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Spirit and matter

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   Spirit and matter..............................................................6
    The theories of orthodox and informal physicists suffer from one logical flaw - in them the discrete forms of matter are either replaced by empty geometric models, or identified with the density of a certain abstract energy or ether. The basis of this flawed logic of thinking is the idiosyncrasy of physicists to the concept of "spirit." Church mystifiers and vulgar materialists are equally interested in opposing spirit and matter. To date, their ideological intransigence has turned into a marginalization of the Church and the mystification of fundamental physics. A natural way out of this epistemological impasse is to lay an axiom in the foundation of physics - spirit is the essence of matter.
   Theophysics is gnoseological and ontological synergism of fundamental physics and Christology. The cornerstone of the logic of Theophysics is axiom - spirit is essence of matter. Spiritualization of physics and scientific rethinking of biblical Christology are necessary for mankind to exit the teleological impasse and free it from apocalyptic paradigm of consumption. Theophysics establishes scientifically based rules for Salvation of human soul through creative activity. The emergence of Theophysics at the end of twentieth century corresponds to Anthropic Principle and is due to the resonant effect on the human brain of geocosmic factors, similar to factors that gave birth to Christianity 2,000 years ago.
   Physics of noosphere...........................................23
   The physical principles of the development of the noosphere as the highest level of self-organization of the biosphere are considered. A universal characteristic of natural and technogenic evolutionary processes is proposed - action. It is shown that the irreversibility of the technologies for splitting the electron-nuclear structure of matter leads to an increase in the electromagnetic status of the biosphere until it becomes a biogenic evolutionary factor.
   Demography of Spirituality..................................29
   Spirituality has been identified with creative potential of homo sapiens sapiens. To take into account factor of spirituality in analysis of global problems of demography and ecology used analogies of chemical kinetics. Stable in the historical time, population of people was modeled by open thermodynamic system, equilibrium state of which depends on climate and geophysics. The demography of spirituality was divided into two geographical zones - north and south. Process of spiritualization was formalized by introducing into logistic equation of Verhulst, in addition to a couple of parents, at least one more teacher from among educated people. Stationary solution of the modified kinetic equations determines optimal demography for sustainable noospheric development of population in accordance with its education index. Solution of demographic, energy and environmental problems of mankind is limited by level of global spirituality, the growth of which is currently limited by consumerism paradigm.
   Dialectic of homochirality ...................................40
   To solve the problem of the origin of homochirality of living systems and life itself, it is necessary to rethink the conceptual foundations of physics dialectically. The review shows how this can be done within the framework of the paradigm of energoforms, which sets the principles of construction and mathematical formalization of the Heraclitus primary element of matter. The algorithm for modeling energoforms and structures of elementary particles was created based on the laws of dialectics, electromagnetic induction and the rules of quantum physics. The algorithm allowed to calculate the parameters of chiral structures of neutron, proton, electron, neutrino and photon in the ground and excited states, as well as the parameters of more than one hundred nuclei. As an adequate solution to the problems of neutrino physics and the nature of the universal chiral factor, we hypothesized the instability of the low-energy solar neutrino and the biogenicity of its decay products - chiral energoforms. The hypothesis was based on correlations of seasonal and daily variations of solar neutrino flux, optical activity of aqueous solutions of sugars and metabolism of plants and animals. In humans, chiral morphofunctional features that limit homeostasis and the rhythm of energy-informational connections of the brain with the external environment were revealed. It was shown that the mechanism of sensitivity of living matter to the action of chiral factor is based on the ability to self-organization of its cooperative water-containing systems consisting of spin homogeneous chiral elements.
   Chirality and Quantum Effects as Factors of Evolution......74
   The review analyzes data on chiral dichotomy as a factor, guiding evolution along the arrow of time - from simple to complex. The axiomatics and rules for the application of universal mathematical language that allows you to uniformly describe the patterns of change in discrete forms of matter and quantum states of biosystems at all levels of their organization from subelementary to socio-spiritual. The degree of chirality is analyzed anatomical and functional elements of human physiology, forming quantum coherent ensembles sensitive to external physical factors chirality, both electromagnetic and neutrino nature. Guided by the logic of the anthropic principle, the evolution vector identified with the chirality gradient and associated with it the degree of chiral purity of the brain, to which the functional asymmetry of the brain and the efficiency were correlated heuristic thinking.
   Spiritual-physical isomorphism..............................98
   Spiritual-physical isomorphism is the visible side of the law of the mutual circulation of Spirit and matter. The spiritual dominant of isomorphism is represented by symbolism of biblical mythology. The physics of isomorphism is based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, law of the golden section and the chiral-quantum features of homo sapiens brain physiology. His brain is the focus of all the forces of the Universe. Spiritual-physical isomorphism provided a presentation of the entire physical hierarchy of the world in the morphology and functions of the brain. Over time, the human spirit has acquired the ability to split connectedness of matter in the process of heuristic thinking and at the same time communicate with the continuous Spirit. In this way the Universe of the Spirit is created, and all mankind in It is likened to the new hypostasis of God: in all the richness of the mind dematerialization (Col 2. 2).

Spirit and matter

   In the Holy Scriptures the word "spirit" is written both with a small and a capital letter and has many meanings. The omnipresent and always present in the world spirit manifests itself through the actions of physical forces that change or preserve the material state of a natural element, object or person: the action of forces (1 Cor 12, 10); spirit of power (Prem 5, 23); the spirit of the firmament (3 Rides 6, 41); bestial spirit (Ekk 3, 21); the spirit of every man (Job 12, 10); spirit of wisdom; spirit of mind (Prem 1, 6; 7, 22).
    The word Spirit means the direct manifestation of the essence of God: the Spirit (is) God (John 4, 24), - as in the pre-stages of the creation and development of the World: the Spirit of God is worn on the top of the water (Gen. 1, 2), - and in man, after gaining the image of God: the Spirit of God dwells in you (1 Cor 3, 16). It is man's ability to turn the spirit into the Spirit, personifying the material image of God in him, distinguishes him from all living creatures on Earth: the Spirit of God creating me (Job 33, 4).
   Spirit, acting as the power of the Spirit, is manifested by the logic of thinking in the process of human creativity: God be the word (l o g o z) (Jn 1, 1). Moreover, the Spirit of truth (John 14, 17), serves as a measure of a person's creative talent: the Spirit itself will obey our spirit (Rom 8, 16); All this acts the one and the same Spirit (1 Cor 12, 11). Craving for creativity is the core of an active life and the form of the fulfillment of God's love, which takes on the image of the Spirit of Christ in a thinking person: God by Jesus Christ is famous for in everything (1 Peter 4, 11); We love Him, because He first loved us (1 John 4, 19).
   Each person has his own talent and he can manifest himself through the ability to science, languages, to art and craft, in teaching and caring for the small and weak. The Spirit of Truth, nourishing from the spirit of Wisdom, attaches the thought of man to the mind of God: Bearing and growing in the mind of God (Col 1, 10). This is the meaning and purpose of man's creativity - embodying Wisdom in good deeds, he organizes the material world and at the same time builds up his likeness of God in the Spirit: what you bind on earth will be bound in heaven (Matthew 16, 19); from their affairs they will receive bribes (3 Rides 8, 33).
   Scripture and Tradition testify that the key role in the process of transforming the spirit into the Spirit belongs to the human brain, the material composition of which ensures the work of the mind and the vital activity of the whole organism: to be renewed by the spirit of your mind (Ephesians 4, 23); The organ of memory ability is the posterior recess of the brain, which is also called the cerebellum, and the life spirit in it [St. John of Damascus]. Thinking, as a way of communicating a person with a continuous Spirit, is carried out through the action in the human brain of a biogenic form of the Spirit of Christ. As a result of this action, a new meaning appears in the world in verbal or non-verbal form: light and mind, let us know the true God (1 John 5, 20); Jesus Christ came in the flesh (2 Jn 1, 7).
   The mechanism of thinking as a way of communicating a person with the Spirit is presented in the images and symbols of the Bible. For their understanding, it is useful to give a decoding of some key symbols. The speech center is localized in the left hemisphere of the brain and its base is a pyramidal, cranial bone, which is associated with the symbolism of the name of the Apostle Peter (Greek: p e t r a - rock, stone): The foundation of Zion is a stone of great value, elected, and crowned (Is. 28, 16). Zion is a symbol of subcortical structures (islands) that ensure the work of the menorah in the tabernacle (church) of Christ: I exist cornerstone of Jesus Christ himself (Ephesus 2, 20); Wisdom has made a house for yourself and establish the pillars of seven (Pr 9, 1).
   The speech center integrates the signals entering the brain through all communication channels of the right and left hemispheres with the body and the external environment. These signals can be both chemical in nature and encoded by the properties of the corresponding metabolite substances, as well as physical - they are generated by nerve cells in the form of electrical impulses, currents, and electromagnetic quanta (quasiphotons). Chemical and physical signals can be associated with metabolic and adaptive reactions in the body. In addition, quasiphotons can be generated by nerve endings and homogeneous cell systems under the direct action of external energy quanta of electromagnetic, gravitational and neutrino nature.
     In the Bible, signals and quasi-photons involved in the thought process have their own symbolic representation. First of all, the physical and chemical signals that come to the brain from below - from the earth, spirit and water and blood (1 John 5, 8), are separated from the signals that come from above, from the heavens: Jesus Christ, who came by water and blood and the Spirit ( 1 John 5, 6). Signals are generated in the process of vital activity by nerve endings in the sensory organs, loins, womb, lungs and nasopharynx.
   Spirit with a capital letter corresponds to signals that are formed when the cosmic biogenic radiation (the symbol is a dove, the Spirit of Christ) directly affects liquids and brain structures: silver pigeon is krill pigeon (Ps 67, 14); pigeons nesting in stone (Jer 48,28).  Biogenic quasi-photons of various nature are represented in the Bible by angels, ranging from the Archangels (Gabriel, Michael), to demonic spirits: the staircase is established on the earth, its peak reaches to heaven, and the angels of God ascend and descend on it (Genesis 28, 12); dirty trick of the flesh, the angel of Satan (2 Cor 12: 7).
   Liquids that carry metabolites and related quasi-photons include blood (arterial and venous), lymph, synovia, and cerebrospinal fluid (cerebrospinal fluid). The participation of brain matter in the transformation of the spirit into various forms of Spirit inevitably subordinates this process to the quantum laws of physics. The human brain is the most complex living material formation in the Universe, capable of focusing, transforming and remembering the spiritual and physical state of the external world by changing the physicochemical parameters of its water-material composition. The need for the participation of the substance of the brain in the knowledge of spiritual laws determines the emergence of an insurmountable border between the Spirit-as-existent and its material form, which serves as the carrier of a new meaning.
   Man perceives the outside world with the help of five senses (eyesight, hearing, smell, touch, taste), to which two more "spiritual eyes" should be added in order to get: the seventh eyes of the Lord, the essence, which looks upon the whole earth (Zech 4, 10). One of the spiritual "windows" (the "third eye") is responsible for the sensitivity of the human body to quanta of neutrino energy. Obviously, the program of the genesis of the human mind includes the possibility of perceiving biogenic quanta generated by another person ("telepathy"). The mechanism of these two types of brain sensitivity has not yet been established. However, it can be assumed that if these mechanisms are strengthened, some people acquire extrasensory and paranormal abilities, while the well-being of other people turns out to be highly dependent on jumps in environmental factors such as the activity of the Sun, moon phases, planetary configurations, geomagnetism, and atmospheric pressure.
   Thus, despite all the unknowability of the essence of the spirit, its manifestations are quite accessible for scientific study, both in the image of all kinds of forces and in the very mechanism of human thinking. Philosophy calls matter everything that has its own form of manifestation in the real world. At the same time, philosophers conditionally subdivide the forms of matter into objective and subjective, referring to the latter forms those specific forms of matter that are directly related to the activity of the human brain. Physics studies the laws of manifestation and change of all possible forms of matter, as well as the rules of assembly from discrete forms of matter of quanta of force fields and elementary particles and nuclei.
   The initial discrete forms of matter are energoforms (EF). From EF, elementary particles (neutron, proton, electron, neutrino, photon) and nuclei are assembled, from which atoms, molecules and macrobodies are formed. A significant achievement of twentieth-century physics was the experimental proof of the interconversions of elementary particles. They not only transform into each other, with the conservation of the total mass and energy, but can partially or completely turn into the field form of matter, that is, into photons and EF.
   These results indicate a consubstantial form of matter. However, as for the solar neutrino, its nature has not yet been clearly established. Obviously, the quantum of neutrino energy is the simplest form of matter, designed to revitalize-spiritualize complex material forms of matter (organisms) on Earth: the source comes from the earth and solders the whole face of the earth (Genesis 2, 6). This is indicated by both images of pagan myths and the Bible, as well as physics data, which speak of the mediation of neutrinos in the interconversion of particles and its ability to change its shape in the magnetic field of the sun (neutrino oscillations). The simplicity of the form of matter corresponding to the neutrino can cause its elusiveness.
   The logical conclusion of the conclusion about the spiritual unity of all forms of matter will be the presentation of the material form of the word (thoughtform), the most direct manifestation of the essence of the spirit in the form of EF: the Glory of God covers the word (Pr 25, 2); The word flesh is (John 1, 14). The topology of thoughtforms can be correlated with the metric of the material structures of the brain responsible for thinking. The transparency of the thoughtform as a material form of the essence of the spirit is due to its simplicity and is comparable with the transparency and simplicity of the quantum of neutrino energy (robe): My robes took off ... My soul entered into his word (Song Songs 5, 3, 6).
   The word "form" is the root of the word "information", which comes from the English word inform. The preposition in is translated as in, on, indicating that it is inside or within something, and the word form means: shape, appearance. So, the word inform, being a compound word in-form, literally means: in-form, in-shape. It follows that the word "information" also contains the following meaning: something that enters into the form or everything that takes shape. Conversely, the formlessness of something will be equivalent to a complete lack of information about the order of its device and state. Thus, the meaning of the word "information" coincides with the philosophical definition of matter. This coincidence is not accidental, it speaks of an essential, spiritual kinship of the concept of matter as a form in general and information, as a verbal form of thought. EF, as the initial material form of the spirit, is a universal material from which everything is formed, starting from information, particles and ending with the Universe.
   Thus, physics is quite ripe for laying in its foundation the axioms: spirit is the essence of matter. With the adoption of this axiom, the laws of physics acquire the meaning of the laws of spirit, according to which:
   - spirit manifests itself through the action of energоforms;
   - a highly organized substance of the human brain transforms the spirit into the Spirit.
   Inspired physics, studying the laws of the spirit, will rise above modern quantum physics in the same way that it rose above classical physics. The physics of the spirit, inheriting the entire knowledge of quantum and classical physics, supplements it, extending the scientific method of knowing nature to the spiritual level of its organization. In this way, physics will gain the depth and fullness of the Knowledge that holds the Holy Scriptures: Do not finish the first, comprehend it, just like the last do not study it (Sir 24, 30); Above any possessor of knowledge is one who knows! (Surah Joseph 12, 76).
   Since the Bible is a complete set of laws of the spirit, it contains comprehensive information about the emergence of the world and man, about the properties and interconversions of EF and particles, as well as about the mechanism of thinking and its dependence on geocosmic factors. The Bible testifies - Salvation of the soul of man is the knowledge and affirmation in itself of the physical nature of Christ: I am the door: by Me if anyone enters, he will be saved (John 10, 9); faith without works is dead (James 2, 20)..
   This entire esoteric Bible is subordinated to its entire meaningful and iconic texture, woven from the threads of historical events and the vicissitudes of human destinies, the names of people, the names of localities, cities and countries: wears all his utensils, and all by name will proclaim from many glories and in the power of his fortress (Isa. 40, 26). The symbolism of biblical invisible entities serves as the basis for the next round of biblical esotericism regarding the structure and principles of the energy of the Galaxy and the Solar System, the Earth and the planets closest to it. The top of this pyramid of innermost Knowledge is crowned by the Knowledge of God, which is based on the mechanism of man's creation of his likeness in the Spirit: the soul body is sown, the spiritual body is sung (1 Cor 15, 44); we will be transformed into His image (2 Cor 3, 18).


      -- 12 stones of Theophysics

Stone that builders rejected

became cornerstone (Mt 21.42).

Stone is Christ (1 Cor 10.4).

Stones from names of

12 sons of Israel (Ex 28. 21).

Names of 12 Lamb Apostles (Rev 21.14).

12 pairs cranial nerves from brain stem.

