronze Rank and Mysterious-Iron Rank.
  Warriors had Steel, Crusaders, and Insanity.
  Weapons Specialists had Chaos, Vengeance, and Hurricane.
  Healers had Divine, Nature, and Noble.
  Mages had Element, Fool, and Demon.
  These twelve Card Sets each represented the twelve different Jobs. Every set had nine cards in them, and each card had a number behind them. As long as a player could gather a complete set, they could exchange it for a piece of Set Equipment for the respective Job.
  Back in those days, a majority of the players did not know what these Card Sets were for. Moreover, there was no introduction for these Card Sets. Players, at that time, simply kept these Card Sets in their bags or sold them at the Auction House. Only when the Normal Mode of the fifty-man Level 10 Dungeon near the city was cleared, did these players discovered there was actually an NPC that would trade for these Card Sets. Depending on the rank of the Card Sets, they could be traded for either Bronze or Mysterious-Iron Set Equipment.
  These Set Equipment were absolutely marvelous. A Bronze Set of Equipment could rival an entire regular set of Mysterious-Iron Equipment, whereas a Mysterious-Iron Set of Equipment could rival an entire regular set of Secret-Silver Equipment. So, these Card Sets that nobody cared about before suddenly turned ragingly popular overnight. Every card was sold at an astronomical price. Even so, many Guilds were still frantic over them, constantly purchasing them.
  Meanwhile, there were hundreds of Card Sets currently displayed in front of Shi Feng, yet there was actually nobody who wanted them. Each card was being sold at no more than 5 Coppers, and even the maximum was 7 Coppers.
  Shi Feng bought them clean without hesitation. Shi Feng did not think much of the cost. What's more, they would not increase in value even, if he had left them in his bag. Using the money to grow money, now that was the way of the king.
  After Shi Feng was finished with collecting Hard Stones and Card Sets, he was left with no more than 14 Silver Coins.
  Following which, Shi Feng searched for skill books through the Search Panel. To determine a player's strength in God's Domain, other than looking at their equipment, the number of skills they had learned was another factor. If a player possessed many skills, they could have a large variety of attack patterns to use in battle. An expert Swordsman could usually utilize more than twenty skills in battle, whereas first-rate experts could use more than forty skills in battle. As for the top-tier experts, they did not need to be mentioned.
  Shi Feng was a first-rate expert, yet, he possessed less than ten skills. His condition was truly pathetic...
  However, there were very few skill books currently being sold. Under normal circumstances, players would usually use skill books on themselves or trade them for a skill they were able to use.
  Shi Feng went through more than ten pages in one go. As long as he saw a skill usable by Swordsmen, he immediately bought them. When Shi Feng arrived at the final page, his mind turned blank.
  'Are you kidding me? Even [Defensive Blade] is being sold?' Shi Feng went wild with joy.
  The Defensive Blade was a Swordsman's powerhouse skill. It was also a sure-kill skill when dealing with Mages. However, the skill also had a damnable drop rate. Even in his previous life, Shi Feng only managed to get his hands on the skill after he was well over Level 40. Shi Feng truly did not imagine he would be able to see it now.
  Although the selling price was slightly high, 6 Silvers was still acceptable to Shi Feng.
  Shi Feng immediately placed a bid of 7 Silver Coins, not wanting to waste too much time.
  Very quickly, Shi Feng bought the skill for 7 Silver Coins.
  With the current purchasing power of 7 Silver Coins, Shi Feng could buy five to six Basic skill books. However, Shi Feng spent them all on Defensive Blade without batting an eyelid.
  In addition to buying the Rare Skill, Defensive Blade, Shi Feng also purchased three Common Skills: Observing Eyes, Windwalk, and Earth Splitter. On another note, while Shi Feng was joyous over his purchase, the situation at the Auction House started turning frantic.
  The logistic members of the various Guilds were all crimson to their ears, their rage soaring to the skies.
  'Crap, 9 Silver Coins still isn't enough to get this equipment?! Which rich Guild is it that bade 10 Silver Coins?'
  'You animals, why don't you take a look at my side? Someone's already bid 10 Silvers and 65 coppers. These people are absolutely insane. I've only brought 10 Silver Coins with me. What should I do now that I can't complete my task?'
  'Abominable! They're hiding their names and placing only these few pieces of equipment on auction; how can I even snatch one?!'
  These people were the logistics members of unrated Guilds. They were on the brink of insanity when they saw the larger Guilds' bid, each higher than the other. The most abominable person, however, was the creator of the equipment. Every time, this person only auctioned a few pieces of equipment. Previously, the competition over the equipment was already sufficiently intense. However, the Garrison Armor being auctioned right now had even better Attributes, and their numbers were even less. The money they brought along to bid was absolutely insufficient; so how were they going to fight for the equipment?
  'It can't be, right? Are there that many tycoons? Someone actually bid 11 Silvers.' Shi Feng's joy reached the tips of his brows when he looked at how the Garrison Armor's price continuously increased. Within moments, the money he spent before had all been recovered, to the extent that it was more than before.
  Suddenly, Shi Feng thought of the Defensive Blade. The average player definitely had no chance of obtaining such a rare skill for Swordsmen, whereas Guilds would not sell it, even if they obtained it. The skill must have been sold by a certain Guild to collect funds to buy the Garrison Armor. It's just that their actions once again benefited Shi Feng.
  Within moments, all seven Garrison Armors had their prices increased past 11 Silvers. Such a price shocked even Shi Feng, himself. Where did so many powerful Guilds suddenly come from? With the financial resources of such Guilds, they ought to not spend that much money on a piece of Bronze Equipment.
  However, what Shi Feng did not know was, after he had placed the Garrison Armors on auction, the logistics members of various large Guilds reported the situation back to their Guild Leaders. Previously, these Guild Leaders saw the MT of other Guilds tanking Special Elites with the Garrison Armor. These MTs were able to allow the other players to attack the Special Elites with ease, obtaining various skill books and Bronze Equipment, Mysterious-Iron Equipment even. At such a sight, the eyes of these Guild Leaders had long since turned red with envy.
  Unfortunately, they had no solutions to this matter. They wished to let the Lifestyle players of their own respective Guilds forge this equipment, yet they did not have the Forging Design for it. They also wished to contact the player who had forged these Garrison Armors, yet this player had hidden his name, preventing any means of contact. Their only choice was to watch on, helplessly. Now, however, the Garrison Armor, this time, even possessed Defensive Power. They definitely must buy it. Hence, these Guilds started gathering funds immediately.
  'Do you hear me; you definitely must get it! Immediately bid 13 Silver Coins! I want to see who else dares to bid.'
  'What? Is it already at 13 Silvers? Bid 13 Silvers 50 Coppers. I don't believe there is a Guild that is wealthier than us.'
  There were over a hundred Towns under the influence of White River City, and there were hundreds of Guilds continuously bidding for the Garrison Armor. After half an hour, all seven Garrison Armors were auctioned off, with the lowest being sold at 14 Silvers 60 Coppers. Shi Feng earned more than one Gold Coin in an instant. Seeing how fervent these people were, Shi Feng took the chance to place the Garrison Heavy Armor on auction, setting its starting price at 16 Silver Coins. Following which, Shi Feng left the Auction House.
  It was still night, and there was about half an hour before sunrise. It was very unwise to go out and level right now, so Shi Feng went to the library in Red Leaf Town first. He wanted to have a better understanding of the diary, which contained elvish words, he obtained from the Hell Mode of the Deathly Forest. He might even obtain a new find.
  Chapter 52 - Holy Sister
  The journey to Red Leaf Town's Library was very dangerous. If a normal player went there, there was a 30% chance for that person to die once. As for the remaining seventy percent, he would die many times.
  Hence, before heading to the Library, Shi Feng stored all the Hard Stones and the Philosopher's Stone into the Bank. The Philosopher's Stone would drop after death. If Shi Feng had unexpectedly died on the way to the Library, then it would be a major loss.
  Following which, Shi Feng took out the four skill books he bought previously and chose to learn them.
  [Observing Eyes]
  Able to see clearly unknown and concealed targets. There is a fixed chance to detect target's weak point.
  Cooldown: 40 seconds
  The user is wrapped in wind; Movement Speed increased by 30%. There is a 50% chance to avoid damage from ranged attacks. Duration of 10 seconds.
  Cooldown: 2 minutes
  [Earth Splitter]
  Requires: Sword
  Causes 30 base damage to target after use, and based on the period of charging power between 0.2 seconds to 3 seconds, a maximum of 300% weapon damage can be increased. Attack range of 8 yards.
  Cooldown: 1 minute
  [Defensive Blade]
  Requires: Sword
  Normal attacks range increased by 10 yards after use. Able to block up to a maximum of 6 ranged attacks or 3 melee attacks. Duration of 25 seconds.
  Cooldown: 3 minutes.
  With these new skills, Shi Feng's survivability and attack potential greatly increased; thus, the danger of him going to the Library was no longer great.
  Red Leaf Town's Library was distanced far from the Trade Area. It was located in Red Leaf Town's Slums.
  The Slums were the second most popular location after the Trade Area. There were all sorts of people there, and it was a place where crooks mixed with the honest folk. It was also the favorite visiting location of some players, and this was due to the Slums' alternative name......
  Paradise of the Fallen!
  The moment Shi Feng entered the domain of this paradise, from the corners of the street, he discovered eyes filled with greed directed at him. These were the rats hidden in the darkness, the ones unaccepted by the light, and the wanderers of hell's boundaries.
  There was bound to be a portion of players in God's Domain that was different from ordinary person. They were neither interested in conquering Dungeons, nor were they interested in the excitement that came from adventuring and risking one's self. The only thing these players were interested in, was banditry. They would kill other players and plunder their equipment; then, they would sell it to others for a high price, making a bountiful amount of money.
  During daytime, these players would hunt for and plunder the players with good equipment. At night, they would return to the Slums to dispose of their stolen goods then party with the money they just earned. They would brag about their harvest to display their own strength, using the chance to elevate their position in the Slums. Ordinary players would never set foot in this place. If they did not possess sufficient strength, the only result would be a return via death. The reason being this location was not protected by the Guards.
  Shi Feng simply glanced at the players hidden at the corners of the street. He discovered the indicators for all of these players were colored red. It was clear to see that they had done many kill-and-plunder deeds...
  Within God's Domain, Red Players were not allowed to enter guarded areas. The equipment drop rate upon death for these players were also increased, and the penalty for death may be increased up to a maximum of 300%. Moreover, they would be apprehended and jailed by the Guards if they were to enter guarded areas, and the duration they were jailed depended on their Crime Value. However, even with all these disadvantages, there were still many players who had chosen to go down this path. After all, the rewards came very quickly this way. Red Players also had a place they could stay in Red Leaf Town. For example, the Slums. Moreover, if one wished to receive a good Quest in the Slums, one had to be a Yellow Player or even a Red Player.
  Regarding these players who lived on the edge of a knife, Shi Feng paid no attention to them. He immediately headed towards the main road of the Slums. On both sides of the street, there were quite a few flirty ladies dressed in revealing clothes. When they noticed the clothing Shi Feng was dressed in, they started flinging coquettish glances at his direction. They wanted to spend a pleasant night with Shi Feng, earning some Coin along the way.
  'Little brother, are you here for some fun? Come over here to big sister. Big sister guarantees that you will have a pleasant night,' an alluring lady dressed in vibrant red leather clothing blocked Shi Feng's way.
  Shi Feng immediately used Observing Eyes.
  [Sharlyn] (Elite Rank)
  Level 8
  HP 1200/1200
  'Hahaha, Sharlyn, you're trying to sneak a bite again. How can you not invite us to such a happy occasion,' a group of robust and fiendish men walked over, each of them carrying a cold grin on their faces.
  'Is this a robbery?' Shi Feng took a look at his surroundings, calmly asking. He discovered himself already surrounded by NPCs. There were also a few Red Players by the corner of a broken house, sneers on their faces.
  In God's Domain, it was very common for players to be robbed by NPCs. Moreover, it was also not Shi Feng's first time being robbed by NPCs. The incident that left the deepest impression on him was when he was at Creation Mountain Range. It was there that he was robbed by an NPC Warlord. At that time, Shi Feng could only helplessly pay out a road toll.
  Currently, before him, there was a Level 8 Elite NPC in addition to a group of Level 7 Common NPCs. It was a scene very commonly to the Slums, but Shi Feng had nobody to blame but himself for coming to this place.
  'Brat, since you look like an upright person, we won't trouble you too much. Hand out 5 Silver Coins, and we'll let you pass. Otherwise, we'll personally take action,' a scarred man said with a sneer.
  'Then come over here and get it,' Shi Feng sneered as he pulled out the Abyssal Blade.
  If you were to pay the road toll, then congratulations. Not only would you lose your money, but you also had to lose your life. You would lose at least a piece of equipment that was on your person. This was the reason why normal players had a 30% percent chance of dying once in the Slums. If you wanted these NPCs that wandered the boundaries of darkness to uphold their promise, there was definitely something broken with your brain.
  Sharlyn's attractive face revealed a trace of malevolence.
  'Brat, you are courting death!' a Level 7 blade-wielding man rushed at Shi Feng.
  Shi Feng stabbed the Abyssal Blade towards the man without hesitation.
  Double Chop, Chop, Thundering Flash, Earth Splitter... Sword slash after sword slash pierced through the man's neck and heart. With a body fully geared with Bronze Equipment, combined with the Abyssal Blade's Attack Power, Shi Feng's attacks had immediately reduced the man's 750 HP down to zero.
  'Still want to continue?' Shi Feng glanced at the surrounding NPCs, sneering.
  The NPCs were all shocked by Shi Feng. They all parted and gave way to Shi Feng, one after another. Meanwhile, the players hiding in a corner were also shocked. Shi Feng had killed off a Level 7 NPC in just a few moves. This player was just too strong! Naturally, these players would not find trouble with a player whom they knew was strong. In the Slums, strength was everything. Stealthily, these players left the scene of the incident.
  Only Sharlyn stayed behind with an interested expression.
  'Little brother, you are really powerful. You've made big sister truly admire you. I wonder where you are headed? Big sister can guide you there and save you a lot of trouble, whereas you only have to pay a very small price,' Sharlyn walked towards Shi Feng, offering with a calm smile.
  'No need to trouble yourself. I'm familiar with the way to the Library,' Shi Feng did not wish to get entangled with these NPCs. He only wished to search for clues regarding the Elven diary.
  Sharlyn smiled with even more joy when she heard Shi Feng decline.
  'I am the Librarian, Sharlyn. You can ask me matters regarding the Library. There is no one more familiar with it than myself,' Sharlyn puffed out her prided twin peaks, smiling sweetly.
  'Isn't Red Leaf Town's Librarian a Holy Sister?' Shi Feng did not believe her.
  'Oh? Are you talking about this?' Sharlyn took out a set of nun's clothing and changed into it within an instant. Suddenly, her wild demeanor completely vanished. She was like an angel that had descended to the world, incomparably divine. Her presence made others desire repentance before her.
  At the same time, the information that Sharlyn displayed had changed.
  [Holy Sister Sharlyn] (Divine Official)
  Level 20
  HP 10,000/10,000
  Shi Feng was also shocked. What kind of situation was this? Even NPCs had a side job?
  Chapter 53 - Darkness Descends
  Shi Feng was still slightly unable to accept Sharlyn's makeover.
  However, Shi Feng could be considered lucky for being able to meet the rumored Librarian. According to the information he knew, the Librarian of Red Leaf Town was full of mystery her whereabouts unknown. Shi Feng never imagined the Librarian to be the female NPC who participated in a robbery against him. If Shi Feng had truly started a fight with Sharlyn just now, the consequences would be unimaginable.
  What did playing the pig to eat the tiger mean?
  Sharlyn was definitely a veteran in this field.
  Divine Official was the Tier 3 Job Advancement for an Oracle. In the case of Swordsman, it was called Sword King, whereas between these two was the Sword Master. Even if a Divine Official was only Level 20, she could still easily dispatch a Level 50 Lord. Perhaps, Sharlyn was the most powerful NPC in all of Red Leaf Town.
  'Hehe, do you believe me now?' Sharlyn giggled at Shi Feng. Her entire body radiated a golden glow as if she were the reincarnation of Mother Mary. 'Since you have some business with me, let's talk about it at the Library.'
  System: Player has activated the Epic Quest, 'Darkness Descends.' Contents unknown.
  Shi Feng stumbled suddenly when he heard the system notification, nearly falling.
  What was the reason for him to actually trigger this Epic Quest? 'Darkness Descends' was the famous Epic Quest of God's Domain. From the information he collected from the internet and Shadow, the difficulty for completing this Epic Quest was truly unimaginable. Of course, the rewards were also unimaginably bountiful. In Shi Feng's previous life, the person who completed this Epic Quest was the Spirit Emperor, Fantasy Extinguisher. He was a legendary character amongst Summoners. He was globally ranked within the top twenty Summoners and top five hundred in the entire game during the peak of God's Domain.
  Although he was only ranked within the top five hundred within God's Domain, it should not be looked down upon. The entire world had a total population of one hundred billion. Although there were only one hundred million players in God's Domain currently, this number would increase past ten billion in a year. In three years, the number of players playing God's Domain would go past thirty billion.
  Being able to rank within the top five hundred, Fantasy Extinguisher was definitely an amazing expert.
  However, the thing that made Shi Feng feel odd was why this Epic Quest was found here. Fantasy Extinguisher's starting location was not in Star-Moon Kingdom. Instead, it was in Black Dragon Empire, which was far from Star-Moon Kingdom. Black Dragon Empire was far more powerful than Star-Moon Kingdom. Its landmass was three times that of Star-Moon Kingdoms. The competition between players and Guilds there was much fiercer.
  'Could it be a reward for getting the First Clear on the Hell Mode of a Dungeon?'
  Shi Feng silently guessed as he followed Sharlyn. He felt it was a great possibility. Otherwise, why would an Epic Quest that should be found in Black Dragon Empire be found here in Star-Moon Kingdom?
  At this moment, Shi Feng's system communication rang. Shi Feng took a look at the caller, learning it was Gentle Snow contacting him.
  'Miss Snow, do you have business with me?'
  'Seeing that you're logged on, I have something to tell you,' Gentle Snow spoke in a very indifferent tone. She was like mysterious ice, unchanging even after ten thousand years and had no interest towards anything at all. 'I'm in need of money to purchase something, so I might need more time to return the 15 Silvers that I owe you. At the latest, I will return it to you by the end of today.'
  'Alright. If you are really in a bind, tomorrow is fine as well,' Shi Feng calmly replied. He no longer paid any heed to the 15 Silver Coins Gentle Snow owed him. Currently, he had more than one Gold Coin on his person, and he was troubled over how to spend it.
  Gentle Snow was slightly surprised by Shi Feng's indifference even toward that much money. However, since Shi Feng had already said so, naturally, she would not be courteous to him. She softly thanked him, saying, 'Thank you. However, aren't you afraid I won't return it, causing you to lose everything?'
  'You are the Snow Goddess. Why would you even try to cheat an average player of such a small amount of money?' Shi Feng said with a grin.
  'Average? You dare call yourself 'average?' Even I am shocked by the map and strategy you provided. We only spent an hour to clear the Normal Mode of the Deathly Forest, then went on to clear Hard Mode as well. Unfortunately, Hell Mode is just too hard. We could not clear it, no matter what.' Gentle Snow faintly smiled, saying, 'I am very curious as to how you all managed to clear Hell Mode. If you said it was due to your party members' help, I would not believe you. .'
  To conquer the Hell Mode of the Deathly Forest, she especially rushed over Elite members of Ouroboros from other Towns. However, they couldn't get past the first Chieftain-rank Boss, Willie, no matter what they did. Willie's damage was especially terrifying. Even a Shield Warrior fully equipped with Bronze Equipment could not tank it. Gentle Snow truly could not understand how Shi Feng's party had cleared Hell Mode.
  'Just lucky,' Shi Feng honestly said.
  'Since you don't want to say it, I still have to fight over a piece of equipment; so, I won't speak with you any longer. Don't forget our Dungeon appointment.' Gentle Snow did not continue pursuing Shi Feng about how he was able to clear Hell Mode. Just Hard Mode alone gave them a great harvest.
  'Fight over equipment? Is it the Garrison Heavy Armor?' Shi Feng casually asked.
  'En, how did you know? Are you also fighting for this equipment?' Gentle Snow nodded her head while saying. The Attributes for this Garrison Heavy Armor was too great. If they had this piece of equipment, there would not be much trouble when they entered the Level 3 Wolfman Dungeon.
  Shi Feng knew he had said too much, but he remained calm as he replied, 'Yes, but I didn't think there would be that many people competing for it. I've already given up on it by now.'
  'Indeed. The price has already reached 23 Silver Coins, and only a Guild with strong funding will be able to buy it. I won't speak with you any longer. I still need to sell some items,' Gentle Snow disconnected the call after finishing her piece.
  Meanwhile, Zhao Yueru, who sat beside Gentle Snow, pouted her delicate lips. She kicked up a fuss, complaining, 'Snow, why must you let that bastard join our team, no matter what? That bastard was just lucky, and his skills are just average. He coincidentally encountered a small Dungeon like the Deathly Forest that did not change much since the game's official release, and he very luckily cleared the Hell Mode of the Dungeon. It would be pointless bringing him into the twenty-man Team Dungeon. Also, the skill levels of his party members are just too miserable to even look at. They would definitely become a burden to our progress.'
  The Elite members of Ouroboros standing behind Gentle Snow also agreed with Zhao Yueru's words. They were the Elites of Ouroboros. How could a group of average players compare to them?
  'I feel that Big Brother Ye Feng is not that simple. He was definitely humble when he said he cleared the Dungeon due to luck. His skills are amazing, so it wouldn't be disadvantageous inviting him to join us,' Xiao Yue'er softly offered her personal opinion.
  'Little girl, what do you know about liars? You just don't know how bad that bastard is. Also, he spent that much time just reaching Level 1. His skills are only so-so. This lady can instakill him with a single Flame Explosion,' Zhao Yueru gave Xiao Yue'er a stare, speaking confidently.
