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Apocalypse / Prophecies by Nostradamus

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    Nostradamus, the greatest of the prophets, called our time the Golden age. He predicted the history of humanity until the end of the world. People want to know future. The prophecies, collected in the book, draw a picture of the future Apocalypse. Humanity will go through seven disasters, and this civilization will perish. In the book are not only the future, but also the already fulfilled predictions. Prophecies by Nostradamus come true with amazing accuracy. All the important historical events and outstanding personalities are predicted in quatrains. He knew not only events, but also the time associated with them. Value of this book consists lies in the fact, that for the first time in 500 years, the dates of events was decipher from numbers of quatrains.

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Prophecies by Nostradamus

Edition 5

Collection of interpretations

edited by Svetlana Denisova


   @ The manuscript of the first edition of the book "Interpretations of the prophecies of Nostradamus" by Svetlana Denisova, certified by a notary O. A. Achkasova at the time of presentation 11 August 2016, Saratov, Russia. Registered in the registry for -5-1859.
   The fifth edition of the book is supplemented by 40 new interpretations and includes all previous editions of the book "Prophecies by Nostradamus" of Svetlana Denisova. Deciphering the prophecies takes a lot of time and extensive historical knowledge. Understanding and publishing all quatrains at once is an impossible task. Therefore, with the accumulation of new interpretations, the next release of the book comes out. Unfortunately, most quatrains will not be understood.
   Decipher the numbers of quatrains
   Golden age
   Future - Apocalypse
   World war III
   After Comet
   The predictions about England and USA
   The predictions about Russia
   The predictions about France
   The predictions about Italy
   The predictions about Spain
   World wars
   From the author
   Michel de Nostradamus (14.12.1503 - 02.07.1566) was a French doctor, druggist and astrologer. He is known for his prophecies. His book of 942 quatrains was published in 1555. As a doctor, he was known for having managed to stop several plague epidemics in France. At a time when everyone fled from the plague to escape, he went to the hearth of infection to save people at the risk of his own life. He was assigned a lifetime pension for the feat of a doctor.
   The according to the teachings of St. Augustine since all people remember the past some are able to "remember" the future. This explains the ability of clairvoyance. Nostradamus wanted and sought to know the future. This ability was given to him. Prophecies come true with amazing accuracy, even the years. Each prediction is written in the form of a quatrain. They are collected into centuries, 100 in each, except for the 7th century - it is incomplete. There are 10 main centuries. Quatrain numbers consist of the century number - before the point and the number of quatrain - after the point.
   Some time ago, searching for an answer to some questions, I became to read different prophets. Reading Nostradamus, I began to guess what some of the quatrains were about. I tried to decipher them - it turns out well. So that's how this book appeared. Many quatrains have been deciphered long ago and correctly and are available in Internet. They are included into this book, marked by the symbol * and have a link. I gave them my own interpretation and number decryption. Many interpretations are made by me.
   For almost 500 years, many people have interpreted Nostradamus in different countries and in different languages. It is impossible to verify all previous interpretations, so this thought had to be given up. I do not claim the uniqueness and authorship of all interpretations in this book. However, I consider myself the author of deciphering method for the years from quatrain numbers. Translation of quatrains are not very accurate, and Nostradamus himself tried to hide the meaning. Therefore it is impossible to guarantee the credibility of interpretations, although I tried not to bend the truth.
   Each quatrain has a name which corresponds to its meaning. The original text is in Old French and English translation follows the title. The number deciphering and connection with other quatrains is given at the end of the interpretations, if the number has been deciphered. For readers this book will be especially interesting by predictions about the future. A lot of prophecies, drawing a picture of the future Apocalypse and the birth of a new civilization are collected here.
   Decipher the numbers of quatrains
   Time after time sensational statements appear in the media that someone found the key to deciphering all Nostradamus prophecies. But they are not confirmed. I will not claim that I have found the key and can decipher all the prophecies. In some quatrains years are indicated almost explicitly. For example, in the quatrain 917 it is enough to put 1 before the number and it will be 1917. The same is in number 8.12. In the quatrain 8.19, it is enough to put 1 at the end and we will get year 1918 in the reverse order. Therefore, there is no universal key. No one can decipher all prophecies, as they are spread until the end of the world. Even if we assume that someone can decipher the future correctly this person will not be able to prove it until the future becomes present or past. Only then historical facts will appear confirming the correctness of interpretation.
   In quatrain numbers the prophet ciphered the years of the predicted events. He gave a hint to decipher in the quatrain 1.2: "The rod in the hands placed in the middle of branches." The branches, probably, is the quatrains number. Most of them consist of 3 digits. Two digits have only the first nine quatrains in each century. The quatrains numbers have 4 digits only in the tenth century. The rod is most likely the digit 1. It should be placed in a number (tripod) to get 4 digits of the year. The digit 1 can be place in any position of the number or added or subtracted. 00 to hundreds or 000 to thousands can be added to the century number. In the quatrain 1.6 by adding 00 and 1, we get the year of the predicted event - 1601.
   Having tried various operations with the numbers of quatrains I came to the conclusion that the Prophet used various methods for encryption the year.
   1. The method of permutation of digits. For example, in the quatrain 3.59 the digits should be read in the reverse order as 953, adding 1 at ahead we will get as result the year of Stalin's death. In prophecy 3.97 it is enough to put 3 at the end, and add 1 to the start and there will be 1973 - the year of Syrian Constitution adoption. This simplest method was used in quatrains: 4.39, 5.29, 5.56, 5.91, 5.94, 8.57, 9.45, 9.53, etc.
   2. Digit flipping method: 6 into 9, 5 into 2 and vice versa. For example in quatrain 4.56 if we turn 6 to 9, read in reverse order and add 1 in front we will get 1945. This method was used in quatrains: 4.93, 6.9, 6.23, 3.60 and many others.
   3. The method of subtraction of one part of the number from another. For example, 9.86, 9 - is a number of century (hundred), corresponding to 900, consequently 900-86 = 814. If we add 1 in the front we will get 1814 - the year of Paris capture.
   In many prophecies, several methods are used simultaneously. For example in quatrain 9.21: if we rotate 9 in 6, swap 2 and 1 we will get 600-12 = 588, add 1 in front we will get 1588 - the year of d'Guise murder.
   In any case, the digit 1 is always used as the basis for encryption. Apparently, different methods of encryption were used intentionally so that no one could decipher everything at once. The technique that I developed does not provide 100% credibility and does not always lead to decryption of the number. However, it often gives the years which correspond to the meaning of prophecies. I think Nostradamus used exactly these methods for quatrains numbers encryption and, perhaps some others.
   Everything was predetermined long ago.
   Nostradamus prophecies come true so accurately
   that it seems that all of us - just the performers
   of roles in the great divine drama called "History".
   Quatrain 1.1 Secret cabinet
   Estant assis de nuict secret estude,
   Seul repose fus la selle d'airain;
   Flambe exigue sortant de solitude
   Feit proferer qui n'est a croire en (vain.
   I seated at night in secret study
Only resting on the copper saddle:
Tiny flame leaving the solitude
Make prosper what is not vain to believe.
   I think that the first quatrain does not contain any prophecy but describes the environment in which the prophet used to live and work. Nostradamus lived in a small town Salon in France. It is known that he had a secret room on the second floor of his house where he wrote his prophecies at night (the quatrain number 1.1 probably means that the prophet talked one on one with God).
   Quatrain 1.2 Divine shine
   La verge en main mise au milieu des (branches,
   De l'onde il moulle le limbe & le pied,
   Vn peur & voix fremissent par les manches,
   Splendeur diuine, le diuin pres s'assied
   The rod in the hands placed in the middle of branches.
   With the wave he moistens and the hem and the foot:
   A fear and voice trembling of the handles: Divine splendour.
   The divine is seated nearby.
   Judging by the content, the second quatrain like the first, is not a prediction. The first line can be the key for decryption. The branches may mean the digits of quatrain, and "rod" - the digit 1, which must be placed between the digits of the numbers to get the answer. The last 2 lines, perhaps, say that the prophecy was given to him from Heaven. If to believe in this Nostradamus revelation it means he heard "the voice" and saw "divinity", and then the trembling of the handles is understood.
   Quatrain 2.36 The letters seized
   Du grand Prophete les lettres seront prinses
   Entre les mains du tyran deuiendront,
   Frauder son Roy seront les entreprinses,
   Mais ses rapines bien tost le troubleront.
   The letters of the great Prophet will be seized,
   They will come to fall into the hands of the tyrant:
   His enterprise will be to deceive his King,
   But his extortions will very soon trouble him.
   In 1781 Pope Pius VI betrayed anathema all the works of the great astrologer and forbade their distribution. The revolution broke out in France after 10 years. Robespierre stood up for the prophet. He found a prediction about the renewal of the century - in 1792 a new chronology was introduced.
   Quatrain 1.42 The desecration of grave
   Les dix Kalendes d'Auril de fait Gotique
   Ressuscit encor par gens malins,
   Le feu estaint, assemleee diabolique,
   Cerchant les os du d'Amant & Pselin.
   The tenth day of the April Calendar, calculated in Gothic fashion
   is revived again by wicked people.
   The fire is put out and the diabolic gathering
   seek the bones of the demon of Psellus.
   A decade later in 1791 the revolutionary Jacobites destroyed and desecrated his tomb as he predicted in this quatrain. Diabolic gathering - first they hung up his skeleton, then scattered his bones and even drunk from the prophet's skull. The fire is put out - can be interpreted as arson the Franciscan church by Jacobites. Soon the scourge reached the violators. Nostradamus remains were reburied in the church of St. Lawrence.
   The decoding of the number 1.42. If consider 1 as 100, then 100-24 = 76. By flipping 6 into 9 and putting 1 at the end we will get 791.
   Golden age
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   The greatest prophet Michel Nostradamus has predicted time, in which we now live, as the Golden Age. He wrote predictions in the form of quatrains, trying to hide their meaning. Each quatrain has a number, in which the year is encrypted. In a prophecy 9.17 events are described before the Golden Age.
   Quatrain 9.17 Golden age
   Le tiers premier pis que ne fit Neron,
   Vuidez vaillant que sang humain respandre
   R'difier fera le forneron,
   Sicle d'or, mort, nouueau Roy grand esclandre.
   The third one first does worse than Nero,
   How much human blood to flow, valiant, be gone:
   He will order to restore the arc,
   Golden Age, dead, new King, great scandal.
   In the beginning of quatrain is spoken, most likely, about the third antichrist. About antichrist Nostradamus writes also in other quatrains (8.77, 3.59, 10.66), and all of them about Stalin. They both pay attention to science, wrote poetry. Both promoted the personality cult, was afraid of a plot, they destroyed the "enemies of the people". But most importantly, both were extremely violent. Suetonius Tranquillus wrote about Nero: he put to death unstintingly and at random anyone for any deed. But such personalities, and worse, in the history there were many. Why he is "the Antichrist"? Antichrist means against Christ! Nero and Stalin were the pursuers of the Christian religion. Nero is counted as the first persecutor of Christians - torture and executions of Christians were the most violent. The founders of the Christian Church, Peter and Paul, were executed during the reign of Nero. Under Stalin churches were destroyed or used for other purposes. The believers and priests were persecuted. In 1932 the Soviet Union was declared the campaign for the total abolition of religion.
   The second line of the quatrain: "How much human blood to flow, valiant, be gone:", probably, about the victory over the Nazis. The concept of the "Golden age" does not fit the Second world war, which killed tens of millions of people. But the war contributed to the growth of industry, especially heavy: aircraft construction, shipbuilding, etc. Together with industry, science evolved too. During the war had made the greatest discovery of the 20th century, nuclear energy, which after the war became widely is using for peaceful purposes, for the production of electricity.
   The third line of the quatrain, if considered in connection with the second line, speaks about triumphal arch- the Brandenburg gate in Berlin. It was restored in 1945.
   The fourth line of quatrain begins with a Golden age. It is our time. If 1 put before the number of quatrain we will get1917 - the year of the great October Revolution. It radically changed life all over the world. In the next decades many countries of the world changed the social system. Only in 1918 year about 40 monarchies ceased to exist. Republic replaced the monarchy. This is a more democratic society, aimed at protecting the interests of the people, but not the ruling elite.
   Before the Revolution working day was about 12-14 hours in the factories. Workers rented angle in the barracks. After Revolution the country entered the normal working hours and safe working conditions, and wages were increased. Everywhere was introduced free universal education and free health care. Russia literally transformed in 10 years. The Russian Revolution changed many things not only in Russia, but also abroad. Workers all over the world fought for the improvement of their lives, and concessions were made for them, because capitalists were afraid of revolution. The improvement of working conditions and life increased working interest in the results of job. The labour productivity increased. Liberation of labour in the capitalist countries has led to unprecedented scientific and technological progress.
   For during 70 years there is no global wars, catastrophes, epidemics, famine. High technology has facilitated the work. Many are living with the conveniences that have never existed before. Many have cars. At any time of the year you can eats tropical fruits, relax on the tropical coast. People learned to fly in Space and swim under water. Social pension, medical insurance, unemployment benefits and other social. programs support people in old age and in difficult situations. These elements of socialism are in many countries of the world. Maybe the better period will be in future, but in the past better than now was not. What is not a Golden age!
   It is necessary to tell about the negative consequences of the "Golden age" - it is overpopulation. In 1930 year the population of the world was estimated at roughly 2 billion people, by the beginning of the 21 century it has grown 3 times. Such a significant increase in population in less than 100 years, is a consequence improve their lives, increase fertility and life expectancy. However, such a rapid population growth is a disaster for the planet. Rapidly developing civilization like a cancer that sucks out of the land of all that is possible. War, epidemics, all kinds of natural disasters are kind of immunity of the planet from overpopulation.
   In the 4th line of the quatrain, after the "Golden age", followed by the word "death". Apparently, it is about Stalin. "The new king" after him was Khrushchev. "Big scandal" may mean censure and condemnation Stalin's personality cult. The number of the quatrain 9.17 explicitly specify the year of Revolution, 1917, through which came the Golden age.
   Quatrain 3.94 Admiration by the century
   De cinq cens ans plus compte l'on tiendra,
   Celuy qu'estoit l'ornement de son temps:
   Puis vn coup grande clart donrra,
   Que par ce siecle les rendra trescontens.
   In 500 years during which more will take into account,
   The one who was the ornament of his era:
   Then with a shock great clarity he will give,
   Which by this century will bring them great contentment.
   In this prophecy Nostradamus calls the Russian revolution a coup. The reference in 500 years, apparently, is specified approximately. Many do not feel that living in a Golden age because each person is in life their problems and troubles. But as they say, you will not know happiness until you lose it. All will end overnight and the chaos of world war 3. It predicted in quatrains: 9.31, 1.55, 4.67.
   Quatrain 10.89 Mellifluous times
   De brique en marbre sert les murs reduicts,
   Sept & cinquante annes pacifique,
   Ioye aux humains, reno l'aqueduict,
   Sant, grands fruits, joye & temps melifique.
   The walls will be converted from brick to marble,
   Seven and fifty pacific years:
   Joy to people, the aqueduct renewed,
   Health, abundance of fruits, joy and mellifluous times.
   Our time is predicted in this quatrain. Apparently, the first line, must be understood in a figurative sense, as the well-being and prosperity of peoples. "Aqueduct renewed" - millions of people in the world now have housing with all amenities. The prophet writes about the health of our time. Indeed, medicine has reached such a level of development that able to treat many diseases. Fifty seven peaceful years (conversely 75), perhaps, it should count off from the end of the Second World War: 1945 + 75 = 2020?!
   Quatrain 5.41 Renewing the Golden age
   Nay sous les vmbres & iournee nocturne
   Sera en regne & bonte souueraine,
   Fera renaistre son sang de l'antique verne,
   Renouuellant siecle d'or pour l'airain.
   Born in the shadows and during a dark day,
   He will be sovereign in realm and goodness:
   He will cause his blood to rise again in the ancient urn,
   Renewing the age of gold for that of brass.
   Presumably this is a prophecy about the period after 2000.
   Renewing the age of gold. We can understand this as the renewal of the Golden Age for Russia. Throughout the world this century was interrupted by the Second World War. Moreover, in USSR the Stalin period is difficult to attribute to the golden age: on the one hand, the power and scope of the country has increased, on the other - repression and famine have led to the death of millions of people. Also Yeltsin's rule cannot be called golden, when there was a sharp decline in production and the impoverishment of the people. Putin's coming to power can be considered a renewal of the golden age for Russians. The people, for the most part, got out of poverty: they began to buy cars, apartments, go abroad.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.72.
   Quatrain 5.32 End of the Golden age
   Ou tout bon est tout bien Soleil & Lune,
   Est abondant sa ruyne s'approche,
   Du ciel s'aduance vaner ta fortune,
   En mesme que la septiesme roche.
   Where all is good, the Sun all beneficial and the Moon
   Is abundant, its ruin approaches:
   From the sky it advances to change your fortune.
   In the same state as the seventh rock.
   There are problems and troubles in the life of every person, so many do not feel the sweetness of this century. As they say, you will not know happiness until you lose - when disasters begin, then people will understand and will remember this time as the Golden Age. It will end overnight, and Apocalypse will begin. Seven global disasters will follow one after another during several decades. There will be also good intervals between catastrophes. Everything will begin with the third world war, which will be nuclear. Then the new Great Flood will happen, the fiery Comet will complete the extermination. All this shall be considered as retribution for our sins. Out of the seven billion people now living, there are only several hundreds of thousands people which are worthy to inherit the Earth.
   Some interpreters refer the Golden Age, predicted by Nostradamus to a distant future. At the beginning of the next civilization there will be Golden time which will last not only one century, but about thousand years. This is also predicted. But these quatrains, no doubt, speak of our time.
   Future - Apocalypse
   Once it was said: "The time is near,"
   now it can to say: "The time has come."
   Nostradamus prophecies about the future are difficult to comment on, as everything is vague. Focusing on their content, 4 sections are highlighted by me: "World War III", "Flood", "Comet", "After the Comet". The belonging of quatrains to any event of the future is just an assumption. Some of the prophecies of Nostradamus correspond to the book of "Revelation" by John the Theologian and other prophets. Nostradamus was an educated person and, perhaps, read these books.
   The golden age in which we now live will soon end and the gradual destruction of this civilization will begin. As the saying goes: "One misfortune goes, the other leads." In total there will be 7. This will begin with self-destruction - from the World War III, nuclear. After that the forces of the Earth and the Cosmos will begin all to destroy. Everything will end by a fiery comet. All stages will be accompanied by a great famine.
   The fiery tail of a comet will destroy almost everything. Few survivors after it will put the beginning of a new civilization, the last in the Solar system. But they not be envied because the living will envy the dead. On Earth, devastated by fire, there will be nothing to eat, drink, shod, put on and even it will be difficult to breathe. Only after a hundred painful years, life will begin to rebuild, and there will be a thousand happy years of prosperity and welfare. There will be no of wars and diseases. Even there will be no breaks between lives, the day of death will be a birthday. After that humanity will breed, and again wars will begin. Only four thousand years will be given to last civilization (for comparison, our existed ~ 12 thousand years).
   At the beginning of the seventh millennium AD. The sun will go out. Everyone who has ever lived will be present at the end of the world. And the dead will come out of their graves. Everything that has a beginning inevitably has an end. Without the beginning and without end only God.
   World war III
   The prediction of World War III, in addition to the below listed quatrains, is also in the letter of Nostradamus to Henry II: "Its greatest cities will be depopulated and those who enter will fall under the vengeance of the wrath of God. The tomb for long an object of such great veneration, will remain in the open, exposed to the sight of the heavens, the Sun and the Moon. The holy place will be converted into a stable for a herd large and small, and used for profane purposes." Apparently, it says here about the nuclear bombing of large cities. Those who enter into them after this will receive radiation sickness. The "tomb" was revered, apparently, Lenin's mausoleum, from which it can be concluded that the Kremlin and Moscow will be uninhabited.
   Quatrain 2.5 Submarine
   Quand dans poisson fer & lettre enfermee
   Hors sortira qui pis fera la guerre,
   Aura par mer sa classe bien ramee
   Apparoissant pres de Latine terre.
   When in a iron fish and letter concluded,
   Out will go one who will then make war,
   He will have his fleet well rowed by sea,
   Appearing near Latin land.
   Quatrain 1.28 Deadly quarrel
   La tour de Bouq craindra fuste Barbare
   Vn temps, long temps apres barque hespe- (rique,
   Bestail, gens, meubles tuous deux ferot (grand'tare
   Taurus & Libra quelle mortelle picque.
   The Tower of the Beech will be afraid of the barbarian forest
   After a long time, after the Hesperian boat,
   Cattle, people, possessions, all will be quite lost.
   What a deadly combat in Taurus and Libra.
   Barbarian forest is Russia, most likely. The Tower of the Beech can symbolize America with its skyscrapers. This quatrain placed in section 3 World war, because it says about the damage caused to everything - radioactive contamination.
   linkage with other quatrains: 2.5.
   Quatrain 1.55 3 World war
   Soubz l'opposite climat Babylonique,
   Grande sera de sang effusion,
   Que terre & mer, air, Ciel sera inique,
   Sectes, faim, regnes, pestes, confusion.
   In the land with a climate opposite to Babylon,
   There will be great shedding of blood.
   Heaven will seem unjust both on land and sea and in the air.
   The sects, famine, kingdoms, plagues, confusion.
   Akin to this quatrain is in the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 24:
   6. Also had hear about wars and military rumors. Do not be horrified, because it should be, but it's not the end:
   7. For the people shall rise against the people, and the kingdom against the kingdom; and there will be famines, pestilences and earthquakes in places;
   8. Yet this is the beginning of disease.
   Quatrain 2.91 When the Sun will rise
   Soleil leuant vn grand feu on verra,
   Bruit & clart vers Aquilon tendant:
   Dedans le rond mort & cris on orra,
   Par glaiue, feu, faim mort les attendans.
   At sunrise one will see a great fire,
   Noise and light extending toward Aquilon:
   Within the circle death and will hear cries,
   Through steel, fire, famine, death awaiting them.
   Quatrain 2.32 The monster of Ravenna
   Laict, sang, grenouilles (d)esco(e)ndre en Dalmatie!
   Conflit donne, peste preste, de baleine
   Cry sera grand par toute Esclauonie,
   Lors naistra monstre pres & dedans Rauenne.
   Milk, frogs, blood will spilled in Dalmatia!
   Conflict given, plague near Treglia:
   A great cry will sound through all Slavonia,
   Then a monster will be born near and within Ravenna.
   Quatrain 4.24 Bloody Easter
   Quy sous terre saincte d'ame voix fainte
   Humaine flemme pour diuin veoir luire,
   Fera des seuls de leur sang terre tainte,
   Et les saints temples pour les impurs destruire.
   Beneath the holy earth of a soul the faint voice heard,
   The fire, the kindled man, will be taken like the divine,
   The earth will be stained with the blood of monks,
   And holy temples will be destroyed because of unclean ones.
   Perhaps the Orthodox Easter is predicted on April 24, 2044. The Nostradamus date encryption system is so flexible that you can also get 2033 and 2022 from the number, when Easter will be April 24. In connection with the upcoming disasters, the destruction of temples and monasteries, the Holy Fire in Jerusalem will not come down. Then man will kindle him with deception as Divine.
   Connection with other quatrains: 9.31 - war on Easter.
   Quatrain 9.31 At Easter
   Le tremblement de terre Mortara,
   Cassich sainct Georges demy perfondrez,
   Paix assoupie, la guerre esueillera,
   Dans temple Pasques abysmes enfondrez.
   The trembling of the earth at Mortara
   The tin island of St. George half sunk;
   Drowsy with peace, war will arise,
   At Easter in the temple abysses opened.
   Quatrain 1.21 White clay
   Profonde argille blanche nourrir rocher
   Qui d'vn abysme y stra lacticineuse:
   En vain troubles ne l'oseront toucher,
   Ignorans estre au fond terre arguilleuse.
   The rock holds in its depths white clay,
   which will come out milk-white from a cleft,
   Vainly ills will not dare to touch her,
   Not knowing that there is clay soil in the depths.
   Presumably quatrain refers to the period after the nuclear bombing. Millions of survivors after it will get irradiation and will die out. White clay can treat radiation sickness. It is unlikely that clay is considered here as pottery material. What das a meaning to predict clay for dishes?! More likely predicted the therapeutic property of white clay, which can help when will be irradiated.
   Quatrain 4.67 Hidden lights
   L'an que Saturne & Mars esgaux combust,
   L'air fort siech, longue traiection:
   Par feux secrets, d'ardeur grand lieu adust
   Peu pluye, vent, chaud, guerres, incursions.
   The year that Saturn and Mars are equal fiery,
   The air very dry parched long trajectory:
   Through secret fires a great place blazing from burning heat,
   Little rain, warm wind, wars, incursions.
   7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up. [Chapter 8, "Book of Revelation" by John the Theologian]
   I do not know for what reason, but in the future the earth's axis will shift. Antarctica and Greenland will be in the temperate zone. The glaciers will melt. The level of the world's ocean will risen. The lowlands of the continents will be flooded. Europe will turn into islands and seas. The Baltic Sea will merge with the Caspian Sea. The Ural mountains will be an island. And also other global catastrophes will occur on Earth.
   Quatrain 1.56 Great changes
   Vous verrez tost & tard faire grand change
   Horreurs extresmes & vindications,
   Que si la Lune conduite par son ange,
   Le ciel s'approche des inclinations.
   Sooner and later you will see great changes made,
   dreadful horrors and vengeances.
   For as the moon is thus led by its angel
   the sky draw near to the inclination.
   Quatrain 3.4 Cold, dryness
   Quand seront proches le deffaut des lunaires,
   De l'vn l'autre ne distant grandement:
   Froid, siccit, danger vers les frontieres,
   Mesme o l'oracle a prins commencement.
   When they will be close the lunar ones will fail,
   From one another not greatly distant,
   Cold, dryness, danger toward the frontiers,
   Even where the oracle has had its beginning.
   Quatrain 3.5 Between April and March
   Pres loing defaut de deux grands lumi-
   Qui suruiendra entre Auril & Mars,
   O quel chert ! mais deux grands debonnaires,
   Par terre & mer secourront toutes parts. C ij
   Near, far the failure of the two great luminaries
   Which will occur between April and March.
   Oh, what a dearness! but two great good soul ones
   By land and sea will help to all parts.
   Quatrain 3.56 Thunder and hail
   Montauban, Nismes, Auignon, & Besiers,
   Peste, tonnerre, & gresle fin de Mars:
   De Paris pont Lyon mur, Montpellier,
   Depuis six cens et sept xxiii. parts.
   Montauban, Nmes, Avignon and Beziers,
   Plague, thunder and hail in the end of Mars:
   Of Paris bridge, Lyons wall, Montpellier,
   After six hundreds and seven XXIII parts.
   Quatrain 6.29 The shaven heads
   La vefue saincte entendant les nouuelles,
   De ses rameaux mis en perplex & trouble,
   Qui sera duict appaiser les querelles,
   Par son pourchas des razes fera comble.
   The saintly widow hearing the news,
   Of her offspring placed in perplexity and trouble:
   He who will be instructed to appease the quarrels,
   He will pile them up by his pursuit of the shaven heads.
   Quatrain 4.50 Seven in the hierarchy
   Libra verra regner les Hesperies,
   De ciel & terre tenir la Monarchie,
   D'Asie forces nul ne verra peries.
   Que sept ne tiennent par rang la Hierarchie.
   Libra will see Hesperius rule
   He will rule over heaven and earth,
   No one will see the forces of Asia perish
   Until the seven take their place in the hierarchy.
   Hesperia - Western Europe.
   Quatrain 2.31 Long rain
   En campagne Cassilin fera tant
   Qu'on ne verra que d'eau les champs couuerts
   Deuant, apres, la pluye de long temps
   Hors mis les arbres rien l'on verra de vert.
   In Campania the Capuan [river] will do so much
   That one will see only fields covered by waters:
   Before and after the long rain
   One will see nothing green except the trees.
   Quatrain 3.42 The mutations
   L'enfant naistra deux dents en la gorge,
   Pierre en Tulcie par pluye tomberont:
   Peu d'ans apres ne sera bled ne orge,
   Pour faouller ceux qui de faim failliront.
   The child will be born with two teeth in his mouth,
   The stones will fall during the rain in Tuscany:
   A few years after there will be neither wheat nor barley,
   To satiate those who will faint from hunger.
   Quatrain 2.7 Will die of famine
   Entre plusieurs aux isles deportees,
   L'vn estre nay deux dents en la gorge
   Mourront de faim, les arbres esbroutees
   Pour eux neuf Roy nouuel edit leur forge.
   Among several transported to the isles,
   One to be born with two teeth in his mouth
   They will die of famine the trees stripped,
   For them a new King issues a new edict.
   Quatrain 1.44 Sacrifices will be resumed
   En bref seront de retour sacrifices,
   Contreuenans seront mis a martyre,
   Plus ne seront Moines, Abbez, Nouices,
   Le miel sera beaucoup plus cher que cire.
   In a short time sacrifices will be resumed,
   those opposed will be put (to death) like martyrs.
   The will no longer be monks, abbots or novices.
   Honey shall be far more expensive than wax.
   Quatrain 9.3 Double-headed monsters
   La magna vaqua Rauenne grand trouble,
   Conduicts par quinze enserrez Fornase:
   A Rome naistra deux monstres teste double,
   Sang, feu, deluge, les plus grands l'espase.
   The 'great cow' at Ravenna in great trouble,
   Led by fifteen shut up at Fornase:
   At Rome there will be born two double-headed monsters,
   Blood, fire, flood, the greatest ones in space.
   Quatrain 9.4 Two chiefs
   L'an ensuyuant descouuerts par deluge,
   Deux chefs esleuz, le premier ne tiendra
   De fuyr ombre l'vn d'eux le refuge,
   Saccage case qui premier maintiendra.
   The following year discoveries through flood,
   Two chiefs elected, the first one will not hold:
   The refuge for the one of them fleeing a shadow,
   The house of which will maintain the first one plundered.
   Quatrain 3.70 England will be flooded
   La grand Bretagne comprinse d'Angle-(terre.
   Viendra par eaux si fort inonder:
   La ligue neufue d'Ausonne fera guerre,
   Que contre eux il se viendra bander.
   The great Britain including England
   Will come to be flooded very high by waters
   The new League of Ausonia will make war,
   So that they will come to strive against them.
   Quatrain 8.91 Punished by the flood
   Frimy les champs de Rodanes entres
   O les croisez seront presque vnis,
   Les deux brassierez en pisces rencontres,
   Et vn grand nombre par deluge punis.
   Entered among the field of the Rodanes ( dwellers )
   where those of the cross are almost united,
   the two lands meeting in Pisces
   and a great number punished by the flood.
   Quatrain 8.16 Flood
   Au lieu que Hieron feit sa nef fabriquer
   Si grand deluge sera & si subite,
   Qu'on n'aura lieu ne terres s'ataquer,
   L'onde monter Fesulant Olympique.
   At the place where HIERON has his ship built,
   there will be such a great sudden flood,
   that one will not have a place nor land to fall upon,
   the waters mount to the Olympic Fesulan.
   Quatrain 5.63 Cold, hunger
   De vaine emprinse l'honneur indeu plainte,
   Gallots errants, par latins froid, faim vagues:
   Non loing du Tymbre de sang terre tainte
   Et sur humains seront diuerses plagues.
   From the vain enterprise honor and undue complaint,
   Boats tossed about among the Latins, cold, hunger, waves
   Not far from the Tiber the land stained with blood,
   And diverse plagues will be upon mankind.
   Quatrain 3.23 Islands and seas
   Si, France, passe outre mer Lygustique,
   Tu te verra en isles & mers enclos,
   Mahommet contraire plus mer Hadriatique
   Cheuaux & d'asnes tu rongeras les os.
   If, France, you pass beyond the Ligurian Sea,
   You will see yourself shut up in islands and seas:
   Mahomet contrary, more so the Adriatic Sea,
   You will gnaw the bones of horses and asses.
   Quatrain 4.32 Fish will replace meat
   Es lieux & temps chair au poisson dorna lieu,
   La loy commune sera faite au contraire
   Vieux tiendra fort, puis ost du milieu,
   Le Panta choina philon mis fort arriere.
   In the places and times of flesh giving way to fish,
   The communal law will be made in opposition:
   It will hold strongly the old ones, then removed from the midst,
   Loving of Everything in Common put far behind.
   Quatrain 3.71 Greatest hunger
   Ceux dans les Isles de long temps assiegez,
   Prendront vigueur force contre ennemis,
   Ceux par dehors morts de faim profliegez
   En plus grand faim que jamais seront mis.
   Those in the isles besieged for a long time
   Will take vigorous force against their foes:
   Those outside dead overcome by starvation,
   Put in greater hunger than ever they shall know.
   Quatrain 1.67 Great famine
   La grand famine que ie sens approcher,
   Souuent tourner puis estre vniuerselle,
   Si grande & longue qu'on viendra arracher,
   Du bois racine, & l'enfant de mamelle
   The great famine which I sense approaching
   will often turn (in various areas) then become world wide.
   It will be so vast and long lasting that (they) will grab
   roots from the trees and children from the breast.
   Quatrain 2.75 The cannibals
   La voix ouye de l'insolit oyseau,
   Sur le canon du respiral estage:
   Si haut viendra de froment le boisseau,
   Que l'homme d'homme sera Antropophage.
   The voice of the rare bird heard,
   On the pipe of the air-vent floor:
   So high will the bushel of wheat rise,
   That man will be eating his fellow man.
   Quatrain 5.59 The bearded star
   Au chef Anglois Nimes trop feiour,
   Deuers l'Espagne au secours Areobarbe,
   Plusieurs mourront par Mars ouuert ce iour,
   Quand en Artois faillir estoille en barbe.
   Too long a stay for the English chief at Nmes,
   Toward Spain red-beard to the rescue:
   Many will die by war opened that day,
   When a bearded star will fall in Artois.
   Quatrain 4.66 Poisoning of water
   Soubs couleur fainte de sept testes rasees,
   Seront semez diuers explorateurs:
   Puys & fontaines de poyson arrousees
   Au fort de Gennes humains deuorateurs.
   Under the feigned color of seven shaven heads
   Diverse spies will be scattered:
   Wells and fountains sprinkled with poisons,
   At the fort of Genoa devourers of men.
   10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;
   11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter. [Chapter 8 "Book of revelation" by John the Theologian]
   Quatrain 6.5 Life without politics
   Si grand famine par vnde pestifere,
   Par pluye longue le long du pole arctique:
   Samarobryn cent lieux de l'hemispere,
   Viuront sans loy, exempt de politique.
   Very great famine through pestiferous wave,
   Through long rain the length of the arctic pole:
   'Samarobryn' one hundred leagues from the hemisphere,
   The will live without law exempt from politics.
   100 leagues - about 500 km.
   Quatrain 10.75 Long awaited
   Tant attendu ne reuiendra iamais
   Dedans l'Europe, en Asie apparoistra
   Vn de la ligue yssu du grand Herms,
   Et sur tous Roys des Orients croistra.
   Long awaited he will never return
   In Europe, he will appear in Asia:
   One of the league from the great Herms,
   And he will grow over all the kings of the East.
   Quatrain 10.71 Never was it so fair
   La terre & l'air geleront si grand eau,
   Lors qu'on viendra pour ieudy venerer:
   Ce qui sera iamais ne feut si beau,
   Des quatre parts le viendront honorer,
   On earth and air will freeze a very great water,
   When they will come to venerate Thursday:
   That which will be never was it so fair,
   From the four parts they will come to honor it.
   Quatrain 6.70 Great Chyren
   An chef du monde le grand chiren ?era,
   Plus ontre, apres aym, craint, redout,
   Son bruit & los les cieux?urpa??era,
   Et du ?eul tiltre viteur fort content.
   Chief of the world will be the great 'Chyren',
   Plus Ultra, after loved, feared, dreaded:
   His fame and praise will go beyond the heavens,
   And with the sole title of Victor will he be quite satisfied.
   Quatrain 6.21 The residents of Arctic will unite
   Quand ceux de polle artique vnis ensemble,
   En Orient grand effrayeur & crainte,
   Esleu nouueau soustenu le grand temple,
   Rodes, Bisance de sang barbare tainte.
   When those of the arctic pole are united together,
   Great terror and fear in the East:
   Newly elected, the great trembling supported,
   Rhodes, Byzantium stained with Barbarian blood.
   Quatrain 2.49 First monopoly
   Les conseillers du premier monopole,
   Les conquerans seduits par le Melite,
   Rhodes, Bisance pour leur exposant pole,
   Terre faudra les poursuiuants de fuitte.
   The advisers of the first monopoly,
   The conquerers seduced for Malta:
   Rhodes, Bisance for them exposing their pole:
   Land will demand the persecution in flight.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.5, 6.21.
   Quatrain 2.45 The great people will be reborn
   Trop du ciel pleurel' Androgin procre,
   Pres de ce ciel ?ang humain re?pandu:
   Par mort trop tard grand peuple recre,
   Tard & to?t vient le ?ecours attendu.
   Too much the heavens weep for the Hermaphrodite begotten,
   Near the heavens human blood shed:
   Because of death too late a great people re-created,
   Late and soon the awaited relief comes.
   Quatrain 5.96 Rose of world
   Sur le milieu du grand monde la ro?e
   Pour nouueaux faits ?ang public e?pandu.
   A dire vray, on aura bouche clo?e.
   Lors au be?oin viendra tard l'attendu.
   The rose upon the middle of the great world,
   For new deeds public shedding of blood:
   To speak the truth, one will have a closed mouth,
   Then at the time of need the awaited one will come late.
   Quatrain 4.21 Life is changing everywhere
   Le changement sera fort difficile,
   Cit prouince au change gain sera,
   Cœur haut, prudent mis, chass luy habile
   Mer; terre, peuple, son estat changera.
   The change will be very difficult,
   City and province will gain by the change:
   Heart high, prudent established, chased out one cunning,
   Sea, land, people will change their state.
   Quatrain 1.53 A new source
   Las qu'on verra grand peuple tourmente,
   Et la Loy saincte en totale ruyne,
   Par autres loix toute la Chrestiente,
   Quand d'or, d'argent trouue nouulelle mine.
   Alas, how we will see a torments of great nation,
   and the holy law in utter ruin,
   All Christianity (will governed) throughout by other laws,
   when a new source of gold and silver is discovered.
   Vanga has a similar prediction: that the lands of Antarctica will be bared, and there will discovered deposits of minerals, and archaeological discoveries will be made about the origin of life on Earth.
   Quatrain 2.89 Before Comet
   Vn iour seront damis les deux grands maistres
   Leur grand pouuoir se verra augment:
   La terre neufue sera en ses hauts estres,
   Au sanguinaire, le nombre racompt.
   One day the two great masters will be friends,
   Their great power will be seen increased:
   The new land will be at its high peak,
   To the bloodthirsty, the number recounted.
   "11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he speak as a dragon.
   12 And he exercise all the power of the first beast before him, and cause the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.
   13 And he doe great wonders, so that he make fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,
   14 And deceive them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.
   15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
   16 And he cause all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
   17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
   18 Here is wisdom. Let him that understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." [Chapter 13 "Book of Revelation" by John the Theologian]
   Quatrain 5.53 Two Prophets
   La loy de Sol, & Venus contendans,
   Appropriant l'esprit de prophetie:
   Ne l'vn ne l'autre ne seront entendans,
   Par Sol tiendra la loy du grand Messie.
   The law of the Sun and of Venus in strife,
   The appropriating the spirit of prophecy:
   Neither the one nor the other will be understood,
   The law of the great Messiah will hold through the Sun.
   "3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.
   4 These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.
   5 And if any man will hurt them, fire proceed out of their mouth, and devoured their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.
   6 These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will.
   7 And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascended out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.
   8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.
   9 And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves.
   10 And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth.
   11 And after three days and an half the spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.
   12 And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them.
   13 And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted and gave glory to the God of heaven." [Chapter 11, "Book of revelations" by John the Theologian]
   The passage of a comet near the Earth will be a global catastrophe predicted by several prophets. The planet will ignite, even the metal will melt. Probably, this will be accompanied by eruptions, earthquakes and fluctuations of the earth's axis. Dzhonatan Swift too has predicted occurrence of a comet, in the story "Travel in Laput": "the future comet ... will come close on the certain distance to the Sun, will receive from it so much heats ... leaving, will carry away behind itself a fiery tail ... and, if the Earth will pass through it, will be ignited".
   The birth of Christ is associated with the appearance of a superstar. It moved quickly, and the Magi followed it. Most likely, it was a comet. At that time he came as a peaceful shepherd of his sheep, to give people the law of God. Probably, the passage of the fiery Comet will be the Second Scary Coming. Then he will come as a heavenly judge, like a sword punishing.
   The death of our civilization is also predicted by E. Casey in reading 3744-1: "The earth will split in different places - then it must be proclaimed - through the spiritual channel in the hearts, minds and souls of those who sought His way - that His star appeared and [ pause] path for those who enter the holy of holies in themselves.
   8. ... the earth will be split in the western part of America. Most of Japan should dive into the sea. The upper part of Europe will be changed in no time. The lands will appear on the east coast of America ... there will be a pole shift ... These changes will begin in the period from '58 to '98, this will be the period when His light will be again seen in the clouds. "
   When the Earth will warming up over 1000 degrees, few will survive. Billions of souls will end their reincarnations, as 1000 years will not be bodies for lives: no people, no animals, not even plants, almost everything will burned. These souls are likely to be removed from the Earth. Apparently, this will be the same Last Judgment, about which so many write and say.
   "And I saw thrones and those sitting on them, to whom it was given to judge, and the souls of those who were beheaded because of the testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, who did not worship the beast nor his image, and notvreceived the mark on their forehead and on their hand. They came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. " [Ch. 4 "Revelations" John the Theologian]
   Quatrain 3.34 The monster will be seen
   Quand le deffaut du Soleil lors sera,
   Sur le plein iour le monstre sera veu;
   Tout autrement on l'interpretera,
   Chert n'a garde, nul n'y aura pourueu.
   When the eclipse of the Sun will then be,
   The monster will be seen in full day:
   Quite otherwise will one interpret it,
   High price unguarded: none will have foreseen it.
   Quatrain 1.64 The appearance of a comet
   De nuict soleil penseront auoir veu,
   Quand le pourceau demy homme on verra,
   Bruit, chant, bataille au Ciel battre apper ceu
   Et bestes brutes a parler on orra.
   At night they will think they have seen the sun,
   when the see the half pig man:
   Noise, screams, battles seen fought in the skies.
   The brute beasts will be heard to speak.
   Quatrain 6.6 Night disappeared
   Apparoistra vers Septentrion,
   Non loing de Cancer l'Estoille cheuelue:
   Suse, Sienne, Boece, Eretrion
   Mourra de Rome grand, la nuit disperue.
   There will appear toward the North,
   Not far from Cancer the bearded star:
   Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eretria,
   The great one of Rome will die, the night over.
   Quatrain 1.84 The moon is obscured
   Lune obscurcie aux profondex tenebres,
   Son frere passe de couleur ferrugine:
   Le grand cach long temps soubs les tenebres,
   Tiendra fer dans la playe sanguine.
   The moon is obscured in deep gloom,
   his brother passes bright red in colour.
   The great one hidden for a long time in the shadows
   will hold the blade in the bloody wound.
   Quatrain 1.46 Earthquake
   Tout aupres d'Aux, de Lectore & Mirande,
   Grand feu du Ciel en trois nuicts tombera,
   Cuase aduiendra bien stupende & mirande,
   Bien peu apres la terre tremblera.
   Very near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande
   a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights.
   The cause will appear both stupefying and marvellous;
   shortly afterwards there will be an earthquake.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 8.2.
   Quatrain 8.2 Celestial fire
   Condon & Aux & autour de Mirande
   Ie voy du ciel feu qui les enuironne.
   Sol Mars conioint au Lyon, puis Marmande
   Foudre, grand gresle, mur tombe dans Garonne.
   Condon and Auch and around Mirande,
   I see fire from the sky which encompasses them.
   Sun and Mars conjoined in Leo, then at Marmande,
   lightning, great hail, a wall falls into the Garonne.
   Quatrain 5.98 Great dryness
   A quarante-huict degr climatterique,
   Afin de Cancer si grande secheresse,
   Poisson en mer fleuue, lac cuit hectique
   Bearn, Bigorre par feu ciel en detresse.
   At the forty-eighth degree climacteric,
   At the end of Cancer very great dryness:
   Fish in sea, river, lake boiled hectic,
   Bearn, Bigorre in distress through fire from the sky.
   Quatrain 2.3 Fishes cooked
   Pour la chaleur solaire sus la mer
   De Negrepont les poissons demy cuits,
   Les habitans les viendront entamer
   Quand Rod & Gennes leur faudra le biscuit.
   Because of the solar heat on the sea
   Of Euboea the fishes half cooked:
   The inhabitants will come to cut them,
   When the biscuit will fail Rhodes and Genoa.
   Quatrain 6.10 Fire extinguished by water
   Vn peu de temps les temples de couleurs,
   De blanc & noir les deux entremeslee:
   Rouges & iaunes leur embleront les leurs,
   Sang, terre, peste, faim, feu, d'eau affolce.
   In a short time the temples with colors
   Of white and black of the two intermixed:
   Red and yellow ones will carry off theirs from them,
   Blood, land, plague, famine, fire extinguished by water.
   Quatrain 2.18 The fires make the sea stony
   Nouuelle & pluye subite, impetueuse
   Empeshera subit deux exercices,
   Pierre, ciel, feux faire la mer pierreuse
   La mort de sept, terre & marin subites.
   New, impetuous and sudden rain
   Will suddenly halt two armies.
   Celestial stone, fires make the sea stony,
   The death seven, land and sea sudden.
   Quatrain 2.40 The death of animals
   Vn peu apres non point longue interualle
Par mer & terre sera fait grand tumulte,
   Beaucoup plus grande sera pugne naualle,
   Feux, animaux, qui plus feront d'insulte.
   Shortly afterwards, without a very long interval,
   By sea and land a great uproar will be raised:
   Naval battle will be very much greater,
   The fires, animals, those who will cause greater insult.
   Quatrain 3.19 Rain of blood and milk
   En Luques sang & laict viendra pleuuoir,
   Vn peu deuant changement de preteur,
   Grand peste & guerre, faim & soif fera voir,
   Loing ou mourra prince & grand recteur.
   In Lucca it will come to rain blood and milk,
   Shortly before a change of praetor:
   Great plague and war, famine and drought will be made visible
   Far away where their prince and rector will die.
   Quatrain 2.41 7 Days of Comet
   La grand, estoille par sept iours bruslera.
   Nue fera deux Soleils apparoir,
   Le gros mastin toute nuict hurlera,
   Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.
   The great star will burn for seven days,
   The cloud will cause two suns to appear:
   The big mastiff will howl all night
   When the great pontiff will change country.
   Quatrain 2.43 The bearded "star"
   Durant l'estoille cheuelue apparente,
   Les trois grands Princes seront faits ennemys,
   Frappez du ciel paix terre trembulente,
   pau, Tymbre, vndans, serpens sur le bord mis.
   During the appearance of the bearded star,
   The three great princes will be made enemies:
   Struck from the sky, peace earth quaking,
   Po, Tiber overflowing, serpent placed upon the shore.
   Quatrain 2.46 Heavens fire
   Apres grad trouble humain plus grad s'appreste,
   Le grand moteur les siecles renouuelle,
   Pluye, sang, laict, famine, feu & peste:
   Au ciel veu feu, courant longue estincelle.
   After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared
   The Great Mover renews the ages:
   Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague,
   Is the heavens fire seen, a long spark running.
   Quatrain 2.62 When the comet will run
   Mabus puis tost alors mourra viendra,
   De gens & bestes vne horrible deffaite,
   Puis tout a coup la vengeance on verra,
   Cent, main, soif, faim, quand courra la (comette.
   'Mabus' then will soon die, there will come
   Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
   Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
   Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.
   Probably, the passage of the fiery Comet near the Earth will be the end of this civilization and the beginning of a new one. It's hard to believe that this beautiful planet, where prosperity and abundance, will be devastated. Nevertheless, everything has been predicted for a long time ago and, apparently, inevitable.
   After Comet
   Presumably, the quatrains listed in this section refer to the period after the comet. In quatrain 1.63 it is said about the devastated lands. The planet will change. The ocean will be not or almost will be not, the day will be 16 hours - this is predicted by Jesus. The atmosphere will be rarefied, so that it will be difficult to breathe. After the Fiery comet a new civilization will born, the latter not only on Earth, but in the all Solar system. Then, at the beginning of the 7th millennium, as Nostradamus writes, the end of days will come.
   Quatrain 3.1 Ocean after fire
   A Pres combat & bataille nauale, (froy.
   Le grand Neptun a son plus haut bef-
   Rouge aduersaire de peur deuiendra (pasle
   Mettat le grad Ocean en effroy.
   After combat and naval battle,
   The great Neptune in his highest belfry:
   Red adversary will become pale with fear,
   Putting the great Ocean in dread.
   "1. And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea." [Chapter 21 "Book of Revelation" by John the Theologian]
   Quatrain 1.17 Rainbow
   Par quarante ans l'iris n'apparoistra.
