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  Chapter Sixty Six - Awakening
  Zuo Mo slowly opened his eyes and couldn't help but groan because of his sore body.
  'Shixiong, you're awake.' An unfamiliar female stood beside the bed, her expression respectful. Zuo Mo noticed a hint of awe in her eyes. Based on her clothing, she should be an outer sect female disciple, but Zuo Mo didn't know her.
  'Where is this?' Zuo Mo struggled to sit up.
  'This is Fragrant Ginger Yard. Because you were injured, the mistress took you here.' The female outer sect disciple answered hurriedly.
  Zuo Mo relaxed and thought, Oh, so it had been Master. Feeling the hunger in his stomach, he raised his head to ask, 'Is there something to eat?'
  The outer sect female disciple nodded, 'Please wait.' She then turned and left. After a while, she carried a bowl of rice and several dishes in.
  Smelling the dense ling energy coming from the food, Zuo Mo felt his mind become alert, and felt even more hungry. Without a second wasted, he started to feast. The rice in the bowl wasn't the normal rice that he usually ate but rather cooked with ling grains. The small dishes were all prepared using ling vegetables. The ling energy was abundant. Thus extremely appropriate for people like Zuo Mo who had just been wounded to recover.
  To someone poor like Zuo Mo, when had he ever eaten such food? He had a ration of ling grains each month, but he didn't know how to prepare it.
  The preparation of ling food needed extremely specialized techniques. This process was called food cultivation. All kinds of raw ingredients filled with rich ling energy, after being especially paired, and then meticulously prepared, the ling energy in the food would be completely released and it was very easy to absorb. Absorbing ling energy from ling food was much gentler than absorbing it from jingshi.
  However, that was something only those who had enough jingshi could experience.
  Compared to other high level ling foods, ling grains were the most basic and widespread ling food. However, Zuo Mo sold the ling grains he received each month to turn it into jingshi . Having the ling vein in the stone room, the effect of ling grains were not major for him.
  This was the first time he was able to experience such luxury. The skill of the person who cooked was high and the ling energy thick. Just smelling it, Zuo Mo felt his mind lighten. When the food entered his mouth, he almost swallowed his tongue as well.
  Like a storm, the ling food on the table was swept clean, not a speck remaining.
  Zuo Mo stretched, still wanting more. At this time, the female outer sect disciple reminded him, 'Shixiong can meditate which will help in the absorption of ling energy.'
  Hearing this, Zuo Mo rushed into the lotus position to meditate.
  Seeing this, the female disciple quietly cleaned up the dishes and then closed the door as she left.
  Waking up from the meditation, Zuo Mo felt his mind was completely refreshed and unspeakably comfortable. Thinking about the ling food he had just eaten, he couldn't help but sigh at the effect of the meal which was even more effective than meditating for four hours in the stone room. But the ling vein in the stone room was completely free and while there hadn't been that much food, the price of the ling food definitely wasn't cheap. If it wasn't a reward from the sect, he certainly couldn't afford it.
  Pushing open the door, he walked outside the room.
  It was a small yard outside the door. At this time, Zuo Mo knew where he was. This place was a small out of the way yard in Fragrant Ginger Yard. He would pass by this place everyday. It seemed familiar upon further observation.
  He decided to go see his master.
  Walking out of the little yard, he saw quite a few female outer sect disciples along his way.
  Zuo Mo instantly felt the completely different change in their attitude.
  Previously, they had been respectful of him. Now, there was a hint of awe in this respect. This awe that came from the heart, it caused their spines to bend more, their attitude more careful and respectful. Zuo Mo wasn't used to it.
  Xu Qing saw Zuo Mo and hurried to bow, Shixiong! Master is waiting for you !'[i]
  Even Xu Qing was using the formal 'you.' Zuo Mo felt very uncomfortable. He shook his head and said, 'It's not good that Shimei calls me this, it's too formal!'
  'Shixiong is right, Xu Qing was wrong!' Xu Qing smiled warmly.
  Previously, she had helped Zuo Mo but she didn't think he would end up doing so well. Who could have known that Zuo Mo could fight to a standstill with Luo Li Shixiong. When she had seen it, she was dumbstruck. Even now, she still felt disbelief. This incident caused the entire Fragrant Ginger Yard to take a new look at this zombie Shixiong. Xu Qing was smart and knew that this fight had completely decided Shixiong's position in Fragrant Ginger Yard and the sect.
  Before, Hao Min Shijie had been arrogant and despotic in Fragrant Ginger Yard. In the future, she would definitely be more restrained. If she still didn't control herself, then she would be too stupid. Zuo Mo Shixiong might look slow but no matter if it was cunning, power, or talent, he surpassed Hao Min.
  Xu Qing knew of the battle between the inner sect disciples. As an outer sect disciple, she naturally felt closer to Wei Sheng and Zuo Mo who had once been outer sect disciples as well.
  However, Xu Qing was still careful and aware of herself. Many people, when they prospered, their temper and personality became drastically different. Prudence would never be a mistake. However, Zuo Mo Shixiong's personality seemed much better than she had imagined.
  Zuo Mo's zombie face still was expressionless. He nodded at Xu Qing and then walked towards Master's dan room.
  Pushing open the door to enter, he saw Master Shi Feng Rong.
  'Now you know to act brave!'When Shi Feng Rong saw him, she discourteously started scolding, 'Just admit defeat earlier next time. Did you have to injure yourself like that?' She completely forgot she had sent a death order for Zuo Mo to not lose.
  Zuo Mo perceptively didn't mention it and muttered in compliance. To argue with this person, he didn't have the guts.
  Shi Feng Rong's tone relaxed, 'But, you didn't lose face for me. Very good.' Zuo Mo heard this and rolled his eyes inside. This is probably what you really thought inside.
  Shi Feng Rong was very satisfied with this disciple. Even though he had only been a ling plant farmer, but she had been shocked at his talent at dan-making. He could make the golden crow pill even when he just started to learn dan-making. The first time Zuo Mo made the golden crow pill, it could be explained by luck. Afterwards, when he found the basic method, she hadn't said anything, but she had been very shocked inside. This wasn't something that could be accomplished by luck. Seeing his exceptional talent, Shi Feng Rong had made even stricter demands of him.
  She didn't have any hope for the fight between Zuo Mo and Luo Li. Regardless that she had ordered that he could not lose, she was clear that the two weren't on the same power level. Yet Zuo Mo once again gave her a surprise. Even though he didn't win, but he truly didn't lose.
  In a short three months, he was able to comprehend sword essence! This kind of sword talent, even the cold Second Shixiong was surprised. The sect leader and Third Shixiong had gaped. She had been very smug inside.
  'Three months, and you were able to comprehend sword essence. Your talent at the sword isn't weak. If it was buried, it would be a pity.' Shi Feng Rong slowly said, 'In the future, you can go to your Second Shibo to learn about the sword. I'm telling you, if you go to your Second Shibo, don't dishonour me. If I learn that you are slacking, humph!' The snort was very cold.
  Zuo Mo silently grimaced. To go to Second Shibo's place to learn the sword, this treatment, it was extremely high in Wu Kong Sword Sect. It was something that every disciple dreamed about. If it was in the past, Zuo Mo would have nodded and agreed but now......
  He thought that there was still an idle and steady Pu Yao in his consciousness, and then thought about Second Shibo's sword-like gaze......
  Zuo Mo felt he had dropped into ice.
  He still remembered the snow white sword essence of Second Shibo slicing through the black sea the night he met Pu Yao for the first time! Even the kind of strong yaomo that was Pu Yao, he still wasn't Second Shibo's opponent. If Second Shibo found Pu Yao in his consciousness, his own ending would be of the utmost miserable!
  What was a reward in other people's eyes, Zuo Mo wanted to avoid it.
  'This disciple just wants to learn dan-making from Master......'
  Before Zuo Mo could finish, Shi Feng Rong interrupted, 'Dan-making is dan-making. Cultivating the sword is cultivating the sword. No one said that making dan means not being able to cultivate the sword! Stop talking and go where I tell you!'
  'Hm!' Shi Feng Rong looked suspiciously at Zuo Mo, 'You have a question?'
  Being pierced with Master's gaze, Zuo Mo's heart jumped rapidly. Don't let Master see anything fishy! He hurriedly shook his head, 'No! No!'
  'If you don't have any, then go!' Shi Feng Rong impatiently waved her hand to rush Zuo Mo out.
  Coming out of Master's dan room, Zuo Mo felt very uncertain. Of the four elders, the one he was most afraid of meeting was Xin Yan Shibo. Whenever Xin Yan Shibo looked at him, Zuo Mo felt that the other could see him clearly, and that all secrets were revealed in Second Shibo's eyes.
  But this obstacle could not be avoided.
  Zuo Mo cautiously went to Second Shibo's residence. Second Shibo was skilled in two areas. One was cultivating the sword. The other was forging. Wei Sheng Shixiong had personally been taught by him. Luo Li had once received his teachings. Other than that, Xu Yi Shixiong was the only disciple of Second Shibo and learned forging from him.
  Zuo Mo could only walk towards Second Shibo's residence.
  Second Shibo resided alone at Sun Lookout Peak. This was a place that Zuo Mo had never stepped in before. Following the winding mountain road, Zuo Mo was extremely careful and furtive. When he reached the peak of Sun Lookout Peak, he was shocked still.
  The peak was very large but there was only a small grass hut. Other than that, no other living thing was on the ground.
  Zuo Mo was about one hundred and fifty steps from the grass hut. These one hundred and fifty steps, he walked with his heart beating fast. A few times, he almost turned and ran away.
  Under his feet, not one foot of ground was whole. Actually, not just under his feet but the entire top of Sun Lookout Peak, there wasn't a whole piece of ground. There were intersecting cracks. The ground of Sun Lookout Peak seemed to have been heavily ploughed countless times.
  When he stepped on the upturned soil, Zuo Mo's heart shrunk!
  Sword essence!
  The broken soil on the upturned ground under his feet contained extremely strong sword essence! They followed out as though they wanted to cut off Zuo Mo's legs, or as though they wanted to burrow inside his body from the soles of his feet. The cold killing intent made Zuo Mo's hairs stand on end.
  He unconsciously swallowed, controlling his impulse to take out the ice crystal sword and gritted his teeth as he walked forward.
  One step one step!
  It was like his feet were stepping on countless sword tips. Each step was extremely careful.
  Zuo Mo felt the impulse countless times to take out ice crystal sword. It was an instinctive response, but each time, he would stop it!
  This patch of broken ground concealed countless sword essences. If he really summoned the ice crystal sword, that was really poking the hornet's nest! Those hidden sword essences would swarm and rip him to shreds.
  Damn it!
  This ghastly place!
  [i]?, formal way of saying 'you'. The pinyin is nin as opposed to the informal you 'ni'.
  Translator ramblings: Shi Feng Rong tries, she really does. She's old and experienced and so the rest of the elders. The way they see it, it's just a harmless little disagreement. No one would die. Of course, things look different from Zuo Mo and Luo Li's point of view.
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  Chapter Seventy Five Intelligence Determines Taste
  The morning after Cheng Wang's wedding day, he took his wife to the palace for the formal greeting. The Emperor might have been indifferent to his youngest son, but on the surface, he didn't slight him. What should have been bestowed down was given.
  The Empress didn't discriminate. What her attitude was when the previous three imperial sons had married, that was her attitude towards He Ming's marriage. But she seemed to be friendly towards Luo Wen Yao.
  Coming out of Kui Yuan Palace, Luo Wen Yao's face was slightly red as she walked next to He Ming with her head down. Even though she had dreamed of her husband as one who was well educated and skilled in both martial and literary arts, in reality, she felt that Cheng Wang treated her better and was more steadfast than the one in her dreams. Nothing would be better than to have a place in his heart.
  'Don't worry, mu fei is very friendly, she will definitely like you,' He Ming saw his wife's nervousness and gripped her hand reassuringly, 'Don't be afraid. I'll be there with you.'
  'En,' Luo Wen Yao gave the smallest of nods, her face blushing harder.
  An guipin really did like having Luo Wen Yao as her erxi very much. She had a warm personality and a good conduct. The Emperor might have neglected her child for so many years but thankfully the erxifu he had chosen was a good one.
  She looked at her erxifu whose face was full of embarrassment and indicated for the palace maid beside her to take out the prepared gifts. She gently grasped Luo Wen Yao's hand, smiling as she spoke: 'Today, I'm putting Ming'er into your care. In the future, if Ming'er does something wrong, don't let him off. Tell me and I will certainly sort him out.'
  'Mu fei is abandoning your son since you have an erxifu,' He Ming stood and raised his hands in a fist, 'Mu fei, don't worry. We will try to live a good life.'
  Seeing the situation, Luo Wen Yao perceptively stood and followed in bowing. Her face might have been bashful but her tone was resolute: 'Don't worry mufei. Erxi will definitely take good care of His Highness and have a good life.'
  An guipin's eyes slightly reddened. She put the two people's hands together, and said happily: 'It's good to try to have a fulfilling life. A person's life is like a long road. It's a fortunate thing to have someone to walk with along this long road. You have to treasure it.'
  He Ming turned to look at his wife. The hand that held Luo Wen Yao's hand tightened as he nodded gravely.
  The couple let An guipin's residence and started to head slowly out of the palace. He Ming noticed that Luo Wen Yao kept walking half a step behind him and reached out to grab her hand, remarking: 'When we get back, we should go to see to the gifts prepared  for the return to your paternal home and check to see if there's anything lacking.'
  Luo Wen Yao shook her head and replied in a small voice: 'Your Highness has already prepared everything. How could there be anything wrong?'
  'I don't know what father and mother-in-law like so you have to take a look,' He Ming smiled as he responded, 'Otherwise, what will happen if father and mother-in-law aren't satisfied with their son-in-law?'
  Luo Wen Yao heard his words and her hand that was being held by He Ming gripped his broad hand. She smiled as she teased: 'That's even more of a reason not to help you. If you prepare, it's called being thoughtful. What is it if I prepare it?'
  The two smiled simultaneously, their hearts gradually becoming closer.
  Qu Qing Ju stood at the side of the fake mountain, looking at the sweet young couple not far away. She couldn't resist smiling and remarked to Mu Jin beside her: 'Those two are pretty good like this.'
  Mu Jin smiled as she responded: 'Wang fei likes Cheng wang fei very much?'
  'I like all the good guniang,' Qu Qing Ju slowly headed towards Zhong Jing Palace. Looking at Mu Jin's confused expression, she smiled and explained, 'A young guniang, she's more beautiful than the most beautiful flower. A woman's whole life depends on one man, but that one man might not only have her as his only woman. Society is like this. A woman's beauty might be very short, or very long, but the only thing in common is that they had all been beautiful. It's just that they've all met different men and had different fates.'
  Mu Jin didn't think that wang fei would say such a complicated speech. She mused: 'So it's good for nubi to accompany wang fei. Many of the men in this world are fickle, and nubi won't like them.'
  Qu Qing Ju felt that Mu Jin was affected by the Duke of Chang De's actions and the body's original owner's mother. She helplessly patted the back of Mu Jin's hand: 'I won't force you to do something you're not willing to. But if you meet someone you've fallen in love with in the future, you have to tell me.'
  Mu Jing smiled as she acquiesced, but she didn't put it on her mind. The kind of being that was man, it couldn't even be compared to a handkerchief. At least a handkerchief was useful for wiping things. Men, other than being fickle and emotional, what else could they do?
  When they had reached Zhong Jing Palace, Ding mama received Qu Qing Ju and ushered her inside. Only when she had entered did she realise that, aside from Jing guifei, Wen guipin was also present. She went forward to give a greeting to Jing guifei first before greeting Wen guipin.
  'Duan wang fei has no need to be so courteous,' Wen guipin hurriedly stood to return half a greeting. Her face was still fragile, but her mental state seemed much better than last time at the gates of Tian Qi Palace.
  'Meimei, sit down. Heng'er's wife, sit down too,' Jing guifei smiled and let the two sit, motioning for a palace maid to serve the pastries her erxi liked, 'Why did you think of coming here today?'
  Qu Qing Ju smiled as she looked at the pastries the palace maid served. She gushed to Jing guifei: 'Mufei is so good to erxi, I like eating all of these.' She reached out to pop one in her mouth, joyfully swallowing before replying, 'Because of si di 's wedding these past days, erxi didn't have the time to enter the palace to greet mufei. One of my taijian managed to find a few jars of peach wine. I had a taste and found that the wine was light and sweet, perfect for women so I brought some along to let mufei have a taste. The stuff of the common people might not be as fine as those of the palace, but the taste is unique.'
  'Just a few jars of wine, fancy that! You had to send it in,' Jing guifei's tone was reproachful but the smile on her face became more evident, 'Such a child, people will laugh at you.'
  Wen guipin, who was sitting to one side, heard those words and interjected: 'Guifei niangniang's words will harm this child's heart. Look how filial this child is. She remembers you whenever she gets something and brings it to you. Niangniang, what are you unsatisfied with?!'
  'You don't know her. Today, it's two jars of wine, tomorrow it's a few boxes of food, the day after it's some novels. It's all just petty amusements but she treats them like treasures,' Jing guifei's face was helpless, 'It's lucky that it's you here today. If it was anyone else, wouldn't it be a laughingstock if it got out?'
  Qu Qing Ju saw that after Jing guifei said those words, Wen guipin seemed to release a breath. She couldn't help but think Wen guipin was siding with Jing guifei. Was it that Ning Wang was wagering on the second He?
  'It's the thought that counts, guifei niangniang shouldn't disdain her efforts,' Wen guipin smiled as she looked at the docilely seated Qu Qing Ju, 'Based on what pin qie sees, this is a very rare and good erxi.'
  Jing guifei smiled as she pointed at Qu Qing Ju, ordering: 'Why aren't you thanking your Wen mu fei for saying good things on your behalf? You have to pour tea for her later.'
  Qu Qing Ju smiled as she stood to bow to Wen guipin: 'Many thanks to Wen mufei.'
  Wein guipin waved her hand repeatedly as she said she couldn't accept it. She was very courteous in her treatment of Qu Qing Ju.
  Jing guifei smiled as she watched her erxi personally pour a cup of tea for Wen guipin. Then she naturally helped switch her own cup as well. The mirth in her eyes became even more evident.
  Qu Qing Ju ate the noon meal at Jing guifei's palace before leaving. She walked on the black stone paths of the palace and thought about Wen guipin flattering Jing guifei. She couldn't help but sigh. In the past, Wen guipin might have been warm and courteous, but she wasn't at this level. This was all for her son.
  'Wang fei, it seems that Shu guifei is coming up front,' Mu Jin informed in a small voice as she looked at the procession coming towards them.
  Qu qing Ju raised her head to look ahead. On the other side, walking in front of numerous palace maids and taijian, was Shu guifei. She moved sideways to retreat to the side of the road. When Shu guifei drew near, she bowed and greeted: 'Greetings to Shu guifei.'
  'Isn't this lao er's wife?' Shu guifei stopped in her steps. She raised an eyebrow as she looked at Qu Qing Ju who had her head slightly lowered. She said in a sarcastic voice, 'After just a few days, lao er's wife has become even more beautiful.'
  'Thanks, niangniang for the compliment,' Qu Qing Ju faintly smiled as she gave another bow.
  Shu guifei looked coldly at the woman in front of her. Her looks truly were better than her own erxifu. No wonder she could tempt lao er to not walk when he saw her. Thinking that this was her enemy's erxifu, her tone was icy: 'But a woman's appearance is not the most important. As a wife, virtue is the most important of them all.'
  Even Jing guifei hadn't said anything, so how could Shu guifei act as though she was her popo? Qu Qing Ju raised her head to glance at Shu guifei, her voice soft as she responded: 'Qing Ju only has a fleeting beauty and can't measure up to the word beautiful. Guifei niangniang's appearance rivals that of the goddesses. If Qing Ju could even have a fraction, it would be the greatest fortune in this life.'
  Shu guifei's face darkened. Those words were complimenting her for being beautiful on the surface, but its true purpose was to block the words she had said previously. She was going to flare up when she heard another person's voice come from behind her.
  'Greetings to Shu guifei,' He Heng had a slight smile as he walked in front of Qu Qing Ju, his voice reproachful as he said, 'You went to bother mufei for the noon meal again?'
  'Mufei cares for me, and knows that I like to eat the food at her place so she specially let me stay back to eat,' Qu Qing Ju snorted, 'Just right now, mufei said I was filial. How can you say that I was bothering her?'
  'Fine, mufei always protects you,' He Heng raised his hands helplessly to Shu guifei, 'Mufei is partial to my wife. We have let Shu guifei see a joke.'
  Shu guifei's smile had already disappeared. These two's words inside and out were implying that they were Jing guifei's son and erxi and thus, she didn't have the qualifications to lecture them. A long time later, she suppressed the anger inside before she spoke: 'Duan Wang exaggerates.'
  He Heng smiled insincerely as he replied: 'Shu guifei niangniang is magnanimous.'
  'If that is the case, then you should leave the palace early. Ben gong still has to go to Tian Qi Palace, and won't keep you,' Shu guifei's hand, that was supported by a palace maid, tightened. That whore Wei shi's son, he was just as horrid as Wei shi.
  After Shu guifei was far away, Qu Qing Ju came to a realization. So this was the type that Qing De Emperor liked. This Shu guifei could be favoured for so many years, it could be inferred that her ancestors must have been generous and virtuous people.
  'What are you thinking?' He Heng saw Qu Qing Ju look as though she had an epiphany, and couldn't help asking.
  'Nothing, I just suddenly felt that intelligence could determine a person's taste.' Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  This chaper has been provided to you by me, warlord212, cactuar0, and WanderingGummiOfDoom.
  Chapter Sixty Seven - Questions and Answers
  Zuo Mo was like a tense string as he carefully moved in front of the door to the grass hut. Just the slightest bit of outside force and he would move.
  He took a deep breath. Even though he had broken through to the second breath of [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] and didn't need to use his nose and mouth to breathe, but when he was nervous, he still unconsciously followed the familiar pattern of breathing to calm his emotions. Letting his mind settle, he gave a deep bow to the wooden door of the grass hut, 'Disciple Zuo Mo greets Shibo!'
  'Come in!' Xin Yan Shibo's icy voice came  out of the grass hut.
  The wooden door opened silently. The inside of the hut was a patch of darkness. Zuo Mo's heart couldn't help but tense up once again. He gathered his courage and walked in.
  The interior of the grass hut was extremely crude. There was only a meditation mat, other than that, there was nothing else. Xin Yan Shibo was sitting on the meditation mat, a small stream of sunlight entering the grass hut and falling onto Xin Yan Shibo's body. Shibo's body was under the sun but his face was shadowed by the hair in front of his forehead and couldn't be seen clearly until he opened his eyes.
  In the shadow, two dots of ice suddenly lit up. For some unknown reason, Zuo Mo felt a bone-aching cold flow from the tail of spine upwards, all the muscles in his body paralyzed.
  'You are a surprise to me.' Xin Yan's voice was like a cold mist, permeating through Zuo Mo's skin into his heart, so cold that he almost couldn't move.
  'You don't have any talent at the sword.' Xin Yan said calmly.
  Zuo Mo's heart suddenly tensed. He felt that he almost forgot to breathe at this instant. Terror, like the flood overcoming the dam, instantly broke through Zuo Mo's psychological defenses. Did Shibo find out?
  'You could comprehend sword essence in three months, that surprised me.' Xin Yan didn't look at Zuo Mo. He slowly closed his eyes, the two dots of ice disappearing into the shadows, 'I'm not concerned with what fortuitous encounters you had, but you have to remember, if you do anything against the sect in the future, I will kill you with my sword.'
  The tone was calm, as though it was narrating a simple matter.
  It was like Zuo Mo suddenly rose from hell into heaven. This joyful surprise stunned him for a moment. He had already prepared to stretch out his neck to be killed. He had assumed that Second Shibo had already seen through him, and seen that Pu Yao was in his consciousness.
  The tense muscles on his body instantly relaxed. Zuo Mo felt his body was weak, the lingering fears in his heart like a flood, almost swallowing him. His feet were sore and weak.
  'Yes!' Zuo Mo hurriedly answered, his mind slightly steadier.
  'The [Li Water Sword Scripture] that you cultivate is unique but is limited by the knowledge of the author and it would be hard for it to improve further in the future.' Xin Yan didn't open his eyes as he said calmly, 'And your fundamentals are too weak. Several places need to be changed. However, the places that you changed yourself, they weren't bad.'
  Afterwards, Xin Yan pointed out a few spots. Zuo Mo, now having calmed down, was delighted and willing. The places that Shibo pointed out, it was exactly the places that he felt were uncomfortable and didn't flow properly, but he hadn't known how to change it. Hearing Shibo's advice, he instantly understood.
  After that, Xin Yan Shibo threw a jade scroll to Zuo Mo, 'These  are some basic sword scriptures. Practice them more.' Pausing, he said with a hint of regret, 'Your primary focus is dan-making, and you're also a ling plant farmer. You are not suited to cultivate the sword. For sword xiu, what is important is not to be distracted by other matters, the clear heart sword. You, try to do your best.'
  Bidding farewell to Shibo, when Zuo Mo passed over the mud in front of the grass hut, he didn't feel any of the sword essence that had been there previously. Just like those sword essences knew him and hid themselves.
  On the road from Sun Lookout Peak to Little West Wind Yard, Zuo Mo had been pondering Shibo's words. Shibo's meaning was extremely clear. If he wanted to progress another step on the road of the sword xiu, and really accomplish something, he must abandon being a ling plant farmer and dan-making, and only practice the sword. Otherwise, he would find it hard to progress further on the sword.
  Shibo's words were as clear as they could be, but Zuo Mo knew what he was worth.
  If he was like Wei Sheng Shixiong, he might abandon everything and be a pure sword xiu but he wasn't. He knew just how much talent he had. If he didn't have Pu Yao, he basically couldn't have been able to comprehend sword essence. He had been sliced several thousand times before he had comprehended Shibo's tidal sword essence. If it had been Wei Sheng Shixiong, he would have needed only a few dozen before he could have comprehended it.
  If he didn't have the experience of comprehending the tidal sword essence, he certainly wouldn't have been able to comprehend the li water sword essence in three months.
  He was fated to not walk Wei Sheng Shixiong's path!
  As he walked with the wind blowing gently in his face, Zuo Mo's mood rose. The road each person walked was different. Even more, the progress he had made was something he didn't dare to even think of before. Yet now, he had made it.
  His mood recovered quickly. After the rise and fall in his emotions today, his body felt slightly exhausted. He needed rest.
  However, when he walked to the mouth of the West Wind Valley, his feet stopped and he paused on this spot.
  'Ai ya! Zuo Mo Shixiong, you finally came! Shixiong was so strong in the sect assessment, Shidi has come to especially give congratulations, just a humble gift... ...'
  'Does Shixiong still remember me? That year, if it wasn't for your [Little Art of Cloud and Rain], I would have been homeless. This little brother still remembers it... ...'
  'Shixiong Shixiong, this little brother cultivates the sword, but doesn't have a master... ...'
  'Shixiong, us sisters from the Eastern Peak... ...'
  Looking at the dense mass of people, Zuo Mo's head rang.
  The entrance of West Wind Valley was filled to the limit. This scene, it was even busier than the last time when Zuo Mo had been promoted to an inner sect disciple. Even the gifts they had prepared were higher quality than last time. Some outer sect disciples that had good family backgrounds had really spent a lot.
  Desperately needing rest, Zuo Mo felt his head was going to explode.
  'Stop the noise!' Suddenly, a voice passed over, and everyone instantly quieted.
  Xu Yi had accompanied two females over. Zuo Mo saw clearly that it was Eldest Shijie Gong Sun Qing and Xu Yi Xia Shijie. The one that had spoken was Xu Yi Shixiong. Xu Yi waved his hand, 'Leave.'
  Seeing the situation, the outer sect disciples scattered like birds.
  Xu Yi bowed to Zuo Mo and said, 'Shidi, don't blame me for overstepping. It really is too noisy with all these people here.'
  Zuo Mo hurriedly returned the bow, 'Many thanks, Shixiong. This little brother's eyes are already dizzy. If Shixiong had been just a moment late, this little brother would have been dead right here.' Then he bowed towards Gong Sun Qing and Xu Yi Xia, 'Eldest Shijie, Yi Xia Shijie!'
  'Hee! You are actually somewhat interesting~a!' A green-clad Xu Yi Xia laughed.
  Zuo Mo was deeply cautious and alert towards this innocent-looking girl. Li Ying Feng Shijie said that the jade scroll had been from Xu Yi Xia Shijie. What the intentions were at that time of giving him that jade scroll were hard to tell.
  Gong Sun Qing smiled warmly, responding, 'Shidi looks very tired. Why don't we come another day?'
  'What is Shijie saying, come come come. Everyone come in and have some tea.' Zuo Mo hurriedly said and then made a joke, 'But I don't have Shixiong's ling tea. Please don't blame me.'
  Everyone started moving towards the valley. Each person made with a pondering expression as their  eyes encountered the ruined jinzhi scattered on the ground,. They had heard earlier on that Luo Li had gone to challenge Zuo Mo at the valley, the news was passed furiously through Wu Kong Sword Sect. Thinking about the match that neither of the two had won, all three of them had their own thoughts.
  Zuo Mo didn't have any expression. In fact, he couldn't make expressions. That zombie face couldn't hold any expressions.
  Entering the West Wind Yard and seeing Zuo Mo return, the grey beaked goose on the roof made a call as though she was giving a greeting. Just having escaped death, Zuo Mo's mood was very good and he waved his hand in greeting to the female bird.
  Gong Sun Qing saw Zuo Mo's youthful actions and couldn't help but grin.
  Xu Yi Xia only took a glance. Seeing it was only just a normal grey beaked goose, she looked away with a hint of disdain in her eyes. Her steed was a third grade golden fire pupil beast. Extremely intimidating and dominant. In her eyes, a grey beaked goose was for country bumpkins only.
  The group of four sat down. Zuo Mo made a pot of tea. The three touched it with their lips before setting it down. Zuo Mo didn't care. What he had was just normal tea. It was a bit cheap. Normally, even he didn't drink it.
  'It really shocked me that Shidi comprehended sword essence in three months. Shidi is really too mean to not have slipped any hint and make me worry.' Xu Yi said with a smile.
  Zuo Mo quickly answered, 'It isn't that this little brother deliberately concealed it. Even this little brother hadn't thought it would be possible.Afraid of saying it and being embarrassed, this little brother had been practising in the river and had been swept a few hundred miles away by the water. Even the sect leader had to send someone to search.'
  The other three people's expressions instantly became slightly strange. They had already used the incident of Zuo Mo being swept away by the river as a joke. The three had mocked or disdained it. Now that Zuo Mo mentioned it in self-mockery, the three instantly didn't feel good inside.
  Zuo Mo had comprehended sword essence and was walking far in front of them. Previously mocking Zuo Mo, it clearly showed their ignorance and stupidity.
  'What sword scripture is Shidi practicing?' Xu Yi Xia asked with a face of innocence.
  'Li Water Sword Scripture.' Zuo Mo didn't deny it. If they wanted to know, they naturally could find out, 'It is a third grade five elements sword scripture. Pity that Shibo said that it would be difficult for it to progress more.'
  Hearing this Xu Yi Xia's cunning eyes couldn't help but reveal delight.
  Zuo Mo coincidentally caught it. He couldn't resist sneering inside. This brat definitely didn't have a good heart!
  'Shidi, don't  be discouraged.' Gong Sun Qing comforted, 'Your talents are so outstanding, Shibo and Sect Leader wouldn't waste your talents.'
  'Shijie is right.' Feeling the concern of the other, Zuo Mo felt goodwill for her and bowed towards Gong Sun Qing. It might have been that she would be marrying soon but she didn't walk closely with Qin Cheng's group. It seemed like that she didn't want to involve herself in the battle between the two sides.
  'This time, it is me that is searching for Shidi.' The Eldest Shijie smiled, her tone gentle, 'These two have been taken along to keep me company. I heard that Shidi can make a kind of lingdan called Golden Crow Pill which has a probability of making Golden Crow Fire. Is that true?'
  'The appraisal says so. In reality, this little brother has not tried.' Zuo Mo said cautiously.
  'That's good.' Gong Sun Qing smiled and took out a jade box, 'I want to use this time to exchange with Shidi for one hundred Golden Crow Pills. Shidi, take a look.'
  Finishing, her slender fingers pushed the jade box in front of Zuo Mo.
  Zuo Mo was slightly puzzled as he opened the jade box. The moment he opened the jade box, his pupils suddenly expanded, glee was unable to be disguised in his eyes!
  Translator ramblings: Zuo Mo is on vacation but that's not going to be for long.He's made a decision about his 'career' and really, it was unrealistic for Xin Yan to expect the money-grubbing zombie to abandon his pursuit of wealth in exchange for a promise that he might succeed.
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  He Heng is really sincere about Qu Qing Ju. The intelligence of the Emperor and Shu guifei... ...
  Chapter Seventy Six Truth and Falsehood
  After Cheng Wang's wedding, the bustling and rumbling Jing City slowly calmed down. It seemed that no one remembered the imprisonment of the eldest imperial son in Bright Moon Tower nor did they recall the imperial censor who'd rammed himself into a pillar in the court hall. The people who lived in Jing City were the most pragmatic. They would only remember what they should. What they should forget, they definitely wouldn't even remember a hint.
  Just as everyone was peacefully living their lives, news came out of the palace. The Emperor was sick. Shu guifei and Jing guifei spent day and night looking after the Emperor but there were still no signs of recovery. Shu guifei even had a professor of the Imperial Hospital beaten to death.
  The Emperor was sick, and it was serious. This matter was a sign in Jing. If Shu guifei had not ordered the death of the Imperial Hospital's professor, the news wouldn't have been revealed so early. Upon hearing the news, every family's immediate thoughts were different. All the senior officials who were held in the Emperor's confidence, such as Tian Jin Ke, had shut their doors and rejected all who came.
  There were many who'd tried to find information from Duan Wang Fu. Excluding Qu Qing Ju's family, even the paternal families of Feng Zi Jin, Jiang Yong Yu, and the others had eavesdroppers. These people didn't think it through. What would the paternal family of a qie of a wang fu know? Did they really believe that Duan Wang was an idiot, and would tell such things to a qie, and in this sensitive time, allow the qie to pass crucial information to her paternal family?
  The ones who could only beseech the paternal families of the qie clearly didn't have any great abilities. It was also clear that their brains weren't any good. They wouldn't be able to climb up any higher in their lifetimes unless the Heavens willed it.
  Qu Qing Ju listened to Jiang Yong Yu report that people had come to seek information from her paternal family and let her sit down below her.
  'My father isn't experienced, and doesn't know anything about this kind of a great matter. He could only decline all of them,' Jiang Yong Yu presented the letter in her hand to Qu Qing Ju, 'This is a list of those who came to visit. My father is timid and took down the names of the people as well as the gifts they have sent. Please have a look, wang fei.'
  Qu Qing Ju took the letter and placed it to one side. She didn't even look at the contents of the letter. She smiled at Jiang Yong Yu as she promised: 'This must have been bothersome for your parent. I will definitely speak of this matter to wang ye.'
  In Qu Qing Ju's eyes, Jiang Yong Yu was the one who saw the situation most clearly in He Heng's qieshi. She was also the one who had the greatest abilities. She even felt pity for Jiang Yong Yu. If Jiang Yong Yu hadn't been selected as a female candidate to enter the palace, she would have had good life, marrying a son of a normal rich family as a wife.
  Jiang Yong Yu wasn't surprised that wang fei didn't read that letter. Based on wang fei's personality and conduct, she definitely wouldn't look at such things. This was wang fei's intelligence at work.
  'Nubi's needlework is not yet finished so I will not disturb wang fei any further. Farewell.' She had said what she had needed to say. Jiang Yong Yu didn't want to rely on wang fei to gain wang ye's favors. She knew very well now her looks had no chance of being liked by wang ye. It was better to walk behind wang fei at her tempo. She would have much easier days.
  Qu Qing Ju didn't detain her, nodding her head and letting Mu Jing to personally send her out.
  Jiang Yong Yu came out of the door of the room, and thanked Mu Jin repeatedly in order to reject her escort. In the end, Mu Jin still saw her off to the gate of zhengyuan before turning and leaving.
  Ai Lu supported Jiang Yong Yu as they carefully descended the stairs. She turned back to look at the decreasing figure of Mu Jin, and commented in a small voice: 'Mistress, wang fei let the most trusted Mu Jin guniang to see you off. It shows that wang fei puts importance on you.'
  Jiang Yong Yu didn't speak. Not long after, she saw wang ye walking towards her from another direction. Her steps paused and she lowered her head to bow in greeting to wang ye.
  He Heng noticed that she was coming from the direction of zhengyuang and asked: 'Has wang fei not had her noon nap?'
  'Wang ye, wang fei has risen just now,' Jiang Yong Yu obediently answered.
  'En,' He Heng nodded and proceeded to walk in the direction of zhengyuan, not even looking twice at Jiang Yong Yu.
  Jiang Yong Yu straightened her body and raised her head to look at the back of He Heng. She suddenly thought, now that the Emperor was seriously ill, if wang ye......
  She shook her head. No matter what, she had to respect and honor wang fei. She could see this wang fu very clearly. It had been, from very early on, grabbed by wang fei. Even if other women entered the fu in the future, they would just be wang ye's playthings. Wang ye's love towards wang fei wasn't a pretence.
  He Heng carelessly flipped through the list in his hand. Seeing Qu Qing Ju was tormenting the bonsai again, he remarked: 'These people are unimportant. Some were subordinates of lao san who'd come to fish. The people of the Jiang Family are very sensible.'
  Qu Qing Ju was carefully trimming out a rabbit's ear. Hearing He Heng's words, her hands stilled. She hadn't thought He Heng would mention what was occurring outside to her. Was it that he really thought of her as one of his people so he didn't even disguise his words?
  'Does wang ye mean that san shu has secretly done something?' She put down the scissors. After washing her hands, she said, 'Wang ye, how about I tell you a folk tale?'
  'What tale?' He Heng saw Qu Qing Ju's expression was solemn and waved his hand to let the all servants leave the room. He smiled as he urged, 'Let me hear it.'
  'An old man had two sons in his family. The old man was partial to his youngest son and always wanted to give the good things to his younger son. Afterwards, when the old man was seriously ill, the younger son assumed that the old man would leave behind the family property to him. One day, the younger son heard a neighbor say that his father secretly gave the good things to his brother. The younger son was angry and went to argue with his father. Who knew that he managed to cause the old man to die. The younger son was very regretful. A while later, he finally found out that what the neighbor said was a lie, but the deceased was already gone and regret was useless.' Qu Qing Ju gave a sigh, 'Don't you think that this younger son harmed himself. It isn't a good thing to believe what others say.'
  He Heng smiled and replied: 'I've actually heard this story before. Qing Ju and I really are two hearts linked as one.'
  Qu Qing Ju smiled and talked about some other matters with him before he hurriedly left. She knew inside that what He Heng wanted wasn't her idea but her attitude. This man had ambitions but he didn't want the person in his bed to not have the same stance as him. But he was very satisfied with her as the person in his bed, so he had said what he did to try to feel her out.
  She hadn't been here for one year, but she now understood what was power, and the magnitude of power. With power, a woman could divorce her husband. Without power, one had to kowtow and bow to another.
  She looked at the letter He Heng had left behind. Qu Qing Ju reached out to take a look and slowly folded the list, handing it to Mu Jin and told her to carefully hide it away.
  Mu Jin looked worriedly at her. By now, Jing City was a mess and it was unknown what could happen, 'Wang fei......'
  'There's no need to worry. Tell the others to proceed normally, but if there is anyone who dares to talk nonsense, throw them all out of the fu. No one is to be spared.' Qu Qing Ju commanded with a calm face, 'The qieshi in the fu cannot pass messages to the outside. If anyone disobeys, report it to me.'
  'Yes,' Mu Jin saw wang fei seemed to be confident and slowly lowered her heart back to its place.
  'Niangniang,' A palace maid frantically ran in front of Shu guifei. Seeing that everyone in the room was a confidante of Shu guifei, she spoke: 'Nubi just managed to get some news from Xiao De Zi in Tian Qi Palace. Today, when it was Jing guifei niangniang's turn at care, the Emperor praised Duan Wang in front of many people.'
  Shu guifei had been lying on the recliner since she was massaged by a maid. She instantly sat up when she heard the report, her expression changing as she demanded: 'The Emperor is awake?! What did he say?!'
  The palace maid knelt down with some fear, replying; 'Nubi heard that the Emperor praised Duan Wang for his conduct, and generosity for being similar to Xiandi .'[i]
  'Xiandi?' Shu guifei furrowed her brow. Xiandi had been considered a wise ruler by many. The Emperor deeply respected Xiandi and had always exclaimed that he himself wasn't a wise ruler in comparison, and that if Xiandi didn't have him as the only son, he most definitely wouldn't have succeeded the throne. She had heard it many times. Shu guifei understood the position Xiandi held in the Emperor's heart. Now that the Emperor was comparing Duan Wang to Xiandi, what did it mean?
  That year Yuan'er was born, didn't the Emperor say that Yuan'er's brows were similar to that of Xiandi? Why was he now praising that whore Wei shi's son?
  'Go summon His Highness Rui Wang to the palace. Say that ben gong is sick from exhaustion due to constant attendance and let Rui Wang do his filial duty at the Emperor's bed.'
  The yahuan, who was still kneeling on the floor, hesitated but then eventually, silently retreated. At this time, niangniang was telling the outside that she was ill due to exhaustion from attendance. Wouldn't the others assume that she wasn't willing to constantly attend the Emperor? But then again, she was just a low ranking palace maid. Guifei certainly wouldn't appreciate someone like her voicing an objection. Furthermore, the Emperor had always favored guifei so it probably wasn't a major matter.
  In Tian Qi Palace, Qing De Emperor woke up from his dreams. Smelling the faint scent of medicine in the room, he fell into a short daze. When he looked outside his canopy, he could only see an indistinct figure sitting outside. She must have been keeping watch over him all this time. His heart warmed and he couldn't resist speaking, 'Beloved fei, why haven't you gone to rest yet?'
  'Emperor, you are awake?' The canopy was raised and Jing guifei's tearful yet joyful face appeared in his vision. He suddenly understood. The person who'd been keeping watch was Jing guifei, not Shu guifei. In an instant, he was slightly afraid. Twenty three years ago, when he had fainted due to illness, who had been the one crying by his ear?
  'Emperor, what is it? Are you not comfortable?' Jing guifei's face was full of fear. She turned to let the servants call for the taiyi who were keeping guard outside before kneeling by his bed and sobbing, 'Emperor, you really scared qie. If you really had something wrong, where would that leave qie?'
  'It's not that serious,' Qing De Emperor coughed. He reached out to pat the arm she had on the bed, 'Heng'er is already grown up. Why are you still crying like this?'
  'It's that since Heng'er has grown up, qie has nothing to worry about. But if you ... ... qie would have no meaning in life,' Jing guifei saw the taiyi had come in and stood as she wiped the tears running down her face. She feigned dignity as she ordered, 'Take care in diagnosing the Emperor's pulse. If you don't take care, your fate will be the same as the taiyi who was beaten to death by Shu guifei.'
  'Niangniang, please don't worry,' The taiyi bowed to Qing De Emperor before reaching out to feel his pulse. A long time later, he slowly released a breath, 'Now that Emperor has wakened, it's more than half the road to recovery. But there was too much anger in the recent past which caused the body to weaken. Additionally, the state affairs have increased exhaustion, allowing illness. A short period of rest is all that's needed.'
  'You are telling the truth?' Jing guifei didn't care that the taiyi was still present as she sobbed. Smiling as she gasped, 'Thank the heavens and earth, thank the heavens and earth.'
  The taiyi looked at this scene and felt deeply moved. Didn't they say that Shu guifei was more favored than Jing guifei, but why was it that Jing guifei was the one who had kept watch over the Emperor, and would cry from sheer joy due to the Emperor's body taking a good turn? Thinking to there, he couldn't help but shake his head inside. The Emperor didn't cherish the woman who had a true affection for him, but favored that tyrannical Shu guifei. The Emperor had really wasted Jing guifei's affections.
  'Quick, write out a prescription for the Emperor,' Jing guifei ordered as she wiped her tears, 'After the Emperor recovers, ben gong will reward you greatly.'
  After the taiyi left, Jing guifei took a bowl of porridge from a palace maid and served half a bowl to Qing De Emperor. Seeing that Qing De Emperor's complexion had improved, she remarked: 'Seeing Emperor like this, qie is reminded of twenty three years ago. That time, qie was kneeling at your bed, and was sobbing and begging the heavens at the same time. Qie endured until fainting but didn't see you awaken.' She grimaced, 'But now that qie has finally seen you awake personally, it truly is the Heaven's blessing.'
  'Twenty three years ago, you ......' Qing De Emperor's expression changed. He looked at Jing guifei's fragile complexion. A beat later, he gave a long sigh, holding her hand as he observed, 'Zhen sees that you are exhausted, go to the side room and rest for a bit.'
  'But ......'
  'Do as you are told. If you are still worried about zhen, zhen will let someone wake you after four hours. This is zhen's decree.' Qing De Emperor's voice was resolute.
  Jing guifei could only helplessly stand and walk out of the main hall. Only when she had lied down in the side hall did a sliver of a smile reveal itself on her lips. Shu guifei, that good sister of hers, always left these kind of opportunities for her. They made her felt that if she didn't take advantage of those opportunities, it was letting down her good sister.
  Twenty three years ago?
  At that time, the seriously ill Emperor didn't have any brothers, only distantly related cousins. She, along with the other feipin who didn't have children, who hadn't been crying to the heavens to not take the Emperor's life?
  In the main hall of Tian Qi Palace, Qing De Emperor stared in a daze as he lay on the bed before he asked a taijian standing in the corner: 'Where is Shu guifei?'
  'Emperor, last night, after Shu guifei attended to you, she caught a cold. At midnight, she was supported by the palace maids back to her palace to rest and recover from her illness.'
  The person speaking was the chief steward of the taijian. He informed in a small voice, 'This morning, a servant came to report. They said that Shu guifei niangniang was exhausted and most likely will become weakened if she doesn't rest and recover.'
  'Then when did Jing guifei niangniang start to attend zhen?' Qing De Emperor's expression was slightly cold.
  'Jing guifei niangniang was in attendance starting from when she had heard you fainted,' The chief taijian peeked at the Emperor's expression and carefully continued, 'This morning, Jing guifei niangniang fainted once from exhaustion but niangniang wasn't willing to leave. Nucai didn't dare to persuade too strongly so niangniang hadn't closed her eyes for two complete days.'
  'En, zhen knows now.' Qing De Emperor closed his eyes. Just when the chief taijian thought he had fell asleep, he once again spoke, 'Let the Imperial Kitchen simmer the lily yam pigeon soup for Jing guifei. Zhen remembers that she likes this one.'
  The chief taijian hurriedly confirmed before retreating. After he came out of the door to the main hall, he looked at the horizon dyed red by the setting sun. This sky was most likely going to change.
  In the quiet main hall, Qing De Emperor let out a sigh. Had he been wrong all these years?
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  Chapter Sixty Eight - A Rare Leisure
  There was a pale blue third grade water grass lying in the jade box. Light flickered across the plant and it exuded a faint coldness.
  Icy Cloud Grass. It was a very rare water element ling grass. Its shadow could be found in many kinds of high level dan recipes. To say nothing else, Zuo Mo knew that even Master didn't have ice cloud grass in her fields. Ice cloud grass grew in the coldest of climates, it wasn't easily grown and was hard to find.
  It probably wasn't possible to buy such a high quality ice cloud grass in Dong Fu, and showed just how valuable it was.
  'This is too valuable.' Zuo Mo strongly controlled the greed in his heart and pushed the jade box back in front of the Eldest Shijie.
  A flicker of admiration ran through Gong Sun Qing's eyes. She once again pushed the jade box to Zuo Mo. 'Don't refuse, Shidi. This ice cloud grass, it leans towards the cold and the water element. The dan that can be made from this would certainly be lingdan of the ice and water elements. In this sect, other than Shidi, no one is appropriate for this.'
  Zuo Mo thought and then said: 'Two hundred. The other one hundred would be a token of Shidi's goodwill.'
  Gong Sun Qing didn't refuse and smiled broadly: 'Many thanks, Shidi.'
  Everyone talked for a bit longer, but their interests didn't match. Zuo Mo felt especially negative towards Xu Yi Xia. The three stood up and left. Zuo Mo walked with them to the mouth of the valley. Before leaving, Xu Yi couldn't resist reminding Zuo Mo of the golden crow pills he had already ordered. Zuo Mo nodded.
  Zuo Mo could finally take a breath. Returning to his little yard, he didn't want to do anything. Today's ups and downs, it was enough to tire him out.
  But he still moved the ice cloud grass into the ling spring of the rock room first. That ling spring was near the ling vein and the ling energy was extremely thick, and suited for the growth of the ice cloud grass. The reason he had been so happy seeing the ice cloud grass wasn't completely due to its value, but because the jade scrolls of Elder Wei Nan recorded a kind of water method to make a lingdan. Its main ingredient was ice cloud grass. This lingdan was called ice cloud dan. It could dramatically increase a cultivator's power over water.
  The jade scroll hadn't recorded just how great the increase was. However, for Zuo Mo, it still would be very beneficial. He wasn't a sword xiu and didn't need to consider the problem of the chaos of the five elements. Any element in the five elements was extremely useful for him. If his water power grew, the power of his [Li Water Sword Scripture] would be even greater, and easier for him to manipulate.
  But temporarily, he didn't have the time to make the ice cloud dan. He was in deep debt!
  Golden Crow pill......
  Whenever he thought about the enormous amount of golden crow pills, Zuo Mo had the impulse to faint.
  But today, it wouldn't be today. He buried his head and slept.
  The next morning, Zuo Mo woke up and started his crazy dan-making days. Xu Qing seemed to know of the matter and had prepared large amounts of the ingredients for the fasting pill beforehand.
  Looking at the mountain of raw materials in front of him, Zuo Mo wanted to cry. He forced himself to start!
  A crowd of people appeared in a mountain valley not far from Dong Fu. Their clothing was different and so was their expression.
  'It's nearby.' One of the people said. His face was serious: 'But it's hard to find the exact location.'
  'I think that it's here.' Another yellow-clad cultivator snorted coldly and followed: 'We've gone through the other twelve towns. Other than here, where else?'
  The other people looked at the silver-clad man that seemed to be the leader. The expression on this male's face was extremely faint. The long robes on his body seemed to have been woven from silver thread, the light gleaming. In the crowd, he was extremely eyecatching.
  The silver-clad man mused for a beat before opening: 'Settle down first and then search.'
  The crowd flew in the direction of Dong Fu.
  Four hours later, at the same location that the crowd of people had gathered, light flashed, and a crowd of black-clad people appeared. They were all wearing copper masks, the patterns on the masks extremely fierce and only revealing the eyes.
  'Just in this area. Still not clear about the exact location.' A black clad person said. Then he made a sound of surprise: 'There were people just here, not an insignificant number.'
  The leader of the crowd didn't say anything. He lightly waved his hand and the crowd of black-clad people disappeared into the air.
  A while later, a white-clad male appeared. If Zuo Mo could see it, he would be shocked to find that it was the person he had thought was a rich young master, Lin Qian. He only took a glance before disappearing.
  Zuo Mo's display in the sect assessment really shocked everyone. The next few days, there were continuous visitors. With no other solution, Zuo Mo could only hang up a sign of seclusion at the mouth of the valley. These few days, he had made dan to the point he almost threw up. For Eldest Shijie, for Xu Yi Shixiong, to give to Li Ying Feng Shijie to sell. Only later did he remember that he didn't have any fire seeds himself. Fourth grade fire source! If he didn't have one himself, why would he keep on making it?
  According to the appraisal, there was a probability that it could form golden crow fire. He speculated it was related to the number. Steeling his heart, Zuo Mo decided to make five hundred for himself. In any case, it wasn't as though eating too much would kill him. If he could really form golden crow fire, then he really would have struck gold. Fourth grade fire source. The grade of the lingdan that he made would increase a grade.
  Thinking of the possibility, he decided to just stay inside the dan room.
  Xu Qing was one of the busiest people around. She could almost be considered Zuo Mo's spokesperson. Each day, she needed to give Zuo Mo the dan ingredients that had been prepared, and then had to help him distribute the golden crow pill. There wasn't much variance in the amount of golden crow pill that would be made each day, but who would get them? That was a major question. Zuo Mo, finding it a giant headache, threw the question to Xu Qing. Previously, he owed her a favor. Zuo Mo was very willing to help her.
  The result of this action was that Xu Qing's status in the sect instantly rose.