  'Alright, stop arguing. I, too, feel Ye Feng is not that simple. Otherwise, how could he clear the Hell Mode of the Deathly Forest with a group of novices? When we enter the Team Dungeon, we will see where his standards lay. If he is not bad, I might consider recruiting him into the God-Slaying Army. Now, however, let's first bid on this Garrison Heavy Armor,' Gentle Snow let out a soft cough.
  Everyone abruptly became silent, astonished. They never imagined that Gentle Snow would have such considerations. She was actually planning to let Ye Feng join the God-Slaying Army. The members of the God-Slaying Army were the Elites amongst the Elites of Ouroboros. Each member had great skill, and they were experts who were selected out of tens of thousands of players. All of the Guild's resources were prioritized on the God-Slaying Army. Aside from the Guild Leader and Sub-Leader, members of the God-Slaying Army had the most authority within the Guild.
  Many experts in the virtual world struggled tirelessly to join the God-Slaying Army. However, a large majority of these people were all rejected. On the other hand, Ye Feng, who suddenly appeared before them, actually possessed a very great chance of entering the God-Slaying Army, and such a sight had caused great envy within them.
  Chapter 54 - Bible of Darkness
  When Gentle Snow disconnected the call, Shi Feng let out a breath of relief. Fortunately, he was not discovered.
  If Gentle Snow found out that Shi Feng was the creator of the Garrison Armor, terrifying consequences might have occurred. Also, Shi Feng did not doubt the possibility of Gentle Snow utilizing a forceful approach.
  The Snow Goddess was not an empty title. Her iron-fist methods have tongue-tied countless experts. Otherwise, she would not have been able to take care of so many experts.
  However, Shi Feng discovered an interesting matter from Gentle Snow's words.
  The many Guilds in White River City have already started attaching great importance towards the Garrison Armor. This meant the reputation of the Garrison Armor had already spread. Currently, the Garrison Armor's popularity might have reached its peak. It was a great chance for Shi Feng to sell the Garrison Armor in large quantities, earning a ton of money. After another period had passed, the Garrison Armor's worth would not be as great as it was now.
  'Let's first take a look at the Epic Quest; then I'll return to making the Garrison Armors.' Shi Feng impatiently wanted to return to making Garrison Armors now that a chance for him to make a lot of money had arrived. However, the Epic Quest currently before him was much more important. If he gave it up part way, he would definitely regret it for the rest of his life.
  This Epic Quest played a big role in allowing Fantasy Extinguisher a legendary achievement. Naturally, Shi Feng would not let go of this chance meeting.After spending twenty minutes maneuvering along the narrow pathways of the Slum Area, Shi Feng finally arrived at the Library.
  On his way here, Shi Feng discovered the wonder of having a Divine Official walking by his side in the Slums. The NPCs who intended to rob him all backed away accordingly after seeing Sharlyn's attire. Otherwise, Shi Feng would have needed to spend over an hour for this trip, continuously battling against these sewer rats. Moreover, these NPCs were literally dirt poor. Shi Feng would not obtain any rewards for killing these NPCs, not even EXP. The Library of Red Leaf Town had a withered appearance. The building only had two floors to it, and there was nobody present to manage it as dead leaves could be seen climbing the walls.Entering the Library, dust and dirt covered the entire building. The books laying on the wooden table had long since been parceled up by a layer of dust. The Library looked more like a haunted house than a place in which people once lived.'Apologies. It has been a long time since anybody has visited, so I haven't been tidying up the place. Just sit wherever you want,' Sharlyn faintly smiled as she pointed towards a dust-covered chair, not understanding that her action was very inappropriate.'Revered Divine Official, I have come here because I wish to have this diary translated,' Shi Feng said, getting straight towards the point. His eyebrows slightly wrinkled when he looked towards the finger-thick layer of dust covering the chair. He truly did not wish to dirty his clothes.
  However, Sharlyn remained minding her own business as she searched for something on the bookshelf. It was like she did not hear Shi Feng speak at all.
  Shi Feng was long used to such behaviors, so he chose to remain silent. There were all sorts of NPCs in God's Domain. It was especially true for important NPCs. Unique and bizarre behaviors were considered small matters. There were well-known NPCs that were much more damnable. These NPCs caused many first-rate Guilds to curse their mothers.
  After waiting for ten whole minutes, Sharlyn finally came out from the pile of bookshelves. In her hands, she held a thick and tattered old book.
  'I know why you are here. The moment you've set foot in the Slums, I could sense the evil energy coming from your body,' Sharlyn said gravely. She placed the tattered book on the table, causing all the dust in the building to abruptly soar, 'Let me have a look at the item.'Shi Feng naturally knew the diary triggered such a scenario. He took out the tattered diary from his bag, carefully passing it to Sharlyn.Sharlyn was not in a hurry to receive the diary. Instead, she chanted out a phrase of Divine Words. Suddenly, streaks of golden Divine Words wrapped around the diary.
  Just when Shi Feng was wondering about Sharlyn's actions, a change suddenly came over the diary. Black smoke suddenly appeared on its pitch-black cover, and a sinister-looking face came into view. It looked as if it was in extreme pain.
  'Evil be gone! Divine Spear!'
  Sharlyn shouted, her jade-like hand drawing out Divine Words in midair. At the same time, she started singing out a Tier 3 Divine Curse, her voice echoing throughout the entire Library. A golden colored hexagram appeared above the Library, covering the entire building, and from the magic formation, three golden Spears of Judgement came flying out. The spears pierced the diary, tearing apart the sinister face.'Hahaha, I won't give up! We will meet again!' The sinister face loudly laughed as it spoke the bone-chilling words. Both of its eyes were firmly affixed toward Shi Feng as if the words it spoke were meant for him.
  Within a moment, the black smoke above the diary dispersed. Meanwhile, Sharlyn's forehead was covered in sweat. Her complexion was deathly pale, and she currently looked extremely weak.
  System: You have been cursed by a Great Demon[1]. All Attributes reduced by 50%, experience received from killing monsters reduced by 95%.System: You have been eyed by a Great Demon. The phantom of the Great Demon will come for you in thirty days. If you are killed by the phantom, your body will be taken over by the Great Demon.'Crap! Make it more ruthless, why don't you?' Regardless of how self-restraint he had been, Shi Feng could not help but curse when he saw this notification. When compared to human standards, a Great Demon was the equivalent of a Tier 4 Job. It was on the same level as a Sword Emperor. Although it was just a phantom, it would still require Sharlyn, who had a Tier 3 Job, to handle it. However, instead of aiming for Sharlyn, the Great Demon actually went for a bystander and a minor character like Shi Feng.
  With this curse around, how would he be able to level up? Not to mention the 50% reduction in Attributes. It had caused his Attributes to sink down to the level of an average player. It would be a problem if he wanted to kill monsters of a higher level. He also had to face the phantom of the Great Demon...
  'Miss Sharlyn, are you alright?' although he was cursed, Shi Feng still spoke politely.
  Sharlyn shook her head slightly, speaking with a smile, 'Nothing too bad. I never imagined that you would actually bring such a terrifying item. You've weakened me quite a bit. However, the problem has been resolved now. If you had dragged on for a few more days, your body might have been possessed by the Great Demon, and your body would suffer in Hell for all eternity.
  'Thank you, Miss Sharlyn. If it weren't for you, I might have already been dead.' Although Sharlyn's words felt somewhat wrong, Shi Feng had still thanked her. He rejoiced at the fact that he had come to the Library without delay. Otherwise, he would truly be finished. However, the problem right now had yet to be resolved.'No need for thanks. This diary is not as simple as it seems. It is a key. In it records the method to unlock the curse on a gate. Your job now is to find this gate, enter through it with this diary, and find the Bible of Darkness that is kept within. I can destroy the Bible of Darkness as long as you retrieve it for me. Once it is destroyed, the Great Demon would not be able to descend,' Sharlyn explained.System: Epic Quest 'Darkness Descends' accepted. Find and destroy the Bible of Darkness and prevent the Great Demon from descending. Rewards unknown.Although Shi Feng had known about the extreme difficulty of completing an Epic Quest, there was still no need for it to be so damnable! At the very least, the Quest should tell him where to find the Bible of Darkness!
  In Shi Feng's previous life, Fantasy Extinguisher had completed this Quest in Black Dragon Empire. However, Shi Feng couldn't just go to Black Dragon Empire.Even if he went there, the Teleportation Gates had not been activated at this stage of the game, so he would have to run there. However, even if he ran till his legs broke, he would still need to waste several months before he could reach the borders of Black Dragon Empire.
  TL Notes:
  [1]Great Demon: this is a rank for Demons (not monsters). This will be further clarified in future chapters when Demons are better introduced.
  Chapter 55 - Moon Drip
  Shi Feng entered deep thought. He did not understand how Fantasy Extinguisher completed this Epic Quest in his previous life.
  Who the heck would know where the Bible of Darkness was stored?
  Moreover, in his previous life, the information Shi Feng collected regarding this Quest was very incomplete, so the parts he could use as reference were extremely limited.
  Currently, the evil curse Shi Feng was shouldering even made leveling a problem. No matter what, he had to think of a solution to this problem. Otherwise, the problems he would face in the future would be even greater.
  'Esteemed Miss Sharlyn, I am now cursed by the demon. Do you have any methods to resolve it?' Shi Feng calmed his heart. He turned to look at Sharlyn, who was currently in a delicate state, asking, 'Also, where can I find the Bible of Darkness? Even just a clue is helpful.'
  Hearing Shi Feng's series of questions, a bright smile appeared on Sharlyn's pure countenance.
  'You sure have a lot of questions, huh, you little bastard? It's not like I don't have a method to resolve your curse. However, you should know, to get something, you have to give something in return. There is only one way to dispel the curse, and that is to carry out a Moon Drip. The Moon Drip is a ceremony that can dispel all magic and curses in the world. However, many materials are required to carry out this ceremony. I will provide the materials required, but in return, you have to pay 3 Gold Coins as remuneration for my services. If you wish to obtain a clue to the Bible of Darkness, you have to pay an additional 10 Gold Coins as an information fee.'
  Shi Feng felt a chill going down his spine as he looked at Sharlyn's expression, which became more excited the more she explained. It was especially true for Sharlyn's eyes. Even if she looked incomparably pure right now, her appearance was still not enough to hide the burning desire within her eyes.
  In the end, one word still dictated everything.
  System: Do you wish to accept the Quest to dispel the curse?
  'Esteemed Miss Sharlyn, I am willing to pay the remunerations.' What else could he have said? However, Sharlyn's asking price of 3 Gold Coins was just too high. There was not a single player in White River City who could afford such an amount right now.
  'Since you are willing, then pay a deposit of 1 Gold Coin,' Sharlyn stretched out her delicate hand without restraint.
  Seeing Sharlyn's actions, Shi Feng suspected that she had some sort of x-ray technique. However, he had to pay the money sooner or later, so Shi Feng reluctantly handed over 1 Gold Coin to Sharlyn.
  The moment Shi Feng had handed over the money, he went from being a wealthy tycoon to being a poor peasant.
  'Here, this is for you. You need to fill the energy within this thing first. It will lead you to the Moonlight Forest to collect thirty pieces of Moonstone. It's fine if you just bring them back to me,' Sharlyn took the shining Gold Coin with lightning speed, then took out a fist-sized crystal orb and passed it to Shi Feng.
  System: Quest 'Moon Drip' accepted. You must collect thirty pieces of Moonstone and 2 Gold Coins for Sharlyn. Upon completion, Sharlyn will dispel the evil curse of the Great Demon on you.
  Shi Feng received the crystal orb and took a look at it.
  [Teleportation Magic Orb]
  Able to teleport the user to and from the Moonlight Forest immediately after activation.
  Activation condition: 200,000 EXP needed to be stored.
  Two hundred thousand experience points were enough to let the average player rise from Level 0 to Level 7 within an instant. To Shi Feng right now, such an amount was asking for his life.
  Currently, the experience he obtained from killing monsters would be reduced by 95%. He would obtain absolutely no experience from killing monsters of the same level. As for Elites, he would just be able to obtain around 10 EXP for killing one that was a Level higher. That meant he would have to kill twenty thousand Elites that were 1 Level higher than hem to collect 200,000 EXP. How long would it take for him to kill that many?! Moreover, there weren't even that many Elite monsters in Red Leaf Town.
  'It really is worthy of being called an Epic Quest? The difficulty is truly insane,' Shi Feng bitterly laughed.
  In Shi Feng's previous life, Fantasy Extinguisher had the support of the first-rate Guild, [Fantasy Shrine]. So, he was able to complete the Quest after much difficulty. However, Shi Feng did not have the support of a first-rate Guild. It would be extremely difficult if he wanted to complete the Quest. However, as long as Shi Feng completed it, the rewards would easily outshine the troubles. The rewards for this Epic Quest resulted in Fantasy Extinguisher's fame.
  Although Shi Feng did not have a first-rate Guild supporting him, he was a reincarnated person. He still had quite an advantage over the other players. At the very least, he would not lose out to the first-rate Guilds regarding earning money.
  'It looks like I can only return and forge Garrison Armors for now.' Shi Feng kept the crystal orb and left the Library. He planned to first earn enough Gold Coins before thinking of a way to store up 200,000 EXP.
  The sky outside was already bright by the time Shi Feng returned to the Trade Area. Many players already left to kill monsters and level up, emptying the streets by quite a bit. Shi Feng immediately went to the Bank to retrieve the forging materials and the Philosopher's Stone.
  Just when Shi Feng was headed to the Forging Association, a notification came from the System.
  System: The Garrison Heavy Armor you have placed on auction has been sold. After deducting the processing fees, a total of 31 Silvers 53 Coppers have been added to your bag space.
  'Is it worth that much?' Shi Feng was shocked.
  The Level 3 Garrison Heavy Armor was just a piece of equipment that had similar Attributes to a Mysterious-Iron Equipment. At most, it was worth 20 Silver Coins. Now, however, it had been sold for over 30 Silver Coins. One could just imagine how frantic these Guilds were towards the Garrison Heavy Armor.
  Shi Feng's enthusiasm was further boosted with the arrival of this information. He could not help but wish he could immediately forge a hundred pieces of Garrison Armor, selling them and making a big profit.
  Hence, Shi Feng activated Windwalk as he rushed towards the Forging Association. Without hesitation, Shi Feng reserved an Intermediate Forging Room for twenty hours. If he did not reap the money of those Guilds right now, he would not be doing justice towards his own reincarnation.
  Inside the Forging Room, Shi Feng refined all the Stone he collected, going all-out as he forged the Garrison Armors.
  When the first Garrison Armor was successfully forged...
  System: Garrison Armor has been successfully forged. Forgery Proficiency increased by 2 points. Obtained 800 EXP.
  System: Do you wish to store the experience obtained in the Teleportation Magic Orb?
  Suddenly, Shi Feng halted the work he was doing. He called out the System Interface, taking a careful look.
  'I obtained 800 EXP from forging?' Shi Feng placed a hand on his chin, pondering. Suddenly, he said with a smile, 'How could I forget about this in a panic? The curse is only aimed at the experience obtained from killing monsters. It has no effect towards experience that is rewarded.'
  Although a lot of time was needed to forge a piece of equipment, it was a different story if the success rate was very high. Shi Feng's leveling speed at that time would be a lot faster than the average player, even with the 95% experience reduction state he was currently under.
  With such an opportune method in hand, the difficulty of the Epic Quest had been greatly reduced in an instant.
  Moreover, Shi Feng had the Book of Forging. It could increase the success rate of forging the Garrison Armor up to 60%. With it, Shi Feng's leveling speed would greatly surpass even the expert players. It would not be long before he would finish collecting the 200,000 EXP.
  In such a way, Shi Feng could earn not just money, but experience as well. It was killing two birds with one stone. It was absolutely great.
  Fantasy Extinguisher most likely did not imagine there was such a quick method to dispelling the curse.
  Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng immediately adjusted for the System to distribute 100% of the experience he obtained to be stored in the Teleportation Magic Orb. Then, he picked up an ore and started happily forging equipment.
  Because of his improved mood, Shi Feng's hands became much more nimble. The Hundred Refinement Hammer in his hands was like a musical instrument, rhythmically beating out a moving melody.
  By the time Shi Feng regained his sense of self, he was suddenly dumbfounded by the Garrison Armor before him.
  Chapter 56 - Glimmer Chestplate
  The current Garrison Armor before Shi Feng was largely different than the previous ones. Its design had largely changed, and even the color had become a pale gold. This was absolutely not the Garrison Armor.
  'Crap,' Shi Feng understood he had failed.
  Before, he was too absorbed into his own excitement while he was forging the equipment. He smashed the hammer in whichever way he wanted, giving the Garrison Armor a completely different appearance. He even felt good about it.
  Still, the appearance of this new Plate Armor looked extremely cool. It would definitely look majestic while worn.
  Following which, Shi Feng chose to identify the equipment's information.
  The System took a whole 10 seconds before giving a conclusion this time.
  [Unnamed] (Bronze-rank Plate Armor)
  Level 3
  Equipment Requirement: Strength 12
  Defense +23
  Strength +3, Endurance +3
  HP +120
  Durability 35/35
  Additional Ability: Healing Power: Healing effects received are increased by 10%.
  Restricted to Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights.
  System: Unnamed equipment has been successfully forged. Forgery Proficiency increased by 3 points. Obtained 1,100 EXP.
  System: Congratulations! You are the first player to forge an entirely new piece of Bronze Equipment in God's Domain. Obtained 3000 EXP. Rewarding 1 Talisman Hammer (Mysterious-Iron rank) that increases forging success rate by 5%.
  System: Please give a name to the equipment you have created. You are also able to leave a personal mark on this piece of equipment.
  Shi Feng was slightly shocked when he saw these notifications. He had unintentionally remodeled the Garrison Armor, and successfully at that. He even created an entirely new piece of Bronze Equipment. His luck was truly good. The Attributes of this equipment had already reached the level of an average Mysterious-Iron Equipment. If only the materials used were not so poor, it would definitely have become a Mysterious-Iron Equipment.
  In God's Domain, players were able to create equipment. However, this was an extremely difficult task to accomplish. Not only did the player have to be extremely familiar with forgery, but they also had to have a thorough understanding of the various materials available. After undergoing hundreds of trials, only then could completely new, and good quality, equipment be created.
  Usually, players who wanted to create new equipment would only start to do so after they had risen to become an Advanced Forger. After all, to become a Master Forger, not only did a player require sufficient Proficiency, they also needed to create three entirely new pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment, and also one entirely new piece of Secret-Silver Equipment. Only after all those conditions were achieved could a player become a Master Forger.
  Due to this condition, the players who became Master Forgers were extremely rare.
  Meanwhile, Shi Feng unintentionally created an entirely new piece of Bronze Equipment. Of course, the Book of Forging's effect played a large part in contributing to this success.
  "Since the color has become a pale gold, and it's giving off a dull glow, let's call it the Glimmer Chestpiece.' Shi Feng immediately confirmed the equipment's new name. After which, he left an imprint of a black flame at a corner of the equipment. This imprint was the equivalent of a forger's name. In the future, when others see this symbol, they would know that this equipment was created by Master so-and-so. At the same time, the symbol also served to prevent others from falsifying the equipment's original creator.
  In the blink of an eye, the equipment's information also had a change to it.
  [Glimmer Chestpiece] (Bronze-rank Plate Armor)
  Level 3
  Equipment Requirement: Strength 12
  Defense +23
  Strength +3, Endurance +3
  HP +120
  Durability 35/35
  Additional Ability: Healing Power: Healing effects received are increased by 10%.
  Restricted to Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights.
  On the right breast of the Glimmer Chestpiece, the mark of a black flame appeared. The flame constantly faded in and out of existence, further enriching the aesthetics of the Glimmer Chestpiece.
  System: 'Black Flame' Imprint has been successfully registered. This Imprint has been bound to your gaming account, and nobody else is able to use it.
  System: Naming successful. Forging Design for the Glimmer Chestpiece has been automatically generated. Player can now voluntarily draw the Forging Design for the Glimmer Chestpiece, allowing others to learn the Forging Design.
  Suddenly, an additional window appeared in Shi Feng's Lifestyle Panel. It was called Forging Design Creation, and it allowed players to create their own Forging Designs.
  Shi Feng felt endless ecstasy when he saw this new window.
  This was the benefit of creating something original. As long as Shi Feng had a Pen and Drawing Paper, he could fabricate as many Forging Designs for the Glimmer Chestplate as he wanted. This was the treatment that was only available for original creations. Forging Designs were much more valuable than the equipment itself.
  In Shi Feng's previous life, countless Master Forgers constantly researched various materials and used all sorts of methods to develop new equipment. Other than trying to become a Grandmaster Forger, their main goal was to obtain an Original Forging Design. This item was the reason why some Master Forgers were extremely rich. The process of fabricating a Forging Design was very simple, and they could easily make tens to hundreds of them any time they wanted. Otherwise, how much money could they make, even if they exhaust themselves by forging equipment every single day?
  With the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design, earning 10 Gold Coins was a small matter. At that time, it was even possible for Shi Feng to earn up to 30 or 40 Gold Coins. After all, there were a lot of players in White River City and no shortage of Guilds, either.
  Afterward, Shi Feng continued forging Glimmer Chestplates, no longer forging Garrison Armors. Both of them required the same materials to make; however, the Glimmer Chestplate had a cooler-looking appearance and even came with an Additional Ability.
  There was another benefit for an original creation. When forging your own creation, the success rate for it was increased by 10%, and the equipment would also have a higher chance to come with an Additional Ability. As long as the Glimmer Chestplate's fame spread, Shi Feng would have no troubles selling its Forging Design.
  Time passed, bit by bit.
  Shi Feng was completely unaware of his surroundings as he forged equipment. His heart was filled with the thoughts of money. One Gold Coin... Two Gold Coins... Three Gold Coins...
