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Быть знаменитым некрасиво

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  Быть знаменитым некрасиво.
  Не это подымает ввысь.
  Не надо заводить архива,
  Над рукописями трястись.
  Цель творчества - самоотдача,
  А не шумиха, не успех.
  Позорно, ничего не знача,
  Быть притчей на устах у всех.
  Но надо жить без самозванства,
  Так жить, чтобы в конце концов
  Привлечь к себе любовь пространства,
  Услышать будущего зов.
  И надо оставлять пробелы
  В судьбе, а не среди бумаг,
  Места и главы жизни целой
  Отчеркивая на полях.
  И окунаться в неизвестность,
  И прятать в ней свои шаги,
  Как прячется в тумане местность,
  Когда в ней не видать ни зги.
  Другие по живому следу
  Пройдут твой путь за пядью пядь,
  Но пораженья от победы
  Ты сам не должен отличать.
  И должен ни единой долькой
  Не отступаться от лица,
  Но быть живым, живым и только,
  Живым и только до конца.
  Борис Пастернак, 1956
  It is not seemly to be famous:
  Celebrity does not exalt;
  There is no need to hoard your writings
  And to preserve them in a vault.
  To give your all-this is creation,
  And not-to deafen and eclipse.
  How shameful, when you have no meaning,
  To be on everybody's lips!
  Try not to live as a pretender,
  But so to manage your affairs
  That you are loved by wide expanses,
  And hear the call of future years.
  Leave blanks in life, not in your papers,
  And do not ever hesitate
  To pencil out whole chunks, whole chapters
  Of your existence, of your fate.
  Into obscurity retiring
  Try your development to hide,
  As autumn mist on early mornings
  Conceals the dreaming countryside.
  Another, step by step, will follow
  The living imprint of your feet;
  But you yourself must not distinguish
  Your victory from your defeat.
  And never for a single moment
  Betray your credo or pretend,
  But be alive - this only matters -
  Alive and burning to the end.
  Lydia Pasternak-Slater
  8 March 1902, Moscow - 4 May 1989, Oxford;
  formerly Lydia Leonidovna Pasternak;
  Russian research chemist, poet, and translator.
  Fame is unsightly, when one is alive.
  It does nothing to raise one up.
  One must not establish archives
  Nor tremble over one's manuscripts.
  The aim of creation-self-reflection,
  Not hoopla, not grand success.
  To be a parable on any old tongue
  Is infamy and nothingness.
  But one must live without pretense
  So that at the end of ends
  You bring to yourself love of expanse
  And hear the future beckoning.
  And one must renounce the spaces
  Of fate. Not on the center of pages
  Are a whole life's chapters and places
  Spelled out-but the marges.
  Become immersed in uncertainty,
  Conceal your footsteps in its bog,
  Just as one is unable to see
  Whole districts in a pitch dark fog.
  Others, with living tracks, will trace,
  Pound for pound, your itinerary.
  But you yourself must not divorce
  Astonishment from victory.
  Don Mager
  To be the famous isn't attractive,
  Not this could ever elevate,
  You needn't to make your archive active,
  You needn't your scripts to be all saved.
  Self-offering's aimed by creation,
  But ballyhoo or cheap success,
  It is a shame, if worthless persons
  Are talks of towns' populace.
  But you've to live without phony,
  To live such life that, after all,
  To gain love of the space symphony,
  And answer to the future's call,
  And oft to leave gaps in your traces
  In fate, but in the papers, crooked,
  To mark the chapters and main places
  On margins of your being's book,
  To fully sink in the unknown,
  And hide in it your own steps
  Like hide itself, if mist is grown,
  The whole landscape of the place.
  The others, by the living traces,
  Will pass your way through, bit by bit,
  But wins and losses of your battles
  You have not to discern on it.
  You've never - not by fate or folly -
  To lose an atom of your face,
  But - be alive, alive and only,
  Alive and only, till your last.
  Yevgeny Bonver, May 2001
  To be well-known is naive;
  You're elevated not by this;
  Taking good care of your archive
  And manuscripts would be amiss.
  Devotion is th' goal of creation,
  Not a success and not reclame,
  Without total dedication
  To be a hero is a shame.
  But you should live without imposture,
  In such a way that at the end
  You will deserve love of the Fortune
  And understand the Cosmic Trend.
  And you should leave gaps and omissions
  Not in your papers but in Fate,
  And certain chapters of your mission
  Or whole life you may truncate.
  Sometimes you should just settle down
  T'obscurity, making no mark,
  Like in the mist is hiding the ground,
  When all around is pitch-dark.*
  Inspired by your life path, let others,
  Hot on the trail, follow it.
  But not yourself; you should not bother
  To tell the triumph from defeat.
  And you should follow, strict and lonely,
  Your life line, which you don't amend;
  But be just live, just live and only,
  Live till the very very end.
  VG, 24 января 2013; строфа * 28 января 2014
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