   Par quarante ans tous les iours fera veu
   La terre aride en siccite croistra
   Et grands deluges quand sera apperceu. Aij
   For forty years the rainbow will not be seen.
   For forty years it will be seen every day.
   The dry earth will grow more parched,
   and there will be great floods when it is seen.
   Quatrain 2.10 Sinister century
   Auant long temps le tout sera range
   Nous esperons vn siecle bien senestre,
   L'estat des masques & des seule bien change
   Peu trouueront qu'a son rang vueillent estre.
   Before long all will be set in order,
   We will expect a very sinister century,
   The state of the masked and solitary ones much changed,
   Few will be found who want to be in their place.
   Probably, the year 2100 indicated in the quatrain will begins the sinister century- the 22nd age or the 1st age of the New civilization. The 21st age preceding it will be marked by the Apocalypse, the death of our civilization. However, not everyone will die, few loners will be able to hide from the fire of the Comet and survive. After the fire comet, the Earth's population will not be counted in the billions or even millions, but only in thousands.
   Few will be found who want to be in their place. You will not envy them, because they will envy the dead. On a planet devastated by fire, there will be nothing to eat, drink, nothing to dress, nowhere to live and even breathe will be difficult. The fertile layer will almost disappear. 40 years of rain will not, after 40 years rain will be every day -sinister century.
   Before long all will be set in order, 100 years after the Apocalypse, life will begin to gradually improve.
   Quatrain 1.63 Long peace
   Les fleaux passees diminue le monde,
   Long-temps la paix, terres inhabitees.
   Seur marchera par le ciel, terre, mer & onde,
   Puis de nouueau les guerres suscitees.
   The pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller,
   For a long time the lands will be inhabited peacefully.
   People will travel safely through the sky (over) land and seas:
   Then wars will start up again.
   "1 And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.
   2 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,
   3 And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season." [Chapter 20 "Book of Revelation" by John the Theologian]
   Quatrain 5.11 Settling of aliens
   Mer par solaires seure ne passera,
   Ceux de Venus tiendront toute l'Affrique:
   Leur regne plus Sol, Saturne n'occupera,
   Et changera la mort Asiatique.
   The sea will not be passed over safely by those of the Sun,
   Those of Venus will hold all Africa:
   Saturn will no longer occupy their realm,
   And the Asiatic part will change.
   Quatrain 2.19 Uninhabitable place
   Nouueaux venus, lieu basty sans deffence
   Occuper place par lors inhabitable,
   Prez, maisons, champs, villes prendre a plaisance,
   Faim, peste, guerre, arpen long labourable.
   New comers venus, place built without defence,
   Place occupied before that uninhabitable:
   The meadows, houses, fields, towns to take at pleasure,
   Famine, plague, war, extensive land arable.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 5.11.
   Quatrain 3.2 The fulfilment of the prayer "our Father"
   Le diuin verbe pourra a la substance,
   Comprins ciel, terre, or occult au fait mystique
   Corps, ame, esprit ayant toute puissance,
   Tant soubs ses pieds comme au siege Celique.
   The divine word will give to the substance,
   Including heaven, earth, gold hidden in the mystic milk:
   Body, soul, spirit having all power,
   As much under its feet as the Heavenly see.
   Quatrain 2.13 Death will not be
   Le corps sans ame plus n'estre en sacrifice,
   Iour de mort mis en natiuite
   L'esprit diuin fera l'ame felice
   Voyant le verbe en son eternite.
   The body without a soul is no more in sacrifice.
   Day of death put for birth:
   The divine spirit will make the soul happy,
   Seeing the verb in his eternity.
   "3 And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.
   4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.
   5 And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.
   6 And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is thirsty of the fountain of the water of life freely.
   7 He that overcome shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son." [Chapter 21 "Book of revelation" by John the Theologian]
   Quatrain 1.69 Mountain will spread far
   La grand montagne ronde de sept estades,
   Aprees paix, guerre, faim, inondation,
   Roulera loing, abysmant grand contrades,
   Mesmes antigues, & grand fondation.
   The great mountain, seven stadia round,
   after peace, war, famine, flooding,
   will roll far, annihilating great countries,
   even antiquities and large foundation.
   Quatrain 10.74 Before the end of world
   Au reuolu du grand nombre septiesme,
   Apparoistra au temps ieux d'Hecatombe,
   Non esloign du grand eage milliesme,
   Que les entrez sortiront de leur tombe.
   In the year of the great seventh number,
   It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter:
   Not far from the great millennial age,
   When the buried will go out from their tombs.
   Quatrain 3.92 The last period
   Le monde proche du dernier periode,
   Saturne encor tard sera de retour:
   Translat empire nation Brodde:
   L'œil arrach Narbon par autour.
   The world near to the last period,
   Saturn yet late will be returnable:
   Empire transferred toward the Dusky nation,
   The eye plucked out by the Goshawk at Narbonne.
   Quatrain 1.48 End of the Sun
   Vingt ans du regne de la Lune passez,
   Sept mil ans autre tiendra sa Monarchie:
   Quand le Soleil prendra ses iours lassez,
   Lors accomplit & mine ma prophetie.
   When twenty years of the Moon's reign have passed
   Another will take up his reign for seven thousand years.
   When Sun will ended its tired days,
   Then my prophecy and threats will be accomplished.
   Nostradamus has predicting the end of the Sun. A similar prediction has Jonathan Swift in "Traveling to Laputu": "Laputne are afraid, that the Sun, pouring off its rays daily, without any compensation for the loss,, in the end, all entirely will burn down and will be destroyed".
   "16 And thou shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land; it shall be in the latter days, and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes.
   20 So that the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the heaven, and the beasts of the field, and all creeping things that creep upon the earth, and all the men that are upon the face of the earth, shall shake at my presence, and the mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground.
   22 And I will plead against him with pestilence and with blood; and I will rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him, an overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone.
   23 Thus will I magnify myself, and sanctify myself; and I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the LORD."
   [Ch. 38 Ezekiel]
   The predictions about England and USA
   England was the most powerful colonial empire for almost 300 years. Having the best fleet, it was the greatest sea power and had subordinated territories on all inhabited continents. For this reason, English became international language. Its sailors made outstanding geographical discoveries. And now this state is part of the leading countries of the world. England gave birth to the great "child" - the United states, which then separated and became an independent state.
   Quatrain 6.74 Elizabeth I
   La dechassee au regne tournera,
   Ses ennemis trouuez des coniurez:
   Plus que iamais son temps triomphera.
   Trois & septante a mort trop asseurez.
   She chased out will return to the realm,
   Her enemies found to be conspirators:
   More than ever her time will triumph,
   Three and seventy to death very sure.
   The 1 version: Elizabeth I (1533-1603) was a queen of England from 1558, protestant. She spent long time in exile and even in prison. Elizabeth triumphantly moved to London after the death of the predecessor Bloody Mary who was a catholic. She did not seek revenge for her Catholic enemies, but showed a religious tolerance, thereby avoided a religious war in the country.
   More than ever her time will triumph. A long period of her reign is called the Golden Age of England. It was marked by the prosperity of culture, geographical discoveries, the development of new colonies, the victory over the Spanish invincible armada. Perhaps the last line indicates the duration of her life - 70 years, and 3 - the year of death.
   Possible decoding of the number 6.74. 600-74 = 526. If 2 to turn to 5, and 6 by 9, then it will be 559-1 = 558 - the year when her reign started.
   The 2nd version: Prediction of USSR collapse and return to capitalism in 1991. If we add 73 to 1917, then 1990 is very close to the death of the old system.
   Quatrain 10.84* The illegitimate daughter
   Le naturelle a si hault hault non bas
   Le tard retour fera marris contens,
   Le Recloing ne sera sans debats,
   En empliant & perdant tout son temps.
   The illegitimate girl so high, high, not low,
   The late return will make the grieved ones contended:
   The reconciliation will not be without debates,
   In employing and losing all her time.
   The entire Catholic Church considered Elizabeth I the illegitimate daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Until the age of 25 she was in exile. She returned to London as a queen after the death of her sister Maria Bloody. Crowned at 15/01/1599. The coming to power of the good queen and even the Protestant was a joy for the people. A fierce struggle was waged in the country between Catholics and Protestants. Elizabeth managed to avoid a religious war, showing diplomatic ability in the reconciliation of the parties.
   Decoding of number 10.84. If 10 to consider as 1000, then 1000-48 = 952. Turn 2 over in 5 - 955, 1 put to end, in reverse we get 1559 - the year of coronation.
   * Mario Reading "Nostradamus: The Good News"
   Quatrain 10.39* Maria I Stuart
   Premier fils vefue malheureux mariage,
   Sans nuls enfans deux Isles en discord,
   Auant dixhuit incompetant eage,
   De l'autre prs plus bas sera l'accord.
   First son, widow, unfortunate marriage,
   Without any children, two Islands in discord:
   Before eighteen, incompetent age,
   For the other one the betrothal will take place while younger.
   Maria I Stuart (1542-1587) was the wife of Francis II (1559-1560), the King of France, then the Queen of Scotland (1561-1567). Prophecy was correctly understood by the contemporaries of events.
   The 1 line: Maria's husband was the eldest son of Catherine de Medici, who widowed in 1559. Francis II had a weak health. In 1560 he fell seriously ill and died.
   The 2 line: Without any children, two Islands in discord: This couple had no children. In the same year, when Maria widowed she returned to her homeland in Scotland. In 1558, Elizabeth I, a protestant, became the queen of England. Maria had more legitimate rights for the English throne. Struggle began between the two queens, between England and Scotland.
   The 3 line: in 1560 Maria was 18 years old.
   The 4 line: Perhaps it was Maria's marriage to Earl of Bothwell, who was of a lower ancestry.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 8.15.
   Possible decoding of quatrain number 10.39. If we consider 10 as 1000, then 1000-39=961. If we flip 9 in 6 and subtract 1 we will get 561 - the year of the beginning of the reign.
   Quatrain 1.86 Mary Stuart escape
   La grande Royne qaund se verra vaincue
   Fera excez de masculin courage:
   Sur cheu(v)al fleuu(v)e passera toute nue,
   Suitte par fer, a soy fera outrage.
   When the great queen sees herself conquered,
   she will show an excess of masculine courage.
   Naked, on horseback, she will pass over the river
   pursued by the sword: she will have outraged her faith.
   Mary Stuart has been the queen of Scotland since August 19, 1561.
   1 line. The fall of the queen began with the murder of her husband lord Darnley. A few months later, she married earl Botwell. Public opinion accused Mary of unfaithfulness to her husband and involvement in his murder. In In 1567 the lords congregated an army, arrested and imprisoned the queen in Lochliven Castle. She signed the abdication in favor of her son. Earl of Moray became his regent and ruler of the country.
   2-3 lines - about the escape of Mary 05/02/1568 (68 are in the number) from the castle, which was located on the island. Then she lost her last battle at Langside and fled to England. She had to cross the water barriers on the way. Perhaps she had undresses for this.
   In line 4 apparently the trial and execution of Mary Stuart in 1587 is predicted. Living under arrest in England, she continued to intrigue against Elizabeth I. In 1586 she was drawn into the Babington conspiracy, which was uncovered. Again 86 are in the quatrain number.
   Decoding of number 1.86. If 6 to consider as 600 then 600-81=519, 9 to turn over 6, to rearrange numbers - 561, to put 1 in front; we get 1561- the year, 8 - the month of began reign.
   Quatrain 8.23 Letters from casket
   Lettres trouuees de la Royne les coffres,
   Point de subscrit sans aucun nom d'autheur,
   Par la police seront cachez les offres,
   Qu'on ne scaura qui sera l'amateur.
   Letters are found in the queen's chests,
   no signature and no name of the author.
   The ruse will conceal the offers;
   so that they do not know who the lover is.
   The casket of Maria Stuart, presented to her by Medici, was found in 1567. The Earl of Bothwell, the third husband of the Queen, dropped it while fleeing. The sonnets found in it were used as an accusation of her involvement in the murder of her husband, Lord Darnley. Up to now the authenticity of letters is not established. The queen of Scotland herself was silent or denied everything.
   The decoding of the number 8.23. If we consider 8 as 800 and flip 2 in 5, then 800-35 = 765. By adding 1 to the end and reading it in reverse order we will get 1567 - the year of the casket was found.
   Quatrain 5.93 Under lunar globe
   Sous le terroir du rond globe lunaire,
   Lors que sera dominateur Mercure:
   L'isle d'Escosse sera vn luminaire,
   Qui les Anglois mettra deconfiture.
   Under the land of the round lunar globe,
   When Mercury will be dominating:
   The isle of Scotland will produce a luminary,
   One who will put the English into confusion.
   If this prophecy is not applied to the future, then the possible option is the battle of 1575, the last major battle on the island. All other wars between England and Scotland were before Nostradamus. Raid of the Redeswire on a border of these countries has resulted in the victory of Scotland. Later, one king ruled both countries.
   Probable decoding of number 5.93. If we flip 9 in 6 and consider it as 600, then 600-53=547, by adding 1 to 4 and putting it in the end it will be 575 - the year of the battle.
   Quatrain 3.81 Cromwell elected head of the army
   Le grand criard sans honte audacieux,
   Sera esle gouuerneur de l'armee,
   La hardiesse de son contentieux
   Le pont rompu, Cite de peur pasmee.
   The great brave shameless screamer
   He will be elected head of the army,
   By insolence of his trial
   The bridge is broken, the city faint from fear.
   The first 2 lines are about Oliver Cromwell, who at the head of army, defeated the monarchists.
   The last 2 lines are about the trial of King Charles I. The process took place in violation of many laws of that time.
   The execution of the king is predicted in quatrain 8.37. The word bridge (platform) is there, on which the king appeared in one shirt. The platform was dismantled after the execution of Charles I - bridge is broken.
   The city faint from fear: in quatrains 2.53 and 2.51 Nostradamus predicted the plague and the great fire in London, as a punishment for the city for innocently shed blood.
   Connection with other quatrains: 9.11, 9.49, 8.37, 2.51, 2.53.
   Possible decoding of number 3.81. If 3 to consider as 3000, then 3000-81= 2919. Turn 2 over in 5, 1 move in front and get 1599 - the year of Cromwell's birth.
   Quatrain 8.37 Charles I of England
   La forteresse aupres de la Tamise
   Cherra par lors, le Roy dedans serre,
   Aupres du pont sera veu en chemise
   Vn deuant mort, puis dans le fort barre.
   The fortress near the Thames
   will fall when the king is locked up inside.
   He will be seen in his shirt near the bridge,
   one facing death then barred inside the fortress.
   This quatrain predicted the execution of Charles I. Windsor castle on the the river Thames was the kings residence. He was captured by the winning parliamentarians in 1642. Charles was kept under arrest in castle. For execution, the scaffold was erected, on which the king ascended in shirt. After the execution his body was transported to Windsor Castle and on 8 February 1649 it was buried.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.49.
   The decoding of number 8.37. If we consider 7 as 700, then 700-38=662. If we place 1 in front and 6 to the end, we will get 1626- the year of coronation.
   Quatrain 6.14* Battle of Naseby
   Loing de sa terre Roy perdra la bataille,
   Prompt eschappe poursuiuy suyuant prins,
   Ignare prins soubs la doree maille,
   Soubs faint habit & l'ennemy surprins.
   Far from his land a King will lose the battle,
   He runs fast, but he will be chased and caught,
   Ignorant one taken under the golden chain mail,
   Under false garb and to enemy surprise.
   The battle under Naseby took place on 06/14/1645 between the troops of Parliament and King Charles I. As stated in the 1st line: the king was defeated. Despite the persecution, he was able to escape. Left without an army in 1646, he fled to Scotland. Subsequently, he was issued to the British for a fee. In 1647 the king fled, but was captured.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.36, 8.37.
   Decoding of number 6.14. Nostradamus indicated the exact date: 6 - month, 14 - day of the battle! To decipher the year, rearrange the numbers - 146. If 1 to consider as 1000, then 1000-46 = 954. Turn 9 over in 6 (654). Rearranged 54 to 45 gives 645 - the year of battle.
   * Forum "We and the Future",
   Quatrain 3.50 Escape of Charles I
   La republique de la grande Cite
   A grand rigueur ne voudra consentir:
   Roy sortir hors par trompette cite,
   L'eschelle au mur la cite repentir.
   The republic of the great city
   Will not want to consent to the great severity:
   King summoned by trumpet to go out,
   The ladder at the wall, the city will repent.
   The first line is about London, captured by troops under the leadership of Cromwell. Republican authority was proclaimed.
   King Charles I was under strict surveillance. In November 1647 he escaped. However, he was soon arrested again, put on trial and executed.
   The city will repent. Nostradamus considers the Great plague of 1665 and the Great fire of 1666 in London as a punishment for the execution of an innocent king.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.14.
   Decoding of number 3.50. The numbers rearrange - 053, If 1 to put in front and to consider as 1000, then 1000-53=947. 9 fliping in 6 and get 647 - the year of escape.
   Quatrain 10.36* English revolution
   Apres le Roy du soucq guerres parlant,
   L'isle Harmotique le tiendra a mespris:
   Quelques ans bons rongeant vn & pillant
   Par tyrannie a l'isle changeant pris.
   After the King of the stump the speaking wars,
   The United Isle will hold him in contempt:
   For several good years one gnawing and pillaging,
   Through tyranny in the isle esteem changing.
   1 line: James I was the founder of the Stuart dynasty - King of the stump. His son Charles I became king after him. Speaking wars: disagreements between parliament and Charles began in 1628. Parliament outlawed Royal taxes and prevented the army strengthening. The period of the Charles I reign was marked by the civil wars, uprising and revolution.
   2nd line is about the execution of Charles I. Oliver Cromwell led the revolution and concentrated all power in his hands. He levied taxes upon the people and ruthlessly suppressed the unrest.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 8.76, 2.53, 9.49.
   Probable decoding of the number 10.36. If we consider 10 as 1000, then 1000-36=964. If we put 1 in front and swap the digits we will get 1649 - the year of the king's execution.
   Quatrain 9.11 The trial of Charles I
   Le iuste tort mort l'on viendra mettre
   Publiquement, & du milieu estaint:
   Si grande peste en ce lieu viendra naistre,
   Que les iugeans fouyr seront contraints.
   The just man will be unjustly sentenced to death,
   In public and in he the middle extinguished:
   So great a plague will come to arise in this place,
   That the judges will be forced to flee.
   This prophecy is related in meaning to quatrain 2.53, where the great plague of 1665 was predicted, and then the fire, which became the punishment for London because of the executed king - the righteous.
   4 line. Many judges and lords left London before the trial of Charles I. Most of them refused to take part in this lawlessness. Those who judged the king were themselves condemned and executed, after the restoration of the monarchy in England.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.49.
   Possible decoding of number 9.11. The numbers rearrange - 191. If to flip 9 in 6, 1 to consider as 1000, then 1000-61 = 939. 3+1=4 - 949. Turn first 9 over in 6 we get 649 - the year of death Charles I.
   Quatrain 9.49* Conviction of Charles I
   Grand & Bruceles marcheront contre Anuers.
   Senat de Londres mettront a mort leur Roy
   Le sel & vin luy seront a l'enuers,
   Pour eux auoir le regne en desarroy.
   Ghent and Brussels will march against Antwerp,
   The Senate of London will put to death their King:
   Salt and wine will overthrow him,
   To have them the realm turned upside down.
   Charles I (1600-1649) was the king of England, Scotland and Ireland since 1625.
   The 4 line: His church reforms were not popular among the people. This led to an uprising, and then to a revolution.
   The 2 line: The rebels led by Cromwell won. The monarch was dethroned. He was convicted and executed on 30 January1649 in London.
   The 3 line: During his reign most of the production was monopolized, including salt and wine. This generated the impoverishment and antipathy of private entrepreneurs and their workers.
   This prophecy has long been deciphered, since Charles I was the only 1 king executed in England. My contribution is to get a year from the quatrain number.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 8.76, 2.53, 10.36.
   The decoding of the number 9.49. If we put 1 in front, 9 to invert in 6, will be 1649 - the year of Charles I execution.
   Quatrain 3.80 The bastard will be half received
   Du regne Anglois l'indigne dechasser,
   Le conseiller, par ire mis a feu:
   Ses adherants iront si bas trasser,
   Que le bastard sera demy receu.
   The worthy one chased out of the English realm,
   The adviser through anger put to the fire:
   His adherents will go so low to efface themselves
   That the bastard will be half received.
   The events of the English Revolution of 1643-1651 are predicted in this quatrain.
   The 1st line, perhaps, is about Charles II, the son of executed Charles I. In 1650 he arrived in Scotland, recruit an army, but in 1651 was defeated in the battle against Cromwell and fled to France.
   2-3 lines are about the seizure of power by Oliver Cromwell and the suppression of resistance of the monarchists. In 1650 he was elected commander of the army.
   The bastard will be half received: being of low descent, he did not become king, but only Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
   Connection with other quatrains: 3.81.
   Decoding of number 3.80. If 1 to put in front and to consider as 1000, then 1000-380=620. Turn 2 over in 5 and get 650 - the year of election as commander.
   Quatrain 8.56* Battle of Dunbar
   La bande foible le tertre occupera
   Ceux du haut lieu feront horribles cris,
   Le gros troupeau d'estre coin troublera,
   Tombe pres D. nebro descouuers les escris.
   The weak band will occupy the land,
   those of high places will make dreadful cries.
   The large herd of the outer corner troubled,
   Grave near D. nebro, discovered the writings.
   The Battle of Dunbar 3 September 1650 was the most important during the English Revolution.
   2 line. The Scottish army, led by Leslie, was 2 times more of Cromwell's army. Moreover, the Scots took high positions in the hills. Despite these advantages, the Scots suffered a crushing defeat.
   3 line. The main forces of the English infantry were concentrated in the center. Leslie made a tactical mistake: his troops descended from the heights. Cromwell took advantage of this: attacked unexpectedly at night and won with minor losses.
   4th line about the burial of the dead near Dunbar. Important documents of the enemy fell into the hands of Cromwell.
   Decoding of the number 8.56. If 56 to turn over to 29, 2 to consider as 2000, then 2000-98=1902. Turning back 9 and 2 into 6 and 5 (1605), rearranging the numbers, we get 1650 - the year of the battle.
   Quatrain 1.65 Battle of Worcester
   Enfant sans mains, iamais veu si grand foudre
   L'enfant Royal au ieu d'esteuf blesse:
   Au puy brisez, fulgures allant moudre,
   Trois sur les chaines par le milieu trousse.
   A prince without hands, never so great a thunderbolt seen,
   the royal heir wounded at a game.
   At the well lightning strikes, joining together
   three trussed up in the middle the oaks.
   The decisive battle 1651 near Worcester, between the troops of Charles II and Cromwell, is predicted. Perhaps thunderbolt should be understood as a bombing of the city. Cromwell's army, 2 times more then royal, won.
   Without hands must be understood in a figurative sense - without an army. Karl hoped to gather an army in England, but the people took Cromwell's side. As a result Karl lost the battle and was left without an army. Karl fled with the adjutant and servant. They three hid for a day in the branches of an oak tree, which later was called the "royal". Karl managed to escape to France after 1.5 months.
   Decoding of the number 1.65. The year is explicit. Adding 1 to the end, we get 1651 - the year of the battle.
   Quatrain 8.76 Oliver Cromwell
   Plus Macelin que Roy en Angleterre,
   Lieu obscur nay par force aura l'empire:
   Lasche sans foy sans loy seignera terre.
   Son temps s'aproche si pres que ie souspire.
   More of a butcher than a king in England,
   born of obscure rank will gain empire through force.
   Coward without faith, without law he will bleed the land;
   His time approaches so close that I sigh.
   Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) was a leader of English revolution and Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1653.
   The 1 line - as a result of the revolution that Cromwell led, King of England was executed.
   The 2 line - Cromwell was a descendant of a poor Puritan landowner. Thanks to the revolution, he managed to rise very high. After executing the king, he took his place as a Lord Protector.
   The 3 line - Having surrounded himself with his people, Oliver concentrated all power in his hands. He imposed taxes on the country, especially on the defeated monarchists. The revolts in Ireland and Scotland were suppressed by the most severe methods, there was a war against Spain. Coward without faith: Cromwell lived in the constant fear for his life. He organized round-the-clock security for himself. The fearing a night attack, he often spent the night in different places.
   The 4 line. Cromwell was born 33 years after the death of Nostradamus. If we consider that the prophecies extend up to the 7th millennium, then in comparison with this, Cromwell's time was close.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.49
   Probable decoding of number 8.76. If we 7 consider as 700, then 700-68=632. If we flip 2 in 5, swap it with 3 and add 1 in front it will be 1653 - the year of power takeover.
   Quatrain 10.40* Charles II
   Le ieune nay au regne Britannique,
   Qu'aura le pere mourant recommande,
   Iceluy mort Lonole donra topique,
   Et a son fils le regne demande.
   The young heir to the British realm,
   Whom his dying father will have recommended:
   The latter dead 'Lonole' will dispute with him,
   And from the son the realm demanded.
   Charles II Stuart (1630-1685) - the king of England, Scotland, Ireland from 1660, the son of Charles I.
   Lonole - Oliver Cromwell was leader of the English revolution. After Cromwell's death, his son could not to hold power. The Stuart dynasty was restored. The new king issued an Amnesty to all except for the judges of Charles I. Many of them were convicted and executed. As they say: do not judge, and you will not be judged.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 8.76.
   The decoding of number 10.40. 1000-40=960. By turning 9 in 6 and placing 1 in front we will get 1660 - the year of beginning of reign.
   Quatrain 2.53 The Great Plague in England
   La grande peste de cite maritime
   Ne cessera que mort ne soit vengee:
   Du iuste sang par pris damne sans crime,
   De la grand' dame par fainte n'outragee.
   The great plague of the maritime city
   Will not cease until there be avenged the death:
   Of the just blood, condemned for a price without crime,
   Of the great lady insulted by pretense.
   The 1 line. In 1665 the great bubonic plague was in London. It killed ~25% population of capital. Merchant ships with cotton brought epidemic from Netherland. The fleas, infected from ship's rats, were carriers of the plague.
   The 2 - 3 lines. Probably the prophet considered the plague in England as punishment for the execution of king Charles I. In 1666 the big fire in London became end of plague. It deleted fleas, rats and infection. The city was rebuilt already with due regard the requirements of sanitation.
   The 4 line tells about the insulted noble lady. Perhaps this is the wife of Charles I, which was exile to France with children.
   The decoding of number 2.53. If we consider 2 as 2000, then 2000-35=1965, then turn 9 into 6 it will be 1665 - year of the beginning of a plague.
   Quatrain 2.51 Fire in London
   Le sang du iuste a Londres fera faute,
   Bruslez par foudres de vingt trois les six,
   La dame antique cherra de place haute,
   De mesme secte plusieurs seront occis.
   The blood of the righteous will bring blame to London.
   Burned by lightning at twenty by three and six,
   The ancient lady will fall from her high place,
   Several of the same sect will be killed.
   Nostradamus predicted the Great Fire in London from September 2 to 5, 1666 (666 is the number of the Antichrist). The numbers 2 and 5 in the quatrain's number indicate the days of the beginning and end of the fire. The second line shows the year of the fire: 203=60 and 6 - 66 year. The first line is about the cause of the fire. This is a punishment for Londoners for the innocently shed blood of king Charles I.
   The fourth line speaks of foreigners and Catholics killed by a crowd. Many residents believed that the cause of the fire was arson organized by the French and Dutch, with whom there was a war.
   Decoding of number 2.51. If 2 to consider as 2000, 5 to turn over into 2, then 2000-21=1979. 7-1=6. Turn 9 over into 6 we get 1666 - the year of the fire.
   Quatrain 2.28 Jonathan Swift?
   Le penultine du surnom de prophete
   Prendra Diane pour son iour & repos,
   Loing vaguera par frenetique teste,
   Et deliurant vn grand peuple d'imposts.
   The penultimate of the surname of the Prophet
   Will take Diana for his day and rest:
   He will wander far because of a frantic head,
   And delivering a great people from subjection.
   Maybe this prophecy is about the Irish priest and writer Jonathan Swift (1667-1745). In Hebrew his name means "God-given." Several prophecies can be found in his book "Gulliver's Travels".His best known prediction is about two Mars satellites discovered after 150 years. One of the Demos's craters was named after his name. Swift also gave a rather detailed description of the flying apparatus design which almost completely coincides with the description, which E. Casey gave 200 years later. In the book "Voyage to Laputa" there are 2 statements coinciding with Nostradamus prophecies. These are predictions about of the end of the world and a fiery comet which will ignite the Earth. All this shows that Swift had a gift of foresight.
   The 4th line. In his works Jonathan defended the interests of the Irish people, violated by England at that time. In pamphlets he urged the Irish to fight for the equal rights of citizens of both islands. As a result, England was forced to make economic concessions to Ireland. The common people of this country loved and honored Jonathan Swift.
   Probable decoding of number 2.28. 2000-28=1972. If we flip 9 into 6 and 2 into 5, then it will be 1675+1=1676. By putting 6 at the end we will get 1667 - the year of birth.
   Quatrain 4.89 Conspiracy against the King
   Trente de Londres secret coniureront,
   Contre leur Roy sur le pont l'entreprinse,
   Luy, satalites la mort degousteront,
   Vn Roy esleu blonde, natif de Frize.
   Thirty of London will conspire secretly
   Against their King, the enterprise on the bridge:
   He and his satellites will have a distaste for death,
   A fair King elected, native of Frisian.
   The 1 line is probably about the conspiracy against James II. The leaders of the two main parties of England Whigs and Tory had a conspiracy. They decided to replace the undesired monarch (Catholic) with his daughter Mary (Protestant) and her husband William. The conspiracy was led by the "Immortal Seven": the Bishop of London and six his companions. They sent an invitation to stadtholder of Holland and Maria to occupy the throne of England and protect the Protestant religion.
   The 3 line. When William of Orange landed with the army in England, James was not killed. He managed to escape to France and his family was sent there too.
   The 4 line. Before England William was the ruler of Netherlands - native of Frisian. He has white hair on the child's portrait. In adult portraits the hair color cannot be determined due to the wigs.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.22, 10.4, 10.26, 8.58.
   The decoding of number 4.89. If 9 consider as 9000 then 9000-84=8916. The permutation of the digits gives 1689-1 = 1688 - the year of conspiracy.
   Quatrain 10.22 Exile of James II
   Pour ne vouloir consentir au diuorce,
   Qui puis apres sera cogneu indigne,
   Le Roy des Isles sera chasse par force,
   Mis a son lieu qui de Roy n'aura signe.
   For not wishing to consent to the divorce,
   Which then afterwards will be recognized as unworthy:
   The King of the Islands will be driven out by force,
   In his place put one who will have no mark of a king.
   The 3 line. During the whole history after Nostradamus, only one king was exile from the islands of England and Ireland - James II. Under the influence of his wife, he became a supporter of Catholicism, not popular in Protestant England. Neither people, nor nobility not wanted his reign. His daughter and son-in-law were invited instead of him. James II was forced to flee to France.
   The 2 line. Unworthy - can be considered that he abandoned the army after the defeat in the battle at the river Boyne.
   The 4 line. The King of France Louis XIV welcomed the outcast, granted him a palace and maintenance, but this place was no longer royal.
   As the saying goes, "history repeating itself." 250 years later, another king of England, Edward VIII, also came under the influence of a woman, abdicated and left England. Like James II, he settled in France. Even the date of the abdication of both coincided - December 11.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 8.58, 10.26, 10.4.
   The decoding of number 10.22. If 1 and 2 to swap - 2012 then 2000-12=1988. 9 flip in 6 we will get 1688 - the year of exile.
   Quatrain 10.26 William III of Orange
   Le successeur vengera son beau frere,
   Occuper regne souz ombre de vengeance,
   Occis ostacle son sang mort vitupere,
   Long temps Bretagne tiendra auec la France.
   The successor will avenge his brother-in-law,
   To occupy the realm under the shadow of vengeance:
   Obstacle slain his blood for the death blame,
   For a long time will Britain hold with France.
   William III of Orange (1650-1702) - the invited king of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1689. Before that he was ruler of Netherlands from 1672. James II, who ruled before him, had no children for a long time, so he was tolerated in the hope that after him crown would been been inherited by his daughter, protestant Mary. Unexpectedly, at age of 55, the king gave birth to the heir. This caused a conspiracy against the king. The son-in-law William and daughter Maria were invited to take his place. Previously, William visited England several times. The people loved him, as one of the main defenders of Protestantism of that time.
   The 1 line. James II repeatedly attempted to regain the crown. William had to fight with his supporters (Jacobites). In 1689 he defeated them in Scotland, then in 1690 he - in Ireland. To this day Protestants celebrate this victory as a holiday.
   The 4 line. The King of France Louis XIV was a Catholic and for a long time he did not recognize the Protestant William as the King of England. However, he created a powerful army and navy and successfully resisted the most powerful Catholic monarch. Louis resigned himself. In 1697 they signed a peace treaty.
   The decoding of number 10.26. If 2 flip in 5, 0 and 6 swap then we will get 1650 - the year of born.
   Quatrain 8.58 James II
   Regne en querelle aux freres diuis,
   Prendre les armes & le nom Britannique
   Tiltre d'Anglican sera tard aduis,
   Surprins de nuict mener l'air Gallique.
   A kingdom divided by two quarrelling brothers
   to take the arms and the name of Britain.
   The English ruler will be warned late,
   surprised by night (the other is), led to the French air.
   James II (1633-1701) was the king of England, Ireland, Scotland from 1685 to 1688.
   The 1 line - in 1685 Jacob suppressed the mutiny of his half-brother James Scott.
   The 2 line - in 1688 his nephew and son-in-law William of Orange, the ruler of the Netherlands, at the invitation of the Whigs and Tories landed with the army in England and seized power. He began to rule under the name of William III.
   The 3 and 4 lines are about James' fleeing to France in December 1688, where his wife and son were sent earlier.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.22, 10.4, 10.26, 4.89.
   The decoding of number 8.58. If 8+1=9, flip 9 in 6, by swapping 58 in 85 we will get 685 - the year of beginning reign.
   Quatrain 10.4 Battle on the Boyne
   Sus la minuict conducteur de l'armee
   Se sauuera subit esuanouy,
   Sept ans apres la fame non blasmee,
   A son retour ne dira oncq ouy.
   At midnight the leader of the army
   Will save himself, suddenly vanished:
   Seven years later his reputation unblemished,
   To his return not once they will say yes.
   This is a prophecy which came true about the failed attempt of deposed King James II to regain the crown of England. In 1690 James landed in Ireland, having gathered an army of untrained militia men. The battle took place on July 1, 1690 on the river Boyne and became the largest in the history of this country. A new and deposed kings personally commanded their armies. William III won. The Jacobites did not suffer any special losses and successfully retreated, but many soldiers deserted. Dublin was surrendered without a fight. The army of William of Orange triumphantly entered into it. So the Glorious revolution was finished.
   The 2nd line. James II secretly left his army at night and went to France. There he lived until his death in 1701. His supporters, the Jacobites, were very disappointed by his unworthy act.The 4th line. Later he tried to regain the throne, but even Louis XIV, who adopted him, refused to support him.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.2, 8.58, 10.26, 4.89.
   The decoding of number 10.4. If 0 is put at end, 1+1=2 consider as 2000, 2000-40 = 1960, 6 and 9 swap, then we will get 1690 - the year of battle.
   Quatrain 10.100 The power of England
   Le grand empire sera par Angleterre,
   Le Pempotam des ans plus de trois cens:
   Grandes copies passer par mer & terre,
   Les Lusitains n'en seront pas contens.
   The great empire will be for England,
   The pempotam for more than three hundred years:
   Great forces pass by sea and land,
   The Lusitanians will not be content.
   The power of the British Empire (1583-1914) was based on the colonial system, which began to be created in the 16th century. Back then Spain was the "Queen of the seas". In 1588 England became the leading naval empire after defeat of the "Spanish Armada" fleet. In the 17th century the first English settlements emerged in the West India and North America. The colonies in India were the most profitable. The American colonies were more oriented toward agriculture. Trading slaves from Africa brought a big profit. For this reason the British built several forts in the western Africa. At the end of the 17th century an independent state USA was formed which ceased to be an English colony. By that time James Cook discovered Australia and New Zealand and they became British colonies. Thus England had colonies on all inhabited continents. After World War I England annexed a significant part of the German colonies. By the beginning of the 20th century Great Britain was the largest colonial empire.
   The 4 line. Lusitanians is the historical name of the nationalities living in the territory of modern Portugal and South-Western Spain. At the end of the 16th century the Spanish fleet was the most powerful. Spain received great wealth from its American colonies. Certainly the Spanish were not satisfied that England pushed them to the background and became the leading naval empire.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 3.57.
   Probable decoding of number 10.100. If 10 consider as 1000 then 1000-100=900. 9 flip in 6, 1 is put at ahead we will get 1600 - the year of the formation of the British East Indian Company. It colonized India and other countries of the East.
   Quatrain 3.57* 290 years of change Great Britain
   Sept fois changer verrez gent Britannique
   Taints en sang en deux cents nonante an:
   France, non, point par appuy Germanique,
   Ariez doubte son pole Bastarnan.
   Seven times will you see the British nation change,
   Thames in blood in 290 years:
   France, no, at all its support Germanic.
   Aries doubt his 'Bastarnian' pole.
   The 1 line:
   1) After the execution of Charles I in 1649, England became a republic headed by Cromwell and proclaimed an alliance with Scotland.
   2) In 1660 England became a kingdom again, the Stuart dynasty was restored.
   3) In 1776 the USA declared independence from Great Britain.
   4) The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland became a single state in 1801.
   5) In 1901 the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha dynasty began to reign.
   6) In 1922 the republic of Ireland proclaimed its independence and withdrew from the United Kingdom.
   7) In 1947 Great Britain lost its colonies.
   The changes presented here are only an assumption.
   The 3 and 4 lines are about the 2nd World War since Mars is the God of War. This war was unleashed by Germany, having attacked Poland in 1939. If we subtract 290 from 1939 we will get 1649 - the year when the people of England executed their king. After the Second World War the disintegration of the colonial system began. In 1947 India and Pakistan gained independence. Having lost colonies, England lost its former power.
   The decoding of number 3.57. If 7 consider as 700 then 700-53 = 647. 6 flip in 9, 1 put at ahead, we will get 1947 - the year of the loss colonies.
   Quatrain 10.42 Independence of USA
   Le regne humain d'Angelique geniture,
   Fera son regne paix vnion tenir,
   Captiue guerre demy de sa closture,
   Long temps la paix leur fera maintenir.
   The humane realm of English offspring,
   It will cause its realm to hold to peace and union:
   War half-captive in its enclosure,
   For long will it cause them to maintain peace.
   The 1 line: In 1776 thirteen American colonies of England proclaimed their independence. George Washington, the first US president, led the war for independence (1775-1783). In 1783 England was forced to recognize the independence of the United states. Nostradamus calls US as "humane realm", because from the very beginning it was republican power and no absolutism. Their main motto is Freedom!
   The 2 line: The new country was created as a Union of free states.
   The 3 line: There were only two wars on the USA territory during the whole period of USA existence: the war for independence and the war of the North and South (1861-1865). Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why the US have become a world leader.
   The decoding of number 10.42. 1000-24=976. If 9 flip in 6, 6+1=7 then we will get 776 - the year of independence.
   Quatrain 6.13 13th US President
   Vn dubiteux ne viendra loing du regne,
   La plus grand part le voudra soustenir
   Vn capitole ne voudra point qu'il regne,
   Sa grande charge ne pourra maintenir.
   A doubtful one will not come far from the realm,
   The greater part will want to uphold him:
   A Capitol will not want him to reign at all,
   He will be unable to bear his great burden.
   There is a word Capitol in the quatrain - this is the Senate building on Capitol Hill in Washington. The first senate sessions started in it since 1800. Of all US presidents only Millard Fillmore (1800-1874), the thirteenth US president (1850-1853), matches this quatrain. He became a President due of the death of predecessor. He became the last president US from the party of Whigs.
   The 3 line: he ran for president in the next two elections in 1852 and 1856, but he did not win. So in 1856 he received only 8 votes out of 296. After these failures he ended his political career.
   The decoding of number 6.13. 600-13 = 587, 5 and 8 swap, by subtracting 1 we will get 856 - the year of ended career.
   Quatrain 1.50* Franklin Roosevelt
   De l'aquatique triplicite naistra,
   D'vn qui fera le Ieudy pour sa feste.
   Son bruit, los, regne, sa puissance croistra,
   Par terre & mer,aux Oriens tempeste.
   From the three water signs will be born a man
   who will celebrate Thursday as his holiday.
   His renown, praise, rule and power will grow
   on land and sea, bringing trouble to the East.
   The 1 line: if this prophecy does not apply to the future, then perhaps it is about the most eminent USA President Franklin Roosevelt (1882-1945). Only he was elected more than twice (1933-1945) and ruled until his death. Roosevelt's father was born under the zodiac sign Cancer - water trigon, which corresponds to the 1 line.
   The 2 line: in 1941 Franklin signed the bill, on which Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the US on the fourth Thursday of November.
   The 3 line: Roosevelt was one of the most important figures in the world political arena in his time. He took an active part in the creation of the United nations and the anti-Hitler coalition. In the US, he carried out a number of important and successful reforms in the state regulation of industry and agriculture, and supported unprotected population. He made huge financial investments in the military and industrial complex, so America became the first nuclear power with the most powerful military base.
   The 4 line: the Second World War was during the Roosevelt's reign. In the war with Japan the USA gave one of the biggest nautical battles. In 1944, America and England opened a second front against Hitler's Germany.
   Quatrain 6.37 Murder of John Kennedy
   L'œuure ancienne se paracheuera,
   Du toict cherra sur le grand mal ruyne,
   Innocent faict mort on accusera,
   Nocent cach, taillis la bruyne.
   The ancient work will be finished,
   Evil ruin will fall upon the great one from the roof:
   Dead they will accuse an innocent one of the deed,
   The guilty one hidden in the copse in the drizzle.
   The president of the USA John F. Kennedy was killed during a visit to Dallas in November 1963. The investigation verdict about Lee Oswald's guilt is highly doubtful. For example, the investigation claims that the killer was shooting from the 6th floor. The bullet got into his back and went out from the neck. Everyone understands that the neck is above the back. Consequently, the bullet could not hit his back first and then get higher into the neck!
   Nostradamus described the event how it was programmed by Fate. Judging by the publications, Oswald was indeed a part of this conspiracy and did shoot, but he did not kill the President. The prophet is right, someone else, shooting from front and top, killed Kennedy. Therefore, the bullet hit the neck, and went out from the back. The second shot in the head was fatal, and head was thrown back. This also confirms that someone was shooting from the front. Oswald was killed on the second day. Probably it was done in order to prevent Oswald's disclosure of his accomplices. The chain of related murders followed. The true killer disappeared with impunity. Nostradamus calls this case old which should be understood as plotted long ago.
   The decoding of number 6.37. If 6-1=5, 5 flip in 2 and consider as 2000 then 2000-37=1963 - the year of murder.
   Quatrain 1.26* Kennedy brothers
   Le grand du foudre tombe d'heure diurne,
   Mal & predit par porteur postulaire,
   Suyuant presage tombe d'heure nocturne
   Conflict, Reims, Londres, Etrusque pestfere.
   The great man will be struck down in the day by a thunderbolt.
   An evil deed, foretold by the bearer of a petition.
   According to the prediction another falls at night time.
   Conflict at Reims, London, and pestilence in Tuscany.
   1 line. US president John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas on 22 November 1963 at noon when his motorcade drove through the city streets.
   3 line. His brother Robert Kennedy, a senator, was assassinated in a hotel on 5 June 1968 after midnight during his presidential campaign.
   American woman Gene Dixon wrote in a magazine in 1956 that a Democratic president, who would be elected in 1960, would be killed. She also predicted the assassination of Robert Kennedy.
   4 line. In 1963 Britain lost some of its colonies - they gained independence. The conflict was around British Honduras. Etruria is northern Italy, perhaps a breakthrough of a mountain dam is predicted, several thousand people died.
   The decoding of number 1.26. If rearrange the numbers - 261, 2 to consider as 2000, then 2000-61=1939. The second 9 turn over into 6, a permutation of the figures gives 1963.
   Quatrain 8.14 The 42nd president of USA
   Le grand credit, d'or d'argent l'abondance
   Aueuglera par libide l'honneur:
   Cogneu sera d'adultere l'offense,
   Qui paruiendra a son grand deshonneur.
   The great credit of gold and abundance of silver
   will cause honour to be blinded by lust;
   the offence of the adulterer will become known,
   which will occur to his great dishonour.
   Perhaps herein predicted a scandal 1998 related to the intimate relationship of Bill Clinton (b. 08.19.1946, US President from 01.20.1993 to 2001) with White House employee Monica Lewinsky. Clinton was fined, but remained at the presidency.
   The decoding of number 8.14. If rearrange the numbers - 481, 4 to consider as 4000, then 4000-81=3919. Rearrangement of numbers gives 1993 - the year of assuming the presidency of the USA.
   Quatrain 6.97* September 11 attacks
   Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruslera,
   Feu approcher de la grand cite neuue,
   Instant grand flamme esparse sautera,
   Quand on voudra des Normans faire preuue.
   At forty-five degrees the sky will burn,
   Fire to approach the great new city:
   In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up,
   When one will want to demand proof of the Normans.
   Some interpreters think a terrorist attacks in New York on 11 September 2001 was predicted in this quatrain.The city is located at 40,5of northern latitude. The name of the city has a word "New".
   The 3 line: When the passenger planes crashed into the twin towers, the fuel tanks with kerosene exploded and a huge fire flashed instantaneously.
   The 4 line: the word "Normans" could mean North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), although this is only an assumption.
   Probable decoding of number 6.97. If 6 flip in 9, 9 and 7 swap, 1 put at ahead and consider as 1000 then 1000-979=0021. First 0 and 2 swap we will get 2001 - the year of attacks.
   Quatrain 2.35 2 houses will burn
   Dans deux logis de nuict le feu prendra,
   Plusieurs dedans estouffez & rostis,
   Pres de deux fleuues pour seur il aduiendra
   Sol, l'Arc & Caper, tous seront amortis. B iiij
   The fire by night will take hold in two lodgings,
   Several within suffocated and roasted.
   It will happen near two rivers as one:
   Sun, Sagittarius and Capricorn all will be reduced.
   The 1 line: During the terrorist attack in New York in 2001, two towers were destroyed, but this was not at night, but in the morning. Perhaps the word nuict may be translated differently.
   The 2 line: The total number of dead is ~ 3000 people. Most of the people died in the first building. All people died who were above the floor on which the fire had started. In the second skyscraper the stairs remained accessible. Many people could descend from the upper floors.
   The 3 line: On the map of New York, you can see that the twin towers were not far from two rivers junction.
   In the 4th line Nostradamus indicates zodiac signs Sagittarius and Capricorn (Arc & Caper), which correspond to the end of December. Burning of collapsed buildings lasted more than three months. As a result of the skyscrapers fall, the buildings surrounding them were damaged, their structures were deteriorated. Only in December the fire was finally extinguished. Some buildings collapsed immediately, the others were dismantled later.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.97.
   Quatrain 3.60 Muslim refugees
   Par toute Asie grande proscription,
   Mesme en Mysie, Lysie, & Pamphylie:
   Sang versera par absolution,
   D'vn ieune noir remply de felonnie.
   Throughout all Asia (Minor) great proscription,
   Even in Mysia, Lycia and Pamphilia.
   Blood will be shed because of the absolution
   Of a young black one filled with felony.
   In the ancient times Mysia and Lycia were areas on the territory of modern Turkey, Pamphilia - coastal area in the southern part of Asia Minor. Military conflicts in the Middle East and Africa led to the migration of the Muslim population part to Europe. The according to some information 28 million Muslims live in Europe. Only a quarter of them are citizens of Europe, and the rest are refugees. Intervention in Libya provoked a large number of refugees. In 2011 the USA army participated in the Libyan conflict upon Obama's order. Because of the war in Iraq and Syria, a new wave of Muslim refugees poured into Europe.
   With his rise to power in 2009 Obama increased the number of troops in Afghanistan. This year has been the bloodiest for the United states during the Afghan war.
   Nostradamus writes about the young black man. Maybe it's Obama. However, in 2009 he was 48 years old - this is the average age. It is possible that this quatrain is about the another person.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.33.
   The decoding of number 3.60. If 3-1=2, 2 consider as 2000, 6 flip in 9, 90 swap 09 then we will get 2009 - the year of Obama election.
   The predictions about Russia
   0x08 graphic
   Russia - a great country, the largest in terms of territory, has preserved the richest natural resources. Its historical role - to be the protector of peace and justice in the World. Russia saved Europe from the Napoleonic wars and from the Hitler's occupation. The First World War was also stopped by Lenin. The Russian people gave the world outstanding geniuses of science and art. The prophet called Russia Babylon, that is, a conglomeration of different nationalities.
   Thanks to the Russian revolution the social system has changed everywhere, and the whole world now lives in the "Golden Age". The whole history of the Russian state is the history of invasions, coups, wars. And in the forthcoming 3 World War Russia will suffer more than other countries, but thereafter, the prophet predicts, "the great nation will be reborn." Once again, Russia will give the world hope.
   Quatrain 5.45 Bronze beard reign
   Le grand Empire sera tost desole,
   Et translate pres d'arduenne silue:
   Les deux bastards pres l'aisne decolle,
   Et regnera Aeneodarb, nez de milue.
