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Alexey Tolstoy




Four o'clock in St. Petersburg, on Prospekt Krasnykh, there appeared a strange ad - a small, gray paper sheet, nailed carnations to peeling wall of a deserted house.

An American newspaper reporter, Archibald Skiles, passing by, saw standing before the announcement of the bare, young woman; little calico, neat dress, " she read, moving his lips. Tired and a pretty face woman expressed his surprise eyes were indifferent, clear, with the craziness. She took a lock of curly hair behind her ear, picked up from the sidewalk basket with greens and went across the street.

The announcement is worthy of great attention. Skiles, desirous, read it, leaned in closer, passed his hand across his eyes, read again:

- Twenty three, " he said, finally, that was supposed to mean: "the devil take me to my bones".

The announcement was written:

"Engineer, M. S. Elk, invites wishing to fly with him on 18 August, the planet Mars, to appear for a personal negotiations from 6 to 8 PM. Zhdanovskaya embankment, the house 11, in the yard.

This was written - commonly and just ordinary ink-pencil. Involuntarily Skiles took his pulse is normal. Looked at the chronometer: it was ten minutes past four arrow bright dial showed 14 August.

With quiet courage Skiles had expected just this crazy city. But the announcement, приколоченное carnations to peeling wall, had affected him supremely painful. The wind was blowing from the desert Prospekt Krasnykh. Windows of the multistoried houses, other broken, other boarded-up boards, seemed untenanted, " neither of the head looked outside. A young woman, his basket on the sidewalk and stood on the side of the street and looked at the Скайльса. Cute her face was calm and tired.

The Скайльса moving on the streets of tumors. He pulled out an old envelope and wrote down the address of the Elk. At this time, prior to the announcement stopped tall, broad-shouldered man, with no hat, clothes soldier shirt without a belt, in the windings. His hands from idleness were thrust into the pockets. Strong neck stiffened when he began to read the announcement:

This, like this, swung, on Mars! he said with pleasure and wrapped to Скайльсу tanned, carefree person. On the temple with him, obliquely, белел scar. Eyes are lazy, grey-brown, and just as that woman, " with a twinkle. (Skiles for a long time already noticed this spark in Russian eyes, and even talk about it in the article: ..."the Absence in their eyes certainty, instability, the humour, the mad determination, and, finally, a strange expression of superiority is extremely painful to operate on a fresh man.")

- But to take and fly with him, and we again said the soldier, and smiled innocently, and at the same time, quickly, from head to foot, looked Скайльса. Suddenly he closed his eyes, the smile faded. He looked thoughtfully across the street on a barefooted woman still standing motionless near the basket. Nodding his chin, he said to her:

Masha, what are you standing there for? (She quickly blinked her.) Well, and would go home. (She's crossed the dusty, small feet, and it was evident, as sighed, nodded.) Come on, I come quickly.

A woman raised up her basket and went. The soldiers said:

- In stock I had to quit due to a concussion and injuries. Go - signs read - boredom terrible.

- Do you think to go to this ad? asked Skiles...

- 'll definitely go.

"But this is nonsense, " fly in outer space fifty million miles...

- What can I say - far.

Is quackery, or delirium.

- All can be.

Skiles, too, now прищурясь, оглянул soldier, flashed angrily, and went towards the Neva, is striding confidently and widely. In the square he sat down on the bench, with his hands in his pocket, where straight into your pocket, as the old smoker and business man, lying tobacco, a thumb filled his pipe and lit it up and stretched his legs.

Noisy, old Linden trees in the Park. The air was damp and warm. On a pile of sand, one across the square, apparently a long time, " a little boy was sitting in the dirty shirt - peas, and no pants. The wind picked up, from time to time, his bright and soft hair. In his hand he held the end of the rope to the other end of the rope was tied to the leg of the old, unkempt crow. She sat disaffected and angry, and, as the boy looked at Скайльса.

Suddenly, it was for an instant, like a cloud has slipped on his consciousness was strange, dizzy: not in a dream if he sees all of this?.. Boy, crow, empty houses, the streets were deserted, strange glances of passers-by and приколоченное carnations ad - someone calls fly from this city in the star-studded desert.

Skiles deeply, exhaled a strong tobacco. Grinned. Launched a plan of St. Petersburg, and, leading him to the end of the tube, found Ждановскую embankment.


Skiles entered on a poorly paved yard is littered with rusty iron and боченкам from cement. Stunted grass influence gradually grew on piles of debris, between the tangled tangles of wires, broken parts of the machines. In the yard glimmered sunset dusty Windows high-shed. A little door in it was ajar, on the threshold squatted work and stir in a bucket brick red ocher. The question Скайльса here or you can see an engineer Elk, work nodded inside the shed. Skiles entered.

The barn was barely lit - over the table that was covered with drawings and books, had a light bulb in a tin cone. In the depths of the barn stood up to the ceiling of the forest. Here was lit by a horn blown engine. Through the beams of forests of gleaming metal, with frequent riveting, the surface of a spherical body. Through the opened gate halves were visible crimson sunset strip and clubs clouds, have risen from the sea.

Work, having stirred up the horn, said, in a low voice:

- To you, Mstislav Sergeevich.

Because of forests appeared average growth, a strongly built man. Thick, cap, and his hair was snow-white. Person is a young, shaven, with a beautiful, large mouth, with пристальными, light, seemed to be flying ahead of persons with unblinking eyes. He was in холщевой, dirty, disclosed to the chest, shirt, a заплатанных pants, constricted rope. In his hand he held a stained, torn drawing. Coming - he tried to fasten on the chest of the shirt, a missing button.

- You on your ad? Would you like to fly? he asked глуховатым voice, and pointed Скайльсу on a chair in the cone of light bulbs, sat down across the table, flung drawing and began to fill his pipe. This was the engineer, M. S. Elk.

Her eyes lowered, he раскуривал tube, match, and lit from below his strong face, two wrinkles at the mouth, bitter folds, a wide neckline nostrils, long, dark lashes. Skiles was satisfied with the inspection. He explained that not going to fly, but that I have read the announcement on Prospekt Krasnykh and considers it its duty to acquaint its readers with such extraordinary and sensational project междупланетного messages. Elk listened, never taking him немигающих, bright eyes.

- It's a pity that you don't want to fly with me, pity, " he shook his head, people shy away from me like crazy. After four days I leave this earth, and I still cannot find the satellite. Again he struck a match and let the smoke club. - What do you need data?

- The most protruding features of your biography.

- No one wants this, " Moose said, - nothing remarkable. He studied at the copper money, with twelve years of himself earn it. Youth, years of teaching, poverty, work, service for thirty five years - any features interesting for your readers, nothing remarkable, except - Elk stuck out his lower lip, suddenly frowned, was taut at the mouth. - Well, wrong here... On this machine, - he stuck his pipe in the direction of the forest, is working for a long time. Construction began a year ago. All?

- How much, roughly, months, you think to cover the distance between earth and Mars? asked Skiles, looking at the tip of a pencil.

By nine, or ten hours, I think, not more.

Skiles said, " Ah, then blushed, stirred tumors in his cheekbones: - I would have been very grateful to you, " he said with an insinuating politeness of manner, " if you had confidence in me and a serious attitude to our interview.

Elk rested his elbows on the table, wrapped myself up the smoke, through the smoke, flashed his eyes:

- Eighteenth of August Mars to earth forty million kilometres, - he said, - this is the distance I must fly. What it is? First, the height of the earth's atmosphere - 75 kilometers. Second, is the distance between the planets in the airless space of 40 million kilometers. Third, the scale height of the atmosphere of Mars is 65 kilometers. For my flight important these 135 kilometers air.

He got up, put his hands in his Trouser pockets, his head sunk in the shadows, smoke - covered were only disclosed to the chest and hairy hands with rolled sleeves to the elbow:

- Usually referred to as the flight - flight of a bird, falling leaf, an airplane. But it does not fly, and swimming in the air. Net flight is the fall, when the body moves under the action of pushing his power. Example - rocket. In a vacuum, where there is no resistance, where nothing prevents the flight, the rocket will move with ever-increasing speed, obviously, there I can reach the speed of light, if not interfere with the magnetic influence. My machine is built, it is, according to the principle of the rocket. I'll have to fly in the atmosphere of earth and Mars 135 kilometers. With the ascent and descent it will take a half hour. Hour I put to exit the attraction of the earth. Further, in a vacuum, I can fly with any speed. But there are two dangers: from excessive acceleration may burst кровесосные vessels, and second, if I with great rapidity влечу the Martian atmosphere, the shot in the air will be similar to as if I was stuck in the sand. Instantly apparatus and all that is in it will turn into gas. In междузвездном space to be worn fragments of the planets, the unborn, or dead worlds. Penetrating into the air, they expire immediately. Air - almost impenetrable armor. Although, on the earth, she once was broken.

Elk pulled his hand from his pocket, put it, palm down, on the table under the lamp, and clenched his fist:

In Siberia, among the eternal ice, I dug mammoths died in the crevices of the earth. Between the teeth they had grass, they grazed there, where now the ice. I ate their meat. They had not time to decompose. They froze to death in a few days - they were covered in snow. Apparently deviation of the earth's axis happened instantly. The earth was faced with a huge celestial body, or we had a second satellite, smaller than the moon. We dragged him down, broke the crust of the earth, rejected the poles. Perhaps from this, namely, the strike killed mainland, lying to the West of Africa in the Atlantic ocean. So, in order not to melt, penetrating into the atmosphere of Mars, I will greatly slow down the speed. So, I put the entire flight in a vacuum six to seven hours. After several years, the trip to Mars will be no more difficult than the flight from Moscow to Berlin.

Moose walked away from the table and turned the switch. Under the ceiling hissed, lit arc lights. Skiles saw досчатых walls - drawings, diagrams, maps. Shelves with optical and measuring instruments. Spacesuits, slides canned food, fur clothing. Telescope on the staircase in the corner of the shed.

Elk and Skiles came to the forests that surrounded metal egg. On eye Skiles has determined that the egg-shaped device was not less than eight and a half meters high and six meters in diameter. In the middle, around him there was a steel belt, пригибающийся down to the surface of the unit, as the umbrella - it was a brake parachute, increases the resistance of the phone when falling in the air. Under the parachute - there are three cylindrical doors - entrance hatches. The lower part of the egg ended with a narrow neck. It was surrounded by a double, solid steel, round spiral coiled in the opposite sides of the buffer. Such was the appearance междупланетного airship.

Tapping a pencil on клепаной covering eggs, Elk went on to explain the details. The machine was built of soft and refractory steel, inside the heavily fortified ribs and light farms. It was the outer cover. It was the second case of the six layers of rubber, wool and leather. Inside this second, leather, quilted eggs were devices of observation and movement, oxygen tanks, boxes for absorption of carbon dioxide, hollow pillows for instruments and provisions. For observations are beyond the outer shell of the device, special "eyes", in the form of short, a metal tube with prismatic glasses.

The mechanism of movement placed in the throat, twisted with a spiral. Throat was cast from metal "Obin, the extremely elastic and hardness exceeding astronomical bronze. In the thick throat were drilled vertical channels. Each of them has expanded at the top of the so-called explosion chamber. In each chamber held about spark candle of the total magneto and a feeding tube. As in the cylinders engine comes gasoline, just blasting chambers ate Ультралиддитом", superfine powder, the extraordinary power of the explosive is found in 1920 in the laboratory plant in St. Petersburg. The power of "Ультралиддита" surpassed all so far in this area. Cone explosion extremely narrow. To the axis of the cone of the explosion coincided with the axes of vertical channels throat - поступаемый in blasting chambers "Ультралиддит" passed through a magnetic field. This, briefly, was the principle of the driving gear: it was a missile. Reserve "Ультралиддита" one hundred hours. Reducing or increasing the number of explosions in the second - it was possible to adjust the speed of the rise and fall of the apparatus. The lower part is much heavier than the top, so, getting in the sphere of attraction of a planet, the device always turned to her throat.

- Which means of built apparatus? asked Skiles.

- Materials of the government. Part of it went out of my savings.

Elk and Skiles went back to the table. After a short silence Skiles asked uncertainly:

- You expect to find on Mars living beings?

Is I see in the morning, on Friday, August 19.

"I offer you ten dollars for a line travel impressions. Advance - six feuilletons, two hundred rows, check can take into account in Stockholm. Agree?

Elk laughed, nodded, " I agree. (Skiles sat on the corner of the Desk to write a check.)

- Sorry, sorry that you don't want to fly with me: it is, in fact, so close, closer than to Stockholm.


Elk, standing shoulder to veree disclosed gate. His pipe went out.

Outside the gates to the waterfront Ждановки lay wasteland. Several bright lights reflected in the water. Far - vague and unclear delineation of the towering trees in the Park. For them догорал and could not burn out the dim, sad sunset. Long clouds touched the edges of his light, like Islands, lying in the green waters of the sky. Above them was blue, darkened sky. Several stars lit up on it. It was quiet, the old old earth. From afar came the sound of the roaring of the ship. Grey shadow ran a rat on wasteland.

Work, Kuzmin, recently мешавший in a bucket minium also was in the gate, threw light cigarettes in darkness:

- It is difficult to part with the land, " he said quietly. - With the house and it is difficult to leave it. From the village used to go to the railroad - look ten times. House, hut, covered with straw, and its прижилое place. Land leave - desert.

- Bristled coffee maker, said Khokhlov, another worker, " go, Kuzmin, tea drink.

Kuzmin said: - so, with a sigh, and went to the furnace. Khokhlov was a hard man, and Kuzmin sat down at a forge of the boxes, and drank tea, gently broke the bread, tear off with bone dried fish, chewed slowly. Kuzmin, сощурившись nodded her sparse beard, said, in half-voices:

- I was sorry for him. These people almost not.

- And you're putting his burial.

- I one pilot told: he rose at an eight mile - summer, mind you, and oil is still froze him in the device, - the cold. And - above fly? And there is the cold. Darkness.

"And I say " hold still burial, " repeated Khokhlov grimly.

To fly with him, no one wants to believe. Advertisement another week hanging in vain.

- I believe, " Khokhlov said.

- Reach?

- Here,-that - will make it. Here, in Europe they then взовьются.

- Who will be soaring?

- As who hoisted? Our enemies взовьются. For now, выкуси, Mars-whose? - Russian.

- Yes, that would be great.

Kuzmin rolled on the box. Come Elk, sat down, took a mug of steaming tea:

- Khokhlov, agree to accompany me?

- No, Mstislav Sergeevich - it's important to Hohlov answered, - I do not agree, I'm afraid.

Elk grinned, took кипяточку, glanced at Kuzmin:

"And you, dear friend?

Mstislav Sergeevich, Yes, I would be happy to fly, " my wife is sick, and does not eat anything. Eat of the crumbs all down with. So sorry, so sorry...

- Yes, probably - will have to fly one, " Moose said, putting an empty Cup, wiped his lips with your palm - hunters leave the earth - is not enough. He grinned again, shook his head. Yesterday the young lady came by the announcement: "Well, said I'm with you I am flying, I am 19 years old, sing, dance, play guitar, to live in Europe not want revolution bore me. Exit visas do not need?". That this young lady was in my head " I don't know still. Finished our conversation, " village girl and cried: - "You have deceived me, I figured that you should fly much closer." Then, the young man appeared, says bass, sweaty hands: "You, says, consider me for an idiot, go to Mars impossible, on what grounds post such announcements?". Hardly it calmed.

Elk his elbows rested on his knees and staring at the embers. His face at this moment it seemed tired, forehead wrinkled. Apparently, he rested from prolonged effort of will. Kuzmin left with a kettle for water. Khokhlov coughed, said:

Mstislav Sergeyevich, do you, do not scared?

Elk translated at him, warmed by the heat of coal:

- No, I am not afraid. I am sure that well be that desperate. And if a failure, strike will be instant and painless. The really terrible thing. Imagine so, my calculations are incorrect, I do not get in the attraction of Mars: - manage to slip past. Stock of fuel, oxygen, food - me enough time. And here I am flying in the darkness. Front illuminated star. After a thousand years, my stiffened out, corpse fly into her fiery oceans. But these thousand years - my flying in darkness corpse! But the long days, as long as I'm still alive, and I will live only in the damned box, - long days of hopeless despair - one in the universe. Do not fear death, but loneliness. Not even a hope that God will save my soul. I alive in hell. Because hell is my hopeless loneliness, stretched out in eternal darkness. This is really scary. I really don't want to fly one.

Elk squinted at the coals. His mouth stubbornly contracted. At the gate seemed Kuzmin, called out of there in half-voices:

Mstislav Sergeevich, to you.

- Who? Elk quickly stood up.

Soldiers, some of you asks.

In the barn, after Kuzmin, entered recent soldiers, read the announcement on Prospekt Krasnykh. A short nod to the Elk, looked at the forest, went to the table:

- Companion must you?

Elk motioned him to a chair, sat down opposite.

- Yes, I am looking for a travel companion. I fly to Mars.

"I know, in the announcement said. To me this star showed yesterday. Far away, of course. Conditions what I wanted to know: salary, grubs?

- You family?

- Married, no children.

Soldiers nails busily tapped on the table, glanced round curiously. Elk briefly told him about the conditions of the flight, warned of a possible risk. Proposed to provide for his family, and give the salary to forward money and products. The soldier nodded, agreed, but was only half listening.

- As you know, " he said, " the people there, or monsters inhabit?

Elk hard scratched his head, laughed:

- In my opinion - there must be people. Come, see. Here's the thing: for several years, the biggest radio stations in Europe and America began to take confusing signals. Thought first traces of storms in the earth's magnetic field. But the strange sounds were too much like elementary signals. Someone persistently want to speak with us. From where? On the planets, except Mars is not set until life. Signals can go only from Mars. Look at his map, he, as the mesh-covered channels. Apparently, there is a possibility to install the vast power of the radio station. Mars wants to communicate with the earth. While we cannot respond to these signals. But we are flying on a call. It is difficult to assume, that the radio station on Mars built monsters, creatures, not like us. Mars and earth, two tiny ball, swirling near. Some laws for us and for them. In the universe is worn живоносная dust, seeds of life are falling into anabiosis. The same seeds settle on Mars and on earth, all the myriad of self-cooling stars. Everywhere there is life, and over the life reigns everywhere humanoid: unable to create the animal, the more perfect than man, in the likeness of the Master of the Universe.

- I'm going with you, " said the soldier strongly - when things come?

- Tomorrow. Should I acquaint you with the phone. Your name, a patronymic, a surname?

- Alexey Gusev, Alexey Ivanovich.

- Lesson?

Gusev, like absently, looked at the Elk, dropped his eyes to his постукивающие fingers on the table.

- I literate, - he said, - car nothing I know myself. Flew in an airplane observer. Eighteen years of war do, " now, all my lesson. Over twenty wounds. Now I am in stock. He suddenly palm briskly rubbed his crown, laughed briefly. - Well and things were during these seven years. To be honest, I would now regiment must command the character of the quarrelsome. Cease military actions, I can't sit still: sucks. Poison in me. Отпрошусь on a business trip, or so I will escape. Again he rubbed the top of his head, smiled, four of the Republic has established, in Siberia Yes in the Caucasus, and cities-now these are not remember. Once gathered three hundred students, traveled to India to fight. I wanted us to get there. But lost in the mountains fell in the snow, under the landslide broke horses. Returned us out a bit. The Makhno was two months, by golly. On three, on тачанках drove on the steppes, " Gulyay soul! Wine, food - plenty, Bab much as you want. We'll RAID white, or red, guns we тачанках, fight. Carts otobem, and by the evening we miles too old. Walked. Tired of, is of little use, yeah, and the peasants [makhnovschina] this began to weary. Went to the Red army. Then the poles drove from Kiev, - I was a cavalry Budenny. The whole trip - trot. Beat the poles with plaque - "Give Warsaw"! And at Warsaw did wrong, - infantry are not supported. The last time I injured when taken Perekop. Lain after that, almost a year on лазаретам. Discharged, - where to go? Then this girl is my chance, he married. My wife is good, you feel sorry for her, but at home I can not live. In the village go, " your mother and father have died, the brothers killed, abandoned land. In the city there is nothing to do. War is now no no not in sight, so, please, Mstislav Sergeevich, take me with you. I you on Mars will be useful.

- Well, very happy, " Moose said, giving him her hand, until tomorrow.


Everything was ready to fly away from earth. But two subsequent days had almost no sleep, carried on the laying inside the device, in hollow pillows, a lot of little things. Checked the instruments. Removed the forest surrounding the apparatus dismantled part of the roof. Elk showed Gusev mechanism of movement and major appliances, - Gusev was deft and сметливым man. Tomorrow, at six in the evening, was appointed departure.

Late in the evening Elk dismissed workers and Guseva, repaid electricity, except the light bulbs over the table, and lay down without undressing, on an iron bed in a corner of the shed, the telescope tripod.

The night was quiet and starlit. Elk did not sleep. Throwing his hands behind his head, staring at the twilight under the protracted cobwebs roof, and what the next day she fled from the earth again, as never before, tormented him. Many days he did not give himself will. Now, in the last night on earth, he released the heart, agonized cry.

Memory woke recent past -- wall, on Wallpaper - shadows from objects. Candle making book. The smell drugs - stuffy. On the floor, carpet pelvis. When you get up and go past the pelvis - on a wall, on a dreary, crazy flowers - running, колышатся shadows of objects. As wearisomely! In bed something that is expensive light, Katya, wife, sometimes, often, quiet breathing. On the pillow dark, tangled hair. Raised knees under a blanket. Katya away from him. Changed recently, such a lovely, gentle face. It rose, troubled. Выпростала hand and pinching fingers on the edge of the blankets. Elk again, again, takes her hand, puts under the blanket. "Well, open eyes, well - look, простись with me." She says a plaintive, almost audible voice: "Skoy окро, Vienna окро". Children, barely audible, plaintive her voice to say: - "open the window". Stronger than fear - pity for her, to that voice. "Katya, Katya - look". He kisses her on the cheeks, forehead, his closed eyelids. But not ease her pity. Throat she trembles, breast lift gasps, fingers gripped the edge of the blankets. "Katya, Katya, what are you doing?.." Does not respond, leaving... Raised up on his elbows, raised her chest, as though the bottom scratching, tortured. Sweetheart head separated from the pillow, закинулась... She had gone to bed. Fell chin. Elk, shaking with horror and pity, grabbed her, and pressed. Took in his mouth with the blanket.

On earth there is no mercy...

Elk got up from the bed, picked up a box of cigarettes, lit a cigarette and walked some time in a dark shed. Then ascended the ladder telescope, found a seeker of Mars, which is already over Saint Petersburg and stared at the small, clear, warm ball. He trembled slightly in cross-hairs of the eyepiece.

"Yes, on earth there is no mercy," said Elk in half-voices, went down the stairs and lay down on the bed... the Memory opened vision. Katyusha lying in the grass on a hillock. Away, wavy fields, Golden point of Zvenigorod. Kites swim in the summer heat of the loaves over гречихами. Katusha - lazy and hot. Elk, sitting close by biting a blade of grass, looking at the русую, простоволосую head Katyusha, tanned shoulder with a light strip of skin between his tan and dress, Katya's, with a mosquito bite, Cam, подперевший cheek. Her gray eyes - indifferent and beautiful, - they also swim kites. Katya eighteen years, thinking about marriage. Very, very, dangerous Mila. Today, in the afternoon, said, " come lay on a hill, from there - far seen. Lies silent. Elk thinks, "no, my dear, I have better things to do than, now take on a hill and fall in love with you. This hook size do not get at the cottage to you more won't drive".

Oh, my God, what could be more important things Катюшиной love! As unwise were overlooked these summer hot days. Stop the time, then, on a hillock. Do not return. No return!..

Elk again got up from the bed, been working on matches, smoked, walked. But walking along the boardwalk wall was terrible as a beast in the pit. Elk opened the gate and looked at highly already ascended Mars.

"And there won't go away. Everywhere, without measure time, my lonely spirit. Beyond the earth, beyond the death. The reason why you have to drink this poison, to love, to Wake up? To live неразбуженным. Fly on the air of stiff seeds of life, ice crystals, fly dormant. No, you have to fall and расцвесть, Wake up to the intolerable suffering: to live, to thirst: - to love, to merge, to forget, to stop being lonely seed. And all of this short sleep then again to - death, separation, and again - flight ice crystals".

Elk stood in the gate, leaning against the veree shoulder and head. Blood, blue, diamond light flashed and Mars, high above the sleeping Petersburg, over простреленными roofs, over the cold pipes, over bloated ceilings of the rooms and комнаток, abandoned facilities, empty palaces, over the alarming headboards weary people.

"No, there will be easier, he thought, Elk, to flee from the shadows, fenced off millions of miles. So, at night, staring at the stars and know - it floats between the stars - deserted me the earth. Abandoned hill and kites. Abandoned by her grave, cross over the grave, abandoned the dark night, the wind, singing about death, only about death. Autumn wind over Katya, lying in the ground, under the cross. No, it is impossible to live in the shadows. Let there be fierce loneliness, leave this world, to be alone."

But the shadows shall not depart from him all night. Under the morning Elk put the head on the pillow and fell asleep. He was awakened by the roar of the baggage, going along the promenade. Elk villages, passed a hand across the face. Another pointless from the night visions, his eyes examined maps on the walls, tools, shaped apparatus. Elk sighed, just waking up, walked over to the faucet and splashed head cold water. He put on a coat and walked through the wasteland on the Big Monetary street to his apartment, where half a year ago Katya died.

Here he washed, shaved, put on clean clothes and dress, examined - whether locked all the Windows. The apartment was uninhabited - dust everywhere. He opened the door into the bedroom, where, after the death of Katya, he never slept. The room was almost dark from the lowered blinds, only отсвечивало mirror Cabinet with Катиными dresses, - mirror door was ajar. Elk frowned, went on tiptoe and tightly shut her. Locked the bedroom door. I left the apartment, locked the front door, and flat key, put it in his waistcoat pocket.

Now we were all done before leaving.


This night Masha long waited for her husband, several times fueled kettle Primus. For high oak door was quiet and kind of creepy.

Gusev and Masha lived in one room, in what was once a luxury, a huge, now an abandoned house. During the revolution, the inhabitants left. For four years the rains and winter blizzards much spoiled the inside.

The room was spacious. On a carved, gold ceiling, among the clouds flew curvy woman with a smile all over his face, around - the winged babies.

"You see, Masha, is constantly Gusev said, pointing at the ceiling, a woman how funny, in a body, and six children shower, here's a sissy."

Over gilded, with the lion paws, bed hung a portrait of an old man in a powdered wig, with a mouth, with a star on the coat. Gusev nicknamed him "General Toptygin", "this descent't made little it - now trample." Masha was afraid to look at the portrait. Across the room was stretched iron pipe metal печечки, закоптившей wall. Shelves, table, where Masha meal-preparing - order and cleanliness.

Carved, oak door отворялась in двусветную hall. Broken Windows were boarded up, the ceiling is sometimes обваливался. In the wind of the night through here, the wind screamed, ran the rat.

Masha was sitting at the table. Hissed light the stove. From afar the wind came the sad chime hours of the Peter and Paul Cathedral - the clock struck two. Gusev not to go. Masha thought:

"That is looking for something to him a little? For something and wants to find a soul is not serene, Alesha, Alesha... Though once closed his eyes, and lay down on my shoulder, like a son: - do not look for, you will not find more than my self-pity.

On the eyelashes Masha tears came out, she slowly wiped her and propped cheek. Head over flying, could not fly cheerful woman with funny babies. About it Masha thought: - "that would be so - I would not be gone."

Gusev told her that leaves far away, but she didn't know, afraid to ask. She saw that for him to live with her in this Grand room, in silence, without the former will is difficult, not to endure. At night dream of him, - заскрежещет, вскрикнет muffled sit on the bed and breathes, his teeth clenched, sweating face and chest. Повалится, asleep and in the morning - the dark, upset.

Masha was quiet with him, so прилащивалась, more clever than the mother. For this he loved her and was sorry, but as the morning, - looked where to go.

Masha was brought home soldering. The money they often did not exist. Gusev grabbed different things, but soon threw. "The old saying in China is the Golden wedge, " he would say, - wedge tea it's not there, but the earth, indeed, we are still unknown, - I will, Masha, in China, to look like that".

Longingly, as death, waited Masha the hour when Gusev gone. Nobody in the world except him, she was not. With fifteen years served as clerk to the shops, the cashier on the Neva пароходиках. She lived alone, not fun. A year ago, in the feast of Pavlovsk, met with Gusev in the Park, on a bench. He said, "I See a lonely sit, and may with you to spend time alone is boring". She looked up, her face glorious eyes - funny, kind, and - sober. "Nothing against"replied meekly. They were walking in the Park until the evening. Gusev told about wars, invasions, coups, such that no book you could read. Spent Masha in St. Petersburg, to the apartment, and from that day it was to her to walk. Masha simply and quietly gave herself to him. And then love, suddenly, blood all felt that it is native. Started its flour...

The kettle is boiling. Masha took it off, and again was silent. Already for a long time she saw some small noise behind the door, in an empty room. But it was so sad - not listened to. But now, clearly, hear shuffled footsteps.

Masha quickly opened the door and peeked. In one of the Windows in the hall, some light of the street lamp and poorly covered пузырчатыми spots several low columns. Between them Masha saw grey, нагнувшего forehead, an old man without a hat, long coat, standing, craning her neck, and stared at Masha. Her knees weakened.

"Do you want here? she asked шопотом.

The old man raised his finger and threatened her. Masha with power shut the door, my heart is desperately fought. She listened - steps now were moving away: an old man, apparently, went through the Grand staircase down.

Soon, on the other hand halls were quick, decisive steps husband... Gusev became cheerful, soiled by the soot.

- Slay ka wash, " he said, unbuttoning gate - tomorrow we adieu. Coffee maker you hot? - it is glorious. He washed his face, strong neck, hands up to the elbows, wiping a glance at his wife. - Will you not be lost, come back. Seven years on me bullet, nor bayonet could not destroy. My hour away, mark was not made. And die - still not wriggle out: fly on the fly hurt paw, you're брык and died.

He sat down, and began to peel boiled potatoes - broke, dipped in salt.

Tomorrow prepare a clean, two shifts - shirts, подштаники, подвертки. Мыльца don't forget - шильца Yes мыльца. You cried again?

- Was frightened, ' answered Masha, turning away - one man runs, wagged a finger. Alyosha, don't go.

Is not to go - that old wagged a finger?

- The misfortune he wagged.

- Sorry I'm going, I wouldn старикашку fell asleep. Surely someone from the former, local, wanders through the night whispers to survive.

- Alyosha, you come back to me?

Said - I'll be back, then - I'll be back. Phew, what a restless.

- Far you go?

Gusev went on whistling, nodded at the ceiling, laughing eyes, poured the hot tea into the saucer:

Behind the cloud, Masha, was flying, like this woman.

Masha only lowered her head. Gusev went to bed. Masha inaudible прибирала dishes, village darn socks, never raised her eyes. And when stripped off her dress and went to bed, - Gusev was asleep, laying a hand on his chest, quietly closing the eyelashes. Masha leaned close and look at her husband. Down her tears, because he was so important to her, so she longed for his tempestuous heart: "Where does, what he's looking for? - do not look for, you will not find more than my love".