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      -- Spirit Physics
   Theophysics (physics of the Spirit) [1, 2] studies the laws of the interconversion of matter and spirit in animate and inanimate nature. Theophysics, summing up the sacred Knowledge of the Bible and reliable empirical Knowledge, reveals the spiritual level of the laws of physics underlying the mechanism of heuristic thinking: real knowledge (Prem 7.17); the law is spiritual (Rom 7.14); Your thoughts come from My thought (Is 55. 9). The theophysicist with the need to combine the intuition of the biblical prophet [3] and the mind of a physicist: from the Holy Spirit enlighten (2 Peter 2.2); People updates (1 Peter 2.9).
   The emergence of Theophysics was preceded by a change in the physics of the Sun [4] due to the fall of comet Shoemakers-Levi-9 on Jupiter in 1994 and the discovery in 1995 of comet Hale-Bopp, tracing in the sky W: put the village in the Sun (Ps 18,5); I am alpha and omega, the beginning and the end (Rev 22. 13). If the Bethlehem star marked the birth of Christ, then the appearance of comet Hale-Bopp can be associated with the acquisition by a person of his own Christ Mind [5]: renew by the spirit of your mind (Efs 4.23); We have the Mind of Christ (1 Cor 2.16).
   Theophysics, following the Anthropic Principle, reveals the purpose of a person's mortal life: There is, however, the faith of the hopeful notice and of the conviction of the invisible (Heb. 11.1). In the creative act, a person spiritualizes the world with a new meaning and at the same time forms his personal God-likeness in the Spirit (Figure): even if you connect to earth, he will be bound in heaven (Mt 16.19); as far as perception is concerned (3 Ezr 8.41). At the basis of every act of our soul lies the "remaining", entering into our soul during this act, but at the same moment finally disappearing from the world of phenomena [6].
   0x01 graphic
   Figure. Universal Spiritual Tree giving birth in the Spirit of the God-Man (homo spiritus), from [8]. (3rd mil. B.C. - third millennium B.C.)
   The creation by man of the Spiritual World is the ultimate goal of his being on the Earth [7]: the Kingdom of God is inside you (Lk 17.21); I am the door (Jn 10.9); the spiritual body rises (1 Cor 15.44). Theophysics scientifically substantiates the rules of the Salvation of the soul, actualizing the Bible as a guide to the improvement of human creative abilities. At the same time, mythological Christianity is transformed into Clever Christianity or Noochristianity [8, 9]): Let the Word of Christ dwell in you ... in all wisdom (Col. 3.16); Experience the Scriptures (Jn 5.39).
      -- History of Theophysics
   In the pre-scientific era, the spiritual foundations of Theophysics saw the holy fathers: This world, having received being from true Beauty, reflects all traces of spiritual beauty in the structure of all its parts, which can lead us to immaterial prototypes [10]; There is neither essence in nature without energy, nor any energy without essence [11];
    The deity is simple, and it has one simple action, a good one, that acts in every way in all. The divine emanation, that is, energy, being one and the same, simple and having no components, remains simple, even when it is benevolently diversified in separate things and endows everything in the world with the creative power of its nature. Energy is natural to every essence and force and movement, which only non-existent is deprived of. The organ of memory capacity is the posterior depression of the brain, which is also called the cerebellum, and the life spirit in it [12]. Having visited a pure heart, God honors through the Spirit to inscribe His letters in him as on some Moses tablets. All the knowledge of God and the Holy Communion is performed according to the dignity of man, ... that is to the extent of his conformity. Revelation is not the mechanical manifestation of God alone; a person actively participates in Him, and since he has matured, he perceives [13].
   The intuition of the creators of classical physics often achieved prophetic revelations: where it is a question of the laws of nature accessible to the spiritual eyes of everyone, one or another authority loses the power of persuasiveness, giving way to the power of reason (Galileo).
   One should not shy away from similarity in nature, because nature is always simple and always agrees with itself (Newton); Newton says that space is an organ that God uses to perceive things (Leibniz).
   There is some kind of ethereal medium filling the space and permeating the whole body, which has the ability to be set in motion, transmit this movement from one part to another and communicate this movement to dense matter. The fundamental dynamic idea of ??matter, which, thanks to its movement, is capable of becoming a reservoir of momentum and energy, is so intertwined with our thinking patterns that when we see a hint at it in any part of nature, we feel that we have a path that sooner or later will lead to full understanding of the subject matter [14].
   For the first time, the word "Theophysics" was applied in 1898 by William Denovan in a work devoted to the ancestor of brain physiology and the theosophist Emanuel Swedberg: The highest stage of his revelation be denominated by Theophysics, or the science of divine purpose in creation [15].
    In 1923, the word "Theophysics" was beaten in the novel "Antique Hay" by Aldous Huxley: If there is theology and theosophy, then why not be theography and theometry, or even theognomy, theotrophy, theotomy and theogamy? Or, finally, theophysics and theochemistry? Linguistic development of these concepts gave F. Crick: I must, however, indicate that there is a huge difference between theological biochemistry and biochemical theology. Oddly enough, I believe that the latter most likely corresponds to teochemistry. Therefore, I feel obliged to offer you a new direction in which practically nothing has been done - biochemical theology [16].
   The humanitarian predecessors of Theophysics include the philosopher and theologian Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. In his book "The Phenomenon of Man", he marked the state of extreme complexity and, at the same time, the highest consciousness, to which the Universe is evolving, as the Omega point. Teilhard de Chardin also understood that any energy is spiritual in nature. And his assumption about the synergy of two multidirectional actions in the mechanism of evolution is close, both to the definition of the energoform [17] and to the formulation of the Basic Principle of Action [1]. However, although Teilhard de Chardin was a Jesuit priest, he did not reveal his innermost knowledge of the Bible, and therefore his Omega remained a prisoner of the material world.
      -- Western Theophysics
   The evolving consciousness of Teilhard de Chardin in the physics of humanities Lawrence Poole [18] acquired the meaning of the active component of the Time-Space continumm of the universe. Of course, Lawrence Poole, as well as Teilhard de Chardin, does not give an intelligible definition of the abstract term "consciousness" and the associated concept of "unified field". Theophysics Pula does not in any way correlate with the secret Knowledge of the Bible, therefore his ideas about the "Spirit" that is animating life and about the "unified field of divine Light" remain philosophical abstractions, not related to a real person. To substantiate the universality and equivalence of divine Light with energy and matter, Poole extrapolated the Einstein (E = mC2) and Planck (E = hC) formulas to the energy of the spirit (Light): That is matter AND spirit. Light/energy is contained as the fundamental forces of the physical universe. We note that further physico-mathematical formalization of the relationship between spirit and matter in the framework of Pooh's theophysics was impossible because he ignored the laws of dialectics and the innermost Knowledge of the Bible.
   The history of Western Theophysics can be judged from the book Theophysics [21], which includes 21 articles from WIKIPEDIA. In its annotation, it is noted that the term "theophysics" is used in the philosophy of cosmology in order to reconcile physical and religious cosmology. The key words of all the works are the antinomies of modern physical and metaphysical cosmology, supplemented by religious ideas about the creation of the world. Therefore, in all the articles from [21] devoted to theophysics, theological and scientific verbiage prevails. The list of these articles is as follows.
   1. Theophysics.
   2. Physical cosmology.
   3. Cosmology (metaphysics).
   4. Cosmology in medieval Islam.
   5. Religious cosmology.
   6. Natural theology.
   7. Henry More.
   8. Cambridge Platonists.
   9. Richard Popkin.
   10. Emanuel Swedenborg.
   11. Raimon Panikkar.
   12. Omega Point.
   13. Frank J. Tipler.
   14. Anthropic principle.
   15. Fine-tuned Universe.
   16. Multiverse.
   17. Ultimate fate of the universe.
   18. Zygon: Journal of Religion & Science.
   19. Teleological argument.
   20. Anne Conway, Viscountess Conway.
   21. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
   The first article gives the following brief descriptions of the authors of Theophysics and Theosophists, appearing in [21].
   Paul Richard Blum (2002) uses the term in a critique of physicotheology, i.e. the view that arguments for the existence of God can be derived from the existence of the physical world (e.g. the "argument from design").
   Richard H. Popkin (1990) applies the term to the "spiritual physics" of Cambridge Platonist Henry More and his pupil and collaborator Lady Anne Conway, who enthusiatically accepted the new science, but rejected the various forms of materialist mechanism proposed by Descartes, Hobbes and Spinoza to buttress it, as these, More and Conway argued, were incapable of explaining productive causality.
   R. M. Wenley (1910) referred to Swedenborg as "the Swedish theophysicist".
   Theophysics is a fundamental concept in the thought of Raimon Panikkar, who wrote in Ontonomia de la ciencia (1961) that he was looking for "a theological vision of Science that is not a Metaphysics, but a Theophysics.... It is not a matter of a Physics 'of God', but rather of the 'God of the Physical'; of God the creator of the world... not the world as autonomous being, independent and disconnected from God, but rather ontonomicly linked to Him". As a vision of "Science as theology", it became central to Panikkar's "cosmotheandric" view of reality.
   Author Lawrence Poole adopted the term in 1980, establishing principles and a mathematical formula that purports to link the human soul and God.
   Frank J. Tipler's Omega Point theory (1994), which identifies concepts from physical cosmology with theistic concepts, is sometimes referred to by the term, although not by Tipler himself. Tipler was an atheist when he wrote The Anthropic Cosmological Principle (1986, co-authored with John D. Barrow, whose many popular books seldom mention theology) and The Physics of Immortality (1994), but a Christian when he wrote The Physics of Christianity (2007).
   In 1989, Wolfhart Pannenberg, a liberal theologian in the continental Protestant tradition, welcomed Tipler's work on cosmology as raising "the prospect of a rapprochement between physics and theology in the area of eschatology". In subsequent essays, while not concurring with all the details of Tipler's discussion, Pannenberg has defended the theology of the Omega Point.
   The term is also occasionally used as a nonce word in parodies or humorous contexts, as by Aldous Huxley in Antic Hay (1923).
   An illustrative example of Western simulacra theophysics is the book of the theoretical physicist Frank J. Tipler "The Physics of Christianity" [22]. Using the "mysticism and mathematical tricks" of quantum mechanics and cosmology, as well as the absurdities of elementary particle theory, Tipler "explained" the "miracles" of Christ, His Immaculate Conception and Resurrection, understanding them literally. Having identified the mathematical singularity with the cosmological (Omega Point), he managed to extract from her the Judeo-Christian God ("The cosmological Singularity is God") in three His guises (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). At the same time, the "initial singularity" he had, of course, the "big bang" inexhaustible in its absurdity. The "scientific nature" of the "Physics of Christianity" illustrates Tipler's use of neutrinos to explain the "dematerialization and materialization" of Christ's body after his burial. First, the body was scattered on elusive for physicists neutrinos, and then magically gathered out of nothing. The author peculates neutrinos in explaining the appearance of a portrait of Christ on the Shroud of Turin. Note that as far as Tipler was far from understanding the physical nature of neutrinos [23], he also perverted the Point Omega Teilhard de Chardin so primitively.
      -- Simulacra Theophysics
   The emergence of Theophysics in 1999 [1] according to the law of secondary spiritual-physical isomorphism [19] stimulated the writing of theosophical simulators by various authors all over the world. Moreover, unlike the Theophysics of Lawrence Pula, the simulacra of many authors had no relation to Theophysics at all. A distinctive feature of these simulacra was Christological and physical inadequacy. The authors of the theophysicist simulacra usually believed in the infallibility of the theories of fundamental physics and accepted the literal meaning of the Bible as truth, not echoing church dogmas. Accordingly, in all simulacra of theophysics, verbiage dominates around philosophical and physical antinomic concepts such as: God, spirit, Universe, energy, mass, charge, infinity, consciousness, purpose and meaning of life.
   An exemplary theophysics simulacrum in Russian is the book of G.D. Kissel, Doctor of Technical Sciences "Introduction to Theophysics. Understanding the multidimensional hierarchical Creation of God by the mind of a physicist" [20]. The title of the book speaks for itself. The mind of a techie (not a physicist), "enlightened" by the Old Testament Kabbalah and the occult-esoteric Mahatma Doctrine, was honored to build a world hierarchy on the foundation of the big bang and the absurd theory of elementary particles. The seven-level cyclical nature of the development of life and consciousness in the Universe, as the basic concept of the Ancient Teachings, allowed the author to "recognize" the seven frequency quantum levels of the existence of an atom. Crowns a seven-level hierarchy of the physical god of our universe, He is nothing more than a kind of reflection (aspect) of the biblical God. The latter, of course, is the creator of our world, He cannot be seen by anyone, He knows (sees) everything and the hair will not fall from a man's head without God's will, since Everything is according to God's will. The author built the astral hierarchy of the living and departed person with the help of the occult and Old Testament mysticism and esotericism, completely ignoring the sacred biblical anthropology.
      -- Conclusion
   The increase in the number of publications devoted to various theophysical problems indicates the emergence of a spiral of noogenesis at a new stage. By the end of the second millennium, mythological Christianity had exhausted its spiritual potential, and theories of fundamental physics had completely lost touch with objective reality. The process of sapientation under these conditions is possible only through the synthesis of science and Christology, and the first steps on this path are already being implemented in the form of Theophysics [24].
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Physics of Noosphere

   The subordination of the evolution vector of the biosphere (biogenesis) to the laws of physics is evidenced by the correlation between the increase in the complexity of the device and the behavior of living systems with the direction of the arrow of time. With the chronology of geological and historical eras can be compared, for example, such a sequence development of complexity levels of living systems: Plants - self-moving organisms - mammals - intelligent people - intelligent community (noosphere). If the geological stages of biogenesis "marked" carbon stocks in the earth's crust, a person, parasitizing on the biosphere, leaves behind only the ruins of the technosphere. With the mass of living matter on the planet ~ 2 1012 tons, the mass of technoliths and solid waste amounted to ~ 8 1012 tons by the end of the 20th century.

0x01 graphic

   Figure. Human life in spiritual coordinates. Z axis highlighted Holiness cone and in the XY plane the main imperatives are indicated human behavior of electromagnetic nature.
   Until now, humanity is floundering like a millipede withoutwings in the carnal plane of the XY paradigm of consumerism (Figure), in which the ruler of the world reigns this is the devil personifying nature and action in man electromagnetic forces. Rare units manage to enter the cone Holiness and fulfill the purpose of earthly life of man and humanity - the creation of the Universe of the Spirit outside of matter.
   Owing to its eschatological nature, technogenesis assumes the role of an evolutionary factor that adapts human brain physics to the conditions of the initial stage of noogenesis, generating the corresponding mutations in the human genome [1]. The energy-informational status of the technosphere of the late twentieth century was formed by technologies that split or disturb the electron-nuclear structure of inert and living matter. Man, directly or indirectly participating in the process globalization of the electromagnetic status of the technosphere, according to the Curie principle, he himself found its characteristic features or features of an "artificial person" [1]. Conventionally, we call it homo magnИticus (electromagnetic man). Appearance of this the subspecies homo sapiens by the beginning of the 21st century was natural and necessary, firstly, to stimulate the transition from technogenesis to noogenesis, and secondly, for the formation of a spiritual person (homo spiritus) in the bosom of homo sapiens. Wherein the dominant of a person's creative activity - splitting - changes to a dominant - energy-informational synthesis.
   This transition is limited by the development of production technologies and the conversion of energy into information. The physical essence of these tasks is linked to the principle of least action of Hamilton. Given this as well as the importance time factor, we take as a physical characteristic of evolutionary processes the value - action (H), expressing it through the product of energy (E) and time (t) during which this energy acts, that is, changes the order of any material system:

H = E t (1)

   For the unit of action - UA [erg s], we take the Planck constant h (6.62 10-27 erg s). Multiplying the value of h by N-1, N, N2, N3, where N is the Avogadro number (6.02 1023), we can cover the entire scale of physically possible actions, starting from energy forms and elementary particles, ending the Universe.
   The universality of the action will make it possible to formalize the transition of technogenesis to noogenesis by identifying in the technosphere its energy-informational (mental) component, which directly embodies reasonable human actions. This level of the technosphere is formed from structures that play the role of carriers and generators of any information, and especially mental. Due to the discreteness of information and the quantum nature of changes in the structure of its carriers, instead of (1), the following formula is applicable:

E t = nh, (2)

   where n is an integer much smaller than N.
   For example, using (2), it is possible to estimate, in order of magnitude, the energy the action of which information is generated and stored in the brain. Information arising in a dream is usually stored for no more than an hour. If we substitute this time in (2), taking n = 1, then the amount of energy that has carried out is blurred corresponding electronic information structures in the brain will be Eo ~ 10-30 erg. The scale of this quantity can be represented by multiplying it by the number N, which will give the value of the rest energy of the electron (meC2). Formula (2) can be used for quantitative estimates of the energy-structure relation in dynamically developing quantum systems. For example, one quantum of the action of energy ~ 7Eo is enough to transform the internal structure of a neutron in time its life (~ 900 s) into proton, electron and antineutrino (?-decay). We postulate that the material discrete structure that personifies the action of energy, by the quantity Eo, plays the role of a universal element for quantum energy information systems.
   The action of the angular momentum L for a quantum system is also quantized:

L2? = nh.

   If we take into account that the rotational motion is essentially closed in itself (conservatively), then the coincidence of the dimensions of the action and L allows us to interpret the energy of the rotational motion as potential for all forms of its manifestation (from the spin of a particle to the moment of momentum of galaxies).
   Due to the irreversibility of technogenesis, the issue of the types and volumes of geocosmic energy sources is important. From the beginning to this day, life on Earth feeds and leads the solar energy along the evolution vector, which acts in three forms - gravitational, neutrino and electromagnetic. The first is responsible for the stability of the state of the Earth at the scale of the solar system. The action of gravity energy was minimized and balanced in geological era.
   The following estimates confirm this. The total value of L of the planets of the solar system is ~3 1050 UA, 60% of this value is accounted for by L of Jupiter, while L of the Sun is 5 1048 UA. Of these values, using formula (1), we can estimate the energy values ??by which one revolution of Jupiter around the Sun for ~11 years (ЕLJ) and the Sun about its axis for ~1/12 years (ЕLS):

ЕLJ = 3 1050 (erg s) : 110x01 graphic
107 (s) ~ 3 1042 erg,

ЕLC = 5 1048 (erg s): 1/120x01 graphic
107 (s) ~ 6 1042 erg.

   The obtained values can be compared with the energies of the gravitational interaction of the Sun and Jupiter:
   ЕG = G М?МJ/RSJ = (6.70x01 graphic
10-8 20x01 graphic
10330x01 graphic
2 1030):80x01 graphic
1013 ~ 3 1042 erg.
   Estimates indicate the key role of the sun in the dynamics of the entire solar system and the dependence of its state on the configuration of the planetary system. For example, Solar Activity (SA) is clearly modulated by the action of Jupiter on the Sun, because its period is close to 11 years. The energy of gravity, being a derivative of the energy of rotation, acts as potential energy in various dynamic systems of the macroscale. Gravity energy planetary level is manifested in the biosphere by the action of tidal forces in the oceans and in the melt of the earth's mantle. The latter, in the phase of the full moon, greatly deforming the earth's crust, can lead to volley emissions of various forms of energy from the bowels of the Earth at the junctions and faults of lithospheric plates (fluids, geothermal, electromagnetic).
   In mammals, including humans, the encapsulated nerve endings on the soles of the feet (Fatter-Pacini bodies) may be responsible for converting gravitational energy into quanta of metabolic energy. They can play the role of energy injectors at the joints of the bones with each other, as well as with tendons and muscles.
   The neutrino and photon components of the Sun's energy have their source in thermonuclear reactions in the core (shell) of the Sun. As a result of these reactions, the internal energy of atomic nuclei, and, possibly, the core of the Sun (EL) itself is converted to the translational energy of nuclei (EP), photons (E?) and antineutrino (E?):

EL = ?mC2 = EP + E? + E?.