   The great Empire will soon be desolated
   And transferred to near the Ardennes:
   Two bastards from the eldest will be removed.,
   And Bronze beard the hawk-nose will reign.
   Nostradamus often made mistakes in words. Perhaps the word Aeneodarb means Bronze beard. This fits to Ivan the Terrible: he had a hawk-nose and a bronze beard. In 1545 he was 15 years old. At that time it was considered an adult, and he became a full-fledged ruler.
   The Ardennes forest has nothing to do with Russia. Perhaps it is used in the sense of allegory: empty as in the Ardennes forest.
   Two bastards. The tzar had a younger brother, who retired to his estate. Presumably, the first wife of Ivan's father had a son also. He was born in a monastery where to first wife was exiled.
   Perhaps the 1st line speaks of many executions, robberies and wars that devastated the country.
   The decoding of number 5.45. The year is explicit. If 1 to put in front, then 1545 - is the year that the reign began.
   Quatrain 10.57 Ivan IV
   Le subleue ne cognoistra son sceptre,
   Les enfans ieunes des plus grands honnira:
   Oncques ne fut vn plus ord cruel estre,
   Pour leurs espouses a mort noir bannira.
   The uplifted one will not know his scepter,
   He will disgrace the young children of the greatest ones:
   Never was there a more filthy and cruel being,
   For their wives the king will banish them to death.
   Ivan IV Vasilyevich (Terrible) 25.08.1530 - 18.03.1584, Tsar of Russia from 1547.
   The 1 line. Several times during his reign, the tsar tried to abdicate, but returned every time. On January 3, 1565, being in Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda, he sent a letter about abdication to the clergy, boyar Duma and people. Probably, it was just a political maneuver. If he wanted to abjure, he would have done it.
   The 3 line. Ivan IV not for nothing was called Terrible. His numerous executions were particularly cruel. His oprichniks captured and executed both ordinary people and boyars, sometimes killed whole families. The murders were accompanied by robberies and bribes. Such executions led to the disappearance of people and defeats in the war.
   The 2 line. The Englishman, Jerome Gorsi, who knew the tsar, wrote that the tsar himself boasted that he had corrupted a thousand virgins and that thousands of his children were deprived of their lives. Everyone knows that he personally killed his son.
   The 4 line. From 1571 to 1575 the he changed 5 wives. Four died a violent death, one was exile.
   The 2nd option: Oliver Cromwell refused to be king in 1657, despite the fact that most parliamentarians voted for it.
   The 2 line on expelling the children of Charles II from England.
   The 3.4 lines about the brutal suppression uprising by Cromwell, including the murder of women and children.
   Probable decoding of number 10.57. 10-1=9. If 9 flip in 6 then we will get 657 - year, when Cromwell became a lord protector.
   Quatrain 4.14 Peter I
   La mort subiette du premier personnage,
   Aura change & mis vn autre au regne:
   Tost, tard venu a si haut & bas aage,
   Que terre & mer faudra qu'on le craingne.
   The sudden death of the first personage
   Will have caused a change and put another in the reign:
   Soon, late come so high and of low age,
   Such by land and sea that it will be necessary to fear him.
   Peter I the Great (1672-1725) was tsar of Russia.
   The 1 line. Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich died in 1676 suddenly, from a heart attack. Peter was then in his fourth year.
   The 2 line. Peter I was coronated in April 1682, when he was only 10 years old. In fact, princess Sophia ruled the country. Peter seize to take power in his hands in 1689 - "late" in 7 years. Then he was only 17 years old - "low age."
   The 4 line. He built a fleet, fought a lot and won on land and sea. He expanded the country's borders to the north, to the south and to the east.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.49.
   The decoding of number 4.14. If 1 put at ahead and consider as 1000 then 1000-414=586, 5 flip in 2; by swapping these numbers we will get 682 - the year of coronation.
   Quatrain 1.49 Russian-Turkish war
   Beaucoup, beaucoup auant telles menees,
   Ceux d'Orient, par la vertu Lunaire,
   L'an mil sept cens seront grands emmenees,
   Subiugant presque le coing Aquilonaire.
   Long before these happenings
   the people of the East, influenced by the Moon
   in the year 1700 will cause many to be carried away,
   and will almost subdue the Northern area.
   "Long before" 1700, from the 14th century, the Ottoman Empire captured considerable territories in Europe. The moon (crescent moon) was on the flag of the Ottoman Empire.
   The 3 line. The Russian-Turkish war lasted for 14 years. Peter I was able to win the fortress of Azov from the Turks. He did not go further, as he planned to start a war with the Swedes. In Constantinople on July 14, 1700, a peace treaty was signed between Russia and the Ottoman Empire. Azov moved to Russia, and also: Taganrog, Pavlovsk, Mius. Under the agreement, the Crimean Tatars stopped raided and stopped to take a tribute. The Turks liquidated the fortresses at the Dnieper.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.14.
   Probable decoding of number 1.49. 1000-94=906, if 9 is put at end, 069+1=070, 0 is put at end then we we get 700 - the year of peace treaty.
   Quatrain 3.28 Catherine II
   De terre foible & pauure parentelle
   Par bout & paix paruiendra dans l'Empire,
   Long temps regner vne ieune femelle,
   Qu'oncq' en regne n'en furuint vn si pire.
   Of land weak and parentage poor,
   Through piece and peace he will attain to the empire.
   For a long time a young female to reign,
   Never was in a reign of the worst.
   The 1 line. Perhaps this is the prediction about Catherine II (1729-1796) - empress of Russia from 1762. Her father was the commandant, and then the governor of the small German town of Stettin. No one prepared her for the queen. From a childhood she was accustomed to home work. She could expect to marry some German prince. Her mother was in distant relationship with the Russian royal family.
   The 2 line. In 1745, when Catherine's marriage to Peter III took place, as predicted by Nostradamus, in Russia there were no wars. This was the period of the reign of Elizabeth I.
   The 3 line. When Catherine came to Russia, she was only 16 years old. She ruled 34 years and quite successfully. During her rule for Russia the status of the Great Power firmly entrenched. She has expanded the country's borders. However, Alaska was sold to America (gold Klondike) for a purely symbolic price.
   The 4 line. Catherine had many favourites; she often changed them. In her debauchery she involved ladies and the whole environment, which led to a drop in morality among the higher nobility. As N. Pavlenko writes: "Neither before Catherine, nor after it, debauchery reached such a wide scale and did not manifest itself in such frankly provocative form."
   The decoding of number 3.28. If 1 is put at ahead and consider as 1000 then 1000-238=762 - the year beginning of reign.
   Quatrain 2.29 Suvorov A.V.
   L'oriental sortira de son siege,
   Passer les monts Apennins, voir la Gaule,
   Transpercera du ciel les eaux & neiges
   En vn chacun frappera de sa gaule.
   The Easterner will leave his seat,
   To pass the Apennine mountains to see Gaul:
   He will go through the sky, the waters and the snow,
   And everyone will be struck with his rod.
   The Easterner is Suvorov Alexander Vasilievich (13.11.1730-06.05.1800), an outstanding Russian commander, field marshal, count, knight of all Russian orders. He had no defeats.
   2 line. In the war of the 2nd coalition, Suvorov commanded the combined Russian-Austrian army. In 1799, he liberated the entire north of Italy from the French and planned to go to France, but was redirected to Austria.
   3 line. Ivan Vasilyevich safely led his army through a snowy, inaccessible pass in the Alps. His army more than once overcame water barriers.
   4 line. After crossing the mountains, he defeated significantly superior enemy forces, with minimal losses.
   Decoding of number 2.29. The numbers rearrange - 292. If 2 to consider as 2000, then 2000-92=1908. 0 and 8 rearrange. 1980-1=1979. The numbers rearrange and get 1799. 9 in the number is September - the month of the Swiss campaign.
   Quatrain 2.30 Suvorov - the horror of French
   Vn qui les dieux d'Annibal infernaux
   Fera renaistre effrayeur des humains
   Oncq plus d'horreur, ne plus pire iournaux
   Qu'aduint viendra par Babel aux Romains.
   One who the infernal gods of Hannibal
   Will cause to be reborn, terror of mankind
   Never in the newspapers will more horror be printed
   Than when an alien from Babylon will come to the Romans.
   Like the previous quatrain, this is about the Italian campaign of Suvorov 1799, which glorified him throughout Europe. All newspapers wrote about the amazing victories of Russians in Italy. In England the field marshal was revered almost on a par with Nelson. The Italians met the Russians as liberators.
   In this quatrain, as in some others, the prophet calls Russia Babylon.
   1 line. Just as the great Hannibal crossed the Alps at one time and won a number of victories in the Romans, Suvorov repeated his campaign in something.
   Nostradamus was French and looked at everything from their point of view. For them Suvorov was a thunderstorm and horror, because he defeated them everywhere.
   Connection with other quatrains: 2.29.
   Decoding of number 2.30. The numbers rearrange - 203. If 2 to consider as 2000, then 2000-03=1997. The numbers rearrange and get 1799.
   Quatrain 5.23 Russian-Ottoman fleet
   Les deux contents seront vnis ensemble
   Quant la pluspart a Mars sera conioinct:
   Le grand d'Affrique en effrayeur & tremble,
   Duumuirat par la classe desioint.
   The two contented ones will be united together,
   When for the most part they will be conjoined with Mars:
   The great one in Africa trembles in terror,
   Duumvirate fleet will disjoined.
   In August 1798 the Russian fleet united with its former enemy, the Ottoman fleet. They joined the anti-French coalition and began joint action in the Mediterranean. Ushakov commanded the combined fleet and very successfully.
   2 line. The second anti-French coalition included most of the great powers of that time: Russia, Britain, Austria, the Ottoman Empire. They teamed united for war with the French Republic. And Mars, as you know, is the god of war.
   3 line. In early August 1798 in the naval battle of Abukir, the English fleet under the command of Nelson destroyed almost all of Napoleon's ships. The Great was in Africa deprived of the opportunity to return the army to France.
   4 line. In August 1799 the Turkish fleet returned to Constantinople. In October 1800, by order of the emperor, the Russian fleet returned to Sevastopol.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.9.
   Decoding of number 5.23. If to flip 5 in 2 and to consider as 2000, then 2000-23=1977. 1977+1=1978. Replace 9 and 7 we get 1798 year.
   Quatrain 1.9 Fyodor Ushakov
   De l'Orient viendra le c?ur Punique,
   Facher Hadrie & les hoirs Romulides,
   Accompagn de la classe Libique
   Trembler Mellites, & proches Isles vuides.
   From the Orient will come the Punic heart
   to trouble Hadrie and the heirs of Romulus.
   Accompanied by the Libyan fleet
   the temples of Mellites and nearby islands shall be deserted.
   The 1 line - east, in the understanding of the prophet who lived in France, these are the slavic peoples, Russia. This is a prophecy about the Mediterranean march of the Russian-Ottoman fleet of 1798-1800, as part of the troops of the anti-French coalition.
   The 3 line. Emperor Paul I ordered Vice Admiral Fyodor Ushakov to unite with the recent enemy, the Turkish fleet. Nostradamus calls it Libyan, but Libya was part of the Ottoman Empire. Despite the fact that the Turkish naval commander was higher in the rank, Sultan ordered him to obey the Russian commander in all and learn from him.
   Adria is the Adriatic sea, in which the Admiral freed the Ionian islands from the French. Then he went to the shores of Italy. The heirs of Romulus are Italians. Ushakov acted very successfully off the Italian coast. He freed several cities on the coast of Italy, including Venice and Naples. Even the famous Nelson could not protect Naples, and Ushakov liberated him. The glory of the admiral was so, that when his army went to Rome, the French left the city without even trying to resist.
   Nostradamus did not in vain put this outstanding personality among the first ten quatrains. He was the only one of all naval commanders who did not defeat a single battle, did not lose a single ship in battle, none of his subordinates was captured! Ushakov and Suvorov are the military glory and pride of Russia.
   In Sanaksar monastery his uncle, the abbot of the monastery and monks prayed for him. The Admiral himself was a believer. Many of his ships carried the names of Christian saints. The flagship ship of Ushakov was called the "Nativity of Christ". While in retirement, he often visited the Sanaksar monastery and was buried there, later sainted. To this day, the monks of this monastery honor their holy Ushakovs.
   The decoding of number 1.9. 9-1=8. If 18 consider as 1800 - it will be the year of end of Mediterranean march.
   Quatrain 5.26 Change the prince
   La gent esclaue par vn heur martiel,
   Viendra en haut degr tant esleu:
   Changeront prince, naistra vn prouincial,
   Passer la mer copie aux monts leu.
   The slavish people through luck in war
   Will become elevated to a very high degree:
   They will change their Prince, one born a provincial,
   An army raised in the mountains, passed over the sea.
   Probably this prophecy, like the previous one, about the successful participation of Russia in the Second Coalition war (1799-1802) against the French. The second line refers to military success, and in the latter - about military operations in the mountains and the sea. Thanks to Suvorov's talent, the Russian army crossed the Alps and won a brilliant victory over the superior forces of the enemy, surprising the whole of Europe. The undefeated Admiral Ushakov liberated the Ionian Islands and the south of Italy from the French. Thanks to their merits Russia's authority has risen very high.
   The 3 line. During this period in 1801 Paul I was killed. Alexander I ascended the Russian throne. Nostradamus calls him provincial because the last 39 years he was a monk far from the capital.
   Continuation of the glory of the Russian army was the victory over Napoleon in 1812 and the capture of Paris in 1814.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.08, 1.9, 5.20.
   The decoding of number 5.26. if 5 flip in 2 and 6 in 9 then 200-92=108. 1 is put at end; by swapping numbers we will get 1801 - the year of the prince's change.
   Quatrain 9.8 Paul I
   Puisnay Roy fait son pere mettre mort,
   Apres conflict de mort tres-inhonneste:
   Escrit trouu soubson donra remort,
   Quand loup chass pose sur la couchette. I ij
   The younger son made King will put his father to death,
   After the conflict dishonest death:
   Inscription found, suspicion will bring death,
   When the wolf driven out lies down ion the bedstead.
   The 1 line. Perhaps, here Nostradamus was not entirely accurate. Alexander was not the youngest, but the eldest son of Emperor Paul I and Maria Feodorovna. Emperor Paul I (1754-1801) was killed in his bedroom by conspirators. The Alexander knew about the conspiracy, but there is no evidence that it was he who initiated this murder.
   The 3 line. During the last years of the reign Alexander often remained in apathy, ceased to be interested in the affairs of the state. Presumably, he was tormented by remorse, because of involvement in the murder of his father. The according to the official version in 1825 the king died while traveling. The according to gossip he simulated death.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.86, 5.26.
   The decoding of number 9.8. 8+1=9. 900-90=810. If 1 and 0 swap then we will get 801 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 4.75 Defeat of French in Russia
   Pre[s]t a combattre fera defection,
   Chef aduersaire obtiendra la victoire:
   L'arriere garde fera defention
   Les deffaillans mort au blanc territoire.
   Ready to fight one will desert,
   The chief adversary will obtain the victory:
   The rear guard will make a defense,
   The faltering ones dead in the white territory.
   The first line is that the attacker will be defeated.
   Judging by the last line, Nostradamus predicted the French retreat from October to December 1812 through the snowy territory of Russia. Almost the entire army of Napoleon was destroyed by Russian troops, partisans, frost and famine.
   The decoding of number 4.75. If 5 to turn over by 2 and consider as 200, then 200-74=126. Turning 6 to 9, 9-1=8, a permutation of the figures gives 812 year.
   Quatrain 2.34 Duel A.S. Pushkin?
   L'ire insensee du combat furieux,
   Fera a table par freres le fer luyre,
   Les departir mort blesse curieux,
   Le fier duelle viendra en France nuyre.
   Crazy outcome of a fierce duel
   Will force the brothers at the table to pull out their weapons.
   Mortally wounded valuable (unique).
   A proud duel will come r to France of offender.
   Perhaps a duel was predicted between A.S. Pushkin and E. Dantes at January 29, 1837. The Frenchman Dantes for a long time intrusively and without result looked after Pushkin's wife. This led to their mutual hatred.
   In the 2nd line Nostradamus calls them brothers, apparently because they were married to sisters Natalya and Ekaterina Goncharov.
   The 3 line. Two duels were avoided. In the 3rd, Pushkin was mortally wounded. He is the "largest diamond in the crown" of Russian literature.
   The 4 line. Dantes was deported to France. He was followed by his wife Catherine.
   Estimated decoding of number 2.34. Let's rearrange the numbers - 432. If 4 to consider as 400, then 400-32=368. 6+1=7 (378). Rearrangement of numbers gives 837 - the year of the duel.
   Quatrain 1.39 Alexander I
   De nuict dan le lict le supresme estrangle
   Pour trop auoir subiourn blond esleu
   Par trois l'Empire subroge exancle,
   A mort mettra carte, pacquet ne leu.
   At night the last one will be strangled in his bed
   because he became too involved with the blond heir elect.
   The Empire is enslaved and three men substituted.
   He put card to death, packet be not read.
   Alexander I Pavlovich (1777-1825-1864) - the emperor of all Russia from 1801. As predicted in the first line, Emperor Paul I died at the hands of the conspirators on the night of March 24, 1801 in his bedchamber. His son and heir Alexander was a blond, tall and handsome. Many wanted his rule - he was dragged into a conspiracy against his father. At the beginning of the reign of Alexander I the so-called Committee of Public Salvation played an important role in governing the state. Count Stroganov, Count Kochubey, Prince Czartoryski entered it.
   The 4 line. From the young years the fate was preparing the king to fulfill his plans. He was visited by such thoughts that he would someday leave the throne and lead the life of a hermit. By 1825 the decision to leave the throne had matured in him definitively. To accomplish this, he chose not to abdication, but to simulate a death (as predicted). Instead of him, someone else was buried. They paid well for the silence, and to this day the mystery is not revealed. The tsar lived for 39 years under the name of the Feodor Kuzmich, conceiving his sin. Feodor is the name of the grandfather on the maternal line. He died in 1964 in Tomsk, which was indicated by the prophet in the number of the quatrain. The old man had a secret package that disappeared without a trace.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.08, 5.26.
   The decoding of number 1.39. If 9 flip in 6 then 1000-36=964, 9-1=8 we will get 864 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 6.72 Alexandra Feodorovna
   Par fureur faincte d'esmotion diuine,
   Sera la femme du grand fort violee:
   Iuges voulans damner telle doctrine,
   Victime au peuple ignorant immolee.
   Through feigned fury of divine emotion
   The wife of the great one will be raped:
   The judges wishing to condemn such a doctrine,
   She is sacrificed a victim to the ignorant people.
   Alexandra Feodorovna (6 June 1872 - 17 July 1918) - wife of Nicholas II from 1894, Empress of Russia.
   The 1 and 2 lines about what was not made public, but not hidden from Nostradamus - this is the sexual violence of Grigori Rasputin against this woman. They met in 1905. He had a powerful physique, the ability to heal, was a hypnotist. He had a huge impact on women. The house in which he lived had the glory of a brothel. The Empress was dependent on him, as her son and heir had hemophilia, and Rasputin was able to alleviates his condition. He explained his sexual harassment with of divine emotion. Through the Empress Rasputin influenced the king and politics.
   Provisional government condemned his activities.
   In 1916 he was killed by the conspirators.
   The 4 line. In 1918 Alexandra Feodorovna having been killed without trial.
   The decoding of number 6.72. If 6 to turn by 9 and subtract 1, then 872 is the year, and 6 is the day and month of the empress's birth (exact date)!
   Quatrain 2.11* Birth of Stalin
   Le prochain fils de l'asnier paruiendra
   Tant esleue iusques au regne des forts,
   Son aspre gloire vn chacun la craindra,
   Mais ses enfans du regne iettez hours. B ij
   The nearest son of the elder will attain
   Very great height as far as the realm of the privileged:
   Everyone will fear his fierce glory,
   But his children will be thrown out of the realm.
   Some interpreters of Nostradamus believe that this is a prophecy about Stalin I.V (1878-1953). This can be accepted. The second and third lines completely correspond to the image of Stalin. He rose high, becoming the head of the gigantic empire of the USSR. Stalin's repressions, executions and camps became black pages in the history of the Union. Even there an abroad were afraid his.
   Translation of the last line does not correspond to historical facts. Stalin's children were not only not expelled, but on the contrary, they were not allowed to leave the country. The eldest son Yakov was killed in captivity during the Second World war. After the death of his father, Vasily tried to leave for China, because of which he was convicted and spent almost all the last years in prison. Daughter Svetlana Alilueva went to India under the pretext of a friend's funeral and there she asked for asylum at the US Embassy.
   Perhaps the translation of the last line is not entirely accurate.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.57.
   The decoding of number 2.11. If 1 consider as 1000 then 1000-12=988, 9 flip in 6, 6+1=7, 7 is put between 88 we will get 878 - the year of birth.
   Quatrain 6.9 Lenin's article about religion
   Aux temples saints seront faits grds scanda- (les),
   Comptez seront par honneur & loanges
   D'vin que l'on grau d'argent, d'or les medalles,
   La fin sera en tourmens bien estranges.
   In the sacred temples scandals will be perpetrated,
   They will be reckoned as honors and commendations:
   Of one of whom they engrave medals of silver and of gold,
   The end will be in very strange torments.
   Article V.I. Lenin: "On the attitude of the workers' party to religion" was published on May 13. 1909 "We must not only allow, but exclusively involve all workers who maintain faith in God in the Social-Democratic party, we are certainly against the slightest insult to their religious beliefs." Judging by this quote, the pogroms of the churches were inflections on the places. Atheism was Lenin's greatest mistake. There is no excuse for this, but one can find an explanation. The media before the revolution was printed products: newspapers, magazines, books. The common people were almost completely illiterate and did not read anything, but almost everyone went to church. Such postulate of the Christian religion as "non-resistance to evil by violence" was used to keep people in obedience. The priests preached humility, obedience and patience. This hampered to Lenin in his struggle. Before him stood the very a difficult task: the most inert nation to raise up for revolution, and he excellently managed with it.
   In the third line of the quatrain it is said about printing the profile of the leader on money, medals, , etc. in the days of the USSR.
   In the 4th line the prophet foretold what is still shrouded in mystery - the death of Lenin. There are suggestions that he died of poisoning, which he received under the guise of treatment.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.4, 1.25.
   The decoding of number 6.9. If 6 flip in 9, 1 is put at ahead then 1900+9=1909 - the year of publication of article.
   Quatrain 5.83 An unparalleled realm
   Ceux qui auront entrepris subuertir
   Nompareil regne puissant & inuincible,
   Feront par fraude, nuicts trois aduertir,
   Quand le plus grand a table lira Bible.
   Those who will have undertaken to subvert,
   An unparalleled realm, powerful and invincible:
   They will act through deceit, nights three to warn,
   When the greatest one will read his Bible at the table.
   An unparalleled realm, powerful and invincible, it could be Russia, since there were no coups in the USA. In addition, the United States was originally not a kingdom, but a republic. Consequently, the Revolution in 1917 is predicted in this quatrain. In February, mass spontaneous uprisings of workers and soldiers were caused by war and famine. They led to the Revolution, the overthrow of the emperor, the creation of the Provisional Government. Lenin was in Switzerland at that time.
   On the night of October 24-25, the Bolsheviks seized power. Armed units took control of railway stations, post offices, telegraphs, banks. By morning, the Provisional Government had only the Winter Palace without light and communications. The next night, the Kerensky government was deposed. Thanks to the leadership of Lenin, the coup occurred quickly, almost without resistance and bloodshed.
   The last line, perhaps about Nicholas II - he was a religious man.
   The decoding of number 5.83. If 5 to turn over in 2 and to consider as 2000, then 2000-83=1917 - the year of the Revolution in Russia.
   Quatrain 8.17* Russian Revolution
   Les bien sisez subit seront desmis,
   Le monde mis par les trois freres en trouble.
   Cit marine saisiront ennemis,
   Faim, feu, sang, peste, & de tous maux le double.
   Those at ease will suddenly be cast down,
   the world put into trouble by three brothers;
   their enemies will seize the marine city,
   hunger, fire, blood, plague, all evils doubled.
   Judging by the first line this prophecy about the revolution.
   The 2 line. Probably, this must be understood in a figurative sense, as brothers in spirit: Marx, Engels and Lenin.
   The marine city is Petersburg.
   The 4 line. It's about the hard years after the revolution: ruin, hunger, war. Despite the fact that Lenin's 1 decree was about peace, the peace did not come. Civil war began, intervention, red terror.
   Nevertheless, the Russian revolution changed the world for the better. In the next decade many countries moved from the monarchical system to the republican one. The elements of socialism now exist in many countries of the world.
   Quatrain is tagged *, since such events are so clearly described, no doubt, were deciphered before me.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.3, 1.4, 1.25, 4.11, 3.67, 8.19.
   The decoding of number 8.17. The year is indicated almost explicitly. If 8+1=9 then it will be 917 - the year of revolution.
   Quatrain 1.3 The reds and whites
   Quand la lictiere du tourbillon versee
   Et seront faces de leurs manteaux couuerts,
   La republique par gens nouueaux vexee,
   Lors blancs & rouges iugeront l'enuers.
   When the litters are overturned by the whirlwind
   and faces are covered by cloaks,
   the new republic will be troubled by its people.
   At this time the reds and the whites will rule wrongly.
   Since the first 2 quatrains are not prophecies, the third quatrain is the very first prediction of Nostradamus, and it is about the Russian Revolution. This shows how important it was to this historical event.
   The 4 line - after the revolution Sverdlov, Trotsky, Bukharin, etc. occupied leading posts in the state. Trotsky and Bukharin came to Russia from America after the revolution and with great money. It is clear that a lot of money just will not give! Sverdlov, although he took an active part in the revolution, according to some sources, worked for the euro bankers. And such "white, red" was a lot at that time.
   The 2 line of the quatrain is involuntarily associated with Dzerzhinsky, who wore a very long cloak.
   The prophet in the letter to Henry II have a prediction of the October Revolution. "And it will be in the month of October so that there will be several great displacements, and such that it seems that the weight of the earth has lost its natural movement, to plunge into eternal darkness, there will be a spring preceding in time, and afterwards the greatest changes will begin ..."
   It is no longer surprising that the prophet accurately indicates the year. It's amazing that here the month of the revolution is precisely indicated - October! "Spring ... change" - apparently, the February revolution of 1917.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 8.17.
   The decoding of number 1.3. 100-3=97. If 1 is put between 97 then will be 917 - the year of Revolution.
   Quatrain 9.51 Intervention in Russia
   Contre les rouges sectes se banderont,
   Feu, eau, fer, corde par paix se minera,
   Au point mourir ceux qui machineront,
   Fors vn que monde sur tout ruynera.
   Against the red ones sects will conspire,
   Fire, water, steel, rope through peace will weaken:
   On the point of dying those who will plot,
   Except one who above all the world will ruin.
   The 1, 2 lines. It can be assumed that the intervention in Russia and the civil war of 1918-1921 are predicted here. 14 countries participated in the intervention. The Russian White Guard joined them. The red can be understood as the bolsheviks.
   The 3 line. Almost all the Communists who participated in the revolution were exterminated by the Red terror and the Stalin's repression. Before the revolution they worked clandestinely like conspirators.
   The 4 line maybe about Stalin. Having seized power, he became the tyrant of the country for 27 years. However Hitler is more coincide with this line - he the world will ruin.
   Possible decoding of the number 9.51. If 5 to turn over into 2 and to consider as 2000, then 2000-19=1981, rearranged 81 we get 1918.
   Quatrain 1.4 The universe will create Monarch
   Par l'vniuers sera fait vn Monarque,
   Qu'en paix & vie ne sera longuement,
   Lors se perdra la piscature barque,
   Sera regie en plus grand detriment.
   The universe will create Monarch,
   who will have little peace and a short life.
   At this time the ship of the Papacy will be lost,
   Reign (will be) with greatest detriment.
   The fourth quatrain is the second prediction of the prophet and, perhaps, it is about Lenin. He lived for 54 years and gave his entire conscious life to the struggle against oppression, for the creation of an equitable society.
   The 2 line. After the revolution and the civil war, he lived in peacetime only two years. He pursued the policy of the NEP (New Economic Policy) - free enterprise under the control of the people's power. In fact, he began to build bourgeois socialism, something that many capitalist countries have now come to.
   The 4 line. After Lenin's death, Stalin banned all business. There was no freedom: there was no election, there was no multiparty system, the borders were closed, the peasants were enslaved. Everybody could to speak and to do only that what like to comrade Stalin. Step to the left, step to the right - execution. It can be said that with him there was a socialist monarchy, i.e. the absolute power of one person for the rest of his life. To some extent, the history of the French Revolution was repeated, where the monarch-tyrant Napoleon came to replace the republic, and in Russia - the tyrant monarch Stalin.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.25, 6.9, 1.3, 8.17, 4.11.
   Probable decoding of number 1.4. 1+1=2. (19)24 - year of death.
   Quatrain 1.25 Lenin V.I.
   Perdu, trouue, cache de si long siecle,
   Sera pasteur demy Dieu honore,
   Ains que la Lune acheue son grand cycle,
   Par autres vieux sera deshonore.
   The lost, is discovered, hidden for many centuries.
   Pastor will be celebrated almost as a god-like figure.
   When the moon completes her great cycle,
   but by other rumours he shall be dishonoured.
   Quatrain 1.25, most likely, about Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Luna) 04.20.1870 - 01/21/1924. He was, in a sense, a pastor-teacher and leader of the common people. He had a phenomenal memory, fluent in 5 languages, had outstanding oratorical abilities. A perfectly educated, magnificent lawyer, he could live a quiet and prosperous life. But he chose the hard way of fighting. He went through jails and links to help the most deprived, who could not give him anything in return, except their love. In the USSR he was revered as a "demigod". His portraits and monuments were everywhere, his works were studied in all educational institutions. Nowadays his teaching: "factories and plants - to the workers, land to the peasants" became unnecessary. His heritage is silenced in every possible way.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.4, 1.3, 8.17, 6.57.
   The decoding of number 1.25. If 5 flip in 2 then 1000-22=978, 9+1=10, 1 is put at end; by swapping these numbers we will get 1870 - the year of birth.
   An alternative opinion says that this is a prophecy about the French microbiologist Louis Pasteur. The word pasteur completely coincides with his surname, however, it is written with a small letter. Lune is written with a capital letter and means not a satellite of the Earth, but the name of a person. In terms of meaning, Lenin is more suited to this quatrain than Pasteur.
   Quatrain 8.34* Death of Lenin
   Apres victoire du Lyon au Lyon,
   Sus la montagne de Ivra Secatombe,
   Delues & brodes septiesme million,
   Lyon, Vlme Mausol mort & tombe.
   After the victory of the Lion in the Lion,
   there will be great slaughter on the mountain of Jura;
   floods and dark coloured people of the seventh (of a million),
   Lyons, Ulm at the mausoleum death and the tomb.
   The last line says about death and the Mausoleum. Everyone understands that this is Lenin's Mausoleum on Red Square in Moscow. In French his name written Vladimir. Nostradamus indicates 3 consonant letters from this name Vlm, and the first letter V is the capital letter. Thus, the prophet ciphered and pointed to the name of the leader of the proletariat.
   The 1 line. On the day Lenin died in Lyon the Third Congress of the Communist Party of France was held. The congress appealed to the working people with an appeal in which it was said that Lenin gave himself all to the service of the proletariat and will forever remain in the people's memory like a burning torch and will never extinguish. The tens of thousands of French workers took to the streets of Paris and other cities to honor the memory of the Great Man. It was his victory in the hearts of people. This year in France the socialists came to power, and the economic growth began.
   Translation of the 2 and 3 lines raises doubts.
   Perhaps the sad future of Mausoleum, the prophet predicted in a message to Henry II: "The crypt, for long an object of such great veneration, will remain in the open, exposed to the sight of the heavens, the Sun and the Moon. The holy place will be converted into a stable for a herd large and small, and used for profane purposes."
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.4, 1.3, 8.17.
   The decoding of number 8.34. If 8+1=9, 3-1=2 then 924 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 8.19 The shooting of the family of Nicholas II
   A soustenir la grand cappe trouble,
   Pour l'esclaircir les rouges marcheront,
   De mort famille sera presque accable,
   Les rouges rouges le rouge assommeront.
   To support the great troubled cape;
   the reds will march in order to clarify it;
   a family will be almost overcome by death,
   the reds of reds will knock down by red.
   This prophecy about the shooting of royal family of Nicholas II on 17.07.1918 in Yekaterinburg. The presence of the royal family was a constant threat to the young republic. The supporters of the monarchy could rally around it for the purpose of its restoration. However, neither Lenin nor Dzerzhinsky gave not sanctions for the execution and were not even warned.
   The last line speaks of the "red terror", by which the Reds often killed and the Reds.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.11, 8.17, 1.3.
   The decoding of number 8.19. If 1 is put at end then by swapping these numbers we will get 1918 - the year of shooting.
   Quatrain 6.57 I. V. Stalin
   Celuy qu'estoit bien auant dans le regne,
   Ayant chef rouge proche la hierarchie:
   Aspre & cruel, & se fera tant craindre,
   Succedera a sacree monarchie.
   He who was well forward in the realm,
   Having a red chief close to the hierarchy,
   Harsh and cruel, and he will make himself much feared,
   He will succeed to the sacred monarchy.
   Nostradamus predicted the reign of Stalin (Dzhugashvili) Joseph Vissarionovich. By 1920 he was already 42 years old.
   The photograph illustrates the second line of the quatrain. Lenin and Stalin, the saviour and annihilator of peoples, sit side by side like yin and yang, symbolizing the eternal law of unity and struggle of opposites. Lenin wrote a letter to the Thirteenth Congress of the CPSU (B.) On the removal of Stalin, but he concealed Lenin's will. It was not published, and it was not in the materials of the congress. Stalin made a cunning step - he withdrew himself so that he was asked to return.
   The 3 line: "Harsh and cruel" does not require comment. Everyone knows about the repression of Stalin and the fact that everybody was afraid his.
   The February Revolution of 1917 in Russia led to the overthrow of the Russian autocracy and the creation of the republic. Stalin usurped power. From the late 1930's until his death in 1953, Stalin alone led the Soviet state. And although his post was called the First Secretary of the Central Committee, in fact, according to the fullness of power, he was a monarch: "He will succeed to the sacred monarchy."
   Linkage with other quatrains: 8.77, 2.70, 3.59.
   The decoding of number 6.57. If 7 consider as 700 then 700-65=635, 6 flip in 9, 1 put at ahead, 35 swap 53 we will get 1953 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 4.11 Dzerzhinsky F.E.
   Celuy qu'aura couuert de la grand cappe,
   Sera induit quelque cas patrer:
   Le douze rouges viendront souiller la nape,
   Soubs meurtre, meurtre se viendra perpetrer. D iij
   He who will have the government of the great cape
   Will be prevailed upon to perform several deeds:
   The twelve red one who will come to soil the cloth,
   Under murder, murder will come to be perpetrated.
   Perhaps this quatrain about Dzerzhinsky (1877-1926). Felix Edmundovich took an active part in the revolution. After it, he became a member of the Central Committee of the party, served as People's Commissar, founded and headed the Cheka. He wore a very long cloak (great cope). As the head of the Extraordinary Commission, he brutally pursued the opponents of the bolshevik regime. He was the initiator of the Red terror. "twelve red" - this line evokes association with the 12 apostles of Christ, almost all of them were killed. All of Lenin's closest associates by 1930 were killed by the Red terror and Stalin's repressions.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 8.19, 8.17, 1.3.
   The decoding of number 4.11. If 1 consider as 1000 then 1000-41=959, 5 flip in 2, 9 in 6, we will get 926 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 2.57 V. I. Chapaev
   Auant conflit le grand mur tombera,
   Le grand mort, mort trop subite & plainte
   Nef imparfaict: la plus part nagera,
   Aupres du fleuue de sang la terre tainte.
   Before the conflict the great wall will fall,
   The great one to death, death too sudden and lamented,
   Born perfect: the greater part will swim:
   Near the river the land stained with blood.
   Presumably, this is a prophecy about the death of the commander of the 25th Division Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev (1887-1919). In the number of the quatrain there are figures 25. His abilities for military affairs he showed even in the years of World War I, becoming a full Georgievsky knight. During the Civil War Chapayev was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. His division was considered the best on the Eastern Front. His popularity among soldiers and among the people grew rapidly.
   The 1 line. There are suggestions that Chapayev was a victim of betrayal. Air reconnaissance have hided from commander approaching the enemy. After the defeat of the Chapayev division, all four aircraft flew over to the White side. The headquarters of the division was located in Lbischensk. He was suddenly attacked early in the morning, when everyone was asleep.
   The 3 line. Vasily Ivanovich, seriously wounded at the very beginning of the battle, was transported on planks across the Ural. On the other shore, he died of a wound in the stomach, at the age of 32 years.
   The 4 line. All the captured Red army cossacks were shot by 100-200 people on the bank of the Ural river.
   Probable decoding of number 2.57. If 5 flip in 2 then 2000-72=1928, 2-1=1, 8+1=9 we will get 1919 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 1.15 70 years after the Revolution
   Mars nous menasse par sa force bellique,
   Septante fois fera le sang espandre,
   Auge & ruyne de l'Ecclesiastique,
   Et plus ceux qui d'eux rien voudront (entendre).
   Mars threatens us with the force of war
   and will cause blood to be spilt seventy times.
   The clergy will be both exalted and reviled moreover,
   by those who wish to learn nothing of them.
   Perhaps this is a prophecy about Russia, because it says about the reviled of the clergy. If we proceed from this assumption, then the second line about 70 years of Soviet power. It is true that not all 70 years the blood was spilled, but only until 1953: Civil war, 2-nd World and Stalin repressions. Further, under Khrushchev, Brezhnev there were no wars, no repressions. It was 30 years of relative prosperity for the Russia.
   Through 70 years the military threat reappeared. 70 years after the Revolution - it's 1987-1988. During this period, the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict arose in the Caucasus, and then other the "hot spots". The massive exodus of the peoples from Caucasus and their resettlement across Russia became a consequence of the conflict. Approximately from these years, crime in the country begins to grow dramatically. The number of missing people also increased. As you know, peoples from Caucasus are fighting in Syria and Ukraine on both sides.
   In the last 2 lines, the ruin of the church was predicted, and then the deaths of those who did not appreciate its relics. The greatest damage to the church was caused during the reign of Stalin.
   The decoding of number 1.15. If 1+1=2, 5 flip in 2, then 2000-12=1988.
   Quatrain 1.61 Putsch 1991
   La republique miserable infelice,
   Sera vaste du nouueau Magistrat,
   Leur grand amas de l'exil malefice,
   Fera Sueue rauir leur grand contract.
   The wretched, unfortunate republic
   will again be ruined by a new authority.
   The great amount of ill will accumulated in exile
   will make the Swiss break their important agreement.
   In all likelihood, this is a prophecy about big changes in Russia. In 1991 was the August putsch, it is the disintegration of the USSR, the end of the power of the CPSU and the transition of Russia from socialism to capitalism.
   The 1 line is quite suitable for the 90s. Indeed, with the coming to power of Yeltsin in place of Gorbachev, much has changed in the country. Production declined, unemployment, non-payment of wage, delayed pensions and benefits began. As a result of hyperinflation, the people lost all their savings and enterprises - assets.
   The second line can serve as a completely critical assessment by Nostradamus a privatization the state property after the transition to capitalism. "Although Russia's initial privatization legislation attracted widespread popular support given its promise to distribute the national wealth among the general public and ordinary employees of the privatized enterprises, eventually the public felt deceived". [Privatization in Russia. Wikipedea]
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.23, 3.95.
   The decoding of number 1.61. If 6 flip in 9 than 1000-19=981, 8+1=9 we will get 991 - the year of putsch.
   Quatrain 6.8 "Brain drain" from Russia
   Ceux qui estoient en regne pour sauoir
   Au Royal change deuiendront appouuris:
   Vns exilez sans appuy, or n'auoir,
   Lettres & lettres ne seront grand pris.
   Those who were in the realm for knowledge
   Will become impoverished at the change of King:
   Some exiled without support, having no gold,
   The lettered and letters will not be at a high premium.
   In the second line it is predicted that with the change of the king there will be a strong impoverishment. In 1991 as a result of the coup, Boris Yeltsin became president of Russia. This led to a rapid impoverishment of the population. The new government were not need scientists. They lost the support of the state, some even believed that they were prevented from working. On the other hand, after many decades of isolation, the Iron curtain opened - the opportunity to go abroad appeared.
   The United states and other capitalist countries are interested in obtaining ready scientists, without the costs of their education. They are also interested in weakening Russia's scientific potential and defensive capacity. Our specialists were invited to work, and for them provided conditions for development.
   In the 1990s, mass emigration of scientists began into the United states, Israel, Western Europe. The number of researchers who have gone abroad in these years is not known exactly and is estimated at between 20,000 and 500,000 people. At Russia their number fell by half. Internal processes contributed to this: people left science for other areas of activity.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.23, 1.61.
   Probable decoding of number 6.8. If 6 flip in 9, 1 is put at end 981, 8+1=9 we will get 991 - the year of putsch.
   Quatrain 6.23 B.N. Yeltsin
   D'e?prit de regne muni?mes de?criez.
   Et ?eront peuples e?meus contre leur Roy,
   Paix, faint nouueau ?aintes loix empires,
   Rapis onc fut en ?i tres-dur arroy.
   Coins depreciated by the spirit of the realm,
   And people will be stirred up against their King:
   New peace made, holy laws become worse,
   Rapis was never in so severe an array.
   Perhaps the king is Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin (1931-2007) - President of the Russian Federation (1991-1999).
   The 1 line. One of the first "acts" of the first president of the Russian Federation was "Liberalization of prices." The release of prices caused hyperinflation, which by mid-1992 destroyed all savings of the population and current assets of enterprises. Inflation was 2600% according to the results of 1992.
   The 2 line. Liberalization of prices led to galloping inflation, rising unemployment, as well as delays and non-payment of wages and benefits. Most of the population were below the poverty line. This caused general indignation and discontent with the policies of Yeltsin and Gaidar.
   The 4 line. In December 1992 the Congress of People's deputies and the Supreme Council tried to remove Yeltsin - he was impeached, but he managed to hold back power.
   "holy laws become worse" - the dissolution of the Congress of People's deputies and the Supreme Council.
   The word Rapis in the last line, with the permutation of letters, gives Paris. Perhaps this is a prophecy about France.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 3.95, 1.61.
   The decoding of number 6.23. If 6 flip in 9, 23 swap 32 we will get 932-1=931 - the year of birth.
   Quatrain 3.95* Boristhenes
   La loy Moricque on verra deffaillir,
   Apres vne autre beaucoup plus seductiue,
   Boristhenes premier viendra faillir,
   Par dons & Langues vne plus attractiue.
   The law of More will be seen to decline:
   After another much more seductive:
   Boristhenes first will come to give way:
   Through gifts and tongue another more attractive.
   The 1 line - Thomas More created the theory of utopian socialism, which was partially realized in Russia after the revolution, but was not effective. By the time of Yeltsin's appearance, the people were pretty tired of poor socialism, and after watching foreign films, many dreamed of a chic capitalistic life.
   The 3 line. His advent was received by the Russians with great optimism. The election campaign, organized by experts from the United states, was very successful (seductive). Many went to the polls and voted for Yeltsin.
   "Chic capitalist life" had come very quickly. Six months after the introduction of VAT and other draconian taxes, many enterprises curtailed their activities to a minimum or closed. Hyperinflation deprived the population of all savings. As a result of privatization, all that were built by the people during 70 years turned out to be in the hands of a handful of oligarchs and, for them really started a luxurious capitalist life.
   All the rest were given a voucher. The people, having gulp "chic life" quickly realized that their had fooled him, and regretted socialism, but everything was already divided. Not only the people turned out to be poor, but the country, as they say, "went around the world with an outstretched hand." The IMF loans began. Only after resignation of Yeltsin the life in the country a little bit improved: lost savings partially compensated, payment of salary, pensions and benefits get better.
   *Comment on the site "We and the Future", Viktor Kuzmich, Messages: 169.
   The first five letters of the name Boris, indicated by Nostradamus, coincide with the name of Yeltsin.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.93, 1.61.
   Probable decoding of number 3.95. If 39 swap 93, 5 flip in 2 then we will get 932-1=931 - the year of birth.
   Quatrain 7.33 Army under Yeltsin
   Par fraude, regne, forces expolier,
   La classe obsesse, passages a l'espie:
   Deux faincts amis se viendront t'allier,
   Esueiller haine de long temps assoupie.
   The kingdom stripped of its forces by fraud,
   the fleet blockaded, passages for the spy;
   two false friends will come to rally
   to awaken hatred for a long time dormant.
   Perhaps the Yeltsin's period is predicted here. At this time Russia is disarming, the defence industry is curtailing. The country is formally passing from the socialist to the capitalist system. In this regard cold relations with the United states are moving into the "warming" stage. American presidents visited Russia 5 times, of which 4 times - Clinton. The agreements are concluded on "bilateral" disarmament. As a result, the imbalance of armaments is in favor of NATO.
   Linkage with other quatrains:
   The decoding of number 7.33. 700-33=667. If 66 flip in 99, 1 is put at ahead, it will be 1997 year.
   Quatrain 6.33 Prophet's warning
   Sa main derniere par Alus sanguinaire,
   Ne se pourra plus la mer garentir;
   Entre deux fleuues craindre main militaire,
   Le noir l'ireux le fera repentir.
   His last hand through 'Alus' sanguinary,
   He will be unable to protect himself by sea:
   Between the two rivers [should] be wary of a military hand.
   The black and irate one will make him rue it.
   The first two lines, perhaps, about the refusal of French President Hollande to transfer Mistral assault ship to the Russian military, despite the fact that the advance payment for them was paid. The reason for the refusal was the military conflict in Ukraine.
   The third line is probably about Mesopotamia - the territory between the two rivers Tigris and Euphrates, where now locate the countries of Iraq, in part Syria, Turkey, Iran. Now in this region, the conflict erupted between various Islam's groups. Russia took an active participation in this. Nostradamus warns of the danger of direct military intervention in this conflict. Half of the world can be plunged into the chaos of World war III. Russia's interference in the Syrian conflict complicated the country's already extremely tense international situation.
   The fourth line, in my opinion, does not need comments.
   Only 2-3 quatrains from ~ 1000 contain a warning. Consequently, in these rare cases there is no ultimate predetermination, and there is the opportunity to change the course of events.
   Terrorism is nothing compared to the World War III. Of the two evils choose the lesser.
   Let the word of the Prophet be not - in the voice of one screaming in the wilderness: "Between the two rivers [should] be wary of a military hand."
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.76.
   Probable decoding of number 6.33. If 3 consider as 300, 6 flip in 9, then 300-93=207, 1 is put before 7 it will be 2017 year.
   The predictions about France
   0x08 graphic
   Nostradamus was a Jew who was born and lived in France. Apparently he considered himself a Frenchman and loved his homeland. Most of his prophecies were about his native country. The prophet foretold all French kings, beginning with Henry II. For many centuries France has been among the leading countries of Europe. And now it is one of the leading countries in the world. Its capital, Paris, is one of the most beautiful European cities. Nostradamus sometimes calls the French as Gauls or cocks. Gaul is the Roman name of France. In Latin, the word Gallus means "cock". It became the symbol of France.
   Quatrain 8.44 Birth of Henry IV
   Le procree naturel dogmion,
   De sept a neuf du chemin destorner
   A roy de longue & amy[i] au my hom[e]
   Doit a Navarre fort de Pav prosterner.
   Natural Ogmyon will be born,
   Seven to nine will turn off the road
   To the king for many years of friendship in his house,
   Navarre obliged to worship to the staunch from Pau.
   The 1 line. In Celtic mythology Ogmyon symbolizes Hercules. Henry IV was a hero on the battlefield, showed steadfastness, courage, defeated his enemies and became king of France.
   The 4 line. Henry of Navarre Bourbon was born 13 December 1553 in the city of Pau, became the king of Navarre from 1572,
   The 2-3 lines. In 1561 (7 years) his father gave up of Henry for a parenting in the royal family. For many years he grew up and was brought up with the children of queen Catherine de Medici under one roof. Then he married her daughter Margarita, but this marriage was not successful.
   Connection with other quatrains: 6.42 - Ogmyon.
   The decoding of number 8.44. If numbers to rearrange - 448, 4 to consider as 400, then 400-48=352. 2 to turn over into 5 and return the initial order - 553, 1 to put in front it will be 1553 - the year of birth.
   Quatrain 4.8* Battle of Saint-Quentin
   La grand cit d'assaut pront & repentin,
   Surprins de nuict, gardes interrompus:
   Les excubies & veilles saint Quintin,
   Trucidez gardes & les portails rompus.
   The great city by prompt and sudden assault
   Surprised at night, guards interrupted:
   The guards and watches of Saint Quentin
   The guards killed and the portals broken.
   It's probably a prophecy about the battle of Saint Quentin in 1557. This city in the north of France is named after the holy martyr Quentin. Several big battles are associated with this city, which is called the guard of Paris. One of them was on August 10, 1557 during the 8th Italian War between the Spanish and the French. The city on the shore of the Somme, with a population of ~ 8 thousand people, was protected by old fortifications. Part of his garrison Duke of Guise took for the Italian campaign. Admiral Coligny, Governor of Picardy, entered the city on the night of August 3 with 300 infantrymen and 600 cavalrymans. Coligny could not hold the city, and by the end of August Saint Quentin was surrendered.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.25, 4.12.
