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  Chapter 1146: Making Things Difficult
  Translator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalon
  "Haha!" At that moment, Alchemist Huyan suddenly smiled and said, "My young friend, what are you going to use the Soul Restoring Relic for?"
  Yi Yun frowned. He knew that Zuoqiu Haoyu must have transmitted something to Alchemist Huyan. They were friends and, with Zuoqiu Haoyu stirring trouble in the background, it was unlikely that this sale would go through.
  "Alchemist Huyan, you are only selling the pill. There should be no need for you to know why I'm buying the pill. You offered a price of 550,000 and I'm willing to accept it."
  With Xie'er in danger, Yi Yun could only suppress his emotions. However, Alchemist Huyan stroked his beardless chin without responding. There was a teasing smile on his face.
  Yi Yun took a deep breath and asked, "Alchemist Huyan, are you going back on your word?"
  Yi Yun tried his best not to appear anxious to prevent the duo from catching on. However, how could Yi Yun not be anxious? If this dragged on, Xie'er"s condition would only get worse.
  "Going back on my word? Are you questioning me?" Alchemist Huyan's expression sank slightly. "I'm an alchemist. I decide who I sell my pills to. I am free to do so. Whoever buys my pills, be they an overlord or Elder from a mighty faction, should they not all treat me courteously!?"
  Yi Yun's heart sank. Judging by his tone, he clearly wasn't going to let go of the medicine easily. He was going to take every opportunity to make things difficult for Yi Yun. Yi Yun paused for a moment before replying, "I had heard from City Lord Qin and Fairy Wuxia that an alchemist from Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic can refine Soul Restoring Relics, which is why I'm here to buy one."
  As Yi Yun spoke, he waved the blood-red jade slip in his hand. It had City Lord Qin's mark on it, which could not be faked.
  "Oh? City Lord Qin?" Alchemist Huyan"s brow raised slightly. He could tell that Yi Yun was using City Lord Qin's name to pressure him. If it were only Yi Yun, he could toy with the punk as he wished. But if City Lord Qin was involved, he needed to be more careful.
  Zuoqiu Haoyu had informed him of Yi Yun's background with a voice transmission. Zuoqiu Haoyu had Yi Yun investigated, and found that he had just arrived in Myriad City. So it was impossible for him to be very close to City Lord Qin.
  If City Lord Qin wanted to buy the Soul Restoring Relic, he wouldn"t send a junior who had nothing to do with him in his place. The only possibility was that Yi Yun wanted to buy it for himself, and had borrowed City Lord Qin's Myriad Runes.
  But why would City Lord Qin lend him so many Myriad Runes?
  At that moment, Zuoqiu Haoyu suddenly burst into laughter. "Brother, you are impressive! You actually got Fairy Wuxia to request Myriad Runes from City Lord Qin on your behalf. Your freeloader skills are truly out of this world. How impressive! How very impressive!"
  Zuoqiu Haoyu mocked as his eyes looked cold.
  He had gone to great efforts to send precious gifts and repeated invites to Fairy Youqin and Fairy Wuxia, but to no avail. Then came Yi Yun, who gave no gifts, but still ended up freeloading from Fairy Wuxia. He never expected that Fairy Wuxia would treat such a person better than him.
  How could Zuoqiu Haoyu tolerate this?
  "It looks like you have quite a good relationship with Fairy Wuxia. In that case, help me ask Fairy Wuxia out and this Soul Restoring Relic will be sold to you," Zuoqiu Haoyu said nonchalantly.
  Yi Yun's eyes flashed. Zuoqiu Haoyu was insatiable, and his requests were getting more and more out of hand.
  Although he did have a good relationship with Princess White Fox, that was all it was. He could not agree to such a request on her behalf.
  Zuoqiu Haoyu wore a sinister smile. He also knew that his request was excessive. He was only doing it to mock Yi Yun and teach him a lesson. He wanted to let Yi Yun know that a warrior like him was nothing in Myriad City.
  As for him, he had both social connections and power. With but a few words, he could make Yi Yun suffer terribly.
  Zuoqiu Haoyu suspected that, since Yi Yun was willing to borrow Myriad Runes from City Lord Qin to buy the Soul Restoring Relic, he needed it desperately. He was deliberately making things difficult for Yi Yun in order to agitate him.
  "Sigh, Young Master Haoyu, there's no need to go so far." Alchemist Huyan smiled and said, "Since they are Myriad Runes borrowed from City Lord Qin, I'll take his offer into consideration. Let's do it this way. I heard from Young Master Haoyu that you had some differences with him. Just apologize now and it will be settled. 900,000 runes and the Soul Restoring Relic is yours."
  Yi Yun sneered. What a rip off. Forget the apology. Even if he did apologize, he was unable to produce 900,000 runes.
  "Why? Do you not have enough runes?" Zuoqiu Haoyu could naturally tell that the jade slip in Yi Yun's hand held the maximum of 800,000 Myriad Runes. "Hehe, are the runes you borrowed not enough? It's fine. How about this: if you slap yourself, I'll save you 10,000 runes per slap. You save the more slaps you deliver. Hahaha."
  Zuoqiu Haoyu laughed out loud, his laughter roaring wantonly. He was extremely delighted. This was the benefit of power and status. What could one do when they"re bullied by someone who can control the situation?
  He knew that Yi Yun was fairly talented. Such a person was likely proud, and that was precisely why he felt a sense of accomplishment in repressing him.
  He wanted to make Yi Yun so upset that he vomited blood. He wanted Yi Yun to know that he was like an ant in front of him that needed to lower its head.
  Yi Yun clenched his fists before slowly relaxing them. It was not easy to refine Soul Restoring Relics. Furthermore, the refinement took up to two days, with copious amounts of herbs that were prepared beforehand. These herbs were also difficult to gather. With Ling Xie'er in critical danger, he didn"t have the time to try and make a Soul Restoring Relic himself.
  Yi Yun was mentally prepared to tolerate anything, as long as the other party did not go overboard. However, with the situation developing to this point, there was no way he could simply nod along.
  Yi Yun took a deep breath and steeled his heart. He looked up again with eyes as cold as ice. He said to Alchemist Huyan, "Since you do not want to sell the Soul Restoring Relic, you best use it to buy yourself a coffin!"
  Alchemist Huyan's face turned blue. He never expected a junior like Yi Yun would dare to speak that way to him, a Supremacy alchemist.
  "And you." Yi Yun turned his head toward Zuoqiu Haoyu. "I advise you to acquire some good pills while you are still dizzy with success. Otherwise, your family clan might abandon you like a wretch when you get completely crippled in the future. When that time comes, you will not have the money to buy any pills."
  Zuoqiu Haoyu laughed in response. Yi Yun was only an ant but he dared to make such audacious threats.
  "If this wasn't a merchant store, I'm afraid you wouldn"t be walking out of here alive, much less seeing me another day." Zuoqiu Haoyu's voice turned cold as he said the last part of his sentence. He wanted to kill Yi Yun, but fighting was banned in Myriad City's merchant stores. Any violations of this rule brought punishment from every faction in Myriad City.
  "I was going to say the same thing. Many are the years to come. I'll remember what happened today."
  After Yi Yun said that, he turned and left.
  "Oh? "You..."
  Zuoqiu Haoyu saw Yi Yun's figure flash as he appeared by Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic's exit. Yi Yun stepped out of the door without any hesitation, making Zuoqiu Haoyu's expression change slightly.
  Did he read him wrong? Yi Yun wasn't determined to obtain the Soul Restoring Relic?
  Alchemist Huyan frowned as well. "Young Master Haoyu, didn't you say in your voice transmission that this punk would purchase the Soul Restoring Relic at any cost? And that I should increase the price as I wish in order to rip him off?"
  Having lost this business, Alchemist Huyan felt somewhat displeased. Although it wasn't difficult to sell Soul Restoring Relics, they were sold at 500,000 runes most of the time. Alchemist Huyan felt that if he had offered 800,000 runes, Yi Yun would have agreed to it. He could have earned an additional 300,000 runes. Even though he was rich, he could not ignore that tidy sum of money. But now, Yi Yun had left.
  "Master Huyan, why fret over this tiny loss? I, Zuoqiu Haoyu, never mistreat my friends. The bit you lost today will be earned back through my Myriad Immortal Pavilion." Zuoqiu Haoyu said unhappily. He was certain that he could subdue Yi Yun today and trample on him as well. He never expected Yi Yun to be so decisive as to directly leave.
  However, Zuoqiu Haoyu believed that Yi Yun would definitely suffer a great loss if he did not buy the Soul Restoring Relic. In some sense, it was a consolation.
  "If Young Master Haoyu says so, I'll not speak further about it. However, for this punk to offend me and spew those arrogant words of me keeping the Soul Restoring Relic to buy my coffin, there is no way I'm letting him off easy. As long as he dares to stay in Myriad City, I'll definitely prevent him from living peacefully."
  Alchemist Huyan's alchemy skills were superb. He was treated as an honored guest by various large factions in Myriad City, as they all vied for his favor. He had never been subject to the scoldings of a junior.
  "Hmph, even if you do nothing, I will definitely not let him survive." Zuoqiu Haoyu touched his interspatial ring. All these years, no one that offended him ended up living happily.
  As for City Lord Qin, he wasn't very afraid of him either. Yi Yun had no real relationship with City Lord Qin. Furthermore, the Myriad City Lord and the various major factions in Myriad Divine Territory kept each other in check. As long as one did not openly break the rules, no one would shed the pretenses of cordiality.
  After Yi Yun left, Ru'er stayed right by Ling Xie'er's side to watch over her. She watched helplessly as Ling Xie'er's body turned increasingly transparent, as if she would vanish at any moment. At her cultivation level, she was unable to do anything except panic.
  "Little sister, you have to wait for Young Master. He will definitely think of a way to save you." Ru'er whispered.
  She did not know who Ling Xie'er was to Yi Yun. She only knew that she was of utmost importance to Yi Yun.
  Suddenly, the door opened, and Yi Yun's figure appeared by it.
  Ru'er was immediately and pleasantly surprised."Sir, you are back!"
  "Ru'er, come out first and close the door tightly," said Yi Yun.
  Having failed to obtain the Soul Restoring Relic and it being impossible to refine himself, he could only use the method he thought of before.
  Yi Yun"s previous idea was to have Ling Xie'er consume the Soul Returning Root, which would save her from this critical situation.
  However, he needed the Soul Returning Root as an ingredient in the Hollow Soul Pill. Unfortunately, there would be a three-year wait for the pill. He had no choice but to purchase the Soul Restoring Relic.
  But now, Yi Yun was without options.
  He had the notes left behind by the divine alchemist. They contained the essence of medicinal knowledge the divine alchemist had accrued throughout his life. In addition, Yi Yun had a supreme treasure, the Purple Crystal. With it, he could perfectly control the spiritual energy in any natural treasure. He was certain that he could save Ling Xie'er.
  From today forth, he had to practice alchemy arduously.
  After Ru'er closed the door, Yi Yun stood in front of Ling Xie'er. With broken sword in hand, he slashed down. Immediately, the Soul Returning Root in Ling Xie'er's nearly transparent hands was severed into two. As for Ling Xie'er's corporeal body, it was not affected by the sword beam at all.
  Yi Yun needed to have a long-term plan for taking care of Ling Xie'er's corporeal body. As such, he had only taken half of the Soul Returning Root. The other half he left in Ling Xie'er's hands.
  Without delay, he took his half of the Soul Returning Root in hand. Yi Yun activated the Purple Crystal and produced a wisp of Yuan Qi as he began to extract the Soul Returning Root's essence.
  He could only use half of the Soul Returning Root and he could not waste an ounce of its essence. If it were anyone else, that would be a completely impossible feat. But Yi Yun was different.
  Through the Purple Crystal's energy vision, Yi Yun could see every strand of essence clearly. He intricately extracted them.
  Yi Yun infused each strand of energy into Ling Xie'er's corporeal body. The essence merged with her corporeal body, causing her transparent body to gradually become opaque.
  Yi Yun was completely focused, taking care not to waste a single strand of energy. He precisely controlled them and directed them into Ling Xie'er's body. After a full day of this, Yi Yun walked out of the room, mentally exhausted.
  The half of the Soul Returning Root had turned into ash. All the energy within had been extracted by Yi Yun and transferred into Ling Xie'er.
  Half of the Soul Returning Root was only sufficient enough to temporarily stabilize Ling Xie'er's corporeal body. As such, Yi Yun had also infused a large amount of pure Yang energy into her body.
  Because of this, he had constantly consumed a large number of relics to replenish his Yuan Qi.
  The remaining half of the Soul Returning Root remained in Ling Xie'er's hands.
  Since he only used half of it, Yi Yun would still need to refine other pills to heal her soul in the future. Only then could Ling Xie'er last until the day when she could consume the Hollow Soul Pill.
  This was all thanks to Zuoqiu Haoyu.
  "Ru'er," Yi Yun said.
  Ru'er immediately ran over. She had stood nearby all this while feeling anxious. After Yi Yun came out, she caught a glimpse of his expression. From his calm expression, she determined that the little girl was likely fine.
  "Sir, what do you need?" Ru'er asked.
  "Follow me to Myriad Pavilion," said Yi Yun.
  "Why are we going there?" Ru'er blinked her eyes.
  They had already exchanged for Myriad Runes and rented a store. Why did he want to go there again so quickly?
  Yi Yun's eyes looked calm."I want to relinquish this place and rent a new store."
  While treating Ling Xie'er, Yi Yun had made his decision.
  Since the 800,000 runes had not been able to buy the Soul Restoring Relic, he would use it to do something else. In Myriad City, he was just too poor. The 800,000 runes were his capital.
  Even if Yi Yun could slowly accumulate wealth, Ling Xie'er did not have the luxury of waiting for him to do so. Before purchasing the materials needed to refine the Hollow Soul Pill, Ling Xie'er would still need to consume pills that rejuvenated the soul. The expenses were piling up.
  "Rent a store again?" Ru'er was stunned. However, she obviously could not question Yi Yun's decision. She immediately nodded and said,"I'll make the necessary preparations now."
  Two days later, in a busy area of Myriad City, a store with average business selling talismans and charms changed owners. It also changed into a medicinal clinic.
  This new medicinal clinic was only a few streets away from the core region of Myriad City, home to stores owned by the ten major factions like the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic. For warriors, traversing this bit of distance was easy as drinking water.
  Because this area constantly hummed with activity, the rent was extremely pricey. Typically, only major sects or factions would set up shop here. However, the shop that recently opened had simple renovations. It was a quaint wooden structure, extremely quiet and beautiful.
  The store did not have any attendants. There was only a young girl that greeted customers and a manager who was a young man.
  At the store's entrance hung a simple plaque that read-"Yun Xin Loft".
  The 'Yun' came from Yi Yun's name. The 'Xin' was from Lin Xintong's name. The two joined together became the name of Yi Yun's newly opened medicinal store.
  No one had the courage to open a new medicinal store within walking distance of the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic. However, Yi Yun was not afraid. He did not plan on directly targeting the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic. However, with the grudge already in place, he decided that he might as well open his own medicinal store in front of the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic's entrance.
  There was no opening ceremony for the medicinal store. Nor did anyone come to give their good wishes. It had a low-profile opening.
  Many people were rather astonished to see the newly opened medicinal store.
  In Myriad City, the stores that earned the most money were medicinal stores. After all, weapons, talismans, and array formations were external objects. However, pills and relics could save lives and treat injuries. They also had positive effects on a warrior's cultivation level. Regardless of the intended use, they were things that warriors would try to obtain at any cost.
  However, the requirements to open a large medicinal store were lofty. One needed a top-grade alchemist to hold down the fort. Otherwise, it was impossible to do business in Myriad City. It would only be a waste of rent money.
  Who was this young man that dared to open a medicinal store beside the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic? Was he asking to die?
  Some people were curious and went into Yun Xin Loft to take a look. They were only more perplexed after seeing what was inside.
  It lacked merchandise. There were no pills or relics displayed inside the medicinal clinic. One couldn't buy any pills even if they wanted to. Furthermore, the staff and manager of the store were young. It rendered people speechless.
  They guessed that it was some scion that had an illustrious background. He must have gotten excited by the potential profits of selling medicine, but did not know how tough it actually was. So he opened a store here without a concrete knowledge of the business. The outcome was obvious. In a few months, the store would probably change owners.
  Yi Yun naturally heard the discussions of people around him, but he ignored them.
  He had just finished writing a plaque and told Ru'er,"Ru'er, hang this plaque outside."
  "Yes, Sir."
  Ru'er took the plaque. The text was written on it in vigorous and fine strokes. Ever since Yi Yun became a swordsman, he stroked his words like he was swinging a sword. Each stroke contained innate Sword Dao that left lasting impressions on others.
  "Sir, you plan on being a proxy alchemist of pill recipes?"
  Although Yi Yun had been given 800,000 runes, renting the new store had cost him a good deal of it. If he were to spend the remaining runes on ingredients to make medicine, he would simply put himself into a dire financial position. Even if he could refine some pills, there was no guarantee that an unknown like him could even attract the customers to buy them.
  Therefore, Yi Yun decided to hang a plaque and be a proxy refiner. Such a business did not require startup funds. It was fine if he did not have much capital.
  "That's right." Yi Yun nodded. The demand for pills in Myriad City exceeds supply. As long as the pills I refine reach a passable standard, customers will slowly begin to swarm in."
  "Sir, but..." Ru'er stammered. She found it inappropriate to say certain things. According to Yi Yun's plaque, the refinement of pills was free the first time. Subsequent refinements cost about as much as the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic would charge. How would customers be enticed by that?
  Come to think of it, Ru'er did not know how skilled Yi Yun was at refining pills. But even if he was very good, it only made sense for him charge lower prices at the start of his business.
  "Sir, should we add a line that if we end up destroying their ingredients, we will compensate them several times more...?"
  Ru'er said softly. Although she was innocent by nature, she had some sense. As it was, there was a chance that Yi Yun's plaque would only be mocked. Why would anyone come to employ his services? Gathering materials for pill refinement was very difficult. Who would just casually let an unknown alchemist have a go with their precious materials? If the ingredients were destroyed, it would be a great loss.
  Upon hearing Ru'er's words, Yi Yun laughed.
  "Ru'er, I don't mind adding that line. It would not do me any harm either. However, my alchemical skills were inherited by an impressive alchemist senior. They don"t come cheap."
  "I'm different from others when it comes to alchemy. If I"m not confident I can do it, I won"t do it. As such, there will not be a situation of me destroying the ingredients."
  "If I succeed every time and refine high-quality pills, then those who are willing to believe in me will receive handsome rewards. Those who do not believe in me are free to go to another store."
  Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal Origins, the Heretical God Fire Seed, and the divine alchemist's heritage. He was well-versed in the Desolate Heaven technique in the Tian Yuan World and in the Luo clan. In the past two years, he greatly improved his alchemical skills and Desolate Heaven technique. Under these circumstances, Yi Yun was naturally confident.
  People like Alchemist Huyan, meanwhile, received godlike treatment from the various major factions. His services were rendered based purely on his mood. Even if he took on a job, there was no guarantee of success, nor was he required to pay for the failure.
  But for Yi Yun, if he had to lower his prices and pay for the materials, what point was there? He might as well give the pills away for free.
  Along the martial path, one had to pay the price to reap rewards. It was the same for everyone.
  Ru'er weakly nodded and hung the plaque outside.
  The moment it was hung, it naturally attracted a lot of attention.
  People were somewhat dumbfounded when they caught sight of it.
  "It's free the first time. Anyone that wants subsequent pills refined will have to pay prices that match the three major medicinal clinics?"
  "The materials are provided by the customer, but there is no compensation if they get destroyed during the refinement process?"
  Many people were rendered speechless when they saw the conditions on the plaque. If this was a plaque hung by the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic, no one would dare question it. In fact, mega stores like the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic did have such conditions, and the customers had to accept them. If the refinement failed, they had to consider it bad luck and move on.
  However, for Yun Xin Loft to hang up such conditions, it only appeared as a joke.
  Not a single person walked into the store to request Yi Yun"s services. Who would risk the ingredients that they had so painstakingly gathered? If they did so, they would probably become the laughing stock of Myriad City.
  Yi Yun did not mind the people"s reactions. He took out the divine alchemist's notes and continued studying them.
  He was in no hurry to take action. If no one came for his services, he could continue researching alchemy and the Desolate Heaven technique. Learning was an endless process. It all served to pave the way for Yi Yun's martial path.
  "Ru'er, look at those people outside mocking us. Remember their faces..."
  "Ah? Why?" Ru'er was stupefied.
  "Nothing much. It's fine for them to doubt me. But it's irritating to hear their mockery. When the day comes that they request for my services, I'll charge them double. I'm a person that remembers grudges."
  Yi Yun said languidly. Ru'er could only nod. From Yi Yun's tone, he appeared rather confident and was sure that these people would seek his services in the future. However, the store currently had zero business. Would anyone really come?
  Ru'er waited helplessly, but not a single person came the entire afternoon. Ru'er ended up memorizing the faces of hundreds of warriors. They had all mocked the plaque.
  Ru'er was innately very intelligent. It was not difficult for her to remember them all.
  At evening, the illumination arrays began lighting up in the central business district. Instead of getting quieter, the streets began to be filled with more people.
  Ru'er watched the open door in a daze, straining her eyes in anxiousness, hoping that someone would appear. Just as she was giving into exhaustion, a silk-clothed person stepped into the store. He surveyed the store and said with a smile, "Where's your boss? I want to get him to refine medicine!"
  Was this really a customer?
  Ru'er was delighted. If such an expensive store perpetually had no business, Ru'er would truly die from anxiousness. She hoped that Yi Yun could win this customer"s business and deliver, making a name for himself.
  "My master is upstairs. Sir, what would you like refined? I'll call my master down."
  Ru'er said happily. At that moment, Yi Yun had already walked down from the second floor. In fact, he had sensed the person the moment they entered his store.
  Yi Yun unhurriedly closed the scroll in his hand. He looked at the customer in the main hall and walked down the steps one step at a time.
  "What irony. To think that my Yun Xin Loft's first customer is you-Alchemist Huyan!"
  "Hahaha! Don't you welcome business?" A boisterous laughter sounded as another man walked into the store. He was none other than Zuoqiu Haoyu!
  "I wondered who was so audacious as to match the prices of the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic. I later learned that it was you, the little bastard. Could it be that your soul was damaged, but as a result of not consuming the Soul Restoring Relic in time, your soul sea cracked and you turned dumb? You actually opened a medicinal clinic near the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic and even wrote such an amusing plaque."
  Zuoqiu Haoyu's voice rang loud and clear. It attracted a good deal of the foot traffic in the business district, causing people to look over.
  "What's the point of engaging in a war of words? From my point of view, you are like a village shrew that quarrels for no good reason. Just a little offense and you unleash a barrage of invectives. Other than making people think lowly of you, what does it accomplish?"
  Yi Yun's voice was nonchalant. By that point, quite a big crowd had gathered because of Zuoqiu Haoyu and Alchemist Huyan's appearance.
  Many people were unaware of the quarrel between Yi Yun and Zuoqiu Haoyu at the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic. They were perplexed as to why Zuoqiu Haoyu was being so rude.
  Alchemist Huyan stroked his chin. Yi Yun was an unknown junior with nothing to lose, so he was fearless. He had hung up a foolish refinement notice. The impression others had of Yi Yun was that he was mad and retarded. His standing could not be any lower.
  However, the two of them were people of status. If people of status came to mock a fool, it would only add fame to the fool. It would also make others think lowly of them.
  "Young Master Haoyu, this is the business district. There are many people watching so it's pointless to mock him."
  "Got it." Zuoqiu Haoyu snorted coldly and turned towards Yi Yun. "Yi Yun, you hung up such a foolish notice. You want customers to prepare the refinement ingredients, but you do not need to compensate upon failure. Do you know how much effort is needed to gather ingredients? It might take hundreds, if not thousands, of years. People can go broke gathering the ingredients, and then place all their hopes on the refinement. Yet, you plan on using their efforts to practice. Have you ever considered the price they would pay when you fail? How shameless you are."
  Zuoqiu Haoyu's words received the approving nods from many people. As warriors that did not have powerful factions to rely on, gathering ingredients was not an easy task. They had to go through great ordeals.
  Yi Yun knew that Zuoqiu Haoyu came to his store with ill intentions. He said with a sneer, "Zuoqiu Haoyu, after saying all this nonsense, why are you here? Are you retarded?"
  "Hehe." A sinister beam flashed in Zuoqiu Haoyu's eyes. "What I said does not affect the reason I'm here. Since you have opened a medicinal clinic, how can I not show you support? I have a recipe here and I would like you to refine it. If it succeeds, I will pay you double the price. Conversely, and due to the expensive nature of the ingredients I prepared, you must agree to compensate me double if you fail!"
  "I see." Yi Yun chuckled. He long knew that Zuoqiu Haoyu would cause trouble for him. He had clearly brought an extremely difficult recipe. Furthermore, it needed especially valuable ingredients, and so was probably designed to scam him, making him go bankrupt from paying the compensation.
  He never expected that his first customer would be such an ordeal. How could he accept such conditions?
  "Are you not awake yet? If I refine the pills for you, the pills are yours if the refinement succeeds. All I get is double the pill refinement fee. If I fail, I need to pay double the ingredients' cost in compensation. These ingredients must cost an astronomical sum, right? Why would I do business that is obviously a loss for me?"
  When Yi Yun finished speaking, Ru'er finally understood the brilliance behind Yi Yun"s plaque. If he were to indicate on the plaque that refinement failures would be compensated, Zuoqiu Haoyu could hire Yi Yun's services without trouble. He could then treat Yi Yun as a free alchemist and order him around. Yi Yun would not even be able to make an attempt to bargain.
  "Hmph! If you succeed in the refinement, I won't even want the pill. I'll give it to you! Twice the refinement fee will be paid as well. If you fail, you will compensate me double. Do you dare?"
  Zuoqiu Haoyu went for broke. He no longer hid his motives, going as far as to gamble the pill. If he really was there to refine a pill, why would he offer to give it up?
  Yi Yun waved his hand and said, "Pill recipe!"
  "Alright!" Zuoqiu Haoyu's eyes flashed with a teasing look. He refused to believe that Yi Yun was an alchemist. How could alchemy be that easy to learn? Furthermore, the recipe he prepared was ridiculously difficult.
  Zuoqiu Haoyu threw a scroll, sending it flying at Yi Yun.
  Yi Yun caught the pill recipe and scanned the ingredients listed on it-Ice Tharm Grass, Shattered Fissure Jade, Nine Crow Flame Plume, ten-thousand-year-old Fogheart Flower, Thunderous Wolf Spine...
  The pills that Zuoqiu Haoyu wanted to be produced were named "Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills!"
  There were records of this pill in the divine alchemist's notes. It had a long history, and had existed well before the divine alchemist made a name for himself.
  And in fact, the records contained in the divine alchemist's notes were much more complex than the recipe Zuoqiu Haoyu had given him. The effectiveness of the final product was also much better.
  Due to the passage of time, some ancient pill recipes could end up losing pieces for a myriad of reasons. They were later completed by others, but the effect was no longer as good as before.
  "I never expected Zuoqiu Haoyu and Old Ghoul Huyan to have such good reserves."
  Yi Yun let a slight smile escape, but in truth, his heart was filled with joy.
  The Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills were excellent pills that could fortify the soul and rejuvenate the blood, while also enhancing one's cultivation level and nourishing one's dantian.
  Not only would the pills save Ling Xie'er, they would also be very beneficial to Yi Yun. After rapidly breaking through to the Dao Palace realm, he was in need of pills that could nourish his foundation. If more than ten pills out of a cauldron of Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills succeeded, he would make a killing.
  Of course, they were very difficult pills to refine. Not only did it require a powerful soul, but the handling of the Nine Crow Flame Plume and Thunderous Wolf Spine needed the Desolate Heaven technique.
  Although alchemy and the Desolate Heaven technique were essentially the same, due to the differences in handling spiritual plants and Fey beasts, many alchemists were unable to practice both.
  In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, the Desolate Heaven technique was more popular due to the prevalence of Fey beasts. In the Yang God Empyrean Heaven, alchemy was more popular.
  Yi Yun happened to be proficient in both. He was quite confident that he could succeed in refining the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills.
  Even so, Yi Yun did not immediately agree to do it. He looked at Zuoqiu Haoyu carefully and said, "You really are willing to invest. These herbs probably cost more than 1.5 million runes. When doubled, that's three million. Do you think I can afford to pay that?"
  "It doesn't matter if you don"t have the runes. According to Myriad City's rules, any debt can be repaid by severing one's limbs. If that's not enough, your life can be used. Although your life isn't worth anything, I'm still very willing to accept it. Furthermore, I believe Fairy Wuxia would not sit idly by when she sees you being sliced apart."
  Zuoqiu Haoyu mentioned Fairy Wuxia once again. Yi Yun knew that if he truly got into trouble, Princess White Fox would definitely not sit idle. Of course, Yi Yun did not believe that he would fail.
  "In ten days, I will begin the refining process!" Yi Yun did not engage in idle banter and directly agreed to it.
  "Hahaha! Alright! I will be here. I have to see you refine it with your own hands!" Zuoqiu Haoyu smiled sinisterly. He had sealed off Yi Yun's routes of retreat.
  Zuoqiu Haoyu left and the bystanders began to disperse.
  The news that Yi Yun would start to refine Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills in ten says quickly spread throughout Myriad City.
  Although Yi Yun was not considered a big shot, anything involving Alchemist Huyan and Zuoqiu Haoyu naturally garnered the attention of many.
  Princess White Fox and City Lord Qin naturally received the news as well.
  "Oh, your friend also knows alchemy?" City Lord Qin was rather astonished. According to what Princess White Fox had told him, Yi Yun was only a junior. Young people didn"t even have enough time to cultivate, but this one had even practiced alchemy, going so far as to dare to refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills?
  Princess White Fox frowned slightly as she said with a nod, "Uncle Qin, Yi Yun is indeed proficient in the Desolate Heaven technique. I have seen him refine Fey bone relics. However, I do not know how well he does when refining spiritual plants into pills. Furthermore...if the refinement of Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills is as hard as you say, perhaps it might not be that easy for Yi Yun to refine them."
  Princess White Fox had some understanding of Yi Yun's Desolate Heaven technique. Although he was excellently talented in the Desolate Heaven technique, he was probably greatly inferior to master alchemists. Moreover, the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills were something that even many famous alchemists in Myriad City could not guarantee success in, according to City Lord Qin.
  "The date is ten days from now. I'll be there and we will see for ourselves." City Lord Qin said. The matter sounded fascinating, so he naturally did not want to miss it.
  As City Lord Qin and Princess White Fox were conversing, Yi Yun was cooped up in his room, studying a little gray cauldron.
  It was the Divine Alchemy Cauldron left behind by the divine alchemist!
  Before the divine alchemist died, he had used the Divine Alchemy Cauldron to establish a massive array to revive his daughter, but he failed in the end. For hundreds of millions of years, the Divine Alchemy Cauldron had been burning in pure Yang flames. The burning had even changed its appearance slightly.
  The Divine Alchemy Cauldron was now of better quality than it was when it was used by the divine alchemist. The only pity was that the Divine Alchemy Cauldron's internal array was broken.
  The array had fused with the worldly formation of the Sun Burial Sandsea, but it was broken by Yi Yun. As such, the Divine Alchemy Cauldron's array dispersed into the worldly formation. Yi Yun felt that it was quite a pity.
  But even so, the Divine Alchemy Cauldron with a broken array was still a hundred times more powerful than any cauldron used by Myriad City's alchemists.
  It meant that Yi Yun's refinement would produce double the results for half the effort.
  "I'm unable to fully control this Divine Alchemy Cauldron. I can only use a portion of it. What a pity. If I can mend its missing array in the future, I'll be able to restore it to its former glory, or even better."
  Yi Yun knew that the divine alchemist had set up the array without the intention of leaving it to a successor. However, he had stumbled into inheriting the divine alchemist's mantle. Since it happened, he wanted to develop whatever the divine alchemist left behind into something that would shine with even greater brilliance.
  It was always a pity when bright pearls were covered in dust.
  Yi Yun tapped his finger gently as a herbal plant transformed into a stream of light, flying into the Divine Alchemy Cauldron. Soon, it was enveloped by flames and transformed into medicinal fluid...
  From beginning to end, the Divine Alchemy Cauldron did not emit any light. From the looks of it, it was an ordinary cauldron.
  This was because the core array had cracked, causing the Divine Alchemy Cauldron to lose its luster. Even a Divine Lord alchemist would probably find it hard to tell what was special about the cauldron. That actually saved Yi Yun some trouble.
  Yi Yun needed to hone his control over the Divine Alchemy Cauldron in ten days, so he could attain optimal working conditions. As for the recipe of the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills, be it the old or new recipe, Yi Yun had memorized it by heart. Everything would be settled in ten days.
  If he could successfully refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills, he would be able to find his footing in Myriad City, earning large amounts of resources.
  "Xie'er, I will definitely wake you up in at most three years." Yi Yun said inwardly.
  At that moment, Ling Xie'er was lying on Yi Yun's bed. Her body was translucent and she held the Soul Returning Root in hand. A dancing Heretical God Fire Seed illuminated her tiny face with a weak glow. Her expression looked peaceful as if she was deep asleep...
  As the biggest medicinal clinic in Myriad City, the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic had no lack of customers. Alchemist Huyan Cang was one of the mainstays of the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic, so he was naturally a hot commodity. Numerous people sought his talents in refining medicine on a daily basis.
  Alchemist Huyan was very picky when it came to refining medicine. If the price was too low, he naturally wouldn't bother.
  He refused to refine medicine that was easy to make-it was a waste of his time.
  He also refused to refine medicine that was too difficult-Although he was not required to compensate lost materials, a failure would still affect his reputation.
  To Alchemist Huyan, time was money. As long as he was willing to take on business, the Myriad Runes would come to him. As such, he was no longer very motivated to earn Myriad Runes.
  Furthermore, as Huyan Cang began getting on in years, his spirit of enterprise waned. Since he was already at that age, he was unable to make any new breakthroughs. Even if he cultivated arduously, it would be fruitless. He might as well enjoy life.
  Alchemist Huyan had consumed Youth Retention Pills in his early years, making him appear to be in his twenties. However, his lifeblood was already on the decline.
  Huyan Cang could not stand gentrifying. Besides taking pills to extend his lifespan, he also cultivated in bedroom mystic techniques. By obtaining the Primordial Yin of young girls, he was able to barely stimulate his gradually waning fire of life.
  In fact, Huyan Cang was rather obsessed with beauty and sex. He would often refine medicines that enhanced his sexual performance. There were even times when beautiful female warriors requested his refinement services, and he would take that opportunity to extort them into sleeping with him, under threat of not receiving their pills.
  His modus operandi was infamous but Huyan Cang did not worry about the infamy.