  Piece after piece of shining golden equipment piled up in the entire Forging Room.
  When ten hours had passed since Shi Feng rented the Forging Room, a loud notification had come from the System. Only then had Shi Feng suddenly realized ten hours had already gone by.
  His gains were even more shocking, however. He successfully made a total of 142 pieces of equipment, and the materials he had bought were nearly depleted.
  Amongst the Attributes of the equipment, there were some that were good, and some that were bad. The difference between them was the healing effects. The bad ones had 5%, while the good ones had 12%. There were a total of 76 pieces that had their healing effects below 7%, 48 pieces that had their healing effects between 7% and 9%, and 18 pieces that were between 10% and 12%. These pieces of equipment filled up over half of Shi Feng's bag space.
  At the same time, Shi Feng's Proficiency also had a big increase, reaching up to 514 points. Shi Feng was now halfway to becoming an Intermediate Forging Apprentice.
  Shi Feng took out the Teleportation Orb to have a look. The experience it had currently stored up was close to 150,000. As long as Shi Feng continued putting in an effort for several more hours, he would be able to store up the 200,000 and immediately go to the Moonlight Forest.
  The speed at which Shi Feng gained EXP was at least two to three times faster than the Guild Leaders of first-rate Guilds.
  After leaving the Forging Association, Shi Feng ran to the Auction House.
  Currently, a majority of the average players should have already risen to Level 3, whereas many veteran players should have risen to Level 4. Only expert players would be closing into Level 5. After all, a lot of experience was required to rise from Level 4 to Level 5. The amount needed was at least three to four times the amount needed to rise from Level 3 to Level 4.
  Right now was the perfect time for Shi Feng to sell the Level 3 Bronze Equipment. The various Guilds should also have amassed quite an amount of wealth after more than ten hours had passed, so it was a good chance for Shi Feng to make a big catch. If another period of time were to pass, the prices of equipment would most likely be greatly reduced.
  After arriving at the Auction House, Shi Feng noticed that the number of logistic players present significantly had reduced. It seemed as if they were no longer as enthusiastic towards the Garrison Armor as before.
  'Fellow brother, why are there suddenly so few people at the Auction House?' Shi Feng walked up behind a logistic player, asking.
  The tall and bespectacled logistic player was slightly surprised, explaining, 'Have you been killing monsters outside town all this time? You don't even know about such a huge matter?'
  'Yeah, I've just returned after making some money from killing monsters and selling materials. Wasn't that Garrison Armor super popular? I, too, wanted to buy a piece,' Shi Feng nodded.
  'No wonder you don't know about it. Three hours ago, a player called Hammer Trading had sold a lot of Level 3 Bronze Plate Armor Equipment. Although the Attributes on it were slightly weaker than the Garrison Armor, its price was extremely low, costing only 4 Silver Coins. Moreover, that player even announced that there would be discounts if you contacted him and ordered in bulk. Naturally, the various Guilds all contacted him and ordered. That equipment is now extremely popular, so who would remain here and pay attention to the Garrison Armor?'
  Chapter 57 - Hammer Trading
  'Hammer Trading?' Shi Feng wanted to confirm once more.
  'Correct. He even posted a thread on the forums criticizing the blackhearted forger that made the Garrison Armor. Currently, the thread has already received more than seven million clicks. With it, that guy has quickly become a famous person in White River City. I heard many large Guilds have already sent out an olive branch to him, trying to recruit him with a high price.' The logistics player had a face filled with envy while he spoke. He couldn't help but wish he could turn into Hammer Trading. That way, he would be able to live a life filled with beauties and riches.
  Shi Feng only smiled at the player as he turned to walk towards an empty seat. He sat down and called out the game's official forum.
  He wanted to have a good look at this Hammer Trading who nearly robbed him of his business.
  In Shi Feng's previous life, Hammer Trading did not reveal himself as quickly as this. Before Shadow scouted him, he had been playing God's Domain with tens of fellow schoolmates. With the support of these schoolmates, in addition to some chance meetings that had allowed him to become an Intermediate Forging Apprentice, he managed to become acquainted with the upper echelons of Shadow. At that time, there were very few Intermediate Forging Apprentices. The Bronze Equipment that was forged at the time was also very popular. Seeing such a situation, Shadow also wanted a share of the profits. So, they paid a large price to hire Hammer Trading. Along with the continuous support of Shadow Workshop, Hammer Trading grew to become a shocking figure, becoming a relatively famous Forger and earning Shadow a lot of money.
  Afterward, Hammer Trading also obtained the Forging Talent[1] in addition to the great support from Shadow, allowing him to become a Master Forger. During those times, he did not have the slightest hint of respect for Shi Feng, who was the Guild Leader of Shadow at that time.
  In the end, with the strong support of Hammer Trading, along with several Master Forgers and Master Potionmakers, Lan Hua Financial Groups gladly agreed to World Dominator's acquisition of Shadow. Otherwise, Lan Hua Financial Groups would not have agreed to the decision without hesitation and dismissing Shi Feng at the same time.
  Shi Feng opened the forums for Star-Moon Kingdom, his heart lamenting over how fate was toying with him.
  In this life, just when the Garrison Armor was beginning to sell like hotcakes, Hammer Trading appeared to break off his road to wealth.
  Shi Feng couldn't help but admit that he and Hammer Trading were rivals in life.
  Shi Feng stole the Forging Talent from Hammer Trading, whereas Hammer Trading turned around to break off his road to wealth.
  Browsing the forums of Star-Moon Kingdom, Shi Feng quickly discovered a thread marked in red, positioned at the top of the forum.
  Upholding justice starts from us! We absolutely cannot let this blackhearted forger do as he pleases! I am a forger with a kind heart!
  These large, bright red words caused Shi Feng's brows to furrow.
  What kind of trouble is he trying to cause here?
  The number of clicks exceeded ten million!
  Out of curiosity, Shi Feng had opened the thread.
  Shi Feng looked at the eloquently written condemnation that had over ten thousand words. The article had justifiably mentioned that the cost of making a piece of Bronze Equipment did not even exceed 1 Silver Coin. However, the blackhearted Shi Feng sold his equipment for up to 30 Silver Coins. He was ripping off other players. Hence, Hammer Trading wanted to oppose Shi Feng. He was even willing to sell Level 3 Bronze Equipment without limit. Only, due to the failure rates, he had no choice but to sell them at 4 Silvers a piece to reclaim his cost of making.
  This article received the support of a lot of players. They had all declared that they would no longer purchase the Garrison Armor and that they would support Hammer Trading's actions of kindness.
  Shi Feng was speechless after reading the entire article.
  The entire article was just trying to put a smear on his reputation while heightening Hammer Trading's own self. At the same time, Hammer Trading wanted to state that he, too, could forge Bronze Equipment.
  He was clearly trying to use Shi Feng as a stepping stone to raise his own worth and fame. He wanted to let the many large Guilds extend an olive branch to him, and in turn, raising his own worth.
  However, Shi Feng had to admit that Hammer Trading had succeeded. Not only had his fame risen in a burst, but many second-rate Guilds had also sent him an invitation. There were even a few first-rate Guilds who were willing to discuss matters of cooperation with Hammer Trading.
  'Crap, not only has he broken off my path to wealth, he still wants to use me as a stepping stone?!' Shi Feng could no longer hold back his two lifetime's worth of rage. He wanted to properly teach Hammer Trading a lesson.
  Did he think he was awesome for selling Level 3 Bronze Equipment without limit?
  Shi Feng did not wish to have any relation with Hammer Trading if he did not try to use Shi Feng as a stepping stone. However, now that he had provoked Shi Feng, he must be ready to pay the appropriate price.
  Shi Feng felt it was just hilarious when he looked at the statements and numbers provided by Hammer Trading.
  Basic Forging Apprentices only had a 5% success rate when forging a piece of Level 3 Bronze Equipment. However, looking at the numbers provided by Hammer Trading, it could be seen that he did not possess just a Forging Design for a piece of Bronze Equipment. He must have also obtained an item that increased the success rate for forging. In addition to using the Intermediate Forging Room, his success rate should be around 20%. That was why he dared to spout nonsense and brought out several pieces of equipment for auction to prove his words.
  However, according to Shi Feng's estimates, to raise his reputation, Hammer Trading was taking a loss of 1 Silver Coin for every piece of Bronze Equipment he sold. Although Shi Feng did not know how much funding Hammer Trading had, he was still ten years too early from competing with Shi Feng.
  Selling at 4 Silver Coins, is it?
  Shi Feng would sell his equipment at 4 Silver Coins as well. He had the Philosopher's Stone and the Book of Forging, so his initial cost was just slightly more than 10 Coppers. Including his terrifying success rate, Shi Feng was looking forward to seeing who had the last laugh.
  Without holding anything back, Shi Feng immediately posted a thread on the forum anonymously. The article was titled 'Shockingly high-quality Plate Armor on Auction House.' Afterward, he called up the interface for the Auction House, placing twenty pieces of the worst Glimmer Chestplate on auction.
  The Healing Power on the Glimmer Chestplate had a remarkable effect on MTs when inside a Dungeon. It was even better when compared to the Garrison Armor. When compared to Hammer Trading's Savage Chestplate, it was more than two times better. Players would naturally know which equipment to choose when they saw the Glimmer Chestplate.
  'Hammer Trading, didn't you want to be famous? I'll let you become super famous. I'll turn you into a celebrity.' Shi Feng revealed a cold grin as he closed the interface. He turned around and left the Auction House, setting up a stall outside to purchase Stones and Hard Stones.
  Two minutes after Shi Feng had posted his thread...
  A few players noticed Shi Feng's post. Average players were still very attentive towards high-quality equipment. Currently, the average player did not even possess a piece of Bronze Equipment, not to mention high-quality equipment. So, naturally, they wanted to get a glimpse.
  The moment these players arrived at the Auction House, they were stupefied by what they saw.
  The Attributes on the Glimmer Chestplate was just too good, especially the Healing Power. It was definitely the most beloved Ability for an MT when inside a Dungeon.
  After they finished looking at the Attributes, the players chose to try wearing it.
  They looked at their own appearance when wearing the Glimmer Chestplate. Streamline mold, dashing figure, and even a faint radiance coming off their bodies. There was also a flickering black flame on their left breast. They looked absolutely awesome! It was as if they had become the heroes from legends while wearing the Glimmer Chestplate, valiant and powerful.
  Then, they looked at the selling price. It actually only required 4 Silver Coins.
  These players did not dare believe their eyes. Such high-end equipment was only selling for 4 Silver Coins. If they did not buy it, they would be doing a disservice to their own lives. Even if they did not have much money on their persons, they were willing to sacrifice everything they had to buy the Glimmer Chestplate.
  Within a short fifteen minutes, Shi Feng's post had become the topic of the forum. There were even players who posted the information and appearance of the Glimmer Chestplate, the equipment instantly arousing everyone's exclamation. Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights could not help but wish they could obtain this high-end equipment right that instant.
  However, when they wanted to go to the Auction House and buy it, there were only four pieces of the equipment remaining. Moreover, every one of those pieces had their prices bade up to more than 6 Silver Coins...
  One MT from an Elite party had reluctantly chosen to borrow money from all over the place. In the end, he successfully won a piece for 7 Silver Coins. When the Glimmer Chestplate arrived in his hands, he no longer minded the money he owed for it. With such Attributes and dashing appearance, he would not have any troubles earning money in the future.
  Thinking up to this point, the smile on this Shield Warrior spread widely.
  TL Notes:
  [1] Forging Talent: this is referring to the Forging Genius mentioned in Chapter 19
  Chapter 58 - Equipment Competition
  Just a short twenty minutes after Shi Feng placed the Glimmer Chestplates on auction, all twenty pieces of them had been sold off. The Glimmer Chestplate's popularity was far better than the Garrison Armor.
  There were even quite a few players showing off their purchases on the official forum.
  Previously, these players had to beg, using various methods, to join a party. Now, however, with their majestic-looking equipment, a simple shout would garner them tens of invites from Elite parties for their own choosing.
  Following the Glimmer Chestplate's rise in popularity, the players that failed to buy one were all beating their own chest in anguish. They hated themselves for not borrowing money to buy the piece of equipment since, right now, it was no longer being sold.
  Meanwhile, the Forging Association in Golden Sand Town was packed with people.
  The spacious hall was entirely occupied by players. The players present were the spokespeople for various Guilds. They were here for only one purpose, and that was to invite Hammer Trading to their Guild.
  Amongst the Guilds present, there were quite a few that were very famous. There was no lack of spokespeople for third-rate Guilds. If it were during ordinary times, these spokespeople would act proud and arrogant. They would use a condescending attitude when dealing with Lifestyle players. Even so, these Lifestyle players would still treat them with great respect. They would even shed tears of emotion, pledging their loyalty to the Guild as they quickly signed the contract, becoming a part of a large Guild.
  However, the current trend of the game had changed. The higher-ups of the Guilds strongly emphasized that they, the spokespeople, must definitely invite Hammer Trading. Otherwise, they could start packing up their bags. Hence why these Guild spokespeople were like obedient grandchildren, standing and waiting in the hall for Hammer Trading's summons.
  Inside an Intermediate Forging Room on the second floor...
  'Brother Hammer, you're so awesome! I admire you so much! Before, those third-rate Guilds would not recruit you no matter what. Now, they're just like grandchildren waiting upon you. They would not leave even if you chased them away,' A sexy female cleric in her mid-twenties hugged around Hammer Trading's robust arm, giggling and speaking with admiration. Her bulging chest was rubbing against his arm.
  Hammer Trading had a very brutish appearance. He had a thick beard and beady eyes, and his skin color was similar to yellowish wax. Judging from his appearance, he looked to be over thirty years of age. Nobody was able to tell, however, that Hammer Trading was just a university student in reality. His age was just slightly over twenty.
  'Hahaha, this is just a small matter. However, I truly have to thank the fool who opened the road for me and has even hidden his name. He made all the large Guilds know of my importance,' Hammer Trading heartily laughed. He silently praised his own intelligence and wisdom for being able to think up of a plan to utilize that anonymous forger's fame. It allowed him his current good fortune, becoming every player's idol, 'Wait till I've entered a first-rate Guild and rise into their upper-echelons. It will be truly awesome. Right now, I'm just showing a small part of my prowess. Let those third-rate Guilds continue waiting outside. I can use them to raise my own value and fame.'
  'Boss, what are we going to do about all the orders we've received?' an Assassin asked.
  Hammer Trading rolled his eyes at the Assassin, saying in disdain, 'Who cares about them? I'm taking a loss of 2 Silver Coins per piece of equipment. Do they think I'm running a charity? My goal has already been met. I'm only waiting for the first-rate Guilds to come. Don't bother with the other players; just tell them that we're too busy and don't have time.'
  To use Shi Feng as a stepping stone, Hammer Trading used up all the Silver Coins belonging to his classmates. He also spent a lot of Credits to purchase a lot of materials and Silver Coins. Yet, he only forged over ten Savage Chestplates from all those materials. So, selling each piece at a maximum of 4 Silver Coins caused a major loss for him. However, all his sacrifices were worth it. As long as he was recruited by a first-rate Guild, he could get as many materials as he wanted, a huge salary, and even a line of female players desiring his attention. Hammer Trading felt invigorated just from thinking of all these benefits.
  Suddenly, a Berserker entered the Forging Room with a panicked expression.
  'What happened, Hadron? Seeing as you're in such a hurry, has the upper echelon of a first-rate Guild arrived?' Hammer Trading teasingly asked.
  'Big trouble! A lot of top-tier equipment has suddenly appeared at the Auction House. All the players on the game's official forum are discussing it now, and the number of clicks on the post is madly increasing. The post has over five million clicks right now, and many Guilds have started to notice it. Moreover, the equipment is being sold by the same anonymous forger. The equipment's price is set at a minimum of 4 Silver Coins. Everyone is starting to wonder about the identity of the forger responsible, and they are no longer paying any attention to you, Boss.'
  'Moreover, there are already a few first-rate Guilds who made a declaration on the forum. They are willing to hire that forger with a high salary and make him the Chief Forger of their Guild. A few representatives of large Guilds downstairs have also started leaving for the Auction House.'
  Hammer Trading's expression froze when hearing Hadron's words.
  He only managed to attract the attention of first-rate Guilds after much difficulty. However, now, that anonymous forger stole his wind. If he did not steal it back, those first-rate Guilds would most likely forget about him.
  'He has such nerve to steal my wind and position. Don't blame me for not being polite. Making that kind of top-tier equipment has a high cost and low success rate. If you sell it at 4 Silver Coins, then I'll sell at 3 Silver Coins. I wonder just how much you can afford to lose?' Hammer Trading abruptly stood up. He wanted to let Shi Feng know he would definitely not let the position of Chief Forger, and his future 'happiness', go.
  He was already taking a loss of 2 Silver Coins for making the Savage Chestplate that had inferior Attributes. Then, Shi Feng would at least lose 4 to 5 Silver Coins for selling each piece of top-tier equipment at 4 Silver Coins. Maybe even more. Hammer Trading believed he could outlast Shi Feng.
  'But, Boss, we don't have many Silver Coins remaining. At most, we can afford to forge ten more Savage Chestplates,' Hedron worryingly said.
  'What is there to be afraid of? I still have some funds. Worst comes to worst, I'll spend some more Credits to buy materials and Silver Coins. I believe I can get rid of that little bastard. For every piece of equipment that little bastard sells, he's taking a loss of at least double or triple of ours. Why should we be afraid?' Hammer Trading confidently asked. He assured himself that Shi Feng, too, was trying to attract the attention of first-rate Guilds by doing such lossful business. However, he would definitely be the final champion.
  An hour later, a few additional Savage Chestplates appeared on White River City's Auction House. Their minimum selling price was 3 Silver Coins each.
  At the same time, a new post appeared on the game's official forum.
  For the benefit of the masses, I, Hammer Trading, have decided to sell the Savage Chestplate at 3 Silver Coins each. I will make a stand against this blackhearted forger to the end! Requesting support! Requesting encouragement!
  Suddenly, a wave of players followed the post, sending it to the top of the forum. Every one of them supported Hammer Trading's kind actions.
  As a result of this incident, all of White River City became lively. Everyone understood this was a competition between two forgers that were capable of forging Bronze Equipment. Every player in White River City watched on with anticipation. The ones who would profit from this exchange, in the end, would definitely be them, the players. It would not be long before they would be able to purchase Bronze Equipment at a low price.
  The various Guilds also started watching by the sidelines, no longer expressing any of their intentions. They were all waiting for the final victor, while at the same time buying all of the equipment and developing their Guild's strength.
  However, Shi Feng himself did not know of this matter. He just finished purchasing Stones and Hard Stones. Just after entering the Auction House, he discovered that the number of players there had once more increased. Only then did he find out about this incident.
  'You wish for a fight?' Shi Feng faintly smiled, 'Then, come.'
  He called out the Auction House's control interface, placing all of his Glimmer Chestplates on auction. He assigned twenty pieces to be sold every hour, selling a total of 120 pieces of Glimmer Chestplates. Such a number was definitely enough to torment Hammer Trading.
  Afterward, Shi Feng used the money earned from selling Glimmer Chestplates to buy Hard Stones and Card Sets. After purchasing all these items, Shi Feng suddenly discovered that he still possessed a little more than 1 Gold Coin.
  From time to time, Shi Feng would receive a notification from the System. It would state that another Glimmer Chestplate had been sold, and some amount of Silver Coins have been deposited into his bag.
  Shi Feng felt, the more Silver Coins he spent, the more Silver Coins he had. The amount he did not seem to be decreasing in the slightest...
  Shi Feng considered selling some of his Silver Coins at the Trade Center[1], exchanging it for some spending money in real life. It was much better than just holding on to these Silver Coins.
  TL Notes:
  [1] Trade Center: this is not the Trade Area in the game. It's something like an online market for game currency and items, where you can sell/buy Coins/items for real life money (Credits).
  Chapter 59 - Violet Cloud
  Although Shi Feng was having a relaxing time selling equipment, Hammer Trading was not.
  To compete with Shi Feng, Hammer Trading was constantly forging new Savage Chestplates. The Silver Coins in his hands were no different than Copper as they disappeared in a flash. Hammer Trading also had to spend Credits to purchase more Silver Coins, giving him an immense heartache. However, when he thought of Shi Feng spending much more than him, his heart soothed by a lot. He wanted Shi Feng to go bankrupt.
  Meanwhile, Shi Feng left the lively Auction House.
  He arrived at the Bank, storing all the Card Sets and Hard Stones he had collected into his warehouse. Shi Feng was extremely excited as he looked at over a thousand slots of his warehouse filled.
  This was the benefit of being reincarnated. In his previous life, he in a miserable state thanks to these items. Now, however, they became one of his biggest sources of income.
  In the eyes of others, these items were still worthless. However, they would be priceless in the future. Their values could increase by over ten-folds, even tens of folds. It was especially true for Card Sets. A complete set would be worth tens of times more than a single piece. Even so, the large Guilds would still have a hard time obtaining them.
  After he was finished storing the items, Shi Feng made a trip to the Grocery Store. He bought five stacks of White Paper and one stack of pen and ink. These two items could be bought at extremely low prices at the Grocery Store. A stack of 200 White Papers only sold for 10 Copper Coins, whereas as a stack of 20 bottles of Black Ink sold for 15 Copper Coins. The best Feathered Pen also only sold for 20 Copper.
  Even so, Shi Feng's casual purchase far exceeded the daily income of an average player.
  An average player would definitely be unable to spend in such a way. However, to Shi Feng, these Copper Coins could no longer be considered money. Moreover, these items were all necessary for making Forging Designs. Shi Feng would still buy them, even if they cost 10 Silver Coins.
  After buying the items, Shi Feng headed for the Forging Association.
  'Sir, do you need any cooling beverages? I have here the best Fruit Juice in Red Leaf Town. It tastes extremely good, and it is only 1 Copper Coin per cup.' A fragile-looking young lady nervously asked a male Guardian Knight. The girl was holding onto a small basket, her doll-like eyes carrying with them earnest expectations as she looked at the man.