   The decoding of number 4.8. If 1 is put at ahead, 8 consider as 800 then 800-41=759. 9 flip in 6, 6-1=5, by swapping numbers 755 we will get 557 - the year of battle.
   Quatrain 4.12 Defeated of the French 1557
   Le camp plus grand de route mis en fuite,
   Gueres plus outre ne sera pourchass:
   Ost recamp & region reduicte,
   Puis hors de Gaule du tout sera chass.
   The greater army put to flight in disorder,
   But then no one will be chase,
   The army will change camp, the legion will be reduced,
   Then it will be chased out completely from the Gauls.
   This is another prophecy about the battle of Saint-Quentin in 1557, in which the Spaniards defeated the French. The French lost almost all the guns, many noble nobles were captured. The army retreated to La Fer. 1 league before the city, the Spaniards stopped the persecution. Paris was not protected and the path to it was open. The Spaniards planned a campaign on it, but first it was necessary to take Saint-Quentin. While the city was take, Paris made ready for defense. The victorious Spaniards could not organize the supply of the 50 thousandth army and the army was disbanded.
   Decoding of number 4.12. The numbers rearrange - 142. If 2 to flip in 5, 1 to consider as 1000, then 1000-45 = 955. Turn 9 over in 6, 6+1 = 7 - 755 on the contrary will be 557 - the year of the battle.
   Quatrain 9.25 Invasion of the Spanish 1557
   Passant les Ponts venir pres des rosiers,
   Tard arriue plustost qu'il cuydera,
   Viendront les noues Espagnols a Besiers,
   Qui icelle chasse emprinse cassera.
   Crossing the bridges to come near the Roisiers,
   Sooner than he thought, he arrived late.
   The new Spanish will come to Bziers,
   So that this chase will break the enterprise.
   Perhaps this is a prophecy about the Spanish invasion to France in 1557. The word rosiers can mean the name of the settlements, however, it is written with a small letter, so it's more likely that the rouses are implied. This indicates daylight saving time. At the end of the summer of 1557, a Saint Quentin battle took place. The city defence was led by Admiral Coligny. The Spanish surrounded the city from all sides. The 20 thousand-strong French army under the command of Montmorency moved to help the people under the siege. The superior forces of the Spanish gained a quick victory.
   The 4 line: The remnants of army took refuge in La Fre. The Spanish stopped the pursuit 5 km before the city. Many French nobles were captured. The way to Paris was open. By this time duke of Guise had returned from Italy and gathered an army to protect the capital. The enemy ran out of money and the Spanish army was dissolved.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.8.
   The decoding of number 9.25. If 9 flip in 6 then 600-25=575. 7 and 5 swap, 1 put in front, we will get 557 - the year of battle.
   Quatrain 2.79 Will subjugate proud people
   La barbe crespe & noire par engin,
   Subiuguera la gent cruelle & fiere:
   Vn grand Chyren ostera du longin,
   Tous les captifs par Seline baniere.
   The beard curly and black of weapons
   Will subjugate the cruel and proud people:
   The great Chyren will exempt from far away
   All of captives under the banner of Selin.
   The first line is probably about Philip II, king of Spain. He had a black and curly beard. Of course, many rulers had beards at that time. Line 3 is clearly about Henry II (Chyren-Henryc), who fought with Philip for the possession of Italy.
   Cruel and proud people perhaps are the Moriski, whom the Spanish king converted to Christianity and subjugated to himself. It is also possible that these are Italians. Under the peace treaty in Kato Cambresi 1559, almost all of Italy, with few exceptions, came under the rule of Philippe II.
   3-4 lines are obout the liberation of all the French from Spanish captivity in 1559 by Henry II, after the conclusion of the peace. Numerous French nobles were captured by the Spaniards at the Battle of Saint-Quentin in 1557 and were there for almost 2 years.
   Possible decoding of number 2.79. If 2 to consider as 2000, to turn 9 over in 6, then 2000-76 =1924. 1924+1=1925. Turn 2 over in 5, the numbers to rearrange and get 1559 - the year of the liberation of captives.
   Quatrain 1.35 Henry II
   Le Lyon ieune, le vieux surmontera,
   En champ bellique par singuliere duelle,
   Dans cage d'or les yeux luy creuera,
   Deux classes vne, pour mourir mort cruelle.
   The young lion will overcome the older one
   In a field of combat in single fight:
   He will pierce his eyes in their golden cage;
   Two wounds in one, then he dies a cruel death.
   Henry II (1519-1559) - was a king of France starting 1547 from the Angouleme line of Valois. This quatrain is the most famous prophecy by Nostradamus, that came true during his lifetime. It brought him fame and favor of the Queen. Henry's widow made him a court astrologer and physician. Nostradamus warned the king of the danger of knightly contests. But Henry did not attach importance to it, and the prediction came true.
   Lines 1, 2: in honor of the wedding of the daughter Elizabeth and the Spanish king, Henry arranged a three-day knight tournament. On the second day of the holiday, he decided to take part personally. He had a duel with the Earl of Montgomery, who was 11 years younger. The spear of the Earl broke down on the helmet of the enemy. The splinters of the spear pierced through the helmet into the forehead and eye. After several painful days, Henry II died on July 10, 1559 from blood infection.
   This quatrain is marked * as deciphered by the prophet's contemporaries.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.63, 10.55, 4.47, 1.52, 10.95.
   The decoding of number 1.35. If 1 consider as 1000 then 1000-35=965, 6-1=5; by swapping the numbers we will get 559 - the year of tournament.
   Quatrain 3.55* The death of Henry II
   En l'an qu'vn ?il en France regnera,
   La court sera en vn bien fascheux trouble:
   Le grand de Bloys son amy tuera,
   Le regne mis en mal & doute double.
   In the year that one eye will reign in France,
   The court will be in very unpleasant trouble:
   The great one of Blois will kill his friend,
   The realm placed in harm and double doubt.
   The 1 line: In 1559 Henry II king of France accidentally lost his eye at the knight's contest.
   The 3 line: The wound was fatal, and a few days later he died. His adversary, the guard officer Earl de Montgomery was born in Lorges, not far from Blois. There was no hostility in the contest. It was a part of the entertainment wedding program. Montgomery became the instrument of Fate. The king asked to not punish him. Later, the earl took an active part in religious wars on the side of Protestant. After being captured, he was executed by the the order of Catherine de Medici. So the Queen avenged her beloved husband.
   Lines 2, 4: Weak and painful Francis II, became the new king. In fact Catherine de Medici ruled the country. With her husband alive she was removed from reign. The unrest began in France, the Huguenots revolted in the south.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.35.
   The decoding of number 3.55. If last 5 flip in 2 and consider as 2000 then 2000-35=1965, 6-1=5, 9 is put at end we will get 1559 - the year tournament.
   Quatrain 6.63* Catherine de Medici
   La dame seulle au regne demeure,
   L'vnic estaint premier au lict d'honneur
   Sept ans sera de douleur explore,
   Plus longue vie au regne par grand heur.
   The lady left alone in the realm
   By the unique one extinguished first on the bed of honor:
   Seven years will she be weeping in grief,
   Then with great good fortune for the realm long life.
   *This quatrain was interpreted by contemporaries of events as a prophecy about Catherine de Medici (1519-1589) -- Queen of France from 1547 until 1559, wife of Henry II. The first 3 lines of quatrain are a prediction about the widowhood of the queen. After the death of Henry II a broken spear with the inscription: "This causes all my tears and my pain" became of Catherine's emblem. As a sign of mourning she always wore black clothes, although before it, mourning clothes was white. She was called the "Black Queen".
   The 4 line: Under Henry's reign his favourite Diane Poitiers had a great political weight. Having widowed, she gained great political influence during the reign of her three sons. When her sons were young, she was a Regent. Catherine did not participate in the governance.
   Catherine de Medici managed to keep the crown for the sons, although Henry Guise and Henry of Navarre laid claim on it. Religious wars have shaken the country during the reign of her sons. Despite the fact that she had many children, she did not have heirs and the Angouleme branch of Valois was cut short.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.35, 10.55, 4.47, 1.52.
   The decoding of number 6.63. If 6-1=5 then 600-53=547 - the year when she became queen.
   Quatrain 10.55 Elisabeth of Valois
   Les mal'heureuses nopces celebreront
   En grande ioye mais la fin mal'heureuse
   Mary & mere nore desdaigneront,
   Le Phybe mort, & nore plus piteuse.
   The unfortunate nuptials will be celebrated
   In great joy, but the end unhappy:
   Husband and mother will slight the daughter-in-law,
   The Apollo dead and the daughter-in-law more pitiful.
   As in the quatrain 1.35 the tragic wedding of the French princess Elizabeth Valois (1545-1568) and Philip II of Spain is predicted here.
   The 1 line: Many years France was at war against Spain. In 1559 the war was ended by the peace treaty in Chateau Cambresis. One of the conditions of the peace treaty was the marriage of the eldest daughter of the King of France and the Spanish King. She was 14 years old.
   The 4 line: During the wedding Henry II was wounded in a knight's duel. Elizabeth was homesick. Philip paid little attention to her, and she spent a lot of time alone. Having given birth to two daughters she died during the unsuccessful birth in 1568 quite young, at the age of 23.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.35, 6.63, 4.47, 1.52, 10.95.
   The decoding of number 10.55. 10-1=9. If 9 is put at end then we will get 559 - the year of wedding.
   Quatrain 10.59* The rebellion of protestant in Lyon
   Dedans Lyon vingt-cinq d'vne haltine,
   Cinq Citoyens Germains, Bre?ians, Latins:
   Par de??ous nobles conduiront longue treine,
   Et de?couuerts par abois de ma?tins.
   Within Lyons twenty-five of one mind,
   Five citizens, Germans, Bressans, Latins:
   Under a noble one they will lead a long train,
   And discovered by barks of mastiffs.
   This prophecy was interpreted by contemporaries of events as a prediction of the Protestant revolt in Lyons. The organizer was the adventurer Jean du Barry, and Gaspard Coligny - "the silent leader." The conspirators' meeting was held for the first time in January 1560 in Lyons. They planned to capture the Blois castle, the deposition of King Francis II, and then the division of the provinces.
   The royal family moved to Amboise. The plot was disclosed, the attack of the conspirators on Amboise was repulsed, and the conspirators were executed. Despite the failure of the plot, the position of the Protestant partially improved: the fire cells was disbanded. Nevertheless, the prohibition of religious meetings and public Protestant worship remained.
   The decoding of number 10.59. If 9 flip in 6, 0 put at end we will get 1560 - the year of rebellion.
   Quatrain 5.89 Events 1560
   Dedans Hongrie par Boheme, Nauarre,
   Et par banniere feintes seditions:
   Par fleurs de lys pays portant la barre,
   Contre Orleans fera esmotions. F ij
   Into Hungary through Bohemia, Navarre,
   and under that banner holy insurrections:
   All who have lilies in their emblem,
   They will rebelling against Orleans.
   In 1560, the Huguenot's conspiracy in Amboise against King Francis II was discovered in France. He was led by Prince Conde. The conspirators were executed all but the prince. In 1560 Charles IX began to rule.
   3-4 lines. In the same year, in Orleans, the king convened the General States, for the first time after a 76-year break. The States did not gave the king money.
   Decoding of number 5.89. 589+1=590. If to turn 9 over in 6, then we get 560 year.
   Quatrain 3.25* King of Navarre
   Qui au royaume Nauarrois paruiendra,
   Quand le Sicile & Naples seront ioints:
   Bigorre & landes par fois larron tiendra,
   D'vn qui d'Espagne sera par trop conioints.
   He who will attain to the kingdom of Navarre,
   When Sicily and Naples will be joined:
   He will hold Bigorre and Landes through Foix and Oloron
   From one who will be too closely allied with Spain.
   The 1 line. In 1562 Henry III became king of Navarre after the death of his father. Subsequently, he became king of France Henry IV.
   The 2 line. Sicily and Naples united in 1562.
   Listed in the 3rd line the cities belonged to the kingdom of Navarra.
   The 4 line. The Kingdom of Navarra was located near Spain.
   The decoding of number 3.25. Let's rearrange 3 and 2 - 235. If 2 to consider as 2000, then 2000-35=1965. Turn 9 over to 6, 6-1=5. The last 5 turn over into 2, we get 1562 year.
   Quatrain 8.42 Siege of Orleans
   Par auarice, par force & violence
   Viendra vexer les siens chefs d'Orleans,
   Pres sainct Memire assault & resistance,
   Mort dans sa tante diront qu'il dort leans.
   Through avarice, through force and violence
   The chiefs of Orleans will come to vex his supporters.
   Near St. Memire, assault and resistance.
   Dead in his tent they will say he is asleep inside.
   The chiefs of Orleans were Prince Conde and brother of Admiral de Coligny Francois. They were the main initiators of religious wars. They came to Orleans because it was the main city of the Huguenots at that time. Catholic mass was forbidden here, their temples were desecrated.
   In 1563 Francois I de Guise, the Duke of Lorraine, led a Catholic army, besieged Orleans. 02.24.1563 in the town of Saint-Mesmin, he was killed by the Huguenot de Mere. The consequence of this was the conclusion of peace - the city remained with the Protestants.
   Decoding of the number 8.42. The numbers rearrange - 482, flip 5 to 2 - 485, if 4 to consider as 4000, then 4000-85 = 3915. Turning 9 to 6 and rearranging the numbers, we get 1563 - the year, and 24 - the day of death de Guise.
   Quatrain 3.41 Louis of Conde
   Bossu sera esleu par le conseil,
   Plus hydeux monstre en terre n'aperceu;
   le coup volant Prelat creuera l'?il,
   Le traistre au Roy pour fidelle receu.
   Hunchback will be elected by the council,
   A more hideous monster not seen on earth,
   The willing blow will put out his eye:
   The traitor to the King received as faithful.
   Louis Conde (7 May 1530 - 13 March 1569) prince Bourbon was the leader of the Huguenots during the religious wars in France. He was hunchback. In 1560 he organized an Amboise conspiracy against king Francis II. The conspiracy was disclose, but Conde was forgiven. In 1562 he captured several cities in the south of France, starting the 1st religious war. He was defeated and in 1563 made peace. In 1568 he again unsuccessfully attempted to killed of king Charles IX. In 1569 he began the second religious war and was killed by baron de Montesquieu.
   The decoding of number 3.41. If to rearrange the numbers - 431, to put 1 in front and to consider as 1000, then 1000-431=569 - year, 3 - month, 13 - day of death (full date).
   Quatrain 6.75 Gaspard de Coligny
   Le grand Pilot sera par Roy mande,
   Laisser la classe, pour plus haut lieu attaindre:
   Sept ans apres sera contrebande,
   Barbare armee viendra Venise craindre.
   The great Pilot will be commissioned by the King,
   To leave the fleet to fill a higher post:
   Seven years after he will be in rebellion,
   Venice will come to fear the Barbarian army.
   Gaspard de Coligny (16.02.1519-24.08.1572) admiral of France from 1552, count, leader of the Huguenots.
   1-2 lines about resignation Admiral in 1559. Before that, being in Spanish captivity in 1557-1559, he changed the Catholic faith to Protestant and became an assistant to the Prince of Conde in the Huguenot wars.
   3 line. About 7 years later in 1567 the Huguenots took up arms-rebelled. Under the leadership of Conde and Coligny they fought quite successfully. After the death of Conde in 1570 Gaspard led the army began to attack Paris. Charles IX had to conclude the peace of Saint-Germain. Coligny became the king's closest aide.
   However, the hatred of the Catholics was very great, and in 1572 the St. Bartholomew's day they killed him.
   4 line is related to the previous only in time. In 1570, the Grand vizier Mehmed Sokolli presented Venice claims to Cyprus. As a result of the war, which lasted 3 years, the Ottomans won. They received a large indemnity.
   Decoding of number 6.75. If 6 to turn over in 9, 9+1=10, then will 1075. The permutation of numbers gives 1570 - the year of the beginning of the Ottoman-Venetian war for Cyprus.
   Quatrain 4.47 Charles IX
   Le noir farouche quand aura essay,
   Sa main sanguine par feu, fer, arcs tendus,
   Trestout le peuple sera tant effray,
   Voir les plus grands par col & pieds pendus.
   The savage black one when he will have tried
   His bloody hand at fire, sword and drawn bows:
   All of his people will be terribly frightened,
   Seeing the greatest ones hung by neck and feet.
   Charles IX (1550-1574) was a French King starting from 1560, from the Angouleme branch of Valois. Due to the the infancy, his regent was the mother Catherine de Medici until 1563.
   The 3 line - probably this is a prophecy about St. Bartholomew's Night. On the night of August 24, 1572 in Paris, before the day of St. Bartholomew, the mass extermination of Protestants by Catholics occurred. Then a wave of murders of Huguenots swept through other cities of France. The exact number of victims is unknown ~ 30 thousand people. The official responsibility for this bloodshed was taken by Charles IX himself.
   The 4 line. Many of the richest and most notable Huguenots of France gathered in Paris for a wedding. The wedding of the sister of King Margarita (Catholic) and one of the leaders of Protestants Henry of Navarre took place 6 days before the tragic events. Many of them were killed that night. Two days before the massacre there was an attempt to assassinate Admiral Coligny, a leader of the Huguenots.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.52, 6.63, 10.95.
   The decoding of number 4.47. If 4+1=5, 4 and 7 swap, then we will get 574 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 6.83 Francis Duke of Anjou
   Celuy qu'aura tant d'honneur & caresses,
   A son entree en la Gaule Belgique,
   Vn temps apres fera tant de rudesses,
   Et sera contre a la fleur tant bellique. G ij
   He who will have so much honor and flattery
   At his entry into Belgian Gaul:
   A while after he will act very rudely,
   And he will act very warlike against the flower.
   Francis Duke of Anjou Alanson (1555-1584) was the youngest son of Henry II and Catherine de Medici. In 1579 he took the side of the Flemish rebels against the protectorate of Spain. He was given the title of Duke of Brabant and so on. He gained popularity in Belgium.
   In 1583 he brought in the troops from France aiming to take Antwerp by force. The townsmen revolted against him and he suffered a crushing defeat. In the next year year he died of tuberculosis.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.11.
   The decoding of number 6.83. If 6-1=5, then we will get 583 - the year of Antwerp adventure.
   Quatrain 4.41 Margaret of Valois
   Cymnique sexe captiue par hostage,
   Viendra de nuict custodes deceuoir:
   Le chef du camp deceu par son lignage,
   Lairra le genre, fera piteux auoir.
   Female sex captive as a hostage
   Will come by night to deceive the guards:
   The chief of the army deceived by her language
   Yield to the beauty, it will be pitiful to see.
   Margaret of Valois (14.05.1553-27.03.1615) daughter of Henry II and Catherine de ' Medici, wife of Henry of Navarre from 1572. The marriage was more formal than actual. She outlived all her brothers and sisters, had no children. She known for numerous sexual relationship.
   In 1586, Margaret was arrested on the orders of her brother Henry III and was detained in the castle of Jusson for about 2 months. Then she managed to free herself and become the mistress of the castle. The guards swore to her. According to some reports, she was helped by the duke of Guise, with whom she was in an affair. He and Henry III were killed in the next 2 years. Margaret lived in this castle for 18 years.
   Decoding of number of 4.41. If to rearrange the numbers-414, to put 1 in front and to consider as 1000, then 1000-414=586 - the year of captivity.
   Quatrain 1.36, 9.21 The murder of Guise
   Tard le Monarque se viendra repentir,
   De n'auoir mis mort son aduersaire,
   Mais viendra bien plus haut consentir,
   Que tout son sang par mort fera deffaire.
   Too late the king will repent
   that he did not put his adversary to death.
   But he will soon come to agree to far greater things
   which will cause all his line to die.
   Au temple haut de Bloys sacre Salonne,
   Nuict pont de Loyre, Prelat, Roy pernicant:
   Cuiseur victoire aux marests de la Lone,
   D'o prelature de blancs abormeant.
   At the tall temple of Saint-Solenne at Blois,
   Night Loire bridge, Prelate, King killing outright:
   Crushing victory in the marshes of the pond,
   Whence prelacy of whites miscarrying.
   In these two quatrains Nostradamus predicted the murder of the Guise brothers: Henry and Louis, by King Henry III. In 1585 the war of "Three Henrys" began between the king, the Catholic Henry Guise and the Protestant Henry of Navarre. Henry duke of Guise claimed the throne, although he did not have a hereditary right, but he had much more popularity among the people than the king. Henry of Navarre had a legitimate hereditary right to the throne and fought for it. He was supported by the Protestant of England and Germany and fortune favored him. The king tried to lessen the religious tensions and to establish peace, but he could not do it.
   In May 1588, the people of Paris rebelled against the king. He had to leave the capital and move to the castle of Blois, which was on the banks of the Loire. Henry Guise triumphantly occupied Paris. The people welcomed him as a king. He was almost at the throne. "Villain king." The power of Henry III was hung by a hair and it was necessary to take drastic measures. The king summoned the Sejm and invited Guise to to take part in it. On December 23, 1588 Henry d'Guise arrived at the meeting of the states. In the so-called "black room" the King's guards attacked him. With a few dagger blows they killed Guise and his guards. The next day, the brother of Henry of Guise - Louis, Cardinal of Lorraine was also captured and killed. After that the Guises lost their former power. The king entered into an alliance with the Protestant Henry of Navarre. The Catholics of France turned away from Henry III.
   The decoding of number:
   1.36. 600-13=587. 587+1=588.
   9.21. If 9 flip in 6, 1 put at ahead then 1600-12=1588 - the year of murder.
   Quatrain 5.9 The Duke will be in a trap
   Iusques au fond la grand arq demolue,
   Par chef captif l'amy anticipe,
   Naistra de dame front face cheuelue,
   Puis par astuce Duc a mort attrappe.
   The great arch demolished down to its base,
   By the chief captive his friend forestalled,
   He will be born of the lady with hairy forehead and face,
   Then through cunning the Duke overtaken by death.
   The last line gives grounds to assume that this is a prophecy about Henry d'Guise, who illegally claimed the French crown. In 1588, the King lured the duke to his castle and ordered the guards to kill him. Prior to this, Guise received a note from an unknown friend who warned that he would be killed tomorrow, but did not believe it.
   Earlier, in the same year, the daughter of d'Guise Louise Margarita was born. Like at her father, her hair reached the middle of her forehead.
   The decoding of number 5.9. If 1 put at ahead, 9 consider as 900, then 900-15=885. By swapping these numbers we will get 588 - the year of birth of the daughter.
   Quatrain 3.51 Paris conspires a great murder
   Paris coniure vn grand meurtre commettre
   Blois le fera sortir en plain effect:
   Ceux d'Orleans voudront leur chef remettre,
   Angiers, Troye, Langres : leur feront grad (forfait.
   Paris conspires to commit a great murder
   Blois will cause it to be fully carried out:
   Those of Orlans will want to replace their chief,
   Angers, Troyes, Langres will commit a misdeed against them.
   The 1 line: Henry III of Valois was not popular among the people. He did not have a heir. Given this, Henry of Guise decided to seize the crown of France and organized a conspiracy against the king. In May 1588, the Paris people revolted against Henry III. He was forced to flee to the royal castle in Blois. Orleans was one of the Huguenots (Protestant) centers. Listed in the last line of the city, apparently, particularly affected during this religious war.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.52, 1.36, 9.45, 4.47.
   The decoding of number 3.51. If 5 flip in 2 then 300-12=288. 2 flip in 5, 1 put at ahead we will get 1588 - the year of conspires.
   Quatrain 1.52 Henry III
   Les deux malins de Scorpion conioints,
   Le grand Seigneur meurtry dedans sa salle,
   Peste l'Eglise par le nouueau Roy ioints,
   L'Europe basse & Septentrioanle.
   Two evil influences in conjunction in Scorpion.
   The great lord is murdered in his room.
   A newly appointed king persecutes the Church,
   the lower (parts of) Europe and in the North.
   The 1 line. After the assassination of Guise brothers, the king lost the support of the Catholics of the country, but he acquired the sympathy of Henry of Navarre. Paris and considerable part of France were captured by the Catholic League. To fight with it, Henry III needed a strong ally. In the castle of Plessis-le-Tour on April 30, 1589 the two kings entered into an alliance to fight together against the League. In July they besieged the capital.
   The 2 line. Presumably, the sister of the murdered d'Guise, the Duchess of Montpache, persuaded the fanatical monk Jacques Clement to kill the king. On August 1, 1589 this monk came to Henry III, under the pretext of a secret report from Paris. He hit the king with a poisoned knife. Clement was killed immediately at the crime scene. The king before his death declared Henry of Navarre Bourbon his heir, since there were no heirs in the Angouleme branch of Valois.
   The 3 line. The Catholic League refused to recognize such a heir to the throne. Henry IV began the struggle for the throne. Catholics demanded him to adopt Catholicism but he refused. Over the past nine years, Henry had already made apostasy three times. Because of his inconstancy in faith, he lost the confidence of his allies - Protestant and Catholics, too. He explained his apostasy by the phrase, which became winged: "Paris is worth of mess."
   The 4 line. This line can be understood as the reconciliation of France and Spain or as the expansion and unification of France due to the addition of the feudal estates of Henry IV. In 1595 Henry IV declared war to Spain which resulted in signing of the Vervince peace treaty in 1598. After several decades of wars in France, peace came.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.35, 6.63, 10.55.
   The decoding of number 1.52. If 2 consider as 2000 then 2000-15=1985; by swapping 9 and 5 we will get 1589 - the year of alliance.
   Quatrain 6.11 The seven branches
   Des sept rameaux a trois seront reduits,
   Les plus aisnez seront surprins par mort.
   Fratricider les deux seront seduits,
   Les coniurez en dormant seront morts. F iiij
   The seven branches will be reduced to three,
   The elder ones will be surprised by death,
   The two will be seduced to fratricide,
   The conspirators will be dead while sleeping.
   Probably this is a prophecy about the children of the French King Henry II and Catherine de Medici. They had 10 children. However, one daughter was stillborn, and the son of Louis and daughter Victoria died in infancy.
   The 1 line. Seven children lived up to the adult age. The eldest son Francis II, suddenly became ill, died at the age of 16, leaving no offspring. The eldest daughter, Elizabeth, the Queen of Spain died in childbirth the age of 24. The second daughter, Claude, lame and hunchbacked, died at the age of 27, also in childbirth In 1574. Charles IX died at the age of 23 . There is an assumption that he was poisoned by one of the brothers.
   The three branches are Margarita, who outlived all the brothers and sisters; Francois of Alenon, the only brother who never became a king, and Henry III, the last king of the Valois dynasty. None of the sons of Henry II had not heirs, and the Bourbons came to replace Valois. However, the genealogy continued with descendants from the daughters Elizabeth and Claude.
   The 3 line. Perhaps Francois of Alenon and Henry III, who ordered the murder of Henry d'Guise.
   The 4 line. Bartholomew's night can be assumed, although during the reign of the Valois brothers there were many conspiracies, and they were disclosed.
   The decoding of number 6.11. 600-11=589. If 1 is put at the ahead we will get 1589 - the year of end Valois branch.
   Quatrain 9.57 Charles de Bourbon (cardinal)
   Au lieu de Drvx vn Roy reposera,
   Et cherchera loy changeant d'Anatheme,
   Pendant le ciel si tresfort tonnera,
   Portee neufue Roy tuera soy-mesme.
   In the place of 'Drux' a King will rest,
   And will look for a law changing Anathema:
   While the sky will thunder so very loudly,
   New entry the King will kill himself.
   Dreux fr. - the city is 74 km from Paris. 1 line. A King, apparently, is Henry of Navarre, who fought for the throne of France.
   The 2 line. The Pope excommunicated him from the church for not accepting Catholicism. Apparently, he was thinking about how to take off that anathema. In 1593 he was forced to accept Catholicism for the sake of the throne. The Pope gave him absolution.
   The 4 line. After the death of Henry III the Catholic League captured Paris for 5 years. It chose the elderly Cardinal Charles de Bourbon as its king, who died 9 May 1590. Before his death, the cardinal recognized Henry as the rightful king. After his death Henry of Navarre remained the only contender for the throne of France.
   Decoding of number 9.57. If 7 to consider as 700, then 700-95=605, 6 to turn over in 9, the numbers to rearrange (590), 1 to put in front, we get 1590 - the year, 5 - the month, 9 - the day of the cardinal's death (full date).
   Quatrain 9.50 Mendosus
   Mendosvs tost viendra son haut regne,
   Mettant arriere vn peu le Norlaris.
   Le Rouge blesme, le masle l'interregne.
   Le ieune crainte & frayeur Barbaris.
   Mendosus will soon come to his high realm,
   Putting behind a little the Lorrainers:
   The pale red one, the male in the interregnum,
   The fearful youth and Barbaric terror.
   As in the previous quatrain 9.45, Nostradamus calls Henry IV a Mendozus here. In 1589 he defeated Karl of Lorraine in the battle of Arques-la-Bataille. Many influential people of France joined him, as well as a significant part of the nobility from Picardy, Ile-de-France, Champagne. He did not allow his soldiers to cause any damage to the population of the conquered territories. The cities whose citizens knew about it did not resist him. "Interregnum" period - during 5 years after the death of Henry III and coronation of Henry IV France had no official king.
   In March 1590, Henry IV won a new victory at Ivry-la-Bataille. With his heroic example, he stopped the fleeing soldiers.
   After this battle he besieged Paris. When the capital and other cities went over to his side, he did not get rid of the Catholic League leaders, but bribed them.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.45, 1.52.
   The decoding of number 9.50. If 1 is put at the ahead; by swapping 95 we will get 1590 - the year of victory over League.
   Quatrain 9.45 Henry IV
   Ne sera soul iamais de demander,
   Grand Mendosvs obtiendra son empire:
   Loing de la court fera contremander,
   Piedmont, Picart, Paris Tyrhen le pire.
   Never soul will not stop to demand,
   Great 'Mendosus' will obtain his empire:
   Far from the court he will cause to be countermanded
   Piedmont, Picardy, Paris, Tuscany the worst.
   Henry IV of Navarre, Bourbon (1553-1610) was a king of France from 1589, crowned in 1594.
   Lines 1-2. Despite the fact that Henry III before his death declared Henry Navarre as his heir only after 5 years of hard struggle he was able to become a king. Several times Henry IV adopted Catholicism then Protestantism. Because of this, he lost the trust and support of both. This weakened his army. Nevertheless, part of the nobility supported him. He was brave and successful in the war and eventually became the king of France.
   He managed to defeat the League. The cities listed in the 4th line went to his side.
   Nostradamus calls him vicious, ugly, perhaps because of his apostasy. He was even more unstable in relations with women.
   Unlike other kings, Henry IV was crowned not in Reims, but in Chartres Cathedral on February 27, 1594. In March of 1594 he finally took Paris. He received indulgence from the Pope Clement VIII. This helped him to reconcile with the Catholic population of the country.
   This king was killed in Paris, in his carriage, on May 14, 1610 by the Catholic fanatic Francois Ravallac. Jumping on the carriage-step he gave him a fatal blow. The day before, Henry crowned his wife Maria Medici. There is an opinion that it she plotted his murder in order to rule.
   It's interesting that three Henrys: II, III and IV in succession were killed. Henry II - in the tournament, Henry III and IV - by the religious fanatics. Henry of Guise, who claimed the crown, was also killed. Since that time there has been no Henrys on the French throne.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.52, 9.50.
   The decoding of number 9.45. If 1 and 5 are put at the ahead then we will get 1594 - the year of beginning of reign.
   Quatrain 6.42 Ogmios
   A logmyon sera laisse le regne,
   Du grand Selin qui plus fera de faict,
   Par les Itales estendra son enseigne,
   Regy sera par prudent contrefait.
   To Ogmios will be left the realm
   Of the great 'Selin,' who will in fact do more:
   Throughout Italy will he extend his banner,
   He will be ruled by a prudent deformed one.
   Ogmios, probably Henry IV, who became king of France on 27 February 1594. The Great Celine - Henry II. After him three sons ruled, but not one of them became great. Only Henry IV managed to defeat the Catholic League, expand the borders of the country, stop wars both external and internal.
   3 line about the king's marriage with the Italian Maria Medici, who gave birth to an heir and extended the Bourbon clan.
   The decoding of number 6.42. If 6 to turn over in 9, 2 over in 5 (945), 1 to put in front then rearranging the numbers will give 1594 - the year of coronation.
   Quatrain 5.6 Pacific emperor
   Au Roy l'augure sus le chef la main mettre
   Viendra prier pour la paix Italique;
   A la main gauche viendra changer se Sceptre,
   De Roy viendra Empereur pacifique.
   The Augur putting his hand upon the head of the King
   Will come to pray for the peace of Italy:
   He will come to move the scepter to his left hand,
   From King he will become pacific Emperor.
   Presumably, like the two previous quatrains, this one is about Henry IV.
   The 1 line. In 1564 Nostradamus was invited by Catherine de Medici to the castle of l'Emperi. Valveran painting is in the castle museum. It depicts the queen, Charles IX and the prophet with a book in one hand. His other hand rests on the head of the boy, Prince of Navarre. In this line he predicted him to be the king of France, which came true.
   The 2 line. For a long time Henry IV did not have an heir. Then he married Maria Medici, the representative of the richest Italian family. She gave birth to a long-awaited son, the future King Louis XIII.
   The 3 line. The left hand of the king are those who help him rule with country. Henry managed to surround himself with capable ministers and advisers. With their help, the country was enriched, its territory expanded. France became an empire - its colonies in Canada successfully developed.
   The 4 line. During Henry's IV reign, religious civil wars ceased in France, and the long-awaited peace came.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.50, 9.45, 1.52.
   Probable decoding of number 5.6. If 5 flip in 2, 2-1=1, 00 is put at the end, we will get 1600 - the year of wedding.
   Quatrain 9.36* Murder of Henry IV
   Vn grand Roy prins entre les mains d'vn ieune
   Non loin de Pasques, confusion, coup cultre,
   Perpet. cattif temps! que foudre en la hune
   Trois freres lors se blesseront, & murtre.
   A great King taken by the hands of a young man,
   Not far from Easter confusion knife thrust:
   Everlasting captive times what lightning on the top,
   When three brothers will wound each other and murder.
   Henry IV was killed on May 14, 1610 (not far from Easter) at the age of 53. His murderer Franois Ravaglac was of 32 (taken by the hands of a young man). The king was riding along the street in a carriage and got into a "traffic jam" (confusion). Ravaglio jumped on the footboard and gave him several fatal blows with a knife.
   The three brothers - three Henrys: Henry III, Henry of Guise and Henry IV were all killed. There was a "war of three Henrys" between them for the French throne.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.36, 1.52.
   Probable decoding of number 9.36. If 3 consider as 3000 and flip 6 in 9 then 3000-99=2901. 2-1=1, flip 9 in 6, by swapping 1 and 0 we will get 1610 - the year of murder.
   Quatrain 8.68 Cardinal Richelieu
   Vieux Cardinal par le ieune deceu,
   Hors de sa charge se verra desarme,
   Arles ne monstres double soit aperceu,
   Et Liqueduct & le Prince embaume.
   The old Cardinal is deceived by the young one,
   he will find himself disarmed, out of his position:
   Do not show, Arles, that the double is perceived,
   both Liqueduct and the Prince embalmed.
   Arman de Richelieu (1585-1642) was a Cardinal from 1622 and Prime Minister of France from 1624. In 1642 his protege Saint-Mar organized a conspiracy against the Cardinal. However, Louis XIII did not support the conspirators and took the side of Richelieu.
   The last two lines were interpreted as the king's death in 1643 and cardinal's death in 1642.
   "Embalmed" is also translated as fragrant, and "Liqueduct" is a liquid (rotting). These two lines can be interpreted as the birth of twins from Anne of Austria. One of them became king (embalmed), the other rotted in a mask in prison.
   Probable decoding of number 8.68. If 6 consider as 6000, 6000-88=5912, flip 2 in 5, 9-1=8, we will get 1585 - the year of birth.
   Quatrain 1.95 Foundling
   Deuant monstier trouue enfant besson
   D'heroicq sang de moyne vestutisque,
   Son bruit par secte, langue & puissance son,
   Qu'on dira soit efleue le Vopisque, Celuy.
   In front of a monastery will be found a twin infant
   from the illustrious and ancient line of a monk.
   His fame, renown and power through sects and speech
   is such that they will say the living twin is deservedly chosen.
   In this prophecy Nostradamus revealed the secret of the birth of Louis XIV. The child found at the monastery was probably the twin of Louis XIV, born on 09/05/1638. Louis XIII is officially considered his father, but he could not have children. Probably the monk, the father of the foundling, is cardinal Mazarin. He was a favorite of queen Anne of Austria.
   One of the twins became the great king of France. During his reign, the country reached the peak of its power. The other twin is known as the man in mask. He lived in various prisons for many years and died in the Bastille in 1703. He was buried with an Italian surname "Marchioly".
   The decoding of number 1.95. If 1 to consider as 1000, to overturn 95 in 62, then 1000-62=938. 9 to overturn in 6 and 1 to put in front, it will be 1638 - the year, 9 - month, 5 - day of born twins.
   Quatrain 10.58 Battle of Rocroi
   A temps du dueil que le felin monarque,
   Guerroyera le ieune Aemathien:
   Gaule bransler, perecliter la barque,
   Tenter Phossens au Ponant entretien.
   In the time of mourning the feline monarch
   Will make war upon the young Macedonian:
   Gaul to shake, the bark to be in jeopardy,
   Marseilles to be tried in the West a talk.
   On May 14, 1643, King Louis XIII died. Little Louis XIV could not rule the country. Taking advantage of the situation, the vice-king of the Spanish Army attacked the French city of Rocroi on May 15. In this battle the Spanish Army suffered a crushing defeat.
   The 3 line about uprising of common people and wars of the Fronde. Bark is a Catholic church, whose foundations were shaken by a new religious trend - Jansenism.
   The last line, perhaps, is about trying to make peace with Spain.
   Probable decoding of number 10.58. If 1000-58=942 and flip 9 in 6, 2+1=3, then we will get 643 - the year of battle.
   Quatrain 4.93 Louis XIV
   Vn serpent veu proche du lit Royal,
   Sera par dame, nuict chiens n'abbayeront:
   Lors naistre en France vn Prince tant Royal
   Du Ciel venu tous les princes verront.
   A serpent seen near the royal bed,
   It will be by the lady at night the dogs will not bark:
   Then to be born in France a Prince so royal,
   Come from heaven all the princes will see him.
   Louis XIV of Bourbon (1638-1715) was a king of France from 1643, known as Great. He reigned longer than any European monarch - 72 years. He was a supporter of the divine right of kings and said, "France is me." During his reign, France reached its highest peak, power, political, military and cultural influence throughout Europe. His reign went down in history as the Great Age.
   Lines 1, 2. Perhaps they are about the infidelity of Anne of Austria to King Louis XIII. Their marriage was infertile for 22 years. After the death of the king, doctors stated that he could not have children. The appearance of the heir was perceived as a miracle.
   "Dogs will not bark" can be assumed as the secret of paternity will not be disclosed. Although the people sang songs about Richelieu and Mazarini, it is still not clear who was the father of Louis XIV. Apparently, everyone understood the situation, but the country needed a heir, so no scandal followed. Louis XIV was recognized as a legitimate heir, and it was suitable for everyone.
   "Come from heaven," perhaps, means the name given at birth - the God-given.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.101, 10.7, 5.38.
   Probable decoding of number 4.93. If 4 and 9 swap and flip 9 in 6, 1 is put at the ahead then we will get 1643 - the year of beginning of the reign.
   Quatrain 3.45 Rebellion of 1632
   Les cinq estrangers entrez dedans le temple
   Leur sang viendra la terre prophaner;
   Aux Thoulouseins sera bien dure exemple
   D'vn qui viendra les loix exterminer.
   The five strangers entered in the temple,
   Their blood will come to pollute the land:
   To the Toulousans it will be a very hard example
   Of one who will come to exterminate their laws.
   Perhaps the Languedoc rebellion of 1632 was predicted here. King's brother Gaston of Orleans and Henri II de Montmorency tried to overthrow Cardinal Richelieu, who had almost all power. Montmorency claimed the position of constable, historically belonging to his family, but did not receive it. The rebellion was easily crushed by the royal troops. Henri Montmorency, representative of the most noble family of France, was sentenced to death by a Toulouse court. This execution shocked not only the inhabitants of Toulouse, but all the nobles of the country.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.18.
   Decoding of number 3.45. The numbers rearrange - 435. If 4 to consider as 400, then 400-35=365. Turn 5 in 2, rearange - 632, 1 put in front we get 1632 - the year of execution.
   Quatrain 9.18 Montmorency
   Le lys Dauffois portera dans Nansi,
   Iusques en Flandres Electeur de l'Empire,
   Neufue obture au grand Montmorency,
   Hors lieux prouez deliure clere peyne.
   The lily of the Dauphin will reach into Nancy,
   As far as Flanders the Elector of the Empire:
   New confinement for the great Montmorency,
   Outside proven places delivered to celebrated punishment.
   A. Lepeliete gave the following decoding of this prophecy: "Louis XIII (the first French king who wore the title of Dauphin) will enter Nancy in 1633 to protect Elector Trier captived by the Spaniards. Around the same time (in 1632), the great Montmorency was accused of rebellion against his monarch and imprisoned in Toulouse. Then he will be betrayed to a soldier whose last name is Clerpan, and he will behead him in the courtyard of the prison, but not at the usual place of execution."
   The last name Clerpan A. Lepeliete found in the last words of quatrain - clere peyne.
   The decoding of number 9.18. If 9 to turn over into 6, 1 to consider as 1000, then 1000-68=932. 1 put first, 9 turn over into 6, will be 1632 - the year of execution.
   Quatrain 9.93 Defeat of the Fronde
   Les ennemis du fort bien esloignez,
   Par chariots conduict le bastion,
   Par sur les murs de Bourges esgrongnez
   Quand Hercules battra l'Haemathion.
   The enemies very far from the fort,
   The bastion brought by wagons:
   Above the walls of Bourges crumbled,
   When Haemathion beats Hercules.
   In 1653, the Great Tower collapsed - one of the fortifications in Bourges. In that year, the city that was on the side of the Fronde, passed into the power of the king.
   The 4 line. Haemathion Is Louis XIV. Hercules is the prince Conde the Great of Bourbon, who headed the Fronde of the princes. His goal was to overthrow Mazarin.
   In 1653 Turenne defeated Conde, who fled to Spain. The wars of the Fronde ended with the victory of the royal troops.
   The decoding of number 9.93. 99 flip in 66, 6-1=5 we will get 653 - the year defeat of Fronde.
   Quatrain 10.101 Heir of toads
   Qud le fourchu sera soustenu de deux paux,
   Auec six demy cors, & six sizeaux ouuers:
   Le trespuisst Seigneur, heritier des crapaux,
   Alors subjuguera, sous soy tout l'vniuers.
   When the fork will be supported by two stakes,
   With six half-bodies and six open scissors:
   The very powerful Lord, heir of the toads,
   Then he will subject the entire world to himself.
   It is predicted that in 1660 Aemafion, whom Nostradamus called the mighty Lord, heir to toads, will say, "I will subordinate everything to myself!". The first 2 lines of the quatrain, known from 1605, represent the Latin writing of the date 1660 (MSSSSSXXXXXX). Y strengthen plug by two straight supports and get the date M (= 1000); Six crescents are six C (= 600); 6 open scissors are six X (= 60).
   Louis XIV was one of the most powerful kings and ruled longer than others. With him, France reached its highest peak in science, art, commerce, industry. Her army was the strongest at that time. The luxury of the Versailles court was the envy and admiration of the rulers of the whole world.
   It was impossible not to include in the book this remarkable transcript, which I found on the Internet. My contribution here is to decipher the number.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.7.
   Probable decoding of number 10.101. 101-1=100. If it consider as 1000-10=990 and flip 99 in 66 then we will get 660.
   Quatrain 10.7 1660 year
   Le grand conflit qu'on appreste Nancy,
   L'Aemathien dira tout ie soubmets,
   L'Isle Britanne par vin, sel en solcy,
   Hem. mi. deux Phi. long temps ne tiendra Mets.
   The great conflict that they are preparing at Nancy,
   The Aemathien will say I subjugate all,
   The British Isle problems over wine and salt,
   Hem. mi. two Phi. Metz will not be held for long.
   In 1660, the capital of Lorraine, the city of Nancy, was taken.
   The second line is about Louis XIV. It echoes with the fourth line of the quatrain 10.101: "I subjugate all".
   The third line speaks about the English Revolution and the execution of King Charles I. This line is consonant with the 3 and 4 lines of quatrain 9.49: "Salt and wine will not go to him for future use". In 1660, the royal power of Stuart was restored in England by Charles II. The emergence of bubonic plague areas in England.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.101.
   Probable decoding of number 10.7. 700-10=690. If 1 is put at the ahead and flip 9 in 6 we will get 1660 year.
   Quatrain 8.4 Mazarin
   Dedans Monech le coq sera receu,
   Le Cardinal de France apparoistra
   Par Logarion Romain sera deceu,
   Foiblesse a l'Aigle, & force au Coq naistra.
   The cock will be received into Monaco,
   the Cardinal of France will appear;
   He will be deceived by the Roman legation;
   weakness to the eagle, strength will be born to the cock.
   Mazarin (1602-1661) was a Cardinal and the first Minister of France from 1653.
   The 1 line. The marriage of a niece and the representative of the Grimaldi ruling dynasty connects Cardinal with Monaco. There is a Mazarin hall in the palace in the decoration of which he took part.
   Mazarin left Paris during the war with the Fronde. After the victory, he returned with a triumph in 1653. In fact, he ruled the country with a young Louis XIV.
   The 4 line. This line speaks about the strengthening of France and the weakening of the Habsburgs.
   Probable decoding of number 8.4. 400-8=392, if 3 is put at the end, flip 9 in 6 and 2 in 5 then we will get 653 - the year from cardinal.
   Quatrain 9.38 Suppression of Huguenots
   L'entree de Blaye par Rochelle & l'Anglois,
   Passera outre le grand Aemathien,
   Non loing d'Agen attendra le Gaulois,
   Secours Narbonne deceu par entretien.
   The entry at Blaye for La Rochelle and the English,
   The great Macedonian will pass beyond:
   Not far from Agen will wait the Gaul,
   Narbonne help beguiled through conversation.
   The city of Bly is located on the banks of the Gironde which has access to the Bay of Biscay. In 1689 a fortress was built to protect against Protestant supported by the British. La Rochelle was a port on the shore of the Bay of Biscay and a stronghold of Huguenots. In 1628 this fortress was taken by the army of Louis XIII despite the support of the Huguenots by 80 British ships. In 1685 Louis XIV abolished the Nantes edict, which gave Protestant freedom of religion. This led to a mass migration of Huguenots. In 1689 the Huguenots who fled from France formed the city of Nouvelle Rochelle (New Rochelle) in the North America.
   In 1702 an uprising of peasant protestant broke out in the south of France. It was headed by Jean Cavalier. In 1704 he entered into negotiations with Marshal Villars. Having believed in the promises, he betrayed his movement and took the king's side. This is predicted in the last line. All the cities listed in the quatrain are in the south of France, where the Protestant movement lasted the longest.
   Probable decoding of number 9.38. If 8 consider as 8000, 8000-39=7961, 7+1=8, replace these numbers we will get 1689 - the year when fortress was built.
   Quatrain 5.97 The captive will suffocate
   Le nay difforme par horreur suffoque,
   Dans la cite du grand Roy habitable:
   L'edit seuere des captifs reuoque,
   Gresle & tonnerre Coudom inestimable.
   The one born deformed suffocated in horror,
   In the city where of the great King habitable:
   The severe edict of the captives revoked,
   Hail and thunder, Condom inestimable.
   The great king is Louis XIV, who lived in Paris. The Bastille Prison is in the same city. There, the twin brother of the king died in 1703. He spent 34 years in prisons. To hide the resemblance, a mask covered his face always. There is a version that he suffocated. The king personally controlled this prisoner, paid a lot of money for his maintenance and secrecy. The masked man was kept in strict isolation and secrecy. He had only one jailer Saint-Mar always. They had moves together from one prison to another. After the death of a masked man, all his belongings were burned.
   The decoding of number 5.97. If 5 overturn into 2, rearrange the numbers - 729, 729+1=730. Rearrange 30 - 03, 1 put in front, then get 1703 - the year of the twin's death.
   Quatrain 8.5 Death of Louis XIV
   Apparoistra temple luisant orne,
   La lampe & cierge a Borne & Bretueil,
   Pour la Lucerne le canton destorne,
   Quand on verra le grand Coq au cercueil.
   There will appear a shining ornate temple,
   the lamp and the candle at Borne and Breteuil.
   For the canton of Lucerne turned aside,
   when one will see the great cock in his shroud.
   Presumably, the first line is about the magnificent palace of Versailles, built by the initiative of Louis XIV.
   Borne is a small town in the Netherlands, Breteuil is a town in Normandy, Lucerne is a large city in Switzerland, Canton is an administrative district of France.
   The 4th line is about the death of the great king of France Louis XIV.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.93.
