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The Legend

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Загадка Лукоморья
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    Рассказ на английском. Однажды я приснила очень красивую девушку стоящуюю на поле битвы, через некоторое время ко мне пришли строки-Long-long time ago... Так родилась эта легенда.

   We were sitting at the table and drinking hot chocolate, today I came to my friends, as usual, once in a decade ...
   It was winter time, a middle of February. We were sitting in the silence, everything that needed was said, the last news were discussed, I closed my eyes and enjoyed great taste of this famous hot drink when Ashia asked me
   -Darky, tell us a story!
   -A story? Which one do you want? I can tell you a fairy tale, something from the fantasy or ancient myths...
   She disturbed me suddenly-No, tell us a legend, the one which we haven't heard yet.
   -Oh, I don't know really...let me think...hmmm; just...may be this one, I don't think you ever have heard. - And I started.

The legend.

   Long-long time ago, when the earth was covered with snow and ice, in the mountains of The North one kingdom was placed. Young princess was ahead this kingdom. She was the most beautiful girl that one has ever seen, and, I think, the cruelest as well. She had long blond hear, big grey eyes, white skin, she was tall and slim. All bards were singing their songs to her. A lot of warriors were killed because of her.
   -I don't know her name-I remembered-,let call her-Randarrel, it's nice.
   Her dad died during the battle and her mother was killed."Who allowed then her to be the quean"- you can ask. Well, she disserved this and proved to everyone that she and just she is the quean. Randarrel was 17, at this age she already was the best in battle with daggers among young generation. Her granddad was a necromancer. And the magic of death and coldness helped her to remain in power and protected her from forays.
   She was a great leader, due to her tribe widened its territory has conquest a couple of villages at the foot of the mountain.
   But time was going, in 5 years looking at herself in the big silver plate she realized-she didn't want to become older any more. At that and two more days she asked to not disturb her. Randarrel was unusually thoughtful at that time, she did not speak with anybody and no one risked to meddle in with questions.
   People saw that she was twice in the magic circle asking Spirits of the Forefathers. At the end of second day she came on the very top of the mountain, it was a mysterious place, many years ago her grandpa changed his soul to the power over death men. No one knew what has happened with him, one day he just disappeared from the tribe and never came again. When she returned she had sparkling eyes.
   Randarrel found the way, how to save her beauty and youth. And she began the search.
   Five years she spent taking five components needed to perform The Great Ritual. Everyone faced to her told that instead of the heart she had a sharp piece of ice.
   In her search she left some villages in ruins, and killed a great amount of people in honor of Great Spirit of the North.
   I smiled bitterly- You know guys, she really was crazy about power and immortality.
   One day her warriors came to the middle of the desert to get Damask Flame. That was a flower, the symbol of well-being and health. When people, lived in this place, refused to give the flower she commanded to kill everyone even women and children and destroy the settlement.
   As I told, she received five components. The last one left- Bright live ruby. The heart of a fair young warrior, that was the winner of hundreds battles. And she did not know anyone who may be right.
   Randarrel was despairingly. Among famous warriors no one was young, fair and strong enough. She decided to go to the Spirit one more time.
   Spirit was waiting for her.
   "You came to ask" said the Spirit "Do you know that you have to pay for the answers? First time I helped you just because you are grandchild of Ternul"
   "What do you want? I have gold, gems, and I was killing for you"
   "Oh eh" The Spirit started laughing. "I do not need gold and gems... what is it for?" it continued more seriously "yes, new souls and blood made me more powerful, but this time if you want the answer you have to fulfill my conditions"
   "I agree". Said Randarrel
   "I will show you the warrior, but you will have seven days to kill him. If you are not in time you will die and will be mine"
   And the Spirit said to her the name of the warrior.
   "Seven days are more than enough" She thought and smiled happily.
   Next morning the Spirit brought her on the battlefield. Randarrel saw a beautiful warrior on the top of the black sorrel, in bright in the daylight armor. He was ahead of the army.
   She was looking at him with bated breath. First time in her life she heard like her heart was going boom-boom. So, she was staying, staring at him and did not notice an enemy behind. The blade of weapon was already over her head when she turned back and realized that. Time became very slowly. One, two, three seconds... Blade was going down and at this moment someone grabbed her and put on the horse. She turned her head and faced with the most beautiful green eyes that she ever has seen.
   "Hi"Said the stranger.
   "My name is Aluret. What is this lovely maid doing in the middle of the battle?"
   Randarrel palled "Spirits..."
   He smiled "Do not worry, I will save you from the danger"
   That evening they came to the lager and spent a night together, like next five nights.
   And day after day Randarrel became more and more sad. Last day she came to him with a dagger. It's was the last change to get his heart and to stay alive. He was sleeping, she came closer, raised the dagger over him. And at that moment he opened his eyes.
   "What are you doing?"Asked Aluret.
   The dagger fell down. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.
   "I am sorry!"shouted Randarrel "Forgive me if you ever can. I love you..."
   And she ran away.
   At the same evening the Spirit came to her.
   "Will you take me right now?"
   "No. I can not take the soul which is in love and is loved. But you will die and will not be able to came again in this world. In your next life you will remember Aluret but you will never ever meet him again. It's a punishment"
   After that her body fallen on the snow.
   I took some sips from my cup, the chocolate was warmish and not so tasty. Everybody kept the silence.
   -It's a sad story- said Ashia.
   -Yep, it is. But it's truthful- add I quiet.
   -Bye guys, I have to go. See ya next time.
   I put on my coat and left their house. I needed to be alone that day.

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