  She had been the first seat of the Fragrant Ginger Yard's outer sect disciples for a significant amount of time and was extremely good at managing different personal relations and knew how to observe expressions. This kind of person, who would easily offend her? And now that she had the power to divide the golden crow pill, everyone wouldn't dare to offend her at this time. The temptation of a fourth grade fire seed was too much. The only exception was Hao Min. Because of Zuo Mo, she found Xu Qing even more of an eyesore. But when she thought about the strength he had shown in the sect assessment, she didn't dare to do anything.
  Zuo Mo had dared to slap her the previous time. If she provoked him, Zuo Mo definitely dared to slap her again.
  How could Xu Qing not know that Zuo Mo was helping her? She was grateful inside and tried her best to finish everything beautifully. She had been shocked at Zuo Mo Shixiong's performance in the sect assessment but what she really respected was Shixiong's craziness as he made dan.
  She was very clear how much ingredients she would send in.
  Maybe, for outer sect disciples, talent was something that couldn't be found everywhere. But painstaking effort was something everyone could do and was more worthy of respect!
  Not just her, the entire Fragrant Ginger Yard had been frightened by Zuo Mo's frenzy. Even Shi Feng Rong had, on multiple occasions, called Xu Qing in to ask about the situation. And Xu Qing, within the limits of her power, gave Shixiong all the help she could give. Like when people asking for golden crow pills would give something like ling grains or vegetables, Xu Qing would especially get a shimei skilled in making food to make ling food and send it to Zuo Mo.
  And then, she quickly found, that Zuo Mo would make a few more extra golden crow pills. She knew that helping her out.
  For the first time in almost twenty days, Zuo Mo walked out of the dan room. Pushing open the door, he narrowed his eyes instinctively against the sun.
  Xu Qing, rushing about in the yard preparing ingredients, saw the situation and ran over: 'Shixiong.'
  'Its nothing. I'm coming out to take a breather.' Zuo Mo motioned for her to do what she needed.
  After furiously making dan for almost twenty days, he finally completed the majority of his debts and could take a breath. The sun splashing on his body was warm. Zuo Mo felt extremely comfortable. He ran over to ask Xu Qing: 'Do you have a sound tablet?'
  Xu Qing was slightly puzzled but still ran to a room and took out a sound tablet to give to Zuo Mo.
  Taking the tablet, he disregarded the surprised expressions of the shimei and jumped onto the roof. Adding ling energy into the sound tablet, he set it by his side and then laid down, sunning himself and humming a tune.
  It had been so long since he was this free. Zuo Mo was extremely relaxed.
  Just as he relaxed, it suddenly darkened. Stopping his humming, Zuo Mo opened his eyes. In the sky overhead, a gigantic ship slowly flew past. The size of the large boat was about the same as the thousand wing ship that Zuo Mo had seen before. But the bow was even more sharp, the main body of the ship surrounded by a crowd of beautifully colored birds.
  Hm. Zuo Mo sat up. Face tilted upward to look at the large ship, he searched for what possible large personage that had come to Dong Fu.
  This large ship had alarmed many people. The female disciples in the yard stopped what they were doing and held a discussion.
  Coincidentally coming out, Shi Feng Rong noticed the large ship and a strange flicker flashed across her eyes. Her mouth scolded: 'Stop being noisy!'
  Hearing Shi Feng Rong's reproach, everyone instantly became silent and started their work again. Shi Feng Rong then scolded Zuo Mo who was on the roof: 'Go make dan!' Finishing, she left in the direction of Wu Kong Hall. Zuo Mo didn't care about being scolded. Inside, he was speculating, did the big ship have a relation with the sect?
  He felt that Master's expression today wasn't normal. There definitely was something!
  Of course, he could only speculate. Don't think that Master was just a woman. With her cultivation of jindan, in Dong Fu, that was definitely in the first class people.
  Even if something had happened, he couldn't do anything to help. It was good if he didn't make trouble. Thinking about it, Zuo Mo strolled back to his own little yard.
  He first went to inspect the ice cloud grass. Seeing vigorous growth, he meditated for four hours in the rock room. Due to the ling vein in the rock room and the ling food Xu Qing had provided, the increase in Zuo Mo's cultivation recently was extremely clear. It would just be a while before he would reach the second level of zhuji.
  Because he had been busy with making dan, he hadn't read the jade scroll that Xin Yan Shibo had given him. The ling grasses and herbs in the ling fields had also been neglected recently. The jinzhi outside the valley needed to be set up again. He still needed to keep making golden crow pills. He yearned very much for the fourth level golden crow fire.
  Busy, busy!
  He liked this kind of busyness. His life was very full.
  He suddenly thought that it had been a long time since he went into his consciousness to see Pu Yao. He didn't know what the other had been doing.
  Entering the sea of consciousness, it still looked normal. Zuo Mo couldn't help but release a breath. What he was most afraid of was that there would be changes every time he came here. And no matter what changed, he wouldn't understand.
  But when he saw Pu Yao's state, he was alarmed.
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  Good mothers are very important.
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  Chapter Seventy Seven
  When He Heng brought Qu Qing Ju to Tian Qi Palace, the children of the Emperor along with their mothers were all present. Qu Qing Ju even saw some unfamiliar princesses and their fuma, but these people were evidently not valued by Qing De Emperor and silently stood to one side.
  The person sitting next to the dragon bed was none other than Jing guifei. She saw her son and erxi come in but didn't pay any attention to them and persisted in her efforts to feed Qing De Emperor his entire medicine before announcing: 'Emperor, Heng'er and erxi have arrived.'
  Qing De Emperor's mental state was much better compared to when he had first woke up yesterday. He watched as his son and erxi bowed in greeting before waving his hand, 'Stand up, no need for such protocol.' He indicated for a taijian to bring a bench for the two to sit.
  Qu Qing Ju detected that the smile Qing De Emperor directed towards Jing guifei was especially warm and his eyes, as he looked at He Heng, was kinder than in the past. She strangely felt her back turning cold. He was only sick for a few days, but why did Qing De Emperor seem strange?
  She looked at the still standing feipin and princesses, and saw He Heng pulling his stool closer to sit next to the bed. She followed to sit next to He Heng and watched obediently as Jing guifei warmly placed a cushion for Qing De Emperor and gently put a blanket over Qing De Emperor as though, in the eyes of Jing guifei, Qing De Emperor was a more important existence than her own son.
  Her eyebrow slightly twitched. Qu Qing Ju felt that she thought something she shouldn't have. She silently moved her gaze to He Heng and saw He Heng appeared to be deeply worried as he looked at Qing De Emperor. She also adjusted her expression and tried not to get left behind.
  'Has fuhuang gotten better? A few days ago, er chen heard fuhuang's body wasn't well and felt so worried. Er chen waited at Tian Qi Palace many times but didn't see you awaken. Today, your state looks much better and this son can finally be at ease,' He Heng's expression slightly relaxed as he examined Qing De Emperor's complexion before saying, 'This son was unfilial for not being in attendance the entire time that fuhuang was ill.'
  'You are an adult now, and there are many affairs at court. You can't keep watch over zhen all the time,' Qing De Emperor smiled and glanced at Jing guifei, 'Your mufei has taken very good care of zhen, zhen understands your filial piety.'
  Qu Qing Ju raised her eyelids to look at Jing guifei but only saw a faint smile on the other's face.
  'These last few days, Jing guifei didn't have it easy,' The Empress who had been silent all this time spoke. She came forward and stood next to the bed. He Heng and Qu Qing Ju stood to move to one side. There wasn't any reason for them to be remain seated when the Empress was standing.
  'Emperor, after you recover, you have to greatly reward Jing guifei. The last two days, qie tried many times to get her to rest, but she couldn't bear to part from you,' When the Empress spoke to there, she gave a helpless sigh at Jing guifei. 'After just a few short days, she's thinned a whole circle. Not just you, Emperor. Even I feel pain looking at her.'
  Qing De Emperor nodded: 'Her regard, zhen knows.'
  The Empress smiled, not a hint of jealousy on her face. From what Qu Qing Ju saw, the Empress was very satisfied with the present situation. That made her suspect that the Empress might be on the same side as her popo.
  'Emperor, Shu guifei and His Highness Rui Wang are asking for an audience,' The chief taijian came in and after seeing the relaxed mood inside the room, he informed in a small voice, 'His Highness Cheng Wang and Chang Wang Fei are also waiting outside the hall to be summoned.'
  She didn't know what Qing De Emperor seemed to be thinking given his brow had slightly furrowed, 'Let them all come in.'
  Looking at his true love and his most favored son come in, what was Qing De Emperor's expression? Why was Jing guifei smiling so warmly and the Empress's smile so cold? This situation seemed fishy.
  Shu guifei took her son and erxi with her as she walked in the front and He Ming and Luo Wen Yao walking behind them. After the five performed their greetings, Qing De Emperor didn't bestow any of them a seat and only asked Shu guifei: 'Zhen heard you became ill from attending on zhen, are you better?'
  The rims of Shu guifei's eyes were slightly red as she walked to the bed, sobbing as she choked out: 'Qie is fine. Everything became fine when Emperor woke up. It is qie's body that's useless. Otherwise, qie would have kept constant guard and served Emperor.'
  'Jing guifei has taken very good care of zhen, it wasn't a hindrance when you weren't present,' Qing De Emperor faintly returned. He looked at his favored son and the He Ming couple, coughing a few times before stating, 'Zhen isn't in any serious danger, you don't have to worry.'
  He Yuan was reminded of what mufei had said to him and saw fuhuang looked very close to Jing guifei. He felt discontented inside but on the surface, he had to smile as he replied: 'Seeing fuhuang is well, er chen can rest the heart.'
  'En,' Qing De Emperor nodded. Seeing the room was full of people, he let the other feipin, princesses, and fuma all leave. When only a few were left, he said, 'This illness of zhen this time, it made you all worry.'
  Everyone replied that as long as nothing was wrong with the Emperor, that was the best, and now the Emperor had to take care of his body and so on.
  'Now that you have all grown up and settled down, zhen is very content,' Qing De Emperor sighed, his gaze sweeping across his three sons and their wang fei behind them. He gave a few more harsh coughs, 'Zhen is growing old. You all have to put more effort into state matters and help lighten the load for zhen.'
  The three He brothers instantly agreed, and said they would be willing to die for fuhuang and so forth.
  Shu guifei's heart became more and more insecure. Why was the Emperor saying these things? Didn't he favor Yuan'er the most? why did it seem he was treating them equally?
  'Alright, zhen is tired, you can all leave,' Qing De Emperor thought for a second, 'Jing guifei stays.'
  Shu guifei's expression changed slightly. Seeing the Emperor had already closed his eyes to rest, she could only close her mouth. She looked at the mirth on Jing guifei's face and felt that her smile seemed to be mocking her.
  Coming out of Tian Qi Palace, the smile that Shu guifei had pasted on disappeared and her face darkened. She glared icily at He Heng and Qu Qing Ju before taking He Yuan and Qin Bai Lu with her as she left.
  Qu Qing Ju turned and saw the smile on He Heng's face. As she stepped on the white jade steps, she asked: 'What is wang ye smiling about?'
  'Fuhuang's body is recovering, naturally I'm happy,' He Heng smiled as he glanced at her, 'Don't you think so?'
  'This kind of event is naturally worthy of joy,' Qu Qing Ju smiled as she nodded. She turned her head to look at He Ming and Luo Wen Yao walking behind them, 'The fu hired a Shu-cuisine chief a few days ago. How about si shu and si dimei come for the noon meal?'
  Luo Wen Yao turned to look at He Ming. Seeing him nod, she then answered: 'To taste the gourmet food at er bo and er sao's fu, it is our good fortune.'
  Qu Qing Ju smiled, 'Eating is a type of good fortune. You don't have to say these things to me.'
  Luo Wen Yao gave a bashful smile, evidently embarrassed. Seeing the situation, He Ming bowed in apology to Qu Qing Ju.
  Seeing him protect Luo Wen Yao, Qu Qing Ju smiled, 'Alright, alright, if one didn't know, they would think that I, as your saosao, is bullying you two. Spare me.'
  He Heng smiled as he saw the intimacy between Qu Qing Ju and Luo Wen Yao. Holding her hand, he interrupted: 'I think you should pay attention to walking. Otherwise, a trip and fall would damage your looks.'
  'I'm not a child,' Qu Qing Ju sniffed, but docilely allowed He Heng to pull her along.
  Luo Wen Yao followed behind them. Seeing the clasped hands of the two, a smile appeared on her face.
  When Shu guifei returned to her palace, she let all the servants in the room leave. She looked at her son who also didn't have a good expression, and asked in a lowered voice: 'Yuan'er, I'm afraid that the Emperor might want to pass the throne to He Heng.'
  He Yuan's brows furrowed: 'How come?'
  Shu guifei carefully narrated the chain of events before concluding: 'The Emperor's heart has changed.' She really found it hard to accept that the Emperor would one day choose Wei shi and slight her. But just now in Tian Qi Palace, the Emperor treated that whore Wei shi much more intimately than her.
  After just two short days, why was it this way? Was it that the Emperor was angry that she didn't serve him? But her body had become uncomfortable so she had to leave. Or was it that Wei shi said some words disadvantageous to her in front of the Emperor?
  'Are you sure that fuhuang said that lao er seemed similar to xiandi?' He Yuan thought deeply for a long time, and shook his head to refute: 'It can't be so, fuhuang has never treated lao er better than me. Why would he suddenly change his opinion. Maybe it's Jing guifei who's purposefully spreading false information?'
  'I got suspicious as well, but you also saw the attitude the Emperor had towards Wei shi today,' Shu guifei coldly argued, 'The Emperor's heart has definitely changed. We cannot wait to be defeated. Yuan'er, I won't let what belongs to you be taken away by others!'
  He Yuan ranted: 'Fuhuang really feels that Wei shi and her son is better than us, is he blind?'
  When Qin Bai Lu who was in the corner heard these words, her heart jumped and she couldn't resist pushing deeper into the corner. She sneaked a look at the ugly visage of He Yuan and couldn't seem to remember what the Rui Wang she fell in love with two years ago looked like.
  'Yuan'er!' Shu guifei heard He Yuan's words, her expression instantly changing and disapprovingly said in a small voice, 'How can you even say such things?'
  'But previously, fuhuang clearly said the only one of importance in the hougong was you, and the most loved imperial son was me, but what is the reality?' He Yuan became more and more furious, 'Wei shi just cared for him during his illness, and his attitude completely changed. Is that how he would act if he'd really cared for us?'
  'But he's the Emperor,' Shu guifei's eyes reddened and she used her handkerchief to wipe the corner of her eyes. She cried, 'If his heart changes, what can we do?'
  'There's always a way,' He Heng looked at Shu guifei, his face gradually calming, 'Wei shi can try to compete for favor. Mufei, you have so many years of feelings with fuhuang, how can you lose to her?'
  Shu guifei thought about the coldness in the Emperor's eyes as he looked at her and nodded.
  'As for He Heng,' He Yuan gave a cold smile, 'No matter who he resembles, only the person who laughs to the end is the winner. Before, I was more favored than him. In the future, I won't lose to him.'
  In Tian Qi Palace, Jing guifei looked at the sleeping Emperor. She slowly drew her hand out of the Emperor's hand. She looked calmly at the old man on the bed, the corners of her lips rising.
  What was 'having missed these years'?
  The Emperor was becoming fonder of making jokes, but it was a pity that after these many years, this kind of joke wasn't funny anymore. Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Sixty Nine - Zuo Mo Drooling
  At an inconspicuous residence within Dong Fu.
  'Stars in Daytime is caused by the most powerful yaomo. It is used to ease their absorption of star power during the day by forcing the world to twist, and give them access to energy from the stars.' The one who spoke was the silver clad man. He continued in a grave tone, 'Only when they have no choice would a yaomo do such a thing. It seems the situation of this yaomo isn't good, it is very possible they are seriously wounded and need star power to recover, so they were forced to twist the world.'
  As he spoke, his voice relaxed and the others relaxed their expressions.
  'A yaomo able to create Stars in Daytime, they definitely are one of the strongest yaomo. They've only ever appeared in the war three thousand years ago. I hadn't thought that there would be such a powerful yaomo hidden away here.' He sighed.
  'So what if he's powerful? Isn't he still going to end up in our hands?' The yellow-robed Taoist said in a screeching voice, 'He he, the heart of a sky yao or black mo, if it is added into the sword, my flying sword would increase quite a few levels!'
  'Haha, the eyes of this yaomo is very rare. It naturally can see through anything.'
  ... ...
  The crowd instantly became excited as though they had already caught that amazing yaomo.
  For xiuzhe, a high level yaomo's body was a treasure. Almost all the body parts could be used for forging or dan-making and were all rare items. This group had gathered together for this yaomo. A powerful yao who was seriously wounded was a prey that they all coveted.
  Seeing everyone's mood, the silver-clad man cautioned, 'Everyone, we shouldn't rejoice pre-emptively. Haven't you realized that there are many other people after it as well?'
  'So what if there are others? Who dares to compete with us?' The yellow-robed cultivator said irritably in a high voice, murderous intent thick in his eyes. Viciousness flashed in the eyes of the other people.
  The silver-clad man said, 'Everyone should have seen that ship today. A sixth grade treasure ship, it is a rare talisman. If anyone had taken a close look at the tail of the wing boat, you should have seen their emblem.'
  'Whose emblem?' The yellow-robed Taoist said suspiciously. When he saw that winged boat today, even he had been slightly shocked.
  'The Master of Bright Wave Jie.' The silver-clad male said slowly. Everyone instantly became silent as terror made its way across many of their faces.
  The expression of the yellow-robed Taoist also changed slightly but he quickly recovered and shrieked, 'Don't speak nonsense. The Master of Bright Wave Jie had been in seclusion for over sixty years. How could he come to a little place like Sky Moon Jie?'
  'I only saw the emblem. In the past, I had spent some time in Bright Wave Jie and remember the emblem.' The silver-clad male said calmly.
  Seeing the terror on everyone's faces, he said with a smile, 'Everyone, don't worry too much. The Master of Bright Wave Jie has not involved himself in common affairs for many years. It's unlikely that he came. Most likely it is his disciple or subordinate.'
  The faces of everyone else relaxed. One of them said, 'As long as it isn't the Master of Bright Wave Jie, I'm not afraid.'
  'Yes, yes!' The other people agreed.
  'Why would Bright Wave Jie interfere in this matter?' The yellow robed cultivator's brow furrowed.
  'Elder, don't forget, Sky Moon Jie is under the jurisdiction of Bright Wave Jie. This little brother knows that Stars in Daytime occurred, then it isn't strange that they would also know.' The silver clad male said.
  Suddenly the faces of the yellow robed Taoist and the silver clad male changed slightly and they yelled simultaneously, 'Who!'
  The two rushed outside like a sword. There was nothing outside in the yard. The yellow robed Taoist flew into the sky and scanned the surroundings before returning. He shook his head at the silver clad male. Both of them had serious and solemn expressions, nothing remained of their previous ease.
  The other people all ran out to ask about the situation. By now, the two had resumed their normal expressions. The silver clad male said, 'Nothing, nothing, just a false alarm.'
  Hearing this, the people released a breath and conversed as they walked back into the room. The yellow robed Taoist followed last. Before re-entering, he glanced back before following.
  A moment later, in a shadowed corner, a figure silently appeared. It was the white-clothed Lin Qian.
  He revealed a pondering expression before disappearing.
  In the Dong Fu Hall, everyone had gathered together. Tian Song Zi, as the local leader, sat at the head with Yu Bai standing by his side. Below him, six people sat and leisurely drank tea.
  'This time, we are really troubling you.' The one that spoke was a beautiful matron. Clear eyes, white teeth, and extremely graceful. On her shoulder, there was a little light yellow bird that curiously examined the others.
  'Yun Xia[i] xianzi[ii] is too courteous.' Tian Song Zi said with a laugh, 'To have so many fellow experts come to my humble place, this one is very honoured. It is a little place. If there is something that we cannot fulfill well, everyone, please forgive us.'
  'It will be fine.' Everyone raised their hands in a greeting.
  Tian Song Zi's expression was worried as he continued, 'I'm not going to conceal it from everyone. Since the appearance of Stars in Daytime, my heart hasn't felt steady. I may be inexperienced, but I do know that this isn't any kind of a good omen. I feel much more secure now that everyone has come today.'
  'You don't need to worry.' Yun Xia xianzi comforted, 'Master Yuan is skilled at detecting presences and is very sensitive to yaomo. He will definitely find where the yaomo is hiding.'
  At this point, Master Yuan hurriedly said, 'Yun Xia xianzi is too complimentary.'
  While respectfully standing to side, Yu Bai was very shocked inside. The people sitting here all had significant cultivation. The one that attracted his attention the most was the little girl who had been sitting with a bowed head at the end. Her age appeared almost the same as his, but her cultivation was indecipherable to him. He who had always been proud of his accomplishments felt uncomfortable inside. There were too many geniuses in this world!
  Pu Yao looked extremely poor.
  He sat on the gravestone, his face was pale and appeared to be exhausted like a flickering lamp. Zuo Mo instantly was scared. The invincible Pu Yao, why was he suddenly in this state?
  Zuo Mo carefully went closer, 'Pu, what's going on?'
  Pu Yao opened his eye to look at Zuo Mo. His voice was very calm, and just as confident as usually and asked in exchange, 'What what?' Zuo Mo noticed that Pu Yao's alluring crimson blood eye was much fainter than usual, and even his voice seemed weaker.
  But for some reason, when he heard Pu Yao's confident voice, Zuo Mo felt safe.
  'Is it that you don't have enough jingshi?' Zuo Mo couldn't help but ask in concern. He didn't know why he was so concerned about Pu Yao. Logically, the other was a yaomo. The earlier he died the better, but seeing Pu Yao's state, Zuo Mo couldn't help but ask in concern.
  Looking at Zuo Mo again, Pu Yao seemed to be surprised by Zuo Mo's question.
  'Want to help me?' Pu Yao's eyebrow rose.
  'Hm.' Zuo Mo muddled a response noncommittally. He had learned.
  Pu Yao suddenly smiled, 'I'll take you to a place.'
  Pu Yao proceeded to take out a few pieces of jingshi. On the ground, he began to make a seal formation that Zuo Mo had never seen before.
  Zuo Mo might have never seen the seal formation, but this jingshi, he was familiar with, wasn't it......
  He touched his body and his expression changed. This damned renyao, he took my jingshi again! Before he could speak, light suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. He couldn't help but close his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, he was dumbstruck.
  'Pu, where is this?' He stammered his question.
  It was dark and shadowy in front of him. He could feel cold granite under his feet. What was flowing in a nearby stream was fresh red blood. Was this Hell? Zuo Mo forced himself to swallow, his mind tense as he looked at the surroundings.
  Pu Yao groaned in pleasure. He spread out his arms, his face intoxicated, completely void of his previous exhaustion.
  'Sword cave.' Pu Yao returned to his lazy state. He stuck out his bright red tongue, his eyes bright as he licked his lips, 'There are many souls here. Such delicious souls!'
  'Sword cave?' Zuo Mo blanked. He had lived in Wu Kong Sword Sect for two years and he had heard of the sword cave before. Wasn't Wei Sheng Shixiong in the sword cave?
  He wasn't afraid anymore and curiously looked at the surroundings. He asked Pu Yao worriedly, 'Wei Sheng Shixiong is also in the sword cave. Would he encounter us?' If he encountered Shixiong, he couldn't even protest his innocence.
  'This sword cave has eighteen levels.' Pu Yao was full of disdain as he looked at Zuo Mo, 'Your Wei Shixiong has already descended to the sixteenth level. If you had half the ability of your shixiong, would I be in this sorry state?' As he spoke, he became angry, 'I, a Sky Yao, falling to such a level. So embarrassing!'
  Seeing Pu Yao acting like normal, for some reason, Zuo Mo relaxed significantly. He instantly went at it with Pu Yao, sneering, 'None of my business! What Sky Yao, weren't you wounded by my Shibo? Aren't you only able to bully the greenhorn zhuji cultivators like me.' He quickly corrected, 'Wrong, ge was only lianqi at the time! And you dare to speak of it!'
  Pu Yao wasn't angry and laughed, 'This place is good. There's a lot of yin energy, and it's so comfortable! There are even souls. Although they are incomplete souls, but it's better than nothing.'
  'How did you find this place?' Zuo Mo was very curious. This sword cave was kept secret. He had stayed here for two years but didn't know where it was, yet Pu Yao was able to find it. He had heard that it required two jindan cooperating to open the sword cave. Pu Yao was able to easily enter. This guy still has some ability, Zuo Mo thought.
  Pu Yao said disdainfully, 'In just this tiny Wu Kong Sword Sect I knew after taking a single look.' He then said to Zuo Mo, 'In the future, we will come visit this place occasionally.'
  'Come here?' Zuo Mo's eyes widened. He shook his head without any hesitation, 'No way, do you know how much jingshi you spent today? Four pieces of third grade jingshi! Four pieces! Do you know how many golden crow pills I need to make to earn four pieces of third grade jingshi? You spent it so easily......'
  Pu Yao was full of disdain, 'That only shows you are trash. Earning jingshi like you're giving birth. Meeting such a trash like you......'
  Zuo Mo didn't hesitate to interrupt, also full of disdain as he said, 'If you can do it, you go earn it! Aren't you a Sky yao? What? A Sky yao but you have to extract jingshi from me, like that's something to be proud of!' As he spoke, it was like the accumulated anger had suddenly erupted, 'Ge had worked so hard to earn the jingshi with sweat and blood. Good for you, you just swiped it all away without a sound! You're freeloading... Ge hasn't even asked you for rent and you charged me for each lesson. You even started to take jingshi for each experience of sword essence, aren't you embarrassed??'
  Zuo Mo righteously listed Pu Yao's offences.
  Pu Yao was dumbstruck. The reality proved it. Even the most powerful yaomo, facing the even stronger tongue, they would also become dumbfounded.
  After Zuo Mo ranted for five minutes he then stopped in satisfaction. That felt good!
  After a long while, Pu Yao finally recovered. He tilted his head in thought and said, 'Alright then, I'll teach you a little technique that can earn jingshi.'
  Zuo Mo's mind instantly became alert and he went over, 'What technique?'
  [i]??: Yun is cloud, xia is red cloud
  [ii]??: immortal, goddess. Misogyny in xianxia - the titles of females are usually xianzi, while males get daoren, zhenren, etc.
  Translator ramblings: Wasn't that a good rant? Comedic relief and character progression at the same time. Also, look at how valuable the yaomo are!
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  Our two favorite couples get together.
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  Chapter Seventy Eight
  It was the first time that Luo Wen Yao visited  Duan Wang Fu. She found that Duan Wang Fu was more magnificent and refined than Cheng Wang Fu. She couldn't help squeezing He Ming's hand, feeling sympathy for this person who was walking beside her.
  He Ming assumed she was nervous and smiled at her, 'Whatever you like to eat, tell er sao. We shouldn't try to scrimp for them.'
  'Even if you want to be frugal, you couldn't save,' He Heng smiled as he led the others into the front hall. After everyone had sat down, he teased, 'Your er sao takes great care of her eating and wardrobe. With her here, it isn't possible to save.'
  'Wang ye dislikes the fact that I eat too much?' Qu Qng Ju took a teacup from a yahuan and sniffed upon hearing his words.
  'I'm happy you have such a good appetite, I wouldn't dislike it,' He Heng smiled as he ordered, 'Qian Chang Xin, go hasten the kitchen and have them make that peanut pastry that wang fei likes. Otherwise, your wang fei won't forgive me today.'
  'Nonsense. If they didn't know, they would assume that I was a shrew,' Qu Qing Ju put down her teacup, and burst into laughter, 'si shu and si dimei are still here. You just want them here to laugh at me.'
  'Er sao, I didn't see or hear anything,' He Ming smiled as he followed up, 'Er ge and er sao are indulging in conjugal love. Us, being didi and dimei, can only be happy for you, not laugh at you.'
  Luo Wen Yao used a handkerchief to cover the smile on her lips. Even though she didn't speak, the uneasiness between the four people slowly disappeared.
  Qu Qing Ju could see that He Ming was desirous of becoming closer to He Heng. He Heng evidently accepted He Ming's goodwill, so her own attitude towards He Ming was very carefree. On the matter of how to treat people, if He Heng called himself second, there wasn't anyone that dared call themselves first.
  As expected, the topic slowly skewed towards the matter of He Ming being attacked. He Heng held a teacup as he put in: 'Based on my opinion, si di's attack by assassins might not be connected with san di, but the case of Jiang Nan definitely is connected to san di.'
  He Ming nodded and said nonchalantly: 'Since fuhuang isn't investigating further, I will not think more. Either way, I'm fine right now. It's not important who did it as long as I can have a good life from now.'
  Hearing the words, Qu Qing Ju felt that He Ming was probably the least ambitious and the most easily satisfied among the four He brothers. But it was due helplessness. He Qi was the eldest. He Heng had a useful mother. He Yuan had the favour. What did He Ming have? His mother wasn't favored, his father didn't care for him. If his own attitude wasn't good, how would he live?
  Maybe He Ming understood in his mind that these matters had the shadow of He Heng, so he would say all would be well if he could have a good life in the future. This was expressing his attitude towards He Heng. The meaning might be that he, as the younger brother, was siding with lao er?
  The peanut pastries came up. Qu Qing Ju picked a piece to put in her mouth. Her gaze fell upon Luo Wen Yao and saw her eating pastries thoughtlessly.
  Qu Qing Ju smiled. It didn't matter if she knew or she really didn't know, but this girl wasn't stupid. At least, she seemed smarter than Qin Bai Lu.
  'Days always become better,' He Heng smiled, 'It's very good that si di has such goals.'
  He Ming smiled upon hearing the words. Even his eyes were full of visible mirth.
  They chatted and when it was noon time, the four of them sat at the table and watched the yahuan present the dishes. The dishes of Shu cuisine were mostly sour and spicy. Thehe color alone gave the viewer the impression of very hot and delicious.
  Even though most of the table was Shu cuisine, there were some bland dishes. Qu Qing Ju had no immunity to good food. In her own home, she didn't want others to serve her. One of the great pleasures in experiencing delicious food was reaching out to the dishes she liked herself.
  The  Sichuan poached fish was made from the tenderest part of the fish belly. For the meat, one had to use the fresh meat from the pig's leg. The pickled cabbage in the dish was well-aged pickled cabbage so that when one took a sniff, their saliva would spill. The fish head and tofu soup were densely flavorful, the roasted tendons were crisp yet smooth. There were also some mushrooms with cabbage, steamed wild mushroom and other such dishes. The raw ingredients for those dishes weren't any special things but the taste that was created was able to make Qu Qing Ju eat another bowl of rice.
  Qu Qing Ju would never try to preserve her impression in front of He Heng through eating one less bowl of rice. After she elegantly yet swiftly finished two bowls of rice, she rinsed her mouth and washed her hands. Afterwards, she slowly wiped her mouth as she looked at the table full of food. She spoke with some regret: 'Tonight, let's eat hotpot. It's much more enjoyable with four people.'
  Luo Wen Yao knew of hot pot, but before she married, her family rarely ate it. Her family felt it was inelegant to crowd around a pot to cook food. Hearing er sao's suggestion, she felt her heart move. She couldn't help asking, 'Is it two-soup pot?'
  'Of course. If the moon tonight isn't bad, we could set the pots up in the pavilion outside and admire the moon as we eat. We don't have to care about the rules of not talking while eating. Tell some interesting stories, it would be great.' Qu Qing Ju felt that hotpot needed more people gathered around telling tall tales. If they didn't happen then hotpot wasn't perfect.
  He Ming didn't think that er sao would be like this in private. He looked with some degree of shock at er ge and found that his gaze was on er sao, a wide smile on his face. In this instant, he understood.
  'Alright, if that's the case, then si di and si dimei won't leave tonight. After the evening meal, just sleep for the night at the fu. It will be refreshing,' He Heng called in Ming He and ordered him to let the kitchen servants prepare. After he finished, he added another sentence, 'Prepare more wild mushrooms.'
  'Yes,' Ming He knew that wang fei liked eating all kinds of fungi. Wang ye was taking care of wang fei.
  'Dimei, this is your first time at the fu. Why don't we take a walk? After eating, if one sits too long, they'll gain weight,' Qu Qing Ju smiled as she stood, giving the two He brothers the room to talk.
  'Then I will trouble er sao,' Luo Wen Yao also stood and followed Qu Qing Ju to walked out of the front hall. She herself also knew that wang ye most likely had things to discuss with Duan Wang.
  He Ming watched as his wife followed saozi out before asking; 'Er ge, er sao's paternal family ... ...' Chang De Gong Fu was on He Yuan's side. Even he knew that.
  'She doesn't have good relations with the Qu Family. These years, she endured a lot from the Qu Family,' He Heng's brows furrowed. When the Qu Family was mentioned, it always caused a bad mood, 'The people of Chang De Gong Fu, you don't have to have any qualms. Your er sao won't care about it.'
  He Ming nodded, 'If that's the case, the matter of the Qu and Liang Families, I'll get someone to leak.'
  'Families like this one, they shouldn't have been kept for this long,' He Heng remembered the wrongs that the Qu Family had done to Qu Qing Ju and coldly ordered, 'keep them alive. Living but having nothing, it's better than death.'
  He hadn't expected that er ge would dislike the Qu Family that much. He Ming nodded in a daze. He remembered that the Qu Family had a daughter who was a qie in He Yuan's fu and mused: 'I wonder if san ge would help.'
  'What lao san is like, is he the kind of person to give aid for a qie?' He Heng raised a teacup to take a sip and scorned, 'He always enjoys having people revolve around him, when would he revolve around someone else?'
  'That's true,' These years, He Yuan was arrogant even when interacting with him, much less a qieshi. A smile appeared on his face, 'That Qu Family is quite pitiful.'
  Luo Wen Yao and Qu Qing Ju took a tour of the gardens before going to the zhengyuan. When she saw the furnishings in Qu Qing Ju's room, she couldn't do anything except gape. Glass lanterns worth cities, a night luminous pearl of great craftsmanship and a variety of other finely made decorations. She had heard her grandmother mention when Duan wang fei married, the Qu Family didn't add much to the dowry. What she brought to the wang fu was the dowry that her birth mother had when she married into Chang De Gong Fu and the additions that the Tian Family and other relatives and friends added.
  Luo Wen Yao's dowry could be considered to be very generous but seeing that the decorations in this room were finer than the objects in her dowry, so she knew very clearly, these objects wasn't Duan wang fei's dowry. Rather, it was what Duan Wang had brought for her. Thinking about the gift that Duan wang fei added to her dowry before she married, Luo Wen Yao couldn't help but exclaim: 'Er bo treats er sao so well.'
  Hearing this, Qu Qing Ju gave a light laugh. She pulled the other to sit by the window. A white jade orchid was blooming right outside the window.
  'Si shu treats you very well too,' Qu Qing Ju smiled as she looked at Luo Wen Yao, 'I can see that si shu treats you truly well. This is the best scenario.'
  Hearing this, Luo Wen Yao gave a sweet smile. For some reason, she felt it strange that er sao used the word 'truly'. She hesitantly glanced at Qu Qing Ju, her gaze somehow coming to rest at the orchid outside the window, 'This flower is very beautiful.'
  Many in Jing City liked to plant orchids in their gardens because of the rumor was if orchids were planted in the home, their lives would become better and better. Some lovers liked to exchange orchids and use white jade orchids to represent the sincerity of their love.
  Luo Wen Yao didn't know what the truth was, but she believe that if a man would go to such an effort to seek out these objects to give to a woman, no matter what, the woman occupied a spot of some size in his heart. She looked at the faint smile on Qu Qing Ju's face, hesitantly offering: 'A person's heart can be seen slowly through interacting. There isn't a clear line between truth and lies.'
  The hand Qu Qing Ju held a teacup with slightly paused. She looked at Luo Wen Yao. She didn't know if the other was speaking of He Ming or if she meant something else. She followed Luo Wen Yao's gaze to look at the orchid outside the window, smiling and responding, 'You are right. It's not so easy to separate truth and lies. It's better to work towards a better life.'
  'Er sao's words are sensible.' Luo Wen Yao's smiled as she nodded. She pointed at the orchid outside, 'Just like the orchid flower, the days would become more and more beautiful.'
  Qu Qing Ju blew on the surface of the tea and lazily glanced at the orchid. She suddenly remembered that a short while ago He Heng had sent over a set of orchid hairpins and jewellery. But due to the fact that He Heng would always send things over all the time, she had never worn the set of orchid jewellery.
  Musing, she curled her lips. A good life was controlled by people, was it possible to live well just by depending on a flower? Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Seventy - The Yin Bead
  Zou Mo concentrated as his hands moved according to Pu Yao's instructions, his hands moved like fluttering butterflies and activated the spell. The benefits of consistently practicing [Art of Flora] was evident in the fluid motions of his fingers. This spell, which Pu Yao, called [Art of Concentrating Yin] was complicated but it wasn't too difficult for Zuo Mo.
  Zuo Mo felt the yin energy in the surroundings stir. The energy was saturated with a dark and cold presence causing all the hair on his body to stand on end, but he gritted his teeth and persisted. The yin energy continued to gather in his hands.
  After the last movement was completed, a grey-white bead condensed in Zuo Mo's hands.
  Zuo Mo curiously examined the bead, 'Pu, what is this?' The bead was a dirty white color, extremely plain, and felt cool in his hands.
  'This is a yin bead, created through concentrating yin energy. It can be used in dan-making or forging. The effect is especially beneficial for yin attribute talismans,' Pu Yao's expression was smug as he glanced at Zuo Mo disdainfully, 'The yin energy in this place is very abundant. As long as you do not slack off, and make a few more each day, jingshi will naturally roll in. What I think is you should change your sect. I have never seen such a poor sect. In your sect, other than that shixiong of yours, everyone is just trash,'
  Zuo Mo volleyed back, 'You, a so-called Sky Yao that was wounded by my Second Shibo, you have the face to say this?'
  Pu Yao snorted icily, 'If I hadn't been forged under the tower for three thousand years and my spirit terribly wounded, how could a jindan trash cut me?' He was extremely disgruntled.
  Zuo Mo followed with an icy snort, 'I finally understand how you became a Sky Yao,'
  Pu Yao blanked, 'How?'
  'You boasted[i] about it,' Zuo Mo couldn't resist and roared with laughter, pointing first at Pu Yao and then pointing at the sky, 'A yao, blowing up into the sky, becomes a Sky Yao! Ha ha ha ha!'
  'I'm too lazy to even pay attention to you,' Pu Yao wasn't angry. He spread his arms, and there wasn't any movement but the yin energy suddenly started to move. He was like the eye of  a horrifying whirlpool, the yin energy in the surroundings to rushed toward him.
  'Are you sure that this thing is really worth money?' Not paying attention to Pu Yao, Zuo Mo started at the yin bead on his hand and asked with uncertainty.
  Pu Yao, who had been enjoying the experience of absorbing yin energy, felt a vein in his forehead start to throb. His movements suddenly stopped and he almost choked in annoyance.
  Since Pu Yao said that the yin bead was very valuable, Zuo Mo held a trustful attitude. He decided to make a few more, but he found that all the yin energy in this area was all pulled towards Pu Yao. He couldn't manage to form a yin bead and had to move to another location further away.
  Luckily, there was only one path in the sword cave. Zuo Mo didn't need to worry about getting lost. After walking for a while, finding that he wasn't affected by Pu Yao any longer, he started to make yin beads. It wasn't too difficult to make yin beads. The finger motions were slightly complicated, but to Zuo Mo it wasn't a problem. In one go, he made about twenty beads before he stopped.
  After making the yin beads, Zuo Mo started to examine the surroundings. What aroused his curiosity the most was the blood river not far away. The river seemed to be composed of a sticky blood. There wasn't any sound of flowing. For some reason, Zuo Mo felt his heart tremble whenever he saw this silent river of blood.
  He picked up a rock from the ground and threw it into the blood river. It was as though the rock had landed in quicksand. It did not make  a 'splash,' it slowly sunk into the river.
  'For your sake, don't touch it. It's blood fiends,' Pu Yao's voice suddenly came from behind. He said with some regret, 'Pity I'm not a blood yao, otherwise this would be very beneficial,'
  'What are blood fiends?' Zuo Mo couldn't help asking.
  'You wouldn't understand even if I told you,' Pu Yao never let a chance to mock Zuo Mo slip by. He scanned the surroundings and made a sound of surprise, 'Rationally, such a cruel place, there would be some malicious spirits like devilings. Why is it so clean?'
  'What are devilings?' Zuo Mo asked again.
  'Delicious things,' Pu Yao's bright red tongue couldn't help run across his lips, while an expression of yearning flashed across his face. After searching for a long time, he was slightly dazed and sighed, 'Your shixiong is really too honest of a person. He actually didn't even spare one of them. It looks like it needs to a while to recover,'
  Refreshed, Pu Yao waved his hand at Zuo Mo, 'Let's go,'
  Finishing, he threw out four pieces of jingshi!
  Zuo Mo's expression changed dramatically again. This time, he didn't even need to check his pocket as he wailed grievously, 'Pu Yao......'
  The white light rose and his voice stopped.
  Returning to the Little West Wind yard, Zuo Mo wanted to cry. Eight pieces of third-grade jingshi! Going there and back, so much was gone. Just like that half of all the jingshi he had earned by furiously making dan was gone.
  'Don't look that sad,' Pu Yao unconcernedly said with a face full of disdain, 'When you sell the yin beads, you'll get your costs back with profit. You really are trash. Just eight pieces of jingshi, and you are this distraught. You really are making a profit. Entering the sword cave once, it requires two jindan trash to both be present. Using eight pieces of third-grade jingshi to invite two jindan trash, can you get a better bargain than that?'
  Zuo Mo could do nothing. He could only pray that the twenty yin beads he had made would sell for a good price. He knew that the yin beads could not be sold through the sect. The origins of the yin beads wasn't clear. If he aroused the suspicions of the shibo then no matter how many lives he had, he would still die.
  He decided to go sell them himself in Dong Fu.
  To not attract attention, he didn't ride the grey beaked goose; rather, he silently left the mountain. As he arrived at the outskirts of the mountain, he darted into the forest. When he came out, he appeared completely different. He had turned into a weak looking man with a waxy complexion. In Elder Wei Nan's jade scrolls, there were endless methods of changing appearances and concealing one's tracks. Zuo Mo had picked a method that wasn't very difficult.
  This was the first time Zuo Mo put on a disguise. He was very curious and found it strange.
  Right now, he was regretful that the Spirit Traveling seal had been burnt. If he had the Spirit Traveling seal, he could saved some time. His flying paper crane was too eye-catching so he could only walk.
  Even though his cultivation had increased greatly, his body was still very weak. Exhausted, he arrived at Dong Fu, after walking over the mountains and rivers. However, his thirst for jingshi and his enthusiasm won over his weariness. Almost crawling, he stumbled into the free market.
  With great pain, he rented a mini-room. Zuo Mo set up a shop.
  Zuo Mo had been to the Free Market many times but it was the first time that he was selling something. He didn't think about earning a profit, he would be grateful if he could just earn back the eight pieces of third-grade jingshi. He put out a price of half a third-grade jingshi for each yin bead. He was very worried. He thought about how Pu Yao had boasted how good this thing was, at the very least it must be worth half a third-grade jingshi.
  Of course, Pu Yao was full of disdain towards Zuo Mo's conduct. He snorted coldly, 'The honored yin bead......' The meaning was implicit.
  After six hours had passed. The last golden rays of sunlight shone on Zuo Mo's face.
  'This is the jingshi rolling in? This is the thing you said was good? This is getting back profits along with cost? Honored yin bead!' Zuo Mo was grieving as he demanded answers from Pu Yao. A whole entire afternoon, no one had even stopped in front of his mini-room. Up until now, Zuo Mo hadn't even sold one yin bead. He still had to pay the rent for the mini-room as well.
  Pu Yao also stared blanky. He muttered for a while, not knowing what to say.
  After a long time, his face was full of disbelief. He suddenly threw his hands up in exasperation, 'How is that possible? This is the yin bead! Yin bead! After three thousand years, how can people not even want a yin bead?'
  Seeing Pu Yao lose his composure, Zuo Mo didn't feel the heartache as much anymore. He had already started to accept this cruel reality. He snorted coldly, 'In the future, stop posturing like a Sky Yao. Look at the era, Sky Yao! Three thousand years, your things, they are relics, they have become obsolete! Understand? You made me excited for nothing. Hmm. After a while, ge will give it to the children to use as marbles,'
  Pu Yao's expression was subdued. It was clear that this incident had dealt a harsh blow to him.
  At this time, a little girl passed by Zuo Mo's mini-room and suddenly stopped. Zuo Mo, who had been preparing to start criticizing Pu Yao again, suddenly stopped talking, and enthusiastically said, 'Miss, do you want to buy? This is a good thing, yin bead, completely formed from pure yin energy. Can be taken anywhere. Cool in the summer, and has the effect of beautifying the complexion......'
  The little girl looked like a maid. Hearing this, she laughed lightly, 'You really know how to advertise,' Her brow suddenly creased, 'But these beads are too ugly. If it was rainbow colored, Miss Huang[ii]would definitely like it,'
  'Miss, don't just look at the outward appearance. The quality is very fine, look how round and heavy it is......' In order to make his very first transaction, Zuo Mo completely had no shame.
  Seeing Zuo Mo actually promoting the yin beads like marbles, Pu Yao stared with a wide mouth, his gaze dull.
  'Ha, since you've said so much. I'll buy one,' The little girl covered her mouth and laughed. She took out the jingshi and bought one. Before she left, she urged him kindly, 'I see you are a honest person. In the future, you should sell reliable things. These grey beads, no one would buy them,'
  Finishing, she turned and left.
  Zuo Mo collapsed to the ground. He had finally sold one, and it wasn't easy. Compared to him, Pu Yao's soul had been mortally wounded. His expression was dull, his complexion was grey.
  Seeing Pu Yao's state, Zuo Mo couldn't help but urge, 'It's nothing. Just business. Next time, we'll sell something else. At the least, making golden crow pills isn't bad. Three thousand years have passed, you need to adapt,'
  One person and one yao snuck back to the mountain.
  In a small yard in Dong Fu Hall.
  'Miss, I'm back,' A cheerful voice passed out from the door. Yun Xia xianzi's little yellow bird flew up and rushed at the door.
  Yun Xia xianzi was embroidering a handkerchief and made a sound of acknowledgement, her head not raising from her work, 'You brat, we just arrived and you instantly disappeared,'
  'Haha,' A figure rushed in. It was the smiling and adorable little girl. The yellow bird flew around the little girl, chirping. The little girl said with a face full of helplessness to the yellow bird, 'Okay okay, Miss Yellow (Huang) , I got you something good to eat,'
  If Zuo Mo heard this, he would definitely have spat up blood. The 'Miss Huang' was really just a bird... ...
  Finishing, she took out a large pile of things and narrated, 'There is the five flower cake from the Food Pavilion, the lotus and lily crisps, thirteen flavored sweets. This is the famous Old Wang liquor. Don't drink too much, otherwise Miss will discipline you again......,'
  The yellow bird's eyes were gleaming. Suddenly, it saw a grey bead. Like an arrow, it rushed into the pile and picked up the grey bead.
  'Huh, you like this bead?' The little girl was very surprised.
  The yellow bird picked up the bead  with its beak and flew ito Yun Xia xianzi, placing the bead onto her handkerchief.
  When Yun Xia xianzi's eyes spotted on the bead, she exclaimed in surprise and she stopped what she was doing. Picking up the bead for a closer inspection, her expression couldn't help but change slightly, 'Xiao Yuan, where did the bead come from?'
  [i]?: chui is used as boasting, but also means being blown as in blown away by the wind.
  [ii]?:huang also means yellow
  Translator Ramblings:  Not all of Zuo Mo's ventures could be successful. The sword cave is also important.
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  Chapter Seventy Nine
  As expected, there really was a glowing moon. The servants in the fu had already prepared everything that was needed. He Ming and Lu Wen Yao looked at the heated lanterns hanging in the pavilion and then at the two tables nearby, holding of a variety of foodstuffs. They finally understood what er ge meant by his earlier statement of 'no need to save'.
  The four sat down around the table, each one taking a pair of the public chopsticks to start cooking in the pot. Even the not so favored He Ming had rarely ever cooked on his own, and his ignorance about how long something could be cooked created laughter and lifted the mood of the meal.
  Luo Wen Yao looked at Qu Qing Ju rapidly picking up what she liked to cook in the pot. She always knew when to take the ingredients out when they were perfectly cooked. Luo Wen Yao couldn't help but look down at the people of Chang De Gong Fu. Er sao was the eldest di daughter, no matter what had happened, but er sao had suffered so much. Otherwise, why else would she be so familiar about such matters?
  Ignorant of the fact that she had become a little white cabbage in the snow in Luo Wen Yao's heart, Qu Qing Ju contentedly drank a small bowl of silver tree-ear fungus and date soup to wash away the spiciness in her mouth. She felt that she was sixth-tenths full before commenting: 'It's been some days since I ate hotpot. This soup that our kitchen has made is getting better and better.'
  'It's alright to occasionally eat some. If you eat it every day, you won't like any kind of soup,' He Heng used a pair of public chopsticks to serve a tea tree mushroom into her bowl, smiling as he said, 'You ate so much meat today that it will be hard to sleep.'
  Qu Qing Ju picked up the tea tree mushroom to dabble in the condiments dish. After she finished eating, she pouted: 'Then later, you have to play weiqi with me.'
  'Fine,' He Heng grimaced. Turning, he started to put what Qu Qing Ju liked to eat into her bowl.
  He Ming poured Luo Wen Yao a small bowl of silver tree-ear fungus and date soup. Seeing er ge and er sao proficiently serve each other what they liked, he thought inside that he hadn't done enough.
  'Si di, your wounds have healed. You've gotten married now. Fuhuang has said that us brothers have to put more energy to state affairs. Why don't you go spend some time in the Ministry of Revenue? That could be considered as going to learn something new.' He Heng raised a cup to He Ming and drank before continuing, 'Even though I am the second eldest, I'm not even two years older than you. You should pay more attention to state affairs.'
  He Ming didn't refuse. Out of the four brothers, other than da ge who was seven years older than him, er ge and san ge weren't that much older than him. But both er ge and san ge had been involved in state affairs for a long time. He was the only one who'd attended court after turning sixteen but he still didn't have anything to do.
  Fuhuang never spent any attention on him, his mother wasn't favored, his maternal clan really didn't have anyone. The result was that he had muddled his way for three years at court yet had never accomplished anything. Now that er ge had said this, it was like giving him a helping hand to let him establish himself at court.
  'Thanks er ge, yu di definitely will learn how to do things, and not disappoint er ge,' He Ming raised the wine up, 'Yu di toasts er ge.'
  Sitting on the side, Luo Wen Yao gave a grateful smile to Qu Qing Ju. Even though she didn't know the whole story, now that Duan Wang was willing to help her wang ye, from the bottom of her heart, she was grateful to Qu Qing Ju as Duan Wang Fei.
  A whole meal ended in contentedness. The four admired the moon for a while as they digested before returning their rooms.
  He Heng naturally accompanied Qu Qing Ju in playing a weiqi game before gathering up the beauty into their warm den. A round of physical pleasure later, the two contentedly fell asleep.
  In the guest room, Luo Wen Yao took down her adornments and laid with He Ming together on the bed. She hesitated for a long time before inquiring: 'Wang ye, does er be want to win you over?'
  'Silly Wen Yao, er ge has no need to win me over,' He Ming leaned back on the headboard, gathering the other in his embrace, 'What I have, er ge also has. What I don't have, er ge still has. If I had not married you, er ge might not have been willing to help me.'
  Luo Wen Yao stilled. She suddenly thought about her second aunt in Xiang Qing Hou Fu and Duan wang fei who was very close to second aunt. Instantly, she understood. She hugged He Ming in sympathy, comforting in a small voice: 'That's because wang ye is capable so er be wants to help you. Otherwise, it doesn't matter who you married. It still wouldn't work out.'
  He Ming smiled as he patted her back, his laughter filling the entire room.
  Because of Qing De Emperor's serious illness, the people of Jing City were extremely anxious. However, after a few days, the Emperor started to take a good turn and could even continue to attend court. Those whose intentions had risen settled down.
  Soon afterwards, the imperial censor wrote a complaint against Chang De Gong Fu. He detailed the scandals of Chang De Gong Fu, such as allowing servants to victimize others, putting out loans, buying the common people's land at low prices by using their positions. He also mentioned that sixteen years ago when the di wife of the Duke of Chang De had just passed away, he immediately married a new wife which was a dishonorable thing. He even allowed the new Duchess of Chang De, Liang shi, to cheat others by using the position of the Duke and abused the original wife's daughter as well as the shu daughters.
