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Brain hologram in the neuron picture of the world

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    In science, the understanding is gradually growing that the manifestation of consciousness is not described within the framework of the atomistic picture of the world. To describe consciousness, a holographic model of the brain is proposed, which again contradicts the foundations of atomism. There are no such contradictions in the neuron picture of the world.

  Brain hologram in the neuron picture of the world
  In science, the understanding is gradually growing that the manifestation of consciousness is not described within the framework of the atomistic picture of the world. To describe consciousness, a holographic model of the brain is proposed, which again contradicts the foundations of atomism. There are no such contradictions in the neuron picture of the world.
  I still don't understand why everyone is so excited by the hologram? Even a holographic picture of the world has been developed. Yes - the world is kind of like a hologram. More precisely, the world has obvious wave properties. That's all. That is why the world is partly similar to any wave object - including a hologram. The photograph only records the intensity of the light wave and (color) the frequency on the surface. In this case, information about the phase of the wave is lost. Therefore, photography is not a wave object. But the hologram also records the phase of the wave in a thin layer. Therefore, a hologram is a wave object, that's all. It is strange that there not "water surface" picture of the world based on surface waves. This is also a wave object and the world is somewhat similar to it. To the same extent as on a hologram.
  It is often appear incomprehensible admiration that any part of a hologram is also a hologram. But this is nonlocality - a common property of ALL wave objects. The solution to the wave equation is completely determined by the boundary conditions - that is, the two-dimensional information completely determines the wave propagation in three-dimensional space. Therefore, a hologram recorded on a two-dimensional surface provides complete information about a three-dimensional object. You can also similar admire a mirror - each of its smallest fragments is also a mirror and in it (on the surface!) the whole three-dimensional world is also reflected. If you generate certain currents on the metal surface, the final picture of the emitted waves will be exactly the same as when reflecting three-dimensional space. And for any, the smallest area of the mirror fragment! Can you propose a "mirror picture of the world"?
  The essence of any picture of the world is not in the images on which it is built, but in extrapolation from these images to the answer to the Main Question - what is primary, what exactly determines the flow of events we observe [1]. In the neural picture of the world, this flow is predetermined in the Invisible World, in the struggle of higher personalities, generalizing the forces of nature and society [2]. In the atomistic picture of the world (including its holographic version), the flow of events consists of the smallest elementary fragments - no matter be they particles or waves.
  But now is not about that. Now about the holographic model of the brain [3]. Its growing popularity shows that attempts to explain the work of the brain in terms of atomism are deadlocked. The most important thing is that the fundamental nonlocality of memory and other abilities has been experimentally revealed. To get out of this impasse, it is assumed that the brain has nonlocal wave properties - that is, brain is a fundamentally wave object. A hologram was chosen as a sample of the wave object. Well, a hologram is a hologram. Quite a good comparison, although not a fundamental one - one could simply say that the brain has significant wave properties.
  But how - by what means are these wave properties realized? And here, when trying to answer this question, searches are being carried out again on the old atomistic concepts. Some potentials ... Well, is it really not clear that all the observed processes in the nervous system are deeply classical. And nothing wave, and even more so quantum there is not and cannot be. Neurons are fired at a fairly high threshold - otherwise the nervous system would constantly make noise from the quantum vacuum. The nervous system must be stable and firm. That is, classical, not wave and not quantum.
   But where, then, do the wave properties of the consciousness come from? Where is the freedom of choice hiding? Freedom of will?
  In the neural picture, these properties are coming from the same place where the wave properties of the Universe come from - from the Invisible World. It is assumed that in addition to the Visible World directly observed by us, there is also a fundamentally unobservable reality, in which the course of all observed processes is predetermined. The Invisible World [4]. In the case of an physical process, the Invisible World is, for example, the wave function of a quantum object [5]. In more complicated cases, it can be said that some personality entity from the Invisible World controls the observed physical body.
  Thus, in severe craniocerebral injuries, when the established, from childhood, connection between the higher personality from the Invisible World and the observed nervous system seems to be completely destroyed - the higher personality sometimes has the ability to restore this connection and regain control of the physical body through completely different parts of the brain, instead of those destroyed. Because the essence of the personality is not stored in the brain, but in the highest unobservable neural layers.
  It is in these layers that the choice of the solution takes place - in the oscillations of the quantum neural network. There you can hesitate and worry. There is an invisible virtual world, where the Time in our understanding is abcent. There you can build temporary parallel worlds, estimate possible consequences in them, evaluate, weigh and transmit a ready-made solution to the real world, to the real nervous system, for unconditional execution. Already without excitement and hesitation. All the worries and fluctuations of the observed personality - only until a decision is received from the Invisible World.
  It is my deep conviction that this is the only way - by the connection with the Invisible World - that one can explain, for example, the phenomenal arithmetic abilities of individuals. Otherwise, it should be recognized that these phenomenal abilities are a property of their brain. Phenomenal power, memory and speed - like a supercomputer. But why, then, are these phenomena limited to the realm of arithmetic? It would seem - since he has a kind of supercomputer in his head - he must be more smart then Newton and Einstein. He is phenomenal counter, but dig deeper - and nothing special. Apparently his mind is very mediocre, but he somehow got his hands on arithmetic problems to get into the Invisible World. There quietly (out of time!), neatly, in parallel worlds he will solve all difficult problems - and return back to our temporary reality with a ready answer. But he has no such access to solve deeper problems.
  In the same way, one can explain the incomprehensible (in atomism) connection between the central and gastrointestinal nervous systems. Especially when the main channel of communication with the brain is damaged [6]. Apparently, the complex composition of a specific personality in the invisible world also includes an ancient generalizing personality of an almost intestinal Worm, which autonomously controls the gastrointestinal nervous system. All the constituent parts of an intelligent person interact in a complex way [4]. But if the higher human part is influenced by various complexes - family, people, society, etc., then the Worm is without complexes. He frankly cares exclusively about his own skin (or whatever is on top of his surface). And he dictates his influence on the basis of purely selfish interest. By the way - the simpler a person is, the more obviously she is able to look into parallel worlds and, thus, to anticipate options for the future. Hence the expression - I feel it in my gut.
  With the development of reason and logic, a person gradually almost lost this gut feeling. More precisely, he lost confidence in him, learned to rely more on logical calculations. But it is instructive to observe how the shepherd dog follows the trail. For example, when it is clear that a person has run along an asphalt path, he will not tumble in the mud. So - the dog runs not on the trail, but next to it in the mud. Not by smell - he does not sniff at footprints, but holds his head high.
  The dog shifts the time of perception of the track and directly, as it were, sees the person in front of him. Or smells - but not the smell of a trace. What a trace - so much time has passed, everything was dispelled a long time ago. And everyone's boots are the same. The dog smells the smell from the past and confidently pokes his nose like a ghost on the side. And runs from the other side. But that's a completely different story.
   But why is the observable nervous system as built on neural principles as the Invisible World? Apparently, the whole universe is built according to a single plan. And this plan does not particularly indulge us with a variety of principles. Hence Occam's razor.
   Thus, how much is mysterious in nature ...
  And it is impossible to explain all these secrets within the framework of atomism. No matter how annoying it is for professionals from applied, pragmatic physics, they still have to look at the universe from fundamentally different points of view.
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