  'Scram! Don't annoy me! It's just a virtual item, moreover a beverage, yet you are actually charging 1 Copper Coin for it? I wouldn't want it even if you were giving it for free!' The Guardian Knight cursed in rage, pushing the 16 or 17 years old girl away. He then added, 'My luck is just bad. Just you wait and see; I'll take care of you if I don't get to buy a Glimmer Chestplate because you delayed me.'
  The girl that was pushed down but did not cry. Instead, she stood up without wavering. She clapped the dust off her clothes, proceeding to another player with a smile on her face.
  Shi Feng was faintly shocked. He never imagined the girl to be so tough. The average female player usually would not carry out such laborious tasks, not to mention receiving the insults from other players.
  When Shi Feng looked at this girl, he was reminded of his own past self.
  Shi Feng used Observing Eyes on the girl.
  Violet Cloud, Level 1 Cleric.
  Shi Feng's heart slightly tightened when he saw this name. This girl was actually Violet Cloud, one of the top ten Clerics in God's Domain. If he could recruit her to his side, his team would have a considerable future.
  'Hahaha! This is a virtual game, yet you're actually trying to earn money by selling cold beverages? Do you think you're Milk Tea Sister[1]? Only idiots would buy them. Seeing that you're good-looking, why don't you come over to my place tonight? I can even give you 1 Silver Coin.' A lecherous man in his thirties walked up to Violet Cloud, drooling as he harassed her.
  'Sir, I am only selling cold beverages. Please have some self-respect.' Violet Cloud retreated a step, resolutely saying.
  'I've given you praise, yet you're still headstrong. You're but a lowly Lifestyle player. If you don't agree with me today, then you can forget about doing business here in the future.' The lecherous man threatened in rage. He blocked Violet Cloud's path, staring at her snow-white neck and licking his lips.
  'How could you act in such a way? You are simply shameless!' Violet Cloud's eyes were filled with anger. However, she could not win against him in a fight. If she were to continue wasting time here, even her final hope would be gone.
  'Hehe, I am shameless. What are you going to do about it? Bite me?' The man felt even better when he looked at Violet Cloud's panicked expression.
  Watching Violet Cloud trying to hold back from crying and the tears that were rolling about in her eyes, she became even more lovable.
  'Uncle, please give way. I want a thousand cups of Fruit Juice.' Shi Feng used Observing Eyes on the lecherous man. His name was displayed as Drifting Blood, and he was currently Level 3. At this stage of the game, his level was considered relatively good.
  Drifting Blood turned towards Shi Feng, sending him a glare, saying, 'Brat, this girl is mine. If you don't wish for something to happen to you, then scram. You want a thousand cups? Then I want ten thousand cups. Do you think you're a tycoon capable of simply taking out 10 Silver Coins? If you continue competing with me like a fool, I'll send you back to Level 0.'
  If fighting were not prohibited within the Town, he would have long since gotten rid of Shi Feng.
  'Hahaha! An amusing show this early in the day. Go for it! Don't hold back! Don't argue if you can fight!'
  'What a tycoon, spending 10 Silver Coins just like that. Unfortunately for him, he's angered Fatty Bear of [Martial Union]. There's going to be an amusing show to watch.'
  'Dog's fart tycoon; I bet he's just boasting to impress the girl. If he can really bring out 10 Silver Coins, I'll live-stream myself eating shit.'
  Quite a few busybodies stopped to watch the occurring scene. They all started a discussion about Shi Feng's actions.
  Shi Feng did not pay any attention to Drifting Blood at all. He grabbed Drifting Blood's shoulder, applying a slight force.
  Before Drifting Blood could react, he was already kneeling on the ground. No matter how much strength he used, even to the point where his face had turned beet-red, he still could not stand back up.
  The surrounding onlookers were immediately dumbfounded.
  Shi Feng was just too courageous, directly taking action within the premises of Red Leaf Town. Was he not afraid of being caught and jailed by the Guards?
  Also, how did Shi Feng possess such immense strength? He had actually suppressed a Level 3 Guardian Knight with a single hand.
  'Brat, you're dead for sure. Just you wait till the Guards arrive,' Drifting Blood looked towards Shi Feng, smiling in disdain.
  However, after waiting for some time, the Guards had still not shown up...
  Shi Feng paid no attention to Drifting Blood as he firmly pressed him onto the ground, preventing him from even moving. Shi Feng looked towards Violet Cloud, his other hand holding out 10 Silver Coins, saying, 'A thousand Fruit Juices, thank you.'
  The players on the street, who were previously discussing amongst themselves, suddenly turned silent, their eyes nearly popping out of their sockets.
  This was 10 Silver Coins, not 10 Copper Coins. Currently, they had felt extremely wealthy to even have a single Silver Coin on their person. On the other hand, Shi Feng had just simply taken out 10 Silver Coins. How rich was Shi Feng? Was he really a Brother Tycoon?
  Violet Cloud rubbed her eyes. She looked at the 10 Coins in Shi Feng's hand that gave off a silvery glow, her expression filled with incomparable shock. Originally, she thought Shi Feng was just trying to help her by saying so. Never would she have imagined that he would truly take out 10 Silver Coins to buy a thousand cups of cold beverages that nobody wanted.
  Drifting Blood was similarly shocked. However, that shock quickly turned into greed. He thought about snatching the 10 Silver Coins and using them to buy a Glimmer Chestplate. There would even be leftovers remaining.
  'Brat, I'm a member of Martial Union. If you don't want to be killed back to Level 0, then immediately give me 20 Silvers. If you do so, I can consider letting you off this time. Otherwise, you'll have to take responsibility for the consequences,' Drifting Blood's gaze was affixed to the 10 Silver coins as he threatened in a chilling tone.
  Paying no attention to Drifting Blood, Shi Feng looked at Violet Cloud. Seeing that the girl did not react, he asked, 'Do you not have that much Fruit Juice?'
  'En. I only have 156 cups of Fruit Juice with me. How about you give me a Silver Coin, and I'll sell all of the Fruit Juice to you? Is that alright?' Violet Cloud worried that she would anger Shi Feng. What would she do if he suddenly decided not to buy? At the same time, she also wanted to thank Shi Feng for helping her, so she reduced her selling price.
  'Alright. I wonder how long it would take for you to make 900 cups of Fruit Juice? I want all of them,' Shi Feng nodded after some thought, asking.
  The surrounding players were all dumbfounded. What was he planning to do? Did this brat know the value of 10 Silver Coins? Did this brat truly fancy this young lady?
  'I'm very slow at compounding Fruit Juice. If Sir is willing, I can be done in thirty hours.' Violet Cloud became extremely glad at Shi Feng's words. However, when she thought of her extremely slow speed, she worried that Shi Feng would no longer wish to buy them. So, she stretched out five fingers, hurriedly saying, 'How about this? I'll just charge you 5 Silver Coins for 900 cups.'
  TL Notes:
  [1] Milk Tea Sister: this is a reference to Zhang Zetian, a.k.a. Milk Tea Sister奶茶妹, China's youngest female billionaire. Google it.
  Chapter 60 - NPC?
  Looking at Violet Cloud's panicked expression, Shi Feng could not help but break into a laugh.
  'No need. I can still afford to pay such an amount of money. If you really sold them to me for 5 Silvers only, then you wouldn't be able to earn much.' Shi Feng waved his hand. Shi Feng was not in a hurry to turn Violet Cloud into one of his subordinates. However, he was absolutely not going to let her go. If Shi Feng acted too impatiently, he might cause her to grow suspicious of him. So, it was better to deepen their relationship first.
  Nobody could have imagined that Violet Cloud, one of the top ten Clerics in God's Domain, would have such an appearance.
  A Cleric God!
  That was a genuine Tier 6 Job. After ten years passed, there were only a few who reached that standard. Even Fantasy Extinguisher was just a Spirit Saint, at the pinnacle of Tier 5 ten years later.
  However, as a future Cleric God, Violet Cloud was actually a Lifestyle player during the initial periods of the game. It was such a waste of talent.
  Normally in God's Domain, only players without any skills would earn money through methods other than killing monsters. However, the popular Auxiliary Jobs usually had very high requirements, such as a lot of funds, coupled with extremely low success rates. It was extremely hard for a player to survive in such a way without the support of a Guild.
  Meanwhile, Auxiliary Jobs such as Chef was much easier. The cost to support it was also extremely low and players alone could be supported by it by themselves. If their talents were high, and they were capable of creating delicious cuisines, they could still earn quite a lot of money in God's Domain. However, delicious cuisines usually required Advanced Cooking Recipes and materials. These items were hard to obtain, so trying to earn a lot of money would not be easy.
  It was truly hard to imagine that a future Cleric God would be such a clumsy young lady.
  He recalled that Violet Cloud was one of the members of Ouroboros during her first three years in God's Domain. When the Snow Goddess left Ouroboros, Violet Cloud similarly left the Guild. From then on, she was just a solo player. When she had become a Tier 4 Great Cleric, countless first-rate Guilds tried recruiting her with shockingly high prices. Ouroboros also tried countless times to invite her back. Unfortunately, Violet Cloud did not pay attention to any of them.
  Her actions greatly angered those first-rate Guilds. Since they could not obtain her, they would destroy her. Hence, they sent many experts to assassinate Violet Cloud.
  Unfortunately, not only did Violet Cloud not get destroyed, instead, she became even stronger. She massacred the players sent by these Guilds, giving them a crushing defeat. Not long after, she advanced her Job to Tier 5, becoming a Brilliant Cleric Saint. This caused those first-rate Guilds to become even more helpless.
  In the end, Violet Cloud became a Tier 6 Cleric God. At that time, she searched for all those first-rate Guilds to have her revenge. These Guilds could only pay the price of blood to quell this matter. From then on, Violet Cloud became one of the top ten Cleric Gods in the entire world. This incident caused the upper-echelons of Ouroboros to greatly regret not asking her to stay all those years ago.
  As a result of this incident, everyone made fun of the inability of the upper-echelons of Ouroboros. Instead of utilizing those with potential, they were only using those boot-lickers whom they were fond of. In the end, they had missed the chance to become a Super-Guild.
  However, Shi Feng could not find a Guild insignia on Violet Cloud's person right now.
  In addition to Violet Cloud's current appearance, Shi Feng could guess Violet Cloud must have been discovered by the Snow Goddess later on, which in turn resulted in Violet Cloud feeling indebted to the Snow Goddess. Hence, Violet Cloud left Ouroboros when the Snow Goddess stopped playing God's Domain.
  Meanwhile, Violet Cloud currently had yet to meet the Snow Goddess. It was the perfect chance for Shi Feng to recruit her. Even if Violet Cloud was unskilled now, she had the potential to become a Cleric God. As long as she was properly nurtured, she would definitely be able to become a Cleric God in the future.
  Violet Cloud was no idiot. When she heard Shi Feng saying so, she stared at Shi Feng in a panic, both her hands covering her poorly-developed chest as she retreated a step.
  'Sir, aside from selling Fruit Juice, I won't be selling anything else. If you are regretting it now, you can take back your money.' Violet Cloud handed over the Silver Coins she had just received. However, her eyes still carried with them a hint of unwillingness as she did.
  At her time of despair, a person suddenly emerged, saying that he wanted to purchase a thousand cups of Fruit Juice. Moreover, he was even willing to wait for thirty hours without reducing her pay. She would not believe Shi Feng had no ulterior motives, even if she were beaten to death.
  Forget Violet Cloud; even the surrounding players would not believe it. If Shi Feng did not have any ulterior motives, why would he save her? He even spent 10 Silver Coins to buy those unwanted beverages.
  Shi Feng looked at Violet Cloud's vigilant expression and actions. He then looked towards her smooth flat chest, suddenly laughing, 'You're overthinking things. I really have no interest towards your flatlands. I'm only buying this many because I just happened to have a use for Fruit Juice. If you don't wish to sell them to me, then so be it. I'll just find someone else to buy them from.'
  Saying so, Shi Feng released Drifting Blood as he turned away and left.
  However, Drifting Blood was not willing to let Shi Feng go. Shi Feng publicly humiliated him by forcing him to kneel with just a single hand. Moreover, when has Martial Union been afraid of anyone?
  Since the Guards didn't seem to be paying attention, it would be extremely easy to get rid of Shi Feng.
  Thinking so, Drifting Blood pulled out a weapon and used Charge at Shi Feng.
  With his sensitive five senses, Shi Feng naturally knew of Drifting Blood's actions. Shi Feng spun around to face him, pulling out the Abyssal Blade and using parry.
  Dang! Drifting Blood's greatsword hacked at Shi Feng's sword. Instead of hurting Shi Feng however, Drifting Blood was knocked back by three yards. The durability of the greatsword in his hands instantly reduced by 2 points, and he looked at Shi Feng in shock.
  He did not understand how a person like Shi Feng would have such great strength. Shi Feng was like a beast in human skin.
  The surrounding players were similarly shocked. Drifting Blood was a Berserker, so he must have definitely added a lot of Strength points. He was also at Level 3, similar to Shi Feng; so how could the gap between them be so great?
  These players did not know, however, that this was still only half of Shi Feng's real Strength.
  After all, Shi Feng could obtain 6 Free Attribute Points for every increase to his level. It was 1.5 times that of an average player. Not to mention Shi Feng's body was protected by Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Equipment. There was even the powerful Magic Weapon. Even with just half of these aspects, Shi Feng's Strength far exceeded the average player.
  If Shi Feng's Strength had not been reduced by half, just by activating the Strength Hidden Basic Skill and the Strength provided by the Magic Weapon, Shi Feng could destroy that basic greatsword without a problem.
  'Brat, you're courting death! See how I'll take care of you!' Drifting Blood naturally would not believe that Shi Feng was his match. He immediately stood back up, lifting his greatsword as he looked at Shi Feng.
  'Idiot.' Shi Feng sheathed the Abyssal Blade, having completely lost interest in Drifting Blood.
  Watching Shi Feng store his weapon, Drifting Blood thought Shi Feng had become afraid and wanted to beg for mercy. However, he would not forgive Shi Feng. Drifting Blood further increased the power in his hands.
  Just as Drifting Blood was about to slash at Shi Feng, he was immediately sent into a Fainted state. Before Drifting Blood could turn around and curse the bastard that attacked him, he suddenly discovered six silvery-white armored Guards standing before him. Without saying anything further, the Guards placed Drifting Blood in shackles.
  'You've violated a Town Law, take a trip with us. Any resistance and you'll be killed without consideration,' the two Guards grabbed Drifting Blood from both sides, turning around and dragging him away.
  'Crap, you've got the wrong person! I'm just an ordinary citizen! It's that bastard who attacked me first! You guys should be arresting him!' Drifting Blood continuously pointed at Shi Feng, yelling injustice in rage. However, the Guards paid no attention to his bellowing, taking him away immediately.
  Everyone was also in shock. Why did the Guards only appear now? Moreover, they even apprehended the wrong person. What sort of situation was this, exactly?
  Could Shi Feng actually be an NPC, a part of the nobility? Only Nobles would have such authority.
  To the side, Violet Cloud had a blank expression on her face, unable to make sense of the situation. Why didn't the Guards arrest Shi Feng? Instead, they arrested Drifting Blood. Was Shi Feng really a Noble NPC?
  Violet Cloud's eyes were filled with reluctance as she watched Shi Feng leaving. She bit her rosy lips, her delicate hands tightly gripping the hem of her shirt.
  Of course, she was not reacting so because of how handsome Shi Feng was, but instead, she was truly in need of money. Those 10 Silver Counts were too important to her.
  Chapter 61 - Poaching
  Just as everyone was guessing whether or not Shi Feng was a Noble NPC...
  As Drifting Blood was being dragged away, he glared at Shi Feng with eyes of a poisonous snake, bellowing, 'Brat, just you wait. I'll remember you now. Our Martial Union will not let you off. I'll still be a good guy when I come out twelve hours later. When that time comes, there would be no place in Red Leaf Town for you.'
  Everyone felt chills down their backs as they heard Drifting Blood's malicious threat. Was he planning to fight to the death?
  However, no one dared to belittle Shi Feng any longer. Just by judging from his single action just now, they knew Shi Feng was not as simple as he looked.
  Martial Union was a relatively famous Guild in Red Leaf Town. They were very well-known in other Wuxia virtual reality games. They were not a Guild managed by a Workshop, but instead, they were a Guild that was managed by casual gamers. Including investments from a few wealthy personages, Martial Union also started establishing a foothold in God's Domain. Although they did not reach the standards of a third-rate Guild, they were not a Guild to be taken lightly.
  Currently, God's Domain monopolized the entire virtual gaming industry. Under the support of the recently developed Main God System, God's Domain did not require humans for operation. The Main God System assured fairness in the game, and it would also constantly evolve the game, continuously pumping out various Quests, Dungeons, hidden locations, and so on. God's Domain was a living game, and it was something that no other virtual reality game could compare to.
  The maps in God's Domain were also immensely vast, sufficient for the entire population of Earth. Moreover, a majority of the things available in real life could also be experienced within the game, in addition to things that could not be found in real life. God's Domain was slowly trending towards becoming a second world, and other virtual reality games had no chance of competing with it.
  After Drifting Blood was dragged away by the Guards, everyone's gaze turned towards Shi Feng. They all held curiosity on their faces, and their eyes tried to see through Shi Feng. They wanted to know whether or not Shi Feng was an NPC. Unfortunately, no matter what kind of observation skills they used, the results told them that Shi Feng was 100% a player and not an NPC.
  This only further increased everyone's confusion. Yet, nobody dared to go over and ask Shi Feng, as Shi Feng might not even answer them. If by chance they were to cause Shi Feng displeasure, who knew, they might be the next Drifting Blood.
  Shi Feng looked at the puzzled faces of the people around him. He merely revealed a faint smile at the sight as he turned to leave.
  After living in God's Domain for ten years, he long since clearly understood the rules of God's Domain. A player would be captured and jailed if he were to attack another player inside a Safe Zone. However, as long as an action did not cause any damage, even if it were an intense bodily contact, the Guards would not pay heed to it.
  Pressing onto Drifting Blood and clapping his shoulders were both actions that did not cause damage. It was just that the strength behind it was different than what one would normally use for such actions. Naturally, the Guards would not care about such actions. However, Drifting Blood used Charge, a skill that would cause the target to enter into a Fainted state in addition to damage. Moreover, there were also his aggressive actions. The Guards naturally would not let him off freely.
  Meanwhile, female players only had to activate the Anti-harassment System to prevent harassing players from doing anything to them. However, Violet Cloud just recently entered God's Domain, so it was natural for her not to know about it.
  Regarding Drifting Blood's threat, Shi Feng paid no heed to it. Martial Union was a Guild that did not even reach the standard of third-rate. Shi Feng previously used to lead the weak Shadow to stand off against many first-rate Guilds, and these first-rate Guilds were helpless dealing with them. Martial Union, a leisure Guild that only had several thousand players, was not worth even mentioning.
  If they wished to find trouble with him, he would just deal with them. As a reincarnated person with a Magic Weapon in hand, what was he afraid of?
  As for deepening his relationship with Violet Cloud, Shi Feng could only leave it aside for now as he searched for another way. The girl's vigilance was just too heavy for him to get through. However, Shi Feng understood her reasons. If it were the Snow Goddess standing in his place, Violet Cloud might have a different reaction.
  Shi Feng bitterly laughed, shaking his head as he left.
  'Sir, please hold on a moment,' Violet Cloud finally said, no longer able to endure it. The enticement of 10 Silver Coins was just too great. This was her biggest chance. If she were to miss it, what would happen to her sick mother?
  'Oh? Did you change your mind?' Shi Feng turned around to look at Violet Cloud's troubled expression, smiling as he spoke.
  Violet Cloud stayed on guard as she looked at Shi Feng's eyes, trying to discern any bad intentions within them. However, no matter how she looked at them, she could not discover any special emotions within them. Instead, she could feel a vast ocean hidden within the depths of Shi Feng's eyes. However, she still asked in caution, 'You truly want only the Fruit Juice and absolutely won't have other requests?'
  Shi Feng was sweating profusely in his heart. For her to seek confirmation over and over... just how unreliable was he? He would have left long ago, were it not for her potential to become a Cleric God, as even he was unable to endure being thought of as a lecherous bastard by others.
  'In any case, I'm in need of a Chef to make some things for me. How about this? We'll set up a contract, and I'll hire you to be my Chef. I'll give you the same treatment as a Lifestyle player in a third-rate Guild. You should be able to relax with the Main God System's guarantee. If you don't have any problems, then follow me. If you still can't feel reassured, then just stay here,' Shi Feng let out a sigh, speaking unhurriedly.
  Violet Cloud was dumbfounded. The man before her was actually hiring her, and he was even giving her an ordinary job. It should be known that Chef was a Lifestyle Job that nobody thought highly of; no one ever hired Chef players.
  She had heard before, from her best friend, the treatment of a Lifestyle player in a third-rate guild. At that time, her friend even showed off that her boyfriend was a Lifestyle player in a third-rate Guild and how great the monthly treatment he received was. If he performed well, there would even be various kinds of benefits. The treatment was much better than many jobs that were available in real life, and this caused Violet Cloud to be extremely envious.
  'I'll follow you. However, I work very slowly. Is there really no problem?' Violet Cloud ground her teeth, deciding to agree with Shi Feng. If she were to let go of this chance, what sort of future awaited her? Judging from his various performances, Shi Feng did not seem like a bad person. Moreover, she was just a very ordinary female player. There was absolutely no need for him to conspire and trick her. This was a virtual world. If she did not reveal her address in real life, Shi Feng would not be able to track her at all. Moreover, Shi Feng would have to bear a great risk in doing so.
  'Follow me then. I still have some things I need to buy,' Shi Feng nodded his head, appearing to be very calm. However, inwardly, he was in ecstasy. He had swindled a Cleric God into his hands, just like that. As for the Snow Goddess, Shi Feng could only apologize and say, 'first come, first served.'