  Instantly, the court erupted. They had heard what happened with Chang De Gong Fu before but no one could spare the attention to take care of it. But now that someone had censured them, naturally all these matters became unpardonable crimes. Even more so, there was no one in Jing who didn't know that Duan Wang was very much in love with his wife. What Chang De Gong Fu had done, wouldn't that Duan Wang unhappy?
  Of course, there were those who looked at Rui Wang. Liang shi's daughter was Rui Wang's qie. If Rui Wang had any intentions of protecting them, it wouldn't be wise for them to throw stones while the other was down. After they watched for a few days, they found that Rui Wang showed no reaction to the matter. Then everyone understood. Rui Wang didn't have any desire to look after the matters of a qie's paternal family.
  Since Rui Wang wasn't going to act, and Duan Wang didn't have any good feelings towards Chang De Gong Fu, the hearts of the court officials were like a mirror. Within a few short days, the memorandums that censured Chang De Gong Fu fell like snowflakes in front of the Emperor. Numerous minor and major matters were revealed. Instantly, Chang De Gong Fu became the mouse that everyone was yelling to kill, as if one look at them would dirty their eyes.
  When Qu Qing Ju heard that Chang De Gong Fu was being censured, it was the third day since the matter had started. After she'd finished listening to Jin Zhan's report, she paused for a beat before inquiring: 'Is there no one asking for mercy on behalf of Chang De Gong Fu in court?'
  Jin Zhan shook her head. She took a look at wang fei's face and found that wang fei didn't seem to be worried at all for Chang De Gong Fu before continuing: 'Nubi heard that many are censuring the Duke and the Liang Family. The Emperor is very angry about the matter.'
  Qu Qing Ju nodded, 'I understand.' Due to how much He Heng disliked Chang De Gong Fu, he definitely wouldn't ask for mercy for the Duke of Chang De. The best case would be that he didn't try to step on them even more. But according to He Heng's style of conduct, he wouldn't do it himself. No matter what, on the surface, the Duke of Chang De was his father-in-law. If he came out personally, others might purposefully exaggerate it and it wouldn't be good for his reputation.
  Then again, the kind of person that He Heng was, his best skill was doing everything in the dark. For him to be like He Qi or He Yuan and personally act, it would be very hard for him.
  He Heng didn't want to help Chang De Gong Fu. The intelligent people at Royal Court understood. And He Yuan didn't have any intentions of giving aid. All together, everyone understood that Chang De Gong Fu was taking its last breaths. They said that not many gave coal in the snow, many dropped stones instead. People who censured Chang De Gong Fu and the Liang Family naturally popped out.
  Hearing people mention the crime of the duke's marriage to  a new wife before the bones of the first wife was cold, Qu Qing Ju felt elated. Qu Tian shi was very unfortunate to have met a man like the Duke of Chang De. Additionally, Qu Tian shi's cause of death was suspicious but her death was said to be illness by the Duke of Chang De. Now that the people of Xiang Qing Hou Fu had this chance, would they give it up?
  As expected, Tian Jin Ke sent up a memorandum on the exact day. The general meaning was that his jiejie's cause of death was suspicious. Liang shi was married for only eight months when she gave birth to twins. He was suspicious that the Duke of Chang De killed his wife so that he could marry Liang shi because she had been pregnant.
  Once the news came out, Jing became even noisier. That year, Liang shi truly did give birth to the twins not even eight months after marriage. The statement given out at the time was that she was carrying twins which caused an early birth. But thinking of it now, the matter was fishy.
  If nothing was wrong, why would the Duke of Chang De be in such a hurry to marry her, could he not even wait for the hundred days after his wife's passing?
  When the matter was exposed, those who had relationships with Chang De Gong Fu and the Liang Family all stopped interacting with them. The two families didn't even have anyone to ask for aid.
  As Qu Qing Ju heard the new situation each day about the Qu Family at court, her mood became better and better. But who knew that on this day when she had just finished listening to Jin Zhan tell her the gossip, one of the servants came to report that the Duke of Chang De was requesting to meet her.
  The Duke of Chang De?
  The memories in Qu Qing Ju's mind of the Duke of Chang De were very apathetic, and there was even a hint of hate. She heard the Duke had come, and hesitated before standing to say: 'Order the gatekeeper to let the Duke of Chang De wait in the side hall of the wang fu.'
  'Mistress, you are going to see the duke?' Mu Jin looked worriedly at Qu Qing Ju, clearly worried on her behalf.
  'There's nothing to fear. Now, I am wang fei. Do I still have to fear that he will reprimand me for Liang shi?' Qu Qing Ju gave an icy smile, 'Jin Zhan, help me dress.'
  Jin Zhan quickly complied and the group of yahuan in the room joined in.
  Seeing the yahuan bring in the different hairpins, jewellery and the grand clothes, Qu Qing Ju picked an extravagantly lavish wide sleeved qing luan robe. In her memory, didn't the Duke of Chang De like taking up the role of the father to reprimand the original owner of this body?
  Then she would let him know what it was like to be suppressed by authority.
  The Duke of Chang De waited a long while outside the gate of Duan Wang Fu before someone came in to lead him inside the front gate. He followed the taijian in front to the side hall of the wang fu. Liang Hong, who had been following behind, took out a pouch to shove in the hand of the taijian leading the way, asking in a fawning tone: 'This ge, do you know when wang fei will be free?' He had accompanied his yi fu[i]to quite a few homes. Some straightforwardly didn't receive guests, some allowed them inside but after filling their stomachs with tea, they still didn't see anyone. So he couldn't resist asking.
  The taijian took the pouch and politely smiled as he replied: 'This little gong zi is too polite. This one is just a servant, and doesn't know anything about wang fei. You two can wait here, it should be only a while before you can meet wang fei.' He made a bow before quickly leaving.
  Soon afterwards, servants came in to serve them tea and refreshments. Liang Hong restlessly sat on the carved pear tree chair. He looked at the servants of the wang fu standing in the room with their tastefully chosen attire and strangely felt that he couldn't breathe.
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  Chapter Seventy One - A New Experiment
  'Bought ... ... bought it,' Yun Xia xianzi's grave tone scared Xiao Huan. She stammered, 'I bought it for half a third-grade jingshi. At the free market. I felt the seller was very pitiful and bought one.'
  'Pitiful?' Yun Xia xianzi's brow furrowed, 'Half a third grade jingshi?'
  'Yes,' Xiao Huan hurriedly nodded her head, 'That person was so sad. A whole afternoon and he didn't even sell one. When he was promoting it to me, he really was so pitiful so I bought one for Miss Yellow to play with. Miss, what is it?'
  'This is a yin bead.' Yun Xia xianzi's face was grave as she explained, 'Yin beads are made from yin energy and are very rare. The method to form yin beads is very unique. It has been lost for a long time. There are many uses for this yin bead. I know of one method to forge this into a yin thunder bead. It would be very powerful.'
  'That strong?' Xiao Huan almost couldn't believe it, 'But I felt that person was very sad. If yin beads are that powerful, why couldn't he sell it for half a third-grade of jingshi.'
  'Haha. Therefore, you got a bargain,' Yun Xia xianzi said, 'In this world, there are always some eccentric people that enjoyed tricking the world for amusement,' but her tone was not confident.
  'Miss, why don't you go with me to find the person again? I remember where he was!' Xiao Huan hurriedly said, 'This way, Miss might be able to request the method to form the yin bead. If not, you could still buy all the yin beads!'
  'En!' hearing this, Yun Xia xianzi quickly stood.
  After returning to the mountain, Zuo Mo started his dan-making job once again. The yin bead was just a little detour. He just mourned the loss of eight pieces of third-grade jingshi for a while. But the effect of this incident was even greater to Pu Yao. Pu Yao was silent for quite a few days, but he didn't have a solution. After three thousand years, things would have changed. At least, that was what Zuo Mo thought.
  Zuo Mo temporarily didn't have time to investigate the use of the yin beads. He had too many things he needed to do. The sales of the Golden Crow pills was very good, but that also meant he needed to spend more time on dan-making. Especially in this situation where he needed jingshi. Even more, the temptation of the fourth-grade fire seed wasn't just for others. It was a temptation even for him as well.
  But after swallowing fifty Golden Crow pills, Zuo Mo didn't form Golden Crow fire. Each time, he could feel a sliver of heat absorbed into his body, and just as quickly, the heat was like melting ice, gone in the blink of an eye.
  This made him very suspicious of the effectiveness of the Golden Crow pill. Even though it was a lingdan that he made, but about its effectiveness, he wasn't confident at all.
  Fifty Golden Crow pills. Converting that to jingshi, it wasn't a small amount. His heart hurt slightly and he was puzzled.
  Was it that the sun essence inside the Golden Crow pill too little?
  The reason that the Golden Crow pill had been judged to be able to form Golden Crow fire was that it contained essence of the sun, but the amount was extremely small. If he wanted to rely on the pill to form Golden Crow fire, he didn't know how many he had to use.
  Suddenly, he was reminded of an idea he once had when he had been making the Golden Crow pills.
  If he used [Art Of Crimson Flame] as the primary and the li fire seal formation as the auxiliary, what would the lingdan he made be like? At the time, he had three different choices. This had been one of them.
  At the beginning, he had abandoned this plan of action because it changed the relationship between the primary and auxiliary fires which would affect many other things. But now, he had enough time to think about resolving the problems. Also, after making Golden Crow pills all this while, he had accumulated rich experience. If he used that method to make lingdan, the amount of essence of the sun definitely wouldn't be small!
  He decided to try even though the chance of failure was very large. The creation of the first Golden Crow pill had been accidental. In the middle, he had experienced numerous failures, but the Golden Crow pill had also given him enormous profits. He had gotten a good taste.
  Deciding to move immediately, he went back into his dan room.
  Without any doubt, his first time was a failure. Zuo Mo once again smelt the familiar burnt smell. He wasn't downcast. Failure was within his expectations. And compared to last time, he was much richer. The ingredients of the fasting pill were all open for him to access.
  To use [Art of Crimson Flame] as the primary flame and the li fire seal formation as the auxiliary flame. It appeared to be a simple change but it resulted in extremely complicated changes. First, the balance in strength of [Art of Crimson Flame] and li fire seal formation had to be adjusted. Also, it was unknown if the ingredients of the original recipe were strong enough to tolerate a larger amount of sun essence.
  Of the two, he was more concerned about the second point. How to pair ingredients and the ratios was a field of extremely deep study. Even his master didn't have a good grasp. He was worried that if the ratio had to be changed and it required higher level ling grasses, then would he be able to support it. Even with his steadily increasing wealth, if he went to buy the ingredients for dan-making, especially those high level ingredients, then he could only be able to window-shop.
  He began his dull experiments. He had a jade scroll by his hands that recorded down the general conditions of each of his attempts. He knew that he didn't have as much knowledge and experiences as his Master. The only thing he could do was advance little by little, trying again and again.
  In the eyes of many others, this was certainly the dumbest method, but it was the only choice Zuo Mo had.
  Just as Zuo Mo was trying to make a new lingdan, Yun Xia xianzi and her maid, Xiao Huan were scouring the free market daily, trying to find that waxy-faced man who was selling 'marbles.'
  In the following days, Zuo Mo didn't make any progress. Pu Yao suddenly, of his own accord, said to Zuo Mo, 'I'll teach you to use the yin beads to forge something. Go sell it, it would definitely sell for a good price!'
  'What?' Zuo Mo asked inattentively. Right now, his head was entirely filled with how to make a new lingdan.
  'Yin Thunder Bead!' Pu Yao said confidently, 'People may not recognize yin beads but yin thunder beads, people would definitely recognize it.'
  'Pu!' Zuo Mo decided to communicate with Pu Yao, 'Three thousand years. Your things, are the things from three thousand years ago! No one knows of them now! If they don't know then they won't buy it, and no one buying it means no jingshi.'
  Pu Yao said, unsatisfied, 'Do you think everyone is as ignorant and shut off as you? And have you not heard of yin thunder beads before?'
  Looking at the stubborn Pu Yao who still wasn't accepting reality, Zuo Mo shook his head, 'Don't waste my time.'
  Pu Yao raged, 'I......'
  'Stop!' Zuo Mo turned around, 'Don't say you're a Sky Yao!'
  Pu Yao almost choked on air.
  Looking at Pu Yao's depressed expression, for some reason, Zuo Mo felt good. The tiredness of the last few days seemed to have disappeared. He was smug as he went back into the dan room and started a new round of experiments. After going to the sword cave once, Zuo Mo's fear of Pu Yao seemed to have flown away in the span of one night. This kind of joke, he wouldn't have dared to make it before.
  After the sect assessment, Zuo Mo seemed to have spent all his time on making Golden Crow pills. This directly caused the skill of his [Art of Crimson Flame] to have increased dramatically. It was a pity that without the jade scrolls of the next level, he still couldn't breakthrough to the next level. Right now, he was able to easily manipulate the strength of the [Art of Crimson Flame].
  As the reputation of the Golden Crow pill increased in Dong Fu, it quickly became the trademark lingdan of Wu Kong Sword Sect. To help Zuo Mo in making Golden Crow pills, Yan Le Shibo had specially bought a second-grade dan cauldron for Zuo Mo. He was the envy of many other people.
  During the sect assessment, Zuo Mo's reputation had increased with his spectacular performance. His opponent Luo Li, had been wounded too, but he didn't have a master that could make dan. Shi Feng Rong was angry at Luo Li for going too far, and she treated him as though he was air. As a result, it took Luo Li's wounds a month to heal.
  When the news that Eldest Shijie Gong Sun Qing, Xu Yi, and Xu Yi Xia went to see Zuo Mo passed into his ears, Luo Li almost spat blood. The energies became unbalanced and his recovery was delayed for ten days. During the time that Luo Li had been recuperating, other than the first few days, Hao Min didn't visit him or ask about him.
  The sect leader had visited him once which had greatly moved Luo Li.
  After recovering, Luo Li instantly entered seclusion. He seemed to have suddenly disappeared. Everyone had discussed for a while before getting tired of it. Undoubtedly, other people's impressions of zombie Zuo Mo Shixiong improved greatly.
  In Dong Fu Hall, everyone had gathered together. However, no one's expression was good.
  Many days had passed but they still hadn't found anything. There were very few traces left from the Stars in Daytime. They couldn't detect the general location, and as time passed the traces that were left would decrease. Therefore, the chance that they would find the wounded yaomo would decrease as well.
  'Dong Fu is really too popular. There are too many energies that are moving through. The marks left from the event have dissipated,' Yuan Li grimaced.
  He was the individual most skilled with detecting energies in this group. Everyone had high hopes pinned on him. But up until now, he wasn't able to even find a trace, and he felt embarrassed.
  Yun Xia xianzi comforted, 'Mister Yuan, don't rush. We are here to do our best and the rest is up to fate,'
  'Have you all noticed that, other than us, there seems to be another group that is trying to find the yaomo,' A silver-coroneted cultivator said.
  'Oh, has Wen Tie sanren found something?' Yun Xia xianzi couldn't help ask.
  'I keep on feeling that someone is following us in the dark. Has anyone else felt it?' Wen Tie sanren said worriedly.
  'I have also had this feeling,' Yuan Li nodded.
  Yun Xia xianzi's beautiful eyes scanned the surroundings. Seeing the assorted expressions, she couldn't help but sigh inside. If the Jie Master was here, would they be like this? Everyone was about equal in their cultivation and they were all proud people. They usually cultivated alone. Coming here this time, most people were doing it out of obligation. Without a strong person to lead, they were like a pile of sand.
  'Old He, can you not just stare at the lingdan, have you found anything?' Yun Xia xianzi said with a smile.
  'Found? No,' The one called Old He was an old man. His hair and beard were white, his skin wrinkled. He was skilled in the art of dan-making. He had been invited to come but he usually didn't speak. However, he was of profound and unknown cultivation and no one dared to underestimate him. He suddenly sighed, 'Dong Fu might be a small place but it still has some pearls. This Golden Crow pill, the maker was able to think of adding essence of the sun into the dan. This old one admires them,'
  'What's the use?' Yun Li's brows furrowed and he asked unconcernedly.
  'It may be possible to form fourth-grade Golden Crow fire,' Old He slowly drawled.
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  Chapter Eighty Don't Dirty Ben Wang's Place
  The Duke of Chang De held a teacup for fifteen minutes. Looking at the silent door leading to the hall, it stirred up memories of the cold receptions he had received in other homes. He had endured it then. Now that he was at his daughter's place, he still had to sit on the bench. His face instantly darkened and he heavily slammed the teacup to one side, ranting: 'I've raised such a good daughter. When her own father comes, she still acts like a wang fei. It was a waste raising her all those years!'
  Liang Hong's heart jumped. He looked at the servants in the room who didn't react at all. He appeased: 'Yifu, Duan wang fei has to take care of such a wang fu. She wouldn't be as free as she was before her marriage. We've only just arrived, don't be angry. If Duan wang fei heard what you said, she would be hurt.'
  'What does she have to be hurt about? After she'd married wang ye, she's never even seriously looked at her father. She came to my birthday banquet and threw a tantrum in front of the whole fu,' When the Duke of Chang De thought about the contents in Tian Jin Ke's censure memorandum, his face flushed, 'How is she my daughter? From the looks of it, she shouldn't be named Qu. She should've been named Tian!'
  Liang Hong listened as his words became increasingly nasty and felt frantic inside. Right now, they had come to ask for aid, not to throw around their temper. How yifu had treated Duan Wang Fei these years, he had personally seen it. If wang fei was willing to help, that would be a blessing from the Heavens. But yifu had to maintain the face of an elder. If wang fei saw, even if Duan wang fei's personality was gentle, she wouldn't stand for yifu's attitude.
  He was anxious but didn't dare say more in case he provoked yifu to get even nastier. He carefully looked at the servants in the room. These people were like statues. No matter how nasty yifu's words were, they didn't even move an inch. It was as though he and yifu didn't even exist. The conduct of these servants made Liang Hong feel the strictness of the protocol of the wang fu.
  'Duke Qu, are you angry because this fu's tea and pastries aren't suited for your appetite?' Xiao Gan Zi asked scornfully as he came in with a lower-ranked taijian into the hall. He glared furiously at the yahuan serving in the hall, admonishing: 'Useless beings! Remember what kind of place this is. You don't even know how to serve people. Go switch Duke Qu's tea!'
  Liang Hong hurriedly interjected: 'This gonggong is too courteous. The tea and pastries are all good. There's no need to trouble anyone.' How could he not detect that this taijian was pointing at the mulberry but swearing at the locust tree? But they had come here to seek aid. Furthermore, the pattern on the robe of this taijian was different to that of a normal taijian. His position in the fu wouldn't be low. The saying was that 'the gatekeeper of the Prime Minister's gate was a fourth-pin official.' How could he even dare to offend the taijian who had some status in the wang fu?
  Xiao Gan Zi turned to look at the young person in front of him. He mockingly raised his hands in a fist to Liang Hong as he said: 'This gongzi must be Duke Qu's son. This one greets you two.'
  'I don't dare receive gonggong's greeting. This student is Liang Hong, and yifu's nephew.' Liang Hong returned a bow and tried to hand a pouch to Xiao Gan Zi.
  'Liang gong zi doesn't have to be this courteous. This one is insignificant and doesn't dare to take gong zi's gift,' Xiao Gan Xi unhesitatingly pushed aside Liang Hong's pouch, 'Please sit, our wang fei will be here shortly.'
  'Hong'er, sit down. Today, I'm going to see when this good daughter of mine will arrive. I've waited this long and she's just sent a taijian to brush us off. Once she became a wang fei, her airs have become arrogant enough that she won't even attend to her own father.' The Duke of Chang De impatiently looked at Xiao Gan Zi and Liang Hong, his actions and tone of voice showing just how much he looked down upon this taijian named Xiao Gan Zi.
  Xiao Gan Zi smiled instead of getting angry. He came forward and bowed, saying: 'Duke Qu, don't be furious. Our wang fei isn't as idle as Qu san xiaojie. Every day, she has to manage the fu and all the matters of the different estates. That's awfully busy work. After hearing that the duke had come today, she went to dress and groom herself in a rush to see you. One can see just how much she respects you.'
  Upon hearing this, Liang Hong's heart became even more bitter. What was not as idle as Qu san xiaojie? On the inside, he blamed yifu for his fiery personality and improper manner of speech. He also was angry at Qu Qing Ju for not respecting them. But he also knew that the current circumstances were disadvantageous to them. If yifu kept acting like this, when Duan Wang found out, the matter would be even more difficult to diffuse.
  The Duke of Chang De snorted icily: 'If she respects me, why would she let me wait for so long?'
  Just as he'd finished speaking, the half-closed door to the hall was suddenly pushed open. The hall was instantly saturated with light. The Duke of Chang De and Liang Hong turned to look and saw Qu Qing Ju wearing a red floor length dress as she stood expressionless at the doorway. Behind her were more than ten yahuan and taijian. Without even speaking, they made others feel intimidated.
  Qu Qing Ju looked indifferently at the Duke of Chang De who sat still on the chair. She held Mu Jin's hand as she walked into the room. Once she'd sat on the center seat, she then lifted her chin slightly to look at the standing Liang Hong and the still seated Duke of Chang De.
  This was the first time that Liang Hong saw the married Qu Qing Ju. Last time, he had heard that she came to yifu's birthday but he didn't have the chance to see her. Seeing her today, he finally understood what was called 'the world turned upside down.' The woman in front of him wearing the majestic clothes hadn't changed in appearance but he felt that something was different. He began to feel intimidated now that he was standing in front of her.
  Barely suppressing the fear inside, after Qu Qing Ju sat down, Liang Hong came forward to raise his hands in a greeting: 'This student Liang Hong greets Duan Wang Fei.'
  Qu Qing Ju barely glanced at him. She took a sip of the tea that was on the table, then frowned and criticized: 'Today's tea is too bitter. Change it.'
  'Yes,' Mu Jin bowed to take the teacup. She turned to give it to the second-rank yahuan behind her. Very quickly, a yahuan handed a new cup to her. She turned again to place it on the table beside Qu Qing Ju.
  Liang Hong obediently bent his body as he stood, too afraid to even move.
  'Liang gong zi doesn't have to be so courteous. Please sit.' Qu Qing Ju raised the teacup once again. She raised her eyelids slightly to look at the Duke of Chang De, 'Why have the two of you come today?'
  'You are a wang fei now. Don't you know what has happened to your paternal family?' The Duke of Chang De accused in a heavy voice, 'Or is it that you don't even care about your paternal family at all?'
  'Oh?' Qu Qing Ju raised an eyebrow, 'Are you talking about how Liang shi took advantage of the status of Chang De Gong Fu to let the Liang Family abuse the people of Lan Cheng county, or that you took a new wife before your first wife's bones had even cooled, or how exactly did ben wang fei's mother die?'
  She spoke slowly, her tone was very calm but it made Liang Hong, who had been sitting restlessly, feel a chill on his back. He looked at how Duan Wang Fei's red-nailed hand slowly caressed the teacup. The strings in his brain were so tight that they almost broke. He was now regretting the fact that he'd accompanied yifu to Duan Wang Fu.
  'Is this the attitude that you, as a daughter, should have towards your father?' The Duke of Chang De was a bit shaken, but seeing that even the daughter who had once been so submissive to him dare talk like that to him, the anger inside erupted. He stood and pointed at Qu Qing Ju, cursing, 'If I knew that this would happen, in the beginning, I would have choked you to death and not let you live to anger me today.'
  Upon hearing this, Qu Qing Ju gave a sweet smile to the Duke of Chang De. Then she threw the teacup in her hand onto the ground. The expensive government-kiln teacup instantly shattered into pieces, the crisp sounds frightening the Duke of Chang De, who shrank back in response.
  She spread out her hand and looked at her nails which had been dyed red. She looked at the Duke of Chang De from the corner of her eye: 'Why aren't you cursing? Weren't you so happy cursing right now?'
  The Duke of Chang De unconsciously took a step back. He opened his mouth but found his throat had turned wooden and couldn't say a word.
  'I'm the kind of person that has a bad habit. That is, I hold grudges,' Qu Qing Ju lowered her hand and smoothed her dress. From Mu Jin's hand, she took another teacup. She smiled cheerfully as she spoke, 'Liang gong zi, in all those years that you've lived at Chang De Gong Fu, come say how the fu has treated me?'
  Liang Hong's face was full of sweat but he couldn't say a word. He might be a member of the Liang Family but he also knew that yimu had not treated Duan Wang Fei well before her marriage. Now that Duan Wang Fei was asking him, he couldn't say well, but couldn't say not well, and could only remain silent.
  'Take a look, even the people of the Liang Family can't say a word. It can be seen just how well Chang De Gong Fu treated me,' Qu Qing Ju sneered, 'Coming here today, were you hoping that I could persuade wang ye to help Chang De Gong Fu?'
  She saw the Duke of Chang De nod his head and the smile on her face became even more visible, 'But why?'
  The Duke of Chang De's tone warmed greatly. He carefully looked at the broken teacup on the ground, 'I know that the fu had been lacking in some aspects with the way they treated you, but no matter what, it's your paternal home. If a scandal came out of your paternal home, you would be dishonored as well. Would Duan Wang still regard you well?'
  If He Heng treated her like He Yuan treated Qin Bai Lu, then this matter would have really impacted her. But right now in Jing, who didn't know that Duan Wang Fei wasn't close to Chang De Gong Fu? Who didn't know that Duan Wang and Duan Wang Fei were deeply in love? Thinking about it, Qu Qing Ju suddenly wondered what He Heng was after, since he treated her so well.
  The Tian Family? But the Tian Family were only ever loyal to the Emperor, that was the mantra passed down from their ancestors. Would they even support He Heng just because she married him?
  He Heng wouldn't neglect her because of the Tian Family. When he had just married the original, he kept her in good food and comfort but wasn't even close to her. The original's personality had been weak. Other than what Tian Luo shi had taught her in the rare occasions they had met, there were no other elders to teach her the dark secrets of the houyuan or how to treat marital relations. That's why after her marriage, the shiqie were able to sneak in and cause her to lose her life.
  The tragedy that was the life of the original had all come from the Duke of Chang De. It was amazing that he was still shameless enough to come here to yell and holler. The fact that this kind of man could live until now, it was really by the virtues of his ancestors.
  The Duke of Chang De saw Qu Qing Ju's head had lowered in thought and assumed that what he said had moved her. He continued: 'Don't believe what the Tian Family said. You have to know that we are of one family. Can you believe what outsiders say?'
  Qu Qing Ju, who was so disgusted by his words that broke her train of thought, sarcastically responded: 'Even outsiders were willing to add so much to my dowry when I married, but why was it that this family of mine wasn't willing?'
  'It's all shameless and dishonorable!'
  Qu Qing Ju heard the words and suddenly lifted her head to look. She saw He Heng with a dark face come striding in from outside.
  This time, the Duke of Chang De didn't dare remain seated. He and Liang Hong obediently performed a greeting and stood in the center of the hall, but they didn't dare to look at He Heng's angry visage.
  When He Heng heard the Duke of Chang De say that he would not regard Qu Qing Ju the same because of Chang De Gong Fu's scandals, the fire in his heart couldn't be suppressed any longer. He looked at the broken teacup on the floor and walked to sit next to Qu Qing Ju. He patted her head as he said, 'Anger harms the body, there's me for all matters.' He glanced at the Duke of Chang De, furrowing his brows as he asked, 'Duke Qu, you weren't satisfied with making your wife die from anger, so you came here today to ben wang's place to show-off your might! Who gave you the guts?!'
  'Wang ye, please understand that this lower official only said it out of anger,' the Duke of Chang De wasn't sure if Duan Wang had heard what he had said before. He raised his hands and cautiously responded, 'The matter of my wife, it is purely Tian Jin Ke slandering this lower official. Wang ye cannot trust that person.'
  'Ha,' He Heng raised an eyebrow as he looked at the Duke of Chang De, 'That there's a person who is as shameless as the duke in this world. It has really broadened ben wang's knowledge.'
  'Wang ye......' The Duke of Chang De didn't think that Duan Wang would speak so mercilessly and couldn't help but look at Qu Qing Ju.
  'Someone come and see off the guests!' He Heng smiled icily and snorted with disdain: 'Don't dirty ben wang's place.'
  Qu Qing Ju looked at He Heng's state and couldn't help but burst into laughter.
  Some rough-labor taijian 'saw off' the Duke of Chang De and Liang Hong. Xiao Gan Zi stood at the gate and from high up, looked down at the two people at the bottom of the stairs. He slowly drawled to the people beside him: 'In the future, clean your eyes when you receive a card. Don't accept just anyone. Otherwise, some will think that they are worth something and yell and shriek at wang ye and wang fei. If one didn't know better, they'd think that he was the wang ye.'
  He clapped his hand, and in front of the two, he closed the gate to the wang fu.
  Liang Hong looked at the tightly shut gate of the wang fu. He suddenly realized that from beginning to end, Duan Wang Fei hadn't called yifu father once. He looked at the man whose face was full of discontent and anger, and cold sweat formed on his palms.
  If yimu had treated Duan Wang Fei better in the beginning, maybe it wouldn't be like this.
  This time, if biao mei couldn't persuade His Highness Rui Wang, he was afraid the Liang Family would be finished.
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  Chapter Seventy Two - Seeing Guests
  'Fourth-grade Golden Crow fire?' Wen Tie sanren looked with disbelief at the little lingdan in Old He's hands, 'I see that there isn't much ling energy in this lingdan. It can't even enter second-grade. Can this really make Golden Crow fire?'
  The other people also had varying levels of disbelief on their faces.
  A first or second-grade lingdan that was able to create a fourth-grade Golden Crow fire sounded delusional. Fourth-grade Golden Crow fire was a rare fire seed that people dreamed of. Other than a few sects who had the methods of creating and capturing it, there basically was no other method of obtaining it. If a person could obtain fourth-grade Golden Crow fire through consuming just one kind of lingdan, even if this lingdan was fourth-grade, there would be countless people wanting to buy it.
  The people present were all jindan xiu. They knew very well that the gap between lower and higher grades wasn't something overcome through sheer numbers. This was also why the price difference between lower and higher grade items was enormous.
  But now they were hearing that a lingdan that didn't surpass second-grade lingdan, it could make Golden Crow fire. It was like hearing a joke. If the person who said it wasn't Old He, the most skilled in dan-making among them, everyone would have thought that he was insane.
  'This is a first-grade lingdan,' Old He wasn't rushed and slowly said, 'It contains a sliver of essence of the sun. This essence of the sun, after the dan was made, is warm and easy to manipulate. Theoretically, it has a possibility of forming Golden Crow fire. Of course, only theoretically.'
  Only now did everyone release a breath, and they gave 'it ought to be so' expressions.
  'This amount, of sun essence, is too little. To form Golden Crow fire, if there wasn't tens of thousands of pills, it probably wouldn't happen. But even if this sun essence cannot form Golden Crow fire, but it is extremely yang and pure. It is perfect for adding into other fire seeds. Everyone here naturally doesn't need it, but it is a very good present for the next generation,' Old He said with a smile.
  Hearing this, everyone nodded. Without an exception, they were all jindan. If this could make Golden Crow fire, they would be interested. But if it was just essence of the sun, it wasn't very attractive to them. Those seated here were not roaming xiu and they had many disciples, even if they were roaming xiu they would still have disciples. The grade of Golden Crow pill was low, but that bit of sun essence, it could be added to all kinds of fire seed and elevate the grade of those fires. It is a very useful lingdan, and would be perfect to use in rewarding disciples.
  'With Old He's words, this is pretty good. Where can we buy this Golden Crow pill?' Hearing that the lingdan contained a sliver of essence of the sun, she couldn't help but ask. The other people also waited to hear expectantly.
  'Ha ha, it's a little sect called Wu Kong Sword Sect,' Old He turned to ask Tian Song Zi, 'Are you familiar with the sect?'
  Tian Song Zi was surprised to hear about Wu Kong Sword Sect. Hearing Old He's question, he hurriedly answered, 'Wu Kong Sword Sect is usually low-key. If it wasn't for a recent incident, I wouldn't have noticed that there is a local sect this strong.'
  'How so?' Yuan Li asked curiously. As a jindan xiuzhe, Tian Song Zi's cultivation wasn't weaker than them. And his branch had always held power in Dong Fu. To be called a strong sect by him, the sect's power couldn't be underestimated.
  Seeing everyone show curiosity, Tian Song Zi slowly narrated, 'Speaking of Wu Kong Sword Sect, we have to mention the recent apparition. In this generation of Wu Kong Sword Sect, there is an amazing genius called Wei Sheng. This person is of low birth but is obsessed with the sword. To be able to cultivate the sword, he was willing to be a sword servant. After working and studying hard, he finally reached zhuji. In his zhuji, the sword essence flew into the heavens and rang into the surroundings. I personally saw it and went to look in the deep of the night. Only then did I discover that this Wu Kong Sword Sect merits great fame. Has anyone heard of [Ice Dragon Sword]?'
  Wen Tie sanren's expression changed, 'The [Ice Dragon Sword] that shocked all of Yao Hunt in the past?'
  The others also gave shocked expressions.
  'Just the person,' Tian Song Zi nodded, 'I'm ashamed to admit it. If it wasn't that there had been an apparition when Wei Sheng entered zhuji, I wouldn't have known such an able person was in our Dong Fu. The Golden Crow pill that Old He is speaking about was made by Wu Kong Sword Sect's Shi Feng Rong. She is of jindan cultivation, and the most skilled in dan-making of Wu Kong Sword Sects four jindan .'
  Yu Bai was better informed on the topic than Tian Song Zi, and he immediately followed, 'Master might not know, this Golden Crow pill wasn't made by Elder Shi, but her disciple Zuo Mo. Supposedly, it was an accident when he was just starting to learn.'
  'This disciple has pretty good talent in dan-making.' Old He couldn't help but praise.
  Tian Song Zi's expression couldn't help but change and suddenly blurted, 'This Wu Kong Sword Sect is really going to rise!'
  Seeing the other people look at him, he explained, 'Everyone may not know, this Zuo Mo was unknown before but he managed to achieve a spring sprout jade medal with lianqi cultivation, his talent is astounding. And in lianqi, he also managed to comprehend sword essence. This talent is exceptionally amazing. I hadn't thought he would be so talented in dan-making. The heavens have really blessed Wu Kong Sword Sect!'
  The other people also had expressions of agreement on their face. Of the three points that Tian Song Zi mentioned, just one was enough for a person to be considered exceptional, but to have all three qualities in one person? That definitely was a once-in-a-hundred-years genius. Wu Kong Sword Sect, with an accomplished master like Ice Dragon Sword and geniuses like Wei Sheng and Zuo Mo in the next generation, it was almost certain to have a hundred years of prosperity.
  The people seated thought of their own sects and had different thoughts.
  'Since Ice Dragon Sword is actually in Dong Fu, why don't we pay a him  visit and order a batch of Golden Crow pills while we are at it, ha ha. What does everyone think?' Old He said. In this group of people, he had the greatest interest in Wu Kong Sword Sect.
  The others all agreed. Everyone seated here was cunning. To build good relations with a sect that was going to prosper, the benefits in the future didn't need to be stated.
  Zuo Mo was seated in front of the dan cauldron with his two hands on the eight-trigrams plate. His expression was focused. A clear gold colored light came down and landed in his hand before deflecting towards the dan cauldron.
  He had reached the limits of what he could do with [Art of Crimson Flame], and he reduced the li fire seal formation to the smallest it could get. Inside the cauldron, a ball of medicine was enveloped by the golden light, boiling relentlessly as it floated in the air. The li fire seal formation below released heat.
  Feeling the essence of the sun slowly merge into the liquid, Zuo Mo suddenly increased his awareness. He knew that the most crucial time had come.
  The speed that the sun essence merged at was extremely slow at the beginning, but after entering the liquid, it would suddenly increase. It was important to carefully control the power of [Art of Crimson Flame]. If he wasn't careful, he would lose everything. Zuo Mo had failed many times at this crucial juncture.
  A grey smoke suddenly appeared out of the boiling liquid.
  Zuo Mo mentally thought it was going wrong but before he could react, the liquid turned into a ball of ash.
  'Damn it!'
  Zuo Mo sat dispiritedly. After continuously making dan, his ling energy was almost exhausted. His eyes were bloodshot and his expression tired. The dan room was filled with the remnants of failed dan, the smell was nasty.
  Up until now, he hadn't succeeded once.
  However, it wasn't as though he hadn't learned anything. Today, just in this last attempt, he finally found the problem.
  In the various kinds of materials for the fasting pill, there was one material that couldn't tolerate such a high intensity of sun essence. Sun essence might look light and small, but it was much stronger than the li fire seal formation. This ling grass called Thousand Jade Grass, it couldn't endure being processed by such a strong flame.
  He needed to find a ling grass that could endure the increase in the essence of the sun, with similar attributes to Thousand Jade grass. Zuo Mo couldn't help but have a headache. This was the problem that he was most worried about encountering. When it came to the attributes and the theory of the medicine, he was totally blind.
  He gave a sigh. It seemed that his idea would have to be realized in the future, but he was still unsatisfied inside. He decided to take a good look in Master's record room to see if he could find a ling grass similar in effect as thousand jade grass.
  As he pondered, he walked out of the dan room.
  'Shixiong!' Xu Qing saw Zuo Mo walk out of the dan room and her eyes brightened. She hurriedly came over, 'That big ship has come to our sect!'
  'Big ship? What big ship?' Zuo Mo's mind was scattered and asked instinctively.
  'Doesn't Shixiong remember? The big ship that had flew above us before!' Xu Qing reminded.
  'The big ship that flew over!' Zuo Mo suddenly shook and was startled away. That extremely intimidating ship had left a big impression on him. He hurriedly asked, 'What's the ship doing here?'
  'Don't know,' Xu Qing shook her head, 'They seemed to be conversing very well with the shibo, but I heard that they were here investigating the Stars in Daytime.'
  'Stars in Daytime?' Zuo Mo felt his throat tighten. He suddenly thought of this term that the pink paper crane had also said to him. For some reason, he seemed to feel that this Stars in Daytime was connected to him.
  'Did Shixiong forget? Oh, right, I remember! Shixiong had been in zhuji that day!' In a piteous tone, she said, 'Pity that Shixiong hadn't seen it. Stars coming out in daylight, it's very rare!'
  Zuo Mo felt that his body was slightly cold. If before, he had just felt that it was connected to him, then now he was certain that this Stars in Daytime was definitely connected to him! How could there be such a coincidence?
  Just him, he definitely wouldn't connect the apparition with himself.
  He couldn't, but Pu Yao could!
  Thinking about it, he left Xu Qing and quickly went back into the dan room.
  Entering the dan room, Zuo Mo entered his sea of consciousness. Pu Yao was idly listening to the sound tablet.
  'Pu, that Stars in Daytime, did you cause it?' Zuo Mo felt his voice was trembling.
  'Me?' Pu Yao didn't even blink and crisply shook his head, 'No!'
  Zuo Mo instantly released a breath. Pu Yao might have many flaws but he never refused to admit what he did.
  But Pu Yao's following words frightened Zuo Mo half to death, 'Not me, it was you!'
  'Me?' Zuo Mo pointed at his own nose and asked dumbly.
  'Humph, a certain dead ghost needed star energy and borrowed your body,' Pu Yao was clearly laughing at his misfortunes, 'At that time, I already said, he went way over.'
  Zuo Mo's head was in the clouds. He stammered, 'You mean, there's someone else here?'
  Before Pu Yao could reply, Zuo Mo heard someone knocking on the door, 'Shixiong, the sect leader is requesting for you to go to Wu Kong Hall, there are guests that want to meet you!'
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  Chapter Eighty One Inviting Humiliation
  The side hall was very quiet. Qu Qing Ju sat on the chair as she looked at the shattered cup on the floor, her expression dark.
  He Heng indicated for the servants to sweep away the broken shards of porcelain. He rarely saw such a dazed expression on Qu Qing Ju's face. But he didn't want to see it anymore so he couldn't resist going up to her and deliberately rubbed her face, smiling as he teased: 'What, you don't have any more energy after that outburst?'
  Qu Qing Ju raised her head to look at the mirth on his face. She looked seriously into his eyes and from his purposely relaxed expression, she found the concern that was hidden behind his smile. She forced a smile: 'I have just discovered that he's not worthy of my mother and I.' She wasn't clear as to why the Tian Family had married their daughter off to the Qu Family, but she'd heard that it was due to a promise made by the previous generation.
  These parents, because of their own feelings, didn't care for their children's desires and carelessly gave them away in a marriage. They glorified the marriage of their children as a means of proving their friendship with each other. Or did they believe that because the elders were friends, their children would be happily married and the husband wouldn't neglect the wife?
  The reality was always harsher than the ideal. Qu Tian shi didn't receive gentle treatment from the Duke of Chang De just because their elders had been friends. Did the old Marquess of Xiang Qing, who hadn't passed away at that time, ever regret it?
  She wasn't a person from ancient times, so she couldn't understand their mentality. But if she had children in the future, she would be reluctant to treat them that way.
  'I know,' He Heng gathered the person into his arms, quietly promising, 'The people who had bullied you in the past, I will remember them for you. We will live for a long time so don't harm your body for these people. We will find an opportunity for you to bully them back.'
  Qu Qing Ju sat on the chair as she put her head into He Heng's lap. She listened to the man holding her tell how she could bully the people who once bullied her. That bit of grief in her heart had already disappeared without a trace. She turned to wrap an arm around him, laughing as she rubbed her head on his waist.
  The servants all cautiously lowered their heads, not daring to look at the two zhuzi. But a smile was on the mouths of Mu Jin and the others. It seemed that no matter how Chang De Gong Fu was, wang ye wouldn't lessen his affections for wang fei.
  These days, all the servants of Rui Wang Fu were trembling with fear. It was an open secret in the fu, which they didn't dare to spread outside, that wang ye and wang fei weren't on good terms. The fact that wang fei extremely disliked Qu ce fei of Xi Ce Yuan was something that everyone knew. But because Qu ce fei was favoured by wang ye, no servant dared to offend Qu ce fei.
  In the days after the details of Chang De Gong Fu's circumstances leaked, there was more idle talk among the servants. Even though they didn't dare to openly mention it in front of Qu Yue Su, Qu Yue Su could still detect that the eyes of the servants as they looked at her weren't right. As she faced the curious or disdainful stares of the servants, she could only bitterly endure and not show even a hint of discontent.
  'Qu ce fei, wang fei asks to meet you,' A taijian came in and bowed to Qu Yue Su nonchalantly. He said in a neutral tone, 'Wang fei said that if Qu ce fei doesn't have the time, it's fine not to go, but then wang fei will reject the card of the Duchess of Chang De.'
  'It must have been an inconvenience for gonggong to pass on the news. I will go immediately,' Qu Yue Su didn't seem to notice the slight the taijian gave her, smiling as she stood from the chair. She also let Yao Xi shove a pouch to the taijian.
  It wasn't that she wished to endure it, but this taijian in front of her was most favoured by wang fei. She was just a shiqie so she didn't dare offend him. After the taijian left, the smile on Qu Yue Su's face completely disappeared as she ordered, 'Yao Xi, help me dress.'
  By now, Chang De Gong Fu must be a mess. She didn't even need to guess to know that their so-called friends and relatives were hiding far away.
  Qin Bai Lu disdainfully looked at the card in her hand and carelessly threw it to one side: 'This Chang De Gong Fu is such a joke that they actually came begging to our fu.'
  Ru Hua, who was standing behind her, inquired in a small voice: 'Wang fei, if that's the case, why would you allow Qu shi to see her paternal family?' Wasn't that giving Qu shi an opportunity?
  'Why not let her see?' Qin Bai Lu smiled coldly, 'I want her to see if wang ye would really aid the Qu and Liang Families for her.'
  Ru Huan looked at wang fei's icy stare and didn't speak any longer. By now, wang fei and wang ye were at the stage where they had nothing to say to each other. Wang fei's hatred towards Qu shi became more and more evident. Now that the situation had turned out like this, unless Qu shi was spurned by wang ye, there was no other way for it to end.
  A short while later, Qin Bai Lu saw Qu Yue Su dressed in a slightly old, plain dress as she came in. She looked at this woman who respectfully bowed to her in greeting, a hint of mirth appearing on her lips: 'The Duchess of Chang De asks to see you. I'm not a cruel person, so I will allow your mother and you to see each other at Xi Ce Yuan. What does Qu ce fei think?'
  'Nubi thanks wang fei,' Qu Yue Su almost bent in half. She looked at the disdain in Qin Bai Lu's gaze and gritted her teeth as she turned and walked out of the gate of zhengyuan.
  Qin Bai Lu didn't really sympathize with her. She wanted to see her begging. The more Qu Yue Su's family situation worsened, the more happier Qin Bai Lu became.
  Taking Yao Xi's hand to support her as she returned to Xi Ce Yuan, she sat for a long time before a servant led Liang shi into the door. Qu Yue Su looked at her mother whose complexion had become more fragile, and stood to welcome Liang shi.
  'Su'er,' Liang shi looked at her daughter, her tears pouring before she even spoke, 'Our fu is not in a very good situation.'
  Qu Yue Su supported her in sitting down and comforted her: 'Mother, don't cry. First, tell me what's happening outside.' Now that she was in the houyuan of the wang fu, she didn't hear much news. She only knew that there were many people at court who were censuring her paternal family but didn't know much else.
  Liang shi wiped away her tears as she gave a complete narration of the condition of her home. When she mentioned that Qu Qing Ju wasn't willing to help, her voice held hatred: 'If I had known that damned yatou would one day act like this, I wouldn't have left her alive in the beginning!'
  After hearing this, Qu Yue Su gave a bitter smile. She said helplessly: 'Mother, now that it's like this, it's useless to complain. Right now, no one is willing to help us. Not even the heavens or the earth would respond.'
  'Even your didi was persuaded to leave the Eastern Mountain Academy. I had originally planned for him to attend the Autumn Examinations. Now that it's like this, how could your didi get a good score?' As she thought of her son, Liang shi's expression became even uglier, 'The most horrid is the Tian Family. They had to pull out the matter from ten years ago.'
  Qu Yue Su felt that it wouldn't end very well this time, but looking at her mother's face, she couldn't say it.
  'Su'er, you are this wang fu's ce fei. Why don't you beg Rui Wang? Rui Wang is most favored by the Emperor. If Rui Wang could say a few words on behalf of our family, it would be more useful than anything else,' Liang shi tightened her grip on Qu Yue Su's hand, 'Just help our fu in thinking of some more solutions.'
  Her hand hurt from being gripped so tightly. Qu Yue Su felt bitter inside. She was only a shiqie, she had no qualifications to ask wang ye to do something for her. But once faced her mother's pleas, she could only nod and decide, 'I'll go beg wang ye. If wang ye doesn't agree ... ...'
  'Rui Wang will most certainly agree,' The fear on Liang shi's face halved. She looked at the beautiful face of her daughter and stated confidently, 'I've even heard it outside. Rui Wang likes you very much. If you begged, why wouldn't he agree?'
  Thinking of wang ye's attitude towards her these days, Qu Yue Su could only squeeze out a small smile and didn't say a word.
  Mother and daughter didn't manage to speak for much longer before the steward came in to rush them out. Liang shi assumed that it was wang fei who got jealous of her daughter and left unwillingly. As she came out of Rui Wang Fu's front gate, Liang shi thought with some smugness, so what if Qu Qing Ju was a wang fei? She wasn't willing to help her lao ye. In the end, didn't the hopes of the fu lie with the daughter she gave birth to?
  The moonlight was like frost. Qin Bai Lu looked at the bright moon outside and asked Ru Hua in a mirthless voice: 'Wang ye went to Xi Ce Yuan?'
  Ru Hua nodded, 'Just now, someone saw wang ye heading that way.'
  Qin Bai Lu unexpectedly laughed out loud. It was carefree yet full of sorrow. The laugh grew louder and dissipated into the night.
  He Yuan released his hand which had been holding Qu Yue's chin and allowed her to tilt the cup for him to drink wine. He mockingly put his hand at the softness of her chest: 'Why is beauty so enthusiastic today?! Is there something she wants to ask for?'
  Qu Yue Su's heart jumped. She then gave an enchanting smile and said: 'What is wang ye saying? Qie sincerely wants to serve you.'
  'Really?' He Yuan examined her closely. Just when the smile on her face was going to break, he said, 'Such a pity. Originally, ben wang was thinking that if you had something to ask, ben wang would try to help. Since you don't have anything, a minute of the spring night is worth a thousand gold so we should live in the present.'
  Sliding into the man's arms, Qu Yue Su reached out to trace He Yuan's chest: 'Qie does have a small matter. Wang ye's eyes are keen to have found me out.'
  'Oh?' He Yuan held one arm around her, the other hand holding a wine cup as he asked, 'What matter does beauty have?'
  'Qie wanted to ask about Chang De Gong Fu ... ...'
  He Yuan pushed the person in his arms away, not caring that she had fallen to the floor. He Yuan placed the wine cup on the table and sneered: 'Ben wang didn't think that you would be shameless enough to mention this matter.'
  'Wang ye,' Qu Yue Su's expression changed. She knelt in front of He Yuan, reaching out to hug his leg as she pleaded, 'Wang ye, please save qie's paternal family, qie... ...'
  'From beginning to end, ben wang had never even looked at Chang De Gong Fu,' He Yuan sneered and kicked her aside. He slowly stood, 'If it wasn't for finding your eyes somewhat attractive, ben wang wouldn't have taken you into the fu. Just a qie, did you really think that you are ben wang's heart?'
  He didn't even look at the woman he had kicked, now sprawled on the floor. He adjusted his clothes, 'So disappointing. It seems that Qing Liu of Dong Yuan is still more tactful.'
  Qu Yue Su covered the chest that had been kicked and struggled to sit up. She only looked at He Yuan's back as he unhesitatingly left. The silver moonlight illuminated his shoulders, and for no discernible reason, made her feel colder.
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  Chapter Seventy Three - Inspiration in An Emergency
  Zuo Mo, finding inspiration in an emergency, gave a horrific wail and then collapsed on the ground.
  Outside the dan room, the disciple heard Zuo Mo's wail and asked panicked: 'Shixiong! Shixiong! Are you alright?' There wasn't a response. Xu Qing, who had been paying attention to the situation, hurriedly ran over and yelled across the door: 'Shixiong! What is it? Are you alright?'
  There still wasn't a response from inside. Xu Qing instantly became extremely worried and, disregarding that she might be scolded, opened the dan room and saw Zuo Mo unconscious on the ground.
  Xu Qing was shocked but didn't mess up. She crisply yelled at the disciple who had come to ask for Zuo Mo: 'Go tell the sect leader!' That disciple, frightened out of his wits, ran outside.
  In Wu Kong Hall, Pei Yuan Ran and the others were attending to Yun Xia xianzi's group. This group coming to visit Wu Kong Sword Sect really was giving face to Pei Yuan Ran and the others. Naturally, Pei Yuan Ran and the others were courteous and warm. Both guest and host were extremely amiable. So many jindan xiuzhe, not just in Dong Fu, but even in Sky Moon Jie, it was an extremely grand group of people.
  For the disciples that were serving at the side, other than staring with wide eyes and a gaping mouth, they felt extremely honored. Before Wei Sheng had zhuji, Wu Kong Sword Sect hadn't been known in Dong Fu. Now, even a group of the strong masters of Bright Wave Jie had lowered themselves to visit the sect. No other sect had received such honor in Dong Fu.
  Maybe, in all of Kun Lun Jing, Bright Wave Jie wasn't anything. But it governed thirty one small jie, including Sky Moon Jie. Even the strong masters from Bright Wave Jie were so respectful to Xin Yan Shishu. Only now did the disciples know the cold and taciturn Xin Yan Shishu was so strong. In their eyes, their sect became even more mysterious.
  Conversation flowed across Wu Kong Sword Sect. After confirming Xin Yan's identity, Yun Xia xianzi and the others deliberately started to attempt to win him over. They were very disappointed that Wei Sheng was unable to come out of the sword cave. Not being able to meet Wei Sheng, the one rumored to have created an apparition on zhuji, it still wasn't a waste of time if they could meet the Zuo Mo who had so many talents. For some people, like Old He, their interest in Zuo Mo far surpassed their interest in Wei Sheng.
  At this time, the disciple that had gone to call Zuo Mo scrambled in: 'Oh no, oh no......'
  Pei Yuan Ran's brows furrowed in dissatisfaction. He asked in a deep voice: 'What are you panicked about?'
  Seeing the displeasure of the sect leader, the disciple was even more nervous and stammered: 'Sect leader! Zuo Mo Shixiong......Shixiong fainted!'
  Hearing this, Shi Feng Rong suddenly stood up.