At dawn Masha got up, cleaned husband dress, gathered clean linen. Gusev woke up. Drunk some tea, " joked, stroking Masha on the cheek. Left the money - a large pack. His sack on her back, paused in the doorway, and curled his Masha. Went. So she didn't find out where he goes.


At five o'clock on a vacant lot in front of the workshop Elk began to gather people. Went to the waterfront, fled from the side streets, бубнили, gathered into piles, lying on the stunted grass - glancing at the low sun, пустившее through the clouds broad rays.

Before the crowd, not allowing to go close to the barn, the soldiers were police. Two horsemen, скуластые, in acute hats, traveling step, fiercely looked to the onlookers.

Screamed at the ice wasteland. Pushing between people of the boys, with swollen from the crappy life eyes, sellers of cigarettes and rogues. Misplaced here stoop-shouldered old man, full of consumption, - brought sell two pairs of pants. It was a warm day, August, flying over the city wedge of cranes.

Подходившие to the crowd, to бубнящим кучкам, is the beginning of our conversation:

- That this nation had gathered, the - kill a man?

- On Mars now fly.

- Here you come it still wasn't enough!

- What do you teach? Who will fly?

Two prisoners, thieves, out of prison, запечатают them in a zinc churn and - to Mars experience.

- Throw you lie, in fact.

- That is, as I'm lying?

- Yes - chintz now will be issued.

- What chintz, since?

- Eight vershoks on the snout.

"Oh, you bastards. The devil is me eight vershoks, - shirt on me dead the third month go naked.

- Of course, - bullying.

- Well, and the people fool, Oh my God.

- Why people stupid? How did you decide?

- Not decided and see.

- You would send, you know where, for these words.

'Come, comrades. Here, in fact, a historical event, and you God knows that you are.

- And for the purposes of the Mars send?

- Sorry, now this one says: - 25 pounds they loaded the one campaign literature and two pounds of cocaine.

- Well, I - cocaine you there's no village or town dragged.

- This expedition.

- For what?

- For the gold.

"Absolutely, to replenish the gold Fund.

- Many think to bring?

- Unlimited.

- Listen, - in the morning the British pound fell.

- What do you say?

- Now you, - well. Won the last house in the gate, one - cheek to him in a sling, - lbs never sells.

- Rags he sells from kozmodemjanska three carriages, consignment note.

- Citizen, long can we wait?

- As the sun sets, the way he smells.

Till dusk glittered dialect, were different conversations in the crowd waiting to extraordinary events. Arguing, quarreling, but not leave.

On the waterfront Ждановки lanterns lit up. Dull crimson sunset light was spilt on the floor of heaven. And now, slowly pushing back the crowd, there was a great car Commissioner Petersburg. In the shed lit from the inside of the window. The crowd quieted, moved in.

Open from all sides, shining rows of rivets, ovoid apparatus was standing, cement, slightly bowed, site, in the middle of the barn. It illuminated the inside of padded diamonds, yellow skin was visible through a round hole hatch.

Elk and Gusev were already dressed in валеные boots, in sheep's clothing, leather, pilot took helmets. Members of the government, members of the Academy, engineers, journalists, - surrounded by the device. Farewell speeches were already said, magnesium pictures were made. Elk thanked the mourners for attention. His face was pale, eyes like glass. He hugged Khokhlova and Kuzmin. Looked at the clock:

- It's time.

Mourners were silent. The other shook his lips. Kuzmin was to be baptized. Gusev frowned and climbed into the hatch. Inside the unit he sat on the leather cushion, straightened his helmet, straightened his coat.

- Go to his wife, never forget, " he cried Khokhlova and stronger frowned. Elk still lingered, looked down at his feet. Suddenly, he lifted his head, and, turning, somehow only to Скайльсу, said глуховатым, troubled voice:

- I think well be that desperate to Mars - from there I will try to send a telegram. I'm sure after few years and hundreds of air ships will sail the starry space. Forever, forever pushes us the spirit of seeking and anxiety. And me driving anxiety, perhaps despair. But, I assure you, at this moment of victory - I only feel the new strength of their poverty. Not me - the first to fly, is criminal. I'm not the first has to penetrate into a heavenly mystery. What will I find there? the horror of himself. My mind is burning чадным light on the darkest from the depths, where prostrate corpse of love. The land is poisoned by hatred, covered in blood. Long wait when shaken even mind - the only chain on this monster. The way you write in your book, Archibald Skiles, I'm not a genius Builder, not a new конвинстадор, not a brave man, not a dreamer - I am a coward, a fugitive. Drives me hopeless despair.

Elk suddenly broke off, strange eyes оглянул mourners, all listened with amazement and fear. Have pulled over the eyes helmet:

- Not the way it is written, but after a minute I will not be on earth. Sorry for the last words. I ask you to move away as possible from the apparatus.

Elk turned and climbed into the hatch, and now with the power slammed it behind him. Mourners, jostling one another, talk excitedly words, ran out of the barn to the crowd at the vacant lot. Voice slowly began to shout:

"Be careful, go out, go.

In silence now, thousands of people were looking at the square, lighted window of the shed. It was quiet. Silence and in wastelands. So, a few minutes passed, - 's militarist the waiting period. A lot of people fell on the grass. Suddenly, loudly, in the distance, a horse nickered of the horse guards. Someone cried out in a terrible voice:


In the barn оглушающе shattered like broken tree. Now there were more severe, frequent strikes. The earth began to tremble. Above the roof of the shed, got up a blunt nose, and заволокся cloud of smoke and dust. Crackle strengthened. Black machine appeared all over the roof and hung in the air like примериваясь. Explosions were merged into a solid whining, and четырехсаженное egg, obliquely, like a rocket, hoisted above the crowd, turned to the West, ширкнуло fiery band, and disappeared in the scarlet, the dim glow of the clouds.

Only then the crowd began to cry, flew hats, ran people surrounded the barn.


Tightening the access hatch, Elk sat down across Gusev and looked him in the eye, prickly, like a trapped bird, point pupils.

- We Fly, Alexey Ivanovich?

- Let out.

Then Elk took рычажек fitted rheostat and slightly twisted it. There was a dull blow - the first crackle, which started on the wasteland thousand people. Turned the second rheostat. Deaf crackle underfoot and concussion apparatus became so strong that Gusev grabbed his seat, rolled his eyes. Elk included both fitted rheostat. Machine lurched. The blows became softer, concussion decreased. Elk shouted:

- Have risen.

Gusev wiped the sweat from his face. It would get hot. Speed counter showed 50 metres per second, the arrow continued to move forward.

The device raced on a tangent, against the rotation of the earth. Centrifugal force considered it to the East. According to calculations, at a height of a hundred miles, he had to straighten up and fly on a diagonal, vertical to the ground surface.

The engine is running smoothly, without interruptions. Elk and Gusev расстегнули coats, shake his head helmets. Cold sweat was rolling down their faces. Electricity was extinguished, and the pale light coming through the glass eyes.

Overcoming weakness and started dizziness, Elk knelt and through the peephole looked at leaving the earth. She stretched a huge, without edges concave bowl, - bluish-gray. In some places, exactly Islands, lying on her ridge clouds, was the Atlantic ocean.

A little bowl суживалась, it went down. The right edge of her began to Shine like silver, on the other found shadow. And so, the bowl seemed ball flying into the abyss.

Gusev, прильнувший to another глазку, said:

- Good-bye, mother, пожито on you, watered krovushki.

He rose from his knees, but then stumbled, fell on the pillow. Pulled the gate:

- Am dying, Mstislav Sergeevich, no urine.

Elk felt - my heart beats faster, more often, already is not beating - trembles painfully. Beats blood in whiskey. Dark light.

He scrambled to the counter. Arrow rose rapidly, noting incredible speed. Ended with a layer of air. The decrease in the attraction. Compass showing, earth has been vertically below. Apparatus, every second наддавая speed with a crazy speed was put into the world, icy space.

Elk, breaking my fingernails barely loosened his collar of his cloak, my heart became.


Anticipating that the speed of the device and, therefore, of tel, reaches this limit, when there will be a noticeable change the speed of the heartbeat, exchange of blood and juice, whole life rhythm of the body - anticipating this, Elk joined speed counter one of жироскопов (there were two of them in the device) electrical wires with cranes tanks that at the right moment to release large amounts of oxygen and ammonia salts.

Elk woke up first. Breast stinging, my head spinning, heart rustled, as Volchek. Thoughts appeared and disappeared, is extraordinary, fast, clear. Movement easy and accurate.

Elk closed the extra valves in the tanks, looked on the counter. Apparatus covered about five hundred miles per second. It was light. In one of the eyes was straight, a blinding ray of the sun. Under the beam, supine, lay Gusev, - teeth bared, glass eyes pushed out.

Elk brought him to the bow of a scathing salt. Gusev took a deep breath, eyelids quivered. Elk grabbed him under his arms and made the effort to lift, but the body Guseva hung like a bubble with air. He loosened his grip, - Gusev slowly sank to the floor, stretched his legs into the air, raised his elbows, sat in the water, looked around:

- That's the thing that - look - now I go.

Elk said to him climb, observed in the upper eyes. Gusev got up, staggered, stepped forward carefully, and began to climb the steep wall of the device, like a fly - catch a quilted upholstery. Clung to глазку:

- A darkness, Mstislav Sergeevich, as there is nothing to be seen.

Elk put smoked glass on the eyepiece, facing the sun. A clear delineation of a huge, shaggy ball of the sun was hanging in the empty darkness. With the sides of it, as the wings were spread out two light of the nebula. From a dense nucleus separated fountain and grinned fungus: it was just the time, when they began to disintegrate sun spots. Away from light kernel were even more pale than zodiac wings - light spiral: the oceans of fire, dropped from the sun and rotating around it like satellites.

Elk with difficulty tore himself away from the sight, - a life-giving fire of the universe. Closed eyepiece cap. It became dark. He motioned to глазку opposite to the light side. There was darkness. He turned eyepiece, and the eye has pricked of greenish beam stars. Then darkness again and a new point star. But now, through the peephole entered blue, clear, strong beam, - it was Sirius, heavenly diamond, the first star in the Northern sky.

Elk crept to the third глазку. Turned eyepiece, looked up, rubbed his handkerchief. Stared. My heart became sensitive hair on your head.

Nearby, in the darkness, were close to me, fuzzy, foggy spots. Gusev said anxiously:

- Some thing flies next to us.

Foggy spots slowly went down, became clearer, lighter. Ran broken, the silver line of the thread. And here was the exude a bright outline of the ragged edges of the rocky ridge. The device apparently became close with some heavenly body, entered his attraction and, as a satellite started to turn around.

With a trembling hand Elk fumbled levers rheostats and turned them out, risking to detonate the device. Inside, under feet went into a roar, was thrilled. Spots and shining, torn edges faster began to go down. Illuminated surface grew rapidly approaching. Now clearly see sharp, the long shadows of the rocks, they dragged through the bare, icy plains.

The machine was flying towards the rocks - they were just filled in by the side of the sun. Elk thought (mind was calm and clear), through the second machine does not have time to turn to the attracting to its weight neck - through the second death.

In this split second, Elk noticed on the frozen plain near the rocks, like the ruins of the city. Then, the device slid over the edges of ice peaks... but there, on the other side was a precipice, an abyss of darkness. Flashed in the рваном, steep cliff conductor metals. And a shard of broken, the unknown planet is left far behind, - continued his dead way to eternity. The device again flying among the desert black sky.

Suddenly, Gusev shouted:

- Sort of like the moon before us.

He turned to detach himself from the wall and hung in the air, раскорячился frog, and, cursing шопотом foul words, tried to come to the wall. Elk separated himself from the floor and also hanging, holding on to the receiver eye, the - staring at the silver, blinding Mars.


Silver, somewhere like подернутый clouds, disk of Mars noticeably increased. Dazzled spot ice of the South pole. Below his feet lay bent nebula. In the East it reaches the equator, near the middle Meridian - rose, skirting the hollow lighter on the surface and раздваивалась, forming the Western edge of the disk, the second toe.

At the equator were located, clearly visible - five dark dots, round spots. They were joined by a straight line начертывали two equilateral triangles, and the third elongated. The foot of the East triangle covered correct arc. From the middle of her to the extreme Western point was the second полукружие. Several lines, points, and half-circles scattered to the West and the East of this Equatorial group. The North pole was drowning in the darkness.

Elk stared fixedly into this network lines: - that they drove mind astronomers, constantly changing, geometrical, непостигаемые channels of Mars. Elk discerned now under this distinct pattern second, barely проступающую like effaced, network lines. He began sketching a rough picture of her in a notebook. Suddenly, the disk of Mars moved and floated on the eyepiece of the peephole. Elk rushed to реостатам:

- Hit, Alexei Ivanovich, we are attracted falling.

The device turned the throat to the planet. Elk reduced and completely turned off the engine. Change speed was now less painful. But the silence is so painful that Gusev put his face in his hands, closed his ears.

Elk lying on the floor, watching as it increases, grows, becomes more convex silver disc. It seemed, from the black abyss he now flying with them.

Elk again including rheostats. The device began to tremble, overcoming the cravings of Mars. The speed of the decline slowed down. Mars closed now the whole sky was growing dim, the border of his выгибались bowl.

The final seconds were dreadful, a dizzying fall. Mars closed all the sky. Suddenly, glass eyes fogged. The device penetrates clouds over the plain dull, and, roaring and shaking slowly now descended.

- Sit down! I only shout Elk and turned off the engine. A strong push his kinulo on the wall, flipped. The device heavily sat down, and fell on its side.


His knees were shaking hands were shaking, my heart sank. Silently, hastily Elk and Gusev brought order to the inside of the machine. Through the opening of one of the eyes stuck out полуживую mouse, brought from earth. Mouse gradually quickened, raised her nose, was stirring mustache, washed my face. The air was fit to live.

Then отвинтили the access hatch. Elk licked his lips, said глуховатым voice:

"Well, Alexei Ivanovich, safe arrival. Get off.

Thrown off the boots and coats. Gusev has attached Mauser to the belt (just in case), smiled, and opened the hatch.


Dark blue as the sea in a storm, dazzling, bottomless sky saw Gusev and Elk, getting out of the apparatus.

Flaming, shaggy sun stood high above Mars. Such a sun seen in St Petersburg in March, clear days, when melted wind washed out of the sky.

Fun of them the sun, " said Gusev and sneezed, so bright was the light in dark-blue height. Tingling Breasts, pounded blood in the whiskey, but I breathed easily, - the air was thin and dry.

The machine lay on the orange-orange, a flat plain. Horizon circle - close file by hand. The soil is dry, cracked. Everywhere on the plain stood tall cacti, as семисвечники, they throwed sharp, lilac shadows. Подувал dry breeze.

Elk and Gusev long time looking, then went out on the plain. Itti was surprisingly easy, though his feet and sank ankle-deep in рассыпающей soil. Skirting the bold high cactus, Elk held out his hand to him. The plant, barely touched, quivered as the wind, and his brown, fleshy processes were drawn to his hand. Gusev пхнул boot it under the root, " Oh, trash, cactus collapsed, plunging into the sand burrs.

Walked for about half an hour. Before the eyes stretched all the same orange plain, cactuses, lilac shadows, cracks in the ground. When turned to the South and the sun became side, Elk begin to look closely at it, as something unusual problem, - has suddenly stopped, sat down, slapped his knee

Alexei Ivanovich, soil after all plowed.

Is that you?

Indeed, now clearly visible broad, полуобсыпавшиеся furrow arable land and correct the ranks of cacti. After a few steps Gusev tripped on a stone plate, it was ввернуто a large, bronze ring with обрывком rope. Elk briskly rubbed his chin, his eyes glittered.

Alexei Ivanovich, you don't understand anything?

- I see that we are in the field.

- A ring - why?

- Damn them into the soul knows why they ring supports were screwed into.

And then to tie a beacon. See shells. We at the bottom of the channel.

Gusev put a finger to a nostril, blew his nose. They turned to the West and walked across the furrows. Far above the field rose and flew, frantically waving her wings, big bird with a hanging like wasps, and body. Gusev stopped, put his hand on his pistol. But the bird flew, flashing in the thick blue, and disappeared behind close horizon.

Cacti became higher, thicker, добротнее. Had to carefully sneak into their living, barbed more often. From under the feet ran animals, like the stone lizards, bright orange, with serrated mountains. Several times in the midst of лапчатой thickets slid up, threw aside, some щетинистые balls. Here were carefully.

Cacti ran out of white as chalk, sloping shore. He was overlaid, apparently, ancient, surface-tooled plates. In between the cracks and crevices, and masonry hung dried fiber moss. In one of the plates ввернуто is the same as on the box ring. Хребтатые lizards basking in the припеке.

Elk and Gusev have climbed up the slope to the top. Here was visible to the hilly plain of the same orange, but more dull colors. Some places are scattered on it tabernacles undersized such as mountain pine trees, trees. Some turn white piles of stones, the outlines of the ruins. Far away, in the North-West, purple rose ridge of mountains, acute and uneven, as the frozen flames. On the tops of the glittering snow.

- Return we need to eat, rest, Gusev said, - умаемся, there was, apparently, not one living soul no.

They stood for some time. The plain was deserted and sad, - heart sank. - Yes, come on, " said Gusev.

They descended the slope and went to the apparatus, and wandered looking for him among the cacti.

Suddenly Gusev became:

- Here it is!

The usual grip loosened his holsters pistol:

"Hey, " he cried, " who is there at the machine, so your way! I'll shoot.

- Who cry, Alexey Ivanovich?

- See - machine gleaming.

- I see it now, Yes.

- There - to the right of him - sits.

Elk finally saw, and they stumbled and ran to answer it. Being сидевшее about the apparatus, moved in the direction, begin to jump between cactus jumped раскинуло long, wings with a Bang rose, and, having a semicircle, взмыло over the people. This was it, before they took for a bird. Gusev took a revolver, ловчась cut on the fly winged beast. But Elk, suddenly, kicked out his gun and shouted:

- Crazy. This man!

Its head thrown back, mouth, Gusev stared at the amazing creature, describing circles in кубово blue sky. Elk took out a handkerchief and waved them the bird.

Mstislav Sergeevich, careful, as if he is in us something шарахнул from there.

- Hide, say, a revolver.

Big bird dropped. Now it was clear человекообразное creature, sitting in the saddle of the aircraft. The belt body sitting hanging in the air. At the level of his shoulders would wave two curved, mobile wing. Below them, in front, twisted shadow disk - apparently, propeller. Behind the saddle - tail with outstretched fork rudders. The entire apparatus agile and flexible, like a living creature.

Now, he jumped in and went to the ground - one wing down, the other up. Head appeared Martian in the cap - egg with long peak. On his eye - glasses. Face - brick colors, thin and wrinkled, with a sharp nose. He is opening a big mouth and shouted something. Often, often flopped his wings, fell, and ran on the ground, and sprang from the saddle - thirty yards from the people.

The Martian was, as a man of medium height, is dressed in a dark, broad jacket. Dry his legs above the knees, covered wicker gaiters. He heart became indicate fallen cacti. But, when the Moose and Gusev have moved towards him, he vividly leapt into the saddle, shook his thence long finger, soared, almost without a run, and now sat down again on the ground, and continued to shout писклявым, thin voice, pointing to the broken plants.

- Crank, offended, Gusev said, and cried марсианину, - Yes spit you on their чортовы cacti, will you shout тудыть your soul.

Alexei Ivanovich, stop cursing, he does not understand Russian. Take, otherwise it will not work.

Elk and Gusev sat on the hot ground. Elk began to show me that wants to eat and drink. Gusev lit a cigarette, he spat. The Martian some time to gaze on them, and the screaming stopped, but still angrily threatened long as a pencil, the finger. Then, untied from the saddle bag, threw it in the direction of people, rose circles at a great height, and quickly went to the North, disappeared over the horizon.

In the bag were two metal boxes and wicker flask of liquid. Gusev opened the box with a knife, one was strongly odorous jelly, in another - jelly-pieces, like Turkish delight. Gusev sniffed:

"Ugh, you bastards, what they will eat.

He pulled out of the machine basket of food, scored dry debris cactus and fired them. Rose light stream of yellow smoke, cacti smouldered, but the heat was too much. Warmed up the tin with corned laid out the food on a clean handkerchief. Ate hungrily, only now's militarist felt hunger.

The sun was above his head, the wind ceased, and it was hot. Orange bumps ran lizard. Gusev tossed her a piece of dry bread. She stood up on its front legs, lifted triangular horned head, and froze like a stone.

Elk asked for a cigarette and lay with his cheek - smoked, chuckling.

Alexei Ivanovich, you know, how long we didn't eat?

"Since yesterday evening, Mstislav Sergeevich, before leaving, I ate potatoes.

- We did not eat with you, beloved, twenty-three or twenty-four days.

- How much? -

Yesterday in St. Petersburg was 18 August, " Moose said, " and today in St. Petersburg on September 11th that's miracles:

- You my head to tear, I don't see Mstislav Sergeevich.

- Yes, and I thoroughly understand how this is so. We flew in seven. Now see two hours of the day. Nineteen hours ago we left earth, - by that clock. And bounds, which remained in my Studio - it took about a month. Have you noticed - you go in the train, sleep, train stops, you either Wake up with the unpleasant sensation, either in sleep you are beginning to simmer. This is because, when a car stops all over your body is slowing down the speed. You're lying in a traveling carriage, and your heart is pounding and your watches are more than if you were in недвигающемся car. The difference is subtle, because the speed is very low. Another thing - our flight. Half way we came almost at the speed of light. There is already a noticeable difference. The heartbeat of the speed of a course of hours, fluctuations of particles in the cells of the body have towards each other, as long as we flew in a vacuum: - we were as a whole with the device, all moving in the same rhythm. But, if the speed of the device exceed five hundred thousand times the normal speed of motion of a body on earth, the speed of the beating of my heart one hit per second measured by the clock, the former in the apparatus, - has increased five hundred thousand times, and my heart was beating during the flight, five hundred thousand beats per second, counting the hours, remaining in St. Petersburg. The beating of my heart, the movement of the arrow chronometer in my pocket, the filling my whole body - we lived in the path ten hours and forty minutes. And it is actually were ten hours and forty minutes. But the beating heart of St. Petersburg inhabitant, on the movement of the hands on the clock Peter and Paul Cathedral - passed from the day of our departure three plus weeks. Later, you can build a large machine, supply it for half a year supply of food, oxygen and ультралиддита, and offer some чудакам: don't you like living in our time - war, revolution, insurrection - chaos. Want to live a hundred years? You just have to be patient for six months, to sit in the box, but what a life? You skip over a century. And send them with the speed of light for half a year междузвездное space. Поскучают, обрастут beard, return, and on the earth - the Golden age. And the students are taught in a hundred years ago the whole of Europe was shaken by wars and revolutions. The capital of the world were killed in anarchy. Anybody in that and didn't believe anything. The earth has never seen such disasters. But now, in every country have started to gather the core of the brave and harsh people, they called themselves "Fair". They possessed the power, and began to build the world on the other, the new law - justice, mercy and legality desires happiness, is particularly important, Alexey Ivanovich: - happiness. But all this is and will be, someday.

Gusev охал, clicked his tongue, many wondered:

Mstislav Sergeyevich, how do you think about this drink - we do not отравимся? He teeth pulled out of the Martian wicker flask plug, tried liquid on the language, spit,: - you can drink. - Sipped it, grunted. - Like our Madeira try.

Elk tried: the fluid is thick, sweet, with a strong smell of nutmeg. Trying, they drank half a flask. Through his veins went heat and a special, easy power. The head remained clear.

Elk rose, stretched himself, cracked down: well it's easy, it was strange to him under that other sky - несбыточно, is marvelous. If he was kicked by the surf of the star ocean - born again into uncharted, a new life.

Gusev took the basket of food in a machine, tightly завинтил sunroof, pushed his cap to the back of his head:

- Well, Mstislav Sergeevich, I'm not sorry that went.

It was decided again go to the coast and wander until the evening hilly plain. Fun talking, they went between cacti, sometimes jumped through them long, light jumps. The stones of the embankment slope soon забелели through the hedge.

Suddenly, Elk became. Chill disgust passed on the back. In three steps, in the ground due to fatty leaves looked at it big as a horse, half-opened red centuries eyes. Looked at closely, with a fierce anger.

- Are you? asked Gusev, and also saw the eyes. And, without thinking, now fired at them, had flown away dust. The eyes disappeared.

- There he is! - Gusev turned and shot once in low - earth - is rapidly running animal: - angles raised eight legs, brown, редкополосое, fat body. It was a huge spider, what on earth are found only on the bottom of the sea. He went into the hedge.


From the coast to the nearest groves of trees Elk and Gusev went on горелому, brown dust - jumped through обсыпавшиеся, narrow channels, 'd dried prudki. In some places, in полузасыпанных beds, sand sticking rusty ribs barges. In some places of the dead, dull and plain gleamed bulging discs - cover. Tried to pick them up, they were screwed. Отсвечивающие spots of these disks stretched from the jagged mountains on the hills to the wood кущам, to the ruins.

Among the two hills stood nearest grove: tent undersized, with a large, flat tops, brown trees. Their branches were корявы and strong, leaves resembled a small moss, trunks - sinewy and шишковатые. On the edge between the trees, hanging cliffs barbed network.

Included in the woods. Gusev bent down and пхнул leg from under the dust rolled проломанный, a human skull, teeth flashed his gold. Here it was stuffy. Mossy branches threw in a windless heat scant shade. After a few steps again stumbled upon a bulging disk, he was screwed to the base of the round, metal well. At the end of the fishing line of houses: - it was the ruins, thick, brick walls, like a broken by the explosion, and the mountains of rubble, the protruding ends bent, metal beams.

- Houses blown up, Mstislav Sergeevich, look, Gusev said. - Here they seem to have been the case, these things we know.

On a pile of garbage had a large spider, and ran down the torn edge of the wall. Gusev shot. Spider highly jumped and fell, rolling over. Now the second spider ran away from home to trees, raising brown pollen, and bumped into a barbed network, started beating it, stretching his legs.

Of groves Gusev and Elk got out on the hill and started down to the second line, where could be seen from afar brick built one above the other, stone building with flat roofs. Between the hill and the village lay a few disks. Pointing at them, Moose said:

- Most likely, this is underground wells, electric cables. But all this is thrown. The land was abandoned.

They climbed through the barbed network, crossed the grove and came to a wide, мощенному plates, yard. In the depth of his, resting in a grove of trees, stood the house, extraordinary and gloomy architecture. Smooth walls narrowed up and ended in a massive eaves of black-and-blood stone. The smooth walls of narrow, as cracks, deep holes Windows. Two square, tapering upwards, columns from the same black-and-blood stone supported sculptural overlap entrance. Flat, the entire width of the building, steps led to low, massive doors. Dried fiber creeping plants hung between the dark plates walls. House resembled a giant tomb.

Gusev began to try to shoulder the door, situation bronze. The door yielded. They have gone dark lobby and included in the polygon high hall. Light came in through the collected glass holes vaulted dome. The hall was almost empty. several overturned stools, a table with folded in one corner furry tablecloth, and a dish with истлевшими remnants of food, several low sofas at the walls, the stone semi - tin cans, broken bottles, some strange form, machine, not the weapon of the disks, balls and metal network, standing near the door was covered with a layer of dust.

The dusty light from the dome fell on the yellowish, exactly the marble walls. At the top they were girded with a wide strip of mosaic. Obviously, it showed the earliest event history - fight yellow giants with краснокожими: - the waves of the sea from the submerged in them on the belt of a human figure, the same figure, flying between the stars, then, paintings of battles, attack of wild animals, herd longhairs, driven by the shepherds, life scenes, hunting, dancing, birth and burial - dark zone this mosaic closed above the doors depicting the construction of a giant circus.

"Strange, strange, " said Elk, climbing on sofas to better examine mosaic, Alexei Ivanovich, see figure head on the boards, you know what it is?

Gusev, meanwhile, found in the wall barely noticeable door - it opened to an inner staircase, leading to a wide, vaulted corridor filled with dusty light. Along the walls and in the niches of the corridor were stone and bronze figures, torsos and heads, masks, pottery vases. Decorated with marble and bronze portals, doors led from here into the inner rooms.

Gusev went to look in side low, musty, poorly lit room. One was a dried pool, it was lying dead spider. In other pieces of a broken mirror, closing one of the walls, on the floor, a heap of истлевшего rags, overturned furniture, in closets - rags garments.

In the third room, low, закутанной carpets, on the hill, high well, where was shining, there was a wide bed. Until half hung skeleton of a Martian. Everywhere traces of a violent struggle. In the corner, poke, lying second skeleton. Here among the garbage and rags Gusev found a few things from stamped, heavy metal, apparently of gold. These were the subjects of female household goods, jewelry, ларчики, phials. He took off the decayed service skeleton two, the United chain, large faceted stone, transparent and dark as the night. Mining was not bad.

Elk examined sculpture in the corridor. Among востроносых, stone heads, images of little monsters, painted masks, glued VAZ, strangely resembling the outline of a pattern ancient Etruscan amphorae - the attention he was stopped by the big belt statue. It depicted a Nude woman with всклокоченными hair and fierce wrong person. Acute her Breasts stuck out to the side. Head plumb gold ring of stars, forehead he passed into the subtle parabola, within it consisted of two scoops: ruby red and reddish brick, clay. In terms of sensory and powerful person had something exciting was familiar, from the pop-up unfathomable memory.

From the side of the statue, in the wall, darkened, a small niche, barred. Elk had his fingers through the bars, but the grid is not moved. He lit a match and saw in a niche on the decayed pillows, and a Golden mask. It was a picture of широкоскулого, human face quietly with your eyes closed. Лунообразный mouth smiled. A pointed nose, a bill. On the forehead, between the eyebrows, - swelling in the form of flat honeycomb.

Elk burned half the box of matches, with the excitement of seeing the amazing mask. Shortly before the flight to the earth he saw pictures like masks, recently discovered among the ruins of giant cities on the banks of the Niger, in the part of Africa, where now assume traces of the culture of a vanished race.

One of the side doors in the corridor was ajar. Elk entered into a long, a very good room with choirs and a stone balustrade. Below and above - the choir stood flat cabinets and stretched shelves, were small, thick книжечками. Decorated with embossed in gold stamping their roots stretched monotonous lines along the gray walls. In cabinets stood metal cylinders, in the other - huge bound in the skin or in the tree - books. With cabinets, shelves, from the dark corners of the library looked stone eyes wrinkled, bald heads scientists Martians. The room arranged several deep armchairs, a few boxes on his thin legs with put to the side of the circular screen.

With bated breath, Elk looked at this, with the smell of decay and mold, the treasure where silent, закованная in the book, the wisdom of thousands of years, passing over Mars.

On tiptoe, he went to a shelf and started to disclose the book. The paper was greenish, font geometric shapes, soft, brown color. One of the books, drawings winding machines, Elk pocket to view at your leisure. In metal cylinders were nested yellowish, sounding under the fingernail, like a bone, cushions, such rollers phonograph, but the surface was smooth as glass. One of these ridges lying on a box with a screen, probably prepared for loading and thrown in the destruction of the house.

