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Solaris in the neural picture of the world

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    In the neural picture of the world, a phenomenon like Solaris is not a fantasy. More precisely, this is such a fantasy that (like many other images that came from science fiction) can be observed in reality - as a giant neural network that can change the properties of the Universe and materialize individual personal entities.

  Solaris in the neural picture of the world
  In the neural picture of the world, a phenomenon like Solaris is not a fantasy. More precisely, this is such a fantasy that (like many other images that came from science fiction) can be observed in reality - as a giant neural network that can change the properties of the Universe and materialize individual personal entities.
   The neural picture of the world is proposed as a counteraction to the atomistic picture of the world [1]. In the neural picture, the world does not consist of atoms, but of connections. At the same time, the neural picture of the world has a solid physical justification [2], which distinguishes it from numerous purely philosophical speculations that do not have a physical foundation [3].
   The physical justification for atomism began with Newton's calculation of the fall of an apple. From here a rather controversial philosophical conclusion was made - if you can calculate the fall of an apple, then you can calculate the entire movement of the Universe, consisting of atoms.
   The neural picture of the world begins with a description of the simplest quantum object from two possible states. The Schrödinger equation for this object can be represented as a program that describes a primitive fragment of a neural network [2].
  Following Newton, one can draw a no more controversial conclusion that the entire Universe as a whole can be represented as a giant neural network in which neuron-like state change algorithms operate [4].
   The only difference is that in the simplest (physical) object, the state is chosen equiprobably on a certain spectrum determined by the wave function of the physical object. But for more complex objects (like biological ones), the choice of state needs to be much more creative. This is similar to a chess program where, at a primitive level, a move is chosen with equal probability from a spectrum of possible moves. But at a higher level, the move is determined by the most complex calculation of variations, unattainable even for world champions.
   In this Universe neural network, complex neural fragments can (and even must) develop, corresponding to observable biological and even intelligent subjects. At the same time, the boundary between animate and inanimate nature is erased - since even the simplest physical object is represented by a neural network. This means that this object already has, as it were, some personal properties - albeit the most primitive ones. After all, a neural network is a generally recognized model of personality [5]. Consequently, any physical fragment of the Universal Neural Network is already partly a personality and, therefore, partly alive.
   But in addition to personalities that are directly observed in the real world, there are also fragments in the Neural Network that unite and generalize some groups of observed personalities. After all, any combination of fragments of a Neural Network is also a kind of Neural Network. And, therefore, also a personality. And also alive. Such - generalizing - personalities do not have a separate observable incarnation. They appear only in the form of individual observable subjects. But the control of these observable subjects is determined not only by the neurons of the subjects themselves. But also the algorithms of the whole association, the whole generalizing personality in its unity and integrity.
   Such generalizing personalities constitute an unobservable, invisible world. The simplest example is the wave function of a particle. It cannot be observed in its entirety - only the events of registration of individual particles in the basic states are observed. With such an event, the wave function changes abruptly. This is called reduction. In the neural picture, the essence of reduction is that the state of the Universe - all its properties, world constants, space-time geometry - all this can change dramatically instantly, that is, on one step of the Universe neurocomputer.
  Simultaneously, that is, on the same step, an innumerable set of parallel worlds can be deployed, in which, for example, a generalizing personality of a biological species will evaluate the prospects of its own evolution [6-7].
   From this point of view, Solaris can be represented as a gigantic, almost completely closed fragment of the Universe Neural Network. It is capable of simultaneously (on one step of the algorithm) purposefully changing the states of all its constituent neurons. And even the states of the neurons of that region of space-time where it is at the moment. Such an operation leads to a change in the given area of world constants, in particular, the gravitational constant. As a result, the orbit of Solaris is stabilized - against all the laws of atomistic physics.
   Solaris is also able to interact with neural fragments of aliens. To read their memory - all the complexes and experiences. And instead of parallel worlds, materialize the personalities of the guests.
   Thus, in the neural picture of the world, Solaris is a typical generalizing personality. True, unlike our planet, Solaris has a stable visible incarnation in the form of a thinking Ocean. In our world, generalizing personalities in all their integrity, as it were, have not yet been observed. Only individual personalitys under the care of generalizing one are observed - such as bees or ants. Only in art do we see examples of the visible embodiment of personalities, generalizing, for example, the forces of nature - in "The Tempest" play by Shakespeare.
   So Solaris is still only pure art, science fiction. But who knows - already quite a lot of images from fiction have turned into reality. Including from Solaris, which was written in 1959. But there are already orbital stations and the Internet, and even a video conference screen split in the middle.
   It is only necessary to take into account small corrections in those parts of the novel that were subjected to the inevitable influence of the prejudices of atomism at that time.
   In the novel, it is the BRAIN of astronauts that is scanned by the Ocean. In the neural picture, it is not the gray matter inside the skull that needs to be scanned, but the invisible neural layers that make up the essence of the personality. Commands are received from these layers for a visible reduction of the states of the brain, and only then the observed nervous system ensures the execution of these commands by the controlled body.
   The arguments about neutrino systems, which supposedly form the foundation of the matter from which the guests are incarnated, are also amusing. And not only because the neutrino - like any set of neutral particles - is not capable of forming any systems. The main thing is that in the neural picture of the world, in principle, there is no need for any subnuclear structures. Here, a generalizing personality is able to materialize guests simply by reducing the states and connections of our ordinary atoms, without plunging into the depths of elementary particle physics.
   But all this, of course, does not in the least detract from Lem's brilliant insight, the true recognition of which science has yet to realize. Perhaps - on the basis of a new picture of the universe. Maybe - on the neural picture...
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