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   Thank You very much for Your invitation to "walk" in Dubai
   But.... I am not to lift a finger until I get a guarantee that you have a not only financial but also political power to implement this project.
   Why is that?
   Walk worth the money. At whose expense this walk? If you invite and assume all costs.... Well thank you! But .... again "but" - you see! Your expenses, even if you have such generosity every time to invite the author to discuss the project face to face, may be in vain, because in the end it turns out that for a project you do not have sufficient means of influence.
   This is not a local and regional project. Especially because it affects the interests of the states that produce oil and gas. Agree that it is serious. So first we must create a structure that would carry weight, reinforced by the influence of the political arena.
   We must create a powerful international consortium of investors. That is, you must have communication with investors, having a minimum of ten trillion dollars in the first place. And, secondly, these investors must be determined to join the fight for the redistribution of the energy market is not in favor of coal, oil and natural gas.
   Today, the share of these energy resources - 99% of total world consumption. A project for 100 years will bring this share to 10%.
   Saudi Arabia and OPEC will agree to give to You and me golden rain? Only if they would participate in a project that will allow them to change a golden rain on the other.
   I therefore intend to act only as I described in a previous letter. First, it creates public companies, in which 49% belong to me in exchange for all of the technologies and solutions for the project. Then, a patent inventions that underlie the project in the United States, European Union, China, Japan, as countries are able to replicate the technology. And it makes partner, who at JSC will hold 51% of the shares at their own expense for the benefit of. And after that, at the expense of my partner, coordinates a 51% stake, will create a consortium for the project.
   Of the consortium will own 25% of the shares. The remaining shares will be sold to investors. Shares of the consortium, whose value is 1, we will sell at 10. Why? Because this project is carried out by virtue of patent protection will be unique.
   What confuses you in my plan?
   Let us work without unnecessary movements and spending!

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