  Just that day, in Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic, he had just failed in refining a cauldron of pills. The materials he destroyed were worth tens of thousands of runes.
  But Huyan Cang didn't care about the loss of the materials. He only sensed that, with him growing older by the day, his soul was becoming inadequate. If it were tens of thousands of years ago, he would have easily succeeded in refining that cauldron of pills.
  As he lamented, Huyan Cang could not help but think of the bet he made with Yun Xin Loft's Yi Yun five days ago. He frowned slightly. Where did that punk get his confidence from?
  Yi Yun"s refinement process would be made public. Zuoqiu Haoyu had even invited several alchemists to audit the process. It could not be faked. It was impossible that Yi Yun truly had the ability to refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills himself, right?
  Huyan Cang believed that Yi Yun did know a little alchemy. That on top of Yi Yun's rather impressive talent made Huyan Cang extremely jealous. As he declined, Yi Yun, who had endless possibilities in the future, remained extremely young. How could he be okay with that?
  "I definitely must make it impossible for that punk to rise up..."
  As he was deliberating it, Huyan Cang suddenly heard an announcement-
  "Master Huyan, Jadewave Sect's Sect Master Dong wishes to see you."
  Jadewave Sect's sect master?
  Huyan Cang stroked his chin. The person in question had sought his services numerous times. Every time, he could not be bothered to entertain his request. The pill the sect master wanted to have refined took four to five days. It also demanded a lot of one's strength of the soul. With Huyan Cang's soul in decline, he was not willing to go through the trouble. In addition, the price offered by Jadewave Sect's sect master hardly interested him.
  If this were any other day, he would have sent him away. But today, he was feeling vexed. After some thought, he said to the manager, "Let him in."
  The Jadewave Sect was a tiny sect in the Myriad Divine Territory. It was far inferior to even the Clarity Pool Sword Sect.
  Years ago, the Jadewave Sect's sect master had managed to raise his cultivation level to half-step Supremacy at great cost. He could be said to be the weakest half-step Supremacy. Under such circumstances, it was very difficult for him to afford the expensive refinement fee.
  "Master Huyan, I went through great efforts to obtain the Skydew Grass that you instructed me to prepare. Is it possible for you to refine the Body Cleansing Pill as per our original agreement? I would be extremely grateful."
  As the sect master said this, he gave Huyan Cang a deep bow.
  "Skydew Grass? You actually managed to find it." Huyan Cang was extremely surprised. A year ago, the last time the sect master came to him, he had told Sect Master Dong that he needed Skydew Grass.
  This ingredient did not actually cost much, as it only occasionally appeared in medicinal recipes, but it was extremely rare. Even in Myriad City that claimed to have everything, it was a hard find. Huyan Cang had nonchalantly given the sect master the task of finding it, hoping to be rid of him. Yet here he was with the item in hand.
  But now, Huyan Cang did not wish to refine the requested pill. So the Skydew Grass failed to impress him.
  "Where's your daughter? Why isn't she here with you?"
  Huyan Cang suddenly asked.
  The moment the Jadewave Sect's sect master heard Huyan Cang mention his daughter, his expression stiffened.
  His daughter, Dong Xiaowan, had excellent talent. Years ago, there had been a beauty and talent ranking of the blessed daughters of heavens in Myriad City. The one that topped the charts was obviously Fairy Youqin. As for Dong Xiaowan, she managed to make an appearance on the charts. Although she was ranked nineteenth, it was still quite impressive for a woman from a small sect.
  Sect Master Dong believed his daughter to be the hope of Jadewave Sect but, two years ago, something strange happened to his daughter after she returned from an experiential training journey. Regardless of how much time she put into cultivation, her cultivation level did not increase one bit.
  This made Sect Master Dong anxious. He depended on his only precious daughter to bring the Jadewave Sect to greater heights in the future. This was the golden period for her cultivation growth, so every year delayed made his heart bleed.
  He brought his daughter everywhere in search of medical advice. One famous doctor guessed that there was a tiny fault with her dantian. If she took a Body Cleansing Pill, it could cleanse her body, resolving all of her problems.
  The refinement of a Body Cleansing Pill was extremely expensive. The Jadewave Sect's sect master used all his savings to gather the ingredients, but the refinement fee was something he could not afford.
  He had been shunned several times in Myriad City until he found Huyan Cang. Huyan Cang's price was the only one he could barely afford, which was the Skydew Grass.
  However, he never imagined that Huyan Cang would lose interest in the Skydew Grass after a year. He casually tossed the Skydew Grass into a jade box before asking again, "Your daughter's name is Dong Xiaowan, right? The Body Cleansing Pill is for her, so why didn't you bring her along?"
  Huyan Cang stroked his chin as Sect Master Dong suddenly realized something was amiss. He had heard of Huyan Cang's reputation, and it was for that very reason that he never brought his daughter with him.
  "Master Huyan, my daughter's body is weak, so it's difficult for her to travel. That"s why I'm seeking alchemists to refine the Body Cleansing Pill to save my daughter." Sect Master Dong said earnestly.
  Huyan Cang chuckled, "Her body is weak and it's difficult for her to travel? Yet, I've only heard that her cultivation level has stagnated. No amount of cultivation can increase her Yuan Qi, but she is not affected in any other aspect. So why can't she travel?"
  "Since there is a need for me to refine the pill, doesn"t it seem insincere that the person who needs it most will not appear? Bring her here. I'll examine her body and feel her pulse. Only then can I give the proper medication."
  Upon hearing Huyan Cang saying that, Sect Master Dong's expression changed. "Alchemists aren't doctors, why is there a need to feel her pulse?"
  "Oh? Are you questioning me?" Huyan Cang frowned. He was already in a bad mood after his earlier failure. He hoped to see Dong Xiaowan and if possible use her need for medicine to take advantage of her. Then, he could give her some pills and subsequently have intercourse with her to slow down the waning of his soul's strength.
  He never expected that the old man in front of him would be impenetrably thickheaded. It only served to make his mood worse.
  "You want me to refine a Body Cleansing Pill with one crappy herb? Dream on! I will consider refining the pill for you when you bring your daughter to me." Huyan Cang's expression turned cold as he spoke impatiently.
  Sect Master Dong was infuriated. The one that wanted the Skydew Grass in the first place was Huyan Cang, but now he said he didn't want it?
  He had searched seven divine territories over the past year for the Skydew Grass. He had spent all of his remaining savings on it and still had to borrow money. But now, Huyan Cang had gone back on his word so easily. It made his Skydew Grass turn useless because, although it was rare, it had little use. Pretty much no alchemist needed it.
  Not only that, Huyan Cang was older than him, yet he had his sights on his young daughter. To speak so frivolously in front of him, as a father, was taking bullying to the extreme!
  Sect Master Dong was incensed but Huyan Cang glanced at him and said with a sneer, "Why? Are you thinking of attacking me? You are just a person that relied on herbs to forcefully reach the half-step Supremacy stage, with a tiny sect backing you. Your sect is not in Myriad City and it is not protected by Myriad City's rules. Be careful not to get wiped out!"
  Huyan Cang was emboldened by his status. The corners of Sect Master Dong's mouth quivered as his face turned pale. However, he could not do a thing. His Jadewave Sect was no match for the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic.
  Sect Master Dong took a few deep breaths as he clenched his fists before slowly releasing them.
  With the situation developing to this point, he could only endure the bullying because he was weak.
  Sect Master Dong turned and left. Huyan Cang snorted coldly and deliberately said to the manager beside him with a loud voice, "Tell the other medicinal clinics that anyone who refines medicine for him is deliberately going against me, Huyan Cang."
  The words were meant for Sect Master Dong, whose footsteps came to a momentary halt. However, he still strode out of Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic's door.
  Seeing how Sect Master Dong did not capitulate, Huyan Cang frowned. As he gradually aged, his temperament was also beginning to distort. He began to enjoy the feeling status and power gave him as he toyed with the fates of others.
  Furthermore, he was indeed interested in Dong Xiaowan. Being able to have intercourse with such a top-grade, talented beauty would greatly delay his gentrification.
  "Alchemist Huyan, I'll do as you instructed." The manager responded. Just as he was about to spread the news, Huyan Cang's eyes narrowed as his expression turned extremely ugly.
  "Alchemist Huyan...what's the matter?"
  "You truly have some guts."
  Huyan Cang stood up as his eyes flared with pangs of anger.
  He had sent his perception to follow closely behind Sect Master Dong. He saw Sect Master Dong walk down a street and turn around the corner before coming to a store. Sect Master Dong faltered slightly in front of the entrance before entering with his teeth gritted.
  The plaque on this store contained three words-'Yun Xin Loft'!
  "Welcome! May I ask why you are here today...?"
  When Ru'er saw an azure-clothed elder walk into Yun Xin Loft, she immediately came forward to tend to him. She was also wary of him. Over the past five days, other than Huyan Cang and Zuoqiu Haoyu, Yun Xin Loft had not seen a single customer. Ru'er did not suddenly place her hopes on this one person.
  "Where's your master? I want to hire him to refine medicine for me."
  Sect Master Dong knew of the quarrel between Yi Yun, Huyan Cang and Zuoqiu Haoyu. He was rather impressed by how the young man with an ordinary background dared to stand up to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion and the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic. However, he did not think that Yi Yun would win.
  Unfortunately, he was desperate today and had nowhere else to turn.
  "Oh? You want me to refine medicine?" Yi Yun walked down from upstairs. "You are the first proper customer in five days to request my services."
  It had been five days. Yi Yun felt that his Yun Xin Loft was quite a failure. Were it not for Zuoqiu Haoyu and Huyan Cang"s little stunt giving him free publicity, his Yun Xin Loft would probably really close down in the future.
  "Young Master Yi." Sect Master Dong bowed, "I'm Jadewave Sect's Sect Master, Dong Shaoqing."
  "Nice to meet you, Sect Master Dong." Yi Yun cupped his fists. "Let me make this clear upfront: If the materials end up being destroyed during the refining process, I will not make any compensation. As long as you can accept this condition, I will begin the refining process."
  "I naturally know the rules. To be honest, I came here because I was out of options. It's an all-or-nothing bet." Dong Shaoqing spoke honestly. Even if Huyan Cang did not prohibit the other medicinal clinics from making the pill for him, he had no time to seek and gather the refinement fees demanded by the other stores. If there was any further delay, his daughter's talent would truly be wasted.
  "Haha." Not only was Yi Yun unoffended by Dong Shaoqing's frank statement, he actually laughed. "Sect Master Dong, please feel free to state your request."
  Dong Shaoqing said, "Young Master Yi, I need a Body Cleansing Pill for my daughter. I have already prepared the ingredients. However, I truly can't pay the refinement fees of other establishments. I had a previous deal with Huyan Cang, he wanted a Skydew Grass before he would agree to refine the pill for me. However, he has gone back on his word. All I have is a Skydew Grass. If you are interested in it, take it away. In the next hundred years, I will give you a total of 100,000 runes intermittently as a form of thanks. If Young Master Yi doesn't need the Skydew Grass, then forget it."
  "Skydew Grass?"
  Yi Yun was surprised. He saw Dong Shaoqin take out a jade box. When he opened it, there was withered yellow grass sitting inside. It looked like it had withered a long time ago, but strangely, there was crystalline dew on the grass's leaf.
  "It is indeed Skydew Grass..." Yi Yun never expected to see Skydew Grass.
  According to the divine alchemist's notes, Skydew Grass was an extremely rare herb. One might not even find it if they scoured the oceans and mountains.
  The divine alchemist's notes also used Skydew Grass as a core ingredient for a pill that could enhance one's soul realm. It was called Skydew Mental Nourishing Pill.
  Typically, the strength of a warrior's soul was on par with their cultivation level.
  As for peerless geniuses, the strength of their soul would typically be a subrealm or two higher than their cultivation level.
  For a person like Yi Yun, who was proficient in four Great Dao laws and had condensed four nine-leaf Dao fruits, constructing a nine-edged Dao Palace, the power of his soul was already comparable to a half-step Supremacy.
  However, it was still rather hasty to designate Yi Yun's soul to be invincible among peers at his cultivation level.
  After all, Yi Yun was not a warrior that focused on cultivating his soul. People like Fairy Youqin had given birth to soul attacks through her cultivation of Zither Dao. She had trained her soul from a young age, so the power of her soul had long reached an unimaginable level among warriors at her level. She had an edge over Yi Yun.
  A powerful soul was usually reflected by good perception sensing, the launching or enduring of mental attacks, as well as nomological insight. It could not directly raise one's combat strength, so warriors that focused on the soul typically did not have an advantage in battle.
  However, for alchemists or Desolate Heaven Masters, strength of soul mattered quite a lot. An alchemist with a powerful soul would refine pills of a grade that far exceeded a normal alchemist"s. They could also attempt several highly difficult pills.
  Yi Yun estimated that with the Skydew Mental Nourishing Pill, there would come a day when his soul slowly rose from half-step Supremacy to the level of Supremacy. As such, he would be more confident when he began refining the Hollow Soul Pill. Yi Yun had even considered the idea of using other herbs to replace the Skydew Mental Nourishing Pill.
  "Young Master Yi, I know this Skydew Grass might not be of much use to you, but I really do not have anything else other than this." Sect Master Dong said with shame.
  After all, he had been scammed by Huyan Cang. He knew that Yi Yun and Huyan Cang had a grudge. Only when Huyan Cang refused to refine the pill for him did he seek Yi Yun's help. Moreover, he had brought the same herb that Huyan Cang had rejected. He felt somewhat apologetic.
  Not be of much use?
  Yi Yun faltered slightly. Thinking back on what Dong Shaoqing said, Huyan Cang had wanted a Skydew Grass but had gone back on his word. Clearly, Skydew Grass wasn"t something he cared much about.
  Why did all the present alchemists think lowly of Skydew Grass?
  Or could it be...that the Skydew Mental Nourishing Pill was the product of one of the divine alchemist's exclusive recipes that no one knew of?
  Yi Yun thought for a moment and found the latter rather likely. Many recipes were invented by alchemists themselves. They were typically secrets that weren"t simply passed on. If an alchemist did not have a successor, or if the successor was too limited in ability to properly recreate the recipe, then recipes would be lost over time.
  The Skydew Mental Nourishing Pill recipe was apparently one of those lost recipes.
  It resulted in Skydew Grass becoming an extremely rare but not very useful herb to alchemists.
  If that was truly the case, he had truly struck the lottery!
  Yi Yun felt that he could have refined the pills free for his first true customer. However, he really wanted the Skydew Grass.
  Furthermore, if what Dong Shaoqing said was true, the number of alchemists that wanted Skydew Grass was extremely low. It would only be a pearl covered in dust if it landed in the hands of another. That would be such a pity.
  After some thought, he said, "Sect Master Dong, to be honest, I happen to need this Skydew Grass. I can refine the Body Cleansing Pill for you. As for giving me 100,000 runes within a hundred years, there's no need for that."
  Yi Yun did not hide his intentions. Dong Shaoqing was delighted when he heard that. Although he wasn't sure if Yi Yun could succeed in refining the Body Cleansing Pill, it at least gave him hope.
  He immediately handed the Skydew Grass to Yi Yun, who took it carefully.
  Yi Yun stretched out his hand. Sect Master Dong handed an interspatial ring to him without any hesitation.
  "Young Master Yi, when can I receive the pills?"
  Sect Master Dong asked anxiously. The materials in the interspatial ring represented the entirety of his wealth. He"d be lying if he said he didn"t panic a little after just handing it all over to Yi Yun.
  Yi Yun glanced at Sect Master Dong and read his mind. He said with a smile, "If you are worried, follow me into the alchemy lab. I'll hand it to you directly once I'm done refining."
  "I can watch you?" Sect Master Dong was stunned.
  Except for extenuating circumstances, such as Huyan Cang and Zuoqiu Haoyu demanding that Yi Yun refine pills in public, many alchemists forbade people from watching the refinement process. One reason for this was that they didn"t want to be disturbed, while the second reason was a fear that their hand seal techniques and alchemy secrets would end up being copied by others.
  Dong Shaoqing had not made any such request, yet Yi Yun invited him to watch on his own. It could not be any better.
  "Young Master Yi, won't I disturb you if I"m there on the side, watching?"
  Yi Yun smiled and said, "If I"m afraid of being disturbed, aren"t I doomed to fail when I have to refine pills in public five days from now?"
  "That is true." Dong Shaoqing was delighted. Although he wasn't certain of Yi Yun's skill, he was somewhat convinced by Yi Yun's confident response.
  If Yi Yun truly had no skill, he would not have agreed to make a fool of himself in public.
  Yi Yun led Dong Shaoqing into the alchemy lab and closed the door. Ru'er stayed by his side to tend to him, looking somewhat like a medicine child.
  Typically, the amount of time alchemists took to refine pills ranged from several hours to several days. When the pill far exceeded the alchemist's level, they would need to set up a massive array and take years to refine it. It could even take hundreds of years. However, such an extensive setup could only be created by alchemist sages. Typical alchemists lacked that ability completely.
  In the case of the Body Cleansing Pill, it would take about three or four days to refine.
  If it were any other time, three or four days would be nothing to Dong Shaoqing. That was just a single round of meditation. But now, with his daughter's fate hanging in the balance, he was in no mood to meditate. He watched Yi Yun's refinement process intently.
  Yi Yun took out a tiny gray cauldron that floated in mid-air. This was the Divine Alchemy Cauldron that had an incomplete array within.
  Yi Yun tapped his finger, causing the cauldron to ignite as he injected a wisp of the Heretical God Fire Seed.
  The Heretical God Fire Seed had blended into the flame and remained inconspicuous. It entered into the Divine Alchemy Cauldron in the blink of an eye.
  The Heretical God Fire Seed could penetrate the world. Typical cauldrons could not withstand it at all, but the Divine Alchemy Cauldron had accompanied the Heretical God Fire Seed for hundreds of millions of years, making it harmonize with the Heretical God Fire Seed as though they were one. When the Heretical God Fire Seed was injected into the Divine Alchemy Cauldron, it vanished completely. The cauldron's surface remained simple and unsophisticated as if no flame had been ignited.
  Upon seeing this, Dong Shaoqing fell into a daze. He had seen alchemists refine pills before, but the scene in front of him was something different.
  Yi Yun glanced at the materials beside him. He immediately grabbed a Yang Bizarre Flower and threw it into the Divine Alchemy Cauldron.
  The Yang Bizarre Flower was immediately enveloped by flames.
  Yi Yun's soul was presently only strong enough to control one tiny wisp of the Heretical God Fire Seed. He was already at his limit.
  If he unleashed the Heretical God Fire Seed for pure destruction, such as burning down the Seven Star Dao Palace, Yi Yun could use the Heretical God Fire Seed to create an inferno sea. However, the refinement of medicine was completely different. It required extreme precision.
  He could control one wisp of Heretical God Fire Seed easily. If he attempted two, it would be somewhat unstable.
  The fire consumed the Yang Bizarre Flower, emitting the medicinal essence. The true extraction and collection of the medicinal essence did not rely on Yi Yun's mental strength, but on the Purple Crystal Origins.
  The Purple Crystal Origins was Yi Yun's most precious divine treasure. It had helped Yi Yun survive the most difficult period when he first began practicing martial arts. And in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven and Azure Wood Great World, Yi Yun would not have fully gained insight into the Destruction concept or obtained the Azure Wood Divine Tree's recognition, granting him four nine-leaf Dao fruits, were it not for the Purple Crystal.
  The Purple Crystal had absolute control over energy. It allowed Yi Yun to condense the Yang Bizarre Flower's medicinal essence in his hand without any effort.
  This entire process took less than a minute.
  After the Yang Bizarre Flower's medicinal essence was extracted, Yi Yun did not hesitate to throw the second herb-Glazed Interwoven Grass-into the Divine Alchemy Cauldron.
  Similarly, in less than a minute, the Glazed Interwoven Grass's medicinal essence was extracted.
  Following that, he threw one herb after another into the Divine Alchemy Cauldron. Yi Yun maintained a constant speed, but this only served to stun Dong Shaoqing, who was watching on the side.
  Although Dong Shaoqing could not refine medicine, it did not mean he was completely unaware of what the refinement process was.
  The extraction of medicinal essence from herbs was the most critical step for typical alchemists. All it took was one tiny mistake, and the herb would turn to ash.
  Many alchemists would fail due to this. In actuality, the pill formation process was relatively easier.
  Therefore, alchemists would be extremely cautious during the first step.
  Dong Shaoqing had never heard, much less seen, someone work with Yi Yun's speed and accuracy.
  Why is he so fast? It took just a minute for another herb to be thrown into the cauldron. It was like a farm girl washing vegetables.
  Soon, the medicinal essence of every ingredient was extracted.
  Following that, under Yi Yun's control, the medicinal essence began fusing together into a pill.
  This process required Yi Yun to inject various Dao pattern seals.
  He had already been practicing the Desolate Heaven technique since his days in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. In addition to the Purple Crystal's absolute control over energy, it was not difficult for him to produce seals. Back at Empress Xuan's banquet, Yi Yun had been able to perfectly form seals, impressing Princess White Fox.
  One seal after another was produced by Yi Yun without any errors. With the passage of time, the Body Cleansing Pill quickly took form.
  Upon seeing this scene, Dong Shaoqing heaved a sigh of relief. Yi Yun's seals were not as ludicrous as his method of extracting medicinal essence, but he was still faster than the typical alchemist.
  He estimated the time passed at about twelve hours. The refinement of the Body Cleansing Pill had reached the final stages.
  What Dong Shaoqing did not know was that Yi Yun had deliberately slowed down and held back.
  Fifteen minutes later, Yi Yun patted the Divine Alchemy Cauldron lightly, causing the lid to fly up as a green beam of light shot out and flew directly into Yi Yun's hand.
  Yi Yun spread his palm open, and three exquisite green pills lay in the middle of his palm.
  With sufficient ingredients, a typical alchemist would create a cauldron of several pills. However, the materials provided by Dong Shaoqing were limited. In addition to the fact that few Body Cleansing Pills were produced after formation, refining three pills was already near the maximum.
  Upon seeing the three Body Cleansing Pills, Dong Shaoqing was overjoyed.
  He had previously seen Body Cleansing Pills before. Just one look at the three pills, full in color with patterns shimmering on the surface, and he knew that they were definitely superior Body Cleansing Pills.
  He would"ve already been satisfied if there was only one, pleasantly surprised if there were two. He never even thought of getting three.
  "Take them all."
  Yi Yun took out a jade box and placed the three pills into it.
  "Young Master Yi, Grandmaster Yi...I just need one. The other two were refined from Grandmaster Yi's extraordinary alchemy technique. They should be left with you."
  Dong Shaoqing was so excited that his form of address had also changed.
  Yi Yun shook his head. Although the Body Cleansing Pill was of value to him, it wasn't that great. Furthermore, he had already received the Skydew Grass that was extremely rare. He felt that he had already taken advantage of Dong Shaoqing, so Yi Yun naturally did not want the excess Body Cleansing Pills.
  "You plan to cleanse your daughter's body, right? Have her consume one of the three pills every two hours. It will lead to even better effects, but the body cleansing process will be rather painful."
  Yi Yun directly threw the jade box into the interspatial ring that Dong Shaoqing had previously given him before handing it back.
  "This..." Dong Shaoqing's hands trembled as he took the interspatial ring. He did not even know how he could thank Yi Yun.
  He had gone through all sorts of difficulty, along with great effort, to find a single Skydew Grass. Now he held three Body Cleansing Pills in hand, and it was like a dream.
  "I will never forget Grandmaster Yi's favor my entire life."
  Dong Shaoqing held the interspatial ring and gave Yi Yun a deep bow.
  He did not decline further. Naturally, three pills were more effective than one. Furthermore, it would cleanse the impurities within his daughter's body, allowing her talent to be enhanced. If that happened, the Jadewave Sect had hopes of prospering.
  "With such alchemy skills, Grandmaster Yi's Yun Xin Loft could probably become Myriad City's number one medicinal clinic."
  Dong Shaoqing sincerely wished that Yi Yun's Yun Xin Loft would flourish.
  However, Yi Yun shook his head. It wasn't that simple to become the number one medicinal clinic. To reach that stage, one first needed unparalleled strength.
  Getting stronger was a priority of Yi Yun's.
  Upon careful thought, he realized that he needed to strengthen his foundation, enhance his soul, search for the materials for the Hollow Soul Pill, become very familiar with the divine alchemist's notes, and increase his cultivation level. He truly did not have much time.
  "Grandmaster Yi, I'll bid you farewell for now. Regarding the refinement of the pills, do you permit me to promote your services to others?"
  Dong Shaoqing asked Yi Yun carefully.
  Yi Yun immediately understood that Dong Shaoqing wanted to advertise for Yun Xin Loft.
  Yi Yun did not mind it. The truly powerful advertisement would be done by Zuoqiu Haoyu and Huyan Cang, two illustrious figures in Myriad City. Furthermore, they did not charge any fees for the advertisement, and were even paying him for the honor. What a steal.
  As for Dong Shaoqing boasting so much that Zuoqiu Haoyu and Huyan Cang would consider going back on their word, Yi Yun never considered that a possibility. There had been so many people around when the agreement was made. It was absolutely enforceable. Unless the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic did not want to continue doing business, they would definitely stick to the agreement.
  "Do as you please. Just don't be too exaggerated in your promotions," Yi Yun said casually, not really caring either way.
  Dong Shaoqing thanked him once again before leaving Yun Xin Loft.
  In fact, the news spread faster than Yi Yun could have imagined.
  In just half a day, nearly every tea shop and wine parlor in Myriad City was abuzz with talk of Yu Xin Loft. Yi Yun might be a trivial figure in Myriad City, but he was becoming rather famous. Days ago, he had been recognized as a friend of Fairy Wuxia at Heavenly Treasures Arch. Not only did they have close relations, Yi Yun had even rejected Zuoqiu Haoyu directly. He had also quarreled with Zuoqiu Haoyu and Huyan Cang. There were always busybodies that would talk about such things after meals.
  Of course, it was unavoidable that the news reached Zuoqiu Haoyu and Huyan Cang's ears.
  "What? That useless Dong even said that Yi Yun managed to refine three Body Cleansing Pills?"
  Zuoqiu Haoyu was shocked when he heard the news. How ludicrous was it if it were true? Wouldn't it mean that Yi Yun possessed the abilities of a top-grade alchemist?
  Huyan Cang frowned slightly. He immediately said with a cold snort,"That darn Useless Old Dong. He deliberately released fake information in an attempt to seek revenge against me. Does he think that I will back away in fear and give up on the agreement with that punk, admitting defeat before the challenge even begins?"
  "Oh? Alchemist Huyan, what do you mean?" Zuoqiu Haoyu immediately asked when he heard that something was amiss.
  Huyan Cang drank a mouthful of tea and said slowly,"To be honest, I had some thoughts on Useless Old Dong's beautiful daughter. However, he reacted like a cat that had its tail stepped on. He wanted to fight me so I threw him out, then he went to Yun Xin Loft."
  "I saw the ingredients that Useless Old Dong prepared with my own eyes. Even if I did my best, I could at most produce two Body Cleansing Pills. Yet, he managed to make three? How can it be that easy!? Furthermore, he stepped into Yun Xin Loft less than twelve hours before news of the three Body Cleansing Pills was spread. Such refinement speed leaves me in the dust! If that punk can really refine Body Cleansing Pills in twelve hours, I'll eat this table in front of me."
  Huyan Cang said confidently. Zuoqiu Haoyu heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that.
  "In that case, Useless Old Dong is trying to seek revenge against you by scaring us into backing off, causing us to lose our reputation?"
  "I can't think of it being anything but that. Such thoughts are just too naive." Huyan Cang said conceitedly.
  "So that's the case. There are still four days. When the time comes, we will arrive on the appointed hour, exposing Yi Yun for what he is."
  "Hahaha! There's no need to even wait that long. If these Body Cleansing Pills are genuine, Useless Old Dong will definitely feed them to his daughter. We will be able to see its effects. I'm sure his daughter will not recover."
  In fact, Dong Shaoqing's story left many people doubting. After all, what you hear may be false but what you see is true. With most people's understanding of alchemy, they found it hard to believe what Dong Shaoqing had said. It was too fantastic.
  However, there were those who believed in Dong Shaoqing. After all, Dong Shaoqing was a sect master. Even if it was a tiny sect, a sect master would not shoot their mouths off without thought. It would only serve to harm their sect"s reputation.
  Therefore, some people did go to Yun Xin Loft to try their luck. They wanted to see if Yi Yun could refine the pills they wanted.
  "Hey, where's your boss? I'm here to get him to refine some medicine."
  Three large men appeared in Yun Xin Loft's hall, shouting at Ru'er with a muffled tone.
  Ru'er was an obedient girl. Regardless of the customers' attitudes, she would respectfully serve tea before informing Yi Yun to come down.
  The three men slammed the recipe on the table as they sat down with a wide, open stance.
  "Wow! Seven Astralmist Flower Tea. It's good tea. Give me a few more cups."
  A delightful look flashed in a man's eyes when he saw the aromatic Seven Astralmist Flower Tea. Such tea was extremely helpful to one's cultivation level.
  He immediately picked up another cup and was about to drink it when he felt pain in his glabella. He nearly dropped the cup of tea to the ground.
  "A hundred runes per cup. If you want to drink the tea, pay for it."
  A cold voice suddenly sounded.
  The man was given a fright."What? I'm here to give you business, but you want to collect money from me for drinking tea? And a hundred runes a cup? Why don't you just rob me instead!?"
  The man said angrily. He looked up, and standing against the second floor's railing was Yi Yun.
  Yi Yun was dressed in azure-colored clothes and he held a black scroll, making him look like a mortal scholar."If you want me to refine pills, regardless of the quality, it starts at 50,000 runes. If the difficulty is higher, 100,000 runes. All the ingredients on your body do not add up to a thousand runes. Yet, you want me to refine pills for you?"
  The recipe in the man's hand had been seen clearly by Yi Yun.
  There were more than ten recipes listed. They were all cheap and low-grade pills. The ingredients used were so cheap that Yi Yun wouldn't even bother to pick them up if he saw them.
  The recipes required minor ingredients of little value. Added up, they were only worth a few hundred runes. Although they were not difficult to refine, they were still extremely tedious.
  Yi Yun guessed at these people's thoughts. They had heard from Sect Master Dong that he knew how to refine medicine, and came here to try their luck and cash out. They had deliberately brought some cheap ingredients so that they would not suffer a great loss if the refinement failed. However, if the refinement succeeded, they would make a killing.
  Yi Yun had no time to entertain such petty men that used tiny profitable schemes.
  The three men were enraged. They nearly moved to attack Yi Yun but, when Yi Yun's gaze landed on them, they felt a baffling sense of fear.
  "Scram. You should be grateful for Myriad City's rules. Were it not for them, you wouldn't have been able to leave here in one piece."
  The three men eventually left dejectedly.
  "Ru'er, close the door. I'll be going into seclusion."
  Yi Yun decided to use the Skydew Grass that he had obtained by luck to refine Skydew Mental Nourishing Pills. Regardless of when it was, enhancing himself took priority. He obviously had to use the herb if he had it.
  With the store open, the ones that came in were mostly thieves and rascals. Yi Yun had no time to deal with them.
  "Yes, Sir."
  Ru'er immediately closed the door, leaving those that came to Yun Xin Loft hoping to try their luck barred from entering.
  The three men that had been chased away by Yi Yun were furious. As a result, they began discrediting Yi Yun wantonly, throwing mud at Yun Xin Loft, and saying how bad Yi Yun was.
  Immediately, there were more doubts cast at Yi Yun.
  This was unexpected by Dong Shaoqing. He never thought that his promotion would have adverse effects.
  Yi Yun was his benefactor, so how could he allow the situation to get worse?
  Yi Yun entered reclusion and couldn't be bothered to deal with the matter. However, he couldn"t sit idle. He had the Body Cleansing Pills in hand, insurmountable evidence that could not be doubted.
  He showed many people his genuine Body Cleansing Pills and fed the three pills to his daughter in two-hour intervals.
  This display attracted the attention of many people. They wanted to know what the effects of the Body Cleansing Pills were.
  Logically speaking, after consuming the Body Cleansing Pills, impurities would be expelled from her body and her talent would improve.
  People waited to see if there were any changes to Dong Xiaowan's body.
  However...what Dong Shaoqing never expected was that after Dong Xiaowan consumed the perfect Body Cleansing Pills, her body began to gradually weaken.
  After thirty minutes, Dong Xiaowan's face turned purplish-blue. Her lips turned pale as her body gradually became cold. Even her breathing got weak.
  When he felt Dong Xiaowan's pulse, he realized that it was erratic. There was no way to regulate it. It was as if she was beyond cure.
  Dong Shaoqing was alarmed. He forced himself to remain calm and convinced himself that it was possible his daughter's body could not withstand the three high-quality Body Cleansing Pill, resulting in side effects.
  However, as time went on, Dong Xiaowan's condition turned for the worse. Her flames of vitality also gradually waned, making Dong Shaoqing turn anxious.
  This was absolutely not a side effect of the powerful medical essences of the Body Cleansing Pills. Instead, Dong Xiaowan's life was weakening and she was dangerously close to dying!
  Why did this happen? She had clearly eaten high-quality Body Cleansing Pills. What happened?
  Dong Shaoqing was in a state of utter stupefaction.
  News of Dong Xiaowan"s severe sickness quickly spread. Not only were her meridians still damaged, leaving her unable to cultivate after eating Yun Xin Loft's Body Cleansing Pills, she ended up collapsing and was apparently close to perishing.
  This made people immediately believe that the things Dong Shaoqing said about Yi Yun successfully refining the Body Cleansing Pills were just fabrications.
  "Hahahaha!" Huyan Cang laughed out loud. He was feeling delighted at that moment.
  "Dong Shaoqing, to think that you wanted to seek revenge against me. In the end, all you did was smash your own foot with the rock you lifted. I am sure that, in a few days, he will come begging me to save his daughter's life."
  "Alchemist Huyan, you are truly prescient." Zuoqiu Haoyu echoed the sentiment with a smile. As a young master of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, Zuoqiu Haoyu had many competitors in the same sect. He needed to maintain a good relationship with Huyan Cang."Since your abilities are now needed to save her, you will easily be able to bring that Dong Xiaowan into your bedroom to slowly research her body."
  There was an underlying tone lacing Zuoqiu Haoyu's words. Huyan Cang stroked his chin. Treating an already unconscious beauty that had no means to resist, allowing him to do anything he wanted, seemed to be quite an intriguing thought as well.
  "How can that punk with only an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities be able to refine Body Cleansing Pills? Pills like the Body Cleansing Pill need to be carefully refined even by someone like me. Yi Yun must have refined bogus pills which have large amounts of pill toxins left in them."
  Any standard pill carried remnant traces of pill toxins, so a bogus pill would be full of them.