   Here ?mC2 is the mass defect value equivalent to the rotation energy. The energy of motion of nuclei and photons, absorbed by the photosphere of the Sun, is reradiated by its outer layers, whose temperature is ~ 6000 ®C. Based on the value of the solar constant ~ 4 1033 erg/s and its mass 2 1033 g, it can be estimated that the mass of the Sun during its lifetime (~ 1018 s) decreased by ~0.1%. This estimate, indicating the sufficiency of the solar energy for the evolution of the biosphere, also indicates that electromagnetic energy (photons) is only an auxiliary component of the evolution vector.
   On the other hand, the properties of the solar antineutrino (oscillation, instability, chirality) make it possible to take it into the role of an "intermediary agent" [2, 3], which regulates the direction and intensity of electromagnetic absorption energies in chiral living systems, which include homogeneous-multiple, molecular-cell water gels, which have the ability to condense microquants of E0 of a neutrino nature. Note that the biogenicity of neutrino energy can play the role of a physical factor directing biogenesis along the arrow of time.
   It is obvious that in the Earth at the level of its core (shell) the rotation energy is concentrated. It can come to the surface of the Earth in the form of heat and initiate earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Earth's magnetic field and its electric charge, in conjunction with the ionosphere, are also significant factors in biogenesis. In general, it can be said that due to the subordination of biogenesis to the Curie principle and Le Chatelier's law, the natural energy and material flows in the biosphere are cyclical and balanced, and its thermodynamic state is stationary in time.
   Basic energy production and utilization technologies based on the breakdown of matter lead to a distortion of the electromagnetic order at all levels of the biosphere. The performance of these processes is growing exponentially (number people, automobiles, energy production, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and pollution of lithium and hydrospheres by technogenes). The electromagnetic order of the biosphere form and distort the action [4]:
  -- cosmophysical factors;
  -- geomagnetic and Coriolis effects in vehicles;
  -- effects of distortion of local electromagnetic fields and the composition of the air environment of human habitation;
  -- fields and radiation of electronic devices;
  -- the process of training a young man using the psychotechnics of the exam;
  -- psychosomatic pressure of mass culture and transgenic food products.
   The physics of the noosphere suggests that by the time of exhaustion of the resources of basic technologies, the biosphere, adapting according to the law of Le Chatelier to the electromagnetic order of the technosphere and the greenhouse effect, it will provide the spiritual person (homo spiritus) with all the necessary physical conditions for his self-knowledge. The demilitarization of the technosphere and the global system intellectual capacities (based on the WWW-web) will solve the problem of low-temperature nuclear fusion and create a controlled mechanism for stabilizing the equilibrium state of the biosphere.
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Demography of Spirituality

      -- Introduction
   The spiritual man (homo spiritus) is distinguished by the ability to heuristically think and create new information, the worth of which is determined by the measure of increasing and complicating order in the social and material spheres of human existence. Therefore, a fruitful analysis and search for solutions to global problems of energy, ecology and demography are not possible without taking into account the category of spirituality as a key factor of noogenesis [1-3]. In the present work, the universal laws of chemical thermodynamics were applied to formalize and introduce spirituality into biological and demographic models. The admissibility of these analogies is due to the fact that humanity as a whole is a self-organizing open thermodynamic system, staying in stationary equilibrium in the narrow temperature range (T = 309-310K). It is in this range that the anomalous thermodynamic properties of water provide an efficient energy-information exchange of a man with the external environment at the physiological and geocosmic levels [2-5].
      -- Methods and materials
   Information, as a measure of order, has its energy equivalent, which is formally determined by the product of the system temperature and the negative entropy (-S), called non-entropy [6]. The quantum of external energy initiates in the thermodynamic system, which has cooperative properties, the physico-chemical process of its self-organization, as a result of which the system jumps to a higher level of orderliness of its elements and acquires a new quality. This quality corresponds to a certain portion of new information, the energy equivalent of which increases the free energy of the system. In the external environment, the system must output a portion of thermal energy equal to the product |?S|T.


Demography of the world and leading countries as of 04/02/2017



   Total population


   Male population



   Female population



   Born this year


   Died this year


   ?, (man year)-1


   ?, (year)-1


   Optimal population


   Education Index, (?) [9]
   Overcrowding ratio
   The sum of the free energies of all creatively active people determines the current value of the mental or spiritual potential of the noosphere (?) [1, 7]. In the work for the analysis used the current monitoring of the demographic characteristics of the whole world and leading countries [8]. These data are presented in the Table.
   In the energy-informational coordinates, the process of human spiritualization can be adequately described by the dynamics of the accumulation of valuable information or knowledge by the world civilization. The change in the value of ? over time characterizes the dependence of the kinetics of spiritualization on biosocial and geocosmic factors. It can be assumed that through the action ? the Anthropic Principle is realized at the noospheric stage of evolution: Inventiveness is of paramount importance for human evolution. This is the most important product of his creative thinking. The highest goal of human development is the complete domination of consciousness over the material world [10].
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 1. Graphs of the growth of the population of the Earth (1) and the productivity of the creative activity of mankind, summarizing all the valuable ideas, discoveries and inventions at each point in time (2) of [11]. The arrow W marks the beginning of the period when a person uses the canned energy of the sun in the form of hydrocarbons (coal, oil).
   The change ? in the course of world history at its different stages is illustrated by Figure 1 and Figure 2. From a comparison of the data presented in these figures, it follows that the use of industrial energy of fossil hydrocarbons, first in the form of coal, and then oil and gas, stimulated a sharp acceleration of the spiritualization process. together with the growing number of creators and the entire population. Curve 2 in Figure 1 shows that since the mid-twentieth century, population growth has maintained its pace, while the process of spiritualization has slowed significantly.
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 2. Chronology of changes in the spiritual potential (?) of the peoples of Europe, proportional to the total creative activity of all the great poets, artists, composers and physicists at every moment of history, from [1,2,7]. The arrows indicate the years of supernova explosions.
      -- Simulation of the process of spiritualization
    Representing the system of humanity an open thermodynamic system, the elements and subsystems of which interact with each other at the biosocial level, one can use analogies with chemical kinetics to simulate the demography of spirituality. Note that in existing demographic models, people appear mostly as unreasonable animals that can only reproduce, as long as life resources allow, to fight for territory and resources, and die in their own time. Under such initial conditions, the entire array of global demographic data over many centuries is described with good accuracy by the kinetic equation of the form [12]:

0x01 graphic
, (1)

   where n is the population size, 0x01 graphic
is its time derivative (t), ? is a constant coefficient with the dimension (year)-1.
   From (1) follows the hyperbolic dependence of the number of population on t, presented in Figure 1 (curve 1):

0x01 graphic
. (2)

   In (2), 0x01 graphic
is the conditional collapse time, when n ? ?, and vital resources, territorial and food, tend to zero. A demographic model that takes into account the finiteness of a life resource is described by the logistic growth equation or the Verhulst equation:
                             0x01 graphic
, (3)
   where r is a constant with the dimension of the specific growth rate of the population, K is the limiting capacity of an ecological niche characterizing food and territorial resources. When К?r, from (3) follows an exponential dependence of the population on t. The negative sign of the second term in (3) is interpreted as the contribution of mortality to the population dynamics.
   Note that the kinetic equations similar to (1) and (3) can be compiled to describe the dynamics of a population of unicellular cannibals or a mixed predator-prey population [12]. These biomodels are suitable for describing the demographics of human populations living under archaic religious or dictatorial regimes. They are also suitable for the formalization of the demography of communities in a state of civil or aggressive wars, as well as the parasitic concept of the "golden billion".
   In [12], equation (1) was given a biological interpretation, suggesting that the growth rate of the population growth rate of the childbirth reaction, in which the male and female individuals participate, is limited. The energy of the reaction is provided by vital (vital) energy, the action of which is manifested in the form of sexual instinct. Normally, the basis of psychophysics of sexual desire is the difference between the signs of chirality of the reproductive organs of a man and a woman at the level of the molecular structures of hormones [13]. The number of men (n+) and women (n-) are approximately equal to n/2 (see Table), while the shares of men and women of reproductive age are ~Ґ from n+ and and ~ 1/3 from n- [8, 14].
   Taking into account these data and the rate of decrease in abundance due to mortality (?n), equation (1) is transformed into a second-order kinetic equation, conventionally called antilogistic [12]:

0x01 graphic
. (4)

   In (4), ? and ? are effective constants of the rate of birth and death. The current values ??of ? and ? are estimated using (4) and the data in the Table. At the same time, the number of people born and died in a year was equated with the expressions 0x01 graphic
and ?n, respectively. The obtained values ??of ? and ? are listed in the Table. Note that the ? estimate for the whole world agrees well with the magnitude of the probability of having a child within a year of a selected pair, which for many centuries was 2 в 10-11 [12].
   Optimal for sustainable development, the population size (no) in the world and in different countries will be determined by the zero rate of population growth at ? and ? values ??corresponding to a given time:
   0x01 graphic
   The obtained values ??of 0x01 graphic
are given in the Table. Dividing by 0x01 graphic
the current population, it is possible to determine the overpopulation coefficients of the planet and countries currently relevant (Table). Comparison of the obtained values ??shows that the main responsibility for the overpopulation of the planet lies with countries located in the climatic zone below ~40о nl and above ~40o sl (India, China and other countries in South America, Africa and Asia).
   It is believed [2-5, 7, 15] that under the influence of geocosmic biogenic factors, the human genome could mutate and this led to the development of a person's first ability to speak, and then heuristically think and create. The rate constant for the creator's (0x01 graphic
) birth reaction in Europe during the 15th-19th centuries. can be estimated similarly to the value of ? using the graph of the change in the number of creators in Figure 2 and the order of the population size ~ 108 [2]. With the number of creators of the order of 10-100, the value of 0x01 graphic
will be 10-14 - 10-13 (man year)-1, which is 3-4 orders of magnitude lower than the current value of ?.
   The activity of creators at the early stage of spiritualization was associated with the generation of new knowledge and an increase in the proportion (?) of the educated population (Figure 3), the number of which we denote by 0x01 graphic
. The growth rate 0x01 graphic
can be described by equation (4), complementing the birth reaction with the subsequent training of a person. The level of education of the person will correlate with the number of teachers (m) involved in the learning process. Representing 0x01 graphic
= ?n and taking the constant mortality rate constant for 0x01 graphic
, we obtain an analogue of equation (4):

0x01 graphic
, (4*)

   From (4*) for the stationary state of the population that corresponds to sustainable development follows the optimal number of educated people:

0x01 graphic
, m =1, 2, 3, 4.

   The number m determines the level of education: primary (m = 1), medium (m = 2), highest (m = 3), scientific (m = 4). The total number 0x01 graphic
characterizes the index of education of countries given in the Table.
   To date, the process of spiritualization has reached a plateau (Figure 1) and the number of great creators has dropped to almost zero (Figure 2). Such a state of world civilization is a consequence of the globalization of the consumption paradigm [1, 2, 16]. Accordingly, the world energy, ecology and demography turned out to be hostages of the teleology of the modern world view, the ideology of which has not yet been cleared of religious rudiments [17] and the mystics of fundamental physics [1, 18-20].
      -- Energy of inspiration
   The representation of mankind as a thermodynamic open system allows using the analogies of chemical kinetics to introduce the factor of spirituality into demographic models. It is mainly about energy models of the process of spiritualization in the period starting from point tw in Figure 1 to the conditional point t?, in the vicinity of which the process of sapientation begins to stagnate due to the globalization of the consumerism paradigm (Figure 1).
   Obviously, the growth of the potential of the noosphere ? in the process of spiritualization on the interval 0x01 graphic
will correlate with the rate of decrease of fossil hydrocarbons. We associate their potential energy with the solar energy conserved in the bowels of the earth during geological epochs and denote 0x01 graphic
, and the current energy of solar radiation incident on the Earth is 0x01 graphic
   Figure 3 shows the layout of the energy states of the external environment and man for two temperature zones where people live, in selected latitudes ~40® nl ~40o sl (B-zone) and ~60o nl ~40® nl (C-zone). For comparison, a diagram is given for a primate - a great ape. Vital energy (0x01 graphic
), electromagnetic in nature, enters the body with food and water and its magnitude is proportional to the current energy of the sun 0x01 graphic
and energy 0x01 graphic
, converted by man into food and fuel:
   0x01 graphic
   where 0x01 graphic
and 0x01 graphic
are the efficiency factors of energy utilization methods. The energy 0x01 graphic
at the stage of evolution to 0x01 graphic
was quite enough for the life and reproduction of populations living mainly in the B-zone. During human settlement throughout the Earth, the difference in the climate of the B- and C-zones led to the following relationships:

0x01 graphic
; 0x01 graphic
; 0x01 graphic
; 0x01 graphic
. (6)

   The fulfillment of the relation 0x01 graphic
in (6) stimulated the development of science necessary for developing the ways of energy 0x01 graphic
in 0x01 graphic
, mainly in the B-zone, therefore 0x01 graphic
   Using the analogy with the Arrhenius equation [6], the multiplication rate constant from equation (4) is represented by the exponent:

Аехр(0x01 graphic

   where A is a constant characterizing the mating frequency, k is the Boltzmann constant, and T is the absolute temperature. Then, with an equal population size, the increased density and отношение Е? 0x01 graphic
ratio in the B-zone will lead to a higher population growth rate than in the C-zone.
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 3. Energy of life of primates (a), population of latitudes of the B-zone ~40® nl ~40o sl (b) and C-zones ~60® nl ~40® nl (c). Еа is the vital energy of activation of life processes, ? is the spiritual potential of the noosphere, numbers denote different levels of education.
   If we denote 0x01 graphic
share of 0x01 graphic
, addressed to 0x01 graphic
, then the energy problem of spiritualization at the current moment can be represented by a striving for the ratio unit 0x01 graphic
and a real threat of exhaustion of 0x01 graphic
. The solution to this problem should combine:
   1) the spiritualization of the axiomatics of fundamental physics and the rethinking of teleology in the framework of Teophysics and Clever Christianity [7, 20-23];
   2) reducing 0x01 graphic
by optimizing the size of the population first of all in the B-zone and demilitarizing the world economy;
   3) the growth of the potential of the noosphere ? due to the approach of the parameter ? to 1 in the B-zone and the parameter m to 3, 4 in the C-zone;
   4) approximation of the values ??of 0x01 graphic
and 0x01 graphic
to 1 for irreversible and renewable energy, as well as the development of alternative energy methods for producing energy [24, 25].
      -- Conclusion
   The method of analogies with chemical kinetics and thermodynamics, proposed to take into account the factor of spirituality, allows us to construct a demographic model of the sustainable development of mankind, satisfactorily describing the geographical features of demography and allowing it to be extrapolated to the spiritual stage of human evolution.
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Dialectic of homochirality

   1. Introduction

Our theoretical tools ... are becoming inadequate

to address the next layer of open questions.

A new paradigm change seems to be necessary.

Gian Francesco Giudice [1]

By virtue of the spirit of scientific thinking,

birth truly new scientific advances

impossible without interaction

with philosophical ideas.

Werner Heisenberg [2].

