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Neural world picture

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  Neural world picture
  Modern science is dominated by a picture of the world of Epicurus, which asserts that the world consists of elementary particles and voids, nothing more. Invisible world not exists, world is absolutely such as we are seeing him. This world picture Epicurus has used only to justify the ethics of atheism. Quite by chance these ideas have been very fruitful in the development of classical mechanics. This success cemented the belief in absolute truth-term of Epicurus world picture as the only scientific method among mysticism, spirituality and other devilry.
  Epicurus world picture was inherited in quantum mechanics, because of the convenience to ensure the conformity principle of quantum phenomena with the classical concepts. However, along with the comforts the disadvantages are also inherited . Schrodinger believed that the main disadvantage is that subject of cognition. the observer is excluded from atomistic world picture. Our bodies with all of our molecules and atoms are inside this picture, but our personalities are excluded from it. Accordingly, such nontrivial manifestations of personality as telekinesis, teleportation and telepathy are declared as pseudoscience and quackery.
  Neural world picture is so far the only real alternative to atomistic worldview. In the neural world picture the Epicurus world appears just as one of many neural layers. This layer is the most primitive, the most miserable, with the most simple algorithm development and three-dimensional addressing neurons, leading to the illusion of physical three-dimensional space. This opens the obvious possibility of the existence of higher-neural layers with more advanced algorithms and addressing in which the personal qualities may arise and develop. Such layers are not directly observed in the physical three-dimensional space, but their existence is manifested indirectly - if they are related to the physical object, we find that the behavior of the latter is not describes only by the physics, it will show some animation. Purely physical objects, we assume only such elementary layers that have no connection with the higher layers. If such connections exist, we conclude that the personal nature from the unseen world controls the physical body as long as those connections exist. Thus, the description of the observer returns to the physical picture of the universe. Neural world picture maintains the principle of unity of the universe, because all neural layers - both physical and higher - have similar structure, addressing and changing state algorithm.
  Creating a neural picture originally pursued only aim to counter the ethics of Epicurus. For practical problems neural terminology inconvenient. However, some fundamental problems can from a new perspective to look very promising. For Example. if you translate strings or membrane theory to the language of neural connections, you can try to solve the problems of quantum divergences. Representation of quantum mechanics in SQL allow the use of quantum computing on usual SQL server without supercomputers. Neural world picture can save the evolution theory from the problem of lack of intermediate forms. Search of variants of evolution can occur not in the physical layer but in the upper neural layers - with evaluation of the virtual results. In the physical layer leaving no observable traces of this search, turnkey solution appears at the physical level is already in its final form.
  Higher neural layers are interconnected to form a single level, which can serve as a natural foundation of the concepts of the biosphere and the noosphere. Communication between individuals form a generalized personality - the family, the people, the universe. Therefore, on the basis of neural worldview it can be very interested to reconsider the mythological model of the RigVeda as a reflection of ancient memory of the creation of the world, the relationships and the struggle between the generalized personalities as the forces of nature.
  Of course, in relation to the real universe, the neural picture as such miserable as Epicurus picture. However, the proposal of a new picture is justified by the fact that atomism seems now not the unique of the scientific world picture - all observed facts can be explained on the basis of various alternatives. Neural world picture is the first, who broke through the blockade of atomism
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