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Merry song

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Merry song

As soon as light has said "goodbye" to darkness
my song takes wing
like lark, like arrow spitting sky.
Fly, my song.

There's an endless space between you and me.
Throw rainbow across it like bridge, - 
this is my song.
Run, my song.

Sun to zenith, unpitying heat
burns brown faces.
I shelter your face with rain and civrus.
Spill, my song.

A spring sunset is long. The sheep are gone home.
Wind caresses your curls.
You are in love, you are laughing alone.
Ring, my song.

Night falls to the grass, sepulchral cold.
There is no noise, no sound around.
Your Master is dumb.
He is covered by ground.
Hush, my song.


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