   The natural philosophy of the homochirality of living systems combines the still unsolved problems of the physicochemical mechanisms of the synthesis of chiral organic molecules at the prebiotic stage of evolution and the subsequent chiral differentiation of ontogenesis and metabolism of living organisms. Living systems are open systems, the thermodynamics of which largely depends on the anomalous properties of liquid water, both external and intrasystem [3, 4]. Since homochirality is an exceptional feature of living systems, the factor determining its genesis should also be significant for the concept of the Anthropic principle, as well as the fundamental laws of physics. It can be assumed that the physical nature of this chiral factor (CF) is identical to the nature of elementary particles and is universal, which implies the possibility of the participation of CF in the genesis of the mechanism of heuristic thinking of homo sapiens.
   Thus, the solution to the homochirality problem is limited by the degree of adequacy of elementary particle physics (EP), currently the Standard Model. This model is still far from completion, as evidenced by the recognition of theoretical physicists: we strongly misunderstand how the world of elementary particles works. The standard model of physics is not complete - for example, the existence of dark matter and the presence of mass in neutrinos go beyond its limits [5]. Note that the dialectic flaw in the concept of point and chiral sterile EP excludes the possibility of receiving an answer to the question: why is there a substance, but there is no antimatter [5]. For the same reason, outside of physics, the problems that arise when considering the ordering of biological structures, its creation and evolution, do not lie in the field of physics [6]. The solution of these problems is associated with the establishment of the nature of CF, which is responsible for the emergence of homochirality and the subsequent development of dissymmetry of living systems [7-14]. Recently, a number of hypothetical models of chiral symmetry breaking during the synthesis or destruction of the simplest amines and sugars at the protoplanetary stage of the Solar System formation [15] or in space under the action of supernova neutrinos [16-21], polarized photons with energy from ~0.5 to ~7 eV [22 - 26] and electrons [12, 27-29], as well as with the participation of the magnetic field of neutron stars [20, 21]). In these models, different compositions of compounds were proposed as a substrate: H2O (ice), NH3, СHN, CH4, CH3OH, CO. In [15], reaction schemes were modeled in the conditions of a primitive atmosphere/hydrosphere or on granules of gas-dust clouds. It was assumed that metal catalysts could participate in the synthesis of right sugar in the hydrosphere and its yield increased the effect of autocatalysis.
   The violation of the chiral symmetry of amines in the Supernova Neutrino Amino Acid Processing (SNAAP) model [19-21] is associated with the predominance of destruction of right amines over left ones on meteorites exposed to a supernova antineutrino in a magnetic field of a neutron star. The unrealistic SNAAP model is indicated by the figure in it of a rotating meteorite, a neutron stars, whose radiation at a distance of 0.01-0.05 AU [20] does not leave traces of ice, amines and volatile substrate compounds on the meteorite. To this should be added the negligible probability of the capture of high-energy antineutrinos with 14N nitrogen [30, 31] and the formation of 14C. The nearest neutron star is about 400 ly distant from the Earth, so a meteorite flying at a speed of about 30 km/s will cover this distance in ~4 million years. During this time, with a half-life of 14C ~ 5700 years, the concentration of 14N and the racemic mixture of amines will fully recover on the meteorite.
   The results of photolysis and radiolysis in the laboratory of various compositions of compounds of the substrate and with the addition of transition metals as catalysts showed the fundamental possibility of the formation of simple amines [12, 13, 26] and sugars [15, 22, 23]. However, due to the complexity of quantitative measurements and the impossibility of accurately reproducing natural conditions, laboratory results should be extrapolated with care to real processes. For example, in [32] it was noted that with an accurate description of an analog experiment in [22], most of the products could have been formed during their analysis, and not in the mother ice.
   In almost all theoretical models of homochirality, the CF of a cosmogenic nature appears, acting at the initial prebiotic stage of evolution. However, life on Earth is unique on the scale of our Galaxy and this uniqueness is mainly due to the geochemistry of the Earth and the peculiarities of its physical connections with the Sun and the planets. Accordingly, the etiology of CF to a large extent should be associated with the physics of the Earth and the Sun, and its relevance should be maintained in one form or another at all stages of evolution. An analysis of the possible forms of realization of the CF solar-terrestrial nature was carried out in this review, taking into account the problems and reliable data of fundamental physics.
   2. Dialectics in physics
   Chirality and homochirality, in essence, are a manifestation at the level of living systems of the basic law of dialectics - the law of unity and struggle of opposites (hereinafter - the first LD). Heraclitus formulated this law 2500 years ago, presenting the fundamental principle of matter in the form of a dichotomous pair of essentially identical primary elements. The first LD is presented in physics in the form of Newton's third law (Action is always an equal and opposite reaction), the law of electromagnetic induction, the principle of least action by Hamilton and a quantum of action equal to Planck's constant (h).
   The physical nature of Heraclitus' discrete primary elements is in principle unknowable, and it can only be correlated with Kant's thing-in-itself. For the formalization of the chiral dichotomy of fundamental physics, the Adorno negative dialectic logic is applicable [33]. According to Adorno, the falsity of systematic knowledge that cannot reach the essence of things should be overcome with the help of non-systemic thinking, which preserves the independence of the true meaning of the subject from the methods of cognition of reality that are accessible and accessible to logical thinking. According to Heisenberg, such a rethinking of the fundamentals of physics is associated with a change in the very structure of thinking [2].
   These ideas of Heisenberg and Adorno anticipated and implemented Maxwell in the formalization of the theory of the electromagnetic field and the dialectic of the ether: The fundamental dynamic idea of ??matter capable, thanks to its movement, becomes a reservoir of momentum and energy, so intertwined with our forms of thinking ... There is some ethereal medium filling the space and permeating all bodies. ... the environment has the ability to receive and save two types of energy, namely "actual" energy, depending on the movement of its parts, and potential energy, which is the work that the environment will perform due to its elasticity [34].
   The author of this review, relying on the logic of the first law of dialectics and Maxwell's ideas about ether and molecular vortices [34], in [35] called Heraclite's primary element of matter the energoform (EF) and formulated the main provisions of the energy form paradigm (PEF). In subsequent papers [7, 36-41], the heuristic potential of a dialectical PEF was revealed using the example of calculating vortex models of elementary particles and nuclei, as well as modeling brain physics. Physicists and biologists are aware that to solve the problems of elementary particles [1, 5, 42] and explain the origin of life and thinking [43], it is necessary to update and deepen theoretical tools to the level of PE: Structuring process: it is a spontaneous generation of ordered sequence, hierarchy of dynamic structures , or "energoforms". Their difference from the usual stable, static structures is that they are not "states", but "modes", and therefore not feasible separately, separately from the process [44]. Dimensionality of brain operations is beyond the scope of our ideas. ... the main thing in brain activity is not a regulating, but a constructive function. The brain primarily builds concepts and variants of external reality [45]. "Concepts" or thought forms can be represented as correlated ensembles of EF [41].
   The interactions of the EF between themselves and their self-assembly into the structures of the EP and nuclei obey the rules of symmetry and two other fundamental laws of dialectics - the law of similarity (second LD) and the law of transition of quantitative changes into qualitative (third LD). The second LD allows one to extrapolate to the level of the EF the laws of the dynamics of continuous media and the quantization rules acting at the atomic-molecular level: The Universe, which narrowed to the size occupied by an atom, would represent the same picture. The simplicity of the laws of nature allows us to observe and learn only relationships [46]; subtle similarities of things [47]. The third LD determines the necessary and sufficient number of elements of one level of the order of the world for them to acquire the quality of the next level of order. This number can be called a bootstrap quantum. The order of the structural organization of the world, similar to [36], was divided into the following qualitatively different levels: energoforms (I); EP, atoms, molecules (II); real world (III), stellar-planetary systems (IV), Universe (V). Below with examples it will be shown that the transitions between these levels satisfy the third LD with a bootstrap quantum equal to the Avogadro number (No). With this in mind, the number No is included in a series of world constants - the speed of light (C), the unit charge (e), and h, which ensure the dialectic and physicochemical bylaws of the Anthropic principle.
   3. Chiral dichotomy of energetic forms and elementary particles
   The simplest models of the right and left EF, and their paired combinations are presented in Figure 1. Self-movement EF is quantitatively characterized by impulse (P) and angular momentum (L). The quantum of action of an EF is expressed through the products of three pairs of physical quantities - energy and its time of action (Еt), impulse and "step" of translational motion (P 2?r), angular momentum and turnover by 2? (L 2?). The mathematical formalism of the motion of a ring vortex in a continuous liquid medium is suitable for describing the motion of the ?/g-EF: The vortex ring with its atmosphere moves in a continuous liquid medium as an independent liquid body and carries the whole force of the impulse that generated it [48]. The atmosphere of such a vortex and ?/g-EF will correspond to the Kelvin oval [49] and its momentum will be identical to the vortex momentum.
   The vortex elements of the structures of the EP and nuclei (Figure 2) were built from charge-mass pairs of m/e-pair (Figure 1) in the form of a spheroidal shell (Sh) and toroidal orbitals - internal (In) and external (Ex). The condition of the integrity of the vortex structure of EF, EP, and the nucleus was expressed by the equation:

0x01 graphic

   0x01 graphic
is the angular velocity, 0x01 graphic
is the radius of the element.
   The elements of particles and nuclei formed from m / e-pair had a rest mass (mi), electric charge (qi), magnetic moment (?i). The consistency of these quantities with each other and the angular momentum (Li) was expressed by the relation:

0x01 graphic

   The values ??of L are quantized as follows: Ђk ?/2 (shell) and Ђk? (orbitals), where k = 1, 2, 3 are the levels of excitation. The angular momentum and angular velocity determine the kinetic energy of rotation of the g-vortex (Eg) in the composition ?/g-EF Wj = 1/2Lw = 1/2Jw2, J is the moment of inertia of the torus-ring or torus-sphere (Figure 2). The total energy of the resting g-vortex, taking into account the virial theorem, was equated to 3Wj. By analogy with a photon for a moving g-vortex, an equivalent mass (mg) was introduced and the corresponding energy mgC2 was equated to the total energy of motion ?/g-EF:

0x01 graphic

   here are summarized Wj shells and orbitals. The ?-vortex models the rotational motion of a substance and its environment in planes perpendicular to the axes of the torus or the shell. Its energy E? is expressed by the formulas [7, 36]:

E? = РС = ?C/r,

   here r is the radius of the torus section (Figure 1).
   The first law of dialectics at the EF level was mathematically formalized, expressing the energy E? by real numbers, and the energy Eg by imaginary numbers. Then the total energy of the ESP corresponds to a complex number:

Е = РС + imgС2.

   0x01 graphic
   Figure 1. Vortex energoform models. Р - impulse, L - moment of impulse, left vortices shaded: g-EF - rotating element of the ether; ?-EF - an element moving progressively; ?/g-EF - the element is moving rotationally-progressively; ?-pair - self-moving element of the photon, neutrino; m/e-pair is a charge-mass element of particles with a rest mass (neutron, proton, electron); m/g-pair - element of the relic ether (dark matter); from [7].
   The dichotomy of translational and rotational motion of EF was formalized, by equating to zero the module of its energy:

|Е|2 = EE* = (РС + imgС2) (РС - imgС2) =

= (РС) 2 + (mgС2) 2 ? 0 .

   The quantization of changes in E? ?/g-EF, as well as the atmospheres of EP and nuclei, for example, in an accelerator, describes the equation:

N ?C/r* 0x01 graphic
?C/r, (1)

   The direct process in (1) represents the condensation of N ?-EF with radius r* = Nr into one ?-EF with radius r (Figure 1). The reverse process in (2) models the process of emitting a quantum of energy and is called unwinding.
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 2. Models of the structure of the neutron (a), proton (b), electron (c), relativistic proton (d) and the open shell of the structure of the nucleus (e). The dotted line and arrows show the vortex flows of ?-vortices, forming an atmosphere of particles and nuclei. Sh - shell, Ex, In - external and internal orbital; ?i are the magnetic moments of the elements; r is the radius of the ?-EF responsible for the particle momentum (P) from [38-40].
   When calculating the radii, masses and angular velocities (w) of the EP vortex elements [38, 40] and nuclei [39], empirical values ??of their characteristics (charge, spin, magnetic moment, rest mass) were used as boundary conditions. The calculated parameters of the neutron, proton and electron in the ground state and in the lowest excited states (k = 1, 2) are given in the Table. The values ??of the radii and charges of Sh, In, Ex for nucleons correlated with experimental data on their sizes and charge distribution [38].

0x01 graphic

   Figure 3. Vortex models of a right-handed antineutrino (a), a left-handed neutrino (b) and a right-handed photon (c, d), P - momentum, S - spin; thin lines with arrows ?-vortex flows. Shaded left spiral ?/g-EF.
   The simplest versions of the models of the electron neutrino (?е), antineutrino (??е) and photon (?) were built from self-moving ?/g-EF and ?-pair (Figure 1) taking into account their spins and helicity signs [50]. When calculating the neutrino models, the values ??of the rest mass, charge, and magnetic moment were assumed to be zero. The excited states of ?е are called muon (??) and tau (??) neutrinos (Table). Radio waves and photons from the IR to the UV range simulate the structure No in Figure 3, and X-rays and gamma photons - a particle like structure (d).


Parameters of particle models in the ground and excited states from [38]

   0x01 graphic
   When a particle absorbs a photon or quantum of EM energy in an accelerator or in the course of a nuclear reaction, the ?-EF of a photon is embedded in the particle's atmosphere, giving it an additional impulse, and its equivalent mass g-EF increases the mass of the excited particle elements and this is formalized by increasing the number k. In relativistic particles and nuclei, photon ?-Efs as it were encapsulate their atmosphere (Figure 2e), which leads to a significant change in their properties. The lifetime of an unstable particle increases and the nature of its interaction with the substance changes [40, 51]. The weak encapsulation of thermal neutrons explains the high cross-sections of their capture by nuclei, the strong encapsulation justifies the negligible probability of decay and inelastic interactions of highly energetic cosmic and reactor neutrinos with nuclei and particles [51].
   The core structure model is constructed taking into account the sign and magnitude of the quadrupole nuclear moment. It includes a system of enclosed enclosed shells formed from pairs of protons (рр?) and neutrons (). The sign ( ?) means the inversion of the structure of the nucleon, while the radii of related elements are preserved, and the spins are inverted. The charge of the pair (pp?) is 2e, and () is zero. With an odd number of n and p, an external open shell was formed, similar to the structure of a proton, neutron, or deuteron (Figure 2). The dependence of the calculated radii of nuclei and their isotopes on the mass number A for nuclei with Z from 1 to 37 (122 nuclei) correlated well with the empirical dependence of the radius on (A)1/3 and a correlation was also observed between the radii of the nucleus and the atom of the element on Z [39 ]. The latter result allows the possibility of the influence of the structure of the nucleus on the formation of atomic orbitals of electrons.
   The dichotomy at the level of EP (n, p, e) and nuclei with nonzero spins and magnetic moments was expressed in the opposite direction of spins, magnetic moments and ?-EF fluxes simulating the lines of force of nuclear and electromagnetic fields.
   4. Self-organization of the chiral universe
   In constructing the natural-philosophical model of the self-organization of the chiral Universe, the temperature anisotropy of the frequency spectrum of the cosmic microwave background (relic radiation) was taken into account (Figure 4) [52, 53]. The philosophy of the model was limited to the metaphysics of a continuous substance, from which in the act of dichotomous bifurcation a sufficient number of ?/g-EF quartets were formed, including such combinations of spin (s) and impulse (p): (p, s), (p, -s), ( -p, s), (-p, -s) [36]. The plus sign of the impulse and the back signifies their direction from bottom to top (Figure 1). The following stages of the model already have physical analogies (e.g. phase transitions, dew loss, Cooper pairs) and are consistent with the observed parameters of the particles and the Universe. Correlated condensation of the corresponding ?/g-EF into elements of the shells and orbitals of neutrons that form a flat monolayer with the radius of the Universe (RUn) belongs to the stage of conditional fusion of EF. In the monolayer, neutrons with spins ЂS are staggered. With ?-decay of neutrons, reactions of nuclear chemical synthesis, annihilation of nucleons, and electron-positrons competed. As a result, in ~15 min the monolayer turned into a plasma disk saturated with photons, antineutrino and containing nuclei and atoms of light elements up to oxygen. The distribution of light elements in the Universe (H - 75%; He - 23%; O - 1%; C - 0.5%; N - 0.1% and 0.5% - the rest) was determined by the dominance of protons in the disk and the termination of nuclear fusion reactions on the He nucleus [ 39]. The disk could also be synthesized molecules H2, OH, H2O, CH, CO, CN, HCN, NH3, H2CO, the sequence of which reflects a decrease in their content and correlates with the distribution and chemical activity of elements in the disk. The distribution in the interstellar medium of dipole molecules from this series correlates with the distribution of the relic radiation emitted by them (Figure 4) [53, 54].
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 4. WMAP temperature anisotropy of the frequency spectrum of the cosmic microwave background, from [53].
   The participation of correlated dichotomous pairs of ?/g-EF and the formation of a monolayer of neutrons removes the question of the baryon asymmetry of the Universe. The relic right-handed ??e could predetermine the sign and nature of the universal HF. Expansion of the ether space of the plasma disc to ~6 AU during the ?-decay of neutrons occurred due to the scattering up and down ??е from the plane of the monolayer. The formation of stars and galaxies from the disk plasma could be realized according to the AlfvИn-Klein model [55], and the formation of planetary systems according to the model [15]. At the same time, due to antineutrinos or EFs isomorphic to it in the ether, counterclockwise rotation prevailed above the monolayer plane, and clockwise rotation below the plane. This distribution of rotational directions is observed on spiral galaxies located above and below the Milky Way plane [56].
   In this way, the implementation of the initial stage of the self-organization model of the Universe was realized in the framework of the first LD. The obedience of the Avogadro number (No) as the coefficient of similarity of the metric parameters of the basic objects of the Universe testifies to the subordination of the model to the second and third laws of dialectics. In the process of ?-decay of a neutron, at t ~900 s, the action of an EF* with energy E ~ h/t ~ 7 10-30 erg is realized. If this value is taken as the typical energy ?/g-EF in the composition of the particles, then in the low-energy electron and low-energy neutrino their number will be ~Ќ from No, and in nucleons ~500No. Thus, the number No is suitable as a coefficient in the following relations:
   mep ~ No mEF; 1 g = Nomp and M? ~ No100 g (M? - mass of the Moon);
   R? = No 0x01 graphic
and 1 a.u. = No 0x01 graphic
(0x01 graphic
and 0x01 graphic
radii of the nucleus and the atom of He);
   Mw ~ No M? ~1.2 1057 g (Mw - mass of the Universe);
   Nn ~ Mw/mn ~ 71080 (Nn - the total number of neutrons);
   NEF ~ 500NoNn ~ 2 10107 ~ 0x01 graphic
(the total number ?/g-EF).
   The fourth degree No corresponds to four jumps in the complexity of the organization of EF in the transition from the I-th (energoform) to the V-th (Universe) level of the order of the world. With a neutron atmosphere radius of about 3 Fm (Figure 2), the monolayer radius will be:
   RUn ~ 310-13 (Nn)1/2 ~ 1028 cm.
   Taking RUn for the visible horizon of the Universe, we obtain its life time of ~ 1010 years, which is consistent with various estimates of the age of the Earth and the Universe. The value RUn itself is obtained of the same order as the Schwarzschild radius of the model of the self-closed Universe:
   RUn ~ GMU/C2 ~ 7 1028 cm,
   G is the gravitational constant. Taking into account the estimated nature of the MU values ??and the neutron atmosphere radius, the obtained values ??of the metric parameters of the Universe completely satisfy the similarity relations with the coefficient equal to Nо. Thus, the number Nо fits the role of a bootstrap quantum that regulates quantitative and qualitative transitions between adjacent levels of the structural hierarchy of the Universe.
   5. Hypothesis about the neutrino nature of the chiral factor
   The existence of relic ??e and ?е has not yet been confirmed experimentally. Neutrino telescopes registered only 24 neutrinos from a supernova explosion in 1987 - 11 (Kamiokande II), 8 (IMB) and 5 pieces (Baksan) [31, 57]. To these we can add 38 ultrahigh-energy neutrinos recorded for the period 2014-2017 by the IceCube neutrino telescope [58]. Geoneutrino (??e) occurs mainly from ?-decay of 40K, 232Th and 238U. Its registration using the reverse ?-decay reaction