  Subsequently, Violet Cloud left with Shi Feng.
  Shi Feng brought along Violet Cloud, returning to the Grocery Shop once more. He bought an assortment of equipment used by Chefs such as Pots, Spatulas, Knives, and so on, spending less than 2 Silver Coins in total. Afterward, he went to the Chef's Association, spending 1 Silver Coin to purchase two sheets of Basic Cooking Recipes. One was a recipe for cooking Wolf's Meat, the other for making an Energizing Drink. At the same time, he spent an additional 5 Silver Coins purchasing plenty of materials that were required by these recipes, as well as the materials for the Fruit Juice.
  Violet Cloud was shocked by Shi Feng's actions. He actually spent so much money, buying so many things. He was just too rich. Her previous notion of Shi Feng being unreliable completely changed now.
  The materials and recipes Shi Feng had spent so much money buying were sufficient to allow her to promote herself to an Advanced Apprentice Chef. This was a treatment not even the Lifestyle players of first-rate Guilds would receive.
  However, what Violet Cloud did not know of was that Shi Feng felt that these items were very cheap. It was truly easy to nurture a Chef.
  All the materials required by the recipes could be bought from the NPC, and it only took 10 Silver Coins to nurture an Advanced Apprentice Chef. Such an amount of money would not even be enough to squander for nurturing a Forger or Potionmaker.
  Shi Feng then rented a Basic Kitchen, bringing Violet Cloud to it.
  'After you sign the contract, all these materials and recipes will belong to you. You only need to create 900 cups of Fruit Juice first. Then, use everything remaining for these two recipes. You will receive a 20% share when these items are sold. At the same time, depending on your results, I'll decide your base salary every month. If you try to run away, you'll have to compensate me ten times that amount. Sign it if you don't have any problems,' Shi Feng brought out a standard employment contract for Lifestyle players from the Main God System. Aside from having different treatments, these contracts were the same as others. There were no loopholes in them, and the law held effect over it.
  Chapter 62 - Moonlight Forest
  Violet Cloud was in a daze for a long time after reading the contract. She believed she was in a dream.
  She heard before the treatment Lifestyle players received in third-rate Guilds. The treatment she would be receiving was definitely better than those Lifestyle players. It was especially true for the base salary. Lifestyle players of third-rate Guilds definitely did not receive such treatment.
  'Why are you being so good to me?' Violet Cloud looked at Shi Feng with wide, teary eyes, asking. She wanted to know the reason.
  'Don't misunderstand; I'm only in need of a Chef. I've only hired you because I can see you're a very hardworking and earnest person. If you try to take advantage of the situation and fail to hit my requirements, then you can get lost. I'm not interested in nurturing someone useless,' Shi Feng suddenly spoke in a grave tone. He wanted Violet Cloud to know that it was not easy to become his personal Chef. That was because people were bound to become wasteful when they constantly received things without effort.
  Violet Cloud was frightened after being told so by Shi Feng. She lowered her head, no longer daring to ask any more silly questions. Judging from Shi Feng's attitude, it was clear that he was indeed looking for a Chef, and that she had just been chosen by chance. Hence, Violet Cloud lifted the pen and signed the contract.This was her final chance at escaping her desperate situation. She definitely must grab ahold of it.
  'Boss, will I be making them here?' Violet Cloud immediately entered her role, appearing very respectful. She took a look at her surroundings. The environment here was very good, and it was also very peaceful. However, the rental for the Basic Kitchen was by no means cheap.
  'Yeah, you'll be manufacturing the items here from now on. I've already applied for the membership here so that you can come here anytime. There is enough money stored for you to use a long period. There won't be anyone here to disturb you. The facilities here are also thorough, so your success rate can be increased by quite a bit. If you don't have any problems, then you can start working now. In thirty hours, if I don't see the nine hundred cups of Fruit Juice, then you may leave.' Shi Feng was very satisfied with Violet Cloud's attitude. He turned and left after finished saying his piece.As for luring Violet Cloud onto the path of battles and leveling, more time would be needed to slowly lead her towards that path. Moreover, Shi Feng had a great purpose for Fruit Juice. It would not be a bad choice to allow Violet Cloud to make them for him.
  Violet Cloud's eyes followed Shi Feng's back as he left. Her heart was filled with gratitude towards Shi Feng. She made a firm resolution to work properly and to not disappoint her new boss.
  After leaving the Chef's Association, Shi Feng returned to the Forging Association.
  Currently, the number of Forgers in the Forging Association was constantly increasing. These players formed small conversation groups, either discussing how to increase their success rates or discussing the struggle between Hammer Trading and the mysterious forger. The two had become the target of envy, as well as idols of worship for these players.
  'Did you see the article posted by Hammer Trading just now?'
  'Of course I've seen it. I never imagined Hammer Trading would be so hot-tempered as to actually insistent on challenging the mysterious forger. He even declared that the first one to withdraw from this price war would be a 'son of a bitch.''
  'Ah, I truly envy them. They had actually obtained a Bronze Forging Design. How great would it be if I could have one as well? At the very least, I could join a third-rate Guild if I had one.'
  'What do you even know? I've heard the Forgers that are in Guilds saying that the drop rate for Bronze Forging Designs is frighteningly low. Moreover, its success rate is also shockingly low. Currently, selling them for 3 to 4 Silver Coins per piece is just a complete loss. The Glimmer Chestplate with better Attributes would create an even bigger loss. On the other hand, the various Guilds are all in cheerful moods, even thanking Hammer Trading for his actions. Otherwise, how would they be able to buy Bronze Equipment at such low prices?'
  'Truthfully speaking, I dislike that Hammer Trading very much. Was it bad to let all Forgers profit together? Why must he insist on challenging the mysterious forger to the very end, causing both sides to suffer?'Hearing the discussions of these players, Shi Feng entered deep thought. After a moment, he revealed a faint smile. Judging from Hammer Trading's actions, it was clear that he was currently having a hard time. The Silver Coins in his possession were definitely insufficient, and he must be wantonly purchasing Silver Coins from the market right now. This would lead to a great increase in prices for Silver Coins, so it was the perfect chance for Shi Feng to sell them.
  Shi Feng wanted to thank Hammer Trading. If it were not for him, the market for equipment would not be as lively as it is now.
  Currently, there would be a large amount of Silver Coins entering his pockets every so often. Meanwhile, although Shi Feng had spent quite a lot of it, the amount of money he possessed was still madly increasing. The money he possessed had already reached 3 Gold Coins.
  At the reception desk, Shi Feng once more rented an Intermediate Forging Room for five hours, starting a new round of forging and manufacturing.
  However, before he started forging, Shi Feng entered the Virtual Center. He wanted to check the prices for God's Domain's game currency and sell some of the game currency he possessed. Just leaving it in his pockets was truly a waste.Shi Feng was in the dark when he did not check, but the moment he did, he was shocked.
  Although there was a large number of players in God's Domain, the number of players who were selling the game's currency did not exceed a hundred. More importantly, the selling prices were astonishing. A single Silver Coin was selling for 60 Credits. The price was at least double of that during Shi Feng's previous life. However, the number of Silver Coins sold by these players were very small, mostly around 2 to 3 Silver Coins per player. Aside from the sellers, there were also players who were buying God's Domain currency in bulk. The lowest buying price was at 55 Credits per Silver Coin, while the highest was at 58 Credits per Silver Coin.
  That meant that a single Silver Coin in God's Domain was enough for Shi Feng to eat in luxury for two days.
  It was because of this competition that caused the prices of Silver Coins to be so expensive.
  At the current stage of the game, so long as a person had a brain, they would know not to sell any of their game currency. On the other hand, there were many Guilds who were purchasing game currencies in bulk, at a reasonable price. There were only a scant few money-farming groups and Workshops who would sell some of their currency. However, the amount they sold was extremely low. Moreover, their prices were extremely high. Only as a last resort would the various Guilds buy currency from these groups.
  However, these Guilds knew the price competition for equipment was a great chance for them to reap some benefits. So, they would definitely purchase game currency in bulk. However, there was not that much game currency available for sale. They could only purchase the game currency sold at the Virtual Center. Moreover, where did the large amount of game currency flow to?
  A majority of it was definitely in Shi Feng's pockets, while a minority was at the material merchant's side.
  That meant Shi Feng was currently a big shot at selling game currency. Even a hundred-man money-farming group was far from being able to compare with Shi Feng.
  Without hesitation, Shi Feng immediately placed 3 Gold Coins up for sale, selling each Silver Coin at 60 Credits. Shi Feng still needed to collect the money to buy two virtual gaming helmets, so how could he be polite with these tycoons?
  Although the price was slightly high, to obtain equipment, the many Guilds in White River City will definitely buy them. When that time came, all these game currencies would eventually return to his hands.
  After settling this matter, Shi Feng started focusing on forging equipment and manufacturing Forging Designs.
  Five hours went by quickly. Shi Feng once more forged more than 80 Glimmer Chestplates and 50 Forging Designs for the Glimmer Chestplate. The 200,000 EXP required by the Teleportation Orb had been filled, and his own experience had also increased by quite a lot. He was just 22% away from Level 4 now, and he was just short of slightly more than 200 Proficiency Points before becoming an Intermediate Forging Apprentice.
  In this forging session, the Forging Designs made were the most valuable when compared to the equipment made. Looking at the current popularity of the Glimmer Chestplate, the various Guilds were definitely in a rush to obtain their own Bronze Equipment Forging Design. They wanted to nurture their own forgers and create their own Bronze Equipment. After all, the drop rate of Bronze Equipment was extremely low. There were also not that many Elite monsters available to hunt.
  In regards to the millions of players in White River City, the amount of equipment sold by Shi Feng and Hammer Trading was insignificant. There were still swarms of players requiring the equipment.
  After leaving the Forging Room, the amount of money in Shi Feng's pockets once more increased by a lot. Hence, Shi Feng made a trip to the Trade Area, once more purchasing Stones and Hard Stones. He then cleared out the Card Sets and Hard Stones that were sold at the Auction House, and in turn, placing the over 80 Glimmer Chestplates on auction. However, the selling price for the equipment this time was slightly different. The minimum price was no longer at 4 Silver Coins but 3 Silver Coins.
  Hammer Trading was quickly nearing insanity from the competition. When Hammer Trading saw Shi Feng had once again lowered his selling price, Hammer Trading even spat out blood. Now that Shi Feng reduced his selling price, naturally, Hammer Trading had to reduce his as well. Did Shi Feng want him to sell a kidney?! Must he be so merciless?!
  The person himself, however, did not put much consideration into such matters. Shi Feng only wanted to advertise the Glimmer Chestplate.
  After leaving the Auction House, Shi Feng stored the Philosopher's Stone and materials in the Bank. Afterward, Shi Feng went to the Pharmacy to purchase two stacks of Basic Regeneration Potions. He then went to the Magic Shop, purchasing over ten types of Magic Scrolls. He bought 5 pieces of each kind, and each piece cost around 20 to 40 Coppers.
  Now that the experience required by the Teleportation Magic Orb has been fully collected, Shi Feng could go to the Moonlight Forest.
  However, the Moonlight Forest was not an easy and relaxing place to stay. On the contrary, crisis came one after another there, making the place extremely dangerous. Players dubbed the map as the Land of Eternal Rest. Without proper preparations, players would definitely die ten out of ten times there.The scrolls Shi Feng bought were all necessary tools for him to survive in the wilderness. Before, he did not have that much money, so he did not bother with purchasing the Magic Scrolls. Now that he did, he naturally would not be courteous. At the very least, these scrolls could improve his survival chances there, rather dying nine out of ten times.
  Following which, Shi Feng searched for a deserted location and activated the Teleportation Magic Orb. Shi Feng then transformed into a streak of white light, vanishing from Red Leaf Town.
  Chapter 63 - Mountain Beast Fighter
  The sky was a dull grey. A full moon shone, scattering faint silvery rays throughout the tranquil forest. From the crystal clear lake, one could hear the croaking of frogs. Fireflies were dancing throughout the forest. The scene was like a fantasy from a children's fairy tale.
  This place was the Moonlight Forest, also known as the 'Land of Eternal Rest' by players.
  The moment Shi Feng arrived at this place, the first thing he did was take out an Isolation Scroll. Immediately, he activated the magic contained within the scroll.
  The dazzling magical runes written on the scroll came rushing out, and Shi Feng's body suddenly became blurry. If looking from a far distance, it was very hard to notice Shi Feng's existence.
  Each Isolation Scroll cost 40 Copper Coins. It was practically the entire fortune of an average player.
  Although the price was high, its effects were remarkable. The Isolation Scroll could greatly decrease a player's sense of presence, making it hard for surrounding enemies to discover them. The scroll had a duration of half an hour, and it was a must-have tool when exploring dangerous areas.
  Although it was not as effective as an Assassin's Stealth, it was better than nothing for Jobs that did not possess Stealth.
  When the Isolation Scroll was used, within a 30-yard radius, players would not be easily discovered by Common Monsters below Level 15. Unless, of course, said player was courting death and attacked the monster.
  Following which, Shi Feng infiltrated the forest. He headed towards the central region of the Moonlight Forest in search of Moonstones, wanting to remove the hateful curse even a little faster.
  The Moonlight Forest was a Level 9 monster area. Its location was not in Star-Moon Kingdom, but an isolated space. Every City had a Teleportation Gate directed towards the Moonlight Forest. In Shi Feng's previous life, over 90% of the Level 9 players in God's Domain would grind for treasure here. However, even if a player were already Level 10, the place would still massacre them. That was because the monsters here usually stayed in groups of three to five, and they possessed powerful skills. A single misstep could cause a party-wipe. Even so, players would still persevere, rushing to their deaths over and over as if they were possessed. As a result of the constant deaths, the Moonlight Forest was referred to by others as the Land of Eternal Rest.
  Meanwhile, the reason these players would persevere to such a degree was mainly that the monsters here dropped Gemstones. Moreover, the drop rate was relatively high. The number of Treasure Chests here was also high. As long as one found a Treasure Chest, there was an 80% chance to obtain Gemstones.
  Gemstones were very valuable in God's Domain. The reason being, they were able to increase the Attributes of a piece of equipment. Depending on the color of the Gemstones, the Attributes they increased were also different: red increased Strength, yellow increased Agility, blue increased Endurance, purple increased Intelligence, and green increased Vitality. A Tier 1 Gemstone could increase an Attribute by 2 points. However, such an amount must not be belittled. A piece of Bronze Equipment could have one Gemstone embed into it, whereas a piece of Mysterious-Iron Equipment could have two Gemstones into it. If every piece of equipment worn by a player were outfitted with Gemstones, a number of accumulated Attributes would be very terrifying.
  That was why the demand for Gemstones was extremely great. The prices of Gemstones would always remain high, causing many players to take the great risk of farming Gemstones at the Moonlight Forest.
  Moreover, there were various resources such as ore, herbs, rare food materials, and so on in the Moonlight Forest. However, the most well-known part about the Moonlight Forest was still the fifty-man Dungeon, the 'Sleeping Fortress,' that resided there. The Dungeon was also the location to exchange Card Sets. However, only after the Dungeon had been cleared by a team, would players of the same Area be allowed to enter the Dungeon to exchange their Card Sets.
  However, Shi Feng's current goal was not the Card Sets, but the Moonstones. The Moonstones could only be found in the core area of the Moonlight Forest. Only, Shi Feng could not help but be careful when taking action. Not mentioning the extreme dangers found in the Moonlight Forest, Shi Feng was just Level 3 right now, and he was entering a Level 9 monster area.
  If he were to die an accidental death, then the 200,000 EXP he collected would be for naught, and he would have to start collecting it all over again. He had yet to reach Level 10, so he could not activate the Teleportation Gate found in Cities. If he were to die, his only choice was to return to Red Leaf Town; if he wished to return to this place, his only choice was to collect the required experience.
  Currently, Shi Feng was far behind the leading experts regarding level. It would be an absolute nightmare if Shi Feng were to die once and have to collect another 200,000 EXP.
  Just after entering the forest, Shi Feng could see Level 9 Shadow Leopards hiding either up in the trees or in the bushes, each of them prepared to ambush their foe. If it were not for the Isolation Scroll, Shi Feng would have long since been discovered.
  Shi Feng naturally wasn't an opponent for a Level 9 monster, so he could only avoid them. Besides, his goal here was not to kill monsters, and even more so, there was no need for him to pick a fight with the Shadow Leopards.
  Shi Feng carefully circled the Shadow Leopards, one after another. After spending more than an hour doing so, he arrived at a wide and towering forest made of stone.
  In this stone forest existed a group of battle maniacs called Mountain Beast Fighters. They were a group of tenacious warriors that did not fear suffering. The thing they loved most was battling, and the fiercer, the better. At the same time, they were also guarding a large pile of treasure, and amongst the treasure was the rarely seen Moonstone.
  However, the entire stone forest was filled with these armored, gigantic creatures. Wielding a spiked club the height of two people, these creatures patrolled the stone forest, preventing anyone from entering. If Shi Feng were to set foot in the stone forest, there was a 100% chance for him to be discovered. At that time, a group of those Mountain Beast Fighters would come rushing over, and a swing from each of those spiked clubs would easily turn Shi Feng into meat paste.
  [Mountain Beast Fighter] (Common Rank)
  Level 9
  HP 1100/1100
  'Looks like I can only clear the way slowly.' After searching for half a day, Shi Feng still could not find any safe way to penetrate the heart of the forest. His only choice was to kill his way there.
  Shi Feng could not help but admit that the difficulty of an Epic Quest was indeed very hard. This was just the beginning, yet he was already required to face off against the Level 9 Mountain Beast Fighters. He did not know what kinds of challenges he would meet further down the line.
  Fortunately, he was very familiar with the terrain of the Moonlight Forest. He knew many methods to deal with the Beast Warriors before him.
  The Mountain Beast Fighters were abnormally powerful, and their attacks were out of the ordinary. Even Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights of an equal level were unable to take more than a few hits from them. However, their bodies were enormous, resulting in their Movement Speed being relatively slow. In Shi Feng's previous life, there were many Elementalists who used Frost Arrow to reduce their speed. They then utilized the unique terrain of the stone forest to avoid the attacks from the spiked clubs, kiting and killing the Mountain Beast Fighters.
  Following which, this stone forest became a holy ground for ranged players. Mountain Beast Fighters could be seen being kited through various means throughout the stone forest.
  Although Shi Feng did not possess any speed reduction skills, he could use other methods to supplement it. As for kiting the Mountain Beast Fighters, he had the rare skill, Defensive Blade[1], which could increase his attack range by quite a lot. Shi Feng did not believe that a Sword King expert, such as himself, could not beat a Level 10 Elementalist regarding utilizing the terrain to dodge attacks.
  After properly observing the terrain, Shi Feng ran practice simulations in his mind a total of five times.
  Carrying out mental simulations would have a tremendous effect during actual operation. Hence, every expert would often carry out mental simulations of the operation before actually taking action.
  The reason why experts were experts, was because of the preparations they made were much greater than others.
  There would often be many average players who would admire the experts in God's Domain. They would lament over their own skills being poor, determining that they would never be able to reach the level of these experts. In reality, however, they did not know how great of an effort these experts were putting into each day. The suffering these experts went through each day far exceeded the average player. It was the reason why they could shine brilliantly.
  After running through the simulations, Shi Feng took out a Black Steel Beer and a Speed Scroll.
  The Black Steel Beer could reduce a monster's level by 2. In addition to the Attributes of the Abyssal Blade, Shi Feng would not be suppressed due to the level difference, even when facing a Level 9 monster. He would be able to deal damage normally. As for the Speed Scroll, each one of them cost 25 Copper Coins. It increased the user's Movement Speed by 25% for a duration of 10 minutes. This scroll was a lifesaving item when out in the wilderness. Shi Feng bought a total of twenty of them just for such occasions.
  If the average player were to learn about this, they would definitely curse Shi Feng as a spendthrift. Such an item would only be used when one was in a life or death crisis. Meanwhile, Shi Feng used it for killing Common Monsters. It was just too extravagant.
  If Shi Feng were not cursed, he could easily kite these monsters, just based on his Attributes. However, his Attributes were now reduced by 50%. The suppression was just too great, so it was safer to use a Speed Scroll.
  If Shi Feng were to mess things up, it would not just be a matter of losing a level. He would have also wasted 200,000 EXP.
  Shi Feng took a deep breath, relaxing his body as he looked towards the closest Mountain Beast Fighter. Following which, his two feet exploded with strength, rushing towards the Mountain Beast Fighter.
  TL Notes:
  [1]Defensive Blade: Mentioned in Chapter 52
  Normal attacks range increased by 10 yards after use. Able to block up to a maximum of 6 ranged attacks or 3 melee attacks. Duration of 25 seconds.
  Chapter 64 - Silvermoon Set Equipment
  When the distance between Shi Feng and the Mountain Beast Fighter was less than 30 yards, the monster discovered Shi Feng speeding towards it. It widened its mouth and let out an ear-piercing battle cry. It raised its gigantic spiked club, using a Charge and rushing towards Shi Feng.
  Shi Feng immediately pulled out the Abyssal Blade. The blade slashed horizontally as Shi Feng used Parry.Peng! Shi Feng was knocked back by five yards, pulling some distance away from the Mountain Beast Fighter without taking any damage. After he landed, he immediately spun around and ran towards the stone forest.
  If players were hit by the Mountain Beast Fighter's Charge, the monster would immediately follow up with a Break to reduce the player's speed, preventing them from escaping.
  In Shi Feng's previous life, the Elementalists who were struck by the Beast Fighter's Charge would immediately use Frozen Nova to freeze the monster for 8 seconds. They would take the chance to gain some distance, then continue by kiting the monster. The Mountain Beast Fighters would only use Charge on the first meeting, using suppressing skills afterward. As long as the Elementalists did not let the monsters catch up to them, there would be no danger whatsoever.
  Also, nearby there were numerous large rocks that could be used to toy with the Mountain Beast Fighters, making the process of killing them a lot easier.
