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The world needs balance

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  Holder Volcano
  The world needs balance
  (Translated by author)
  (About what I'm writing now, maybe many people know, but nonetheless.Let this be my personal opinion.That is, I do not intend to teach anyone.X.V.)
  Even a fool could see that the road passes through a tight rope called life.
  People just destined to walk down that rope, even if missing their hands and feet.
  In order to take a landmark and keep a balance on this high and dangerous rope, a person must balance.
  It is enough to look at the world and think about why only on this planet there is life on other planets and it simply does not.
  Because our planet is located at an average distance and because of that location on Earth appeared and evolved life.
  If it were a little closer to the sun then it the temperature would be incompatible with life.
  Or on the contrary, it would freeze up, being at a remote distance from the sun.Based on this, we the people need to stay in the middle lane of global society ,a neutral position in all relationship with each other, as our planet in the Solar system.
  It's called neutrality.
  And the balance is in the middle, without balance in recent findings, in societies, in the lives of all creatures and as a result, they will collapse.
  To humanity sooner or later have sunk into the abyss, the people of the world should keep the balance in society, living in harmony with other people.
  People have to live giving way to each other on this rope as in the world and in the universe everything is interconnected and nothing and no one in this world can not exist separately.
  Even after death.
  If you look at it through the prism of logic, it immediately becomes clear that the concept of "INDEPENDENCE" is also relative.
  People and everything that exists in this world are connected to each other by an invisible chain.We are just little parts of a giant organism like the cells that are directly in contact with each other and cannot be independent.
  We depend not only from our other relatives but also from everything that surrounds us.
  We are all human beings living on one planet breathing the same air, drinking the same water.
  And not in vain read the religious books that God created Adam a single and told him to live in the boundless heavenly garden called Heaven.
  Then to Adam was withered from boredom and loneliness, he pulled out a rib and from the rib created eve.
  The question arises: Why such an Almighty God created a woman from the same material from which Adam created?
  Here lies the whole truth.
  Because Adam, a human is one and inseparable organism, even if its abundance on Earth is billions or trillions.
  We are just fighting with each other the cells of a single organism, which die and regenerate.
  We are parasites, devouring inside of this giant single organism, which seems to us the universe and infinity, which is not possible even heavy duty to see to the naked eye.
  It will cover not only the view but our weak and limited mind.
  That is, this giant organism is mind-boggling.
  It is not possible to reach the boundaries of this creature, even flying on it forever, not just for spacecraft but a time machine and we have eternity, for this giant creature only seconds.
  If eternity passes as seconds within this seemingly endless body, then why do we have to oppress to kill each other so pathetic in his pitifully short life, committing sins together in order to live to rejoice in peace and harmony with other creatures, leaving a bright memory in the hearts of everyone on the planet that is our only home, our last refuge in the boundless space?
  We are the inhabitants of the planet of the victims and the miserable slaves of their own desires!
  Before talking about the freedom of another person about freedom of speech on the freedom of other people and of humanity, the first thing we should exempt themselves from the most!
  Until we free ourselves from desires and while we are at the mercy of the passions, and can never establish control over them.
  In order to establish an equilibrium in the global society, we must first balance ourselves, that is, to establish control.
  Because life on Earth is created on a balance.
  And the life of the people is one, only one.
  To forcibly take it away from people, especially not innocent children, we should make every effort and work together to prevent political imbalance and escalation of tensions, differences between the conflicting parties, and to maintain stability in hot spots around the world before it's too late!Until the THIRD WORLD war-the LAST WAR!
  7:45 PM.
  the city of Brampton, Canada.
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