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Tiger's Eye

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Школа кожевенного мастерства: сумки, ремни своими руками
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Your love, my dear, is made of sweetened cotton.
My love, my dear, is never unforgotten.
Your lust, my friend, slips through my sharpened fingers.
My lust, my friend, is there to ease your feelings...

I'll be your guide, your fastest way to heaven.
I would abide, then snatch your lucky seven.
You'll be my prey, so willing to be hunted.
I'll make you pay, so don't take life for granted.
You are my whipped cream made of sparkling crimson.
I am your wet dream that leads you into prison.
You are a whipped teen that cries for her salvation.
I am your hot steam - the lord of deprivation.

Stretch out your hand, and I will scratch your scenes.
My grand demand will shed off your defences.
Our lust and lips collide beyond the measure.
My whisper's whips and hits your ears with pleasure:

My whip is so eager
For your sexy figure;
As if snapping trigger
Will pierce through your heart.
Your beautiful postures
Convey your exhaustion.
I'll pull out your mirror
And blow it apart!

I'll fetch you a price for a fanciful life
Undress you your soul with my tiger's eye eyes...


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