  "It seems as though it will be the punk's doomsday in three days, at the bet." Zuoqiu Haoyu heaved a sigh of relief. He was somewhat worried when he heard news of Yi Yun refining Body Cleansing Pills. Now, he realized that his worry had been all for nothing.
  Three days quickly passed. During those three days, it could be said that Dong Shaoqing had nowhere to turn to for help.
  He did not know what had happened to his daughter. As he watched her get frailer by the day, with her vitals gradually weakening, he knew the trend indicated that his daughter would perish in a few days. It was an unbearable setback for Dong Shaoqing.
  He was completely penniless, not even having any savings left to treat his daughter"s illness. Furthermore, no other alchemist would touch this matter. The only ones he could conceivably turn to were Yi Yun and Huyan Cang.
  Sending his daughter to Huyan Cang would be like sending a sheep to the slaughter. He wanted to send her to Yi Yun, but Yi Yun had already entered seclusion and would not entertain anyone.
  Yi Yun's choice to enter seclusion at that particular moment only encouraged the belief that he had refined bogus pills to deceive others. From their point of view, he had clearly used seclusion as a means of avoiding consequences.
  However, regardless of what people said, Dong Shaoqing refused to believe that he had been deceived.
  He had tested the three pills personally. Even if he had made a mistake due to his lack of ability, he had seen Yi Yun's pill refining process. That godlike technique was obviously remarkable, even to a layperson like him.
  Under such circumstances, he could only endure his anxiety and did not disturb Yi Yun's seclusion. He knew that Yi Yun would come out of seclusion very soon, as today was the day he agreed to refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills in public.
  And indeed, early that morning, Yi Yun came out of seclusion!
  Over the past three days, Yi Yun had used the Skydew Grass to refine a Skydew Mental Nourishing Pill. After consuming it, his soul strengthened tremendously.
  Before he had a chance to revel in joy, Ru'er informed him of Dong Xiaowan's dire situation.
  "Sir, that is what has happened..."
  Ru'er had known of the news for a few days, but she only informed him now. In her eyes, Yi Yun was obviously the most important person.
  "You said that Dong Xiaowan's life is in a dire situation?" Yi Yun frowned.
  "That's what the people in Myriad City say. Sect Master Dong also came to Yun Xin Loft a few days ago. He personally told me of the situation with his daughter. Her condition is turning for the worse."
  "Strange, the Body Cleansing Pills that I refined should have an extremely low amount of pill toxins. They should have mild medicinal properties. Even if she consumed three in one sitting, it shouldn"t lead to any problems."
  Yi Yun was perplexed as he suddenly felt something. He transmitted his voice out the door,"Sect Master Dong, I have come out of seclusion. Please come in."
  Dong Shaoqing had been waiting outside Yun Xin Loft's door since yesterday night. He was feeling extremely anxious, with no motivation to do anything else. He had spent the past three days almost counting his breaths.
  Upon hearing Yi Yun's voice transmission, Dong Shaoqing was overjoyed. He immediately pushed the door open and entered before giving Yi Yun a deep bow.
  "Young Master Yi, you must save my daughter!"
  Yi Yun was the only person that Dong Shaoqing could rely on.
  He knew that as long as Yi Yun did not deliberately refine bogus pills, Yi Yun did not owe him anything. He had no right to ask Yi Yun to save his daughter, so all he could do was beseech him to do so.
  "Where's your daughter?" Yi Yun walked down the stairs as Dong Shaoqing hurriedly took out a mobile abode-Well, it couldn't exactly be called an abode. It was about ten square feet large and was obviously an inferior product. Dong Shaoqing had probably pawned his original mobile abode for money.
  When the micro abode opened, Yi Yun saw Dong Xiaowan lying within.
  Dong Xiaowan wasn't tall and she had a petite figure. She was indeed very beautiful. Even though she was ghostly pale from the Body Cleansing Pills, all it did was add to her frail beauty.
  When he saw Dong Xiaowan's state, Yi Yun sighed slightly. Her condition was not indicative of the after effects of consuming Body Cleansing Pills.
  "She seems to have been...poisoned."
  Yi Yun said with a guess. In the divine alchemist's notes, there were records regarding the treatment of the ill. Although Yi Yun had done some cursory reading on such matters, he had little experience. He could not put theory into practice so easily.
  As such, Yi Yun wasn"t really equipped to bring Dong Xiaowan back to life. He could only guess at the reason why she had ended up in this state.
  "Poisoned?" Dong Shaoqing faltered for a moment. The famous doctor that had diagnosed Dong Xiaowan had previously mentioned the possibility, but that was only one of the many possibilities.
  "Sect Master, what was the reason you wanted Dong Xiaowan to consume the Body Cleansing Pills? It doesn't seem like you only wanted to enhance her talent."
  Yi Yun was certain that his Body Cleansing Pills did not have any pill toxins. The only possibility, therefore, was that Dong Xiaowan had been poisoned prior to consuming the Body Cleansing Pills.
  "That is not the main reason." Dong Shaoqing quickly explained the situation.
  "Oh? After entering a mystic realm, she was unable to raise her cultivation level no matter how much she cultivated? And the Body Cleansing Pill is a prescription given to her by a famous doctor?"
  Yi Yun recalled the divine alchemist's notes. He could not find any faults with the famous doctor's prescription of using Body Cleansing Pills as the main medication to treat her. Since a Body Cleansing Pill could cleanse one's body, it could naturally expel poisons and evil elements.
  But Dong Xiaowan's life was in danger precisely after consuming the Body Cleansing Pills!
  Yi Yun pondered for a moment before saying,"It seems the poison in your daughter's body isn't ordinary. Not only did the poison remain after consumption of the Body Cleansing Pills, it had even been stimulated. It resulted in her current state."
  No matter how he thought about it, that was the only possibility.
  Dong Shaoqing was stunned hearing this, and sunk into despair."If it's a poison that even Body Cleansing Pills can't remove, what sort of rare poison is it? And how will I be able to save Xiaowan?"
  Dong Shaoqing was truly helpless. Ignoring the fact that he was bankrupt now, even if his peak wealth was increased ten times, he probably lacked the means.
  Yi Yun said,"I can only give it a try. I'm also not that skilled when it comes to healing people."
  Yi Yun pressed down on Dong Xiaowan's weak and pale wrist. He checked her pulse, but he had no experience in doing such things. After all, it was hard to determine the result going solely by the descriptions in the divine alchemist's notes.
  Yi Yun felt that Dong Xiaowan's pulse was chaotic. If he wanted to find the root reason, he would only be left confused.
  As he pondered, an idea came to him. He activated the Purple Crystal's energy vision.
  Ever since Yi Yun fused with the Azure Wood Divine Tree, his perception had been greatly enhanced. He could even penetrate Chaos Stones, so he seldom used the Purple Crystal's energy vision.
  Now, after such a long time, he needed to rely on the crystal"s energy vision once again. Non-energetic entities around him vanished. Dong Xiaowan's clothes and body turned into phantom lines.
  As for the Dong Xiaowan's meridians and dantian that flowed with energy, they appeared without any abnormalities. Following that, Yi Yun saw a scene that left a chill running down his spine.
  He saw an old, hideous face in Dong Xiaowan's body. The face was laughing sinisterly at Yi Yun as if it were mocking him.
  What is this!?
  Yi Yun was completely confounded. Anyone would be terrified by such a thing appearing in a woman"s dantian.
  Was this a spiritual soul or an evil entity?
  Yi Yun could not make an immediate judgment. He had a vague sense that the face was something intricate.
  Although the Jadewave Sect was small and weak, Dong Shaoqing knew some powerful experts. Be it when medical attention was first sought for Dong Xiaowan or when Dong Xiaowan was in her current predicament, no one had noticed the underlying problem.
  If not for the energy vision provided by Yi Yun's Purple Crystal, it would have been difficult to sense this strange evil entity.
  "Over the past few days, have any alchemists seen Dong Xiaowan?" Yi Yun asked.
  To which Dong Shaoqing nodded,"Yes. Huyan Cang has made quite a number of friends in the Myriad City over all these years. As Young Master Yi might know, you opened Yun Xin Loft in the vicinity of the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic. So regarding this matter, many old and qualified alchemists are, in fact, treating...treating it as a joke."
  Dong Shaoqing hesitated for a moment before speaking the truth. Yi Yun's every action in Myriad City so far seemed designed to showcase how much he overestimated himself. Why should any of these seasoned alchemists, that made names for themselves years ago, ever think highly of Yi Yun?
  "So...after Xiaowan's complication, a few alchemists agreed to look at her, claiming to check on her medical condition. I was anxious and out of my wits, so I allowed them to check on her condition, hoping for that tiny chance that one of the alchemists would be willing to help. However, they were mostly doing it as a joke. Someone even insinuated that I send Xiaowan to Huyan Cang for a few days...then..."
  Dong Shaoqing could not go on further when he said that. He only had one daughter.
  Warriors usually had many wives and concubines. However, Dong Shaoqing was a very dedicated man. He only had one Dao partner, who left behind their only daughter after she passed away. Furthermore, his daughter had excellent talent. Dong Shaoqing had placed all his hopes on her.
  Yi Yun nodded. Indeed, none of these alchemists had noticed anything amiss."Back when your daughter entered that area, how did she end up encountering the misfortune?"
  Dong Shaoqing said,"It's a World Stone mining ground that my Jadewave Sect controls. During the mining process, an ancient underground ruin was found. We don"t know how many years it had been abandoned for. Xiaowan was extremely curious, so she entered it. Accompanying her were quite a number of her fellow disciples. Xiaowan is rather popular in Jadewave Sect. Many senior and junior brothers of hers fell over each other trying to enter with her."
  "And what happened to those people? Did they return safely?" Yi Yun interjected.
  "Yes...I guess so..." Dong Shaoqing sounded certain in the beginning, but when questioned by Yi Yun, his speech faltered.
  "Did they or did they not?"
  "About that...I wasn't able to tell if there were any problems, at least." Dong Shaoqing responded seriously. Although Dong Xiaowan was unable to cultivate, it did not seem like she was in any danger. Had she not consumed the Body Cleansing Pills, he would never have known that Dong Xiaowan had succumbed to such a terrifying catastrophe.
  Yi Yun frowned and said,"I will try my best to save your daughter's life. The process will be rather tricky, but I already have an idea. You don't have to worry. Her life is not in danger at the moment."
  Although it appeared as if Dong Xiaowan's vital signs were gradually fading and that she would perish within a matter of days, Yi Yun knew that the moment Dong Xiaowan died, the evil entity would have nowhere to hide. If it had any intelligence, it would not want to cause Dong Xiaowan"s death.
  "Thank you Young Master Yi!"
  Dong Shaoqing gave a deep bow. All of his hopes rested on Yi Yun.
  At that moment, a loud laughter was suddenly heard.
  "Hahahaha! Dong Shaoqing, your daughter ate bogus pills and is on her deathbed, yet you bow so deeply at the man who put her there. I have seen stupid people before, but I have never seen one quite as stupid as you!"
  The person spoke so loudly to publicize the matter. Dong Shaoqing's face sank as he turned his head to see a black carriage drawn by four dragon horses rumbling over.
  A young-looking man walked down from the carriage. It was none other than Huyan Cang!
  And following closely behind Huyan Cang were several people.
  Zuoqiu Haoyu was obviously there as well. Aside from him, there were many people dressed in alchemy robes. Among them were Huyan Cang's disciples as well as other famous alchemists of Myriad City.
  Huyan Cang had made many friends in the alchemy circle over the years. Naturally, they came to the event to back Huyan Cang.
  The moment this group of people arrived, it attracted the attention of many onlookers. People obviously remembered that today was the day Yi Yun had to publicly refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills!
  At that moment, a soft green beam flashed across the street. People quickly made way as a spirit boat made of jade shuttled through the air.
  Myriad City banned flying, but a small few were permitted to fly at low altitudes. Furthermore, the distance from the ground indicated how high one's privilege was.
  When the spirit boat landed, a middle-aged man dressed in red robes walked down.
  "It's Medicinal Immortal Pavilion's Grandmaster Zuoqiu!"
  Someone recognized the person. The Medicinal Immortal Pavilion was one of the three major medicinal clinics in Myriad City. The Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic was established by the alliance of a few major factions but the Medicinal Immortal Pavilion was one of the private businesses of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion.
  Although Zuoqiu Bo was, in name, part of the Medicinal Immortal Pavilion, it was impossible to get him to do any actual refinement at the Medicinal Immortal Pavilion. At his level, he never made an appearance in Medicinal Immortal Pavilion and very seldom would he provide any services. He was not like Huyan Cang who was a mainstay at Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic. As long as one had enough money, Huyan Cang could be hired.
  In Myriad City's territory, Zuoqiu Bo's status was naturally higher than Huyan Cang's.
  "Sixth Granduncle, I didn't expect you to come."
  Zuoqiu Haoyu was pleasantly surprised upon seeing Zuoqiu Bo. Although he was a young master of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, he was still considered a junior. His conflict with Yi Yun was therefore only considered a dispute between juniors. It would not have risen to the level of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion.
  The truly important figures of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion did not care about this trivial matter at all. As such, Zuoqiu Haoyu never expected that Zuoqiu Bo would appear here today. It made him overjoyed. He was hoping for Zuoqiu Bo to show him guidance in Myriad Immortal Pavilion.
  "Haoyu, I only happened to pass by here today. I heard that City Lord Qin will come, so I decided to stop only to greet City Lord Qin." Zuoqiu Bo said nonchalantly. He was not interested in Yi Yun's refinement of the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills at all. He had come for City Lord Qin.
  After Zuoqiu Bo finished saying that, nine dark golden ancient beasts were seen. They pulled a chariot that was simple and unadorned. It rumbled as it tore through the void!
  Riding the chariot was an azure-clothed middle-aged man. His aura was converged and there were faint streams of light shimmering around him-This was a particular realm of cultivation. Laws would naturally materialize.
  He was none other than City Lord Qin!
  And standing beside City Lord Qin was a peerless woman. She wore a veil and carried a zither in her arms. She was obviously Princess White Fox.
  "It's City Lord Qin. City Lord Qin has really come!"
  Everyone was alarmed. They never expected that a dispute between two juniors-Yi Yun and Zuoqiu Haoyu-would truly rouse City Lord Qin!
  When City Lord Qin and Princess White Fox brought their chariot to a halt and stepped down, Zuoqiu Haoyu and company came forward to greet them.
  "City Lord Qin must be in high spirits to join in the commotion for my nephew's little bet." Zuoqiu Bo said with a smile.
  "It's Wuxia that wants to see her friend." City Lord Qin scanned the crowd until his eyes landed on Yi Yun. He had caught wind of Yi Yun"s deeds over the past few days. He became curious about the young man as a result, so he truly was interested in seeing Yi Yun's performance at today"s refinement.
  "There's truly no lack of people that get caught up in a commotion," said City Lord Qin. In just a while, the crowd had grown greater in size.
  Zuoqiu Haoyu and Huyan Cang walked over. When Huyan Cang caught a glance at Princess White Fox, his eyes lit up."This must be Fairy Wuxia, right? Indeed, her reputation precedes her."
  Her beauty was truly magnificent and sumptuous. Even with a veil, she gave off a mesmerizing air.
  "I must apologize to Fairy Wuxia. Although Yi Yun is her friend, it seems as though he is deceiving her. He is extremely despicable. I cannot stand by as such a person continues to commit acts of deceit in Myriad City." Zuoqiu Haoyu said, as though he stood firm for the cause of justice.
  Princess White Fox's reaction was cold as if she had not heard him.
  At that moment, Yi Yun came out of Yun Xin Loft. He similarly ignored Zuoqiu Haoyu's insult. He politely bowed at City Lord Qin and said,"This junior, Yi Yun, welcomes City Lord Qin."
  Yi Yun was still very grateful towards City Lord Qin.
  "Fairy Wuxia." Yi Yun gave Princess White Fox a faint smile. There was truly a bond of fate between him and Princess White Fox.
  "Haha, I can be a witness for you today. Refine your pills with ease!"
  City Lord Qin laughed amiably at Yi Yun. Upon seeing this scene, Zuoqiu Haoyu's expression sunk. What did Yi Yun do to deserve the favor of City Lord Qin and Fairy Wuxia?
  And the words he said were ignored. It was as if he was the idiot.
  The corner of his lips twitched. In a deliberate bid to strike at Yi Yun's sore spot, he said,"Yi Yun, Dong Xiaowan is still lying inside, right? You helped Jadewave Sect's sect leader by refining a cauldron of bogus pills. And now, Dong Xiaowan is lying almost dead in your Yun Xin Loft! Today, I will help Myriad City's city lord uphold the rules and seek justice for Dong Xiaowan!"
  Zuoqiu Haoyu continued with fervent excitement,"If you fail to refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills today, I will not only want you to pay double the compensation, I"ll need your arms cleaved off. Do you dare to take up the challenge!?"
  Zuoqiu Haoyu was a little worried. Under the present circumstances, it was possible that Xue Wuxia would help Yi Yun pay the compensation. Then, Yi Yun would get off scot-free. Zuoqiu Haoyu wanted more from today"s event. He was willing to lose his precious herbs in exchange for maiming Yi Yun.
  "You want my arms cleaved off. But what happens if you lose?" Yi Yun retorted Zuoqiu Haoyu with a question.
  "If you are able to refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills, I'll rescind my words and pay you an additional 500,000 runes."
  Zuoqiu Haoyu scoffed as he did not believe he would lose.
  Upon hearing Zuoqiu Haoyu's words, City Lord Qin laughed."If Yi Yun fails, he gets his arms cleaved off. But if he doesn't fail, all that happens is you take back your words and pay some compensation in runes. These conditions are truly fair."
  City Lord Qin said this lightly, but anyone could detect the sarcasm in his words.
  Zuoqiu Haoyu's expression stiffened. If Yi Yun had said that, he could have just mocked him in return. According to Myriad City's rules, a Dao Palace realm warrior's arms were not even worth 500,000 runes. However, when it was City Lord Qin speaking up, how could he retaliate?
  Yi Yun added:"Since you want to bet my arms, it only makes sense to use your arms as a bet. Also, Alchemist Huyan, you shouldn't be left out. I have my arms and legs. I might as well bet your arms as well."
  Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, Huyan Cang's expression changed. What was Yi Yun doing?
  "Hmph! You are a junior, an ant-like existence. How much ability can you have at refining pills? You are only a cheat. And today, I will rip off that mask of yours and expose you." Huyan Cang said angrily.
  "Why do you speak so much nonsense? I'm asking you, are you taking the bet or not?"
  Yi Yun was aggressive. Everyone could tell that Huyan Cang lacked confidence. At that moment, Zuoqiu Haoyu spoke,"I'll take the bet."
  Dong Xiaowan's illness could not be faked. He was certain that Yi Yun failed at the Body Cleansing Pills, so how could he refine the much more difficult Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills?
  "Alright! Ru'er, prepare for the refinement!"
  The ingredients needed to refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills were provided by Zuoqiu Haoyu, and everything necessary was present.
  The streets outside Yun Xin Loft were already jam-packed with people. And the space within Yun Xin Loft was limited. At that moment, Zuoqiu Bo took out a black circular disc. He said,"This is my pill platform. Let's use it!"
  As Zuoqiu Bo spoke, he threw out the circular disc and it appeared beneath everyone's feet. It began expanding and quickly enveloped everyone within it. Instantly, the surrounding stores and streets vanished. It turned into an extremely vast space. Yi Yun, City Lord Qin, and company were in the middle of the pill platform. In front of Yi Yun was a stone platform which was the pill refining platform prepared for him.
  Yi Yun got right to it. He gestured with his hand, sending a tiny, spinning cauldron appearing from his right hand.
  Upon seeing Yi Yun's cauldron, Huyan Cang could not help but reveal a mocking smile.
  He was not mocking the simple appearance of Yi Yun's cauldron. Many cauldrons looked old on the surface but hid an extraordinary quality. That wasn"t rare. Instead, he was amused at the fact that the array formation within the cauldron was incomplete. It was an inferior item.
  A cauldron with an incomplete array was useless no matter how quality the item was.
  "How can an alchemist let the item his livelihood depends on be in such terrible shape? To think you took out a useless cauldron with an incomplete array. I wouldn't even give it a second look if it was thrown in front of me." Huyan Cang said. Everyone was surprised when they heard this as they all looked at Zuoqiu Bo.
  Zuoqiu Bo nodded."The cauldron's array is indeed incomplete. I can't tell if there's anything special on the surface, either. Typically, once a cauldron's array is damaged, its quality will be reduced by ten times."
  The quality would drop that much?
  The crowd was stunned. No matter how good a cauldron it was, without a working array, wasn"t it basically scrap metal?
  Yi Yun was using a broken cauldron to refine pills?
  At that moment, Yi Yun had already opened his cauldron. Over the past few days, Yi Yun had already honed his affinity with the Divine Alchemy Cauldron. It was as if his mind and soul were connected to the cauldron.
  Yi Yun grabbed three herbs and threw them into the Divine Alchemy Cauldron!
  He had begun with three herbs immediately. Even laypeople knew that alchemists had to proceed slowly and methodically while refining pills. Wasn't he afraid of burning the three herbs to ash from the beginning?
  "Heretical God Fire Seed!"
  Yi Yun was fully focused. He was in the moment, the surrounding din did not exist to him. He seemed to be located in an infinite void, but he also felt as if he was the only person within.
  Two wisps of Heretical God Fire Seed entered the Divine Alchemy Cauldron. Like two dancing gray pixies, they surrounded the herbs.
  Before Yi Yun consumed the Skydew Mental Nourishing Pill, he could only control one wisp of the Heretical God Fire Seed. But now, he could already control two. This was a great improvement that gave Yi Yun the courage to throw three herbs into the cauldron simultaneously.
  The moment the Heretical God Fire Seed entered the Divine Alchemy Cauldron, it fused with the Divine Alchemy Cauldron seamlessly. On the surface, the Divine Alchemy Cauldron remained gray and lusterless. It did not emit any form of light.
  Although many people watching Yi Yun did not know alchemy, quite a number of them had seen others refine pills. The scene before them was completely different from their knowledge of the refinement process. Their recollection of refinement processes by other alchemists typically had flames that illuminated the sky. One could sense the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi fluctuations and the immense medicinal essence from a distance.
  However, in Yi Yun"s case, there was no phenomenon at all. The ancient Divine Alchemy Cauldron held everything within.
  As a result, some people weren"t even sure if Yi Yun had ignited a flame or not.
  "What is this punk up to?"
  Huyan Cang frowned. Three herbs had been thrown in at once, but the cauldron went silent after.
  Huyan Cang attempted to probe with his perception. Most cauldrons had the ability to block perception probing. However, Huyan Cang believed that, since the internal array of Yi Yun"s cauldron was broken, its power to block probing would definitely be weaker. However, when his perception came into contact with the cauldron, he felt pain in his soul sea. It was as though his perception was being engulfed in flames. Following that, he felt his perception sink as though it were drowning in a bottomless ocean, until it was completely consumed.
  What just happened?
  Huyan Cang looked at Zuoqiu Bo and, from his expression, he knew that Zuoqiu Bo had also failed to probe the gray cauldron with his perception.
  This was no ordinary cauldron!
  Huyan Cang began to suspect that he had underestimated the cauldron. Although the array within was damaged, the material it was made of was extraordinary, at least in the aspect of protecting it from perception probing.
  Ninety seconds passed when Yi Yun grabbed another two herbs and threw them into the Divine Alchemy Cauldron.
  Upon seeing this scene, Huyan Cang was somewhat stunned. When an alchemist was refining one or several herbs, they would absolutely not add in new herbs or the ingredients added at different times would experience different levels of heat. Without absolute control, it would only lead to trouble.
  Only when one finished refining the herbs they threw in first, and extracted all their medicinal essence, could one begin refining subsequent herbs.
  Yi Yun had just thrown in more herbs, which could only mean that the herbs from before had been fully refined. Yet only ninety seconds had passed. No one was capable of extracting all the medicinal essence from three herbs in one fell swoop.
  Extraction of medicinal essence was the most difficult step of any refinement. Even Huyan Cang had to do it extremely carefully, spending a great deal of time on this step.
  "So this punk hasn't started a fire yet!"
  Huyan Cang snorted coldly. The Divine Alchemy Cauldron remained quiet. Although there were some nomological rhythms reverberating on its surface, there was no Yuan Qi being expelled, nor was there a surge in medicinal essence. So not only did Yi Yun hastily throw in so many herbs in such a short period of time, but Huyan Cang was also certain that Yi Yun had not begun refining the herbs at all.
  Otherwise, the refinement would have already gone awry.
  However, it was impossible for Yi Yun to ignite the fire after throwing in so many herbs. As for him taking the herbs back out later? That would be a joke.
  "Master Zuoqiu, what's going on?" City Lord Qin did not understand the alchemical process.
  Zuoqiu Bo stroked his beard as his eyes shimmered while looking at the Divine Alchemy Cauldron. He would typically not bother studying a junior's refinement process, but he realized that the way things were developing was rather different from what he had expected.
  If Yi Yun had not begun the process, then what were the nomological rhythms reverberating around the cauldron?
  Zuoqiu Bo was a seasoned alchemist. From his point of view, these nomological rhythms were extremely intriguing. Furthermore, they were a style that he did not understand.
  After pondering for a while, Zuoqiu Bo said,"The alchemical technique that Yi Yun is employing is one that I have never seen before. It must be a very ancient or brand new style. This method of handling the herbs is rather new. However, no matter how unique the style is, it is impossible to handle more than ten herbs in one go."
  Just as Zuoqiu Bo finished saying that, he saw Yi Yun grab and throw another herb into the Divine Alchemy Cauldron.
  Even though he could control two fire wisps, and had the Purple Crystal's ability to extract energy, Yi Yun had to become even more careful as the number of herbs increased. He began refining one herb at a time to ensure no mistake.
  Zuoqiu Bo frowned. Yi Yun was seriously throwing in herbs one after another.
  After the herb was thrown, Yi Yun threw another Fey relic into the cauldron. He extracted the energy from the Fey relic not through alchemical methods, but through the Desolate Heaven technique. However, this was even easier for Yi Yun.
  In fifteen minutes, Yi Yun had thrown all the herbs into the Divine Alchemy Cauldron.
  At this moment, the lingering nomological rhythms around the Divine Alchemy Cauldron increased in strength. The entire cauldron also began to vibrate gently.
  At this moment, even those who were not well-versed in alchemy could tell that Yi Yun had truly begun the refinement of the herbs.
  Huyan Cang immediately widened his eyes. What was going on?
  "Master Zuoqiu, you just said that it's impossible to handle so many herbs at once. Then, why is this happening? Or could it be that Yi Yun has already extracted and refined each and every one of the herbs?" City Lord Qin asked.
  Zuoqiu Bo was also perplexed. Be it the refinement of more than ten herbs at once or how Yi Yun had done so in such a short period of time, both were equally shocking feats.
  "Well...Alchemy is extensive and profound. This young fellow's alchemical method is a new one. However, the extraction of medicinal essence cannot happen that quickly under any circumstance." Zuoqiu Bo said as he shook his head.
  At that moment, Zuoqiu Haoyu, who was by the side, could no longer stay composed. He was staring at Yi Yun's cauldron intently as he reached out his hand to wipe the cold sweat from his forehead.
  He was expecting Yi Yun to make a fool of himself, but he had never expected Yi Yun to actually reach the beginning of the refinement process! This darn Yi Yun. Did he...really know of some profound alchemical method?
  His arms and his reputation were at stake, so how could Zuoqiu Haoyu remain composed?
  Huyan Cang grunted coldly and said,"Young Master Haoyu, what are you worrying about? If Yi Yun can't even refine Body Cleansing Pills, how can he succeed in refining Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills? In my opinion, Yi Yun is just deploying smoke and mirrors. We have to wait for the outcome to know the result!"
  Upon hearing Huyan Cang's words, Princess White Fox smiled lightly. She glanced at Huyan Cang and did not say a word.
  To Zuoqiu Haoyu and company, the atmosphere immediately turned tense.
  Meanwhile, Yi Yun was constantly injecting Yuan Qi into the cauldron.
  He was completely focused as his soul and the cauldron appeared to act as one. All the herbs' energy and essence had been extracted, transforming into crystalline liquid droplets.
  With a thought, these droplets began to fuse together.
  It was extremely difficult fusing the essences of different herbs. It required precise control of one's soul, and nomological marks needed to be infused with the essences.
  The first step was an easy task for Yi Yun, who possessed the Purple Crystal.
  The last step was rather difficult. Even Yi Yun needed to put in sufficient time to complete it.
  Hours passed as Yi Yun remained intent. The nomological aura lingering around the Divine Alchemy Cauldron grew stronger as Zuoqiu Bo could vaguely sense that these disparate laws were beginning to combine. He revealed a look of disbelief.
  "Is...is he already condensing the pills? But when did he extract the medicinal essences from the herbs?"
  Yi Yun had only spent fifteen minutes throwing all the herbs into the cauldron. He did not take them out after that and it was, in Zuoqiu Bo"s opinion, absolutely impossible to process so many herbs at the same time.
  "Condense the pills? Hasn't it only been about fifteen hours?" Someone asked puzzled.
  Those that did not know alchemy had no idea what was happening inside the cauldron. However, they also knew that a cauldron of extremely difficult pills would probably take a few days. Yet, it hadn"t even been a full day.
  At that moment, they heard a clear ring as brilliant light emitted from within the cauldron.
  All the nomological runes fused with the medicinal essences, coalescing together into several drops of liquid energy. Following that, the liquid condensed and turned into pills.
  Drip, drip, drip.
  Six pills rolled into Yi Yun's palm. They resembled crystalline water droplets that dazzled like they were refracting sunlight.
  Zuoqiu Bo stood straight up from his seat.
  The pill refinement process was done!
  Six supposedly-difficult Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills had been formed. Even Zuoqiu Bo himself would not have been able to refine more than nine. And Yi Yun was just a junior!
  It was too astounding. In all of Myriad City, the number of alchemists that could accomplish this feat was extremely low. And most importantly of all, Yi Yun had done it in fifteen hours.
  That can"t be right!
  As Zuoqiu Bo was reeling in shock, he suddenly realized something was amiss. He had refined Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills several times before. He knew very well that the normal color of Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills was green.
  If the quality was poor, the pills would contain impurities that made them a murky blackish-green color. If the quality was excellent, they would be a mellow and full emerald green color.
  Zuoqiu Bo had seen an alchemist sage refine Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills before. Twelve pills were formed from a cauldron and that was the maximum number of Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills possible. Furthermore, every one of them was emerald green in color.
  That green color was a stunning color. It had been Zuoqiu Bo's first time seeing such beautiful Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills, so it had left a deep impression on him.
  Now, Yi Yun had refined Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills that were ice-blue in color. Furthermore, they were as crystal clear as actual ice crystals.
  That was absolutely not the color of the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills.
  Just before Zuoqiu Bo could say anything, he saw Yi Yun extend a finger as pure Yin energy gathered together, forming a light blue ball of water.
  Yi Yun cultivated in both Yin and Yang, so the water he condensed contained no impurities. It was cold like an ice mountain's snow spring.
  Yi Yun casually threw the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills into the water fountain and, following that, the six Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills seemingly dissolved into the water and vanished.
  Yi Yun nodded when he saw this. By vanishing upon being immersed in water, the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills could barely be considered passable.
  He waved his hand again as six Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills flew out and landed back in his palm. As they had just been submerged in water, the pills now had a layer of dew condensed on their surfaces. The dew quickly condensed into light-blue frost and, together with its intricate luster, they looked like they were carved from gems. They were extremely gorgeous.
  Many people that did not know about pills were astonished at the beauty of the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills that Yi Yun had refined. It was as if they came from a dream.
  But at that moment, a discordant voice sounded-
  "Bogus pills! These are not Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills!"
  What? Bogus pills?
  Everyone looked over to the person that shouted. It was none other than Huyan Cang.
  After successfully attracting everyone's attention, Huyan Cang said with bold undertones,"Do not be fooled by the beautiful appearance of these pills. They are in fact bogus pills!"
  "Alchemist Huyan, are you sure?"
  At the instant Zuoqiu Haoyu saw Yi Yun form the pills, his face had turned white. He felt as if he had managed to grasp a final, life-saving straw when he heard Huyan Cang's claims.
  "True Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills are green in color. Excellent quality ones are a splendid emerald-green color. The "Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills" we have here are blue in color. This punk is using bogus pills to deceive us. Let us not forget that Dong Xiaowan is still on her last breaths thanks to his pills!"
  When Huyan Cang said this, everyone looked toward Zuoqiu Bo.
  Zuoqiu Bo nodded as well and said,"The Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills are indeed green in color. Even when an alchemist sage does the refinement, the resulting Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills are green in color. I have never seen these ice-blue colored pills before."
  As Zuoqiu Bo spoke, he took out a pill bottle from his interspatial ring. When it was opened, a few emerald green pills that emanated a herbal fragrance rolled out of the bottle.
  "These are Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills that I refined a few years ago. Everyone, go ahead and take a look."
  People marveled at the fact that Zuoqiu Bo casually carried Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills on him. As a top alchemist, Zuoqiu Bo had many pills on hand. Even rare pills like the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills were no exception.
  People looked at Zuoqiu Bo's palm, and indeed there were two pills that were completely emerald green in color. They were extremely different from the pills in Yi Yun's palm.
  Zuoqiu Bo said,"Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills are pills meant to fortify the soul and rejuvenate the blood, while also enhancing one's cultivation level and nourishing one's dantian. They can be used to save the lives of those who are severely injured, so it is only natural that I carry some with me."
  Upon witnessing the correct pills, Zuoqiu Haoyu laughed in a boisterous manner."Yi Yun, what do you have to say for yourself? Bring the cleaver out. I'll personally cleave off your hands!"
  With Zuoqiu Bo giving his say, Zuoqiu Haoyu felt secure. He had surely won the bet.
  But despite the unfolding situation, Yi Yun remained unflustered.
  He said,"Whether a pill is correctly refined or not is not necessarily determined by the methods employed by the majority. Zuoqiu Haoyu, since you insist that the pills I refined are bogus pills, do you dare to raise the stakes? Would you bet another three million runes, together with your legs and eyes as well?"
  Zuoqiu Haoyu's voice faltered. He never expected Yi Yun to continue having such crazy ideas. Was he mad?
  Seeing Yi Yun so composed, Zuoqiu Haoyu was uncertain. An upright person was afraid of an unreasonable person, while the unreasonable person was afraid of a reckless person that thought nothing of his life. However, the reckless person was afraid of a crazed person.
  From his point of view, Yi Yun was like a crazed person. What was he doing, raising the stakes so high?
  "What? Would you rather not take a chance?"
  Zuoqiu Haoyu looked at Zuoqiu Bo."Sixth Granduncle, I..."
  Zuoqiu Bo frowned slightly. He was unsure of where Yi Yun's confidence stemmed from. He took a few steps forward and stretched out his hand towards Yi Yun."Young man, can I test the pills?"
