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Chapter 3 of the short novel of Holder Volcano "Falling leaves"

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  Chapter 3 of the short novel of Holder Volcano "Falling leaves"
   Khurshida with her mother worked at the spring field silently, leveling the ground for planting cotton. When the heat became unbearable, they moved to the edge of the field to be saved from the heat under the shade of mulberry trees, where was a irrigation ditch, reshaping its course. After a little rest, they again set to work, and, so to lunch. When the cook Tubo, standing on the hill began to entice people to lunch, they were suspending the work, went to the side of the field mill. Walking along the trail, Khurshida looked longingly at the sultry cotton fields where the tractor driver Sultan worked. She did not want to go to the camp and eat anything. But coming closer to the field camp, she saw Sultan, and for a moment stood rooted to the spot, not believing her eyes. Her heart was beating fast from excitement. She ran along the path ahead of her mother, stumbling and falling. Indeed, the tractor driver Sultan stood in line for boiling water as yesterday, holding his mug.
   - What's wrong with you, daughter? Do not rush! You must be very hungry. I told you this morning that you had to have Breakfast properly. And you didn't listen to me. Let this be a lesson to you ' said Raheela.
   - Yes, mommy, you're right, Khurshida said, without taking her eyes off Sultan, which became her most precious person in the world. The run to the field camp, she again felt the pleasant smell of acacia blossoms. The first thing Khurshida took her mug and hurried to the side of the tin samovar, where the tractor driver Sultan stood in line. When she came closer to the Sultan, he immediately noticed her and turned his face to her and smiled warmly:
   - Oh, I see, who-Oh-Oh I see! Hello, Mademoiselle Khurshida, how are you doing? - he said.
   -Thank you, Mister Sultan, I'm good. And how are you? No pain in your leg?
   -Khurshida asked quietly, looking to Sultan from the bottom up, and blushing deeply.
   - I have it all together, as they say the glory of the Almighty God. After yesterday's incident, my foot was still healthy. If you do not believe my words, I can tap-dance - said the Sultan, ready to dance.
   - No, I believe you - said Khurshida.
   - Why not? What am I a bad dancer?
   - Noo, you are a great dancer. That's why I'm careful not to jinx - explained Khurshida smiling.
   - Yes? Well, then I won't dance - obeyed the tractor driver Sultan.
   - I again beg your pardon, Sultan, about that burn yesterday. I spent the whole night worried about you and, in the morning, eager to find out about your health, I ran in the cotton field, and before you know it, you were not there. It works the other tractor; an old man was in your tractor. I was scared; I thought that you turned gray and aged with grief and pain on your leg after I scalded you with boiling water. And I was afraid that you were mad at me for life, never coming back here. Thank God, everything went well - said Khurshida, a sigh of relief.
   - Yes, I have changed fields. I now work in another field. Over the poplar grove - said the tractor driver Sultan.
   - I worked on the other field with my mother, where the tractor cannot drive. We are there leveling the ground manually - explained Khurshida.
   - A family business, I mean - said Sultan. And she added:
   - Here is our turn. Give me your mug. I will turn the samovar, and you'll be careful... - said the tractor driver Sultan.
   Khurshida laughed.
   - No, not that. It is not necessary. And your service is very costly for both of us, especially you - she said, hiding her mug behind as a little girl and smiling.
   - Oh, Yes, of course. It seems to me that there is no need to tilt the samovar, the tap is fixed, in my opinion - said the tractor driver Sultan. With these words they poured the boiling water and dispersed. After lunch, Khurshida cheered up and worked from the heart, singing songs about love. Seeing the positive changes in the mood of his daughter, Rahila was happy.
   - You ate and you got better again - she said.
   - Yes, you're right, mom - smiled Khurshida and her thoughts about funny tractor driver continued to work. But in less than an hour, it started to torment a longing for the Sultan. She wanted to go on the field for the poplar grove, where he worked to see the tractor driver Sultan again, to talk with him. Then she thought, about telling the truth to her mom. After much deliberation she decided to tell her everything.
   - Mom, can I ask you a question - she said.
   - Yes, dear, of course. What is the question?
   - The fact that... But I don't even know how to explain it. And you might not understand me and get mad at me.
   No, no, honey, just ask your question and don't be shy.
   - Tell me honestly, mom, have you fallen in love with someone? If so, tell me about your love, please. I am very curious. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about this, I swear. You're not only my mother but also a close and loyal friend.
   Hearing this from her daughter, Raheela and laughed loudly. Then spoke:
   - Your question is quite, silly, but I think it somehow can be answered. I don't know how to explain it. Of course, anyone who has a soul, he or she in his youth, falls in love with someone... It's... waiting, Wait, why are you began to ask questions like that, huh? Are you in love or what?! Come on; tell me who you're in love with. I am your mother dear, the one closest to you. I need to know... Oh, my God, it really happened what I had feared all the time! Dear, don't play with fire. If you disgrace our family by their actions, consider that you end. Your father will curse you. And if your father find out- it will be the end for you, not only in this world but in the next world
   ! God will turn away from a girl whose father was cursed! A man in the next world will forever burn in a fiery hell! If your father curses you, there is no reason to live, honey, because you're the one for me. So, tell me about it - she said.
   - Well, mom - Khurshida embarrassed, not wanting to talk about their innermost secret.
   - No well. Tell me all about it, and immediately! I'm waiting for. Who is he? Well... insisted Khurshida's mom.
   I can't tell you about it that is uncomfortable for me and embarrassed in front of you. But don't worry, mom, I just met him and he ever touched me. That is, nothing happened between us. Believe me, I swear - she unconsciously revealed the secret Khurshida.
   - Who is he? - Raheela asked again, as if the investigator during an interrogation.
   - Well, mom, maybe not, eh? Well, you and dad won't talk about it? - said Khurshida.
   - Well, honey, how can I tell your father, if he heard about it, it would make a scandal - said Raheela.
   - Okay, mom, I will tell you, because for me you are the closest person in the world - promised Khurshida.
   And began to tell
   -His name is Sultan. He is very good, nice and a funny guy. He was driving a tractor over the poplar grove. You should have seen how he dances! Just like Michael Jackson. And he is also a humorist. Tells such funny stories, that after listening to him, you can die from laughter.
   - Yes? - said Raheela and from weakness sat down, clasping her chest, which was pounding her heart.
   Khurshida was frightened and bewildered, began to help her mother.
   - Mom, what's wrong with you? Don't scare me! Oh, please... Oh why did I even tell you all of that? I could have kept everything to myself. I just wanted to fulfill your request. I could not hide the secret from you, mother, and my dear! - cried Khurshida.
   Raheela also cried, tightly hugging her daughter.
   - I understand you, daughter. I am just afraid; something might not be fixable among you? That's what worries me. I want you to be happy. Well, good thing you love him, and him? He loves you? Are you sure that your tractor driver will not leave you and, in the end? Moreover, the tractor driver could be uneducated. Does he understand at all what love is? Maybe he is addicted to alcohol, like your father? One alcoholic is enough in our family, and I don't want to aggravate the grief. Maybe he smokes marijuana? You should first check to see if he gambles? Who his parents were and where he lives? And I'm afraid if your father will let you marry him or not - cried Raheela.
   - Mom, believes me, I'll be very careful in dealing with this guy. I know if I'm overstepping my bounds, my father would never forgive me and will not leave you alone. I don't know how to explain this to you. Well... long story short, I can't live without him. I fell in love...Help me, mom! -roared Khurshida hugging her, and they wept together
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