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Sons Of Connemara

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Sons Of Connemara

I am sleeping and i see sons of Connemara
I'm among them, they are near, sons of Connemara
I can see dark-haired heads and the swords in their hands and the light of their helms
Your women's skin is pale, such blue eyes and golden hair, Sons of Connemara
And your horses are so fast, open space is what they lust, i suppose that they must
Be the daughters of north wind, give the fastest one to me, sons of Connemara

It was time when world was new, sons of Connemara
And that world belonged to you, Sons of Connemara
You are going to the West, any land can be next, like the birbs without nests
And no one can resist when you come from mist, sons of Connemara
You're as much as coast sand and you're rushing through lands leaving everywhere your steps
Burial mounts grown tall, your myths and songs, sons of Connemara

Let me follow you by sea, sons of Connemara
Spread red sails up the ships, sons of Connemara
And the land you're looking for, oh i know how you call, it is called Tir na n'Oc
The land that's so young, it's Eire on your tongue, sons of Connemara
And the seas can be so rude, and the tribes of Danoo have been waiting just for you
But in the hardest battle for you will conquer this shore, sons of Connemara

And the sound of your harp, sons of Connemara
It is crying in my heart, sons of Connemara
So let us just laugh and dance in the night full of stars, our gods are watching us
Strong and brave as a deep sea wave, sons of Connemara
Rise the bowls ornamented, pattern winds without end, the reality is fled
In the curls of the leaves the world isn't what it seems, sons of Connemara

They will ask you for reveal, sons of Connemara
If you ever had some fear, sons of Connemara
Oh, the scary thing's just one, that the sky can fall down and destroy it all around
And our heads will bend when the world meets its end, sons of Connemara
But no one bleeding wound, let it bleed to the ground, let them think that you are mad
But fail or win the fight, your despair or your delight, sons of Connemara

Teach me now how to live, sons of Connemara
Teach me now how to breath, sons of Connemara
Teach me now how to die and to lie in the sky and to feel the spirit fly
Far away to knowing where the day is going, sons of Connemara
Let me hear the mourning voice and to get the rejoice that the is no other choice
For those who keep in the heart all the things that seem apart, sons of Connemara

I was sleeping and i saw sons of Connemara
I was singing your old songs, sons of Connemara
You've been living not for long and when your time is gone you will see your Avalone
And all of you will be kneel under its apple trees, sons of Connemara
But now i'm awake and i miss you in heartache and i know that i will wait
For a dream of you someday to ride with you away, sons of Connemara

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