  As a top alchemist of Myriad City, Zuoqiu Bo naturally had his standards of evaluating pills.
  Yi Yun shook his head and said,"There's no need. We already have someone that's ready to test the pills. Sect Master Dong!"
  Yi Yun looked at Dong Shaoqing,"Do you mind letting your daughter test the pills?"
  Dong Shaoqing was taken aback."My...my daughter?"
  "Don't worry. Your daughter"s condition can only improve upon taking the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills."
  The Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills and Body Cleansing Pills were different. Body Cleansing Pills cleansed one's body, but once its medicinal essence was unable to expel the evil entity in Dong Xiaowan"s body, it only ended up stimulating it.
  As for the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills, they raised the strength of one's soul, rejuvenated the blood, and extended one's life while nourishing the dantian.
  Since Dong Xiaowan had an evil entity lurking within her body, her flames of vitality were especially weak. Her soul and dantian were sealed by the evil entity, and it put her on death"s doorstep.
  If she consumed the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills, she might not be healed but her soul and vitality would strengthen. It would be a huge help in resisting the evil entity. This was the underlying reason for Yi Yun's suggestion.
  However, this suggestion immediately caused a flurry of discussion among the people when they heard it.
  The color of the pills Yi Yun had refined were problematic, to begin with. Yet, he was planning on testing them on a live person. Yi Yun was just too audacious!
  "Yi Yun! Dong Xiaowan is in her current state after eating the Body Cleansing Pills you refined. Yet you still want to use her to test your Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills? Will you only be satisfied by her death!?" Zuoqiu Haoyu rebuked Yi Yun loudly.
  Yi Yun ignored him and looked at Dong Shaoqing,"Sect Master Dong, do you trust my pills?"
  "Young Master Yi, I trust you!"
  Dong Shaoqing took a deep breath. The cost of the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills was five to ten times that of Body Cleansing Pills. Furthermore, they were life-saving divine medicine. If Dong Xiaowan could consume a Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill, it was a very lucky opportunity for her. Moreover, if Dong Xiaowan did not receive any medical treatment, she was unlikely to survive past three days. There was at least some hope in consuming the precious pills.
  "Sect Master Dong, you..."
  Zuoqiu Haoyu was dumbfounded. Dong Shaoqing actually trusted the crazy Yi Yun. Was Dong Shaoqing crazy as well? Was his daughter's life a joke to him?
  "Master Zuoqiu, do you mind if one of your Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills is used as a comparison?" Yi Yun asked Zuoqiu Bo.
  Zuoqiu Bo laughed."You are truly confident. I naturally do not mind sparing such a pill."
  As Zuoqiu Bo spoke, he flicked his finger. One of the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills in his palm transformed into a stream of light as it shot into Dong Xiaowan's mouth.
  The Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill melted the moment it entered her mouth. It turned into an extremely pure Yuan Qi flow that began nourishing Dong Xiaowan's meridians and body.
  The medicinal effects of the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill were very mild. After consuming the pill, Dong Xiaowan did not flinch in pain at all. She was calmly absorbing the medicinal essence.
  Zuoqiu Bo also used his perception to track the medicinal essence. However, he was shocked to discover that after the medicinal essence transformed into surging, vibrant energy streams and entered Dong Xiaowan's dantian, they rapidly melted like ice exposed to sunlight.
  Dong Xiaowan's body absorbed the medicinal essence like she had been starved. However, she didn"t seem to actually get livelier. Instead, the medicinal essence vanished like it had sunk into the bottomless ocean...
  Zuoqiu Bo was alarmed. Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills were superior pills. They were more than sufficient to save a Supremacy, much less a junior at the late stages of the Dao Manifestation realm.
  But today, his Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills had barely had any effect! What was wrong with this girl? If she was poisoned, how deadly was the poison?
  "Master Zuoqiu, do you want to continue using your medicine?" Yi Yun asked.
  Zuoqiu Bo took a deep breath and shook his head."There's no need."
  Although having her consume more pills would result in minute beneficial effects, it was still a far cry from actually saving Dong Xiaowan.
  "Then, it's my turn."
  Yi Yun pinched a Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill. Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills were obviously ice-blue in color or why would they be given their name?
  Ten days ago, Yi Yun had discovered the differences between the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill recipe Zuoqiu Haoyu gave him and the one recorded in the divine alchemist's notes.
  As many alchemists greatly valued their techniques, their recipes were slowly lost over long periods of time. It was also possible for recipes to change.
  As such, when Yi Yun refined the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills, he had mainly followed the divine alchemist's notes. The resulting pills fortified the soul, rejuvenated the blood, and nourished the dantian, just like the ones modern alchemists produced. However, the effects were more significant.
  As for saying that the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill could save Dong Xiaowan, Yi Yun felt it was impossible. He was, however, very confident that it could at least allow her to regain some of her vibrancy.
  The Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill transformed into a blue stream of light and flew toward Dong Xiaowan. It did not fly into her mouth but went straight for her abdomen.
  When the pill came into contact with Dong Xiaowan's flesh, it immediately transformed into pure medicinal essence that infused itself into her dantian.
  Yi Yun had been very particular about the location he chose. Through the Purple Crystal's energy vision, he was able to clearly locate where the evil entity was. The spot he had delivered the medicine to had avoided its influence.
  When the medicinal essence entered her dantian, it did not actually nourish the dantian. Instead, it used the dantian as a beginning point. It flowed along Dong Xiaowan's meridians and into her limbs, nourishing her entire body.
  Yi Yun chose to evade the major issue and instead focused on strengthening Dong Xiaowan's lifeblood and body. After all, her dantian was now occupied by the evil entity. With it wreaking havoc, any medicinal essence delivered there would be greatly wasted.
  As medicinal essence fused with her body, Dong Xiaowan's energy seemed to be ice that met spring. Bit by bit, it melted into flowing streams before surging through her meridians.
  After a few minutes, Dong Xiaowan's face that was as white as sheets suffused a red glow. Her eyelashes even quivered gently as if she would open her eyes at any moment.
  Seeing his daughter finally show signs of a reaction, Dong Shaoqing was extremely excited.
  He strode quickly to Dong Xiaowan's side. Unfortunately, she never managed to open her eyes.
  However, her lifeblood was a lot more vibrant. The strength of her soul had also been enhanced. Her breathing and heartbeats were stable and robust. Instead of dying, she looked more like she was sleeping.
  "It's working! It's working!" Dong Shaoqing said excitedly as he held his daughter's hand.
  It had been three days. Finally, he managed to feel a sense of warmth coming from her hand. Her hands had felt like ice-cold water prior to that.
  "Thank you, Young Master Yi. I will remember Young Master Yi's favor for my entire life."
  Dong Shaoqing gave Yi Yun a deep bow.
  Upon seeing this scene, Zuoqiu Haoyu was in a daze. It was as if he had lost his soul, for he failed to react even after a long period of time.
  "It's really a Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill? But didn't Alchemist Huyan and Master Zuoqiu say that Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills are supposed to be green? Why are the ones refined by Yi Yun ice-blue?"
  The people present broke out into a flurry of discussion. They could ignore Huyan Cang but Zuoqiu Bo was a top alchemist in Myriad City. He was also one of the upper echelons of the number one faction, the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. He was an authority, and his words were truth.
  And yet, Zuoqiu Bo"s Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill had no effect at all on Dong Xiaowan. However, the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill that Yi Yun had refined made her visibly better!
  Could it be that Zuoqiu Bo's attainment in the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill was inferior to Yi Yun's?
  "Impossible! Impossible!"
  Zuoqiu Haoyu was in a state of stupefaction."There must be a problem. How can the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills refined by a junior be on a higher level than those of my Sixth Granduncle? It must be that the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill that Dong Xiaowan consumed first had yet to take effect. She happened to consume Yi Yun's useless pill right when Sixth Granduncle"s took effect, resulting in this outcome. Yes, that has to be it! It's my Sixth Granduncle"s pill that healed Dong Xiaowan. That little bastard, Yi Yun, only got lucky!"
  Zuoqiu Haoyu shouted frenetically. He could not accept the fact that he had lost to Yi Yun. He could not bear the price of losing.
  "Shut up!" At that moment, a cold voice resounded. It was so powerful that it struck at the soul. It drained the color from Zuoqiu Haoyu's face as he nearly fell to the ground.
  The person who had spoken was none other than Zuoqiu Bo.
  Zuoqiu Bo frowned. Not only had Zuoqiu Haoyu lost, but he had also lost to Yi Yun in a sense.
  He naturally felt a tinge of shame in losing to a junior. However, it was a fact that he had lost. He would not be a sore loser as well.
  "Did you enhance the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills' recipe?"
  Zuoqiu Bo asked. Other than that, there was no other way of explaining how Yi Yun had refined ice-blue pills. Still, he found it unbelievable. How could Yi Yun have such knowledge?
  However, Yi Yun did not reply Zuoqiu Bo. He went to Dong Xiaowan's side. The effect of the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill was slightly better than he expected. Therefore, he took out a second pill.
  "Young Master Yi, this...this is too precious. There's no need, there's no need."
  Dong Shaoqing spoke incoherently. He also could tell that the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills had somewhat improved his daughter's condition, but could not cure it completely. Furthermore, Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills were extremely expensive. According to the bet from before, they now belonged to Yi Yun. How could he continue letting Yi Yun use his personal wealth to feed his daughter?
  Yi Yun replied,"Sect Master Dong, there's no need to stand on ceremony. You gave me the Skydew Grass and it was extremely useful to me. A few pills are nothing."
  To Yi Yun, the Skydew Grass bolstered his very soul. It made his perception increase greatly, allowing him to control two wisps of the Heretical God Fire Seed when he used to only handle one. Such an extraordinary improvement was more than paid for by a cauldron"s worth of Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills.
  Without speaking further, Yi Yun converted a second Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill into Yuan Qi before injecting it into Dong Xiaowan's dantian. Following that, the medicinal essence traveled through Dong Xiaowan's limbs and body once again, entering her flesh.
  Dong Xiaowan's body was strengthened once again.
  "Oh? This is..."
  Yi Yun had his energy vision constantly activated. Through it, he discovered that the hideous face hidden in Dong Xiaowan's body was turning belligerent because of Dong Xiaowan's increasing lifeblood. It was roaring and struggling in an attempt to devour Dong Xiaowan's lifeblood and Yuan Qi and maintain the balance.
  Yi Yun thought of using the Purple Crystal Origins' absolute control over energy to directly absorb it!
  The Purple Crystal stirred up an invisible energy vortex that enveloped Dong Xiaowan's abdomen before sinking into her dantian.
  Yi Yun wanted to shred the evil entity.
  "Roar! Roar! Roar!"
  The evil entity bellowed out in fright as it clenched tightly to Dong Xiaowan's dantian and resisted the energy vortex of the Purple Crystal.
  Yi Yun's soul was much stronger than it was before. As a result, he was even more proficient in his control of the Purple Crystal. However, despite the constant loss of energy the evil entity suffered from the shredding vortex, it remained whole.
  "It is a living entity. The effect the Purple Crystal has on living energetic entities is drastically reduced." Yi Yun muttered to himself.
  He knew of the Purple Crystal's weaknesses. It would be too difficult for it to completely vanquish the evil entity. Furthermore, he had just finished refining a cauldron of Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills. That took a toll on his soul"s power, so it was impossible for him to heal Dong Xiaowan immediately.
  Yi Yun took a deep breath and gave up on killing the evil entity.
  The evil entity hardly recovered from the recent shock despite the energy vortex vanishing. Through Dong Xiaowan's dantian, it could watch Yi Yun. Its originally hideous face revealed a look of trepidation.
  It finally understood that the young man could see it. Furthermore, he was capable of killing it.
  How could the evil entity not feel fear?
  "Get lost!"
  Yi Yun's cold shout resounded in the space within Dong Xiaowan's dantian. The evil entity was given a shock. It ultimately did not dare to resist Yi Yun as it slowly went silent.
  It did not leave Dong Xiaowan's body as Yi Yun ordered, for it did not have the guts. However, after it recessed in silence, it slowly released the power of Dong Xiaowan's Yuan Qi and lifeblood that it had been sealing.
  Although the power of the Yuan Qi and lifeblood were weak, to begin with, the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill"s essence quickly surged once it was not met by the resistance of the evil entity. The medicinal essence flowed through her meridians into her limbs and body, gradually restoring her vitality. The moment her vitals returned to normal, Dong Xiaowan's once-sealed soul also began to awaken.
  In less than three minutes, Dong Xiaowan's face turned a lot more ruddy.
  Dong Shaoqing sensed the changes in his daughter, and was still uncertain what had happened when-
  "Cough, cough!"
  Dong Xiaowan suddenly coughed as her body quivered a few times. Slowly, she opened her eyes.
  Her blurry vision gradually turned clear. She saw her father's face and a youth that she did not recognize.
  "What am I...What is going on?"
  Dong Xiaowan said in a daze. Over the past few days, she felt like she had been locked in a black and tiny space. She did not know how much time had passed. Now, having seen light again, she was still unsure what had happened to her body.
  "Xiaowan! Xiaowan!"
  Dong Shaoqing was overjoyed to the point of tears. He never expected that Yi Yun's second Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill would be able to awaken Dong Xiaowan!
  He was extremely excited. He had already mentally prepared himself for the worst. Now, with Dong Xiaowan waking up, he felt like he had regained his lost daughter.
  Everyone present turned silent when they saw Dong Xiaowan awaken.
  They could not sense the existence of the Purple Crystal. All they knew was that Yi Yun had used two Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills to successfully treat Dong Xiaowan.
  Weren't the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills that Yi Yun refined too miraculous!?
  They knew very well that Dong Xiaowan"s situation was so grave that it was like being given the death sentence. The fact that Zuoqiu Bo's pill was ineffective also proved this point.
  "Thank you, Grandmaster Yi. I will remember Grandmaster Yi's favor for my entire life!"
  Dong Shaoqing was so moved that he kept bowing deeply at Yi Yun.
  Yi Yun helped Sect Master Dong up and said,"Don't celebrate too soon. I have yet to fully heal your daughter of her illness. I have only made the poison in her body enter remission. In the future, if there is a chance, a recurrence might happen."
  "Ah? Then..."
  Dong Shaoqing was taken aback. Yi Yun's words worried him greatly. This time, Yi Yun was there to pull her back from the gates of hell. But what about next time?
  "Sect Master Dong, don't worry. I will not forget your daughter's situation. I"m invested, and not just because of your daughter. I'm very curious about this matter as well."
  Yi Yun had a nagging feeling that the evil entity had extraordinary origins.
  Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, Dong Shaoqing was truly at a loss as to how to repay him. He owed Yi Yun too much.
  "Then..." Yi Yun turned to look at Zuoqiu Bo and said,"Master Zuoqiu, in your professional opinion, are the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills that I refined genuine, or not?"
  Zuoqiu Bo pricked up his brows. Although he was unwilling to admit it, the quality of the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills that Yi Yun refined was indeed above his.
  He begrudgingly nodded and said,"They are indeed genuine."
  "Then..." Yi Yun stood up straight and looked at Zuoqiu Haoyu."In that case, Young Master Zuoqiu, it was previously agreed upon that, once I succeed in refining the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills, the pills would belong to me, and you would pay twice the refinement cost. Now for the matter of your hands..."
  "Yi Yun, you..."
  Zuoqiu Haoyu's face was ghostly pale. He was a warrior after all. Cleaving off his hands would result in a drastic drop in strength!
  He was hoping that, given his status as a young master of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, Yi Yun would not dare touch him. However, with the outcome of the bet decided, Yi Yun insisted on claiming his hands.
  'Yi Yun, don't take bullying to an extreme. Do you want to become an enemy of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion?" Zuoqiu Haoyu's voice resounded in Yi Yun's ears. The Myriad Immortal Pavilion was his only life-saving straw.
  "Young Master Yi, aren't you taking this too seriously? What happened before was just a joke. Don't take it too seriously." Behind Zuoqiu Haoyu, a follower said.
  "That's right. Spare others when possible. Young Master Yi, why don't you forget it?"
  People in the crowd echoed as well. To jump forward and play peacemaker at this point in time was a rather clever act. If someone could resolve the dispute, they might be able to win Zuoqiu Haoyu's friendship.
  No one believed Yi Yun would truly cleave off Zuoqiu Haoyu's hands. Wouldn't it be preposterous if a young master of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion had his hands cleaved off by a random junior?
  All of them believed that Yi Yun just needed a reason to take a step back, and this matter would be reduced from a major issue to a minor one.
  "A joke?" Yi Yun laughed. He gently swiped his interspatial ring as a thick saw-toothed blade appeared in his hand.
  The blade's appearance was extremely exaggerated. It looked like it was formed from a guillotine blade. It was something that Yi Yun had just casually found in his interspatial ring. Although the blade's quality was nothing much, the design was more than enough to leave an impression.
  Zuoqiu Haoyu got flustered when he saw that Yi Yun was for real.
  "Yi Yun, do you really mean to take this all the way, to go for broke?"
  "Go for broke? Do you think you qualify?" Yi Yun snorted coldly as he approached Zuoqiu Haoyu.
  "Sixth Granduncle!" Zuoqiu Haoyu pleaded for Zuoqiu Bo's help.
  Zuoqiu Bo frowned slightly. Zuoqiu Haoyu was a junior that he thought well of. However, he felt that it would be disgraceful for him to plead on a junior"s behalf.
  Although he was extremely reluctant, he spoke up."My young friend, Yi Yun, it was not right for my grandnephew to offend you. but can you bury the hatchet on my account? The Myriad Immortal Pavilion will remember if you do."
  "On your account?" Yi Yun laughed."I just learned of your existence today. Why would I seek your favor? Let me ask you this: If I were the one to lose today, and your grandnephew went to cleave my hands off, would you step forward and speak for me, saying things like 'bury the hatchet?""
  Yi Yun did not spare his derisive tone. Zuoqiu Bo's face stiffened. He never expected that someone like him, a top alchemist of Myriad City and an Elder of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, would be completely belittled by a junior!
  "Alright! Well done! Heroes indeed start young since time immemorial. Being spirited is a good quality of the young, but it can attract fatal trouble. Learn to give leeway once in awhile, or you will suffer the consequences." Zuoqiu Bo said with a deepened voice.
  At that moment, City Lord Qin laughed out loud."Hahahaha! Since Master Zuoqiu has said so, it's time to concede defeat and abide by the rules of the bet."
  As City Lord Qin spoke, he waved his hand gently. Space suddenly collapsed around Zuoqiu Haoyu, forming a spatial prison that locked him in place.
  "City Lord Qin, what are you doing!?"
  Zuoqiu Haoyu's face was ashen. However, how could he resist City Lord Qin's restraints?
  Yi Yun, meanwhile, had already taken a step forward. His blade flashed.
  The blade slashed through the void before Zuoqiu Haoyu's tragic scream was heard. His arms were cleaved off from the top of his upper arm, causing fresh blood to splatter.
  Following that, Yi Yun flicked a wisp of pure Yang flames, sending it straight into the air to consume the severed arms.
  "Hu! Hu! Hu!"
  The pure Yang flames burned vigorously and, within seconds, Zuoqiu Haoyu's severed arms were burned to ash.
  Since a pair of arms was the price of the bet, Yi Yun naturally made sure that Zuoqiu Haoyu couldn"t get them back. Otherwise, there was no point in slashing them off. With the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's capabilities, re-attaching a pair of arms was extremely easy. However, if the arms were destroyed, it would be difficult to regrow them!
  The treasured materials that could regrow severed limbs were too expensive. The Myriad Immortal Pavilion might not pay such a price for a young master. And even if they paid the price, the arms that grew back would not be tempered by laws and Yuan Qi. They would be much weaker than the arms from before. They would need to be trained from the beginning. It was effectively a partial crippling of one's martial path.
  Zuoqiu Haoyu watched as his severed arms turn to ash. He felt like his brain had been punched ruthlessly, leaving his entire being dazed.
  In just a few short seconds, he had gone from a young master that enjoyed an elevated position, to a half-crippled person!
  "My arms...My arms..."
  With his arms maimed, his status in the Myriad Immortal Pavilion would drop drastically. It was even possible that the Myriad Immortal Pavilion would not give a half-crippled invalid like him any treasures to regrow his arms.
  Zuoqiu Haoyu glared at Yi Yun with intense killing intent burned into his eyes.
  However, Yi Yun ignored it.
  "My young friend, Yi Yun, you are truly decisive. Aren't you afraid that you will offend the Myriad Immortal Pavilion?" City Lord Qin said with a laugh as his Yuan Qi transmission resounded in Yi Yun's ear.
  Yi Yun shook his head and said,"I naturally want to avoid offending the factions of Myriad City. However, I need to stay in Myriad City for at least three years. I will not attack unless attacked. However, if I just endure and give in all the time, I will be seen as an easily bullied person. If that happens, I will only have more trouble!"
  Yi Yun knew very well that he would stir up a storm in Myriad City over the next three years. Just his Yun Xin Loft alone would affect the businesses and interests of several medicinal clinics. If he was easily bullied, he would be annexed sooner or later.
  Seeing Zuoqiu Haoyu grimacing in pain on the ground, the entire crowd in the pill refining platform fell silent. There were hundreds of people present that had witnessed the scene.
  Many of them felt a chill run through their hearts. Yi Yun was too ruthless. The person in question was a young master of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, yet Yi Yun so decisively cleaved off his arms. He truly did not offer any leeway.
  Huyan Cang's palms were covered in cold sweat. Before, when Yi Yun's arms were bet, his own arms were nearly wagered as well. He came very close to agreeing to it. Thankfully, he had lacked the confidence to go through with it. Otherwise, he would be on the ground next to Zuoqiu Haoyu. If an alchemist lost his hands, wouldn't he be completely crippled?
  As Huyan Cang was still reeling in the lingering fear, he saw Yi Yun's nonchalant gaze turn to him. It left him shuddering in terror.
  This punk was a scourge!
  Yi Yun was ruthless and decisive. Furthermore, he was young and had a promising future. By the time he matured, wouldn't he slowly demand payback?
  "Bring Haoyu along. We are leaving!" Zuoqiu Bo's face resembled dark clouds. He, as Elder of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, had pleaded with Yi Yun but was met with such treatment. There was no point left in staying.
  The followers behind him walked forward and helped up the severely injured Zuoqiu Haoyu.
  "Brother Zuoqiu, are you leaving already? Didn't you have something you wanted to discuss with me?" City Lord Qin asked with a faint smile.
  "City Lord Qin, it's not like you don"t know what I have to say. Since you have no intention to negotiate with me, I will not invite humiliation upon myself." Zuoqiu Haoyu grunted.
  Although it was Yi Yun that had taken action, City Lord Qin used spatial dimension laws to lock Zuoqiu Haoyu in place. It was a clear indication of his attitude.
  He had always tried to foster a good relationship with City Lord Qin, but it was pointless to use his warm and genial face to repeatedly kiss a cold ass. He withdrew the Canonicalized God Platform, boarded his spirit boat and left.
  With Zuoqiu Bo gone, the crowd naturally dispersed. Many people looked at Yi Yun with mixed feelings.
  Without a doubt, Yi Yun would become a new rising star in Myriad City. However, that was on the premise that he could survive the pressure from the Myriad Immortal Pavilion.
  Yi Yun came in front of City Lord Qin and took out the remaining four Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills. He said,"City Lord Qin, these four pills should be able to repay my debt of 800,000 runes. I shall give them to City Lord Qin. If City Lord Qin does not need the pills, I'll exchange them in Myriad Pavilion for runes to repay you. I am deeply indebted to you."
  Although Yi Yun had not used the 800,000 runes to buy the Soul Restoring Relic, City Lord Qin's help still left Yi Yun grateful.
  The Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills were supreme-grade pills. Though they could be used to save Ling Xie'er and was of use to him, he decided to use them to repay City Lord Qin first.
  City Lord Qin took a glance at the pills and said,"Back then, you said that you would repay me in three months. I thought you were only bragging. But here we are, and it has only been half a month. You are truly a capable young man. Even I still need to special order these pills, so there's no need for you to exchange them for runes. I'll accept them. However, four Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills are worth more than 800,000 runes. In addition, these pills are extremely high quality. Taking two of them is already me taking advantage of you."
  Seeing as City Lord Qin only accepted two, Yi Yun looked at Princess White Fox at his side. He handed the remaining two to her.
  "What's this for...?" Princess White Fox asked softly.
  She had been worried for Yi Yun while he was refining the pills but now, seeing that everything went well, she could finally rest assured.
  "Thanks to your help and trust, I can finally settle in Myriad City. Since you cultivate in the soul, these pills will be useful to you. Just think of it as an expression of my good will," said Yi Yun.
  Princess White Fox was about to reject them when she heard City Lord Qin say,"In that case, Wuxia, you should take them. As the saying goes, he who gets other's kindness but does not repay is not a gentleman. Moreover, this friend of yours has such impressive alchemy skills. Why do you fear him being poor? Perhaps, in the times to come, I will be relying on our young friend Yi Yun!"
  City Lord Qin said with a loud laugh.
  "Yes, Uncle Qin." Princess White Fox nodded.
  "Yi Yun, in half a month, I will be hosting a zither recital at my residence in which Fairy Youqin will be participating. Why don't you come?" City Lord Qin said to Yi Yun with a smile. Yi Yun's alchemy skills had pleasantly surprised him. By giving Yi Yun a chance to rub shoulders with the upper echelons of Myriad City, it would be a form of protection for Yi Yun.
  "City Lord Qin, thank you for your invitation. I will definitely be there." Yi Yun said.
  "Alright, then Wuxia and I will be leaving." City Lord Qin took a glance at Yun Xin Loft and said with deep, underlying meaning,"Your Yun Xin Loft will probably be quite busy soon."
  After he sent City Lord Qin and Princess White Fox off, most of the people that joined in the buzz had left. The remaining people stayed behind to have pills refined.
  "Master Yi, I would like to refine Clear Minded Marrow Cleansing Pills."
  "Master Yi, me too! I want to refine a cauldron of Extreme Yin Pills as well as Emerald Spirit Pills, Heart Nourishing Relics..."
  Many people rushed to speak to Yi Yun. With Yi Yun's impressive alchemy skill, it was best to get him to refine pills before his reputation spread. They wanted to refine as many as possible. If they waited even a few days, they might not be able to get in the queue.
  And even if the pills that were refined were useless for themselves, they could always sell them to earn a huge profit. After all, the pills that Yi Yun refined were apparently a lot more superior than typical pills.
  Seeing the people hollering to get Yi Yun to refine their pills, Ru'er gingerly walked to Yi Yun's side and whispered.
  "Oh?" Yi Yun smiled slightly. A teasing look could be detected in his eyes."I can refine whatever you want. A million runes a cauldron."
  The people that were just making requests faltered. A million runes a cauldron? The pills they wanted refined were not even worth a hundred thousand, but the pill refinement fee was a million!?
  "Hmph! Didn't double-faced folks like you curse in front of my Yun Xin Loft that hanging up a plaque like that is madness? Why would you want me to refine pills now? If you have any dignity, it's best you scram. Don't disgust me."
  After Yi Yun said that, he turned and left. He was not afraid of offending such ruffians.
  He cleaved off Zuoqiu Haoyu's arms, and that was a young master. So when these ruffians considered the gap in their status with Zuoqiu Haoyu"s, they knew that they could only accept the treatment they received.
  "How...How did he know...It was that maidservant!"
  The few exchanged looks. They had derided the plaque in front of Yun Xin Loft but never expected that the maidservant had remembered their faces.
  "Today, we will be closed and rejecting all customers. Take down the plaque outside as well," Yi Yun said to Ru'er after returning inside.
  Back when he hung the plaque, it was because he lacked any reputation. Now, he had more than proved his capability, so there was naturally no need for him to continue to provide such cheap pill refinement services.
  "Young Master Yi." Dong Shaoqing had not left.
  "Sect Master Dong." Yi Yun noticed that Dong Shaoqing hesitated to speak, giving a furtive glance at Dong Xiaowan. Her breathing was weak and her body was petite and frail. He could not help but sigh. He did not know how a fine girl like Dong Xiaowan would end up in such a strange situation.
  "Come on in. However, I might not have any solutions."
  "Thank you, Young master Yi."
  Dong Shaoqing helped Dong Xiaowan into Yi Yun's alchemy lab.
  Dong Xiaowan didn't have a tall frame. She carefully sat on a rock bed in the alchemy lab, acting somewhat reserved.
  "Hand." Yi Yun said as he extended his hand.
  Dong Xiaowan blushed slightly as she rolled up her sleeves, revealing her snow-white wrists. Dong Xiaowan's arm was like that of a thirteen-year-old's. It was small and exquisite. As Yi Yun felt Dong Xiaowan's pulse, he activated his energy vision and observed the energy flows within her body.
  Although the evil entity had entered remission, it was still entrenched in Dong Xiaowan's dantian. It was as if it was trying to fuse with Dong Xiaowan's dantian.
  It was probably the cause of Dong Xiaowan being unable to increase her cultivation level no matter how much she cultivated.
  Yi Yun vaguely sensed that once the evil entity was fully fused with Dong Xiaowan, she would probably be beyond saving.
  Was it some kind of old monster trying to possess Dong Xiaowan?
  Such a thought flashed across Yi Yun's mind. However, he eliminated the possibility after some thought. Possession would have begun from the soul sea, and not the dantian.
  Furthermore, although the evil entity resembled a human face, the feeling it gave off did not resemble a spiritual soul.
  Yi Yun hesitated for a moment before he gathered spatial dimension laws into his hands, forming pure Yang Dao patterns.
  Yi Yun cast the pure Yang Dao patterns into Dong Xiaowan's body, sealing the vital meridian paths around her dantian. Pure Yang was best against evil entities. With these pure Yang Dao patterns in place, the evil entity was unlikely to endanger Dong Xiaowan's life; however, it was not a long-term solution.
  "Do not cultivate for the time being, nor should you use your Yuan Qi. If Sect Master Dong doesn't mind, I suggest that Dong Xiaowan stay here with me. What do you think?"
  "Young Master Yi, you are too kind. You saved Xiaowan's life, so why would I mind?"
  Not only was Dong Shaoqing not worried when he heard that, he was overjoyed. He yearned for his daughter to stay behind so that she could someday be saved by Yi Yun.
  "Alright." Yi Yun nodded.
  "Then...I'll be leaving. Xiaowan, I'll come and see you again." Dong Shaoqing cupped his fists and said.
  He was not worried leaving his daughter, who was too weak to resist anything, with Yi Yun. Whether it was his thankfulness for what Yi Yun had done, or Yi Yun's saving of his daughter without compensation, he could tell that Yi Yun was a person of high moral standing.
  And looking at it from a broader perspective, even if Yi Yun had any thoughts on his daughter, Dong Shaoqing could turn a blind eye. Yi Yun was different from Huyan Cang. Huyan Cang was already halfway in the grave, yet he wanted to fool around with young women. As for Yi Yun, he was young and had a promising future. If his daughter ended up being Yi Yun's companion, how could that be a loss?
  After Dong Shaoqing left, Yi Yun entered seclusion. In his free time, he would check on the evil entity in Dong Xiaowan's body. As time passed, Yi Yun's understanding of the evil entity grew deeper.
  And Dong Xiaowan followed in Ru'ers footsteps, becoming one of the medicine children of Yun Xin Loft. Dong Xiaowan would help Ru'er if she needed it. Together, they kept Yun Xin Loft in good order.
  Meanwhile, Yi Yun's reputation rapidly spread throughout Myriad City.
  It was all due to the fact that he had cleaved off Zuoqiu Haoyu's arms and burned them to ash with pure Yang flames.
  And despite being only a junior, he was able to refine Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills and awaken Dong Xiaowan, who had a mysterious and deadly illness. The quality of his pills even exceeded Zuoqiu Bo's!
  Either of those two stories resulted in an absolutely astounding reaction on the part of those who heard them.
  In Myriad City, alchemists enjoyed an extremely high status. Even though it was common knowledge that Yi Yun had offended the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, there were still many people that came for Yi Yun's pill-refining services or to befriend him.
  "What? Young Master Baifeng wants to see me? Who is he?"
  Yi Yun was informed by Dong Xiaowan just after he finished meditation.
  "Young Master Yi, Young Master Baifeng's name is Zhou Baifeng. He's from Myriad City's Zhou family. The Zhou family isn't a sect but it is a very powerful faction. It's ranked third among all the factions in Myriad City! Although it's inferior to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, it's not by a lot. Zhou Baifeng himself is well-regarded within the Zhou family. Many of the family's matters are left to his decision."
  "Young Master Baifeng is already outside." Dong Xiaowan added.
  Yi Yun thought for a moment before nodding. He said,"Let him in."
  Since Young Master Baifeng was filthy rich, Yi Yun could raise the price if he was here for pills. Yi Yun needed to earn large sums of runes over the next three years, so he naturally wanted to accept business when it came to him.
  After Dong Xiaowan passed the message, two men quickly walked in.
  One of the men was wearing a light-blue long-sleeved shirt. He was smiling from afar as he warmly greeted Yi Yun,"You must be Master Yi. I've heard many things about you. I'm Zhou Baifeng and this is Young Master Zhang Zhiyuan, who is a distinguished guest of my Zhou family. Master Yi, you might not know of Young Master Zhang Zhiyuan's reputation since you are new here. He is a famous young genius in Myriad City."
  Zhang Zhiyuan was fanning himself with a jade fan. He had an incisive aura and appeared to be extraordinary.
  Yi Yun slowly put down his teacup and said lightly,"May I know what medicine Young Master Baifeng plans on refining? Young Master Baifeng should know that my prices aren't cheap."
  "That I naturally know. However, I'm here not for Master Yi's services. Instead, I'm here to invite Master Yi to become a distinguished guest of the Zhou family. My Zhou family has quite the influence in Myriad City. All the distinguished guests of the Zhou family are geniuses. If Master Yi does see fit to let us welcome you, even the Myriad Immortal Pavilion would think twice about troubling you." Young Master Baifeng spoke very confidently and wore a rather conceited expression.
  The Zhou family was considered quite a large tree that even famous geniuses like Zhang Zhiyuan flocked to. Young Master Baifeng made it a point to bring Zhang Zhiyuan in order to make his case more convincing.
  Although Zhang Zhiyuan was inferior to Fairy Youqin and Fairy Wuxia, he was still a reputable genius.
  "Once, Young Master Zhang Zhiyuan had offended a large sect because of a woman. However, after he became a distinguished guest of my Zhou family, that sect could only suppress their indignation." Young Master Baifeng said.
  "Young Master Baifeng is right. Yi Yun, Young Master Baifeng is here today to save you. Without the Zhou family, you will be alone. And it's hard to do anything single-handedly." Zhang Zhiyuan glanced at Yi Yun, but he felt somewhat displeased.
  Yi Yun had not stood up from the moment they entered. Back when Zhang Zhiyuan became the Zhou family's distinguished guest, he had been extremely polite when he took the initiative to receive their patronage.
