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The twelfth letter of Mizhappar of the short novel of Holder Volcano

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   The twelfth letter of Mizhappar of the short novel of Holder Volcano
   Once we freed Qurumboy, we went to the river to bathe. Qurumboy also bathed, washed his clothes, sitting on a huge stone, he cleaned his boots too. Then we went back to the office again, and at the mailbox of our party we found a letter of invitation written on a page from the General notebook. It looked like this:
   "Yuldashvoy if you received this letter, respond immediately. Because we recently married you! Your uncles, Halimjan with Alimjan was looking for you everywhere and did not find you. Where are you going, son? Here we have sitting your bride, Johongul, with a huge chest and a huge mirror, and you don't. The parents of your fiancée have lately started to question whether you exist in this world or not. Come quickly, son, we will not give your photo to the native police, and she declared what you wanted.
   Your mother Tulfuza.
   After reading the letter, Yuldashvoy was sweating.
   - Geeee -he said, wiping his neck with his old, worn-out skullcap. Then he continue:
   - Turns out I was married. I have to go, friends, before they pass my sketch to Interpol. Let me go, comrade Commissioner? - Yuldashvoy gathered to return home.
   -Yes, I think you can go, comrade Yuldashvoy. And we, too, need go with you - said Qurumboy, lighting up his pipe, stuffing it with straw.
   - No, no, comrades, for the love of the light, in any case do not go with me. You're not invited. They only asked me to come - said Yuldashvoy and he started to leave. When he disappeared from our line of sight, we still followed him. We quietly, with bated breath, began to watch Yuldashvoy through an opening in a mud wall. .Yuldashvoy went into the house and said hello to his mother Tulfuza.
   - Here, son? Well finally- cried his mother Tulfuza. Then he said :
   - You sit down first and eat tight. On the table is, everything except the vodka, son. You're eating. And I'll bring you some new clothes that your fiancée's parents bought for you. Then redeem as follows in the ditch, get dressed into new clothes, go to "Chimildik", where your young beautiful lady Johongul has been waiting days for you.
   -Well, mom - said Yuldashvoy. He sat down on the matress and hungrily began to eat the delicacies. After eating, he took the soap and headed towards the ditch, where the ducks were swimming with their ducklings. Yuldashvoy plunged into the water and began to enjoy it. He bathed and bathed for a long time. Coming out of the ditch, he wiped himself with a towel, put on clean clothes and walked towards the house, where he was waiting for his bride.
   By this time we changed the place of observation and through a gentle and transparent curtain stretched on the window, we continued to secretly do surveillance of objects. When Yuldashvoy came into the room, a fat lady without a neck began to greet him.
   -Oh, finally, you'ye heye Yuldashvoy! Aye you came, my deay! Oh, how I waited these days, my beloved! I knew you waited, too. Let me see youy yadiant face! Let petiolate Youy beautiful hands and cuyly haiy! Come and sit close to me! Take off youy taypaulin boots vitout the soles, be late, my deay. Feel like a cow in a inside house! - she said.
   Yuldashvoy regarded Johongul with surprise and said:
   - You have a problem, why can't say the letter "r" instead pronouncing "y", Johongul? Or are you saying that on purpose, that is, you're making fun of me? - Yuldashvoy with sorrow.
   -No, You, my deay, I didn't mean to. My metal teeth, aye botheying me when i speak. the stupid dentist, lied to me. I paid a lot of money foy yemovable aytificial teeth with gold cyowns, and he, the bastayd, made my teeth fyom not gold, he installed them in tin mateyial and I can't close my mouth. If you want, I can take them off and put them in this glass jar of water, my favorite - said Johongul and removing her removable teeth, she put them in a jar. Then she began to beg: - Yuldashvoy, sit closey to me, I have weak eyeshight, even with the contact lens I can not cleayly see you, come closey my don Quixote! Let me look at youy eyes and beautful face! Why do You feay my hands, made of alabastey? Don't woyey, I can take it off them and put them on a table befoye I sleep. My hands are also yemovable and they twist like a light bulb. Oy do you have a pyoblem with my slanting eyes? Oh,don't be shy, foy God's sake, say it to my face. Maybe you don't need my haiy! In that case, I can take my wig off, foy the sepayation we have enduyed all these yeays and foy our bittey teays and joys, foy the sake of suffeying...
   With these words, Johongul took off her wig and looked like a bald doll. Yuldashvoy got scared and stepped back. We were scared.
   -Johongul your body is in no healthy places - said Yuldoshvoy, heading to the door.
   Johongul, feeling women's intuition impending separation, began to cry:
   - Wait, wheye aye you going, sellout?! Don't leave me in the desolate of was lucky! I hope you get eaten by hungy yats in a dayk basement! With these words she threw her removable Oldesloe hand thread at Yuldashvoy. Then he retreated. His Face turned pale with fear like lime. When he came out on the porch, Johongul threw her plastic leg. Yuldashvoy in horror ran out into the street. We also ran long behind Yuldashvoy, and, panting, stopped by our office. Yuldashvoy now lying in the trough for the pigs. He's sick. His mouth curled in fear. For this reason, I am forced to put the point in his letter, Mr. Sitmrat.
   Be always healthy and cheerful.
   Sincerely, guard of Qurumboy Qoramoygutalin Moriqultezak Tappitutuniy martial artist Mizhappar.
   September 15, 2008. 07 minutes 2 th. Night.
   Abandoned pigsty by the river.
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