  'What happened? Say it slowly!' Pei Yuan Ran shouted. His voice carried 'Clear Sound Incantation.' Everyone felt their minds become clear and couldn't help but mentally compliment Pei Yuan Ran on his cultivation.
  Suffering the shout, the mind of the outer sect disciple suddenly cleared up. His voice became clear and words simple: 'Zuo Mo Shixiong had been dan-making for a few days without rest and his mind was fragile. When this disciple was reporting to Shixiong, this disciple suddenly heard a shout from the dan room. There wasn't a response when this disciple asked the next few times. Xu Qing Shijie opened the door and found Shixiong unconscious on the ground. When this disciple saw him, Shixiong's complexion was terribly unwell. It must have been many days since he came out of the dan-room.'
  Hearing this, Shi Feng Rong stood: 'Everyone, please excuse me.' Finishing, she started to hurry towards Fragrant Ginger Yard.
  At this time, Pei Yuan Ran raised his hands in an apology: 'This one's shimei is worried about her disciple and lost her composure. Please, excuse her!'
  'Sect Leader Pei is too serious. If our sect had such geniuses, as elders, we would be the same.' Old He said. The others nodded in agreement.
  'Yes, your sect really has good fortune! In my sect, the disciples are average and have no great accomplishment. Every time I think of it, I cannot sit still and fears that the fires of the sect will extinguish with my generation. Then it would truly be an unpardonable crime.' Yuan Li couldn't help but add.
  Everyone felt great empathy with Yuan Li's words. Pei Yuan Ran had a joyful expression. In the beginning, he and the others had felt the same as Yuan Li.
  'Sect Leader Pei.' Old He picked his words and said: 'To be able to make Golden Crow pills just as he has started to learn dan-making, your sect's disciple has great talent in dan-making. This old man has rarely seen anything like it in these many years.' He then sighed: 'These many years, this old man has seen many outstanding talents. Growing older, this one has found that all things are the same. With talent, one always tried to extract things from it, and this causes many geniuses to falter and die early, their progress is troubled. Sect Leader Pei needs to take great care. I had to speak my mind. If I have offended, Sect Leader Pei, please bear with me.'
  Hearing this, Pei Yuan Ran was shocked. He stood and gave a deep bow to Old He: 'The concerned words of Old He, how can this one not know? This one will remember deep in the heart!'
  Xin Yan and Yan Le also gravely stood and made a bow towards Old He.
  The mood of Wu Kong Hall became tense. Old He's worlds had stirred the thoughts of many people. Every sect would have some outstanding disciples, but just like Old He had said, these talented disciples all had troubled fates.
  After such an incident had occurred, everyone didn't have the interest in conversing and after ordering a batch of Golden Crow pills, they made their farewells.
  When Shi Feng Rong rushed back to Fragrant Ginger Yard and saw Zuo Mo's pitiful state, she forcefully swallowed back the words of rage that had reached her mouth. But there was still barely disguised fury in her voice: 'From today, for one month, you are not allowed to enter the dan room!'
  Zuo Mo grimaced inside. Not being allowed to enter the dan room for a month meant that, for a month, he didn't have any source of income. Almost all of his income right now came from making golden crow pills. The ling grasses and herbs in the ling fields, other than the kind of plants like snowy foxtail grass that could not be used in dan-making, he had planned on leaving the rest of the plants for him to use.
  But thinking that he had temporarily managed to keep his life, Zuo Mo felt glad inside. Facing the furious master, Zuo Mo was very unconfident and could only mutter in agreement.
  Coldly glancing over Zuo Mo, Shi Feng Rong left behind a few restorative lingdan before leaving. Zuo Mo was very moved. Master might be of many cold words and faces, but she really was concerned about him. Before, he had felt unfortunate that he had such a foul-tempered master, but he now felt that his luck wasn't so bad.
  When Shi Feng Rong rushed back to Wu Kong Hall, the guests had left. Pei Yuan Ran and the other two were sitting silently in Wu Kong Hall.
  Having been waiting for Shi Feng Rong, Pei Yuan Ran repeated Old He's words to her. Shi Feng Rong also had a worried expression.
  'If it wasn't for Old He's reminder today, we have all missed this problem.' Pei Yuan Ran said gravely: 'Thinking about it now, we were truly too impatient. It was the same for Wei Sheng entering the sword cave. And it happened for Zuo Mo's dan-making.'
  'I have already restricted him from dan-making for a month.' Shi Feng Rong suddenly said: 'This matter, it was my fault for missing it.'
  Pei Yuan Ran waved his hand: 'We were all at fault.'
  'Yes!' Yan Le had a regretful expression: 'The sales of golden crow pill were too good. I got impatient because they were urging me and went to rush him. Thinking about it now, earning jingshi is for the continued existence of the sect. If something happened to Zuo Mo because of this matter, it really is a loss. We'd have lost a lot!'
  'It's good to restrict him from dan-making.' Pei Yuan Ran said solemnly: 'Shidi, supervise him in this time to practice the sword. We aren't going to hope that he would make any accomplishment on the sword. His talent isn't bad in the sword but he has too many likes, and it's hard for him to be faithful to one. If there aren't any surprises, his achievements in the sword wouldn't be as good as Wei Sheng.'
  Everyone had achieved jindan and could easily see this. Even Shi Feng Rong nodded her head slightly. Zuo Mo started out as a ling plant farmer. Then he learned dan-making followed by the sword. What he had learned was extremely broad. He wasn't willing to throw away any of it so his achievements on the sword would most likely be very limited.
  'But Zuo Mo's other talents are truly outstanding. If he isn't learning dan-making with Shimei, his talent in dan-making would be lost. We won't hope for him to cultivate the sword. We could nurture his interest in other areas, like Second Shidi's forging, we could try.' Pei Yuan Ran continued: 'But Old He's words reminded me today. Zuo Mo's body is too weak. We might not put expectations on his sword skills but we could strengthen his body and prevent something like becoming unconscious in the future. Before his body is strong, don't let him sink back into dan-making. Second Shidi, this will have to rely on you.'
  'Yes!' Xin Yan spat out a word. In the half-lidded eyes, two dots of cold light flashed.
  No one had any opinions about Pei Yuan Ran's arrangements. Even Shi Feng Rong felt that not letting Zuo Mo sink into dan-making temporarily was a correct choice.
  After everyone had left, a hint of worry came onto Pei Yuan Ran's face. Zuo Mo had a problem, then Wei Sheng? He was slightly regretful now of sending Wei Sheng into the sword cave so early.
  In the dark and gloomy sword cave, Wei Sheng's clothes were dyed with blood, blood coming out of the corner of his mouth. His upper half was bare, large and small marks crisscrossing, alarming to see. Opposite to his dim and tired mental state, Splitting Rainbow was glowing and flashing on his hands. It was like the rainbow after the rain, the color vibrant and fresh.
  Wei Sheng affectionately caressed the body of the sword. The seven colored sword hummed lightly, as though it was responding to him.
  In total, there were eighteen levels in the sword cave. Starting from the first level, he had fought his way down step by step. The devilings along the way, he hadn't let go of even one. There wasn't any slacking or tricks. Even though he already knew that [Void Sword Scripture] was on the eighteenth level, if he could reach the eighteenth level, he would be able to see the greatest art the sect founder had left behind, [Void Sword Scripture].
  But he controlled the impulse in his heart. Steady step by steady step, one deviling after the next, he forged his sword essence!
  He was the very first second generation disciple in Wu Kong Sword Sect to comprehend sword essence, even earlier than Zuo Mo. He had naturally comprehended it at zhuji. The sword essence he had comprehended by himself, it wasn't from any kind of sword scripture, but from his daily continuous fights, his own understandings which formed his own sword essence!
  His sword essence, it wasn't an understanding of the sword scriptures, but an understanding of the sword!
  This was also why Xin Yan found it troublesome and hard to teach him. This was also why, no matter if it was the stubborn Xin Yan or the steady Pei Yuan Ran, they were all in favor of sending him to the sword cave.
  They had high expectations of him!
  Wei Sheng, who had his own sword essence, he wasn't just the person in the sect most likely to grasp [Void Sword Scripture], but the only one with hopes of reaching the level that the founder had attained. Even though Zuo Mo had comprehended sword essence, but in the hearts of the elders, Wei Sheng's talents at the sword was much higher than him!
  Wei Sheng gently caressed the sword, his eyes resolute. His cultivation had rose furiously and in a short amount of time, reached the eighth level of zhuji. But what he didn't know was that, of the past disciples that entered the sword cave, those that could enter the eighth level, none of them were below ningmai.
  And him, just with his zhuji cultivation, fought and killed his way to the sixteenth level!
  Starting from the thirteenth level, every step that he took, he needed to pay a price.
  But he didn't become afraid and retreat. His sword, there was no retreat, there was no hesitation.
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  Chapter Eighty Two The Curtain Drops on Qu and Liang
  In the end, the Qu Family didn't manage to find anyone to help them. Even though they couldn't examine what had happened sixteen years ago, the taiyi, who had been requested by Tian shi after she had given birth to a daughter, was still alive. He had taken the pulse of Qu Tian shi quite a few times. The pulse had been very steady with no hint of illness. However, the final outcome was that by the end of the month, Qu Tian shi had passed away due to illness. He was inwardly suspicious so he clearly remembered, even after all these years, that he had been the first person to take Qu Tian shi's pulse at that time.
  The testimony of this taiyi didn't prove that Qu Tian shi was killed by Chang De Gong Fu, but once combined with the others facts: soon after Qu Tian shi's death, the Duke of Chang De had been in a rush to welcome the new wife, Liang shi, the dragon and phoenix twins who Liang shi had given birth to not even eight full months after entering the fu, all these series of coincidences was enough to prove that Qu Tian shi's death wasn't accidental but deliberate.
  Once the proof was revealed, it shocked the entire court. If a man was lustful, it meant that his morals were deficient but it wasn't enough to make others dislike him. But to harm his wife for a woman on the outside, that was being an animal in clothing, a person that everyone could beat up.
  Qing De Emperor had originally heard that Duan Wang Fei was estranged from her birth father. Hence, he had been slightly dissatisfied with Duan Wang Fei. Since the marriage had been decreed by him, he couldn't act on it. But once this matter came out, and Qing De Emperor looked at the memorandums which described how Chang De Gong Fu had abused the eldest di daughter and shu daughters, he felt that his second erxi didn't have an easy life.
  He couldn't help but say to Jing guifei, who had been grinding ink for him: 'Originally, zhen had thought that this was a woman who didn't respect her parents. I didn't think that she had such a tragic past. It was fortunate that Official Tian cares for his relatives. Otherwise, our er xi might have been someone else.'
  Jing guifei didn't look at the memorandums and only responded: 'Emperor, you don't even know that Heng'er's wife is extremely filial. Normally, when she receives something interesting, she would impatiently deliver it to qie. In the beginning, qie thought she was too childish, but only now does qie know that this child most likely thinks of qie as her own mother so she would think of qie at every turn.' The rims of her eyes reddened, 'Such a good child, but Chang De Gong Fu abused her. It really is too cruel.'
  Qing De Emperor was extremely moved by what Jing guifei said. He reached out to pat her hand and comforted her: 'Now you are her popo, that makes you her mother. She remembers beloved fei: one is that she is filial, the second is that you are close to her. It isn't just that she is a good er xi, you are also a good popo which made the two of you become more intimate.'
  Jing guifei was so comforted that she smiled through her tears. At this time, a taijian from the outside reported that Shu guife was asking for an audience.
  Jing guifei had a conflicted expression on her face as she said: 'Since meimei has something to ask Emperor, then qie will retreat.'
  'There's no need,' Qing De Emperor reached out to pull Jing guifei closer, not allowing her to leave. He turned his head to look at the taijian, 'Tell Shu guifei that zhen has no time and won't see her.'
  'Emperor ......' Before Jing guifei could finish, she was interrupted by Qing De Emperor.
  'Beloved fei, come see how this drawing is,' Qing De Emperor rolled open a drawing, and started to admire it with Jing guifei.
  Jing guifei smiled as she went forward a few steps. After closely examining it, she nodded and praised: 'This drawing has both mountains and water, the sky and earth are vast. Not even taking into account how good the artist's skill is, one can see the artist has a generous personality. Whoever drew this, if Emperor can hire such a person to enter politics and work, he will become a pillar of the country.'
  'What pillar of the country? This was just a product of zhen's leisure time,' Qing De Emperor contentedly put his hands behind his back. Seeing the shock and awe on Jing guifei's face, he said happily, 'How about zhen teach you how to draw?'
  Jing guifei naturally went with the flow and allowed Qing De Emperor to enclose her hand and start drawing.
  Watching as a peony formed under the brush, Jing guifei glanced outside at the steadily darkening sky, an indiscernible hint of mirth at the corner of her lips.
  Shu guifei looked at the tightly closed gate to the palace hall and unwillingly turned to slowly leave. What was not having the time? How could that whore Wei shi accompany the Emperor?
  Twenty-something years ago, Wei shi didn't manage to enchant the Emperor so how could Wei shi, twenty-something years later, manage to captivate the Emperor? This kind of matter, she wouldn't believe it, and no one who heard it would believe it either.
  Because the matter was connected to the mystery of Qu Tian shi's death, along with the series of events that had occured at Chang De Gong Fu, Qing De Emperor was so angry that he wanted to execute the Duke of Chang De. In the end, because he had remembered that the Duke of Chang De had the grace of giving birth and raising Duan Wang Fei, he exempted his death sentence. Instead, he took away the Qu Clan's title, and demoted the family of Chang De Gong Fu to a shu min. The Duke of Chang De Gong Fu was imprisoned in jail. Those not in jail were thrown out of Chang De Gong Fu.
  As for the small family that was the Liang Family, Qing De Emperor didn't have to waste much energy. He just sealed the Liang fu and erased the scholarly honor of Liang Hong, and decreed that the next three generations of Qu and Liang Family could not attend the examinations.
  The Qu Family who had caused so much fuss in Jing City fell down just like that. Among the people, there were even ones who had started to use Chang De Gong Fu as the basis for many plays. A fickle man who killed his wife to marry again. A cruel father and step-mother who abused the previous wife's daughter. And how the first wife's daughter endured such humiliations and in the end, married an ideal husband.
  No matter how much the story had changed, the Duke of Chang De and Liang shi were eternally known as the most malicious villains and Qu Qing Ju was the abused little white cabbage.
  After she had finished reading how she had married an ideal husband and the aggressive and contemptible paternal family story, Qu Qing Ju laughed so much that she cried. As expected, the plays were based on reality but larger than life.
  When did she ride a twelve-person gold sedan? When did wang ye, full of rage, drag everyone of the Gong Fu out to be beaten? Those points were too drastic.
  Mu Jing saw wang fei crying from laughter as she read the story and came forward to attentively help rub her stomach. She smiled as she commented: 'Wang fei, don't choke. Nubi heard another version before. How about wang fei take a listen?'
  'Tell me,' Qu Qing Ju took a drink of tea and asked in interest.
  After Mu Jin finished narrating, Qu Qing Ju felt that the creativity of the ancient people was extremely strong.
  The main idea of the story was that she, the little white cabbage, endured the snow in the middle of winter to buy red bean buns for Liang shi. She struggled in her journey in the midst of the harsh winds wearing very little and encountered Duan Wang on a white horse. The two of them fell in love at first glance. In the end, a romance that moved the heavens was written.
  Did the logic of this story get eaten by the author? Liang shi would eat red bean buns in the winter and not sparrow's nest? And in that kind of weather, who would be selling buns? Even if people were selling, who would go buy them? The most strange was that in such a snowstorm, He Heng wouldn't sit in a sedan or carriage outside but would masochistically ride a horse.
  Just as Qu Qing Ju was going to laugh herself silly, Ming He unexpectedly came over. He said that wang ye wanted to take her out of the fu. Qu Qing Ju didn't know what it was for, but seeing Ming He's state, it was an emergency. She glanced at her attire to see if anything was wrong and didn't change before following Ming He out.
  When she got on the wang fu's carriage, Qu Qing Ju saw He Heng was already sitting inside. She asked with some confusion: 'Wang ye, where are we going?'
  'The play has to go on til the end. If you don't get to see the conclusion, there's no meaning,' He Heng smiled and held her hand. He ordered the driver outside, 'To Chang De Gong Fu.'
  Qu Qing Ju looked in surprise at He Heng. After the carriage started moving, she asked: 'Why does wang ye want to take me there?'
  'Today is the day that everyone of Chang De Gong Fu is being evicted completely. That place was where you used to live. Before the fu is sealed, I'll get you to check if there is anything wrong,' He Heng cheerfully responded, 'I know that Qing Ju is a person who remembers the old times.'
  Hearing He Heng give such a dignified reason for going to spectate, Qu Qing Ju smiled and followed: 'Wang ye is right, I am one who remembers the old times.' The saying, 'the clothes should be new, the people should be of the past', had its own logic.
  When the carriage made its way to the front door of Chang De Gong Fu, there was a great mess at the gate. Loud sobbing and pleading made the entire place sound like the market.
  Ming He came up to pull the curtain at the front of the carriage slightly open, allowing the two zhuzi inside to have a perfect view of the great play occurring outside the fu.
  The uniformed Imperial Guards were forcefully escorting some people who didn't want to leave. On the ground were dropped luggage and clothes. There were many servants who had left with their heads down. Seeing Duan Wang Fu's carriage, they carefully came forward to bow before hurriedly leaving.
  Qu Qing Ju watched apathetically as Qu er xiaojie supported Qu lao taitai out the front gate. Behind the two was Liang shi, her face full of panic. Qu Wang Zhi was trailing Liang shi, his crestfallen attitude like a duck plucked of its feathers.
  The family stood at the gate, watching as the servants who had once served them all leave. Gradually, the crowd grew smaller and smaller, and then there was silence.
  Qu lao taitai watched as the plaque, on which 'Chang De Gong Fu' was written, got taken down and smashed onto the ground. Then continued watching as the crimson red doors of the gate got sealed with papers from the government. A long time later, she sighed: 'Karma, karma.' She pointed at Liang shi who was wiping her tears to rant, 'That year, if it wasn't for taking this person of bad luck into the fu, would my Qu Family be like this?'
  By now, Liang shi wouldn't listen to what Qu lao taitai said. She instantly retorted: 'Lao taitai might have forgotten that it was lao ye who had married erxi into the fu. Lao taitai, rather than blame me, blame lao ye!'
  'You,' Qu lao taitai was so angry that she staggered. It was only because of Qu Hui Xue's support that she barely managed to not fall down, 'Did the Liang Family teach you to not respect your elders like this?'
  'There's not even a Liang Family now. Wasn't it impacted by your Qu Family?' Liang shi felt that her paternal family had been indirectly affected by the Qu Family. She instantly shrieked, 'Why is lao taitai turning around to blame our Liang Family?'
  'Mother, don't speak any more,' Qu Wang Zhi heard Liang shi's words becoming nastier and couldn't help wading in, 'Now that our family is like this. What are you fighting over?'
  'I will disturb everyone. This is our wang fei's gift to everyone, please receive it.'
  Qu Wang Zhi heard that this voice didn't belong to a normal man and turned around. He saw a taijian wearing a blue robe standing behind them, a pouch of silver in his hand. He couldn't resist looking behind the taijian and saw a magnificent carriage parked not too far away. Inside the carriage was Duan Wang and da jie sitting together.
  Because of the distance, he couldn't distinguish the expression on the two's faces. But in this instant, he felt that he was entirely mired in an awkward and embarrassed state. Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Seventy Four - Nightmare
  Zuo Mo wasn't get upset when he was restricted from dan-making for a month . To escape from imminent life threatening danger or to make dan for a month, it wasn't a difficult choice to make; however,  when informed that his ban would be endlessly extended by his Master until he satisfactorily completed Xin Yan Shibo's exercise training, Zuo Mo became dumbstruck.
  To meet with the visiting jindan masters was a calamity, and to receive Xin Yan Shibo's 'torture' was another calamity. If Zuo Mo had a choice, he would unhesitatingly choose the first calamity. He didn't know the strength of those jindan masters, but he had directly experienced Xin Yan Shibo's strength.
  He now knew what being too smart for your own good was.
  Master, who had always pushed him to make dan, had suddenly reversed her position and sent down a strict order for him to go to Xin Yan Shibo for 'special training.' Before she left, she had sternly warned him, if he dishonored her in front of Xin Yan Shibo, when she came back, it was 'humph humph.'
  Master's 'Humph humph' was almost as scary as Second Shibo's terrifying stare. Master had never explained what her 'humph humph' really was, but the smile that accompanied each 'humph humph' caused Zuo Mo to shiver and his hair raise up.
  Certain that he was marching into the jaws of death, Zuo Mo went to Xin Yan Shibo's grass hut. On the way there, he warned Pu Yao countless times. Pu Yao definitely was one to hold grudges. Second Shibo had attacked him, with this guy's ungenerous attitude, he was definitely thinking of getting revenge. Pu Yao was arrogant and wanted to reclaim his honor, saying that it was because he had been previously wounded that he had been defeated by Second Shibo. Zuo Mo was celebrating the fact that Pu Yao hadn't recovered from his wounds yet, otherwise, he definitely would be making another mess.
  Didn't he know that this was a different era?
  After the incident with the yin bead, Zuo Mo had no fear of Pu Yao anymore. What Sky Yao, it was clearly an old antique that was still living in the time three thousand years ago, and completely cut off from the present!
  So pitiful!
  Sometimes, Zuo Mo couldn't help but pity Pu Yao. From what he saw, Pu Yao was clearly still living in the illusions of the past, and didn't want to face the cruel reality. Anyone  who had been imprisoned for three thousand years, they would probably behave the same way when they came out. Zuo Mo thought that the incident of the yin beads had dealt a great blow to Pu Yao. This renyao had been dispirited for quite a few days. Afterwards, Pu Yao had offered many other things that could be used to make money, but Zuo Mo had sympathetically yet resolutely rejected them.
  Regardless of sympathy, in order to avoid trouble, Zuo Mo sternly warned Pu Yao. Zuo Mo had initially used Second Shibo to threaten him, but seeing that there wasn't an effect, he immediately changed to using the threat of jingshi. That was instantly effective. Pu Yao was a great consumer of jingshi. Zuo Mo didn't know how Pu Yao could use up so much jingshi. But clearly, Pu Yao had at least one an additional source of consumption - going to the sword cave. Pu Yao was extremely desirous of yin energy, and in this area, only the sword cave had it.
  Zuo Mo found that he had the feeling that he was raising a pet.
  Coming to the Sunset Lookout Peak for the second time, the sword essences in the ground surrounding the grass hut seemed to recognize him and had completely disappeared.
  'Second Shibo.' He shouted.
  'Come in.' Second Shibo's icy words came out from behind the wooden door.
  Zuo Mo seemed to see, behind the wooden door, Second Shibo sitting in the lotus position, his body as large as a mountain, casting a shadow over him. Feeling weak and fragile, he barely raised his head and was only being able to see a pair of indifferent and frigid eyes staring at him.
  Zuo Mo couldn't help but shudder. He forced himself to throw away his delusions and calmed his mind. He pushed open the door and gathered his bravery to walk in.
  'Sit.' Second Shibo didn't open his eyes. Just like last time, he was sitting on a meditation mat. The sunlight came in through a hole in the roof and landed on his body.
  Zuo Mo saw the meditation mat in front of Second Shibo and carefully sat down, lowering his head and listening hard.
  'Starting from today, I will teach you.' Xin Yan Shibo's body was thin and withered, but sitting there with closed eyes, he seemed to weigh a thousand catties, suppressing Zuo Mo so much he almost couldn't breathe. He didn't speak in a loud voice but when it landed in Zuo Mo's ears, it was like thunder.
  'Yes.' Zuo Mo weakly responded. Even now, he didn't understand why Master and the sect leader suddenly thought of throwing him to Second Shibo.
  'Our sect cultivates the sword, and doesn't put importance on the body. But your natural body is weak and lacking. So you must start from the physical body.' Xin Yan Shibo didn't open his eyes yet a strong presence was carried with his light words. It announced the beginning of Zuo Mo's tragic life.
  The mountain slopes of Wu Kong Mountain wasn't steep but because of the winding mountain path, it took almost six hours to climb up on foot.
  The outer sect disciples of Wu Kong Sword Sect had suddenly found that Zuo Mo Shixiong would walk on the mountain path, panting heavily, sweat running down his back, as he went up and down. A few days later, a backpack appeared on Zuo Mo Shixiong's back. It was still up and down. Looking at Shixiong struggling up the mountain path, some outer sect disciples wanted to help but were sworn at by Zuo Mo Shixiong. All the outer sect disciples were puzzled. Was Shixiong masochistic?
  Each day, Zuo Mo wanted to cry. He didn't have the patience to treat others politely.
  Far away standing at the highest point on the mountain, Xin Yan Shixiong was supervising him. Zuo Mo didn't dare to slack off even the slightest bit.
  'Such a stupid method, your trash of a shibo is actually using such a dumb method.' Pu Yao laughed continuously at his misfortunes.
  Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and raised his legs. His entire body was covered in sweat. Every time his bare foot touched the stone stairs, it would leave behind a wet footprint. He didn't pay attention to Pu Yao. He wasn't afraid that Second Shibo would find out but because he didn't have the energy to talk. Now that he was thinking of those body cultivators, he asked himself, why didn't he think of cultivating the body? Each step he took, he could barely make it. If he stopped to rested at all it meant that this round was wasted, and that he would face a multiplied punishment.
  Second Shibo's eyes were really terrifying, to be able to  see so clearly from that far away. Every time he thought about it, he would wail inside. Second Shibo, do you really have the free time to guarding a little character like me every day, isn't it unprofitable?
  Don't you need to meditate... ... cultivate the sword... ... forge something......
  'Do you want me to teach you a body cultivation art?' Pu Yao snickered, 'Speaking of body cultivation, mo are the true masters. Those in your xiuzhe that cultivate the body, you all learned it completely from the mo, but you really didn't copy it well. Haha, as the true allies of the mo, I have a profound inheritance of body cultivation. Includes teaching and learning, would be beneficial for a lifetime, definitely without side effects......'
  Zuo Mo was too lazy to respond to him. He bared his teeth, used all the energy in his body to move upwards step by step.
  Pu Yao laughed even more merrily.
  At the top of the Eastern Peak, Xiao Guo watched  Zuo Mo Shixiong struggle up the winding mountain path. Her heart was deeply moved. She tightened her pink fists, determination written on her apple face.
  Shixiong is so strong yet so hardworking, Xiao Guo needs to work harder!
  She turned and left, deciding to multiply her practice time today!
  If Zuo Mo knew of Xiao Guo's thoughts, he would definitely wail to the heavens, 'Ge is being forced!'
  In reality, his mind was entirely blank. After the energy was used up, a person's reaction times and thoughts would become slower. The second half of the ascent, it was completely instinctive. Zuo Mo couldn't even distinguish what Pu Yao was saying.
  When he finally reached the mountaintop, without a word, Second Shibo picked him up and flew to Fragrant Ginger Yard.
  In the yard, a large wooden tub had been set up over a large metal pot. The wooden tub was filled with a black liquid, the smell of herbs could be detected a long way off. Xu Qing was standing next to the wooden tub. Seeing Second Shibo holding Zuo Mo, she hurriedly lit the fire.
  Without a word, Xin Yan Shibo threw Zuo Mo carelessly into the wooden tub before floating away.
  Splash. Like a ball of mud, Zuo Mo accurately landed in the wooden tub. The hot medicine bath made his pupils shrink and he inhaled sharply. At the side, Xu Qing's face reddened slightly and then she said sympathetically to Zuo Mo, 'Shixiong, today's medicine bath costs one piece of third grade jingshi. The master said that it will be put on the accounts and for you to pay back in time.'
  Zuo Mo's expression was fierce and twisted as he nodded - it really was too hot!
  He needed to pay for the medicine bath each day. They were really too miserly. Wasn't this forcing him to owe debts? But after the last few days, Zuo Mo knew it was useless to rebel and could only grit his teeth and accept it. Additionally, the effect of these medicine baths were extremely evident. If he didn't have it, Zuo Mo certainly couldn't finish the amount of training that Second Shibo assigned. Then he would have to face a even more terrifying punishment.
  Sometimes, Zuo Mo had the feeling that Second Shibo and Master were in cahoots......
  Xu Qing was even more sympathetic as she reminded Zuo Mo, 'Shixiong, I need to increase the fire!'
  A short while later, wails like pigs being slaughtered echoed through Fragrant Ginger Yard. The female disciples that were working at the front of the yard all sympathetically turned to look and exchanged glances before sighing, 'Really pitiful!' Then they buried their heads to continue their own work.
  After the medicine bath, Zuo Mo seemed to sleep-walk back to the Little West Wind Yard. The nightmare of the day finally ended.
  He wanted to drop and sleep. The bones in his body seemed to want to collapse but he still forced himself to meditate in the rock room. [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] didn't do anything special for the recovery of his body, but for nurturing the mind, it was very effective.
  Zuo Mo was suspicious, if he didn't have [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation], he might not die from exhaustion, but he would first go insane from exhaustion.
  He entered meditation extremely quickly. Time also flew quickly. When he opened his eyes, his body was still sore, but the feeling that his mind was blank had disappeared. It felt that he could control his body again. The medicine bath had been prepared by Master. Supposedly, the more exhausted he was, the more effectively the medicine would nurture the muscles.
  With a hint of reluctance and helplessness, he stood. What he needed to do now was get to Sunset Lookout peak before sunrise. If he was late, it would be very bad. At this time, the sky hadn't lightened, and was a patch of black. The mountain paths were still cold.
  The night sky above his head, Zuo Mo flew towards Sunset Lookout Peak, the stars above him mischievously shining.
  Sprinting in the wind, Zuo Mo only had one thought, this nightmare, please end quickly! He wanted to go back to his previous life of farming and dan-making. Even practicing the sword in the river was much better than this. Right now, he was counting the days on his hand. And what made him despair the most was what Master had said before leaving, only when Second Shibo was satisfied......
  Second Shibo satisfied......
  He had countless reasons to believe, in the eyes of the terrifying Second Shibo, this was just the beginning.
  Just as Zuo Mo was living through a tragic life, a shocking incident happened in Dong Fu and Dong Fu shook!
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  Chapter Eighty Three The Oncoming Wind and Rain
  Sometimes, the most painful time wasn't when you had lost everything. It was when you had lost everything and the person who had been suppressed by you was standing in great circumstances right in front of you.
  Qu Wang Zhi looked at the silver in the hands of the taijian standing in front of him. He might have been a bit of a wastrel but even he knew that the amount of silver in the pouch wasn't insignificant. It was enough for a normal family to live on for a few decades without doing anything. But even though he didn't have anything at present, he still didn't want to receive that pouch of silver.
  Liang shi, who had been wiping away her tears, snatched the silver from Ming He's hands and threw it ferociously on the ground. She pointed at Qu Qing Ju in the carriage, ranting: 'We don't need you coming here at this time to falsely give aid!'
  The snowy-white silver rolled out from the cotton pouch, scattering to the ground. Under the sunlight, it was even more blinding. The spectators in the street saw the scene and started gossiping amongst themselves.
  Qu Hui Xue supported her grandmother. Listening to the mocking laughter of the spectators targeted at Chang De Gong Fu, she embarrassedly lowered her head and saw an ingot of silver that had rolled to her feet. For some reason, she suddenly thought of a certain day three years ago when taitai had thrown a teacup in the exact same manner at da jie's feet.
  That cup of tea had been very hot. It had been the beginning of spring yet she was able to see the white steam as the tea splashed onto da jie's feet. But at that time, da jie always kept her head down so she wasn't able to see the expression on da jie's face.
  For some reason, she suddenly felt somewhat elated. Liang shi, well-off for more than a decade, Liang shi, who had abused her mother, finally met today's outcome. As she thought some more, a smile appeared on Qu Hui Xue's face and she bent down to pick up the silver at her feet. She blew away the dust on the silver and put it in a pouch at her waist.
  Liang shi didn't notice her actions. However, Qu lao taitai saw but didn't say a word. She wasn't intelligent but she was able to see the situation more clearly than Liang shi, so she wouldn't do anything that would provide more food for gossip.
  Liang shi had never thought that there would be a day when her and Qu Qing Ju's positions would be switched. That yatou in her memory, who had always been submissive, is now become high up in the sky and she has now become a base shumin. She was both hateful and unsatisfied, so she placed the source of the misfortunes onto Qu Qing Ju who was sitting in the carriage.
  Qu Qing Ju calmly looked at Liang shi. This woman did have some beauty, but only just some. She couldn't understand how the Duke of Chang De was so captivated by her that he would do something as crazy as killing his wife. A man that heartless, did he really know what was love?
  After seeing Liang shi lose her composure and started to curse, Qu Qing Ju felt the discontent, deep inside her heart, gradually dissipate. She covered her chest, as though she could see the lonely and helpless little girl enduring the days and nights in Chang De Gong Fu, saw her marry into the wang fu, saw her resist the man's approaches, saw her silently lie down on the carved bed and calmly close her eyes.
  He Heng noticed that Qu Qing Ju's expression wasn't right and gently grasped her hand, 'Qing Ju, what's wrong with you?'
  Qu Qing Ju's gaze met his and she suddenly smiled. She shook her head, answering: 'Nothing.' She moved her gaze back towards Liang shi, and bent to get out of the carriage. She gave her hand to Mu Jin who had been standing by the side of the carriage and stepped on a wooden stool as she got off the carriage. Step by step, she walked to stand in front of Liang shi, whose face was distorted, and in a very small voice, she said: 'If you keep making a fuss like this, that's not accumulating virtue for your children. Didn't anyone tell you that I hold grudges?'
  Liang shi was so angry that she wanted to scream. But when she saw the smile on Qu Qing Ju's face, she couldn't say a word. She turned to look at her son, and thought about her daughter who was a ce fei in Rui Wang Fu. She gritted her teeth: 'What do you want to do?'
  'Take a guess,' Qu Qing Ju made a long exhale and took a few steps back, 'No matter what, you've taken care of me for so many years. I just need to reminisce on the past to feel overwhelmed and beside myself.'
  'You slut!' Liang shi reached out to try to scratch Qu Qing Ju's face but was pushed aside by Ming He's hand. He said in a loud voice: 'Outrageous, wang fei was thinking of Qu lao taitai's age and especially came here to give some silver to make your days easier. It's fine if you aren't grateful, but you want to harm wang fei, you are too evil.'
  The crowd of spectators saw the scene and extrapolated on how Duan Wang Fei, who had been abused in Chang De Gong Fu, was still sympathetic of Qu lao taitai due to her advancing age and made a trip just to give some silver. The result was that the evil step-mother cursed her when she saw her without a hint of regret. It did seem as though this Liang shi was even more malicious than what was rumoured. They didn't understand how the kind and filial Duan Wang Fei escaped her evil clutches.
  Qu Qing Ju looked very hurt at Liang shi, who was being supported by Qu Wang Zhi. She said helplessly: 'Since you don't welcome me, I won't ever appear in front of you in the future.' She made a bow in the direction of Qu lao taitai, 'Everyone, take care.'
  When she'd finished speaking, Qu Qing Ju looked very wane and she held Mu Jin's hand as they went back to the carriage. When the curtain to the carriage was put down, the loss on her face instantly disappears. She really just loved watching Liang shi live out her days in fear.
  Maybe what she should be worried about was just how she, as Duan Wang Fei, would harm her children. Maybe she would live every day in her hatred. But these issues weren't important anymore.
  'Let's return,' He Heng smiled slightly as he held her hand.
  Qu Qing Ju smiled and nodded, 'Return.'
  The people of Duan Wang Fu left, and so did the spectators. Before the Qu Family could react, several ruffians and gangsters suddenly ran over and picked up the silver from the ground and disappeared.
  Qu Wang Zhi looked at the scattering ruffians and turned his head to look at his family. For an instant, he felt that there was no place in this great big world for them.
  'Let's go,' Qu lao taitai banged her walking stick and glanced icily at Liang shi, 'What are you standing here for? This place isn't the Qu Family's anymore.' She started walking away, supported by Qu Hui Xue.
  Liang shi looked at her son and in the end, she could only helplessly follow lao taitai. But in every street she passed by, there were many people pointing at her. She even saw some spitting behind her.
  She looked blankly at these people. She finally understood. She wasn't a duchess anymore. There weren't any more riches and honors. She didn't have anything. And the daughter left behind by that whore was going to plot against her.
  Finished, all finished.
  The spring gradually passed and the hotness of the summer slowly came. By this time, Qu Qing Ju didn't like to go out. Most of the time, she was hiding in the cooled room, wearing a silk dress as she waved a fan and listen to Jin Zhan and Huang Yang tell her the gossip in Jing City.
  A few days earlier, something unexpected happened to Qu Qing Ju . Qu Hui Xue had been married to a xiucai. This xiucai had no parents but he had land and servants. Even more unexpected, this xiucai's mother had once been Qu Hui Xue's mother's good friend. After the xiucai married her, he didn't slight her because of Chang De Gong Fu and the two had a good relationship.
  This event was probably the most fairytale-like incident since Qu Qing Ju came to this time. This incident also proved that sometimes, real life was more unexpected than stories. After she was informed of the matter, she let Xiao Gan Zi send some appropriate celebratory gifts to Qu Hui Xue as well as the questions from past examinations and the best answers. It counted as her good wishes to the couple.
  Qu Hui Xue didn't start interacting with Qu Qing Ju greatly because of the presents. She solemnly wrote a letter of appreciation and let a servant deliver some fresh produce as well as some of her own embroidery. After that, she went on to live her own life.
  'Wang fei, this is a lily silver tree-ear fungus Buddha fruit soup which has just been made by the servants. Drink some to reduce the heat,' Yin Liu put down the bowl of soup in front of Qu Qing Ju and took the fan from a yahuan. She helped fan Qu Qing Ju at a moderate pace. Seeing the white sun outside, she gave a sigh, 'It's become hotter and hotter. I wonder when it will rain.'
  'You just came from outside, there's ice here. Careful not to get sick,' Mu Jin pulled Yin Liu further away from the ice, smiling as she took the fan from her hand, 'Take care to not stink wang fei with your sweat.'
  Yin Liu instantly protested her innocence. The two fell into battle, causing Qu Qing Ju to laugh. She put down the spoon to interject, 'Stop, stop. Let the kitchen make each of you a bowl of iced plum soup and stop your mouths.'
  'That's great, nubi certainly won't fuss,' Mu Jin smiled as she walked back to Qu Qing Ju's side to fan her. Qu Qing Ju looked towards the door to see Huang Yang run over as he wiped away his sweat. She couldn't help but frown. Huang Yang wasn't this helter-skelter usually. Did something happen?
  'Wang fei, just now wang ye sent a message saying that he's afraid he can't return to the fu,' Huang Yang's head was full of sweat, his clothing and his back was all wet and he gasped as he spoke.
  'Pour Huang Yang a cup of cold tea,' Qu Qing Ju said with a grave expression, 'Did something happen in the palace?'
  Huang Yang usually did care for his impression in front of wang fei but the speed at which he drank tea was much faster than normal. After a bowl was drunk, he used his sleeve to wipe his mouth and narrated: 'Ming He gonggong passed on that the Emperor suddenly fainted today at Court. All the taiyi on duty at the Imperial Hospital were summoned into the palace. Wang ye is there too. He was afraid that you would worry and specially sent a message for you.'
  Was Qing De Emperor He meimei, that he would have an incident every few days? Qu Qing Ju frowned. She felt that He Heng was more proactive today than all the other times Qing De Emperor had been sick. Was it that this time, Qing De Emperor's illness was dangerous?
  Seeing a roomful of yahuan who didn't dare speak, she said in a heavy tone: 'Spread the news that before wang ye returns to the fu, the fu will not receive guests. Anyone who needs to manage an affair outside the fu must report to the stewards and register the time they left and the time they come back. Everything has to be recorded. If someone resists, throw them out of the wang fu.'
  Huang Yang's eyebrows jumped. He pushed down the fear in his heart: 'Yes, this one will pass it on.'
  After Huang Yang left, Mu Jin said uncertainly: 'Wang fei, this matter ... ...'
  'Fuhuang is a son of Heaven, he would be protected by the Heavens,' Qu Qing Ju held the spoon to take a sip of the lily silver tree-ear fungus Buddha fruit soup. With a calm face, she said, 'Make sure the servants control their mouths. If I hear something that shouldn't be said, everyone will be heavily punished.'
  'Yes,' Mu Jin detected wang fei's cautiousness and exchanged a glance with Yin Liu. She hurriedly left to start managing the other servants.
  A bowl of lily silver tree-ear fungus Buddha soup was soon finished. Qu Qing Ju took out a handkerchief and slowly wiped her mouth clean. She stood to walk next to the bed. The winds had picked up, and thick clouds started to appear on the horizon. The sky was half light, half dark with clouds.
  'Wang fei, nubi thinks that it is going to rain,' Yu Zan noticed the wind was too heavy and afraid that the window would block wang fei's line of sight, reached out to hold the window. She looked at the horizon and gasped: 'Such mighty winds and thick clouds. The rain won't be small.'
  Qu Qing Ju smiled: 'No matter how heavy, after it comes down, it has to stop. We are inside, what is there to be afraid of?'
  Staring at the thick clouds as they came closer, Qu Qing Ju's brows furrowed. She kept feeling anxious inside. Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Seventy Five - Haze
  The atmosphere was tense and heavy in Dong Fu Hall, each person's face black. Wounds could be seen on some people.
  In front of them silently laid the corpse of Yuan Li. It was a strange gray-green color.
  Yun Xia xianzi's eyes showed extreme sorrow. She, who was usually steady, couldn't help but feel trepidation. To search for the traces of the yaomo who could force the Stars in Daytime, they had taken turns searching in Dong Fu. Yet no one could have thought that they would encounter an ambush today.
  This definitely had been an extremely well-planned ambush. The enemy's target was Yuan Li. There were many of them, all of them masked, and with astounding cultivation. Their cooperation was also extremely tight. Yun Li was almost killed instantly. At that time, Yun Xia xianzi had been extremely close to Yun Li. If she had hesitated in throwing out the yin thunder bead that she had just forged, she would also have been affected by the other's attack. It was only by relying on the yin thunder bead, that she had barely avoided an ordeal.
  'Who were those people?' Tian Song Zi's face was black. As the true ruler of Dong Fu, to have someone publicly attack his allies in his lands was undoubtedly a provocation to him.
  Yun Xia xianzi calmed down her mind and said, with lingering fears, 'I don't know. They didn't use flying swords. All they used was five elemental smoke. In combination with their formations, it was extremely powerful.'
  'Five Element smoke?' Old He raised his head in slight shock. He hadn't gone today. He said gravely, 'Most of the people who use Five Elemental smoke are roaming xiu, and it's not easy to collect such a thing......'
  'That might not be true.' At this time, Wen Tie sanren said heavily, 'It might be that  they are trying to misleading us. It might not be easy to collect Five Elemental smoke but it can occasionally be bought on the market. If someone really tried, it's not impossible. Their target was Mister Yuan! So we have to determine their motives. Why would they target Mister Yuan!'
  Everyone who sat here was a veteran and their thoughts fell along the same lines. Tian Song Zi instantly realized and followed up, 'They don't want us to keep investigating the Stars in Daytime!'
  'Yes. This point needs to be pondered.' Old He opened, 'If they were here to pick up some benefits, stir the waters up, and then steal it away, then they would hope that we could find that yaomo. Who wouldn't want us to find that yaomo?'
  'That yaomo?' Yun Xia xianzi suddenly became alert, 'Or the associates of the yaomo!'
  The others stared at one another, their faces instantly dark. The people that had attacked them had clearly been part of the same group and clearly couldn't be that wounded yaomo. It was very likely that they were associates of the yaomo. Before, they had assumed that it was only one wounded yaomo so no one had treated it seriously. With the power of so many jindan masters, wouldn't it have been easy to exterminate one injured yaomo?
  No one could have predicted that the situation would have changed so quickly. It was basically impossible to conceal the matter of the Stars in Daytime. Large numbers of xiuzhe had hoped to hunt and kill the yaomo and had furiously gathered in Sky Moon Jie.
  A wounded high-grade yaomo meant countless jingshi and countless talismans!
  'There are actually xiuzhe that have allied with the yaomo!' Wen Tie sanren was furious.
  Old He raised his head and said, 'Why couldn't it be a group of yaomo?'
  Once the words came out, the enormous Dong Fu hall fell silent.
  Yun Xia xianzi tiredly went back to her residence. Xiao Huan, seeing her mistress' expression, said with concern and terror, 'Miss, why don't we leave? The matters here are very frightening!'
  Yun Xia grimaced, 'How can we leave now? If we don't conclude this matter, we will let down the deceased Mister Yuan.'
  Xiao Huan bit her lips and said resolutely, 'Then I will go find yin beads for Miss! If Miss has a few more yin thunder beads, then there's no need to fear them!'
  'Silly girl!' Yun Xia patted Xiao Hun's head and said affectionately, 'Getting a bargain the first one, how can you think you will get the bargain every time?'
  'In any case, I can't help Miss otherwise!' Xiao Huan's eyes became misty. The two might formally be master and servant, but in reality they were like sisters.
  'Your Miss isn't that weak. At the least, I'm a jindan!' Yun Xia hurriedly comforted Xiao Huan but she was unconfident inside. Old He's words circled in her heart. She knew that the situation in Blood Sky Metropolis Jie was worsening,but didn't know how bad it actually was. If the yaomo had really infiltrated Sky Moon Jie, then how bad was the situation in Blood Sky Metropolis Jie?
  At some unknown time, a drizzle of rain had started falling outside the room. Looking at the far-away mountains enveloped in the rain, the haze in Yun Xia xianzi's heart was just as heavy.
  Zuo Mo had been correct. His tragic life had just started. Old He's good-intentioned reminder combined with Zuo Mo's clever fainting, it had alarmed Pei Yuan Ran and the others. Only geniuses who were alive were able to become true masters. In the eyes of Pei Yuan, Shi Feng Rong and the others, Zuo Mo didn't lack for talent. More so, they thought that Zuo Mo still had hidden talents that were waiting to be discovered. However, his fragile body limited his development. Dying prematurely was something that was likely to befall him.
  In comparison, Wei Sheng was almost too strong in this area and didn't need their concern at all.
  Pei Yuan Ran and the others, after being advised, found that their initial thoughts were incorrect. For someone as multi-talented as Zuo Mo, it wasn't important to cultivate the sword, it was important for him to keep his life. Rather than nurture him into an average sword cultivator, it was much better to make him an extremely healthy turtle. The upper levels of Wu Kong Sword Sect sank into simultaneous reflection. Consequently, Xin Yan personally stepped forward.
  From this, it was possible to see how important Wu Kong Sword Sect thought Zuo Mo was!
  After the nightmarish cultivation, Zuo Mo's body had improved. Even though it still appeared thin, but there was some more muscles on his bones. Under the double influence of intense training and the medicinal liquid, he had gradually gotten used to the body cultivation.
  It was a pity that Zuo Mo didn't understand what his Master and the other shibo were thinking. Xin Yan Shibo personally teaching him, shocked and pained him at the same time! In all the elders, Xin Yan was the strictest and the one Zuo Mo was afraid of the most.
  How good would it be if it had been Yan Le Shibo? Zuo Mo couldn't help but fantasize sometimes.
  In the grass hut, Xin Yan threw a jade scroll at Zuo Mo and led him to a valley in the back of the mountain. Zuo Mo had came to this valley before. It evidently had just been flattened and there was an eye-catching seal formation at the bottom of the valley. Without a second word, he threw Zuo Mo into the seal formation.
  'Shibo, what... ... what is this?' Zuo Mo asked, slightly panicked.
  Xin Yan Shibo didn't pay attention to him and floated away.
  Zuo Mo looked in alarm at the surroundings. However, as nothing happened, his heart slowly calmed. Was this some body strengthening seal formation? Such a good thing, why didn't they take it out earlier?
  For a while, nothing happened. However, Zuo Mo didn't dare to run out of the seal formation of his own accord. Shibo had thrown him in, if he ran out, the outcome would be bad. So he started to look at the jade scroll that Shibo gave him.
  There was a body-cultivation scripture in the jade scroll. It was called [Vajra Profound Sutra]. Zuo Mo was slightly shocked. From the name, it didn't look like one of the sect's scriptures, but more like the scriptures of Dhyana cultivators. Where did Shibo get this? During his two years in the outer sect, he suffered through hardships trying to gather jade scrolls. Zuo mo held a special fondness for jade schools that recorded new things. This time he didn't need to spend contribution points to get this scroll. Zuo Mo finally felt that he hadn't suffered for nothing.
  Curious, he kept on reading.
  As expected, it was a Dhyana xiu scripture. The scriptures of Dhyana xiu were mostly simple and their demands on personal talent were the lowest. However, what they demanded of determination and personality was much higher. This scripture was the same. There wasn't many complex parts but what it needed was constancy. If this would be constantly cultivated, the body would be like gold metal, and if one could comprehend, the final level would be forming the Vajrapani's indestructible body.
  Of course, Zuo Mo snorted at that. These days, no matter what jade scroll, they would always talk about how strong they were. It was the same as Pu Yao always labeling himself a Sky Yao.
  However, what Zuo Mo found interesting was [Vajra Profound Sutra] mentioned that the body would not be easily wounded. No matter what the circumstances, the most important was to stay alive. If it would be somewhat mastered yaomo would be unable to approach near him, and nothing evil would be able to infiltrate. Zuo Mo suddenly found, what he was learning was more and more varied.
  'This kind of second-hand item, he's not ashamed to take it out.' Pu Yao somehow came out and said with a face full of disdain.
  'Second-hand?' Zuo Mo raised the jade scroll in his hand, 'Do you have it?'
  'I only keep the finest!' Pu Yao said proudly.
  'Like the yin bead?' Zuo Mo smirked.
  Pu Yao was like a deflated balloon. The incident of the yin beads had become Zuo Mo's most effective weapon. Pu Yao didn't have any room to argue. But when he looked at the seal formation surrounding them, he started to snicker.
  Zuo Mo's heart started to feel unconfident and couldn't resist asking, 'What are you laughing about?'
  Pu Yao's crimson red eye held a strange laughter at Zuo Mo's misfortunes. Zuo Mo was very familiar with this expression. He had seen this expression too many times recently. Zuo Mo couldn't help but feel something was wrong.
  'Have a good time.' Pu Yao was full of smugness as he went back into Zuo Mo's consciousness.
  Zuo Mo felt even more unconfident. Looking at the seals surrounding him, his heart trembled. Maybe this seal formation wasn't a body strengthening seal formation?
  At this time, suddenly a faint mist formed in the surroundings. Zuo Mo saw it clearly. The mist had been created by the seal formation. He instantly became nervous. Was it about to begin?
  The mist quickly spread. He couldn't see in front of him and became even more cautious.
  A sword energy suddenly came out of the mist and shot at him.
  Zuo Mo, already on the defense, sliced out with his hand, a sword energy leaving and accurately hitting the sword energy that was flying at him.
  A light flashed and the two sword energies destroyed each other.
  Before Zuo Mo could react, hiss hiss, two other sword energies came out of the mist!
  Zuo Mo didn't dare to drop his defenses and flung out two sword energies.
  Hiss hiss hiss hiss!
  Four sword energies came at him from different directions.
  He dodged left and weaved right, an extremely sorry figure.
  The sword energies increased in number at an astounding speed, so fast that Zuo Mo couldn't react.
  When the sword energy entered his body, the needling pain caused Zuo Mo to howl. Zuo Mo finally understood what this damned seal formation was!
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  Chapter Eighty Four Death of the Emperor
  The interior of Tian Qi Palace was suffocatingly hot but no one dared to complain, not even to wipe away the sweat on their heads. All their attention was focused on the dragon bed. The man lying there was the master of their honor and even their lives.
  The taiyi present took their turns as they shakily checked the pulse. When they had finished, they knelt in front of the Empress. The Dean of the Imperial Hospital said in a trembling voice: 'Empress niangniang, His Majesty's pulse is as thin as silk, faltering occasionally before rising. This official has no solution.'
  'Wasn't His Majesty just overwhelmed by the heat?' The Empress's expression changed dramatically. She might not know medicine but even she knew that only the mortally sick would have a weak pulse. She looked at the taiyi, their faces pale even in the sweltering heat, and ground out: 'No matter what, you have to make His Majesty wake up!'
  The taiyi present exchanged looks between themselves and gritted their teeth as they complied.
  The Empress looked at the unconscious man on the bed and wiped away the sweat on her forehead. She thought for a while before summoning a messenger taijian: 'The Emperor is seriously ill. Even if it's not good to have too much noise, but as a father, he would certainly be thinking of his children. Summon Duan Wang, Rui Wang, Cheng Wang and Jin An Princess from outside the hall. Shu guifei and Jing guifei should also come in to attend.'