??e + p = n + e+

   is complicated by the high background of the reactor antineutrinos. The threshold of this reaction is 1.8 MeV, therefore, at the Borexino and KamLAND detectors with an error of ~40% and 27%, they determined ??e from only 232Th and 238U [59]. The energy of ??e from 40K did not exceed 1.3 MeV and its detectors did not register.
   The number of solar ?е recorded experimentally is substantially less than the Standard Model of the Sun requires. To eliminate this discrepancy, the theory of neutrino oscillations is used, which is based on the unproven assumption that the solar ve has a non-zero mass. Currently, large volumes of such substances are used as detectors: ice (IceCube); H2O (Kamiokande, Baikal); D2O (SNO); liquid Ga, GaCl2 (SAGE, GALLEX); C2Cl4 (R. Davis); n-terphenyl + diphenyloxazole (DFO) + 1,4-di- [2- (5-phenyloxazolyl)] - benzene in white spirit (BAKSAN); dimethyloxazole in pseudocumene (Borexino); DFO in a mixture of pseudocumene + dodecane (KamLAND). The capture reactions of ?e by Cl and Ga nuclei have large thresholds and produce radioactive isotopes Ar and Ge, the method of identification of which is not completely unambiguous [60]. High-energy neutrinos do not chemically interact with water, alkanes, aromatic and heterocyclic organic substances, but only ionize atoms or are scattered on nuclei and electrons. Substances and media of the detectors have the entire set of atoms (H, C, O, N) included in the substrate for the reaction of the prebiotic synthesis of chiral amines and sugars.
   Considering this and the negligible probability of interaction of ?е with telescope detectors, it can be concluded that cosmogenic and solar neutrinos cannot cause chiral imbalances in the synthesis of amines and sugars at the chemical and prebiotic stages of evolution [8, 61]. The solar ?е does not also interact with radioactive nuclei, as indicated by the absence of seasonal variations for the reaction rates of ?- and ?-decay of radioactive elements [62, 63], while annual variations are observed for the solar neutrino of the beryllium cycle [64, 65]. Obtaining reliable data on variations in the flux of the solar neutrino day/night is very difficult due to the significant difference between the night and daytime radiation backgrounds [66].
   Regarding geoneutrino, it is believed [61] that the content of the main sources of ??е in the earth's crust (232Th, 238U and 40K) during the Archean era was more than now at ~1.5; ~2 and 20 times, respectively. Thus, the terrestrial ??e could, in principle, play the role of CF in the genesis of homochirality in the Archean era, however, as in the case of solar ?e, this requires an adequate mechanism for the asymmetric effect of neutrinos on the chemical synthesis of simple chiral molecules, and then on the processes of formation and functioning of biological molecules in living systems.
   In [35, 36], taking into account the negligible probability of interaction of ??e and ?е with matter, the incompleteness and purely statistical nature of the experimental data on neutrinos [60, 67, 68], by analogy with the dissipation of hydrodynamic vortices [69], it was assumed that ??e and ?е low energies in vacuum decay into No energoforms (?-decay) isomorphic to their structure (?e-EF). After ?-decay, ?e-EFs can be embedded in the electric and magnetic field lines [70, 71] and combined with photons to form hybrid photon-neutrino EF (??-EF) [72].
   ?е-ЭФ, from which unstable structures ??е and ?е are formed are superfluous in energy and incompatible by symmetry for the structures of nucleons and electrons. The EF* responsible for the ?-decay of a neutron, apparently, is captured by the ??е structure and determines its ?-decay for a time t (E?/En) ~ 1 s, where E? and En are the energies of ??е and the neutron, respectively. The fast ?-decay of low-energy solar ?е pp-type [73] is due to the different directions of the spins of its shell and orbitals (Figure 3). Non-accelerator physics of elementary particles allows neutrino instability [74], but ?-decay is not taken into account by high-energy physics, since its objects are mainly high-energy neutrinos [51, 75]. Their lifetime, structure and nature of the interaction with the substance can vary significantly due to the effect of encapsulation.
   The hypothesis of ?-decay and the neutrino nature of CF suggests the possibility of the absorption of ?е-EF by living matter in the process of interaction with the magnetic moments of the nuclei, protons and electrons of the molecules forming the structurally ordered and dynamic correlated system [72, 76, 77, 78]. Such systems consist of water and homogeneous chiral molecules or hormone-enzyme-substrate type complexes. Water of dynamic clusters and hydrated shells plays the role of a matrix and a proton conductor, limiting thermodynamics and physicochemical properties of biosystems [3, 7, 79, 80, 81]. An increase in the level of spin-magnetic coherence of the system during its absorption of ?е-EF leads to an increase in the degree of its orderliness and chiral complementarity of the metabolites. Accordingly, the barriers of dark chemical reactions initiated by tunneling electron or proton transitions decrease, and the chemical potential of the biosystem will eventually increase [8].
   The dependence of specific rotation [?] (optical activity) of polysaccharide saline (dextran) on T and its seasonal monitoring show the possibility of ?e-EF absorption by chiral biosystems and participation of water in this process and its seasonal monitoring is presented in Figure 5. The estimated activation energy (EA) from the Arrhenius approximation, the dependence of [?] on T for a dextran solution gave a value of 0.38 kJ/mol, close to EA for physiological glucose solution -- 0.33 kJ/mol [81] and comparable to the value of excitation energy of the first rotational state ortoizomera H2O (0.28 kJ/mol) [82]. The increase in the value of [?] dextran solution after March 22 (Figure 5b) correlates with the process of spring awakening of plants and the annual variation of the solar ?е [64, 65]. The biogenicity of the terrestrial ??е confirms the correlation of the anomalously high growth rate of coniferous trees in the Tungus catastrophe region with the kinetics of ?-decay of radioactive elements trapped in the soil after a meteorite explosion. These results confirm the hypothesis about the neutrino nature of CF (?CF) and its participation in the metabolism of living organisms.
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 5. (a) Dependence of specific rotation [?] of dextran saline on T and 1/T (Arrhenius approximation), from [81]. (b) Dependence [?] in the period from 04. I.2019 - 30.IV.2019, the arrow indicates the values [?] with the index of magnetic activity Кр = 6 (15.III.2019). (c) Daily variations [?] in the period 10.IV-01.V. 2019. Toned areas of fluctuations of the measured values [?] [81].
   The participation of ?CF in the genesis of homochirality at the prebiotic (chemical) stage of evolution could have taken place in the Archean era ~4 billion years ago with the dim Sun. Under the conditions of the warm and humid climate of the Archaean [83, 84], ?CF could modulate the kinetics of thermo- and electrochemical fusion reactions in the initial substrate. The high density of the right-handed ??e in the Archean era determined the dominance of the catalytic synthesis of D-sugars [28, 85]. After the terrestrial sources of ??е burnout, the predominance of the left-handed solar ?е provided the synthesis of L-amines and in further evolution could play a role ?СF [8]. The chiral differentiation of the synthesis of sugars and amines, and then of complex molecules (proteins, proteids, enzymes), could be due to the predominance of oxygen in the structures of sugars and the presence of N in amines. The nuclear spin of nitrogen in amino acids, and then proteins, could serve as an important element of the gene code sensitive to ?CF [78]. At the same time, the right D-sugars turned out to be sources of right handed quantum of metabolic EM energy. As a result, already in the Archean era, archebionts arose and then communities from anaerobic prokaryotes.
   With the release of solar energy to the proterozoic solar energies in the biosphere, the role of photochemistry producing oxygen and ozone increased, and cyanobacterial communities and photosynthesizing prokaryotes dominating in them began to develop rapidly. In this case, the decay products of anaerobic prokaryotes served as chiral substrates. The further evolution of the biosphere took place under the conditions of energy-information synergism of solar photons and solar neutrinos, operating mainly at night (Figure 5c).
   6. Physical and chemical features of chirality in biology
   If the importance of the problem of neutrinos has been realized in physics of EP and cosmology and many experimental and theoretical studies are devoted to its solution, the biogenicity of neutrinos and ?-EF does not figure in any way in modern sciences. Meanwhile, it is possible that it is precisely the knowledge of the role of ?CF in biophysics that will open the physical nature of the neutrino, and with it the window to the new physics [86]. A promising direction of studying the mechanism of action of ?CF in the biosphere and noosphere will be to establish the role of the chiral physicochemical component in phenomena that have not yet received a reasonable scientific explanation [87, 88]. The following can be attributed to such phenomena.
   1). Cold stratification of plant seeds [76, 89, 90];
   2). Gigantism among fishes (nanism) dwelling at the great depths of Baikal [91];
   3). The predominance of the right shells in mollusks and human sweat ducts [7, 92];
   4). Walking people in a circle in the desert and the forest [93] and rotating the body while running in place [31];
   5). Generation of the functional asymmetry of the brain in a dream [7, 31, 41];
   6). The maximum content of cortisol and melatonin in the blood at night and in the early morning [76, 94, 95, 96];
   7). Seasonal variations of the physical and mental state of a person [94, 96];
   The anomalous nature of most of the above phenomena, in principle, can be explained by the action of the ?е-EF flow coming out of the earth at night when the EM factor of the Sun is absent and the metabolism of animals and seeds of plants in the state of sleep and rest significantly changes. Anomalous phenomenon 1) is that keeping the swollen seeds in the dark under moist quartz-containing sand at a temperature of about 4 ®C leads to the activation of enzymes and the start of seed germination [76, 89, 90]. Under natural conditions, such a cold treatment is experienced by the seeds of perennial plants during the climatic transition from winter to spring. The cereal seed endosperm is a homogeneous fine medium of polycrystalline starch grains consisting of two types of ?-D-glucose polymers - linear amylose polymer and branched amylopectin polymer (Figure 6) [76]. The anisotropy of starch structure is manifested by birefringence in polarized light. Phytohormone (+)-Abscisic acid, which has a very high chirality [76], plays an important role in the process of awakening seeds [76] and its synthesis in a plant at night is 50-60 times more efficient than during the day. The processes of awakening and seed germination are sensitive to external alternating and permanent magnetic fields [76, 90]. Phenomena 2), 3) are also observed in biosystems containing water or being in water and incorporating chiral metabolites or spiral supramolecular formations.
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 6. Elements of the structure of polymers amylose and amylopectin: glucose residue (1); amylozolipid complex - amylose helix (2); lipid (3) [76].
    An essential role in the adaptation of animal physiology to the action of ?-EF, apparently, was played by the epiphysis, which has unique physicochemical properties [96, 97, 98]. The high flux density of ?е-EF in the surface layer and in water bodies caused the development of a subcutaneous third (parietal) eye in reptiles that has a neural connection with the epiphysis, and in deep-water fish a pigment spot formed above the epiphysis [97]. The latter fact indicates the possibility of participation of ?e-EF in phenomenon 2). This was facilitated by a high degree of clustering of the water of Baikal at its average annual temperature at a depth of 4 ®C [3]. Since the lake bed is formed by a fracture of the Earth's crust, reaching the upper layers of the mantle, at its depths the flux density emanating from the earth, ?е-EF, can be increased. The third eye of reptiles has the same elements as ordinary eyes, but is not designed for the direct action of light.
   In an adult, ?e-EF and ??-EF can condense in the subcutaneous tissue containing up to 75% water and a high concentration of hyaluronic acid polysaccharide. The role of the condenser and lenses for ?е-EF and ??-EF, obviously, is played by the vitreous body of the eyes and the venous sinus, located under the fontanel [41]. The following facts indicate the possibility of the participation of chiral EFs emanating from the earth in human embryogenesis. In the division of the egg and the subsequent development of the embryo in the process of transferring genetic information from inducer molecules to the embryo, ??-EF can participate through the mediation of fluids bordering the embryo disk [99]. The participation of ?-EF in brain development is evidenced, for example, by head previa of the fetus in the third trimester of pregnancy and openness of the fontanel before the age of two. In principle, the distribution of ??-EF in biotissues must obey the laws of wave optics [100]. This, for example, is indicated by the concentric distribution of cones in the neuroretin with a maximum in the center of the fovea [101]. Such a distribution is similar to the Fraunhofer diffraction pattern and can be explained by the diffraction of the ??-EF flux on the slit of the future pupil of the eye.
   The whole complex of morphofunctional features of the epiphysis of animals and humans is consistent with the assumption of the participation of ?e-EF in its phylogenesis [41]. In humans, the epiphysis has become the center responsible for the circadian rhythm and regulating the physiology of virtually all vital organs, mainly through the neurohormone melatonin (ME), synthesized in the epiphysis. The preservation in the epiphysis of the mechanism of sensitivity to the action of ?е-EF can be judged by the increase in its biochemical activity not at midnight (middle of the night), but at 2-4 hours. It was at this time that the maximum ME content in venous blood and cerebrospinal fluid is observed, with the ME in the lateral ventricles 7 times more than in the blood and 20 times in the third ventricle [94]. And the middle of sleep, which lasts for 8 hours, also falls on 2-3 hours of the night. Acceleration of ME biosynthesis at 2-4 nights can be associated with the night maximum flux density ?е-EF (Figure 5c) and their accumulation efficiency in pinealocytes and epiphysis parenchyma due to minimization of body temperature (Figure 7).
   Chiral L-norepinephrine and L-tryptophan are involved in the biosynthesis of ME, and its kinetics is limited by the enzyme arylalkylamine-N-acetyltransferase, whose activity depends on the person's age (Figure 7) and increases ~100 times at night [94]. The synthesis of ME is influenced by an alternating magnetic field, both natural and technogenic [103].
   The ganglion neurons of the retina and the neurons of the suprachiasmatic nuclei have spontaneous, rhythmic activity in the dark [41, 104]. The molecular structure of the brain sand crystals of the human pineal gland in addition to the piezoelectric effect in polarized light reveals birefringence in the form of a "Maltese cross" [105]. The sand content in the epiphysis of schizophrenics is significantly below the norm [106], while in the prodigy the epiphysis was abnormally large [97].

0x01 graphic

   Figure 7. (a) the content of melatonin in blood plasma at different times of the day: 1, 2 - boys and girls; 3, 4 - elderly men and women, from [95]. (b) the daily temperature of the human body and the content of melatonin in the blood plasma, from [102].
   The genesis and activation of phenomena 4) - 7) in [31] was associated with the action of ?е-EF on the back side of the Earth. The ?e-EF flow flows around the Earth through a layer of lithosphere with a thickness of ?R, extending to the boundary of Makhorovichich (Figure 8). This layer consists of ~70% silica containing equal amounts of L- and D-crystals of quartz [8]. On the night side of the Earth, the oncoming ?e-EF flows merge and come to the surface. The shift of the maximum rate of ME synthesis in the epiphysis from midnight at 2-4 o'clock in the morning was associated with the achievement at this time of the maximum density of the ?e-EF flux coming out of the earth. The time shift was explained by the rotation of the Earth (?) and estimated the velocity of the ?e-EF flow in the lithosphere as a waveguide (Figure 8).
   Taking into account the speed of rotation of the Earth (VЕ = ?RЕ) and the inclination of its axis of rotation (23о), it was possible to draw up an equation for the time of movement (t) of the flows ?е-EF to the point of their merging:

0x01 graphic

   the solution of which gave V? ~ 2.8 km/s. Knowing V? and ?, we calculated the displacement of the exit point ?/g-EF in longitude (S) relative to the diametral point of entry of the flow ?е-EF into the ground:

0x01 graphic
~ 1400 km or ~ 13o.

   The estimated V? flux ?/g-EF in the lithosphere agrees well with the velocity of surface seismic waves in the Earth's crust (3.0-4.4 km/s [107]) modeled by quasi-particles (magnon and polaron). The dynamics of these perturbations of the lithosphere can correspond to the mechanism of movement along it ?е-EF. The value of V? varies depending on the coordinates of the entrance of ?e-EF flows and seasonal changes in the orientation of the axis of rotation of the Earth relative to the Sun.
   Seasonal variations in the ?e-EF flux and its dependence on solar activity can be judged by the increase in [?] dextran saline during the transition from winter to spring and by the jump [?] March 15, 2019 (Figure 5b), as well as a decrease in biosynthesis efficiency ME in the epiphysis in winter [94].
   Regular homeostasis reactions to a decrease in ME concentration in the blood will increase the volume of the parenchyma and the number of pinealocytes, which is consistent with an increase in the size and mass of the epiphysis in people who lived in the middle latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere and died in November-January compared to people of similar constitution who died in May-June [94].
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 8. Scheme of the flow of neutrino energoforms (?е) in the layer of the lithosphere with a thickness of ?R ~ 10-50 km; the numbers are the time of day in hours, from [96].
   In the science of the brain, it remains an open question about the dependence of its functional asymmetry on the distribution of the sign of the spirals of the myelin sheaths of nerve fibers in the hemispheres of the brain. Taking into account the presence in the layers of myelin spiral channel (notches), filled with cytoplasm, the myelin segment of the nerve fiber was presented by an inductor [41, 96, 104] (Figure 9). The action potential in the interception of Ranvier is generated by increasing the concentration of Na+ in the axoplasm of the paranoid region of the myelin sheath. In this case, a bias current is excited, the front of which moves along notches spirals and simultaneously along the axon of the axon. According to the law of EM induction, the bias current generates a vortex magnetic field, the front of which will move along the axon at a speed of V ~ C/n (n is the refractive index of axoplasm). Thus, the speed of the saltatory conduction of myelin fiber will limit the kinetics of the processes in the interception of Ranvier. The sign of the myelin helix determines the direction of the bias current and the vector B in accordance with the rule of the right screw (Figure 9). The geometry of the EM vortices is, in principle, similar to the ?/g-EF (Figure 1), and their EM nature is related to biophotons and IR photons appearing in [100, 108, 109, 110].
   The equivalent circuit scheme of the nerve membrane contains a resistance and a capacitor, with the introduction of an inductance element, an oscillating circuit is obtained. The possibilities of modeling the properties of the neuron and the brain are greatly expanded, and they acquire the property of chirality. The photon-like ??-EFs generated in the neural networks of each hemisphere form a single quantum system. Changes in its state and the interaction between chiral EM quanta formally obey the Bose-Einstein distribution and transitions (1).
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 9. Induction model of the soltator mechanism of nerve impulse transmission. Scheme of interception of Ranvier (a), myelin sheath (b) and myelin nerve segment (c). The arrow shows the diffusion of Na+, j - the displacement currents, B - the vortex magnetic field, from [104].
   The whole brain can be modeled by a two-module processor; its multi-level hierarchy of synaptic connections in the cerebral cortex will serve as its elemental base. The paired structures of the subcortex, together with the cerebrospinal fluid system, the thalamus and the epiphysis, will play in the model the role of commuting, signaling and control elements, responsive to internal and external signals, taking into account their chirality.
   The baseline ?-, ?-rhythms [104] and functional rhythms of the brain-processor are determined by the frequencies of the oscillatory circuits formed from subcortical structures and areas of the cortex that are involved in the implementation of the corresponding brain function. The electrophysics of the thalamus plays a key role in the functional differentiation of the complex hierarchy of oscillatory circuits, which reflects the integral equivalent electrical circuit of the brain (Figure 10).
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 10. (a) Equivalent oscillatory circuits that simulate the brain's electrophysics. (b) L*, L, R - inductive and ohmic resistances of subcortical structures of the right and left hemispheres; r is intertalamic fusion; C and U - capacity and potential difference between the thalamus and the cortex, from [41].
   7. Conclusion
   The review revealed the fundamental nature of the problem of the origin of the homochirality of living systems. To solve it, the energoforms paradigm was proposed and substantiated, the construction of which was guided by the recommendation of Werner Heisenberg: only those who try to change as little as possible can expect to succeed, showing that the changes are forced by the subject itself, and those small changes that the absolute necessity is finally proved, then forced to change the structure of thinking, that is, to produce fundamental changes [1]. The logic of the paradigm was based on the laws of dialectics, electromagnetism and the principles of certainty of quantum of action at the level of energoforms. In the framework of the paradigm of energoforms, we created a physically adequate algorithm for modeling chiral energoforms, structures of elementary particles and nuclei in the ground and excited states. The algorithm was successfully tested by calculating and systematizing the dynamic and metric characteristics of the main particles and more than one hundred nuclei. In the calculation, reliable empirical parameters of particles and nuclei were used as boundary conditions. As a solution to the problem of the neutrino and the physical nature of the universal chiral factor, a hypothesis was put forward regarding the instability of the neutrino and the biogenicity of its decay products - chiral energoforms. In confirmation of the hypothesis, the physicochemical features of the chiral phenomena of nature were associated with possible mechanisms for the participation of chiral energoforms in them. Using the paradigm of energoforms, we built a hierarchy of the chiral dichotomy of the world and defined it as the highest level of complexity, the chirality of the physiology of the heuristic thinking of man.
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Chirality and Quantum Effects as Factors of Evolution