  After using the Speed Scroll, Shi Feng's speed was faster than the Mountain Beast Fighter just by a thread. It was not very obvious, but it was this small difference that prevented the Mountain Beast Fighter from catching up to him.
  After entering the densely packed stone forest, Shi Feng turned around and used Thundering Flash. From a distance of 15 yards, three sword rays immediately pierced through the Beast Fighter's armor, causing three damages of -15, -19, -13. Without the level suppression, even if Shi Feng's Attributes were reduced by 50%, his Attack Power and Skill Damage were still very powerful.
  After using the skill, Shi Feng's speed slightly reduced, and the Mountain Beast Fighter caught up to him within an instant. The Beast Fighter was clearly furious after being struck. It roared as it brandished its spiked club, smashing it at Shi Feng.
  Shi Feng hurriedly turned his body, hiding by a nearby rock. The spiked club did not land on Shi Feng; it only hit the stone and created a splash of broken rocks.During this attack, Shi Feng, once again, pulled a distance of over 8 yards away from the monster.
  After using Thundering Flash, Shi Feng activated Defensive Blade. His attack range suddenly increased to 15 yards. As long as he maintained a 5-yard distance between the Mountain Beast Fighter, the monster would not be able to land a hit on him.
  Shi Feng brandished his sword as he paid attention to the distance between him and the monster, pulling back to avoid the club whenever he was too close. In such a way, streak after streak of sword light landed on the Mountain Beast Fighter's body. The Beast Fighter could only bellow in helplessness as its HP continuously fell. It never imagined that a human could actually be so agile and cunning. Every time its attack was about to land, the human would dodge towards a nearby rock. Its bulky spiked club could not land a hit at all. Instead, it only served to create a gap between itself and the human.
  Just when the Mountain Beast Fighter's HP went below 7%, another Mountain Beast Fighter suddenly appeared from behind a rock. It blocked Shi Feng's path, using Charge at him.
  Faced with the sudden appearance of another monster, Shi Feng immediately used Abyssal Bind on it, preventing the monster from moving. At the same time, the Abyssal Bind also canceled the life-threatening Charge.
  Since the Mountain Beast Fighter had been locked up, Shi Feng naturally would not let the skill go to waste. He immediately used Wind Blade, instantly shaking off the low HP Mountain Beast Fighter, and his blade landed on the bound Mountain Beast Fighter's neck. Shi Feng continued by using Double Chop, causing a Bleeding effect on the monster. He then used another Chop on the monster.
  Just within 3 seconds, Shi Feng had taken away 16% of this Mountain Beast Fighter's HP.
  Seeing as the low HP Mountain Beast Fighter was about to catch up, Shi Feng dodged and arrived at behind the restricted Beast Fighter.
  He raised the pitch black Abyssal Blade high, abruptly slashing down.Thundering Flash!Above the heads of both Mountain Beast Fighters, three consecutive damages of -16, -19, -23 appeared. The low HP Beast Warrior fell to the ground with a bang.
  System: Mountain Beast Fighter killed. Level difference of 6. EXP obtained increased by 600%. Obtained 36 EXP.
  Such an amount of experience could be considered negligible to Shi Feng, who was currently Level 3. On the other hand, the Proficiency Points for using skills were gained much faster. Every use would definitely increase the skill's proficiency by 3 points. This allowed Chop to quickly rise to Level 3. In addition to the Abyssal Blade's Attributes, Shi Feng's Chop was now Level 5; it's might greatly increasing. Double Chop had also risen to Level 2, and if the skill were used through the Abyssal Blade, it would be a Level 4 Double Chop. The damage caused by the Bleeding effect also increased significantly.
  The restricted Mountain Beast Fighter bellowed. It finally broke free from the chains, and it wanted to annihilate Shi Feng. However, Shi Feng gave it no chance. He immediately distanced himself 5 yards away from the monster and continued kiting it.
  Although the Defensive Blade had a long Cooldown and a short duration, by using Thundering Flash, Double Chop, and Parry in concert, Shi Feng could still slowly grind the Mountain Beast Fighter down.
  Not a minute later, another Mountain Beast Fighter fell.
  However, the Mountain Beast Fighters did not reward Shi Feng with anything special. There were only three pieces of Hard Stone and 2 Copper Coins. On the other hand, killing these Mountain Beast Fighters was a good way to grind Skill Proficiency Points.
  Subsequently, Shi Feng advanced forward while killing Mountain Beast Fighters. These monsters had a short respawn time, so from time to time, Shi Feng would attract two to three of these Mountain Beast Fighters. Fortunately, the stone forest had narrow spaces. This resulted in the Beast Fighters blocking each other's path, their numbers causing their speed to reduce instead.
  Seeing this, Shi Feng had sudden inspiration. He started luring more and more Mountain Beast Fighters, and within a short moment, he had lured over 20 of these monsters. The monsters chased after Shi Feng as a group, but the narrow pathways of the stone forest prevented them from even stretching their bodies. Just a slight movement and they would run into the other Mountain Beast Fighters. Such a situation allowed Shi Feng to become much more relaxed.
  Shi Feng constantly used Thundering Flash and various other skills to burn off the HP of the Mountain Beast Fighters behind him.
  Shi Feng kept luring new Mountain Beast Fighters as he attacked the ones behind him. In such a way, Shi Feng's Skill Proficiency Points increased without stop.
  After three hours, Thundering Flash had risen to Level 3; Chop had risen to Level 5, Double Chop to Level 4, Wind Blade to Level 3, Defensive Blade to Level 2, and Windwalk to Level 2.
  This increase allowed Shi Feng to kill monsters with greater ease. With the increase from the Abyssal Blade, the damage from a single Thundering Flash could take away over 90 HP from each Mountain Beast Fighter. A Chop could also cause more than 60 points of damage. The Bleeding damage caused by Double Chop was also very powerful.However, Shi Feng's level remained at 3. He was still quite a distance away from Level 4. If it were not for the curse, he would have long since risen in level.
  Looking at the ground littered with Mountain Beast Fighter corpses, Shi Feng decided to take a rest and pick up the loot. Otherwise, all these corpses would become too much of a hindrance.
  In God's Domain, if a player did not pick up the loot, the monster's corpse would require 24 hours before it was removed by the System.
  The loot from hundreds of Mountain Beast Fighters was extremely shocking. Just from the money dropped, there was already more than 4 Silver Coins. There was also a lot of materials. As for the Moonstones, seven pieces were dropped; it was still quite a distance away from thirty pieces. Moreover, a few pieces of Level 7 to Level 10 Common Equipment also dropped.
  'Eh? Isn't this a piece of the Silvermoon Set Equipment?' Shi Feng picked up a silvery-white helmet from the ground, slightly shocked.
  [Silvermoon Helmet] (Bronze Plate Armor)
  Equipment Requirement: Strength 35
  Defense +43
  Strength +5, Agility +4, Endurance +4
  Battle Recovery +1
  Durability 40/40
  Limited to Berserkers and Swordsman.
  This helmet was one out of five pieces of equipment belonging to the Silvermoon Set Equipment. As long as two pieces of the set were collected, the first Set Effect could be activated. Four pieces of equipment were required for the second Set Effect, while all five pieces were needed for the third Set Effect. Each Set Effect was better than the previous. The Silvermoon Set Equipment was regarded as one of the best Set Equipment for Berserkers and Swordsmen below Level 10. However, its drop rate was extremely low, and it was extremely hard to gather a complete set.
  Unlike other equipment, the Silvermoon Set Equipment did not possess a Level Limit. It was only limited by Attributes. So long as a player fulfilled the required Attributes, they would be able to wear it.Suddenly, Shi Feng grew a great interest towards the Silvermoon Set Equipment.
  Maybe it was because the map had yet to be populated, so the drop rate right now was so high. If Shi Feng were to miss out on this chance, he would definitely regret it in the future.
  Thirty-five points in Strength, to the average player, they would most likely need to reach Level 8 or Level 9 before they would be able to wear this equipment. However, with Shi Feng's Attributes, he would be able to wear it as long as he removed the curse and reached Level 5. If he were to collect the complete set, his Attributes would literally soar to the sky. At that time, killing a Level 5 Shield Warrior with a full body of Bronze Equipment would just be child's play. Just the thought of it excited Shi Feng.
  Chapter 65 - Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chest
  Shi Feng stored the Silvermoon Helmet and continued moving deeper into the stone forest, searching for even more Mountain Beast Fighters.
  Before, Shi Feng's attention was solely focused on Moonstones and the horror of the Moonlight Forest. He had completely forgotten that the Moonlight Forest was an unexplored map. The treasures here were bountiful beyond comparison. It was just that, in Shi Feng's previous life, when he arrived at the Moonlight Forest, the place had long since been ransacked by those experts of first-rate and second-rate Guilds, leaving only scraps behind. Even then, Shi Feng still had to compete with the other Guilds for them.
  As for the average players, they didn't even have the chance to obtain those second-hand goods.
  By the time the average players arrived, who knew how many times the Moonlight Forest had been ransacked. However, these players still treated this place as a treasured land. One could imagine just how attractive the untouched Moonlight Forest was.
  Now that he was here, a step ahead, those first-rate and second-rate Guilds would not have their turn. He would personally explore every corner of the Moonlight Forest and plunder everything, letting those Guilds have a taste of getting second-hand goods.
  Two hours later, Shi Feng finally arrived at the core of the stone forest. On his way here, Shi Feng continuously killed Mountain Beast Fighters, obtaining 3 more pieces of Moonstone and a lot of money and materials.
  By chance, Shi Feng had discovered a camp made by the Mountain Beast Fighters. The camp was guarded by Mountain Beast Fighters on all sides, and just a rough calculation told Shi Feng that there were over forty of these monsters. Moreover, there were several squads of Mountain Beast Fighters patrolling near the camp. All in all, their numbers totaled past one hundred.
  The Mountain Beast Fighter's camp was where they stored their treasures. Many Guilds would often send teams consisting of twenty Elite players to do a sweep on the various monster camps in the Moonlight Forest. Their harvests, every time they did so, were relatively good.
  Meanwhile, the Mountain Beast Fighter camp in front of Shi Feng had never been raided before. There was definitely a great treasure in there. Shi Feng might even be able to finish collecting the required Moonstone and obtain many Tier 1 Gemstones and equipment.
  However, every monster camp was not easy to deal with. If there were not a lot of rocks here, Shi Feng would not have paid any attention to the camp and would have most likely turned around and left already. But, the rocks here were much more concentrated. The pathways surrounding the camp could, at most, fit two Beast Fighters, while the narrower places could only fit one. It was definitely a good location to grind Mountain Beast Fighters. It would be a great pity if Shi Feng were to give up here.
  Hence, Shi Feng picked a few small pieces of stone from the ground and stealthily closed in on the monster camp.
  To prevent unexpected elements, Shi Feng decided to lure all the Mountain Beast Fighters in one go. Otherwise, if he were to meet up with another group of Mountain Beast Fighters during his kiting, he would definitely drop dead.
  The important factor when luring these Mountain Beast Fighters was finding a way to deal with their Charge. If that were not properly handled, Shi Feng would end up dead from the unlimited Charges. He had personally been met with such a scenario before. His strength at that time had clearly exceeded the monsters by a large leap, yet, the monsters Charged at him one after another, placing him in a Fainted state until he died.
  Although each Mountain Beast Fighter only used Charge once, hundreds of those monsters still meant hundreds of Charges. Trying to get them to Charge all at the same time was extremely difficult.
  With his current HP, Shi Feng would not last two hits under the Mountain Beast Fighter's assault. Hence, he absolutely cannot make a mistake. He needed to let all the Mountain Beast Fighters simultaneously use Charge at him, then avoid the follow-up damage. Only then would he have a chance to get rid of all these Mountain Beast Fighters.
  He needed to get a good grasp on the timing when all the Mountain Beast Fighters rushed over. Otherwise, instead of grinding monsters, he would be the one beaten to a pulp. However, Shi Feng still held confidence in himself. After all, he was once a Sword King and a first-rate expert.
  The Mountain Beast Fighter on guard used its furry hand to caress its beloved niuweidao. It stood up high on the wall; its blood red eyes were constantly surveying its surroundings. As long as it discovered an intruder, it would immediately charge over and let its blade enjoy a delicious meal.
  Suddenly, a stone flew towards the Mountain Beast Fighter, striking its head. When the Beast Fighter turned its head towards the direction the stone came from, it discovered a human a distance away. There was also a piece of stone in the human's hand. Then, the Beast Fighter caressed its head that had been struck, suddenly entering a burning rage. A mere ant dared to throw a stone at it?!
  Hou! Hou! Hou!
  The roar from the Mountain Beast Fighter alarmed the entire nest of monsters. Mountain Beast Fighters came rushing out of the camp, one after another, all of them rushing to kill Shi Feng.
  Meanwhile, Shi Feng continued throwing stones towards the other squads of Mountain Beast Fighters. In just a short moment, he had enraged all of those monsters, causing them to rush at him.
  Seeing over a hundred Mountain Beast Fighters running towards him, Shi Feng remained unhurried. He used Phantom Kill, allowing his doppelganger to run into the stone forest while he faced off with the monsters.
  Not to mention Shi Feng alone, even a twenty-man Elite team would not be able to handle over a hundred Mountain Beast Fighters at the same time.
  As the distance between Shi Feng and the Mountain Beast Fighters shortened, Shi Feng's heart madly beat. His actions this time were insane. If there were even the tiniest mistake, only death awaited him. It had been a very long time since he had done something so exciting. His blood boiled, and his five senses grew even more sensitive.
  When the Mountain Beast Fighters were no more than thirty yards from Shi Feng, a majority of the beasts were within the range to use Charge.
  After a wrathful roar, a large majority of the Mountain Beast Fighters simultaneously activated Charge, with a few using it a moment later.
  Shi Feng immediately activated Defensive Blade. The skill could block three melee attacks. At the same time, Shi Feng gripped the Abyssal Blade and prepared to use Parry.
  When the first wave of monsters arrived, although Shi Feng used Parry, his body was still sent flying back. Following which, the second wave of monsters arrived, knocking Shi Feng into a Fainted state, preventing him from moving.
  Seeing many Mountain Beast Fighters raise their niuweidao, ready to strike, Shi Feng persevered and did not use any skills.
  Even when the blades slashed at him, Shi Feng still did not use the position swapping function of Phantom Kill. The Defensive Blade's damage immunity to three melee attacks instantly vanished.
  Afterward, Shi Feng was struck by the large blade; his HP instantly fell by half. Another strike was all it would take to finish him off now.
  At this time, the third wave of monsters had finally arrived. Shi Feng once more entered a Fainted state, the blade of the second niuweidao just before his eyes.
  'Substitute!' Shi Feng shouted in his mind.
  Within an instant, Shi Feng and the doppelganger in the stone forest swapped places. After the blade slashed the doppelganger, the Charge of the fourth and final wave of monsters arrived. The doppelganger was simply beaten to death.
  Meanwhile, Shi Feng, who was hiding in the stone forest, immediately took out a bottle of Basic Regeneration Potion. He gulped it down in one go, a sweet and sour taste permeating throughout his mouth. Shi Feng's HP immediately recovered by 180 points, allowing him to barely be able to receive another attack.
  After the doppelganger died, the Hatred of the Mountain Beast Fighters was directed towards Shi Feng, who was currently in the stone forest. Immediately, they swarmed into the forest.
  Inside the forest was naturally Shi Feng's realm. He activated a Speed Scroll, facing off against the crazed Mountain Beast Fighters who were crowding through the narrow path. Shi Feng used Thundering Flash. Three streaks of lightning passed through the monsters, instantly taking over 100 HP from each of them.
  Within ten minutes, all the lured Mountain Beast Fighters were dead.
  At the same time, the remaining thread of experience Shi Feng needed to reach Level 4 had been filled up. He finally reached Level 4, catching up to the second tier players.
  Shi Feng placed all 6 Attribute Points into Strength. Currently, damage was his priority. After cleaning up the loot, Shi Feng actually obtained another piece of the Silvermoon Set Equipment, a Silvermoon Leg Guard. He had also obtained 7 pieces of Moonstone, two Tier 1 Gemstones, and all sorts of materials and Common Equipment. His harvest was relatively good.
  However, the most bountiful treasure was not these items. The main focus remained within the camp's storehouse. After all, Mountain Beast Fighters loved to place their collected treasures in the camp's storehouse.
  After cleaning up the drops, Shi Feng quickly ran into the camp. He wanted to see just what sort of treasure was awaiting him inside the storehouse.
  'As expected for the first time. There really is a lot of treasure.' From afar, Shi Feng could already see a few large Treasure Chests placed inside the storehouse. Amongst them, there was even a pitch black Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chest.
  Filled with excitement, Shi Feng was just about to enter the storehouse and take a look at the items within the treasure chests when he heard a loud roar.
  'Ao! Ao! Ao!'
  A Mountain Beast Fighter, who was three sizes larger than its peers, rushed out from within the storehouse. The monster was covered in silver armor, and both its hands wielded a gigantic ax. Both its blood-red eyes stared tenaciously at Shi Feng.
  Chapter 66 - Phantom Kill
  After this silver armored Mountain Beast Fighter rushed out, before Shi Feng could observe it, it had already thrown its incomparably heavy Mountain Splitting Ax. The ax flew like a rocket, reaching Shi Feng in an instant.
  Everything happened too quickly, too suddenly. If it were an average player in this situation, their head would have parted with their body before they could even react.
  However, Shi Feng was not an average player. He pulled out the Abyssal Blade with great speed, and the moment before the ax could hack at his neck, he Parried this flying death ax.
  The collision between the giant ax and the longsword did not produce any sparks, only the sound of an explosion.
  Shi Feng's entire person was sent flying back over ten yards.
  Following which, the giant ax landed on the ground, deeply penetrating the earth. Its landing caused the earth to start shaking. It could be seen just how heavy this giant ax was. Moreover, the silver-armored Mountain Beast Fighter who could simply throw this giant ax was even more terrifying.
  Such strength did not exceed the normal Mountain Beast Fighters by just a level...
  After landing, Shi Feng immediately used Observing Eyes on the new monster.
  [Mountain Beast Warrior] (Special Elite)
  Level 10
  HP 3500/3500
  Shi Feng immediately understood the Mountain Beast Warrior's strength after taking a look at these numbers. Without saying anything further, he turned tail and ran.
  What a joke. Directly battling against a Level 10 Special Elite was literally suicide. When meeting a Special Elite in the Moonlight Forest, players didn't have to consider whether or not they could kill it, rather whether or not they could run away.
  The Mountain Beast Warrior was stronger than the Mountain Beast Fighter by more than a notch. Not only regarding Strength, but its speed and flexibility were also greatly increased. It would not be easily toyed with like the Mountain Beast Fighters. If Shi Feng did not use Parry to defend against the ax, then, even if he had blocked the attack with the Abyssal Blade, he would still end up dead. The gap between their strength was just too huge.
  Although Shi Feng wished to escape, the Mountain Beast Warrior had no plans let this intruder go. It used Charge to rush at Shi Feng, picking up its giant ax along the way. The way it picked up the weapon was as if it were picking up a leaf, effortless.
  Seeing that the Mountain Beast Warrior had used Charge, Shi Feng knew he could not shake it off. He turned his body around in mid-air, pointing his sword at the Mountain Beast Warrior.
  Abyssal Bind!
  Within an instant, the Mountain Beast Warrior who was swiftly rushing at Shi Feng was restricted by pitch black chains. It could not move even a muscle, only helplessly stare at Shi Feng.
  Shi Feng did not dare stay any longer. He activated Windwalk, leaving the campsite at high speed and fleeing into the stone forest.
  With the added speed from Windwalk, the Mountain Beast Warrior had no chance of catching up to him.
  About twenty seconds later...
  'Finally broke away from it.' Shi Feng turned his head around to take a look, discovering the Mountain Beast Warrior already turning around and heading back to its camp. Thereupon, Shi Feng let out a breath of relief. If it had continued chasing, Shi Feng's Windwalk would have timed out.
  His luck was truly rotten. There was actually a Special Elite inside the campsite. In his previous life, there were no monster camps that were guarded by a Special Elite. There would only be the occasional normal Elite monster. Shi Feng felt unfortunate for losing the Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chest.
  Currently, Blackie's communication arrived.
  'Brother Feng, all of our members have reached Level 4. Moreover, we obtained a lot of ore, equipment, and skill books. Everyone has learned quite a few skills, and our strength has greatly increased. Unfortunately, our leveling speed from grinding Gnomes has greatly decreased. When will you be coming over to carry us through the Hell Mode of the Deathly Forest? Our fighting spirits are all sky-high right now, and we're just waiting for your command,' Blackie laughingly said.
  'All of you are Level 4?' Shi Feng entered a deep thought, trying to think of the next task for Blackie and the others to do. After some thought, Shi Feng thought of a good location, 'Blackie, you guys should stop grinding Gnomes and return to town to tidy up your bags. Go to the Level 5 area, the Red Leaf Forest. Follow this marker and grind Forest Wolves. The Wolf Meat and Wolf Skins are good stuff. The more you grind, the better, as all the drops can be sold, fattening your wallets.'
  With Blackie and the others' current potential, it would be very easy to grind Forest Wolves. This was especially true with Blackie's equipment. The monster's 400 HP would be gone with just three Dark Arrows. Moreover, the location Shi Feng gave to Blackie was a large Wolf Den. The respawn rate there was very quick, and there was also higher ground for Blackie and the others to occupy. As long as Cola and Lonely Snow firmly block the pathway up the slope, preventing even a single wolf from moving past them, the ranged members could easily deal damage. Moreover, Beasts[1] were afraid of fire, taking additional damage from it. A single Hell Flame could wipe out the entire pack of wolves. Their leveling speed would increase by at least 60% to 70%.
  'Great! We're bored out of our minds from constantly grinding Gnomes. We'll go immediately after we tidy up our bags,' Blackie excitedly confirmed. More and more players started going to their location to grind Gnomes now. In addition to them being Level 4, their leveling efficiency was constantly decreasing. They were naturally excited to have a new location to grind.