  Outside Tian Qi Palace, all the feipin who had children, the princesses and the wang ye were all standing in the scorching sun as they waited. Seeing a taijian come out, the eyes that had been scattered due to the blinding sun instantly became spirited.
  'Passing the decree of the Empress to summon Jing guifei, Shu guifei, His Highness Duan Wang, His Highness Rui Wang, His Highness Cheng Wang, and Jin An Princess Royal to attend.' After the taijian passed on the Empress's decree, he didn't look at anyone's expression as he hurried back into the hall.
  The others were discontent but had no other solutions. Right now, the Emperor was unconscious so the Empress held the highest status in the palace. If she said not to let someone in, who dared to force their way in?
  The group of people entered the humid hall. Shu guifei furrowed her brow as she complained: 'It's so hot inside the room, why not use some ice?'
  The Empress glared icily at her: 'Right now, His Majesty's pulse is weak. How could we use anything cold? If Shu guifei finds it too hot, then go back to your palace to rest. The Emperor here won't lack people to attend him.'
  Shu guifei was stung by the Empress' words. She didn't feel happy inside, but due to the other's position, she could only bow to the Empress, 'Pinqie was just worried that the Emperor would overheat. Please, Empress, forgive pinqie's slip of the tongue.'
  The Empress looked at her and then her gaze swept across He Yuan beside her, not paying any more attention to her. She turned to look at the taiyi who was performing acupuncture and massaging the Emperor. Her voice was heavy as she announced: 'The Emperor's illness this time is critical, the pulse is very weak. You ...... serve well.'
  The people who were called in instantly changed their expressions. They were all understood what a weak pulse meant. But why did it suddenly become like this?
  The person with the ugliest expression was most likely Shu guifei. She looked at everyone in the room. If the Emperor passed like this, how likely would it be that her child would succeed the throne? Thinking about it, she looked with enmity at He Heng, whose face was full of anxiousness. If Wei shi's son became the Emperor, would there even be a space in this Da Long Dynasty for her and her son?
  'Why is it like this?' Shu guifei's voice got louder, and became rather piercing, 'The Emperor was fine yesterday, how could his pulse be weak?!' She started to cry mournfully, occasionally calling for His Majesty.
  Jing guifei wasn't like Shu guifei but the rims of her eyes reddened and tears silently ran down. A short while later, the handkerchief in her hand was sodden from her tears. But she didn't notice it. She only stood by the dragon bed as she cried silently.
  Qing De Emperor seemed to hear a piercing voice which made his head hurt. When he managed to open his eyes, he saw a woman dressed in peach red kneeling in front of him. When he focused, he saw Shu guifei's tearful face show happiness. His heart moved and when he opened his mouth to speak, he saw Jing guifei standing at the end of the bed. Her swollen eyes were centered on his body. Even though she didn't say anything, he could feel her worry and concern for him and the joy when she saw him awaken.
  He wanted to sit up and say that he was fine but found his body was paralyzed. He wanted to say a few words, but found it difficult to even breathe. He moved his eyes and saw the woman dressed impeccably by his side, and the woman standing by the bed whose attire was dishevelled and her hair not even properly made up. A long time later, he closed his eyes and found strength deep inside his body to order: 'Summon the Chief Justice Tian Jin Ke, Minister of Revenue Luo Chang Qing, Prime Minister Wei Wen Guang, Minister of Rites Zhang Yu Cheng, Commander of the Imperial Guard Sun Zhang You.'
  After just a short sentence, Qing De Emperor was gasping for breath. Shu guifei, kneeling in front of him, felt her hands become cold. Her intuition told her that this man who had favoured her for more than twenty years was most likely going to leave her. She was sad inside, but she felt even more frantic. Did this man remember the promise he had made, that he would leave the throne to Yuan'er?
  'Emperor, look at Yuan'er, he came to see you,' Shu guifei stood to pull He Yuan next to the bed and said frantically, 'Did you forget that you once said you wished to climb mountains with Yuan'er and ride horses. You haven't done those things yet. After you recover, you'll have to fulfill your promises.'
  Qing De Emperor looked at his most favored third son. He had changed this child's diapers, washed his feet, carried him on his back to play on the bed. He had watched this child grow up, bit by bit, to become a handsome youth.
  'Fuhuang,' He Yuan knelt of Qing De Emperor's bed, his eyes red as he pled, 'Er chen remembers every word you said. Please recover quickly.'
  Yes, at that time he had said many things, even promising that his third son will be the next Emperor. But after all these years, he hadn't installed him as Crown Prince. His third son's personality was too arrogant. He had always been waiting for him to mature. But now, he didn't have the strength to keep waiting.
  His blurry gaze passed He Yuan's shoulders to see the second son standing a few steps away. This was the child that Wei shi gave birth to for him. He remembered his schooling was good, his protocol was good and he was filial. He had bestowed many things to this son but he couldn't remember anything else.
  When this child was small, he must also have been white and plump. He remembered when Wei shi had carried him and he reached out to call him fuhuang.
  The children had grown up, but he was old.
  'Emperor, the daren have all arrived.' The chief taijian reported in a small voice.
  'Summon,' Qing De Emperor moved his eyes away and said weakly.
  When Tian Jin Ke and the others entered the hall, they detected that something wasn't right. When they saw the Emperor's rosy face, their hearts jumped and they quickly knelt down, 'This official greets Emperor, greets Empress.'
  Qing De Emperor didn't call for them to rise but ordered: 'Prepare the Four Treasures of the Study.'
  Shu guifei stared with wide eyes as the taijian brought the instruments. She knew what the Emperor was doing, her heart seemed to be trying to burst out of her throat.
  'Zhen dictates, Official Tian writes, you all listen.' Qing De Emperor's gaze slowly swept across everyone in the room. In the end, he saw Jing guifei in the corner, clearly sobbing so hard she couldn't breathe yet not making a sound. He closed his eyes. A beat later, he opened them, his eyes full of determination.
  He Yuan saw his fuhuang's gaze and felt that it wasn't reassuring. He couldn't help but ask: 'What fuhuang once said, does it still count?'
  Qing De Emperor glanced at him and slightly moved away. He took a breath: 'Ever since ascension the throne, zhen had no achievements in governance, no ability to expand the borders, but had a son ...... Heng, born intelligent, benevolent and kind, of good moral character and governance of his household, with the virtues of xiandi. After repeated thought, only this son is able to govern the world, zhen therefore passes the throne to the second imperial son Heng and to pick an auspicious day for ascension.'
  When he'd finished speaking, Qing De Emperor was gasping heavily and his sight became blurry. He looked at the jade seal and personal seal that were presented in front of him. Trembling, he raised the jade seal and pressed down on the Imperial Decree Tian Jin Ke held up.
  'Fuhuang!' He Yuan watched as the crimson stamp of the jade seal fell on the Imperial Decree and asked in disbelief, 'Why are you changing your mind?'
  Qing De Emperor didn't pay attention to him. He laboriously stamped his personal seal on the Imperial Decree. When he had finished, he seemed to have lost all energy, coldness creeping up his back.
  'Fuhuang, fuhuang, why!' He Yuan tried to grab the Imperial Decree but was restrained by the taijian. He turned to furiously stare at He Heng, 'What ploy did you play that made fuhuang create such a decree?'
  The rims of He Heng's eyes reddened as he replied: 'San di, don't cause a fuss now ... ...'
  'Stop acting, your mother and you always act. Other people might believe it, but I find it disgusting,' He Yuan looked heatedly at Qing De Emperor, 'Fuhuang, this is how you treat me?'
  Qing De Emperor didn't seem to have heard He Yuan's screams. He stared dazedly at the end of the bed, muttering: 'Chan'er don't cry, Chan'er ... ... zhen was wrong, was wrong ... ...'
  Shu guifei's eyes suddenly widened, looking in disbelief at Qing De Emperor as though she didn't recognize the person in front of her.
  The hall was entirely silent. They didn't know who Chan'er was nor why the Emperor was calling for her, and they also didn't know why the Emperor would say that he was wrong. But they did know that Duan Wang was the future Emperor. The heir had been determined and it would minimize the upheaval.
  It might have been a long time, or just an instant of time before Jing guifei walked to Qing De Emperor and bent down to grasp his hand.
  Qing De Emperor looked at her, a smile appearing on his lips as he slowly closed his eyes.
  Jing guifei's other hand trembled as she moved the index finger of her other hand under the nose of Qing De Emperor and her tears immediately fell down.
  Shu guifei pushed aside Jing guifei, throwing herself onto Qing De Emperor's body as she loudly started bawling, 'Emperor!'
  The chief taijian knelt with a bang on the ground, loudly announcing: 'The Emperor is dead!'
  The people in the room knelt down like dumplings falling into the pot. Tian Jin Ke knelt in front of He Heng , holding the Imperial Decree high up: 'The country cannot be without an emperor, please, Emperor, arrange for the funeral of xiandi. This one kneels to request Emperor to restrain your grief.'
  'Kneeling to request the Emperor to restrain your grief!' Everyone loudly mimicked.
  The people outside the hall sobbed as they knelt down. No matter if they were really sad or acting, at this moment, all of them were sobbing so much that they couldn't breathe.
  He Heng slowly reach out with both hands to receive the Imperial Decree from Tian Jin Ke. He knelt in front of Qing De Emperor and gave three hard kowtows: 'Er chen is of mediocre ability, received fuhuang's love today, and will strive to the utmost to govern the people of the world.' After he had finished speaking, he staggered as he stood up, crying out loud.
  When the guards and taijian guarding outside the hall heard that Duan Wang had succeeded the throne, they took advantage of the moment to silently retreat out, as though they had never appeared before.
  Suddenly, a clap of thunder sounded and the first rains of summer finally came pouring down.
  In Duan Wang Fu, Qu Qing Ju stood next to the window as she looked at the wang fu shrouded in mist, and occasionally fanned herself.
  A few days earlier, she had detected that He Heng and He Ming had been secretly conspiring on some matters. Did they manage to account for the possibility that Qing De Emperor would suddenly die?
  Thinking about it, Qu Qing Ju furrowed her brows. Why would she, for no reason at all, think that Qing De Emperor had passed away? Was she extrapolating too much? Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Seventy Six - Body Cultivating Sword Formation
  A sword formation!
  This was actually a sword formation! Damn it, why did Shibo throw him into a sword formation? Zuo Mo suddenly thought of the jade scroll in his hand. If the muscles on his face weren't paralyzed, his expression right now would be deathly pale!
  Body cultivation!
  To use a sword formation to cultivate the body, which bastard thought of this idea? Zuo Mo wanted to kill them. He wasn't dumb. Actually, when he had thought of the [Vajra Profound Sutra] on his hands, he instantly understood. These sword energies were extremely small and non-fatal, but they were exceptionally painful when they hit him.
  Hard for a normal flying sword to wound... ...
  Zuo Mo suddenly thought of the phrase and his little heart shook. Was it necessary to first be pierced by countless flying swords to create a thick skin and then cultivate the 'hard to be wounded by flying swords'? He almost fainted at the idea. However, he felt that this idea was probably the truth.
  In the first wave of swords, Zuo Mo had been struck seven times. It was so painful he howled.
  Thankfully, the sword formation gave him time to breathe. The mist gradually dissipated yet Zuo Mo didn't relax at all. He quickly took out [Vajra Profound Sutra]. If he didn't guess wrong, the next storm of swords would be coming in a short while. Xin Yan Shibo's habits were like his sword, he wouldn't give people time to rest.
  Unfortunately, Zuo Mo had guessed right!
  Just as he read a bit of the contents, the second storm of swords started.
  With no attention to spare for anything else, he suddenly jumped up and the sword energies left continuously from his hand.
  Even though he had comprehended sword essence, he was still struck twelve times during the second wave.
  This time, he didn't make a sound. Inside, he repeatedly cursed Shibo and unhesitatingly started [Vajra Profound Sutra]. If he didn't successfully do one round of [Vajra Profound Sutra] before the third sword storm came, he would just be ripe pickings. He almost couldn't deal with the second wave of swords. Twelve strikes. The pain reached his bones.
  Thankfully, the language of [Vajra Profound Sutra] was straightforward and simple to practice. Before the third wave arrived, Zuo Mo finally completed one round of the [Vajra Profound Sutra]. A faint gold color appeared on his skin. Before he could admire himself, the third wave of swords silently arrived.
  Like the rain hitting the leaves, the 'pia-pia' rang out in his ears. As expected, the pain lessened. However, this wave of swords were much denser than the last two waves. Zuo Mo might have the vajra scripture but was still dumbstruck.
  He didn't know how many times he was hit. In a daze, he could only hear Pu Yao's extremely happy roars of laughter.
  When Xin Yan Shibo carried a swollen Zuo Mo back to the Little West Wind Yard, the outer sect disciples along the way that saw the scene all had the same expression -- Zuo Mo Shixiong is very pitiful! After they had seen Zuo Mo abuse himself on the mountain roads every day, they didn't find it strange anymore.
  Of course, there were still rumors. Like Zuo Mo Shixiong had offended Xin Yan Shishu so Xin Yan Shishu was exceptionally angry and was personally administering punishment. Or that Zuo Mo Shixiong was practicing a kind of legendary art. This legendary art was exceptionally cruel and that the female disciples in Fragrant Ginger Yard could prove it.
  When Zuo Mo had finally recovered in his own little yard, what welcomed him was the sympathetic gaze of the Grey Beaked goose on the rooftop. Zuo Mo climbed up self-mockingly. He finally could rest for a few days. Before leaving, Shibo had said that he would come back in five days. Clearly, the sword formation was not suited to being used every day. He also needed time to practice [Vajra Profound Sutra]. If he didn't improve before next time, he would die a terrible death.
  [Vajra Profound Sutra] had a slight healing effect. After practicing it for a little while, Zuo Mo felt his entire body had become warm. This shocked him slightly. In the scriptures he had practiced before, the most comfortable was [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation]. It was hard to describe the feeling of void. The feelings this time wasn't as enchanting as cultivating [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation], but for Zuo Mo who was presently wounded, the warm feeling was actually more appropriate.
  Also, because it was easier to learn, there were no bottlenecks in [Vajra Profound Sutra]. It wasn't like [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] which always made him spit blood.
  After practicing for four hours, Zuo Mo's entire body was amazingly relaxed, the marks on his body had also faded. Zuo Mo was overjoyed.
  He went to the ling fields inside the valley and felt heartache as he looked at the ling grasses in the fields. He hadn't taken care of the fields for quite a few days. Some of the more sensitive plants seemed slightly wilted. Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and harvested all those ling grasses that were sensitive and near maturity. He decided to sell all of them. The remaining ling grasses were hardier plants.
  It was rare for Shibo to have mercy. With a vacation of five days, Zuo Mo could finally take a breath. Even though he knew that the reprieve was temporary and he would once again enter the nightmare after five days, he still planned on enjoying these five days.
  Listening to the sound tablet, Zuo Mo hummed a little tune, his head on his arms as he looked at the jade scrolls that Elder Wei Nan had left.
  As soon as he relaxed, he couldn't help but think of making jingshi! There was no way around it. After soaking in the medicine baths every day, he was in the midst of a great amount of debt and owed Master a lot of jingshi. And now that he was restricted from the dan room, he couldn't make the Golden Crow pill and had no income. Not only that, he also couldn't make any progress on the new lingdan.
  He suddenly thought of the water method that had been mentioned in Elder Wei Nan's jade scrolls.
  The number of ways to make dan in the world could not be counted. The fire method was the most widespread, and methods involving water and wood were more esoteric. Elder Wei Nan's knowledge was broad and he was extremely skilled at using whatever was available in the environment to create the greatest value. Zuo Mo admired this very much. In many cases, a person's circumstances would have all kinds of limitations, and those limits could not be changed. To use disadvantageous circumstances to create good results was undoubtedly an area worthy of deep study.
  There was a cold spring in the rock room. It was acceptable for the water method. Most of the dan that could be made by the water method leaned towards the yin and the cold. This was a limit of the water method. But for Zuo Mo, he didn't have any other choice.
  There were many dan recipes involving the water method in the scrolls of Elder Wei Nan. Zuo Mo scanned through and picked a few dan that he could make now, noting down what was needed.
  It seemed that he needed to go to Dong Fu.
  Even though he had heavy debts, but he didn't need to pay them off immediately so Zuo Mo still had some jingshi in his pocket. If he sold the ling grasses, which he wasn't planning on letting the sect sell for him, he would get some more jingshi. He only had five days of vacation. It would take too long if the sect sold it, and no one could know that he had gone to Dong Fu to buy materials. If Master knew he was secretly making dan, Master's 'humph humph' would probably start taking effect. As to the outcome, he didn't need to even think about it.
  Disguising his appearance and concealing his tracks, Zuo Mo had become familiar with doing both.
  The effects of the recent training were extremely evident. Zuo Mo flew as he walked, and no longer resembled the weak zombie of the past. He changed his appearance this time to a mundane looking man.
  He was very familiar with Dong Fu. The quality of the ling grasses he had wasn't the best but since he was a ling plant farmer, it was still much better than what normal cultivators could grow so they sold very quickly. He then brought some of the raw materials for the water method.
  After finishing what he needed to do, his mind relaxed as he started to wander around.
  Xiao Huan's expression was panicked. She spent everyday guarding the Free Market, waiting for the person that had sold her the yin beads. After some time, she rented a stall and after paying a high price, she hung up a sign 'Purchasing yin beads at high prices'. She believed, if that waxy-looking man saw the sign, he would come find her.
  She had been frightened by Miss encountering dangers. When she found out that Miss had only survived due to the yin bead that she had brought the last time, she knew how to help Miss. If she could buy a few more yin beads, and Miss could forge more yin thunder beads, then she wouldn't have to worry so much. She regretted very much that she hadn't brought more the first time.
  She stood guard everyday but she never encountered the yellow-skinned man.
  She couldn't help but look at a nearby stall. The stall owner was a youth. His sign was also 'Buying yin beads at high price'. Xiao Huan was irritated. She recognized the youth. He was a disciple of Wen Tie sanren.
  Many people had seen Miss use the yin thunder bead, and the origins of the yin bead wasn't a secret.
  It wasn't just Yun Xia that knew how to make yin thunder beads. The method of making yin beads had been lost long ago but the method of making yin thunder beads wasn't hard to find. Additionally, yin beads wasn't just limited to making yin thunder beads.
  Three thousand years ago, there had been a sect called Devilings Sect which had specialized in making yin beads. Of the various beads that could be made from yin beads, there were also yin thunder beads and yin fire beads as well as others. But the most famous of the Devilings Sect was the Nine Heaven Devilings Formation. The Nine Heaven Devilings Formation, it was formed using three thousand and six hundred beads of various kinds to form the formation. This was a terrifying formation that could even kill fanxu cultivators.
  In the past, other than selling yin beads, the Devilings Sect would also sell already made beads as well as simple spells to make them. So things like the yin thunder bead had spread out. Due to the power of the yin thunder bead, and the ease of making them, many xiuzhe would always have some.
  In the great battle three thousand years ago, the entire Devilings Sect had nearly been exterminated. The method of making the yin beads had been lost, but the method of making the yin thunder bead had been passed on.
  In reality, other than Wen Tei sanren, the others were also trying to buy yin beads. But the others were not as straightforward as Wen Tie sanren. They hired locals to buy yin beads.
  Xiao Huan was especially irritated when she saw Wen Tie sanren's disciple's disdainful attitude towards her.
  'Shameless!' She cursed for the n-th time, but because the other's cultivation was higher than her, she couldn't do anything.
  It naturally aroused the attentions of all the powers in the free market when a large group of people who wanted to buy yin beads appeared. No matter how much they asked, they still didn't know what yin beads were. Some brave fellows took some beads to make forgeries of yin beads. The result was they were beaten until they were crippled.
  After a few days, the local snakeheads knew that this group wasn't easy to deal with and so no one tried again.
  So when Zuo Mo wandered to the free market, and saw a continuous forest of signs saying 'Buying yin beads at high prices', he was instantly dumbstruck.
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  Such a serious time. Everything is different now.
  Chapter Eighty Five Entering The Palace
  The winds and rain were strong, but they stopped as dusk approached. The sun even came out from behind the clouds, covering all of Jing with a coat of gold. Qu Qing Ju stood on the only three-level tower in the wang fu. She narrowed her eyes to look at the shockingly beautiful sunset, a smile on her lips.
  Suddenly, a heavy bell rang out from the direction of the Imperial Palace. Because Duan Wang Fu was very close to the Imperial Palace, she could clearly hear the ringing.
  Mu Jin and the others behind Qu Qing Ju instantly changed their expressions, kneeling down and covering their eyes, trying their best to make themselves cry more sorrowfully. Huang Yuan even grievously moaned 'Emperor' before using his sleeves to start wiping away his tears.
  Qu Qing Ju's head seemed to ring then blanked. She looked in disbelief at the Imperial Palace. Under the sunset, the Imperial Palace seemed to be coated in a layer of mysterious gold. If this kind of scene was exaggerated a bit, it would become a good omen. How was it that the Emperor had passed away?
  She stilled before turning to order: 'Quickly change everything in the fu that needs to be changed. Nothing bright should be seen.' After seeing Huang Yang leave the tower with reddened eyes, she looked down at her own clothing, 'Let's return to zhengyuan to change.'
  Even though she wasn't sure of the situation in the palace, Qu Qing Ju still used the fastest speed possible to wash away the makeup on her face and also took off the peach red corseted silk dress to change into a snow-white plain dress. The girdle she used was a neutral colored one. She took down all the pouches and pendants on the dress, put her hair in a simple style, using a few hairpins to secure it, and even took down her earrings.
  The servants in the wang fu also took off the bright clothes they wore. White lanterns with black characters and white banners were hung up in the wang fu. Anything red in colour was stored away.
  Jiang Yong Yu watched as the servants in her rooms hurriedly put everything away. She changed into a dark green cotton dress. She asked Ai Lu beside her, 'Has wang fei given any orders?'
  Ai Yu helped remove the adornments in her hair and changed her hairstyle to a simple one, securing it with two silver hairpins, 'Wang fei didn't have any orders. She just said for everyone to clean up what should be cleaned up and hang what is required.'
  Jiang Yong Yu faintly frowned. She walked uncertainly to the gate of her yard and looked at the servants walking outside, sighing: 'I don't know what the palace is like now.'
  Ai Lu knew that her mistress was worried about the new emperor. Right now, it was good if their wang ye succeeded the throne. If Rui Wang succeeded, their lives from now on wouldn't be very peaceful.
  'What, you can't wait either,' Feng Zi Jin held Xia Yun's hand and looked disdainfully at Jiang Yong Yu, 'I had thought that you would endure longer, but aren't you just the same?'
  Jiang Yong Yu calmly looked at the sapphire in Feng Zi Jin's hair and commented indifferently: 'If you have the time to come over and fuss, why don't you take down what you are wearing? If wang fei knew, I wonder if she would get angry?'
  'You're just a dog of wang fei, what do you have to be smug about?' Feng Zi Jin snorted and held Xia Yun's hand to leave.
  Ai Lu retorted in anger: 'She's a shiqie who's unfavored by wang ye, there's nothing to be proud of!'
  'Her father is a third-grade assistant minister in the Ministry of Works. My father is under his command. It's natural that she dares to show off in front of me,' Jiang Yong Yu gave an ambiguous smile, 'There's no need to argue with this kind of person.'
  Ai Lu looked at the smile on her mistress' face. Even though she didn't understand why, her anger lessened.
  The main gate to the palace opened, and a fourth grade imperial bodyguard rode a horse as he raced out of the palace. The guards saw that he was going in the direction of Duan Wang Fu and were envious. The people of Duan Wang Fu were going to rise on their master's success.
  Following him was a troop of bodyguards accompanying a carriage as it proceeded out of the palace. White flowers were hanging on the carriage but from the structure, it was the carriage that only the Empress had the status to ride.
  They instantly understood. This carriage most likely was going to receive Duan Wang Fei.
  Qu Qing Ju's face was strict as she sat in the front hall of Duan Wang Fu. Behind her were four yahuan and four taijian. Everyone's face was grave.
  Looking at the doors to the hall pushed wide open, Qu Qing Ju took a sip of holly tea. The pale finger tapped gently on the table, releasing that small bit of anxiety inside.
  'Wang fei, the Imperial Decree from the palace has arrived.' Huang Yang raced in, his face joyous yet sad, looking very comedic. But Qu Qing Ju didn't have any mirth on her face. She slowly stood and watched as a person dressed in the dark uniform of the imperial bodyguards stride in and then kneel in front of her.
  'The Emperor has decreed to especially welcome niangniang into the palace to manage the affairs of the hougong.'
  Qing De Emperor was dead. The person that would be called Emperor now could only be the new Emperor, and the women of the new Emperor naturally could be called niangniang. Qu Qing Ju slightly nodded: 'This da ren, please stand.' She examined the person, confirming that he really was an imperial bodyguard before responding, 'Is the Emperor well?'
  'The Emperor is fine, but due to his grief, he hasn't drank or eaten,' The imperial bodyguard respectfully answered, 'The Emperor especially let wei chen come here first to give the decree. The carriage and guards will arrive shortly. Niangniang, please wait for a moment.'
  Qu Qing Ju nodded calmly. The peaceful state she expressed made the imperial bodyguard who had passed on the decree admire her. No wonder she was Duan Wang Fei. Even facing a major event such as Duan Wang succeeding the throne, she could be so peaceful and not lose her composure. She really was majestic and had the composure necessary to 'mother the world'.
  Mu Jin and the others behind Qu Qing Ju were bursting with joy, but due to the fact that an outsider was present, they managed to keep up the expression on their faces. Mu Jin came up to support Qu Qing Ju's arm and asked in a small voice: 'Niangniang, why don't nubi go pack some things?'
  Qu Qing Ju nodded and asked the imperial bodyguard: 'Da ren, please sit. What should da ren be called by?'
  'Wei chen doesn't dare,' the imperial bodyguard raised his hands, 'Wei chen is a fourth-grade imperial bodyguard Gao Jin, and had been a bodyguard before in the wang fu for a time.'
  Qu Qing Ju nodded. She knew that this person was most likely one of He Heng's people. She calmly sat down at the front of the hall, not speaking anymore.
  A short while later, the carriage arrived. Mu Jin and the other yahuan had finished packing. Qu Qing Ju allowed some of her personal attendants to follow as she walked out of the main gate of the wang fu. When she saw the majestic carriage, she sighed, and paused in her steps before using Mu Jin's hand as support to enter the carriage.
  The common people on the side of the street had been already ordered back by the guards. Qu Qing Ju sat in the carriage and found it slightly boring. In the past, when she sat in a carriage, she could still hear the voices of some passer-bys. Now, other than the sound of the axles, the ground and the hoofs of the horses, she couldn't hear anything. Was this the difference between a wang fei and the Empress?
  The carriage didn't stop after it entered the palace. She slightly lifted up the curtain and saw people all kneeling on the ground. All of them were trembling and cautious, as though if she frowned, they would lose their lives.
  The carriage travelled a short distance past the palace doors before stopping. Qu Qing Ju got off the carriage and got on the phoenix carriage to sedately circle around to reach Tian Qi Palace. When she got off the phoenix carriage, she saw He Heng standing at the top of the jade stairs.
  She stood at the bottom of the jade stairs, staring into his eyes. Step by step, she made her way up. Each step was especially steady and especially strong.
  Just when there were three steps left between her and He Heng, he actually walked down the steps and firmly took hold of Qu Qing Ju's hand. The two ascended to the top of the stairs together. He Heng lifted his head to look at the plaque of Tian Qi Palace: 'Fuhuang's mourning hall has been set up in Shou Kang[i] Palace. Later, you and I should go to pay our respects.'
  Qu Qing Ju suddenly understood. So Qing De Emperor's corpse was already not in Tian Qi Palace? She turned to look down the jade stairs and found that the scenery at the top was drastically different compared to the bottom.
  She tilted her head to look at Tian Qi Palace's sign. At this moment, she didn't know whether to say to restrain grief or congratulations. She turned to look at the man beside her. He wasn't as happy as she had thought, but had a kind of expected steadiness. After thinking for a bit, Qu Qing Ju decided to speak: 'I heard that you haven't eaten or drank. It's so hot right now. You can't harm your body.'
  He Heng smiled. He looked at the dimming sunset at the horizon, 'If you are worried about me, then eat together with me.'
  Qu Qing Ju nodded, concern on her bare face.
  The two walked together into Tian Qi Palace. Food was very quickly brought up. Even though there wasn't any meat, the dishes were very finely made and didn't diminish one's appetite.
  After eating and rinsing, He Heng wiped his mouth as he remarked: 'These days, the palace would be busy. You should follow muhou to manage the affairs of the hougong. After everything is settled, that would make it easier for you to manage the hougong.'
  Qu Qing Ju's eyebrows twitched. Did he Heng mean that hougong was going to be under her management in the future?'
  'There are two muhou in the palace, it doesn't need me to do this,' Qu Qing Ju smiled as she responded, 'Does Emperor not worry that it could exhaust me?'
  'How would I not worry for you? But this is our hougong, you have to run it,' He Heng gave a warm smile, 'If I give it to anyone else, I won't feel at ease.'
  Qu Qing Ju looked at his eyes and found that he looked extremely serious as he spoke, so serious that she almost believed it.
  A silent beat later, Qu Qing Mu smiled and complied: 'Alright.'
  In Zhong Jing Palace, Jing guifei slowly waved the fan in her hand and remarked to Ding mama beside her: 'The Emperor welcomed Qu Qing Ju into the palace?'
  Ding mama answered: 'Nubi heard that right now, niangniang is keeping the Emperor company for the evening meal.'
  Jing guifei nodded: 'That's good, with her there, the Emperor knows to take care of his body.'
  Ding mama hesitated before being unable to resist asking: 'But if Qu niangniang entered the palace, this hougong... ...'
  'Ben gong's son's hougong should be handed to ben gong's erxi to manage,' Jing guifei's expression grew serious, 'Do not mention this matter again.'
  Ding mama's face paled, her body sinking lower into a bow, 'Nubi slipped, niangniang, please forgive me.'
  Jing guifei's expression relaxed and she continued to wave the plain circle fan in her hand, not speaking anymore.
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  This chapter has been brought to you by me, WanderingGummiOfDoom, and warlord212.
  Clarification: the yin bead is not a dan. It's a condensation of energy, similar to the water crystal in Zuo Mo's sword (but much more powerful and valuable).
  Chapter Seventy Seven Plot
  Zuo Mo stared dazedly at the patches of signs in the free market.
  Pu Yao's countenance was extremely smug and arrogant. The depression over the recent failure sweeping away as he said, 'See, I said so. Yin beads are very valuable!'
  Zuo Mo gradually regained his focus. As he swept his gaze across the market, he saw the little girl that had brought yin beads from him the previously. The little girl seemed quite panicked. Did she need the yin beads desperately? Zuo Mo couldn't help but speculate inside. The little girl had been very kind so Zuo Mo had a good impression of her.
  It appeared that the yin beads were useful. Last time, when the little girl had come, she had only brought one out of kindness. At that time, she probably didn't recognize yin beads. Zuo Mo ruminated about selling them.
  Zuo Mo didn't pay attention to Pu Yao. Walking in front of the little girl, he said, 'You're buying yin beads? How many?'
  Just at this time, Pu Yao suddenly said in a grave tone, 'Run!'
  Zuo Mo paused.
  'Who would have thought that this little town of Dong Fu was concealing so much. Even something that has been lost for so long, like yin beads, also appeared,' A slightly piercing voice said reflectively. The person who spoke was the yellow robed Taoist.
  'Yes. I was also very surprised when I learned about it,' The silver clad man said, a flash of puzzlement running through his eyes, 'The Devilings Sect has been dead for so many years, how can a successor have appeared?'
  'It's not easy guessing about a sect's succession,' The yellow robed Taoist's eyes followed the silver-clad male closely, 'Why do you not find someone else?'
  The silver-clad male's expression was normal, 'The others? They can't do it,'
  The yellow robed Taoist smiled smugly, 'Exactly. Except for you and I, the others are only average. They cannot do anything and will ruin things!  Are you sure that the person who is selling the yin beads will definitely appear?'
  'I am not sure,' The silver-clad male shook his head.
  The yellow robbed Taoist's expression changed, his pupils suddenly shrank, 'You are making fun of me?'
  The silver-clad male was not affected, 'I've shared the information with you. If you do not find it useful, you can leave. The method of making the yin beads, it is worthy of you waiting a while,'
  The yellow robed Taoist stared at the silver clad male for a long while before suddenly laughing, 'You're right! The Devilings Sect was so famous in the past, what they relied on wasn't just the way to make yin beads. Ha ha, if I can find this person, all of the techniques of the Devilings Sect would land in our hands,'
  'Don't be happy this early,' The silver clad male said, 'There are probably many that have the same idea as us.'
  'Humph. They dare to steal from me, the are courting death!' The yellow robed Taoist icily said.
  'It's best to be careful. Even those people from Bright Wave Jie were ambushed and one was killed,' The brow of the silver clad male furrowed. He felt extremely puzzled by that incident. Even though he had said clever words, but he was still extremely wary of the group from Bright Wave Jie. Additionally, he had needed Yuan Li to find the yaomo. He was very clear about Yuan Li's abilities but no one could have thought that Yuan Li would die in an ambush!
  That had ruined his arrangements.
  Who was it that had killed Yuan Li?
  This ambush which had a clearly targeted Yuan Li, had instantly turned everything into a mess. Now that Yuan Li had been killed, his sect definitely would be angry. The branch of the Master of Bright Wave Jie would not tolerate this kind of action. If this situation dragged on, there would definitely be large numbers of high level xiuzhe that would arrive and complicate the situation.
  If that happened, then he would lose the chance to benefit from this incident.
  He had reacted extremely quickly and changed direction when he had seen a shift. The news that Yun Xia xianzi  had relied on a yin thunder bead to escape the ambush had spread through Dong Fu. The attentions of many people had been aroused, including himself.
  Just at this time, he made a sound, and his eyes were looking at a male standing in front of a stall.
  'What?' The yellow robed Taoist became alert, 'Did you find something?'
  'He seems to have arrived,' The silver clad male stared at the average-looking man.
  'Him?' Following the eyes of the silver clad male, the yellow robed Taoist also looked at Zuo Mo that was in front of Xiao Huan's stall, 'A little guy with a cultivation of zhuji, that's not likely,'
  The gaze of the silver clad male didn't move, as he informed, 'That little girl is the maid of Yun Xia xianzi. Last time, it was her that bought the yin beads. There are so many stalls in the market but that person didn't go to any one else but straight to her's. It's suspicious,'
  'It really is suspicious,' By this time, the yellow robed Taoist also understood and the glimmer of greed flashed in his eyes.
  It wasn't just the two of them that had noticed this.
  Just as Zuo Mo went to leave, a young person appeared behind him, 'Do you want to sell yin beads? Why don't you sell to me and we can negotiate the price,'
  Zuo Mo, who had received Pu Yao's warning, instantly noticed the many gazes that had gathered on his person. He became alarmed and knew that the situation was dangerous. It was a good thing that the yin beads could be sold for a good price, but if he had to pay with his life in the process, then he wasn't willing.
  'I don't have yin beads,' Seeing the situation, Zuo Mo quickly pretended to be ignorant, 'I just noticed that you guys have been putting up stalls here for many days and was curious. What sort of treasure is this yin bead? How much is it worth? Do you have an example? Can you let me take a look? If I encounter it, I wouldn't pass on a chance to get rich,'
  'Really?' The young person smiled coldly, 'Then why didn't you come ask me, but went straight to her?'
  Xiao Huan couldn't resist anymore. Her brows raising, she said angrily, 'The one named Xue, what do you mean? Why can't he come to this lady's stall?' This youth was Wen Tie sanren's disciple. He was called Xue Yun. Xiao Huan always found him to be an eyesore.
  'This one doesn't mean to suggest anything,' Xue Yun smirked icily, 'This one is only working on behalf of my Master. Something as good as yin beads, they can't all go to one person,'
  Zuo Mo gave a smile, 'You must have misunderstood. I don't have yin beads,' The young man had a cultivation of ningmai and wasn't someone that a little zhuji cultivator could battle against. Zuo Mo wasn't dumb. He understood that, if he really took out the yin beads right now then he really would die. He definitely wouldn't get yin beads, and the other certainly would try to force out the spell to form yin beads. Otherwise, he wouldn't be let go.
  'Don't have yin beads?' Xue Yun snorted, 'That will have to be determined after I search you,'
  Xiao Huan stood resolutely in front of Zuo Mo and said angrily, 'You dare!' She wasn't stupid. If Xue Yun hadn't come, she might not have recognized Zuo Mo, but Xue Yun's behaviour made her look closely. She found that, while this person's appearance was different, but his figure  was similar to the person from last time.
  Xue Yun looked disdainfully at Xiao Huan, 'You're just a maid. Do you think yourself important!'
  Finishing, he didn't look at Xiao Huan and strode towards Zuo Mo.
  Zuo Mo saw that the situation could not be resolved, and thought that with his pitiful and weak speed even if he were to run he would most likely be unsuccessful. He really had bad luck today! Zuo Mo grimaced inside. As expected, it was risky trying to make jingshi like this and he needed to be cautious! Looking at Xue Yun who seemed extremely certain, Zuo Mo's eyes darkened, murderous intent was rising inside. The other's cultivation far surpassed his and he didn't think he could win even with trickery. Noticing the confidence on the young man's face, he decided to give the other a little surprise.
  His eyes staring fixedly at Xue Yun, the ling energy in his body moved furiously. He was waiting for Xue Yun to come near and what would welcome Xu Yue would be Zuo Mo's strongest sword attack - [Li Water Burning Heavens]!
  Just at this time, suddenly someone interrupted, 'Ha ha, no wonder Wen Tie sanren isn't respected. It can be understood from seeing his disciple,'
  Xue Yun's expression instantly changed. His eyes darkened, he stopped in his steps and shouted loudly, 'Who is this? Your word are really frightening! Why do you hide? Do you not dare to come out?'
  'Just someone like you, are you enough for Ye to come out?'
  The voice was faint and one could not locate the source. Xue Yun's expression finally changed, and there was shock in his eyes. He had focused on listening just now but still couldn't find where the voice came from. This meant that the other's cultivation was much higher than his.
  While Xue Yun was in shock, a figure suddenly leapt at Zuo Mo.
  'You dare!' Several shouts sounded out simultaneously.
  Swords flashed and several bright lights could be seen as flying swords flew at the figure!
  All of these people were all highly skilled. Although their target wasn't him, the sharp sword essence inside the sword energy was enough to make Zuo Mo's skin hurt. He was extremely shocked inside. Only now did he realize that the non-descript yin bead had such a shockingly high value!
  Pu Yao did have something valuable in his possession. At such a dangerous time, such a nonsensical thought had floated through Zuo Mo's mind.
  There were thousands of sword energies that formed a net but they didn't harm Zuo Mo one bit.
  The cultivation of the figure wasn't normal either. A faint green flying sword flashed and formed a net of light in front of him, barely stopping the other flying swords. The figure suddenly disappeared from his spot. Being alone, he naturally wasn't a match for a the group.
  Just as everyone was attacking this person, a dark red rope was silently nearing Zuo Mo.
  The silver clad male was the first to find it. He snorted icily, 'Wanting to take advantage of the fight, it won't be that easy!' He pointed with a hand and a silver light struck the dark red rope. The dark red rope wasn't an average grade talisman. Like a wave, the dark red rope fluttered and then dissipated the silver light.
  The silver clad male didn't waste words. His silver hooked sword turned into an extremely thin silver light, and like a snake climbing a tree, circled and constricted around the dark red rope.
  The yellow robed Taoist and the figure who had leapt at Zuo Mo were engaged in battle with each other. The figure seemed to be shrouded in a ball of smoke. No one could clearly see his appearance. The shape of his body changed rapidly. The yellow robed Taoist evidently was taking the fight seriously. The yellow gold flying sword was like a sun streaking in the sky, the light radiating from it was blinding. Each move was large and vast, extremely powerful!
  No one was able to approach near Zuo Mo and Xiao Huan. The pitiful Xue Yun had, instantly been sliced by these swords into minced meat.
  Xiao Huan's face was pale and she was dazed as she looked at the sky. Those sword energies and talismans, she almost couldn't stand under their presence.
  At this time, she suddenly thought that the person who was standing beside her had a lower cultivation than her. Even she was having a hard time, would he be able to bear it? Xiao Huan was certain that this was the person who had sold her the yin beads the last time. Thinking that she had pulled someone else into this terrible situation, she couldn't help but feel guilty.
  As her pale face turned back she saw the person behind her standing with a bowed head with his hands covered by his sleeves.
  Seemingly having noticed her gaze, the other suddenly raised his head and smiled at her.
  A smile that was as cold as the edge of a blade appeared strangely. Xiao Huan felt a gust of cold air suddenly rise from the bottom of her feet.
  Just at this time, a hand appeared without warning on Zuo Mo's shoulder.
  Translator Ramblings: I'm not very good at translating action scenes and WanderingGummiOfDoom was amazing at making this chapter exciting.
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  Things don't end just because He Heng is Emperor.
  This chapter has been brought to you by me, ororomunroe90, leecherleechleech and vivie.
  Chapter Eighty Six Our Hougong
  'What did you say, Duan Wang succeeded the throne?!' Liang shi stood in front of a black bricked farmhouse, face pale as she looked at her nephew. To her, the news was the worst possible. She muttered disbelievingly, 'Why is it Duan Wang, what about Rui Wang? Rui Wang?'
  Liang Hong looked at gumu's state and sighed: 'Rui Wang, due to making a fuss in xiandi's mourning hall, caused everyone's dissatisfaction. Thankfully, the Emperor was merciful and didn't punish him heavily, just sentenced him to kneel in the morning hall to reflect.
  'Wasn't Rui Wang the most favored by xiandi, why is it like this?' Liang shi staggered, and a beat later, she started to cry, 'Then what about Su'er, what should she do?' Now that Rui Wang couldn't become the Emperor, Su'er was still a qie, what good life would she have in the future?
  Liang Hong saw how violently gumu was crying and didn't know how to comfort her. In the beginning, he hadn't been in favor of biao mei becoming a qieshi. Now that Rui Wang Fu had lost power, biao mei as a qieshi, would she even have a comfortable life in the future?
  He looked at the brick farmhouse behind gumu and couldn't help but think of the three biao mei of Chang De Gong Fu. The eldest biao mei married Duan Wang. Now that Duan Wang succeeded the throne, eldest biao mei was certainly going to become the Empress. She had to wait for the immediate mourning period to pass before she could be formally titled. Er biao mei might have been a shu daughter, but after the Qu Family fell, there was a prosperous xui cai that married her. In the end, it was san biao mei who had been birthed and raised by gumu who became a shameful qie.
  Was this all because gu fu disregarded everything in order to marry gu mu? Liang Hong took out a small pouch of silver: 'Gumu, our entire family is planning on moving back to the old home in Xi Jun. Take this silver.' He saw Liang shi standing woodenly and pushed the silver into her hands, 'Now that the new Emperor is ascending to the throne, he would pardon some people. I already got someone to find out, gufu will soon be released from the prison. When the time comes, you should try to live a good life. I will bid farewell to you here.'
  He had lived in the fu of the Qu Family for a significant amount of time. Now that the entire family was leaving, the only thing he could leave behind was just this small pouch of silver.
  'Biao ge is leaving?' Qu Wang Zhi walked out of the room. He was wearing a dusty sackcloth robe, his hair dishevelled. His overall appearance was very sorry.
  Liang Hong looked at the state of his biao di and with some pity, he raised his hands to bid: 'Good bye, take care.'
  Qu Wang Zhi looked at the figure of biao ge as he left, the terror in his heart growing. By this time, even biao ge's family was moving away, and the da jie who had been abused by his mother was going to become the Empress. Would his family even be able to make a living? He suddenly felt resentment towards his mother. If mother had treated da jie better, they wouldn't have fallen this low.
  Liang shi looked with discontent in the direction of the Imperial Palace. When she turned and saw the sorry figure of her son, she couldn't breathe and fainted. Before entering the darkness, she saw her son's panicked and helpless eyes.
  By now, the hougong was a mess. The consorts of xiandi all had to move out of the places they had been living in. It was fine for those who had been favored and had children. They only had to move towards the place in the hougong for the taifei.[i] Those that didn't have children and weren't fei could only move to a makeshift palace in the Jing suburbs to live out the rest of their lives.
  Qu Qing Ju looked at the list of xiandi's taifei and took a count. There were twenty-something that held a position. Other than those of high position or had children, there were twelve who had to move to the outside palace. As to those who had been favored by xiandi but didn't have a position, according to the traditions, they were going to be sent to a monastery in the Jing suburbs to become nuns with no hope of leaving for the rest of their lives.
  Qu Qing Ju sighed and closed the list in her hand: 'According to the traditions, do the favored women have to be sent to the monastery?'
  Qian Chang Xin looked at the list that niangniang had folded up. He bowed as he replied: 'Niangniang, that was the usual method. However, it isn't required to send the women that had been favored into the monastery to become nuns.'
  'If that's the case, then arrange for these people to move to the auxiliary palace in the Jing suburbs. That palace might not be as comfortable as the Imperial Palace, but it would be better than a destitute monastery,' Qu Qing Ju furrowed her brow as she continued, 'There will be more people, and even though it would mean more spending each year, with only these women, it wouldn't be a big expenditure.' A monastery with only nuns had no sources of income. Going there, it's the same as prison. As a woman, she didn't have the habit of making things difficult for other women.
  Qing De Emperor had ruled for several decades and only favored this number of women total. In this kind of era and dynasty, he really couldn't be considered to be lustful.
  'Niangniang is kind, nucai will order for it to be carried out,' Qian Chang Xin received the list and took out a blueprint, 'Taihou niangniang has already moved from Kui Yuan Palace to Chang Ning [ii] Palace. This is the blueprint for the renovation of Kui Yuan Palace. Does niangniang require any place to be changed?' This Muhou Huang Taihou [iii] had moved out, the new owner was this person in front of him.
  Qu Qing Ju took the blueprints to take a look and became dizzy looking at the straight and perpendicular lines. She responded: 'I'll look at the blueprints, it's not likely that there would be any major problems.'
  Qian Chang Xin didn't say anything and announced that the Emperor was coming over for the evening meal before retreating.
  Qu Qing Ju stood at the window of the back hall of Tian Qi Palace. She could see Kui Yuan Palace located in the same center meridian as Tian Qi Palace. These two palaces were the only palaces that were constructed in the center. The two palaces were also the closest to each other, but the previous owners of these two palaces were like strangers, full of mutual respect between them and until death there weren't any feelings.
  She had heard Jin Zhan narrate what had happened when xiandi had passed. Jin Zhan's storytelling abilities were good and when she narrated, it was as though she was there. Because of that, Qu Qing Ju felt that it wasn't easy being a person in the hougong.
  The Empress' calm intelligence, Shu guifei's loss of composure and Jing guifei's heartbreaking grief, as well as Wen guipin and An guipin who couldn't even enter the gate of Tian Qi Palace.
  Qing De Emperor held Jing guifei's hand when he died. Some said that he was smiling when he left. Qu Qing Ju didn't understand. Wasn't Qing De Emperoro's true love Shu guifei, but why, at the very end, he was only concerned with Jing guifei?
  And that'Chan'er' or 'Chan'er' ,[iv] who was it, Jing guifei or another woman?
  The day that xiandi was buried, Qu Qing Ju and He Heng wore mourning clothes as they guarded Qing De Emperor's corpse all the way to his tomb. And then it was kneeling west and kneeling east. When He Heng recited the lament, Qu Qing Ju knelt with the other people underneath as they sobbed. After the funeral finished, she felt that her legs weren't legs anymore and her eyes were a line. The hemp mourning clothes so wet, water could be wrung out.
  When she finally made it back to the palace, it was already deep in the night. Qu Qing Ju soaked in the bathtub until she felt herself be revitalized. When she just finished dressing, she saw He Heng walk in wearing a light-colored silk robe.
  When He Heng entered the room, he saw Qu Qing Ju looked tired but wasn't harmed by the scorching sun, and his heart was relieved. He took the towel from Mu Jin's hand and started to dry Qu Qing Ju's wet hair for her: 'It was hard for you these days.' He sighed, 'A few more days, and the people of the fu have to be received. Their positions, do you have any thoughts?'
  According to protocol, other than the wife, the other women of the new emperor must wait at least twenty-seven days after xiandi's passage before they could enter the palace. The official titles could only be bestowed after three months. But no matter what, what had to be arranged needed to be arranged. Even if they couldn't be instantly titled, but the rank they would receive and where they would live had to all be finalized.
  Qu Qing Ju snatched the cotton cloth from He Heng's hands, slowly rubbing her hair herself, 'They are Emperor's feipin, I can't decide.'
  Seeing the other's distant eyes, He Heng felt slightly bitter inside. He sighed, and pinned down the hand Qu Qing Ju was using to dry her hair, 'They are just the feipin in the hougong, you are my Empress, the woman who is going to accompany me my entire life. Naturally, you are the one to decide such matters.'
  Qu Qing Ju suddenly smiled. She threw the towel to one side, looking at He Heng with a smile, asking: 'Emperor, is that a promise?'
  Even though Qu Qing Ju's tone was joking as she said the words, but He Heng felt that the other was especially serious when she asked it.
  His heart shook. Gazing at her as he solemnly nodded his head, he leaned over to kiss her forehead, 'What I say is true.'
  Qu Qing Ju silently lowered her face. Following that, her eyes changed and she smiled as she replied: 'Since Emperor has said it, then I will decide the ranks of the women in the hougong in the future.' Since she had already decided to live each day like it was her last, she wouldn't change anything now.
  How long He Heng could tolerate her, that was how long she would run rampant. When it came to the day that He Heng couldn't tolerate her, the worst was just death.
  Who never died since the beginning of time, it was just dying in pleasure or in hardship.
  Detecting that the other had strangely become energetic, He Heng didn't understand why she would change so fast, but that bit of dejection in his heart instantly disappeared. He smiled as he took up the towel to start drying Qu Qing Ju's hair again.
  'Jiang shi's birth might not compare to Feng shi, but she is a very steady person and understands her bounds. Why don't we promote her to fei and let her reside in Yu Ping Palace? Luo shi is of few words but a docile person. She would be perfect for a third-grade guipin. The first person to serve you was Han shi. But since she was of low birth, how about she gets granted a fifth-grade liangdi?[v] As to Feng shi, she has a good birth, but she was demoted to shiqie from ce fei. I don't have any good feelings towards her. So Emperor, you can decide her rank.' Qu Qing Ju straightforwardly expressed her likes and dislikes. As to what He Heng thought, she was too lazy to care so much.
  He Heng truly didn't think Qu Qing Ju would blankly tell him that she didn't like a certain shiqie. Seeing her look as though she didn't care what he thought, his mood was light as he responded: 'The others, we'll do according to you. As to Feng shi, since you don't like her and I don't like her, she'll be a seventh-grade cairen. No matter what, she has been in the fu for a significant amount of time, it wouldn't be appropriate if it was lower than seventh.
  As to He Heng's last sentence which seemed like an explanation, Qu Qing Ju glanced at him from the corner of her eye: 'This is what Emperor decided, it has nothing to do with me.'
  'Didn't I say I didn't like her, it has nothing to do with you,' He Heng touched her hair and found it was almost dry. He reluctantly stood, 'It's late, and you were out the whole day, have an early rest.'
  Because it was the hot mourning period, they couldn't even spend much time together, even in private, much less have any relations. Qu Qing Ju smiled as she watched him leave the back hall. She reached to pluck at her hair, the smile on her lips becoming more evident.
  The thirty-fourth year of Qing De, Qing De Emperor of Da Long Dynasty passed away. The second imperial son succeeded the throne. Because of xiandi's death due to illness, the new emperor was struck with grief, indicating that for the year, the era name would still be kept as Qing De, and he would observe mourning for three years. His officials were moved by the Emperor's filial piety, but due to the Emperor's position being a busy yet honorable one, observing mourning for three years would damage the dragon's body and not beneficial to the country. So after the entire Royal Court pleaded numerous times, the new Emperor finally agreed to substitute years with months and observe mourning for three months.
  Due to this matter, the new Emperor spoke of his unfilial conduct and made atonements many times in the mourning hall of xiandi and visited to light incense every day. His actions received the praises of the scholars in the world, and many wrote stories and told tales to express the filial piety of the new emperor.
  Regardless of what happened at Royal Court, one month after the passing of xiandi, Qu Qing Ju finally sent the order to receive the shiqie of Duan Wang Fu into the palace.