Then, Elk discovered the black wardrobe, picked at random, one of the interwoven into the skin eaten of worms, easy, plump book and sleeve gently wiped the dust off it. Yellowish, old sheets went down from the top of continuous built-zag полосою. These, passing one another, the pages were covered with colored triangles, dimensions with a fingernail. They fled from left to right and Vice versa incorrect lines, falling, then intertwined. They changed in outlines and color. After a few pages between the triangles appeared colored circles, changing, as jellyfish, shapes and colors. Triangles began to take shape in shape. Plexus and the play of colors and shapes of these triangles, circles, squares, complex shapes fled from page to page. Gradually in the ears Elk start playing, barely perceptible, the subtlest, piercingly sad music.

He closed the book, and shaded his eyes with his hand and stood, leaning against the bookshelves, thrilled, and besotted never tested charm: - singing the book.

Mstislav Sergeevich, - rolling on the house swept voice Guseva, ' go here, rather.

Elk went out into the corridor. At the end of it, in the doorway, stood Gusev, frightened smile:

- Look what they were doing.

He introduced the Elk in the small, dim room, in the far wall was вделано a large, square, opaque mirror, standing before him was a few stools and chairs.

- See bulb hanging on a string, I think, - gold, let pick, look what happened.

Gusev pulled the ball. Mirror lit, there are stepped drop appeared the outlines of the huge houses, Windows, sparkling in the low sun, waving branches of the trees, a dull hum of the crowd filled the dark room. In the mirror, top-down, closing the outlines of a city, slipped winged shadow. Suddenly a flash lit up the screen, sharp crackle came under the floor of the room, a foggy mirror quelled.

- Short circuit, wire burned, Gusev said, - but we need to go, Mstislav Sergeevich, night soon.


His narrow, fuzzy wings, burning sun beginning to set.

Elk and Gusev ran on тускнеющей, now even more deserted and wild plain to the Bank of the canal. The sun is swiftly took the closest edge of the field, and has sunk. Dazzling crimson glow spilled on the place of the sunset. Abrupt its rays struck the half of the sky, and quickly, quickly covered with gray sand - extinguished. Sky densely dark.

In ash sunset, low on Mars, got a big, red star. She stepped like an angry eye. A few moments darkness was filled with only her dark rays.

But already around непроглядному the sky began to pour out the stars, shining, greenish constellation - ice-rays pricked their eyes. Dark star, rising up inflamed.

Upon reaching the shore, Elk stopped and pointing to the red star, said:

- Earth.

Gusev took off his cap, wiped the sweat from his forehead. Throwing back his head, stared at the floating between the constellations of distant homeland. His face was sad and pale.

So, they have stood in the белеющем in star light ancient canal.

But now, due to the dark and sharp features of the horizon appeared a light hammer, less than a month, and started to rise above the кактусовым field. Long shadows were from лапчатых plants.

Gusev elbow pushed Elk.

Behind us, look.

Behind them over the hilly plains, over the groves and ruins, stood second satellite of Mars. Round, yellow disk, the smaller moon, leaned over the jagged mountains. Отблескивали on the hills of metal disks.

- Well night, " whispered Gusev, as in a dream.

They carefully descended from the shore into the dark thickets of cactuses. From under the feet shied the shadow. Hairy tangle ran on the lunar stains. Clicked. Пискнуло - pitched, terribly thin. Moving, gleaming in the dead light leaves cacti. Липла-to-face web, elastic as a network.

Suddenly, smooth, terrible disastrous Allergy driven nasal congestion howl arose General night. Оборвало. All was quiet. Gusev and Elk great leaps, with a shudder of revulsion and horror ran across the field, jumping through the revived plants.

Finally, in the light of the rising sickle glistening steel plating machine. Ran. Set down отпыхиваясь.

- Well, no, at night in these spider's the place I am not a Walker, Gusev said, opened the hatch and climbed into the machine.

The elk is still delayed. Listening, watching. And behold, he saw between the stars black fantastic silhouette floated winged shadow of the ship.


Shadow of the air ship disappeared. Elk climbed on to the lining of the apparatus, lit his pipe and looked at the stars. Thin chill slightly знобил body.

Inside the unit was busy, muttered Gusev, reviewed, hid found gizmos. Then his head was leaning out of the hatch:

- What you say, Mstislav Sergeevich, and all the gold, and the stones - rates no. These things in Petersburg sell - ten cars of money. Here дуреха my overjoyed.

His head vanished, and he soon altogether. Happy the man was, Gusev.

But Elk couldn't sleep, sat, помаргивал at the stars, I sucked tube. The devil only knows! Where to Mars could get African masks with these distinctive, third eye honeycomb in междубровной depression? And the mosaic? Lost in the sea, flying between the stars giants? The image of the head of the Sphinx on the boards? And the sign of the parabola: ruby ball - earth and brick, Mars? A sign of power over the two worlds. Incomprehensible. And singing the book? And a strange city, which appeared in the foggy mirror? Then, why all the edge of the abandoned, neglected?

Elk knocked out his pipe on the heel and again filled its tobacco. Soon came the day. It is obvious that the Martian pilot will know somewhere in the village. Maybe they already are searching for, and проплывший front of the stars of the ship, it is sent for them.

Elk оглянул sky. Light reddish star-earth turned pale, she was approaching the Zenith, a ray from it went to the heart.

A sleepless night, while standing at the gate of the shed, Elk, likewise, from the cold sorrow looked at the ascending Mars. It was the night before. Just one night separated him from the earth, from the bitter shadows. But what a night!

Earth, earth, green, the clouds, the debacle of the light, lush, high, so wasteful cruel to their children, poured hot blood, and yet the beloved Motherland...

Cold fear squeezed my brain Elk clearly saw himself sitting in a foreign desert on an iron box, how the devil lonely, abandoned by the Spirit of earth. Millennium of the past and the coming Millennium - not whether one is a continuous life of one body, dismissed from the chaos? Maybe this red ball of the earth, floating in a star-desert - the only living, carnal heart of the great spirit, раскинутого in the millennia? Man, ephemeris, waking moment of life, he is the Elk, one of his crazy will of got away from the great spirit, and that's how sad demon, despicable and damned, one sits on the vacant lot.

It was something that freeze heart. Here it is, here it is - the loneliness. Elk jumped off the apparatus and climbed into the trap lay down beside похрапывающим Gusev. So, it became easier. This simple man betrayed the Motherland, flew far away, on the ninth sky, and only looks that would grab him, bring home, Masha. Sleeps peacefully conscience is clear.

From heat, fatigue Elk slowly dozed off. In a dream came to him consolation. He saw the shore of the earth's rivers, birch rustling of the wind, the clouds, the sparks of the sun and water, and on the side of someone in the white waves at him, calling, beckons.

Elk and Gusev woke noise and propellers.


Dazzling pink ridge clouds as harnesses yarn, hanging from the East to the West, covered the morning sky. Then appearing in the densely blue sky-light, disappearing behind the pink ridges, fell, sunlit, flying ship. Shape of its трехмачтового backbone resembled the Punic galleys. Three pairs of sharp, flexible wings stretched from the sides of it.

The ship cut the cloud, and all wet, silver, shiny, hung over cactuses. On the extreme short masts powerfully roared vertical screws, not letting him down. Boards sat back staircase, and the ship set down on them. Screws stopped.

On лесенкам ran down weak figures Martians. They were identical, ovate helmets, silver, broad jackets, with thick collars, covering the neck and the bottom of the face. In the hands of everyone had guns, in the form of short, with the disk in the middle, automatic rifles.

Gusev, scowling, stood near the apparatus. With your hand on the Mauser, glanced, as the Martians were lined up in two rows. Their guns lay the gun on the bent arm.

- Weapons, bastards, as Baba hold, " he growled. Elk stood with his hands on his chest, smiling. The last ship went down a Martian, dressed in black, falling large folds, Bathrobe. Open his head was bald, in cones. Безбородое, narrow face blue.

Sinking in the soft soil, he passed by a double row of soldiers. Convex, bright, icy eyes questioningly at Gusev. Then, he was looking for an Elk. Close to people, raised his tiny hand in a wide sleeve, and said a thin, glassy, slow voice of the bird's the word:

- Талцетл.

Even more widened his eyes were lit with the cold excitation. He repeated the bird's word and insistently pointed to the sky. Moose said:

- Earth.

- Earth - with difficulty repeated Martian, raised skin on the forehead. Cones his darkened. Gusev put foot, coughed and said angrily:

- From Russia, we are Russians. We, then, to you, Hello, " he touched the brim, we will not hurt you didn't hurt... He, Mstislav Sergeevich, nor чорта we do not understand.

Bluish, clever face Martian was motionless, only on sloping his forehead, between the eyebrows, was blown up on the voltage reddish. A slight movement of his hand he pointed to the sun and said that familiar sound, which sounded strange:

- Соацр.

He pointed to the ground, spread his hands, as if bowing ball:

- Tuma

Pointed at one of the soldiers standing in a semicircle behind him, pointed at Gusev, at myself, at the Elk,

- Шохо.

So, he called the words of a few items, listened to their value on the language of the earth. Close to the Elk and important touched the ring finger of his forehead, the cavity between the eyebrows. Elk bowed his head in acknowledgment. Gusev, after it was touched, pulled on the forehead visor:

As with the savages turn.

The Martian went to answer it and long, with a restrained surprise, then understanding, apparently, his principle, with admiration considered a huge, steel egg, covered with a crust of carbon. Suddenly threw up his hands, turned to the soldiers, and quickly began to say to them, lifted her clasped hands to heaven.

- AIU, - answered the soldiers завывающими voices.

He put his palm on my forehead and sighed deeply - mastered excitement, and turning to the Moose, without the cold, потемневшими, увлаженными eyes looked him in the eye:

- AIU, " he said, " AIU утара шохо, дациа tuma RA geo талцетл.

Following this, he hand closed his eyes and bowed low. Straightened up, called the soldier took a small knife and started to scratch the shell of the unit: drew egg above the roof, the side - figure of a soldier. Gusev, looking over his shoulder, said:

- Offers a range of apparatus put the tent and protection only, Mstislav Sergeevich, as they would have us things not растаскали, hatches without locks.

- Throw, in fact, ' stop playing the fool, Alexey Ivanovich.

But there gold. And I with one, now with the солдатешком exchanged looks, - mug him the most unreliable.

The Martian listened to the conversation with attention and respect. Elk gestured for him, that agree to leave the device under protection. The Martian put to a large, thin mouth whistle blew. The ship then replied with a piercing whistle. Then the Martian became высвистывать some signals. On top of secondary, higher, mast climbed, as hair, pieces of thin wires heard потрескиванье sparks.

The Martian pointed to the Elk and Gusev on the ship. The soldiers pulled, turned round. Gusev looked back at them, smiled crookedly, went to the apparatus, took out of it two bags with бельишком and trivia, hard завинтил hatch, and pointing at him soldiers - slapped the маузеру, wagged his finger, скосоротился awful. The Martians with amazement observed the movements.

"Well, Alexei Ivanovich, prisoners we, or guests - we have nowhere to go, " Moose said, laughed, threw up his bag on his shoulder and they walked to the ship.

On masts with his strong noise spun vertical screws. Wings drop down. Wailed the propellers. Guests can be captive, ascended on fragile ladder on Board.


The ship was flying low above Mars in the North-West direction. Moose, bald and Martian remained on deck. Gusev fell in the interior of the ship to the soldiers.

In light-straw color, felling, he sat down in a wicker chair and some time looking at востроносых, щуплых soldiers, помаргивающих as birds, red eyes. Then he took out a tin, printed on it the Tsar cannon, the coveted cigarette case with him seven years he never parted on all fronts - slammed by the Tsar cannon, - "have a smoke, comrades," and suggested cigarettes.

The Martians with fright затрясли heads. Nevertheless, took a cigarette considered, sniffed and hid it in the pocket of his white pants. When Gusev lit a cigarette, soldiers in the greatest fear backed away from him, whispered bird voices:

- Шохо Tao Havre шохо-Ohm.

Reddish, востренькие their face with the horror of watching as "шохо" swallows smoke. But little by little they sniffed and calmed down, and again sat down to man.

Gusev, not particularly struggling ignorance of the Martian language, began to tell new friends Pro-Russia, Pro war, revolution, about their exploits boasted an extremely:

- Gusev is my surname. Gusev - of geese: hefty these birds on earth, you are such birds and was never seen. And call me - Alexey Ivanovitch. I not only regiment - I cavalry division commanded. Terrible hero, terrible. I tactics guns, not guns, checkers on Golo - "you give, son of a bitch, position". - And chop. And I whole chopped up, I didn't care. We in the military Academy of even a special course read: "Cutting-Alexey Gusev", swear to God, not to believe? Body I was offered. - Gusev nail pushed his cap and scratched behind the ear. - Tired, no, sorry. Seven years fought, although anyone очертеет. And here Mstislav Sergeevich calling me, says, "Aleksei Ivanovich, without you even for a Mars not fly". Now, then - " Hello. -So.

The Martians listened, wondered at. One brought a flask of brown, nutmeg, liquid. Another opened canned food. Gusev took out a bag half a bottle of alcohol seized from the earth. The Martians drank and залопотали. Gusev became kissing, patting them on the back, making noise. Then he began to pull out of the pockets of different stuff, suggested change. The Martians are happy to give him gold pieces for a penknife, for candy pencil, for surprising made from a rifle cartridge, a lighter. With all Gusev wasn't on you.

Meanwhile, Elk, leaning his arms on the cross aboard the ship, looked at the flowing off the bottom, bleak, hilly plain. He knew the house, where they visited yesterday. Lay everywhere the same ruins, Islands of trees, dragged dried channels.

Pointing to this desert, the Elk is depicted puzzled - why all the region is abandoned and dead? Bulging eyes bald Martian suddenly became evil. He gave a signal, and the ship rose, described the arc and was flying now to the heights of jagged mountains.

The sun rose high, the clouds disappeared. Roaring, propellers, when cornering and rises creaking, moved flexible wings rustled vertical screws. Elk noticed, that apart from the noise of screws and посвистыванья in the wings of the wind and the self-starting masts - was not heard other sounds: machines worked silently. It was not visible and the machines themselves. Only on the axis of each screw is rotated round box, such casing динамы, Yes on the tops of the front and back of the masts crackled two элиптические basket of silver wire.

Elk asked the Martian name items and recorded them. Then he took out of his pocket давешнюю book with drawings, asking specify sounds geometric letters. Martian with astonishment looked at the book. Again his eyes grew cold, thin lips curled back to vanish disgust. He took the book out of the hand of the Elk and threw it overboard.

From height, thin air Elk beginning ломить chest, tears застилало eyes. Noticing this, the Martian signaled to decrease. The ship was flying now over the blood-red, desert cliffs. Winding and extensive mountain range stretched from South-East to North-West. The shadow of the ship flew down the ragged bluffs, sparkling conductors ores and metals, steep slopes, covered лишаями, jumping in the misty abyss, covers a cloud sparkling like diamonds, icy peaks, mirror glaciers. The region was the dick and deserted.

- Лизиазира, nodding on the mountain, said the Martian, - bared his small, блеснувшие gold teeth.

Looking down on the rocks, so sad reminded him dead landscape broken planet, Elk saw in the abyss on the stones capsized ship's frame, silver metal fragments were scattered around him. Further, due to the crest of the cliff rising up the broken wing of the second ship. Right, pierced with granite peak, hung third, all disfigured, ship. Everywhere, in these places, could be seen the remains of huge wings, broken frames, protruding ribs. It was the site of the battle seemed to devils were defeated at these barren rocks.

Elk glanced at his neighbour. The Martian was sitting, holding Bathrobe at the neck, and quietly at the sky. To meet the ship flew длиннокрылые birds, stretched in a line. Now, they took, flashing yellow wings in a dark blue, and turned. Watching their declining flight, Elk saw the black water of round lake, deep-lying among the rocks. Curly bushes stuck to its shores. Yellow bird sat down in the water. Lake of the start of the walk ripple, steamed up too and out of the midst thereof ascended as a strong stream of water, spread and opal.

- Соам, " said the Martian, solemnly.

Mountain range has ended. In the North-West through the transparent, unsteady heat wave was a Canary-yellow plain, glittered large water. The Martian held out his hand in the direction of misty wonderful Dali and with a long smile, said:

- Azor.

The ship slightly rose. Wet, sweet air was in the face, noise in the ears. Azor spread far and wide, shining plain. Slotted affluent channels, covered with orange кущами vegetation, cheerful, канареечными meadows, Azor, which meant that joy, resembled those chicken, spring meadows, which are remembered in a dream, back in my childhood.

On channels sailed and Barki. On the banks of the scattered white houses, patterned garden paths. Everywhere crawling figures Martians. Other filmed with a flat roof and a bat flew through the water, or for the grove. Spinning wind drives on transparent turrets. Everywhere, in the meadows, were pools, sparkling streams. Wonderful was the end of Azor.

At the end of the plains played solar swell huge water space, went curving lines of all channels. The ship was flying to the other side, and saw Elk, finally, the big, direct channel. Far kept him sinking into the wet darkness. Yellowish, muddy waters it slowly flowed along the stone slope.

Flew for a long time. And now, the end of the canal began to rise of water level edge of the wall, leaving the ends of the horizon. Wall grew. Now were seen huge chunks of masonry, overgrown with bushes and trees between the cracks. They went to a giant circus. He was full of water. Above the surface, in many places, rose foam caps fountains...

- Ro, " said the Martian, it is important to raising his finger.

Elk took out his notebook, he found it hastily, yesterday outlined, drawing lines and points on the disk of Mars. The picture he held out his neighbor, and pointed down at the circus. The Martian looked, сморщившись, realized happily nodded and nail of the little finger отчеркнул one of the points in the drawing.

Leaning over the rail, Elk saw diverging from the circus two straight and one curved lines filled with water channels. Now she is the secret: round spots on the disk of Mars were cirques - water storages, lines, triangles and half-circles - channels. But what beings could build these cyclopean walls? Elk looked at my companion. The Martian stuck out his lower lip, raised divorced hands to the sky:

Tao хацха уталицитл.

The ship was crossing the now scorched plain. On it lay a rose-red, very broad, blossoming strip anhydrous direction of the fourth channel, covered, like sowing, regular rows of vegetation. Apparently, it was one of the lines of the second channel network - white picture on disk of Mars.

Plain passed in a low, soft hills. Behind them began to appear bluish outlines of lattice towers. The Central mast of a ship rose and rattled sparks segments wires. Behind the hills stood all new and new shapes of lattice towers, уступчатых buildings. A huge city played silvery shadows from the sun in the darkness. The Martian said:

- Соацера.


Blue outlines Соацеры, ledges flat roofs, trellised walls covered with greenery, oval mirrors ponds, transparent tower - out from behind the hills, occupying more and more space, sank for мглистым horizon. Many black dots flew over the city towards the ship.

Blooming station went off to the North. East of the city lay desolate, covered with piles of rubble, pitted by field. At the edge of the desert, casting a sharp, long shadow, there was a giant statue of a man, cracks, covered with лишаями.

Stone, a naked man standing to his full height, his feet were shifted arms close to narrow hips, fluted belt propped convex chest, the sun flickered dimly his eared helmet, topped with a sharp tongue, as the fish ridge. Had high cheekbones face with closed eyes smiled лунообразным mouth.

- Магацитл, " said the Martian, and pointed to the sky.

Far away behind the statue of immense ruins circus, sad shape fallen arches of the aqueduct. Looking Elk realized that pile of rubble on the plain, the pit, the hills were the remains of the ancient city. New city, Соацера, started a glittering lake, to the West from these ruins.

Black dots in the sky were approaching, increased. There were hundreds of Martians, flying towards the cruise boats and saddles, duck birds baskets with parachutes. First домчалась, described the steep volvulus and hung over the ship shining, Golden, the four-wing, as grasshoppers, narrow cigar. It was showered with flowers, colored bits of paper on the deck of the ship, hung young, excited faces.

Elk stood up, holding тросс, took off his helmet, the wind picked up his white hair. The cabin got out Gusev and stood next to him. Armfuls of flowers flew them from the boat. The bluish, dark-skinned, brick, persons flying up Martians was frantic excitement, enthusiasm, horror.

Now, head over to the front, sides, chase slowly rocking ship flew hundreds of air crews. Now, slid, top-down in a basket under the parachute waving hands fat man in striped cap. Now, flashed bearded face, looking into the tube. Here, bdsm, with fly-away hair, sharp-nosed Martian, either before the ship on the winged saddle, made a whirling box Elk. Now, swept, all in color, wicker boat - three female, большеглазых, slender face, blue headgear, blue, flying sleeves, white scarves.

Singing screws, the noise of the wind in the wings, thin whistles, the sparkle of gold, diversity of garments in the air blue at the bottom, purple, silver, канареечная foliage parks, sparkling glow of the sun window уступчатых houses, everything was like a dream. Dizzy. Gusev looked around, repeated шопотом:

- Look, look, Oh, you...

The ship sailed above the hanging gardens and slowly went down on a large, circular square. Immediately, showered, peas from the sky, hundreds of boats, baskets, птичищ, - sat, шлепались on the white plate square. In the streets, going from her star, noisy crowds of people, and fled, and threw flowers, pieces of paper, waved their handkerchiefs.

The ship sat down at the high and heavy, like a pyramid, gloomy building of black and red stone. The broad staircase him, between the square, sweethearts up, columns, income only to the third of the height of the house, stood a bunch of Martians. They were all in black robes, round caps. It was like a Moose learned later, the Supreme Council of Engineers, the highest governing body of all the countries of Mars.

The Martian satellite pointed to the Elk - wait. Soldiers fled to лесенкам the area and surrounded the ship, restraining напиравшие crowd. Gusev looked with admiration from the colorful clothes, волнующуюся square вздымающееся over the heads of many wings, community gray, or black-and-red buildings, clear, for roofs, the shape of the towers.

- Well, a city now it's a city, he said, stamping their.

On the stairs of the Martians in black robes opened. There appeared a tall, stoop-shouldered Martian, also dressed in black, with a long, ugly face, with a long, narrow, black beard. On a round hat on his trembling Golden comb, as the fish ridge.

Down to the middle of the staircase leaning on a cane, he looked sunken and dark eyes from the ground. Looking at him, and Elk, careful, cautious.

- The devil, stared, " said Gusev. Turned to the crowd and already blithely shouted " Hello, fellow Martians we love, accept guests.

The crowd stared sighed, заропотала, went up, spread over. Dark Martian captured a handful of beard and looked away at the crowd, took a dim eye area. And under his gaze softened a throbbing sea of heads. He turned to standing on the stairs, said a few words, and lifted up his cane, pointed it to the ship.

Immediately to the ship escaped one of the Martians and quietly and quickly said something нагнувшемуся to him over the side of the bald марсианину. There were signal whistles, two soldiers взбежали on Board, wailed the screws, and the ship, he separated from the square, floated above the town in Northern direction.


Соацера drowned far beyond the hills. The ship was flying over the plain. In some places one could see monotonous line of buildings, poles and wire suspension rail, openings of mines, loaded barges, moving through narrow channels.

But now, out of the forest Kushch increasingly began to climb the rocky peaks. The ship dropped, flew over the smoky gorge, and sat down on the meadow, downhill coming down to the dark and lush undergrowth.

Elk and Gusev have taken bags, and together with bald companion of them went through the fields down to the grove.

Water dust, coming from the side openings of portable pipes, played rainbows over the glistening with moisture, curly grass. A flock of small, long-haired animals, black and white, were grazing on a slope. Was peacefully. Quietly murmured water. Подувал breeze.

All, long-haired dogs lazily up, giving the way to people, and departed, rolling bear paws, wrapped flat, the meek of the muzzle. The shepherd boy, in a long, red shirt, was sitting on the stone, his chin, and also lazily looked at had. Descended on the yellow meadow birds and распушились otryahivayas under a rainbow fountain of water. Away wandered on long legs bright green crane-melancholic.

Come to the grove. Lush, weeping trees were azure blue. Resinous, sky, except for the wind rustling the leaves gently, noisy, hanging branches. Through spotted trunks played away the shining water of the lake. Spicy, sweet heat in this blue often circled the head.

Grove crossed many paths, sprinkled orange sand. At the crossroads of them, the round glades, stood the old, the other broken, herpes, large statue of Sandstone. Over thickets rose fragments of columns, the remains of cyclopean walls.

Track загибала to the lake. Opened his dark blue, mirror surface with toppled the peak of a distant rocky mountains. Just moved in water reflection of weeping trees. It shone with a magnificent sun. In the bend of the coast, with the sides moss stairs leading down into the lake, there were two huge, human statues, cracked, covered with creeping vegetation.

On the stairs there was a young woman went out of the water. Her head covered yellow, pointed cap. She looked youthful, thin, white - bluish, next to overweight outlines, covered with moss, the ever-smiling through the sleep sitting Магацитла. Now, she slipped, and grabbed the stone ledge, raised its head.

- Aelita, " whispered the Martian, closed his eyes sleeve and dragged Elk and Gusev with a track in the thicket.

Soon they reached a large clearing. In the depths of her in the grass, stood the dark, with sloping walls, gray house. From the star, sandy platform in front of its facade, the direct paths ran through the meadow, down to the grove, where the trees were brick, low buildings.

Bald Martian whistled. From the corner of the building appeared a short, plump Martian wearing a striped coat. One side of his face was exactly rubbed beet. Wincing from the sun came up, but hearing - who are the newcomers, now prinorovilsya get away for a corner. Bald Martian spoke to him peremptorily, and fat man sitting on the legs of fear, turning around, showing yellow tooth of a toothless mouth - led visitors to the house.


The guests were taken to the light, small, almost empty rooms, published narrow Windows in the Park. The walls of the dining room and the bedrooms were covered with straw-colored mats. In the corners stood tubs with flowering trees. Gusev found the premise is appropriate: "Like a baggage basket, very nice."

Fat man in striped robe, the house managers, fussed лопотал, went door-to-door, wiped the brown scarf skull, and, from time to time, каменел, выкатывая the guests склерозные eyes, secretly arranged fingers horns, огораживался.

He has filled the water in the pool and led Elk and Gusev, each in its own bathroom, - from the bottom of her raised thick clouds of steam. Touching immensely tired body hot, bubbling, light water, it was so sweet that Moose almost fell asleep in the marble basin. Managing pulled his arm.

Elk barely доплелся to the dining room, where was served buffet many small plates with a broiled fish, various spreads, bird, tiny eggs, candied fruit. Crispy, the size of a walnut balls of bread melted in my mouth.

Ate tiny лопаточками. Managing каменел, looking as people from the earth devour the most delicate dishes of food. Gusev entered the appetite and rake left, ate hands, похваливал. Especially good was the wine, white, blue flyer, with the smell of damp and currant. It was evaporating in the mouth and fiery heat flowed through his veins.

Bringing guests in the bedrooms, managing long fussed, подтыкая blankets, palming off pads. But already strong and long dream mastered "white giants." "They breathed and snuffled so loud that shook the glass trembled plants in the corners, and beds crackled under their not марсиански mighty bodies.


Elk opened his eyes. Bluish, artificial light coming from the ceiling, as from the bowl. It was warm and pleasant lie. "What happened? Where I lie?". But he never made an effort to remember. "My God, what a weariness," he thought with delight, and closed his eyes again.

Floated some bright spots, like the water played through the turquoise leaves. Premonition amazing joy, the expectation that these bright spots something must enter now his dream, filled his wonderful anxiety.

Dreamily, smiling, he even knit brows, is trying to penetrate the thin veil of moving, sunspots. But even more deep sleep cloud covered it.


Elk threw his feet out of bed. The villages. So, sat for some time with his head down. Got up, pulled into the side of a thick curtain. Behind a narrow window burned icy light of the huge stars unfamiliar their drawing was strange and dick.

- Yes, Yes, Yes, ' said Elk, " I'm not on earth. The land remained there. Ice desert, infinite space. Go so far! I - in the new world. Well, Yes: I was dead. Because I know it. My soul is there.

He sat on the bed. He drove the nails in the chest, there is where the heart is. Then, lay prone.

Is neither life, nor death. Living brain of the living body. But all I leave, I am empty. Here he is, there he is in hell.

He bit his pillow, screaming. He himself could not understand why the second night it so unbearable torments longing for land, himself, who lived there at the stars. Like - off live thread, and his soul was suffocated in ice, black emptiness.

"Who's here?

Elk jumped. In the window beat the ray of the morning light. Straw, little room was blindingly clear. With rustling leaves, свистали birds outside the window. Elk ran his hand over his eyes, took a deep breath. Heart was restless, but joyfully.

The door again gently knocked. Elk opened the door, her stood striped fat man, holding both hands on his stomach armful of azure, showered dew colors:

- AIU утара Aelita, - he squeaked, holding out the flowers.


For the morning meal Gusev said:

Mstislav Sergeevich, because it leaves not the case. Flew the devil knows what Dahl, and walk in, sit out in the boondocks. In the city they probably't let us go, is seen as a bearded, black, frowned. Oh, Mstislav Sergeevich, beware of it. I have in the bedroom of his portrait hangs. While we watered, fed, and then what? Drink, eat, and in the bathrooms to rest - this, after all, and fly it.

And you are not in a hurry, Alexei Ivanovich, " Moose said, glancing at the azure flowers odor of bitter and sweet, let's обсмотримся will see that we are not dangerous, be admitted into the city.

- Don't know about you, Mstislav Sergeevich, and I do not here to rest came.

- What do you think we should do?

- It is strange to hear you say it, Mstislav Sergeevich, not нанюхались whether you something sweet.

- Want to quarrel?

- No, not to quarrel. And sit - flowers to smell: and we on earth as in soul goes. And I think, if we first got here, Mars has now our, Russian. This case should be fixed.

- Crank you, Alexey Ivanovich.

"But we will see which of us is the oddball. - Gusev straightened his belt belt, moved his shoulders, his eyes narrowed shrewdly. - It is hard, I myself understand: it was just the two. But it is necessary that the paper they gave us the desire to join the Russian Federative Republic. Quietly this paper we will not, of course, but you saw yourself on Mars, they are not all right. Eyes I have trained.

- Revolution, that I'd like to get?

- How to say, Mstislav Sergeevich, we'll see.

- No, really, please do without revolution, Alexey Ivanovich.

- To me that the revolution me paper need, Mstislav Sergeevich. We, in St. Petersburg-the back? Spider or something, dried bring? No, return and submit: please документик of accession of Mars. It's not something province, some, chop off of Poland, of the whole planet. Here, in Europe, while взовьются. One gold here, you see, the ships carry. So, Mstislav Sergeevich.

Elk thoughtfully glanced at it: it was impossible to understand jokes Gusev, or said seriously, are cunning, rustic his eyes laughed, but somewhere hiding in them сумасшедшинка. Elk shook his head, and touching transparent, wax, azure big flower petals, and said thoughtfully:

- It did not occur to why I fly to Mars. Fly to fly. There were times when the dreamers-конквистадоры sent the ship and swam to find new land. Due to the sea appeared to the unknown shore, the ship was in the mouth of the river, captain shot wide-brimmed hat, and called the earth by his name: gorgeous minute. Then, he took from the shore. Yes, you probably are right: to come to the shore of the little - you need to load the ship treasure. We will look into the new world. What treasures. Wisdom, the wisdom that, Alexey Ivanovich, you take on our ship. As you all the time itching, it's not good.