  'Brothers, pack up! We won't have to compete with them anymore. Let's go play in a new location,' Blackie said to the others after cutting off the call.
  Everyone stopped fighting over monsters with the other players when they heard Blackie say so. They cheerfully left this place with Blackie.
  When the Elite parties saw Blackie and the others leaving, their faces revealed expressions of joy. There would be fewer people competing over this precious leveling ground now. They inwardly sneered at the foolishness of Blackie's party. Currently, players filled the entirety of Dark Moon Valley. How could the leveling speed at the other locations be faster than here?
  Elsewhere, just when Shi Feng was ready to look for other Mountain Beast Fighters, he noticed a problem from the conversation with Blackie.
  It was definitely not possible for him to kill the Mountain Beast Warrior by himself, but he could still escape. However, it was not necessary for him to kill the Mountain Beast Warrior to obtain the Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chest.
  As long as one person lured the Mountain Beast Warrior, another person could go and open the Treasure Chest.
  Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng looked at the Abyssal Blade with a faint smile.
  As expected, Phantom Kill was a very powerful skill.
  Following which, Shi Feng once more returned to the Mountain Beast camp. He activated Phantom Kill, his doppelganger appearing before him.
  The doppelganger possessed all of Shi Feng's skills. It was sufficient to hold off the Mountain Beast Warrior for more than twenty seconds. With these twenty seconds, Shi Feng could activate the Treasure Chest and take away all the items.
  Shi Feng took out a Speed Scroll and Polymorph Scroll, giving them to the doppelganger. The Polymorph Scroll could polymorph monsters below Level 15 into a sheep for 4 seconds. However, the effective duration on a Special Elite would be greatly decreased. Although, it was enough as long as it could disrupt the Mountain Beast Warrior's Charge.
  After activating the Speed Scroll, the doppelganger immediately went to the storehouse to lure the Mountain Beast Warrior.
  As expected, the scene from before replayed itself, and the doppelganger used Parry to block the flying death ax. It subsequently used Charge at the doppelganger. The doppelganger immediately used the Polymorph Scroll, instantly turning the Mountain Beast Warrior into a little white sheep.
  The Mountain Beast Warrior reverted to its original form in less than a second. It then chased after the doppelganger, entering deep into the stone forest. The Mountain Beast Warrior's speed was slightly faster than the doppelganger, but the doppelganger activated Windwalk, its speed and the distance between them increasing once more.
  A short distance away, Shi Feng watched as the Mountain Beast Warrior departed from the campsite. He let out a small chuckle, similarly activating Windwalk as he rushed into the storehouse.
  This time, there were no monsters present to interrupt him when he entered the storehouse. Shi Feng first went up to the Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chest, opening it.
  The Treasure Chest needed time to be opened.
  1 second... 2 seconds...
  The loading bar for the Treasure Chest was still going, causing Shi Feng to become slightly nervous. The time his doppelganger could delay was limited. Aside from the Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chest, there was still one more Bronze Treasure Chest and three Common Treasure Chests. Time was of the essence. As long as he opened a Treasure Chest now, it would not be possible to lure the tiger out of the mountain the next time around. After all, Special Elites possessed their own intelligence.
  'Hurry, hurry...' Shi Feng impatiently looked at the loading bar.
  Ten seconds later, the Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chest opened.
  At the same time, a wrathful roar came from the stone forest. It would seem that Shi Feng's actions had been discovered.
  Looking through the doppelganger's vision, Shi Feng could see that the Mountain Beast Warrior no longer paid the doppelganger any attention. Instead, it ran back towards the camp's storehouse.
  Without pause, Shi Feng immediately stored all the items in the Treasure Chest into his bag. He then continued to open the Bronze Chest.
  The Bronze Treasure Chest's loading bar started to move slowly. To Shi Feng, every second right now was crawling by.
  Meanwhile, the sound of the Mountain Beast Warrior's bellow was getting closer and closer...
  TL Notes:
  [1] Beasts : A general category for monsters.
  Chapter 67 - Ring of Nothingness
  The loading bar for the Treasure Chest was currently only halfway done. Hearing the roar getting closer and closer, Shi Feng became extremely anxious.
  'Hurry... Hurry...'
  The Mountain Beast Warrior had already entered the camp, yet the loading bar was still a hair's breadth away from full.
  When the Mountain Beast Warrior saw Shi Feng opening the Treasure Chest, its large pair of eyes turned crimson red. It aimed its giant ax at Shi Feng, throwing it at him. It could not help but wish for Shi Feng to go to hell immediately.
  At this moment, the Bronze Treasure Chest opened.
  Without giving the flying ax even a single glance, Shi Feng immediately activated Defensive Blade, blocking the attack from the flying death ax. Following which, his two hands swiftly stretched into the Treasure Chest, taking the items within and cramping them into his bag with lightning speed.
  When Shi Feng finished storing all of the items from the Treasure Chest, the Mountain Beast Warrior also arrived before him. It picked up the fallen ax with both of its hands, raising it up high as it prepared to murder.
  Having no plans to stay, Shi Feng turned and ran.
  The earth split when the ax landed, leaving behind a scar and causing crushed stones to go flying. However, Shi Feng was already five yards away by the time the ax landed. He was running directly to the outside of the camp.
  Seeing that its attack missed, the Mountain Beast Warrior turned to face Shi Feng and used Charge. It did not intend to give Shi Feng any chance to escape.
  On the other hand, Shi Feng did not have any skills to deal with the Mountain Beast Warrior who was charging at him. He allowed the Mountain Beast Warrior to send him into a Fainted state, his body then receiving a slash from its ax. In an instant, the attack sent him flying over ten yards away.
  The attack from the Mountain Beast Warrior could cause even a Level 5 Shield Warrior to harbor a grudge, yet Shi Feng acted as if it was nobody's business as he stood and started running out of the camp once more. Now, Defensive Blade could only prevent Shi Feng from receiving damage from a melee attack one more time.
  Although only one chance remained, there was more than a 10-yard distance between Shi Feng and the Mountain Beast Warrior. As long as Shi Feng ran into the stone forest, he would be a lot safer.
  However, an unexpected situation occurred. The Mountain Beast Warrior that should have used Charge only once used it a second time, sending Shi Feng into a Fainted state once more. It raised its giant ax, slashing it again at Shi Feng's body.
  Shi Feng was sent flying for over ten yards again; this time it immediately threw him out of the camp. He was just a short distance away from the stone forest now.
  However, Shi Feng's expression became much more serious. The current Mountain Beast Warrior was completely different from before. Previously, it only used Charge once. Now, it used Charge twice. That meant that there was a possibility for a third or fourth Charge, maybe even more. That meant, as long as the distance between Shi Feng and the Mountain Beast Warrior exceeded eight yards, the Mountain Beast Warrior would use Charge. This was definitely not good news.
  Just as expected, the moment Shi Feng stepped out of the 8-yard range, the Mountain Beast Warrior used Charge once again. If Shi Feng were to be hit once more, he would definitely die.
  He was not willing to die just yet.
  Shi Feng took out a Polymorph Scroll, immediately turning the Mountain Beast Warrior that was charging at him into a sheep. Although it was polymorphed only for a second, just one second was enough for Shi Feng to run a long distance away. As long as Shi Feng could run out of the 30-yard range, it would be too far for the Mountain Beast Warrior to use Charge.
  Just after running 15 yards away, the Mountain Beast Warrior recovered. Shi Feng immediately spun around and cast Abyssal Bind. He then activated Gravity Liberation, his speed soaring greatly.
  The three seconds binding this time allowed Shi Feng to easily run past the 30-yard range, entering the stone forest.
  Currently, some of the Mountain Beast Fighters in the stone forest had already respawned, and by coincidence, one of them was blocking the path ahead of Shi Feng. Being struck by inspiration, Shi Feng quickly took the initiative.
  Wind Blade!
  Before the Mountain Beast Fighter could react, Shi Feng rushed to its front and brushed past it. Shi Feng then took out another Polymorph Scroll, turning the Mountain Beast Fighter into a sheep.
  With the speed increase from Wind Blade, Shi Feng easily shook off the Mountain Beast Warrior that was stubbornly chasing after him, escaping it quickly.
  After finding a safe location, Shi Feng sat down to rest as he slowly looked through the items his bag.
  Shi Feng went from clueless to shocked.
  He had to admit that ransacking the camp was extremely profitable. Just this one time was enough to make up for his hours of hard work. He instantly collected all of the Moonstone he needed, completing his Quest. The next thing he needed to do was to leave the Moonlight Forest and dispel the curse.
  Amongst these treasures, aside from the large amount of Moonstone, there were also seven Tier 1 Gemstones, three pieces of Bronze Equipment, and a single bronze-colored Mysterious-Iron Ring.
  Amongst the three pieces of Bronze Equipment, there was a Silvermoon Armguard. With it, Shi Feng now had three out of five pieces of the Silvermoon Set Equipment. As long as he put in more effort, he might be able to truly collect a complete set. However, Shi Feng did not have that much time. The earlier he removed the curse, the earlier he could regain his strength and level up quickly. He still had too many things to do, and he could not do any of them without Levels.
  Aside from the Silvermoon Armguard attracting Shi Feng's attention, the Mysterious-Iron Ring also gave him tremendous joy.
  [Ring of Nothingness] (Mysterious-Iron ranked Ring)
  Equipment Requirement: Intelligence 10
  Strength +1, Agility +1, Intelligence +2
  Additional Ability: Shadow of Nothingness: Allows the user to enter a state of nothingness. The user will not be able to see other players, while other players will not be able to see the user. Duration of 1 minute.
  Cooldown: 5 minutes
  (Only usable in a non-combative state)
  Rings such as this, which possessed an Additional Ability, were extremely rare. It was as rare as the Ring of Gravity, possessing many uses.
  In his previous life, Shi Feng had done a lot of research on the Moonlight Forest. Including the information found on the internet, he knew the spawn locations of many Treasure Chests. Originally, he planned to only go to a few locations that were easy to obtain Treasure Chests before leaving the Moonlight Forest. Now that he had the Ring of Nothingness, his train of thought widened, and the number of Treasure Chests that he could obtain greatly increased.
  The Moonlight Forest was still a virgin land, and treasures could be found everywhere. It was especially true for Treasure Chests that had been opened for the first time; the items inside were the best. Since he could easily obtain these treasures, would it matter if he wasted a little more time?
  Following which, Shi Feng put on the Ring of Nothingness. He then opened the map for the Moonlight Forest, confirming his current position.
  There was a Bronze Treasure Chest not far from his location. So, he kept the map and advanced towards the Treasure Chest.
  After walking for over ten minutes, he arrived at ruins of a shrine. The ruins were surrounded by Barbaric Beastmen who were guarding it, with several Elite Beastmen in the midst as well. Meanwhile, the Treasure Chest was located inside the collapsed shrine. However, without a team of twenty elite players, it was impossible to clear off all the Barbaric Beastmen.
  Although he could not beat the Barbaric Beastmen, Shi Feng had other methods to get to the Treasure Chest.
  Shi Feng immediately called out his doppelganger, allowing it to move to a distance away and find a safe location. Meanwhile, Shi Feng himself moved closer to the temple. While staying outside the detection range of the Barbaric Beastmen, Shi Feng activated Shadow of Nothingness and entered a state of nothingness. He then ran towards the inside of the shrine with high speed.
  After entering a state of nothingness, Shi Feng could no longer see those Barbaric Beastmen, and the same went for the Barbaric Beastmen who could no longer see Shi Feng. In such a way, Shi Feng soundlessly entered the heavily guarded shrine.
  There were still several Barbaric Beastmen guarding inside the shrine. They were less than twenty yards away from the Bronze Treasure Chest.
  Meanwhile, Shi Feng unhurriedly opened the Treasure Chest.
  When opening the Treasure Chest, Shi Feng's state of nothingness did not fade, so the channeling process finished without a hitch.
  However, the moment the Treasure Chest was opened, just after Shi Feng's hand stretched into it, his state of nothingness vanished.
  Within an instant, the five Barbaric Beastmen inside the temple noticed Shi Feng. Suddenly entering a rage, they waved their stone hammers as they rushed towards him.
  Shi Feng activated Defensive Blade without hurry, storing the items in the Treasure Chest in his bag. Before the Barbaric Beastmen could break off the three layers of protection, Shi Feng had taken all the items from the Treasure Chest. He then swapped places with his doppelganger, his original body arriving at a very safe location. Shi Feng leisurely departed from the ruins, heading towards the location of the next Treasure Chest.
  Moonlight Forest was very large. With unyielding perseverance, Shi Feng spent more than ten hours before finally clearing the entirety of the Moonlight Forest. He harvested a total of three Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chests, twenty-two Bronze Treasure Chests, and fifty-six Common Treasure Chests. His harvest was extremely invigorating. His entire bag was clogged full, and he was even forced to throw away several pieces of Common Equipment that had poor Attributes.
  When he was arranging all these items, a beeping noise came from the System.
  Shi Feng looked at the notification, seeing that it was the alarm that he previously set. It notified him that morning had arrived, and he needed to log off and rest.
  In consideration of his body, Shi Feng looked for a safe location before logging off.
  Chapter 68 - Big Harvest
  Early morning, a layer of fog still covered the outer layer of the window. Dark clouds densely covered the sky outside, and there were signs of rain falling soon.
  'Hmm... the air quality here is getting worse by the day... After I earn enough money, I definitely have to move out of this broken district and move to a better house in the city.'
  After sitting up, Shi Feng took a look out his window. Following which, he flexed his body and got down from his bed. He then went through twenty sets of workout motions before going to his cramped bathroom to wash up.
  Shi Feng grabbed his phone from the table once he finished tidying himself up. He started by checking the remaining money in his bank account. Constantly eating instant noodles was bad for his body. Moreover, the nutrients provided were definitely not enough to supplement his method of training.
  He had obtained the membership card and coupons for Big Dipper after much difficulty, yet, he discovered that he still needed to wait for five days before he could use them. This caused him to be slightly depressed. Now, his only hope was on the sales of the God's Domain game currency.
  Previously, Shi Feng had registered 3 Gold Coins at the Virtual Trade Center. If there were someone who bought them, then the Credits earned would automatically be sent to his bank account. However, the Trade Center had a 3-hour transaction delay. Moreover, Shi Feng did not turn on the notifications for his trade account. So, even if the transaction had already been done, he did not know how much had been transferred to his account. He could only use his old-modeled phone to check his bank account.
  Shi Feng currently did not possess the money to purchase the latest quantum watch[1]. Otherwise, a lot of matters could be easily resolved using the quantum watch. Even credit card payments could be done through the quantum watch. Moreover, all shops that sold items supported payment using the quantum watch, as it was both safe and fast.
  In a short moment, Shi Feng logged into his bank account using his handphone, checking the amount of money he had remaining. If there were enough Credits, he would go and have a good meal. The last time he remembered having meat was when he was still in his third year of university. Now, he was in his fourth year and would be graduating soon.
  Previously, he had retrieved all of his money from his bank account to buy instant noodles. His current balance should not be more than 1 Credit.
  After selling for an entire night, there should be some people who would purchase some of his game currency. It was especially true for the Guilds in White River City. Shi Feng did not believe those Guilds could amass funds that quickly. Even if they were to sign a contract with money-farming teams or have their money-farming teams, it was absolutely impossible for them to purchase that much equipment in such a short period. More or less, they should have purchased some game currency.
  'They actually bought quite a lot. I guess I won't have to fuss over food for a few days,' Shi Feng smiled slightly when he saw that there were over 1,700 Credits in his bank account. However, the trade tax was truly high. He sold a total of 30 Silver Coins which were worth 1,800 Credits, but 100 of those Credits went to taxes. The amount was truly sinister.
  In any case, Shi Feng now had some money, and it was double the amount of living expenses he would have each month. It was enough for him to eat properly for quite some time.
  If all 3 Gold Coins sold, then that would amount to 18,000 Credits. Shi Feng would then have the money to buy two Virtual Gaming Helmets. The only worry he had right now was whether or not all 3 Gold Coins would sell.
  After some consideration, Shi Feng decided that he definitely must make these Guilds and players spend more money during this period. Otherwise, if they were to make business deals in the game, they would easily be able to solve their problem with money. At that time, they would not have to purchase game currency from the Virtual Trade Center.
  Subsequently, Shi Feng left his rented apartment. He made a trip to the bank, withdrawing all of his money.
  Now that he had some money, Shi Feng went to the Nutrition Center and bought three bottles of C-rank Nutrient Fluids. They were enough to last him for up to nine days.
  When the beautiful saleswoman saw that Shi Feng had bought three bottles without even blinking, she could not help but have delightful thoughts. Taking the initiative, she asked, 'Are you free this afternoon, handsome? How about we go to Youlan Square to have a drink? My treat.'
  Youlan Square was a nearby well-known romantic location, and many youths, both males and females, loved going there.
  Looking at the beautiful saleswoman's graceful body and lust-filled eyes, she was much better than the gorgeously dressed girls in his class. However, Shi Feng only gave her a calm smile. How could he not know what her thoughts were? He tactfully rejected her and turned around to leave.
  Shi Feng's reaction caused the beautiful saleswoman to feel slightly unfortunate. A large catch had run away just like that. Was she not beautiful? Was her body lacking?
  Nutrient Fluids were the pinnacle products of the new age. Not only could they slow down aging, but they could also discretely mend the injuries that could not be detected, regenerate body cells, develop the brain cells, and many more astonishing impacts. These items have already become must-haves for athletes and martial artists. However, they were very expensive, so the common folk could only occasionally buy a bottle to drink. After all, a month's salary was only so much. It was impossible for them to afford a bottle every three days. Only the wealthy were able to treat these Nutrient Fluids as drinks, constantly transforming their bodies.
  Hundreds of years ago, very rarely would the children of wealthy families be ugly. Females would normally be beauties, while males would normally be handsome men. However, with the Nutrient Fluids in this current age, beautiful women and handsome men could be commonly seen throughout the streets.
  A bottle of C-rank Nutrient Fluid cost 400 Credits.
  A bottle of B-rank Nutrient Fluid cost 1,000 Credits.
  A bottle of A-rank Nutrient Fluid cost 10,000 Credits.
  As for the best S-rank Nutrient Fluids, those were items that could not be bought by common folk even if they wanted to. These Nutrient Fluids were only sold to the inner circles of society.
  In his previous life, Shi Feng was fortunate enough to buy one because of his status as a core member of Shadow. The S-rank Nutrient Fluid was extremely expensive, costing a million Credits per bottle. However, its effects were similarly astonishing. A-rank Nutrient Fluids were far from being comparable to it.
  Although S-rank Nutrient Fluids were very expensive, there were plenty of wealthy people in the world. The ones who could afford to buy it would not trouble themselves over such an amount of money. After all, who wouldn't want to trade money for their own youth?
  It was truly hard to imagine; the dream of humanity hundreds of years ago had now become a reality.
  The body was a needed asset to make a revolution. If Shi Feng wanted to improve his skills in God's Domain and stand at the very top of the game, then a strong body and nimble mind were indispensable. Hence, Shi Feng would not make the same mistake in this aspect as he did in his previous life.
  Following which, Shi Feng went to a gourmet restaurant. He spent a hundred Credits purchasing two sets of nutrient set meals; one was for him to eat right now and another as takeaway for his lunch.
  After eating, Shi Feng made a trip to a normal workout center. After spending 60 Credits, he trained for four hours before returning home.
  In the evening, around 7 p.m., Shi Feng drank a bottle of Nutrient Fluid and laid on the bed. He activated the gaming helmet and connected to God's Domain.
  After logging in, Shi Feng started arranging the items he obtained.
  When he was done arranging the items, Shi Feng started feeling emotional. It was no wonder the Moonlight Forest was a land of treasures. Just the various Tier 1 Gemstones he obtained alone amounted to over 300 pieces. There were also tens of skill books, dozens of pieces of Bronze Equipment, five pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment, over fifty Card Sets, more than twenty recipes for Lifestyle Jobs, over thirty Tier 1 Magic Scrolls, and four Tier 2 Magic Scrolls.
  The Magic Scrolls from Treasure Chests were much better than those sold in the Magic Shop. This was because the various scrolls in the Magic Shop did not even reach the standard of Tier 1. Meanwhile, Tier 2 Magic Scrolls were much more precious. Every piece would have a great purpose, and there would be nobody willing to sell it.
  As for the thing that brought Shi Feng the most joy...
  He finished collecting the Silvermoon Set Equipment. In addition, he also collected a complete set of Blackblood Set Equipment meant for Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights.
  The Blackblood Set Equipment's value far exceeded that of the Silvermoon Set Equipment. It was one of the best Set Equipment for Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights that were below Level 10. If Cola were to equip this set at Level 6 or Level 7, then Hell Mode Dungeons below Level 10 would no longer be a problem.
  With so many good items, Shi Feng already had a solid base for forming a twenty-man team. The only concerns remaining would be recruiting members and their skills.
  After finished arranging his bag and confirming that there were no more profits to be gained from the Moonlight Forest, Shi Feng activated the Teleportation Magic Orb, leaving the Moonlight Forest.
  TL Notes:
  [1]quantum watch: something like a wristwatch version of a quantum computer...?
  Chapter 69 - Lunatic
  In the real world, the sky slowly darkened as the sun went under the mountain. On the other hand, players in God's Domain were welcoming the rise of the morning sun.
  Red Leaf Town was currently brightly lit as if it were daytime. In the Trade Area, players could be found everywhere as they pushed their way through the streets. Compared to yesterday, there were a lot more players currently in Red Leaf Town, and a lot of them were new players who were Level 0.
  After being officially active for two days, many people started to notice the difference between God's Domain and other virtual reality games. The battling alone was extremely attractive, not to mention other sources of entertainment. The monsters in God's Domain improved with the increase in Levels, making the battles seem increasingly real. It was no longer the usual simple bouts where players and monsters would take turns fighting each other. The battles in God's Domain were more similar to the fighting competitions in real life.