   1. Introduction
      The vector of evolution is realized as a natural process of changing the form, content and behavior of a biological system (biosystem) under the influence of changing physical factors of various nature. The concept of a biosystem refers to individual living organisms and to the entire biosphere. The Anthropic principle indicates that the program for changing heliogeophysics has as its goal the generation of life on Earth and the formation of a dicotyledonous human brain with the subsequent development of its chiral dichotomy, up to the cooperation of the mental abilities of individuals in a single mental system (metamind).
       Since any action is quantized [1], and any system is discrete, evolution, in principle, is a jump-like or quantum process. The regularity of evolution (nomogenesis [2]) is a consequence of the subordination of intra- and intersystem connections to universal physical laws. Accordingly, the physical nature of external factors will be determined by the nature of those bonds that are most sensitive to changes in external conditions.
   Quantum evolutionary morphogenesis as well as the Anthropic principle paradigm [1], is based on reliable data from atomic-molecular physics. The standard theory of elementary particles, due to its achirality and absurdity, in principle, is not suitable for solving the fundamental problems of nomogenesis. Therefore, the study of the mechanism of the participation of environmental factors in the evolution still remains at the stage of accumulation of reliable empirical data and does not have an adequate theoretical base. It is clear that the division of the evolutionary morphogenesis factors into internal and external is conditional due to the multilevel "openness" of the real biosystem and the lack of understanding of the physical nature of weak interactions in biosystems [1]. The solution to this problem is possible with an adequate formalization of the synergy of internal and external evolutionary factors with the help of universal physical concepts that make it possible to uniformly express the mechanisms of action of factors at all levels of the organization of biosystems.
   A universal language that adequately describes chiral-quantum evolution was constructed using the following fundamental definitions [1]:
   - axioms spirit is the essence of matter;
   - concepts of energoform (EF);
   - logic of the basic principle of action.
    The consistency of the axiomatics and logic of a given language with the laws of dialectics (unity and struggle of opposites, similarities, the transition of quantity into quality) is a guarantee of its internal consistency. The axiom allows extrapolating the semantics of the language to the spiritual sphere, applying the law of similarity in the form of spirit-physical isomorphism [6]. This circumstance makes it possible to present the process of formation of the metamind as a spiritual stage of the evolution.
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 1. Vortex energoform models. Р - impulse, L - moment of impulse, left vortices shaded: g-EF - rotating element of the spirit (ether); ?-EF - self-moving element; ?/g-EF - the screw element (right and left) ; ?-pair - self-moving element of the photon, neutrino; m/e-pair is a charge-mass element of particles with a rest mass (neutron, proton, electron); m/g-pair - element of the relic ether ("hidden matter"). Adapted figure taken from [1].
       The language of quantum morphogenesis has its own "alphabet" and "grammar" [1]. Signs of the alphabet are:
   - a set of basic EFs (Fig. 1);
    - self-consistent numerical values ??of world constants (Planck's constant - h = 6.67 10-34 J0x01 graphic
s, Avogadro's number - No = 6.02 1023 (1 mol), speed of light - C = 108 m/s).
   The "grammar" of the language includes:
   - the rules for combining basic EFs into more complex EFs with observance of BPA and assembling from these EF quanta of fields of various nature, as well as discrete elements of the structures of particles and nuclei - shells and orbitals [3];
   - the principles of certainty, expressing the quantum of action through the product of three pairs of interrelated physical quantities (designations are explained in the figure):
   - energy and time of its action - E t;
   - momentum and step of movement - P ?, (? = 2?r*);
   - - momentum of impulse and turn on angle 2? - L2?;
   - the formalism of fractal-resonance isoenergy reversible transformations or fluctuations is expressed by the relation:
   0x01 graphic
   In (1), a vortex with a characteristic radius of ether flows in its atmosphere 0x01 graphic
in EF with radius r?. Vortices, forming a spiral, can generate a power tube of the solenoidal field or lock into a torus. From such tubes and tori, force lines of the electromagnetic (EM) field are formed. The separation of n " k links from the helix can be represented as the radiation of a quantum of ether that transfers momentum and angular momentum. The kinetics of fluctuations of the basic EFs can be limited by the rate of 0x01 graphic
and the action of ether quanta of the EM nature by C. For k of the order of No, the ?/g-EF condensation gives an elementary particle structure with a rest mass. The structures of the neutrino and photon upon condensation of the corresponding EFs retain the equivalent mass and velocity C.
   Basic EFs allow you to simulate the initial form of matter filling the space with equivalent mass or potential energy. Depending on the orientation of the vectors P and L, EFs can be right (vectors are parallel) and left (vectors are antiparallel). The chirality of combined EFs determines the chirality of quanta of physical fields, elementary particles, and nuclei, whose internal structure automatically satisfies BPA [1]. Using (1), it is possible to formalize the stationary fluctuations in the EF of the relict ether, which are manifested by microwave radiation from a cosmic gas at a temperature of 2.71 K. This value is not accidentally equal to the base of the natural logarithm - e [4]. The temperature of the interstellar medium is a cumulative measure of the amount of motion ~Nо EFs, occupying a certain volume of space. In relation to a relict photon, the parameter T will be equivalent to its momentum (E = PC ~ kT) or kinetic energy, which will be equal to the total Е? energy of the order of Nо EFs EM nature, condensing on the interstellar gas molecule according to (1). The energy spectrum of relict EFs at T ~ 0 corresponds to the Bose distribution formula:

n = 1/[ехр(Е?/kT) - 1]

   Converting this expression to an identical form:

ехр(Е?/kT) = 1 + 1/n

   and considering:

e = lim(1 + 1/n)n = 2,71, при n ? ? ,

   for n order No we get the relation:
   РС = NЕ? ~ kT. (2)
   The wavelength of the relict photon can be estimated by the Wien formula
     ? = b/T ~ 1.1 mm (3)
   where b is the Wien constant equal to 2.9 10-3 m K, and T = 2.7K. The motion of the photon is provided by a pulse P, which corresponds to a self-moving ether vortex with a characteristic radius r? = ?/2? = 0,175 мм mm and a pulse
   Р = h/? = ?/r?. (4)
   The radius of relict EFs, condensing into the photon structure and forming the "Gamow's crown" [4] is Nr? ~ 1020 m, that is, of the same order with the radius of the Galaxy. Note that, according to the same scheme, k-condensation of EF (k © N) occurs in living systems in the process of their self-organization. In this case, a quantum of EM energy can initiate some kind of physicochemical act (energy channeling process) or be emitted by the system into the external environment. In the latter case, the entropy of the system decreases by q/T, where q = PC is the quantum of thermal energy of the system [1].
       Relict ether fluctuations are universal and ubiquitous, as evidenced by the Lamb shift in the electron energy of the hydrogen atom. It can be assumed that the rhythm of these fluctuations initiates the condensation of the corresponding EFs, for example, in homogeneous systems of nerve cells included in the pacemakers (His bundle, brain pacemakers). In the general case, the radius and type of weak interactions forming a coherent quantum system in which scheme (1) operates are set by the scale and level of structural homogeneity of the biosystem.
   The attraction or repulsion between particles having a charge and angular momentum can, in principle, be explained by extrapolating the kinematics and dynamics of gas or liquid vortices to vortex-like EFs of the ether and solenoidal fields having sources and sinks. Note that, nuclear forces act similarly to EM forces, and they are responsible for the flows of chiral EF ether, generated by nucleons. The interactions of these EFs are represented as "the gluon-transported color interaction between the constituent elements of nucleons (quarks)" [5]. Gluons here correspond to the EF of the field of nuclear forces, color to the chirality of the EF flows, and quarks to the shells and orbitals of nucleons [1, 3].
       The EF language made it possible to calculate models of the structures of five elementary particles (neutron, proton, electron, neutrino, photon) and their excited states [1], which, due to a misunderstanding, are still referred to as unstable elementary particles. The structures of nuclei and the Sun were also calculated [1, 3]. All of these structures, in principle, are isomorphic to the structure of the proton (Fig. 2) and differ in the number of orbitals and the direction of the spin of the elements, which determines the spin or chirality. For example, the sum of the spins of the corresponding elements gives a positive spin value for the proton and a negative value for the electron and neutron.
   The nuclei are nucleon-like and assemble from multilayer concentric shells and orbitals [3]. The hybridized geometry of the electromagnetic field of the nucleus determines the configuration of atomic electron orbitals. Thus, quantization of the internal structure of nuclei precedes the patterns of change in the physicochemical properties of elements in the periodic table. The formation and change of the geometry of molecular electronic orbitals also obeys the laws of quantum mechanics. Therefore, the behavior of biosystems is quantized both at the metabolic level and at the mental-social level.
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 2. Scheme of the structure of the proton and the act of proton absorption of the right quantum of the EM field (EM-EF). The solid lines refer to closed flows of g-vortices (magnetic field - H); dotted - ?-vortices (electric field - E). A quantum EM field simulates the principle of binding of ? and g vortices in complex EFs. Adapted figure taken from [7].
   2. Asymmetry of morphogenesis
   Due to external reasons relative to the world, the right derivatives of the basic EFs turned out to be more stable, which ensured the dominance of their activity in the formation of the relict state of ether at the initial stage of the self-organization of the Spiritual Universe [1, 7]. This, obviously, caused the anisotropy of the background dynamics of the ether, which later began to play the role of a universal chirality factor of space (CFS) [1], which is responsible for the self-organization of the Universe from particles, and not from antiparticles (baryon asymmetry).
   The role of CFS was also preserved after the formation of the material skeleton of the Universe, whose gravitational and electromagnetic fields deformed the metric of the relic ether accordingly. It can be assumed that CFS, influencing weak interactions in biosystems, determines the direction of their development along the arrow of time, that is, from simple to complex. An adequate parameter of the complexity of the organization of a biosystem will be the degree of its sensitivity to CFS. Accordingly, evolution along the arrow of time will be characterized by the level of chiral purity of the most complex material formation of the Universe - the dicotyledonous human brain.
   The chiral cleanliness of the brain, determining the measure of its sensitivity to CFS, manifests itself primarily as functional asymmetry of the brain (FAB). FAB combines differentiation and synergism of the functions of the right and left lobes of the brain and underlies the mechanism of heuristic thinking. The complication of the morphological and physiological manifestations of FAB in the process of evolution is tantamount to the development of human mental abilities up to the formation of a mechanism for their cooperation in a single intellectual system (metamind).
   The functioning and coherence of all levels of biosystems provide EM interactions in a wide range of energies. It is realized by photons (from the ultraviolet to the EHF range), phonons, magnons, and also EM-EF and EF of neutrino nature (X-EF) [1, 7]. Functional interactions of the elements of the biosystem, target and nonequilibrium in nature, are carried out due to the physicochemical mechanisms of the heat energy channeling (kT) by coherent ensembles of homogeneous elements. Sewerage mechanisms depend on the structure and dynamic characteristics of the elements and continuous media of the body. Chiral media and metabolites give the kinetics of the sewage process sensitivity to CFS. In fact, the chiral factor of the kinetics of nonequilibrium processes in coherent subsystems summarizes the asymmetry of the dynamic and electrochemical properties of metabolites, tissue structures, organs and liquid media of the biosystem.
     Water as a matrix and an active metabolite plays a key role in the mechanisms of self-organization of biosystems [1, 7, 8]. This is primarily due to its anomalous physical properties, which have a quantum nature. In the present work, using the language and concepts of quantum morphogenesis [9], we analyzed the possible mechanisms for the realization of its chiral dominant in human physiology.
   3. Boundaries of bioenergy
         The metabolism, growth and development of the human body is realized, first of all, due to the action of quanta of EM-energy through the mediation of EM-EF generated by interacting and moving particles. Real charged particles (ions, radical ions, polar molecules) in addition to the charge or dipole moment have an angular momentum (spin or orbital). Brownian translational, vibrational-rotational, and conformational chaotic motions of particles or fragments of biomolecules suggest a stationary exchange of thermal energy quanta (T-photons), the Boltzmann frequency distribution of which corresponds to the energy spectrum of all motions.
          The stationary density and energy of T-photons in a medium of randomly distributed particles of a homogeneous system corresponds to its local temperature. The wavelength of the T-photon can be estimated according to Wien's law (3):
   ? = b/T = 9,4 ?m, а r? = 1,5 ?m
   at T = 310K (average body temperature 36.6 ®C). The parameters of the EF, which ensures the movement of the T-photon, taking into account (1), make it possible to consider EF as movers of metabolites in nerve fibers and fluid media, including blood capillaries and pores of cell membranes.
       The momentum and angular momentum of T-photons and EF, taking into account the possibility of their transformation according to scheme (1) and the channeling mechanism, ensure the operation of all dynamic subsystems of the body (humoral, nervous, muscle). The primary physic-chemical act is the transfer of an electron or proton. The energy spectrum of photons, both exo- and endogenous, is determined by the types of movements and the characteristic metric parameters of coherent electronic ensembles. The continuity of the liquid medium of the circulatory and nervous systems and the presence of electrolytes in it allow us to consider them as simply connected electrophysical systems with metric characteristics from fractions of a micron to a meter.
        The lower boundary of the spectrum of T-photons corresponds to the energy of torsional vibrations of an individual molecule as a whole in the field of the environment [8]. For example, for water, vibrations were observed in the region of 15-85 cm-1 and 200-600 cm-1 [8], and the excitation energy of its cluster structures was ~10 J/mol. The upper boundary of the exogenous T-photon corresponds to thermal energy or activation energy of translational mobility of a free water molecule of ~1.7 kJ/mol [10]. This energy is quite enough to provide stationary bioenergetics of a healthy organism.
   It can also be assumed that during the channeling of thermal energy during the self-organization of coherent ensembles, side physical and chemical acts can occur that lead to the excitation of electronic states of metabolites, followed by the emission of visible and UV photons. Examples of such processes are tribo- and chemiluminescence (fireflies), as well as Gurvich mitogenetic radiation [11]. These processes are based on the recombination of radical ions. Their source may be the ionizing radiation of radioactive exogenous and endogenous elements, as well as the effect on living tissues of irritants - narcotic drugs, mechanical and electrical impulses, and sudden cooling. As a rule, such reactions initiate the appearance of certain pathologies.
         The energy range of endogenous photons, the effect of which on the body does not lead to pathological reactions, is slightly wider than the energy range of exogenous T-photons, since it includes photons that excite the visual system (up to 350 nm, ~ 400 kJ / mol), as well as infrasound and radio waves ( up to ~1 m or ~ 0.1 J/mol). The main source of exogenous T-photons is the chemical reaction of the enzymatic oxidation of glucose, the thermal effect of which is then accumulated on the electronic system of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules in the form of bound T-photons [7, 8]. The mechanisms of release and action of coupled photons in metabolism have not yet been established [1, 12]. It is obvious that the radiative and non-radiative mechanisms of EM energy transfer are largely determined by the stereochemistry of metabolites and molecular-cell structures, as well as the dynamics of hydrogen bonds in continuous media. Moreover, the mechanisms of energy migration depend, first of all, on the degree of coherence of ensembles or on the intensity of correlation interactions in them at the EF level [13].
   4. Chiral histology
       The structural and functional asymmetry of biosystems is based on the chirality of the spiral motion of particles and energy quanta. In addition, the biomechanics at the macro and micro levels are limited by the rheology of liquid or other homogeneous, continuous media of the body, which, due to the mandatory presence of optically active substances or molecular cell structures in them, can be considered chiral media. Typical representatives of optically active metabolites and structures are proteins and blood sugars, hyaluronic and lactic acid in the vitreous body of the eye and synovia, in the connective and muscle tissues; collagen fibers in the dermis of the skin and in bone tissue. Consider the well-known data on asymmetric molecular-cell structures that play an important role in bioenergy and body sensory.
   The left-handed chirality of glucosaminoglycans and amino acids (Fig. 3) is complementary to the left-handedness of solar neutrinos [1]. This contributes to the efficient metabolism of energy quanta of the solar neutrino by synovial fluid, subcutaneous tissue and the vitreous body of the eye [15].  
   An example of the action of a chiral factor at the molecular level is the mechanism of enzymatic synthesis of ATP in the mitochondrial matrix. The activation of the ATP synthase enzyme is achieved due to the energy of the proton gradient on the membrane (Fig. 4). The proton flux initiates the rotation of one enzyme block (F0), relative to the other (F1), and at the same time, phosphate is added to adenosine diphosphate. The rotation mechanism and the relationship between the sign of the proton gradient and the direction of rotation of the ATP synthase enzyme block are not fully understood. It can be assumed that the proton current polarizes the ?-helix of the proteins in the F0 block, they are displaced along its axis, and the protein helicity forces the block to rotate, as in a worm gear.
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 3. Structures and values of specific optical activity (?) of left chiral glucosaminoglycans amino acids и right chiral glucose. The values of ? are measured similarly [16].