  Of course, other than He Heng and some of the personal servants, no one else knew that the positions of the shiqie weren't decided by the Emperor, but decided by the Empress.
  [i]??: consorts of a deceased emperor
  [ii]??: ? is long, forever ? is peaceful
  [iii]????? literally means Mother Empress Grand Dowager Empress
  [iv] The first 'chan' means beautiful, the second means cicada
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  Chapter Seventy Eight - Making A Move
  The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.
  Wen Tie sanren had his disciple in the light purchasing the yin beads, while he himself was concealed in the darkness.
  When he saw that Yun Xia xianzi had yin thunder beads, it was like he was struck by lightning.
  The many uses of yin beads were known to all the sects. Many people know, but there were not many people that would know more than Wen Tie sanren. In the eyes of the world, Wen Tie sanren's origins were very mysterious. Everyone knew that he came from a small sect called Sky Fiend Sect, but it was not known thatthe little minor sect of Sky Fiend Sect was a branch sect which had survived the collapse of the Devilings Sect.
  The Devilings Sect was a famous sect three thousand years ago. There had been many disciples and many branch sects. The Devilings Sect had all died in the great battle against the yaomo three thousand years ago but many of  these branch sects had luckily survived; however, without the yin beads, the various spells they had learned from the Devilings Sect were useless. This caused some branches to decline and eventually die out. Some branches, of their own initiative, learned spells from other sects and managed to survive.
  The Sky Fiend Sect that Wen Tie sanren came from was one of the surviving branch sects.
  Sky Fiend Sect was a very small sect. As it passed down to his generation, only he was left. However, Wen Tie sanren was exceptionally talented. Even though the scriptures of the Sky Fiend sect weren't anything special, he had managed to cultivate to jindan; however, he had reached a dead end in his cultivation and it would be hard to make progress relying on these scriptures.
  So, it could be understood just how joyful he was when he saw the yin thunder bead in Yun Xia xianzi's hands. He knew where his sect's scriptures had originated from, the sect records had many spells relating to the yin beads. Those strange scriptures and spells, they were hundreds of times better than the scriptures was currently using. If he could find the method to make yin beads, he had hopes that he could breakthrough to yuanying.
  For xiuzhe, the strength of cultivation directly determined their lifespan. Jindan was the first division. Before reaching jindan their lifespan wouldn't surpass one hundred and fifty years, but once they broke into jindan they would have a lifespan of three hundred years. Yuanying xiuzhe would have a lifespan of five hundred years. The lifespan of a fanxu xiuzhe could reach seven hundred years, and the life span of a dacheng xiuzhe was a thousand years.
  On the surface, Wen Tie sanren didn't seem any different than any other middle-aged person, but he was already two hundred and thirty two years old. He didn't have much time left. So when he learned that someone knew how to make yin beads, how could he not be excited?
  He quickly found out the history of the yin thunder bead that Yun Xia xianzi had, and he had sent Xue Yun to bravely go to the free market to search for the yin beads, while he would hide in the shadows.
  For the temptation of the yin beads, he was willing to not just cut ties with Yun Xia's group, but if he had to pay with his life, he had to grab it.
  When Zuo Mo had appeared, he was excited but kept his composure. He was clear that the news of the yin beads had spread out long ago. There were many people who wanted it. He was like an experienced hunter, patiently waiting. To be able to use a normal scripture to break into jindan, Wen Tie sanren wasn't the average cultivator.
  The situation quickly progressed according to his plans, everyone attacking in a melee battle.
  As the heated battle reached its climax, he finally made a move!
  Using his most skilled and hidden movement method, he silently appeared behind Zuo Mo. When his hand touched Zuo Mo's shoulder, even if he was an experienced hunter, he couldn't help but be excited!
  Wen Tie sanren had fortuitous encounters before. When he had been a ningmai, he had discovered an earth based concealment method that was extremely unique. Relying on this, he had escaped life threatening situations multiple times.
  He knew he had succeeded!
  'Damn you!' The yellow robed Taoist was the first person to detect Wen Tie sanren and instantly yelled. He didn't attend to his fight with the other xiuzhe and threw out a round gold shuttle. Once the round gold shuttle left his hand, it turned into a streak of gold light and hummed as it moved.
  The silver clad male snorted and tossed a handful of silver sand, which shone like the stars, towards Wen Tie sanren.
  The dark red rope moved like it was alive. A nimble turn and then it streaked towards Wen Tie sanren, shooting like a sharp arrow, howling through the air!
  The other person also seemed rushed. The pale green flying sword brightened and with a clear hum, sliced at Wen Tie sanren!
  Four jindan masters attacking at the same time, the resulting commotion was enough to make the sky turn dark.
  Wen Tie sanren wasn't panicked. A smug smile appeared at the corners of his lips. Grabbing Zuo Mo's shoulder he was going to cast his greatest escape spell, an earth concealment spell, when his face suddenly changed. With a painful shout, he suddenly tore his body away and retreated!
  On his palm, at some unknown time, a dark red flame had appeared.
  The flame wasn't large as it burned silently, but just in an instant, Wen Tie sanren's right hand had turned to white bone.
  Ah ah ah!
  Sharp yells rang over Dong Fu. Wen Tie sanren's pupils were dilated, his features horrific and twisted as he curled into a ball, continuously rolling on the ground.
  This sudden change also shocked everyone else.
  Zuo Mo raised his head and reached out with his right hand, a finger gently pointing into the empty air. A strand of crimson flame silently floated in front of him.
  The round gold shuttle of the yellow robed Taoist, the silver sand of the silver clad male, the dark red rope, and the pale green flying sword all headed towards the dark red flame, like moths attracted to a flame.
  The expressions of the four people changed drastically!
  Just now, they had felt their talismans and flying sword had suddenly been affected by the pull of a very strong power and headed towards the silently burning crimson flame.
  The state of Wen Tie sanren who was rolling on the ground as he wailed piteously also shocked everyone. The expression of the yellow robed Taoist changed as he rapidly cast a spell, wanting to retrieve the round gold shuttle, but the gold shuttle only wavered slightly but still flew towards the flame. The silver clad male was much smarter. Without another word, he retreated out of the battle . The mysterious master who had been using the dark red rope also had a good response. The rope, which had been like an arrow, suddenly slowed.
  Only the flying sword glowing with green light increased its presence as it sped up rather than slow down. The sword essence was thick, full of the resolution to not return.
  The gold shuttle and the silver sand, when they came into contact with the flame, was like mud entering the ocean, and disappeared without a sound in the fire.
  The cultivator who had been controlling the dark red robe tried with all his power and finally stopped the rope from moving forward, yet. the tip of the rope still came into contact with the flame.
  A string of sparks, with astounding speed, leapt on the rope and headed to the other end!
  The cultivator who had been hiding in the shadows was alarmed. Abandoning his rope talisman, he released it and retreated. Turning into a streak of light, he fled away!
  When the sparks lit up the other end of the rope, bang, the dark red rope turned to ash, scattering in the wind.
  The green flying sword, with its murderous sword essence, accurately struck the flame in front of Zuo Mo's chest. There wasn't any resistance. The flying sword split the flame into two! But at the same moment, the xiuzhe who had been glaring angrily in the sky suddenly spat out a ball of fresh blood, and in alarm, turned and retreated!
  The sword essence on the green flying sword had completely disappeared. The body of the sword had broken into tiny segments and turned to countless fragments!
  The yellow robed Taoist finally lost his composure. Without being able to care for anything else, he fled in a panic.
  The sudden change in the situation caused all the xiuzhe in the free market, visible or hidden, to gape in shock. Wen Tie sanren, who had been rolling on the ground, had turned into a pile of dust with nothing remaining. In a short encounter, five jindan masters, one dead, one wounded, three fleeing, how much power would this take?
  Everyone's eyes as they looked at Zuo Mo all changed. The people who had been tempted by the yin beads all felt relieved that they hadn't also attacked.
  The enormous free market was completely silent. There was only a crimson flame burning in front of Zuo Mo's chest.
  Zuo Mo reached out with a finger. The flame turned into a string and burrowed into his finger.
  Xiao Huan's complexion was deathly pale, her mind dazed as she stood. Her mind was completely blank. She didn't even register Zuo Mo's departure. Only after a long time, when her mind finally refocused, she saw Miss' pale face, and couldn't resist anymore but fall into Miss' embrace and started crying.
  Just at this time, two yin beads dropped to the ground.
  Mistress and servant couldn't help but be shocked.
  Zuo Mo flew forward quickly. His eyes were dark, even the blade-like smile on his face seemed to have become weak. He had leapt and flew away without anyone daring to stop him. Not one person dared to pursue him... ... hm, that wasn't right... ....
  He suddenly stopped.
  A white-clothed Lin Qian appeared behind him. At this time, Lin Qian didn't seem as casual and harmless as when Zuo Mo had first encountered him. All the ling energy in his body was moving. He was like an unsheathed sword, the sword essence spreading out! His expression was grave. He didn't dare to relax as he stared fixedly at the figure that he couldn't really make out.
  Zuo Mo gave a light laugh, 'Ha ha, you're pretty brave.'
  The voice was icy. Even though it was a laugh, it didn't have a hint of emotion. If Zuo Mo was conscious, he definitely would identify it as Pu Yao's voice. Pitiful Zuo Mo. In the near-death situation just now, Pu Yao finally couldn't help but interfere.
  Lin Qian's position didn't change. His expression was defensive, positioned so he could release his strongest attack at any time. In a deep voice, he asked, 'Elder's cultivation is astounding. But why would you not let others see your true face?'
  Pu Yao stared at Lin Qian, the mirth on his face even thicker, 'Little friend, I don't have time to play with you today. But don't worry, we will meet if there is a chance in the future.' Nonsensically, he threw down, 'So interesting! Ha ha!'
  Before the words landed, a ball of flame rose from his feet.
  Lin Qian was first taken back and then shouted, 'Elder, wait!'
  Disdain appeared in Pu Yao's eyes. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared in the air.
  It was like Lin Qian was released from a heavy weight. He stood in his original spot. Only now did he realize, that without noticing, his back was wet with sweat. How long has it been since he had been as nervous as this?
  Suddenly, his expression flickered and he disappeared in the wind.
  Just after Lin Qian disappeared, a group of people arrived at the location. It was a group clothed in black wearing masks. The person at the front suddenly came to the spot that Pu Yao had been standing and touched the ground with his hand, the patch of ground didn't seem different at all, 'We're not wrong!'
  The short words were filled with joy. But then he said in irritation, 'It is a pity we're late!'
  The crowd of black clothed people shifted in response but no one spoke.
  'This one has always been curious. What are you searching for?'
  A light voice landed in the ears of this crowd of black clothed people like lightning on a clear day. The expression of all those people changed as they turned quickly.
  A white clothed Lin Qian raised his feet and, step by step, neared them, 'Can you tell me, who the elder that was just here really is?'
  His expression was indifferent, but between his brows, the sword essence was thick.
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  It didn't matter if Zuo Mo gave his true identity or denied it. Even if Pu Yao hid the beads, the jindan wouldn't have cared. They would either kill him, capture him and torture him, and along the way, damage Wu Kong Sword Sect since the outsiders come from sects way more powerful than Wu Kong Sword Sect.
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  An old adversary makes a move.
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  Chapter Eighty Seven Stupidity
  The master and mistress of Duan Wang Fu might have already entered the palace but there were still guards at this place. The people passing by knew that this compound was the home of the new emperor before he ascended the throne and was extra careful as they passed by.
  By now, even the paternal families of the qieshi of Duan Wang Fu's status were elevated in status. Even though not many went to deliberately fawn over them but they were now much more courteous.
  For the qieshi of Duan Wang Fu, the fact that wang ye succeeded the throne, it was a great and joyful surprise. How could the shiqie of a wang fu be compared to being a niangniang in the palace? Even more so, they had served before the Emperor ascended the throne so their ranks wouldn't be very low. By that time when the Emperor wouldn't favor them, their ranks would still be passable enough that they would be written into the history books. If they were just shiqie of a wang fu, who would remember them after their death?
  But very quickly, their exhilaration disappeared. Wang fei had been sent for to enter the palace the night the Emperor entered. After that, no Imperial Decree came. Even though xiandi's body was sent to the tomb and the Emperor held the Ascension Ceremony, still no one came to receive them to enter the palace.
  Feng Zi Jin and Han Qing He were frantic inside. They discussed it before going together to find Jiang Yong Yu. At this time, Jiang Yong Yu held the highest position among them. But when the two went into Jiang Yong Yu's resident, they stilled. The two of them had been burning with anxiety but this one was sitting under the willow reading a book. A cup of cold tea was placed in front of her, a yahuan fanning her from behind. She looked very idle.
  Feng Zi Jin, who had always looked down at her calm attitude, moved forward to comment: 'Jiang ce fei is really restrained. At this time, you still aren't anxious.'
  Jiang Yong Yu closed the book. She looked at the two, 'Meimei, please sit. Such a hot day, why have you come to my place?'
  The yahuan brought over two stools to place behind the two of them. Han Qing He was also impatient but knew that Feng Zi Jin's words were inappropriate. She gave her thanks, smiled and sat down: 'These days, Emperor and niangniang both aren't in the fu. I found it boring and thought to come to jiejie's place to chat.'
  Jiang Yong Yu knew Han shi was impatient about entering the palace. Even though her words were prettier than Feng shi, her thoughts weren't any less than Feng shi. She raised a teacup and responded: 'These are the tea leaves that niangniang especially had someone deliver a few days before. With one sip, it keeps the heat away. Meimei should have a taste.'
  Raising the teacup in front of her to take a sip, Han Qing He felt that the tea was slightly bitter but after swallowing, she really did feel the heat inside slightly dissipate. She put down the teacup, smiling and complimenting: 'The things that niangniang has bestowed, it's really great. We can see how niangniang cares for jiejie.' Of the four shiqie in the wang fu, Qu Qing Ju wasn't close to anyone but she treated Jiang Yong Yu slightly better. Thinking about it, Han Qing He was slightly regretful. If she had copied Jiang Yong Yu in the beginning and sided with Qu Qing Ju, then even if the Emperor didn't favor her in the future, with the Empress at her back, her days would be much better.
  Hearing the meaning in Han shi's words that tried to flatter her, Jiang Yong Yu gave a slight smile: 'Niangniang treats us all the same. Meimei must be joking.' Finishing, she looked at Feng Zi Jin, 'Did meimei also come here to chat with me?'
  'I'm not going to beat around the bush with you. I'll just ask, do you know when we are entering the palace?' Feng Zi Jin didn't look at the tea on the table and impatiently waved the fan in her hand, 'Don't say anything false, are we going to be ignored by niangniang like this?'
  'The time we enter the palace, that's to be decided by Emperor and niangniang. How could I know?' Jiang Yong Yu looked at the fan in Feng Zi Jin's hand. Painted on the fan were large blooms of red peonies. She curled her lips, remarking, 'By now, there must be many matters in the houyong. It hasn't been a month since the passing of xiandi. Both Emperor and niangniang must be grieving. Should we try to add even more trouble for Emperor and niangniang?'
  Feng Zi Jin glanced at the smile on Jiang Yong Yu's face, snorting: 'Jiang ce fei has great composure. Since that's the case, I'm leaving.' She stood, sneering, 'If you're able, then don't enter the palace.' Finishing, she rushed furiously out of the ce yuan.
  Han Qing He gave a dry laugh as she held a teacup. She looked at Ping Ji Zin's shadow, 'Feng yianiang's personality is still the same.'
  'Entering the palace with such a personality, there's more waiting for her,' Jiang Yong Yu was used to Feng Zi Jin's conduct and calmly turned to say: 'We are experienced people that have served at the Emperor's side. Sooner or later someone will come receive us to enter the palace. There's nothing to be impatient about. Everything in the palace is changing. The mistresses of each palace have to move. We aren't the wife, do we have the qualifications like niangniang to enter the palace early?'
  'Jiejie is a rare clear-headed person, meimei has learned,' Han Qing He smiled as she responded, 'Niangniang is virtuous and will certainly arrange everything.' She might have been the first woman to serve wang ye, but in front of Jiang Yong Yu, she could only call her jiejie. Thinking about how she would soon be entering the palace, she was apprehensive. She didn't know what rank the Emperor would give her. She held the lowest position of the four at the moment and her future position would be the lowest as well.
  Thinking about it that way, her excitement instantly halved. She remarked to Jiang Yong Yu: 'Between the four of us, my birth is the lowest. Even Luo meimei had a jiujiu that died at his post. I don't have anyone.' She thought of her father's eighth-grade position. It was an official position but in reality, it couldn't even compare to the gatekeeper of the wang fu.
  'Why does meimei think that way? We all serve Emperor, does the Emperor rank us according to our paternal families?' Jiang Yong Yu comforted, 'You can't think that way.'
  Han Qing He instantly realized. Niangniang didn't even have a paternal family anymore. She couldn't say such things. Thinking quickly, she followed: 'It was me that strayed off the road.'
  'That's right. As long as people can think, there is no challenge that can't be overcome,' When Jiang Yong Yu finished speaking, she saw a steward of the wang fu run in, his full of joy. Seeing them, he came up and bowed, reporting, 'Mistresses, the Emperor's Imperial Decree has come down. It's to receive all the zhuzi to enter the palace.'
  Jiang Yong Yu counted the days. Today was the thirty-second day since the passing of xian di. To enter the palace now, it was the perfect time.
  She looked in the direction of the Imperial Palace and sighed. She had packed everything, and was just waiting for this Imperial Decree to come down.
  Because of the death of xiandi and the succession of the new emperor as well as the good weather, no one tried to disgust He Heng with any matters. The only thing that made him unhappy was that at this time, there was an imperial censor at court who said that Qu Qing Ju's status wasn't fitting to be the Empress.
  He sat with a grave expression while listening to the imperial censor's words. Then he smiled coldly and responded: 'According to what you say, then all the men would abandon their wives if their wife's paternal family did something wrong. Then how is there 'the chaff wife cannot be divorced?' Or is it that, in the heart of Imperial Censor Qin, your wife can be voluntarily abandoned.' He slammed his hand down on the dragon chair, pointing angrily at the imperial censor, shouting, 'Such a ruthless and unscrupulous person, how can you act as an imperial censor of my Da Long Dynasty? If the imperial censors of the world were like you, my Da Long Dynasty won't even have any virtues!'
  'Emperor!' Imperial Censor Qin didn't think the Emperor would speak so severely. His legs softened and he knelt down, 'Emperor, wang fei might be your wife, but she has such unprincipled elders, how can she mother the world?'
  'Is Qin da ren accusing my Tian Family's daughter of being unprincipled?' Tian Jin Ke stepped out, tone wounded as he argued, 'Emperor, this official's meimei might not have been a talented woman but she was of careful speech and good conduct, intelligent and virtuous. Even though she lost her life due to the unscrupulous actions of others, she was never unprincipled. Please, Emperor, give this official's meimei justice!'
  Everyone knew that Imperial Censor had been focusing on the former Duke of Chang De and Liang shi. But Tian Jin Ke's sister was wang fei's birth mother. Imperial Censor Qin had exposed the hole in the argument into the other's hand.
  'Emperor, this official thought that because wang fei's birth mother had been once praised by Xiao Ci Gong Empress, and had been taught from childhood by the Marquess of Xiang Qing, as a person she is extremely generous and virtuous. She is also Emperor's wife and the only choice for Empress. The crimes that the Qu Family committed, wang fei was a victim. Imperial Censor Qin has no sympathy but tries to slander wang fei's reputation, it is really outrageous. This official earnestly request Emperor to severely punish this person and give Tian da ren justice.' Luo Chang Qing's face was also grave as he walked out. Xiao Ci Gong Empress had been xiandi's deceased muhou. Luo Chang Qing mentioned her to elevate the status of Qu Tian shi.
  'This subject seconds!' Wei Wen Guang stood out.
  'This subject-di agrees!' He Ming followed in stepping out.
  'This subject agrees!'
  All of the senior officials present could see the affection of the Emperor towards wang fei. Even more, Duan Wang Fei still had the Tian Family at her back. This Imperial Censor Qin was a member of the educated and literary family Qin Clan, but he had done such a stupid thing.
  'Come, take away this person's post, he cannot be used in this lifetime' He Heng icily looked at Imperial Censor Qin whose complexion became terrible. In a deep voice, he announced, 'Scholars should first learn their morals. Otherwise, no matter how many books they read, it's useless if they lose their emotions. The matter of the Empress is settled, zhen will only establish Qu shi as Empress, and no other!'
  The words at the beginning were good, but everyone paused when they heard 'no other'. Following, they all knelt down: 'Emperor is caring and benevolent, us subjects will follow the example.'
  Looking in satisfaction at the court officials kneeling under him, He Heng stood, announcing: 'End of court!'
  The people knelt as they watched the Emperor leave before slowly standing up. Many started to praise the virtues of the Emperor. After today, it was likely that in Da Long Dynasty, there would be less men that would favor a qie and neglect their wife. Men that would respect their wives would increase in number.
  Even Tian Jin Ke didn't think that the Emperor would make such a promise such as this in front of all the officials. He didn't seem to be able to believe it, that the Emperor had decided to only have his niece as his only Empress this entire life.
  'Virtuous son-in-law, shall we walk together?' Luo Chang Qing smiled as he walked in front of Tian Jin Ke, reaching out to pat his shoulder.
  'Father-in-law first,' Tian Qin Ke raised his hands and made a motion of request, dropping half a step behind Luo Chang Qing.
  Luo Chang Qing didn't persist with him. The two slowly left the Great Hall. He remarked: 'I heard long ago that niangniang and Rui Wang Fei's relationship wasn't good. From the looks of it today, it really isn't a rumor.'
  Tian Jin Ke jerked his lips, 'Father-in-law is right.'
  But the Qin Family was too obvious and ham-fisted this time. He smiled happily. No matter what, the fact that the Emperor would care for his niece so, his deceased sister could rest in peace.
  'Emperor,' Qian Chang Xin looked at the terrible expression on the Emperor's face and cautiously held out a cup of tea.
  'Qin shi!' He Heng pushed the teacup to throw the tea back, declaring, 'It seems that there still isn't enough people serving in zhen's san di's fu.' Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Seventy Nine - Zuo Mo's Decision
  Zuo Mo opened his eyes and instantly let out a wail of pain. His body felt like someone had taken a short blade and scraped all over. It was excruciatingly painful. Was he at home? What time was it? Zuo Mo struggled up while shaking his dizzy head.
  He had gone to Dong Fu, and bought a lot of things. His gaze landed on the hundred treasures pouch. Right, and then after that? He had gone to the free market... ...
  Zuo Mo's pupils suddenly shrunk. He remembered!
  Yin beads! It was yin beads... ... those horrifyingly strong xiuzhe... ...
  Zuo Mo reflexively touched himself. Even though his entire body was in pain, he was completely unharmed and wasn't lacking any arms or legs. He was still alive! He remembered he had suddenly fainted. What happened after that? How did he return to the Little West Wind Yard?
  He didn't know. Did someone rescue him? This was the first idea that appeared in his head.
  Even though he didn't know much, but he wasn't dumb. The forest of signs in the free market was enough to make him realize the value of the yin bead was much larger than he had imagined. Those people would have no reason to let him free. He hurried to flip through his hundred treasures pouch. When he saw the yin beads were still there, he was even more confused. He took a count and found that there were two less.
  Whichever way he looked at it, it seemed strange.
  He suddenly realized he could ask Pu Yao. That guy definitely would know what had happened.
  When Zuo Mo entered the sea of consciousness, he was instantly shocked. The furiously dancing sea of flames of the past was now withered, the flames extremely weak like the embers left after a fire and could extinguish at any time. The two stars were unchanged, hanging like diamonds in the void. The sword river didn't change either, same as usual, half of it icicles moving, half of it burning with water flames.
  Why would it be like this?
  Restraining the terror in his heart, Zuo Mo started to sprint in the direction that Pu Yao was usually at. He had a strong feeling inside that something major had definitely happened!
  When he reached the stele and saw Pu Yao on top of the stele, he was dumbstruck. Pu Yao's face was without any color. He was like a statue as he sat, legs coiled, on the stele, motionless. Black clouds moved around his body.
  'Pu!' Zuo Mo tried to control the terror inside and called out.
  Pu Yao didn't respond. He was like a stone statue carved out of white marble.
  Zuo Mo called a few more time. Pu Yao didn't seem to hear it.
  Something definitely had happened!
  Zuo Mo forced himself to calm down. He carefully thought back to what happened that day. Yin beads. And then he connected it to Pu Yao's present state. What happened that day, it was obvious... ...
  In the eyes of high level xiuzhe, low level xiuzhe was like grass. When he had saw Xue Yun, he knew that he wouldn't be able to resolve it and that was why he decided to go all in. People would kill for even a low level talisman, how about the mysterious yin bead? Most of the yin beads he had were still present. That meant that those people hadn't got them.
  Had it really been Pu Yao who saved him?
  Zuo Mo almost couldn't believe it. Would Pu Yao be that kind? Yet this guess seemed to be the most reasonable one.
  As to Pu Yao's sorry state right now, Zuo Mo wasn't certain. Was he wounded?
  It seemed that it was quite serious... ...
  Even that time Pu Yao had been wounded by Xin Yan Shibo, he hadn't been this weak. Looking dazedly at Pu Yao, who was completely lifeless, Zuo Mo suddenly thought, would Pu Yao just die like this? But for some unknown reason, he pushed down the idea. This thought made him feel slightly terrified. Terrified that Pu Yao would disappear like this? Wasn't that what he had been hoping all this time?
  Looking at the lifeless Pu Yao, Zuo Mo's eyes became murky.
  He closed his eyes. A beat later, he opened them again.
  Ge wouldn't owe anyone!
  He was only paying back the other for saving his life, Zuo Mo told himself.
  For some unknown reason, when he made this decision, the terror inside suddenly stopped.
  Raising his head to glance at the statue-like Pu Yao, Zuo Mo took a deep breath. He started to think back to every detail of his interactions with Pu Yao, hoping to find a way to help him.
  The first thing he thought about was [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation]. Pu Yao had been constantly tempting or forcing him to practice [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation]. Zuo Mo remembered very clearly, it had been when he had broken through to one breath that the flame sea in his consciousness had become vigorous. Looking at the weak flames that were so weak now that it seemed as though they would extinguish at any time, Zuo Mo felt these crimson flames should have a very close relationship with Pu Yao.
  The second was jingshi. Pu Yao always needed a lot of jingshi. The great majority of Zuo Mo's jingshi would end up in Pu Yao's hands. Zuo Mo had always been slightly amazed by the great appetite Pu Yao had towards jingshi. Even though Zuo Mo didn't know where Pu Yao spent the jingshi but it was clear that jingshi was very important to Pu Yao. Maybe it helped Pu Yao somehow.
  And then it was yin energy. Zuo Mo could still see the picture of Pu Yao furiously taking in yin energy on that trip to the sword cave. Zuo Mo felt that, for Pu Yao, yin energy was something enriching and should help him.
  After a long time, Zuo Mo concluded these three points. In these three, the most difficult was yin energy. To take in yin energy, that needed going into the sword cave. When Pu Yao was conscious, entering the sword cave was just a matter of jingshi. But relying just on Zuo Mo, the difficulty of entering the sword cave was very high, and basically hopeless. Up until now, only Wei Sheng Shixiong had been allowed by the sect into the sword cave. For everyone else, even though Zuo Mo had comprehended the Li water sword essence and showed his talent, the elders in the sect didn't even mention it.
  Zuo Mo put his attention on the first two points. In his perspective, those two were more practical.
  He decided to go to the rock room to meditate and practice [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation]. Just as he was preparing to leave, he saw from the mirror that he hadn't changed his appearance back. He hurriedly washed away the disguise on his face. If someone came in right now, that would be bad.
  It had been a very long time since Zuo Mo had been so focused when he was practicing [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation]. Even though he still persisted in practicing it everyday, but he didn't put much thought into it. Now that he really paid attention, he instantly found many places he was unclear about but had dismissed usually. He couldn't help but feel guilty and reflect on himself. It was like he had gone back to the time before he had broken through to one breath as he furiously started to study this cryptic and dull scripture.
  People were always like this. When they needed time, they would find that time was abnormally slippery. If one wasn't careful, it would slip away.
  Coming out of his meditation state, the sky was already dark. Zuo Mo went to take a look at the sea of consciousness. The flames were still very weak and didn't seem to have visibly changed. It seemed that it needed a long-term effort, he thought inside.
  Leaving the consciousness, he started to sort out the ling herbs that he had bought in Dong Fu. These raw materials had been for him to experiment with the water method and to earn some jingshi. He hadn't thought that they would be useful so early. Before, Zuo Mo had only wanted to experiment with making dan using the water method. But he was now abnormally serious. In his speculations, jingshi was one of the most important. He didn't know what help jingshi gave Pu Yao but it was one of the few things he could do.
  Zuo Mo couldn't help but grimace. It seemed that in his life, making jingshi was an eternal problem!
  Throwing away that thought, he started to follow the instructions on Elder Wei Nan's jade scrolls and prepare the ingredients.
  The water method and the fire method were as different as the earth and sky. It was the first time Zuo Mo had come into contact with many of these things. But luckily, he had some dan-making experience now. Before, the experience of making so many golden crow pills had also given him a lot of experience. The language that Elder Wei Nan's jade scroll was written in was straight and clear, without any flourishes. It wasn't hard for Zuo Mo to understand.
  This was also why Zuo Mo would always feel his mind expand and be entrance when he browsed Elder Wei Nan's jade scrolls, yet when he read [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation], it was like his intestines were turned inside out and he felt that death would be welcome.
  Zuo Mo studied the basic steps in the water method many times. Even though he wasn't totally familiar, he wasn't unfamiliar with it. The uniqueness of the water method laid in that it required making a 'dan embryo'. The lingdan would be raised in the dan embryo. The process was like people during pregnancy, extremely miraculous.
  The most important step of the water method was to use spells and ling energy as channels, all kinds of materials and ling grasses as the flesh in order to form a dan embryo. It would not just directly decide whether a dan would form, but any little difference could cause the dan that would be formed to be completely different.
  This was one of the important reasons that the water method wasn't as popular as the fire method. It was even hard to grasp the patterns and trends involved.
  For Zuo Mo, this was undoubted a new challenge. Luckily, his present cultivation was much higher than Elder Wei Nan when he had first tried the water method. The writings of Elder Wei Nan was extremely detailed. Many important parts, he had repeated and narrated it over. And Zuo Mo had one advantage that Elder Wei Nan didn't have. Zuo Mo had spiritual power. His consciousness, not just Elder Wei Nan, but the shixiong in the sect wouldn't be as strong as him. The benefits of using his consciousness had been crucial when he had been using the fire method.
  Taking the ling grasses and herbs he had prepared, he went next to the ling spring in the rock room. The ling spring was extremely cold and was near the ling vein. After so many years, the ling energy in the spring was extremely dense. Along the way, Zuo Mo inspected the ice cloud grass that was being grown in it. Seeing that its growth was very good, he put it to the side.
  Focusing, Zuo Mo's hands was like snowflakes flying in the air.
  Some strangely shaped character seals that glowed slightly flew out of his hands and entered the ling spring. When those glowing character seals entered the ling spring, it was like there was a natural attraction between them and they slowly crowded together.
  Zuo Mo stared with wide eyes unblinkingly, the speed of his hands not slowing down.
  As Zuo Mo's finger motions changed, the glowing character seals in the ling spring slowly moved. Like putting together puzzle pieces, the character seals slowly combined together.
  Two whole hours, and Zuo Mo was soaked in sweat, mist coming off his body. His eyes didn't dare to move away. With the finger motions that kept on changing, Zuo Mo's fingers were extremely sore. But he could only grit his teeth and bear it. If he was the slightest bit lacking in attention, it meant that all his effort would be wasted.
  When the last glowing character seal went in, a steady 'embryo frame' took form. A light blue light suddenly appeared and flashed around the surface of the seal characters!
  Zuo Mo didn't dare to hesitate. Without any time to wipe away the sweat, he used a specialized spell to add in the pre-prepared materials.
  A while later, a light blue spherical dan embryo quietly floated in the ling spring.
  Translator Ramblings: When the novel was published, the first part was called 'Jingshi Maniac' and the first volume was cut off the chapter before. The next volume, starting with this chapter, is called 'A Problematic Youth'. The volumes get progressively longer so even though there are seven volumes, we aren't even 10% through the story.
  The book cover is from amazon.cn. They are selling the series on there. Pretty pictures... ... but they discontinued the manhua.
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  This chapter has been provided to you by me, ororomunroe90, vivie and leecherleechleech.
  Guess what is happening this chapter?
  Chapter Eighty Eight Crowned Empress
  Several plain carriages entered through the side door of the Imperial Palace's main gates. The guards protecting the doors watched as the carriages slowly moved away. This procession, compared to when the Empress niangniang had came into the palace, was drastically lacking.
  Right now, the Emperor hadn't officially crowned the Empress, but due to the fuss at Royal Court, who in the palace didn't know that Qu shi was the unofficial Empress? They didn't know how many palace maids and taijian in the Department of Household Affairs were currently breaking their backs trying to get a chance to serve the Empress. It was a pity that the Emperor had personally picked the servants for Empress. Just the amount of care that the Emperor was taking was enough to let everyone in the palace understand very clearly that, in the heart of the Emperor, those shiqie of Duan Wang Fu added up together couldn't even compare to one finger of the Empress.
  'Stop!' The long thin voice of a taijian sounded from outside the carriage. The carriages simultaneously stopped. The taijian in command looked at the carriages behind him, and announced in a loud voice: 'Please, mistresses, get off the carriage and proceed to the step-carriage.'
  Jiang Yong Yu held Ai Lu's hand to get off the carriage. She saw that there were four step-carriages not too far away, one of which was grander than the others. Before she could react, the taijian who had been speaking walked in front of her, smiling as he greeted: 'Greetings to niangniang, nucai is Yu Ping Palace's chief steward He Shou. Please, come this way.' He reached out his arm to usher Jiang Yong Yu to the finest step-carriage.
  As she supported Jiang Yong Yu, Ai Lu's heart leapt in joy. This taijian dared to call her mistress niangniang, didn't that mean the Emperor was going to give her mistress a high rank?
  After Jiang Yong Yu settled on the step-carriage, the taijian raised a hand: 'Up.' He didn't care about the other three and walked away with Jiang Yong Yu.
  After Jiang Yong Yu's step-carriage started moving, another taijian came up to call the other women and ushered them onto the remaining step-carriages to follow behind Jiang Yong Yu.
  These shiqie had to first greet the Empress after entering the palace. After they travelled a certain distance, near the back hall of Tian Qi Palace, the step-carriages were lowered and the four had to proceed on foot.
  He Shou walked to the entrance of the back hall and said to the taijian guarding the door: 'The people of Duan Wang Fu have been received into the palace. Can I trouble gonggong to report?'
  The taijian guarding the door wasn't as highly ranked as He Shou but his post was at Tian Qi Palace. He saw that He Shou was very polite and naturally didn't make it difficult for him. He raised his hands to He Shou: 'So it's He gonggong. Please wait, this one will go in to ask.'
  'Thanks, thanks!' The smile of He Shou's face became even friendlier. Seeing the other go in to investigate, he turned to walk next to Jiang Yong Yu, informing in a small voice, 'Niangniang, because the renovations of Kui Yuan Palace are quite extensive, the Empress is temporarily living in the back hall of Tian Qi Palace. The Yu Ping Palace you will live in isn't far from Kui Yuan, so it is very convenient for you to give morning greetings to the Empress in the future.'
  Jiang Yong Yu realized why this one called He Shou was the chief taijian steward in her palace. She quickly examined him. Seeing his conduct and awareness of boundaries, he didn't seem stupid. She nodded, 'The Empress is of the highest position. It's natural that it would take more effort to renovate her residence.'
  He Shou gave a smile, releasing a breath inside. Originally, he was worried that he would have to serve a stupid mistress. Taking a closer look now, this one was a smart person indeed. She should be one. Out of the four shiqie, only she was made a fei. Even her residence was the Yu Ping Palace, which wasn't far from Kui Yuan Palace. That, at least, made it clear that the Empress was closest to her.
  It wasn't clear whether the Emperor liked her or not. But if even the Empress didn't like her, how would he live in the future?
  Feng Zi Jin stood behind Jiang Yong Yu, her expression ugly. From entering the palace until now, these people were overly and secretly flattering Jiang Yong Yu. Was it that she would be the highest-ranked out of the four of them in the future?
  She had the highest birth of the four, but why was the highest now Jiang Yong Yu?
  Luo Yin Xiu and Han Qing He docilely stood nearby. They didn't dare to even raise their heads to look at the door to the back hall, and just waited for the Empress' summons.
  The four stood for a while before the taijian who had been guarding the door came out. His face was full of smiles as he announced: 'The Empress invites zhuzi inside, please.' Jin Zhan came out and bowed to the four people, 'Honorable mistresses, please follow nubi.'
  'Thank you for your trouble, Jin Zhan guniang,' Jiang Yong Yu smiled at her and lifted her foot to start walking towards the inside.
  'Nubi is not worthy,' Jin Zhan retreated to the side and made an inviting motion, ushering the four inside the hall.
  'Niangniang, the honourable mistresses have come,' Huang Yang reported in a small voice. By now, everyone in the other parts of the palace called Qu Qing Ju the Empress, but the people who attended Qu Qing Ju still called her 'niangniang.' That was because it hadn't formally come down so it was inappropriate to call her Empress.
  Qu Qing Ju opened her sleepy eyes and saw the four walking in. They simultaneously knelt down, did a three bow, nine kowtow full greeting.
  Qu Qing Ju kept her face up as she was bowed to by the four of them. After they finished, she gave them each a seat. She examined the four women. They were dressed tastefully, it seemed they had put some effort in their appearances to enter the palace.
  'It's been a long time since we saw each other, is everyone fine?' Qu Qing Ju raised a teacup to take a sip, slowly waving the fan in her hand, 'We wanted to welcome you into the palace earlier but there were several reasons for the delay. One was that the residences hadn't been prepared and the second was that it hadn't been long after the passing of xiandi. A few delays and the days became more than a month.'
  'Thanks, niangniang, for thinking of us, pinqie is perfectly fine,' Jiang Yong Yu answered, 'It's just that pinqie were all worried about niangniang who was tired by the affairs of running the hougong. So we didn't send any messages to you. After seeing you today, it does seem that Empress is thinner.'
  It was a lie that Qu Qing Ju was thinner, but since she was wearing a white robe, she did seem weaker than she usually did in the fu.
  Jiang Yong Yu secretly examined the other. She didn't know if it was her false perception but she felt that the Empress' appearance had changed from when she had just married into the fu. But after thinking about her silent and dull personality when the Empress had just married, she attributed the changes to her dressing differently.
  Appearances originated from the heart. The core had been changed so there were some changes in looks. Qu Qing Ju had looked at herself in the mirror and hadn't found much of a difference. She smiled and responded, 'It must be that more sweat flowed under the hot weather of the summer which has caused the thinning.'
  'That's so true, this summer is the hardest to endure,' Han Qing He carefully took over, 'Niangniang also has to take care of the numerous matters of hougong, how would you not thin?'
  Not long after they came in, they saw He Heng walk in wearing a soft brocade robe embroidered with dragons. He walked very quickly, not looking at the shiqie sitting to the side and raised the cup that Qu Qing Ju had been drinking tea from to take a mouthful. Then he sat down on the other chair at the front, 'The days are becoming hotter. Just coming in from the front hall was a struggle.'
  'Greetings to Emperor.' Jiang Yong Yu and the others hastily stood and bowed. If He Heng didn't call for them to stand, they didn't dare straighten.
  'En, you entered the palace today?' He Heng glanced casually over the four people. He frowned slightly, 'Since you have finished the greetings, return to your residences.' He waves his hands, clearly not wanting too many people to remain here.
  'Qie asks to be excused.' Jiang Yong Yu and the others bowed and left. Coming out of the doors to the back hall, they saw some taijian holding long bamboo sticks with a cloth bag catching summer cicadas. They couldn't help but ask, 'What are you doing?'
  He Shou, who had been waiting outside, quickly answered: 'Just now when the Emperor came, he heard the sounds of the cicadas and said that the Empress hadn't rested properly these days. He ordered the servants to drive away the cicadas so the Empress could take a good noon nap.'
  Jiang Yong Yu looked at the scattering cicadas. No wonder the Emperor was in a hurry to send them away. He had been annoyed with them for disturbing the Empress' noon nap.
  Walking at the back, Feng Zi Jin jerked her mouth but didn't dare say anything. She felt that the care that the Emperor took with Qu Qing Ju was becoming over the top.
  On the second day after the shiqie entered the palace, He Heng sent down the decree which bestowed the titles for the hougong.
  The Empress of xiandi was made Mu Hou Huang Tai Hou,[i] and was to reside in the eastern Chang Ning palace. He Heng's birth mother Jing guifei was made Sheng Mu Huang Tai Hou [ii] and her residence was the western Fu Shou [iii] Palace. An guipin was promoted to gui taifei, Shu guifei to gui taifei. According to the old traditions, both could be received by their sons to live outside the palace. The other feipin of xiandi were also promoted. But some had to move to the auxiliary palace while others stayed in the palace.
  'Zhen's wife Qu shi, praised by xiandi to be full of good fortune to be especially decreed in marriage to zhen. Qu shi entered the fu at fifteen years, gentle, excellent and perceptive, kind and virtuous, spirited and elegant, peerlessly intelligent, a rarity in the world. She serves zhen personally in all matters, and is the epitome of a woman and the mother to the world. Zhen has such a wife, it is the blessing of the Heavens. Today, this decree is sent to the world to crown her as the mother of the world.
  - By the Emperor'
  This Imperial Decree, which later historians believe it to be evidence of the great love He Heng held for his Empress, was recited like so in front of all the officials. After one recitation at court, they had to recite it again in front of the Empress. Afterwards, the Imperial Astronomers calculated an auspicious time to proceed with the full crowning ceremony for her to receive the gold seal and gold book, before it was truly over.
  When Qu Qing Ju heard the first-rank palace maid recite the Imperial Decree crowning her Empress in Tian Qi Palace, she was suspicious that this wasn't really a decree crowning her empress, but a love letter that He Heng wrote to her and broadcasted it to the world. What was 'spirited and elegant, peerlessly intelligent, a rarity in the world'? And that 'zhen has such a wife, it is the blessing of the Heavens?'
  Had he never heard a phrase called, 'show your love, die even quicker'?
  'Congratulations Empress, congratulations Empress.' The palace personnel in the room all gave their congratulations, the smile on their faces even brighter than Qu Qing Ju's.
  With both hands, she took the Imperial Decree from the female official before she stood. Qu Qing Ju looked at the Imperial Decree in her hands. She knew He Heng's writing. The words on this Imperial Decree had been personally written by He Heng, and not by the imperial assistant.
  'Congratulations, Empress,' The female official performed a full greeting to Qu Qing Ju.
  Qu Qing Ju let someone reward the female official. After the official left, she saw the servants in the room were all brimming with joy and remarked: 'Why is it that you are all happier than I am?'
  Mu Jin bent slightly as she replied; 'Empress' happy occasion is nubi's good occasion. Why wouldn't nubi be happy?'
  Qu Qing Ju smiled as she shook her head. She rewarded everyone in the back hall who had served her. After the people that had nothing to do all left, she read the Imperial Decree in her hand again. A long time later, she sighed: 'Mu Jin, lock it up.'
  In Zhuo Jing Zai, Feng Zi Jin looked in disbelief at the Imperial Decree in her hand. She couldn't believe that the Emperor only made her a small minor seventh-grade cairen.
  'By the Mandate of Heaven, the Emperor has spoken: 'The daughter of the Feng Clan served zhen in the house. Today, is made a cairen and given the title Ping [iv].'
  Ping, what sort of title was this?
  After the better part of an hour, Chun Yu who went out to gather news came back. Feng Zi Jin put down the Imperial decree in her hands, asking: 'Did you find out what the other people's ranks are?'
  Chun Yu trembled and shrank into her shoulders as she responded: 'Zhuzi, nubi ...... nubi found out. Jiang ce fei was promoted to Heng[v] fei, Luo yiniang promoted to guipin, Han yiniang ...... was promoted to liangdi.'
  'Even Han Qin He was given a fifth-grade langdi?' Feng Zi Jin's face paled and she fell back into her chair. She looked dispiritedly at the Imperial Decree on the table. Did the Emperor dislike her this much?
  [i] Mother Empress Grand Empress Dowager
  [ii]?????: Holy Mother Grand Empress Dowager
  [iii]??: happiness and longevity
  [iv]? means peaceful, flat, calm.
  [v]?: worthy, virtuous Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  This chapter has been provided to you by me, cactuar0, warlord212 and WanderingGummiOfDoom.
  Chapter Eighty - A Transformation On the Gravestone
  Five days of rest passed in the blink of an eye.
  Waiting for Xin Yan Shibo's harsh training, Zuo Mo accidentally found out that Shibo had left on other matters and his training would be temporarily halted. Without anything else to do Zuo Mo could only go to find Master, but strangely, she was also absent. He quickly discovered that the sect leader was not present, and neither was Yan Le shibo.
  What had happened?
  Of course, Zuo Mo didn't know that Pu Yao's exceptionally strong display completely shocked Sky Moon Jie. One encounter, five jindan masters, one dead, one wounded, and three fled. Such terrifying strength, it was shocking to hear about. Jindan level xiuzhe, in Sky Moon Jie they were high level masters that could be ranked and counted, but they were so weak against that person. This incident also was connected to many sensitive matters. Bright Wave Jie quickly responded. Almost all the high level xiuzhe in Sky Moon Jie cooperated fully, and Wu Kong Sword Sect naturally couldn't stay out of it.
  Even without Xin Yan Shibo's supervision, Zuo Mo didn't dare to relax. If he didn't practice [Vajra Profound Sutra], the one who would suffer would be him.
  He decided to stay in the Little West Wind Yard and focus on cultivating.
  Pu Yao was still a statue, motionless. The flames in the sea of consciousness were still very weak, as though they would extinguish at any time.
  Only a few days later did Zuo Mo, from the sound tablet, learn that Dong Fu had almost been flipped on its head, and learn what Pu Yao really did. When he heard of the dark red flame, he knew undoubtedly that it was Pu Yao. This guy didn't even inform him before taking control of his body! Zuo Mo felt hatred. And Pu Yao's glorious victory of one against five made his jaw drop.
  Stars in Daylight, a strong and mysterious fire xiu, the long-lost yin bead... ...
  A string of complex incidents made Sky Moon Jie abnormally lively.
  But these didn't have much to do with Zuo Mo now. Right now, he didn't dare to run out. If someone accidentally found out... ... he shuddered at this thought. He docilely stayed in the little yard, working hard on [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] and [Vajra Profound Sutra]. Compared to profound and cryptic [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation], [Vajra Profound Sutra] progressed much more quickly. Zuo Mo could clearly feel his body was much stronger than before, even though he still looked thin and weak on the surface.
  There wasn't any movement from the dan embryo in the ling spring. Master's ban hadn't been raised so he could not go to the dan room of Fragrant Ginger Yard to make dan.
  But, all things considered, it was actually good. He could sort out and reflect on everything that happened recently. He hadn't had the time to look at the jade scroll that Li Ying Feng Shijie had given him before about jinzhi. He could take the time now to study it. The jinzhi in West Wind Valley needed to be constructed again. Otherwise, if the rock cave was accidentally discovered, it would be a huge blow to him.
  To learn jinzhi, that required learning formations. Formations was something every cultivator had to learn. Forging, dan-making, seal writing etc etc. All of those were related to formations. The disciples of the large sects would start learning formations in lianqi in order to form a strong foundation for their road of cultivation. But for small sects, it was basically very hard to accomplish this, Wu Kong Sword Sect included.
  After experimenting for a few days, Zuo Mo raised the jinzhi again.
  After he just finished constructing the jinzhi, he saw a pink paper crane flying out of the sky.
  'Ye, I've been very bored recently.'
  'You need to find something to do.'
  'But I don't know what to find to do. What does ye do every day?'
  'Cultivating every day, how boring must that be. Other than cultivation? What else does ye do every day?'
  Other than cultivation? Zuo Mo was stuck. Other than cultivating, what else did he do? He thought for a second and then wrote 'Make dan.'
  'Ye is so boring.'
  Zuo Mo suddenly was slightly irritated. Barely restraining the irritation, he wrote three words 'Yes, very boring.'
  After a while, there finally wasn't any paper crane that was flying over. Zuo Mo released a breath. It seemed the other person had been adequately blown away by his bland response. He returned to the stone room and started his boring cultivation.
  In the rock room, Zuo Mo opened his eyes. His progress in [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] was extremely slow recently. It still seemed very far away from reaching third breath.
  He entered the sea of consciousness, wanting to check on Pu Yao. Pu Yao was still motionless like a statue. Zuo Mo didn't know what to do. His own strength was extremely small. He wanted to help but had no method of helping.
  He was preparing to leave when he suddenly stopped in his steps.
  He abruptly turned and stared in disbelief at the gravestone under Pu Yao - there were words on the gravestone!
  There were words on the gravestone, before, he could only barely make it out, but never had he seen it clearly. But this time, he saw it clearly! He hurriedly went closer, inspecting the words on the gravestone. But after a few seconds, he was struck dumb.
  What was written on the gravestone was none other than [Vajra Profound Sutra]. After practicing [Vajra Profound Sutra] these recent days, he was extremely familiar with the entire scripture. After reading a few lines, he realized what it was.
  Why would [Vajra Profound Sutra] be on this?
  Zuo Mo found it very strange. If it had been some cryptic and profound scripture carved on here, he wouldn't be shocked. [Vajra Profound Sutra] wasn't some high level scripture. Zuo Mo himself guessed that it would be third grade. Such a mysterious gravestone having [Vajra Profound Sutra] on it really was a strange and puzzling thing.
  Pushing down on the curiosity inside, he read it down character by character.
  Quickly, he discovered something. This [Vajra Profound Sutra] was slightly different from the [Vajra Profound Sutra] that he was practicing right now. Some places, there were additions, some places, some things were changed.
  Was this the true [Vajra Profound Sutra]?
  Zuo Mo couldn't understand. [Vajra Profound Sutra] wasn't a high level scripture. Even if it was modified, it couldn't possibly become a high level scripture.
  As he thought, Zuo Mo smiled self-mockingly. He was really too greedy. For a long time, the gravestone had been mysterious in Zuo Mo's eyes. He had unconsciously assumed that if this gravestone was connected to a scripture, it would certainly be a strong and profound scripture. So when he saw [Vajra Profound Sutra] on it, he was shocked.
  Thinking about it, he decided to memorize the [Vajra Profound Sutra] on the gravestone.
  When he finished memorizing the text, a scene that made him gape in shock occurred. The characters on the gravestone suddenly disappeared. The black clouds that had dissipated quietly gathered again and once again shrouded the gravestone.
  Was it... ... this gravestone was telling him that he was practicing [Vajra Profound Sutra] wrong? He shook his head hard and threw such the strange notion to the back of his head. In any case, it was normal for anything related to Pu Yao to be strange.
  Leaving the sea of consciousness, it was like Zuo Mo was enchanted as he started to study the two different [Vajra Profound Sutra].
  The gravestone version of [Vajra Profound Sutra] was only different in five places from his previous version. Just five places. These five places, he studied for a long time, and made a very startling conclusion. The difference in these five sentences, it let this [Vajra Profound Sutra] walk onto two different roads.
  Other than shock, Zuo Mo felt it was expected. If there wasn't a difference, he would actually find it strange.
  But after a deeper examination, Zuo Mo was shocked once again.
  Because he found, the gravestone version of [Vajra Profound Sutra] wasn't as good as the [Vajra Profound Sutra] that he was practicing!
  Zuo Mo was slightly unable to accept this conclusion.
  Pu Yao was an antique, but what he gave, like [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation], it could be seen it was a high level thing. The gravestone that appeared together with him, how can it give a [Vajra Profound Sutra] that wasn't good as the normal version?
  Zuo Mo didn't believe it. He continued his examination.
  There wasn't much complex content in [Vajra Profound Sutra]. The main focus of the entire text was to cultivate the body. The method of the [Vajra Profound Sutra] Zuo Mo practiced wasn't complicated. It was using the ling energy inside the body to temper the body. And the gravestone version of [Vajra Profound Sutra] was using the ling energy that was in the world to nurture the body.
  Undoubtedly, the [Vajra Profound Sutra] that Zuo Mo was practicing was much more effective. Even in the rock room with the ling vein, the ling energy in the air was far from being able to compare to the pure ling energy in Zuo Mo's body. Even more, strengthening was much more effective than nurturing. And the strength of the body that was produced by tempering was much better than a body that was nurtured.
  What was this!