  This was the age where the world's entire population would exercise. In the real world, people had already reached a level of obsession in regards to fighting competitions, making such competitions extremely popular.
  Everyone wished for a battle in which they could fight to their heart's content, and even more so when exchanging blows with an expert. They wanted to chase after the intense feeling of excitement that made one's blood boil. It was an addicting feeling that was impossible to give up. Meanwhile, God's Domain had all of this, and there were no dangers to a person's life.
  Moreover, God's Domain contained great adventures that were both fascinating and thrilling. There were also countless unknowns waiting to be discovered and explored. Time in the game was also double that of real life. Many players wished they could stay inside God's Domain for the rest of their lives, living their second life within the game.
  It was also because of this reason that many players were attracted to God's Domain. Many virtual gaming companies, after seeing this irreversible situation, declared bankruptcy, one after another, as they prepared to invest in God's Domain. Such a situation also caused some unwilling veteran gamers to enter God's Domain, greatly increasing the number of players.
  Just after returning to Red Leaf Town, Shi Feng received a bunch of System Notifications.
  Almost all of them were sales notifications from the Auction House. Within an instant, the money Shi Feng possessed increased to over 500 Silver Coins or 5 Gold Coins.
  Shi Feng still remembered having recently registering 3 Gold Coins at the Virtual Trade Center. After less than a day's worth of effort, he now possessed an additional 5 Gold Coins. Those Guilds obtained all this money after much difficulty, yet, they all contributed to him in the end.
  Currently, there might not be another player in White River City who was wealthier than he was. The Guild Leaders of first-rate Guilds were no exception.
  However, this was only the tip of the iceberg. The real moneymaking moment was just starting.
  Shi Feng first stored all the items that were in his bag into his warehouse. He was not planning on selling them but instead, kept them for future use. After all, items such as Gemstones and skill books were hard currencies[a]; their prices would never depreciate. On the contrary, it was equipment that would depreciate along with the increase in player levels.
  Soon afterward, Shi Feng started doing his old business again. Nighttime was the best period for doing business. Seeing that the sun was soon to rise, Shi Feng set aside his Quest for now and set up a street stall, purchasing Stones, Magic Essences, Hard Stones, and Card Sets.
  Due to previous similar occurrences, many players would deliberately stay here and await Shi Feng's arrival. Now, just a casual shout from Shi Feng was enough to cause a crowd of players to come running towards him.
  In such a way, Shi Feng bought materials while listening to the conversations of players nearby.
  'The Assassin's Alliance has obtained great glory this time. They completed the Insurrection of the Little Fishmen Quest and earned a lot of Guild Reputation. It won't be long before the Assassin's Alliance will become a Level 2 Guild.'
  'What's the big deal? I've heard that a major event occurred in the capital city. The Guild Leader of a first-rate Guild, Star River Federation, completed a major Quest and has already become a First Class Citizen. Just a little more and he will become part of the nobility. When he obtains the status of a noble, what would a little Guild Reputation matter? After becoming a noble, he could go to the Army Camp and City Hall to ask for Guild Quests. Star River Federation could catch up and surpass the Assassin's Alliance at any time. Including the various privileges available to nobles, their accumulated advantage is huge. Just the current Star River Federation was enough to suppress Ouroboros. When the fight for the capital city begins, the city would most likely fall into the hands of the Star River Federation.'
  'Those are just small matters. Now, the most popular matter would have to be the showdown between that Black Flame Forger and Hammer Trading.'
  'Who doesn't know about that? Right now, there is most likely not a single person in the White River City Area that doesn't know of it. However, I never truly imagined that the victor would be so quickly determined. Even further, I never thought that the final winner would be Hammer Trading. Hehe, thankfully I was quick-witted and borrowed some money to buy a Glimmer Chestplate. Many people are currently buying them at high prices. I could easily earn 3 Silver Coins as long as I resell the one I have.'
  'Exactly! Regardless of Attributes or design, the Glimmer Chestplate is way better, so its cost must be extremely high. It only sold for such a low price because of the competition with Hammer Trading. Black Flame must have lost that battle after constantly losing money. Unfortunately, he is not selling even a single piece of the equipment right now. Otherwise, I would definitely borrow money to buy one. Right now, Hammer Trading's fame has exploded. On the forums, he had even started proudly scolding the mysterious forger as incompetent, calling the mysterious forger a son of a bitch for not daring to compete with him. To increase their fame and influence, those first-rate Guilds will certainly invite him. Hammer Trading must already be discussing contract terms with them right now.'
  'The Chief Forger of a first-rate Guild, people would drool just thinking about such a position. However, we can only look on in envy because we don't have a Forging Design for Bronze Equipment. If I had such an item, even if I were to go bankrupt, I would definitely compete with Hammer Trading to the end. When I get the Chief position of a first-rate Guild, my future will be filled with fame and fortune.'
  When Shi Feng heard their conversation, his brows slightly wrinkled. He then called up the official forum.
  Sure enough, Hammer Trading was ridiculing him with all sorts of insults.
  Son of a bitch, weren't you so awesome? Why have you turned into a coward? Let's continue competing if you have the ability! See how I'll flatten a blackhearted forger like you!
  Looking at Hammer Trading's inferior shenanigans, Shi Feng smiled calmly. He could not help but admire Hammer Trading. To become famous, he turned into a lunatic that was willing to use any means. Just like in Shi Feng's previous life, to join World Dominators and become their Chief Forger, Hammer Trading was willing to sell out their entire Guild.
  After he finished purchasing the materials, Shi Feng headed towards the Auction House.
  After all the clamor Hammer Trading made, the Glimmer Chestplate had thoroughly become famous. Shi Feng could now start his next moneymaking operation.
  In the current stage of the game, a majority of the average players were already Level 3, while many veterans were Level 4 and experts were Level 5. The average player could not afford a Glimmer Chestplate. Whereas veterans would have to borrow some money to purchase a piece for themselves. As for experts, the usage of the Glimmer Chestplate was not that great. There was a lot of equipment inside Level 5 Dungeons that was far better than the Glimmer Chestplate.
  That meant that the Glimmer Chestplate could no longer earn Shi Feng a lot of money. After all, the major buyers of the equipment were mostly those Guilds. Maybe there were some nouveau riche who could afford to buy one to toy around with, but they were in the extreme minorities amongst the average players.
  Shi Feng walked into the Auction House, into the large hall that was packed with people. Without a better option, Shi Feng looked for a corner and silently brought up the display screen of the Auction House. He then placed twenty copies of the Forging Design for the Glimmer Chestplate on auction. The base price for each Forging Design was set at 30 Silver Coins, and they would be sold one by one at intervals of half an hour.
  It was not because Shi Feng did not wish to sell them in bulk, but because doing so would result in their price staying low. Only through hunger marketing would he be able to reap the greatest profit. Let those Guilds slowly fight amongst themselves.
  Afterwards, Shi Feng cleaned out the accumulated Hard Stones and Card Sets from the Auction House. He then left the Auction House and headed towards the Library.
  Chapter 70 - Success or Failure Boils Down to the Same Person
  Kuruk Fields, this was the playground for the Level 6 Grassland Lion Cubs. At this stage of the game, there were very few players who would come here to grind and level up.
  That was because the level here was slightly higher. Moreover, the monsters were numerous and concentrated, making them hard to kill.
  These Grassland Lion Cubs hunted in groups of three to five. Sometimes, they would even be followed by a fully grown Elite Grassland Lion, making them very hard to deal with.
  However, there was currently a six-man party on these fields, fighting a group of lions. A girl dressed in water-blue armor brandished her greatsword, directly confronting an Elite Grassland Lion. Not only did she easily evade the Grassland Lion's sharp claws, she even took the chance to attack and deal damage. Her valiant appearance could captivate even women.
  This girl was the Snow Goddess, Gentle Snow. She had already reached Level 5, and she wore the Level 4 Bronze Set Equipment, Azure Scar. In her hands, she held the Mysterious-Iron ranked Conqueror's Sword. Compared to before, her current strength had greatly increased.
  Also, there was also a Shield Warrior who was not any weaker, tanking four Grassland Lion Cubs at once. The party's healer, Xiao Yue'er, chanted a prayer, her delicate hands tracing divine texts in midair. Xiao Yue'er took care of the Shield Warrior while also healing Gentle Snow, allowing both their HPs to remain above the safety line.
  The Flame Witch, Zhao Yueru, was also wearing the Level 4 Fantasy Flame Set Equipment. Large Fireballs constantly shot out from her hand, causing a frightening amount of damage to appear above the Grassland Lion's head.
  Within moments, they massacred the group of Elite-led lions.
  Gentle Snow picked up the loot from the Grassland Lion, discovering that it was a skill book. No equipment dropped. She then looked towards Xiao Yue'er, saying, 'Xiao Yue'er, it's your Sacred Light Shield; learn it quickly. After some rest, we will continue looking for another Grassland Lion. We absolutely must get the Revival skill.'
  'Great! With this skill, healing won't be so intense anymore,' Xiao Yue'er happily said as she received the skill.
  Currently resting, Zhao Yueru suddenly asked in a curious tone, 'Snow, that Hammer Trading has already garnered a huge amount of fame. We should at least send a person to recruit him. We can still increase our Guild's fame if we're successful. Moreover, his forging skills are not bad. It would be unfortunate if we were to let some other Guild snatch him away.'
  'No need. It won't be long before Level 3 Bronze Equipment is of little value. He only knows how to forge Level 3 Bronze Equipment and doesn't possess any Forging Designs for higher level equipment. Why should we spend a large sum of money fighting over him? We would just lose out on earning a little money. Moreover, we don't even know when our Guild would be able to obtain a Forging Design for high-leveled Bronze Equipment. What would we need him for?' Gentle Snow shook her head. She held no particular interests towards a person like Hammer Trading. Instead, she said, 'On the contrary, I'm more interested in the Black Flame Forger, especially the forger's actions. I can not see through his intentions.
  'If he wanted to attract the attention of first-rate Guilds and stand out, then he has no reason to hide his name. There would be plenty of large Guilds contacting him. However, he has hidden his name, preventing anybody from contacting him. That means that he does not wish for others to know of his identity. Yet, he still competed with Hammer Trading, lowering the price for his equipment and letting everyone know of him once more. Now that he has entered our eyes, at the most heated moment, he suddenly withdraws from the competition and fades out of our sight once more.
  'He has continuously brought us three different kinds of forged equipment. Being able to obtain that many Forging Designs for Bronze Equipment shows that he has great strength. Yet, why would he suddenly withdraw? What is this Black Flame Forger's goal? Or did he withdraw because he already achieved his goal?
  'Until now, I still don't know what that Black Flame Forger is trying to do. He is filled with mystery in all aspects.'
  'Snow, how about I have someone research this forger? Hearing you say so, even I want to see what kind of person he is.'
  After hearing Gentle Snow's analysis, realization struck Zhao Yueru. She suddenly grew an interest towards this Black Flame Forger. She also felt this person was not simple. Her interest towards the Black Flame Forger's identity overflowed. Just the thought of being able to expose this person's identity made her feel slightly excited.
  Meanwhile, inside an Intermediate Forging Room on the second floor of the Forging Association...
  'Everyone, how goes your consideration?' Hammer Trading sat cross-legged, casually asking as he looked at the representatives of the first-rate Guilds with narrowed eyes.
  However, the conditions set out by Hammer Trading caused these first-rate Guilds to go silent.
  Hammer Trading's conditions were too harsh. Just the villa he wanted in the city he lived in and the annual salary of five million Credits would cause these Guilds to take a step back, not to mention that he wanted all resources to be prioritized to him. Such treatment was most likely only enjoyed by the Guild Leader and the Vice Leader. Meanwhile, Hammer Trading wanted the same treatment as them. Then, didn't that mean he would be on equal footings with the Guild Leader and Vice Leader?
  'You guys have to think through this clearly. It isn't easy for me to earn such a great reputation. As long as I join your Guild, your popularity will immediately soar and surpass the other Guilds. You won't have a shortage of Bronze Equipment and will be able to earn a large sum of money because of my forging techniques. The price I've given shouldn't be considered much,' Hammer Trading said with a smile. His face held an expression that said, 'If you don't recruit me, there will be others who will. Don't regret it when that time comes.'
  Hammer Trading had these first-rate Guilds eating out of the palm of his hand. Right now, each of these first-rate Guilds wanted to be a step ahead of the others. If so, they would be able to have a larger advantage in taking hold of a City. The wealth that came with possessing control over a virtual City was not something a mere five million Credits and a villa could compare to. Hammer Trading's asking price could be considered low.
  Looking at the representatives of these first-rate Guilds, although their expressions held hesitation, their eyes flashed with the conviction of recruiting him. Hammer Trading suddenly felt his action of investing all of his possessions into the competition this time was truly wise. If he hadn't steeled his heart to borrow money from loan sharks at the last second, he might have actually lost to the Black Flame Forger. Fortunately, the Black Flame Forger bit the dust a step earlier than he did, allowing him to taste the final fruit of victory.
  Just as Hammer Trading was being pleased with himself, the expressions of the numerous representatives around the conference table suddenly changed. Each and every one of them revealed expressions of shock and ecstasy.
  'Brother Hammer Trading, I am truly sorry, but our Guild has decided to withdraw from this competition and yield to the other Guilds. Our Guild won't be joining anymore, and I still have matters to attend to, so I'll be leaving,' Star River Federation's representative suddenly said.
  'This price is just too high. Our Guild can only give up as well. We can only hope to cooperate with you in the future.'
  For a moment, all the Guild representatives started leaving. Moreover, every one of them seemed to be in a hurry. It was as if they could not help but to immediately run to some other place, not wanting to waste even a little time.
  'What do you all mean? Not negotiating anymore? You guys better not regret it. I'm a Forger that can craft Bronze Equipment! I won't join in the future, even if you all beg me!'
  'Is being able to forge Bronze Equipment amazing? Right now, the Auction House is selling Forging Designs for Bronze Equipment. With the Forging Design, we can nurture our own forgers. We don't need to spend as much as five million Credits at all,' one of the representatives coldly laughed at Hammer Trading before leaving the Forging Room.
  'What did you say? Speak clearly before you leave!' Hammer Trading abruptly stood up after hearing this. He thought he had heard wrong.
  Chapter 71 - Focus of the Auction House
  Seeing as everyone had left, Hammer Trading sat in his chair, paralyzed. Both his eyes had a lifeless look in them.
  There was actually someone who was selling Forging Design for Bronze Equipment at the Auction House? How was this possible?
  Hammer Trading had no way of understanding such behavior. It was as foolish as literally handing the keys to a treasury filled with gold to someone else.
  Only a brain-dead person would do such an idiotic action.
  'No, they must be trying to trick me.' Hammer Trading abruptly stood up, calling out the official forum. He wanted to make these people regret. He wanted to rip them off for daring to look down on him.
  However, when Hammer Trading looked at a few pinned discussion threads, he became instantly dumbfounded. There really was an idiot who was selling a Forging Design!
  Bronze Equipment Forging Design appearing in the Auction House! Pictures as evidence available!
  Clicking on the thread to take a look, Hammer Trading's mind went thoroughly blank.
  The Forging Design was actually for the Glimmer Chestplate. It was the equipment previously sold by the Black Flame Forger. Everyone was very aware of how good the Attributes on this item were. It was an absolutely top-tier item.
  If a first-rate Guild were to get ahold of this Forging Design, they would not need him.
  This was because fame served little purpose to a first-rate Guild. Previously, he dared to act presumptuously because he learned the Forging Design for the Savage Chestplate. Now that others had a better Forging Design, who would pay him any heed?
  In the discussion, many first-rate Guilds declared the Forging Design to be theirs, and they would fight whoever dared competed with them over it.
  Hence, everyone had started paying attention to the problem of the ownership of this Forging Design. There was no longer anybody who paid attention to Hammer Trading. Instead, each and every one of them was joyful over his misfortune, making fun of his end.
  This incident led everyone to admire the mysterious player who was selling the Forging Design. This mysterious player's means were extremely great, and people could not help but praise him. There was practically no blood seen when he killed. He only used a piece of paper to cause Hammer Trading, the rising star that received the envy and admiration of tens of thousands, to fall from his heavenly altar, tumbling down into the bottomless abyss and never being able to climb back up.
  Hammer Trading already bore a bitter hatred towards this player who sold the Forging Design. Just when his life of luxury was within his reach, it was all destroyed. Moreover, it was destroyed by a person who was brain-dead.
  Fear not a god-like rival, but fear a pig-like ally. Now, that saying needed an additional verse: and fear more a foolish passerby.
  Hammer Trading's eyes had currently turned crimson, his face extremely ashen. His expression alone was enough to devour a person.
  'Not good. I definitely must buy it no matter the price. As long as I buy it, I can get back all the advantages. At that time, not only will I have the Savage Chestplate, but I will also have the Glimmer Chestplate. When that time comes, those first-rate Guilds will have to prostrate and beg before me.' Hammer Trading's current expression was just like a gambler who lost badly. He placed all of his hopes on buying out the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design.
  Thinking up to this point, Hammer Trading was no longer able to hold himself back as he swiftly rushed towards the Auction House.
  However, it was not just Hammer Trading who was rushing towards the Auction House. There were also the upper echelons of various Guilds of various Towns under the influence of White River City. All of them wanted to purchase the Forging Design. After all, everyone knew how powerful the Glimmer Chestplate was. Owning the Forging Design was the equivalent of owning a mountain of gold.
  This incident caused an uproar at the Auction Houses of the various Towns in White River City. The Auction Houses became unusually lively as players pushed against one another inside the building. The Auction Houses were filled to the entrances, making it hard for players even to enter.
  Meanwhile, the competition for the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design entered into full swing. Every one of the Guilds had bid high prices. Within ten short minutes, the price for the item had reached 1 Gold Coin.
  That's right; it was 1 Gold Coin. That was practically a large Guild's entire fluid funds.
  In such a way, the price of the Forging Design constantly rose without any signs of stopping.
  'Guild Leader, I don't have enough money anymore. What do we do now?'
  'Crap, how can that be? I gave you 1 Gold and 20 Silvers; how can that not be enough?'
  'But... it's selling at 1 Gold 56 Silvers now...'
  'Crap, these people are insane. It's just a Forging Design. Hold on a bit; I'll immediately ask for some money from the money-farming team. I don't believe we can't get it.'
  As the price of the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design rose, bit by bit, each of the various Guilds was constantly raising funds. They contacted money-farming teams, their Guild members, and in the end, even purchased from the Virtual Trade Center.
  Meanwhile, Shi Feng, the cause of all this madness in White River City, had just comfortably arrived at the Library.
  'Revered Miss Sharlyn, I have brought the items you requested. Can you dispel the curse for me now?' Shi Feng sincerely took out 2 Gold Coins, 30 pieces of Moonstones, and the Teleportation Magic Orb.
  After seeing the glittering Gold Coins, Sharlyn nodded her head in satisfaction. However, similar to the Holy Mother, Sharlyn shook her head and said in a pitiful tone, 'Adventurer, you have truly astonished me. You managed to gather all the needed materials in such a short period. If I had known earlier, I would have told you that the Moon Drip ceremony possessed tiers.'
  'Tiers?' Shi Feng looked at Sharlyn's regretful expression, and he could not help but feel slightly odd about the situation. It was as if he was a mouse being stared at by a cat.
  'Mmhmm.' Sharlyn sighed, saying, 'The Moon Drip is a very ancient ceremony. In fact, aside from having a dispelling effect, there are still other effects. However, for convenience's sake, the ceremony was only used to dispel curses after constant alterations, while the other effects were greatly weakened. If you pay another 3 Gold Coins, I can gather all the needed materials to carry out the complete Moon Drip ceremony. Aside from helping you dispel the curse, it will also give you a unimaginably 'big harvest.' Won't you reconsider it?'
  'Big harvest,' when Sharlyn uttered these two words, her voice sounded exceptionally loud, making it sound as if this 'big harvest' was something amazing.
  However, Shi Feng knew that the Sharlyn before him had some kind of see-through skill. Otherwise, how could she have guessed that there were still 3 Gold Coins inside his bag? He already wasted 3 Gold Coins to dispel the curse, and he did not wish to become a sucker.
  As if having seen through Shi Feng's thoughts, Sharlyn added, 'Adventurer, do you know of the legend about the Demon Slaying Sword Saint, Celius? Legends has it that Celius was cursed by the Great Demon King, undergoing torment for a long period. However, after experiencing untold hardships, he finally discovered a method to dispel the curse, which was the Moon Drip. After undergoing the Moon Drip ceremony, he obtained a new life. He received matchless strength from the ceremony, thereby allowing him to defeat the Great Demon King and becoming a legendary Sword Saint on the continent of God's Domain. Don't you think the 'Sword Saint' Celius was very mighty?'
  As she was speaking, Sharlyn's doll-like eyes constantly snuck peeks at Shi Feng. She constantly let out lamented sighs at the mention of 'Sword Saint.'
  '...' Shi Feng suddenly became speechless.
  Watching Sharlyn's actions, it was clear they were saying, 'The Sword Saint is beckoning at you. Youngster, won't you give it a go?'
  Shi Feng glanced at Sharlyn's face, full of smiles, and his heart filled with helplessness. This Sharlyn was a diamond salesperson!
  Although Sharlyn possessed an unruly temperament and criminally attractive body, asking for 6 Gold Coins was just a huge scam! 6 Gold Coins! That was equivalent to 36,000 Credits!
  Very well. His heart was moved. If he could become a Sword Saint in the future, it would all be worth it.
  The new wouldn't come if the old didn't go.
  'Esteemed Miss Sharlyn, I wish to try the complete Moon Drip ceremony. Will there be any danger?' Shi Feng unwillingly dug out another 3 Gold Coins.
  After receiving the Gold Coins, Sharlyn happily smiled as she said, 'You can be at ease, Adventurer. Although this is my first time, my skills are very good. Even my teacher praised me as a genius. Let us begin right away.'
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