   Probable decoding of number 8.5. 80-5=75, if 1 is put between 75 then we will get 715 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 3.15 The realm will change
   C?ur, vigueur, gloire, le regne changera,
   De tous points, contre ayant son aduersaire:
   Lors France enfance par mort subiugera,
   Le grand regent sera lors plus c.
   The realm will change in heart, vigor and glory,
   In all points having its adversary opposed:
   Then through death France an infancy will subjugate,
   A great Regent will then be more contrary.
   Quatrain number 15, so it is likely that the prophecy about Louis XV, who became king at the age of five in 1715, when his great great-grandfather died. This corresponds to the 3rd line.
   The heart, vigor and glory characterize the reign of Louis XIV. Under him, France flourished and reached the peak of its power. After his death, everything changed for the worse. The regent and then king paid little attention to the affairs of state.
   4 line. Philip of Orleans became regent under the infant king. His policy was the opposite of that of Louis XIV, who fought against England and was friends with Spain. Philip made an alliance with England and began a war with Spain. He was guided not by the interests of the country, but by his personal interests, that led to the economic crisis.
   Connection with other quatrains: 6.71, 8.5, 5.49.
   Possible decoding of number 3.15. If 1 to put in front and to consider as 10, then 10-3 = 7. 715 - the year of king change
   Quatrain 6.71 Cross crown sold
   Quand on viendra le grand Roy parenter,
   Auant qu'il ait du tout l'ame rendue:
   An le verra bien tost apparenter
   D'Aigles, Lions, Croix, Couronne vendue.
   When they will come to give the last rites to the great King
   Before he has entirely given up the ghost:
   He who will come to grieve over him the least,
   Through Lions, Eagles, cross crown sold.
   The 1-2 lines. In 1715 surrounded by close ones, the great king of France, Louis XIV, was dying.
   The 3 line. All of his many heirs died out, only a 4-year-old great-grandson remained. Due to the lack of adult heirs, the king recognized the two sons of madame de Montespan, the Duke of Maensky and Count of Toulouse, as legal heirs.
   The 4 line. Contrary to his will, his nephew Philip of Orleans was appointed regent under the minor Louis XV. He entered into a union with the eternal enemies of France, Protestant England (lions on the coat of arms) and the Holy Roman Empire (eagle on the coat of arms). It was a kind of betrayal of the cross, i.e. the Catholic faith, and the crown, i.e. interests of the country.
   Decoding of the number 6.71. 6-1=5 (571). Rearrangement of numbers gives 715 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 5.49 Philippe of Orleans
   Nul de l'Espagne mais de l'antique France,
   Ne sera esleu pour le tremblant nacelle:
   A l'ennemy sera faicte fiance,
   Qui dans son regne sera peste cruelle.
   Not from Spain but from ancient France
   Will one be elected for the trembling bark,
   To the enemy will a promise be made,
   He who will cause a cruel plague in his realm.
   The trembling bark: the great Louis XIV died in 1715, leaving the most powerful country in Europe without a ruler. His numerous heirs were extinct, and only a young grandson, the future Louis XV, remained.
   The 1 line. Besides a five-year-old grandson, an adult grandson, Philip V - the King of Spain was live. As per the conditions of the Utrecht peace he renounced the claims to the French throne. Due to the lack of adult heirs Philip decided to break the treaty condition to unite the two great powers under one crown. All the major countries of Europe were against such enhancement of France and Spain, therefore the Spanish king started the war without allies and lost.
   The 3 line. Philippe of Orleans, the nephew of Louis XIV became the regent of the heir. It was in France's interest to unite with Spain, however, the regent was not concerned with the interests of the country. Planning to become a king himself, he united with the enemies of France against its ally - Spain. During his regency, the country began to decline rapidly. The fall of morals was in his time.
   The 4 line. In 1720 a severe plague epidemic broke out in Marseilles and several other cities in the south of the country.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.93, 5.38.
   Probable decoding of number 5.49. If 5 flip in 2 and consider as 2000, 2000-49=1951 and flip 9 in 6, 6+1=7 we will get 1715 - the year of regency.
   Quatrain 6.18 King survived
   Par les phisiques le grand Roy delaisse,
   Par sort non art ne l'Ebrieu est en vie:
   Luy & son genre au regne haut pousse,
   Grace donne a gent qui Christ enuie.
   The great King abandoned by the physicians,
   By fate not the Jew's art he remains alive,
   He and his kindred pushed high in the realm,
   Pardon given to the race which denies Christ.
   The 2nd line. Despite the fact that Louis XIV had many heirs, they all died of measles. Great-grandson, Louis XV was his only heir, whom the house mistress saved at the age of two, hiding him from the doctors.
   The 4th line. Baron Franz Tott (1733-1797), who knew the Turkish language, was the King's envoy to Turkey since 1769. He rendered important services for the Ottoman Empire in carrying out military reforms and modernizing the army.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 5.38.
   The decoding of number 6.18. 600-81=519. If 9 flip in 6, 6+1=7; by swapping these numbers we will get 715.
   Quatrain 7.44* Bourbon
   Alors qu'un bour fera fort bon,
   Portant en soy les marques de justice,
   De son sang lors portant son nom
   Par fuite injuste receura son supplice.
   When the Bour is very kind ("Bon"),
   Bearing the marks of justice,
   Of his blood bearing then a long name,
   Because of the escape he will be punished unfairly.
   This quatrain was first published in 1605. In the first line, the addition of the words Bour and Bon (kind) gives Bourbon - the surname of the dynasty of French kings. Of these Louis XVI (1754-1793) was kind. He became a victim of the French revolution. The second line is probably about the Convention's trial of this king in 1792. The third line is about the name Louis, which was passed on to heirs (by blood) with the next number for 1000 years. The fourth line is about the unsuccessful escape of the Royal couple, which caused the execution of Louis XVI in 1793.
   A. Lepeletier deciphered this quatrain.
   Communication with other quatrains: 10.43.
   Decoding of number 7.44. If to the first 4 add 1, It will be 754 - the year of king's birthday.
   Quatrain 5.38 Louis XV
   Ce grand monarque qu'au mort succedera,
   Donnera vie illicite & lubrique:
   Par nonchalance tous concedera,
   Qu'a la parfin faudra la loy Salique.
   He who will succeed the great monarch on his death
   Will lead an illicit and wanton life:
   Through nonchalance he will give way to all,
   So that in the end the Salic law will fail.
   Louis XV (1710-1774) was the king of France from 1715, the great grandson of the great monarch Louis XIV, who happened to be his only heir at the age of five. He received the official nickname "beloved", for his excessive interest in favourites.
   The 2nd line. The king was famous for his depravity, had a whole harem of mistresses and minions, whom he often changed. He died of smallpox, having caught the infection from one of them.
   He did not deal with the affairs of the country. In fact, Cardinal Fleury, and after him the favourites, Marquise de Pompadour and Du Barry ruled the country. In pursuit of luxury, they ravaged the country. France was in distress. Its former power was gone. She lost her main colonies: Canada and India. They became English colonies. Louis did not care much about the people's discontent. He believed, "The monarchy will last as long as we are alive, after us even the flood." The last part of the expression became "winged".
   The 4th line. Salic truth is a document compiled at the end of the 5th century, which regulated the judicial system, contained a list of crimes and corresponding penalties. Louis carried out unpopular and unsuccessful judicial reforms, which neither the parliament nor lawyers wanted to obey.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.93, 10.7, 9.20.
   Probable decoding of number 5.38. If 1 is put before 8 and consider as 1800 then 1800-53=1747, 47 swap 74 we will get 1774 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 1.5 French Revolution
   Chassez seront sans faire long combat,
   Par le pays seront plus fort greuez:
   Bourg & Cit auront plus grand debat
   Carcas, Narbonne, auront c?urs esprouvez,
   They will be driven away for a long drawn out fight.
   The countryside will be most grievously troubled.
   Town and country will have greater struggle.
   Carcassonne and Narbonne will have their hearts tried.
   This fifth quatrain is the third prediction of the prophet and it is probably about the Great French Revolution. Despite the fact that he was a Frenchman, his first two predictions were about the Russian Revolution, and only the third - about the French Revolution of 1789. It can be assumed that he attached greater importance to the Russian Revolution than to the French Revolution. The phrases about the expulsion and oppression of wealthy people imply that this quatrain is about revolution. Indication of the French cities Carcassonne and Narbonne implies that this is about the revolution in France.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.14, 9.20.
   Probable decoding of number 1.5. If 1 is put at the end, consider 1 as 1000 and flip 5 in 2 then 1000-21=979. By subtracting 1 it will be 978; by swapping these number we will get 789 - the year of revolution.
   Quatrain 1.14 The enslaved populace, songs
   De gens esclaue, chansons, chants & requestes
   Captifs par Princes & Seigneur aux prisons.
   A l'aduenir par idiots sans testes,
   Seront receus par diuins oraisons.
   From the enslaved populace, songs, chants and demands,
   while princes and Lords are held captive in prisons.
   These will in the future by headless idiots
   be received as divine prayers.
   The seizure of the prison of Bastille on July 14 (number of quatrain), 1789 is considered to be the beginning of the French Revolution. The prisoners were released from prisons. The revolution led to the transition of the country from the monarchical system to the republican one, and the proclamation of the equality of all citizens under the motto "Freedom, equality, brotherhood". Not only the enemies of the French Revolution, but also many revolutionary leaders were decapitated on guillotine. "Marseillaise" written by Rouget de Lille, became the anthem of the Revolution all over the world.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.5, 9.20.
   The decoding of number 1.14. 1000-14=986, +1=987; by swapping these number we will get 789 - the year of revolution.
   9.20 Louis XVI
   De nuict viendra par la forest de Reines,
   Deux pars voltorte Herne la pierre blanche,
   Le moine noir en gris dedans Varennes
   Esleu cap. cause tempeste, feu, sang tranche. I iiij
   By night will come through the forest of 'Reines,
   Two couples roundabout route Queen the white stone,
   The monk king in gray in Varennes:
   Elected Capet causes tempest, fire, blood, slice.
   Louis XVI (1754-1793) was a king of France from 1774, grandson of Louis XV.
   In the quatrain, an attempt to escape has been predicted. On the night of June 21, 1791, Louis and his family secretly left in a carriage with three bodyguards. This escape was organized by the Swedish Count Hans Axel. B Sainte-Mene postmaster Drouet recognized the king in the passing carriage. He rode after them. In Varenne, he struck the bell when he realized that the page boy was a disguised Louis. The crowd gathered. The fugitives returned to Paris under escort. The people met them in complete silence, people's faith in the king was undermined.
   Under the pressure of the revolutionary masses, Louis was forced to accept the constitution of 1791 and become a constitutional monarch. Then he began to oppose the revolution, seeking support abroad. Further events led to the fact that on September 21, 1792 the king was convicted by the Convention and guillotined: "blood, slice".
   There is a saying: "history repeats itself." The similarity of the characters and destinies of two emperors: Louis XVI and Nicholas II can serve as an example of such repeatability. Both are characterized as positive people, not spoiled by power and wealth. As weaknesses their susceptibility to the influence of stronger personalities was noted. The beginning of their rule was marked by tragic events. On the day of the coronation, both arranged a free treat to the people. Because of the crush many people died in the crowd. Both of these emperors were overthrown by the revolutions and executed, and members of their families also suffered.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 5.38, 1.5, 1.14.
   The decoding of number 9.20. If 1 is put at the ahead and consider as 1000, 9 is put at the end then 1000-209=791 - the year of escape.
   Quatrain 4.4 The events of 1793
   L'impotent prince fasche, plaines & querelles
   De raps & pilles par coqs & par lybiques
   Grand est par terre, par mer infinies voilles,
   Seure Italie sera chassant Celtiques.
   The impotent Prince angry, complaints and quarrels,
   Rape and pillage, by cocks and Africans:
   Great it is by land, by sea infinite sails,
   Italy alone will be chasing Celtic.
   The first two lines are probably about revolutionary unrest in France and the raids of Libyan pirates.
   The third line about execution of Louis XVI in 1793. After this England expelled the French ambassador and blocked the French coast using its fleet.
   In Italy there was a war between France and Austria in that year for control of the peninsula.
   Probable decoding of number 4.4. 400-4=396. 6+1=7. By swapping these numbers we will get 793 - the year of execution.
   Quatrain 10.43 Royal goodness
   Le trop bon temps, trop de bonte royale,
   Faicts & deffaicts prompt, subit, negligence.
   Leger croira faux d'espouse loyale.
   Luy mis a mort par sa beneuolence.
   Too much good times, too much of royal goodness,
   Ones made and unmade, quick, sudden, neglectful:
   Lightly will he believe falsely of his loyal wife,
   He put to death through his benevolence.
   Probably the first two lines are about character of Louis XVI. He was an honest, kind and decent, man but not resolute and subject to someone else's influence.
   For a long time he was impotent. This put his young wife in an awkward position, there were various gossips. Then the king made an operation, and his personal life get better.
   The last line is about the execution of Louis XVI.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.20, 4.4.
   The decoding of number 10.43. 1000-43=957. If 5 flip in 2, 2+1=3; replace these numbers we will get 793 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 9.77 Maria Antoinette
   Le regne prins le Roy conutera,
   La dame prinse mort iurez sort,
   La vie Royne fils on desniera,
   Et la pellix au fort de la consort.
   The realm taken the King will conspire,
   The lady taken to death ones sworn by lot:
   They will refuse life to the Queen and son,
   And the mistress at the fort of the wife.
   This is a prophecy about the fate of the kingdom during the French Revolution.Apparently the second line is about the execution of Queen Maria Antoinette (1755 - 1793). She was the youngest daughter of Emperor Franz I and Maria Theresa. In 1770 she married Louis XVI. During the French Revolution, she was considered the main organizer of conspiracies against the revolution. She was given to the court of the Convention and sentenced to guillotine.
   The third line refers to the early death of her son, the heir to the throne. After the execution of the king in 1793 he was recognized as the king of France by almost all monarchical countries, under the name of Louis XVII (1785-1795). He never reigned. After the execution of his parents, the boy remained in the hands of revolutionaries. Apparently, they tried to get rid of him. He died early, at the age of ten. Tuberculosis is considered to be the cause of his death. He was extremely exhausted from malnutrition, his body was covered with tumors and he was secretly buried in a common grave.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.5, 1.14, 9.20, 9.35.
   The decoding of number 9.77. If 1 is add to 9 (1077), 0 is put at the end we will get 1770 - the year of marriage.
   Quatrain 4.20 Massacre to royalists
   Paix vbertr long temps Dieu loera
   Par tout son regne desert la fleur de lis,
   Corps morts d'eau, terre l l'on apporter,
   Sperant vain heur d'estre l enseuelis.
   Peace and plenty for a long time the place will praise,
   Throughout his realm the lily flower deserted:
   Bodies dead by water, land one will bring there,
   Vainly awaiting the good fortune to be buried there.
   Perhaps the first two lines are about Louis XVIII. He skillfully confronted the reactionaries and supported a certain level of liberalism. During his reign there was a constitutional monarchy in the country. He reformed the army, lowered the level of censorship. In 1818 the armies of the 4-sided coalition left the territory of France. The period of his reign was relatively prosperous for France.
   Presumably, the last 2 lines refer to the period of the French Revolution. The monarchists wanted to organize a counter-revolution in the province of Vendee in 1793. Jean-Baptiste Carrier, a member of the Convention and Western army commissar was sent to Nantes to suppress it. He was a supporter of savage reprisals for the royalists. Instead of mass executions Carrier organized drowning of people in the Loire delta. People were put on ships with damaged bottoms and sent to the last voyage. In the future, Carrier was executed.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.22.
   Probable decoding of number 4.20. 400-20=380, 380-1=379. If 3 is put at the end then we will get 793 - the year of executions.
   Quatrain 3.46 Plancus' city
   Le Ciel (de Plancus la cite) nous presage
   Par clairs insignes & par estoilles fixes,
   Que de son change subit s'approche l'aage
   Ne pour son bien ne pour les malefices.
   The sky (of Plancus' city) forebodes to us
   Through clear signs and fixed stars,
   That the age of its sudden change is approaching,
   Neither for its good, nor for its evils.
   The ancient Roman consul Lucius Plancus founded the city of Lyon.
   Perhaps dramatic changes in Lyon in 1793 are predicted here. It was the time of the 1st French Revolution.
   The age of its sudden change - a new calendar was introduced in France. A new century came in 7 years (was approaching).
   In May the city rebelled against the Jacobins. Paris sent a revolutionary army that besieged Leon. After two months of defense, the city surrendered. Many residents were executed, all defensive fortifications destroyed.
   The city began to recover only of the next age, when Napoleon came to power,.
   Possible decoding of number 3.46. If the numbers to rearrange - 436, turn over 6 - 439, 4 to consider as 4000, then 4000-39=3961. 6+1=7. In the reverse order we get 1793.
   Quatrain 1.12 Napoleon in Italy
   Dans peu dira fauce brute fragile,
   De bas en haut, efleue promptement,
   Puis en intant desloayale & labile,
   Qui de Veronne aura gouu(v)ernement.
   There will soon be talk of a treacherous man,
   quickly raised from low to high estate.
   He will suddenly turn disloyal and volatile.
   This man will govern Verona.
   Napoleon I led the Italian campaign in 1796 - the first time at the head of the army. He was only 27 years old. He was thin, and in the paintings of that time he looked fragile.
   The 2 line. Bonaparte made a very quick career: in 10 years he rose from junior lieutenant to army commander.
   The 3-4 lines. The French army captured Verona in 1796, then in 1797 the city transferred to Austria, and in 1801 it was divided between France and Austria, in 1805 the whole city was transferred to France.
   The uprising began in Verona in April 1797. Napoleon used this as an excuse for the capture of Venice and the proclamation of the Cisalpine Republic. Bonaparte used victories in Italy for wide propaganda through newspapers of his personal merits.
   Connection with other quatrains: 5.5.
   The decoding of number 1.12. Let's rearrange the numbers - 121. If 1 to consider as 1000, then 1000-21 = 979. Turn 9 over in 6 and rearrange the numbers, we get 796. Putting 1 in front of number, it will be 1796 - the year of a capture Verona.
   Quatrain 5.33 Uprising in Vende
   Des principaux de cite rebelee
   Qui tiendront fort pour liberte rauoir:
   Detrencher masses infelice meslee,
   Cris vrlemens a Nante; piteux voir.
   Of the principal ones of the city in rebellion
   Who will strive mightily to recover their liberty:
   The males cut up, unhappy fray,
   Cries, groans at Nantes pitiful to see.
   In 1793 a Royalist revolt broke out in Vende, in the west of France among the opponents of the Revolution. Forced recruitment into the army caused the uprising.
   The Republican forces were stationed in Nantes. In the prisons of the city ~ 12,000 arrested rebels were kept. The epidemics began among them, food was scarce.
   arrived in Nantes, Commissioner Jean-Baptiste Carrire decided to kill the prisoners. In addition to the usual methods of shooting and guillotine, he used drowning in Loire. The arrested people were put on a ship with a broken bottom. In the middle of the river, the boat sank slowly. The brutal execution even more strengthened the determination of the insurgents to hold to the last. Only in 1796 the mutiny was suppressed.
   Probable decoding of number 5.33. If 5 flip in 2 then 2000-33=1967. 7 is put before 9 we will get 1796 -the year of end uprising.
   Quatrain 1.60 Napoleon
   Vn Empereur naistra pres d'Italie,
   Qui a l'Empire sera vendu bien cher,
   Diront auec quels gens il se ralie
   Qu'on trouuera moins Prince que boucher.
   An Emperor will be born near Italy,
   who will cost the Empire very dearly.
   They will say, when they see his allies,
   that he is less a prince than a butcher.
   Presumably, this quatrain is about Napoleon I (15.08.1769 - 05.05.1821).
   The 1 line. He was born on the island Corsica, which is located near Italy. There was no royal blood in his ancestry. His parents were petty aristocrats. Nevertheless, he became one of the most famous king. Few people know anything about Louis V or X, but everybody heard of Napoleon.
   The 4 line. Endless Napoleonic wars led to the destruction of a large part of the population, not only in Europe and Africa but also in France itself. By the end of his reign there was almost no male population left in the country fit for the military service. Napoleon had to recruit teenagers.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.54, 8.57, 1.76, 8.59, 8.53, 6.12, 9.86.
   Probable decoding of number 1.60. 1000-60=940, 9-1=8, If 40 swap in 04 we will get 804 - the year of reign.
   Quatrain 5.5 Napoleon poet
   Sous ombre saincte d'oster de seruitude,
   Peuple & cit l'vsurpera luy-mesmes,
   Pire fera par faux de ieune pute,
   Liur au champ lisant le faux proesme. E iij
   Under the shadowy pretext of removing servitude,
   He will himself usurp the people and city:
   He will do worse because of the deceit of the young prostitute,
   Leader in the field reading the false poem.
   The first two lines are about the career of Napoleon I. At first he pretended to support the ideas of the Revolution. When he became the head of the army, he usurped the power, established the monarchy, not having hereditary right.
   The third line is perhaps about Josephine Beauharnais, Napoleon's wife. She led a free way of life. The lover Napoleon, being in Egypt, was very upset when he learned of her infidelity.
   The last line is about literary creativity. In his younger years, Napoleon I wrote poetry and prose.
   Linkage with other quatrains: with all about Napoleon.
   The decoding of number 5.5. If 55 flip in 22 then 2000-2=1998. 8-1=7. 7 is put behind 1 we will get 1799 - the year when he usurped power.
   Quatrain 4.54 Name Napoleon
   Du nom qui oncques ne fut au Roy Gaulois,
   Iamais ne fust vn fouldre si craintif,
   Tremblant l'Italie l'Espagne & les Anglois,
   De femme estrangers grandement attentif.
   Of the name which no French King ever had
   Never was there so fearful a thunderbolt,
   Italy, Spain and the English trembling,
   Very attentive to a woman foreigner.
   The 1 line. There has never been a Napoleon name in the dynasties of the French kings. He was the first. The 2 and 3 lines are most likely about the Napoleonic wars. In different periods, his enemies were England, Italy, Spain, Russia and other countries.
   The 4 line is perhaps about Mary-Louise. The first wife of Napoleon was the Parisian aristocrat Josephine Bogarne, but she could not give birth to the heir. Napoleon, who had no kings in the genealogy, began to seek a wife with two goals: he needed a son, and he wanted to be related to the royal family. In 1810 he married the daughter of the emperor of Austria Maria-Louise. She gave birth to a long-awaited heir and made a strong impression on him with his chastity. He paid much attention to her: entertained, took her for walks, hunted, accompanied to the theatre.
   Linkage with other quatrains: with all about Napoleon.
   Quatrain 8.57 Career of Napoleon
   De souldat simple paruiendra en empire,
   De robe courte paruiendra la lonque
   Vaillant aux armes en eglise ou plus pyre,
   Vexer les prestres comme l'eau faict l'esponge.
   From simple soldier he will attain to Empire,
   from the short robe he will grow into the long.
   Brave in arms, much worse toward the Church,
   he vexes the priests as water fills a sponge.
   The 1 line. Napoleon I began serving in the army in 1785 not in a soldier's rank, but a little higher, a junior lieutenant of artillery. During the Great French Revolution, he reached the rank of brigadier general. Then he received the following ranks: division general, commander of the rear, commander of the Italian army. In 1798-1799 he led a military campaign in Egypt.
   The 2 line. Seizure of power by Napoleon became the end of the Revolution. He organized a coup in 1799. When he became the first consul, he established his dictatorship. In May 1804 he was proclaimed an emperor. At the painting of F. Gerard Napoleon is depicted at the top of his career in a long royal vestment.
   The 4 line. From 1789 to 1802 the number of clergymen was reduced from 60,000 to 36,000. Upon Napoleon's request, the Pope was captured and transported to a small town of Savona in the Gulf of Genoa. Napoleon impound the property of the church and papal possessions and handed them over to the French Empire. He presented Benevent County and Ponte Corvo to Talleyrand and Bernadotte. The rebellious bishops of Troyi, Ghana, Tournai were arrested and imprisoned in Vincennes.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.60, 4.54, 1.76.
   Probable decoding of number 8.57. If 1 and 7 are put at the ahead then 1785 - the year of beginning of career.
   Quatrain 5.40 Italian campaign
   Le sang royal sera si tresmesle,
   Contrainct seront Gaulois de l'Hesperie:
   On attendra que terme soit coule,
   Et que memoire de la voix soit perie.
   The royal blood will be so very mixed,
   Will be constrained Gauls from Hesperia:
   One will wait until his term has expired,
   And until the memory of his voice has perished.
   Hesperia is an ancient name of Italy. It was conquered by Napoleon (Gauls). In 1796 was his first Italian campaign, and in 1805 he became a king of Italy.
   The first line does not fit as Napoleon. He did not have royal blood at all - he's an impostor.
   The decoding of number 5.40. If flip 5 in 2 and consider 2 as 2000, 2000-04=1996, flip first 9 in 6, 6+1=7 then we will get 1796 - the year of first Italian campaign.
   Quatrain 8.38 Marshal Brune
   Le Roy de Bloys dans Auignon regner
   Vn autre fois le peuple emonopolle,
   Dedans le Rosne par murs fera baigner
   Iusques a cinq le dernier pres de Nolle.
   The King of Blois will reign in Avignon,
   once again the people covered in blood.
   In the Rhne he will make swim
   near the walls, up to five the last one near Nolle.
   Guillaume Brune (1763-1815) was a Marshal of France from 1804, in service from 1793. He took an active part in the revolution: first he organized the newspaper, then went into the army, distinguished himself during the Italian campaign of Napoleon. In 1797 Brun was promoted to the generals. In 1807 Napoleon sent him to resign for republican views.
   The 1 line. Prior to the French Revolution, Avignon belonged to the Pope. Revolutionary troops occupied the city in 1791. After a bloody conflict the Pope lost the city of France under the treaty of 1797. In 1815 this city took the side of the king. The Avignon ultra-royalists killed Brun and threw him into Rhne for having repeatedly suppressed their uprising.
   The 4 line. Nolle is a little village in Netherlands. Perhaps this line predicted Brun's decisive victory over the Russian-English Dutch expedition of 1799. Total there were 5 fights: the French attacked on August 6 and 30 and Russian-British troops - on September 8, 21 and 25 then they capitulated.
   Probable decoding of number 8.38. 8000-83=7917. If 1 is put at the ahead we will get 1797 - the year when he became general.
   Quatrain 8.92 Egyptian campaign of Napoleon
   Loin hors du regne mis en hazard voyage
   Grand ost duyra, pour soy l'occupera,
   Le Roy tiendra les siens captif, ostage,
   A son retour tout pays pillera.
   Far distant from his kingdom, sent on a dangerous journey,
   he will lead a great army and keep it for himself.
   The king will hold his people in captive, hostage,
   he will plunder the whole country on his return.
   Perhaps this is a prophecy about the Egyptian campaign of Napoleon I in 1798-1801. The first line tells about a distant and dangerous journey. To get to Egypt from France it need to cross the Mediterranean Sea. English fleet dominated in Mediterranean, which opposed the French and could attack at any time.
   The 2 line. A large army was mobilized for this campaign: 32,000 men, 309 transport ships and 55 escort ships. The total number of sailors was 10 thousand people. Thanks to secrecy and suddenness, the army successfully achieved its goal. The beginning of the campaign was successful. Napoleon won battles, occupying more and more cities, including Alexandria, Cairo and the island Malta.
   In August 1798 the French fleet was attacked by the English, under the command of Nelson. In the Battle of Abukir, the French lost their fleet and were trapped, cut off from their country. Having realized the hopelessness of the situation, Napoleon fled to France, leaving the army in a desperate situation.
   The 4 line. Returning to Paris, after such a defeat, Napoleon organized a coup and seized power! For another 15 years he fought throughout Europe, and brought his country to the point that there were almost left not male population suitable for military service.Linkage with other quatrains: 1.60, 4.54, 1.76, 6.12.
   The decoding of number 8.92. 8000-29=7971. By swapping these numbers we wiil get 1797. 1797+1=1798 - the year of Egyptian campaign.
   Quatrain 1.98 Leader's escape
   Le chef qu'aura conduit peuple infiny
   Loing de son ciel, de m?urs & langue (estrange
   Cinq mil en Grete, & Thessale finy,
   Le chef fuyant sauu en la marine grange,
   The leader who will conduct great numbers of people
   far from their skies, to foreign customs and language.
   Five thousand will die in Crete and Thessaly,
   the leader fleeing in a sea going supply ship.
   Probably, in this prophecy the same events as the previous quatrain are predicted - a trip to Egypt. It is a Muslim country, and it has completely different customs that are not characteristic for the Christian world. The French, heading to Alexandria passed near the island Crete which prevented Nelson from finding them. From Egypt, Napoleon went to Syria and Turkey. In the battle at Mount Tabor Turks were defeated and lost 5 thousand people.
   The fourth line predicted the escape of Napoleon on the ship.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 8.92.
   The decoding of number 1.98. If consider 8 as 8000 then 8000-19=7981. 1 is put at the ahead we will get 1798 - the year of Egyptian campaign.
   Quatrain 5.69 Napoleon in Africa
   Plus ne sera le grand en faux sommeil,
   L'inquietude viendra prendre repos:
   Dresser phalange d'or, azur & vermeil,
   Subiuger Affrique la ronger iusque aux os.
   No longer will the great one be in his false sleep,
   Uneasiness will come to replace tranquility:
   A phalanx of gold, azure and vermilion arrayed
   To subjugate Africa and gnaw it to the bone.
   Probably this prophecy, like the previous one is about the Egyptian campaign of Napoleon I. The third line lists the colors of the uniforms of various troops. The last line is about the export of values from Africa.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 8.92, 1.98.
   Probable decoding of number 5.69. If flip 5 in 2 and 6 in 9 then 2000-99=1901. 9-1=8. We will get 1801 - the year of end Egyptian campaign.
   Quatrain 6.65 Seizure of power by Napoleon
   Gris & Bureau, demie ouuerte guerre,
   De nuict seront assailliz & pillez:
   Le bureau prins passera par la serre,
   Son temple ouuert deux aux plastres grillez, Au
   Gray and brown in half-opened war,
   By night they will be assaulted and pillaged:
   The brown captured will pass through the lock,
   His temple opened, two slipped in the plaster.
   There is a small probability that this prophecy is about the coup of the 18 Brumaire.
   The first two lines, perhaps, tell about preparation of the coup by Napoleon. He forced the resignation of three directors of the Directory, and the two which did not obey were arrested. The first meeting was early in the morning at 7 o'clock. The council of elders took the side of Napoleon.
   The 3 line. The council meeting 500 was held in the greenhouse of the castle of Saint-Cloud. Napoleon entered there, but he was forcibly expelled. Then he organized the soldiers, and they dispersed 500 people by the drumbeat. The members of the council fled through the doors and windows.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.34.
   The decoding of number 6.65. If flip 665 in 992 then 9000-29=8971; by swapping these numbers we will get 1798, 1798+1=1799 - the year of seizure power.
   Quatrain 9.34 Coup of 18 Brumaire
   La part sous mary sera mitr,
   Retour conflict passera sur la thuille:
   Par cinq cens vn trahyr sera tiltr,
   Narbon & Saulce par contaux auons d'huille.
   The single part afflicted will be reduced,
   Return conflict to pass over the tile:
   For five hundred one to betray will be titled
   Narbonne and Salces we have oil for knives.
   The first line is presumably about the most influential person of the Republican Party of that time, abbot Sieyes. He conspired with Napoleon.
   The second line is about the Napoleon's return from Egypt, where he treacherously abandoned the army in a desperate situation. He decided to seize power, taking advantage of the crisis of the Directory. At that time, the country was ruled by two bodies: the Council of Elders and the Council of Five Hundred. The directory could not function: three of its directors were forced to resign, and two were arrested. The Council of Elders took the side of Napoleon, giving him all the authorities.
   The 3 line. The council of five hundred was led by the brother of Napoleon Lucien. Having called him from pavilion, soldiers rushed in with a drumbeat and all were dispersed. The next day Lucien, having collected only a few dozen out of 500, chose a temporary government of three consuls: Ducos, Siyes, Napoleon. November 9, 1799 is usually considered the end of the Revolution.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 1.60, 4.54, 1.76, 6.12, 8.92.
   Probable decoding of number 9.34. 900-34=866. If 66 flip in 99, 8-1=7 then we will get 799 - the year of coup.
   Quatrain 8.1* Napoleon - Council
   Pav, nay, loron plus feu qu'a sang sera,
   Laude nager, fuir grand aux surrez.
   Les agassas entree refusera,
   Pampon, Durance les tiendra enserrez.
   Pau, Nay, Loron will be more of fire than blood,
   To bathe in praise, the great will run into the congregation.
   He will not allow the arrival to the magpies,
   Pampon and the Durance will keep them captivity.
   The name Napoleon roy we may to composed of the first 3 words, with the exception of the letter e. After returning from Egypt, Bonaparte took advantage of the crisis of the directory and seized power. A coup d'etat occurred on 9 November 1799, or on 18 Brumaire. He dissolved the Council of Elders, dispersed the Council of five hundred. The new ruling council was created from 3 consuls: Napoleon, Sieyes, Ducos. In fact, all power was concentrated in the hands of Bonaparta.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.34, 1.51.
   Decoding of the number 8.1. If 8 to consider as 800, then 800-1=799, 1 put in front we get 1799 - the year of the coup. 81 -vice versa 18 Brumaire.
   Quatrain 1.51 The bad times will return
   Chef d'Aries, Iupiter & Saturne,
   Dieu eternel quelles mutations!
   Puis apres long siecle son malin temps (tetourne,
   Gaule & Italie, quelles emotions.
   The head of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn.
   Eternal God, what changes!
   Then the bad times will return again after a long century;
   what turmoil in France and Italy.
   This is probably a prophecy about the seizure of power by Napoleon Bonaparte 12/12/1799. The beginning of his reign caused great changes in the economy, politics, and the administration of France. After the establishment of his power in France, Napoleon directed his efforts to capture Italy. As a result, he became emperor of both countries.
   3rd line - about reincarnation. After almost 100 years in 1889, his soul was reborn into Adolf Hitler. In 1936, he seized power in Germany - the bad times will return. And again he began wars in Egypt, throughout Europe and in Russia. Their fates have much in common. Both unsuccessfully tried to conquer Egypt. For both of them, Italy was theirs, Spain was half their own, England was too harsh for them, and Russia was a crash for both. Interestingly, both began a war in Russia in June without an announcement. Both always carried poison. Both managed to escape after the defeat and in recent years have lived quietly and quietly. Both believed in the prophecies of Nostradamus, etc.
   Decoding of the number 1.51. If you turn 5 into 2, 1 counts 1000, then 1000-21 = 979. Rearrange the first 9 at the end will be 799 - the year of the seizure of power by Napoleon.
   Quatrain 1.76* Meaning of the name
   D'vn nom farouche tel profer sera,
   Que les trois s?urs auront fato le nom:
   Puis grand peuple par langue & fait duira,
   Plus que nul autre aura bruit & renom.
   The man will be called by a barbaric name
   that three sisters will receive from destiny.
   He will speak then to a great people in words and deeds,
   more than any other man will have fame and renown.
   The 1 line. Napoleon in Greek means "from the city where the lions live". He was in Paris during the French Revolution, when there was a fierce struggle.
   The 2 line. Napoleon had three sisters: Eliza, Pauline and Carolina Bonaparte. They all married the notable husbands and they all became duchesses. It was not possible to find the statement of the sisters about the brother's name on the Internet.
   The 3 line. Napoleon, whose native language was Italian, learned French and began a military career in Paris. The prediction came true, and the great city gave him a new language and work.
   The 4 line. The victorious wars gave Napoleon world fame. His name is known even today.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.65, 5.92.
   Probable decoding of number 1.76. If 1 is put at the ahead and flip 6 in 9 then 1000-179=821 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 5.92 5 levels of power
   Apres le siege tenu dix sept ans,
   Cinq changeront en tel reuolu terme:
   Puis sera l'vn esleu de mesme temps,
   Qui des Romains ne sera trop conforme.
   After the see has been held seventeen years,
   Five will change within the same period of time:
   Then one will be elected at the same time,
   One who from Roman will not be too submissive.
   The first line is about 17 years of the rule of Napoleon I from 1796 to 1814.
   The second line is about the five stages of his career:
   - 1796 - commanded Italian army;
   - 1798 - led the Egyptian campaign;
   - 1799 - the first consul;
   - 1804 - was coronated as the Emperor of France;
   - 1805 - the king of Italy.
   The translation of the third line is doubtful, perhaps Napoleon's coronation.
   The fourth line is about the Italian origin of Napoleon.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 8.57.
   Probable decoding of number 5.92. 500-92=408. If 1 is put at the end then by swapping these numbers we will get 1804 - the year of coronation.
   Quatrain 2.69 Napoleon - king of France
   Le Roy Gaulois par la Celtique dextre
   Voyant discorde de la grand Monarchie,
   Sur les trois parts fera fleurir son sceptre,
   Contre la cappe de la grand Hierarchie.
   The Gallic King through his Celtic right arm
   Seeing the discord of the great Monarchy:
   He will cause his sceptre to flourish over the three parts,
   Against the cope of the great Hierarchy.
   The 2 line. Having returned from the Egyptian campaign in 1799, Napoleon took advantage of the discord in the country and the crisis of the Directory. He seized power by becoming the First Consul. This is predicted in the quatrain 9.34.
   The 3 line. In 1804 Napoleon became Emperor of France, and a year later proclaimed himself a king of Italy. The third part, presumably, numerous German states and principalities. He subdued them to himself, becoming the protector of the Rhine Union in 1806.
   The 4 line is about oppression by Napoleon the Catholic church.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.12.
   The decoding of number 2.69. 2000-96=1904. If 9-1=8 then we will get 1804 - the year when he became king.
   Quatrain 9.5 Napoleon - king of Italy
   Tiers doibt du pied au premier semblera
   A vn nouueau Monarque de bas haut
   Qui Pyse & Luques Tyran occupera
   Du precedent corriger le deffault.
   The third with foot will seem as first
   To a new monarch from low high,
   He who will possess himself as a Tyrant of Pisa and Lucca,
   To correct the fault of his predecessor.
   The 1 line. In quatrains 8.77, 3.59, 9.17 the prophet calls Stalin the third antichrist. Judging by the further content of the quatrain, the first is Napoleon I. Like Stalin he oppressed the church - the Antichrist. This is stated in the quatrain 8.57: "he vexes the priests as water fills a sponge." The according to the information on the Internet both had six fingers on one foot. There is an opinion that such people are from Satan.
   In the second line Nostradamus predicts, as in the quatrain 8.57, that this monarch will come from low high.
   The 3 line. This line shows two Italian cities. In 1805 Napoleon became the king of Italy. He became the emperor France a year earlier.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 8.57, 8.77, 3.59, 9.17.
   The decoding of number 9.5. 9-1=8. If consider 8 as 800 then 800+5=805 - the year when he became king of Italy.
   Quatrain 8.53 Arena of the Sun
   Dedans Bologne voudra lauer ses fautes,
   Il ne pourra au temple du soleil,
   Il volera faisant chose si hautes,
   En hierarchie n'en fut oncq vn pareil.
   Within Bologna he will want to wash away his faults,
   he cannot at the temple of the Sun.
   He will fly away, doing very great things:
   In the hierarchy he had never an equal.
   The 1 line. On June 19, 1796 Napoleon, having only a general rank back then arrived in Bologna and proclaimed it a Constitutional Republic. He also announced the decline of the papal state. Perhaps the oppression of the church and the confiscation of its property is meant here by the sins. The wash away his faults is the investment of the part of the confiscation in construction of the theatre.
   The 2 line. Theatre "Arena of the Sun" was created in Bologna (Italy) in 1810, upon the initiative of Napoleon I, who wanted to convert part of the city for public entertainment. During the French occupation, an open theatrical arena was built here, where the performances took place before sunset, which gave it its name.
   The 3 line. Napoleon's career in 19 years can be called a takeoff: from a junior lieutenant to the emperor of France and Italy.
   The 4 line. He managed to conquer almost all of Europe.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.54, 8.57, 1.76.
   The decoding of number 8.53. 8000-35=7965. If 5 flip in 2, 2-1=1, 1 put at the ahead then we will get 1796 - the year of arrived in Bologna.
   Quatrain 10.82 Battle of Austerlitz
   Cris, pleurs, larmes viendront auec coteaux
   Semblanyt four donront dernier assault
   L'entour parques planter profons plateaux,
   Vifs repoussez & murdris de prinsault.
   Cries, weeping, tears will come with knives,
   Seeming to flee, they will have a final attack,
   Parks around to set up high platforms,
   The living pushed back and murdered instantly.
   In 1805 a great battle occurred near Austerlitz between the Russian-Austrian army and the French army. Initially, the Allied forces took strategically advantageous high positions. Napoleon pretended that he was retreating. The allies descended from the heights and were attacked by the enemy. The French occupied the heights.
   The attempts to regain the position of the Allied forces failed and they retreated. The French completed the retreat by artillery. The Russian-Austrian army suffered huge losses and suffered a crushing defeat.
   Parks, according to legend are the three goddesses of Destiny: the first spins the thread of life, the second reels it, the third waits with scissors to cut the thread.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.12.
   The decoding of number 10.82. If 2 flip in 5, 0 and 8 swap then we will get 1805 - the year of battle.
   Quatrain 8.60 The 5th coalition wars
   Premier en Gaule, premier en Romanie,
   Par mer & terre aux Anglois & Paris
   Merueillex faits par celle grand mesnie
   Violant, terax perdra le Norlaris.
   First in Gaul, first in Romania,
   over land and sea against the English and Paris.
   Marvellous deeds by that great troop,
   violent, the wild beast will lose Lorraine.
   1 line. Napoleon I Bonaparte was the monarch of both France (Gaul) and Italy (Romania).
   2, 3 lines about the military victories of the Napoleonic army.
   4 line. Lorraine is located on the border between France, Germany and Belgium. Perhaps this territory was involved in the wars of the 5th coalition 1809. Austria and England participated in these wars against France. It ended in a few months with the victory of France.
   Decoding of number 8.60. If 1 to put first, 6 to turn over 9, then a permutation of the figures gives 1809.
   Quatrain 1.88* Josephine
   Le diuin mal surprendra le grand Prince,
   Vn peu deuant aura femme espousee:
   Son puy & credit a vn coup viendra mince,
   Conseil mourra pour la teste rasee.
   The divine disease overtakes the great Prince,
   a short while before he will marry.
   Both supporters and credit will suddenly diminish.
   Advice, he will die because of the shaven head.
   Josephine de Beauharnais (1763-1814), Parisian aristocrat, was the first wife of Napoleon I. Their marriage was registered on 09.03.1796. She was older than him, and she had it a second marriage. In 1804 she was crowned as Empress.
   1, 2 lanes. The divine disease -- venereal, named after the ancient Roman goddess of carnal love Venus. Josephine led a free lifestyle and had numerous love affairs. She probably infected Napoleon with a sexually transmitted disease.
   The Empress was unable to give birth to an heir, and their marriage, which lasted 14 years, broke up in 1809. Bonaparte married the daughter of the Austrian king. She bore him a long-awaited son.
   3-4 lines. According to many, Josephine was the lucky star of the emperor. After a divorce from her, luck turned away from him, and after 5 years he lost everything. Perhaps this clever woman was giving wise advices to her husband. Napoleon also understood that his success depended on her. On Elba island he wrote: "I married Josephine for love ... I will say more: a certain superstition ... made me believe in her necessity for my political prosperity. I noticed that everything succeeds when her occult influence controls my actions."
   Possible decoding of number 1.88. 188+1=189. If 18 to consider the century -1800, then 1800+9=1809 is the year of divorce.
   Quatrain 6.24 Mars and the scepter
   Mars & le sceptre se trouuera conioint,
   Dessous Cancer calamiteuse guerre:
   Vn peu apres sera nouueau Riy oingt,
   Qui par long temps pacifiera la terre,
   Mars and the sceptre will be found conjoined
   Under Cancer calamitous war:
   Shortly afterwards a new King will be anounted,
   One who for a long time will pacify the earth.
   In the 1 line Mars is the God of War, and the scepter is the symbol of the supreme authority of the country. This can be understood as the coming to power of the military ruler of Napoleon.
   The 2 line. Napoleon attacked Russia on June 24, 1812 - under the constellation of Cancer.
   The 3 line. After him Louis XVIII became a king.
   In the 4th line the long peace is spoken of. After the defeat and exile of Napoleon in 1814 the next world war began in 100 years. True, local military conflicts arose constantly in one country or in another country in the world.
   Probable decoding of number 6.24. If 2 consider as 2000 and flip 6 in 9 then 2000-49=1951, 9-1=8, 5 flip in 2 and swap with 1 we will get 1812 - the year of war.
   Quatrain 6.12 Napoleon's wars
   Dresser copies pour monter l'Empire,
   Du Vatican le sang Royal tiendra:
   Flamans, Anglois, Espaigne auec Aspire,
   Contre l'Italie & France contendra.
   To raise forces to ascend to the empire
   In the Vatican the Royal blood will hold fast:
   Flemings, English, Spain with 'Aspire'
   Against Italy and France will he contend.
   The 1 line. Probably this is about the invasion of Napoleon's army in Russia in 1812. From June to September, the Russian army retreated to Moscow with battles. A great battle was given near Borodino, after which Moscow was surrendered. From October to December, the French army retreated, pursued by the Russian army, famine, frosts and was destroyed almost completely. Defeat in Russia was the beginning of the Napoleon's career end. More than 15 years the whole of Europe was tormented by the napoleonic wars. Russia, thanks to the patriotism of the people and wisdom of Kutuzov broke the power of Napoleon in half a year, giving only one general battle near Borodino.
   The 2 line. Perhaps this line is about Lucien Bonaparte, the younger brother of Napoleon I. He wanted to become a priest and studied in the seminary. Lucien and his wife moved to Rome in 1803. Pope Pius VII gave him lands in Viteblo and proclaimed him duke of Canino. Napoleon was not satisfied with his brother's wife. He insisted on divorce, but Lucien did not agree. Then Napoleon in 1807 forbade him to stay in Rome.
   The third and fourth lines, apparently, predict the war on the Iberian peninsula, which lasted from 1808 to 1814. England, Spain, Portugal united in the fight against Napoleon who was the king of France and Italy. England successfully opposed France at sea. England led military operations on land on the Iberian peninsula under the command of the Duke of Wellington. Already in exile on the island of Saint Helena, Napoleon said: "This unfortunate war in Spain has become a bleeding wound, the root cause of the misfortunes of France."
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.54, 8.57, 1.76, 10.82.
   Probable decoding of number 6.12. If 6 flip in 9, 9-1=8 then we will get 812 - the year of campaign.
   Quatrain 9.86 Capture of Paris 1814
   Du bourg Lareyne paruidrot droit Chartes
   Et feront prs du pont Anthoni pause.
   Sept pour la paix cauteleux comme Martres
   Feront entre d'arme Paris clause.
   From Bourg-la-Reine they will come straight to Chartres,
   And near the pont d'Antony they will pause:
   Seven crafty as Martens for peace,
   Paris closed by an army they will enter.
   In 1814 the allied armies of Russia and Prussia "wishing for peace," sought to end the Napoleonic wars. At the end of March 1814 they approached Paris. Napoleon was not in the capital and his brother Joseph substituted him. Significant military superiority was on the side of Russian-Prussian troops. Nevertheless, the allied forces rushed in battle on the outskirts of Paris. There were 3 times more killed Russians than the Prussians.
   The 4 line. Artillery was placed at all heights around the capital and directed toward the city. Alexander I issued an ultimatum that if the city does not surrender, then it will be destroyed. To avoid this, Paris was declared an open city, and Allied troops marched into it with a triumphant march.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.08, 4.54, 8.57, 1.76.
   The decoding of number 9.86. If 1 is put at the ahead then 1900-86=1814 - the year of capture Paris.
   Quatrain 1.32 Napoleon's exile to the Elbe
   Le grand empire sera tost translate
   En lieu petit, qui bien tost viendra croi[s]tre
   Lieu bien infime, d'exigue comte.
   Ou au milieu viemdra poser son Sceptre.
   The great Empire will soon be exchanged
   for a small place, which soon will begin to grow.
   A small place of tiny area
   in the middle of which he will come to lay down his sceptre.
   After the abdication on April 6, 1814 in favor of his son, Napoleon received the possession of the island of Elba under the Fonteblo's treaty. He went there on April 20, 1814, was declared emperor of the island. In his small empire, he carried out a series of reforms.
   As predicted in the 2nd line, he soon fled on March 20, 1815 and again seized power in France for 100 days.
   Quatrain 10.16 Louis XVIII
   Heureux au regne de France heureux de vie
   Ignorant sang, mort, fureur & rapine,
   Par non flateurs seras mis en enuie,
   Roy desrob trop de foy en cuisine.
   Happy in the realm of France, happy in life,
   Ignorant of blood, death, fury and plunder:
   For a flattering name he will be envied,
   A concealed King, too much faith in the kitchen.
   After the abdication of Napoleon in 1814 Louis XVIII (1755-1824), the brother of the executed Louis XVI became the emperor of France.
   The 1 line. Louis was the last monarch of France, who ruled for the rest of his life. The king was not a supporter of extreme measures. His rule was relatively calm, without wars and revolutions.