- It is difficult for us to be with you to conspire, Mstislav Sergeevich. Not easy you people.

Elk laughed:

- No, I only heavy for myself; сговоримся, dear friend.

The door поскреблись. Slightly sitting on foot from fear and reverence, appeared managing signs and asked him to follow. Elk hastily got up, ran his hands on the white hair. Gusev strongly twisted whiskers - straight up. Guests went through the corridors and лесенкам in the distant part of the house.

Managing knocked at a low door. Behind her came a hasty, exactly children's, voice. Elk and Gusev have entered into a long, white room. Rays of light dancing with them in dust, falling through the skylights on the mosaic floor that reflected the neat rows of books, bronze statues, standing between flat wardrobes, tables with thin, sharp legs, cloud mirror screens.

Near the door, leaning against the bookshelves, stood ash-волосая, a young woman in a black dress, closed from the neck to the floor, hands. Over the highly arched her hair танцовали dust particles in the beam fell, like a sword in the Golden book covers. It was the one that yesterday on a lake called the Martian Aelita.

Elk bowed low to her. Aelita, motionless, staring at him with huge pupils, ashen eyes. Its white-bluish, elongated face slightly shivered all. A slightly raised nose, mouth slightly irregular were childish and affectionate. Exactly from the lift at the slope breathed her Breasts beneath the black and soft folds.

- Эллио утара geo - light as music, soft voice, almost шопотом, she said, and bent her head so low that I could see the back of her head.

In response Elk only fingers. Making an effort, said it is unclear why, pompously:

- Aliens from earth salute thee, Aelita.

Said and blushed. Gusev said with dignity:

- Let me know - Colonel Gusev, engineer - Mstislav Sergeevich Elk. Came to thank you for bread, for salt.

After hearing a human voice, Aelita raised her head, her face became calmer, the pupils of the - less. She silently stretched out her hand, wrapped a thin hand palm up, and holding her some time. Moose and Gusev began to seem that the palm of her appeared pale green, whitish ball. Aelita quickly turned her palm and went along the bookshelves in the depth of the library. They followed her.

Now Elk considered that Aelita up to his shoulder, thin and light, like a girl. The hem of her wide dress flew on the mirror mosaic. Turning back, she smiled, " but the eyes remained unsettled, холодноватыми.

She pointed to a leather bench that stood in a half-circular expansion of the room. Elk Gusev and sat down. Now Aelita sat across from them at the reading table, laid her on her elbows and began to gently and closely look at the guests.

So they were silent for a short time. Little Elk begin to feel the peace and sweetness to sit here and contemplate this wonderful, strange girl. Gusev breath, said, in half-voices:

- Good girl, a very nice lady.

Then Aelita spoke exactly touched a musical instrument, so wonderful was her voice. String for строкою she kept repeating some words. Jarred, raised her upper lip curled ash eyelashes. Face lit up with the charm and joy.

She again held out before him a hand, palm up. Almost immediately the Elk and Gusev have seen in deepening its palm white-greenish, fuzzy ball, the size of a large Apple. Within that sphere he moved all and shimmering.

Now both Aelita guest and carefully looked at the cloud, opal Apple. Suddenly, jet it stopped, stood out dark spots. Looking more closely, Elk cried out: on the palm of Aelita lay globe.

- Талцетл, " she said, pointing at him.

The balloon slowly began to spin. Sailed outlines of America, the Pacific coast of Asia. Gusev worried:

- This - we, we, Russians, ours, " he said, poking a finger nail to Siberia. Winding shadow floated ridge of the Urals, thread lower reaches of the Volga. Очертились the shores of the White sea.

'Here, ' said Elk, and pointed to the Gulf of Finland. Aelita raised her eyes to him. The rotation of the ball stopped. Elk focused, in memory arose piece geographic map, and now, as if the imprint of his imagination, appeared on the surface of the foggy ball - black BLOB radiating from her threads Railways, the inscription on a greenish field - "St. Petersburg" and with the side - the big red letter of the beginning of the word "Russia".

Aelita looked him and hid the ball, " he now shone through her fingers. Looking for Elk, she shook her head:

- Оцео Ho sua, " she said, and he realized - "Focus and remember".

Then he began to remember the outline of Petersburg - granite quay, icy cold, blue waves of the Neva river, ныряющую them in a boat with some чахоточным official, повиснувшие in the fog long arch of the Nicholas bridge, dense fumes from factories, smoke and clouds dim sunset, wet street sign petty benches - "tea, sugar, coffee, an old cab at the corner.

Aelita, his chin, quietly looked at the ball. It floated memories Elk, distinct, like shifted erased. Advanced Collonade and dim the dome of St.Isaac's Cathedral, and is already in place it came granite stairs near the water, a semicircle, benches, sad setting some young lady with a parasol, and above it - two sphinxes in тиарах. Floated columns of numbers, figure drawing, appeared blazing furnace, sullen Khokhlov, swelling coals.

Long looked Aelita the strange life passing before her in the misty jets globe. But, images began to flounder: persistently invaded any, of an entirely different shape, the picture of the band smoke, blaze, racing horses, some running, falling people. Now, obscuring everything floated, bearded, bathed in blood, ugly face. Gusev sighed deeply. Aelita anxiously turned to him, and now turned her palm. The ball disappeared.

Aelita sat a few minutes, leaning his arms, closing her hand eye. Took from the shelf one of the cylinders, took out his bone roller and invested in reading, TV, table. Then, she pulled the cord, and the upper Windows of the library задернулись blue curtains. She drew a table, a bench, and turned the switch.

Mirror screen lit up, top-down floated on it figures Martians, animals, houses, trees, and utensils. Aelita called each figurine name. When the figures were moving and combined she called verb. Sometimes images interspersed colored, as in singing the book, trademarks and distributed, barely perceptible, the musical phrase, - Aelita called concept.

She spoke in a quiet voice. Slowly floated images of items that strange alphabet. In the silence, in the blue twilight the library, looking Elk grey eyes, the voice of Aelita strong and soft charms penetrated into the consciousness. Dizzy.

Elk felt - his brain яснеет, though rises foggy veil, and new words and concepts отпечатлеваются in memory. This lasted for a long time. Aelita ran a hand across his forehead and sighed, and turned out the screen. Elk and Gusev sat in a daze.

Go and lie down to sleep, " said Aelita guests in the language, the sounds of which were still strange, but the meaning is already behaviour was in every way in the mist of consciousness.


Seven days have passed.

When, subsequently, Elk recalled the time, it seemed to him the blue dusk, great peace of where Java passed a string of wonderful dreams.

Elk and Gusev woke up early in the morning. After a bath and a light meal went to the library. Attentive, affectionate eyes Aelita met them on the doorstep. She spoke almost already clear words. It was a sense of unspeakable rest in peace and the dimness of the room, the quiet words of Aelita, - the moisture in her eyes shined, his eyes moved apart in the field, and there were dreaming. Fled shadow on the screen. Words, out of the will, penetrated into the consciousness.

Performed a miracle words, at first only the sounds, then draughty, like the mist, concepts, gradually flooded with juice of life. Now, when the Moose pronounced name - Aelita - it excited him a double sense: the grief of the first syllable AE, which meant that it visible in the last time", and a sense of silvery light - LITA, which meant that the star's light. Thus, the language of the new world thinnest matter allow it fulfill all the consciousness, and it тяжелело.

Seven days this continued enrichment. The lessons in the morning and after sunset until midnight. Finally, Aelita, apparently, was tired. On the eighth day came to Wake and they slept till evening.

When the Moose got up out of bed, window visible long shadows of the trees. Crystal, monotonous voice посвистывала some bird. Dizzy head slightly. It was a sense of overcrowding неизлитой joy. Elk dressed quickly and not enough was enough Guseva, went to the library, but the knock nobody answered. Then Elk went out into the yard, for the first time in seven days.

Polyana gently descend toward the grove, to reddish and low buildings. There, with the sad перевыванием, was followed by a herd of clumsy, long-haired animal - Hashi - полумедведей, полукоров. Slanting sun zolotilo curly grass, the whole meadow was blazing wet gold. Flown by emerald lake cranes. Far made, filled sunset, snow cone mountain top. Here, too, was at peace, wonderful sadness of the passing in the world and the gold of the day.

Elk went to the lake the familiar path. The same stood on both sides of weeping, azure trees, the same he saw the ruins of the spotty trunks, the same air was thin, холодеющий. But Elk thought that only now he saw this miraculous nature, - opened eyes and ears, he learned the names of things.

Glowing spots through the lake through the branches. But, when the Moose walked to the water, the sun was already down, fire feathers sunset, languages light the flame ran covered half the sky so violent gold heart for a moment. Quickly, quickly fire was covered with ashes, the sky became clear, it was getting dark, and now lit up with stars. A strange figure constellations reflected in the water. In the bend of the lake near the stairs, stood black outlines two stone giant, the guard of thousands of years - sat, addressed parties to the constellations.

Moose walked to the stairs. Eyes are not used to quickly coming darkness. He leaned over the foot of the statue, and drank сыроватую moisture lake - bitter smell of swamp color. Reflections of stars spread over water закурился thin fog. And constellation burned brighter, and now were clearly visible to our slept branches, gleaming marbles and a smiling face in a dream sitting Магацитла.

Elk looked and stood for so long, until he fell asleep the hand lying on the stone. Then he walked away from the statue, and immediately saw at the bottom, on the stairs, Аэлиту. She was sitting, and, resting his elbows on his knees, his chin.

- AIU Tu Ira хасхе Aelita, " said Elk, with amazement listening to the strange sounds of his words. He uttered them, as in the cold, hard. His desire is, will I be with you, Aelita? - self претворилось in these alien sounds.

Aelita slowly wrapped his head, said: " Yes, and again, and dropped her chin on her clasped hands. Elk sat down on the step. Hair Aelita were covered with black cap - hooded cloak. Face is well visible in the light of the stars, but the eye does not see, only large shadows in the eye hollows.

Chilly voice, quietly, she asked:

- You were happy there on the ground?

Elk't answer right away, - he observed: her face was still, mouth sad complicated.

- Yes, - he said, and felt a chill in the heart - Yes, I was happy.

- What is happiness for you on earth?

Elk again stared. Lowered his head.

- Must be in happiness on earth for us to forget himself. The happy, in com - weight, harmony, joy and desire to live for someone who gives this fullness, harmony, joy.

Now Aelita turned to him. Steel shows her big eyes looking with amazement at this беловолосого giant, man.

- This happiness comes the love of a woman, " Moose said. Aelita turned away. Trembled a pointed cap on her head. Not that she laughed, " no. No she cried, " no. Elk anxious заворочался on moss stage, rubbed the bridge of his nose. Aelita said little дрогнувшим voice:

- Why have you left the land?

The one I loved is dead, " Moose said. Life for me was horrible. I was left alone with himself. Did not have the strength to overcome despair, was not hunting - live. Takes courage to live, so on earth everything is poisoned with hatred. I am a fugitive and a coward.

Aelita выпростала hand from under the cloak and put it on a big hand Elk - touched and again pulled her arm back under the cloak:

"I knew in my life to happen, " she said slowly, as if in thought. - Another girl, I saw strange dreams. Dreamed of the high, green mountains. Light, not our rivers. Clouds in the sky, a huge, white, and rains, the water flows. And people giants. I thought I was going crazy. Later my teacher said that it is АШХЕ second sight. In the us, the descendants Магацитлов, lives a memory about the other life, dozing ашхе as непроросшее grain. Ашхе - terrible force, the great wisdom. But I don't know what is happiness?

Aelita выпростала from under the cloak both hands, waving her as a child. Cap again trembled:

- Many years, at night, I come on to the stairs, looking at the stars. I know a lot. I can assure you, I know you can never be and don't need to know. But happy I was when in the childhood dreamed of clouds, clouds, rain in torrents, green mountains, the giants. The teacher warned me: he said that I'll die. - She wrapped to the Elk face, and laughed. The elk was afraid: so wonderfully beautiful was Aelita, such a threat, a bitter-sweet smell came from the water, from a raincoat with hood, hands, face, breathing, from her dress.

Teacher said, "HAO will destroy you." This word means the descent.

Aelita turned away and held close cap cloak below the eyes. After a pause Moose said:

- Aelita, tell me about your knowledge.

- It's a mystery, " she replied important, but you are a man, I will tell you a lot.

She lifted her face. Large constellation, on both sides of the milky way, which shone and sparkled like the breeze eternity passed on their lights. Aelita sighed:

"Listen, " she said, " listen to me carefully and calmly.


Tuma, that is, Mars, twenty thousand years ago, was inhabited Аолами - orange race. Wild tribes Аолов, hunters and eaters of the giant spiders, lived in экваторьяльных forests and wetlands. Only a few words in our language remains of these tribes. The other part Аолов inhabited the southern bays large continent. There are volcanic caves with salt and fresh lakes. The population was caught fish and carrying her to the ground, сваливало in salt lakes. In the depths of the caves they fled from the winter стуж. Until now there are still visible in the hills of fish bones.

The third part Аолов селилась near the equator at the foot of the mountains, everywhere, where out of the ground and beaten geysers drinking water. These tribes were able to build the dwellings, planted long haired Hashi, fought with eaters spiders and worshipped bloody star Талцетл.

Among one of the tribes that settled in the blessed country of Azor, appeared unusual шохо. He was the son of a shepherd, grew up in the mountains Лизиазира, and when he turned thirteen years, went down in the village Azora, went from town to town and said:

"I dreamed a dream, revealed the sky and then fell star. I drove my Hashi to the place where the fallen star. There I saw lying in the grass of the son of heaven. It was high growth, his face was like snow on the peaks. He raised his head, and I saw his eyes go light and madness. I was frightened and fell down, and lay long as dead. I heard the son of heaven took my staff and drove my Hashi, and the earth shook beneath his feet. And I heard his loud voice, he said: "You will die, for I want it." But I followed him because I felt sorry for my Hashi. I was afraid to approach him: his eyes came the angry fire, and every time I lay down in order to remain alive. So we went a few days away from the mountains in the desert.

The son of heaven struck his stick in stone and served water. Hashi and I drank that water. And the son of the sky said to me - be my slave. Then I began to feed his Hashi, and he threw me remnants of food, and they were bitter".

Said the shepherd residents of the city markets. And he said:

"The meek shall birds and peaceful animals live without knowing when death comes. But predatory ikhi sharp wings spread over the crane, and the spider wove network, and terrible eyes cha shining through the blue hedge. Be afraid. You do not have such a sharp swords, to smite the evil, you do not have such a strong walls to isolate themselves from him, you do not have such long legs to run away from the Almighty evil. I see the sky is revealed and the evil son of heaven is falling in our community. His eyes as red fire Талцетл".

Residents of peaceful Azora in horror show of hands, listening to the words. The shepherd said:

"When bloodthirsty cha looking for you eyes through the hedge - become a shadow, and nose cha not hear smell your blood. When ikhi drops of pink clouds - become a shadow, and eyes ikhi they look in vain for thee in the grass. When the light of the two moons, - олло and литха, night wicked spider, цитли, braid web of your hut - become a shadow, and цитли't catch you. Become a shade of evil, poor son тумы. Only evil attracts evil. From thee all сродное evil, bury their hatred under the threshold of the huts. Go to the great geyser Соам and wash. And you will become invisible to the wicked son of heaven, " for his bloody eyes will pierce your shadow".

Residents of Azora listened to the shepherd. Many followed him to the circular lake, to the great geyser Соам.

There, some of the parishes were asked: "How you can bury evil under the threshold of the hut?". Some said, "We can't bury evil, because we are angry neighbors." Other angry and shouted to the shepherd, "You deceiver, - offended and beggars persuaded you to lull our vigilance and take over our dwellings". Other connive: "crazy Train shepherd on the rock, and cast him into the lake, and hot - let himself become a shadow".

Hearing this, the shepherd took Ullu, wooden tune at the bottom of which the triangle had been stretched strings, sat down among angry, disgruntled and wondering, and started playing and singing. He played and sang so beautifully that silent birds, the wind calmed down, lay herds, and the sun stopped in the sky. Each of the listeners felt at that hour, that he had buried his evil under the threshold of the huts. Many went to the lake and swam.

For three years taught shepherd. On the fourth summer of the swamp out eaters spiders and attacked inhabitants Verde. The shepherd walked селеньям and said: "do Not touch the threshold, be afraid of the evil in yourself, the more death fear to lose purity". Listening to him and some did not want to resist пожирателям spiders, and savages beat them on the rapids of the huts. Then the foreman of the cities, if agreed, took the shepherd led him to a rock and threw it into the lake.

The teaching of the shepherd went far beyond Verde. Even the inhabitants of the Pomeranian caves carved in the rocks picture of him playing Ulla. But it was just that the leaders of other tribes were executed death-worshipping shepherd, because the doctrine he was considered insane and dangerous. And now the time has come to fulfill the prophecy. In the Chronicles of that time said:

"Forty days and forty nights fell on tuma sons of heaven. Star Талцетл climbing after sunset and burned with an extraordinary light, as an evil eye. Many of the sons of heaven fell dead, many were killed on the rocks, were drowned in the southern ocean, but many had come to the surface тумы and were still alive".

So tells the chronicle of a great migration Магацитлов, that is one of the tribes of the earth-race, who was killed by the flood twenty thousand years ago.

Магацитлы flew in bronze, having the form of eggs, units using for the movement of the power plant seeds. They owned it just like you own the power of the disintegration of matter. In the continuation of forty days they left the earth.

A lot of giant eggs lost in space star, a lot of cracked surface of Mars. A small number without harm went down on the Equatorial plains of the continent.

The chronicle says:

"They come out of the eggs, great growth and черноволосы. The sons of heaven were yellow, flat faces. Trunk them and knees covered bronze armour. On the helmet was the sharp edges and the helmet was issued ahead of a person. In the left hand of the son of heaven held a short sword in the right scroll with writing on them, which killed the poor and ignorant peoples тумы".

These were Магацитлы, fierce and powerful tribe. On earth, on the mainland, опустившемся on the bottom of the ocean, they possessed the city of a Hundred Golden Gate. They knew Supreme Wisdom, but used it in evil, because they were evil.

They may go into the villages Аолов, and took what they wanted, and resisting them killed. They drove herds Hashi on the plains, and began to dig wells. They broke the fields, and planted them barley. But the water in the wells was little, died grain barley in dry and infertile soil. Then they said Аолам - itti on the plain, digging irrigation canals and build a large reservoir.

Some of the tribes obeyed and went to dig. Other said, "obey and kill aliens." Troops Аолов went into the plain, and covered her like a cloud.

The alien was not enough. But they called for help from the elements of nature. The storm began, began to tremble mountains and plains, made from the shores of the southern ocean. Lightning falling from the sky. Trees and stones worn by air, and louder than thunder voices Магацитлов who spells.

Аолы perish like grass from the snow storm.

Aliens smote them with swords, and were making twilight: the troops Аолов fought among themselves, taking each other for the enemies. Burned villages. Wandered from the flock. The marsh came fierce cha and tore children and women. Spiders оплетали deserted huts. Eaters of the dead ikhi - разжирели and could not fly. Many people then saw a Ghost: sunset rose from the edge of тумы the shadow of the man - his legs were crossed, arms spread, the hair on my head, like a flame. Наставал the end of the world.

Then they remembered the prophecy: "Become a shade of evil, poor son тумы, and bloody eye son of heaven in vain to pierce your shadow". Many Аолов went to the great geyser Соам and there they tried to be cleansed. Many went into the mountains and hoped to hear in the cloud canyons the cleansing from evil, song Ulla. Many shared with each other assets. Forgive insults. Looking in each other good, and with songs, and with tears of joy greeted good. In the mountains Лизиазиры believers in Shepherd built Sacred Threshold under which lay evil. Three rings неугасимых fires guarding the Threshold. Who wants to be cleansed passed through the fire. It was a harsh and sublime century.

Troops Аолов died. In the forests were destroyed eaters spiders. Become slaves remains of fishermen-coast-dwellers. But Магацитлы not touch believers in Shepherd, do not touch the sacred Threshold, not come anywhere near the geyser Соам, not included in the depth of the mountain gorges, where in the afternoon hour flying wind published the secret sounds - song Ulla.

So passed a lot of bloody and sad years.

The aliens were not women, - invaders must die, leaving no offspring. And here, in the mountains, where the hidden Аолы, a messenger is a wonderful person Магацитл. He was without a helmet and sword. In his hand he held a cane with attached to it yarn. He approached the lights of the sacred Threshold, and began to speak Аолам gathered from all gorges:

"My head is open, my chest Nude - hit me with a sword, if I tell a lie. We - powerful. We had a star Талцетл. We flew starry road, called the milky way. We conquered tuma and destroyed hostile tribes. We started to build water storage and large channels, in order to collect hollow water and to irrigate hitherto barren plains тумы. We will build a great city Саоцера that mean Solar isolated village enclosed, we will give life to all who want to life. But we don't have women and we should die without fulfilling destiny. Give us your virgins and we let's have children from them the tribe and it населит continents тумы. Come and join us and help us to build."

Vestnik put a cane with a yarn by the fire, and sat down facing the threshold. His eyes were closed. And we all saw in his forehead - the third eye, covered плевой, as if inflamed.

Аолы consulted and said among themselves: "In the mountains of lack of forage for livestock and little water. In winter we freezing in the caves. Strong winds blowing our huts in the bottomless gorges. Obey the messenger, and go back to the old пепелищам.

Аолы came from the gorges of the plain of Azora, driving in front of a herd Hashi and taking the women, children and virgins. The Аолов no fear, because their souls being meek, strong eyes and the hearts of the courageous. In the mountains they know the bliss is so high that there was now the evil they would помрачить it.

Магацитлы took virgins Аолов and gave birth to them blue tribe Mountains. At the same time were begun постройкою sixteen giant circuses Ro, where going to water during melting of snow at the poles. Barren plains were cut by channels and irrigated. From the ashes there were new settlements Аолов. Fields yielded lush harvest.

The walls were erected Саоцеры. During the construction of circuses and walls Магацитлы used giant lifting machines, given in the movement of the power plant seeds. By the power of the spells Магацитлы could move large stones and caused growing plants. They recorded their knowledge in the book - colored spots and star signs.

When he died last visitor from earth with him went and Secret Knowledge. Only after twenty millennia, we, the descendants of the tribe of the Mountains, again read the book of the Atlanteans.


In the twilight Gusev, nothing better to do, went to walk through the rooms. The house was great, built tough for winter habitation. A lot of it was transitions, stairs, bathrooms, wrapped carpets, empty halls, galleries with non-residential silence. Gusev wandered listened, позевывал:

"Live richly, devils, richly, but boring".

In a distant part of the house were heard voices, the clatter of kitchen knives, clinking of dishes. Squeaky voice Manager sprinkled, poured bird's words, to scold someone. Gusev reached the kitchen, a low vaulted room. In the depths of her on the stove, flashed oil flame over pans. Gusev stopped in the doorway, took a nose. Managing and cook, бранившиеся between them, stopped and leaned with some fear in depth cuisine:

Chad you, Chad, Chad, said they Gusev Russian - hood above the stove arrange. Oh, and another марсияне!

Fingers he made them some, myself not clear marks, and entered the black porch. Sat down on the stone step, took out the coveted cigarette-case - cigarette.

At the bottom of the glade, on the edge, the shepherd boy, running and вскрикивая, driving brick barn muffled поревывающих Hashi. From there, among the tall grass, the path went to the house of a woman with two ведерышками milk. Wind отдувал her yellow shirt, his brush on the funny cap on the bright-red hair. Here she stopped, and put her ведерышки and began to brush aside any insect, to shield his face with his elbow. The wind picked up her skirt. She sat down, laughing, took ведерышки and again ran. Seeing Guseva, оскалила white, funny teeth.

Gusev called her Ихошка, although her name was - IHA, niece Manager, giggling, swarthy-bluish, полненькая girl.

She vividly ran past Guseva, only wrinkled her nose at him. Gusev prinorovilsya was to give her back bream, but abstained. Sat, Smoking, waiting.

Indeed, Ихошка again soon appeared with корзиночкой and a knife. Village not far from the "son of heaven," and began to clean vegetables. Thick eyelashes her помаргивали. It was clear that cheerful girl.

- Why you have Marcia Baba some blue? told her Gusev Russian. - Fool you, Ихошка, this life don't understand.

IHA answered him, and Gusev, as if in a dream, he understood her words:

- At school I taught sacred history; it said that the Sons of Heaven - are evil. In books one reads, and in fact it more. Quite the Sons of Heaven not evil.

- Yes, kind, Gusev said, screwing up one eye.

IHA choked on a laugh, the skin is very flew from under her knife.

- My uncle said, if you, the Sons of Heaven, can kill eyes. Something I don't notice.

- Really? What do you notice?

"Listen here, I answer in our opinion, - said Ихошка, " and according to you I don't understand.

"And according to you I speak not work out.

- What do you say? - LACs put the knife to her bursting with laughter. - In my opinion - and you have to Krasnaya Zvezda all the same.

Then Gusev coughed, leaned in closer. IHA took the basket and pulled away. Gusev coughed and even moved. She said:

- Clothes протрете - stairs put my hand.

Can be IHA said that, somehow, on the other, but Gusev, exactly, and understood.

"Yes, Mademoiselle, - разговорец it is so magnetic.

Gusev sat very close. Ихошка briefly sighed. She bent her head and stronger sighed. Then Gusev quickly looked around and took Ихошку shoulders. She immediately leaned back, вытаращилась. But he, very tight, kissed her on the mouth. IHA, hard, hugged him basket and a knife. So, Ихошка. She jumped up, ran away.

Gusev remained sitting, biting his moustache. Chuckling. The sun set. Sprinkle the stars. The most crept up the stairs a long, furry animal and looked at Gusev фосфорическими eyes. Gusev move - a creature hissed shadow disappeared.

"Yes, these trifles should still leave", Gusev said. Straightened his belt and walked into the house. In the hallway, straight, мотнулась before him Ихошка. He finger at her, and they walked down the corridor. Gusev, grimacing with strain, speak марсиански:

"You Ихошка and you know if what I'm on you marry. You listen to me. (IHA turned to face the wall, - buried her. He dragged her from the wall, grabbed by the arm.) Wait nose thrust - I'm not even married. Listen, I, the Son of Heaven, came here not for nothing. I assumed great things your planet. But, I am new here, orders do not know. You I must help. Only, look, don't lie. Here is what you tell me, who is our master?

- Our master, " replied the LACs, with the effort of listening to a strange speech Gusev, " our master is the Lord of all the countries Тумы.

Here's a Hello. - Gusev stopped. "It's a lie? - Поскреби behind the ear. - Same as it is officially called? The king, that, or the Chinese? The post of its kind?

- His name is Тускуб. He is the father of Aelita. He is the head of the Supreme Council.

- So.

Gusev walked for some time in silence.

What Ихошка: in that room, I saw that Matt mirror. Interested in him. Show me how it connects.

They entered the small, dim room, installed low-level Seating. In the wall белелось foggy mirror. Gusev fell into a chair, close to the screen. IHA asked:

- That would see the Son of Heaven?

- Show me the city.

- Now the night work everywhere over, factories and shops are closed, empty square. Maybe spectacle?

- Show spectacle.

IHA put the switches in digital whiteboard and, holding the end of a long cord, walked to a seat where the Son of Heaven was sitting, his legs stretched out.

- Merry-making, ' said the LACs and pulled the cord.

Came a loud noise, dark, тысячеголосый murmur of the crowd. Mirror lit. Opened up by the prospect of arched, glass roofs. Wide beams of light hitting a huge posters, labels, clubs Smoking, coloured smoke. At the bottom of the infested head, head, head. Somewhere, like bats, upside - down flying winged figures. Glass arches that cross the beams of light, whirlpools countless heads go in depth, lost in a dusty, smoky haze.

- What do they do? - cried Gusev, straining the voice, " so great was the noise.

- They breathe precious smoke. You see the smoke? is smoked leaves Хавры. It is a precious smoke. He called smoke immortality. Who breathes it sees the extraordinary things: - it seems that never die " - such miracles can see and understand. Many hear the sound Ulla. No one has the right to smoke Хавру in her home, because it is punishable by death. Only the Supreme Council allows Smoking, only twelve times a year, in this house, lit leaves Хавры.

- And won - do what?

- They just digital wheels: they guess the numbers. Today anyone can make a number - one who can answer, forever shall be released from work. The Supreme Council gives him a beautiful house, a field, ten хашей and catch the boat. It's a great happiness to guess.

Explaining the LACs sat on the arm of the chair. Gusev now grabbed her across the back. She tried to выпростаться, but it calmed down, - quiet. Gusev wondered much at the miracles in the foggy mirror. "Oh, hell, Ah, безобразники! - Then asked to show something else.

IHA slid from the chair and by paying off the mirror, long fussed of digital boards - enters switches into the hole. When returned to his chair and sat back down on the armrest, - he hand ball from the cord, - her face was slightly одурелое. Gusev, from the bottom up, looked at her and grinned. Then her eyes appeared horror.

- You, girl, just married now, " she said Gusev Russian.

Ихошка looked away and передохнула. Gusev began to stroke her back, sensitive, cat-like.

- Oh, you, my glorious, beautiful, blue.

- Look - here's another interesting, " she said quite poorly and pulled the cord.

Half озарившегося mirrors obscured behind someone's back. Was heard a cold voice, slowly repeating the words. Back swing, pulled away from the field mirrors. Gusev saw part of a large arch in the depths of resisting the square post, part of a wall covered with gold inscriptions and geometrical figures. At the bottom, around the table, sat, heads down, those Martians, on the stairs, gloomy building met ship with people.

In front of the table, covered with парчей, was the father of Aelita, Тускуб. His thin lips were moving, move the black beard Golden embroidery robe. He was like stone. Dull, dark eyes looked motionless before him, right in the mirror. Тускуб said, and prickly his words were incomprehensible, but terrible. Now, he repeated several times, - Талцетл, and lowered, as if hitting a knife in hand with стиснутым a scroll in his fist. Sitting opposite to him, Martian, with a wide pale face, stood up and frantically, whitish, mad eyes looking at Тускуба, shouted:

"Not them, but you!

Ихошка shuddered. She sat face the mirror, but saw nothing and heard - a big hand of the Son of Heaven was stroking her back. When in the mirror there was a shout, and Gusev several times repeated: " what is that, what do they say? - Ихошка exactly woke up: - have locked her jaws open, stared at the mirror. Suddenly cried out piteously and pulled the cord.

Mirror quelled.

"I was mistaken... I accidentally connected the... none шохо obey the secrets of the Council. - Ихошки teeth rattled. She pulled the red hair and whispered in despair. "I was mistaken. I am not guilty. I will be deported to the cave, in the eternal snow.

"Nothing, nothing, Ихошка, I won't tell anyone. - Gusev привалил her, and stroked her soft, like Angora cats, warm hair. Ихошка stopped, closed her eyes.

