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История клана Сатоми

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    Выкладываю историю клана Сатоми. На английском. В основном для себя, дабы не потерять нужный файл.

   Источник http://wiki.samurai-archives.com
   Satomi clan
  -- Japanese: ??? (Satomi-shi)
The Satomi family of
 Awa province claimed descent from Nitta Yoshishige (d. 1202), whose son Yoshitoshi took 'Satomi' as his surname. The Satomi moved from KТzuke province to Awa in the mid-15th century, and remained there into the Edo Period. During the Sengoku period, the Satomi were forced to submit to the overlordship of HТjТ Ujitsuna in 1539. The remainder of the period saw the clan battle the HТjТ, Takeda, and Imagawa clans on a number of occasions.
   The clan's holdings amounted to 120,000 koku at the beginning of the Edo period, but the clan died out in 1622.
   Satomi Sanetaka
  -- Born: 1483
  -- Died: 1533
  -- Sons: Satomi Yoshitaka
  -- Distinction: Lord of Awa
Sanetaka was the second son of
 Satomi Shigeyoshi (1448-1505) and succeeded his elder brother Yoshimichi (1480-1518). He struggled to solidify his hold over the Satomi clan while expanding his clan's influence. He clashed with HТjТ forces at Kamakura in 1524, opening a long feud between the two houses. He suffered the defection of a number of his retainers and committed suicide in September 1533 when under attack by his nephew Satomi Yoshitoyo.
   Satomi Yoshitoyo
  -- Born: 1513
  -- Died: 1534
  -- Distinction: Satomi retainer
Yoshitoyo was the eldest son of
 Satomi Yoshimichi and may have hoped to become the new lord once he came of age. In 1533 he rebelled against his uncle Sanetaka and forced him to commit suicide. The following year, Satomi Yoshitaka gathered an army and attacked Yoshitoyo at Inamura castle. Faced with overwhelming odds, Yoshitoyo committed suicide in May 1534.
   Satomi Yoshitaka
  -- Born: 1512
  -- Died: 1574
  -- Sons: Satomi Yoshihiro, Satomi Yoshiyori, Satomi Takamoto, Satomi Takamasa, Satomi Tadahiro
  -- Titles: Gyфbu daisuke
  -- Distinction: Lord of Awa
Yoshitaka was the eldest son of
 Satomi Sanetaka. He had been away when his father was suddenly attacked and forced to commit suicide by Yoshitoyo, and immediately set about planning revenge. He gathered loyal retainers and sent a message to the HТjТ of Sagami province asking for their assistance. In 1534 Yoshitaka's forces descended on Inamura castle and compelled Yoshitoyo to kill himself. Not long afterwards, relations between Yoshitaka and the HТjТ soured. He allied in turn with Ashikaga Yoshiaki (of the koga-kubo Ashikaga line) but the two were defeated at Konodai castlein 1538 by HТjТ Ujitsuna. Yoshitaka recovered from his damaging defeat at Konodai and was able to turn back an attempt by HТjТ Ujitsuna to penetrate Awa in 1540. He took advantage of a civil war within the neighboring Takeda clan to strengthen his positon on the Boso Peninsula and in January 1553 took Shiizu castle and forced Takeda Nobumasa to commit suicide. In 1560 his domain was attacked by the HТjТ and he called for the support of Uesugi Kenshin, who responded by leading an attack into the Kanto. He died on the 6th day of the 1st month of 1574.
   Satomi Yoshihiro
  -- Born: 1529
  -- Died: 1578
  -- Distinction: Lord of Awa
Yoshihiro was the eldest son of
 Satomi Yoshitaka. He participated in the Uesugi encirclement of Odawara in 1561 and later met defeat at the Second Battle of Konodai. He afterwards allied with Takeda Shingen and battled with the HТjТ and Ota at Mifunedai (Mifuneyama) in 1567. He later sent troops by sea to Izu province to assist the Takeda's operations against the HТjТ in 1570. He died (evidently as the result of a stomach ulcer) without a son and so his younger brother Yoshiyori succeeded him.
   Satomi Yoshiyori
  -- Born: 1542?
  -- Died: 1587
  -- Sons: Satomi Yoshiyasu
  -- Distinction: Lord of Awa
Yoshiyori was the third son of
 Satomi Yoshitaka and succeeded his elder brother Yoshihiro in 1578. His succession was disputed by Masaki Noritoki and the two clashed in 1580, though Noritoki would be assassinated the following year. His reasonably uneventful rule from Tateyama castle ended with his death in 1587.
   Satomi Yoshiyasu
  -- Born: 1573
  -- Died: 1604
  -- Sons: Satomi Tadayoshi (Awa no kami; 1593-1622)
  -- Distinction: Lord of Awa
Yoshiyasu was a son of
 Satomi Yoshiyori. He submitted to Toyotomi Hideyoshi and assisted him in the Odawara Campaign, thus being present for the downfall of the Satomi's longtime enemy, the HТjТ. Afterwards he was made to give up his holdings in Kazusa and ShimТsa but was confirmed in Awa, with an income of some 92,000 koku. He joined Tokugawa Ieyasu in the Sekigahara Campaign and had his holdings increased to 120,000 koku.
   Satomi Tadayoshi ????????

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