   The 3 line - will kidnap the throne. Apparently 100 days of Napoleon's return were predicted.
   The 4 line - Louis XVIII was forced to flee (hide). After the secondary exile of Napoleon, he returned.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.20.
   Probable decoding of number 10.16. 100-16=84. If 1 is put between 88 then we will get 814 - the year of beginning reign.
   Quatrain 8.59 Exile Napoleon I
   Par deux fois haut, par deux fois mis a bas
   L'orient aussi l'occident foiblira
   Son aduersaire apres plusieurs combats,
   Par mer chasse au besoing faillira.
   Twice put up and twice cast down,
   the East will also weaken the West.
   Its adversary after several battles
   chased by sea will fail at time of need.
   The first ascension of Napoleon I was predicted in quatrain 8.57 "Napoleon's career", from 1804 to 1814 he was the Emperor of France and Italy. After the surrender of Paris, he abdicated and was exile. His second ascension is "hundred days" of government from March 30 to June 22, 1815, when he returned after escape from the island Elba. "One hundred days" ended in the defeat of Napoleon in the battle near the Belgian village of Waterloo.
   "The East will weaken." In the war in the east with Russia, Napoleon lost almost the entire army. This defeat weakened him and was the beginning of the end.
   The 4 line. By the sea he was sent to exile to St. Helena island, where he finished his days in 1821.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.54, 8.57, 1.76.
   The decoding of number 8.59. If 1 is put before 9 and considered 19 as 1190 then 1900-85=1815 - the year of exile.
   Quatrain 3.96* Duke of Berry
   Chef de Fossan aura gorge couppee,
   Par le ducteur du limier & leurier:
   La fait pare par ceux du mont Tarpee,
   Saturne en leo treziesme Feurier.
   The Chief of Fossano will have his throat cut
   By the leader of the bloodhound and greyhound:
   The deed executed by those of the Tarpeian Rock,
   Saturn in Leo February 13.
   A. Lepeletier gave the first interpretation of this prophecy. Based on the date, he assumed the assassination of the Duke of Berry, who was to inherit the throne of France. As stated in the quatrain, on 13 February 1820, the artisan Louis Louvel mortally wounded the Duke when he leaving the theater, but not to the throat, but to the chest.
   Here the prophet revealed else one secret. Line 3 indicates that the criminal initiative originated in Italy. In ancient Rome convicts were throwns from the Tarpeian rock. At this time, Napoleon Bonaparte was hiding in Italy, having escaped from the island of St. Helena
   Line 2 also points to the Emperor, who has always loved and kept dogs. Perhaps he wanted to break the Bourbon line, free the throne for his son. However, his plans did not come true, his son died young, at the initiative of his nephew.
   The decoding of number 3.96. If 3 to consider as 3000, 6 to turn over in 9, then 3000-99 =2901. 9-1=8. Rearrangement of numbers gives 1820 - the year of the murder.
   Quatrain 5.79 Reign of Napoleon
   La sacree pompe viendra baisser les aisles
   Par la venue du grand Legislateur:
   Humble haussera, vexera les rebelles,
   Naistra sur terre aucun aemulateur.
   The sacred pomp will come to lower its wings,
   Through the coming of the great legislator:
   He will raise the humble, he will vex the rebels,
   His like will not appear on this earth.
   The 1 line. Napoleon captivated the Pope, expropriated the property of the church, oppressed the priests. The second line is about his lawmaking.
   The 3 line. Distribution of titles and positions to people from the bottom who managed to be useful to the emperor - "will vex the rebels". The seizure of power in 1799 is considered the end of the revolution and the restoration of absolutism.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.54, 8.57, 1.76.
   The decoding of number 5.79. If 5 flip in 2 and consider 2 as 2000 then 2000-79=1921, 9-1=8, 1821 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 3.27 The decoding of Egyptian hieroglyphs
   Prince lybinique puissant en Occident,
   Franois d'Arabe viendra tant enflammer:
   Sauans aux lettres sera condescendent,
   La langue Arabe en Franois translater.
   Libyan Prince powerful in the West
   Francois with Arabian will come as inflame.
   He will learned condescending to letters
   Francois translate the Arabian language.
   The translation of the quatrain has been corrected by me in accordance with the meaning of the prophecy. In the original translation the word Francois was translated as French, however, this is the name that the prophet pointed out accurately, without changing a single letter. The meaning of the first line is not clear. However, we can assume that the "mighty prince" is Napoleon because this discovery is connected with his Egyptian campaign of 1798-1801. Napoleon took with him not only military men, but also scientists. At the port of Rashid on the banks of the Nile, soldiers found the Rosetta Stone - a black basalt plate, on which the same text was knocked out in three languages. The stone was transferred to the museum.
   The author of the discovery was the Frenchman Jean-Franois Champollion (1790-1832) an Orientalist, the founder of Egyptology. From childhood, Champollion has shown an ingenious ability to learn languages. At the age of sixteen he already knew 12 languages. Franois was able to realize his goal. When he first saw the Rosetta stone, he said that he would read it. The path to discovery was not easy, but he realized what was predicted.
   2 line. When Franois realized that he could read the ancient Egyptian texts, he ran to his brother in great arousal, dropped the records on the table, saying: "Here is the discovery" and fainted from overwork. His discovery in 1822, made it possible to read ancient Egyptian texts, and Champollion had got a famous.
   The decoding of number 3.27. 300-72=228. If 1 is put at the end then by swapping these numbers we will get 1822 - the year of decoding.
   Quatrain 4.26* The death of Napoleon I
   Lou grand cyssame le leuera d'albelhos,
   Que non sauran don, te signen venguddos,
   Denech l'embousq, sou gach sous las tail hos,
   Ciutat traihdo per cinq leugos non nudos.
   The great swarm of bees will arise,
   Such that one will not know whence they have come;
   By night the ambush, the sentinel under the vines
   City delivered by five babblers not naked.
   Bees were on the blazon of Bonaparte. According to some reports, Napoleon I managed to escape from the island of St. Helena. He replaced himself with a double of Francois Egene Robo. The rest of his life Napoleon lived in Verona, under the name of the shopkeeper Revar. Interestingly, he had the nickname Emperor because of the similarities. At the end of August 1823 the Revar left somewhere and never returned. At the same time Napoleon's son was seriously ill. 09/04/1823 at 11 pm in Austria an unknown person climbed over a wall in the Schnbrunn Palace, where his son lived, and was shot dead by a security guard. As stated in the quatrain, the high wall was entwined with ivy. High-ranking officials who knew Napoleon were invited to inspect the body. Bonaparte's wife ordered the stranger to be buried near the place intended for her and her son.
   Perhaps the last line predicts that the killing was not accidental, but the result of betrayal.
   The decoding of number 4.26. Let's rearrange the numbers - 462. If 4 to consider as 400, then 400-62=338. 3-1=2 (328). In the reverse order, there will be 823 - the year, 4 - the month of the death of Napoleon I.
   Quatrain 8.32 Napoleon II
   Garde toy roy Gaulois de ton nepueu,
   Qui fera tant que ton vnique fils
   Sera meurtry a Venus faisant v?u,
   Accompagne denuict que trois & six.
   French king, beware of your nephew
   who will do so much that your only son
   will be murdered while making his vows to Venus;
   accompanied at night by three and six.
   The only son (legal) of Napoleon I Francois Joseph Napoleon II (1811-1832) never ruled. He died at the age of 22 from tuberculosis - according to the official version, according to the non-official one - he was sent. Nostradamus in the 1st line indicates Bonaparte's nephew Charles Louis, who was eager for power. The direct heir to the emperor was an obstacle in his career. Apparently there was poisoning, and the prophet shed light on this crime.
   Charles Louis became the last emperor of France, Napoleon III, but ended badly: he was captured and he lost everything.
   The decoding of number 8.32. Not required. The year is explicit.
   Quatrain 7.19 The Nice
   Le fort Nicene ne sera combatu,
   Vaincu sera par rutilant metal,
   Son faict sera vn long temps debatu
   Aux citadins estrange espouuantal.
   The fort at Nice will not engage in combat,
   it will be overcome by shining metal.
   This deed will be debated for a long time,
   strange and fearful for the citizens.
   The 1 line. Nice is a fortress on the Mediterranean coast. From the 14th century it was a part of the Duchy of Savoy. In 1859 France and Sardinia fought against Austria. France managed to win a number of victories. Despite this, Napoleon III unexpectedly signed a peace treaty in Zurich.
   The 2 line. Under the treaty Sardinia had to pay France a large sum to compensate the military support.
   The 3 line. As payment, after the plebiscite Nice and Savoy in 1860 were annexed to France. These events were widely discussed.
   The decoding of number 7.19. 900-71=829. If 1 is put at the ahead and flip 2 in 5 we will get 1859 - year of war.
   Quatrain 2.92 Franco-Prussian War
   Feu, couleur d'or du ciel en terre veu,
   Frappe du haut n'ay, fait cas merueilleux:
   Grand meurtre humain, prinse du grand neueu,
   Morts d'expectacles, eschappe l'orgueilleux.
   Fire colour of gold from the sky seen on earth:
   The one whom the highborn hits will perform miracles.
   Great human murder: the nephew of the great one taken,
   Who shall escape that, he death gain.
   The 2 line. Journalist Victor Noir was a second for another journalist Pascal Grusset. He came to the house of the nephew of Napoleon III Prince Pierre. There was a verbal quarrel over a duel. Noir hit the face of the prince or vice versa. In the end, Pierre shot dead Noir on January 11, 1870. This version is recognized by the court. Another version that Pierre Napoleon started a brawl was considered, but the court did not accept it. The funeral of a journalist nearly turned into an uprising. The grave of Victor Noir began to work miracles of healing from infertility, impotence, etc. Until now it is one of the most visited.
   The 3, 4 lines. July 19, 1870 Napoleon III declared war on Prussia. The total losses of both sides in this war amounted to about a million killed and wounded. France suffered a complete defeat. The emperor, nephew of Napoleon I, was captured on September 1, 1870. He died in England after surgery on January 9, 1873.
   The decoding of number 2.92. If 2 to consider as 2000, then 2000-92=1908. Turning 9 over 6, 6+1=7 (1708), rearranging the numbers we get the year 1870.
   Quatrain 10.30* Napoleon III
   Nepueu & sang du sainct nouueau venu,
   Par le surnom soustient arcs & couuert
   Seront chassez mis mort chassez nu,
   En rouge & noir conuertiront leur vert.
   Nephew and blood of the new saint come,
   Through the surname he will sustain arches and roof:
   They will be driven out put to death chased nude,
   Red and black will they convert in their green.
   Napoleon III Bonaparte (20.04.1808-09.01.1873) was a nephew of Napoleon I. He came to power through elections, having become the first president of France in 1848. From 1852 he became the last emperor of France. For some reason, Nostradamus calls Napoleon I a saint, although a definition given to in quatrain 1.60 fits him more: "rather a butcher than a prince". He is not a saint at all, given the ravage of the church and the number of people killed by his wars.
   The 2 line. The name and glory of Napoleon I supported and maintained the authority of the nephew. He understood this. In everything even in clothes Napoleon III tried to imitate his uncle. His reign was the embodiment of Bonapartism ideas.
   In the third line Nostradamus predicts the capture of the emperor, besides the insurgent people deprived him of all rights and privileges and he died in exile.
   In the last line about changing colors there is an association with his two portraits by Winterhalter.
   On one of them which was painted in 1855 he is depicted in black and red colors. A later portrait painted in 1857 he is depicted in green tones. Then the last line should be: "Red and black will change to green." Although in my opinion other interpretations of this line are also possible.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.22, 4.22.
   The decoding of number 10.30. 1000-30=970, 9-1=8, we will get 870 - the year of captivity.
   Quatrain 5.30* Capture of Paris 1870
   Tout l'entour de la grande cit,
   Seront soldats logez par champs & ville,
   Donner l'assaut Paris, Rome incit,
   Sur le pont lors sera faite grand pille.
   All around the great city
   Soldiers will be lodged throughout the fields and towns:
   To give the assault Paris, Rome incited,
   Then upon the bridge great pillage will be carried.
   During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871 Napoleon III was captured. In France a new revolution began. The Prussian army blocked Paris. Famine started in the city because of a lack of supply. After bombing Paris was surrendered.
   The 4th line. In May 1871 a peace treaty (bridge) was concluded according to which France had to pay 5 billion francs and give Alsace and Lorraine to Prussia.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.30
   The decoding of number 5.30. If 5 flip in 2 then 2000-30=1970. 9-1=8 then we will get 1870 - the year of capture.
   Quatrain 7.34 Paris Commune
   En grand regret sera la gent Gauloise,
   C?ur vain, leger croira temerite:
   Pain, sel, ne vin, eau, venin ne ceruoise,
   Plus grand captif, faim, froid, necessite.
   The French nation will be in great grief,
   vain and lighthearted, they will believe rash things.
   No bread, salt, wine nor water, venom nor ale,
   the greater one captured, hunger, cold and want.
   "The greater one captured" - the capture of Napoleon III in 1870. The king provoked the war with Prussia by his defiant behavior and lost. The war did not stop after his captivity. The Paris Commune rose and proclaimed the republic. The last two lines tell about the hardships of the people in the period of revolution, war and interregnum.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.22, 4.22, 3.14.
   Quatrain 3.14 From unhappy father
   Par le rameau du vaillant personnage,
   De France infime par le pere infelice:
   Honneurs, richesses, trauail en son vieil aage,
   Pour auoir creu le conseil d'homme nice.
   The branch of the valiant personage,
   From France: from feeble of the unhappy father:
   Honors, riches, travail in his old age,
   For having believed the advice of a simple man.
   The branch of the valiant personage. This is probably a prophecy about Napoleon III (1808-1873) - the nephew of Napoleon I.
   From France: from feeble of the unhappy father. He was born in France. The daughter of Josephine Hortense was his mother, and his father was Louis Bonaparte, Napoleon's brother. This marriage took place on the orders of the emperor and was unhappy. At the wedding, the bride was tearful. Together they almost did not live. Louis was practically disabled: due to severe arthritis, he had difficulty controlling his arms and legs, and was subject to severe depression. Moreover, he was of not atraditional sexual orientation.
   Honors, riches, travail in his old age. Napoleon III became emperor of France. In 1870, he lost the war of Prussia, was captured, then emigrated to England. There he lived rather poorly.
   Decoding of number 3.14. If the numbers to rearrange - 413, to consider 4 as 400, then 400-13 = 387. The numbers rearrange - 873, 1 put in front, we get 1873 - the year of death Napoleon III.
   4.22 The Naked King
   La grand copie qui sera dechassee
   Dans vn moment fera besoin au Roy,
   La foy promise de loing sera faussee,
   Nud se verra en piteux desarroy.
   The great army will be chased out,
   In one moment it will be needed by the King:
   The faith promised from afar will be broken,
   He will be seen naked in pitiful disorder.
   This quatrain is in tune with the previous quatrain 10.30. It is the same - about expulsion naked. As it is described in the interpretation of quatrain 6.22, the French army on September 5, 1870 was surrounded and Napoleon III surrendered. In the coming days, by the uprising of the Paris Commune, he was deposed and deprived of everything. The last few years he lived with his family in England very modestly, since he had few means abroad.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.30, 6.22, 3.14.
   The decoding of number 4.22. 400-22=378. If 1 is put at the end then by swapping we will get 1873 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 6.22 Death of Napoleon III
   Dedans la terre du grand temple celique,
   Nepueu Londres par paix faincte meurtry,
   La barque alors deuiendra scismatique,
   Libert faincte sera au cor & cry.
   Within the land of the great heavenly temple,
   Nephew murdered at London through feigned peace:
   The bark will then become schismatic,
   Sham liberty will be proclaimed everywhere.
   The 2 line. The Franco-Prussian war began in 1870. As a result of unsuccessful military actions, the emperor was captured near Sedan on September 5, 1870. The situation complicated the uprising of the Paris Commune. The crowds of the people declared the emperor deposed. After deposition Napoleon III left for England on March 19, 1871 where he died after the kidney operation.
   The 4 line. The crowds people of Paris gathered on September 4, 1870 at the city hall and proclaimed the republic. Without formalities a provisional government of defence people was elected.
   The 3 line. Despite the fact that a considerable part of France was occupied by enemies, a political struggle was going on between different parties and groups.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.22, 10.30.
   The decoding of number 6.22. If 1 is put at the ahead and consider as 1000, then 1000-622=378; by swapping these numbers we will get 873 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 9.33 De Gaulle
   Hercules Roy de Rome & d'Annemarc,
   De Gaule trois Guion surnomm,
   Trembler l'Itale & l'vnde de sainct Marc,
   Premier sur tous Monarque renomm.
   Hercules King of Rome and of 'Annemark,'
   With the surname de Gaule triple the chief,
   Italy and the one of Saint Mark to tremble,
   First monarch renowned above all.
   In this quatrain prophet clearly indicates the name without changing it - De Gaule. Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970) was a French public figure. From childhood he loved and was proud of his homeland, saw the meaning of life in the service for France and knew that he would have such opportunity. He began his career as a military man. He took part in the First World war, studied military affairs, taught at military schools. Before the World War II he was a brigadier general.
   Does not everything listed in the first line represent the past reincarnations of de Gaulle? If the prophet could know the future, then we can assume that he knew the past lives of some souls.
   The 2 line. De Gaulle took power in his hands for three times. In beginning of World War II he went to London and received there the support of prime minister Churchill. Unknown general on June 18, 1940 spoke on the radio of the BBC to the French people with a call for resistance. Then having emigrated to the African colony he led the French Resistance.
   After the liberation of France in 1944, de Gaulle became the head of the government. Being on this post for a year and a half he tried to return the status of a great power for France. In 1946 he was dismissed from all affairs and was in opposition to the government.
   The third time he takes power in his hands 12 years later, in 1958, when the country was in a serious political and economic crisis. In 1959 he was elected a President. He gives the people the Constitution, which is still valid. He pays much attention to scientific and technical development, strengthening of the army. With him France becomes a nuclear power. He pursues a policy of decolonization, breaks alliance with NATO, establishes contacts with the USSR. In 1969 having lost popularity among the people, he leaves the post of President.
   In this quatrain there are numbers 33, coinciding with the number of the military unit, in which de Gaulle served twice.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.79.
   Probable decoding of number 9.33. If 3-1=2 and consider 2 as 2000 then 2000-93=1907. By swapping 0 and 7 we will get 1970 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 10.79 Georges Pompidou
   Les vieux chemins seront tous embellis,
   L'on passera Memphis somentres,
   Le grand Mercure d'Hercules fleur de lys
   Faisant trembler terre mer, & contres.
   The old roads will all be improved,
   One will passed on them to the modern Memphis:
   The great Mercury (will take) of Hercules lily flower,
   Doing to tremble lands, sea and country.
   The 3 line. The lily flower historically served as a symbol of power in France. In quatrain 9.33 Nostradamus calls de Gaulle Hercules. After him Georges Pompidou (1911-1974) having won the presidential election in 1969 took power (the lily flower). The prophet calls the new president Mercury (the God of Trade), apparently in connection with the economic rise of the country during his reign.
   The 1 line. The president paid special attention to roads and transport. With him new high-speed modern roads were built and the old ones expanded. The first high-speed railway lines appeared. A new international airport was built.
   The second and last line is not characteristic of Pompidou, so other interpretations are also possible for this prophecy.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.33.
   Probable decoding of number 10.79. If 0 and 9 swap then we will get 1970-1=1969 - the year of election.
   Quatrain 1.8* City of Sun
   Combien de fois prinse Cit solaire,
   Seras, changeant les loi barbares & vaines
   Ton mal s'approche, plus seras tributaire,
   Le grand Hadrie recouurira tes vaines.
   How often will you be captured, O city of the sun,
   Changing laws that are barbaric and vain.
   Bad times approach you. No longer will you be enslaved.
   Great Hadrie will revive your veins.
   Quatrain is correctly deciphered by several interpreters as the prediction about Paris, therefore it is marked with a symbol *. The prophecy about his native capital - the city of Sun Nostradamus placed in the first (main) ten of quatrains. No wonder there is a saying: "To see Paris and die." This is the most wonderful city in Europe.
   But there is a lot of suffering and hardship in its history!
   In May 1588 the people rebelled against the king. He was forced to flee, and Henry of Guise took the capital. However, his celebration was short-lived and six months later he was killed. The city was taken by the Catholic League. In 1589 Paris was besieged by Henry III and Henry of Navarre. Their victory was close, but the king was killed at that time. Only 5 years later Henry IV managed to defeat the Catholic League and enter the capital.
   The long period of the reign of Louis XIV is the prosperity, power and worldwide glory of France. The Versailles becomes the object of envy and imitation for the kings of all Europe.
   The Great French Revolution of 1789 changed the laws and life of the city. For ten years there has been a fierce struggle - the guillotine was worked. In 1799 the tyrant Napoleon usurped power. For 17 years the country has become a military machine.
   In 1814 Paris was taken by the Allied troops of Russia and Prussia. Once again the laws were changed - the old monarchy returned. Soon, again for 100 days, the power was seized by Napoleon.
   During the Franco-Prussian war Paris was besieged and then partially occupied by German troops. After the uprising of the Paris Commune in 1870, the republic was finally established in the country.
   In 1940 the city was occupied by German troops, in 1944 it was liberated by the Allied forces. Because of the defeats in the World War II, the authority of France was severely undermined. Only owing to the efforts of De Gaulle, whom Nostradamus calls a famous monarch, the country regained the status of a great power.
   The last 2 lines are about the future flood, and are associated with quatrain 3.23. In both quatrains the prophet speaks of the waters of the Adriatic Sea, which will cover the city. However if the level of the entire world ocean rises, then it will be waters not only of the Adriatic Sea - the whole of Europe will turn into islands and seas.
   The predictions about Italy
   0x08 graphic
   Quatrain 8.7 The Italian Wars
   Verceil, Milan donra intelligence,
   Dedans Tycin sera faite la paye.
   Courir par Seine eau, sang feu par Florence,
   Vnique choir d'hault en bas faisant maye.
   Vercelli, Milan will give the news,
   the wound will be given at Pavia.
   To run in the Seine, water, blood and fire through Florence,
   the unique one falling from high to low calling for help.
   The Italian Wars (1494-1559) - a struggle for the possession of the peninsula between France and Spain and other states. In 1553 Henry II attacked Florence, but was defeated. Military operations were carried out both in Italy and in France. In 1559 these wars ended in accordance with the Cato-Cambresian peace treaty. France lost almost all of its positions in Italy. Spain, by contrast, gained almost complete control of the peninsula, including Milan.
   Line 4 about the wound of Henry II in the eye at a knightly tournament and about falling from a horse. The tournament was held in honor of the wedding of the French princess and the king of Spain. This wedding was part of a peace treaty.
   The decoding of number 8.7. If 1 to put in front and to consider as 1000, then 1000-78=922. Turning 22 over in 55, the reverse order we get 559 - the year of the peace treaty.
   Quatrain 5.3 Cosimo I of the Medici
   Le successeur de la Duch viendra,
   Beaucoup plus outre que la mer de Toscane,
   Gauloise branche la Florence tiendra,
   Dans son giron d'accord nautique Rane.
   The successor to the Duchy will come,
   Mach more oversees than the Tuscan Sea:
   A Gaulish branch will hold Florence,
   In its scope of agreement nautical Rane.
   The 1 line. Cosimo I of the Medici (1519-1574) was the ancestor of the most rich and noble Italian family Medici. Charles V made Cosimo the hereditary Duke of Florence in 1537. In 1569 Pope Pius V in Rome crowned him the Grand Duke of Tuscany. During his reign, the duchy flourished: its territory doubled, the fleet was built and the Uffizi gallery.
   The 3 line. The Medici family gave the French two queens: Catherine, the wife of Henry II and Maria the wife of Henry IV. From the second pair began a new branch of the kings of France - the Bourbon.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 5.6.
   Probable decoding of number 5.3. 500-3=497, if 4 is put at the end, flip 9 in 6, 6-1=5 then we will get 574 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 5.76* Pope Sixtus V
   En lieu libere tendra son pauillon,
   Et ne voudra en citez prendre place:
   Aix, Carpen, l'Isle volce mont Cauaillon
   Par tout les lieux abolira la trasse.
   In a free place will he pitch his tent,
   And he will not want to lodge in the cities:
   Aix, Carpentras, L'Isle, Vaucluse 'Mont,' Cavaillon,
   Throughout all these places will he abolish his trace.
   Perhaps this is the prediction about Pope Sixtus V (1521-1590). Somehow, meeting with the unknown young monk Felice Peretti, Nostradamus appealed to him as a Pope, which caused bewilderment. However, it was not accidental. The prophet knew the future. In 1585 after Gregory VIII, Peretti was elected Pope. He pursued a very militant policy. The places listed in the third line were either papal possessions or adjoined to them.
   The 4 line. The people did not like him. After death they said: "Fra Felice has taken the devil." All his lifetime monuments were destroyed.
   The decoding of number 5.76. If 6 consider as 600 and flip 5 in 2 then 600-72=528, flip 2 in 5 and 5 is put at the end, 1 is put at the ahead we will get 1585 - the year of election.
   Quatrain 10.18* The events of 1590
   Le ranc Lorrain fera place a Vandosme,
   Le hault mis bas, & le bas mis en hault,
   Le fils d'Hamon sera esleu dans Rome,
   Et les deux grands seront mis en defaut.
   The house of Lorraine will make way for Vendme,
   The high put low, and the low put high:
   The son of Mammon will be elected in Rome,
   And the two great ones will be put at a loss.
   The 1 line. The French King Henry III had no heirs. The pretenders to the throne were Henry Navarre de Vendome and Henry, duke of Guise of Lorraine. D'Guise had the greatest popularity among the people. By order of the king, he was killed. Henry de Vendome became the only pretender to the throne, after the killing of the king.
   The 2 line. Before his death the king announced his successor de Vendome, but neither the people nor the nobility not wanted such a king. Paris was closed to him. Five years he fought for the throne. In 1590 in the battle of Ivry la Bataille he won a decisive victory over the superior forces of the enemy. This victory helped him to gain supporters and in the future to become king Henry IV.
   The 3:line. In 1590 Pope Gregory XIV was elected.
   The 4 line. Presumably, the two leaders are the two main enemies of Henry of Navarre: Carl of Lorraine and his ally Spain. They were defeated.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.50, 9.45.
   The decoding of number 10.18. 1000-18=982. If flip 2 in 5 then by swapping these numbers we will get 589+1=590 - the year of events.
   Quatrain 4.73 Ferrara
   Le nepueu grand par forces prouuera,
   Le pache fait du c?ur pusillanime:
   Ferrare & Ast le Duc esprouuera,
   Par lors qu'au soir fera la pantomine,
   Noble nephew will prove by force
   A sin committed by a petty heart
   He will test Ferrara and the Duke of Este,
   When the pantomime will take place in the evening.
   Ferrara was the capital of several generations of the Dukes of d'Este. Her last duke Alfonso II died 10/27/1597 leaving no heirs. He chose Caesar, the son of Alphonse I d'Este and his favorite Laura Dianti, as his successor. However, Pope Clement VIII did not recognize this inheritance as legal, since Caesar was born not in marriage, but in sin. He annexed Ferrara to the papal region. Against Caesar, he sent an army under the command of his nephew Aldobrandini. The capital of the Dukes d'Este was forced to move to Modena. Under the rule of Pope Ferrara began to decline rapidly, its population declined by a third.
   Decoding of number 4.73. The numbers rearrange - 743. If 7 to consider as 700, then 700-43=657. Turn 6 over in 9, the numbers to rearrange again - 597, 1 put first and get 1597.
   Quatrain 1.6 Ravenna
   L'?il de Rauenne sera destitue,
   Quand ses pieds les aisles failliront,
   Les deux de Bresse auront constitue,
   Turin, Verseil, que Gaulois foulleront.
   The eye of Ravenna will be forsaken,
   when his wings will fail at his feet.
   The two of Bresse will have made a constition
   for Turin and Vercelli, which the French will trample underfoot.
   Ravenna is a city in the north-east of Italy. From the time of the Great Roman Empire it was a thriving city, a religious and cultural center. In 1512 Ravenna suffered greatly from the French during the Cambrai War. After this the fall into decay began.
   The 1 line. The city is located in the lowlands, just 10 km from the sea, the city and the surrounding fields began flooded in the 17th century. In 1636 the sea flooded Ravenna. The water flooded the central streets. Thanks to the efforts of the papacy, the city managed to drain by the network of canals. The 2 line can be understood as a symbolic expression, meaning decay.
   In the 4th line Turin is mentioned - a large city in the north of Italy, in the 16th - 18th centuries was the capital of the Duchy of Savoy. In 1601 France transmited the duchy of Saluzzo Margrave to the Savoyar, located near Turin. In exchange, she received the territory between Dauphine and Burgundy, including Bress. As predicted, Henry IV at Versailles, and Carl Emanuel I in Turin made a very reasonable exchange. Each side received those lands that are closer to it.
   The decoding of number 1.6. If 16 consider as 1600 and add 1 then we will get 1601 - the year of exchange.
   Quatrain 10.32 Pope Gregory XV
   Le grand empire chacun an deuoit estre,
   Vn sur les autres le viendra obtenir,
   Mais peu de temps sera son regne & estre,
   Deux ans aux naues se pourra soustenir.
   The great empire every year must to be,
   One will come to obtain it over the others:
   But his realm and state will be of short duration,
   Two years will he be able to maintain himself on the ships.
   The 4th line mentions a ship (the rook of St. Peter) symbolizing the papacy. The pope is elected by a conclave of cardinals for the rest of his life. Gregory XV (09.01.1554-08.07.1623) was pope for 2 years from 09.02.1621.This pope appointed his nepos Richelieu cardinal of France, who actually ruled the country. Gregory XV assisted in the struggle against the Ottomans and Protestants, commuted the punishment far sorcerers and witches.
   Decoding of number 10.32. 10-1=9 (932). Turning 9 on 6 and rearranging 3 and 2, we get 623-year of death.
   Quatrain 5.56 Pope Alexander VII
   Par le trespas du tres vieillard pontife,
   Sera esleu Romain de bon aage:
   Qu'il sera dit que le Siege debiffe
   Et long tiendra & de picquant ouurage.
   Through the death of the very old Pontiff
   A Roman of good age will be elected,
   Of him it will be said that he weakens his see,
   But long will he sit and in biting activity.
   The 1 line. Innocent X (1574-1655) - the Pope from 1644, died at the age of 81 years.
   The 2 line. The next pope was elected Alexander VII (1599-1667) at the age of 56 years. For the Pope he was relatively young - 25 years younger than his predecessor. In this line there is a mismatch: Alexander was born in Tuscany, but not in Rome.
   The 3 line. Alexander did not have a relationship with France. Cardinal Mazarin had a great influence at the young Louis XIV. He did not approve of the choice of the new pope, and dissuaded Louis to send a traditional embassy to Rome with congratulations. In conflict with France the Pope temporarily lost Avignon and Venicen.
   The 4 line. Alexander VII for 12 years occupied the papal throne. Apparently, "in biting activity" should be understood the conflict between the pope and France, which at that time reached its greatest power. Alexander did not like to do work, he was more interested of science and art. A lot of attention he paid to architecture. For his money some churches were decorated, and a beautiful colonnade was built in Rome.
   The decoding of number 5.56. If 1 is put at the ahead and 55 is put at the end then we will get 1655 - the year of change the pope.
   Quatrain 5.39 Francis I Stefan
   Du vray rameau des fleurs de lys yssu,
   Mis & loge heritier d'Herutrie:
   Son sang antique de longue main yssu,
   Fera Florence florir en l'ermoirie.
   Issued from the true branch of the flower lily,
   Placed and lodged as heir of Etruria:
   His ancient blood woven by long hand,
   He will cause the escutcheon of Florence to bloom.
   Etruria is the more ancient name of Tuscany, an area in the north-west of Italy. Florence is the capital of Tuscany. For several centuries Medici clan, richest in Italy, ruled Toscana . He was succeeded by dynasty of the Habsburgs. The first of these became Francis I Stefan (1708-1765) - Duke of Lorraine from 1729. He descended from the ancient lineage of the Carolingians - the first kings in the territory of present-day France. The flower of a lily is a symbol of France, there is on its emblem. In 1737 instead of Lorraine he received the duchy Tuscany. With his young wife he came to Florence, but soon they were forced to return to Vienna.
   The 4 line. In 1745, remaining the Grand Duke of Tuscany, he received the highest of titles - the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
   Probable decoding of number 5.39. If flip 5 in 2 and 9 in 6 then 2000-63=1937. 9 flip in 6, 6+1=7 we will get 1737 - the year of getting the duchy Tuscany.
   Quatrain 9.35 Maria Carolina of Austria
   Et Ferdinand blonde sera descorte,
   Quitter la fleur, suyure le Macedon,
   Au grand besoing defaillira sa routte,
   Et marchera contre le Myrmiden.
   And fair Ferdinand will be detached,
   To abandon the flower, to follow the Macedonian:
   In the great pinch her course will fail,
   And she will march against the Myrmidons.
   Presumably, this prophecy about Maria Carolina of Austria (1752-1814) - queen of both Sicilies from 1768. She was the wife of King Ferdinand IV. There were never any particularly good relations between them. She was a leader in the family and in politics. After the execution of her sister in France, the kingdom joined all anti-French coalitions. The Queen relied on an alliance with England. The wife of the British ambassador Lady Hamilton became her closest friend.
   The 2 line. Maybe Noldradamus calls Nelson a Macedonian? Like Alexander, he was a winner. In 1798, when Naples was captured by the French, the royal family fled with the Hamilton on Nelson's ship. They returned when Admiral Ushakov liberated Naples. Both ladies, Queen and Emma Hamilton, were the initiators of terror against the Republicans.
   "Abandon the flower": People did not like Maria Carolina. The king, with the years, lost interest in her. In 1811, on the advice of the English ambassador, Ferdinand sent his wife home to Vienna.
   Another possible version of the interpretation of this quatrain is Emma Hamilton. For 14 years, friendship has united the destinies of these 2 ladies.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 7.09.
   Probable decoding of number 9.35. If 9-1=8, flip 5 in 2 (832) then 800-32=768 - the year when she became of queen.
   Quatrain 3.32 Italian campaign of 1796
   Le grand sepulchre du peuple Aquitanique
   S'approchera aupres de la Toscane:
   Quand Mars sera pres du coing Germanique,
   Et au terroir de la gent Mantuane.
   The great tomb of the people of Aquitaine
   Will approach near to Tuscany,
   When Mars will be in the corner of Germany
   And in the land of the Mantuan people.
   The 1 line. Aquitaine is a province in the south-west of France. Perhaps in the quatrain predicted the Italian campaign of 1796 of Napoleon I. Perhaps in his army there were many Aquitans. Burial are to those, who killed during the occupation of northern Italy.
   The 3 line. In the north of Italy the enemy of France was Austria. Mantua - a well fortified fortress of the Austrians was taken by Napoleon I with great difficulty.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 3.37, 2.99.
   The decoding of number 3.32. If 2 consider as 2000 then 2000-33=1967, 7 is put before 9 we will get 1796 - the year of 1 Italian campaign.
   Quatrain 3.37* Capture of Milan
   Auant l'assaut oraison prononcee,
   Milan prins d'Aigle par embusches deceus:
   Muraille antique par canons enfoncee,
   Par feu & sang a mercy peu receus.
   The speech delivered before the attack,
   Milan taken by the Eagle through deceptive ambushes:
   Ancient wall driven in by cannons,
   Through fire and blood few given quarter.
   Perhaps this is a prophecy about the capture of Milan by Napoleon I in 1796. Before the assault, a speech was delivered in which he promised the soldiers enrichment. Indeed, due to the robbery of the occupied territories, he clothed and fed the army. Eagle, presumably, an image on the flag or the coat of arms of one of the belligerents.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 2.99.
   The 3 line. Milan had ancient defensive fortifications. Napoleon I, of course, used artillery during the assault.
   The decoding of number 3.37. If 7 consider as 700 then 700-33=667. 6 flip in 9, 1 and 7 are put at the ahead we will get 1796 - the year of capture.
   Quatrain 2.99 Italy troubled by Gauls
   Terroir Romain qu'interpretoit augure,
   Par gent Gauloise par trop sera vexee
   Mais nation Celtique craindra l'heure,
   Boreas, classe trop loing l'auoir poussee.
   Roman land as the omen interpreted
   Will be vexed too much by the Gallic people:
   But the Celtic nation will fear the hour,
   The fleet has been pushed too far by the north wind.
   The 1-2 lines. In 1796-1797 there was the Italian campaign of Napoleon I. Perhaps Nostradamus predicted it. Napoleon acted very successfully in the north of Italy.
   The 4 line. Boreas is the north wind, thanks to which the French fleet ferried a huge army to Egypt in 1798. There the French won victories until the British under Nelson's command destroyed nearly all of their ships. The French army was very far from the homeland in a desperate situation.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 8.92, 3.37.
   The decoding of number 2.99. If 9 consider as 9000, then 9000-29=8971; by swapping these numbers we will get 1798-1=1797 - the year of ended Italyan campaign.
   Quatrain 1.24 1799 year
   A Cite neufue pensif pour condamner,
   L'oysel de proye au ciel, se vient offrir
   Apres victoire a captifs pardonner,
   Cremone & Mantoue grand maux aura a (souffrir.
   In a New City the thinker (will) condemned,
   the bird of prey offers himself to the gods.
   After victory he pardons his captives.
   At Cremona and Mantua great hardships will be suffered.
   Of all the executed scientists, Domenico Cirillo is suitable for this quatrain. He was a professor of botany and medicine at the University of Naples. As an entomologist, he studied the biology of insects in the vicinity of Naples. He did not get much fame, so the question arises: did Nostradamus predict his in this prophecy?
   In 1799, Cirillo was convicted and executed in Naples for political reasons. The name of this city is translated from Ancient Greek as a new city, which corresponds to the first line of the quatrain.
   The 3 and 4 lines, possibly, refer to the war of the 2nd coalition, during which extensive military operations were carried out on the territory of Italy. In many ways thanks to the talent of Ushakov and Suvorov almost all of Italy was liberated from the French. Suvorov was loyal to the prisoners. After the capture of Milan he organized a celebration, to which were invited and captured French officers. Then he forgave them and let them go. On 28.06.1799 Mantua was taken. Perhaps Cremona was in the war zone. After the departure of the Russian troops, Napoleon again seized Italy.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 5.20.
   The decoding of number 1.24. 1000-24=976. If 6 flip in 9, 1 and 7 are put at the ahead then we will get 1799 - the year, when Cirillo was convicted and Mantua was captured.
   Quatrain 8.9 War of 2nd coalition?
   Pendant que l'Aigle & le Coq a Sauone
   Seront vnis, Mer, Leuant & Ongrie.
   L'armee a Naples, Palerme, Marque d'Ancone
   Rome, Venise par Barbe horrible crie.
   While the Eagle and the Cock will be at Savonna,
   The Sea, Levant and Hungary will united.
   The army at Naples, Palermo, March of Ancona,
   Rome, Venice through Barbe a terrible screams.
   All listed cities are located in Italy. The Eagle and the Cock it is Austria and France, which at the 17 century fought for the possession of northern Italy. Rome and Ancona belonged to the Papal states, which Bonaparte seized and exiled Pope in Savonna.
   2 line. The French called Syria, Turkey, some countries of North Africa as Levant, i.e. Ottoman Empire. Perhaps this refers to the unification of the Ottoman and Russian fleets during the war of 2nd coalition. True, Hungary does not fit into this context.
   In 1799 the Napoleonic army captured Naples, and his king fled to Palermo in the ship of Nelson. Ushakov freed Naples from the French, but not for long - a year later Napoleon again captured Italy.
   Barbe is the patroness of artillery, miners, etc. The Napoleonic army was especially strong with its artillery. The last line probably predicted military operations between the French army and the Russian-Austrian army under the command of Suvorov in 1799.
   Possible decoding of the number 8.9. If 8 to concider as 8000, then 8000-9=7991. Moving 1 forward, we get the year 1799.
   Quatrain 8.99 Pope Pius VI
   Par la puissance des trois Roys temporels,
   En autre lieu sera mis le saint siege:
   Ou la substance de l'esprit corporel,
   Sera remis & receu pour vray siege.
   Through the power of three temporal kings,
   The sacred seat will be put in another place,
   Where the substance of the body and the spirit
   Will be restored and received as the true seat.
   Pius VI (27.12.1717-29.08.1799) was the Pope from 15.02.1775.
   Through the power of three temporal kings. In 1796, Napoleon I invaded Italy and captured the Papal region. The Pope hoped for the help of the Bourbons and Austria, but no one helped him.
   Will be restored and received as the true seat. Pius VI was captured and held first in Siena, then in the fortress of Valence, where he died.
   The last two lines about the death of the Pope, i.e. the movement of the spirit to a true receptacle in another world.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 2.97.
   Decoding of number 8.99. 8-1 = 7. 799 - the year, 8 - month of death of the Pope.
   Quatrain 2.97* Pius VI disease
   Romain Pontife garde de t'aprocher,
   De la cite qui deux fleuues arrouse:
   Ton sang viendras aupres de la cracher
   Toy & les tiens quand fleurira la rose.
   Roman Pontiff beware of approaching
   The city that two rivers flow through,
   Near there you will spit blood,
   You and yours when the rose will flourish.
   The city that two rivers flow through it is Valence, located at the confluence of Isere and the Rhone.
   Roman Pontiff it is Pius VI. He did not want to give up secular power when Berthier proclaimed the Roman Republic, and was captured by order of Napoleon I. The old and sick Pope was transported several times from one city to another. In Valence vomiting blood began of him, and be died on 29 August 1799.
   The last line indicates daylight saving time. The pope died in August - apparently he was sick in the summer.
   Connection with other quatrains: 8.99.
   Decoding of number 2.97. Let's rearrange the numbers - 729. If 7 to consider as 7000, then 7000-29=6971. Turn over 6 in 9, in the reverse order will be 1799 - the year, 29 - the day of death.
   Quatrain 3.33 Rome in 1799
   En la cite ou le loup entrera,
   Bien pres de la les ennemis seront:
   Copie estrange grand pays gastera,
   Aux monts & Alpes les amis passeront.
   In the city where the wolf will enter,
   Very near there will the enemies be:
   Foreign army will spoil a great country.
   The friends will pass at the wall and Alps.
   The first line probably refers to the Capitoline she-wolf - an ancient bronze sculpture stored in museums in Rome.
   In 1796 Italy was captured by the French, who badly robbed its.
   4th line. In 1799 the Russian army under the command of Suvorov and the fleet led by Ushakov, as part of the forces of the anti-French coalition, liberated Italy. When Russian troops entered Rome, the local population greeted them enthusiastically. They shouted: "Vivat Muscovite! These are those whom the French are afraid of." The Italians considered the Russians friends, liberators, defenders.
   Decoding of number 3.33. If 3 to consider as 3000, then 3000-33=2967. 2-1=1, Turn 6 over in 9 (1997), rearranging 7 to the second position, we get 1799 - the year of the campaign of Suvorov and Ushakov.
   Quatrain 5.44 The struggle for Rome
   Par mer le rouge sera prins des pyrates,
   La paix sera par son moyen troublee:
   L'ire & l'auare commettra par sainct acte,
   Au grand Pontife sera l'armee doublee.
   On sea the red one will be taken by pirates,
   Because of him peace will be troubled:
   Anger and greed will commit a false act,
   The army doubled by the great Pontiff.
   Presumably, the first line about the landing in Sicily thousands of volunteers under the command of Giuseppe Garibaldi. They sailed on two ships in 1860. They were dressed in red shirts. Their purposes were to drive out the Bourbons and the Sicily to join to Piedmont. The Garibaldi fought successfully, liberating one city after another. Their number rapidly increased due to the population.
   The 2 line. After the liberation of Sicily and Sardinia, Garibaldi decided to march on Rome in 1862. The prime minister of Piedmont Cavour who recognized the merits of Garibaldi became a barrier to his path. He was afraid of strengthening the revolutionary movement. The prime minister entered into a secret collusion with Napoleon III in order to prevent the invasion of the volunteer army in the central regions.
   The 4 line. Pope Pius IX did not want Rome to become the capital of Italy. In 1860 the military formation of the papal zouaves was formed to protect the papal region. It consisted of volunteers of Catholics of different nationalities. The Pope also asked France not to withdraw its troops from Rome. Nevertheless, as you know, Rome became the capital.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.77.
   Quatrain 4.77 Unification of Italy
   Selin maonarque, l'Italie pacifique,
   Regnes vnis Roy chrestien du monde:
   Mourant voudra coucher en terre belsique
   Apres pyrates auoir chass de l'onde.
   Selin' monarch, Italy peaceful,
   The reigns united by the Christian King of the World:
   Dying he will want to lie in Blois soil,
   After having chased the pirates from the sea.
   The 1 line. For several centuries, Italy was divided into parts, which were owned at different times by Spain, France, Austria, Prussia, etc. Only in 1861 Italy united. Its first monarch, according to the will of the people, was Victor Emmanuel II (1820-1878). Prior to unification, he was king of the Sardinian Kingdom (Piedmont) from 1849. He made great efforts to unite the country.
   The 2 line. At the beginning of the XIX century, the Apennine peninsula was divided into 8 states. Thanks to successful military operations against Austria in 1860 Victor Emmanuel annexed the duchies of Modena, Tuscany, Parma to Sardinia. A significant contribution to the unification of Italy was made by the Prime minister of Sardinia, Camillo Cavour, as well as the famous freedom fighter Giuseppe Garibaldi. In 1859 he could to raise the people under his banners and free Sicily and Naples from the French. These lands also came under the authority of Victor Emmanuel. As a result of the peace treaty in 1862 France transmit Venice to Italy. Rome for 9 more years remained in the state of the pope. Only in 1871 he became the capital of a united Italy. In the history of Italy, this king entered as a great fighter for the unification of the country.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 5.44, 8.31.
   Probable decoding of number 4.77. If 7 consider as 700 then 700-74=626, flip 6 in 9, 9-1=8; by swapping 26 in 62 we will get 862 - the year liberation of Italy from the last invaders.
   Quatrain 8.31 Accession of Venice
   Premier grand fruict le Prince de Pesquiere:
   Mais puis viendra bien & cruel malin,
   Dedans Venise perdra sa gloire fiere,
   Et mis mal par plus ioyue Celin.
   The first great fruit of the prince of Perchiera,
   then will come a cruel and wicked man.
   In Venice he will lose his proud glory,
   and is led into evil by then younger Selin.
   During the reunification of Italy, described in the interpretation of quatrain 4.77, Venice was joined in 1866. In the previous quatrain Nostradamus calls Victor Immanuel II as Selin the monarch of a united Italy. In this quatrain the prophet also calls him Selin. Venice became part of his kingdom. Prior to joining, Venice was under the rule of Austria, but was fighting it. In 1848 the Venetian Republic was created, which lasted a year.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.77.
   The decoding of number 8.31. If 8 +1=9 and consider 9 as 900, 900-31=869, flip 9 in 6, then we will get 866 - the year of joining the Venice.
   Quatrain 6.38 The conquest of Italy
   Aux profligez de paix les ennemis,
   Apres auoir l'Italie supperee:
   Noir sanguinaire, rouge sera commis,
   Feu, sang verser, eau de sang coloree.
   The enemies of peace to the profligates,
   After having conquered Italy:
   The bloodthirsty black one, red, will be exposed,
   Fire, blood shed, water colored by blood.
   Perhaps this is a prophecy about the unification of Italy. The revolutionary movement in the south of the country was headed by Giuseppe Garibaldi - the red one. He and his militiamen wore red shirts. Black is Camillo Cavour - the first prime minister of Italy. In all portraits he is dressed in a black suit. This is not the first quatrain, where Nostradamus correctly indicated the color of the clothes. Cavour was the head of the government of Sardinia and played an important political role in the unification of the peninsula. The struggle for a united Italy was accompanied by rebellions, fires, bloody battles. It ended in 1971, when Rome became the capital.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.77, 5.44, 8.31.
   The decoding of number 6.38. If 6 to flip in 9, 900-83=817, swap 17 in 71, 1 is put at the ahead, then we will get 1871 - the year, when Rome became capital of Italy.
   Quatrain 5.22 Pope Gregory XVI
   Auant qu'a Rome grand ait rendu l'ame,
   Effrayeur grande l'armee estrangere:
   Par escadrons l'embusche pres de Parme,
   Puis les deux rouges ensemble feront chere.
   Before the great one has given up the ghost at Rome,
   Great terror for the foreign army:
   The ambush by squadrons near Parma,
   Then the two red ones will celebrate together.
   The 1 line, perhaps, about Pope Gregory XVI (1765-1846). He became a pope in 1831. The period of his papacy coincided with the revolutionary movement in Italy, which sought to overthrow the old order. The revolution also reached the papal region. It was clear that without external help the pope can not protect his possessions.
   The third line is probably about the revolutionary unrest in the Parma region in 1846, 1848, which were suppressed by the Austrian troops. In 1847 Maria-Louise the ruler of Parma died. She was replaced by Charles II.
   After the death of Gregory XVI in 1846 was elected Pope Pius IX. His liberal reforms were received with great optimism by the Italian patriots. Mazzini, also from exile, applauded the reforms of Pius IX.