"Oh you fool, Oh girl. Not that you're an animal, not a man. Blue, silly.

He scratched his her fingers behind the ear, sure, it's nice. Ихошка picked up the legs, was curdled by cuddled up. Her eyes shone like the daveshnego зверка, teeth widened. Gusev was scary.

At this time there were footsteps and voices Elk and Aelita. Ихошка slid from his chair, and not firmly walked to the door.

That night, going to the Moose in the bedroom, Gusev said:

- Our works not very well are Mstislav Sergeevich. Girl I here one has adapted the mirror to be joined, and we came across, just to the sitting of the Supreme Council. Something I realized. It is necessary measures to take, - they shall kill us, Mstislav Sergeevich, believe me, it'll come.

Elk listened to and not heard - dreamy eyes stared at Gusev. Crossed his hands behind his head:

Witchcraft, Alexei Ivanovich, witchcraft. Simmer, ka light.

Gusev paused, and said grimly: - So. And went to sleep.


Aelita woke up early, and was leaning against the pillows. Her wide, open from all sides, bed stood, according to custom, in the midst of the bedrooms on the hill, strewn carpets. Tent ceiling passed in a high, marble well, there fell scattered morning light. Bedroom walls covered with pale mosaics, remained in darkness - a pillar of light fell only on snow sheets, pads, bending at hand ash head of Aelita.

The night she spent badly. Scraps of strange and disturbing dreams in the mess were in front of her eyes closed. Sleep was thin as a film of water. All night she felt like she was sleeping and considering tedious paintings and полузабытьи thought: - any vain vision.

When the morning sun was transfigured well, and light lay down on his bed, Aelita sighed, possessed was now lying there. Her thoughts were clear, but the blood still flowed vague alarm. It was very, very not good.

"Alarm blood clouding the mind, unnecessary to return in the long, long ago lived. Anxiety blood - back to the gorge, the flocks to the fires. Spring wind, anxiety and emergence. To give birth, raise beings for the death, burial, and, once again, alarm, flour mother. Unnecessary, blind prolongation of life".

So thinking a Aelita, and thoughts were wise, but the alarm is not passed. Then she got out of bed, пошарила feet shoes, threw on her bare shoulders robe and went into the bathroom, - undressed, turned his hair node and has to go down the marble staircase in the pool.

The lower stage, she stopped, - it was a pleasure to stand in the heat of sunlight entering through the narrow window. Unsteady reflection played on the wall. Aelita looked bluish water - and there saw my reflection, a beam of light fell on her stomach. She shook fastidiously upper lip. Aelita rushed into the cool of the pool.

Bathing renewed her. Thoughts returned to the cares of the day. Every morning she spoke with the father, - it was opened. Small screen stood in her lavatory room.

Aelita kneel at the toilet mirror, brought in the order of hair, wiped fragrant fat, then - flower essences, face, neck and hands, looked askance at himself, frowning, drew a table with a TV and included a digital whiteboard.

In the foggy mirror a friend of her father's office: bookcases, choropleth maps and drawings on wooden facing prisms, the table and the papers. Entered Тускуб, sat down at the table, pushed the elbow of the manuscript, and eyes found the eyes of Aelita. Smiled angle long, thin lips:

- How slept, Aelita?

- Well. In the house - all is well.

What do the Sons of Heaven?

They assured and happy. They are still asleep.

- Continue with them the lessons of language?

- No. Engineer fluent. His companion enough knowledge.

They have no desire to leave my house?

- No, no, no, no.

Aelita answered too quickly. Dull eyes Тускуба trembled amazement. Under the glance of his Aelita began to move away, as long as her back touched the seat back. The father said:

- I do not understand you.

- You don't understand? Father, why have you never told me? What are you going to do with them? I ask you...

Aelita stopped, her face Тускуба's face contorted like fire rabies passed on it. Mirror quelled. But Aelita still intently into the misty his face still saw her terrible, terrible all the living person of the father.

"It's awful, " said she, " it will be awful. She stood up quickly, but dropped her hands and sat down. A vague anxiety stronger took over her. Aelita was leaning on предзеркалье, rested her cheek on his palm. Anxiety was in the blood, ran a fever. How bad it was in vain.

Apart from the will, stood before her, like a dream this night, the face of the Son of Heaven, is a large, with snowy hair, throbbing, with a number of inexplicable changes, with eyes sad and gentle, intense sun, the earth, the moisture of the earth, horrible, like murky abyss, storm, crushing the spirit of the eye.

Aelita raised her head, shook her curls. Heart terribly dull beating. Slowly bending down over a digital plate, she stuck it стерженьки.

In the foggy mirror appeared, sleeping in the chair, among the many pillows, wrinkled figure of the old man. The light from the window fell on his hands, lying on top of wooly blankets.

The old man shuddered and shook сползшие glasses, glanced over his glasses on the screen, and smiled беззубо.

- What do you say, my child?

- A teacher, I have anxiety, " said Aelita, clarity leaves me. I don't want that, I'm afraid, but I can't.

- Confuses you Son of Heaven?

- Yes. Confuses me it's what I can't understand. Teacher, I was just saying to my father. He was furious. I feel there in the fight. I'm afraid of the Board does not adopt a terrible decision. Help.

"You just said that the Son of Heaven displease thee. Would be better to remove it completely?

- No. - Aelita rose, paint the blood rushed to her face. Old man under her gaze, frowned.

- I don't understand the way you think, Aelita, " he said dryly, - in your thoughts duality and contradiction.

- Yes, I feel it. - Aelita village.

- Now, the best proof of wrong. The highest thought - clear, unemotional and not contradictory. I'll do as you want, and talk with your father. He is also a passionate person and can lead him to deeds, not relevant to the wisdom and justice.

- Will I trust.

- Calm down, Aelita, and be attentive. Look in depth themselves. What's your response? From the bottom of your blood rises the ancient sediment - red darkness, is a thirst for life extension. Your blood is in turmoil...

- Teacher, he confuses me otherwise.

- No matter how sublime feeling he was confused, " you will awaken the woman, and you perish. Only the cold wisdom, Aelita, only quiet contemplation of the inevitable death of all living, saturated with fat and lust of the body, can only wait, when your spirit, already perfect, no longer needs the miserable experience of life will have gone beyond the mind, will cease to be - that's happiness. Cold sadness. Instead, you want to return. Fear this temptation, my child. Easy to fall down, fast - roll with the mountains, but recovery is slow and difficult. Be wise.

Aelita listened, her head bent over.

- Teacher, " she said suddenly, her lips began to tremble, his eyes filled with anguish, is the Son of Heaven said, what on earth they know something that is above reasoning, above reason, above wisdom. But what is it - I did not understand. But because of me, and anxiety. Yesterday we were on the lake, rose red star, he pointed at her arm and said: "her great sacrifice was offered. It is surrounded by mist of love. People who got to know the Love will not die". Longing tore my chest, teacher.

The old man frowned and chewed mouth.

- Well, - he said, and his fingers trembled a blanket, let the Son of Heaven will give you that knowledge. As long as you don't know just - do not harass me. Be careful.

Mirror quelled. It was quiet in the room. Aelita took knees handkerchief, and wiped them with the person. She then looked at yourself carefully, strictly. Her eyebrows went up. She opened a small casket and bent low to him, touching things. I found it and put it on the neck of a tiny, оправленную in precious metal, dry foot of the wonderful зверка were the indri, a very helping, according to ancient beliefs, women in difficult moments.

Aelita sighed, and walked into the library. Elk rose to meet her from the window where he sat with a book. Aelita looked at it: great, good, dear. She was gently heart. She put her hand on his chest at the foot of the wonderful зверка and said:

- Yesterday I promised to tell you about the destruction of Atlantis. Sit down and listen.


- Here is what we read in the colored books, " said Aelita.

The seven Nations shared the race of the Atlanteans. Peoples, different color of the skin, was inhabited by different parts of the earth. Civilization, developing, passed from tribe to tribe. These transitions were accompanied by the turmoil of the race, because the ruling could not without a fight give power over the world, but the old age and degeneration forced them to it.

The center of the world, in those days, was a city of a Hundred Golden Gate, now lying at the bottom of the ocean. Of the city went knowledge and temptations of luxury. He attracted young tribes and roused in them the primeval peace of pure greed. Come due and young people attacked the rulers and possessed the city. The light of civilization at the time froze. But the poison it was alive, and he burst out with a new brightness, enriched with fresh blood winners. Centuries passed and again hordes of nomads cloud hung over the eternal city.

The first founders of the city of a Hundred Golden Gate were African Negro tribe Земзе. They considered themselves to be younger branch of the black race, which in the greatest antiquity, inhabited the southern hemisphere. The centre of its civilization died in the collision of the earth with the fragments of the comet Vet. The surviving part of the black race fragmented into many tribes. Many of them run wild and degenerated. But, all the same, in the blood of the blacks flowed remembrance of a great past.

People Земзе were of great power and great growth. They differed one unusual property: from a distance, they could feel the presence, the form and the essence of things, just as the magnet felt the presence of another magnet, but their eyes were almost blind. This property they developed during the life in the dark caves of the tropical forests.

Fleeing from the poisonous flies Goch, tribe Земзе out of tropical forests and moved westward, until it met the countryside, easy-to-life. It was a hilly plateau, washed by two major rivers. There were a lot of fruits and game, in the mountains - gold, tin and copper. Forests, hills and peaceful rivers is beautiful and deprived of destructive fevers.

People Земзе built a wall in protection against wild beasts, and heaped from stones high pyramid, in a sign that this place is firmly. On top of the pyramid they have put a post with a bunch of feathers birds клитли, the patroness of the tribe, спасавшей them during the journey from flies Goch. Leaders Земзе adorned the head feathers, and give the names of the birds.

West of the plateau roamed wild, the red tribes. People Земзе attacked them, take prisoners and forced to plow the ground, build buildings, mine ore and gold. The fame of the city was far to the West, and he inspired fear Redskins, because people Земзе were strong, were able to guess the thoughts enemies and killed far in the distance throwing a bent piece of wood. The boats out of bark they sailed the Pacific rivers and collected with the Redskins tribute.

Descendants Земзе decorated the city round, stone buildings, covered with reed. They weaved excellent service from wool, and were able to write down my thoughts through a picture items, is the knowledge they gained in the blood, as an ancient memory of a vanished civilization. They were rich, indulged in idleness and contemplation of objects and thoughts.

Centuries passed. And here, in the West came the great leader of the red. His name was Uru. He was born in the city, but in his youth left in the prairies, driven by instinct. He collected innumerable crowd of soldiers and went off to fight the city.

Descendants Земзе used for the protection of all knowledge, smote the enemies madness, throwed them herd of rabid Buffalo, ripped up their flying as the lightning, бумерангами. But the Redskins were strong greed and population. They captured the town and looted. Uru declared himself the leader of the world. He told red soldiers take myself girls Земзе. Hiding in the forests remains of the vanquished have returned to the city and began to serve the winners.

Red quickly learnt knowledge, customs and art Земзе. Mixed blood gave a long series of administrators and conquerors. Mysterious ability to feel the nature of things is passed down to generations.

Commanders of the dynasty of Ur, expanded ownership: in the West they destroyed nomads and on the borders of the Pacific ocean heaped pyramids of earth and stones. In the East they oppress blacks. On the banks of the Niger-Congo, along the rocky coastline of the Mediterranean ocean, плескавшего where now the Sahara desert, they laid a strong fortress. It was a time of wars and construction. Atlantis was called then - Хамаган.

The city was surrounded by a new wall, and it made a hundred gates, lined with gold plates. Peoples all over the world flocked there, attracted by the eagerness and curiosity. Among the many tribes wandered on its bazaars, разбивавших tents under its walls, appeared unprecedented people. They were olive-skinned, with long, burning eyes and nose like a beak. They were smart and cunning. Nobody remembered when they entered the city. But now, it's no more than a generation, and science and trade of the city of a Hundred Golden Gate were in the hands of this small tribe. They called themselves "sons of Аама".

The wisest of the sons of Аама read ancient inscriptions Земзе and began to develop the ability to see the essence of things. They built the underground temple of the Sleeping Head of the Negro and begun to attract people, healed the sick, and wondered about the fate of believers and showed the shadows of the dead. So began the dynasty of the Hierophants.

The wealth and power of knowledge sons Аама penetrated to governance. They attracted to his side many tribes and raised, at the same time - on the outskirts of the earth and in the city itself, the uprising of the new faith. In a bloody struggle died dynasty of Ur. Иерофанты seized power.

With this time coincided with the first impulse of the earth. In many places, among the mountains, escaped the flames and ashes clouded sky. Larger areas of the South Atlantic continent fell into the ocean. In the North rose from the sea bottom rocky Islands and connected to mainland: it formed the outlines of the European plain.

The power of authority Иерофанты directed on creation of the cult among the many tribes that once conquered dynasty of Ur, and fallen away. But the sons of Аама not like war. They sent ships decorated with the head of the sleeping Negra, loaded them spices, fabrics, gold and ivory. Dedicated to the cult, under the guise of merchants and sorcerers, penetrated by the ships in the distant countries. They traded and treated through incantations and spells sick and crippled. For the protection of goods they built in each country, in the form of a pyramid, house, where endured the head of the sleeper. As approved by the cult. If the people revolted against the alien ship went detachment of the Redskins, arrayed in bronze, with shields, decorated with feathers, high helmets frightening.

So again expanded and strengthened ownership of Atlantis. In the far West, in the country red, was laid second, the great city - Птитлигуа. Trade ships Atlanteans sailed to the East, to India, where still dominated the black race. At the Eastern coast of Asia they saw the giants with yellow and flat persons. These people throwing large stones in their ships.

The cult of the sleeping head was open to anyone - it was the main instrument of power and authority, but the point is, the content of the cult, Иерофанты kept in the greatest secrecy. They cultivated grain of wisdom Земзе, and were still at the very beginning of the path that led to the death of the entire race.

They said the following:

"True peace is not visible, неосязуем, неслышим, taste and smell. True peace is a movement of the mind. Initial and final goal of this movement is not постигаема. The mind is matter, the more solid than a rock, and faster than light. Seeking rest, as all matter, mind falls some sleep, that is, becomes more sluggish, that is what's called the embodiment of the mind in substance. The degree of depth of sleep the mind is embodied in the fire, air, water, earth. Of these four elements is formed visible world. Thing is temporary thickening of the mind. Thing is, the core of the sphere сгущающегося mind like lightning round, which is sealed storm air.

"In the crystal mind is in complete rest. In a star-space of the mind in perfect motion. Man is a bridge between these two States of mind. Through the rights flowing stream of reason in the visible world. The legs of a man growing out of a crystal, the belly of his - the sun, his eyes stars in his head bowl edges, extending into the universe.

"Man is the master of the world. Subordinate to the elements and movement. He manages the force of his body, just as a ray of light comes from a hole clay vessel".

So said Иерофанты, sons Аама. Simple people do not understand their teachings. Other worshipped animals, other - the shadows of the dead, the other - to the idols, the other night rustles, thunder and lightning, or a hole in the ground. It was impossible and dangerous to struggle with many of these superstitions.

Then Иерофанты realized that we needed to introduce a clear and understandable, which is common to all the cult. They began to build huge, decorated with gold, temples and dedicate them to the sun, the father and Lord of life, гневному and life-giving, dying and again рождающемуся.

The cult of the sun soon devour the whole earth. Believers were shed a lot of blood. In the far West, among the red, the sun took the snake, covered with feathers. In the far East, where there was an admixture of Negro blood, the sun - Lord of shadows of the dead - took the image of a man with a bird's head.

In the center of the world, in the city of a Hundred Golden Gate, was built ledged pyramid, so high that the clouds smoked on top of her, " move Head of the Sleeper. At the foot of the pyramid, the square was staged gold, winged bull, with a human face, with the lion paws. Under it, неугасаемо, the fire burned. During the equinoxes, in the presence of the people, under the blows shaped drums, under dancing Nude women - the Supreme priest, the Son of the Sun, the great king, the cut of beautiful young men of the city, and burnt it in the belly of a bull. So Иерофанты could satisfy their primal need people to bloody, religious spectacle.

Son of the Sun was unlimited Bishop cities and countries. He built a dam and spent irrigation, handing out of the stores of clothing and food appointed how to land and livestock. Numerous officials were performers of his commands. Nobody could say, "it's mine", because everything belongs to the Sun. Work was sacred. Laziness наказывалась death. In spring, the first son of the Sun out in the field and four oxen пропахивал furrow, sowed grain maize.

Temples were full of grain, fabrics, spices. Ships of the Atlanteans with purple sail decorated with a picture of a snake, holding in his mouth the sun, scoured the seas and rivers. There came a long peace. People forgot how in the hand holds the sword.

And now, over Atlantis looming cloud from the East.

On the Eastern highlands Asia lived желтолицое, with slanting eyes, a strong tribe Учкуров. They belonged to the people Шумиры, to the fourth of the seven great peoples. Учкуры were sullen, cruel and insane. They were subject to the woman who had the power bluster. It was called - su Хутам Lu that meant - "speaking with the moon".

She said Учкурам:

"I will lead you into the country where in the valley between the mountains the sun goes down. There is grazing as many sheep as the stars in the sky, there are flowing rivers of koumiss, there are such high Yurt that each possible to drive a herd of camels. In this country Golden sky and the earth is blue. There have not yet trodden your horses and you have not зачерпывали helmet water from rivers".

Учкуры came down from the plateau and attacked numerous nomadic tribes желтолицых Шумиров, - conquered them, and among them the captains of the host. They spoke defeated: "follow us in the land of the sun, which indicated su Хутам Lu".

Worshiping the stars желтолицые Шумиры were dreamy. They removed the Yurt and drove the flock to the West. Walked slowly, year after year. Ahead was moving cavalry Учкуров, attacking, fighting and destroying cities. The cavalry were herds and carts with women and children. Nomads passed by India and spilled on the Eastern European plain.

There many remained on the banks of the lakes. The strongest continued to move West. On the coast of the Mediterranean sea, they destroyed the first colony of the Atlanteans and from vanquished know where lies the country of the sun. Here su Хутам Lu died. Its head removed the hair with skin and nailed them to the high post. The banner moved further along the coast. So they came to the edge of Europe and behold the height of the mountains, saw the outlines of the promised land. From the day when the crazy Учкуры first came down from the plateau - one hundred years.

Nomads began to chop wood and knitted rafts. Rafting they crossed the salty, warm river surrounds the far North coast of Europe. Stepping over the reserved land of Atlantis, the nomads attacked the Holy city of Tula. When they climbed the high wall, the city began to call bells; - the sound was so pleasing that желтолицые not become destroy the city, not destroy the inhabitants, not looted the churches. They took the food and raiment, and went further to the South-West. Dust from carts and stud found the sun.

Finally, nomads blocked the path of the army of the Redskins. The Atlanteans were all in gold, colored feathers, pampered and beautiful views. Cavalry Учкуров exterminate them. From this day желтолицые heard the smell of blood and the Atlanteans not have been more gracious.

From the city of a Hundred Golden Gates sent a messenger to the West to red, to the South, toward African Americans, on the East to the tribes Аама, North to the evil Cyclops. They offered human sacrifices. Alight were burning fires on the tops of the temples. City residents flocked to the bloody sacrifice, brought исступленным dances, sensual fun, опьянялись wine, раскидывали treasures.

Иерофанты, sages and devoted to preparing for the great test, carried away in the mountains, in caves, buried in the ground book of the Great Knowledge.

The war started. Fate was sealed: Atlanta could only protect пресытившее their wealth, the nomads was sacred greed and faith in the promise. All the same struggle was long and bloody. The country is devastated. Famine and pestilence. Troops fled and looted everything they could. The city of a Hundred Golden Gate was taken by storm and its walls are destroyed. Son of the Sun rushed from the top of уступчатой pyramid. Lights went out at the tops of the temples. A few of the wise and devoted fled to the mountains, in caves. Thousands of years of civilization.

Among the ruined palaces of the great city, in the area covered with grass, wandering sheep, and the little shepherd singing a sad song of the blessed, as steppe Mirage, a sacred country, where the earth is blue and the sky is gold.

Nomads asked their leaders: "Where we go?". The leaders said: "We have brought you into the promised land, settle down and live peacefully". But many of the nomadic tribes rebelled and went further West, in the country of Cirrus Snake, but there they were destroyed before the Lord Птитлигуа. Some of nomads penetrated to the equator, and destroyed them Negroes, herds of elephants and marsh fever.

Учкуры, leaders желтолицых, chose the wisest of commanders and made him ruler of the conquered country. His name was Tubal. He ordered to repair the walls, cleaning gardens, plough fields and rebuild destroyed homes. He published a lot of wise and simple rules. He called to himself fled to the cave, sages and dedicated and said to them: "My eyes and ears open to the wisdom". He made their advisers, are allowed to open temples, and everywhere he sent messengers with a message that wants peace.

That was the beginning of the third, the most high, wave civilization of the Atlanteans. In the blood of many tribes, black, red, olive and whites, joined dreamy, бродящая, as hops, the blood of Asian nomads, star-worshippers, the descendants of the possessed woman su Хутам Lu.

Nomads quickly dissolved among the other tribes. From the Yurt, the herds of wild will remain only songs and translations. Appeared a new breed of strong addition machine, yellow-skinned people. Учкуры, the descendants of the horsemen, and of the military commanders were aristocracy of the city. They called themselves Атланда that would mean "people of the steppes". This name, subsequently, there is a common name for the whole country in Atlantis, whereas before that time it was called different names incarnations of the sun.

Атланды loved science, art and luxury. They decorated the city with a new walls and семиугольными towers posted gold twenty-one ledge of a huge pyramid, had aqueducts, for the first time in architecture began to use the column. In Атландах was the spirit of construction and a spirit of great alarm.

They were looking for quenching alarm in gains. Again been captivated by the divided country and the city. In the North they fought the Cyclops, - who had survived the confusion, the feral descendants of the tribe Земзе. The great conqueror, Frame, went to India and in the long wars destroyed the dominion black. He joined the infant tribes of the Aryans, who belonged to the seventh of seven Nations race to the Kingdom of RA. So, again, opened up unprecedented levels strengthened the limits of Atlantis, from the country of Cirrus Snake to the Asian Pacific coast, where, once, желтолицые giants threw stones at vehicles.

Alarming soul Атландов sought outcome in Knowledge. Again you have read the ancient books Земзе and wise books sons Аама. The circle's closed and started a new one. In the caves were found half-rotted "seven papyri"Sleeping. With this discovery begins to develop Knowledge. That which was of the sons of Аама, is unconscious, creative force, something that was not of the tribe of the sons of Земзе, clear and sharp mind flowed in abundance in the alarm and passionate blood tribe Атланда.

The basis of the new knowledge was as follows:

"The human being is the most powerful of the world forces is a matter of pure reason. Just like an arrow, a stretched string, aimed sure hand, hits a target - and matter of the dormant mind can be strained string will, aims hand knowledge. The power of the intent of knowledge is infinite."

Science knowledge was divided into two parts: - the preparation, development of body, will and mind, and main - cognition of nature, peace and formulas through which matter the intent of knowledge takes hold of nature.

Full mastery of Knowledge, unprecedented flourishing still on the earth and still not repeated culture lasted for a century, between 450 and 350 years before the Flood, that is, until the destruction of Atlantis.

On earth was universal peace. The power of the earth, brought to life by the Knowledge, abundantly and luxuriously serve the people. Gardens and fields yielded a huge harvest, bred of the flock, the work was easy. People recalled the old customs and holidays, and no one bothered him live, to love, to give birth, have fun. In the legends of this age named Golden.

While on the Eastern boundary of the land was put Sphinx, depicting in one body, the four elements - the symbol of the mystery of the sleeping mind. Were built seven wonders of the world: a maze, a colossus in the Mediterranean sea, the pillars of the West of Gibraltar, tower Zvezdochetov on Посейдонесе, seated statue of Тубала and the city of Lemurs on the island of the Pacific ocean.

The black tribes, up to this time driven by the tropical swamps, penetrated the light of Knowledge. Negros quickly assimilated civilization and started постройкою gigantic cities in Central Africa.

Grain of wisdom Земзе gave full and magnificent flowering. But here, the wisest of dedicated Knowledge began to realize that in all the growth civilization is the original sin. Further development of Knowledge should lead to the death of mankind will impress itself like a serpent, жалящая itself in the tail.

The firstborn was evil in that Genesis, " life of the earth and beings постигалось, as something that comes out of the mind of man. Knowing the world, a man learnt only to himself. Man was essence, the world is a figment of his mind, his will, his dreams, or delirium. Genesis only - consciousness of the person, Entity, Ya

Such an understanding of Genesis should lead to the fact that each person would claim that he alone is the only thing that exists, and the true self, of all the rest the world, people, only his view. Further it was inevitable: the struggle for the true self, for a single person, the extermination of humanity as a rebellious person his sleep - contempt and aversion to being, as a malevolent Ghost.

That was the primary evil wisdom Земзе.

Knowledge of the past. Some do not see an opportunity to take out a seed of evil, and said that evil is the only force that creates the Genesis. They called themselves Black, because Knowledge went from black.

Others have recognized, that evil does not lie in the nature itself, but in rejecting the Mind of naturalness, - began to search for combat evil. They said, "ray of sunlight falls on the earth, dies and rises in the fruit of the earth: here is the basic law of life. It is the same movement of the Mind: - the descent, sacrificial death and resurrection of the flesh. Первоосновной sin, the loneliness of the Mind can be destroyed by the fall. The mind must fall into the flesh and walk through a live gate of death. These gates - floor. Drop the Mind is accomplished by the power of Eros.

So saying called themselves White, because they wore a linen tiara - a sign of Eros. They created a spring holiday - the mystery of the fall, which was played out in the luxuriant gardens of the ancient temple of the sun. Virgin boy represent the Mind, a woman - the gates of mortal flesh, the serpent of Eros. From distant countries came to watch these shows.

The split between the two ways of Knowledge was great. The fight started. At that time, was made an amazing discovery - found ability to instantly release the vitality of the dormant in the seeds of plants. This power - explosive, flame-cold matter - breaking free, rushed into the space. Black used it for the struggle, for the weapons of war. They built a huge flying ships, bringing terror. Wild tribes worshipped the winged dragons.

White understood that the death of the world is close, and began to prepare for it. They selected among ordinary people is the most pure, strong and humble of heart and began to drag them to the North and East. They gave them high Alpine pastures, where immigrants could live primitive and contemplative.

Fears white confirmed. The Golden age of degenerated, in the cities of Atlantis came satiety. Nothing more restrained пресыщенную imagination, thirst perversions, the madness of the devastated mind. Force which possessed man had turned against him. The inevitability of death do people grim, violent, ruthless.

And now, these are the last days. They began with a large disaster: the Central area of the city of a Hundred Golden Gate was shocked underground impetus, a lot of land sank to the bottom of the ocean, the waves of the sea separated forever country Cirrus Snake.

Black was accused of White that by the power of the spells they relaxed the spirits of earth and fire. People were indignant. Black staged a night beating in the city - more than half the residents, who wore a linen tiara, died the death, and the rest fled outside of Atlantis, many of them have gone to India.

Authorities in the city of a Hundred Golden Gate captured the richest of the citizens of the black order, called Магацитлами, which means "ruthless". They said, "Destroy humanity, because it has a bad dream mind." In order to fully enjoy the spectacle of death, they declared throughout all the land of holidays and games revealed the state Treasury and shops, imported from the North white girls and gave them to the people, opened the doors of the temples for everyone who wants unnatural gratification filled wine fountains and squares of fried meat. Madness possessed people. It was in the autumn days of harvest.

At night, illumined with the fires of areas, among people into a frenzy of wine, dancing, food, women appeared Магацитлы. They were in high helmets панцырных zones, without shields. With his right hand they cast bronze balls explode nuclear cold that Deplete the flame, with the left hand dipped sword drunk and mad.

The Orgy was interrupted by a terrible underground impetus. Collapsed statue Тубала, cracked walls, were locked columns aqueduct, deep cracks escaped the flames, ashes clouded sky.

On the bloody morning, dim the disc of the sun lit the ruins, burning gardens, the crowd tormented excesses, crazy people, a pile of bodies. Магацитлы ran to the aircraft, having the form of eggs, and began to leave the land. They flew to the starry space, in the homeland of the abstract mind. Several hundred vehicles have flown away. Came a fourth, more strong boost from the earth. From the North rose from the ash darkness ocean wave, and went on earth, destroying all living things.

The storm began, the lightning fell into the ground in the home. Poured rain, missiles flew volcanic stones.

The stronghold walls of the great city from the top of уступчатой coated with gold, pyramid Магацитлы continued to fly through the ocean of the falling water of smoke and ash into the starry space. Three under-number of push split the land of Atlantis. City of Golden Gate was plunged into boiling waves.


IHA absolutely has grown stupid. Whatever asked her Gusev, she sang, she looked at it матоватыми eyes. Ridiculous and pathetic. Gusev treated her harshly, but true. When Ихошка quite languishing overflow feelings, " he seated her on his knees, Pat him on the head, scratched his ear, telling the tale of the priest, as the priest had deceived his wife with a Queer, worker.

Ихошка tales are not understood, looked into the face потемневшими eyes.

Nail stuck Gusev plan to sneak back into the city. Here was a mousetrap: no оборониться, in which case, no escape. The danger threatened them serious - this Gusev did not doubt. Conversations with Deer to anything not conducted. Elk only frowned, all the light he closed the hem тускубовой daughter.

"Fussy you are a man, Alexey Ivanovich. Well, we'll be killed - not for us to fear death, would be sitting in St. Petersburg - which is safer?"

Gusev told Ихошке carry out the keys to the hangar, where stood a cruise boat. He climbed up there with a flashlight and all night I've lost over the small двукрылой, apparently, быстролетной Bateau. The mechanism was simple. A tiny motor - fit it was in his pocket, the fed grains of white metal, breaking up with horrible force in the presence of electrical sparks. Electrical energy unit received during the flight from the air - because Mars was enveloped in a magnetic field, sent it to the station at the poles. About it told more Aelita.

Gusev dragged the boat on to the door of the hangar. The key returned Ихе. In case of need castle easy to thwart hand.

Then, he decided to take control of the city Соацеру. IHA taught him to join a foggy mirror. This speaker screen, in the house Тускуба, you can connect unilaterally, that is the most invisible and inaudible.

Gusev explored the town square, shopping streets, factories, workers ' settlements. Strange life disclosed or passed before him in the misty wall:

Brick, lowest rooms factories, inanimate light through the dusty Windows. Sad, empty, sunken eyes, wrinkled faces of the workers. Forever, forever spinning pulleys, machines, stooped figure, precise movements of operation: - all this old, old, ant.

Appeared straight and clean streets in the working class districts; the same dismal figures wading in him, heads down. Millennial boredom breathed these brick, подметенных, one as one of the corridors. Here are for nothing hoped.

Appeared the Central square: - there are stepped drop-house, creeping and motley herbs, отсвечивающие sun glasses, dressed woman in the street - tables, narrow vases full of flowers. Moving whirlpools dressed crowd, tables, crystal, mottled bathrobes men, треплющиеся from wind tablecloths, women's dresses, is reflected in the floorboard, greenish pavement. Low swept the Golden boat, were shadows of their wings, laughed racked face, sparkling drops of water on the green, the flowers.