0x01 graphic

   Figure 4. The structure of Adenosine triphosphate synthase. The proton channel F0 and the rotating part are shown in blue, the component F1 is shown in red, and the membrane is shown in gray. Adapted figure from (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATP_synthase).
   The energy of cellular metabolism is limited by the membrane conductivity of chiral glucose. For the erythrocyte membrane, it was established [17] that its dielectric constant and ionic conductivity strongly react to D-glucose and are practically insensitive to L-glucose. This indicates the chirality of the glucose transmembrane conduction mechanism and the high sensitivity of cell metabolism only to D-glucose.
   The chirality of the sensory-information sphere of the body may be due to the spiral structure of the myelin sheaths of the central nervous system nerves. The question of the sign of these spirals and its influence on the mechanism of distribution of the action potential is still open. It was suggested in [15] that spiral notches in the myelin sheath of a nerve (Fig. 5) are involved in the saltatory mechanism of conduction of nerve excitation.
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 5. Ultrastructure of the myelin membrane of the nerve with a notch (a, b) and the notch diagram in the myelin sheath of the axon (c). Adapted figures taken from [14, 15].
   The electrophysics of the mechanism of the involvement of the notches in the relay of the EM signal along the nerve segments is related to the electrophysics of the sweat channels, which tell the skin surface the property of an antenna capable of resonantly absorbing and emitting photons extremely high frequencies (EHF) [18]. Spiral notches in myelin sheaths are isomorphic to sweat channels and filled with a weak electrolyte; therefore, they, similar to sweat channel spirals, can interact with vortex exogenous EM fields generated by membrane and cytoplasmic currents in Ranvier intercepts [15]. The resonant frequencies of the notches will obviously be determined by their metric and dielectric characteristics.
   It was established [19] that in most people up to ~ 90% of the sweat channel spirals are right. This asymmetry may be a consequence of the chirality of the epidermal medium containing optically active substances and structures, and therefore sensitive to CFP. The dominance of the right spirals in the morphology of the sweat canals serves as an indirect confirmation of the hypothesis about the importance of matching the sign of the spiral of the myelin sheath of the nerve with the direction of propagation of the action potential. For example, electrical impulses corresponding to pain stimuli can move along the nerve ending with the right twist of myelin due to the impulse of left-spiral EM vortices [15]. In addition, the inverse signs of helicity of the myelin sheaths of the cranial and associative nerves localized in the right and left hemispheres can provide differentiation of their functions within the framework of FAB and, above all, at the level of psychophysiology. Racemization or pathological inversion of the signs of helicity in signaling and associative connections within and between the hemispheres can manifest itself in psychophysiology and motor dysfunctions such as left-handedness and homosexuality.
       Pathological inversions of the chirality of the myelin sheaths of the cranial nerves can occur at the stage of conception or embryogenesis under the influence of internal and external factors. The first include: chemicals (alcohol, drugs) and stressful conditions. External factors include, first of all, changes in geocosmic conditions that affect the sign of photons EHF and bioenergetics of the body [20].
   5. Quantum rheology
   Water is the basis of blood, cytoplasm and intercellular fluid, cerebrospinal fluid and synovia. In all of these liquids, in one concentration or another, inorganic substances, proteins, and sugar formations are present, which have the corresponding hydration shells. Blood is the only moving tissue that flows only through the vessels. It should be considered as a heterogeneous multicomponent system of a corpuscular nature containing shaped elements (erythrocytes, leukocytes, platelets) that are in suspension in a colloidal solution of electrolytes, proteins and lipids. The bloodstream represents the passage of a concentrated suspension of elastic disks through the tubes of microvessels, the lumen diameter of which in their capillary part is in some cases much smaller than the diameter of these disks. Under these conditions, at the macro level, the quantum properties of water molecules and blood substances can manifest themselves; therefore, we will conventionally call capillary hemodynamics quantum rheology.
      In principle, quantum rheology underlies the entire bioenergy of the body. In this paper, we consider chiral intermolecular interactions using the example of the sugar association reaction and analyze the role of rotational mobility of water molecules in quantum rheology. In [16], the dependences of the specific rotation angle ? of dextran and turpentine on temperature and date were studied. The decrease ? in dextran solution during hot weather in July August in the Moscow region is due to the decomposition of molecular complexes with a higher specific rotation value compared to dextran oligomers. Turpentine molecules do not form complexes, so its rotation angle does not respond to temperature changes. Extrapolating the data on the dependence of the optical activity of a dextran solution on temperature and electromagnetic disturbances on related chiral environments of the body, it can be assumed that intermolecular interactions of chiral metabolites in liquid media contribute to the sensitivity of the body to CFP.
     The abnormal properties of water, which largely determine the biophysics of body fluid systems, are associated with the quantum effects of hydrogen bonding, both in the volume of water and in the hydration shells of metabolites and on the walls of blood vessels. Due to the structuring of water by hydrogen bonds, the rotational-orientational movements of water molecules, which play an important role in the processes of self-organization, have the character of librations (torsional vibrations) and significantly depend on local electromagnetic fields. The latter can play the role of perturbations that remove the symmetric prohibitions on the excitation of librations by T-photons.
   In the general case, the probability of exciting the rotational state of a water molecule is determined by the intensity of interaction of its dipole moment with the corresponding T-photon, and the energy and angular momentum are proportional to its moment of inertia. The total spin of the protons of the molecule, which can be equal to 0 (para-isomer) and 1 (ortho-isomer), contributes to the selection rules for transitions and to the angular momentum. In a free water molecule, the moment of inertia has three values ??(Fig. 6), two of which (J1, J3) increase strongly when the molecule is fixed on any charged surface or molecule [21].

0x01 graphic

   Figure 6. Schemes of rotations of a water molecule and orientations of proton spins: a - rotation of a molecule relative to the center of gravity (C), corresponding to three values of moments of inertia (J1 = 1.02 10-47 kg m2; J2 = 1.92 10-47 kg m2 ; J3 = 2.94 10-47 kg m2); b - options for the orientation of the nuclear spins of protons in the para- and ortho-isomers of a water molecule. Data and adapted figure taken from [21].
    The equilibrium ortho/vapor ratio for free water molecules, for example in air, at room temperature according to quantum statistics is 3:1. Some of the H2O paraisomers is at the ground level and does not rotate, while the main rotational level of the ortho isomers is shifted 23.8 cm-1 from the zero level (kT ~ 0.28 kJ/mol, T ~ 34K), therefore free ortho isomers always rotate , while this and higher lying levels are populated [22]. Since ortho/vapor conversion in an individual molecule is strictly forbidden in the dipole approximation, transitions between them in a condensed medium and in solutions can initiate local electromagnetic fields and spin-spin interaction of nuclei that occur when water molecules collide with each other or in contact with paramagnetic centers of others molecules. During the collision of two water molecules, the momentum of the T-photon of one molecule is converted at the moment of impulse of the other. Note that in the ortho-isomer the rotational state corresponding to the minimum value of the moment of inertia (J1) will be most easily excited, while the rotation around the X axis can, in principle, be facilitated by the rotational moment of the nuclear spins of the protons (Fig. 6).
   Due to the absence of rotation, the para-isomer is more likely to form hydrogen bonds. The kinetics of hydrogen bond cleavage will obviously depend on the energy of rotational excitation of the molecule, which in turn is proportional to its moment of inertia. If we assume that the molecular rotational frequencies for all three Js do not differ significantly, then the lifetime of the average hydrogen bond will have three values, related to each other as exponents from J1, J2, J3. For the values ??of J in Fig. 6, these ratios are obtained 1:6.5:18. Theoretical estimates of the hydrogen bond lifetime give 25, 125, and 500 fs [23]. The relations between them are in qualitative agreement with our estimates.
      Selective rotational excitation of water molecules, leading to the breaking of hydrogen bonds and its subsequent orientation in the Coulomb field of the aquaporin channel, underlies the mechanism of operation of the membrane water channels (Fig. 7). It can be assumed that in the electromagnetic field inside the protein the translational movement of the water molecule is accompanied by its rotation according to the "propeller" principle (rotational diffusion). To identify the selectivity of the channel with respect to the ortho / vapor isomers, it is necessary to determine its value inside the cell. The work of this channel due to osmotic forces is regulated by the hormone vasopressin, which is contained in the blood and supports the tone of blood vessels.
       The effects of quantum rheology allow one to explain the high speed of the passage of red blood cells through the blood capillaries, the sizes of which, as a rule, are smaller than the red blood cells themselves. It was established that they are strongly deformed in this case, dropping from themselves up to half of the water in them through the aquaporin channels.
   It is believed [24] that erythrocyte deformability is a decisive factor in reducing the dynamic viscosity of blood. It was shown by direct microscopic observations with film recording that with increasing pressure, the blood flow velocity in the glass capillary increases, and at the same time, the greater deformation of red blood cells is observed near the wall, the higher the blood flow speed. In the absence of movement, red blood cells near the wall have a round shape, and at a speed of 6 mm/s they take an elongated shape in the form of a spindle. The lateral surfaces of the red blood cell in the capillary are located tangentially to the layers of different speeds, that is, along the axis of the vessel. At the same time, the maximum efficiency of the diffuse exchange of gases and metabolites between blood and intercellular fluid is achieved.

0x01 graphic

   Figure 7. Scheme of the water channel of the membrane formed by the protein aquaporin. In the center of the channel, the intramolecular Coulomb field changes sign, which forces water dipoles to turn over. Adapted figure from [25].
    It is believed [24] that erythrocyte deformability is a decisive factor in reducing the dynamic viscosity of blood. It was shown by direct microscopic observations with film registration [24] that with increasing pressure, the blood flow velocity in the glass capillary increases, and at the same time, the greater deformation of red blood cells is observed near the wall, the higher the blood flow speed. In the absence of movement, red blood cells near the wall have a round shape, and at a speed of 6 mm/s they take an elongated shape in the form of a spindle. The lateral surfaces of the red blood cell in the capillary are located tangentially to the layers of different speeds, that is, along the axis of the vessel. At the same time, the maximum efficiency of the diffuse exchange of gases and metabolites between blood and intercellular fluid is achieved. These data supplement the study of the dependence of blood viscosity on the concentration of red blood cells in comparison with the dependence of the ratio of the ortho/vapor isomers of water on temperature.
   In [22], an exact match was found between the value of thermal energy at which a jump in the "fluidity erythrocytes with the quantum energy of the rotational transition in the water paraisomer is observed. Based on this, it was suggested that blood viscosity at a temperature of 36.6 ®C drops sharply due to the avalanche-like transition of the paraisomers of water leaving the erythrocyte to ortho isomers. Since the rotational states of the orthoisomer are effectively populated at a given temperature, the probability of breaking hydrogen bonds increases, which ultimately leads to a decrease in the dynamic viscosity of blood.
   Thus, the process of lowering blood viscosity in capillaries combines:
   - barrier-free dependence of water viscosity on temperature at critical points, which include 36.6 ®C [8];
   - a sharp increase in the interactions of water molecules in a capillary with shaped elements, blood proteins [22] and with the walls of the capillary;
   - enrichment of water with ortho-isomers and homogenization of the cluster-lumpy phase [8].
      As a result of these factors, the rotational-translational mobility of water molecules increases, which facilitates the diffusion of gases and metabolites through the pores and walls of the capillaries.
   6. Chiral-coherent ensembles
   The homogeneity of continuous media and the mechanisms of spatio-temporal correlation of their elements turns them into coherent ensembles that play a key role in the processes of adaptation and evolution of an organism along the time arrow. The maximum sensitivity to external physical factors, including CFP, will have fluid systems (blood, cerebrospinal fluid, synovia, ophthalmic fluid). It can be assumed that water participates in the mechanisms of sensitivity to CFP and other continuous tissues. For example, the composition of subcutaneous tissue contains 70% to one degree or another of bound water, organ parenchyma up to 90% and bone tissue up to 10%. Of course, these tissues will have their own energy ranges of sensitivity to CFP. General physicochemical principles of action and types of coherent biosystems of the body are given in [8, 15, 20, 26]. They can be clarified using data on chiral histology and quantum tissue rheology.
       In biosystems, the source of T-photons and EM-EF are accelerated movements of an electron and other charged particles. Accordingly, only the chemical level of the structural organization of ensembles is subject to the action of quanta of EM energy. In the framework of achiral EM-energy, the trophic and reproductive functions of any living creature, including humans, are carried out. The chirality of EM energy associated with FAB in unreasonable creatures can arise only in a pathological form as a result of a distortion of metabolism under the influence of an abnormal external factor [26-28].
        The rationality of man, on the contrary, is a natural consequence of the development of the sensitivity of his metabolism to the action of universal CFP during evolution. In the early stages of evolution, under the continuous action of solar neutrino X-EFs, a chiral branch was formed on the family tree of life, the fruit of which was homo sapiens. His ability to think, that is, to create a new meaning, is directly dependent on the degree of chirality of his brain (FAB) and the effectiveness of nourishing the body with chiral X-EF energy due to the action of chiral-coherent ensembles. The intensity of their work is determined by the density of the X-EF stream on the ground level ether [1] and the level of mental and spiritual development of a person [2, 15]. Both of these factors depend on geocosmic conditions [26, 27].
      Antineutrino is a product of the nonequilibrium dynamics of nucleon or subnuclear elements and is formed in space, as well as a result of ?-decay of radioactive nuclei or a free neutron [1, 14]. The stationary solar neutrino flux is modulated mainly by the influence of the magnetic field of planets and Jupiter on the solar energy [1]. The solar neutrino is unstable and is scattered in the interplanetary magnetic field by No quanta of isomorphic neutrinos, and the surface ether metric is saturated with them. There can be no stationary exogenous sources of X-EF in a healthy organism, mainly due to the destructive effect of ?-decay products on accompanying neutrinos.
   Considering the nuclear genesis of neutrinos and X-EF, it was suggested [1, 25] that their absorption-condensation in a biosystem is possible in correlated ensembles of nuclear spins or their magnetic moments. The orientation of individual nuclear spins in ensembles will depend on the hyperfine spin-spin and spin-orbit interactions of nuclei and electrons, and the degree of spin coherence of the entire ensemble will be modulated by magnetic fields, both internal and external. The orientation of the orbital momentum of an electron is determined by the geometry of molecular orbitals and the orientation of the molecule, which may determine the dependence of the sensitivity of the ensemble of nuclear spins to CFP on the degree of ordering of atoms and molecules. The contribution to the rotational energy of the water molecule of the nuclear spin will be 0.1-1 J/mol [10, 16], and the energy of its nutation and precession will obviously be one or two orders of magnitude lower. It can be assumed that, through the influence of the proton spin on the parameters of these motions, X-EF quanta will contribute to the self-organization of coherent ensembles.
        Given the presence of water in all tissues of the body, the interactions of X-EP with protons can be taken as the basis for the mechanism of sensitivity of coherent ensembles to CFP. An additional orienting factor can be considered the Coulomb fields of positively or negatively charged regular centers on protein molecules, polysaccharides or on the surfaces of cells and capillaries, as well as in the structures of connective and bone tissue. In hydrated shells or chains ordered in this way, according to scheme (1), X-EF quanta will condense with their transfer to chiral hydration centers, which is equivalent to their activation. Note that the process of condensation of neutrino energy in the body's liquid systems will go mainly in a state of sleep, when the body temperature decreases by a degree [15, 27].
        Possible mechanisms for the incorporation of EM-EF and X-EF quanta into brain metabolism via humoral channels (blood, ocular fluid) were discussed in [15, 28]. A significant role of aquaporin channels (Fig. 7) in the regulation of the water balance of the brain, the activity of neuroglia and extracellular K+ clearance [29] can be added to them. These channels, apparently, limit the kinetics of cerebrospinal fluid formation and the metabolism of the third ventricle. Given the rotational nature of the diffusion of water through aquaporin channels, they can play the role of chiral filters that control the asymmetry of cerebrospinal fluid energy and the process of axon winding with the myelin sheath.
      The autonomic nervous system contributes to the process of accepting and transmitting EM-F and X-EF chiral quanta to the brain [15, 20]. They can condense during night sleep, for example, in the subcutaneous tissue at the nerve endings and in capillary anastomoses. After waking up during physical exercises, these quanta apparently asymmetrically activate the autonomic nervous system, which, together with the asymmetry of speech function, forms the basis of the FAB resource, which manifests itself when running on the spot [20]. Condensate of right X-EF can accumulate in the nerve endings of the subcutaneous tissue, connective tissues and muscles in a dream or in a state of prolonged immobility of the body, as a result of which there is a reflex desire to stretch, while tissue deformation generates efferent impulses that involve pleasure centers in the brain.
        Chiral metabolites, obviously, not only participate in the formation of axonal myelin sheaths with a certain spiral sign, but also in the activation of mental and cognitive brain functions. For example, in some psychosomatic diseases (schizophrenia, Alzheimer's [30] and Parkinson's disease), significant changes in the level of certain D-amino acids in blood plasma, gray and white matter of the brain, and cerebrospinal fluid are observed [31]. With these data, one can compare the effect of chiral drugs [32]. It was found [20] that the sign of the FAB resource can invert if during the previous day and at night a medicine is taken that has, for example, a pronounced effect on respiratory function. In addition, the FAB resource for right-handed men and women has opposite signs.
   7. Conclusion
       This review showed that optically active metabolites and chiral media with cooperative properties and sensitivity to external physical factors play a significant role in human physiology at the level of functions and morphology. It is established that in order to explain the mechanisms of the influence of exo- and endogenous chiral factors on human metabolism and psychophysiology, it is necessary to use the quantum-mechanical and quantum-chemical properties of individual molecules and coherent ensembles. The mathematical language of quantum morphogenesis proposed in the work, in principle, has shown its efficiency. It can be hoped that this language and the hypotheses expressed about the mechanism of the influence of the chiral factor on the morphogenesis and spiritual evolution of a person will receive further experimental confirmation and will serve the good of the development of human science.
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Spiritual-physical isomorphism

