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  Subtle essence of life and light, that surrounds us with gentleness of a mother's hands. Come to my aid at this time of need! Grant me salvation and healing to continue my struggle with the forces of evil! Holy Word: Redemption!
  My magic is able to bend the Light itself, creating a most ruthless weapon in whole world! Run, hide, pray! Nothing can stop those unseen talons, which can slice trought paper and steel at the same ease! Prismatical Disarray!
  I shall replace everything that is you by bottomless, cold fear, leaving empty lifeless husk to sink in a swamp of terror and misery! (Так и не смог придумать название к этому спелу)
  In this time of need i call out to the force that binds stars and planets together! Feel the everlasting beat of magic heart. Listen to the symphony of god's creation. See the spell that is feared even by light! Forbidden Art: Black Hole!
  With my eyes, I can see the subtle, unseen strings which connect lifes of all living things. And I shall use them to play the most unforgettable Serenade, so any wound, and any curse around me could be cured! Mark of Musician: Melody of Existence!
  The rain from your nightmare is about to begin! It will paint the World in colors more crimson then you ever seen. Pray to the gods of yours while you still can. The Storm of Sanguine is about to be unleashed! Mark of Vampire: Scarlet Meister!
  Tremble, Mortals, for my presence on this battlefield itself is an insipid poison that will slowly consume your souls and fasten hearts until the very last breath of yours! Mark of Unfogiven: Grave Chill!
  Explosion, capable of breaking shell of Gaia itself. Shivering energy, which exceed core of the Sun. In those last moments feel the feebleness and vanity of your pathetic life, for it will be ripped from you by one single word.
  --------------------Word of the end: Calamity--------------------
  Unseen entities which dwell around us, lurking in everlasting shadows. Your time has come! Obey my command and get out of darkness! Feast upon flesh of those, who oppose me! Locust Swarm!
  At the wake of heavenly power lies the crack of entire existence. By the name of Celestial Dragon, world will be split in half! SKY ROAR!
  We live under the wicked sun,
  Air around us stirs with madness,
  Soil beneath is mixed with ashes of our ancestors,
  And minds are suffering from impure thoughts.
  Yet, still... we continue to live on with our senseless lives...
  From heaven to earth,
  From earth back to sky.
  Where tirelessly four great winds blow.
  That's how road of enlightenment can be build.
  Dimension, gravity and reality itself shall hear those words and bend to my will. Break and shutter into tiniest smithers. Obey my command and restitch yourself anew, thus protecting me from any harm and danger! Crimson Sign: Demented Mirrors
  In cold dark cave, where sun never shines and darkness creeps behind my back, upon the moment, when all lights go out, become my last ray of fallen star. Dancing Fireflies
  Dark ocean depths will become no more than a children playground for those ones, who was unfortunate enough to see this spell and live! Aqua Sign: Watery Grave
  Let my voice become a beacon of light that will bestow healing upon your broken wings! Spirit Pathways!
  Gentle flow of fire, gather in my palm and bloom like a flower. Create the gluttonous inferno, to feast upon flesh of my enemies! Crimson Flare!
  Dreams, enter this world, become my weapon and shield! Slumber Sign: Corrupted Reality!
  From deepest fears and vilest flaws this power will forge unbeatable bullet. There is no armor to save you now! Slumer Sign: Twisted Reverie!
  Pile of bones, blood river, rotting flesh and incect swarms! Horror of endless night, hopelessness of maze without an exit and unbearable, excruciating pain! All this terror shall become a core to this, final, spell! Slumber Sign: Nightmare of a Madman!
  I call out to the waters from depths of the seas, to crush inferior beings who dares opposing me! Aqua Sign: Water Lock.
  Within my power is to crave upon all of the living! Madness Sign: Festival of Sanguine!
  The bow of pure, unscarred light to seal even the greatest threat in the whole world. The arrow of darkness to pierce through finest armors and shields. Together they shall vanquish any foe! Strategic class spell: Arrow of Sin!
  Souls, that stuck between Heaven and Hell, I humbly call to your aid. Release your millennium anger, and leave none standing! Strategic class spell: Purgatory!
  Black pitch of emptiness and nothingness, where nor mortals, nor even gods can find they way back to the light of day. For those ones, upon whom this spell is unleashed only one thing remains: Despair! So... say your prayers, while you can! Forbidden Art: Hell!
  With Sword of Death in right palm turning into Dark Mist,
  And Sword of Life in left palm turning into White Mist,
  By combining them,
  The New Path, that will lead to the peaceful Afterlife,
  Shall be opened!
  Heavens Gate!
  By those words i will create ripples in great arcane fabric, that will ban all miracles which can happen. Spell Disjunction!
  Poison spray, capable of rotting away hundred humans at once! Venomous Gale!
  Runes that sleep in this Black Sword, I humbly call to your aid. Rip the Dimension apart, shred the Reality to pieces and strike with darkness that fills the emptiness of Universe. Demented Mirrors.
  Gentle flows of time that wrap around us, giving life and seeding death. Twist. Bend. Repulse. Turn into a fast mountain river, in riptides of which flesh turns to ashes in mere seconds. Chaotic Disintegration
  By my will Earth, Wind and Hellfire will fuse together, creating an everlasting, blazing inferno that can scorch even the body of a God. Smoldering Chasm
  I call forward the most feared creature in the World! Roar of his is what of a Thunder, and talons lay waste and desolate upon everything he sees! Summon: Beast of Lightning!
  Upon the destruction of this World, your maimed husk of a soul will be DOOMED to rot in HELL for all ETERNITY! OBLITIRATION: DARKNESS OF A THOUSAND SOULS!!!
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