  Zuo Mo felt that this was a joke. Was the gravestone joking with him? As he thought, he felt it was more and more likely. Otherwise, how would there be such a coincidence? He had just practiced [Vajra Profound Sutra] and then the gravestone showed [Vajra Profound Sutra]? Was it that Pu Yao wasn't as seriously wounded as he thought and was toying with him? Or Pu Yao was lying under the gravestone already? With Pu Yao's sense of humor, Zuo Mo wouldn't be surprised if he didn't do anything strange and preposterous.
  Zuo Mo threw the gravestone version of [Vajra Profound Sutra] to one side. Such an ineffective method, it was wasting time.
  But the change in the gravestone aroused Zuo Mo's attention. Every day, he would go into the sea of consciousness multiple times to see if the gravestone had any new changes.
  What he felt regretful about was, after that, the gravestone didn't change.
  A quiet gravestone, a quiet Pu Yao... ...
  Zuo Mo was slightly disappointed, but still persisted in practicing every day.
  But every time he would practice [Vajra Profound Sutra], he would always unconsciously think about the five places that were different. Those five unfamiliar sentences were like a ghost haunting him, appearing in Zuo Mo's mind. Quite a few times, he had almost practiced the gravestone version but managed to stop himself.
  Time was valuable. He couldn't deliberately waste it, Zuo Mo thought.
  Practicing [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] finally showed hope for Zuo Mo. He had almost completely disregarded the furious increase in his cultivation in the recent days. Looking at the slightly more vigorous flames in his consciousness, his mind lightened.
  It seemed he hadn't guessed wrong! He believed, as long as he persisted in practicing [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation], there would be a day that Pu Yao would wake up!
  In the recent days, all the elders of the sect were absent. Zuo Mo received a rare time of idleness. Each day, he cultivated and worked hard, time full and free.
  After a few days, the lingdan in the ling spring would be complete. Zuo Mo now had a deep experience of how slow the water method was.
  Suddenly, he heard someone yelling loudly outside the valley: 'Zuo Shixiong, Zuo Shixiong!'
  The voice was extremely frantic. Zuo Mo felt it was slightly unfamiliar. It should be one of the outer sect disciples.
  His body flashed and he appeared at the mouth of the valley.
  The heads of the outer sect disciples were pouring with sweat as they panted, expressions frantic. Seeing Zuo Mo, they instantly had a joyous expression.
  'Shixiong! People have come to the sect to make a disturbance, and they wounded a few of the shidi!'
  Translator Ramblings: Let's have a period of reflection here. Zuo Mo did a lot in the last 80 chapters. He became a ling plant farmer, entered zhuji and is now an inner sect disciple. He's made a lot of money with a dan that he managed to create himself. He learned dan-making, learned how to fight with a sword, managed to comprehend sword essence and learned about his past. He defeated Luo Li and established himself in the inner sect. The most important thing is that his income is several hundred times what it was at the beginning of the story.
  Pu came in, 'helped' Zuo Mo and is now unavailable. The situation in Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie is escalating and people are searching for the wounded yaomo.
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  Qu Qing Ju visits her new home.
  Chapter Eighty Nine The New Kui Yuan Palace
  After the people of the hougong were titled, it was then time to give new titles to those who did service in the Royal Court. Of course, these new titles weren't like cheap lettuce that everyone could get a bite of. The first ones to be rewarded were the clans of the two Empress Dowagers in the two palaces. The paternal clans were all people of leisure. So He Heng only bestowed a noble title, full of glory but no real power.
  And then it was senior officials who served He Heng. They were promoted, and bestowed things. As for the people who had sided with He Yuan, sorry, go stand to one side, it's a miracle that you were being demoted.
  Of all of the rewards, the most spectacular one was given to Tian Jin Ke. His family already had a hereditary marquis title but in Jing where marquises were everywhere, his present position had all been due to his own efforts. Now the Emperor waved his hand and made his hereditary marquis elevated to a hereditary first-rank duke, and bestowed the title Zhong Yi.[i]He also rewarded down five thousand taels of silver to the Duke of Zhong Yi to construct the compound and generously personally wrote 'Zhong Yi Gong Fu' on the plaque for the compound to bestow upon Tian Jin Ke. His imperial favour was enormous.
  Zhong, it was naturally referring to his loyalty to the Emperor. As for Yi, some thought that it was the Emperor remembering the care Tian Jin Ke gave to the Empress as well as his call for justice for his sister, Tian shi, so he was given the character Yi.
  When they compared the honored Duke of Zhong Yi to the fallen Qu Family, many sighed. It could be seen that people had to accumulate virtue. Karma really did come back to bite you.
  The Duke of Zhong Yi might not have a good daughter, but he had a good niece. That was his life, they could only admire it.
  When Qu Qing Ju heard He Heng had elevated her jiujiu to first -rank Duke of Zhong Yi, she wasn't surprised. She had earlier detected that He Heng admired  jiujiu and clearly enjoyed his personal conduct. Now that he was in power, he needed people like jiujiu to work for him. Rather than saying that he was rewarding jiujiu, it was better to say that he was telling the world just how much he admired talented people who were loyal to the throne.
  Ming He entered the back hall and bowed in front of Qu Qing Ju, mentioning Kui Yuan Palace that was still in the process of renovation, 'Empress, the construction of Kui Yuan Palace is almost done. Why don't you take a look to see if there are any places that are not to your liking so it could be changed. Then the decorations can be moved in.'
  The renovation of Kui Yuan Palace was the biggest project in hougong. Over the past month, there were three shifts of people working day and night in order to renovate the palace according to the blueprints. Because they were afraid that the new paint would crack since it was being applied in the summer, blocks of ice were specially placed in all the areas a few days before painting commenced. It was obvious the amount of importance the Emperor had placed on this matter.
  Qu Qing Ju looked at the sky outside. Today was shady and it wouldn't be too sunny to go outside. Ming He must have deliberately picked this kind of weather before he opened to speak. She nodded, responding: 'Today there is a lot of shade. It will be good to take a walk. It's been suffocating for ben gong to stay inside all day.'
  Because Tian Qi Palace and Kui Yuan Palace were very close, Qu Qing Ju didn't ride the phoenix carriage. She, along with her entourage, walked on the main road of the palace that led straight to Kui Yuan Palace. As she entered the palace, she found that the inside was quite different to when she had first seen Kui Yuan Palace. At that time, Kui Yuan Palace had been spacious but felt quiet. Also, at that time, she had only been a wang fei who was going to see the Empress. Now, she was the owner of this palace. The attitude wasn't the same.
  The house, the garden and the trees in her view had already been meticulously turned over, so that when one entered, it would look tasteful yet bright. This was the so-called 'easy on the eyes.' The flowers, grasses, and the fake mountain in the outside gardens were in the Jiang Nan style so that from a glance, it would feel extremely elegant. Inside was the main hall. The doors and windows of the main hall were all new. A dragon and phoenix were carved on the door, and other designs had been carefully chosen for the windows.
  The main hall was the place where Qu Qing Ju would live. She found that every part of the main hall was in great taste, and she could see just how much effort the designer had put in. She couldn't pick out any place that was lacking.
  Ming He saw the Empress wearing a satisfied expression and spoke: 'The Emperor heard that some paints are damaging to the body and specially ordered them to use paints made from natural materials. Empress, take a sniff. The paints all have a fragrance.'
  When Qu Qing Ju entered the room, she had detected a faint fragrance. Hearing Ming He's words, she smiled, responding, 'The Emperor took a lot of trouble.'
  'The Emperor said that it's all good as long as the Empress likes it,' Ming He retreated a step to the side, 'Niangniang, please follow nucai to the western side hall for a look.'
  When the door of the western side hall was opened, Qu Qing Ju was stunned. Because inside was a very large white jade bath. On all four sides of the bath, there were two dragon heads, the wide gaping maws of the dragon clearly were the places for introducing the water. Beside the bath was a place enclosed in silk coverings. Qu Qing Ju brushed aside the silk and saw that inside was a very large couch. Beside the window there was a table and two comfortable recliners. From a look, it made one feel the impulse to lie down.
  She hadn't thought that He Heng would actually remember that she had wanted a swimming pool. She came out from under the silk canopy, walked to the pool and reached down to touch the warm and clear water. A long time later, she said: 'Ben gong likes it very much.'
  Ming He smiled. He pointed at the two dragon heads at one of the sides: 'The dragon head with the sapphire inlaid is cold water, the dragon head with the ruby is the hot water. If niangniang likes it, then soak often. The Emperor has already asked the dean of the Imperial Hospital. Appropriate amounts of swimming is good for the body.'
  Qu Qing Ju stood and, for some reason, thought that for this big pool, it really wasted water and physical labor. Cold water in the summer was good, but if it was hot water, how many people were needed to boil water in order to fill the entire pool?
  'Does the palace have a source of water?' Qu Qing Ju straightforwardly asked. She liked to enjoy herself but wasn't so wasteful to have people labor just so that she could swim.
  Ming He smiled, explaining: 'Don't worry, Empress. This place uses water from underground. It was actually a coincidence that there is a hot spring in the palace. The Emperor ordered for the water to be transported here.'
  Qu Qing Ju felt relieved. Looking at the night luminous pearls encrusted on the pool, each the size of an infant's fist, she wondered what this place would look like at night.
  When the palace maids and taijian that served Qu Qing Ju stepped into Kui Yuan Palace, they were already shocked stupid. Mu Jing was deeply moved. She had always thought 'a surprise around every corner' was an exaggeration but today, she found that there was a place like that. This Kui Yuan palace wasn't all covered in gold and white jade but it felt unspeakably beautiful. Thinking about it, she felt suspicious. From the time the Emperor ascended until now, it hadn't been even two months. What kind of genius could plan out the renovation in such a short amount of time and leave so much time for the craftsmen to work?
  Or was it that the Emperor had people working before he had succeeded the throne ...... her heart shook. Mu Jin slightly furrowed her brows, sensing that she was thinking of something she shouldn't have and turned to put her attention on the Empress.
  As she came out of the western side hall, Qu Qing Ju toured the eastern side hall. It had been changed to a place for writing and painting. The back hall was now her personal storage.
  After a tour of the entire Kui Yuan Palace, Qu Qing Ju had only one thought. After all the furnishings were moved in, her Kui Yuan Palace would most likely become even more magnificent than Tian Qi Palace.
  'Are the Imperial Gardens located behind the back hall?' Qu Qing Ju pointed in the direction of the back hall. She had come to the palace multiple times, but the roads in the palace twisted and turned. She wasn't familiar with the major roads, and wasn't clear about the structure of the hougong.
  'Empress, as you come out of the back hall and go through a bamboo forest, there is a lotus pond located at the corner of the Imperial Gardens. When you go through the corridors over the lotus pond, you'd see the Imperial Gardens.' Ming He meticulously explained.
  Qu Qing Ju nodded. She didn't have the desire to go tour the garden. The passing of xiandi wasn't even two months ago, and if the Empress of the new Emperor went to tour the garden at this time, it wouldn't be right if the news got out.
  'Ben gong has finished looking, the halls are very beautiful,' Qu Qing Ju thought of the white jade pool. She smiled and added, 'After seeing the enormous effort the Emperor has put in, ben gong likes it very much.'
  Upon hearing this, Ming He raised his hands and replied: 'It is good that the Empress likes it. Nucai will leave now to report on the completion of orders. Nucai asks to be excused.'
  Qu Qing Ju nodded. As she came out of Kui Yuan Palace, she stepped on the clean black stone path and looked at the roses blooming on both sides of the path. Many butterflies were flying in between the flowers. For some reason, she suddenly felt that she was the Cinderella in a romance novel and He Heng was the rich CEO.
  When He Heng finished listening to Ming He's report, he couldn't help but smile. He remarked: 'If it was any other, they would have already praised it. But she had to care about where the water came from.' He helplessly shook his head, 'It seems very hard to get on the good side of zhen's Empress. Luckily, there is a source of water. Otherwise, the pool that zhen had specially constructed for her wouldn't have been used.'
  These words expressed helplessness but Ming He had attended to He Heng for more than a decade so he knew that the Emperor was happy. He bowed and served a new cup of tea: 'Emperor, nucai feels that niangniang doesn't want the people to work too hard. How can other women compare to the Empress? With an Empress who mothers the world like this, it is the good fortune of the world.'
  'En, you're right,' He Heng nodded. He took the teacup for a drink and started to annotate the memorandums on the table, a sliver of a smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.
  Two more hours passed before Ming He saw the Emperor stand. At a glance, he saw a dark colored pouch embroidered with the character of luck hanging at the Emperor's waist. The Emperor liked to use the pouch the Empress had embroidered for him, and scorned even the pouches made by the palace embroiderers from Jiang Nan.
  He Heng looked outside and noticed that the sky had darkened. He was going to ask for the time but then he saw a flash of lighting. Then, thunder started to rumble and the fierce wind blew so hard, the windows shook.
  'To the back hall.' He strode quickly towards the outside, clearly not caring that it was going to rain soon.
  Ming He and a bunch of younger taijian held lanterns that were protected from the wind as they followed. He looked at the sky and saw another flash of lightning. A rainstorm was most likely going to come down this night.
  He looked at the Emperor's slightly rushed figure. Was the Emperor worried that the Empress was afraid of thunder?
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  Chapter Eighty One - Ling Ying Sect
  When Zuo Mo rushed to the entrance of the mountain, he found the situation was much more serious than he had initially thought.
  Two distinct groups of people surrounded the mountain gate. Zuo Mo's gaze swept across the crowd of people that caused the disturbance. The ones who aroused Zuo Mo's attention was one female and two males. The clothing and composure of those three were clearly different than the people behind them. When Zuo Mo saw Old Black had been wounded, the anger in his heart shot up.
  In a stride, his body flashed and he appeared next to Old Black.
  Blood was seeping out of the corners of Old Black's mouth, his expression was withered. When he saw Zuo Mo, joy made its way across his face.
  'What happened?' Zuo Mo asked in a heavy voice.
  The spirits of the Wu Kong Sword Sect's disciples rose when Zuo Mo appeared.
  'Oh, finally, there's one that is willing to stand up,' One of the two males among the trio who was wearing a grandiose blue ling armor said in a strange tone, 'I had assumed that the inner sect disciples of Wu Kong Sword Sect, are a group of turtles. Hey, kid, give us your name. Where's Wei Sheng, why hasn't he come out?'
  Zuo Mo didn't pay attention to him, only looking at Old Black.
  Old Black's face was full of bitterness, 'They said they wanted to find Wei Sheng Shixiong to spar, but how can Wei Sheng come out? So they started making a ruckus. They said if Wei Sheng Shixiong isn't going to come out, they would ruin the ling fields here. Think about it, how could I let them ruin my ling fields?'
  Zuo Mo took out a medicine pill from his clothesand shoved it to Old Black. He was a pupil of Shi Feng Rong, at the very least,  he didn't lack medicine. The surrounding disciples all had admiring expressions. Putting Old Black into the care of the outer sect disciples behind him, Zuo Mo turned around.
  'So it's a zombie face. Hey, you're that Zuo Mo,' The male wearing the blue ling armor arrogantly wave a finger and said, 'I heard that you are skilled at making dan. You won't be enough, go find Wei Sheng. The first genius of Dong Fu, hiding? He really isn't anything. Isn't there also someone that was called something like Luo Li?'
  'Which sect are you from? Zuo Mo calmly asked.
  'Hee hee, we are from the Ling Ying Sect,' The one who answered was the only female among the three. She wore  pink peach blossom armor. Her body was extremely graceful, sweet and youthful, lights flashing in her eyes. Almost all of the gazes of Wu Kong Sword Sect's outer sect disciples were greedily locked on her. She wasn't embarrassed, instead she was covered in smiles.
  Zuo Mo had heard of the Ling Ying sect before, it was the wealthiest sect in Dong Fu. The sect had numerous enterprises, and the disciples they admitted were mostly those of wealthy families. Unlike Wu Kong Sword Sect, they had an astounding number of disciples. Just the number of zhuji disciples in Ling Ying Sect was over eighty people. This number threw Wu Kong Sword Sect far behind them. They were first among Dong Fu. However, the reputation of the zhuji disciples of Ling Ying Sect were extremely bad. What they liked to do the most was causing trouble. Many of them had a strong family background and would cause trouble in other sects yet the other sects could only bear it.
  They formed groups and made trouble everywhere. Because they consumed ling medicines from childhood, the progression of their cultivation was much faster than normal disciples. And because they were covered in talismans, if fighting occurred and they threw it down, how could normal disciples win? And if the other was stronger than them, then they would attack at once. After a while, lower level xiuzhe would walk around them.
  But they were also smart and would never provoke those truly strong people such as Yu Bai.
  They had heard that a strong person had come out of Wu Kong Sword sect called Wei Sheng. He had been labeled by many as a once in a hundred years genius. They naturally wouldn't dare to cause trouble at large sects such as Dong Fu Hall and Dong Qi Sword Sect. But this Wu Kong Sword Sect, they had never heard of it before. A small sect like this, they weren't afraid at all. Due to the fact that Dong Fu had been very lively this recent while, the elders of all the sects had almost all left. Such a good chance, how could they give it up?
  Before coming, they had especially done research. In this generation of Wu Kong Sword Sect disciples, the most famous was two people. The first was Wei Sheng, the second was Zuo Mo, who was skilled in dan-making. But no one had ever seen how strong Wei Sheng was. This made them even more certain that Wei Sheng only had an inflated reputation. As to Zuo Mo, a dan-maker, what waves could he make? Other than that, there was someone called Luo Li, but he was supposedly average.
  There were three people, the one wearing the blue ling armor was called Yan Ming Zi. The other wearing an eye-catching bright red ling armor was called Hu Shan. The name of the female wearing the pink peach blossom ling armor was called Tao Zhu Er.
  'Oh,' Zuo Mo expressionlessly responded. He then turned to ask Old Black, 'Who wounded you?'
  'Haha, there's no need to ask, ye did it,' Yan Ming Zi said disdainfully, 'You should go get Wei Sheng to come out. You only make dan, ye is almost embarrassed... ...'
  The voice suddenly stopped.
  Yan Ming Zi stared with slight shock at Zuo Mo. In his eyes, this little zombie in front of him seemed to suddenly change into a completely different person. That feeling... ... it was like a sword that was now unsheathed... ...
  It wasn't the first time that Yan Ming Zi fought and caused trouble. He was very experienced.
  He dropped his mirthful expression, and said somewhat seriously, 'Hadn't thought that I would not see clearly. You are actually a master!' The other two were also surprised. The presence Zuo Mo exuded definitely didn't seem like a cultivator who was obsessed with dan-making would have. But the two weren't very worried. They had hung out on the streets for this long and the number of hard bones they had encountered couldn't be counted. Many people were more powerful than them, but weren't they all defeated in the end? Even more, this little zombie had lower cultivation than them.
  Zuo Mo didn't waste words and raised his ice crystal sword.
  'Ha! You are really poor!' Yan Ming Zi roared with laughter and said with a smug face, 'Take a look at ye's flying sword!'
  The sword was three feet, shaped like an elongated water droplet. The body of the sword was like the surface of a pond, dark and the bottom unfathomable. Occasionally, a streak of light would flash past and display the extravagance.
  'The sword's name is Water Drop, third-grade, and the highest quality of water element flying sword,' He examined Zuo Mo and shook his head, 'Everything on your body isn't even worth a fraction of this flying sword,'
  Zuo Mo completely lost the desire to converse with the other. Without another word, he attacked first.
  [Flowing Water] of [Li Water Sword Scripture]!
  An invisible ripple spread out in front of Zuo Mo. The ice crystal sword seemed to disappear and then appeared out of nowhere in front of Yan Ming Zi.
  Yan Ming Zi only seemed to see a blur before the other's flying sword suddenly was in front of him. The sword essence contained in the tip of the sword was so sharp he almost couldn't keep his eyes open. He jumped in fright. He hurriedly manipulated his flying sword to parry. The other's flying sword seemed abnormal slippery and with a smooth curve, it nimbly avoided his flying sword and came straight at him.
  Yan Ming Zi was in a panic but his battle experience was much richer. He knew that the other's flying sword wasn't as good as his and decided to go for a frontal encounter.
  Zuo Mo snorted coldly. It might have been that he had interacted for too long with Pu Yao that his snort was very similar. He knew what the other was thinking. However, the quality of his ice crystal sword was far lesser than the other. If the two hit, the one who would suffer would be him. He only had this flying sword. If it was damaged here, the sect definitely wouldn't give him another one for free.
  But Zuo Mo's skill with [Li Water Sword Scripture] was far better than in the past. The teachings of Xin Yan Shibo had covered many of his shortcomings. The [Li Water Sword Scripture] that he casted now was smooth and flowing, almost traceless.
  The sword scripture that the other used was also abnormally special but it was clear that the other hadn't focused on practicing it. He wasn't able to capture the essence of many of the details. Based on the details, the other's sword scripture was slightly above [Li Water Sword Scripture]. Zuo Mo couldn't help but shake his head. Such a good sword scripture, but the other didn't know to treasure it. He was also extremely tempted by the other's flying sword. In comparison, his ice crystal sword was extremely cheap. In reality, what Zuo Mo minded the most was the other's water drop sword was just perfect for [Li Water Sword Scripture].
  His ice crystal sword was appropriate for Xin Yan Shibo's sword essence but wasn't suited for [Li Water Sword Scripture]. Zuo Mo had been thinking for a long time about obtaining a flying sword suited for [Li Water Sword Scripture].
  His heart moved and he couldn't help but have an idea.
  The ice crystal sword became even harder to follow. His sword moves still followed the path of entangling and intricacies. But in all of this, there was a slight hint of explosiveness, and was full of murderous intent. This little bit of explosiveness caused Yan Ming Zi to feel the pressure had increased greatly. This dissonant feeling made him extremely uncomfortable!
  Hu Shan and Tao Zhu Er's faces were full of surprise. Yan Ming Zi was in a disadvantageous position.
  They had to reexamine Zuo Mo.
  'This Zuo Mo is pretty strong,' Tao Zhu Er's voice held surprise, 'Different than the rumors. Didn't they say he was skilled in dan-making?'
  'The information on Wu Kong Sword Sect is already very pitifully little. How could we have researched that clearly?' Hu Shan said unconcernedly. Even though he was surprised, but he was only just surprised.
  'If Zuo Mo could have this kind of strength, then how strong would Wei Sheng be?' Tao Zhu Er wondered.
  Hu Shan smirked, 'It doesn't matter how strong they are. They have become too well-known recently. Many of the shixiong and shijie have noticed them. Supposedly, the shishu also do not have good feelings about Wu Kong Sword Sect,'
  Tao Zhu Er smiled, 'Yes, Dong Fu is only this big. A new one that is coming to divide it, how could the miserly shishu of the sect be willing?'
  Hu Shan said indifferently, 'In any case, it isn't our problem. But I heard that their elders are pretty strong,'
  'They're strong, but are they as strong as jingshi?' Tao Zhu Er gave a light laugh.
  'Haha, right!' Hu Shan laughed.
  As the two talked, the battle situation changed.
  Yan Ming Zi suddenly didn't dodge anymore. The ice crystal sword pierced his ling armor. It gave a clear ring but didn't leave a mark on the ling arm. Zuo Mo couldn't help but pause. During his period of distraction, Yan Ming Zi's water drop sword suddenly attacked.
  It was like an icy water sword. Zuo Mo hurriedly turned his body. He felt a gust of coldness brush past his arm!
  'Haha! Just a second grade flying sword, how can it break through my black water ling armor?' Yan Ming Zi laughed smugly, his sword presence become even more bold!
  Tao Zhu Er didn't seem surprised at the scene occurring and felt it was boring. She couldn't help but say, 'Only knowing to use status to bully others, it's so boring,' As she talked, she organized the petals on her peach blossom ling armor.
  A smirk was on Hu Shan's face as he watched the ice crystal sword strike Yan Ming Zi's ling armor again.
  It was useless, don't you understand? If you want to blame someone, just blame it on the fact you weren't born into a good family. He looked with some sympathy at Zuo Mo.
  Yan Ming Zi didn't seemed to have any hint of dodging. He was very confident in the ling armor he was wearing.
  But when the soft and weak ice crystal sword just touched the black water ling armor, a change suddenly happened!
  Translator Ramblings: It is ??. The ling is the same ling for ling energy. Ying is used for hero, bravery and also England due to the sound.
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  Sweet and hot.
  Xiao ye is like an arrogant way of saying 'I'.
  Chapter Ninety The Composure of a Queen
  When the first roar of thunder occurred, Qu Qing Ju had started consuming her evening meal at the table. Because she had toured Kui Yuan Palace in the afternoon, she had taken a nap when she got back. When she woke up, the evening meal had to be delayed.
  The mushroom slice she had in her chopsticks almost fell to the table. She listened to the roar of wind outside, and put down her chopsticks, frowning as she asked: 'It's going to rain?'
  'It must be.' Mu Jin and some of the other palace maids firmly shut the windows in the hall. She walked next to Qu Qing Ju to gently fan her, 'There wasn't any sunshine today, but it was humid. It's not strange that thunder will occur.'
  Qu Qing Ju nodded. The common people liked to use the days of the sixth month to describe a baby's face. It could be seen just how quickly the summer weather had changed. This moment, it was raining, the next, the sun could come out.
  She picked up her chopsticks again. When she just picked up a piece of tofu, there was another clap of thunder. But her adaptive abilities were high and she calmly placed the tofu into her mouth. A short time later, she heard the sound of rain falling. From the sound, the rain seemed very heavy. If someone was walking around the outside corridors at the moment, with that wind and the rain, they would definitely become a drowned rat.
  The hand that Mu Jin was holding a fan with stopped moving. She looked in surprise when the Emperor, drenched in water, appeared at the doorway. She retreated to one side and with the other servants, knelt down.
  'Emperor?' Qu Qing Ju put down the chopsticks in her hands. She walked quickly to He Heng and touched his soaked clothing. Turning, and from a quick-witted Jin Zhan, she took a cotton cloth, wiping him down as she led him towards the inner room, 'Such heavy rain. From the front hall to here, it's an entire circle around, what are you doing coming now?!'
  As she reproached, she reached out to take down the dragon and pearl coronet in He Heng's hair. She took out a clean robe and reached to untie the other's belt.
  He Heng looked at the palace maids and taijian that had followed in and used his eyes to order them to leave. He turned, smiling, as he explained: 'I just heard the thunder and was worried you would be afraid. Just wanted to take a look, but didn't expect that the rain would come down halfway.'
  'With this weather, the rain comes down whenever it wants. There's so many people keeping me company, I won't get scared. Running out like this, it makes people worry,' Qu Qing Ju peeled off his clothing, and poked at the muscles on his chest, 'How are the servants attending you, don't they know to have an umbrella to block the rain for you.'
  He Heng smiled, he didn't say that he left so abruptly that the servants didn't have the time to prepare. He gathered the other in his embrace, the muscles on his chest feeling her warm breath: 'Just a few drops of rain, it's nothing.'
  Qu Qing Ju glared at him and pinched at his waist: 'Change first.'
  Helplessly releasing the person in his arms, He Heng stripped himself bare in front of Qu Qing Ju. Seeing her teasing look as she examined him up and down, he asked: 'What is it?'
  Qu Qing Ju rubbed her chin, and then came forward to caress his muscles: 'Such a handsome beauty, why don't you let xiao ye have a kiss? If you follow xiao ye, you'll get to drink and eat well.' Finishing, she went on tiptoes to kiss He Heng's chin and then quickly stepped back. She saw He Heng's little brother stand up spiritedly.
  Standing up this easily? Qu Qing Ju raised an eyebrow and smiled as she took another step back. In a regretful voice, she said: 'It's hot mourning right now. This servant has no way to serve Emperor, such a pity.' Finishing, she pretended to wiped her tears away.
  He Heng took a large step forward and captured the other in his arms. He turned and put her down on the large bed, fiercely pressing down on Qu Qing Ju and kissing multiple times before panting as he declared: 'People say the fox spirits enchant people, yet I didn't know what was a fox spirit. Today, I know that one as tempting as Qu Qing Ju is a fox spirit.' Finishing, his hand rubbed at Qu Qing Ju's chest, smiling as he teased, 'Is Beauty happy with the service of xiao ye?'
  Qu Qing Ju reached to slide her hand from He Heng's shoulders to his waist, the tip of her tongue swiping across the corner of her mouth, 'Why is beauty so eager and so naked to throw yourself into an embrace, it's really making xiao ye embarrassed.'
  He Heng's entire body was burning from Qu Qing Ju's actions. His hands pulled and he spend a long time on her body before in a raspy voice, he promised: 'After these three months, watch how I sort you out.' Finishing, he pulled her hand and slowly moved it down.
  In the end, He Heng finally extinguished the fire with Qu Qing Ju's help. He pulled a blanket to wrap around the two of them, his nose rubbing at Qu Qing Ju's fragrant and smooth shoulder. Hearing the rain outside, he said: 'With Qing Ju, I feel that all the women in the world are just so. A thousand of them cannot compare to one of Qing Ju.'
  Qu Qing Ju smiled as she wrapped an arm around his neck, permitting him to play around at her chest, but she didn't speak. After He Heng ascended the throne, except in front of outsiders, he had never called himself 'zhen' in private with her. His attitude towards her was the same as when they had been at Duan Wang Fu, and it was even more intimate now.
  She wasn't a cynic, so she wouldn't retreat out of fear because of He Heng's attitude. From a certain perspective, she enjoyed the good He Heng gave her, and she would return the same to He Heng. If He Heng really had feelings towards her, she would be delighted. If He Heng had no feelings for her, she wouldn't be heartbroken. And she had the confidence that before she would die in exhilaration, she would dig a hole for He Heng.
  Love wasn't essential in life. But if there was love to flavor her life, she wouldn't reject enjoying it.
  In the novels, the women tortured themselves because of love. But she wasn't the female protagonist, she didn't have to walk the road they did. She wasn't even scared of death, would she be scared of this thing called love?
  Qu Qing Ju's smiled coquettishly. Her right hand moved up and down his back. Just when He Heng became totally distracted, she kicked He Heng aside, grabbing He Heng's robe to wrap around her body and flipped off the bed. She stood beside the bed, looking from high up down at He Heng, 'The fact that the Emperor could say such things, it's that you have seen a thousand ships. But it's a pity that qie only has Emperor as the only man and doesn't know which man is better. So sorry to disappoint.'
  He Heng had suffered a kick from Qu Qing Ju but he couldn't find one bit of anger. He sat up against the headboard, looking at Qu Qing Ju who had a raised chin and narrowed eyes, and laughed out loud.
  Why was it that when Qu Qing Ju was clearly wearing his robe, but he felt she was still inexplicably attractive?
  He Heng didn't know that the thing that attracted him, it had a special name. It was the 'composure of a queen'.
  The palace attendants outside heard the laughter of the Emperor coming from inside the room. Their expressions didn't change. They had never seen the Emperor come and be in a bad mood when he left.
  By midnight, the thunder had stopped, but there was still a shower of rain. He Heng took advantage of the light from the night luminous pearls to look at Qu Qing Ju who was deeply asleep. He quietly and softly made his way out of the bed. When he put on the robe, he found from the pile of clothing the pouch that Qu Qing Ju had embroidered for him, and didn't even tie his hair before quietly leaving the inner room.
  Ming He, who had been waiting outside, saw the Emperor was holding his socks and shoes as he walked out barefoot. He quickly knelt in front of the Emperor to help him put on his socks and shoes before asking in a small voice: 'Emperor, return to the palace now?' Right now, it was the hot mourning period. If the Emperor stayed for the whole night at the Empress' residence, even if no one dared to say anything, it still wouldn't look good.
  'En,' He Heng nodded. He looked behind him and left with his attendants.
  Inside the room, Qu Qing Ju was sleeping happily.
  After finishing the matter of Duan Wang Fu's shiqie, Qu Qing Ju finally had the time to go to the two palaces of the two Dowager Empresses to sit. The past few days, she had made her greetings before leaving. Now that her title was established and she had finished off much of the matters in the hougong, it was time to exchange feelings with the two popo.
  Muhou Empress Dowager wasn't very chatty. She spoke with Qu Qing Ju for a short while before letting Qu Qing Ju leave to rest. On the second day, Qu Qing Ju headed towards the residence of Sheng Mu Empress Dowager.
  Empress Dowager Wei's Fu Shou Palace was on the western side of the palace. Qu Qing Ju had to travel for a significant period of time on the phoenix carriage until she reached the gates of Fu Shou Palace. From the names of the palaces for the two Empress Dowagers, it was possible to see the Emperor's intentions. Muhou Empress Dowager had eternal and peace. When it got to Sheng Mu Empress Dowager, it was good fortune and long life.
  It could be seen that the best children were your own.
  Coming into Fu Shou Palace, Wei Empress Dowager got Qu Qing Ju to sit. Her treatment of Qu Qing Ju hadn't changed. Even when she mentioned He Heng's announcing of crowning her Empress that was more like a love letter, Wei Empress Dowager wasn't unhappy, just smiled and said: 'After aijia[i] heard the Imperial Decree, it caused aijia to laugh for a long time. The Emperor set his heart on you, that's a good thing.' She sighed, 'Don't think too much. Aijia knows you are a good child. If there is someone stupid in this hougong, you are the mistress of this hougong, just severely punish them.'
  This was blankly telling Qu Qing Ju she wasn't going to touch the affairs of the hougong.
  This gave Qu Qing Ju a new understanding of her popo. According to the old ways, after a woman, riding on the success of her son, became the Empress Dowager, she would try to enjoy the taste of being high up, but why was her popo worried for her like she wouldn't be able to control the hougong?
  'Muhou, don't worry, erxi understands,' She looked at the surroundings and found that the decorations were not brightly colored due to the mourning person but they were finer than the original Zhong Jing Palace, 'Does muhou have any place that needs something to be added? Erxi will get them to do it immediately.'
  'With you and the Emperor on top, aijia won't lack for anything here. Whenever something good comes out of the Department of Internal Affairs, you and Emperor always rushed to let them deliver it to aijia's here. If you get them to send more, there would be no room in this palace,' Empress Dowager Wei smiled and patted her hand, 'If you have any idle time in the future, come more often to sit at aijia's palace. Any other things, aijia would have more than you.'
  Empress Dowager Wei was speaking the truth. She was the Emperor's mother. The Emperor was a filial son. The Empress wasn't an erxi that would oppose her at every point. Every day, she was being fawned over by the taifei. She occasionally would summon Shu taifei to chat about life realizations. If there was time, she would summon the artists from the palace department to tell stories to her. Her days were very comfortable.
  What she wanted had all came true. Her son was the Emperor, she had a good relationship with her erxi. She didn't want to be a female emperor. Trying to fight for the control of the hougong with her erxi rather than living her good days, was she stupid?
  Even more, there were two Empress Dowagers in this palace. If she entered into the affairs of the hougong, the other Empress Dowager would naturally have reason to enter. Her own son's harem, would she let others meddle?
  So Empress Dowager Wei felt it was good right now, nothing had to change.
  Qu Qing Ju managed to bum off a noon meal off of Empress Dowager Wei. The poxi also talked about the events of He Heng's childhood before she left in satisfaction.
  Walking out of Fu Shou Palace, Qu Qing Ju said to Mu Jin: 'Muhou is probably the woman I admire the most.' This kind of woman, in any place, was worthy of admiration. The only pity was that she didn't meet a good man.
  Mu Jin knew that the muhou the Empress meant was Sheng Mu Empress Dowager. As a palace maid, she couldn't comment, but she agreed in her heart. She was also relieved. If Sheng Mu Empress Dowager liked to control everything in the hougong, it would be very worrisome.
  When the phoenix carriage passed the Imperial Gardens, Qu Qing Ju unexpectedly found He Heng was standing beside the lotus pond. Kneeling in front of him as a young girl dressed in a green girdled dress.
  Her brows furrowing, Qu Qing Ju indicated for the phoenix carriage to stop.
  Mu Jin looked towards the lotus pond, her brows also furrowing. Was that one of the female candidates left over by xiandi?
  In the beginning, they had picked a few hundred candidates to enter the palace from across the country. In the end, only twenty something people had remained. But after xiandi passed, the candidates could only live in Tuan Fang Hall and couldn't move freely. Running to the Imperial Gardens, that was breaking protocol!
  Qu Qing Ju stepped down the carriage, smiling as she said: 'Mu Jin, let's go take a look.'
  'Yes,' Mu Jin carefully held the Empress' hand, and the palace maids and taijian followed behind.
  He Heng's face was so dark, ink could be squeeze out. He was going to speak but saw Qu Qing Ju heading in his direction. His expression changed slightly, and he took a step back to increase the distance from the kneeling candidate.
  Qian Chang Xin reported in a small voice: 'Emperor, Empress is coming over.'
  'Zhen knows,' He Heng glared at him, 'Stop blabbing!'
  Qian Chang Xin silently lowered his head and started to examine the patterns on the Emperor's shoes.
  The expression of the girl kneeling on the ground changed, and she buried her head deeper.
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  Chapter Eighty Two - If People Don't Get Ill-gotten Gains, They Won't Be Rich!
  A burst of dense sword essence flowed into the ling armor and silently snuck into Yan Ming Zi's body.
  Yan Ming Zi only felt an extremely cold needle suddenly burrow into his body. His body instantly froze.
  Light flashed in Zuo Mo's eyes as he found the opportunity he had been waiting for. With a short bark, he started [Vajra Profound Sutra] silently. A faint layer of gold suddenly floated on his sky. His legs suddenly pushed and like an arrow, his body shot out!
  Yan Ming Zi's expression suddenly changed. But his body was still frozen. What spell was this?
  Zuo Mo's goal wasn't Yan Ming Zi but the now uncontrolled water drop sword that was floating mid-air!
  It really was a good sword!
  The gold glowing right hand grasped the handle of the water drop sword and the ling energy inside his body flooded inside the water drop sword.
  As expected! Joy made its way inside Zuo Mo's heart.
  The other hadn't put much effort into imprinting the sword. The bit of consciousness inside the water drop sword was pitifully weak. Zuo Mo easily erased it. The water drop sword shook two times in Zuo Mo's hand before becoming motionless. It took a lot of time and countless effort to slowly imprint a flying sword before it would be easily controlled, and also, to not be easily stolen by others. Some strong people would construct layers of jinzhi inside the sword. If a person would try to steal the sword like Zuo Mo did, they would be wounded instead.
  But Zuo Mo had guessed that this person wouldn't spend a lot of time imprinting the flying sword. He had guessed correctly.
  This change occurred very quickly, so quickly everyone gaped, the surroundings deadly silent.
  Yan Ming Zi was dumbstruck. He had never thought that the other person was targeting his water drop sword! When he felt the connection he had to the water drop sword disappear, his expression changed dramatically.
  Zuo Mo contently put the water drop sword in the hundred treasures pouch at his waist. His mood was great. He assumed a proper composure as he said to Yan Ming Zi, 'This sword, it will count as the price you pay for offending our sect. Next time, don't do something as silly as this.' What he had just used was the tidal sword essence of Xin Yan Shibo, extremely yin and extremely cold. Without any defenses, Yan Ming Zi had taken a huge blow.
  'You you you... ...' Yan Ming Zi's finger shook as he pointed at Zuo Mo, his face pale, so angry he couldn't talk. But he didn't have the water drop sword anymore and couldn't do anything to Zuo Mo.
  'Haha! This is so funny!' Hu Shan laughed heartlessly, covering his stomach. He was laughing so hard he almost couldn't breathe, 'Old Yan, haha, it's so funny! Even your sword was stolen, Old Yan, you're definitely the first in our sect!'
  'Hee hee! Brother Yan, you're too amusing!' Tao Zhu Er laughed, looking like a flower and unable to stop.
  'I I I... ...' Yan Ming Zi didn't know what to say. But when he saw Zuo Mo's eyes sweep across the ling armor on his body over and over, his heart jumped and he hurried back a few steps. He had lost in a muddle. Even now, he didn't understand why he had suddenly froze. What spell had the other used?
  Today, he really had been humiliated. Yan Ming Zi's heart bled blood. The sound of Hu Shan and Tao Zhu Er's laughter was abnormally dissonant. He had lost great face. Even if they would defeat Zuo Mo together and he would take back the water drop sword, when they returned, Hu Shan and Tao Zhu Er would certainly spread this incident far and wide.
  If the sword was lost, then it was lost. But if this incident passed back to the sect, he wouldn't be able to keep his head up ever again.
  He wasn't someone kind. He was angrier at Hu Shan and Tao Zhu Er than at Zuo Mo. He was very shocked at Zuo Mo's skills. He couldn't understand at all. He looked at the two people who were bent over in laughter and smirked inside. Those two definitely wouldn't have detected what had happened. The paralysis just now, it was completely silent, without a hint of warning.
  After thinking it through, he calmed down. He purposefully said in an enraged voice, 'Hu Shan, haven't you been yearning for my blue three-eyed python? If you take back water drop sword for me, I'll give it to you!'
  Hu Shan didn't laugh anymore. He tilted his head, and seriously looked at Yan Ming Zi, 'Really?'
  Yan Ming Zi smirked inside. On the surface, he nodded rapidly, 'Of course, with Tao Zhu Er as witness, will I not pay up?'
  'Okay!' Hu Shan's face was happy as he sniffed, 'Old Yan, you couldn't even beat trash like this, you have really deteriorated. You have to practice more. Otherwise, when I bring you out to make trouble, wouldn't you lose the face of our Ling Ying Sect?'
  Yan Ming Zi hated Hu Shan for saying such ugly words. Inside, he hoped for Zuo Mo to turn Hu Shan to minced meat. His mouth went, 'Wait until you get water drop sword back before you waste words.'
  Hu Shan took a step out and smiled widely at Zuo Mo, 'You're an interesting guy! If you obediently give up the water drop sword, I'll let you go once!'
  The meat that reached his mouth, there wasn't a reason to spit it out. Zuo Mo was too lazy to responded to him. He examined Hu Shan. He suddenly discovered this was a glittering  golden road to becoming rich! That water drop sword, it was extremely expensive. Don't think that Zuo Mo had more money after learning to make dan, but if this water drop sword was in the talismans stores of Dong Fu, Zuo Mo could only look at it. He definitely couldn't afford it!
  Now, it had landed in his wallet. If he converted it to jingshi... ...
  He suddenly realized, what was faster than taking something? What was more enjoyable than justifiably stealing something?
  Zuo Mo reached out with a hand. The ice crystal sword once again came in front of him. He said in a righteous voice, 'You dare to bully us Wu Kong! One on one, your Ling Ying Sect, ge really isn't afraid.' The disciples behind Zuo Mo looked with admiration at him.
  As expected, when he provoked them, Hu Shan's expression wasn't happy, 'Humph, the bottom of the barrel and really think you are something! I had originally thought to let you off, but since you didn't realize ... ...'
  A dash of silver light flash in the air and landed in front of Hu Shan.
  'Coward! Dare to use an ambush!' Hu Shan was both shocked and angry. A Blazing Sabre appeared in his hand!
  Flames danced wildly along the long blade of the sabre, burning fiercely. Even far away, Zuo Mo felt the incoming heat.
  It was another good talisman!
  Zuo Mo's eyes turned red. This blazing sabre, it definitely was the highest quality of the third grade and wasn't lower than the water drop sword he had just taken. He hurriedly moved the ice crystal sword away. Water and fire opposed each other and depended on which was stronger. Zuo Mo was certain that if he wasn't careful and was trapped by the other's flame, the ice crystal sword would probably melt into a puddle of water.
  He had heard before that the scriptures of Ling Ying Sect was extremely broad. He hadn't thought that they would have something as rare as a sabre scripture. The great majority of the sects in Sky Moon Jie were based primarily on cultivating the sword. It was very rare to find xiuzhe that practiced the sabre.
  The other's blazing sabre carelessly swiped, and there would be a burst of hot flame and air that opposed him. The road that [Li Water Sword Scripture]walked was the one of lightness and careful intricacies. However, the difference between the two talismans was too great. The ice crystal sword basically couldn't go near the other and so the sword scripture naturally wasn't effective.
  The ling armor on the other's body was also unordinary. Red light flashed, and made Hu Shan look like a god in a mortal world.
  'Ha ha! Weren't you acting brave just now? Be brave!' Hu Shan laughed, extremely pleased. The sabre presence on his hand roiled and waves of flames chased after Zuo Mo as he jumped and dodged.
  Shock was on the faces of all the Wu Kong Sword Sect disciples and they all retreated. The fire wave from Hu Shan's blazing sabre was extremely hot. Everywhere it went, it left behind scorch marks.
  As they said, people died for wealth, birds died for food! Zuo Mo tragically thought as his brain calculated rapidly. The other's sabre scripture was clearly less than Yan Ming Zi's sword scripture, but in cooperation with this high quality blazing sabre, the power was astounding!
  Good sabre, good sabre!
  Zuo Mo's eyes was so red fire could shoot out as he made a sorry figure dodging about.
  The other's sabre presence wasn't fierce enough. Otherwise, the fire waves could continuously come and Zuo Mo wouldn't be able to avoid it.
  It wasn't that Zuo Mo didn't have a solution, but that solution... ...
  Gritting his teeth, he decided to go through with it! But, even if he was going all in, he had to earn back his cost. As he jumped and dodged, his eyes scanned the other's body, looking for a target. When his eyes landed on the jade pendant that was hanging from the other's ways, his eyes couldn't help but light up!
  Good talisman!
  The jade pendant was of an old style of construction, the entire body constructed by a kind of red jade. There wasn't any impurities in the red. A black bead was encrusted in the middle. There were a few formations carved on the jade pendant. Zuo Mo recognized one of them. It was called a streaming fire core management formation. This was a formation that could increase the wearer's sensitivity to fire, and also increase their control over fire. The streaming fire core management formation was extremely useful. For low level xiuzhe, it was something out of their dreams. However, the requirements for making the streaming fire core management formation were extremely strict. Zuo Mo couldn't bear to use it on a regular basis. This jade pendant was able to have a streaming fire core management formation, it's quality wasn't ordinary!
  Zuo Mo deeply realized a phrase-when the profit was large enough, it was enough for people to risk it!
  All in!
  Zuo Mo made the decision and quickly calmed down. He needed to find a chance to knock out his opponent in one blow.
  The waves of fire turned. The flames on the body of the sabre didn't seem as though they would become weaker. Hu Shan was completely protected by layers of flames. Zuo Mo couldn't get near.
  Zuo Mo was extremely sneaky. The waves of fire didn't even touch his hair. Hu Shan became slightly fidgety and the sabre presence was even more rushed!
  This group of people, they really were wasting good things!
  Zuo Mo's heart was full of scorn. Such a good sabre, landing in the hands of these people, it was a pearl in the hands of swine. The other's sabre presence sped up. It seemed more dangerous but Zuo Mo could detected that the other wasn't able to control all of it. After Zuo Mo had comprehended Xin Yan Shibo's tidal sword essence, his perception of presence had become extremely sensitive. Due to his long term practice of comprehending li water sword essence, it had deepened his understanding of presence.
  It was the same rationale for sword and sabre essence. What they were after was strength used appropriately. It wasn't the energy used was more, the presence stronger, and so the power would always be greater.
  This was a chance!
  Zuo Mo's pupils suddenly shrunk. He accurately caught the other's minor weakness. Having waited for a long time, he instantly acted!
  The ice crystal sword that had been swimming beside him like a fish gave out a light sound. Travelling along the spot where the layers of fire were the thinnest, it pushed in strongly.
  Halfway, the ice crystal sword turned into an extremely cold stream of water. This wasn't due to being melted by the fire but the result of Zuo Mo actively and furiously pushing ling energy in - metamorphosis! Metamorphosis was an upper level trick of sword scriptures. Xin Yan Shibo's ice dragon was a high level metamorphosis of his sword.
  Zuo Mo's power right now wasn't enough for metamorphosis. Just having touched sword essence, he could only use the dumbest and the simplest way. That was, putting large amounts of ling energy into the flying sword, pushing it to turn back to its original form and stimulating the power of its origins. It could only count as the lowest type of metamorphosis.
  Basically, no one would use this kind of metamorphosis, because after doing it, the flying sword was ruined. This was also why Zuo Mo had hesitated for so long.
  But after balancing the benefits and costs, he still decided to use this move.
  After making the decision, he didn't have any hesitations, no pauses.
  He had been preparing for a long time, acting it out repeatedly inside. How could he not have any chance of success?
  The ice crystal sword, now a stream of cold water, pushed through the layers of fire as its power increased. The cold energy was enough to freeze the surrounding flames.
  Hu Shan's face paled. He furiously moved the blazing sword, waves of fire continuously forming in hopes that they would block this extremely cold water.
  However, Zuo Mo had planned for such a long time, had even paid the price of ruining the ice crystal sword, how could he stop there?
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  Chapter Ninety One Who Can Compare To My Man
  Qu Qing Ju walked over to He Heng and, not looking at the female candidate at the side, and acted to bow. She was stopped by He Heng who put his hand out and pulled her to stand under the shade of the roof, 'Just now, zhen was going to the back hall to see you, and heard you went to muhou's place. Is muhou fine these past days?'
  'Everything about muhou is well,' Qu Qing Ju held up a fan and started waving it, moving her hand towards He Heng so that both would feel the breeze, 'muhou has said for us to go to her residence to eat. She's always thinking of you.'
  'Since that's the case, then tomorrow, we'll go together to Fu Shou Palace for the noon meal,' He Heng then pointed at the girl kneeling on the ground, his voice becoming cold, 'do you know this candidate?'
  Qu Qing Ju followed and turned her body. She saw the candidate's head was lowered and ordered: 'Raise your head.'
  The candidate was hesitant to raise her head. A taijian behind her pinched her chin to lift it up. Her eyes were flitting around, afraid to look straight at Qu Qing Ju.
  She frowned. Qu Qing Ju did have the memories of the previous Qu Qing Ju's life, but much of the time, she wouldn't deliberately flip through the original's memories. Seeing the girl now, she remembered some unhappy events. She said coldly: 'Isn't this Wei guniang, just two years, Wei guniang has become more beautiful.'
  This girl was Qu lao taitai's paternal family's grand-niece. She had once stayed for a time in Chang De Gong Fu and had a good relationship with Qu Yue Su. If she had the time, she liked to jeer at the original. Was her name Wei Jing, or Wei Zhu?
  'Candidate Wei Zhu greets Empress.' When the taijian released Wei Zhu's chin, she instantly leaned down on the ground, clearly very afraid that Qu Qing Ju would settle old scores.
  'Didn't think jiugong would willingly send you into the palace,' Qu Qing Ju gave a yawn, lazily waving the fan in her hand, 'right now, the xuannu should be living in Tuan Fang Hall, how did you get here?' When she finished speaking, she saw Wei Zhu's shoulders start to tremble. Originally, she had been bored but she was now intrigued. She turned to look at He Heng beside her, 'Emperor, how did this Wei guniang encounter you?'
  He Heng saw the mockery in her eyes and smiled helplessly. He narrated: 'Zhen waited a long time for you, but you didn't return so zhen decided to greet muhou. Who knew that zhen would encounter such a bold and disrespectful candidate, who dared to slander Empress in front of zhen.'
  'Oh?' Qu Qing Ju gave a small smile as she watched the trembling of Wei Zhu's shoulders increas, 'What good matter of ben gong did Wei guniang speak of?'
  Wei Zhu was frightened. Originally, she was indignant that, the kind of woman that Qu Qing Ju was, became the Empress. Who knew that after saying a few words, the Emperor became angry. Seeing Qu Qing Ju's powerful composure so different than in the past, she was so frightened she couldn't speak.
  'If Wei guniang doesn't want to say, ben gong won't force you, come ... ...'
  'Empress, do you remember two years ago?' Wei Zhu raised her head, and resignedly spoke, 'At that time, grand aunt and chen nu's grandfather made a spoken promise, do you still have an impression?
  Qian Chang Xin heard the words and motioned for the palace attendants to all leave, leaving behind the personal attendants of the Emperor and Empress. He didn't know if this candidate would be crazy and say something. Since the Emperor and Empress didn't call for her to shut up, he could only not let the servants hear.
  'Do you mean two years ago when grandmother and great uncle had the intentions for ben gong to be engaged to your brother?' Qu Qing Ju was very unrestrained. She waved her hand and stared at Wei Zhu like she was looking at an idiot, her voice surprised as she said: 'Ben gong has such a good husband as the Emperor, how would ben gong remember those unfounded matters. Right, what is your brother called?'
  My dear Empress, how could you just say it, what would the Emperor think? Mu Jin nervously looked at the Emperor. The result was that she only saw a satisfied smile on the Emperor's face. She was confused. Did something she didn't know happen?
  Even though he was slightly furious when he heard that the Qu Family wanted to marry Qu Qing Ju into the Wei Family, but He Heng was very quickly soothed by Qu Qing Ju's words. Those words were right. With such a good man as him, what were other men worth?
