Каминяр Дмитрий Генаддьевич: другие произведения.

Brazilian myths. The husband of a star

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  One night a man, whose name was Sapalo, was lying on the mat beside his hut and started to look at the sky. He saw a beautiful star in the sky and wanted for her came to him in the guise of a beautiful woman. And immediately he dozed off, being tired after a busy day. Suddenly, someone woke him, and he awoke in fright. Two women were standing in front of him.
  "Who are you?" he asked them.
  "We are the ones to whom you are ordered to come down," replied the women.
  Both of them remained with him. And both of them were so beautiful! ... Sapalo went hunting and brought them a lot of game. But the women refused to eat meat, saying they never ate any-thing of this sort, and always ate the resin of the mastic tree. And they also had never seen such animals.
  And when on the next day he dipped the feathers of the muguma bird into resin to make himself a nice bracelet, the women grabbed the resin and ate almost all of it. But therefore Sapalo had to go together with them in search of the mastic tree. But he did not found it. Then the woman, seeing a bacabo palm, covered in fruits, they forced Sapalo to climb the tree, and followed him themselves. Here the tree began to grow. Sapalo tried to jump off the tree, but the women warned him that if he does, they will shoot an air into his buttocks.
  And he had to climb higher and higher until he disappeared from sight. The women were following him. And the tree kept on growing. Finally they reached the sky.
  In Heaven Sapalo felt very bad. He did not eat anything for everyone around him fed only on the resin of the mastic tree. Seeing how he suffered, the heavenly beings made a solid rope from palm fiber and attached to it a huge clay crock, so that he could come down to Earth in it. And Sapalo began to be lowered, and when the rope, which held the crock, was over, it was tied to another. And some time later the inhabitants of Heaven cried, asking Sapalo whether he had reached land.
  "Not yet," he said.
  Then, a new piece of rope tied, they lowered it even lower. And again they asked, whether he was on earth or not.
  "Not yet," replied the man.
  However, when the land was quite close, the celestial inhabitants released the rope. And the crock broke into smithereens. Its pieces have become different tortoises and the rope itself became a cobra. Thus the tortoises and cobra appeared in a world, where none existed before.
  The man became so emaciated in the sky that he could hardly stand. And, having come back to his homeland, he told everyone that the stars feed only on resin, resin of the mastic tree.
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