In the city there was a double life. Gusev all this took into account. As a man with great experience nose felt that beside these two parties, there is also a third, underground, underground. Indeed, the rich city streets, in parks, - everywhere shaking a large number of scruffy looking, испитых, young Martians. Staggering without cause, his hands in his pockets, - looked. Gusev thought: "Hey, these things we also saw".

Ихошка him everything in detail explained. The only one not agree, - connect shield to either House of the Council. Terrified and shaking her red hair, her hands joined:

- Don't ask me, the son of heaven, better kill me, dear son of heaven.

Once, on the fourteenth day, in the morning, Gusev, as usual, sat down, put on his knees digital whiteboard, pulled the cord.

In the mirrored wall appeared strange picture: on the Central square is concerned, шепчущиеся handful of Martians. Disappeared tables with the pavement, flowers, colorful umbrellas. Appeared a detachment of soldiers was a triangle, as scary dolls, with stone faces. Next on the shopping street, is a creeping crowd, dump, and some Martian, emitted from the fight screw on the mouse wings. In the Park of the same alarmed by the handful whisperers. On one of the largest factories humming crowds of workers, excited, dark, fierce face.

In the city, apparently, there was an event of the utmost importance. Gusev shook Ихошку shoulders: - "what's The matter?". She was silent, staring Matt, loving eyes.


Imperceptible anxiety cloud fever fell on the city. Mumbling, blinked mirror phones. On the streets, in squares, in parks whispered handful of Martians. Waiting for events, glancing at the sky. They said that somewhere burning warehouses dried cactus. At noon in the city opened the taps and water is drained away in them, but not for long... Many have heard on the South-West of a distant explosion. In the houses was taped glass paper - crosswise.

The alarm went from the centre of the city, from the house of the Board of Engineers. Talked about the faltering authorities Тускуба, the forthcoming changes. Anxious arousal прорезывалось spark-like rumours:

"The night the lights go out".

"Stop polar stations".

"Disappears magnetic field".

"In the cellars of the House of Soviets arrested any person".

On the outskirts of the city, in factories, in camps, in public stores - these rumors were perceived differently. The reason for their occurrence here, apparently, knew more. With anxious Schadenfreude said that, like, a giant circus, number eleven, blown underground workers, government agents looking everywhere weapons that Тускуб pulls troops in Соацеру.

By noon, almost everywhere, ceased working. Gathered large crowds expected events, looked at from nowhere appeared meaningful, young Martians, with put hands in his pockets.

In the middle of the day flew over the city government of the boat, and the rain of white афишек fell down from the sky to the streets. The government warned the population against malicious rumors - they anarchists, enemies of the people. Said that power has never been so strong, determined.

The city fell silent for a moment, and again rumors, one worse than the other one. Reliably knew only one thing: tonight in the house of the Board of Engineers have a strong fight Тускуба with the leader of the working population Соацеры - engineer Gore.

By the evening a crowd of people walking around with a huge area in front of the house of the Council. Soldiers guarded the stairs, entrances and roof. Cold wind caught up with fog and wet clouds were lights reddish, blurred aurorae. Unclear pyramid away in the mists of the dark walls of the house. All the Windows were illuminated.

Under the heavy arches, in the round hall, on the benches of the amphitheatre were members of the Council. Faces of all were attentive and watchful. In the wall high above the floor, took place rapidly, one after the other, in the foggy mirror, pictures of the city: the inside factories, intersections, with перебегающими in the fog figures, outlines water circuses, electro-magnetic towers, monotonous, deserted buildings warehouses, protected by soldiers. Screen continuously connected with all Supervisory mirrors in the city. Behold, there appeared a square in front of the house of the ocean heads, застилаемый wisps of fog, wide lights lights. The vaults of the hall filled with the ominous grumbling crowd.

Thin whistle drew attention of those present. The screen went dark. Before amphitheatrically on the rise, covered with парчей, ascended Тускуб. He was pale, quiet and somber.

- In the city of excitement, " said Тускуб, city excited hearing today about what I intend to contradict. One of this hearing was enough to government balance deteriorated. Such things I think painful and ominous. It is necessary once and for all destroy the reason of such excitability. I know we have among us those present, that this very night) spread around the city my words. I'm open: the city is covered by anarchy. According to my agents in the city and there were insufficient muscle to resistance. We are on the eve of destruction of the world.

Murmuring flew in the amphitheatre. Тускуб smiled disdainfully.

- Destroyer world order - anarchy - is coming from the city. Laboratory for making drunkards, thieves, murderers, ferocious сладострастников the devastation of the shower, is now the city. Tranquility of soul, the natural will to life, feelings force - wasted here on dubious entertainment and painful pleasure. Smoke хавры, - here is the soul of the city, smoke, and delirium. Street diversity, noise, luxury Golden boats and envy those who from below looks at these boats. A woman Baring her back and belly, women, made from lace, perfume and make-up, - semi-living beings, stun сладострастников. Posters and fire advertising, give ' false hopes. Now the city. The rest of the soul burns in ashes. Her one desire, hungering. She longs to saturate the ashes of the soul moisture. This moisture - always blood. Boredom, boredom, - you see - dusty corridors, with dusty light, where wander burnt soul, yawning from boredom. Boredom satisfies only the blood.

City prepares anarchic personality. Her will, her lust, its pathos - destruction. Think that anarchy freedom, no, anarchy seeks only to anarchy. The duty of the state to deal with these destroyers, and that is the law of life. Anarchy we should oppose the will to order. We should call for healthy forces in the country and with the least losses throw them on the fight against anarchy. We declare a merciless war. Conservation measures is only a temporary means: there must inevitably come an hour, when the police will reveal his weak spot. When we doubled to increase the number of police agents anarchists increase four times. We must first go on the offensive. We must destroy and destroy the city.

Half of the amphitheatre jumped up on the benches. Persons Martians were pale, his eyes burned.

- City inevitably, will be destroyed, we must themselves organise the destruction. In the future I will suggest a plan of settlement of the healthy part of the urban dwellers to rural communities. We should do so in the richest country on the other side of the mountains Лизиазира, is abandoned by the population after the civil war. This is a huge work. But the purpose of it is great. Of course, the measure of the destruction of the city we don't get the civilization, we don't even отсрочим of her death, but we'll give the world an opportunity to die quietly and solemnly.

"What is he saying? - frightened birds, hoarse voices cried out on the benches.

- Why should we die?

He has lost his mind!

- Down With Тускуба!

Movement of his eyebrows Тускуб made subside amphitheatre:

- History of Mars over. Life is extinct on the planet. You know the statistics of birth and death. Will be held century and the last Martian застывающим look at the last time holds the sunset. We were powerless to stop death. We must harsh and wise measures beat the splendor and delight of the last days of the world. First, a basic: - we must destroy the city. Civilization took away from it all, now it decomposes civilization, he must perish.

In the middle of the amphitheatre climbed Mountains, - the широколицый, a young Martian, which Gusev had seen in the mirror. His voice was dull, barking. He threw a hand in the direction of Тускуба:

He's lying! He wants to destroy the town to save power. He condemns us to death to save power. He understands that only the destruction of millions he may yet remain in power. He knows how to hate him those who sleep in Golden boat, who is born and dies under the earth, of whom the soul drunk factory walls, who in holiday reeling across the dusty corridors, yawning boredom, who are furiously seeking oblivion, swallows smoke damned хавры. Тускуб prepared us a mortal bed, - let himself in him lies. We don't want to die. We were born to live. We know the danger of death, the degeneration of Mars. But we have salvation. We will save the earth, - people from the earth, полудикари, healthy, fresh race. That's who he fears more than anything else. Тускуб, you hid in the house of two people who arrived from the earth. Are you afraid of the sons of heaven. You are strong only among the weak, half-witted, bemused хаврой. When they come strong with hot blood, you have become a shadow, a nightmare, you vanished like a Ghost. Here is what you fear the most! You deliberately invented anarchists, now you came up with it, it's a great minds, the destruction of the city. You need the blood, drink, are you a Ghost. You need to distract everybody's attention to discreetly remove these two brave souls, our saviours. I know you've already ordered...

...Mountains suddenly broke off. His face began to get dark voltage. - Тускуб, hard, from under the brows, looked him in the eye...


...Not make... Not shut up!.. - Mountains croaked. - I know you are devoted to ancient чертовщину... I'm not afraid of your eyes...

...Mountains, with difficulty, broad palm mopped his forehead. He sighed deeply and shook. In silence недышащего amphitheatre he sank down on the bench, his head in his hands. You could hear the his teeth.

Тускуб raised his eyebrows and went on quietly:

- Hope for immigrants from the earth? Late. More fresh blood in our veins? Late. Later and brutally. We only prolong the agony of our planet. We only increase the suffering, because, inevitably, become slaves of conquerors. Instead of the deceased and the beautiful sunsets of civilization - we again engage themselves in wearisome circles centuries. Why? Why do we, old and wise race, to work on the invaders? To greedy for life savages pulled us out of the palaces and gardens, forced to build new circuses, digging ore to again plains of Mars announced the cries of war? To re-fill our city devastated souls and crazy?

No. We must die quietly on the thresholds of their homes. Let red rays Талцетла Shine at us from afar. We are not to let yourself be foreigners. We shall build the new station at the poles and will surround the planet impenetrable armor. We will destroy the Соацеру, Jack anarchy and foolish hope, here, here was born this criminal plan - communicate with the earth. We will go plow squares. We leave only necessary for the life of the institutions and enterprises. In them we make work criminals, alcoholics, crazy, all dreamers unrealizable. We закуем chains. Give them the life they so crave.

All who agree with us, who are subject to our will, we're going to take a countryside manor and provide life and comfort. Twenty millennia of hard labor gives us the right to live, finally, idly, quiet and contemplative. The end of civilization will be covered with a wreath of Golden age. We organize public holidays and excellent entertainment. Perhaps even a lifetime, I have mentioned, will last for several more centuries, because we will live in happiness and peace.

Amphitheatre listened, fascinated. Face Тускуба covered with pink spots. He closed his eyes, as if peering into the future. Broke off mid-sentence.

...The deaf, polyphonic hum of the crowd outside penetrated under the vaults of the hall. Mountains rose up. His face was distorted. He stripped off his hat and flung it far away. Stretched out his hands and plunged down the bench to Тускубу. He grabbed Тускуба by the throat and threw off the парчевого exaltation. , Stretching her hands, spreading its fingers, turned to the amphitheater. If tearing off присохший language, cried:

- Well. Death? Let death.

On the benches jumped up, cheered, some figures ran down lying face down Тускубу.

Mountains jumped to the door. Elbow pushed the soldier. Floors his black robe glimpsed the boarding area. Came a distant voice. The crowd went though the roar of the wind. There were fierce cries. Suddenly, the ringing, which shattered the glass.


- Revolution, Mstislav Sergeevich. The whole town upside down. Fun!

Gusev stood in the library. In the normally sleepy eyes jumped hot, funny sparks. Nose вздернулся, топорщились mustache. Hands he dug his for belt belt.

In the boat I'm all Packed: provisions for weapons. Ружьишко got theirs. Gather rather throw the book, the flight.

Elk sat her feet under her, in the corner of the sofa, - невидяще looked at Gusev. It's been over two hours he expected the usual parish Aelita, went to the door, listened, - the rooms Aelita was quiet. He sat in the corner of the couch and waited, when will sound of her steps. He knew that light steps out come in it the thunder in heaven. She will, as always, wonderful, изумительнее than he waited, will be held under the luminous, upper Windows; mirror floor will fly her black dress. And in it falter. Universe of his soul tremble and will stand, as before the storm: she is a woman, life.

Fever, perhaps, you, Mstislav Sergeyevich, what looked? I say fly, and everything is ready. I want you to do Марскомом declare. Case - net.

Elk lowered his head - so stared Gusev. Asked quietly:

- What is happening?

- Damn them make out. In the streets people clouds, Rev. The window is broken.

- Fly, Alexei Ivanovich, but only this very night return. I promise to support you in whatever you want. Start a revolution, assign me the Commissioner, if necessary, shoot me. But today, I beg of you, leave me alone. Agree?

"Okay, " Gusev said, " Ah, they are a whole mess, flies their залягай, - seventh heaven улети and there Baba. TFU. At midnight I get back. Ихошка look to a denunciation of me.

Gusev left. Elk again took the book, and thought:

"What end? Pass by the storm of love? No, do not pass. Glad he's that feeling of intense, deadly expectations that revealed some incredible light? - No joy, no sorrow, no dream, no thirst, no satisfaction... what he feels when Aelita next to him. - acceptance of life in the icy loneliness of his body. He feels - it is ancient, ancient, having come empty Ghost, screaming voices throughout the universe: live, live, live. And the life comes in the mirror floor, that the bright Windows. But it's also a dream. Let happen what he wants: connection. And life will arise in it, Aelita. It will be full of moisture, light, implementation, quivering flesh. And he again: vexation, loneliness, lust".

Never has the Elk with such clarity has not felt a desperate thirst for love, had never understood this deception of love, terrible spoofing himself - a woman: the curse of being male. Discover a hug, open the arms from star to star, wait, take a woman. And she will take it all and will live. And you, lover, father, - as an empty shadow, раскинувшая hands from star to star.

Aelita was right: he wasted learned a lot during this time, too widely revealed his consciousness. His body still flowed hot blood, he was all full of anxiety seeds of life, the son of the earth. But the mind has determined it for a thousand years here on a different land, he learned what still needed to know. Mind opened up and, not rich, vibrant blood, зазиял icy emptiness. That opened his mind? - desert, and out there, beyond, new mysteries.

Make a bird singing at the tender delighted with closed eyes, in the hot ray of the sun, understand though краюшек the wisdom of man, and the bird will drop dead. Wisdom, the wisdom, whether cursed: a lifeless desert.

Outside the window came a long whistle of the departing boat. Then, in the library просунулась head Ikhi, " she called to the table. Elk hurriedly went into the dining - white, circular room, where these days dined with Аэлитой. There was hot. In high vases of columns of heavy stuffy air smelled of flowers. IHA, turning my red eyes from tears, said:

- You'll dine one, the son of the sky and covered the device Aelita white flowers.

Elk darkened. Glumly sat down. The food hadn't touched it, only nibbled bread and drank a few glasses of wine. With a mirror dome above the table, and went, as usual, during lunch time, poor music. Elk clenched his jaw.

From the depth of the dome fell two votes, stringed and brass: converged, interwoven, sang about the unrealizable. High замирающих sounds they parted, and already low sounds of crying from the darkness тоскующими voices called, echoed excitedly, and sang again about the meeting approached, hovered like an old, old waltz.

Elk sat fanning the nostrils, clenched in a fist narrow glass. IHA, going behind a pillar, buried her face in the edge of the skirt, " she's shaking shoulders. Elk threw her napkin and rose. Agonizing music, stuffy colors, spiced wine - all this was quite in vain.

He went to Ихе:

"Can I see the Аэлиту?

Without opening person, IHA shook her red hair. Elk took her by the shoulder:

- What happened? She's sick? I need to see her.

IHA slipped under the elbow of Elk and ran away. On the floor at the column remains is dropped Ихошкой, - a photograph. Wet from the tears of the card depicted a Gusev in full combat form, cloth helmet, belts on the chest, one hand on the handle draughts, in another revolver behind torn grenades, - signed: "Pretty Ихошке on an unforgettable memory".

Elk threw a postcard, left the house and walked across the meadow toward the grove. He made huge leaps, did not notice this, muttered:

"Don't want to see. Get in another world - a remarkable effort to sit in the corner of the sofa, waiting: when, when, finally, will the woman... Craziness! Obsession! Gusev rights, fever. "Inhaled enough of the sweet". Wait until the end of the world - smile, a gentle look... To чорту!.. 't want to, don't. The better".

Thoughts brutally укалывали. Elk вскрикивал as a toothache. Not commensurate with the force - jumped on the yards into the air and falling down he could hardly stand on his feet. White his hair flying. He hated himself fierce hatred.

He ran to the lake. The water was like a mirror, the black and blue of its surface burned the sheaves of the sun. It was stuffy. Elk grabbed his head, sat down on a stone.

Of transparent depth of the lake ascended round, purple fish, stirred fibers long игол, indifferently water eyes stared at the Moose.

"You hear, fish, bug-eyed, stupid fish, in an undertone, " Moose said, - I am calm, speak in full memory. I tormented by curiosity, burns, - to take her hand, when she came in a black dress, to take it up, Аэлиту, woman... Hear will be the beat of her heart... Apart from the will, all his wisdom, she unusual motion, придвинется to me... I will look, as suddenly одичают her eyes... See, fish, I stopped abruptly ended, I do not think that I want. Fairly. You still don't know me, " I'm stubborn. The thread is broken - end. Tomorrow in the city. The struggle is beautiful. Death is beautiful. Only - no music, no flowers, no evil seduction. Don't want to heat. Magic ball in her hand, - to чорту, to чорту, it is all a deception, a Ghost!.."

Elk got up, took a great stone, and threw him into a shoal of fish. His head was stiff. Light irritate eyes. Away glistening ice, rising up out of the grove high peak mountain peak. "You must try out the icy air," the Elk squinted at the diamond mountain, and went in that direction through the blue thickets.

Trees ended before him lay desolate, a hilly plateau, icy peak was far over the edge. The path underfoot lying slag, rubble, all the holes abandoned mines. Elk stubbornly decided to куснуть, enough teeth this far shining snow.

In the side, in the hollow, rose brown cloud of dust. Hot wind came the noise of many voices. From the height of the hill Elk saw бредущую on the dry bed of the channel large crowd Martians. They carried long sticks tied at the ends with knives, picks, forks. Went stumbling - arms shook and cried fiercely. Behind them, over the brown clouds floated birds of prey.

Elk remembered the recent words Guseva about the events. Thought:

"Happiness? Here, live, fight, win, гибни, there disassemble - what and why. Happiness? And a heart to hold on the chain, irrational, violent, unhappy".

The crowd disappeared behind the hills. Elk briskly walked excitedly movement, struggle, and then he stopped, threw his head back. In the blue sky floating, falling, cruise boat. Here's eyes, showing wings, described a circle, - down, down, slid over his head and sat down.

In the boat rose someone, wrapped in a white fur, white as snow. Due to the fur, from under a leather helmet looked at Elk worried, anxious eyes Aelita. Frantically raised heart. He came down to the boat. Aelita turned down the face wet from the breath of the fur. Потемневшим eyes Elk looked into her face. She said:

- I am for you. I was in the city. We need to run. I'm dying longing for you.

Elk only tightened his fingers on the brail of the boat, hardly rest.


Elk sat down behind Aelita. Mechanic - redskin boy - smooth impetus raised a cruise boat in the sky.

Cold wind rushed to meet him. White as snow, coat of Aelita was soaked in thundery freshness, cold mountain. Aelita turned to Moose, - her cheeks were burning:

- I see the father. He ordered me to kill you and your friend. - Her teeth gleamed. She opened his hand. On the ring, on a chain hung from her stone bottle. The father said: let them sleep peacefully, they deserve a happy death.

Gray eyes Aelita with moisture. But now she laughed, pulled the ring from her finger. Elk grabbed her by the hand:

- Don't give up, he took her bottle and put it in my pocket, " this is your gift, Aelita: dark drop, sleep, rest. Now's life and death. He leaned over her breathing. - When the terrible hour of being lonely again I feel you in this drop.

Trying to understand Aelita closed her eyes, leaned his back to the Moose. No, still not understanding. Noisy wind, hot breast Elk behind his back, his hand, pushed the white fur on her shoulder, it seemed, their blood runs one cycle in the same delight, one body they fly in some shining, ancient memory. No, still not understand!

A minute passed, a little more. The boat reached a height of тускубовой fincas. Mechanic turned around: Aelita and the son of heaven were strange faces. In empty Shine of their shone Sunny point. Wind kneading snow coat on the coat of Aelita. Rave her eyes looked deep into the ocean of divine light.

The boy mechanic уткнул the collar of his sharp nose and began to silently laugh. Put the boat on the wing, cutting air steep falls, came down on the porch.

Aelita recovered, and began to unbutton coat, but her fingers slipped on the bird's head on the large buttons. Elk picked it up from the boat, placed it on the grass and stood before her bent. Aelita said to the boy: "Prepare closed the boat."

She did not see nor Ихошкиных red-eye, nor yellow as a pumpkin, skewed fear of the Trustee, smiling absently, turning to Moose, she went ahead of him in the depths of the house to myself.

For the first time saw Elk room Aelita, low, Golden arches, walls covered with images, if figures on the Chinese umbrella, felt exhilarating bitter, warm scent.

Aelita said quietly: " Sit down. Elk villages. She fell at his feet, laid her head on his knees, hands on his chest, and no longer moving.

He tenderly looked at her ash, highly raised hair, holding her hands. She shivered throat. Elk and stooped down. She said:

- You may be bored with me? Forgive. I vaguely. I'm not skillful. I said Ихе: put more colors in the dining room, when he is left alone, let it plays Ulla.

Aelita leaned her elbows on her knees Elk. Her face was dreamy:

- Were you listening? Do you understand?" You thought of me?

- You see and know, ' said Elk, - when I see you - I'll go crazy with anxiety. When I see you - anxiety worse. Now it seems to me longing for you drove me through the stars.

Aelita sighed deeply. Her face looked happy.

The father gave me poison, but I saw - he doesn't believe me. He said: "I'll kill you and him." We are not long to live. But you feel - minute disclosed endlessly, blissfully.

She stopped and looked as erupted cold determination eyes Elk, - his mouth was compressed obstinately:

- Well, - he said, - I will fight.

Aelita moved up and whispered:

- You're a giant of my childhood dreams. You have a beautiful face. You're strong, - the son of heaven. You are so brave, kind. Thy hands of iron, knees out of stone. Your opinion is fatal. From thy sight women feel the weight of his heart.

Head of Aelita without power rested on his shoulder. Her mumbling become blurred, just audible. Elk took her face hair:

"What's wrong?

Then she quickly wrapped it around his neck like a child. Were big tears ran down her худенькому person:

- I don't know how to love, " she said, " I never knew this... have pity on me, do not shun me. I will tell you interesting stories. Talk about the terrible comets, about the battle of air ships, about the death of a beautiful country on the other side of the mountains. You will not be bored me to love. I never caressed. When you first came, I thought: I saw him in childhood, it is a native giant. I wanted you to take me into his arms, carried away here. Here grimly, hopelessly, death, death. The sun poorly warm. Ice no longer melt at the poles. Dry up the sea. Endless desert, copper Sands cover tuma... Earth... cute giant, carry me to the ground. I want to see green mountains, streams of water, clouds, fat beasts, giants... I don't want to die...

Aelita filled with tears. Now the young girl felt that she was the Elk. It was funny and gentle, when she threw up her hands, talking about the giants.

Elk kissed her tear-filled eyes. She was quiet. Her mouth припух. From the bottom up, with love, as the giant of a fairy tale, she looked at the son of heaven.

Suddenly, in the dimness of the room came a quiet hissing, and now flashed cloud oval light on the dresser. Appeared всматривающаяся carefully head Тускуба.

- Are you here? "he asked.

Aelita, like a cat jumped on the carpet, and ran to the screen.

"Here, father.

- The sons of heaven still alive?

- No, father, " I gave them poison, they killed.

Aelita said coldly, sharply. Stood with her back to the Moose, obscuring the screen. Raised her hands to her hair, adjusting them.

- What do you want from me, father?

Тускуб was silent. Shoulders Aelita began to rise, head закидывалась. A fierce voice Тускуба roared:

"You are lying! The son of heaven in the city. He headed the uprising.

Aelita has waned. Head father disappeared.


Aelita, Ихошка and Elk flew in четырехкрылой, closed boat to the mountains Лизиазира.

Unceasingly worked receiver of electromagnetic waves, the mast with cuts wires. Aelita bent over the tiny TV, listened intently.

It was difficult to understand the desperate телефонограммах, calls, cries, alarm queries, flying, soaring in the magnetic field of Mars. All the same, almost without ceasing, mumbling voice steel Тускуба, penetrates all this chaos, owned it. In the mirror were shadows потревоженного world.

Several times a mess of sounds hearing Aelita caught a strange voice, вопивший drawl:

"...comrades, do not listen to the whisperers... we don't need no concessions... to arms, comrades, came the last hour... all power to the Soviet... owls... owls...".

Aelita turned to Ихошке:

"Your friend brave and bold, he is the true son of heaven, be not afraid for him.

Ихошка as a goat, stamped her feet, shook her red head. Aelita was traced, that the flight of them go unnoticed. She removed her ears tube. His fingers rubbed her steaming glass window.

"Look, " she said Elk, we fly ikhi.

Boat sailed at great height above Mars. From the sides of the boat, in the blinding light, flew on webbed wings of two crinkly, covered with brown hair, worn animals. Round their heads with a flat, a toothy beak were turned to the window. Now, one saw Elk, got fully immersed and лязгнуло mouth on the glass. Elk his head. Aelita laughed.

Passed Азору. Below lay the sharp rocks Лизиазиры. The boat went down, flew over the lake Соам and sank into a spacious site, hanging over a precipice.

Elk mechanic and brought the boat into the cave, raised on the shoulders of the basket, and after the women began to descend by a barely noticeable in the rocks, истершейся from antiquity, the stairs down into the gorge.

Aelita easily and quickly walked ahead. Adhering to the ledges of the rocks, carefully up at Elk. From under his big feet rocks, spilling out into the caves of the echo.

Here descended магацитл, carried a cane with a tied yarn, - said Aelita. - Now you'll see the place where the burned circles sacred lights.

In the middle of the abyss stairs went down in the rock, in the narrow tunnel. From the darkness, he was drawn damp damp. Ширкая shoulders stooping, Elk hardly moved between polished walls. Groping he found shoulder Aelita, and now felt on her lips and her breathing. He whispered in English: dear.

The tunnel ended полуосвещенной cave. Everywhere was full of basalt columns. In depth flew light clouds of steam. Murmured water, monotonous fall drops from a discernible in the depths of the vaults.

Aelita walked ahead. Her black cloak and a pointed cap slid over the lake, sometimes hiding behind the clouds of steam. She said from the darkness: " careful, " and appeared on a narrow, steep arch of the ancient bridge. Elk felt like shaking under the feet of pavement arch, but he was looking at a light raincoat, sliding in half-light.

It became lighter. Gleamed above his head crystals. Cave ended with a colonnade made low, stone pillars. Behind them was visible bathed in the evening sun, the prospect of rocky peaks and mountain circuses Лизиазиры.

On the other side of the colonnade lay a wide terrace, covered with rusty moss. Its edges fell steeply. Subtle staircase and the path led up to the cave city. In the middle of the terrace was lying half left in the ground, covered with moss, the Sacred Threshold. It was a big, solid gold sarcophagus. Rough images of animals and birds covered him with four sides. Upstairs rested the image of the sleeping Martian, " one hand twine head, the other pinned to his chest Ulla. The remains of the collapsed colonnade was surrounded by this amazing sculpture.

Aelita knelt down in front of the door and kissed in the heart of the image sleep. When she raised her face was thoughtful and gentle. IHA, too, sat at the feet of the sleeping embrace them, and hid my face.

The left side of the rock, among полустертых label was triangular, Golden door. Elk разгреб mosses and hardly opened her. It was the ancient home of the guardian of the Threshold - dark small cave with stone benches, fireplace, carved in granite couch. Here have made basket. IHA covered the floor Mat, постлала bed for Aelita, poured oil in hanging under the ceiling светильню and lit it. Boy-mechanic went upstairs guarding the cruise boat.

Aelita, and Moose sat on the edge of the cliff. The sun sank behind the sharp peaks. Sharp, long shadows stretched from the mountains, and broke in the debacle of the gorges. Bleak, barren, was wildly in this region, where the once-saved people from ancient Аолы.

- When the mountains were covered with vegetation, " said Aelita, here grazed herds хашей, in the gorges of the noisy waterfalls. Tuma dies. Closes the circle long, long millennia. Maybe we're the last: go and tuma empty. So my teacher says.

Aelita paused. The sun set not far behind dragon ridge of rocks. Violent blood sunset flowed in height, umber darkness.

- But my heart says otherwise - Aelita got up and went along the cliff, picking up the pieces of dry moss, twigs and dead bushes. Having collected them in her lap cloak, she went back to the Moose, folded fire, brought from the caves светильню and, kneeling down, burned grass. The fire popped flaring up.

Then Aelita took from under the cloak little Ullu and sitting down, leaning his elbow on the raised knee touched the strings. They gently, like bees, the clink. Aelita lifted her head to appearing in the darkness of night stars, and sang in a very low, low, sad voice:

Gather dried herbs, animal droppings and the wreckage of the branches,
Join them diligently.
Hit a stone in the iron woman, водительница of two souls.
Высеки spark - and запылает fire.
Sit down by the fire to reach out a hand to the flame.
Your husband is sitting on the other side of dancing languages.
Through the jet leaving the stars smoke
The eyes of the men were peering into the darkness of your womb, into the bottom of the soul.
His eyes brighter stars, hot fire, bolder фосфорических eye cha.
Know - extinct coal will be the sun, укатятся a star from the sky,
turns off the evil Талцетл over the world, -
But you, woman, sitting at the fire immortality, stretching out her hands to him,
Listening to the voice of the waiting awakening to life
Voices in the darkness of your womb.


Look at that!" Lowering Ullu on his knees, Aelita looked at the coals, they brightened reddish fervor of her face.

- According to ancient custom, " she said, almost sternly, woman, спевшая man song Ulla - becomes his wife.


At midnight Elk jumped out of the boat-yard, тускубовой fincas. The Windows of the house were dark, the means Gusev had not returned. Sloping wall is illuminated by the stars, bluish sparks their gleamed in black glasses. Due to the teeth, the roof sticking up sharp angle strange shadow. Elk looked, what would it be? Boy-mechanic leaned toward him and whispered timidly:

- Do not go there.

Elk pulled out his gun. Hunched his nostrils cold air. In memory rose up fire over an abyss, the smell of burning herbs. Sad, feral eyes Aelita... "you'll come Back?" - she asked, standing over the fire. "Executive debt, fight, win, but do not forget - all this is only a dream, all the shadows... Here by the fire you are alive, you will not die. Do not forget, come back ' ... She come close. Her eyes at his eye was disclosed in a bottomless night full of star-dust, "Come back, come back to me, son of heaven"...

Remembrance annealed and extinguished, - was only for a moment, until he was unbuttoning Elk revolver holsters. Looking at the strange shadow on the other side of the house, over the roof, Elk felt his muscles tense up, hot blood shakes the heart, - "fight, fight".

Easy, jumping, he ran back to the house. Listen, slipped along the side of the wall and looked in the corner.

Near the stairs at the back door lay rolled over on its side, the broken ship. One of his wing rose above the roof to the stars... Elk discerned two, then a third and a fourth, lying on the grass bags were corpses. In the house - the darkness, the silence.

