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    Сатирические стихи и поэмы, анекдоты, лирика, рассказы, публицистика, сказки. На английском и русском языках.

    Dear Reader,

    Thank you for visiting this page. Enjoy yourself reading "Russian Folk Funny Stories" representing different aspects of life in Russia. Read "The Yokers" and "Who is at Fault?" to familiarize yourself with an entirely new genre of contemporary literature - philosophical satire in verse. To find more about Russian people and their way of life read a humorous detective short story "The Professor's Murder" and my papers "Specific Features of Russian National Character" and "Uniqueness of Russia and Its State Power". If you are fond of humorous lyrics read the best of it - "Striped Life". And feel free to leave your comments.

    More to come

    I am planning to write the following works:

    1. Stalin is still alive?

    A paper discussing current political situation in Russia (in English).

    2. Lena Lavrova's adventures on New Year's Day

    A humorous short story. On New Year's Eve Lena Lavrova is seized by terrorists, gets into a car accident, breaks her leg and finally finds herself in a hospital where she celebrates Ney Year's Day in company with a gangster, a university professor, a retired police colonel, and other people representing different layers of contemporary Russian society(In English).

    3. Uncle Sam's Sons-of-a-Bitch: the Newest Edition

    A satirical article comparing the qualities of Yushenko, the Ukrainian President, and Saakashvili,the President of Georgia. I'll try to answer the question: Why do ardent USA follows always turn out complete rascals? or sons-of-a-a bitch, as was stated by Cordell Hull, the US Secretary of State.(in English).

    4. Ошибка пРезидента/The pResident's Mistake

    A satirical short story (in English and Russian).

    Please let me know by e-mail if you are interested in reading these works and if it's worth writing them. You can also order me a poem, a song, a short story, a script, or a translation.

  Since both my parents were fond of Java
  They took decision to name me Slava
  And my grandparent was Savva
  I come from a place where
  You can meet a polar bear
  So I have to wear
  A fur coat made of sable
  Insofar as I am able
  I'll tell you stories or a fable.
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  Meanwhile wish you all the best
  V.Yatsko, Ph.D., Prof., KCORE, HLBA

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