  This kind of preferential treatment, and the difference in attitude, already made Zhang Zhiyuan unhappy. Furthermore, Yi Yun's arrogance irritated him.
  "You are soliciting me? Sorry, but I'm not interested." Yi Yun rejected it immediately."I am undisciplined by nature, and so am not accustomed to being governed by others. As for whether the Myriad Immortal Pavilion will seek to hurt me, or whether I need protection from Zhou family..."
  "If I were to sell myself to a faction for something trivial like seeking protection, then my martial path would have been cultivated for nothing." As Yi Yun spoke, he swept his gaze to Zhang Zhiyuan.
  People like Young Master Zhou or Young Master Zhang meant nothing to Yi Yun at all.
  "How dare you speak in this manner!?" Zhang Zhiyuan was incensed. Yi Yun's words were a subtle smack in his face. Wasn"t he implying that by selling himself to the Zhou family, Zhang Zhiyuan made his martial path worthless? How could he tolerate such an insult?
  Yi Yun ignored Zhang Zhiyuan. He sensed from the start that this person was rather hostile towards him. The first thing he said carried a threatening tone. What did being a distinguished guest have to do with the difficulty of doing things single-handedly?
  Zhang Zhiyuan had become a distinguished guest and wanted others to follow in his footsteps. When he encountered other able distinguished guests, he even felt jealous. Yi Yun could not be bothered to humor such a person with any sincerity.
  Young Master Baifeng looked at Yi Yun as his expression turned cold."I came here personally to talk with you about joining us. I even brought Young Master Zhang. It should be very clear how sincere I am. Perhaps Master Yi doesn't think much of my Zhou family?"
  Yi Yun cupped his hands at Young Master Baifeng and said,"I have nothing to say if Young Master Baifeng wants to interpret my words in such a manner. I, Yi Yun, am used to being free. At this time, I do not want to pledge allegiance to anyone. Since the both of you aren't here for pill refinement, I must return to my secluded cultivation. Please leave."
  Although it was his first time meeting Zhou Baifeng, Yi Yun had a general idea of him from Dong Xiaowan's description. Zhou Baifeng was inviting him to be a distinguished guest of the Zhou family only to elevate his own standing within the family.
  By pledging allegiance to the Zhou family, he would naturally become one of Zhou Baifeng"s protégé. In the future, when Zhou Baifeng inherited the family estate, he would have more chips in hand. But Yi Yun had already cultivated to such a level on his own, so why would he need to be a distinguished guest of a young master?
  "Please listen to my young master's words and leave." Dong Xiaowan said. Yi Yun had saved her life so she only listened to Yi Yun.
  Young Master Baifeng's face turned extremely grim and gloomy."Then, I wish that Master Yi does not regret this in the future. You are only an alchemist. Take care for your safety after making so many enemies."
  Having said that, Young Master Baifeng snorted coldly and left with a flick of his sleeves.
  Zhang Zhiyuan also stared coldly at Yi Yun before following behind Young Master Baifeng, walking out of Yun Xin Loft.
  "Young Master Baifeng, that Yi Yun really doesn't know how to appreciate what's good for him! Not only did he think nothing of me, he also did not think anything of Young Master Baifeng and the Zhou family." Zhang Zhiyuan turned to look at Yun Xin Loft's plaque and said,"He is so arrogant only because he knows Fairy Wuxia and she is City Lord Qin's junior."
  Young Master Baifeng raised his hand to stop Zhang Zhiyuan from continuing."He does have some skill, but there are so many geniuses in this world. Yet, few of them can successfully mature."
  He continued:"He is a top alchemist and has a promising future. The benefits such a person would bring to a large faction are obvious. But he is still only a junior and so cannot put up much of a fight. He may have rejected my Zhou family, but others from the major factions will definitely come to solicit him. Soon, he will be in a position he cannot control. What faction would allow a genius junior who could pose a threat to them in the future, but won"t pledge allegiance to them, mature? Furthermore, he has also offended the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. I would love to see how he handles that! Let's go back!"
  Ten days passed in the blink of an eye.
  During that time, Yi Yun avoided guests by giving the excuse that he was in seclusion.
  With Zhou Baifeng as a precedent, Yi Yun knew that many factions in Myriad City would want to make him one of their distinguished guests.
  To the various large factions, he was equivalent to a fat lamb for the slaughter because he seemingly did not have the means to protect himself. Everyone wanted him to pledge allegiance to them. They would probably want him to sign a contract if he joined their factions.
  The contracts warriors signed always involved the soul. Even if the conditions were loose, Yi Yun would absolutely not sign. Yi Yun decided to keep his shop closed while rejecting all visitors instead of meeting and subsequently offending each and every one of them.
  In ten days, people from the Mystic Yang Manor, Five Elements Mountain Manor, and Core Heart Sword Clan came to Yun Xin Loft. However, they did not even get to meet Yi Yun. On this point, they were inferior to Zhou Baifeng.
  "Young Master, Fairy Purple Rain from the Guiyuan family has come to seek your refinement services. The Guiyuan family is second only to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion in Myriad City. Fairy Purple Rain is also a famous, beloved daughter of heaven outside. In terms of reputation, however, she is slightly inferior to Fairy Youqin. However, this does not mean that Fairy Purple Rain is inferior to Fairy Youqin. Rather, Fairy Youqin plays the zither in Heavenly Treasures Arch, so it's only natural that more people know of her. Fairy Purple Rain, meanwhile, dwells in deep seclusion in the Guiyuan family. She seldom appears in public, thus only few know of her. Young Master Yi, do you think..." Dong Xiaowan said gingerly.
  Yi Yun had instructed her that he would not see anyone from any faction. However, Fairy Purple Rain was different. Her status was higher than even Zhou Baifeng's, to begin with. Furthermore, she was someone from the Guiyuan family. The only faction in Myriad City that was qualified to compete with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion was the Guiyuan family.
  As an elite of the Guiyuan family, Fairy Purple Rain had taken the initiative to visit Yi Yun. It was something that young masters of many factions wished would happen to them. Therefore, after some thought, Dong Xiaowan decided to inform Yi Yun.
  "Fairy Purple Rain? Guiyuan family?" Yi Yun stroked his chin and asked Dong Xiaowan,"Xiaowan, how's the relationship between the Guiyuan family and the Myriad Immortal Pavilion?"
  "Young Master, every faction has their interests at stake. They might appear amiable on the surface, but they really aren't."
  At that moment, outside Yun Xin Loft, a white-jade carriage was parked. The tiny carriage looked warm and crystalline. Four snow-white, purebred unicorns were attached to the reins of the carriage. They had wings on their backs and they were very docile.
  "Miss, I heard that Yi Yun would reject anyone from any faction. He's truly arrogant!"
  "However, Miss, you are different. You are a fairy of Myriad City. It's unknown how many young masters are unqualified to even kneel before you. And here you are, coming personally to Yun Xin Loft. Won"t Yi Yun come forward in thankful tears or shock to see you? It's an opportunity for him to be a distinguished guest of the Guiyuan family. In all of Myriad City, only our Guiyuan family can fight the Myriad Immortal Pavilion."
  There were two girls in the carriage. One was dressed in maidservant's attire. She was speaking to a lady in a purple dress.
  The purple-dressed girl smiled slightly. Her skin was creamy in color and she had a slim figure. Her facial features were intricate and her eyes seemed to contain a fresh spring in them. A glance at her would make the surroundings lose their vibrancy. Her slight smile made it seem like she was glowing.
  "All you know is how to deliver such sweet talk. Why won"t you learn anything else from me?" The purple-dressed girl rapped the maidservant's forehead gently."However...My Guiyuan family is indeed the only choice that Yi has. He has already rejected the Zhou family, Mystic Yang Manor, Five Elements Mountain Manor, and Core Heart Sword Clan one after another. He is likely waiting for my Guiyuan family to visit him so that he can sell himself for the highest bid."
  "That is quite a clever plan. I have already gotten permission from the Circle of Elders. For me to approach him in person, he can't ask for anything more. The Circle of Elders have also permitted me to make some changes to the contract, allowing me to loosen the conditions."
  "Hehe, Miss, you see things with such clarity. So this Yi Yun is trying to sell himself to the highest bidder. I thought he was being overly arrogant. Let's see if he dares be arrogant when he welcomes you." The maidservant beamed like a blooming flower. Just as her voice faded, the door to Yun Xin Loft opened.
  The maidservant saw Dong Xiaowan casually walk out before bowing slightly at the carriage. She knew of Dong Xiaowan. She had heard that Dong Xiaowan had been listed on the blessed daughters of heavens rankings but, of course, she was ranked far below her mistress.
  The maidservant daintily lifted the curtains of the carriage. Looking down at Dong Xiaowan from above, she said lightly,"What did your young master say?"
  Dong Xiaowan said,"Our young master is still in seclusion so he will not be able to meet Fairy Purple Rain."
  The purple-dressed girl inside the carriage was slightly taken aback. Before she could open her mouth, the maidservant beside her spoke with fury. Her eyebrows flared up as she said,"What? He's still in seclusion? What bullshit! How audacious you are. Our mistress is outside waiting. What right do you have..."
  "Enough." Inside the carriage, the purple-dressed girl cut off her personal maidservant's rant. Her beautiful eyebrows were slightly knitted. She never imagined that Yi Yun would also reject the Guiyuan family. Furthermore, his rejection of her was no different from any of the ones before.
  Yi Yun was really ignoring all factions in Myriad City. However, didn't he realize that, with his background and foundations, he was powerless against them?
  "As the saying goes, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. I thought he was waiting to sell himself to the highest bidder. That would have been some impressive thinking, but I never expected him to be so naive as to think that he will be able to become an existence equivalent to City Lord Qin while standing independent from the factions. Forget him if he does not want to meet us. Let's go back."
  Since the purple-dressed girl had given her order, the maidservant could only lower the curtain.
  The scene of the white-jade carriage leaving Yun Xin Loft was seen by many. They naturally knew who sat inside.
  "That's surprising news. Even Fairy Purple Rain from the Guiyuan family has been rejected. If it were me, I would have agreed without any hesitation."
  "Hehe, stop dreaming in broad daylight. However, it has to be said that Yi Yun's present situation is dire. He has offended the Myriad Immortal Pavilion and left so many major factions wary of him. Who wouldn't want to pick up an exquisite piece of jade that was thrown into the streets? If it refused to be picked up, it would probably be in trouble."
  Rhinoceros are killed for their horns while calamities befall elephants because of their tusks. If one was worth too much but was unable to defend themselves, one could end up being captured and forced to refine medicine for others.
  A few days later, more than half of the top ten factions of Myriad City had gone to Yun Xin Loft but left dejected.
  One day, Ru'er was looking out into the streets in a daze. Suddenly, she saw a blur in front of her and an elder appeared.
  "Lady, this is a letter meant for Young Master Yi from the City Lord." The elder smiled as he took out an invitation letter before passing it to Ru'er.
  Upon hearing that it was a letter from City Lord Qin, Ru'er hurriedly took it over and said,"Thank you, Uncle. I will deliver it to my master."
  "Oh? City Lord Qin's invitation? It's probably the zither recital..."
  Back when the pill refinement was over, City Lord Qin had invited Yi Yun to participate in a zither recital half a month later at the City Lord Manor. Today was precisely half a month later.
  He never expected City Lord Qin to especially send him an invitation. Yi Yun smiled faintly as he turned to Ru'er and said,"Follow me to the City Lord Manor."
  The various major factions of Myriad City had long known of the zither recital held in City Lord Manor. Everyone knew that both Fairy Youqin and Fairy Wuxia would be there.
  Back at the Paradise Chapter's Heavenly Treasures Arch, both fairies had played the zither in an exciting showdown. Those who were fortunate enough to witness it relished the memory of it. As for those that did not see it, they could only be filled with regret.
  Today's zither recital was another chance to see the two beloved daughters of heaven clash once again.
  The major factions that received invitations brought several youngsters along. In truth, this was not a mere zither recital between Fairy Youqin and Fairy Wuxia, but a grand meeting between the young elites of the various factions.
  As for a certain genius alchemist that was recently in the limelight and was also Fairy Wuxia's friend, many expected that he would be invited by City Lord Qin.
  On a mirror-like lake at City Lord Manor, dozens of gaily-painted boats were floating on the surface. The biggest one even had a high platform, and that is where City Lord Qin sat.
  In one of the boats, there were about a dozen zitherists playing the zither. There were more than a hundred dancers dancing above the lake's surface.
  A gentle wind blew as the lake's waters shimmered. It was like a portrait from the heavens.
  It was the first time Ru'er had been to such a banquet. She followed behind Yi Yun while her eyes darted around in wonder.
  Dong Xiaowan was also following behind Yi Yun. Her bearing was elegant, so she caught the attention of many the moment she appeared.
  However, people ultimately shifted their gaze to Yi Yun after seeing her.
  "That's Yi Yun."
  "Master Yi is indeed an accomplished youngster. However, it's because he's young that he"s arrogant."
  "To think he dare comes to today's zither recital. I heard that in the past few days, he has offended nearly every major faction in Myriad City. Today's zither recital won"t be a relaxing time for him."
  Ru'er felt a little uncomfortable hearing all the murmurs.
  "It's fine." Yi Yun scanned these people. He knew that with his potential, he would only be repressed by the combined efforts of the various large factions if he did not join a single faction. Just today's zither recital alone did not have many that were friendly to him.
  And sure enough, Yi Yun came across a few familiar faces.
  "Young Master Yi, we meet again." The person who spoke was Zhou Baifeng. Beside him was Zhang Zhiyuan.
  The two of them had been snubbed by Yi Yun so now, despite Zhou Baifeng being fine with it, Zhang Zhiyuan could not hide the coldness or killing intent in his eyes.
  Zhang Zhiyuan silently touched the hilt of his sword. In City Lord Manor, he obviously was not allowed to draw it but it was a show of force."Yi Yun, I'd be rather interested to meet you in battle. I want to let you know that, although alchemists have elevated statuses in Myriad City, true control over Myriad City is dependent on strength," Zhang Zhiyuan said lightly. With the Zhou family backing him, he did not mind offending Yi Yun at all.
  Zhou Baifeng only smiled at Zhang Zhiyuan's provocation. He did not attempt to stop him. At that moment, an alluring female voice was heard.
  "You must be Young Master Yi. Today's the first day that I, Purple Rain, have the chance to meet Young Master Yi. My visit to Yun Xin Loft, unfortunately, coincided with Young Master Yi's seclusion."
  A purple-dressed girl walked over leisurely. She was none other than Fairy Purple Rain from the Guiyuan family.
  The moment Fairy Purple Rain appeared, even Dong Xiaowan lost her luster. When beauties reached the limits of beauty, it was hard to compare them. At that point, the comparison was determined by demeanor. Fairy Purple Rain's demeanor was truly like a misty or smoky purple rain that seemed to accompany an inundating breeze.
  "I'm really sorry about that, Fairy Purple Rain. I had been in seclusion for too long. It's my honor today to be able to meet Fairy Purple Rain after coming out of seclusion."
  Yi Yun cupped his fists and smiled. Although Yi Yun did not care to be solicited by the Guiyuan family, he would, on the surface, make efforts to avoid impertinent remarks that would offend others, as long as the other party was polite.
  "Fairy Purple Rain, please excuse me. I have yet to greet City Lord Qin at today's zither recital."
  As Yi Yun said that, he walked through a hall and flew to the biggest boat in the middle.
  "City Lord Qin." Yi Yun greeted City Lord Qin with a bow.
  He looked at Princess White Fox, who was beside City Lord Qin, and said,"Fairy Wuxia."
  Princess White Fox smiled with a zither in her arms as she nodded gently.
  "Haha, Yi Yun you came late. Here, drink as a form of punishment." City Lord Qin said with a jovial laugh.
  With that, everyone noticed Yi Yun. They never expected Yi Yun to keep such a high profile even when coming here.
  "This punk is fearless because we"re in City Lord Manor." Zhang Zhiyuan was feeling extremely displeased seeing Yi Yun fly to the boat from afar.
  He had been able to enter the banquet only by accompanying Young Master Baifeng; however, he had no right to greet City Lord Qin. As for the graceful figure beside City Lord Qin, he could not even approach her.
  Yi Yun cupped his fists and laughed. He drank a cup of wine, and was just about to say something when City Lord Qin suddenly frowned.
  "Oh? People from the Myriad Immortal Pavilion have come as well..."
  As City Lord Qin said that, a group of people walked in from the main entrance.
  The person leading the group was Zuoqiu Bo.
  Standing beside Zuoqiu Bo was a young-looking man. He was dressed in white and his black hair sprawled unbridled. On his back hung a sword.
  This group of people flew and landed onto a boat freely. Then, they sat down. The long-haired young man picked up a cup of wine from the table and greeted City Lord Qin from afar,"City Lord Qin, I'm Si Yusheng. Please accept my toast."
  Si Yusheng?
  Yi Yun did not know the person. Dong Xiaowan whispered,"Sir, Si Yusheng is Myriad Immortal Pavilion's successor to the role of Pavilion Lord. The biggest family clan in Myriad Immortal Pavilion is the Si family. As for the Zuoqiu family, they were initially distinguished guests of the Si family. Later on, the Si family produced a peerless figure that slowly brought them more power, allowing them to establish the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. Pavilion Lords have always been descendants from the Si family, while the Zuoqiu family slowly became the second biggest family in Myriad Immortal Pavilion. They also entered the inner circles where power is held. But in truth, the Zuoqiu family has relied on the Si family to progress."
  Yi Yun nodded. He could tell that Zuoqiu Bo treated the white-dressed man differently from how he treated Zuoqiu Haoyu. Zuoqiu Haoyu was only a young master of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, while the white-dressed man was the successor apparent.
  "The person beside City Lord Qin is Yi Yun, the one who sliced off Zuoqiu Haoyu's arms. His alchemical skills are impressive." Zuoqiu Bo said to Si Yusheng via voice transmission.
  "So that's him. Haoyu and I grew up together. We are practically brothers. Haoyu's problems are my problems. As for Yi Yun, he is standing against my Myriad Immortal Pavilion because of Qin Zhengyang's support. If we ignore this matter, aren"t we saying that my Myriad Immortal Pavilion can be bullied by anyone? People might even think that we are afraid of Qin Zhengyang."
  "Look at these people. They are waiting for our reaction. I know that both the Zhou family and Fairy Purple Rain from the Guiyuan family have been rejected by Yi Yun." Si Yusheng said coldly.
  Although City Lord Qin had raised his cup in response to Si Yusheng's toast, he did not immediately down it. He only looked at Si Yusheng and said leisurely,"I'm very pleased that Young Master Si came to see me, but I don"t seem to recall sending Young Master Si an invitation?"
  For this zither recital, City Lord Qin had not sent an invitation to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion since he was inviting Yi Yun. He wanted to prevent an awkward meeting of the two.
  Si Yusheng had come uninvited. This made City Lord Qin feel that a tense situation was brewing.
  "Haha, City Lord Qin, you indeed did not send me an invitation. But you see, yesterday at Myriad Immortal Palace, I happened to meet Young Master Wufeng from your esteemed lineage. It was Young Master Wufeng that invited me."
  Upon hearing Si Yusheng's words, City Lord Qin frowned slightly. Qin Wufeng was the youngest son of his but also one of his most unaccomplished sons.
  As for Myriad Immortal Palace, it was a land of lavish enjoyment ran by the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. It was similar to the Heavenly Treasures Arch but, because it was built outside Myriad City, it was not restricted by the rules of Myriad City. This allowed warriors to be more unbridled in their promiscuous pleasures. They would mistreat the female slaves, engage in gambling over fights, take hallucinogens...As long as one had runes, they could completely indulge in whatever hidden fetishes they had.
  How could Qin Zhengyang be at ease knowing that his youngest son had gone to Myriad Immortal Palace?
  At that moment, Si Yusheng's figure turned into a dissipating shadow before appearing in City Lord Qin's boat, right behind Yi Yun.
  Upon seeing Si Yusheng appear next to Yi Yun, Young Master Baifeng smiled as he waited to see what happened next.
  "It will probably get interesting now."
  It was not only Young Master Baifeng. The young geniuses that had been rejected by Yi Yun revealed looks of schadenfreude when they saw Si Yusheng and Yi Yun appear on the same boat.
  Si Yusheng was not like Zuoqiu Haoyu. He rarely mingled or tried to build up social relations with others; however, he was extremely famous. This was because of his extremely terrifying cultivation speed and astounding martial talent, as well as his status as the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's successor!
  Si Yusheng maintained a high-profile attitude and was even somewhat domineering. Any who provoked him would end up paying a terrible price.
  People had no doubt that if this was not Myriad City, Si Yusheng would have immediately killed Yi Yun.
  Of course, this was the City Lord Manor. Si Yusheng could not do a thing to Yi Yun in front of City Lord Qin.
  Upon seeing Si Yusheng come onto his boat, City Lord Qin frowned slightly. Si Yusheng came with malicious intentions.
  Yi Yun turned to look over. He knew the person was here for him.
  However, what could that person do in such a situation?
  "You must be Yi Yun, right?" Si Yusheng looked at Yi Yun as a sneer suffused his lips."You cleaved off Zuoqiu Haoyu's arms and tarnished the reputation of my Myriad Immortal Pavilion. I should settle the score with you."
  "How do you plan to do that?" Yi Yun's brows pricked up. Was he going to attack him in front of City Lord Qin?
  "Actually, my preferred method is to capture people that offend the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, like you, and throw them into the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's dungeons before torturing them to death."
  As he said this, his tone changed. He followed up,"But...I, Si Yusheng, think highly of people with talent. Young Master Yi's ability impresses me. Furthermore, City Lord Qin is watching here today. On his account, I happen to have a perfect way to settle the matter."
  "What way do you have in mind?" Qin Zhengyang's voice was cold. As Myriad City's City Lord, he did not need to give a single thought to Si Yusheng's reputation. Yi Yun was a guest he had invited. Even without Yi Yun's relationship with Princess White Fox, Qin Zhengyang would not easily allow for Yi Yun to be put in a difficult situation at his residence. If he did and word got out, how was he to be a city lord?
  "Haha, City Lord Qin, look at you protecting juniors. Don't worry. I, Si Yusheng, might not usually care about others" feelings, but I make exceptions for certain people. How can I not consider City Lord Qin's reputation? Furthermore, Young Master Yi is a genius. He might have had some misunderstandings with Haoyu, but now the matter is over. However, there are matters involving my Myriad Immortal Pavilion. I have to put a clean end to them. City Lord Qin, do not worry. What I'm proposing is also a good thing for Young Master Yi."
  As Si Yusheng spoke, a golden beam flashed in his hand. A golden scroll appeared floating above his palm.
  The golden scroll slowly unfurled. There were resplendent Dao patterns over it, making it look extremely profound.
  Si Yusheng said,"This is a soul contract, prepared for Young Master Yi. Haoyu was indeed in the wrong before, but the punishment he received was just too serious. Young Master Yi has to answer to my Myriad Immortal Pavilion!"
  "This soul contract only has two conditions. The first condition is that Young Master Yi promises never to be an enemy of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. As long as the disciples of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion do not deliberately offend Young Master Yi, he is not to attack any disciple of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion."
  "The second condition is that Young Master Yi has to render his services to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion for six hundred years. After that, he is free to stay or leave. During these six hundred years, my Myriad Immortal Pavilion will give him the same treatment as a core disciple or Elder. We will provide Young Master Yi with all the cultivation resources, as well as alchemy ingredients, he may need. However, if my Myriad Immortal Pavilion needs any pills, Young Master Yi will produce them without any objections. Therefore...during these six hundred years, Young Master Yi is not to wantonly leave Myriad Immortal Pavilion. If he needs to leave, he will need to gain approval from the Circle of Elders."
  "If Young Master Yi signs this, all grudges will be settled!"
  As Si Yusheng spoke, he sent the contract floating towards Yi Yun.
  When people like Zhou Baifeng, Zhang Zhiyuan and other faction elites heard the contents of the contract, they were somewhat disappointed. It could not even considered a punishment for Yi Yun.
  The first condition did not need elaboration. It could not even considered a restriction on Yi Yun.
  As for the second condition, although it was possibly a tiny punishment for Yi Yun, it was also something that many people present yearned for. To be given the treatment of a Myriad Immortal Pavilion Elder and have any needed ingredients prepared was a dream. After all, the training of an alchemist required huge expenditures on ingredients. For many pills, failure resulted in a great loss of wealth. However, if one didn't attempt to refine them, one would not be able to raise one's alchemic abilities.
  Although Si Yusheng's offer was a little restricting, it was worth it for the benefits.
  Upon hearing Si Yusheng's words, Fairy Purple Rain frowned. The conditions Si Yusheng proposed made the advantage the Guiyuan family had much weaker. The only way to entice Yi Yun was to beat the offer.
  "It seems Si Yusheng has restrained himself. By doing so, he came up with a plan that upholds the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's dignity and also gets them an alchemist. This deal is very beneficial to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion."
  People were discussing in murmurs on their boats. However, they never expected Yi Yun to shake his head and say,"Sorry, but I cannot accept these terms of yours."
  It was a straight rejection without even bothering to give a reason.
  Si Yusheng's sword-like brows pricked up. He had held back his rash behavior today, giving Yi Yun a chance to be amiable, but Yi Yun had pushed his luck. He actually rejected such favorable conditions?
  "If it were only the first condition, I could agree to it completely. As for the second condition, that is absolutely impossible. Ignoring the fact that six hundred years is too long, just the promise of you providing all the cultivation resources and alchemy ingredients I need is something, to be honest, that I cannot believe. I actually do not think that the Myriad Immortal Pavilion has the ability to provide me with cultivation resources and alchemy ingredients I need."
  Yi Yun's cultivation level was now at the Dao Palace realm. Due to the existence of the World Tree, the Supreme Nine-treasured Dao Palace, and the four nine-leaf Dao fruits, the amount of resources he consumed would only become more and more extraordinary. It far exceeded warriors at the same realm, so how was it possible for the Myriad Immortal Pavilion to provide for him?
  Although Yi Yun spoke the truth, his words sounded like derisive sarcasm to Si Yusheng's ears.
  He had already lowered his dignity but Yi Yun smacked him in the face. Si Yusheng was simmering in rage.
  He suddenly laughed, but his laughter was filled with cold killing intent."Fine! Fine! People say that you are arrogant, and I have truly had my horizons broadened after meeting you. A junior warrior like you actually thinks nothing of my Myriad Immortal Pavilion. City Lord Qin, I have held back out of respect for you, but Yi Yun doesn't appreciate it!"
  How could Si Yusheng let the matter rest after being offended in such a manner? In his eyes, if not for City Lord Qin, Yi Yun would already be a corpse.
  City Lord Qin sighed slightly. He originally believed that Yi Yun might have agreed. He never expected Yi Yun to say such a thing. It was no wonder that Si Yusheng was enraged.
  "Uncle Qin, there is no way Yi Yun would agree to such a condition." Princess White Fox transmitted her voice. With her understanding of Yi Yun, what he said was not an exaggeration at all. The Myriad Immortal Pavilion was obviously incapable of supporting him.
  "Wuxia, even you say so?" City Lord Qin was obviously prone to believing Princess White Fox. Since she said so, he began to believe that Yi Yun wasn't exaggerating. Besides, Yi Yun was his guest. He naturally had to protect his guest.
  "Si Yusheng, since Yi Yun does not agree to your contract, let's leave it at this for today. According to Myriad Immortal Pavilion's rules, one should concede defeat and abide by the rules of the bet. I must remind you that this bet was first proposed by Zuoqiu Haoyu. It is out of Yi Yun"s hands now. Even if your Myriad Immortal Pavilion has lost face, it is because of Zuoqiu Haoyu and not because of Yi Yun."
  City Lord Qin's words made clear his leanings. Everyone understood that it was impossible to touch Yi Yun at this zither recital.
  It appeared as if Si Yusheng could only go home despondently.
  However, Si Yusheng was one who acted domineeringly, refusing to lose out in any way. Had he come to City Lord Manor today to deal with Yi Yun in front of City Lord Qin, not knowing that he would only be running into a stone wall?
  As people were thinking it over, Si Yusheng suddenly burst into laughter.
  "City Lord Qin, you said that one should concede defeat and abide by the rules of the bet. I'm very agreeable to that notion. In fact, this is something you have said twice. Back when you restrained Zuoqiu Haoyu before his arms were maimed, you said it once!"
  "I previously mentioned that I was invited here to this zither recital by Young Master Wufeng, but I forgot to explain in detail. The reason Young Master Wufeng invited me to the recital is that he bet his own arms on a fight, and lost. Today is the day he will have his arms chopped off. Therefore, Young Master Wufeng asked me to plead with City Lord Qin for help. However, before I could even mention it, City Lord Qin, you actually said...concede defeat and abide by the rules of the bet!"
  Si Yusheng said his words leisurely. It gave everyone present a shock.
  Qin Zhengyang's youngest son, Qin Wufeng had lost a gamble in Myriad Immortal Palace and was about to have his arms chopped off?
  The Myriad Immortal Palace was one of the territories of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. For Qin Wufeng to bet his arms at such a sensitive time, and lose, made people suspicious. It was very likely that Si Yusheng had gotten others to lay a trap for Qin Wufeng as a way to seek revenge on Yi Yun for cleaving off Zuoqiu Haoyu's arms.
  Although Qin Wufeng was a good-for-nothing, how would City Lord Qin react when his son's arms were chopped off?
  Everyone's gaze landed on City Lord Qin's face.
  "This Young Master Si is indeed overbearing. To think he even dares do such a thing." Fairy Purple Rain covered her tiny mouth and said softly.
  At that moment, City Lord Qin had held both his hands on the armrest and stared intently at Si Yusheng. He asked in a deep tone,"Si Yusheng, are you threatening me?"
  His deep, bass-like voice sounded like a bell's gong. A terrifying aura suddenly shot out from the city lord, as an oppressive killing intent locked onto Si Yusheng. At that moment, ripples spread on the lake's surface as black clouds rolled over in an overbearing manner like a storm was imminent.
  What a powerful aura!
  Yi Yun reeled inside. He had only ever sensed similar auras from people like Felicitous Rain Lord, Demonic Eye Divine Lord, and other powerful figures.
  However, City Lord Qin's cultivation realm was definitely slightly weaker than Felicitous Rain Lord"s.
  Perhaps, City Lord Qin was just short of fully entering the Divine Lord realm. Or perhaps he was at the cultivation level of a Divine Lord, but had yet to fully fuse with a Divine Lord Royal Seal.
  Back in the God Advent Tower left behind by Azure Yang Lord, Yi Yun learned of the existence of the Divine Lord Royal Seal for the first time. There were only 72 Divine Lord Royal Seals in each Empyrean Heaven. They were divine items given birth from heaven-earth laws. Whether a Divine Lord fused with a Divine Lord Royal Seal or not resulted in a huge difference in strength.
  As an overlord of an area and ruler of Myriad City, City Lord Qin was making Si Yusheng experience the angry flames of a Divine Lord!
  Against City Lord Qin's power, Si Yusheng's face paled slightly as he took a step back.
  "I'm only delivering Young Master Wufeng"s message, how is that a threat? However, since City Lord Qin has already said to concede defeat and abide by the rules of the bet, I can only pass these words back to Young Master Wufeng unadulterated." Si Yusheng forcefully suppressed his chaotic lifeblood and spoke.
  Si Yusheng had Qin Wufeng in the Myriad Immortal Palace, and had the full might of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion backing him. Although Qin Zhengyang was extremely powerful, Si Yusheng was not afraid that the city lord would attack him.
  He was not Zuoqiu Haoyu, but the successor of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion!
  City Lord Qin's expression turned sullen. There was a saying that a tiger father would not beget a canine son, but Qin Zhengyang was the antithesis of that saying. Not a single one of his sons was promising.
  He had a total of six sons. Two of them perished before he made a name for himself. Each of the remaining four was worse than the preceding one. He had repeatedly disciplined his youngest son, Qin Wufeng, but Qin Wufeng was not a martial arts genius. He wallowed in degeneration and was a frequent customer at dens of iniquity like the Heavenly Treasures Arch and Myriad Immortal Palace. Now that he had fallen into a trap and was being used to keep his father in check, how could Qin Zhengyang not be angered?
  However, as Myriad City's city lord, he had to be impartial and treat everyone equally.
  "Si Yusheng, regardless of whose son he is, he must abide by the rules of Myriad City. If he gambles with others, he has to concede defeat and abide by the rules of the bet. He needs to shoulder the responsibility for his own actions." Each and every one of City Lord Qin's words resounded throughout the mirror-like lake!
  One would be out of their mind to think that his son could be used to make him compromise his own conscience!
  Yi Yun was visibly moved. City Lord Qin was indeed a bold and candid gentleman that had a strong sense of chivalry.
  However, he also knew that he was the root cause of today's conflict. Even if Qin Wufeng was foppish, he would not have succumbed to the insidious scheme if not for him.
  Although City Lord Qin was a man of great principles, he could not sit idly by as Qin Wufeng's arms were cleaved off.
  "Thank you, City Lord Qin. But this matter is my responsibility. There's no need for you to stand up for a junior like me." As he said that, Yi Yun turned to Si Yusheng and said,"This matter has nothing to do with City Lord Qin. You schemed against Young Master Wufeng only because you were gunning for me. Use whatever means you have!"
  "Hahahaha!" Si Yusheng laughed boisterously."To think you refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit. When have I, Si Yusheng, ever suffered a loss? I respected your talent and spoke pleasantly to you before, but you tried to take a mile when I gave you an inch. Now you want to sign the contract from before? Too late!"
  Si Yusheng laughed sinisterly as he took out a contract from his interspatial ring again. He threw it straight at Yi Yun.
  He came prepared. He went through the necessary pleasantries. If Yi Yun did not know what was best for him, he would repress Yi Yun. He also stood on the side of reason, so no one could fault him.
  Everyone looked at the contract that was thrown at Yi Yun with mixed expressions.
  Yi Yun did not catch the contract. He gently waved his hand as the contract stopped and hovered in front of him.
  After scanning the contents of the contract, Yi Yun laughed."Six hundred years has changed to six thousand years. Furthermore, cultivation resources are not provided for free. And I need to hand over pills, cultivation techniques, and other riches in exchange for Myriad Immortal Pavilion's Contribution Points? Only then can I exchange for the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's cultivation resources?"
  "Those are truly great terms!"
  When Yi Yun said this, everyone was flabbergasted. They finally understand that Si Yusheng had planned on using this contract from the beginning. As for the first contract, it was a ruse to keep up appearances.
  The second contract was terribly restricting for Yi Yun!
  A young alchemist that could refine an enhanced version of Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills would develop into something impressive. It would not even be farfetched for him to become a generation's alchemist sage!
  Such a person would naturally be coveted by the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. It could even be that the Zuoqiu Haoyu matter was only an excuse for them to make their move.