"Do - Gusev?" Elk, not hiding behind, run to the dead: - "No Martians". Fifth lay upside down on the steps. Sixth hung among the wreckage of the ship. Apparently, were killed from home.

Elk ran up the stairs. The door was ajar. He went into the house.

Alexei Ivanovich, " said Elk. It was quiet. He turned on the light, " flashed the lights of the house. Thought: - "inadvertently," and now forgotten about it. Passing under the arches - slipped in a sticky, dark puddle.

Alexei Ivanovich! - cried the Elk. Listened silence. Then he went into a narrow зальце with foggy mirror, sat in a chair, took the nails chin:

"Wait for him here? Meaningless. Fly to the rescue? But where to? Who is this broken ship? The dead are not like soldiers - most likely - workers. Who fought here? Gusev? - people Тускуба? Elk took a nail. - Yes. No time to lose".

He took a digital whiteboard and turned on the mirror: - "House Area of the Board. - Pulled the cord, and now crashing отшвырнуло him from the mirror: there's a reddish glow of the lanterns, flew smoke strike sharply fire outbreaks, sparks. Now, flew threw his arms in the mirror someone's figure, with blood flooded his eyes.

Elk and pulled the cord. Turned away from the screen.

"Do not let people know where to look him in this mess?"

Elk put his hands behind his back and walked, walked along the narrow зальцу. Startled, stopped, vividly turned around, snapped off the safety catch the Mauser. From behind the door, the floor, carved out of a head, red hair, red wrinkled face.

Elk jumped to the door. On the other side lying by the wall in a pool of blood - Martian. Elk took him in his arms, carried and laid in the armchair. He had разодран stomach. Licking lips, the Martian said faintly:

- Rush, we perish. The son of heaven, save us... unclasp your hand to me...

Elk unclenched коченеющий кулачек dying, peeled back from the palm little note. Hardly disassembled:

"I'm sending you warship and seven people working, guys reliable. I осаждаю House of the Council. Down near the square, where the tower. Gusev".

Elk bent over the wounded man to ask what happened here? But the Martian screamed, kicking the chair. Then Elk took in the palm of his head, embraced him. The Martian ceased to croak. His eyes popping out on the son of heaven. Horror, bliss lighted them: "Save"... the Eyes with dust, mouth grinned.

Elk buttoned up the jacket, scarf wrapped around his neck. Walked to the door. But barely opened the door, front, due to the skeleton of the ship flew bluish sparks, he heard a faint rasping noise. The bullet ripped off the helmet with the head of Elk.

Gritting his teeth, Moose ran down the stairs, jumped to the ship, leaned shoulder - muscles хрустнули, and he overthrew the hull of a ship on those who were behind him in ambush.

There was a crack of breaking metal, bird calls Martians, wing мотнулось by air and пришлепнуло уползавших from the rubble. Still пригибающиеся figures ran zigzags for misty meadow. Elk in one leap caught up with them shot. The roar of the Mauser was terrible. The nearest Martian bumped into the grass. Another slung his rifle, sat down and buried his face in his hands.

Elk took him by the collar of silver jacket, and raised as a puppy. It was a soldier. Elk asked:

"You sent Тускубом?

- Yes, the son of heaven.

- I'll kill you.

- Well, the son of heaven.

- What are you arrived? Where the ship?

Hanging before the terrible face of the son of heaven, the Martian advanced terrible eyes pointed to the trees, in the shadow of their stood a small, military boat.

- Have you seen the son of heaven? Can you find it?

- Yes.

- Take.

Elk jumped in the military boat. The Martian villages to the handlebars. Howled screws. The night wind rushed to meet him. Tore down the black height huge, wild star. In the ears sang:

"You, you, through the fire and struggle, by the stars, by death, to you, love."


At ten o'clock in the morning Gusev took off from тускубовой fincas in Соацеру, having on Board the boat - aviation map, weapons, food and six pieces of hand grenades, - he secretly from Elk, captured in St. Petersburg.

At noon Gusev saw at the bottom of the Соацеру. The Central streets were deserted. The house of the Board of Engineers on an enormous star square there were military vehicles and troops - three concentric semicircles.

Gusev began to decline. And now, it probably notice. From the square starred six-winged, sparkling, military ship - trembling in the rays of the sun hoisted upright. Along the sides of it stood the silver figurines. Gusev described above the ship circle. Carefully pulled out of the bag grenade.

The boat whirled color wheel, stirred wire hair on the mast.

Gusev leaned out of the boat and shook his fist. On the ship he heard a faint cry. Silver figurines raised his short gun. Flew yellowish haze. Sang bullets. Bounced off a piece of the sides of the boat.

Gusev swore fun Mat. Raised the handlebars. He ran down to the ship. Flying swirl over him, threw a grenade. He heard behind a deafening explosion. Straightened out, rudders and turned around. Ship sloppy перевертывался in the air, Smoking and разваливаясь, and collapsed on the roof.

With this then it all started.

One flew over the city, Gusev learned he had seen them in the mirror, square, government building, the Arsenal, the workers ' quarters. The long, the factory walls worried, just a disturbed anthill, the crowd of many thousands Martians. Gusev decreased. The crowd shied aside. He sat down on the cleared place, grinning.

He found out. Thousands raised hands, roared pharynx: - "Магацитл, Магацитл!". The crowd gingerly began to move up. He saw the quivering face, her pleading eyes full of tears, red, as radish, peeling skull. They were all workers, mobile, poor.

Gusev got out of the boat, threw up his shoulder bag, widely held your hand through the air:

- Greetings, comrades! - It was quiet, as in a dream. Gusev seemed a giant among puny this people. - Talk gathered here, comrades, or fight? If to talk to me once, goodbye.

The crowd flew a heavy sigh. Desperate voices shouted a few of the Martians and the crowd picked up their cries:

- Save, save, save us, the son of heaven!

Means to fight want? Gusev said and roared хриплой throat. - The fight began. Now I was attacked by a military ship. I knocked him down to hell. To arms, for me! He grabbed the air exactly the bridle.

Through the crowd протискался Mountains (Gusev him immediately recognized). Gore was grey with excitement, her lips trembling. Clutched fingers in the chest Gusev:

- What do you say? Where you call us? Will destroy us. We have no weapons. You need other means of struggle...

Gusev dislodge its hands:

- The main weapon - to decide. Who decided - power. I flew from the earth to me here like a fly caught... I flew from the earth to teach you to decide. Moss overgrown, comrades Martians. Who will die not that bad for me. Where your Arsenal? For weapons. All for me to Arsenal!..

- Айяй! - cheering Martians. Hustled. Mountains stretched out his hands to the crowd. Grabbed his face.

Since the uprising began. The leader was found. Head went around. Impossible it seemed possible. Mountains, slowly and scientific подготовлявший rebellion, and even after yesterday's медливший and not hesitated, suddenly woke up exactly. He said twelve rabid speeches transferred in the workers ' quarters, the dim mirrors. Forty thousand Martians started to arrive at Arsenal. Gusev broke advancing into small pieces, and they've run under the cover of houses, monuments, trees. He ordered to put all control screens through which the government sought movement in the city, women, and children, and told them, slowly, very slowly scold Тускуба. This Asian trick she weakened for some time vigilance of the government.

Gusev was afraid of the air attack warships. To at least not for long divert attention, he sent five thousand unarmed Martians in the city centre: - to scream, ask warm clothes, bread and хавры. He said to them:

"None of you out alive not return. Do you remember that. Go.

Five thousand Martians one throat cried: - Айяй! - Unfurled a huge umbrellas shirts and went to die, sang the melancholy howl of the old one, forbidden song:

Under the glass roof,
Under the iron arches,
In a stone pot
Steaming Havre.
Us fun, fun.
Let us into the hands of stone pot!
Айяй! We are not going back
In mines, quarries.
We are not going back
In the terrible, dead corridors.
The machines, and the machines.
To live we want. Айяй! Live!
Let us into the hands of stone pot!

Spinning the huge umbrellas, with a terrible song they disappeared into the narrow streets.

Arsenal, low, square building in the old part of town, guarded by a small military unit. The soldiers stood in a semicircle on the square in front окованными bronze gates, covering two strange machines out of wire spirals, disks and balls (such a thing Gusev seen in an abandoned house). In many curves lanes coming came and surrounded the Arsenal: its walls were perpendicular and durable.

Peeking out from behind corners, darting behind the trees, Gusev examined the position is clear: Arsenal should have taken in the forehead in the gate. Gusev told выворотить in one of the entrances bronze door and then wrapped her ropes. Happy ordered to throw the lava-screech - айяй, as can be worse.

Soldiers guarding the gate, quietly glancing at the bustle in переулочках, only machines have been pushed forward and spirals cackled лиловатый light. Indicating them Martians squinting and quietly свистали, - "fear them, the son of heaven". Time to lose.

Gusev had spread his legs, grabbed the rope and lifted up the bronze door was heavy, but nothing to carry the can. So he went under the cover of a house wall to the edge of the square, where you throw up the gate. Шопотом ordered his: "be prepared." Wiped his sleeve forehead, I thought, "my, would get angry now." Picked up the door, hid behind it:

- Give Arsenal Give, тудыть thy soul, Arsenal! "he shouted in a voice heavily and ran down the square to the soldiers. Gurgled a few shots, cutting tears hit the door. Gusev opened the door. Angry seriously and ran faster, cursing foul words. But already around wailed, cheering the Martians, fell from every corner, entrances, because of the trees. In the air exploded thunder ball. But swamped flows advancing crushed and soldiers and scary machine.

Gusev, cursing, ran to the gate and struck the castle angle bronze door. Gates cracked and broken up. Gusev ran on a square yard, where were rows and rows of military, cruise ships.

Arsenal was taken. Forty thousand of the Martians have a weapon. Gusev joined by mirror the phone with the House of the Board, engineering and applied for Тускуба.

In response, the government sent an air squadron attack Arsenal. Gusev flew to meet her with the rest of the fleet. Ships government escaped. Caught up with them, surrounded and destroyed over the ruins of the ancient Соацеры. Ships fell from the sky to the feet of the giant statues Магацитла, smiling with his eyes closed. The light of the sunset flickered on his scaly helmet.

The sky was the power of the rebels. The government pulled police forces to the House of the Council. On the roof of his machines were delivered, sending fire kernel - lightning round. Part of the rebel fleet has been brought down from heaven.

The night Gusev besieged area of the House of Soviets, and began to build barricades in the streets, running up the star from the square. "I'll teach you the revolution arrange, devils brick," said Gusev, showing how to turn slabs of paving-stones, cut down trees, pluck the door, getting the shirts sand.

Opposite the House of Soviets put two captured in the Arsenal machine and began to beat out of them fiery cores on the troops. But the government закутало size of the magnetic field.

Then Gusev said last for this day speech, very short but expressive, climbed on the barricade and threw one by one, three hand grenades. The force of the explosion was terrible flew three sheaves of flame flew in the air stones, soldiers, pieces of machinery, the area of myself tightly dust, pungent smoke. The Martians wailed and went on the attack.

(This was exactly the moment when the Moose looked in the foggy mirror in тускубовой estate). The government removed the magnetic field, and both sides started to jump over the square, over дерущимися, danced, fire-balls, bursting streams bluish flame. From the thunder shook the dark, pyramidal home.

The battle lasted long. On the area covered with corpses, Gusev burst, at the head of an elite unit, the House of Soviets. The house was empty. Тускуб and all engineers fled.


Rebel forces occupied all important points of the city, these Gore. The night was cool. The Martians freezing on the posts. Gusev ordered to light bonfires. Thought this was unheard of: - for a thousand years in the city was ignited the fire, about пляшущем flame sung only in the ancient song.

In front of the House of the Council of Gusev himself lit the first fire of the pieces of furniture. "Ulla Ulla," the quiet voices wailed the Martians, surrounding fire. And now, fires flamed up on all the squares. Reddish light quickened wavering shadows sloping walls of the houses, flickered in the Windows.

For Windows appeared bluish face, anxiety, in anguish, they peered in unprecedented lights, in the dark, ragged figure rebels. Many of the houses were deserted that night.

It was quiet in the city. Only fires crackled, ringed weapons seems to have returned to his ways Millennium, began again lingering their flight. Even shaggy stars above streets, above the bonfires seemed different, unwittingly sitting by the fire lifted his head and peered into the forgotten, like an their picture.

Gusev flew on the winged saddle location of troops. He fell from a star of darkness on the square and walked on it, casting a huge shadow. He was a son of the sky, image, descended from a stone socle. "Магацитл, Магацитл"superstitious horror whispering Martians. Many first saw him, and crept up to touch. Other crying children's voices: - "Now we die... We will be happy... the Son of heaven brought us life."

Skinny body, covered with dusty, monotonous for all, clothing, wrinkled, востроносенькие, flabby face, sad eyes, accustomed for centuries to flicker of his wheels, the twilight mines, lean hands, clumsy movements of joy and courage, hands, face, eyes sparks of fires stretched to the son of heaven.

"Take it easy, not робей guys. Look lively told them Gusev, - there is no such law, to suffer innocently to the end of the century, " take it easy. Overcome - live not bad.

Late at night Gusev returned to the House of the Council, - chilly and he was hungry. In the vaulted зальце, under the low Golden arches, slept on the floor, breathing heavily and two ten-Martians carrying weapons. Floor mirror was заплеван жеваной хаврой. In the midst of зальца the cartridge жестянках sat Mountains and wrote in the light of an electric torch. On the table lay open cans of canned food, water, and a slice of bread.

Gusev sat on the corner of the table and began to eat - greedy, wiped it on his pants, and drinking from a flask, grunted, " said простуженным bass:

The position of the bad.

The mountains looked up at him with red eyes, looked bloody rag'd wrapped around the head Guseva, it tight жующее, had high cheekbones person - whiskers sticking out bloated nostrils.

- I can't reach, " where the devil, were government troops, Gusev said, is lying on the area of their three hundred, and the troops were not less than fifteen thousand. Failed. Попрятаться could not - not a needle. If broken, - I would know. A bad situation. Every minute of the enemy in the rear can find yourself.

- Тускуб, the government, the remnants of the troops and the population went into the mazes of the Queen MAGR under the city, " said Gore.

Gusev jumped down from the table:

- Why do you keep silent?

- Pursue Тускуба useless. Sit down and eat, the son of heaven. - Mountains, grimacing, reached under the service reddish, pepper, dry pack хавры, put her cheek and slowly chewed. His eyes were covered with moisture, deepened the wrinkles dispersed. - A few thousand years ago we did not build large houses, we couldn't heat the electricity was unknown to us. In winter cold population went under the surface of Mars, at greater depth. Huge rooms, adapted from dug water caves, colonnades, tunnels, corridors - absorbed inner heat of the planet. In volcanic orifices the heat was so great that we used to generate steam. Still on some Islands still working clumsy, steam-engines of those times. Tunnels connecting the underground city, stretch almost beneath the planet. Search Тускуба in this labyrinth of pointless. He alone knows the plans and caches the Maze Queen MAGR, - "Lady of two Worlds", which owned the once all of Mars. From under Соацеры network of tunnels leading to five hundred living cities and more than a thousand dead, deserted. There, everywhere, weapons depots, harbour air ships. Our forces are scattered, we poorly armed. The Тускуба - army on his side - the owners of rural manors, planters хавры, and all those who thirty years ago, after a devastating war, became the owners of urban houses. Тускуб clever and вероломен. He purposely caused all these events, - to forever crush the remnants of resistance... Ah, the Golden age!.. Golden age!..

Mountains shook одурманенной head. On his cheeks were purple spots. Havre heavily started to act on it.

- Тускуб dreams of a Golden age: - open the last era of Mars - the Golden age. Selected will join it, only worthy of bliss. Equality is impossible equality-no. Universal happiness delirium of mad, drunken хаврой. Тускуб said: " thirst for equality and universal justice destroy the achievements of the civilization. - On the lips of Mountain appeared reddish foam. - Go back to the inequality, injustice! Let us rush, as ikhi, - the past century. Imprison slaves, to rivet machines to machines, in the mines... Let completeness of the tribulation. And blessed is the fullness of happiness... This is the Golden age. Gnashing of teeth, and thick darkness. And the highest pleasure, delight. Damn my father and mother! To be born! Damn!

Gusev looked at him, very chewed a cigarette:

- Well, I tell you, " you have lived here...

Mountains long silence, bent on the cartridge жестянках, the ancient, old man.

- Yes, the son of heaven. We inhabiting the ancient tuma, not solved the riddles. Today I saw you in combat. In you the fire dancing fun. You are dreamy, passionate and careless. You, the sons of earth, ever unravel the mystery. But we - old. In the us the ashes. We had our hour.

Gusev pulled the sash:

- Well, well. Tomorrow you assume that I do?

- In the morning, to look for mirror phone Тускуба and log in negotiations on mutual concessions...

You, comrade, an hour nonsense are interrupted Gusev - a disposition for tomorrow: you declare around Mars, that power is transferred to us. Demand unconditional obedience. And I pick up men, and with all the fleet Dvina river right on the poles, and grab the electromagnetic station. Immediately start Telegraph to the earth, in Moscow, sent to us reinforcements as soon as possible. In six months they build machines, and fly just...

...Gusev staggered heavily and sat down on the table. The whole house shook. From the darkness of the vaults were showered with stucco decorations. Have been on the floor Martians jumped up, looking around. A new, even more powerful, tremors shook the house. The clink of glass breakage. A door opened. Low, increasing by thunder, thunder filled the hall. There were cries of the square, the shots.

Martians кинувшиеся to the door, - backed away, heard. Entered the son of the sky, the Elk. Was hard to find his face - huge eyes were sunken, - were dark, strange light went out of his eyes. The Martians пятились from him, sat on his haunches. White his hair standing on end.

- The city is surrounded, ' said Elk, loudly and firmly, - the sky is full of lights of ships. Тускуб explode workers ' quarters.


Elk Mountains and came out at that moment on the stairs at home, under the colonnade: there was a second explosion. Bluish fan the flames soared in the North side of the city. Clearly visible billowing clouds of smoke and ash. After rumble - swept whirlwind. Crimson glow shifting on the half of the sky.

Now not a single cry not sounded on the star square, full of troops. The Martians stared at the blaze. Decayed, and their dwellings and their families. Flew hope clouds of smoke.

Gusev, after a short meeting with Deer and Gore, ordered to prepare the fleet for battle. All the ships were in the Arsenal. Only five of these huge dragonflies lay on the square. Gusev sent them to investigate. Ships soared, - flashed fire with their wings.

From the Arsenal responded that orders received and landing of troops on the ships started. Passed an indefinitely long time. Smoky glow flared. It was terrifying and quiet in the city. Gusev constantly sent Martians to the mirror phone rush the gate. He himself enormous shadow travelled around the square, hoarsely shouted, building chaotic accumulation of forces in the column. Approaching the stairs, ощеривался, - mustache erect themselves:

- Yes, you will say to them in the Arsenal, - has followed a strange Mountain expression, " quickly, quickly...

Gore went to the phone. Finally, the telephone message was received, that the landing is finished, the ships are removed. Indeed, low above the city, in the dense glow appeared flying dragonfly. - Gusev, legs apart, his head tipped back, with pleasure looked at these crane line. At this time, there was a third, the most powerful explosion.

Swords bluish flame passed the way to the ships, they took off, spun and disappeared. At the place they went up sheaves of dust, smoke.

Between the pillars of the Mountains appeared. His head went into his shoulders. The face was trembling mouth stretched. When ceased roar of the explosion, Gore said:

- Blown Arsenal. Fleet died.

Gusev dry grunted - gnawed his moustache. Elk was standing, her head back down, staring at the glow. Mountains rose up on tiptoe to his остекляневшим eyes:

It's not good to be the one who stays alive today. But we, are we to blame? The son of heaven, " we blame?

Moose are not answered. Gusev stubbornly shook his head and ran to the square. We heard his team. And here, the column with the column went Martians in the depth of the streets, to the barricades. Winged shadow Guseva flew in the saddle over the square, shouting at the top:

"Hurry, hurry turn, devils dead!

Area was empty. Huge sector of the fires covered now approaching from the opposite side of the line of dragonflies: they flew wave after wave over the horizon and floated over the city. They were the ships Тускуба.

Gore said:

"Run, son of the sky, you can still be saved.

Elk shrugged a shoulder. The ships were closing in fast. To meet them from the darkness of the streets hoisted ball of fire - the second, the third. This shot round lightning machine rebels. A string of winged galleys were describing a circle over the area and, separating, sailed over the streets, above the roofs. Непереставаемые shots brightened their side. One Galera rolled over, and falling down he jammed broken wings between the roofs. Other sat on the corners of the square, planted soldiers in silver jackets. The soldiers in the streets. Started shooting from Windows, from angles. Stones flew. Ships налетало more, непереставая slid crimson shadows on the square.

Elk saw - not far, on уступчатой terrace of the house, rose плечистая figure Guseva. Five-six ships now turned in his direction. He lifted a huge stone and threw it into the nearest of galleys. Now sparkling wings closed from all sides.

Then Elk run back through the area, almost flying, as in a dream. Above him, roaring angrily screws, треща, озаряясь outbreaks circled ships. He gritted his teeth, his eyes piercing, sharp is celebrated every detail.

A few jumps Elk passed the square, and again saw on the terrace of the corner house - Guseva. He was covered with лезущими him from all sides Martians, is tossed like a bear, under this lively bunch, расшвыривал her, pounded his fists. Pulled one from the throat, threw it into the air, and went out to the terrace, dragging them all. And fell.

Elk cried with a loud voice. Clinging to the tabs of the houses, climbed on to the terrace. Again from the heap screeching tel appeared выпученная with a broken mouth, head Guseva. Several soldiers seized a Moose. With disgust he threw them, rushed to the ворочающейся heap and began throwing soldiers - they flew through the balustrade, as puppies. Terrace was empty. Gusev tried to get up, his head shaking. Elk took him in my arms, he was not heavier year-old child, - jumped in through the open door, and laid Gusev on the carpet in a low room, lit by the glow.

Gusev snorted. Elk came back to the door. Past the terraces floated ships floated высматривающие востроносые person. We had to wait for the attack.

Mstislav Sergeevich - called Gusev; he sat now, touching his head and spat blood, all our stoned... Mstislav Sergeyevich, what is it?.. Like the beat, beat, began to mow... Who killed who попрятался. One I was... Oh, pity!..

He got up, durom bumped around the room, staggering stopped in front of the bronze statue, apparently, a famous Martian. - Nu pogodi! - grabbed the statue and ran for the door.

Alexei Ivanovich, why?

- I can not. Pusti.

He appeared on the terrace. Due wings проплывавшего the ship by flashed shots. Then, there was a loud crash, crackle. - Aha! - cried Gusev. Elk pulled him into the room, slammed the door shut.

Alexei Ivanovich understand - we are broken, all over. To save Аэлиту.

- Yes you are to me with a woman of your reach!..

He quickly sat down, grabbed his face, sniffed, stamped his foot, and exactly Board inside him began to break:

- Well, let the skin with me tear up. Wrong everything. Improper this planet, darn! "Save, say, save us"... Cling... "We are told, though somehow to live. Live!.." What can I... This is my blood shed. Crushed. Mstislav Sergeevich, well because of a bitch I the son, ' I can't see it... Teeth torturers burst...

He sniffed again and walked to the door. Elk took him by the shoulders, shook firmly looked into the eyes:

What happened nightmare and delirium. Go. May be we can. Home to earth.

Gusev мазнул the blood and dirt on the face:

- Go!

They went out of the room on ring-shaped platform, hanging over a precipice. Spiral spiral staircase went down on the inner edge of it. A dim light glow coming through the glass roof in this dizzying depth.

Elk Gusev and began to climb down the narrow staircase, there at the bottom was quiet. But at the top of the stronger were the shots, creaked, touching the roof, bottom of ships. Apparently, the attack began on the last refuge of the sons of heaven.

Elk and Gusev fled through the endless spirals. The light was growing dim. And here they are distinguished at the bottom of the small figure. She barely crept forward. Stopped, poorly cried:

- They now burst. In a hurry. Below is a move in the maze.

It was the Mountains, wounded in the head. Licking his lips, he said:

- Go large tunnels. Watch for signs on the walls. Good-bye. If you return to the ground - tell about us. Perhaps you on earth will be happy. We icy desert, death, grief... Oh, we missed hour... had fiercely and with authority, power and mercy love life...

Below I heard a noise. Gusev ran down. Elk wish there was away over the Mountain, but the Martian gritted his teeth, grabbed the railing:

- Go. I want to die.

Moose caught up with Guseva. They passed the last ring-shaped platform. From her ladder cool fall on the bottom of the well. Here they saw a large, stone plate with ввернутым ring - with difficulty and lifted her dark hole dry wind blew.

Gusev slid down first. Elk, closing a plate, saw the annular site there were hardly distinguished in the red dim figures of soldiers. They ran up the spiral staircase. Mountains stretched out their hands, and fell under the blows.


Elk and Gusev, stretching her hands gently moved in a musty and stifling darkness.

- Wrap.

- Narrow?

- Widely, hand do not reach.

- Again some columns.

Not less than three hours have passed since then, when they descended into the maze. Matches were spent. Flashlight Gusev dropped even during the fight. They moved in impenetrable dumb darkness.

Tunnels endlessly branching of tram tracks, interbred, went in depth. Heard sometimes clear, uniform noise of falling drops. Advanced eye distinguished unclear, greyish shape, but these flimsy spots were just hallucinations darkness.

- Stand.

- What?

- No bottom.

They were listening. In the face of them pulled weak, dry breeze. From afar, as if from the depths came the some sighs, the inhalation and exhalation. Unclear anxiety they felt that before them empty depth. Gusev rummaged under the feet of stone and threw it into the darkness. After many seconds came the faint sound of a fall.

- Failure.

- And what is breathing?

I don't know.

They turned and met the wall. Searched the right, to the left - hand slid обсыпающимся cracks, on the projections of the vaults. Edge of an unseen Gulf was quite close to the wall, then right, then left, then right again. They realized that swirled and not find a passage, which entered the narrow ledge.

They leaned upon shoulder, to the rough wall. Stood, listening усыпительные sighs from the depths.

- End, Alexey Ivanovich?

- Yes, Mstislav Sergeevich, apparently - end.

After a pause Elk asked in a strange voice, quietly:

- Now - can you see anything?

- No.

To the left, far away.

- No, no.

Elk whispered to herself, shifted from foot to foot.

- All because rested my head against the death, " he said, " no escape from it or understand it, or over it.

- You about who is it?

- About them. Yes we.

Gusev also crossed, sighed.

- Here she hear breathing.

- Who - death?

- Damn it knows who. Of course death. - Gusev spoke as if in thought. - I about it much thought, Mstislav Sergeevich. Lying in a field with a rifle, rainy, dark, almost as here. I would think all to death come back. And you see yourself, you lie you're wrinkled snarling, stiffened out, as обозная horse from the side of the road. I don't know what would happen after death, - do not know. This is a special. But to me here, as long as I live, you need to know: carrion I horse, or I'm a man? Or is it anyway? Or is it not all the same? When I die - eyes pumped, teeth стисну, cramped break - over... at this moment all the lights, all that I have my eyes seen overturned or is not over? That's what scared, I lie dead, wrinkled snarling, is I, because I am me three years to remember, and not me, and everything continues to go their way? This is unclear. Incorrectly. Should all capsize if I died. From 914 people kill and we're used to, - what is a man? I kissed him rifle, there you have it people. No, Mstislav Sergeevich, it is not so simple. For seven years the light isn't overturned? As a coat - up fur - it has been. This we ever notice. -So. I know in my hour of death, the sky will crack, break. Kill me - light tear in half. No, I don't carrion. I at night time, on the cart lay wounded, up nose, - I look at the stars. Sadness, sickening. Louse, I think, Yes I do. Your drink-hungry, and me. Your die hard, and me. One end. At this time look - star poured out, as millet, - autumn was, August. As to tremble I spleen. It seemed to me, Mstislav Sergeevich, if all the stars - I am all of this. Everything is inside me. Not that I'm not a louse. No. As зальюсь I tears. What is it? Yes, death is important. Need a new life remake. Man is not a louse. Split my skull - the terrible thing, a great attempt. The poisonous gases invented. I want to live, Mstislav Sergeevich. I can not in this darkness damn... That we are, in fact?..

She was there, " Moose said in the same strange voice.

At this time, from afar, through the countless tunnels went crashing. Trembled cornice under your feet, shook wall. Fell into the darkness of stones. Wave thunder swept, and left awake. This was the seventh explosion. Тускуб kept his word. The remoteness of the explosion determine what Соацера remained far to the West.

Some time rustled falling stones. It was quiet and still lower. Gusev first noticed that stopped sighs in depth. Now from there were strange noises - rustling, hiss, it seemed that there welled up some soft liquid. Gusev now exactly mad, ' spread his hands on the wall and ran, вскрикивая, cursing, отшвыривая stones.

- Cornice around goes. Hear? Must be a way out. Damn, head bruised! - For some time he moved silently, then spoke excitedly, somewhere up ahead, Elk, continuing to carry standing by the wall: Mstislav Sergeevich handle...... switch.

Came shrieking, rusty way. Dazzling yellow light flashed under low, brick dome. Edges of planar its vaults hitting a narrow ring cornice hanging above the round, ten meters in diameter, mine.

Gusev still holding onto the handle of the electric switch. On the other side of the mine, under the arch of the dome, he leaned back against the wall Elk. He palm closed his eyes from the cutting of light. Then, Gusev saw Elk took his hand away and looked down into the mine. He stooped low, peering. His hand trembled, just fingers started to shake. He raised his head, his white hair was light, eyes widened as from the deadly terror.

Gusev shouted to him, " what? - and only then looked deep into a brick mine. There hesitated перекатывалась dark-brown skin. From her was it hiss, rustling, worse, an eerie rustle. Skin rose вспучивалась. It was all covered converted to light eyes, hairy legs...

- Death! - cried the Elk.

It was a huge collection of spiders. They probably bred in the warm depths of the mine, rising and falling with all the weight. Now, disturbed fallen from the dome of bricks - angry and вспучивались, was rising to the surface. Here, one of them on felled angles of legs ran on the ledge.

Entrance on the eaves was close to the Elk. Gusev shouted, " Run! - and a strong jump flew through mine, царапнув skull on cupola vault - fell down about Moose, grabbed his arm and dragged him into the passage, in the tunnel. Ran that was power.

Rarely from one another burning beneath the arches of the tunnel dusty lights. Thick dust lying on the floor in the crevices of the walls, on the rapids of the narrow door, leading in other transitions. Gusev and Moose walked along the corridor. He ended hall, with flat arches, low columns. In the midst stood a half-ruined statue of a woman with bold and fierce face. In the depths of blackened holes dwellings. Here, too, dust -, - on the statue of Queen MAGR, on the stairs, on the ruins of utensils.

Elk stopped, his eyes were остекляневшие, extended:

- There are millions of them, " he said, looking around - they are waiting for their hour is come, they shall possess life, населят Mars...

Gusev took him to the most extensive, coming out of the halls of the tunnel. Lights were burning and rarely dull. Went long. Passed steep bridge thrown over a wide crack in the bottom of her lying dead joints giant machines. Next - again ran dusty, grey walls. Gloom fell upon the soul. Tottered feet from exhaustion. Elk several times repeated in a low voice:

- Let me go, I lie down.

