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Seventh "I Will!"

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    What the word "family" means?

  If you say in Russian the word "family", it sounds like "Seven 'I will!'".
  - God, you exiled us and you were right! - prayed Adam and Eve, - But you know, we learned Good and Evil, we cannot do otherwise. Do you want us to live in sin? We love each other!
  - Fine, - said the God, - I'll never blame you for love. I'll marry you and doing IT will be your duty in my face now on. But you have to pass the test of seven "I will". Do you agree?
  - Whatever you say, God! - said Adam and Eve.
  - Well, - said the God, - here is the challenge one: Who will give the other one all his or her life to the last drop, and never, not in a scary night dream, betray the other one?
  - I will, - said Eve without any hesitance.
  - I will, - added Adam in a moment, - What other choice do I have?
  - Good, - said the God, - The second question: who will put all their souls into their children and raise them to be decent humans?
  - I will, - said Eve instantly.
  - I will too, she won't be able to make it alone, no? - said Adam.
  - And who will make sure that your family is fed and protect it, even at a cost of your own life?
  - I will, - said Adam instantly.
  - If needed, I will too, - said Eve.
  - Well, - said the God, - That's six "I will"s. There is only one left. The most important one. Who will punish you beyond your worst fears, and burn your souls to the ashes, and throw those ashes to a wind, if you, young idiots, will break your oath?
  Adam and Eve looked at each other puzzled.
  - I will, - said the God.
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