   The 4 line can be interpreted as celebrated together. Two reds - one can assume Garibaldi, who wore a red shirt. Perhaps, it mean the pope or the cardinals, who also wore red clothes.
   The decoding of number 5.22. 500-22 = 478, 8 is put at the ahead, 847-1=846 - the year of change pope.
   Quatrain 5.46 Pope Benedict XV
   Par chappeaux rouges querelles & nouueaux (scismes),
   Quand on aura esleu le Sabinois,
   On produira contre luy grands sophismes,
   Et sera Rome lesee par Albanois.
   Quarrels and new schism by the red hats
   When the Sabine will have been elected:
   They will produce great sophism against him,
   And Rome will be injured by those of Albanians.
   The 1 line. In 1914, Pope Pius X died, the Conclave of cardinals was convened (red hats). It was the time of the First World War. The disputes flared up. Germany supporters offered their candidate, France and the Entente supporters of their candidates. Them needed a Pope with diplomatic skills. As a result, none of the proposed candidates not passed.
   The 2 line. Giacomo della Chiesa was chose, who was a cardinal for only 3 months. The Sabians are ancient tribes living to the north-east from Rome. Benedict XV was the archbishop of Bologna, which is located in the north-east of Italy.
   The 4 line. In 1914 Albania was divided into parts and occupied by different countries, including Italy occupied Vloru. After the end of World War I in 1920, the Albanian army besieged Vlora. Italy withdrew its troops and renounced claims to Albania.
   The decoding of number 5.46. If 5 flip in 2 and 6 in 9, consider 2 as 2000 then 2000-49=1951. 5-1=4, by swapping 1 and 4 we will get 1914 - the year of election Pope.
   Quatrain 2.16 New tyrants
   Naples, Palerme, Sicile, Syracuses,
   Nouueaux tyrans, fulgures, feux celestes
   Forces de Londres, Gands, Bruxelles & Suses,
   Grand hecatombe, trumphe, faire festes.
   Naples, Palermo, Sicily, Syracuse,
   New tyrants, celestial lightning fires:
   Force from London, Ghent, Brussels and Susa,
   Great slaughter, triumph leads to festivities.
   The new tyrants are probably Mussolini and Hitler, who established a fascist dictatorship in Italy. The 1 and 2 lines about the bombing of Italian cities by the allied forces of England and the United State. Naples is a strategic port from where of the Axis troops went to Africa. Its began to bomb in 1940, in 1942 the bombing intensified. A significant part of Palermo was destroyed by bombing. The city of Syracuse was also bombed. Its inhabitants hid during raids in the ancient catacombs. Sicily was subjected to the most powerful bombing.
   The third line, most likely, about the liberation of Italy by the Allied forces in 1945. The number of dead Italians during the dictatorship of Mussolini is estimated at about half a million.
   The victory in World War II is the greatest holiday, not only for the victors, but for the defeated party as the mass extermination of people from both warring sides has ceased, and Peace for all has come.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 3.65.
   The decoding of number 2.16. 2000-61=1939. If add 1we will get 1940 - thr year of Italy's entry into the war.
   Quatrain 5.99 World War II in Italy
   Milan, Ferrare, Turin & Aquilleye,
   Capne Brundis vexez par gent Celtique,
   Par le Lyon & phalange aquilee,
   Quand Rome aura le chef vieux Britannique.
   Milan, Ferrara, Turin and Aquileia,
   Capua, Brindisi vexed by the Celtic nation:
   By the Lion and his eagles's phalanx,
   When Rome gets the old British chief.
   In 1943, Italy suffered a series of military defeats. Mussolini was arrested.
   The 2 line. To support the ally, Germany occupied northern Italy in September and liberated Mussolini.
   In the third line the invasion to the Apennine peninsula in 1943 by the Allied troops of the USA and Great Britain was predicted. The lion is depicted on the coat of arms of Great Britain, and the eagle is on the coat of arms of the USA.
   The 4 line. Field marshal Ruport commanded British troops. In 1943 he was 52 years old. Rome the Germans surrendered in the summer of 1944. Linkage with other quatrains: 2.16.
   The decoding of number 5.99. If first 9 flip in 6, 5000-69=4931, rearranging the numbers then we will get 1943+1=1944 - the year of accession to Rome by the Allies.
   Quatrain 10.12 Pope John XXIII
   Esleu en Pape, d'esleu sera mocqu,
   Subit soudain esmeu prompt & timide,
   Par trop bon doux mourir prouoqu,
   Crainte estainte la nuit de sa mort guide.
   Elected as Pope, when elected he will be mocked,
   Suddenly unexpectedly moved prompt and timid,
   Through too much goodness and kindness provoked to die,
   Fear extinguished the night of his death guided.
   Pope John XXIII (1881-1963) was famous for his extraordinary kindness, he even received the nickname "good father Roncalli". Probably this is a prophecy about him. He was elected in 1958, at the age of 77, but felt healthy and active. Not everyone approved of his choice of name, since this name was already at Antipope, and 550 years no one took it. He pursued a policy of socialist Christianity. He fought for peace throughout the world, tried to help the poorest Christians.
   He fell ill with stomach cancer, refused surgery, died in the evening. The according to the prophecy, there were hidden death circumstances, which are still unknown.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.26.
   The decoding of number 10.12. If 2 flip in 5 then 1000-15=985. 1 is put at the ahead, by swapping 8 and 5 we will get 1958 - the year of election.
   Quatrain 6.26 Change of Pope 1963
   Quatre ans le siege quelque peu bien tiendra,
   Vn suruiendra libidineux de vie:
   Rauenne & Pise, Veronne soustiendront,
   Por esleuer la croix du Pape enuie.
   For four years the see will be held with some little good,
   One libidinous in life will succeed to it:
   Ravenna, Pisa and Verona will give support,
   Longing to elevate the Papal cross.
   The 1 line. Of all the Roman Popes, since the time of Nostradamus, to this phrase Pope John XXIII (1881-1963) is suitable, the Pope from 1958 (less than 5 years). All the rest were on the papal throne, or less than 4 years, or more than 5. He tried to make the Catholic Church a modern, appropriate developed civilization. He preached the peaceful coexistence of various social systems.
   The 2 line. Pope Paul VI (1897-1978) replaced John XXIII in 1963. He often traveled and was nicknamed "Pope-pilgrim". The activities of this pope were often criticized, especially for the revision of the Trident Mass. A lot of gossip and rumors were around him.
   The decoding of number 6.26. If first 6 flip in 9, by swapping 2 and 6 we will get 962, 962+1=963 - the year of change Pope.
   Quatrain 5.13 Migration to Italy
   Par grand fureur le Roy Romain Belgique,
   Vexer voudra par phalange barbare:
   Fureur grinant chassera gent Lybique,
   Depuis Pannons iusques Hercules la hare.
   With great fury the King Roman Belgian
   Will want to vex the barbarian with his phalanx:
   Fury gnashing, he will chase the African people
   From the Pannonias to the pillars of Hercules.
   The political conflict in Libya (2011-2014), and then the intervention from the countries of the European Union and the USA led to a mass flight of the population to Europe. The nearest distance from Africa through the Mediterranean is the Italian island of Sicily. The first stream of refugees directed into it. The Libyan mafia made a lot of money on the refugee pass. In 2010 the number of emigrants exceeded 4 million (4%) of the Italian population.
   The massive influx of refugees from North Africa has become a humanitarian catastrophe for Italy, and has caused great discontent among the population. Issues of mass migration of the Muslim population to Europe are decided by the European Union, whose summits are held in Brussels (Belgium). The Italian government is constantly asking for help, but the issue has not been resolved for several years.
   New conflicts in the Middle East seemed to have disrupted the hornet's nest. A new stream of Muslims poured into the Christian world, now through the Balkans. They settle throughout Europe, creating great problems for the host countries.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 3.60.
   The decoding of number 5.13. If 5 flip in 2 and consider 2 as 2000 then 2013+1=2014 - our time.
   The predictions about Spain
   0x08 graphic
   Quatrain 10.95 Philip II
   Dans les Espagnes viedra Roy tres-puissant,
   Par mer & terre subjugant or midy:
   Ce mal sera, rabaissant le croissant,
   Baisser les aesles a ceux du vendredy.
   To the Spains will come a very powerful King,
   By land and sea subjugating the South:
   This evil will cause, lowering again the crescent,
   Clipping the wings of those of Friday.
   Most probably, this prophecy about Philip II (1527-1598) .He ruled 42 years from 1556, as King of Spain, Portugal, Sicily, Naples, the Netherlands and all Spanish colonies in Ameria. He had high efficiency, controlled all the many subordinate territories. himself took all the important decisions and appointments. He cruelly and mercilessly dealt with infidels and all who did not suit him.
   The 2 line. Perhaps in this line the struggle of the monarch with the Moors who inhabited the south of Spain is predicted. Under the pressure of Philip, the Moriscos accepted Christianity outwardly, remaining faithful to Mohammed. The king understood this and in every way oppressed them and evicted them. This caused an uprising, which in 2 years was brutally suppressed. In 1560 Spain sent a navy to the shores of North Africa, but the Turkish fleet defeated the Spanish.
   The 4 line. Friday is a festive day for Muslims. Philip II, as heir to the Great Roman Empire, considered it his sacred duty to protect and spread Catholicism. The Inquisition was one of the forms of combating heresy, which was particularly rampant. Throughout his reign, Philip periodically waged war against the Turks. Spain had a huge fleet of "Invincible Armada", which was destroyed by storm and British.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.55, 3.20.
   Quatrain 3.43 Duke of Alba
   Gens d'alentour de Tarn, Loth & Garonne
   Gardez les monts Appennines passer,
   Vostre tombeau pres de Rome & d'Anconne
   Le noir poil crespe fera trophee dresser.
   People from around the Tarn, Lot and Garonne
   Beware of passing the Apennine mountains:
   Your tomb near Rome and Ancona,
   The black frizzled hair will have a trophy set up.
   In March 1557 the French army, led by Franois de Guise, crossed the Apennine mountains with the aim of capturing Naples. The Spaniards were their enemy, led by the Duke of Alba. He had black frizzled hair. The French arrived in Rome 03 March1557,
   Alba defeated the French near Rome, and then in April - May near Civitella (at Nostradamus - Anconna). Pope Paul IV was forced to sign an alliance with Spain.
   The Duke de Guise had the title of Lorraine (French: Lorraine, German: Lothringen). In the first line from the words Loth & Garonne you can make Lothringen. No only the letter i.
   Connection with other quatrains: 3.38.
   Decoding of number 3.43. If 3 to consider as 300, then 300-43=257. Turn 2 over in 5, 1 put in front and get 1557 - the year of Alba's victories in Italy.
   Quatrain 3.38 Italian wars 1551-1559
   La gent Gauloise & nation estrange,
   Outre les monts morts, prins & profligez:
   Au moys contraire & proche de vendange
   Par les Seigneurs en accord redigez.
   The Gallic people and a foreign nation
   Across the mountains, dead, captured and killed:
   In the contrary month and near vintage time,
   Seniors will sign an agreement.
   1.2 lines. In 1551 France declared war on Spain and invaded Lorraine. These countries share the Pyrenees mountains. At the beginning, French troops, under the command of Francois de Guise, acted successfully. But in 1557 Spain defeated the French at the Battle of Saint-Quentin. Many French nobles were captured by the Spanish.
   In France, grapes are harvested in September - October. The third line may indicate 2 months: month and near vintage time is August, when there was a battle at Saint-Quentin; contrary month is April when the peace treaty was concluded. Italian wars were ended. They lasted intermittently for more than 60 years. France was defeated, and Spain gained almost complete control of the Apennine peninsula.
   Communication with other quatrains: 3.43, 2.80.
   Decoding of number 3.38. If 3 to consider as 300, then 300-38=262. Turn over all numbers - 595, rearrange - 559, 1 put in front and get 1559, 3 - day, April is in the 3rd line - the full date of agreement in Cateau-Cambrsis.
   Quatrain 9.78 French princess
   La dame Grecque de beaute laydique,
   Heureuse faicte de proces innumerable,
   Hors translatee au regne Hispanique,
   Captiue prinse mourir mort miserable.
   A lady with the Greek beauty of Laida,
   Pleases countless fans:
   (She) moved to the Spanish kingdom,
   Captured die a miserable death.
   Elizabeth Valois, French princess, was married to the king of Spain Philip II in 1559. She was so beautiful that the courtiers were afraid to look at her so as not to cause the jealousy of the king. She was unhappy in marriage and died very early at 23 in 1568.
   Decoding of number 9.78. If 9 to consider as 900, then 900-78 = 822. Flip 22 in 55, 8 + 1 = 9, in the opposite order will be 559 - the year of the wedding.
   Quatrain 3.20 Uprising of Moriscos
   Par les contrees du grand fleuve Bethique
   Loing d'Ibere au royaume de Grenade,
   Croix repoussees par gens Mahometiques,
   Vn de Cordube trahyra la contrade.
   Through the regions of the great river Guadalquivir,
   Deep in Iberia to the Kingdom of Grenada,
   The crosses beaten back by the Muslims peoples
   One of Cordova will betray his country.
   The 2 line. The Granada Emirate was inhabited primarily by Moriscos (of Arab origin) which professed Islam. In 1492 the emirate fell under the onslaught of Spanish troops. Granada has become the region of Spain. The river Betis, mentioned in the first line, flows here. Muslims were forcibly converted to Christianity. Moriscos (diminutive of the Moors) took Christianity outwardly, secretly remaining Muslims. Under Ferdinand II they were not particularly oppressed. They were allowed to lead a familiar way of life, mosques were preserved.
   The 3 line. The situation of Muslims in Spain greatly deteriorated with the coming to power of Philip II, which led to the uprising of 1568-1571. They went to the mountains, forming detachments and exerting strong resistance. The uprising was brutally suppressed. After which many fled to America or Africa, 80,000 Moriscos were settled in different villages of Spain so that the connections between them were lost.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.95.
   The decoding of number 3.20. If 300-02=298, flip 2 in 5 and 9 in 6, 1 is put at the ahead then we will get 1568 - the year of uprising.
   Quatrain 4.97* Philip II - monarch of Portugal
   L'an que Mercure, Mars, Venus retrograde,
   Du grand Monarque la ligne ne faillir,
   Esleu du peuple l'vsitant pres de Gagdole,
   Qu'en paix & regne viendra fort enuiellir.
   The year that Mercury, Mars, Venus in retrogression,
   The line of the great Monarch will not fail:
   Elected by the Portuguese people near Cadiz,
   One who will come to grow very old in peace and reign.
   In the 1st line the year of events is indicated through the date of connection of 3 planets - it was 22 October 1579.
   The line of the great Monarch will not fail: 14 April 1578 Philip III was born - the heir of Philip II, the great monarch of Spain.
   3 line. Due to the lack of heirs, Philip II introduced his troops and proclaimed himself the monarch of Portugal. It was after the death in 1580 of the ruler of Portugal, Cardinal Enrique.
   4 line. Very old - it is predicted a long life (71 years) and a long reign (33 years) of Philip II.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.95, 9.89.
   Decoding of number 4.97. 4+1=5. If the numbers to rearrange, then 579 - the year of the connection of Mercury, Mars and Venus.
   Quatrain 9.89 Reign of Philip II
   Sept ans sera Philip, fortune pre(o)spere(r),
   Rabaissera des Barbares l'effort.
   Puis son my(i)di perplex(e), rebours affaire,
   Ieune ogmion abysmera son fort.
   For seven years fortune will favor Philip,
   He will beat down again the exertions of the Berbers:
   Then at his noon perplexing contrary affair,
   Young Ogmios will destroy his stronghold.
   The 1 line. Philip II, king of Spain since 1556, was very successful at the beginning of his reign. He controlled vast territories in America, Italy, the Netherlands, and France. His fleet was the most powerful at that time.
   The 2 line. Spain successfully fought against the Berbers in the 1560s on land and at sea.
   In line 3 the expression at his noon can be understood as the middle of life. The revolution in the Netherlands in 1565 weakened the power of Philip. His affairs began to decline. His debts grew. In 1588 England defeated the "Invincible Armada." Spain has ceased to be the "mistress of the seas."
   In the 4th line the young Ogmios is Henry IV. He declared war on Spain in 1595 and won. In May 1598 the Verwen Peace was signed. Philip II withdrew troops from all occupied French territories. He soon died in 09/13/1598.
   The decoding of number 9.89. 98 is the year, and 9 is the month of the death of Philip II. If 9 to turn over to 6, 6-1=5 (589), then the permutation of the numbers gives 598 year.
   Quatrain 4.2 The Franco-Spanish War 1635-1659
   Par mort la France prendra voyage faire,
   Classe par mer, marcher monts Pyrenees,
   Espagne en trouble, marcher gent militaire,
   Des plus grand; dames en France emmenees.
   Because of death France will take to making a journey,
   Fleet by sea, marching over the Pyrenees mountains,
   Spain in trouble, military people marching:
   Some of the greatest Ladies carried off to France.
   The wars between France and Spain were conducted fairly regularly for several centuries. It is difficult to determine which of these refers to this quatrain. By deciphering the number a war was chosen, which France began in 1635 with the purpose of expanding its possessions.
   The first line says about someone's death. We can assume (without any certainty) that this is Gonzalo de Cordoba, a prominent Spanish commander, who participated in many battles against France. He died in February 1635.
   The 2 line. Military operations were conducted, mainly, in the border areas in the Pyrenees, Flanders and on the sea.
   The 4 line. As a result of the war, the peace treaty was concluded. Under the terms of the treaty, the French King Louis XIV should was to marry the daughter of the Spanish King Maria Theresa.
   The decoding of number 4.2. If 2 flip in 5, 400-5=395, 1 is put at the ahead, 9 flip in 6 and is put before 3 then we will get 1635 - the year of beginning war.
   Quatrain 7.10 Philip V
   Par le grand Prince limitrophe du Mans,
   Preux & vaillant chef de grand exercite :
   Par mer & terre de Gallois & Normans,
   Caspre passer Barcelonne pille Isle.
   By the great Prince bordering Mans,
   brave and valiant leader of the great army;
   by land and sea with Bretons and Normans,
   Caspre pass Barcelona to pillage the island.
   The 1 line. King of Spain Charles II declared his of heir the grandson of Louis XIV Philip, Duke of Anjou. The Anjou region in the west of France borders the city of Le Mans. Hence, this prophecy about the war for the Spanish inheritance (1701-1713). As a result of this war, Philip V became King of Spain.
   The 2 line. Philip was only 17 years old when this war began. It went with varying success. There were periods of such severe defeats that even the great Louis XIV advised him to abandon Spain. But he survived and won. Philip V got an impoverished country with a very weak army. The French army and navy fought for the Spanish inheritance.
   The 4 line. Perhaps this line about another contender for Spain - Archduke Charles of the Habsburg dynasty. In 1701 Barcelona rebelled, took the side of the Habsburgs and surrendered to the latter. Not only Barcelona, but also nearby regions and islands was captured by Charles.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.64.
   The decoding of number 7.10. Year is indicated almost explicitly. If 1 is put at the ahead, swap 10 in 01 then we will get 1701 - the year of beginning war.
   Quatrain 9.64 War of the Spanish Succession
   L'Aemathion passer monts Pyrenes,
   En Mars Narbon ne fera resistance,
   Par mer & terre fera si grand mene,
   Cap. n'ayant terre seure pour demeurance.
   The Aemathion (will) pass the Pyrenees mountains,
   In March Narbonne will not do resistance:
   By land and sea he will carry on very great intrigue,
   Cap. having no land safe for residence.
   Perhaps this is a prophecy about the war for the Spanish succession (1701-1714). In that period Spain was having to some territories in Italy, the Netherlands and the colony in America. In 1701 King Charles II died. He pointed to Philip of Anjou as heir. Archduke Charles was another contender for the Spanish throne. His allies were England, Prussia, and others.
   The 1 line. In the quatrain 10.7 Nostradamus calls of Louis XIV as Aemathion. In March 1704 the Allied fleet delivered the Archduke Charles with the army to the Pyrenean Peninsula. France did not have time to prepare its fleet, and not rendered resistance. However, the French army was already in Spain - crossed the Pyrenees mountains, which dividing these countries. The French army under the command of Berwick acted successfully, occupying the cities one by one. The most important object was Gibraltar. Here military operations were conducted both on land and at sea. The England got the strait.
   This war was fought so long and in different countries of Europe that it is difficult to understand which episode is predicted here. As a result, Philip V became king of Spain. France made big concessions, and it lost its dominant importance in Europe.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 7.10.
   Quatrain 5.23 Vienna Union 1725
   Les deux contents seront vnis ensemble
   Quant la pluspart a Mars sera conioinct:
   Le grand d'Affrique en effrayeur & tremble,
   Duumuirat par la classe desioint.
   The two contented ones will be united together,
   When for the most part they will be conjoined with Mars:
   The great one of Africa trembles in terror,
   Duumvirate dissolved by the fleet.
   The 1 line. 04/04/1725 was concluded the Vienna Union of Spain and the Great Roman Empire (Charles VI) against France and England.
   The 2 line. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter approached Mars on 03/17/1725.
   The 4 line. The main goal of Spain at the conclusion of the union was the return of Gibraltar. However, the military campaign of 1727 did not bring success. In 1731 the union disintegrated.
   The decoding of number 5.23. If 3 consider as 300, 300-25=275, 1 is put at the ahead, swap 27 in 72 then we will get 1725 - the year of union.
   Quatrain 8.26 The battle of Montserrat
   De Caton es trouuez en Barselonne,
   Mys descouuers lieu terrouers & ruyne,
   Le grand qui tient ne tient voudra Pamplonne.
   Par l'abbage de Montferrat bruyne.
   The bones found in Caton of Barcelona,
   Secret place discovered, terror and ruined.
   The great one who holds not holds wants Pamplona,
   drizzle at the abbey of Montserrat.
   Barcelona is mentioned in the 1st line, near which is the abbey of Montserrat (4th line) - the main monastery of Spain. It belonged to the canton of Barcelona during the French occupation. In 1811 the base of Spanish partisans was not far from the monastery in the mountains. The French army found and captured this place and all the guns of the partisans. They destroyed and burned the monastery.
   The third line is probably about Napoleon, who took possession of Spain, including the city of Pamplona was taken in 1808. The emperor could not hold this region, and in 1812 the Spaniards began to drove the French from their land.
   Now the monastery was been restored and is functioning. It is often visited by tourists and pilgrims. (see photo)
   Decoding of the number 8.26. The numbers rearrange - 286, flip 6 to 9 - 289. If 2 to consider as 2000, then 2000-89 = 1911. 9-1 = 8. We get 1811 - the year of the battle of Montserrat.
   Quatrain 9.16 General Franco
   De castel Franco sortira l'assemblee,
   L'ambassadeur non plaisant fera scisme:
   Ceux de Ribiere seront en la meslee,
   Et au grand goulphre desnier ont l'entree.
   Out of castle Franco will come the assembly,
   The ambassador not agreeable will cause a schism:
   Those of Riviera will be in the squabble,
   And they will refuse entry to the great gulf.
   The 1 line. In September 1936 the nationalists of Spain chose as their leader general Francisco Franco (1892-1975). His name Nostradamus indicates in the first line exactly, without changing a single letter - Franco. He became dictator and Generalissimo of Spain in 1939-1975.
   The 3 line. The fascist party "Spanish phalanx", created by X.A. de Rivera, was involved in a civil war.
   The 4 line. Almost all naval forces of the country supported the general: the battleship, 3 cruisers, 16 destroyers, all submarines. With its coming to power the fascist regime was established in the country, but Spain did not take part in the hostilities of World War II.
   The decoding of number 9.16. If 9+1=10 and consider as 1000 then 1000-61=939 - the year the establishment of the Franco dictatorship.
   World wars
   0x08 graphic
   Quatrain 10.86 World war I
   Come vn gryphon viendra le Roy d'Europe
   Accompagne de ceux d'Aquilon,
   De rouges & blancs conduira grane trope
   Et iront contre le Roy de Babylon. L
   Like a griffin will come the King of Europe,
   Accompanied by those of 'Aquilon':
   He will lead a great troop of red ones and white ones,
   And they will go against the King of Babylon.
   The 1 line. Wilhelm II (1859-1941) was the last German emperor and the king of Prussia 1888-1918. He was a supporter of military policy, held in 1914-1918, joined the alliance with Ottoman Empire. Germany was the leader of the military-political bloc of the Central Powers. In according to the Versailles peace treaty Germany and the kaiser have been recognized the main culprit of the First World war.
   The Prophet regards the Kaiser as the second Antichrist. He writes about this in the "Letter to Henry II": Then the great Empire of the Antichrist will begin where once was Attila's empire and the new Xerxes will descend with great and countless numbers, so that the coming of the Holy Ghost, proceeding from the 48th degree, will make a transmigration.
   Judging by the citation, the 2 nd antichrist will be expelled by Lenin, who came (born) from 48 longitude - this is the city of Ulyanovsk. The 1st decree of the leader was about peace. Peace at any cost! He stopped the first world war, concluding the Brest Peace. Vicar from Christ - his covenants are in many respects similar to the commandments of Jesus. Against him, because he was an atheist. In 1918 a revolution occurred in Germany and the Kaiser fled.
   The second Antichrist was similar to the third (Stalin) with hand. The Kaiser's left arm was 15 cm shorter than the right. At Stalin the left hand was damaged at 6 years old and was shorter.
   The 4 line. In the World War I Germany entered 01.08.1914, declaring war on Russia. As in quatrain 1.55, Nostradamus calls Russia Babylon here. Indeed, more than 190 nationalities live in Russia. The prediction of World War I is in Nostradamus and in a letter to Henry II. This will be preceded by a solar eclipse more dark and gloomy than any since the creation of the world, except that after the death and passion of Jesus Christ. The total solar eclipse was at the very beginning of the World war I, in August 2014. It became a sign. All the regions of the Earth through which the eclipse passed later were involved in the war. The next total solar eclipse was in February 1916.
   The decoding of number 10.86. 1000-86=914, If 1 is put at the ahead then we will get 1914 - the year of beginning World war I.
   Quatrain 5.91 The partition of Albania
   Au grand march qu'on dit des mensongers,
   Du bout Torrent & camp Athenien:
   Seront surprins par les cheuaux legers,
   Par Albanois Mars, Leo, Sat. vn versien.
   In the grand market they say liars,
   From the Torrent and field of Athens:
   They will be surprised by the light horses,
   By those of Albania (when) Mars, Leo, Saturn in Aquarius.
   The 1 line. Mars are mentioned, which symbolizes the war. The second line says about a light cavalry that was used during the First World War. Having looked on the Internet Albania during the first world war, I easily found and liars. It turns out that in London in 1915 the representatives of the Entente countries and Italy assembled and secretly conspired to divide Albania. Moreover, 2 years before the envoys of these same countries, in the same London, guaranteed Albania independence and integrity - truly liars. The Albanian partition agreement is the most shameful in the history of diplomacy. The consequence of this was the occupation of Albania at the end of the war by the Italians, Serbs and Greeks.
   The decoding of number 5.91. Year is indicated almost explicitly. If 1 is put between 59 then by swapping these numbers we will get 1915 - the year of secret agreement.
   Quatrain 6.43 Battle of the Marne
   Long temps sera sans estre habitee,
   Ou Seine & Marne autour vient arrouser
   De la Tamise & martiaux temptee,
   Deceus les gardes en cuidant repousser.
   For a long time will it remain uninhabited,
   Around where the Seine and the Marne she comes to water:
   Tried by the Thames and warriors,
   The guards deceived in trusting in the repulse.
   During the First World War on the Marne were 2 large battles in 1914 and 1918 between the forces of the Entente and Germany. The Germans were defeated. However, to the French, these victories were worth huge losses. After the war the territory between the Seine and Marne entered the "red zone", that is i.t became unusable neither for the forest, nor for .any other activity.
   The translation of 3 and 4 lines is very doubtful. Perhaps Nostradamus predicted Britain's participation in the First World War.
   Quatrain 3.58* Will be born a great
   Aupres du Rin des montagnes Moriques
   Naistra vn grand de gens trop tard venu.
   Qui deffendra Saurome & Pannoniques,
   Qu'on ne scaura qu'il sera deuenu.
   Near the Rhine from the Noric mountains
   Will be born a great one of people come too late,
   One who will defend Sarmatia and the Pannonians,
   One will not know what will have become of him.
   Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in an Austrian village near the border with Germany. His father was 52 years old when Adolf was born - a late child.The river Rhine flows in Austria, and mountains are on a large part of it's territory
   Pannonia - Hungary, which entered into an alliance with Nazi Germany. Hitler tried to defend the territorial problems of Hungary.
   The 4 line. At the end of the war Hitler flew first by plane to Spain, then by submarine to South America. He organized the killing of a double so that he would not be looked for. The corpse was partially burned - this made identification difficult. Where, when and how Adolf ended his life remains unknown.
   Connection with other quatrains: 9.90.
   Quatrain 3.35* The Birth of Hitler
   Du plus profond de l'Occident d'Europe,
   De pauures gens vn ieune enfant naistra:
   Qui par sa langue seduira grande trouppe,
   Son bruit au regne d'Orient plus croistra,
   From the very depths of the West of Europe,
   A young child will be born of poor people,
   He who by his tongue will seduce a great troop:
   His fame will increase toward the realm of the East.
   The 1 line. Presumably, this quatrain of Nostradamus about the birth of Hitler. He was born in 1889 in the in Upper Austria, in the center of Western Europe.
   The 2 line. He was born in a hotel, because at that time the family did not have the opportunity to buy their own housing. His father was a civil servant, and the family often moved, in connection with his new appointments.
   The 3 line. Hitler was an outstanding orator and actor. He could inspire his thoughts to thousands of people, leaded them to frenzy. They obeyed him unconditionally, he had the ability to manage huge rallies, as if hypnotizing people. The Fuhrer used the reception of "Big Lie", knowing that people would rather believe excessive lies than a little deception or truth.
   East is mentioned in the 4th line, apparently, Russia. Here, fascist Germany led the most large-scale and protracted war.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.56.
   Quatrain 5.29 Mussolini
   La liberte ne sera recouuree,
   L'occupera noir fier vilain inique:
   Quant la matiere du pont sera ouuree,
   D'Hister, Venise faschee la republique.
   Liberty will not be recovered,
   A proud, villainous, wicked black one will occupy it,
   When the matter of the bridge will be opened,
   The republic of Venice vexed by the Hister.
   The 2 line. Since in the last line of the quatrain Hitler is mentioned in connection with Venice, it is not difficult to guess that is being said about the connections between Italian and German fascism. Consequently, wicked black is Benito Mussolini (1883-1945) - head of government, duce, leader of the National Fascist Party of Italy from 1925.
   The 1 line. As is known, the fascist regime is a dictatorship and does not allow any freedom.
   The 4 line. In the summer of 1934, Hitler visits Venice. Mussolini later expressed his negative impression about this man: "This annoying person ... this Hitler - a fierce and cruel creature. He makes us remember Attila. Germany has remained since the time of Tacitus the country of the barbarians. It is the eternal enemy of Rome. "
   Linkage with other quatrains: 3.63.
   The decoding of number 5.29. Year is indicated almost explicitly. If 1 is put at the end (5291) then by swapping these numbers we will get 1925 - the year when Mussolini became head of government.
   Quatrain 9.53 Fascist genocide
   Le Neron ieune dans les trois chemines
   Fera de paiges vifs pour ardoir ietter,
   Heureux qui loing sera de tels menes,
   Trois de son sang le feront mort guetter.
   The young Nero in the three chimneys
   Will cause live pages to be thrown to burn:
   Happy those who will be far away from such practices,
   Three of his blood will have him ambushed to death.
   Perhaps Nostradamus calls Hitler as Nero. At once, with the coming to power of the fascists, concentration camps began to be created. In them got Jews, gypsies, communists and all those who disagreed with the Nazis. During the war the concentration camps: Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Majdanek, Dohau, the children's camp of Salaspils, etc. were used for mass exterminate of people. So in Auschwitz, corpses were burned in ovens. Probably, in some camps of people burned alive. This practice was also used by the fascists in the occupied territories. For example, in the Belarusian village of Khatyn, civilians were burned alive, including women and children, and this case is not the only one.
   The 4th line is probably Russia, the USA and Great Britain, which defeated Germany. In 1944 Hitler was sandwiched between two fronts: from the East came the Russians and from the West - Americans and English men.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.66, 8.41, 4.56.
   The decoding of number 9.53. If 1 is put at the ahead, by swapping 53 then we will get 1935 - the year when the anti-Jewish law was adopted.
   Quatrain 3.10 Munich is starving
   De sang & faim plus grand calamit,
   Sept fois s'appreste la marine plage:
   Monech de faim, lieu pris captiuit,
   Le grand men croc enferree cage.
   Greater calamity of blood and famine,
   Seven times it approaches the marine shore:
   Munich from hunger, place captured, captivity,
   The great one (will travel) in a metaled cage.
   In this quatrain, as in the next 2.24, it is said of the great man. He in an iron cage travels. This is Hitler's propaganda tour of Germany on an airship, described in the following interpretation.
   In the 1 and 3 lines the word "hunger" speaks of the hard and hungry years of the First World War and after it.
   The 3 line. In 1923 Hitler organized a "beer putsch" in Munich. After that the city became the capital and stronghold of fascism. Near Munich the first concentration camp Dachau was established. There the Nazis were kills their enemies.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 2.24.
   Probable decoding of number 3.10. If 3+1=4 and consider 4 as 400, 400-01=399, swap 39 in 93, last 9 flip in 6 then we will get 936 - the year of seizure power.
   Quatrain 6.51* Attempt to Hitler
   Peuple assemble voir nouueau expectacle
   Princes & Roys par plusieurs assistans,
   Pilliers faillir, murs, mais comme miracle,
   Le Roy sauue & trente des instans.
   People assembled to see a new spectacle,
   Princes and Kings amongst many bystanders,
   Pillars walls to fall: but as by a miracle
   The King will saved and thirty of the ones present.
   The German Nostradamus decoder Kraft warned the Fhrer that on the days from November 7 to 10, 1936 he would face mortal danger, calculated from this quatrain of Nostradamus. This prediction turned out to be correct. On 8 November at a speech by Hitler at the Munich City Hall, there was an explosion, 20 people died, the Fuhrer miraculously survived. Hitler believed to Kraft, ordered him to further decrypt Nostradamus. Kraft deciphered that prophet predicted the defeat of Germany in the world war. This information reached Hitler in a somewhat transformed form.
   Decoding of number 6.51. The numbers rearrange - 561. If to flip 5 to 2 and to consider as 2000, then 2000-61 = 1939. Turn last 9 over in 6 we get 1936 - the year of explosion.
   Quatrain 2.24 In an iron cage
   Bestes farouches de faim fleuues tranner,
   Plus part du camp encontre Hister sera,
   En cage de fer le grand fera trainner,
   Qunad Rin enfant Germain obseruera.
   Beasts ferocious from hunger will swim across rivers:
   The greater part of the region will be against the Hister,
   The great one will cause it to be dragged in an iron cage,
   When Germany will observe of the Rhine's child .
   Napoleon and Hitler thought this was a prophecy about them. They were afraid that they would be taken in an iron cage, and would be shown as wild beasts. Napoleon, being in exile on the island of St. Helena, said that this is not better than an iron cage. The iron cage was not a shameful ending, but, on the contrary, a triumphal procession of Hitler at the beginning of his military victories. In the finals, as you know, he suffered a complete fiasco.
   The 1 line. 3 German battalions crossed the bridge of Hohenzollern, connecting the banks of the Rhine. They occupied the territory beyond the Rhine, which belonged to France. Hitler bluffed - he then did not have enough military power to fight with France. He would have immediately retreated if France had begun military operations. That did not happen. Hitler felt like a winner. In Germany then it was pretty hungry. The Fhrer managed to feed the people, and this is one of the reasons for his popularity. Nostradamus calls the fascists wild beasts. Indeed, the cruelty of Nazis is known to all.
   The 2 line. The League of nations condemned Germany for violating international treaties. Only these were just words, no actions backed up. Hitler believed in his fate, as he later said in Munich: "I am following the path indicated by Providence, with the certainty of a lunatic." Here he was right, all his actions were long predefined.
   The 3 line. After the occupation of the Rhine area, Hitler's prestige increased, and he immediately took advantage of this. He dismissed the Reichstag and became the head of state as a result of the plebiscite. On the rigid-frame dirigible "Hindenburg", decorated with a swastika, Hitler triumphant parade marched through the cities of Germany. If you look at the photo of the airship frame by reference Hindenburg, you can see that the frame is a double metal cage. Everything came true as predicted.
   The 4 line. Rhine child should be understood in the sense that it was the Rhine operation that gave Hitler the way he went down in history: as the aggressor and the great conqueror. Germany observe - this agitational journey of the Fuhrer in the country on the airship.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 3.10.
   Probable decoding of number 2.24. If second 2 flip in 5, 5+1=6 then 2000-64=1936 - the year of a capture of the Rhineland.
   Quatrain 6.3 Hitler and religion
   Fleuue qu'esprouue le nouueau nay Celtique,
   Sera en grande de l'Empire discorde:
   Le ieune prince par gent Ecclesiastique,
   Ostera le sceptre coronal de concorde.
   The river that tries the new Celtic heir
   Will be in great discord with the Empire:
   The young Prince through the ecclesiastical people
   Will remove the sceptre of the crown of concord.
   In quatrain 3.58 says: "Near the Rhine... will be born a great one". In prophecy 2.24 Nostradamus also calls Hitler "the child of the Rhine." Hitler's birth is predicted in quatrain 3.35. This river really caused a great deal of conflict. In 1936 German battalions occupied the territories beyond the Rhine belonging to France (quatrain 2.24). This has caused an international scandal.
   Lines 3 and 4 say about the complex relationship between Hitler and the clergy. He was a baptized Catholic, but did not attend Mass. To attract more people, he proclaimed himself the protector of the church. In 1933 a concordat was concluded between the Vatican and the Third Reich.
   However this did not prevent him from closing churches and seizing church property from time to time. The German Catholic church has criticized the NSDAP for the dissolution of some catholic organizations.
   In 1937 Pius XI in his encyclical stated that the concordat was violated constantly by the NSDAP and spoke out about the incompatibility of the Christian religion and fascist ideology. The encyclical was promulgated in all Catholic churches in Germany.
   Decoding of the number 6.3. If 1 to put in front and to consider as 1000, then 1000-63=937 - is the year of the papal encyclical.
   Quatrain 3.63 Visit Mussolini to Germany
   Romain pouuoir sera du tout bas
   Son grand voisin imiter ses vestiges:
   Occultes haines ciuiles & debats
   Retarderont aux bouffons leurs follies.
   The Roman power will be thoroughly humbled,
   Following in the footsteps of its great neighbour:
   Hidden civil hatreds and debates
   Will delay their follies for the buffoons.
   The rapprochement between Italy and Germany began in 1936, when it was necessary to support the fascist regime Franco in Spain.
   The 1 . After 5 refusals Mussolini at last decides to visit Germany in 1937. To impress the guest Hitler organizes huge meetings and military parades. He demonstrates his amazing influence on the crowds. At a grand meeting in Berlin, Mussolini made a speech: "Italian fascism finally got a friend, and he will go with his friend to the end."
   Linkage with other quatrains: 5.29, 4.68, 3.11.
   The decoding of number 3.63. If 3-1=2 and consider 2 as 2000 then 2000-63=1937 - the year of visit.
   Quatrain 8.41 Election of the Hitler
   Esleu sera Renad ne sonnant mot,
   Faisant le saint public viuant pain d'orge,
   Tyrannizer apres tant vn cop,
   Mettant pied des plus grands sur la gorge,
   Renad will be elected without speaking one word,
   appearing saintly in public living on barley bread,
   afterwards he will suddenly become a tyrant
   putting his foot on the throats of the greatest men.
   Perhaps this is a prophecy about the election of Hitler. After the death of President Hindenburg in 1934, a plebiscite was held. By a majority of votes, Hitler was elected head of state.
   The second line can be interpreted as the oppression of the Jews.
   The third line, apparently, about the tyranny of the Fuhrer: the genocide of peoples, concentration camps, mass fusillades, gas chambers and other atrocities against humanity.
   The 4th line about the conquests of Hitler. Under the greatest, most likely, Stalin is meant - an attack on Russia.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 2.24, 3.63, 5.29, 9.53, 4.56.
   Probable decoding of number 8.41. If 8+1=9 then we will get 941 - the year of the attack on Russia.
   Quatrain 5.81 Capitulation of France
   L'oyseau Royal sur la Cit solaire,
   Sept mois deuant fera nocturne augure:
   Mur d'Orient cherra tonnerre esclaire,
   Sept iours aux portes les ennemis l'heure.
   The royal bird over the city of the Sun,
   Seven months in advance it will deliver a nocturnal omen:
   The Eastern wall will fall lightning thunder,
   Seven days the enemies directly to the gates.
   Nostradamus calls Paris the city of the sun not only here, but also in the quatrain 1.8. The royal bird - the soaring eagle was the symbol of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force). Apparently, it is predicted the night flights of reconnaissance aircraft under the command of Rovel. In 1939-1940 it conducted reconnaissance of France and allied countries. This can be regarded as a warning, (prophecy) of the impending attack. Seven months, apparently, the period of a strange war is a confrontation between German and French troops on the Maginot line, from September 1939 to April 1940.
   In the third line, the fall of the Eastern wall, the Maginot defensive line, is predicted. Thunder and lightning - shooting and bombing.
   In the 4th line - the last seven days before the surrender of Paris.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 5.30.
   The decoding of number 5.81. If 500-81=419, 9 is put at the ahead we will get 941-1=940 - the year of capitulation of France.
   Quatrain 5.90 The great famine in Greece
   Dans les cyclades en Perinthe & Larisse,
   Dedans Sparte tout le Pelloponesse;
   Si grand famine, peste, par faux connisse,
   Neuf mois tiendra & tout le cherrouesse.
   In the Cyclades, in Perinthus and Larissa,
   In Sparta and the entire Pelopennesus:
   Very great famine, plague through false dust,
   Nine months will it last and throughout the entire peninsula.
   The Peloponnese is the southern part of Greece, which was occupied by Italy during the Second World War. Very strong hunger was in this area, in large cities. It began in the autumn of 1941 and lasted until the summer of 1942. Supply of products began to get better in the autumn of 1942. This was a manifestation of one of the forms of fascist genocide. The Germans said that the Greeks do not belong to the higher race because there is a lot of Slavic impurity in their blood. They literally robbed the country, taking out the entire food stock for the needs of Germany. Approximately, 300 thousand people died of hunger in Greece.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.53.
   The decoding of number 5.90. If 500-09=491, 1 to put ahead, by swapping these numbers we will get 1941 - the year of beginning great famine.
   Quatrain 4.68 Operation "Hercules"
   En l'an bien proche eslongne de Venus,
   Les deux plus grands de l'Asie & d'Affrique:
   Du Rin & Hyster, qu'on dira sont venus,
   Cris, pleurs a Malte & coste a Lygustique.
   In year very near not far from Venus,
   The two greatest ones of Asia and of Africa,
   From the Rhine and Hyster they will be said to have come,
   Cries, tears at Malta and the Ligurian side.
   Since Hitler is mentioned in the third line, and in the 4th - Malta, then after looking at the history of Malta during the Second World War, I found the "Operation Hercules". By Germany and Italy was planned in 1938 a joint operation to seize Malta. It was necessary to them as a springboard for the transfer of troops to North Africa. At that time this island was a British colony and there were air bases.
   The 4 line. In 1940 Italy declared war on England and began bombing Malta. To her Germany joined, having stationed in 1941 its air corps on the island of Sicily. The German Aces had drops the bombs precisely for the purpose in contrast to the Italian pilots, who sometimes dropped their shells into the sea. Particularly difficult was for defenders of Malta in 1942. Only for the first half of the year 6557 tons of shells were dropped. The maximum break between air alarms was only 24 hours.
   In connection with the changed military situation, the operation for the landing of the fascist landing was abolished in 1942. In 1943 the Italo-German troops capitulated from North Africa. In the same years military operations were conducted on the Apennine and Balkan peninsulas - the Ligurian coast.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 2.24.
   The decoding of number 4.68. 4000-86=3914. If 3 is put at the end, 1 is put at the ahead then it will be1943, by subtracting 1 we will get 1942 year.
   Quatrain 1.99 Tehran conference
   Le grand Monarque qui fera compagnie,
   Auec deux Roys vnis par amitie,
   O quel sou(s)pir fera la grande mesnie,
   Enfans Narbon a l'entour quel pitie.
   The great monarch will join
   with two kings, united in friendship.
   Oh, what a sigh a great army emits,
   the children around Narbon what pity for.
   In Nostradamus' time, there was no such thing as a President, so he calls them monarchs or kings. The great monarch - Stalin I. V. The USSR waged a long, hard war against Germany. In 1943 in Tehran the 3 leaders of the USSR, USA and England has the first conference. Two kings are Roosevelt and Churchill. The prophet calls them friends because they had already met before and discussed among themselves the opening of the 2nd front.
   In Tehran, this issue was resolved positively. Six months later the United States and England opened a 2nd front. Fascist Germany was forced to transfer part of the troops from the eastern front to the western. This was a huge relief for the Soviet army (3rd line). Hitler ran out of human reserves, and he was forced to recruit adolescents for the western front - the children around Narbon.
   Connection with other quatrains: 10.66, it is interesting that if to turn over 66 in 99, we will get all the numbers of this quatrain 199!
   Decoding of number 1.99. If 99 to turn over in 66, 1 to consider as 1000, then 1000-66=934. 3 and 4 to rearrange, 1 to place in front, we get 1943 - year of the Tehran conference.
   Quatrain 1.29 Military amphibians
   Quand le poisson terrestre, & aquatique
   Par forte vague au grauier sera mis,
   Sa forme estrange, suaue & horrifique,
   Par mer aux murs bien tost les ennemys. A iij
   When the fish that travels over both land and sea
   is cast up on to the shore by a great wave,
   its shape foreign, smooth and frightful.
   From the sea the enemies soon reach the walls.
   Nostradamus predicted amphibious vehicles, amphibious tanks, which began to be produced in several countries before World War II. The United States used amphibians vehicles in 1943 when landing in Sicily, in 1944 when the 2nd front was opened, when landing in Normandy, and also during the war with Japan.
   Decoding of number 1.29. If 29 to turn over in 56, 1 to consider as 1000, then 1000-56=944 is the year when the Allies landed in Normandy.
   Quatrain 10.66 Second front
   Le chef de Londres par regne l'Americh,
   L'isle d'Escosse t'empiera par gele:
   Roy Rebauront vn si faux Antechrist,
   Que les mettra trestous dans la mesle.
   The chief of London through the realm of America,
   The Isle of Scotland will be tried by frost:
   King and 'Reb' will face an Antichrist so false,
   That he will involves all them in the conflict.
   Perhaps in quatrain the opening of the 2nd front by America and England in 1944 is predicted. The first line can be interpreted as the visit of the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill to the USA in may 1943. On the ship "Queen Mary" he arrives in America. The purpose of the visit is to resolve issues related to the opening of the second front.
   The 2 line. Here is an indication of the winter season. From November 28 to December 1, 1943, negotiations between Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt took place in Tehran on the opening of the 2nd front. Another half a year, the United states and Britain held a wait-and-see attitude. Only in June 1944, when the Germans had only a quarter of the occupied territory of the USSR, they opened a second front.
   Lines 3 and 4 predict that Stalin, will involve America and England in the 2nd World War.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.53, 8.77, 3.59, 9.17.
   The decoding of number 10.66. If 6-1=5 then 1000-56=944 - the year of opening the second front.
   Quatrain 5.94* Prediction of the 2nd World War
   Translatera en la grand Germanie,
   Brabant & Flandres, Gand, Burges & Bologne :
   La treue sainte le grand duc d'Armenie,
   Assaillira Vienne & la Cologne.
   Will transfer into great Germany
   Brabant and Flanders, Ghent, Bruges and Boulogne:
   The sacred truce, the great Duke of Armenia
   Will assail Vienna and Cologne.
   The second line lists the territories in Europe occupied by fascist Germany during the Second World War.
   The sacred truce is probably a non-aggression pact concluded between the USSR and Germany, which was perfidiously violated by Hitler in 1941. Duke of Armenia - apparently, Nostradamus had in mind Stalin, but commit inaccuracy since Stalin was not an Armenian, but a Georgian.
   The 4 line. In 1945 Cologne was occupied by American troops in the spring - in this part the prophecy did not come true. Vienna was liberated by Soviet troops, but then it was divided into 4 parts between Russia, France, America and England.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.66.
   The decoding of number 5.94. Year is indicated almost explicitly. If 5 is put at the end, 1 is put at the ahead then.we will get 1945 - the year of liberation Vienna and Cologne.
   Quatrain 9.90 Hungary in World War II
   Vn grand Capitaine de la grand Germanie
   Se viendra rendre par simule secours
   A Roy des Roys ayde de Pannonie,
   Que sa reuolte fera de sang grand cours.
   A captain of Great Germany
   Will come to deliver through false help
   To the King of Kings the support of Pannonia,
   So that his revolt will cause a great flow of blood.
   Germany was formed in 1871 with the unification of disparate German principalities. It can be called Great in the period of world wars I and II. Pannonia is Hungary. Until World War I it was part of Autro-Hungary. After war it separated as an independent state, but a considerable part of the territories and Hungarians found themselves abroad. This caused discontent and claims of Hungary to neighboring countries.
