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Adam M. Curry's project " Consciousness technology " in the Neural world picture

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    Experiments during the Adam M. Curry project " Consciousness technology" have established that there is an inexplicable influence from consciousness to the physical world. This influence is inexplicable in the atomistic world picture. Bat in the neural world picture, this influence is obvious.

  Adam M. Curry's project " Consciousness technology "
  in the Neural world picture
  Experiments during the Adam M. Curry project " Consciousness technology" have established that there is an inexplicable influence from consciousness to the physical world. This influence is inexplicable in the atomistic world picture. Bat in the neural world picture, this influence is obvious.
  Curry states that human consciousness, as we know it now, is not produced directly by the brain. The brain, of course, is involved in the work of consciousness, but it does not generate it. Consciousness may not be located in the human body, but may be a fundamental feature of the physical world [1].
  The experiments conducted under the project "Consciousness technology" are of great importance. A person's purposeful thought changes the operation of the random number generator-it shifts the average value of zeros or ones. The houseplant also draws on a random stream of light. It is as if life itself, or the consciousness in it, even in a simple plant, inclines probability in the physical world in the direction of its needs, its growth, its development.
  Curry is working to explain these phenomena within the prevailing atomistic worldview. But I can confidently say that within this framework, no reasonable explanation is possible. Just as it is impossible to explain the phenomenon of consciousness itself. After all, neither particles nor waves have consciousness. Therefore, it cannot occur even if all the particles and waves of the Universe are gathered together [2,3].
  It is possible to understand the phenomenon of consciousness and explain such experiments only within the framework of a fundamentally different picture of the universe. For example - in the neural picture of the world, which is based on the analogy of the Schrodinger equation and the equation describing the dynamics of a neural network fragment [4]. So, any coherent physical object described by a wave function is similar to a fragment of a neural network in complex numbers[5]. Since the neural network is considered the best model of personality and, perhaps, even of the mind [6], it can be argued that in the neural picture of the world, each physical object is already the simplest personality. We emphasize that the concept of "physical object" should include not only, for example, the observed particle, but also the entire observation scheme - all measuring devices - for example, particle detectors. In this case, the detector click is similar to the excitation of a certain neuron, the wave function is an array of neural signals, and the Hamiltonian is a matrix of connections between neurons.
  Neural signals and connections are not directly observed (as well as the wave function) and make up invisible arrays of information. Or, simply put, the Invisible world. And the visible world is observed not in the form of particles or waves, but in the form of a stream of events (excitation of neurons), in which the illusion of constantly existing particles is created. In fact, there are no constantly existing particles in the neural picture of the world [7], but only the illusion is created that these particles exist not only at the time of the event, but also in the time intervals between events.
  However, the main idea of the neural picture of the world is not that the world consists of neurons and connections. Main idea is that these neurons and connections can contain not only primitive algorithms (corresponding to physical objects), but also much more complex algorithms that can be a model of a developed personality [8].
  Even a physical object - in the neural picture it is already some primitive person. A more complex object is already a much more developed personality, perhaps even a reasonable one [9]. And it is obvious that there may be more than just observable physical connections between physical objects and developed personalities. But also invisible connections-similar to those that make up the wave function of a particle.
  The results of experiments in the course of project "Consciousness technology" may be explained by the existence of these invisible connections between a developed personality and a physical object.
  In the neural picture of the world, there is nothing supernatural, nothing mystical, or inexplicable about these results. If the whole world is made up of connections (and not just physical ones), it's not surprising that you can tune in to manage some of them.
  Indeed, if you correctly tune in to the response and feel the consequences of your desires - in principle, it is permissible to achieve the desired result. For example, to feel the purposeful influence of your thoughts on the random number generator.
  But men, developing the logic of thinking, lost the habit of trusting feelings. We rely more on what we consider logical and reasonable. But simpler individuals, such as plants, should be able to find such connections faster than men, which is confirmed by the experiments of the Curry project.
  Thus, these experiments are explained exclusively within the framework of the neural world picture. Which in turn serves to increase the credibility of our picture.
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