  There was a story about an alchemist in ancient times that had outstanding alchemical skills. However, his strength was limited and he ended up being imprisoned and forced to refine pills!
  Perhaps the Myriad Immortal Pavilion had such intentions for Yi Yun.
  The contract mentioned six thousand years, but only the heavens knew how they would treat Yi Yun when he went to Myriad Immortal Pavilion.
  Everyone cast their gaze on Yi Yun as they awaited his reaction.
  And at that moment, Yi Yun's face continued to have a light smile hanging on it. He looked at the flickering Dao patterns in the contract in front of him and gradually lifted his finger and did a simple stroke across the contract.
  Pure Yang sword beams flashed as the entire contract instantly turned into scraps of paper by the sword beams. Following that, it was consumed by pure Yang flames and turned to ash!
  "Contribute to you to obtain Contribution Points to exchange for resources? How can I, Yi Yun, think anything of the items you have at the Myriad Immortal Pavilion? What a joke!"
  As he saw the gray ash scatter to the ground, Si Yusheng's face twisted with killing intent."It looks like you truly wish death upon yourself. Fine! I'll fulfill your wishes!"
  Si Yusheng's aura blasted out as he roared angrily and pulled out the sword behind him.
  "You are only a mere alchemist but you dare act so arrogantly. Today, I"ll be taking that pair of arms off you!"
  Alchemists without arms were crippled.
  The Myriad Immortal Pavilion would not allow any enemy that posed a threat to them to mature. Yi Yun had a promising future and a grudge with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. He refused to pledge allegiance, so he needed to be killed!
  Si Yusheng was completely infuriated with Yi Yun. He refused to let Yi Yun leave the zither recital unharmed.
  "Si Yusheng, if you do anything untoward today, I will consider it an act of animosity against me. If you slice off my guest's hands, I'll slice off your arms!" City Lord Qin was furious. Si Yusheng actually intended to attack at his zither recital!
  This was not only City Lord Manor, but also Myriad City. By law, Myriad City prohibited fighting.
  "City Lord Qin, thank you. However, this matter is between me and Si Yusheng. Please do not force your hand into it," said Yi Yun.
  He was already thankful for City Lord Qin's chivalry. Today's turn of events was a result of his actions.
  Yi Yun looked at Si Yusheng and the people behind him. He knew that Si Yusheng had brought these people here to nab him.
  Whether or not he signed the contract didn"t matter. If it wasn't signed, Si Yusheng planned to employ forceful means to bring him back to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. Once he entered the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, by force or not, the outcome was obvious.
  "Your Myriad Immortal Pavilion's Zuoqiu Haoyu came to provoke me, and ended up paying the price of his arms because he overestimated himself. One has to concede defeat and abide by the rules of the bet. That is an unquestionable moral truth. However, you want to use that truth as an excuse act against me. Fine, I accept that, but you ended up scheming against Young Master Wufeng. Engaging in such despicable acts to threaten City Lord Qin is taking bullying to an extreme!"
  Yi Yun continued:"If you want to settle the matter, that"s fine with me! However, I must ask one thing. If City Lord Qin were to stay out of this, will Young Master Wufeng be safe and sound?"
  Qin Wufeng had fallen into a trap because of Yi Yun. Although Yi Yun did not know him, he wanted to resolve the matter for City Lord Qin.
  "My friend, Yi Yun-" City Lord Qin stopped him immediately with a frown.
  Princess White Fox's veil could not conceal the worry in her beautiful eyes.
  "City Lord Qin, there's no need to speak further." Yi Yun glared at Si Yusheng and asked in a deep tone,"Did you hear what I said?"
  "Hahaha!" Si Yusheng laughed out loudly."If City Lord Qin stays out of the matter, Young Master Qin Wufeng will naturally be treated with the utmost cordiality. When he is done having his fun, he will return. As for his debt, my Myriad Immortal Pavilion will pay it for him."
  "Alright!" Yi Yun was not afraid that Si Yusheng would go back on his word. It was unlikely that Si Yusheng or the Myriad Immortal Pavilion would truly cross City Lord Qin.
  "Young Master Yi, this Si Yusheng made a name for himself a long time ago. His strength is terrifying and he has the Myriad Immortal Pavilion backing him..." Dong Xiaowan and Ru'er looked worried.
  "It's fine." Yi Yun said nonchalantly as his figure charged forward, flying from the boat to the lakeside.
  "Take him away!"
  Si Yusheng waved his hand, and his followers flew to Yi Yun's side and seized him.
  One of the followers waved his hand and produced a pair of chains.
  The chains were made of Deepsea Black Iron. There were nomological runes engraved on its surface that sealed off Yuan Qi. Once bound by these chains, one would not be able to use one's Yuan Qi, leaving them at the mercy of others.
  "Chain him up!" The corners of Si Yusheng's mouth revealed a sinister smile.
  Ka Ka Ka!
  The chains were like a python. They coiled around Yi Yun and restrained him.
  At the instant the chains clicked, a divine pattern flashed. The chains fused into one and completely restricted Yi Yun's Yuan Qi flow.
  City Lord Qin's expression turned ugly. Si Yusheng was forcefully taking someone away from his City Lord Manor. Regardless of his child's safety, he could not permit such a thing to happen.
  Just as he was about to take action, Princess White Fox, who was sitting beside him, had a change of expression."Uncle Qin, Yi Yun just transmitted his voice to me. He hopes that Uncle Qin will not take any action."
  Princess White Fox was also worried about Yi Yun, but Yi Yun had transmitted his voice to her. He truly did not wish to involve City Lord Qin in the matter.
  "The situation has developed to this stage. If I don't take action, must I really sit here and allow Yi Yun to be taken to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion?"
  As City Lord Qin spoke, Si Yusheng's minions had already escorted Yi Yun towards the exit of Cloud City Manor.
  "Bring him to Myriad Immortal Palace." Si Yusheng waved his hand but, when he saw Yi Yun stone-faced and walking calmly, he was immediately displeased."What a tough guy. You barely qualify to fight me! When we reach Myriad Immortal Palace, I want to see how long you can last!"
  Si Yusheng led Yi Yun all the way out of City Lord Manor. The people on the lakeside made way for them.
  This young alchemist had offended the Myriad Immortal Pavilion and was being escorted out of City Lord Manor. It was unknown what would happen to him. Perhaps the Myriad Immortal Pavilion would make him an indentured slave, forced to lead a life of servitude!
  Upon considering the possibility, people could not help but sigh.
  Qin Zhengyang wore a grim expression. Although Yi Yun had transmitted his voice to plead him to not take action, he could not simply sit idle and ignore the matter. Yi Yun had been taken out of City Lord Manor and he decided to follow.
  "Wuxia, let's go to Myriad Immortal Palace together. Si Yusheng is acting lawlessly and impudently. He may be unscrupulous in his deeds, but I'm interested to see if the Elders of his Myriad Immortal Pavilion would be as quick to toss aside decorum with me, Qin Zhengyang, as he was."
  As Myriad City's city lord, Qin Zhengyang's status and personal strength made him an existence to be reckoned with for every major faction.
  Qin Zhengyang wanted to meet with the upper echelons of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. However, he knew that they would likely not see him.
  They had probably acquiesced to Si Yusheng"s desire to use extreme methods to resolve the matter.
  Using his youngest son as a threat and seizing Yi Yun at the zither recital was a demeaning act for the upper echelons of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. However, Si Yusheng was young and reckless. Furthermore, he was well known to be flagrant in his deeds. No one would speak up when he did such things.
  This was what worried Qin Zhengyang. He suspected that the few Grand Elders of Myriad Immortal Pavilion would hide away and not meet him when he reached Myriad Immortal Palace.
  If that was the case, the matter would only get more problematic.
  Upon seeing City Lord Qin about to follow Si Yusheng and company out of the manor, Ru'er felt unsettled. Dong Xiaowan held her hands and said,"Let's quickly follow after Young Master."
  "Yea...Yea!" Ru'er jolted out of her daze and immediately nodded.
  Upon seeing Dong Xiaowan and Ru'er rush out after the group, Fairy Purple Rain's maidservant beside her said, with gleeful schadenfreude,"Back then, if you had come out politely to welcome my mistress and become a distinguished guest of our Guiyuan family, would you have landed in such a dire situation?"
  "This Yi Yun is rather loyal to his friends. However, the staunch decision to die on one's feet rather than live on one's knees is a foolish choice at times." Fairy Purple Rain said softly. Then, she stood up and said,"From the looks of it, City Lord Qin is headed for the Myriad Immortal Palace. This zither recital is probably finished. Let's follow and watch the show."
  She cast her gaze at Princess White Fox, who was on the City Lord's boat. Then, she cast her gaze on another large and tall boat. Sitting in it was a figure that was like a thin cloud, concealing the moon while exuding a faint ethereal aura. She was none other than Fairy Youqin.
  "That Yi Yun is Fairy Wuxia's friend. Fairy Wuxia will likely be going as well. Unfortunately, that means no duel between the two of them." Fairy Purple Rain smiled faintly as her figure flew swiftly towards the lakeside.
  "Fairy Youqin," Princess White Fox said."It seems we must cancel today's zither recital. I need to accompany Uncle Qin to the Myriad Immortal Palace."
  Sitting in Paradise Chapter's boat, Fairy Youqin sighed lightly. At their last duel, she had tied with Fairy Wuxia. She had been eager to have another bout with her, but she never expected that the zither recital would be canceled because of the conflict between the Myriad Immortal Pavilion and Yi Yun.
  Fairy Youqin had also caught wind of Yi Yun's situation. She found him an impressive person after seeing him dare to offend the Myriad Immortal Pavilion today.
  "Miss, since the zither recital is canceled, let's return." A maidservant with a lithe and graceful figure came forward and said.
  Fairy Youqin shook her head slightly and said,"Probably more than half the people here will be going to see the commotion. Let's go as well. If the Myriad Immortal Pavilion wants to make Yi Yun its slave, I doubt the other factions will stand by."
  As a genius alchemist without status or any backing, Yi Yun was like an ownerless gem on the street. Anyone that encountered him would naturally want to pick him up and claim him for their own.
  And the only way for Yi Yun to survive was to seek an outlet in the cracks between these factions. He could not detach himself from everything. He had to eventually rely on a particular faction and compromise for the sake of everyone"s interests.
  Fairy Youqin was right. Even City Lord Qin and Fairy Wuxia had left. More than half the people present had followed.
  Outside City Lord Manor, there were many warriors. They knew that City Lord Manor was hosting a zither recital that day. Without an invitation, they could only linger outside the manor, hoping to hear the zither tunes from afar. When they saw the attendees, including City Lord Qin himself, leave the manor in a hurry, they were stupefied.
  What were they doing?
  Furthermore, they had seen that, right in front of the group, Yi Yun had his Yuan Qi sealed. He was restrained and being escorted out of the city.
  And on careful observation, the person escorting him was the successor of Myriad Immortal Pavilion-Si Yusheng!
  Si Yusheng was always in the limelight in Myriad City. He was the unspoken number one person of the younger generation. However, his vicious acts were widely known. Today, he was seizing Myriad City's most genius alchemist. The situation created quite a commotion.
  "What's going on? Yi Yun has been captured!?"
  "It must have to do with the vendetta between the Myriad Immortal Pavilion and Yi Yun. He is being escorted back now, so it seems the odds are greatly against Yi Yun!"
  Although Myriad City was large, the group of people walked as if they had the wind under their feet. They very quickly traversed through entire city regions.
  The streets were filled with people, who stopped in their tracks when the procession went by. Seeing Myriad City's number one genius alchemist being escorted by Myriad City's number one person in the younger generation, together with City Lord Qin, Fairy Youqin, Fairy Wuxia, and the elites of various large factions, almost half the city folk were alarmed by this gathering.
  People began asking about the situation, and were astounded when they learned the truth.
  People praised Yi Yun for his guts and lamented how the heavens were jealous of the talented.
  Others reveled in schadenfreude and anticipated the good show that was about to start.
  Along the path from City Lord Manor to the city gates, the number of people in the procession increased. It numbered in the thousands as they approached Myriad Immortal Palace's teleportation array, which was situated about five kilometers past the city gates.
  Myriad Immortal Palace's teleportation array was constructed at the top of Mt. Kunhua. One simply needed to enter the teleportation array to reach Myriad Immortal Palace.
  "Yi Yun, take the teleportation array but don't be in a hurry. Once we reach the other side of the array, I'll 'entertain' you." Si Yusheng laughed with a teasing tone. At that moment, Yi Yun was like a fish on a chopping block, completely at his mercy.
  This was the outcome of being arrogant while lacking any backing. After Yi Yun was forced to sign himself into indentured servitude, Si Yusheng had dreamed up all sorts of ways to seek revenge on him.
  "You have to really be grateful your alchemical abilities, without them you would have been chopped up and fed to Fey beasts as soon as we reached Myriad Immortal Palace." Si Yusheng said with a sneer.
  Once they reached Myriad Immortal Palace, even City Lord Qin would not be able to protect Yi Yun.
  At that moment, Zuoqiu Bo had already passed through the teleportation array and activated it. Si Yusheng turned around, preparing to step through. At the same time, the two people holding onto Yi Yun pulled him toward the array.
  But Yi Yun suddenly came to a halt before turning his head over.
  "What are you waiting for! Hurry up and walk forward!" Si Yusheng's two subordinates rebuked him.
  Yi Yun looked at the two subordinates, a teasing look flashed in his eyes. "When did I say that I would go to Myriad Immortal Palace with you?"
  The two subordinates were stunned. Si Yusheng was also taken aback. He did not know why Yi Yun was speaking such nonsense at this point in time. What power did he have to decide on where he would go?
  "I only wanted City Lord Qin to stay out of this matter and he has done so. In exchange, you promised to release Qin Wufeng. I came with you out of City Lord Manor and Myriad City. All of this has nothing to do with City Lord Qin. City Lord Qin might be refraining from action, but I never said I would be at your mercy. Now that we are out of Myriad City, any action I take will not be subject to Myriad City's laws." Yi Yun said leisurely.
  Everyone present was stupefied after hearing that. What did Yi Yun mean? Was he still planning to act under these circumstances?
  Now that he was at the teleportation array with his Yuan Qi sealed by the Black Iron chains, what could he do?
  Furthermore, standing in front of him was the number one person of Myriad City's younger generation, Si Yusheng.
  Si Yusheng had been cultivating for more than seven hundred years and was an eight-floor Dao Palace warrior. A century ago, he had been deemed as invincible among anyone below the Supremacy level!
  Also, Si Yusheng had brought four subordinates who were guardians of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. In the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, one needed to have a cultivation level above six-floor Dao palace to be able to take on the role of guardian. Furthermore, their strength was heads and shoulders above warriors at the same cultivation level.
  Was Yi Yun mad, proclaiming that he could attack them under such circumstances? Was he asking for a beating?
  "Hahaha!" A purple-clothed guardian who was escorting Yi Yun laughed out boisterously. "How dare you remain arrogant in such a situation? You are only a worthless wretch. If you really want to suffer some physical pain, I can grant your wish!"
  As the purple-clothed guardian spoke, he made his way over to Yi Yun with a sinister grin.
  However, the moment he took a step forward, he came to a sudden halt. He could only watch helplessly as the Black Iron chains on Yi Yun were enveloped by gray light. Following that, the nomological runes on them dissipated into layers of black dust like a weathered sand sculpture.
  It was as if they were being dispelled by an invisible force!
  In seconds, the nomological runes on the Black Iron chains completely vanished. They turned into ordinary chains which, despite their excellent quality, were unable to withstand Yi Yun's strength.
  Yi Yun clenched his fists and, with a sudden jolt, discharged all of his Yuan Qi!
  The accompanying explosion shattered all the Black Iron chains into countless fragments of metal that shot in every direction.
  Yi Yun loosened his joints and looked at the four guardians in front of him. A smile crept onto his lips as a row of white teeth was revealed.
  The purple-clothed guardian's face was drained of its color. How did the Deepsea Black Iron chains suddenly lose their nomological patterns, allowing Yi Yun to escape?
  "You want to inflict physical pain on me? First, let me teach you what 'physical pain' is."
  Killing intent appeared in Yi Yun's eyes as he suddenly took a step forward and punched straight at the purple-clothed guardian!
  The guardian exclaimed in fright as he retreated quickly. At the same time, he crossed his arms in front of him to block the wind that came from Yi Yun's fist.
  But at that instant, 999 flying sabers appeared around Yi Yun. The saber beams were like flashes that shot straight at him.
  Cha! Cha! Cha!
  The saber beams proceeded forward like a surging snowstorm, with razor-sharp ice that could slaughter anything. The purple-clothed guardian's clothes were shredded as his flesh was lacerated by the saber beams, causing a bloody mist to spray out.
  The purple-clothed guardian cried out in pain, and was nearly dismembered in an instant!
  The purple-clothed guardian slammed heavily to the ground as he groaned incessantly. He was still breathing, but his body was covered in deep cuts. His blood was mixing with the mud as pain reached straight to his heart. From how he was breathing out more than in, he was basically already dead.
  Yi Yun called back the Thousand Snow flying sabers and looked at Si Yusheng as intense killing intent flashed in his eyes.
  "What happened? Wasn't he being restrained by the Black Iron chains!?"
  "What is going on!?"
  Many of the onlookers were astonished. Yi Yun had escaped from the chains and faced a six-floor Dao Palace warrior, who was also a guardian of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. How was it possible that he was instantly defeated by Yi Yun the moment they clashed?
  Si Yusheng looked at the fragments of the Black Iron chains around Yi Yun. The arrogant and impudent look on his face was finally wiped away.
  "The Dao patterns were wiped away. How did he do that...?" Si Yusheng frowned. In a split second, the Black Iron chains had been enveloped by a gray mist. What was that gray mist?
  Indeed, even Zuoqiu Bo would not have identified the gray mist, let alone Si Yusheng. The Major Destruction laws had already exceeded the extent of their comprehension.
  Fifteen minutes ago, before the Black Iron chains were placed on Yi Yun, he had already circulated the Major Destruction powers and injected Destruction marks-infused with the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence-into the Black Iron chains.
  These Destruction marks contained the destructive power of the Universe. Wiping away the nomological Dao patterns on the Black Iron chains was no problem at all.
  From the beginning, Yi Yun had planned on resisting through violence. As Qin Wufeng was part of the equation, he did not want City Lord Qin to have a hand in this matter.
  "I will not attack unless attacked. Si Yusheng, you wanted to send me to my death today, so why would I peacefully return with you to the Myriad Immortal Palace?"
  When Yi Yun made this proclamation, the thousands of people at the foot of Mt. Kunhua continued reeling in shock. Si Yusheng had brought with him four guardians, drawing lots of attention when he apprehended Yi Yun. Furthermore, he had the backup plan of laying a trap for Qin Wufeng, ensuring that nothing was amiss.
  But now, one of the four guardians had been slain by Yi Yun. Yi Yun had easily escaped the restraints of the Black Iron chains and now proclaimed to make Si Yusheng pay the price.
  What seemed like a dead end for Yi Yun had a shocking reversal, and in a manner that left everyone befuddled.
  Why was Yi Yun so insanely strong? Did he actually manage to instantly kill one of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's guardians? Wasn't he just a warrior that had just entered the realm of Dao Palace?
  If Yi Yun's cultivation realm and age were certain, then how high was his talent? It was completely unimaginable!
  Moreover, Yi Yun was not only strong in combat, he was also an alchemy master. He was a genius that completely exceeded their own level of understanding.
  Aside from the gathered strangers, even City Lord Qin and Princess White Fox were dumbstruck.
  "Wuxia, you previously mentioned that Yi Yun's talent is extraordinary, but to think he has already reached such a phenomenal level!"
  Princess White Fox shook her head and said, "I didn't know either. He was indeed impressive years ago, but not to this point."
  Princess White Fox believed that she had already thought highly of Yi Yun, but she never imagined that, after only a few years, Yi Yun's strength would develop to such a terrifying level.
  At that moment, Si Yusheng was facing Yi Yun, his eyes glinting. "Here I thought my trip would result in me capturing a dog to watch the house, but I never imagined you to be a wolf. Good! Very good! I have always loved taming wolves. I will bring you back to the Myriad Immortal Palace and pull out your wolf fangs, making you an obedient little dog, with no chance of rising up again!"
  Boom! A terrifying aura blasted out from Si Yusheng. The sword that was slung on his back made an ear-piercing trill as it shot out with a sanguine beam of light, before being grabbed by Si Yusheng.
  The number one person of Myriad City's young generation had an aura as large as a mountain, whose peak could not be beheld. It made it difficult for people to look up at him.
  He had been deemed invincible among anyone below the Supremacy level a century ago, and now he was facing Yi Yun, who was a first-floor Dao Palace warrior. Even though Yi Yun had demonstrated terrifying combat prowess, Si Yusheng wasn't worried at all. His strength was beyond that of the four guardians.
  "Si Yusheng is about to attack. Eighth-floor Dao Palace against a first-floor Dao Palace. The difference in cultivation levels is huge."
  People could see that Si Yusheng had raised his aura to the limits. They watched intently, for perhaps this was the first time in Si Yusheng's life when he had to seriously face an opponent who was so much weaker.
  Si Yusheng had always been the one fighting people above his level, so how unusual was it that he was on the opposite end?
  "However, this battle is different. Yi Yun is too heaven-defying. Despite the huge difference in cultivation levels, I do not believe that this is a one-sided battle. Yi Yun being able to instantly kill the purple-clothed guardian indicates that he has the ability to face Si Yusheng in battle."
  There were many experts in the crowd that numbered thousands. They believed that Yi Yun could create a miracle.
  "Ability to face Si Yusheng in battle? Haha!" Zuoqiu Bo laughed out loudly. "It looks like our successor has been out of the public eye for so long that many people have forgotten how powerful he is. Yi Yun will definitely suffer an abject defeat at our successor's hands!"
  Zuoqiu Bo was extremely peeved at the crowd"s speculations. How could Yi Yun's strength be comparable to Si Yusheng?
  At that moment, Yi Yun had already pulled out his pure Yang broken sword. The ancient and simple looking broken sword was covered in rust. It wasn't lustrous in any manner, but with the Divine Alchemy Cauldron as a precedent, everyone knew better than to count out the broken sword because it didn't look particularly impressive.
  "Yi Yun, I'll slice off your legs. As an alchemist, your arms are sufficient. Legs are just superfluous for you!"
  As Si Yusheng spoke, he struck out with his sword. The land beneath him trembled as a gigantic rift appeared like the massive jaws of a beast, slowly spreading in every direction!
  Si Yusheng's sword was like a flood dragon that emerged from the sea as it charged straight at Yi Yun!
  The might of the strike was too impressive. The surrounding space crumpled and caved in as a result, forming a cage that attempted to restrain Yi Yun. At the same time, the sword Qi tore open the ground, wantonly spreading out. It left one's lifeblood in chaos as people retreated rapidly.
  Heart of the Sword!
  Si Yusheng had already gained insight into the Heart of the Sword!
  Everyone was astounded. To go from Sword Intent to the Heart of the Sword was a qualitative change for a swordsman. Although it did not enhance one's cultivation level, the offensive power of the sword would be increased thousandfold!
  For Si Yusheng to be deemed the number one person of Myriad City's younger generation, he naturally had to have some extraordinary ability.
  While facing Si Yusheng's life-threatening strike, Yi Yun did not hold back at all. He intended to finish the battle as soon as possible!
  With the pure Yang broken sword in hand, Yi Yun slashed out and, in an instant, the light of the world seemed to be devoured as a massive black vortex appeared out of nowhere. It was as if it was connected to infinite Chaos.
  Yi Yun's strike seemed to have opened up a brand new world.
  The black vortex came crashing down as it met Si Yusheng's blood-red sword beam. The two different energies clashed violently!
  But there was no terrifying explosion, or a well-matched clash between the two forces as one might imagine. When the black vortex met the blood-red sword beam, a scene that shocked everyone occurred. The black vortex directly overcame the blood-red sword beam and began devouring it!
  "Boom! Boom! Boom!"
  The sound of explosions rang as Yi Yun's strike crashed down like a wheel of fate. Its target was none other than Si Yusheng!
  Si Yusheng's expression changed drastically. He never imagined that his extremely confident strike would suffer a crushing defeat in such a manner.
  Facing the black vortex, he felt like he was against the entire Universe itself. This was not how facing a junior at the Dao Palace realm should feel. The terrifying pressure made Si Yusheng feel like he was fighting a monstrous old senior.
  With his life on the line, Si Yusheng roared as he burned a mouthful of blood essence without any hesitation. As he retreated rapidly, he spat out a tiny green sword.
  The sword was about the length of a human palm, but it was crystalline. It seemed to possess intelligence, and everyone could tell from a glance that it was not ordinary.
  The tiny green sword was clearly Si Yusheng's trump card.
  However, the black vortex was too fast. The sword attack that fused Destruction and Creation into one resulted in absolute repression from Great Dao laws. There was no way it could be withstood.
  Si Yusheng had just conjured his tiny sword when his body was enveloped by the vortex.
  His body turned so cold that he couldn"t even feel it. At that instant, he was sure that he was exceedingly close to death. It scared Si Yusheng out of his wits!
  He was a proud son of heaven, invincible among anyone below the Supremacy level. How could he possibly be defeated in a single strike by Yi Yun?
  Si Yusheng refused to believe it, while Zuoqiu Bo wore an expression like he had seen a ghost. He had predicted that the battle would be completely one-sided, but he never imagined it to be Yi Yun crushing Si Yusheng in such an indomitable fashion!
  Si Yusheng's sword beam completely shattered as the tiny emerald-green sword was entirely devoured by the black vortex before it could even demonstrate its might!
  Just as Si Yusheng's body was about to be ripped apart by the vortex's power, Si Yusheng bellowed hysterically.
  "Yi Yun! You are mad. I'm the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's successor. If you kill me, you are definitely dead. No one will be able to protect you!"
  However, his only answer was a grim smile on Yi Yun's lips. "How could I kill you? I will at most hurt you."
  With that said, Yi Yun thrust his sword downwards!
  The Destruction vortex suddenly shrank in size due to Yi Yun's strike as it directly sank into Si Yusheng's dantian.
  There was a clear explosion sound as the Destruction laws suddenly exploded in Si Yusheng's dantian!
  Si Yusheng felt as if his abdomen was being struck by a ten thousand pound sledgehammer, as an excruciating pain bore right into his heart.
  He let out a painful groan as his body flew backward, slamming heavily into Mt. Kunhua's cliff!
  The cliff that was a hundred meters tall collapsed when met with Si Yusheng's massive impact! Si Yusheng was bleeding from all his orifices as his body trembled. The Yuan Qi within his meridians began leaking as he felt his body deflate like a rubber ball.
  "You... You... You..."
  Si Yusheng's face was as white as a sheet. He looked no different from a corpse that climbed out of a coffin.
  Yi Yun's strike had penetrated his dantian. Si Yusheng's connection with his dantian was completely severed, making him feel like he had plummeted into a deep abyssal hell.
  "My dantian! My dantian!"
  Si Yusheng held his abdomen crazily. His dantian had been destroyed by Yi Yun in one strike!
  A dantian that was destroyed through Destruction laws was irreparable. And once a warrior lost his dantian, he was basically maimed of his cultivation level. From that moment forth, Si Yusheng would lose all his cultivation!
  To warriors, losing cultivation was more miserable than death!
  The scene that suddenly unfolded left the thousands of people watching completely speechless. They looked at Yi Yun in disbelief. Their mouths were slightly agape, unable to close even after a long time.
  People originally believed that this would be a match between young geniuses of equal caliber. However, they never imagined that the battle would end so quickly.
  One strike! Only one strike was needed, and victory was determined!
  Si Yusheng, who had been crowned first in Myriad City's younger generation, had his dantian obliterated!
  Yi Yun was a junior without any faction backing him, yet he dared to destroy Si Yusheng's dantian!?
  And the most terrifying aspect was Yi Yun's strike. It seemed to slash open an entirely new world.
  It was a law that people found hard to describe. It had exceeded their comprehension.
  "Is it Creation and Destruction...?"
  Qin Zhengyang recalled the strike that he had just seen. The strike had seemingly slashed at his heart. It was a scene he would remember all his life.
  Qin Zhengyang never imagined that a strike from a junior at the Dao Palace realm would remain etched in his heart for the rest of his life.
  Huala, Huala!
  Gravel from Mt. Kunhua continuously rolled down, revealing the bloodied Si Yusheng lying amid the rocks.
  He was still alive but his face was as pale as wax paper, while a cadaverous air emanated from him. An elite with limitless potential ahead of him had his dantian destroyed, thrusting him back to being a mere mortal. How could he endure such a blow?
  "Young Master..."
  Ru'er and Dong Xiaowan turned extremely anxious upon seeing this scene. They were happy that Yi Yun had defeated Si Yusheng, but they knew that the Myriad Immortal Pavilion would not simply accept Yi Yun crippling their promising successor.
  "Little bastard, you... you..." Zuoqiu Bo's voice quivered. While he was amazed by Yi Yun"s talent, he was also extremely incensed. Was this Yi Yun that stood before him really a junior? How could a junior possess such strength?
  As a Supremacy, he was one of the strongest people in the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. However, he failed to save Si Yusheng in a timely fashion because he believed that Si Yusheng would easily clinch victory. He never thought for a second that anything else could happen.
  As for Yi Yun's strike, it was too terrifying. It gave Zuoqiu Bo no time to save Si Yusheng. Yi Yun was extremely ruthless, destroying Si Yusheng's dantian in a single strike!
  "Little bastard, you dare bring harm to Yusheng. Today, you will die a terrible death!" Immense anger and fierce killing intent filled Zuoqiu Bo's eyes.
  At that moment, Yi Yun slashed out with the pure Yang broken sword.
  "Be careful!"
  The Myriad Immortal Pavilion disciples that were present were alarmed. They thought that Yi Yun would attack them as they hastily retreated. However, the sword beam was not directed at them, but instead at the Myriad Immortal Palace's teleportation array!
  The sword beam exploded as a horrifying sword Qi enveloped the area, destroying the teleportation array immediately!
  The Myriad Immortal Palace was located far from Myriad City. People from the Myriad Immortal Palace could easily reach the site of the battle through the teleportation array. As such, if a drawn-out battle occurred, Yi Yun would never be able to escape. His strike put an end to the possibility of reinforcements from the Myriad Immortal Pavilion!
  "I'll kill you!" Zuoqiu Bo roared as his figure flew up like an old vulture!
  At the same time, a large bronze cauldron appeared behind Zuoqiu Bo. It was extremely heavy, with an immense strength that could crush the earth. It launched at Yi Yun!
  How could Zuoqiu Bo spare Yi Yun after he crippled Zuoqiu Haoyu and destroyed the teleportation array!?
  The thousands of people present watched with widened eyes. This was a mighty Supremacy's attack. Naturally, nothing Si Yusheng did could compare.
  Supremacies usually acted with their status in mind. They would seldom attack juniors but, at that moment in time, Zuoqiu Bo could not be bothered with status. He wanted to cripple Yi Yun. Otherwise, how was he to answer to the sect when Si Yusheng had gone with him but returned with his dantian destroyed?
  Even against a Supremacy's attack, Yi Yun remained calm. Back when he stormed the Seven Star Dao Palace, he had clashed with a Supremacy as well. Although Yi Yun was not necessarily the Palatial Lord's match, he was able to retreat unharmed. A Supremacy did not pose an immediate threat.
  If he was not confident in that, Yi Yun would not have attacked Si Yusheng in the first place.
  The pure Yang broken sword issued a trill that resembled a dragon's roar as it stabbed at the large bronze cauldron.
  At that instant, an indescribable sword stance enveloped the entire land. The thousands of warriors present whose cultivation levels were below that of Supremacy felt the sword Qi pressing down at their glabella just by looking at the sword beam. It left their hair standing.
  Even their own swords quivered in response. It was as though they were being instigated by Yi Yun's sword stance to shoot out from their scabbards!
  Heart of the Sword!
  People immediately realized that Yi Yun had also gained insights into the Heart of the Sword. Furthermore, his was even stronger than what Si Yusheng had accomplished.
  It was rumored that he was similar in age to Fairy Youqin and Fairy Wuxia. It was unimaginable that he managed to gain such tremendously powerful insight into the Heart of the Sword.
  The talent he had was more heaven-defying than Si Yusheng. It was no wonder Si Yusheng was defeated at his hand!
  A loud boom sounded as the large bronze cauldron quaked vigorously. It had been deflected by Yi Yun with one strike!
  Zuoqiu Bo's psyche was connected to the cauldron so he instantly felt his lifeblood frantically stir as he retreated.
  He was, after all, only an alchemist. In terms of strength, he was one of the weakest Supremacies. He failed to hold any advantage over Yi Yun in a direct clash.
  In what sort of reality did a first-floor Dao Palace match a Supremacy?
  "We can't let him leave or the repercussions would be unthinkable!"
  If they had only offended a genius alchemist, it would be problematic but it would not shake the foundations of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. However, if they offended a peerless genius with completely unheard of talent, Yi Yun might lay siege to Myriad Immortal Pavilion in a few hundred years and wipe them all out!
  Zuoqiu Bo suddenly crushed a voice transmission charm to warn the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. At the same time, he conjured his large cauldron again to attack Yi Yun!
  "Zuoqiu Bo, don't you go overboard!"
  With a cold bellow, Qin Zhengyang took a step forward. He instantly appeared in front of Zuoqiu Bo, engulfing him with a massive wave of oppressive force. It made Zuoqiu Bo jolt as he came to a sudden halt.
  "To think that as a Supremacy, you are attacking a junior with your full might. You are truly degenerating the longer you live!"
  Previously, when Si Yusheng attacked, Qin Zhengyang had stood idly by the side. However, how could he allow Zuoqiu Bo, who had lived for tens of thousands of years, to seriously attack a junior who was younger than a hundred years old?
  "Qin Zhengyang, are you opposing my Myriad Immortal Pavilion?" Zuoqiu Bo was feeling both anxious and angry. He could only watch helplessly as Yi Yun conjured a tiny pagoda that spun into existence.
  It was none other than the God Advent Tower.
  Upon seeing the God Advent Tower, Zuoqiu Bo's heart leapt. He was well read and could instantly tell that it was a mobile abode of excellent quality!
  Ignoring the fact that Yi Yun was a Dao Palace junior, even Zuoqiu Bo himself had not obtained such a top-grade mobile abode in his years of alchemical practice in Myriad City.
  "Xiaowan, Ru'er. Do not resist! Enter it."
  Yi Yun waved his hand as the God Advent Tower flew out. Dong Xiaowan and Ru'er stood obediently in place, allowing themselves to be sucked into the God Advent Tower.
  After crippling Si Yusheng, Yi Yun knew that the Myriad Immortal Pavilion would not tolerate his existence any longer. He had to leave. Naturally, Ru'er and Dong Xiaowan could not remain in Myriad City either, or the Myriad Immortal Pavilion might attack the two when they failed to find him.