      -- Introduction
   The study of the mechanism of thinking is a key task not only of psychophysics, but also of physics [1, 2]. The processes of the formation of elementary particles and carriers of the meaning of the word (thought forms) from the energy forms (EF) of the ether and the quanta of the electromagnetic (EM) field are, in fact, related, since they obey the same dialectic laws. The solution to this problem in the framework of brain physics should be based on an understanding of the physicochemical processes that ensure the fixation and transformation by the brain of external physical signals into electronic field patterns of the brain, which are the material carriers of the meaning of the word. These patterns are thought-forms or gestaltes, which in psychology include holistic and dynamic brain structures that are intermediaries between any physical field and holistic perception [3]. At the same time, it is believed that there is a correspondence between mental and physical processes, and they believe that the participation of the functions of organic structures in the processes of consciousness adequately reflect their gestalt characteristics.
      Thought forms and gestalt are dynamic systems of quanta of EM fields or wave functions of the electron-nuclear system of the whole brain, which, in principle, are expressed through combinations of EFs. The EF formalism is convenient in that it is equally suitable for describing the physical state of the brain and the external environment in one language of quantum mechanics: the creation of internal forms itself takes place only due to a certain external influence - the influx of external energy. ... Internal energy forms and external creative energy [4]. Quantum brain states are understood to mean combinations of EFs that simulate all types of autonomic and cognitive activity of the brain [1]. EF formalism is suitable for describing the physics of thinking and for describing a person's spiritual life, including the mechanism of his communication (communion) with a continuous Spirit (God) [5].
   The subordination of the process of nucleation and development of living matter to the law of causal relationships manifested itself in the form of isomorphism or the similarity of external forms and internal structure of living and inert material formations. Illustrative examples here are the splitting of mammalian bodies into the right and left halves, limbs into five fingers, the nervous system into twelve pairs of cranial nerves. In mathematics, the isomorphism of two systems means that there is a one-to-one correspondence between their elements. Such systems are also called fractal.
     Psychophysical isomorphism summarizes the dependence of the physics of thinking on the internal state of the organism and on environmental factors. In other words, the creation and recognition of the meaning of a word by the brain is determined by the laws of the internal EF of the brain (secondary isomorphism) and the laws of the interaction of the brain with the EF of the environment (primary isomorphism).
    The noosphere as a whole is a product of secondary isomorphism, but as it forms, the conditioning of secondary isomorphism by the primary is weakened, since the complexity and value of mental images corresponding to purely speculative, for example, mathematical or theological abstractions grows. A distinctive feature of such ideal images is the antinomy of their axiomatic base. Typical examples of antinomic concepts in mathematics, physics and theology are point, matter, energy, Spirit, God. They do not have an unambiguous definition or proof of their existence.
   Apparently, antinomicity is a consequence of the materiality of man himself, due to which the secondary isomorphism cannot be completely freed from the primary isomorphism [1]. This also applies to the highest level of psychophysical isomorphism - spiritual-physical isomorphism. Theology requires a person to believe in his dogma to compensate for the incompleteness of knowledge of spiritual truths by man, just as mathematics and physics compensate for the incompleteness of their truths with their practical value.
           The relationship of primary and secondary isomorphisms at the level of psychophysics is manifested in the physics of thinking and has its own forms of expression at all levels of organization of the noosphere. This relationship can be traced in the correspondence between mythological semantics and its physical and physiological prototypes.
      -- Mythology of primary isomorphism
      In the pre-scientific era, the only tool for knowing the external world was the human body with all its senses. As he became aware of the structure of his body and the world, a person established correspondences and connections between the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the body and the physics of the near (Solar System) and far (Galaxy) space (Fig. 1).
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 1. Isomorphic mapping of electromagnetic and neutrino hierarchy of the universe on the morphology of the circulatory and nervous systems of the brain.
   The rhythms of the body lasting a year, month, week and day, daily sleep and weather dependence of some people are manifestations of primary isomorphism. The shape and structure of living organisms bear the imprint of the specifics of the action of forces uniting both atoms and molecules and space objects into systems. For example, the galactic component of the primary isomorphism through the zodiac disturbances of the physics of the Earth and the Sun could cause the DNA helix to be modulated in a 12-step period. This factor can also be associated with the formation of 12 pairs of cranial nerves, whose functional hierarchy in the Bible is represented through the symbolism of the 12 tribes of Israel. The five-component fine structure of the interplanetary magnetic field led to the appearance of the five-fingered gene in the mammalian genome.
   0x08 graphic
   Figure 2. Relations of human microcosm organs with zodiac signs (medieval Europe) [6].
   In the Bible, the primary isomorphism is revealed through symbolism related both to the macrocosm (Galaxy and Solar System) and the microcosm (human brain, Fig. 1): And you have two trees loaded with different fruits, and many sources flowing with milk and honey, and mountains exceeding seven having a spike and krin (3 Rides 2, 18, 19); the serpent is great Chermen, having seven chapters and ten horns, and a seven crown on its heads: and his trunk rejects the third part of the stars of heaven (Rev. 12, 3, 4). Here the tree is twelve - star clusters of the Galaxy (zodiac); krin (lily) - the Sun, mountains seven - the Solar system, serpent - its magnetic field, generated mainly by Jupiter; trunk - his own magnetic moment; spike (pomegranate apple) - The Earth and at the same time the human brain, crowns - concentric dust and current rings around the planets, and 10 horns - the "two-horned" magnetospheres of five planets with their own magnetic moment.
   The biblical mythology of primary isomorphism is supplemented and developed by the mythology of the Divine Comedy of Dante, whose sacred language uses, along with biblical semiotics, the historical realities of 13th-century Italy as symbolic signs. For example, the general outline of the Dante path refines the biblical understanding of the influence of geophysics and space physics on the human brain (Fig. 3).
     The symbol of Christ in the Bible is the Passover lamb: the lamb standing as if slain, having seven horns (Rev. 5, 6), which corresponds to the III-ventricle of the cerebrospinal fluid system with its six horns and the seventh, spiritual and physical horn: my horn will ascend like a unicorn ( Ps. 91, 11); raise up the horn of salvation to us (Lk 2, 69). The comparison of the III-ventricle with the lamb-Christ is caused not only by an isomorphism between the ventricular profile (Fig. 4), lamb and active solar EFs, but also by the key role of the central ventricle cerebrospinal fluid EF in thinking physics: God is word (Jn 1, 1).

0x01 graphic

   Figure 3. Dante's path through the bowels of the earth and celestial spheres corresponding to the Ptolemy's geocentric system [9].
   3. Physiology of secondary isomorphism
   Secondary isomorphism is evident when characteristic features of brain structures appear in the intellectual fruits of man. They are visible in the graphic elements of letters and hieroglyphs, isomorphic to the structures of the visual-auditory system of the brain. An interesting mechanism is the influence on the human intellect of the EF of the womb and loins that dominate the physics of the right hemisphere of the brain: dirty flesh, angel Satan (2 Cor 12, 7). The spinal cord and the vagus nerve (vagus), the tenth pair of cranial nerves, are the conduit for these EFs. It rises along the spine like a biblical serpent along the trunk of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The crown of this tree is formed by the corresponding structures of the cerebellar worm, called the tree of life in anatomy (Fig. 4). The core of the vagus (the symbol is an apple) is located in the midbrain and its functions include controlling the rhythm of female physiology, as evidenced by the symbolism of the apple of temptation and original sin: And the wife's speech: the serpent of deceiving me, and poison (Gen. 3, 13); make Moses the serpent of the brass (Numbers 21, 9).
   The genesis of the frontal lobes and their functions, represented by the biblical symbolism of paradise, was closely related to the physics of the cerebellum [1], therefore the tree of life of the cerebellum (it is also the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) was isomorphically displayed in the tree of life in the middle of paradise (Genesis 2, 9): He who conquers I will give food from the tree of the animal, if he is in the midst of God's paradise (Rev. 2, 7). Structures of the subcortex of the frontal lobes play a key role in the spiritual life of a person, namely the main symbol of Judaism - the menorah [5]: the seventh lamp of the golden ones (Rev. 1, 12). Obviously, primary isomorphism contributed to the formation of the paradise tree or menorah, as indicated by the biblical symbolism of the seven-headed cosmic serpent, personifying gravitational forces in the solar system.
     The mechanism of formation and the pathway to the brain of the EF of the womb and the earth are revealed through biblical stories about the life of the people of Israel in Egypt (the symbol of the liver), their captivity by the Babylonians and wandering in the desert led by Moses (the symbol of the pineal gland). At the same time, representatives of the people of Israel serve as EF symbols of electromagnetic nature, which are formed in various organs of the human body and enter the brain through the nerves and humoral channels.
   0x08 graphic
   Figure 4. The ventricular system of the brain (I - IV) and the tree of life of the cerebellar worm (1). Abris III-ventricle resembles a lamb, and the root trunk of the tree of life of the cerebellar worm is the spinal column with its nerve endings.
   This book coding method in the Bible of Brain Neurophysiology is illustrated by a book [7], in which the human anatomy is seen through the eyes of children traveling through the body (Fig. 5, 6). A similar technique according to the law of secondary isomorphism was realized by Dante. In his Divine Comedy, Virgil leads Dante first along the neural connections of the brain with the womb, and then along the structures of the brain (Fig. 2, 5, 6). The sacred meaning of the Divine Comedy has the same logic as the Bible. By depth of penetration into the spiritual law of the deification of man, Dante can be compared with the prophet Ezra, whose third revelation contains the key provisions of Theophysics [8]. Note that the Tables in [6] and Fig. 1 should be understood as schematic interpretations of the Divine Comedy within the framework of dogmatic theology and science of the 13th century, narrowing the prophetic scale of Dante's Comedy.
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 5. Scheme of the movement of children throughout the body [7] and the penetration of the EF of the womb into the brain (blue dots and arrow).
   0x08 graphic
   Figure 6. Children in the brain examine the pituitary gland [7]. In the same way, Dante and Virgil wandered around the brain.
    Of the many revelations of Dante (see [8]) we give here those relating to the spiritual-physical isomorphism. Physicist EF of the womb and loins corresponds to his hell, purgatory - physics of the EF subcortex of the frontal lobes of the right hemisphere (Mount Carmil). The symbol of symmetrical structures in the left hemisphere, where the speech center is located, is Mount Zion:
   Zion with this mountain so placed above the earth,
   that the sky is the same for both of them, but in different
   [9: P. 4, 68-71].
       Dante differentiates chirally the effect on the brain of the cerebrospinal fluid flows in the right (cleanses of sin) and left (connection with the Spirit) hemispheres:
   But it comes from the source, not decreasing forever,
   in which returns by the will of the Lord
   all that he pours in two streams.
   From this side it flows, gifted with power,
   which will take away all memory of sin;
   on the other hand, he returns about every good deed
   [9: P. 28, 124 - 129]. 
    Dante got out of the hell womb into the brain along the nerves of the spine (wool)
   Brow to where the legs used to be
                    And he began to climb up the wool
                    I thought - back, along the same road again.
                    [Hell, P. 34, 79 - 81].
   Having penetrated the skull through a large occipital foramen, they first saw the cerebellum (elder) and the quadruple (four stars):
   I am a lonely old man near noticed ..
   His big beard was already whitening, ..
   A four sacred stars rays
   so his face was shone with radiance,
   that he stood like the sun before me.
   - "Who are you, running against aspiration
   the invisible stream from the eternal prison? "
   he asked, shaking honest gray hairs
   [9: P. 1. 31 - 41].
       Invisible flow - here means the flow of biogenic EF descending from the brain through the cerebrospinal fluid to the spine; prison - the womb, hell. Dante here repeated the biblical symbolism of the cerebellum: the Old Denmi Seda, and the head of his head like a wave is clean, his throne has a fire of fire ... a river of fire to his aunt coming out before him (Dan 7, 9, 10).
   0x08 graphic
   Figure 7. The artist's drawings depicting the structures of the brain (hippocampus ridge, griffin) and EF of the womb of imp and animals [10]
     A unique illustration of secondary isomorphism is the work of the artist, who, as a result of an injury, the right hemisphere completely lost guardianship-censorship from the left hemisphere [10]. Having regained consciousness after a coma, she almost unconsciously began to paint images of people and animals. Their characteristic features turned out to be isomorphic to EF and brain structures that control the movement of the artist's hand (Fig. 6). Along with the image of the features of the so-called motor homunculus (oversized head, foot, hands with small legs), the artist "portrayed" the structure of the brain and EF of the womb in the form of figures of fantastic animals and devils.
     Thus, physical causal relationships between external factors and human physiology are keys to understanding the mechanism of the relationship between the human spirit and the Spirit (God), encoded in the Bible by the language of anthropo- and zoomorphic symbols and Jewish toponymy.
   4. Golden law of development

The law of the golden division should be

dialectical necessity

A.F. Losev [11].

   The simplest mathematical formula for the golden section is the division of a segment in relation to:

1/X = X/(1-X) (1)

   The positive root of equation (1) is:

? = (-1 + ?5)/2 = 0.6180339...       (2)

   Various combinations of the number ? are also referred to the golden section. In particular, the inverse 1/? = ? = 1.6180339... is called the base of the golden ratio.
    From the equilateral pentagon and pentagram the expressions of the golden section through the trigonometric functions and angles are multiples of 36® (?/5), 108® (3?/5) : cos36® = ?/2; cos108® = -?/2. Pentagonal symmetry is often found in wildlife. For example, in cross section the double helix of DNA is a regular pentagon, and the ideal proportions of a human figure satisfy the geometry of a pentagram. With the growth of living organisms, its individual parts can make spiral movements, as evidenced, for example, by various climbing plants, spiral shells and animal horns. The snail of the human ear, for example, consists of three curls, the lengths of which correspond to the golden section (1 : ? : ?2) [12]. Spirals are described by a logarithmic function (Archimedes spiral). Increasing its pitch is always uniform, and its proportions are subject to the principle of the golden section.
   Changing the form of any developing system is possible if there is free energy inside it and an informational mechanism or law regulating the action of energy within the framework of the laws of dialectics [13]. For a living organism, the role of free energy is played by the rotational energy of electrons of the ATP molecule, which is converted into the translational energy of quasiphotons [1] in metabolic reactions. The program encoded on the structure of its genome is responsible for the anatomical development of a living organism. In the case of a person, it is necessary to add to this program the possibility of his conscious choice of the direction of spending his psychophysical energy.
         To start any chemical reaction, it is necessary to bring together the reacting elements (particles, nuclei, atoms, molecules) at distances comparable to the size of the elements themselves. At such distances between reagents, repulsive forces arise that are electromagnetic in nature. The work of these forces determines the magnitude of the reaction energy barrier, and the energy required to overcome it is called the reaction activation energy. The actions of these forces in the course of the reaction are presented as an exchange of electromagnetic energy quanta between the reagents - virtual photons. In the case of molecules, photons responsible for interactions are emitted and absorbed by the electron system of the molecule, called electron clouds or orbitals. When a photon is emitted, the cloud geometry changes. These changes in the electron system of the molecule can be illustrated by "dancing" the flames of the fire in the wind.
          In living organisms, all important reactions occur through the mediation of large molecules - enzymes. The main purpose of the enzyme is to reduce to almost zero the barrier of a chemical reaction. Therefore, during such reactions, isoenergetic rearrangements of the chemical structure of the reacting molecule occur.
     Equation (1) in view of (2) can be represented as:
   1?1 = ? ? (? + 1) (3)
   and give it the following geometric and energetic interpretation. The square of a unit area is transformed into a rectangle with sides ? and (? + 1) (Fig. 8). In the next step, a square with side ?2 is transformed into a rectangle with sides ?2 and (? + ?2) and so on. As a result of n-transformations, a stepped figure of rectangles with sides (? ? 1), (?2 ? ?), (?3 ? ?2) ... (?n+1 ? ?n) is obtained, the total area of ??which for any n is equal to the area of ??the original square. We will call this model a golden transformation and involve it in explaining the mechanism of the development of structures whose energy state is mainly determined by their surface (water and soap bubbles, drops; membranes and flat cells, neuroglia, neurons, leaves of plants).
   The golden transformation of such structures will formally refer to isoenergy rearrangements for which the reaction barrier is zero. When this condition is fulfilled, the probability of a reaction will increase substantially, which will predetermine the choice of a path for changing shape.
   0x01 graphic
Figure 8. Diagram of the isometric transformation of a square into a multi-stage rectangle with the golden proportion.
   In the framework of quantum mechanics, the isoenergy restructuring of the metric of the energy form can be represented by the equation [13]:
   hС/r = NhС/R, (4)
   where h is the Planck constant or quantum of action, equal to 6.610-34 J s, C is the speed of light, equal to 3 108 m/s; and Nr = R are the characteristic parameters of the structure before and after the restructuring. These parameters can be correlated with the parameters of the structure of the electromagnetic vortex (Fig. 9) [1]. Relation (4), in principle, is suitable for describing electromagnetic interaction through virtual photons or electromagnetic vortices.
   The laws of motion of vortices in continuous media (ether, gas, liquid) are the same: A closed vortex is a carrier of force. With his help, the impulse of force spreads in a continuous liquid medium. The vortex ring with its atmosphere moves in a continuous liquid medium as an independent liquid body and carries in itself the whole force of the impulse that generated it [14].
   0x01 graphic
   Figure 9. Isoenergy unwinding (action) of the of the electromagnetic ?/g-vortex. Е? is the electric or translational energy, Eg is the magnetic or rotational energy of the vortex; r?, R? is the radius characterizing the translational step of the vortex and the radius of action of electric energy.
      The formula of the golden ratio (3) will be fulfilled for linear and volumetric options for changing the shape of a living object. The steric angle of the tetrahedral hydrogen bond of liquid water, as well as carbon atoms, silicon, phosphorus in organic and biological molecules corresponds to the sp3-hybridization of electronic orbitals and is 109®, which is close to the value of the "golden" angle of 108®. These data allow us to consider the mechanism of gold transformation as a universal mechanism for the development of not only flat but also bulk organic and bio-organic objects. An example of such transformations can be the rearrangement and growth of microscopic objects such as biomolecules, axon microspike (Fig. 10), organic and inorganic crystals, as well as macroscopic formations - the cochlea, lungs; tree leaves (Fig. 11).
   0x08 graphic
   Figure 10. Neuron axon growth cone (green). Red "tongues" - growing microspike [15].
   In addition, the mechanism of the gold transformation can exfoliate spiral vortices in the turbulence zone from a linear (laminar) flow of a continuous medium (water, gas, physiological fluids) in response to an external disturbance orthogonal to the flow vector.
   0x08 graphic
   Figure 11. Three initial phases of leaf development [16].
   Since the order and development of the real world at the atomic-molecular level is determined by the laws of electromagnetism, the universal transformation of gold transformation revealed in this work indicates that the principle of motion of elementary electromagnetic vortices, whose dynamics underlies the physics of the brain [1] and the mechanism of thinking, is subordinated to the golden relation: The fundamental dynamic idea of matter, which, thanks to its movement, is capable of becoming a reservoir of momentum and energy, is so intertwined with our forms of thinking [17].
   1.Kholmanskiy, A. Modeling of Brain Physics. Preprints 2019, 2019060188 (doi: 10.20944/ preprints 201906.0188.v1); https://www.preprints.org/manuscript/201906.0188/v1
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