Jacqueline De Gueux: другие произведения.

Once upon a winter...

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    Английская идиома "скелет в шкафу" означает "личный секрет, который скрывают от всех окружающих" :))))

And here the winter comes again - cold winds and snowstorms
I hide from dark December nights in my cozy bedroom's warmth
I kindle the fire in my fireplace, and, if I'm really bored,
I share drinks with a skeleton I've kept in my cupboard

I lift my glass and so does he, they merrily clink  - chin-chin! -
And a shiny trickle of purplish wine starts dripping through his chin
He listens and nods while I do the talk and none of us feels  ignored -
He is truly good for any chat, that skeleton from my cupboard

We peacefully sit by dancing flames and drink to the frosty health
Of that thoughtful lonely snowman that in my backyard stands
The skeleton lounges in my rocking chair bending his spinal cord
But time to time he gives a glance to the dusty old cupboard

When our bottle is empty then it's time for the party to end,
I quench the fire and wish sweet dreams to my bony weird friend
Then I put him carefully back in place next to all junk I stored
And I try to pretend till the next snowstorm there is nothing in my cupboard...

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