His heart ceased to beat. A terrible sadness took possession of them, - he sauntered along, stumbling along the trail Guseva, in the dust. Cold sweat ran down his face. Elk looked up from where can be no return. And yet, even more powerful force took him to the line, and he was dragged, half-alive, in the desert, endless corridors.

Tunnel cool wrapped. Gusev screamed. In a semi-circular frame the entrance opened their eyes кубово blue, dazzling sky and shining ice and snow on the mountain, so memorial Moose. They went out of the maze near тускубовой fincas.


- The son of heaven, the son of heaven, " said a thin voice. Gusev and Elk came to the estate from the side of the grove. From the azure thickets protruded востроносое face. It was a mechanic Aelita, the boy in the grey coat. He threw up his hands and danced, face he морщилось as the tapir. Apart branch, he showed hidden among the ruins of the circus catch the boat.

He said: - the night passed quietly, before the dawn came a distant roar and a glow appeared. He thought that the sons of heaven were killed, jumped into the boat and went to refuge Aelita. She also heard the explosion, and with the height of the cliff looked in the ashes. She said to the boy, go back to the house and wait for the son of heaven, if you catch servants Тускуба, - die silently; if the son of heaven killed, проберись to his corpse find it a stone bottle, bring to me.

Moose jaw clenched, listened to his tale. Then Elk and Gusev went to the lake, washed with blood and dust. Gusev cut out of solid wood club without small from the horse's leg.

Got into a boat, flung themselves into the shining blue.

Gusev mechanic and brought the boat into the cave, formed at the entrance and embarked on a map. At this time, from above, from the rocks rolled the LACs. Looking at Gusev, took her cheeks. Tears were streaming from her loving. Gusev laughed delightedly.

Elk descended into the abyss to the Sacred Threshold. If the wing wind carried him on steep лесенкам, through the tight junctions and bridges. What will Аэлитой, with him would be saved if they die? - he was thinking: thought and threw. Most importantly, it's a great thing that he now sees "born of the light of the stars". Only заглядеться on thin, bluish face - forget yourself in the waves of joy in finding a wave of joy.

Rapidly перебежав in the clouds pair of humpback bridge over the sparkling lake, Elk, like last time, I saw on the other side of the low columns to the moon to prospect mountains. He carefully went out on the landing, hanging over a precipice. There gleamed a dull gold Sacred Threshold. It was hot and still. Elk like to lovingly, tenderly kiss red moss, dust, traces of feet on this last refuge of love.

Deep below, the raised edge of the barren mountains. In the dense blue of shining ice. A poignant longing squeezed my heart. Here - ashes of the fire, here примятый moss, where Aelita sing a song, Ulla. Хребтатая lizard, hissing, ran over rocks and frozen, then wrap the head.

Moose walked up to the cliff to a triangular door - opened it, and, bending down, entered the cave.

Lighted ceiling светильней, slept among white pads, under the white veil - Aelita. She lay back, her bare arm behind his head. The slender her face was sad and gentle. Short eyelashes trembled, - she must have dreamed a dream.

Elk down at her bedside and looked, touched and excited at the girlfriend of happiness and sorrow. What would he flour made now to never darken it a wonderful person, to stop the destruction of the charm of youth, the innocent breathe, " she breathed, and order of hair lying on the cheek, rose and fell.

Elk thought of those in the dark maze breathes, rustling and hisses in a deep pit, waiting for hours. He moaned from fear and anguish. Aelita sighed, waking up. Her eyes for a moment, even meaningless, were looking for an Elk. Eyebrows rose in surprise. With both hands she leaned against the pillows and the village.

- The son of heaven, " she said sweetly and softly, " my son, my love...

She covered her nakedness, only paint embarrassment and rose to her cheeks. Her bluish shoulders, barely-developed chest, narrow hips seemed Elk born from the light of the stars. Elk continued kneeling by the bed, silence, because too great was suffering look at his beloved. Bitter-sweet smell came at him stormy darkness.

- I saw you in a dream, " said Aelita, you carried me on his hands on the glass stairs, took all of the above. I hear a knock of your heart. Blood spurting into him and shook. Longing seized me. I waited, when did you stop when they run out of vexation? I want to find the love. I only know the severity of anguish and horror... You woke me up, she stopped eyebrows went up. - You look so strange. You're not a stranger? You're not the enemy?

She quickly moved to the far edge of the bed. Flashed her teeth. Elk hard spoke:

- Go to me.

She is shaking her head. Her eyes were wild.

"You look like a terrible cha.

He immediately his face in his hands, the whole swayed by it, with an effort of will, and because of the invisible flames swept over him like fire, devouring dry Bush. Thick and muddy severity отлегла, where everything is now on fire. He took his hand away. Aelita said softly:

- What?

- Do not be afraid, my love.

She moved up and again whispered:

- I'm afraid of Hao. I die.

- No, no. Death is the other. I wandered at night through the maze, I saw her. But I call you - love. Become one life, one life cycle, one flame. Otherwise death, darkness. We will be gone. But it is a living fire, life. Fear not Hao, come down...

He put out his hands. Aelita finely, finely trembled, her eyelashes fell, attentive face used. Suddenly, as quickly, she climbed on the bed and blew the lamp.

Her fingers entangled in a snowy hair Elk.

- Aelita, Aelita, - see - black fire!

Outside the door of the cave came a noise like the buzzing of many bees. No Moose, no Aelita not heard him. A howling noise amplified. And now, from the Gulf rose slowly warship, scratching his nose on the rocks.

The ship hovered in the level with the platform. On the edge of the Board fell ladder. It went Тускуб and a detachment of soldiers in панцырях, in brass hats.

The soldiers became a semi-circle in front of the cave. Тускуб came to a triangular door and hit her gold-knobbed cane.

Elk and Aelita sleeping soundly. Тускуб turned to the soldiers and ordered, pointing cane in the cave:

"Take them.


Military ship around for some time above the rocks of the sacred Threshold, then went to the side Azora, and sat down. Only then IHA and Gusev could go down. On истоптанной site they saw Elk, " he was lying at the entrance of the cave, facing moss, in a puddle of blood.

Gusev raised him up, Elk was not breathing, eyes and mouth tightly shut, chest, head - congealed blood. Aelita was nowhere. IHA howled, picking up in the cave of her things. She found only a cloak with a hood, must be Аэлиту, dead or alive, wrapped in a cloak, was taken away on a ship. IHA tied a knot in it what is left of the "born from the light of the stars", Gusev threw Elk over his shoulder and they walked back across the bridges over simmering in the darkness of the lake and лесенкам, hung above the misty abyss, this way back, once, Магацитл, carrying bound to the wheel of a striped apron girls Аолов, the news of the world and life.

Above Gusev brought from the caves of the boat, put it Elk, wrapped in a sheet, - hitched up his belt, pushed deeper helmet and said severely:

- Alive into the hands of дамся. Well, if I can get it to the ground, " we will be back. He climbed into the boat, dismantled the handlebars. - And you guys go home, or somewhere else. A spirited don't remember. He leaned over the side and by the hand and said goodbye to the mechanic and Ихой. - You don't call, Ихошка, fly to her death. Thank you, dear, for the love that we, the sons of heaven, do not forget this. Farewell.

He squinted at the sun, nodded in остатный times, and sprang into the blue. Long looked IHA and a boy in a gray coat on улетавшего the son of heaven. They do not notice that from the South, from the lunar rocks, rose, cutting his way, winged point. When he drowned in the streams of the sun, the LACs hit the mossy stones in such despair that boy, ' I left it be the same and she sad tuma.

- IHA, IHA, plaintively he repeated, - Ho Tua Murra, Tua Murra...

Gusev not immediately notice which crossed his path warship. Checking the map, looking at floating at the bottom of the cliff Лизиазиры he held a course to the East, to кактусовым fields, where there was left the machine.

Behind him, in a boat, leaning back, sat body Elk, covered with beating on the wind, липнущей sheet. It was motionless and seemed to sleep - it was not ugly senselessness of the corpse. Gusev only now felt as dear to him comrade, closer brother.

It happened so: Gusev, Ихошка mechanic and then sat in a cave, near the boats, they laughed. Suddenly, shots were fired at the bottom. Then, - the wild cry. And after a minute from the abyss took off like a kite, a military ship, leaving at the site of the unconscious body of an Elk, and went circling, look out for.

Gusev spat over the side, before опаршивел him Mars. "Only reached the apparatus, pour Elk SIP of alcohol". He touched the body - it was a little warm: - since Gusev took him up on the platform, - it was not noticeable Mortis. "God willing - отдышится, - Gusev itself knew weak action Martian bullets. - Not too long a faint." In his anxiety he turned to the sun, клонящемуся the sunset and this time saw falling from the height of the ship.

Gusev now turned to the North, avoiding the meeting. Turned and the ship went down on his heels. From time to time there appeared yellowish haze shots. Then Gusev began to gain height, expecting a double descent speed and get away from the Stalker.

Свистал in the ears icy wind, tears filled eyes froze on the eyelashes. A flock of sloppy махающих wings, disgusting ikhi ran was on the boat, but missed and fell behind. Gusev a long time already lost direction. Blood spurting into whiskey, thin air whipped ice with whips. Then in full swing motor Gusev went down. The ship behind and disappeared over the horizon.

Now at the bottom stretched, where only enough eye, меднокрасная desert. No trees, no life around. One has only a shadow of the boat flew over flat hills, on the waves of sand, on cracks shiny as glass, stony soils. Somewhere in the hills threw a sad shadow of the ruins of homes. Everywhere scoured this desert dried canals.

The sun was setting below to smooth the edge of the Sands, poured copper, dreary glow of the sunset, and Gusev all seen at the bottom of a wave of sand hills, the ruins of засыпаемой ashes dying тумы.

Night came quickly. Gusev down and sat on the sandy plain. He stepped out, turned down on the face of the Elk sheet, lifted his eyes, pressed his ear to the heart, Elk sat not alive and not dead. In his little finger Gusev noticed a ring and a hanging chain outdoor bottle.

- Oh, desert, Gusev said departing from the boat. Ice stars light up in an immense-high, black sky. Sands seemed gray from their light. It was so quiet, there was a hiss of sand осыпающегося in a deep trail legs. Be thirsty. Find sadness. "Ah, wilderness! - Gusev returned to the boat, sat down to the handlebars. Where to go? Figure stars - wild and strange.

Gusev turned on the motor, but screw, idly spinning stopped. Motor not working - box with explosive powder was empty.

"Well, then quietly said Gusev. Again climbed out of the boat, put his club behind your belt, pulled Elk - go, Mstislav Sergeevich, - laid him on the shoulder and went on, sinking ankle-deep. Took so long. Came to a hill, put the Moose on the sand steps of a ladder, looked at the lonely, in the star light, pillar on the top of the hill, and lay prone. A deadly tiredness, as the tide went up in the blood.

He didn't know, " how long did so lay without movement. Sand grew cold, would freeze the blood. Then Gusev villages - in anguish raised his head. Just above the desert stood reddish dark star. It was like the eyes of a large bird. Gusev stared at her, mouth Agape? - Earth! - Grabbed a bunch of Elk and ran towards the stars. He now knew which side is the device.

Whistling through breathing, sweating, Gusev tolerated huge leaps over ditches, вскрикивал rage, stumbling stones, and fled, and escaped, and swam after him close, dark horizon of the desert. Several times Gusev lay down, burying face into the cool sand, to refresh though pairs moisture baked mouth. Got a friend and walked, looking at the red rays of the earth. - A huge his shadow of a lonely rolling among the world's cemetery.

In came a sharp sickle ущербая Holla. In the middle of the night ascended round Литха the light of its kind and silvery, double shadows formed by the waves of sand. These two strange moon floated, - one up the other at the damage. In the light of their darkened Талцетл. Away climbed peaks Лизиазиры.

Desert ended. It was close to dawn. Gusev entered the cactus fields. Threw a kick one of the plants, and eagerly wants шевелящимся, watery his meat. Stars become dim. In lilac sky appear pinkish edge of the clouds. And now, Gusev began to hear if blows iron Val'kov, - monotonous metallic clatter, distinct in the silence of the morning.

Gusev soon realized its value: - over thickets of cactus protruded three lattice masts warship, yesterday's cock. The blows came from there, is the Martians were destroying the device.

Gusev ran under the guise of cacti and simultaneously saw the ship, and beside him заржавелый, a huge hump apparatus. Two dozen Martians beat on клепаной his covering large hammers. Evidently, the work has just begun. Gusev put the Moose on the sand and pulled out the belt to the club:

- I you bastards! - not his voice screamed Gusev, jumping out of cacti -- ran closer to the ship and blow clubs smashed the metal wing, shot down the mast, hit in the side, like in a barrel. From the inside of the ship jumped soldiers. Throwing weapons, peas fell from the deck, ran helter-skelter. Soldiers, разбивавшие apparatus, with a quiet moan crept on furrows, hid in the bushes. All field per minute empty, so great was the terror omnipresent, invulnerable to the death of the son of heaven.

Gusev unscrewed sunroof, drug Elk, and the two sons of the sky disappeared inside the egg. The lid closed. Then who had been hiding behind cactus Martians saw an amazing sight:

Great, rusty egg, dimensions in the house, the blast went off, climbed from under him brown cloud of dust and smoke. Under a terrible blows shook tuma. With a roar and thunder roar of a giant egg delighted to кактусовому field. Hung in clouds of dust, and, like a meteor, - came in the sky, carrying the ferocious Магацитлов to their homeland.


'Well, Mstislav Sergeevich, - alive?

Annealed mouth. Liquid fire went through the body, through his veins, by the bones. Elk opened his eyes. Dusty asterisk burned over him quite low. The sky was a strange, yellow, quilted, a treasure chest. Something was beating, beating dimensional blows, shaking, shaking dust asterisk.

"What time is it?

- The watch stopped, here's grief, " replied the joyful voice.

- We for a long time fly?

- Long Ago, Mstislav Sergeevich.

"Where to?

To чорту horns - can't understand anything, where we flew.

Elk closed his eyes again, trying to penetrate into the dark emptiness of memory, but the emptiness rose around him a Cup, and he again plunged into an impenetrable sleep.

Gusev wrapped him up and returned to the Supervisory tubes. Mars now seemed less of a tea saucer. Lunar spots stood out on it dried bottom of the seas, the dead desert. Disk тумы, засыпаемой Sands, are decreased further flew from him device somewhere in pitch darkness. Occasionally chopped eye ray stars. But how many Gusev neither looked around - there was no sign of the red star.

Gusev yawned and clicked his teeth such overpowered his boredom of the empty space of the universe. Inspected the reserves of water, food, oxygen, wrapped in a blanket and lay trembling on the floor next to the " Moose".

Passed an indefinitely long time. Gusev woke up from hunger. Elk lay with his eyes open, his face was wrinkled, old, his cheeks were sunken. He asked quietly:

- Where are we now?

- There, Mstislav Sergeevich, - ahead empty circle in the desert.

Alexei Ivanovich, we were on Mars?

- You, Mstislav Sergeevich, should be just the memory отшибло.

- Yes, I have a lapse of memory. I recall memories break enough yet. Don't understand, what was, what my dreams... Weird dreams, Alexey Ivanovich... Let's drink...

Elk closed his eyes, and a long time later asked дрогнувшим voice:

- It is also a dream?

- Who?

Elk't answer obviously fell asleep again.

Gusev looked through all eyes in the sky, darkness, darkness. Pulled on the shoulders of the blanket and sat huddled up. Was not hunting or think, neither remember nor expect. To what? Усыпительно постукивало, wobbling iron egg, down at breakneck speed in the bottomless void.

Was some excessively long, unearthly time. Gusev sat huddled up in numb slumber. Elk slept. Chill eternity besieged invisible dust on the heart, the mind.

Horrible cry tore his ears. Gusev jumped up, staring eyes. Screaming Elk, standing among the scattered blankets - gauze bandage slid down his face:

"She's alive!

He raised his bony hands, and ran on the leather wall, pounding into her, scratching:

"She's alive! Let me out... Breath... can't, I can't!..

He has long fought and shouted, and then hung, exhausted, on hands at Gusev. And again calmed down and dozed.

Gusev again curled up under a blanket. Faded, as the ashes of desire, коченели feelings. Ears got used to the iron pulse eggs and did not comprehend more sounds. Elk muttered in a dream, and moaned, sometimes his face lit up with happiness. Gusev stared at the sleeping and thought:

"Good for you in a dream, a dear person. And don't Wake up, sleep, sleep!.. Though in a dream you live. And you Wake up - sit down, come down, under a blanket, - trembling like a bird on the frozen bitch. Ah, night, night, end of the last... Nothing man, it is not necessary"...

He did not want even to close your eyes, the way he sat, staring at some shining carnations... there Came a great indifference, was coming oblivion.

So, sounded out the immense space of time.

He heard strange noises, tap, touch any of the bodies outside the iron plating of the eggs.

Gusev opened his eyes. Consciousness returned, he began to listen, - seemed - a device that moves among accumulations of stones and rubble. Something came over, and has spread to the wall. Rustled, шуршало. Now, hit the other side, apparatus choppers. Gusev woke Elk. They crept to the Supervisory tubes, and now both screamed in unison.

Around in the darkness, stretched the field of sparkling like diamonds, splinters. Stones, blocks, crystal faces shone with a sharp rays. The huge distances of these diamond fields in the black night hung shaggy sun.

- Must we go through the head of the comet, - шопотом " Moose said. - Turn rheostats. Need to get out of these fields, otherwise the comet will entice us to the sun.

Gusev climbed to the top глазку, Elk was to реостатам. Strikes in the lining of eggs increased, intensified. Gusev shouting top: - "it is Easier - block on the right... Let's full... the Mountain, the mountain of the flies... Nevermind-the-Go, go, Mstislav Sergeyevich".


Diamond fields were traces of the passage of straying in the spaces of the comet. For a long time machine, drawn into its gravity, and wading among the heavenly stones. His speed is constantly increasing, acted absolute laws of mathematics, " a little direction of flight eggs and meteorites has changed: was an expanding angle. Golden nebula, - the head of the unknown comet and its trace streams of meteorites - liked hyperbole - hopeless curve to around the sun disappear again in the spaces. Curve flight apparatus resembled the эллипсису.

Almost an impossible hope of returning to land awakened to life Elk and Guseva. Now, not looking up from the buds, and they watched the sky. The device is strongly warmed up one side of the sun, had to remove all my clothes.

Diamond fields remain far below: - seemed sparks - steel whitish nebula and disappeared. And now, in a huge gave was found Saturn, iridescent rainbow colored rings, surrounded by satellites. Egg, притянутое comet returned in the solar system, where was вышвырнуто the centrifugal force of Mars.

One time has penetrated the darkness shining line. Soon she turned as pale faded: - these were the asteroids, mysterious small planet, countless Roy curly around the sun. The power of their gravity even stronger curved curve flight eggs. Finally, one of the top Glazkov Elk saw a strange, bright, narrow sickle - it was Lucifer. Almost at the same time, Gusev, who was in the other eye, scary sniffed and turned - sweaty, red.

- It, by golly, it...

In the black darkness heat shining silvery-blue ball. Away from it glowed brighter ball, the size of a currant berry. The device raced a little away from them. Then Elk decided to apply a dangerous device - turn throat apparatus, to reject the axis explosions from траэктории flight. The turn was a success. Direction began to change. Bulb gradually moved to the Zenith.

Flying, flying, space of time. Elk Gusev and then stick to the Supervisory tubes, were among the scattered skins and blankets. Went last strength. Thirst, but the water was drunk.

And now, in полузабытьи, Elk seen as hides, blankets and bags crept along the walls. Hung in the air bare body Guseva. It was like nonsense. Gusev was lying prostrate at eye. He rose, muttering grabbed his chest, jerked his вихрастой head, his face залилось tears, whiskers were sunken:

- Darling, darling, darling...

Through the haze of consciousness Elk realized that the machine turned and flies throat forward, carried a pull of the earth. He crept to the реостатам and turned them - egg shivered rattle. He bent down to глазку.

In the darkness hung a huge, water ball, bathed in sunshine. Blue seemed oceans of water, greenish - the shape of the Islands. Cloud field was covered with a mainland. Wet ball slowly turned. Tears hindered look. Soul is crying, from a love flying, flying towards the blue-wet pole light. The birthplace of humanity. Living flesh. The heart of the world.

Globe of earth covered half the sky. Elk to failure turned rheostats. All the same flight was swift jacket was hot, boiling rubber jacket, smoked leather upholstery. The last effort Gusev turned cover of the hatch. A slot with the howl broke the icy wind. The earth opened arms, taking prodigal sons.

The blow was strong. Sheathing burst. Egg soak deep into the throat in a grassy hill.

It was noon, third Sunday of June. At a great distance from the place of falling, on the shore of lake Michigan, катающиеся boat sitting on the terraces of restaurants and cafes, playing tennis, Golf, football, triggering paper snakes in a warm sky, everything is a set of people who left for the day Sunday rest, enjoy the beauty of green banks, noise June foliage, - heard continued in five minutes a strange howling sound.

People, who remember the days of world war II, said, looking at the sky, so that, generally trumpeted shells of heavy guns. Then many were able to see quickly скользнувшую on earth circular shadow.

Not an hour had passed, as a large crowd gathered at the crash site of the apparatus. Curious people fled from all sides, перелезали over fences, raced cars, boats along the blue lake. Egg covered with a crust of soot, dented and ripping, stood, having tilted on a hillock. There were a lot of assumptions, one of the other more absurd. Especially in the crowd was excitement when was read carved out a chisel on a half-open hatch, the inscription: "Flew from St. Petersburg on 18 August 21. This was all the more surprising that today was the third of June 25 years.

When, then, from the innards of the mysterious apparatus heard weak moans, a crowd of terrified leaned forward and lay still. Appeared police detachment, doctor and twelve correspondents with photographic apparatus. Opened the hatch and with the greatest precautions pulled from the innards of eggs two half-naked people: one, thin as a skeleton, old, with white hair, was unconscious, and another with a broken face and broken arms, a - moaned piteously. In the crowd screams of compassion, a woman crying. Celestial travelers have put in a car and taken to hospital.

Crystal happiness voice sang the bird for an open window. She sang about a sunbeam, honey кашках, the blue sky. Elk, motionless lying on the cushions, - listening. Tears ran down his wrinkled face. He had heard the crystal voice of love. But where, when?

Outside the window, полуоткинутой, slightly pressurized wind of morning curtain, shone mew dew on the grass. Wet leaves were moving shadows on the curtain. Singing bird. Away from the forest cloud rose clubs of white smoke.

Someone's heart yearned for this earth, the clouds, the bustling showers and a sparkling mutilation, according to the giants, бродящим among the green hills... He remembered - bird sang about it: Aelita, Aelita... But was it? Or only пригрезилась? No. Bird mumbles glass tongue that once a woman, bluish, like twilight, with a long, thin face, sitting around the campfire, looking at the fire - sing a song of love.

That is why the tears on wrinkled cheeks Elk. The bird sang about the one who remained in the sky, the stars, and the one who lies beneath a mound, under the cross and the grey-haired and wrinkled old dreamer, облетевшем heaven and разбившемся, - here it is again - one lonely.

Wind blew the curtains, and the lower edge of her gently flicked it, entered the room the smell of honey, the land moisture.

One of these mornings in the hospital appeared Archibald Skiles. He grasped the hand of the Elk, - "Congratulations, dear friend," and sat down on a stool beside the bed, pushed his straw hat on the back of the head:

- You have announced the journey, old fellow, " said he, " has just been Gusev, here's the good fellow, hand in plaster, broken jaw, but all the time laughs, very glad to be back. I sent to St. Petersburg to his wife a telegram, five hundred pounds. About you - informed the newspaper, get a huge amount for "Travel sketches". But you will have to improve apparatus - you're a bad reaction. Damn it - think - it's been almost four years since this crazy nights in St. Petersburg. By the way, when you get to St. Petersburg - разинете mouth, - now it is one of the шикарнейших cities in Europe. BA, you know nothing... I Advise you, old boy, drink a glass of good cognac, it takes you back to life, he pulled out a yellow портфельчика bottle, BA, that you also do not know - we again "wet", as утопленники...

Skiles hang out, have fun and carefully looking at him, his face was tanned, careless, in his chin dimple. Elk softly laughed and offered his hand:

- I am glad you have come, you are a nice person, Skiles.


Clouds of snow flew along the Zhdanovskaya embankment, crept behind on the sidewalks, crazy flakes around the swinging lamps, covered porches and the window, behind the river Blizzard was raging in the howling in the darkness of the Park.

The embankment was Elk, with the collar and bent against the wind. Dark scarf curled behind him, slippery, glass face with snow. At the usual hour he returned home from the factory, lonely apartment. Residents of the embankment used to his broad, deep надвинутой hat, scarf covering the bottom of the person stooped shoulders, and even when he bowed and wind взвивал him his white hair, no one no longer wondered at the strange look in his eyes, saw once that you cannot see земнородному.

At other times some young poet would surely was inspired his stooping figure, with flowing scarf, wandering down among the snow clouds. But times were different: poets admired not вьюжные storm, not the stars, not exorbitant country - but - the knocking of hammers throughout the country, the drip drank, the rustle of sickles, the whistle of KOs, cheerful, songs of earth. In the country that year were begun постройкою unprecedented, so-called "blue city".

Six months passed from the date of return of Elk to the ground. The excitement irrepressible curiosity that engulfed the entire world, when the first telegram announcing the arrival of Mars two people. Elk and Gusev have eaten the allotted number of dishes on the one hundred and fifty banquets, dinners and meetings of scientists. Gusev sold stones and gold trinkets, brought from Mars - dressed wife Masha, like a doll, gave several hundred interviews, got himself a dog, a huge chest одежи and мотоциклет, was wearing round glasses, lost money at the races, one time toured with impresario America and Europe, talking about the fight with the Martians, about spiders and about comets, how they with Deer almost flew on the big dipper, - изолгался completely, bored, and, back in Russia, founded the "Limited Capital joint-Stock Company for transportation of Military unit on the Planet Mars in order To save the Remnants of his Employment of the Population".

Elk worked in St. Petersburg mechanical plant, where he built universal motor Martian type. It was assumed that the engine will turn all the foundations of mechanics, all the imperfections of the world economy. Elk worked not sparing, though few believed that a combination of machines capable to resolve the tragedy of universal happiness.

By six o'clock at night, he usually came home. Dined alone. Before bedtime revealed book - baby talk seemed to him poet, children's chatter - fabrications novelist. Paying off the light, he lay for a long time, staring into the darkness -- running down, running down lonely thoughts.

The due hour Elk was held today at the waterfront. Clouds of snow poured in height, in a raging Blizzard. Was smoked eaves, roof. Swinging lanterns. Спирало breath.

Elk stopped and raised his head. The icy wind tore вьюжные clouds. In unfathomably-black sky shined star. Elk stared at her mad eye - diamond beam it entered into the heart... "tum, tum, the star of sorrow"... Flying edge of the clouds again to pull the abyss, concealed star. In this short moment in memory Elk with terrible clarity swept vision, always before ускользавшее from him...


Through the sleep they heard a noise like angry bees. There were sharp blows - knock. Sleeping body Aelita David's, she sighed, getting up, and trembled. He did not see her in the dark caves, only felt her heart beating rapidly. Door knock was repeated. Came a voice outside Тускуба: - "Take them". Elk grabbed Аэлиту shoulders. She softly said:

"My husband, son of heaven, goodbye.

Her fingers quickly brushed his dress. Then Elk groping sought her hand and take her a bottle of poison. She quickly, quickly, one breath, - murmured in his ear:

- Prohibition on me, I devoted the Queen MAGR... According to ancient custom, terrible law MAGR - virgin, transgressing my prohibition of dedication, throw in a maze, well... You saw it... But I couldn't resist the love, the son of heaven. I am happy. Thank you for life. You burned my mind. You brought me in the Millennium Hao, in moisture life. Thank you for the death of my husband,...

Aelita kissed him, and he felt the bitter smell of poison on her lips. Then he drank the remains of the dark moisture, - it was a lot in vial: Aelita barely managed to touch him. Hits on the door made Elk rise, but the consciousness уплывало, arms and legs would not obey. He returned to bed and fell on the body of Aelita, grabbed her.

He didn't move when the cave entered the Martians. They tore him from his wife, covered her, and suffered. The last effort, he threw himself over the edge of her black cloak, but flashes, blunt blows tossed it back to the Golden door of the cave.


Overcoming the wind, Moose ran along the promenade. And again stopped, spun around in the snowy clouds, and just like then, in the darkness of heaven, " cried wildly:

- She is alive, alive!.. Unthinkable!.. No, impossible!.. Aelita, Aelita!..

Wind furious impulse picked it up, first mentioned on earth name, shattered it in the midst of flying snow. Elk put his chin in the scarf, thrust his hands deep into his pockets, strode, staggered to the house.

At the entrance stood a car. White flies around in smoke pillars of his lantern. Man shaggy fur coat danced frosty soles on the sidewalk.

- I am for you, Mstislav Sergeevich, " he cried gaily, ' here you are in the car and go.

It was Gusev. He hurriedly explained: today, at seven o'clock in the evening radiotelephone station Champs de Mars expects - and all this week, filing unknown signals of extraordinary strength. Cipher their gibberish. For a week the Newspapers all parts of the world are busy guesses about these signals, - there is an assumption that they come from Mars. Head of the radio station Champs de Mars invites Elk tonight take mysterious waves.

Elk silently jumped into the car. Wildly everybody in the white flakes in the cones of light. Lunged snowy wind in your face. Passed the bridge, to Vasilievsky island, flew Nikolaevsky bridge above the snow-covered desert Neva - from here she could see a purple glow of the city lights lights on a somber promenade, right - lights plants. Away wildly siren howled icebreaker, somewhere ломающего ice. Passed the bustling Nevsky full of light of a thousand Windows, fiery letters, arrows, spinning wheels over the roofs. Elk, clenching his hands in the sleeves of the coat, lowering his head and tapped his teeth.

Under the whistling trees of the field of Mars, house with round roof of the car was. Desert howled lattice towers and wire network, drowned in the snow clouds. Elk opened заметенную pile door, entered the warm hut off my scarf and hat. Rosy, plump man began to explain to him, holding his icy hand in her palms. Elk said only the smell of cigars and a large wart on the side of the nose to the chief of the radio. The clock hand came up to seven.

Elk sat down at the reception apparatus, and put on his helmet hearing. The clock was. About time - mysterious time, the heart beats, icy space of the universe, where fly these detailed times!

And now, slow шопот came under the helmet in his ears. Elk now closed his eyes. Again - repeated remote alarming, slow шопот. Repeated what a strange word. Elk strained. Like a quiet lightning pierced him with a passionate heart distant voice повторявший sadly heavenly language:

- Where are you, where are you, where are you?

Voice broke off. Elk looked in front of a white, with staring eyes, the Voice of Aelita, love, eternity, the voice of anguish, he flies across the universe, calling, calling, calling out, " where are you, where are you love?..

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