  And before he went to the zither recital, he had already placed Ling Xie'er in the God Advent Tower. He had offended the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, so how could he feel secure leaving Ling Xie'er alone in Yun Xin Loft?
  "You are leaving?" Qin Zhengyang could tell that Yi Yun was escaping based on his actions. At that moment in time, the only thing Yi Yun could do was leave.
  "I, Yi Yun, will not give up on Myriad City. I will come back again. City Lord Qin, if you happen upon a Soul Returning Root, please acquire it for me. I will be extremely thankful in the future!"
  As Yi Yun spoke, he entered the God Advent Tower, which transformed into a stream of light that flew into the distance!
  Zuoqiu Bo helplessly watched the pagoda fly away, unable to put a stop to it.
  Ignoring Qin Zhengyang, he did not even have the strength to stop Yi Yun.
  Although he had sent a voice transmission, the teleportation array was already destroyed. By the time the Myriad Immortal Pavilion received the news and rushed to his aid, Yi Yun would be tens of thousands of miles away.
  As the God Advent Tower flew, Yi Yun felt complete relief when he sensed that he was getting further away from Mt. Kunhua.
  Crippling Si Yusheng put Yi Yun in a position where he would have no choice but to temporarily leave Myriad City. He had seriously jeopardized the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's future. Since the Myriad Immortal Pavilion was such a mighty and proud entity, they would not offer him a compromise. Yi Yun did not wish to compromise, anyway.
  "Young Master, what are your future plans?" Ru'er asked.
  "Find a quiet place and take up residence there," replied Yi Yun.
  If that was impossible, the God Advent Tower was also habitable.
  "Young Master, if you want a quiet place, I do have somewhere in mind." Dong Xiaowan suggested.
  Yi Yun said, "Don't tell me it's the Jadewave Sect? Although you have been with me, you haven"t done a thing to Si Yusheng, so even if the Myriad Immortal Pavilion wants to take their fury out on the Jadewave Sect, they would be dispatching troops without just cause. However, if I were to stay in the Jadewave Sect, it would be a different story."
  "Young Master, thank you for showing such concern to the Jadewave Sect." Dong Xiaowan smiled gently as she said, "However, the place I have in mind isn't the Jadewave Sect. It's just a private residence of mine. When I'm out traveling, I occasionally stay there when I want to be alone."
  Upon saying this, Dong Xiaowan did not realize that her face had suffused a blush.
  She was an unwed girl, and her private residence was equivalent to her boudoir. No one else had stepped into it, much less a young man.
  Yi Yun thought about it and said, "Alright then. Let's go to this private residence of yours."
  The three years until the exchange meet was nothing but a blink of an eye to a warrior.
  On Mt. Kunhua, Zuoqiu Bo watched helplessly as Yi Yun retreated unscathed. His blood was in chaos as his eyes were filled with bloodlust.
  Si Yusheng was still on the ground like a dead wretch. The purple-clothed guardian was on his last breath. Worst of all, there were many renowned factions from Myriad City that saw the whole thing, as well as a large number of warriors.
  Him, a Supremacy, had let Yi Yun escape in front of everyone!
  The Myriad Immortal Pavilion's face had been ruthlessly smacked by a junior.
  "Qin Zhengyang." Zuoqiu Bo glared coldly at City Lord Qin. "I will report what happened today to the Pavilion Lord. Regardless of where Yi Yun runs to, my Myriad Immortal Pavilion will stop at nothing to destroy him! If you still wish to protect him, it means you are openly at odds with the Myriad Immortal Pavilion!"
  City Lord Qin revealed a look of mockery as he said, "As an alchemist that just barely reached the stage of Supremacy, you dare threaten me? Just report the facts. While you"re at it, quickly take that cripple along with you and scram. And if that useless son of mine doesn't return today perfectly fine, I will personally visit to get him."
  Although the Myriad Immortal Pavilion was a massive entity, why would City Lord Qin be afraid of it?
  Furthermore, Si Yusheng had made an agreement with Yi Yun. Everyone present had heard it. As long as City Lord Qin did not obstruct Si Yusheng from taking Yi Yun away, the Myriad Immortal Pavilion would have to release Qin Wufeng. Even if Si Yusheng was now half-dead, the agreement could not be violated.
  Zuoqiu Bo's expression was ugly as he waved his hand. He said to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion subordinates, "Bring the Young Master and guardian along. We are leaving!"
  Staying any longer would only incur more ridicule from the present crowd. It was obvious to Zuoqiu Bo that what happened today would quickly spread throughout Myriad City, or even the entire Empyrean Heaven, making the Myriad Immortal Pavilion into a laughing stock.
  Seeing Zuoqiu Bo and company leave hurriedly like wretches, City Lord Qin turned his head and smiled at Princess White Fox, saying, "Wuxia, Yi Yun handles matters in a resolute and careful manner. He will surely avoid the pursuit of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. Also, with his strength, he can escape unharmed even against a Supremacy. Although the Myriad Immortal Pavilion has quite a number of Supremacies, its estate is massive and has many enemies. It cannot divert its best experts to pursue him."
  Princess White Fox nodded slightly. She felt relieved when she heard City Lord Qin say that.
  "Speaking of which, this friend of yours has really surprised me greatly every time. Haha," said City Lord Qin with a laugh.
  Under the soft veil, Princess White Fox's beautiful face revealed a faint smile. "Same here. He always surprises me every time."
  This time, Yi Yun's strength had increased by leaps and bounds, reaching heights that Princess White Fox had not expected. It appears that ever since he left the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, Yi Yun's cultivation speed had only become faster...
  "Let's go." Fairy Youqin said to her female attendant. She dazzled in a white dress and had peerless beauty. However, having witnessed Yi Yun's terrifying talent, the aloof Fairy Youqin suddenly felt dispirited. She had always been placed on a pedestal, but when compared to Yi Yun, she was nothing.
  Even Si Yusheng had succumbed to Yi Yun. Back in the day, he had been high-spirited and enjoyed success, but now he was faced with a life worse than death.
  After that day, Yi Yun would definitely become famous throughout Myriad City. Everyone would know that Yi Yun was not as they first imagined. He was not only a genius alchemist, but also a monstrous expert with excellent martial talent.
  The factions that thought Yi Yun to be a succulent piece of meat for the grabbing were in for quite a shock.
  The God Advent Tower flew for hundreds of thousands of miles in one go before landing in a remote mountain valley.
  The mountain valley had rolling mists outside it, but clear skies within. From the sky, they could make out a broad and calm lake that looked like a jade disc amid the green forest. There were lotus flowers blooming, making for an amazing scene.
  In the middle of the lake, there was a tiny island with an exquisite bamboo house. There was a pavilion by the lakeside and paths laid out using gravel.
  "This place of yours is indeed remote and quiet." Yi Yun sized up the place and said in a satisfied tone.
  Dong Xiaowan smiled gently. This was a place even people from the Jadewave Sect did not know of. It was extremely hidden.
  "Young Master, it's great that you are satisfied with it. You saved my life and I have no way to repay you. Being able to help you a little delights me," said Dong Xiaowan.
  "Alright." Yi Yun nodded as he spread out his perception through the entire mountain valley. "However, we now have to be on the alert for the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. Your concealment array is overly simple. I'll need to strengthen it a little."
  Yi Yun had learned quite a bit about arrays from the divine alchemist's notes. He could now put that knowledge to use here, and also make use of his spatial abilities. He enveloped the entire mountain valley, distorting the space around the region. He made it into an independent small world that was completely isolated from the outside world.
  As such, even if a Supremacy came to this mountain valley, they would not necessarily detect anything strange about the area without any prior knowledge.
  Dong Xiaowan was astonished by Yi Yun's methods. She was rather knowledgeable and realized what Yi Yun was doing.
  "Young Master, you opened up an independent small world?" Opening an independent space was not something many Supremacies were even capable of.
  "It's not necessarily stable, but it will have no problem lasting for a few decades." Yi Yun had been cultivating in spatial dimension laws all these years. Unknowingly, he had cultivated it to such a level. He wasn't far from being able to truly open a small world by himself.
  Following that, Yi Yun carried Ling Xie'er out from the God Advent Tower and placed her within the bamboo house. It had three rooms. Ling Xie'er was given one while Yi Yun took another. Dong Xiaowan and Ru'er shared the last room.
  The mountain valley naturally grew many spiritual plants and fruits. Dong Xiaowan and Ru'er went to gather some and at night, smoke billowed out from the bamboo house.
  Yi Yun sat inside the pavilion by the lakeside while basking in the cool breeze. He watched the two girls busying themselves in front and behind the house. They were lighting a fire to prepare the meals and, gradually, his mood calmed down.
  He had offended the Myriad Immortal Pavilion greatly but to save Ling Xie'er, he still needed to return to Myriad City. He was not the kind of person that would suffer in silence when being oppressed by others. He would settle the score with Myriad Immortal Pavilion slowly.
  And during this period of time, Yi Yun planned on cultivating more. By raising his strength, he could face the Myriad Immortal Pavilion earlier.
  The mountain valley lakeside enjoyed a silent environment. The spiritual energy wasn't sparse either. It was indeed a good place for seclusive cultivation. And living in such a peaceful place was very beneficial to Yi Yun's training of his soul.
  However, before that, Yi Yun had other plans. He wanted to visit the Jadewave Sect's World Stone mine. He wanted to take a look at the strange land that had caused Dong Xiaowan harm.
  "Xiaowan, prepare to go with me to the Jadewave Sect's World Stone mine. I want to see what mysteries lie behind the abandoned ruin that caused your sickness."
  "What? Young Master..."
  Dong Xiaowan was alarmed. The abandoned ruin had been sealed off by the Jadewave Sect. The sect had forbidden anyone from approaching it or even speak of it outside the sect.
  Now, rumors had spread that it was a cursed land. One would be cursed upon entry and Dong Xiaowan was the perfect example.
  "Young Master, there are no treasures in that abandoned ruin. There's only bad luck and a curse. Young Master, you might have extraordinary strength but it's best you do not go to such a strange place. What if you end up tainted by some evil entities, then I..."
  When Dong Xiaowan said this, she stopped. She did not how she should continue. She had no right to undermine what Yi Yun wanted to do but, unknowingly, Dong Xiaowan realized that she had a baffling sense of concern for him. Perhaps, she had these feelings in her when she woke up from that dark world of despair and realized that it was this youth who had saved her...
  "It's fine. I will be careful." Yi Yun smiled at Dong Xiaowan. He had a nagging feeling that the abandoned ancient ruin held some perplexing mysteries.
  News of Yi Yun crippling Si Yusheng and equaling Zuoqiu Bo quickly spread overnight.
  The Myriad Immortal Pavilion was enraged by the news and posted wanted notices for Yi Yun with stunning rewards. Many warriors could not help but be tempted when they saw the price for Yi Yun's head.
  However, even if they were tempted, they valued their lives more...
  Yi Yun's strength had been clearly demonstrated in front of everyone. Through the description from warriors present at the battle, it was determined that only warriors at cultivation levels at or above Supremacies had the right to battle Yi Yun.
  While the outside world buzzed with activity, Yi Yun led peaceful days in the mountain valley lakeside.
  "Young Master, have some tea." Dong Xiaowan served a cup of refreshing tea to Yi Yun, who was reading and meditating in a pavilion.
  The tea"s refreshing aroma lingered, and it had a green jade hue. After drinking a mouthful of tea, he praised, "Great tea. The spirit tea from this mountain valley is really not bad."
  "Thank you, Young Master." Dong Xiaowan smiled slightly, but inside she was like a bed of blooming flowers. It made the surrounding scenery lose its color.
  Yi Yun placed the teacup down and said, "I'll be going to the ancient ruin today to take a look."
  Over the past few days, Dong Xiaowan had described to Yi Yun the internals of the ancient ruin in great detail. And after a few days of recuperation, Yi Yun was back at peak condition.
  The ancient ruin was fraught with danger at every turn. Everything had to be done carefully. In his present state, he was the best equipped to head for the ruin.
  "Young Master, do you really not need me to go with you?" Dong Xiaowan asked worriedly.
  Beside her, Ru'er bit her lip and did not say a word. Her strength was mediocre, so she would be useless in the ruin. She was better off staying behind to take care of Ling Xie'er.
  "There's no need. You have yet to fully recover. You might actually relapse if you go." Yi Yun said as he stood up. "I'll leave Xie'er in your hands. I will come back as soon as possible."
  The moment his voice faded, Yi Yun's body transformed into a stream of light. In a blink of an eye, he vanished from the array barrier around the mountain valley.
  He had strengthened the array over the past few days. Only with that could he be at ease leaving Ling Xie'er and the two girls behind.
  The ancient ruin was more than fifty thousand kilometers from the mountain valley, but ever since Yi Yun gained comprehension of profound spatial dimension laws, his speed had increased tremendously.
  A typical Dao Palace realm warrior would spend two days traversing the distance, but Yi Yun could do it in half a day.
  "Sigh, guarding this area is truly scary."
  In a black mountain range that stretched for thousands of kilometers but was void of any vegetation, a few warriors guarded the area around a teleportation array.
  These warriors were dressed in Jadewave Sect uniforms. After the Jadewave Sect ordered the place to be sealed, they were the only ones left to guard the teleportation array and prevent others from entering.
  However, the place effused a cadaveric air and carried terrifying curses within, so these warriors stood guard with trepidatious hearts.
  "There probably isn't anyone stupid enough to trespass this area. There are evil entities inside..." Another warrior responded.
  However, before he could finish his sentence, he felt a sudden change in the surrounding Yuan Qi. It was as if an icy gale was blowing past them, leaving him chattering from the cold.
  "Oh? Did you feel that?"
  "I... I felt it..."
  The pale-faced warriors exchanged looks.
  "Let's not talk about this."
  "Cut it out. Cut it out..."
  Yi Yun wasn't aware that the Yuan Qi fluctuations he stirred when he passed the warriors had generated odd thoughts in them. He landed somewhere along the mountainside.
  The Jadewave Sect's World Stone mine was located in the mountain range, but the valley in it was as broad as an empty plain. The mountain peaks on both sides of the valley resembled tall black towers that seemed to envelop the area.
  The mine had already been sealed off by the Jadewave Sect, but with Dong Xiaowan's instructions, Yi Yun knew how to gain entry.
  He conjured a few hand seals and immediately, the mine that had been calm stirred and revealed an entrance. Yi Yun looked at the entrance before entering it without any hesitation.
  After Yi Yun entered, the entrance quaked before vanishing.
  And all of this was not detected by the warriors on guard.
  After searching around the mine for a while, Yi Yun finally found the spot where the ancient ruin was according to Dong Xiaowan's descriptions. Upon entering the ancient ruin, Yi Yun immediately felt chaotic Yuan Qi as well as an intense chill.
  The temperature was so low that saying water droplets would immediately freeze was not enough. However, there was no ice on the ground. There was only gray gravel. There was also not a single hint of vegetation as far as the eyes could see.
  It was bleakly cold, silent, and dark. It was like an abandoned world, isolated from the sunlight. There was no life in this place, only ice-cold silence.
  Yi Yun kept a close eye on his surroundings. At the same time, he circulated his Yuan Qi to withstand the cold. When Yi Yun proceeded a distance forward, he saw a scene that awed him.
  In front of him was a gigantic city built on a plain.
  Everything was extremely massive, there were towering buildings and wide paths.
  Yi Yun stood in front of an abandoned house and felt that he was only a minute fraction of the height of the main door. This ordinary house door looked like a towering city door.
  In this city, Yi Yun felt like he had shrunk to the size of an ant.
  Compared to such a city, the black mountain peaks on the side really resembled city walls. Yi Yun even had a feeling that they weren"t actually part of the mountain range, but of weathered city walls.
  Weathered city walls that turned into a mountain range... Such a magnificent city was truly unheard of. If that was the case, the mountain range that stretched for thousands of kilometers would be the circumference of the ancient ruin.
  Human history repeats itself, but the world changes all the time. Countless cities had been destroyed or abandoned through the passage of endless time. It was common to chance across such ancient ruins, but these extremely massive buildings did not seem like they were built for humans.
  Who could they be for?
  Yi Yun recalled the records he had seen in canon. In ancient legends, there were races with gargantuan bodies. Could the city have been constructed by them?
  Ignoring everything else, Yi Yun had encountered a bronze giant before. It could flatten mountains with a footstep. Although the city in front of him was humongous, it would only be a toy in front of the bronze giant that towered into the heavens.
  The puzzled Yi Yun continued walking through the city.
  There was no indication how long the city had been left desolate. The entire city was empty as the sound of Yi Yun's footsteps echoed. It felt like he had transmigrated through space and time.
  He had the Purple Crystal's energy vision activated constantly as he observed everything around him. After walking for nearly an hour, Yi Yun's heart suddenly shook, and he turned extremely vigilant!
  He saw something that made him shudder. In the energy vision, everything had turned into monotonous lines. However, hidden beneath these lines, Yi Yun saw rows of bright dots. But on closer inspection, Yi Yun realized that these bright dots were eyes.
  Every pair of eyes belonged to a distorted human face. The eyes were densely packed and were all lurking beneath the ground!
  This is...
  Yi Yun instantly drew his pure Yang broken sword. The distorted human faces were identical to the one Yi Yun had seen in Dong Xiaowan's body!
  Without a doubt, Dong Xiaowan had been possessed by one of these.
  Although Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal which could suppress these evil entities, there were thousands, if not tens of thousands, of these evil entities lurking underground. If they all chose to rush him at once, wouldn't he be doomed no matter how strong he was?
  He reluctantly retreated, but only made it a few steps before he stopped. He realized that the faces hidden beneath the ground did not move. Some of the human faces had hideous expressions, but others were in a state of deep sleep. Their faces were grayish-white and their eyes were tightly shut. Some even had faces covered in wrinkles like a dried corpse.
  Yi Yun pondered for a moment, then held his breath as he tried to close the distance. He approached from the sky gradually.
  He circled a gigantic building and finally saw the area where these evil entities lurked.
  It was a cemetery that stretched out to the horizon!
  There were gray rocks that were the remains of crumbled tombstones. There were shattered slabs scattered everywhere, with some half buried. The text on the tombstones had been worn away, making them impossible to date.
  The giant, dilapidated city had an abandoned cemetery with evil entities lurking within the ancient graves...
  Yi Yun found the whole situation suspicious.
  What had happened here?
  At that moment, Yi Yun was flying a thousand meters above the cemetery. Although he wanted to fully probe the area, he did not dare descend. It was too great a risk. If the evil entities were to collectively awaken and charge at him together, he might be swallowed whole, not even leaving a drop of blood.
  But if he were to leave, then what was the point of coming to the ruin?
  Yi Yun was in a dilemma.
  He knew very clearly that the smart choice was to leave. At that point in time, there was nothing to gain from being here, just as Dong Xiaowan said. There was only strangeness and curses. However, Yi Yun had a nagging feeling that he would miss out on something big if he left now.
  Yi Yun hovered in mid-air for a very long period of time before he began to slowly descend. Yi Yun descended a foot at a time in an extremely careful manner. He took a total of fifteen minutes to make it halfway to the ground.
  However, at that moment, Yi Yun witnessed something that alarmed him.
  He saw a white-dressed female standing calmly in front of a rundown tomb in the endless gray-colored cemetery.
  She looked like she was in her twenties and did not exude the aura of an expert. In that respect, she was like an ordinary mortal girl, but her disposition was like that of an empyrean from the ninth heaven. She was like an orchid blooming on an iceberg, aloof and noble. It prevented anyone from having any thoughts of desecrating her.
  Who is she!?
  Yi Yun felt an upheaval of emotions. He had been carefully observing the entire cemetery to prevent the evil entities from sneaking up on him. However, he had not seen this woman.
  The woman seemed to appear out of nowhere, but her calm and peaceful demeanor made it seem like she had been standing there all along, experiencing great periods of time.
  Was she a ghost?
  Yi Yun stopped descending and watched the woman intently. He circulated every bit of his Yuan Qi. For a white-dressed female to suddenly appear in the middle of a cemetery filled with evil entities, it would make anyone have trouble remaining calm.
  However, the woman's disposition was otherworldly, like a divine goddess from heaven. It made it seem like she had nothing to do with the abnormality of the land.
  "You can come down. The evil entities here will not harm you. I will not harm you either."
  The woman spoke softly. Her voice was ethereal and pleasant. It was like an immortal tune coming from the heavens, but she was using an ancient language that Yi Yun had never heard. More strangely, he was able to understand everything she said. It was as though the meaning was communicated to him instantly when her voice reached his mind.
  Yi Yun hesitated for a moment. Having encountered such a strange situation, any rational person would not easily believe the woman's words. However, Yi Yun's instincts told him that the woman wasn't an evil entity. It was indicated both by her aura and the projection seen through the Purple Crystal's energy vision.
  Yi Yun took a deep breath as he clenched his pure Yang broken sword and landed about hundred feet away from the white-dressed female.
  The woman had a faint luster exuding from her body. It seemed like she had condensed the essence of the starlight and moonlight. Her dress was as white as snow, and it contrasted heavily with the gray world around her. Thus, although she was standing in the middle of an abandoned cemetery, Yi Yun felt that she stood independent from the world, as if she was in an alternate space-time dimension.
  The woman glanced at Yi Yun with eyes that beamed with infinite divine light. The instant she saw Yi Yun, she revealed a puzzled look. At the same time, a clear and cold voice entered Yi Yun's ears. "Your aura... seems familiar."
  Yi Yun was certain that he did not know the mysterious woman.
  The woman quickly calmed once more as she lightly said, "It's just a hint of something familiar. But you shouldn't know her so do not worry about it."
  The woman's words left Yi Yun befuddled from beginning to end.
  However, he believed that the cultivation level of the woman in front of him was unfathomable. There was no way her sense of familiarity with him was a mistake. Where could that sense of familiarity stem from?
  "Senior, I wonder who..." Yi Yun cupped his hands and asked. The woman seemed like she could return to wherever she came from with the wind at any time. She did not seem like she belonged to this world. Yi Yun didn't even know if she was human.
  "There is no need for you to know my name..." The white-dressed female shook her head. "You are around sixty years of age, yet you can sense the secrets hidden beneath this cemetery. I'm curious as to how."
  The moment the white-dressed female spoke, Yi Yun's heart clammed up. The woman had managed to accurately determine his age with one look and asked a question about something he kept secret. Yi Yun felt like this woman could see right through him.
  "There is no need for you to feel nervous. I have no ill intentions toward you. It's just that you seem to have had some unique experiences. As a product of them, and your hard work, your strength seems to far exceed other warriors at your level. You remind me of someone..."
  "Senior, who do you speak of?" Yi Yun held his breath. The woman's sharp intuition left him uneasy, as if she could see through everything.
  How strong was such a person?
  Yi Yun suddenly realized that there were too many experts that he did not know of in this world. Their realms far exceeded his imagination.
  Upon hearing Yi Yun's inquiry, the white-dressed female sighed slightly. Her eyes seemed to be looking very far away as if she was lost in a long thought. "Someone I know. You resemble him a lot..."
  Yi Yun frowned slightly. The white-dressed female's words were filled with mystery. At first, she referred to a 'her' and now it was 'him'. Yi Yun was completely at a loss as to who the white-dressed female might be referring to.
  "My name is Divine Dream."
  The white-dressed female suddenly gave her name before nonchalantly turning around.
  Yi Yun was taken aback momentarily. He originally thought that she would not tell him her name, but she had so suddenly given it to him.
  Divine Dream?
  In the canonical books that he had read, he did not recall such a name.
  "Senior, please wait." Yi Yun followed the white-dressed female."Senior, can you tell me what this place is? And what is buried here? To be honest, a friend of mine has been possessed by one of these ghost faces. Now, no matter what she does, she can't make any progress in her cultivation. Furthermore, the ghost was even eating away at her vitality. I want to know how the curse can be resolved."
  Yi Yun sensed that the white-dressed female was about to leave. He immediately asked all the questions on his mind because he felt that if he didn't, he would lose his chance.
  "Oh? You are here to save a friend?" The white-dressed female came to a slight pause as she asked.
  "That is one reason. There"s also the curiosity of figuring out what is happening here." Yi Yun said honestly.
  The white-dressed female fell silent for a long while before speaking."History changes erratically. Time is enough to wipe away many things. This land you are currently in, it used to be a city built by the slaves of an ancient race. Your people call this ancient race the Ancestor Gods."
  "Ancestor Gods?" Yi Yun's heart stirred."What do they look like?"
  "Their bodies appear to be built from bronze. Their heights range from fifty kilometers to even five hundred or five thousand kilometers. They can crush the lands and squash the stars."
  Yi Yun realized that the bronze giants he had seen before were Ancestor Gods.
  Back in the Azure Wood Great World, one of them had been sealed away for hundreds of millions of years. It was an extremely frail bronze giant, but it could easily steamroll Felicitous Rain Lord, as well as several other powerful Divine Lords. That scene remained etched in Yi Yun"s memories.
  In fact, back in the lower realm a long time ago, Yi Yun had visited the Pure Yang Sword Palace a second time. There he heard the Sword Spirit mention the Ancestor Gods.
  The Sword Spirit told of the formation of the Universe where the 12 Empyrean Heavens reside, and how the Heavenly Dao and the Ancestor Gods were born out of the Chaos. Their history in the 12 Empyrean Heavens was too dense to wrap up in a short tale.
  And the Tian Yuan world was one of the vessels that sealed the Ancestor Gods' King of the Gods.
  "Servants of the bronze giant... Then, these sleeping human faces are the bronze giant's servants? Why can they live so long? If they awaken, will it cause a disaster?"
  Inside, Yi Yun reeled. He was shocked to discover such a ruin under the Myriad Divine Territory. If the tens of thousands of servants were to be released, would they cause a massacre in the Myriad Divine Territory?
  The white-dressed female shook her head and said,"These servants aren't as powerful as you think. They are only low-ranking servants who constructed the cities and mausoleums for the Ancestor Gods. The reason why they can live so long is that they have abandoned their physical bodies, living on as spiritual entities. Then, they seal their spiritual bodies in blood ice, freezing their existence in that state."
  "The reason why your friend cannot cultivate is that the demonic servant possessing her is draining her Yuan Qi in an attempt to replace her."
  "These demonic servants aren't that terrifying. You can deal with them alone. Even if the tens of thousands of demonic servants buried here were to escape, they would not cause too much of a stir. Someone would definitely appear and deal with them."
  "If you wish to help your friend, do it yourself. Consider it a form of experiential training..."
  When the white-dressed female said that, her body gradually transformed into streams of light that vanished.
  "Senior!" Yi Yun was taken aback as he watched the streams of light vanish. He felt somewhat despondent.
  The woman's strength had far exceeded his imagination. She seemed to understand many of the secrets of this world but, unfortunately, she was gone.
  "Since the senior said that I can deal with these demonic servants, let me attempt it." Yi Yun calmed his heart as he turned to look at the densely-packed and odd human faces.
  Understanding something before having the strength to act on it was not necessarily a good thing. The true shape of the world was something he would naturally understand once he reached a high enough level where he could see everything at a glance.
  Before him now were the demonic servants.
  Yi Yun slowly walked along the boundary of the huge cemetery as he observed the situation with the ghastly faces.
  The white-dressed female had said that the ghastly faces were spiritual bodies that had abandoned their physical bodies. Yi Yun also discovered that the ghastly faces were being sealed by massive red ice blocks.
  Although they had hideous looks, they had no vibrancy in them. It was unknown how long they had been lying in slumber.
  "Just watching won"t do. I might as well take action." Yi Yun chose one of the faces on the boundary and pointed the pure Yang broken sword at the ground.
  "By sealing themselves inside the blood ice they"ve made themselves into easy targets." Yi Yun thought to himself.
  But at that moment, the ghastly face seemed to sense danger, and suddenly opened its eyes!
  The area around the ghastly face's eyes were two black holes. Inside seemed to be two regions of endless darkness. Instantly, an ear-piercing shrill resounded in Yi Yun's mind as the ghastly face escaped the blood ice and pounced at Yi Yun!
  Yi Yun's pupils constricted. What a fierce demonic entity!
  His Yuan Qi surged as a blast of killing intent abruptly rose up in him.
  At the same time, the ghastly face was right in front of Yi Yun.
  The ghastly face was oddly swift. It would catch anyone off guard, especially considering how most people could not see it without the Purple Crystal.
  However, what truly surprised Yi Yun was that the face didn"t attack. Despite coming right in front of him, the ghastly face suddenly let out a sharp scream and retreated before could he even slash at it.
  From the ghastly face's sharp scream, Yi Yun could sense that it was afraid of something.
  Could it be afraid of him? Impossible. If so, it would not have taken the initiative to leap at him.
  The ghastly face apprehensively distanced itself from Yi Yun before turning to escape.
  "You want to escape?" Yi Yun looked at the ghastly face as he slashed down from afar!
  Three-foot Passage Sword, Sword of Time!
  The sword beam instantly closed the gap between Yi Yun and the ghastly face, brutally striking the face.
  Yi Yun's pure Yang sword beam was the bane of evil Yin entities. The ghastly face was only a spiritual body so, after it was struck by the sword beam, it instantly melted like ice or snow exposed to fire.
  Yi Yun wasted no time in closing the gap. The ghastly face was still attempting to escape, but Yi Yun used spatial dimension laws to create a tiny cage to entrap it.
  Upon seeing Yi Yun so close, the fear in the ghastly face turned more pronounced. Its spiritual body moved erratically as if it was afraid to even look at Yi Yun.
  "Are you afraid of the Purple Crystal?"
  Yi Yun recalled that back when he probed the evil spirit within Dong Xiaowan's body, it had also been extremely wary of him. It had nearly killed Dong Xiaowan but, because of him, it entered remission.
  As Yi Yun was pondering that idea, he suddenly felt the Azure Wood Divine Tree within his body emit a thick and vibrant aura. It was as if it had seen something and was dancing in joy.
  Yi Yun was connected to the Azure Wood Divine Tree through his very soul. He sensed that the Azure Wood Divine Tree yearned for the demonic servant in front of him!
  "Could it be..." Yi Yun's heart stirred. He finally knew what the ghastly face was afraid of.
  According to the white-dressed female, the ghastly faces were the demonic servants of the bronze giants, also known as the Ancestor Gods. As for the Azure Wood Divine Tree, it was a supreme divine tree that could seal an Ancestor God.
  Back in the Azure Wood Great World, the Azure Wood Divine Tree had suppressed a bronze giant for hundreds of millions of years. Even though it did eventually free itself, it ended up being suppressed once more by the awoken Azure Wood Divine Tree.
  Now, the Azure Wood Divine Tree's seed was within him. If the demonic servant's master could be sealed, it was only natural that it would be afraid of suffering the same fate.
  The Azure Wood Divine Tree was their nemesis.
  Yi Yun looked at the ghastly face in the spatial cage. It was slamming around, stricken with terror. As he sensed the desires of the Azure Wood Divine Tree within his body, he attempted to release the psyche restrictions he placed on the Azure Wood Divine Tree.
  Instantly, the phantom of a divine tree appeared behind Yi Yun.
  An azure beam of light shot out. It was a green leaf that wrapped itself around the ghastly face as the face issued a lamentable howl. Following that, it exploded, turning into countless dots of lights that were absorbed by the divine tree.
  The ghastly face vanished and the Azure Wood Divine Tree's leaf appeared to turn a little lusher...
  "This is..."
  Yi Yun was surprised by this turn of events. Although he knew that the Azure Wood Divine Tree was able to restrain a bronze giant, he never expected that the Azure Wood Divine Tree could directly reduce the bronze giant's servant to Yuan Qi before wholly absorbing it.
  What sort of origin did the Azure Wood Divine Tree have?
  Yi Yun guessed that the mysterious woman with the Nine Transformations Red Lotus on her forehead might have transplanted the divine tree from a particular primitive land. It was the nemesis of the bronze giants and their servants by nature.
  Even the Purple Crystal, which symbolized a Great Dao, was unable to absorb energy that had life. As for the Azure Wood Divine Tree, it apparently had no such restriction when it came to bronze giants.
  Yi Yun studied the Azure Wood Divine Tree within his dantian. It had already grown from a sprout to a tiny tree. It was about twenty feet tall, and in its leaves were etched Great Dao patterns. It looked lush, green, and full of vibrancy.
  Yi Yun stroked his chin. He could not help but consider the idea that, since the Azure Wood Divine Tree was able to absorb the demonic servant, it was possible for him to cleanly absorb every demonic servant gathered there.
  According to what Senior Divine Dream said, the land where the demonic servants slept was nothing impressive. However, their very presence there was still a hidden threat to the Yang God Empyrean Heaven. If the demonic servants were ever unleashed upon the world, it would cause a catastrophe, if not the total destruction of all life.
  Furthermore, these demonic servants were extremely nourishing for the Azure Wood Divine Tree. Absorbing them could enhance its growth.
  Back when Yi Yun broke through to the Dao Manifestation realm, his four nine-leaf Dao fruits hung from the Azure Wood Divine Tree. After he broke through to the Dao Palace realm, his Nine-treasured Dao Palace had fused with the Azure Wood Divine Tree. Looking at it that way, the Azure Wood Divine Tree's growth was directly related to Yi Yun's cultivation realms.
  After making up his mind, Yi Yun aimed at another rundown grave. With one strike, he tore open the grave and saw the blood ice buried within.
  A notch in the red ice crystal had been sliced open by the pure Yang broken sword but there was nothing within the ice crystal.
  It was an empty ice crystal coffin.
  Yi Yun frowned slightly as he opened a few more graves, all of which were empty.
  Back when Dong Xiaowan came here with the Jadewave Sect, she had been possessed by a demonic servant. However, from the looks of it, that was not the only demonic servant that had awoken that day.
  Perhaps there were other demonic servants that had awoken and left the ancient ruin.
  When he realized this, Yi Yun's heart clammed up.
  These demonic servants were not going to cause immediate disaster after they escaped, but they were bound to escape. Even now, they were slowly awakening from their slumbers.
  As time went on, more and more demonic servants would recover their strength and wreak havoc in the external world. It would only spell trouble when that happened.
  "I need to kill them before they recover their strength."
  Yi Yun broke open a grave and found a demonic servant.
  Upon sensing Yi Yun's appearance, the demonic servant screamed sharply but before it could do anything else, it was sealed within Yi Yun's spatial cage.
  The Azure Wood Divine Tree materialized behind Yi Yun and instantly reduced the demonic servant into Yuan Qi for absorption. All of the energy that it had accumulated over many years was quickly transformed into nutrients for the Azure Wood Divine Tree.
  Yi Yun's eyes sparkled. A fierce bear in hibernation could be killed by mortals, much less Yi Yun who had the Azure Wood Divine Tree. He was the demonic servants' nemesis. Killing them took nothing from him.
  Gradually, Yi Yun sensed that the energy stored within the Azure Wood Divine Tree was increasing. It was slowly growing taller as its leaves became more luxuriant.
  However, after he had absorbed more than a hundred demonic servants for the Azure Wood Divine Tree, Yi Yun suddenly felt an ominous feeling.
