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To all of humanity

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Holder Volcano

Member of the Uzbek Union of  Writers

To all of humanity

Oh man, don't play with fire,
illuminating with a torch in your hand
the tank with gasoline.

Learn to solve problems peacefully
while there is still a way out of this situation
still didn't get the third nuclear
world war.

Yes, I know,
in the event of war you have
their shelters, underground bunkers.

And the common people in the world?

Where will they hide?

In the subway?

If you start a global nuclear war
then the metro will not help humanity,
and no missile defense system
which knocks and blows
uncontrollable ballistic missiles
in the air.

Well, shot down, blown up missiles.

And then what?

What will happen to the air, such a single,
which humanity breathes?

Because there is no other oxygen
and there is no guarantee that after the war
air, water, winds, rains, birds and insects
become carriers of the epidemic.

Oh, my friend!
You have no right to sit idly by
You have to find a way out of this situation.
It is your sacred duty and direct responsibility.

Because the people chose you in a fair election,
trusting you with their fate.

Let all the people on the planet live in peace and harmony,
as a member of one  family,
regardless of their nationality, race and religion!

Let weapons and rearmament disappear from the face of the earth
Barbed wire and, boundaries too,
the contents of which are spent each year
billions and billions of dollars
from the state budget.

Let the passport will become
in the most primitive document
in Museum exhibit!

And let a single passport become
pure human conscience
throughout the world!

10:16 PM.
Canada, Ontario.

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