   Hitler can be called the King of Kings, since the leaders of the occupied states obeyed him.
   Before the war Germany offered a help to Hungary in solving its territorial problems. In exchange, Hungary mast be to join align with Axis countries, which happened. Pannonia did not receive real help, but was drawn into the war. It cost her a lot of blood: half a million Jews burned down in Auschwitz, about 800 thousand soldiers died on the fronts.
   Decoding of number 9.90. If 99 to turn over 66, 6 to consider as 600, then 600-6=594. The numbers rearrange, 1 put in front - it will be 1945 year.
   Quatrain 3.11 Air fights
   Les armes battre au ciel longue saison,
   L'arbre au milieu de la cit tomb:
   Vermine, rongne, glaiue en face tyfon,
   Lors le Monarque d'Hadrie succomb.
   The weapon to fight in the sky a long time,
   The tree in the middle of the city fallen:
   Sacred bough clipped, steel, in the face of the firebrand,
   Then the monarch of 'Adria' fallen.
   The 1 line. During the First World War, aviation was just beginning to make its first steps. The World war III will be a war of missiles. Therefore, this line is most suitable for World War II. Air battles were fought constantly, especially at the end of the war, when of aircrafts were built a lot.
   This line can also be interpreted as an atomic bomb explosion in Japan, which was dropped from aircraft.
   The 4 line. If we assume that Adria is the Adriatic Sea, then the most significant state in this region is Italy. Victor Emmanuel III was her monarch at that time. However, he did not have real power, but Mussolini. The name Andrea is among his names, which is consonant with Adria. In April 1945 he was killed. His face was disfigured beyond recognition.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 5.29, 3.63.
   Quatrain 4.56 Hitler
   Apres victoire de raibeuse langue,
   L'esprit tempt en tranquil & repos:
   Victeur sanguin par conflit fait harengue,
   Rostir la langue & la chair & les os.
   After the victory of the raving tongue,
   The spirit tempted by a tranquility and repose:
   Throughout the conflict the bloody victor makes orations,
   Roasting the tongue and the flesh and the bones.
   Adolf Hitler (1889-1945). Who knows if Hitler dreamed about rest? Perhaps, who does not dream about rest in elderly age! He was a furious orator and, of course, a bloody winner, however, in the history of such personalities there were many. In the last line, the prophet singles out the language in the first place, because popularity among the people Hitler won largely thanks to the oratorical skill. Presumably, his body was found partly burned in a blanket (with his wife).
   Linkage with other quatrains: 8.41, 2.24.
   The decoding of number 4.56. If 1 is put at the end, flip 6 in 9 then by swapping these numbers we will get 1945 - the year of Hitler's official death.
   Quatrain 5.8 Nuclear explosion in Japan
   Sera laiss le feu mort vif cach,
   Dedans les globes horribles espouuentable
   De nuict class cit en poudre lach,
   Ls cit feu, l'ennemy fauorable.
   There will be unleashed live fire, hidden death,
   Horrible and frightful within the globes,
   By night the city reduced to dust by the fleet,
   The city afire, the enemy amenable.
   Perhaps this quatrain about nuclear explosions in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. The first 2 lines so clearly describe the nuclear explosion that probably this quatrain has already been deciphered earlier. The nuclear explosion has the shape of a fungus, the upper part of which is spherical. As a result of 2 nuclear explosions, more than 200 thousand people died. "Hidden death" can be understood as an invisible radiation sickness.
   The 3 line. There are 2 discrepancies. The explosions were not made by the fleet, but by aircraft, not at night, but in the morning. The atomic bomb "Kid" really, was delivered by the cruiser of the USA "Indianapolis" to the island of Tinian. This bomb was dropped on Hiroshima at 08:15 on August 6. The buildings were instantly destroyed by a powerful blast wave. A great fiery tornado was formed. He destroyed everything in an area of 11 square kilometers.
   The second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on 9 August. Although the power of this bomb was much higher than the first, there were fewer casualties and destruction from it. Atomic explosions in Japan at the end of World War II showed what a world war III might be like.
   The decoding of number 5.8. If 1 is put at the ahead and consider as 1000 then 1000-58=942, flip 2 in 5 we will get 945 - the year of nuclear explosions in Japan.
   Quatrain 6.61 Hitler absconded?
   Le grand tappis plie ne monstrera,
   Fors qu'a demy la pluspart de l'histoire:
   Chasse du regne loing aspre apparoistra,
   Qu'au fait bellique chacun le viendra croire.
   The great carpet folded will not show
   But by halved the greatest part of history:
   Driven far out of the realm he will appear harsh,
   So that everyone will come to believe in his warlike deed.
   What happened to Hitler is not exactly known. Perhaps Nostradamus open the veil of secrecy in this quatrain?! The great carpet folded can mean a blanket into which the corpses of Adolf Hitler and Eva Brown were wrapped, presumably. The version exists, and even the book is written about the fact that Hitler lived the rest of life in Argentina and died in 1962. Information exists that Hitler ran first on airplanes, then on a submarine.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 4.56.
   The decoding of number 6.61. If 1+1=2, flip first 6 in 9 then we will get 962 - the year of expected death.
   0x08 graphic
   Quatrain 5.55 Suleiman I
   De la felice Arabie contrade,
   Naistre puissant de loy Mahometique:
   Vexer l'Espagne, conquester la Grenade,
   Et plus par mer a la gent Lygustique.
   In the country of Arabia Felix
   One powerful will be born in the law of Mahomet:
   To vex Spain, to conquer Grenada,
   And more by sea against the Ligurian people.
   To this quatrain, Suleiman I the Magnificent (1494-1566) is most suitable. Under his rule, the Ottoman Empire reached its highest power. However he did not conquer Grenada. Whether the prophecy was partly not fulfilled, or it is about another person?
   Suleiman I concluded a secret alliance with the French King Francis I, who competed with Spain in conquering Italy.
   The 4 line. The war with Spain and Italy was conducted mainly on the sea. France provided its ports for the Muslim fleet. This caused condemnation in Christian Europe. The Algerian pirate Barbarossa commanded the Ottoman fleet.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 10.62.
   The decoding of number 5.55. If first 5 flip in 2 and consider as 2000, 2000-55=1945, 5-1=4, 9 is put between 44 then we will get 1494 - the year of birth.
   Quatrain 10.62 Assault of the Ottomans on Hungary
   Pres de Sorbin pour assaillir Ongrie.
   L'herault de Brudes les viendra aduertir,
   Chef Bizantin, Sallon de Sclauonie,
   A loy d'Arabes les viendra conuertir.
   Near 'Sorbia' to assail Hungary,
   The herald of 'Brudes' will come to warn them:
   Byzantine chief, Salona of Slavonia,
   He will come to convert them to the law of the Arabs.
   The quatrain described the Byzantine ruler's attack on Hungary for the conversion to Arab faith. The Byzantine ruler is Suleiman I, the sultan of Turkey, who occupied the territory of the former Byzantine Empire. Slavonia is a territory bordering on Hungary in the south. Apparently, Ottoman army came there from. This battle took place in 1526 near Mohacs. Almost 2 times superior forces of the Turks won a quick victory over the united army of Christians. As a result, a significant part of Hungary and other Slavic peoples found themselves under the Ottoman yoke. True, this event was earlier than the publication of the Prophecy book?
   After 161 years, the Ottomans were defeated and expelled by the Austrian army again in the battle of Mohacs.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 5.55.
   The decoding of number 10.62. If 2 flip in 5, 1000-65=935, 3-1=2, flip 9 in 6, 6 and 5 swap, then we will get 526 - the year of battle.
   Quatrain 6.41 Frederick II
   Le second chef du regne Dannemarc,
   Par ceux de Frise & l'isle Britannique,
   Fera despendre plus de cent mille marc.
   Vain exploiter voyage en Italique.
   The second chief of the realm of Denmark,
   Through those of Frisian and of the British Isle,
   Will coerced spend more than one hundred thousand marks,
   The exploiting in vain the voyage to Italy.
   The 1 line. This is the prediction of the king of Denmark and Norway from 1559 Frederick II (1534-1588). Although he was not the 2nd head of Denmark (before him there were many), but under the name of Frederick, he was the second.
   The 2 & 3 lines. Many states trading in the Baltic sea concluded an agreement with Denmark to pay dues for passing vessels across the channel Sound. This was an important trade route of Northern Europe. The dues brought considerable income to the royal treasury. In order to protect the strait, Frederick built the Kronborg fortress in Helsingar and fought against pirates. The first part of his reign, this king fought a lot, mostly unsuccessfully. The second half of his reign was marked by the peace and prosperity of the country.
   The decoding of number 6.41. If 1 is put at the ahead then 1600-41=1559 - the year of beginning reign.
   Quatrain 4.18* Inquisition and science
   Des plus lettrez dessus les faits celestes
   Seront par princes ignorans reprouuez,
   Punis d'edit, chassez comme celestes,
   Et mis mort l o seront trouuez.
   Some of those most lettered in the celestial facts
   Will be condemned by illiterate princes:
   Punished by Edict, hunted, like criminals,
   And put to death wherever they will be found.
   The 1-2 lines. In the Middle Ages the fires of the Inquisition were blazing in many countries of Europe. Especially was brutal the Spanish and Italian inquisition. True, she herself could not bear the death penalty, but gave the convicted to secular justice. If scientists put forward theories or teachings that are contrary to church dogma, they were accused of heresy. This slowed the development of science until the Holy Inquisition ceased to exist in the XIX century.
   The 4 line. The most famous victim of obscurantism was Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) - an Italian astronomer and mathematician, philosopher and poet. In 1600 he was burned alive at the stake. He popularized the teachings of Copernicus, arguing that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth, but conversely, as well as other progressive theories. Copernicus himself escaped the verdict, having renounced his views. Bruno fled from Italy, tried save oneself, but he was tricked and attracted.
   The next Galileo Galilei was involved to the Inquisition after 30 years. He also accepted the theory of Copernicus. Thanks to the improvement of the telescope, he made outstanding astronomical discoveries. To avoid the sentence, he publicly renounced his views, but in the soul remained true to them. He is credited with the famous phrase: "And yet it spins." After Galileo, the Inquisition was increasingly subjected to public condemnation, and its had to reckon with it.
   Quatrain 3.36 John Calvin
   Enseuely non mort apopletique,
   Sera trouue auoir les mains mangees
   Quand la cite damnera l'heretique,
   Qu'auoit leurs loix ce ieur sembloit changees.
   Buried apoplectic not dead,
   He will be found to have his hands eaten:
   When the city will condemn the heretic,
   He who it seemed to them had changed their laws.
   Blood went through the mouth during the last sermon of John Calvin (10.07.1509-27.05.1564). After that, he lay down and never again preached. Apparently he had hemorrhage else, which paralyzed him and made him speechless. He fell into such a state that he was considered dead and buried at the age of 54. I read somewhere on the Internet, when he was reburied, it found that he had gnawed his right hand.
   Nostradamus calls him a heretic and is probably right. Calvin was not famous for his deeds of mercy and goodness. He executed a lot and cruelly. Geneva got rid of the despot.
   Connection with other quatrains: 1.47.
   Decoding of number 3.36. If 3 to consider as 300, then 300-36 = 264. Turn 2 over in 5, 1 put in front and we get 1564 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 10.91 Catholic League
   Clerg Romain l'an mil six cens & neuf,
   Au chef de l'an fera lection
   D'vn gris & noir de la Compagne yssu,
   Qui onc ne fut si maling.
   In the year 1609, Roman clergy,
   At the beginning of the year you will hold an election:
   Of one gray and black issued from Campania,
   Never was there one so wicked as he.
   This is one of the few quatrains, where the year is specified explicitly -1609. The Roman clergy, as is known, is a Catholic church. In that year, Maximilian of Bavaria organized and was elected head of the Catholic League. Several German principalities entered it: Bavaria, whose elector was Maximilian, as well as Wrzburg, Cologne, Mainz, Trier. He created the League to fight against Protestant, who in 1608 united in Unia. The confrontation between the two religious movements led to the Thirty Years' War, which swept not only Germany, but also other European countries.
   Nostradamus writes about black and gray. If you look at the picture of Carl Piloty "Katholische League" by reference Picture "Katholische liga" then in the center of it you can see two men in black and gray. Black clothes were worn by Maximilian of Bavaria.
   Maximilian of Bavaria was a pupil of the Order of the Jesuits, who from his youth instilled in him hatred for the Protestant.
   The decoding of number 10.91. If 0 is put at the end, flip 9 in 6 then 1610-1=1609 - thr year of beginning Katholische League.
   Quatrain 5.74* Eugene of Savoy
   De sang Troy en naistra cœur Germanique,
   Qui deuiendra en si haute puissance,
   Hors chassera gent estrange Arabique,
   Tournant l'Eglise en pristine preeminence.
   Of Trojan blood will be born a German heart
   Who will rise to very high power:
   He will drive out the foreign Arabic people,
   Returning the Church to its pristine preeminence.
   Quatrain is marked *, as previously deciphered by T. Dubrovskaya.
   Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663-1736) was born in Paris. In connection with "affair of the poisons" his family was deported from France. The first line says that the German heart will be born from the Trojan blood. The according to legend, the French are the descendants of the Trojan king. Since 20 years, Savoy began to fight against the Ottomans in the Austrian army. Later he was its commander-in-chief. He died in Vienna.
   The second line says that he will become powerful. Eugene won many battles and became one of the outstanding generals.
   The 3 line. In 1697 he defeated the superior forces of the Ottoman Turks in the Battle of Zend. Later this led to the liberation of Hungary and Transylvania from the Ottoman yoke and the weakening of the domination of Muslims.
   Probable decoding of number 5.74. If 5 flip in 2 and consider as 2000, 2000-74=1926, flip 9 in 6, 2+1=3, 3 is put at the end then we will get 1663 - the year of birth.
   Quatrain 6.49 Battle of Vienna 1683
   De la partie de Mammer grand pontife,
   Subiuguera les confins du Dannube:
   Chasser les croix par fer raffe ne riffe,
   Captif, or, bagues, plus de cent mille rubes.
   The great Pontiff of the party of Mars
   Will subjugate the confines of the Danube:
   The cross to pursue, through sword hook or crook,
   Captives, gold, jewels more than one hundred thousand rubies.
   In 1683 the huge Turkish army in 200 thousand people has besieged Vienna - a city on the banks of the Danube. The siege lasted almost 8 weeks. Garrison in 16 thousand people defended the city from the vastly superior enemy forces. The unified army of Christians under the command of Jan Sobieski came to the aid of the besieged. It included Poles, Lithuanians, Austrians, Bavarians, Saxons. Pope Innocent XI blessed this expedition. The troops of the Sacred League won a brilliant victory, captured 5000 turk people and huge booty: carts, cattle, all artillery. This victory and the subsequent victory in the Battle of Mohacs in 1687 weakened the Ottoman Empire and became a turning point in history. The Turks could no longer regain these lands on the Danube.
   The decoding of number 6.49. If 9 consider as 900 then 900-64=836, 1 and 6 is put at the ahead we will get 1683 - the year of battle.
   Quatrain 3.77 The Ottoman-Hotaki war 1723-1727
   Le tiers climat sous Aries comprins,
   L'an mil sept cens vingt & sept en Octobre,
   Le Roy de Perse par ceus d'Egypte prins,
   Conflit, mort, perte, a la croix grand opprobre.
   The third climate included under Aries
   The year 1727 in October,
   The King of Persia captured by those of Egypt:
   Conflict, death, loss: to the cross great shame.
   1 line. Aries zodiac sign is March-April. In the spring of 1723 the Ottoman Empire began a war in the Caucasus, and then in Persia.
   The year 1727 in October - Ottoman-Hotaki war ended with the victory of the Ottomans, whom the prophet for some reason calls the Egyptians.
   The King of Persia - Ashraf ,under peace treaty in Hamedan, actually came under the rule of the Ottoman Sultan (captured). Northwest Iran, including Tehran, became part of the Ottoman Empire.
   4th line is not decrypted.
   Decoding of number 3.77. 3-1=2 - 277. The numbers rearrange, get 727 - the year of the end of the war.
   Quatrain 3.31 The uprising in Armenia
   Aux champs de Mede, d'Arabe & d'armenie
   Deux grands copies trois fois s'assemble- (ront:
   Pres du riuage d'Araxes la mesnie,
   Du grand Soliman en terre tomberont.
   On the field of Mede, of Arabia and of Armenia
   Two great armies will assemble thrice:
   The host near the bank of the Araxes,
   They will fall in the land of the great Suleiman.
   Perhaps, the Armenian uprising against the Ottoman yoke in 1722-1728, under the leadership of David-bek, is predicted here. In 1722-1725 he managed to liberate the Syunik and Artsakh regions from the Persians. From 1726 to 1728 the Armenians fought against the Ottoman Turks. David-bek managed to take several Turkish fortresses, including Alidzor. In 1728, the Armenians struck a heavy blow to the Turks in the Battle of Meghri settlement. The name Meghri is translated as Honey. It is on the river flowing into the Araks. However, there is a discrepancy, the ruler of the Ottoman Empire at that time was Ahmed III, and not Suleiman.
   The decoding of number 3.31. 300-13=287. If 1 and 7 is put at the ahead then we will get 1728 - the year of victory over the Ottomans at Meghri.
   Quatrain 5.20 Crossing the Alps
   Del les Alpes grand armee passera,
   Vn peu deuant naistra monstre vapin:
   Prodigieux & subit tournera,
   Le grand Toscan son lieu plus propin.
   The great army will pass beyond the Alps,
   Shortly before will be born a monster from vapor:
   Prodigious and sudden he will turn,
   The great Tuscan to his nearest place.
   The 1 line is about Suvorov's Swiss campaign in 1799. Russia took part in the war against France as part of the second coalition. The Russian army conducted military operations on land and at sea. Russian-Austrian troops under the command of AV Suvorov acted very successfully and liberated the entire north of Italy from the French. For connection with another corps, the Field Marshal was to conduct the army to Switzerland. The troops in the hardest winter conditions crossed the Alps, despite the enemy's resistance. Having descended into the Mutenskaya valley, the 14 thousand army of Russians was surrounded and took up a battle against the 24 thousand-strong army of the French. The Russians won a brilliant victory with minimal losses. After that, Suvorov moved the army through a snow-covered pass. The whole Europe was amazed his actions.
   A monster from vapor, in the notion of Nostradamus, is a steam engine. In 1769 the Frenchman Kanyu created a self-propelled vehicle with a steam engine, and in 1788 the first steamship appeared. In a sense, the steam engine is a monster, because steam boilers often exploded.
   The 4 line. Perhaps the great Tuscan is Napoleon I. He was born in Corsica, not far from Tuscan. After withdrawal of Russian troops from Italy, Napoleon returned there in 1800.
   The decoding of number 5.20. If 5 flip in 2 and consider as 2000, 2+1=3 then 2000-3=1997, 7 is put before 99 we will get 1799 - year of Swiss campaign.
   Quatrain 7.24 Pierre du Pont de Nemours
   L'enseuely sortira du tombeau,
   Fera de chaines lier le fort du pont:
   Empoisonn auec œufs de Barbeau,
   Grand de Lorraine par le Marquis du Pont.
   He who was buried will come out of the tomb,
   he will make the strong one out of the bridge to be bound with chains.
   Poisoned with the roe of a barbel,
   the great one from Lorraine by the Marquis du Pont.
   One of the few quatrains, where name is indicated exactly: du Pont, which in French means a bridge. DuPont is a famous dynasty of American multimillionaires with French roots. The founder of the dynasty Pierre (1739-1817) was the son of a simple Parisian watchmaker, made a career, became rich, was a friend of the French prime minister. During the Revolution, he took the side of the King, apparently, therefore, became a Marquis. The village Nemours, where Pierre met his future wife, became a family estate. His family immigrated to the USA in 1799 fearing revolutionary terror. There they began to successfully develop chemical production. By the middle of the 20th century the family numbered up to 1.5 thousand people. The DuPont Corporation has evolved into a gigantic campaign with many of factories producing weapons, aircraft, computers, etc.
   The 1 line. This seemingly incredible prophecy has come true and has a simple explanation. Pierre was very clever from childhood, but weak in health and limp. Once, he contracted smallpox. A few days later the doctors mistakenly stated his death. The unhappy mother spent the whole night near the coffin. Fell asleep in the morning, she was awakened by his cry. Pierre survived, but traces of smallpox spoiled his face for life. [14]
   The 2 line. US President Jefferson, with whom Pierre met in France, instructed him to negotiate with Napoleon I. Through this mediation (bridge), America bought Louisiana, doubling its territory.
   Probable decoding of number 7.24. 700-24=676, first 6 is put at the end, 66 flip in 99, 1 is put at the ahead we will get 1799 - the year of immigration in USA.
   Quatrain 6.15 Prince Henry
   Dessous la tombe sera trouu le prince,
   Qu'aura le prix par dessus Nuremberg:
   L'Espagnol Roy en Capricorne mince,
   Faint & trahy par le grand Vitemberg.
   Under the tomb will be found a Prince
   Who will be valued above Nuremberg:
   The Spanish King in Capricorn thin,
   Deceived and betrayed by the great Wittenberg.
   As a possible suggest the following interpretation of this quatrain. The first two lines can be about Prince Henry of Prussia (1726-1802) - an outstanding commander. During the war for the Bavarian inheritance, he led the army. The result of the war was the annexation of Bavaria to Prussia, and Nuremberg - one of the largest Bavarian cities conquered by Prussia. Prince took part with the Seven Years War (1756 -1763) and won it last battle. Henry was buried in a pyramidal tomb.
   The third line may be about the loss of Spain of vast territories Florida, which were transferred to England following the Paris Peace Treaty. By the way, it was signed in 1763 on February 10 (Constellation Capricorn). In exchange, Spain received Havana.
   The explanation for the last line could not be found.
   Probable decoding of number 6.15. If 1 is put at the ahead and consider as 1000, flip 6 in 9, 1000-915=085, flip 5 in 2, 08 swap 80 then we will get 802 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 6.30 The Belgian revolution
   Par l'apparence de saincte sainctet,
   Sera trahy aux ennemis le siege,
   Nuict qu'on cuidoit dormir en seuret,
   Pres de Braban marcheront ceux du Liege.
   Through the appearance of the feigned sanctity,
   The siege will be betrayed to the enemies:
   In the night when they trusted to sleep in safety,
   Near Brabant will march those of Liege.
   Judging by the content, this is a prophecy about the revolution in Belgium (1830-1831). As a result, the Kingdom of Belgium was separated from the United Kingdom of the Netherlands.
   The 1 line. The south of the Netherlands predominantly professed Catholicism, and the north - Protestantism. Perhaps this religious antithesis was not so much a cause as an excuse for revolution.
   In August 1831 the Dutch army beginning a war, crossing the border of Brabant. It defeated everywhere. However, under the pressure of the international London conference, Willem I was forced to withdraw his troops.
   The decoding of number 6.30. If 6 flip in 9, 9-1=8 then we will get 830 - the year of Belgian revolution
   Quatrain 4.33* Discovery of the planet Neptune
   Iupiter ioint plus Venus qu' la Lune
   Appatoi??ant de plenitude blanche:
   Venus cache ?ous la blancheur Neptune,
   De Mars frapp par la grane blanche.
   Jupiter joined more to Venus than to the Moon
   Appearing with white fulness:
   Venus hidden under the whiteness of Neptune
   Struck by Mars through the white brink.
   In this quatrain the prophet describes the first observation of the planet Neptune by the English astronomer Challis in August 1846. He thought that it a new star. The quatrain describes the mutual position of the planets and the moon at the time of observation. After 1.5 months, Neptune was discovered by the German astronomer Galle.
   Probable decoding of number 4.33. If last 3-1=2, 4+1=5 (532), 500-32=468, 8 is put at the ahead, then will be 846 - the year of discovery.
   Quatrain 4.82 Fire in Bucharest
   Amas s'approche venant d'Esclauonie,
   L'Olestant vieux cite ruynera:
   Fort desolee verra sa Romanie,
   Puis la grand flamme estaindre ne scaura.
   A throng approaches coming from Slavonia,
   The old Destroyer the city will ruin:
   He will see his Romania quite desolated,
   Then he will not know how to put out the great flame.
   The big fire in Bucharest was in March 1847. It quickly spread due to a strong south wind. Almost a third part of the city burned out, 15 people died, many were left without housing and property.
   Decoding of number 4.82. If you rearrange the numbers - 842, 8 to consider as 800, then 800-42=758. 5-1=4, in the reverse order will be 847 - the year of fire.
   Quatrain 3.76 German Workers' Parties
   En Germanie naistront diuerses fectes,
   S'approchant fort de l'heureux paganisme,
   Le cœur captif, & petites receptes
   Feront retour payer le vray dixme.
   In Germany will be born diverse sects,
   Coming very near happy paganism,
   The heart captive and returns small,
   They will return to paying the true tithe.
   The 1 line. The movement of the proletariat in Germany was organized in May 1863. Then in Leipzig the General German Workers' Union was formed, which united representatives of several large cities. It was headed by a well-known publicist and orator Lassalle, closely acquainted with Karl Marx. The union opposed Bismarck's reactionary policies, sought universal suffrage and increased wages.
   Later in 1869 another, more numerous, Social-Democratic Labour Party was formed. Wilhelm Liebknecht and August Bebel were its leaders. It fought against the unification of Germany under the primacy of the Prussian monarchy.
   The 2 line. K. Marx and F. Engels were the theorists of the new working movement. They created a philosophical theory of materialism, denying the divine beginning of the universe. This doctrine was adopted by Lenin and the Russian workers' parties and led to atheism in Russia during the Soviet period. Instead of religion, the theory of communism-happy paganism-was preached. The utopian theory of communism was Lenin's mistake, as well as atheism. It was based on the fact that people will gradually improve themselves spiritually and will value the interest of society above their personal, will work volunteer and free of charge for the benefit of society.
   The 3 line. It was such people who surrounded Lenin. Revolutionaries were so devoted to the idea that not only their labour, but also their lives were ready to give for the benefit of society. They went for everything: prisons, exiles, emigration; neither fame nor money interested them. Many died in the struggle for a high idea. But these people were specially born for the purposes of the Revolution. If we now look around ourselves, we will not see such. People do not become better. On the contrary, the better they live, the worse. Thanks to the conquests of the Revolution, many now live well. Nobody not only does not put public interest above personal, but, on the contrary, for their own benefit, they are ready to violate the interests of the neighbour, the laws of society, justice. The theory of communism is a beautiful fairy tale, but, like everything beautiful, it has the right to exist.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 3.67.
   The decoding of number 3.76. If 7+1=8, 3 is put at the end then we will get 863 - the year of formation of the first workers' party in Germany.
   Quatrain 3.67* A new sect of philosophers
   Vne nouuelle fecte de Philosophes,
   Mesprisant mort, or, honneurs & richesses,
   Des monts Germains ne seront limitrophes,
   A les ensuyure auront appuy & presses.
   A new sect of philosophers
   Despising death, gold, honors and riches
   Will not be bordering upon the German mountains:
   To follow them they will have power and crowds.
   The 1 and 2 lines are apparently about the revolutionaries. They worked clandestinely, like a sect, selflessly went to deprivation, prison, exile and even death for the sake of a high idea.
   The 3 line. The German economist K. Marx was the ideologist of communist philosophy. In May 1867 the first volume of his book "Capital" was published. His ideas were most widely spread not in Germany, but in Russia.
   The 4 line. The revolutionary movement received broad support among the masses and led to the Revolution in Russia and then in other countries.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 3.76. Both quatrains have the same digits in numbers.
   Quatrain 5.50 The events of 1914
   L'an que les freres du lys seront en aage,
   Lvn d'eux tiendra la grande Romanie,
   Trembler les monts, ouuert Latin passage,
   Pache marcher contre fort d'Armenie.
   The year that the brothers of the lily come of age,
   One of them will hold the great 'Romania:
   The mountains to tremble, Latin passage opened,
   Pasha to march against the fort of Armenia.
   In 1914 Ferdinand I became king of Romania, after the elder brother's refusal from the throne.
   The 3 line. In the same year, the First World war began. The mountains are probably the Balkans, and the Latin, perhaps, the Italians, who had occupied part of Albania.
   The 4 line. Eastern Armenia in the First World War was on the side of the Entente. Turkey sought to attract Western Armenia to its side, and Russia - to its own. Military operations were conducted, mainly, in western Armenia. The Turks launched an offensive in 1914. On occupied territories they made genocide against Armenians. By the summer of 1916 most part of Armenia was occupied by the Russian army.
   The decoding of number 5.50. If first 5 flip in 2 and consider as 200, 50+1=51 then 200-51=149. 1 and 9 are put at the ahead we will get 1914 - the year of events.
   Quatrain 5.12 Mata Hari
   Aupres du Lac Leman sera conduite,
   Par garse estrange cite voulant trahir,
   Auant son meurtre a Aspurg la grand fuitte,
   Et ceux du Rhin la viendront inuahir.
   To near the Lake of Geneva will it be conducted,
   By the foreign maiden wishing to betray the city:
   Before its murder at Augsburg the great suite,
   And those of the Rhine will come to invade it.
   The most famous woman spy - was the performer of dances in the oriental style under the pseudonym Mata Hari (1876-1917). The third line of quatrain comes to her. Her murder was predicted there. She was an agent of German intelligence. Margaret Zelle (her real name) entered into personal ties with high-ranking military and political figures. She could profitably to sell the information received from them. Probably, she was driven by the desire to get rich in any ways. She tried to become an agent of French intelligence, but was arrested and convicted. In October 1917, she was shot on the verdict of the court. The circumstances of her espionage activities are still shrouded in a veil of secrecy.
   The decoding of number 5.12. If 5 to flip in 2 and consider as 200, then 200-21=179. 1 and 9 to put in ahead, it will be 1917 - the year of execution.
   Quatrain 9.7 Tutankhamun
   Qui ouurira le monument trouu,
   Et ne viendra le serrer proprement,
   Mal luy viendra, & ne pourra prouu
   Si mieux doit estre Roy Breton ou Normand.
   He who will open the tomb found,
   And will come to close it promptly,
   Evil will come to him, and one will be unable to prove,
   If it would be better to be a Breton or Norman King.
   Perhaps this is a prophecy about the so-called "curse of the pharaoh". In 1922 the almost undamaged burial of pharaoh Tutankhamun was found in the Valley of the kings. A large number of objects and ornaments found in it and sarcophagus of pure gold with a mummy of the pharaoh, whose face was covered with a golden mask. This discovery was the greatest in the history of archeology.
   The 1 line. Its discoverers were the British: archaeologist Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon. Nostradamus correctly predicted the high origin and nationality of the discoverers - the Bretons.
   The 3 line. The evil passed of Carter. Carnarvon, who financed the excavations, soon died under mysterious circumstances. The mysterious bite of a mosquito appeared on his cheek in the same place as the scar in Tutankhamun. During the shave, an infection got in the wound, and it festered. The lord died of pneumonia.
   In subsequent years, "Pharaoh's victims" were another 13 people who were directly present at the opening of the tomb.
   The decoding of number 9.7. If 1 to put in ahead and consider as 1000, then 1000-79=921+1=922 - the year of opening tomb.
   Quatrain 4.39 Island of Rhodes
   Les Rodiens demanderont secours,
   Par le neglet de ses hoirs deaisse,
   L'empire Arabe reualera son cours,
   Par Hesperies la cause radressee.
   The Rhodians will demand relief,
   Through the neglect of its heirs abandoned.
   The Arab empire will reveal its course,
   The cause set right again by Hesperia.
   On the island of Rhodes in the early 19th century there was a large number of Turks, and based the united Turkish-Egyptian-Algerian fleet was based. The island was under the yoke of the Ottoman Empire.
   The 3 line. Since 1912 the Ottoman Empire began to rapidly lose its influence. The situation in Turkey has become more complicated - the wars began in the Balkans. Albania and Macedonia revolted. Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro started a war against Turkey.
   The 4 line. In 1912 the Italian-Turkish war ended in the defeat of Turkey. Italy received the island of Rhodes. The Italian occupation of the island continued until 1943.
   The decoding of number 4.39. Year is indicated almost explicitly. If 1 and 9 to put in ahead, then will be 1943 - the year of liberation from occupation.
   Quatrain 1.47 John Calvin
   Du Lac Leman, les sermons fascheront.
   Des iours seront reduicts par les sepmaines,
   Puis mois, puis an, puis tous deffailliront
   Les Magistrats damneront les loix vaines.
   The speeches of Lake Leman will become angered,
   the days will drag out into weeks,
   then months, then year, then all will fail.
   The authorities will condemn their useless powers.
   The Frenchman John Calvin (1509-1564) created Calvinism - one of the branches of Protestant. In 1536 he began his preaching work in Geneva (on Lake Leman). He used hard police methods to attract people to the church. He organized surveillance of people even in his personal life. He dealt brutally with his enemies.All this caused such a strong irritation that in 1538 he was asked to leave Geneva. After long wanderings, he returned to this city and lived in it until the end of his days.
   The decoding of number 1.47. If 1 is consider as 1000, then 1000-47 = 953. Flip 9 to 6,
   rearrange the numbers - 536, 1 put in front, we get 1536 - the year Calvin arrived in Geneva.
   Quatrain 8.96* Formation of the state Israel
   La Synagogue sterile sans nul fruit
   Sera receue entre les infideles
   De Babylon la fille du porsuit
   Misere & triste luy trenchera les aisles.
   The sterile synagogue without any fruit,
   will be received by the infidels,
   the daughter of the persecuted of Babylon,
   miserable and sad, they will clip her wings.
   The 1 line. As you know the synagogue is a prayer house for Jews. If the religion of the Jews to compare with the Christian one, then it has not made any progress, has not become widespread. "Our fathers inherited only lies, emptiness and that which is of no use." [Jeremiah (chap. 16, 15)]. No other people except Jews go to the synagogue. For comparison, Christianity is preached on all continents, and many nations accepted it.
   The 2 line. By decision of the United nations in May 1948 in Palestine, the state of Israel was formed. Jews began to move into it from all over the world. Muslim states were neighbouring of Jews, which Nostradamus calls infidels. The prediction for the return of the Jews to Jerusalem is also found in the prophet Jeremiah (chap. 16, 15): "As the Lord liveth, which led out the children of Israel from the north country and from all the lands into which he banished them: for I will bring them back to their land which I gave to the fathers their". This prophecy has already been fulfilled.
   In the last two lines, the "Judgment Day" war is foretold. The daughter of Babylon, probably Syria, which is partly located on the lands of the ancient Babylon kingdom. The Arab states began a war for disputed territories. Israel suffered heavy losses.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 3.97.
   The decoding of number 8.96. 8000-69=7931, 7 and 9 to swap 97, 1 to put ahead, it will be 1973 - the year of "Judgment Day" war.
   Quatrain 3.97 Syria, collapse of the USSR
   Nouuelle loy terre neuue occuper,
   Vers la Syrie, Iudee, & Palestine,
   Le grand Empire Barbare corruer,
   Auant que Pheses son siecle determeine.
   New law to occupy the new land
   Toward Syria, Judea and Palestine:
   The great barbarian empire to decay,
   Before the Pheses completes it century.
   The 1 line. In March 1973 Syria became a socialist people's democratic state and adopted a new Constitution. In the same year Syria and other Arab states began the war of Judgment Day against Israel. By decision of the UN Security Council, a "buffer zone" separating Syria and Israel was created.
   The second two lines are the disintegration of the USSR in the end of 20th century. In December 1991 the Council of the republics USSR adopted a decision on the termination of the existence of the Union and the formation of the CIS. Former republics became independent states. In this and some other quatrains the prophet calls Russia an empire of barbarians. To some extent, he is right, compared with Europe, the average level of culture we have below.
   The decoding of number 3.97. Number is specified almost explicitly. If 3 to put in end, 1 to put in ahead, then will be 1973 - the year of Constitution Syria.
   Quatrain 3.61 Al-Qaeda
   La grande bande & secte crucigere
   Se dressera en Mesopotamie,
   Du proche fleuue compagnie legere,
   Que telle loy tiendra pour ennemie.
   The great band and sect of crusaders
   Will be arrayed in Mesopotamia:
   Light company of the nearby river,
   Such that law will be their enemy.
   The 1 line: On 28 May 1998 Osama bin Laden announced the creation of an international "Islam's Front for the Sacred Struggle against Jews and Crusaders" - Al-Qaeda. This is one of the largest ultra-radical international terrorist organizations of the Wahhabi trend of Islam.
   The 4 line: From the media, everyone is aware of the numerous terrorist acts committed by Muslim extremists around the world: explosions of houses, schools, planes, metro, on the streets, etc. The thousands of people of different nationalities and religions, including Muslims, perished from the terrorist acts. The activities of terrorists are violated not only by human laws, but also by the laws of God, for it is said: "Do not kill!" They call the killing of defenseless, not armed, peaceful people a "holy war". They, apparently, do not know what worthy men call war the struggle of armed men against the same armed men.
   Covering, as an excuse, their banditry by Islam, they discredit this religion. Among Muslims, of course, there are good people. Islam extremism is that "spoonful of tar" that spoils the "barrel of honey."
   Quatrain 5.70 The war in Syria
   Des regions subiettes a la Balance,
   Feront troubler les monts par grande guerre:
   Captif tout sexe deu & toute bisance,
   Qu'on criera a l'aube terre a terre.
   Of the regions subordinates to the Libra,
   They will trouble the mountains with great war,
   Captives the both sexes will be in all Byzantium,
   So that about them will spread the news from land to land.
   Presumably, the war in Syria is predicted in this quatrain, where the mountains are located on a significant part of the territory.
   Libra is a zodiac sign of the President of Russia. Country took an active part in this war. Byzantium - Turkey. Over 3 million Syrian refugees live here.
   The last line speaks of great public resonance around the world, which caused a military conflict in Syria.
   In 2017 the anti-government group "Islamic State" was defeated. There remained scattered groups. At the end of this year, Russia withdrew its air forces from Syria.
   Possible decoding of number 5.70. If the numbers to rearrange - 507, flip 5 to 2, 1 to put before 7, then we get 2017 year.
   Quatrain 9.76 Mesopotamia
   Auec le noir Rapax & sanguinaire,
   Yssu du peaultre de l'inhumain Neron,
   Emmy deux fleuues main gauche militaire,
   Sera murtry par Ioyne chaulueron.
   With the black Rapax & blood-thirsty,
   Descended from the brothel of the inhuman Nero
   Between two streams the left military hand,
   Will be attacked by a Young nationalist.
   As in the quatrain 6.33, the military situation in the Mesopotamia is predicted here. In both quatrains a black and bloodthirsty man is mentioned, as well as a military hand.
   The 3 line. The left hand of the Ruler symbolizes those who help him to rule: advisers, ministers, senate, parliament, etc. This line can be interpreted in such a way that the military initiative in the Mesopotamia does not come from the ruler himself, but from his entourage.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 6.33.
   Quatrain 8.10 Drive out foreigners
   Puanteur grande sortira de Lausanne,
   Qu'on ne saura l'origine du fait.
   Lon mettra hors tout la gent loingtaine
   Feu veu au ciel, peuple estranger deffait.
   A great stench will come from Lausanne,
   but they will not know its origin,
   they will put out all people from distant places,
   fire seen in the sky, a foreign nation defeated.
   Presumably, the event that was yet to happen was predicted. In my opinion, this prophecy is related to quatrain, which refers to a large migration from Asia. This quatrain refers to the expulsion of strangers, who may be Muslims who have flooded Europe.
   The first line mentions the Swiss city of Lausanne. Now 40% of its population are foreigners, therefore, perhaps another understanding of the prophecy. The foreigners may not be Muslim refugees, but various foreigners living in Lausanne. It is very difficult to obtain a residence permit in Switzerland. They do not like immigrants there. So it is very likely that someday they will drive out foreigners.
   0x08 graphic
   The worst of lawlessness those
   which are committed by a law name.
   When Stalin died, Vanga said that thousands of people go to him to say goodbye. He (the soul) hides behind the columns and rejoices. They do not understand that they are mourn the Antichrist, thereby giving him strength. By the way, Vanga predicted the death of Stalin. For this she was arrested for 6 months. Vanga was given to know a lot. The experience of the past years, unjust courts, arrests, executions, cam
   ps have not taught people anything. They remember only the victory in the war and the greatness of the country, but they forgot with what price it is paid. A recent survey of public opinion showed that many people now regret about antichrist time. There are a lot of lives, and who knows where he is now does his arrests and horrors!? In the future, it is predicted that he will subdue the whole world - many people will accept his seal and will have perished the souls.
   Quatrain 2.12 Persecution of the Church
   Yeus clos ouuerts d'antique fantasie
   L'habit des seules seront mis a neant:
   Le grand monarque chastira leur frenaisie
   Rauir des temples le thresor par deuant.
   Eyes closed, opened by antique fantasy,
   The only clothes will be the lack
   The great monarch will chastise their zealotry,
   First will be stole treasures from temples.
   Probably, the persecution of the church, organized by Stalin I.V, is said here.
   Priests, monks were arrested, put in camps, shot.
   1-2 lines. In ancient times, sculptors often sculpted naked bodies.
   The monks had one their vestments; they had no other clothes. Executioners had been tores off clothes from the arrested priests and monks and had been shots naked.
   The great monarch is Stalin. He truly passionately persecuted the church and its priests. He forbade divine worships, he closed churches, monasteries, ravaged, destroyed. True Antichrist.
   Decoding of number 2.12. Probably the prophet predicted that date of birth, which was official during the life of Stalin - 12/21/1879. If after 2 put 1, then 12/21 is the day and month of birth. To get the year, we rearrange the numbers - 2121, we will consider 2 as 2000. Then 2000-121 = 1879.
   Quatrain 2.70 Stalin's repressions
   Le dard du Ciel fera son estendue,
   Morts en parlant grande execution,
   La pierre en l'arbre la fiere gent rendue,
   Bruit humain monstre, purge expiration.
   The dart from the sky will make its extension,
   Deaths speaking: great execution.
   The stone in the tree, the proud nation restored,
   Noise, human monster, purge expiation.
   Stalin's repression "great executions" spread far, throughout Russia. In April 1930 in the USSR the decree was issued on the expansion of the system of labour camps. Prior to this the camps were located on the coast of the White Sea. After the Decree the number of camps increased and their geography too. The main department of the camps GULag was subordinate to the OGPU.
   The 2 line. Often people were tried not for cases, but for words, basing on denunciations and reservations. During the interrogation the arrested were forced to write "testimonies", most of them false, about employees, relatives, acquaintances. This was a reason for new arrests and new sentences. Stalin used the word "cleansing" the ranks of the party. "Purge expiation" can be understood as the condemnation of the personality cult after Stalin's death and the rehabilitation of innocently affected people.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 8.77 3.59, 6.57.
   The decoding of number 2.70. 2000-70=1930 - the year of increase in the number of camps.
   Quatrain 8.77 Third antichrist
   L'antechrist trois bien tost annichilez,
   Vingt & sept ans sang durera sa guerre,
   Les heretiques morts, captifs exilez,
   Son corps humain eau rougie gresler terre.
   The third antichrist soon will be annihilated,
   twenty-seven years his war will last.
   The nonbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
   with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.
   Stalin IV (1878 -1953) - General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) from 03/04/1922 and until the end of life. Until 1924 Lenin V.I. was the actual leader of the party. After his death, the inner-party struggle lasted until 1926. Stalin managed to destroy his main opponents and become virtually the sole ruler of the country. From 1926 to 1953 there will be approximately 27 years. He pursued a policy of repression, the number of victims of which is estimated at several million. True, one-sided annihilation can not be called a war, but rather a massacre. Antichrist, apparently, because he fought against Christian religion. Under Stalin, the persecution of the church was so long and large-scale, as it were not previously in all history of Christianity. In one only 1937 89600 clerics were shot and 2 times more arrested. In 1932 a campaign was declared in the USSR to completely eradicate religion.
   By "nonbelievers," in the third line of the quatrain, one can understand the Bolsheviks, who were atheists and propagandized materialism.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 2.70, 3.59, 6.57.
   The decoding of number 8.77. If 7 consider as 7000 then 7000-87=6913, 6-1=5; by swapping 5 and 1 we will get 1953 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 3.59 Usurped by third
   Barbare Empire par le tiers vsurp,
   La plus part de son sang mettre mort,
   Par mort senile, par luy, le quart frapp,
   Par peur que sang par la sang en soit mort.
   Barbarian empire usurped by the third,
   The greater part of his blood he will put to death:
   Senile death, the fourth struck by him,
   For fear that the blood through the blood be dead.
   The 1 line. Russia was captured by the third Antichrist - Stalin. As in the quatrain of 8.77, this quatrain speaks about blood and death everywhere - Stalin's repression. If Lenin taught people to be comrades, then the "father of the nations" preached the opposite - enemies are around, be vigilant. But he did not notice the main enemy of the people in the mirror. The number of victims his repression is estimated at millions. If known people were arrested, then he personally had made a decision. Realizing the crime of sentences, he did not sign them, but drew a line: one - meant shooting, two - 10 years of camps.
   Stalin died from his old age in 74 years. The fourth - apparently, this is Hitler, whom he defeated. If Nostradamus calls Stalin an antichrist, then Hitler is especially the antichrist, since he destroyed a lot more people in a shorter time. "Fourth", probably because he was younger.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 9.17.
   The decoding of number 3.59. Year is indicated almost explicitly. If 1 is put at the end (3591); by swapping these numbers we will get 1953 - the year of death.
   Quatrain 10.97 The triremes full
   Triremes pleines tout aage captifs,
   Temps bon a mal, le doux pour amertume:
   Proye a Barbares trop tost seront hastifs,
   Cupide de voir plaindre au vent la plume.
   The triremes full of captives of every age,
   Good time for bad, the sweet for the bitter:
   Prey to the Barbarians hasty they will be too soon,
   Anxious to see the feather in the wind.
   The victims of Stalin's repression are estimated at millions. The word justice had very little to do with this process. The number of convicts was planned and gives from above. To fulfill the standard, they had grabs anyone and for anything. Probably, the Stalin's repressions did not have the purpose of fighting someone or something. They were aimed to suppress and subordinate the people to their will.
   The 2 line. This line says that good can turn into evil, and, on the contrary: "there is no evil without good." At that time there was much good. This is the power of the USSR, and the victory over fascism, and a system aimed at the interests of the working people and, at the same time, against them.
   Nostradamus most often call as barbarians the Russians, while at the same time paying tribute to the good influence of the great nation on world history.
   The 4 line. Perhaps the antichrist is not devoid of feelings of pity. In 1933, an instruction was issued for the OGPU and "law enforcement agencies", which limited arbitrariness and the number of prisoners. In those years, the number of people arrested was significantly reduced. Perhaps the famine of 1932 influenced the "father of the people." A feather in the wind can be interpreted as groundless denunciations, which were written literally from the air.
   Linkage with other quatrains: 2.70.
   The decoding of number 10.97. If 9 flip in 6 then 1000-67=933. 1 is put at the ahead then we will get 1933 - the year of easing repression.
   Nostradamus calls Stalin the third antichrist. The reader will have a question: who were the rest? About the 4t antichrist the prophet writes in the previous quatrain 3.59 - this is Hitler. The 2 nd antichrist is not mentioned in any quatrain, but says about him in the Epistle to Henry II. Kaiser Germany Wilhelm II was second. He entered into an alliance with the Ottoman Empire and unleashed the World war I. The first antichrist - Napoleon, captivated the pope, impounded the property of the church, oppressing the priests. It is spoken of in two quatrains 9.17 and 9.5. It turns out that the Antichrists organizes world wars and mass annihilation of people. Apparently, the Third World War will not do without antichrist.
   For several years, deciphering the prophecies, I looked for with hope on a prediction that had not come true, but could not find it. Who we all are? Only puppets in the puppet show?! But in such a case, what Last Judgment can there be? There is no sense in judging the doll for a bad role - the puppeteer will be condemned. But the Last Judgment exists. So a person has free will and the right to choose his own way. Despite all the prophecies that have come true, I believe that Fate is not all-powerful, and a person can change it.
   All the fulfilled prophecies of Nostradamus are deciphered in order to prove how right he is. The main thing in the book is the future. Its purpose is to prepare people for the impending doom of this civilization. Perhaps, until the end of the century, almost all will die. Reincarnations will cease and souls will appear before the Last Judgment. Then nothing can be fixed. The soul can not be destroyed, but it can plunge itself into eternal torment with its sins. I hope that people will take care of cleansing from sins by the works of faith, goodness and mercy, while there is still time.
   1. In the present work used the translations of quatrains by A. Penzensky' (M, EKSMO, 2004), with my changes.
   Google's Internet resource was used for translation, so the translation is not very good.
   2. In most sections of the book, reference information was used from the corresponding articles of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia:
   6. Information from the magazine "History Caravan", February 2000.
   8. In book material used from
   10. Photo and design of cover by author S. Denisova.
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   I, Svetlana Denisova, was born in the Altai Territory in December, like Nostradamus, exactly 400 years after the publication of the Prophecy book. Most part of my labour activity I worked in finance and no prophets were not interested to me. Free time and hobbies appeared only with retirement. I tried to decipher the prophecies and realized that I was given this.
   The first interpretations were published in 2014 on different sites. In the same year the article "Golden Age" was published, about our time - the best in the history of this civilization.
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