  He took a slight step back and, at that moment, a black storm stirred in front of him.
  In his energy vision, he could see the demonic servants open their eyes one after the other, shooting out dark red beams of light.
  "Pa! Pa! Pa!"
  The red ice coffins underground exploded in succession as demonic servants rushed out from their blood ice enclosures. Having their slumber disturbed made them extremely furious. They wanted to devour everything around them.
  "Oh no!"
  Yi Yun's heart sank. In the end, it was him that managed to awaken the sleeping demonic spirits. Now, twenty to thirty thousand demonic servants were rising from the ground. Even with the Azure Wood Divine Tree, he was unable to vanquish such a massive number of demonic servants.
  Fortunately, Yi Yun could sense through his energy vision that the demonic servants in front of him were only huge in number. Since they had just been forcefully awoken, they were like premature babies. They were extremely weak and did not pose any threat.
  Furthermore, after any of the demonic servants discovered Yi Yun, they became very apprehensive towards him. None of them dared to truly attack him.
  With the pure Yang broken sword in hand, he looked at the black swath of demonic servants. He was fully focused and on high alert. He figured that the demonic servants would eventually attack together. When that happened, he would be in danger. Once he was too overwhelmed to resist, he would be devoured clean by the tens of thousands of demonic servants.
  At that moment, a demonic servant roared. It was several times bigger than the other demonic servants. Its color was deeper and it was easy to tell that it was one of the stronger demonic servants.
  Yi Yun watched as the powerful demonic servant"s body sparkled with intense light. He believed that it would lead the charge to attack him but suddenly, something that surprised Yi Yun happened. The demonic servant abruptly turned back and bit another demonic servant that was much weaker than it. It swiftly consumed its fellow!
  Yi Yun was more than a little taken aback. With the powerful demonic servant taking the lead, the other demonic servants began to engage in a massacre. The stronger demonic servants devoured the weaker demonic servants. None of the weaker demonic servants put up any meaningful resistance, as if they were resigned to being devoured.
  As for the demonic servants that ate their kind, they became more powerful. Soon, tens of thousands of demonic servants were reduced to eight to nine thousand.
  Upon seeing this, Yi Yun finally realized that this was a way for the demonic servants to rapidly gather strength.
  Due to his presence, these demonic servants had no choice but to awaken early. Only by devouring their own kind could they make up for the loss.
  How could Yi Yun allow them to continue increasing in power? With a long roar, the pure Yang broken sword in his hand blazed with Yang flames. It was as if a sun had appeared out of nowhere in an icy underground world.
  At the same time, he completely imbued the Azure Wood Divine Tree's powers into his sword. Slashing out with his sword, both the divine tree's power and the pure Yang power surged forth. Demonic servants were burned clean from wherever the sword beam passed. They melted immediately!
  "Ah! Ah! Ah!"
  The demonic servants screamed loudly as they attempted to escape. At that moment, the Azure Wood Divine Tree's phantom image materialized behind him. He charged into the demonic servants and began his slaughter!
  The veins of the Azure Wood Divine Tree shot out in every direction like green whips. Wherever the whips lashed, demonic servants were split apart and exploded into a shower of light.
  The light was absorbed by the Azure Wood Divine Tree, making its veins appear even more resplendent.
  Chapter 1176: Whereabouts of Demonic Servants
  Translator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalon
  Yi Yun's aura became richer the longer he fought. He began to realize that he had far underestimated the Azure Wood Divine Tree's strength. With it, he was practically invincible here. Especially as demonic servants lacked physical bodies, the Azure Wood Divine Tree was like a tiger in a flock of sheep. There was no way to stop it.
  "Peng Peng Peng!"
  Large swaths of demonic servants were slain by Yi Yun. At the same time, Yi Yun used his spatial dimension laws to distort space and imprison other large groups of demonic servants.
  However, a few had slipped away from Yi Yun's restraints and begun fleeing out of the ruin.
  Damn it.
  Yi Yun frowned. He knew that although the demonic servants were extremely weak and easily crushed by the Azure Wood Divine Tree, they were very difficult to deal with once they were out of the ruin!
  Few people could even see the demonic servants without the Purple Crystal's energy vision. And even if they could see them, they would still have a hard time dealing with them because they could possess the bodies of others.
  The spiritual bodies by themselves were not very strong, but if they were to possess a warrior, their strength would increase a hundredfold!
  No matter how strong Yi Yun was, he could not hold back an army of demonic servants that numbered in the thousands. By the time the spatial cage closed completely, more than half of the demonic servants had gotten out of the ruin.
  At that moment, outside the ruin, the guards from Jadewave Sect were manning their posts. Due to the Yuan Qi fluctuation from before, they were still very tense.
  "This place is just too odd. Staying here just makes me feel uncomfortable."
  "Unfortunately, both you and I have to guard this place. If someone really were to trespass, they would probably die from fright.
  The guards looked in the direction of the ruins as they felt a chill run down their backs.
  Suddenly, they felt a strong gust of cold wind blow at them. It left their bones shaking.
  "What's the matter?"
  One of the guards had been blown into the air by the cold squall and slammed into a wall.
  At that moment, he felt as though all life had been sucked out of him. It was like he was immediately about to die.
  And at that instant, a resplendent glow burst out from the ruin's seal as it blasted apart. Out stepped a youth that was covered in blue light. His face was a mystery, and when he raised his hand, a green sword beam appeared.
  The sword beam flashed across the guard's cheek, as though it was piercing through something. Immediately following that, the guard heard what seemed like a heart-wrenching cry. The voice seemed evanescent as though it had been issued from the abyss of hell. It left him shuddering in fear.
  The guard slammed heavily to the ground. He realized his back was completely soaked in cold sweat. Although he did not know what just happened, he was certain that he had a brush with death.
  He had been saved by that green sword beam, but who was the youth? Why was he walking out of the restraints that sealed the ancient ruin?
  His eyes widened as he stared at the youth, trying his best to make out his facial features. However, there seemed to be dense Dao patterns covering him that blocked his face. The more the guard tried, the more he couldn't make out anything.
  "Inform your sect master to evacuate the entire Jadewave Sect or a catastrophe will befall the sect."
  The youth's voice rang in the guard's ear. It caught the guard by surprise. The entire Jadewave Sect had to evacuate or catastrophe would befall it? Although he knew that the mysterious youth was formidable, would the sect master believe this stranger"s words?
  Just as he was about to inquire further, the youth transformed into a blue stream of light. In a blink of an eye, he had traversed the hundred thousand-foot-valley and vanished.
  "What...what do I do?"
  Aside from the guard that had been sent flying, the other guards were feeling cold and clammy. They had a small suspicion that the cold wind could have been the escape of the cursed things from inside the ruin. As for the mysterious youth, who was he?
  Regardless, the sect master had to be informed of this matter!
  Ever since Dong Xiaowan had left with Yi Yun, Jadewave Sect's sect master Dong Shaoqing had not left the Jadewave Sect's premises. Although he trusted Yi Yun, he still missed his daughter.
  These days, he had been fretting over the bounty on Yi Yun"s head. He was extremely worried for Yi Yun since the Myriad Immortal Pavilion was willing to pay a huge price to have him hunted down. The news had spread throughout the Myriad Divine Territory and even to several of the surrounding divine territories. Even four Supremacies from Myriad Immortal Pavilion had been called in.
  However, it was as if Yi Yun had vanished into thin air.
  Dong Shaoqing's only option was to wait.
  Unfortunately, before he managed to receive any news of Yi Yun, he received a report from his subordinates that something had happened in the ancient ruin in the World Stone mine.
  A mysterious youth covered in blue light? Awakened evil spirits?
  "What did that youth look like!?" Dong Shaoqing eagerly asked.
  "I couldn't tell." The guards shook their heads. "There was light and laws blocking him. We couldn't see a thing."
  "Is that so...?" Many thoughts instantly flashed through Dong Shaoqing's mind. A youth with immense strength just happened to appear by the ancient ruin. The first person Dong Shaoqing thought of was Yi Yun.
  Was it possible that Yi Yun learned the location of the ancient ruin from his daughter and went to investigate?
  Upon realizing that, Dong Shaoqing took a deep breath. Yi Yun was truly talented and daring. Such a strange, cursed land with no rewards was somewhere people would avoid in fear, yet he took the initiative to investigate it?
  Regardless if it was Yi Yun or not, Dong Shaoqing decided to keep the matter an absolute secret. If the Myriad Immortal Pavilion were to know of it, it would be troublesome.
  "Listen up. News of today's incident, especially anything to do with that mysterious youth, must be a sworn secret. Any who tell will be dealt with according to the sect's rules-by death! Immediately make a soul contract!"
  "Also, immediately inform everyone in Jadewave Sect that we are leaving this area."
  Are we really moving?
  The guards were dumbstruck. They thought that the sect master would not believe the mysterious warning. After all, the Jadewave Sect had been entrenched in these lands for too long. These were their roots, so how could they move so easily?
  Yet, Dong Shaoqing made this heavy decision within a few seconds. The spirit the sect master had was indeed massive.
  At the moment Dong Shaoqing made his decision, thousands of miles away from Jadewave Sect, Yi Yun was still pursuing the demonic servants with the pure Yang broken sword in hand!
  While these demonic servants fled from Yi Yun, they constantly spread out. However, the core batch remained clustered together. They were extremely fast, so fast that Yi Yun failed to close the gap.
  However, the longer he pursued them, the more Yi Yun's eyebrows furrowed. He would soon need to give up on his pursuit. Not because he could not deal with the demonic servants, but because they were heading for Myriad City!
  Myriad City had a ban on flying, but that did not matter to the demonic servants. Even Supremacies would not detect them. However, if Yi Yun were to just fly in, he would definitely be stopped.
  Moreover, Myriad City was home to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. Yi Yun had greatly offended the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, so entering Myriad City would be walking into a trap.
  Upon thinking of this, Yi Yun gradually slowed down. He gave up on pursuing the demonic servants for he had no choice.
  It was only a matter of time before the demonic servants eventually escaped. He had forced them to escape in a rush and had greatly reduced their numbers. That was all he could do. As for the rest, it would depend on Myriad City. He could not continue to be involved in the matter.
  Myriad City did not have any curfews and warriors did not need much sleep. So, be it day or night, Myriad City was always bustling with activity. Lively chatter could be heard at all times, especially in the core of Myriad City.
  At that moment, one store in the core region of the city was being renovated.
  The original plaque had been taken off and thrown to the ground. On it were three words-"Yun Xin Loft".
  A colorfully-dressed youth who held a sword was stepping on the 'Yun' character with one foot as he spat at the plaque.
  "Move everything out. Leave the useful things behind and destroy the garbage." The youth said languidly.
  More than a dozen Myriad Immortal Pavilion disciples had already rummaged through Yun Xin Loft. They had taken all of the ordinary herbs and Fey bones. As for the renovations that the store originally had, they were completely destroyed.
  They planned on redoing the interior to give it a brand new look.
  The Myriad Immortal Pavilion wasted no time in buying out Yun Xin Loft. The colorfully-dressed youth was the person assigned by the Myriad Immortal Pavilion to man Yun Xin Loft.
  In Myriad City, being the general manager of a store in the core city district was quite a great job. The annual pay was a sizable sum of money. With such riches, he could easily acquire cultivation resources, meaning his cultivation level would improve rapidly.
  Such a great opportunity could only be given to a core disciple. The colorfully-dressed youth was indeed a core disciple of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion-Si Shaoyu.
  Ever since Si Yusheng had his dantian crippled by Yi Yun, his status as Pavilion Lord successor was naturally gone. Si Yusheng was utterly despondent, locking himself in his room all day. He did not eat or drink, nor would he meet anyone. Then again, even if Si Yusheng wanted to meet anyone, he probably wouldn"t be given the chance. People were pragmatic. When he was still high and mighty, countless people would fall over themselves for a chance to see him. But with him now a cripple, they treated him with scorn.
  Si Shaoyu was actually rather happy about this. He had long been jealous of Si Yusheng, and now that Si Yusheng had been crippled, the chances of him becoming Myriad Immortal Pavilion's successor had increased a little!
  It was an extremely rare opportunity.
  "Hahaha, Brother Shaoyu, I wish you success in your business!"
  At that moment, Zhou Baifeng walked over with a smile. Beside him was his distinguished guest, Zhang Zhiyuan.
  Now that Yi Yun was being hunted by the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, Zhou Baifeng was very willing to lounge in safety while the others fight. He yearned for Yi Yun to be killed by the Myriad Immortal Pavilion.
  "Hopefully. Although the store is a little small and out of the way, it is passable." Si Shaoyu replied nonchalantly.
  "Hahaha." Zhou Baifeng laughed out loudly, "Brother Shaoyu, you must be joking. For a store to be bigger than this or to have a better location, it would have to be the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic or the Medicinal Immortal Pavilion. Such a good store has now been given to you by the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. The amount you earn this year will be staggering. How would the Elders not know that? They have tacitly agreed to this, which means that they are considering grooming you to become the Pavilion Lord successor."
  As Zhou Baifeng said, he revealed a smile that was pregnant with meaning. Now that there was a vacancy for the role of successor, many people were eyeing the spot. Si Shaoyu was indeed capable of getting it.
  Si Shaoyu relished what Zhou Baifeng said. He said, "If I can capture Yi Yun, my status as Pavilion Lord successor will be secured. However, there has not been any news of Yi Yun at all."
  Yi Yun was an arch enemy to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. His talent was phenomenal and would lead to endless trouble if he was left alone.
  "Speaking of Yi Yun, my goal is identical to Brother Shaoyu's. I hate that little bastard as well. In fact, I have an idea that might lure the little bastard out..."
  "Oh? Tell me about it." Si Shaoyu had his interest piqued.
  "Brother Shaoyu, I was there when Yi Yun fled. I noticed that, before he left, he looked City Lord Qin in the eye and seemed to transmit his voice to him. Over the past few days, City Lord Qin has been on a constant search for something..."
  "Oh? What is he looking for?"
  "Soul Returning Root! My guess is that the Soul Returning Root is what Yi Yun wants. How did his grudge with Zuoqiu Haoyu start? It began when he went to the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic to buy a Soul Restoring Relic but ended up being hindered by Zuoqiu Haoyu. I have looked into the matter. Back when Yi Yun wanted to buy the Soul Restoring Relic, he borrowed Myriad Runes from City Lord Qin. At Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic, he endured Zuoqiu Haoyu"s insults without incident. But we both know that little bastard is not someone that can bear insult. So why did he stifle his anger that time? It has to be that the Soul Restoring Relic was extremely important to him. Later on, he could not tolerate the treatment that was given to him and finally revealed his true nature before leaving."
  "Eventually, he failed to obtain the Soul Restoring Relic. But if it was so important, then how could he simply drop the matter? I think it's impossible. Perhaps, this resulted in a situation where he still needed a Soul Returning Root rectify the problem."
  "So if we can find a Soul Returning Root, then perhaps we might be able to lure that punk out!"
  After Zhou Baifeng aired his assumptions, Si Shaoyu fell into a deep silence. Zhou Baifeng's analysis was indeed very probable.
  If that were the case, then the Myriad Immortal Pavilion could publicly put up a Soul Returning Root for sale, and Yi Yun might take the risk to purchase it. They would then be able to find Yi Yun.
  Although this method wasn't guaranteed success, it was better than stumbling around like a headless fly.
  "Alright! I'll do it. Brother Baifeng, if this plan manages to draw out the little bastard, I will definitely remember your assistance." Si Shaoyu's eyes glimmered.
  "Hahaha! Brother Shaoyu, there"s no need for that. I too want that punk dead. Our goal is the same."
  Zhou Baifeng laughed out loud. If Yi Yun really was captured through such a method, he could resolve his grudge and also befriend Si Shaoyu. If his plan also resulted in Si Shaoyu being elevated to the position of Myriad Immortal Pavilion's successor, it would be an additional boon.
  Just as Zhou Baifeng was about to cheerfully laugh out, he suddenly had an odd feeling.
  "Oh? Why did it suddenly get so cold?"
  For no apparent reason, Zhou Baifeng felt a chill run down his back. It was like a cold wind had blown past him.
  "It feels like it's a cold wind."
  Si Shaoyu frowned slightly as well. There was apparently a cold gust of wind that seemed to reach deep into his bones.
  However, the duo looked around and did not notice anything odd. They were completely baffled.
  "Perhaps it was just a gust of wind. This is the core district of Myriad City. There are many experts here. How could there be anything capable of hiding from so many people's perceptions? Both of us are worried for nothing."
  "Hahaha, that's true. Then, Brother Shaoyu, I shall bid you farewell. On the matter of the Soul Returning Root, please pay close attention to it."
  "Of course, although a Soul Returning Root is hard to come by, it is not impossible if my Myriad Immortal Pavilion searches for it!"
  Si Shaoyu was very confident. The Myriad Immortal Pavilion was one of the core trading partners of the Yang God Empyrean Heaven. The Myriad Immortal Pavilion was also a mighty faction, so it was not difficult for it to find a single item.
  After Si Shaoyu and Zhou Baifeng bade each other farewell, the former reported the matter to the Circle of Elders.
  Yi Yun was a mortal malady to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion. Although searching for a rare spirit herb like the Soul Returning Root would be an expensive undertaking, the Circle of Elders agreed to it. The command was sent to all the branches of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion search for and immediately purchase a Soul Returning Root!
  After abandoning his pursuit of the demonic servants, Yi Yun went straight back to the mountain valley lakeside.
  "Sir is back!" Ru'er exclaimed happily when she saw Yi Yun's figure suddenly appear in the pavilion.
  Dong Xiaowan hurriedly came out of the house. "Young Master, why are you back so quickly?"
  For Yi Yun to return so quickly, it was probably because he had noticed the strangeness of the ancient ruin and sensed its danger...
  "It's good that you are back. Ru'er and I were worried for you," said Dong Xiaowan.
  As for whether Yi Yun could gather any meaningful information from such a short investigation was of little importance.
  Yi Yun smiled slightly and said, "I have found a way to resolve the curse of the ancient ruin. I will be entering seclusion for a few days. Xiaowan, prepare for it. Once I come out of seclusion, I will help rid you of your problem for good."
  With that said, Yi Yun walked back into the house.
  Dong Xiaowan was left standing in a daze. Her beautiful eyes were filled with disbelief.
  Yi Yun had spoken so nonchalantly, but it sent shocks reverberating within her.
  Not only had Yi Yun fully investigated the ancient ruin, he had also found a solution to the curse in such a short period of time?
  And also...
  "Xiaowan, congratulations. You can finally be healed, thanks to Sir." Ru'er said while happily grabbing Dong Xiaowan's hand.
  Dong Xiaowan still looked as though she were in a dream. Still in a daze, she nodded as the corners of her mouth slowly rose into a smile. "That's right... I still wonder if I heard wrong..."
  After returning to his room, Yi Yun sat on a bamboo bed and studied the Azure Wood Divine Tree within him.
  Having absorbed such a large number of demonic servants in the ancient ruin, he still had a large amount of energy within him that had yet to be fully digested by the Azure Wood Divine Tree.
  As for the demonic servant energy that the Azure Wood Divine Tree did absorb, it became lusher as a result. It was growing at a discernible pace.
  The Azure Wood Divine Tree's growth was connected to Yi Yun's growth. As he sensed the vibrant vitality of the Azure Wood Divine Tree, he couldn"t help but feel refreshed.
  The demonic servants had been in slumber for an unknown period of time. If left untouched, they would have caused a catastrophe when they awoke by possessing the bodies of countless warriors. However, an unforeseen turn of events occurred when Yi Yun was able to obliterate them en masse.
  "First I should enter seclusion to finish digesting the absorbed energy, then I can destroy the root of Dong Xiaowan's problem." Yi Yun breathed in lightly before gently closing his eyes.
  Immediately, a Yuan Qi fluctuation effused from his body. At the same time, a phantom image of the Azure Wood Divine Tree suddenly appeared behind him.
  The entire bamboo house was enveloped by a blue-tinted energy. The bamboo within the blue-colored energy that was dead or chopped off began to sprout.
  A near-endless amount of bamboo leaves began growing in Yi Yun's room. With his Yuan Qi fluctuation wavering, the rich aura even spread out of the bamboo house and enveloped the entire island in the middle of the lake.
  The spirit flowers planted on the island began budding before bursting into full bloom. The spirit grass also turned more luxuriant.
  The island was turned into a conglomeration of splendid and beautiful flowers with a fragrance that inundated the olfactory senses.
  "This seclusion of his is truly miraculous. Even I find my body turning lighter." Ru'er looked at the tightly shut door as she said wistfully.
  After Yi Yun entered seclusion, Dong Xiaowan had also begun hers. In order to prepare for her treatment, she wanted to get herself into peak condition.
  Now, in the bamboo house in the mountain valley lakeside, two people were in seclusion while another was in deep slumber. Ru'er was the only one awake.
  She sat on the steps outside the house with her hands cupping her tiny face. She was watching the tiny flowers bloom by her feet with interest.
  This scene continued for several days.
  One day, a huge blue beam of light shot out from Yi Yun's room. The mountain valley lakeside, including all the vegetation in the mountain valley, instantly shook in response, as though prostrating in Yi Yun's direction.
  Yi Yun pushed the door open and walked out. After being in seclusion for a few days, his eyes seemed to contain a divine light. His skin appeared like beautiful jade and his disposition was otherworldly. He was like an immortal that came down from the heavens.
  The vegetation that was prostrating in Yi Yun's direction began bending their leaves as though they were bowing before a king.
  Ru'er came running in joyful excitement, but immediately stopped when she saw Yi Yun.
  She nearly didn"t recognize the figure before her as Yi Yun, but as an immortal that came from an alternate world with blooming flowers.
  Yi Yun sensed the changes within him, and was satisfied. After he absorbed all the demonic servants' energy, the Azure Wood Divine Tree had grown another ten feet.
  The twenty-foot-tall tree was now thirty feet tall.
  The Azure Wood Divine Tree needed to absorb massive amounts of natural treasures to grow, but these demonic servants were in no way inferior to the natural treasures.
  When he thought of this, Yi Yun felt a tinge of disappointment. He only knew of the one ancient ruin, located at the Jadewave Sect's World Stone mine. There might be other ancient ruins he did not know of.
  If not...
  "It doesn't help to bite off more than I can chew. I shouldn't think about such things right now." Yi Yun shook his head.
  The demonic servants were extremely peculiar. Most people would probably avoid them out of terror. If these demonic servants were to know that someone was taking the initiative to seek them out, and with such anticipation, who knows how they would feel?
  At that moment, Yi Yun had converged his aura. The luxuriant vital energies were hidden within his body. The plants resumed their normal behavior while Ru'er finally snapped out of her daze.
  She looked perplexedly at Yi Yun and said, "Sir, currently you are..." Although Yi Yun had converged his aura, his disposition remained elegant. It was a special feeling that he exuded.
  "We'll talk about that in a while. Where's Xiaowan?" asked Yi Yun.
  "Young Master Yi." Another door opened as Dong Xiaowan stood beautifully by it and looked at Yi Yun. "Young Master, congratulations on a successful seclusion."
  Yi Yun nodded and said, "Alright, it looks like you are done with your preparations. Let's not delay any further. We shall begin immediately. Ru'er, stay outside and wait."
  The demonic servant was still rather sinister. Since Ru'er lacked strength, Yi Yun was afraid of scaring her.
  "Alright." Ru'er nodded obediently.
  "Let us begin."
  Yi Yun entered Dong Xiaowan's room and said, "Lie down first."
  Dong Xiaowan obediently lied down on the bamboo bed as she looked at Yi Yun, who was standing by the bedside.
  "Guard your Yuan Qi and do not send it to your dantian. Leave the rest to me." Yi Yun said as he gently placed his palm on Dong Xiaowan's abdomen. When he sensed her soft abdomen turn a little tense, Yi Yun glanced at her and whispered, "Don't be afraid."
  "Alright..." Dong Xiaowan's voice was as fine as a mosquito's hum. As she looked at Yi Yun" focused expression, she felt her ears turn somewhat warm.
  She had not only let Yi Yun into her boudoir, she was even lying in bed before him. In addition, Yi Yun's warm palm touched her through a thin layer of clothing.
  This was something Dong Xiaowan had never experienced before.
  Yi Yun's palm was pressed on where Dong Xiaowan's dantian was. He activated the Purple Crystal's energy vision and immediately saw the ghastly-faced demonic servant lurking in her dantian.
  The moment the demonic servant sensed Yi Yun, it immediately revealed a look of horror.
  By this point, Yi Yun had already absorbed a large number of its kind. The Azure Wood Divine Tree had grown ten feet higher, so the fear it struck into the demonic servant was only more intense than before.
  "Ah!" The demonic servant let out an ear-piercing howl as it tried to escape deeper into Dong Xiaowan's dantian.
  "You still think of running?" Yi Yun pressed his palm down gently, injecting the Azure Wood Divine Tree's vital energies into Dong Xiaowan's dantian.
  The refreshing energy made Dong Xiaowan's body turn limp. She involuntarily made a low moan but the energy was like an inferno to the demonic servant.
  The demonic servant could not bear the excruciating pain as it finally escaped out of the dantian, hoping to flee. However, it was imprisoned by a spatial cage that Yi Yun had already prepared.
  The demonic servant slammed around in the spatial cage. Because of this extreme situation, Dong Xiaowan could finally make out the demonic servant's existence. She immediately screamed.
  "It's time you die." Yi Yun looked coldly at the demonic servant. As the Azure Wood Divine Tree phantom flashed, the demonic servant immediately screamed as it was reduced to points of light. The Yuan Qi it turned into was completely absorbed by the Azure Wood Divine Tree.
  Upon seeing the demonic servant completely dissipate, Yi Yun's expression relaxed.
  He looked down at Dong Xiaowan and said with a smile, "It's over."
  Dong Xiaowan stared at Yi Yun with unblinking eyes. She had believed that it would be an endless and excruciating process, but it was over just like that...
  With Dong Xiaowan completely cured, Yi Yun felt a load taken off his mind.
  He planned on continuing his seclusive cultivation in the coming days so as to solidify the results of the Azure Wood Divine Tree's growth.
  As for the danger of the demonic servants wreaking havoc after escaping to Myriad City, it was beyond Yi Yun's control.
  "I will need to enter seclusion for a period of time. Ru'er, take good care of Xie'er. Xiaowan, you can actually return to Jadewave Sect. Your father must be very worried about you," said Yi Yun.
  He had already informed Dong Xiaowan that the Jadewave Sect had moved.
  Dong Xiaowan shook her head. "Young Master, you just saved my life and now you are entering seclusion. Sister Xie'er needs someone to take care of her, so how can I simply leave? I'll make that decision when you are done with your seclusion."
  Dong Xiaowan did wish to let her father know that she was cured as soon as possible. In order to save her, her father, Dong Shaoqing, had gone to great lengths.
  "Young Master, I wish to send a message to my father to let him know that I'm safe and cured. I will not leak our location. Are you agreeable to that?" Dong Xiaowan asked.
  Yi Yun nodded. He trusted Dong Xiaowan. The mountain valley he was currently hiding in was her personal lodge, after all.
  "Go ahead and send the message," said Yi Yun.
  "At once." Dong Xiaowan replied happily. She had an extremely secretive method of contacting her father.
  While Yi Yun was in seclusion, a strange illness began appearing in Myriad City. No one knew when it began, but the moment one was infected by it, they became unable to cultivate. No matter how much effort they put in, their cultivation level would not increase one bit.
  Furthermore, the strange illness was extremely selective. It only occurred in those with extraordinary talent and young warriors. Those who were mediocre or old were completely fine.
  These talented geniuses were at the stage in their lives when their strength had the greatest room to grow. Time was especially precious but, after being infected by the strange illness, their cultivation levels did not improve at all no matter how much cultivation they did. Many treasures were used but to no avail. It seemed like an incurable disease.
  Not only could they not cultivate, some even began to gradually weaken.
  Si Shaoyu was one of them.
  After Si Yusheng was maimed, Si Shaoyu had taken over Yi Yun's Yun Xin Loft. He was on the crest of a wave, with a high likelihood of taking Si Yusheng's empty spot, becoming the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's successor.
  However, just as he was enjoying his newfound success, he suddenly realized that his cultivation level had come to a halt!
  He was in charge of the Yun Xin Loft. When it reopened, he made large amounts of revenue every day. After he took his cut, he would purchase scores of cultivation pills. However, the massive amount of resources did not give him the benefits he had expected.
  In fact, his physique was gradually weakening. It left him in extreme panic!
  If this carried on, not only would he fail to become the successor, he would end up like Si Yusheng. He would fall off his pedestal and become a cripple that no one cared for!
  This thought was even more terrifying than death.
  "Young Master..." A servant gingerly approached the door to Si Shaoyu's room. For the past few days, Si Shaoyu had shut himself in the room. He became irascible, and there was no shortage of maidservants that had been injured or crippled by him.
  "What is it!?" Si Shaoyu's extremely gloomy voice boomed from inside.
  "The Zhou family's Young Master Baifeng is here," said the servant.
  Si Shaoyu was sitting in his room, surrounded by all sorts of pills and medicine. His eyes were red.
  He constantly consumed medicine and cultivated, but his dantian was like a bottomless hole. No amount of medicine was effective
  Under such circumstances, Si Shaoyu had no intention to receive anyone.
  However, he remembered that Zhou Baifeng had offered the suggestion of luring Yi Yun out. His idea was reasonable enough that Si Shaoyu had ordered the plan to be executed.
  "What is he here for?" Si Shaoyu asked impatiently.
  "Young Master Baifeng says that it's of great importance. He demands that I inform you..." The servant felt sweat seeping out of his forehead.
  After a while, the door opened abruptly. Si Shaoyu stood by the door as he said coldly, "Tell him to meet me in the guest hall."
  "Yes." The servant stole a glance at Si Shaoyu. For some reason, the young man in front of him looked terrible. There were dark circles under his eyes and his footsteps appeared weak...
  However, he was only a servant. He knew the price of a ready tongue, so he made sure to say absolutely nothing.
  Soon, the servant led Zhou Baifeng into the guest hall.
  When Zhou Baifeng saw Si Shaoyu, he looked as if a suspicion had been confirmed.
  "Brother Shaoyu, you must have heard of the plague, right?" Zhou Baifeng asked.
  "Of course I have."
  Too many geniuses had been inflicted by it. Now, the illness was deemed a plague by the people of the city.
  In a warrior's world, it was borderline impossible to have any plagues. Warriors were in great health, so how could they get sick?
  But now, the truth was out for everyone to see. There were those that believed that certain evil entities were running amok in Myriad City.
  "I wonder if Brother Shaoyu thought of Dong Xiaowan? This plague seems to share similarities with the illness that Dong Xiaowan was inflicted with some time ago, such as the symptom of not being able to cultivate. Also, the people that are contracting the illness now are like Dong Xiaowan. They are extremely talented genius warriors," said Zhou Baifeng.
  Si Shaoyu's expression was ashen. He had long thought of Dong Xiaowan.
  "Back then, Dong Xiaowan's father, who is the Jadewave Sect's sect master, Dong Shaoqing, sought out famous doctors from all over. Eventually, he sought Huyan Cang to refine pills, spending all his money. In fact, during the public pill refinement, Zuoqiu Bo had given a similar pill to Dong Xiaowan. It wasn"t effective at all. Only the pill refined by Yi Yun had a beneficial effect," said Zhou Baifeng.
  Si Shaoyu said coldly, "Brother Baifeng, go ahead and speak your mind."
  "I heard that some factions are beginning to secretly search for Yi Yun. Their geniuses have been infected by the plague. Now, they have their sights on Yi Yun. Some have even gone to City Lord Qin to seek his help," said Zhou Baifeng. "Brother Shaoyu, is there any news on your side? If the Myriad Immortal Pavilion still seeks to capture Yi Yun, it might draw the ire of some factions."
  Si Shaoyu glanced at Zhou Baifeng and revealed a sneer. "From the looks of it, Brother Baifeng is also ill? Why do you say these things? Are you thinking of getting Yi Yun to heal you?"
  "Unfortunately for me, the Myriad Immortal Pavilion has a contentious relationship with Yi Yun. Why would he agree to treat me? Of course, it doesn't matter if he"s willing in the end. When we capture him, he will have no choice." Si Shaoyu clenched his fists. His red eyes turned redder from the blood flushing to them.
  Zhou Baifeng shook his head with a somewhat wry expression. He had indeed fallen ill; if not, he would not have come looking for Si Shaoyu.
  No one knew that Dong Xiaowan's illness was the beginning of a plague.
  Noticing how Zhou Baifeng seemed to be wavering, Si Shaoyu said coldly, "Why? Is Brother Baifeng thinking of changing his mind? Are you hoping to ingratiate him so that he will treat your illness?"
  "About that..." Zhou Baifeng forced a laugh. "Brother Shaoyu, you are overthinking things."
  In truth, Zhou Baifeng had given the problem much consideration. His grudge with Yi Yun was not at the point of irreconciliation. If he gave some treasures and apologized sincerely, then perhaps Yi Yun would be willing to forgive him.
  "Hehe!" Si Shaoyu chuckled insidiously. "Do you think that without you, I won't be able to accomplish something great? Furthermore, don't just believe that Yi Yun really has the means to deal with this strange illness. Back then, he was only able to temporarily awaken Dong Xiaowan. That punk even said that Dong Xiaowan was not fully healed. He too lacked the means to treat the problem at its root."
  "All he did was refine a few Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills that treated the side effects but not the underlying cause. Brother Baifeng, I think you are seeking medical help out of sheer panic! Hmph!"
  Si Shaoyu did not believe that the plague could be resolved by Yi Yun. So many geniuses from various factions had fallen ill, yet none of their seniors could figure out the solution. Yi Yun was just a junior like him, so how could he possess such an ability?
  However, once he captured Yi Yun, he could force him to refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills of superior quality. It might not cure him, but it would temporarily slow down the effects of the strange illness. During that grace period, he would have more time to seek a permanent solution.
  "Brother Shaoyu is right. However, this can't carry on forever. The time we have is extremely precious. If we delay for even a few years, we will waste our potential, effectively crippling the rest of our lives."
  Upon hearing Zhou Baifeng's words, Si Shaoyu's eyes shimmered. He said, "The Myriad Immortal Pavilion's Circle of Elders have decided to hold a grand meeting of alchemists and doctors. An astronomical price will be offered to any alchemist or doctor that can treat the plague. The invitations have already been sent to the alchemists. In a few short months, there will be a grand event of unprecedented scale held in Myriad City. I refuse to believe that the combined efforts of this world"s best alchemists and doctors will fail! It's just a matter of time!"
   "Oh? There will be such an event? That's great!" When Zhou Baifeng heard that, he finally felt relieved. He could be at ease knowing that the Myriad Immortal Pavilion was coming forward and spending large amounts of resources to solve the issue. Solutions were definitely possible with the collective efforts of the entire city.
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