  Even more, the engagement between Qing Ju and the Wei Family was only mentioned and hadn't been finalized. He wasn't as extreme to blame Qing Ju for such a minor matter.
  According to the attitude of the Qu Family towards Qing Ju, he didn't believe that Qu lao taitai was really thinking for Qing Ju. Thinking about the rich dowry that Qu Qing Ju had when she married into the wang fu, He Heng smiled coldly. They were definitely conspiring for the dowry that Tian shi had left behind for Qing Ju. Thinking about it, he glared coldly at Wei Zhu kneeling on the ground, 'Such nonsense, you dare slander the Empress, such recklessness!'
  Wei Zhu heard the discontent in the Emperor's words, and quickly continued: 'Emperor, please investigate thoroughly, this subject's words are all true. If xiandi didn't decree the marriage, great aunt would have agreed to the Wei Family's proposal.'
  'Since the engagement wasn't made, it naturally means that it was the will of Heaven that zhen and Empress should be together. To mention these matters deliberately in front of zhen, are you trying to ruin Empress' reputation?!' He Heng's voice became darker, harshly proclaiming, 'The daughter of the Wei Clan is of an improper family, and lacking in protocol. Pass zhen's decree, the members of the Imperial House of Da Long Dynasty are not allowed to take the daughters of the Wei Clan as wife or qie. The daughters of the Wei Clan eternally cannot be female candidates and enter the palace.'
  This decree was breaking the upward road for the daughters of the Wei Clan. Qu Qing Ju looked at the expressionless He Heng, smiled and turned her head. Her gaze landed on Wei Zhu who had collapsed on the ground.
  'Drag her down, bestow forty blows and send her back to the Wei Family,' He Heng gripped Qu Qing Ju's hand, coldly ordering, 'In the future, if there are candidates that walk in the palace where they shouldn't, all will receive a beating of forty before being thrown out of the palace.'
  A woman that had been sentenced to a beating by the Emperor before being sent out of the palace. She wouldn't ever marry in this lifetime. Qu Qing Ju watched as Wei Zhu was dragged out by the taijian and sighed, 'I just went from being an unfavored di daughter to being the Empress, but so many cannot tolerate it.'
  'To get this kind of person to slander you in front of me, they think me an idiot,' He Heng caressed the silver hairpin in her hair, his tone unusually warm, 'Don't waste any attention on these people. Come, accompany me for a nap.'
  Qu Qing Ju smiled, 'With Emperor here, I won't waste any attention. Emperor is brilliant and wise, peerless through the ages.'
  'Zhen's peerlessness, isn't that also yours?' He Heng smiled, his mood light as he took Qu Qing Ju back to the back hall of Tian Qi Palace. As to what had just occurred ......
  Qing Ju had such a good man as him, would she think of any other?!
  Qian Chang Xin and Mu Jin stared at each other, seeing the same moved emotion in the other's eyes before silently following.
  'The female of the Wei Family was thrown out of the palace?' He Yuan kicked aside the taijian that was rubbing his knees. These days he often had to go to Shou Kang Palace to pray for xiandi, so his knees were already bruised.
  'Ben wang's brother is so infatuated with Empress, that he could even tolerate this kind of thing,' he smiled coldly, 'He does have good skill. Such a short amount of time and he has managed to control everyone at court.'
  Gao Duo, standing under him, heard the words, and hesitated before asking: 'Wang ye, the circumstances are stronger than the people. Why don't we stay still now and wait for a good opportunity?'
  'Good opportunity?' He Yuan snorted, 'By now, the people of ben wang have been almost completely suppressed. Lao da's people have already stood on the new Emperor's side. Among the advisors of fuhuang, Tian Jin Ke and Luo Chang Qing have tight connections with the Empress, they naturally would do their best to support the new emperor. As to the kind of people like Wei Wen Guang and Lu Jing Hong, the new emperor doesn't have to do anything and they would be the new conservative fraction. Fuhuang's abdication decree was written in front of the senior officials, and he did the seal himself. What good opportunity do you think ben wang has?'
  Gao Duo didn't think Rui Wang would see the situation so clearly. He hesitated before suggesting: 'Since that's the case, wang ye, why don't you help the Emperor with his affairs, then the Emperor wouldn't directly attack you?'
  'The kind of person He Heng is, on the surface, he would make it more beautiful than anyone else. If he attacks, not many can compare to his ferocity,' Originally, He Yuan was a very proud person. But after two short months, he was so beaten by reality, half of his pride had gone away. 'Even if ben wang submitted to him, he wouldn't be very close to ben wang. Even more, ben wang doesn't want to fawn over him.' He coldly twisted his mouth, 'ben wang just doesn't want to see him well.'
  Gao Duo silently glanced at He Yuan. To keep going even with nothing at stake, what was he thinking?
  'What should be done with the Wei Family?' He asked uncertainly, 'The love between the Emperor and Empress is stronger than gold. The Wei Family's tactics are just embarrassing themselves. If they beg aid from wang ye, what would you do?'
  He Yuan sneered: 'In the beginning, it was them that asked ben wang to help. They were stupid themselves and mucked up. It has nothing to do with ben wang.' Finishing, he summoned He Fu Er, 'In the future, if the Wei Family shows up, don't receive them.'
  'Yes,' He Fu Er noted it down and hesitated for a second before reporting, 'Wang ye, the Qu ce fei in Xi Ce Yuan is seriously ill, should an invite be sent to the Imperial Hospital for a taiyi to examine ce fei?'
  'Wang fei is responsible for such matters, why ask me?' He Yuan impatiently waved his hand. It was clear that he didn't have the person of Xi Ce Yuan on his heart.
  He Fu Er understood. It had been because wang fei didn't do anything that he had taken a bribe from Yao Xi to beg wang ye. From the looks of it, that one in Xi Ce Yuan had lost favor. So he wouldn't have to waste any more time for Xi Ce Yuan in the future.
  Gao Duo, as a subordinate, when he heard a matter of the wang ye's houyuan, he naturally closed his mouth. Only after He Fu Er left did he interrupt: 'Wang ye, this one heard you have a ce fei that is the sister of the Empress, is it this one?'
  He Yuan didn't understand Gao Duo's meaning: 'It's her, but the Empress didn't have good relationships with the Qu Family, so this Qu shi wasn't useful.'
  Gao Duo smiled: 'If that's the case, then please forgive this subordinate to say something overstepping the bounds. Wang ye, you should not treat Qu ce fei too well. Otherwise, in the eyes of others, they would assume that you are feeling unjust on behalf of the Qu Clan and the Emperor would have more reason to target you.'
  He Yuan waved his hand, dismissing: 'Just a plaything, ben wang isn't at that point to waste so much effort on her.'
  Gao Duo smiled as he raised his hands, 'Wang ye is wise.' Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Eighty Three - Brute Force
  Just as Hu Shan was furiously waving the blazing sabre, the cold water that had pierced the flames suddenly exploded, turning into seven streams and landing around Hu Shan. The seven streams were thin, filled with a white cold energy. They revolved rapidly, hissing as they moved.
  [Seven Whirlpools]!
  Seven bunches of cold energy and sword energy formed whirlpools. They were like the pillars of a cage, imprisoning Hu Shan.
  The whirlpools were moving shocking fast, like a miniature tornado. It had a strong suction power. Everywhere it went, the layers of flames were consumed so nothing was left.
  Shock appeared on Tao Zhu Er and Yan Ming Zi's faces as they stared in disbelief at the battle. The other sect disciples who were behind Zuo Mo were extremely excited and were intoxicated by the fight.
  Terror made its way onto Hu Shan's face!
  Surrounding him, seven groups of water and fire entwined to become long whirlpools. They were like seven thin pillars that securely trapped him. The bang and hiss of water and fire meeting signaled just how unstable it was and expressed the terrifying power that was in them!
  Hu Shan shouted in hopelessness, his left hand quickly going into the hundred treasures pouch at his waist!
  The seven fire and water whirlpools exploded at the same time. The pitiful Hu Shan, who just had taken out an armor seal, was swallowed by countless flames and tiny icicles!
  The explosion dissipated, leaving behind smoke which faded as people made out Hu Shan's state. That grandiose red ling armor was now dim and dirty, a layer of ash over the top. There were many small marks on the surface of the ling armor. Hu Shan's tied up hair had been blown into a bird's nest, his face ashy and black. Some strands of lingering smoke rose up from his face and head. The flame had completely disappeared from the blazing sabre on his hand, nothing remaining of the presence it previously had. His right hand holding the bottom half of an armor seal that he didn't have the time to use.
  His entire person was charred like burnt wood.
  The jade pendant actually hadn't been damaged at all!
  Zuo Mo released a breath. He silently started [Vajra Profound Sutra] and cautiously walked in front of Hu Shan. Glancing at Hu Shan and seeing that the other didn't seem to have responded, Zuo Mo wasn't courteous is taking off the red jade pendant at Hu Shan's face. After taking it, he looked with some regret at the blazing sabre on Hu Shan's hand and the ling armor on his body. Those two were also good things! However, Zuo Mo knew that people couldn't go over the line. Right now, he took the jade pendant. That was his prize for winning. It wasn't outrageous. However, if he cleaned off the other person, then he could just wait for them to come back and kill him.
  Also, Zuo Mo didn't let down his defenses. His left hand had always been inside his own hundred treasure pouch, touching the water drop sword that he had just obtained. He hurriedly left behind his own imprint. Even though, in this short amount of time, he couldn't imprint the sword and could only leave behind the simplest impression, but the ice crystal sword had been destroyed and he had no weapon. The other was also not just one person.
  'Ha ha!' Yan Ming Zi saw that Zuo Mo had taken Hu Shan's jade pendant and couldn't stop himself from laughing smugly. He was very clear just how much Hu Shan treasured his jade pendant! Seeing Hu Shan had lost more than time, his damage even greater, Yan Ming Zi recovered his sense of equilibrium. He didn't seem to find it so painful any more at losing the water drop sword.
  Looking at Hu Shan's sorry state, Tao Zhu Er also couldn't stop herself from giggling. But her eyes as she looked at Zuo Mo had some more shock and curiosity.
  Hu Shan slowly came back. Seeing Zuo Mo right in front of him, hatred rose, and with a hateful shout, the raised the sabre to cleave the other in half.
  Zuo Mo, who had already had his defenses up, attacked even more quickly. Light lightning, he reached out with his gold glowing right hand, and accurately grabbed Hu Shan's neck. Then he gave a hard pull... ...
  A muffled sound like a head hitting a rock.
  Hiss, the sound of inhales rose in the surroundings. Everyone looked dazedly at Zuo Mo. Their mouths were wide. They had completely lost the ability to speak.
  Still a little bit painful! Zuo Mo bared his teeth and then threw the unconscious Hu Shan on the ground. His right hand rubbed hard at his forehead. His forehead was perfectly unharmed, and on Hu Shan's forehead, a bloody flower was blooming.
  How hard would he need to be before a flying sword couldn't wound him? Zuo Mo thought as he rubbed his glittering forehead. But he was quite satisfied. He hadn't wasted the pain and effort he put into training his body.
  'Still want to fight?' He asked Tao Zhu Er.
  In reality, when he asked this, he was not very confident. But his zombie face that could not show any emotion was like that of a skilled master. Additionally, Tao Zhu Er had completely been amazed by Zuo Mo's abnormal attack. At this time, she didn't know what to answer with.
  'If you don't want to fight, take him away. Ge is very busy.' Zuo Mo took the opportunity to stop the other's words. He waved his hand, turned and made to leave.
  'Wait!' Tao Zhu Er suddenly called him.
  Zuo Mo's heart jumped. Did she still want to fight? Right now, his flying sword had been destroyed. If he wanted to control the water drop sword as he wished, it couldn't be done in such a short amount of time as this. He had also used up the majority of ling energy in his body.
  'What else do you want?' He turned and pretended to ask discontentedly.
  'Wu Kong Sword Sect, as expected, is strong. But since you have put down a challenge of one on one, us Ling Ying Sect disciples will naturally battle to the end. In the future when we ask for guidance, please do not avoid.' Tao Zhu Er stared at Zuo Mo and stated.
  She had to admit they had been caught off guard today and lost to the other. But Zuo Mo's expression, which looked as though he didn't think anything of them, how could these arrogant and brash wastrels swallow it? However, if she had to go up, she didn't dare to. This person in front of her, she couldn't seem to see him clearly.
  Especially Zuo Mo's last head attack... ...
  Humph, humph, such a fun thing, how can it be just the three of them that played? Tao Zhu Er thought cunningly. She believed that many people in the sect would be interested.
  At this time, Zuo Mo couldn't wait for those people to leave immediately. He didn't even think, waved his hand to send them away: 'Fine!'
  Finishing, he turned around. With the admiring gazes of the outer sect disciples behind him, he floated away. This time, he didn't hear Tao Zhu Er speak again. Zuo Mo finally released a breath.
  Tao Zhu Er bit her lips. She had never been dismissed like this, had never been hurried away like this! Sometimes, the hatred of a woman would germinate from a very small detail.
  Just wait! She thought hatefully.
  Zuo Mo returned to the Little West Wind Yard and caressed the two talismans he took. They were really good things! The more he looked, the more he liked it. He really profited today! As to the consequences, they were completely thrown to the back of his head. In his mind, these two fine third grade talismans, they were worth anything!
  After recovering his ling energy in the stone room, Zuo Mo started to imprint the water drop sword.
  As he carried out the imprinting, he discovered that the water drop sword lived up to being the finest among the third grade flying swords! The body of the water drop sword was extremely soft and could curve in any direction. It also contained an extremely large amount of black water. In reality, it was a water sword! The ling energy could reach every part of the sword, and due to its softness, Zuo Mo was able to, through manipulating ling energy, change the shape of the flying sword.
  It was as though it had been custom made for [Li Water Sword Scripture].
  From the time he got it, other than imprinting it, Zuo Mo put it in the ling spring in the rock rome. The ling energy of the ling spring was lively and rich. To put it in there and slowly nurture it, it was especially helpful for increasing the nimbleness of the water drop sword.
  As for the jade pendant, Zuo Mo wore it every day. He finally understood the formations on the jade pendant. The jade pendant had three formations. Other than [Flowing Fire Core Management Formation], there was also [Clear Heart Incantation] and [Ling Gathering Formation]. Nothing needed to be said more about [Streaming Fire Core Management Formation]. [Clear Heart Incantation] nurtured the mind and [Ling Gathering Formation] could gather the ling energy in the surroundings and was very practical.
  If Zuo Mo didn't have the ling vein in the rock room, [Ling Gathering Formation] would definitely be one of the formations he wanted to get the most. The [Ling Gathering Formation] on the jade pendant was just the most basic ling gathering formation but the effects were extremely evident.
  When Zuo Mo wore the jade pendant as he meditated in the rock room, the efficiency would increase by one tenth!
  Don't underestimate the one tenth. Accumulating over time, the gap it caused was extremely large. Ling gathering formations were one of the most well studied formations. At the same time, it was also called the formation that was created through jingshi. It consumed large amounts of jingshi. So for the simpler [Ling Gathering Formation], it wasn't as practical as taking ling energy from the jingshi. But if it had to be constructed on the jade pendant, other than needing the forger to be knowledgeable about the ling gathering formation, but the material it was constructed on had to be able to gather ling energy already. Materials that could gather ling energy as one of its attributes, all of them were extremely expensive.
  On this jade pendant, the most valuable was this non-descript [Ling Gathering Formation]. It was even more valuable than the [Streaming Fire Core Management Formation]. Just this [Ling Gathering Formation], it was enough to elevate this jade pendant into third grade.
  If was a pity that he couldn't make dan right now. Otherwise, he really wanted to try out the effects of the [Streaming Fire Core Management Formation].
  Zuo Mo probably wouldn't have thought the incident of him defeating the trouble-makers of Ling Ying sect would have more of an effect with the outer sect disciples than his battle with Luo Li in the sect assessment. For outer sect disciples, the person who was stronger would make them respect him, but the shixiong who was willing to protect them and their profits, he would be more loved by them.
  This battle, Zuo Mo had received great experience.
  Actually, based on cultivation, he didn't have much of a difference than Hu Shan and Yan Ming Zi. He was even slightly weaker than them. The reason that he could win came from the fact that he had comprehended sword essence. Regardless of whether it was Xin Yan Shibo's tidal sword essence or the Li water sword essence, his understanding of the sword scripture, of presence, far surpassed the others. Combined with the other's underestimation of him, that was how he had so easily won.
  Otherwise, the person who would have lost would have probably been him, especially if Hu Shan had used the armor seal just a step earlier.
  Thinking about it, Zuo Mo couldn't help but rage. Was this group of people fighting? They were just throwing jingshi!
  He pretty much was drooling at the grandiose talismans. They could carelessly use things like an armor seal. He felt pain on their behalf! Squanderer! They were truly squandering everything!
  What also caught Zuo Mo's attention was [Vajra Profound Sutra]. No matter if it was against Yan Ming Zi or Hu Shan, [Vajra Profound Sutra] had been very effective and pivotal in battle. It seemed that he had to put more time into [Vajra Profound Sutra]. This thing wouldn't just save his life. It seemed to have other effects as well.
  But when he thought about [Vajra Profound Sutra], he remembered the gravestone version of [Vajra Profound Sutra].
  The five bits that had been modified haunted his mind and would pop up occasionally. Especially when he was practicing [Vajra Profound Sutra], he couldn't stop himself from thinking about the five different parts. It drastically impacted the efficiency of his practice.
  Why don't I try it? Zuo Mo thought hesitantly.
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  Chapter Ninety Two Karma
  'Zhuzi,' Yao Xi's eyes were red as she helped Qu Yue Su sit up on the bed. Then she turned to bring over the medicine bowl, which was steaming due to the temperature of its contents, 'Drink the medicine.'
  Qu Yue Su leaned weakly against the headboard. As she took the medicine bowl, she saw Yao Xi's burned hands and grimaced: 'It's me who has dragged you down. All these years you stayed with me, when did you ever have to do this?' Even if she didn't see it with her eyes, she knew that the medicine had been brewed by Yao Xi on her own. Now that wang ye didn't come to her rooms, and wang fei targeted her at every occasion, even the servants in her yard dared to steal and cut corners, pointing at the mulberry and cursing the locust tree, much less the kitchen people.
  'Zhuzi, what are you saying?' Yao Xi forced a smile and hid her burnt hand back into her sleeve, 'Drink the medicine and after a night, it will all get better.' Thinking about what Chief Steward He had just said, she almost couldn't keep the smile up. Now that even wang ye wasn't willing to help zhuzhi, how would they live?
  Qu Yue Su finished the medicine in a few mouthfuls. Seeing Yao Xi's state, she sighed: 'Yao Xi, do you remember my father's birthday banquet held five years ago?'
  Yao Xi took the empty bowl from Qu Yue Su's hand and minutely shook her head.
  'It's normal that you don't remember, but it remains fresh in my memory,' Qu Yue Su grimaced, 'That year, I accidentally broke a porcelain in Father's room. That day was Father's birthday and breaking something was unlucky. I was very scared and purposefully got someone to lure da jie into father's room ... ...'
  When she heard, Yao Xi remembered. She recalled that after lao ye's birthday, he had been so angry that he slapped da xiaojie on her face and sentenced her to stand in the yard for a whole night. After that, da xiaojie became seriously ill. Furen wouldn't get a doctor to see da xiaojie. If it hadn't been that the Tian Family had sent someone to deliver something to da xiaojie, da xiaojie probably would have died that year. She hadn't thought that the matter had been connected to zhuzi, and even more, she hadn't thought that her zhuzi would have such tactics at such a young age. She hesitated before remarking, 'Nubi remembers that da xiaojie nearly died that year.'
  'Yes, almost gone. At that time, I was afraid and guilty,' she coughed, 'But she lived. If she hadn't lived, then it would have been me who would've married into Duan Wang Fu.'
  Yao Xi's hand, which held the bowl, shook. She looked at the sickly complexion of zhuzi and supported her to lie down and tucked the blanket in. She comforted: 'Zhuzi, you're sick, don't talk nonsense. Nubi will go see if there is something to eat.' As she came out of the room, she released a long breath. She still remembered Mu Jin  painstakingly begging zhuzi to beg furen to send for a doctor.
  At that time, zhuzi's face was full of helplessness, and even used the reason of filial piety to refuse Mu Jin. Afterwards, zhuzi had sent her to give some pills to da xiaojie and never mentioned it again. She had never expected the truth of the matter was actually this. She rubbed her arms, feeling cold in the hot summer day.
  'Isn't that Yao Xi?' A yahuan wearing green saw Yao Xi come out and hollered, 'Is Qu ce fei well? Our zhuzi has missed her.'
  'Not well yet, thanks to yiniang for thinking of her.' Yao Xi's smile wasn't pretty. This yahuan was one who served another yiniang. Usually, they didn't have much interaction. But now, even a personal yahuan of a yiniang could mock zhuzi.
  'Such a hot day, it's such a pain to endure,' The yahuan's tone suddenly changed, 'I heard that when the Empress hadn't yet married, she had been abused by her family, don't you think ...... what it's like now, isn't it karma?'
  She saw Yao Xi's expression change and smiled. Clapping her hands, she remarked: 'The Heavens have eyes. People who do evil things don't have good endings.' The green-clad yahuan bowed slightly, 'I respect you for being a loyal servant but think more for yourself.' She turned and left.
  Yao Xi looked at the yahuan's back. She gave a helpless smile and went on her original path to the kitchen.
  The news that the Wei Family's female candidate had broken palace protocol during the mourning period for xiandi and was expelled from the palace by the Emperor, quickly became the joke of Jing City. The Wei Family had some reputation in Jing but now, they'd lost all honor and didn't have the courage to even leave the house.
  The female candidates had gone through countless rounds of elimination. Originally, they were people who had a chance to be given to other members of the Imperial House or to be taken into the hougong to serve. Due to the passing of xiandi, aside from the Imperial House that had to observe mourning, even the common people couldn't marry for a month.
  But that Wei Family, they'd thought to let their daughter capture the attention of the new Emperor during the mourning period. Why didn't they think of the Emperor's personality, was he a lusty person? Even more so, the love between the Imperial Couple was known by everyone in Da Long Dynasty. Was the Wei Family's daughter more beautiful than a goddess? From where did she get the confidence to break into the Imperial Gardens?
  The second day after Wei Zhu was sent back to the Wei Family, she was sent by the Wei Family into a nunnery. The reason given was that she would cultivate morals and pray for xiandi and the Emperor.
  Everyone knew that this was the Wei Family pulling a cloth to hide themselves. The Emperor had already sent down the decree. The daughters of the Wei Family couldn't enter the Imperial House, this Wei Family was over.
  The three months of mourning passed by quickly but He Heng still followed the protocols of mourning, paying close attention to his attire. This caused the world to praise the filial piety of the Emperor.
  But not matter what, according to tradition, He Heng was now allowed to take new concubines. However, everyone in the hougong knew that the Emperor had no intentions of entering the hougong.
  The sixth day of the eighth month of Qing De Thirty Fourth Year was the most auspicious day in the near half year as calculated by the Imperial Astronomers. The Ziwei star and its pair were bright, and it had the influence of the phoenix raising its head. So it was the most appropriate day for the crowning ceremony of the Empress.
  The Empress' crowning ceremony was a very momentous occasion in Da Long Dynasty. First, sacrifices would be offered to the Heavens and prayers would be recited; next the Emperor and Empress would bow to the ancestors to notify them that this woman was one of the Imperial Family. Then the Emperor would personally put in the phoenix hairpin personally for the Empress and draw on her brows. Lastly, the Empress, wearing the phoenix robe, would receive the bows of the Royal Court Officials and the noblewomen.
  In front of the copper mirror, Qu Qing Ju wore the phoenix robe that the weavers had rushed  to make in three months by working day and night. Though the layers of clothing looked complicated and majestic, it didn't feel very heavy on the body.
  The outermost wide-sleeved floor-length phoenix robe didn't have any gold or pearls but it was so beautiful that it blinded everyone's eyes.
  As she watched He Heng solemnly draw on her brows for her and gently put the phoenix crown on her, she gave a smile.
  Once they finished everything, they clasped their hands together as they walked to the high platform. On the platform were the dragon chair and the phoenix chair; dragon on the left, phoenix on the right.
  Qu Qing Ju stood in front of the phoenix chair, slightly raising her chin to look at the hundreds of officials under her and watched as those people simultaneously knelt down towards her.
  'Emperor, wan sui, wan sui, wan wan sui, Empress, qian sui, qian sui, qian qian sui!'
  And then it was the three bows and nine kowtows. Qu Qing Ju stood side by side with He Heng. Looking at the scene before her, she felt strangely exhilarated.
  'Rise,' the Minister of Ceremonies called, 'Music.'
  The music sounded slightly solemn yet light. Qu Qing Ju didn't really know what song it was, but looking at the reactions of the officials as they stood with bent bodies, she could guess that it was a very high standard for her crowning ceremony.
  After the music stopped, Qu Qing Ju and He Heng sat down at the same time. Then it was the officials' turn to bow, one by one according to their ranks. Then it was the titled women. Just to watch people kneel to her, Qu Qing Ju sat for more than two hours.
  After the people finished, He Heng spoke: 'Today is the Empress' crowning ceremony, and also the year that zhen ascended to the throne. To accumulate virtue for the Empress, the world would be especially pardoned. Those banished would be reduced sixty miles, those in prison reduced one year, those on the death sentence will be delayed one month to their execution!'
  The people under shouted the Emperor and Empress were kind, and would be lucky for ten thousand years.
  Qu Qing Ju hadn't thought that He Heng would pardon the world at her crowning ceremony. Even though it was customary for the new Emperor to pardon the world after ascending the throne, but waiting for today to announce the decree, it was too ......
  She turned to look at the person beside her and smiled helplessly.
  Even if the Empress' crowning ceremony was done extremely grand, but the ceremonies for Heng fei and the others were much simpler when they followed. Heng fei's was still alright, but the other three couldn't compare to the occasions when the xiandi's consorts of equivalent rank were promoted. Especially Ping cairen. It was absolutely unbearable to see. If it wasn't that the Empress' bestowments also came down that day, almost no one in the palace would have known that it was the day that she was officially titled.
  For people, what was worse was not being ignorant, but being able to make comparisons. All those in the palace were intelligent. And they could all see what was happening. This Ping cairen not being favored by the Emperor was a certainty. Since the Emperor didn't care for her, would they be willing to flatter her?
  Feng Zi Jin finally knew just how difficult palace life could be. The food delivered each day was cold. The tea was old, and not of good quality. If something was lacking or needed fixing, it was extremely difficult for the Department of Internal Affairs to come remedy it.
  She had fought and complained but in the end, she found that what was sent to her became more and more terrible. Sometimes they wouldn't even send anything. After these months, she finally knew what was 'the servants bullying the masters' and the torture of the deep palace.
  'Zhuzi, Han liangdi has come,' Xia Yun quickly walked into the room, her expression unpleasant.
  Feng Zi Jin grimaced as she stood. As she came out of the inner room, she saw Han Qing He drinking tea as she sat on the chair. Her steps paused. She walked in front, bowing, and made a greeting: 'Pinqie greets Han liangdi.'
  'Please stand, Ping cairen,' Han Qing He smiled as she examined Feng Zi Jin. The other was wearing a slightly worn dark dress, completely devoid of the arrogance she once had in the fu. She put down the teacup, wiping her mouth, and remarked, 'Your tea is too bitter. I'll have someone deliver some new tea to you tomorrow.'
  Feng Zi Jin declined: 'There's no need to trouble Han liangdi.'
  'We can't have that. Once upon a time, meimei wouldn't drink anything at wang fu except the Long Jing before the first rain. Now that you have entered the palace, you can't deny yourself.' She stood, asking, 'Today's sunshine is great, why doesn't cairen accompany me on a walk?'
  Knowing that she was intentionally making it difficult, Feng Zi Jin could do nothing except to follow behind Han Qing He.
  Han Qing He gave a cold smile as she walked at the front. In the past when Feng Zi Jin humiliated her, she had been even more ruthless. What she was doing now wasn't really anything. Thinking about it, Han Qing He turned back to look at Feng Zi Jin, the smile on her face growing wider.
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  Chapter Eighty Four - For Jingshi
  Looking at the dark gold skin covering his entire body, Zuo Mo couldn't help but give a pinch.
  As expected, the mechanism of the gravestone version of [Vajra Profound Sutra] and the [Vajra Profound Sutra] that he had practiced before were completely different. With the previous version of [Vajra Profound Sutra], his skin had glowed with a bright gold shine. Right now, his skin was dark gold. The bright gold skin had been as hard as steel when pinched while the dark gold skin was like a metallic leather, softness within the hardness.
  The [Ling Gathering Formation] on the jade pendant had been of great benefit to Zuo Mo. It caused the density of ling energy in the surroundings to increase significantly, and was very beneficial for practicing the gravestone version of [Vajra Profound Sutra].
  Feeling the difference between the two, Zuo Mo decided to practice the gravestone version of [Vajra Profound Sutra] for a longer length of time before examining the differences. He had a feeling that the mysterious gravestone wasn't so simple.
  In his sea of consciousness, Pu Yao was still motionless. The gravestone was also deadly silent, and the flames were weak.
  However, what kept most of Zuo Mo's attention recently was the lingdan in the ling spring which was almost completely formed. This Moisture Dan was the first time Zuo Mo had tried dan-making using the water method. Naturally, he was slightly nervous. Luckily, nothing unexpected had happened during the process. The moisture dan was successfully made.
  He carefully examined the moisture dan. The lingdan was like a pink pearl, extremely adorable. This moisture dan, it was the lingdan of countless woman's dreams. Zuo Mo had asked about the price. A first grade moisture dan like the one in his hand, one of them was worth one third grade jingshi.
  This price far surpassed many normal first grade lingdan.
  However, this time wasn't the best opportunity to sell the moisture dan. He was still afraid when he thought about what occurred with the yin bead. He guessed that this fear wouldn't be disappearing anytime soon. It was hard for this terror to be shaken off. Considering how loud the incident in Dong Fu had been, he was worried that some people would have tracked the purchases he had made. It would be very dangerous to sell the moisture dan right now.
  His own strength was still very weak.
  In any case, making the moisture dan was practice. Dan-making was a topic of study that required large amounts of practical experience.
  The sound tablet was continuously broadcasting the news of Sky Moon Jie. The incident of Dong Fu had ended. There was news that the xiuzhe from Bright Wave Jie were gradually leaving because they had investigated for a while and hadn't found any traces. In this recent period, several fierce conflicts had occurred in the surroundings of Dong Fu, and the mortality rate had been extremely high. After those sudden conflicts, the chaos of Dong Fu finally calmed down. Zuo Mo couldn't help thinking that there was something going on behind the scenes.
  However, it was clearly not something a zhuji cultivator like him could understand.
  Listening to the sound tablet, other than it being a habit, he paid close attention to the changes in the prices of goods. Recently, the price of all kinds of ling grasses and herbs on the market had been constantly increasing. This had caused the price of all lingdan to increase as well.
  Before, Zuo Mo certainly would have been very happy. This was the time that ling plant farmers could show their value.
  As a ling plant farmer, his advantages in the area of ling plant farming was extremely visible, especially after he entered zhuji. Right now, as one person, the ling fields that he could take care of were more than the total of twenty outer sect disciples. Additionally, the two were not even on the same level when it came to output. On the other hand, he could pursue more attention-intensive farming and plant ling plants of higher grades.
  However, the reality was, no matter in which area, he was stuck in a very awkward position.
  First was the ling fields. Wu Kong Sword Sect did not have many low grade ling fields and had basically been divided by the outer sect disciples. If Zuo Mo wanted to rent them, it required squeezing out many outer sect disciples. Having deeply experienced the harsh life of an outer sect disciple, Zuo Mo was naturally unwilling to do that.
  And all the ling fields of slightly higher grades, the sect had given to Fragrant Ginger Yard. Could Zuo Mo try to take ling fields from the hands of his master?
  Twenty mu of third grade ling fields. In the past, Zuo Mo would have felt that it was a lot, but right now, he felt that there wasn't enough. Yet there were just these many ling fields in the sect. There was no way around it. Wu Kong Sword Sect wasn't a sect that was famous for its farming. Pei Yuan Ran and the others had never thought that the sect would have a ling plant farmer.
  Zuo Mo saw enormous profit in the ever-increasing prices of all materials in the market. It was all jingshi!
  But 'a clever wife would be tripped by no rice'. Without ling fields, he didn't have anything. His skills could not be used.
  He needed to find some ling fields, Zuo Mo decided.
  For some unknown reason, he kept on having a feeling of doom. It might have been that Pu Yao had once said 'a war is starting', or maybe he was thinking too much. Pu Yao, that old antique, it wasn't the first time he had spoken nonsense. Out of caution, he still decided to try to increase his cultivation.
  Before, due to the existence of the ling vein in the rock room, Zuo Mo had never thought of using other methods of increasing his cultivation. He had even sold the ling grains that the sect gave him each month for jingshi. He had also never thought of making lingdan that would be of benefit for his cultivation. He would always choose lingdan that was the easiest to sell and had the greatest profit margins.
  Coming back to it, he hadn't learned dan-making long ago. This question was quite difficult for him. When he had the free time, he needed to study it, Zuo Mo thought.
  He was struggling with a problem, jingshi. He desperately needed jingshi!
  On one hand, he hoped to help Pu Yao. On the other hand, what was more painful than watching a good business opportunity slip away in front of his eyes? This was like staring at a neatly ordered army of jingshi boldly march past him.
  Master's ban still rang in his ears. However, Zuo Mo still bore up against the pressure and went to Fragrant Ginger Yard. He disregarded the astonished gazes of Xu Qing and the other female disciples. At least, Zuo Mo didn't show any timidness on the surface. Right now, he was the first ranked person in Fragrant Ginger Yard other than Master. Naturally, no one dared to stop him.
  He would accept being punished!
  Zuo Mo's eyes were teary as he started to make golden crow pills.
  Right now, his cultivation had increased, and adding on the [Streaming Fire Core Manipulation Formation], his efficiency at making golden crow pill was astonishing!
  When Zuo Mo, eyes full of enlarged blood vessels, took a large batch of golden crow pills and found Li Ying Feng, Li Ying Feng was dumbstruck. She hesitated for a beat and asked, 'Shidi, weren't you banned from dan-making by Shigu?'
  Zuo Mo had a grimace as he said, 'I lack jingshi!'
  Realization appeared on Li Ying Feng's face. She didn't ask any further, nodding her head and said, 'This batch of golden crow pills will sell easily. I can give you a down payment of jingshi to you first.'
  'Many thanks, Shijie!' Zuo Mo was very grateful.
  Li Ying Feng smiled, 'But when Shigu comes back, you won't be able to escape being punished.'
  Zuo Mo spread his hands helplessly, 'There's no way around it!' After thinking for a second, he decided to remind Shijie, 'Shijie could try to buy some raw materials about now.'
  Li Ying Feng looked in shock at Zuo Mo and then suddenly smiled, 'Didn't think that Shidi is also concerned about business. En, Shidi, don't worry too much. The sect has already hoarded enough materials. Especially dan-making materials. Master had started hoarding a long time ago.'
  Zuo Mo was relieved. That seemed correct. A problem that even he could see, someone as clever as Yan Le Shibo, how could he not see it?
  Zuo Mo's heart was steadied by the sect's proactive approach.
  He was paid twenty pieces of third grade jingshi from Li Ying Feng. Taking this enormous sum of wealth, Zuo Mo didn't feel very happy. He only felt that time was even tighter. The market prices had risen again! This was undoubtedly a strong signal.
  Give it to Pu Yao? Zuo Mo gritted his teeth. Okay. But then, he paused. How would he give it to Pu Yao?
  Usually, Pu Yao would do it himself, and rob him of jingshi. Zuo Mo didn't have any way to take jingshi into his consciousness.
  Pu Yao, it's not that ge doesn't want you to use it... ...
  Zuo Mo, mind at peace, put away the jingshi. After some thought, he decided to rent a ling garden.
  Due to the climate of Sky Moon Jie, it was very suited for farming so there were many ling gardens. But many of the ling gardens, especially those with ling fields above third grade, they always lacked people to farm them. For ling fields of third grade and above, it needed somewhat professional xiuzhe to farm them. Otherwise, it was too much of a waste of resources. Normal xiuzhe were not able to pay the huge rent. Sky Moon Jie was primarily sword xiu, and the number of ling plant farmers were pitiful so there were many empty ling gardens.
  The owner of the ling garden in front of him was chattering on, 'Don't worry, I won't cheat you. This ling garden isn't big but the ling energy is dense and it is all third grade ling fields. The air is very humid and sun exposure is appropriate. It is suited to farming all kinds of ling grasses and herbs. It would be a pity to just farm ling grains.'
  'How much for a year?' Zuo Mo asked straightforwardly.
  'Fifteen pieces of third grade jingshi.' The other answered resolutely.
  'Accepted!' Zuo Mo, whose wallet had just bulged, responded briskly. He was trying to steal time right now.
  Two hundred mu of third grade ling fields, it was enough for him to work with! Now that the ling fields had been rented, it was a question of what to plant. Since it was two hundred mu of ling fields, he couldn't pay as much attention and care as he did for the ling fields of West Wind Valley. Luckily, this ling garden was not far from Wu Kong Sword Sect.
  He needed time... ...
  Zuo Mo's eyes were entirely red and extremely motivated.
  In the end, Zuo Mo picked a ling grass called Fiery Red Flower that was used very commonly in  many healing lingdan. It also grew extremely quickly. The turnover was very quick and easy to sell, it was just perfect.
  Zuo Mo planted a whole one hundred and eighty mu of fiery red flowers!
  The remaining twenty mu, he planted three kinds of slightly rare ling herbs. This twenty mu was to increase his cultivation speed.
  Speaking of how to speed up increasing cultivation, there were many methods, but the majority was related to jingshi. Of the ways, the best was to just take in the ling energy inside jingshi. This could dramatically increase the speed of cultivation. However, it require special methods to resolve the domineering nature of the ling energy of the jingshi. In comparison, Zuo Mo felt that it was more practical to find a way in dan-making.
  Most of what he could make presently were first and second grade lingdan. His success rate with first grade lingdan was relatively high. It was hard to say about the success rate of second grade lingdan.
  There were very little low level lingdan that could directly increase cultivation. As the ling grasses and herbs in low level lingdan were also low grade, their effects were very limited. Zuo Mo had been able to find a few that he needed in the records room of Fragrant Ginger Yard, like the [Bone Tempering Dan] to change the flesh, the [Evil Removing Dan] for removing impurities of the body. The effects of these obscure lingdan were not major, and the effects were all those that were not prioritized by sword xiu.
  Zuo Mo didn't have any room to choose.
  [Bone Tempering Dan] and [Evil Removing Dan] didn't have great effects, but he thought that if it was used together with [Vajra Profound Sutra], it would have some effect. The other than that what he placed importance on was [Spirit Increasing Dan]. Its effect was also obscure. It could increase the consciousness of xiuzhe. Zuo Mo decided to use it in combination with [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation]. He didn't know if it would help.
  These obscure lingdan, there wasn't any place that sold it in Dong Fu.
  It was a pity that couldn't find lingdan that could directly increase the speed of cultivation. Upon further thought, he found it normal. If those lingdan were easily made, one could just eat dan all day... ...
  However, Zuo Mo depressedly found that the three lingdan he had put so much effort into picking, had three kinds of rare ingredients that he couldn't buy.
  Luckily, he managed to buy the seeds and had planted down twenty mu.
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  Chapter Ninety Three An Old Case
  Because the mourning period had passed, the flowers placed in the Imperial Gardens now red and purple. Han Qing He looked at the beautiful Imperial Garden and thought about when she'd entered the palace as the daughter of a common and good family to become a candidate. She had then been placed by Empress Dowager Wei to serve at the side of the Emperor. In a blink of an eye, five years had passed and she was now one of the mistresses of the palace.
  As the palace maids passed her, they bowed to her. She enjoyed the feeling as others bowed their heads to her, as though if it was like this, she could forget her low birth and the unhappiness of the past. Turning back to see Feng Zi Jin blindly following behind her, she revealed a satisfied smile: 'Walking the Imperial Gardens, I would think of the times I'd accompanied Ping cairen in the wang fu.'
  Feng Zi Jin didn't speak when she heard the words. She expressionlessly looked at Han Qing He before slowly moving her gaze away.
  'From Ping cairen's expression, it seems that you don't like walking in the garden with me?' Han Qing He sneered, 'Or is it that Ping cairen thinks herself higher than me?'
  'Liangdi is high up in the sky. Pinqie is only a small seventh-grade cairen who doesn't dare look down,' Ping cairen uttered coldly, 'Pinqie is only listening to liangdi speak.'
  Han Qing He was going to speak before suddenly hearing the sound of clapping behind her. Her heart jumped with joy and she took a step to the side before kneeling down.
  'Qie greets Emperor,' When the dark gold boots walked in front of her, Han Qing He's voice was sweet and soft as she lowered her head. But a second later, she saw a pair of gold embroidered slippers appear next to the gold boots. She paused and then added, 'Pinqie greets Empress.'
  Qu Qing Ju looked at Feng Zi Jin and Han Qing He as they knelt on the ground. This was the first time Han Qing He used such a saccharine voice. She looked at He Heng who didn't seem to have any reaction, and said: 'Stand.'
  'Thank Emperor, thank Empress,' Feng Zi Jin slowly stood. She raised her head to gaze at the Emperor but found the Emperor's gaze wasn't on either her or Han Qing He's bodies. She lowered her face numbly, not speaking another word.
  'Didn't think to encounter Emperor and Empress at such a place,' Han Qing De didn't want to give up the chance to show her face in front of the Emperor. Her appearance wasn't as good as Feng Zi Jin's but she had a distinctive flavor when she smiled, 'It's pinqie who has disturbed Emperor and Empress' mood.'
  Qu Qing Ju looked at her blooming smile. Her lips curled, but she didn't speak.
  'Since you know you disturbed zhen and Empress' mood, why haven't you retreated?' He Heng's tone was icy. He looked at Han Qing He who was draped in gold and silver, his brows furrowing, 'Retreat.'
  The smile on Han Qing He's face froze. She didn't think the Emperor would not even take the slightest bit of care. She couldn't help but turn her head to look at the Empress and found that the Empress' expression hadn't changed from beginning to end, as though she knew that she would embarrass herself. She bowed in mortification, 'Qie asks to be excused.'
  Seeing Han Qing He retreat, Feng Zi Jin followed in leaving. Before she left, she looked again at He Heng and Qu Qing Ju, as though it was the first time she'd met them.
  After both of them left, Qu Qing Ju finally smiled as she remarked: 'Han liangdi has served Emperor for so many years, but her appearance hasn't changed at all.' Han Qing He had been serving by He Heng's side since she was sixteen. Right now, she was just twenty one. In her previous life, it would have been the best years of her life. In this era, her age was slightly old.
  'Really, zhen doesn't remember what she was like before,' He Heng glanced in the direction of Fu Shou Palace, 'Don't think of those people anymore, let's go eat in muhou's place.'
  Fu Shou Palace knew very early that the Emperor and Empress were coming over to accompany the Empress Dowager for the meal so they had prepared beforehand. When the two of them entered, Empress Dowager Wei was in the yard trimming twigs off a pot of flowers. Seeing the two of them, Empress Dowager Wei stood and led them into the room.
  After washing and drying her hands, Empress Dowager informed the two: 'Aijia had the small kitchen prepare the dishes you two like. Later, you can have some.'
  'It was bothersome for muhou to remember,' He Heng stood to bow to Empress Dowager Wei, but his posture was more casual than before others, clearly showing just how mutual the feelings were between mother and son, 'They should prepare more wine-pickled duck feet.'
  'Alright, your duck feet, erxi's duck tongue, aijia had them prepare, you won't be lacking,' Empress Dowager Wei apparently liked her son's carefree and intimate attitude. She gave a sigh, 'Even though the mourning period has passed, there's no need to celebrate aijia's birthday. Tomorrow, aijia will send a decree declaring to not hold a birthday banquet this year, and won't receive the court officials' respects.'
  When He Heng came here, he originally planned to discuss the matter of Empress Dowager's birthday. But he hadn't thought that muhou was so straightforward. It wouldn't be good to hold a big celebration but it might be too cold if she didn't even receive the Court's respects.
  'Aijia knows you are filial, but aijia has thought this through before making the decision,' Empress Dowager's expression became stern, 'Son, you have to remember. To gain something, you also have to gain the reputation, then your conduct would be spotless.'
  On the side, Qu Qing Ju agreed wholeheartedly when she heard the words. If one acted, they had to act to the end. To receive both the gains and the reputation was the only way to become a true winner. But when saying such things, was it wise to speak in front of her?
  'I understand muhou's intentions,' He Heng nodded, 'Then on mother's birthday, us three will gather and have a good meal.'
  'Yes,' Empress Dowager smiled. Her gaze swept across her erxi sitting docilely by one side, 'For a family to sit together and eat, it's much better than having those useless things.' This son of hers, to say that kind of a thing in front of her, he really had his heart on Qu shi.
  With Qu shi, there was no risk of the relatives. She was also the established Empress. After Qu shi had children, a fight for succession would be avoided. It wasn't a bad thing to have love between Emperor and Empress.
  'Since muhou isn't having a celebration, then we should also save on erxi's celebration,' Qu Qing Ju's birthday was in the next month. Her brows furrowed as she said, 'It's always so noisy at a banquet, not that interesting.'
  'Alright, we'll save on us mother and daughter's birthday celebrations, and we don't have to endure the torment.' Empress Dowager Wei smiled. Saying to Ding mama who was beside her, 'It's almost noon, get the kitchen to prepare to serve.'
  Ding mama left with her orders. Once she left the room, Ding mama finally smiled and shook her head. Clearly the Empress Dowager and the Empress were two kinds of people but they really did form a connection as they interacted. To have this kind of connection between popo and erxi in the Imperial Family, it was extremely rare.
  But the Empress was also talented. To be able to pout, play and laugh and do anything else in front of the Empress Dowager, acting as though the Empress Dowager was her own mother. Thinking about the deceased birth mother of the Empress and the evil stepmother, Ding mama sighed. The Empress hadn't had it easy. She must really be thinking of the Empress Dowager as her own mother.
  The three people were very happy as they finished the meal. Empress Dowager Wei watched Qu Qing Ju lean back contentedly in the chair, smiling and teasing: 'To eat seven-tenths full is to cultivate life. Eating like you do is of no benefit to the body.'
  'Muhou, erxi is growing right now, I can't not eat,' Qu Qing Ju giggled, 'If I'm not full, how will I grow my body?'
  Empress Dowager Wei was amused by her words. She pointed at Qu Qing Ju, 'Yes, yes, have to grow the body. After you grow up, you have to have grandsons and granddaughters for aijia to play with.' When she'd finished speaking, she couldn't help laughing herself.
  He Heng watched as his mother and xifu get happier the more they chatted. He silently took a sip of the digestive tea. So even when his xifu hadn't grown up, his mother was already preparing to play with his children. Was this scene really popo, son and erxi and not wife's mother, husband, and daughter?
  On the second day, the Empress Dowager and the Empress sent out their decrees. The main meaning was that since xiandi had just passed away, they had no interest in enjoying their birthday celebrations and were grateful for the well-wishes from the people etc etc.
  Instantly, the Court praised Sheng Mu Empress Dowager and the Empress for being virtuous and filial, and they were the epitome of what a woman should be.
  He Heng listened to the officials' praises of his mother and wife and added: 'Zhen's mother and Empress have no interest in amusements. Zhen, as the son of xiandi, also does not have the heart for the birthday celebration. This year, zhen will not hold a birthday banquet, you all shall not persuade otherwise.'
  Naturally, the officials urged and urged again and then under the Emperor's steadfastness, they helplessly surrendered. In the end, they hollered three times the Emperor was filial. Both monarch and subjects were satisfied.
  Standing at the bottom, He Yuan gave a scornful smile. The Wei mother and son liked to act. Even at this step, they didn't forget to act in order to achieve a good name.
  'Chen has a memorandum!' After the monarch and subjects enjoyed themselves for a while, the Minister of the Right, Wei Wen Guang stepped forward, 'Emperor, this official encountered a thirteen years old urchin a few days earlier on the road, felt that he was pitiful and wanted to shelter him, but who knew this official heard a great matter.'
  The atmosphere of the court instantly turned tense. He Heng's brows slightly furrowed as he urged: 'Right Minister Wen, quickly speak.'
  'This subject heard the urchin say that he had begged his way from Jiang Nan to Jing. His father was a steward of a certain official in Jiang Nan and had been killed because he found out that this official had colluded with His Highness Rui Wang, and dragged his entire family with him. Thankfully, the urchin had been hiding out of naughtiness in the cellar of the home and his life was spared.' He raised an accounts book with both hands, 'This is the accounts of the steward who had been killed. The little urchin, even under the struggles of the road, managed to protect this item. Emperor, please take a look.'
  Once the speech came out, the court fell into silence. But no one dared to speak in defense of Rui Wang.
  'Present it up,' He Heng looked at He Yuan, 'Rui Wang, do you want to say anything?'
  He Yuan sneered, raising his hands in a fist, responding: 'Emperor, subject-di is innocent. Right Minister Wei uses an urchin of unknown origins to accuse subject-di, and even made a fake account book. His intentions are enough to sentence him to death.'
  He Heng took the book from the hands of a taijian and randomly flipped open a page to take a look. With a calm face, he replied: 'What the truth really is, zhen will send someone to investigate. End court.'
  The officials realised that they didn't really know the Emperor's true intentions. If he believed Rui Wang, then he wouldn't have sent someone to investigate. But if he didn't believe, then he should be in a rage. For the Emperor to be this calm, they were at a loss.
  But smart people reacted very quickly. The Emperor was going to settle the old scores of Rui Wang. Previously, the case of Jiang Nan had been unclearly suppressed by xiandi. The Emperor cared for the people of Jiang Nan and naturally wouldn't pretend the matter didn't exist.
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  Chapter Eighty Five - Coming Up To The Door
  Zuo Mo had just finished sorting out his just rented ling garden and dragged his exhausted body back to the Little West Wind Yard. But when he saw the pink little thousand crane, he wanted to faint.
  Could she not torment him... ...
  Zuo Mo wanted to cry. But this situation wouldn't change based on his wishes, he could only adjust to it.
  'Ye, it's so boring, let's play a game!'
  Zuo Mo wanted to reply with: 'Ge really really isn't bored.' But taking into account the other's strange fondness for 'fireworks', Zuo Mo was extremely calm and intelligent in returning 'I don't know how to play games.'
  He felt he wasn't lying to the other. He really didn't know how to play games. Games, to him, it was so strange that it was like he didn't even know the word. His life, from the moment he opened his eyes, it was determined that he couldn't leisurely play games and live a life.
  But the other was very kind in not looking down at him and said: 'That's alright, I'll teach ye.'
  Zuo Mo gave his last struggles: 'I'm dumb and can't be taught.'
  But, just like previous times, the other didn't give him any room to rebel. Consequently, Zuo Mo saw a string of about eight thousand characters of game rules. This time, Zuo Mo really fainted. Such difficulty, for someone like him who didn't like games, it really wasn't something he could complete. He only read a few words before deciding to give up. He persisted: 'I'm really stupid!'
  But considering that the probability of enraging the other was too high, he weakly added another sentence: 'How about you find the simplest game?'
  This time, what reached his hand was a set of game instructions about two hundred characters
  Hm, Zuo Mo's mind couldn't help but jump. Wasn't this a formation problem? He read it thoroughly again and finally was certain that this was really a formation problem.
  Formations was an area of systematic study. Zuo Mo, located in a small sect, naturally didn't have any experience. However, in some large sects, the disciples would learn formations. From the simplest Simple Ling Formation, to Yin Yang Formation, Compound formations and gradually increasing the difficulty. This was an extremely long process of study. To help disciples with learning, some xiuzhe skilled in formations had created a set of methods to learn formations. Included in the methods were all kinds of formation problems.
  Like corrections, fill in the blanks, optimization etc. There were many kinds. Over time, some xiuzhe enjoyed the process and were infatuated, creating even harder formation problems. Between many disciples, they used them as games.
  Zuo Mo had never played this before and felt it was very interesting. The formations that were used were not complicated. Zuo Mo had learned them before. However, the problem was extremely tricky. He couldn't help but fall into thinking. The other seemed to know that he was thinking and didn't hurry him.
  Thinking for a long time, he didn't figure out anything.
  Zuo Mo shook his head hard and recovered some clarity. He couldn't help but gape inside. Did those large sect disciples play like this? He couldn't help but admire them. No wonder they were so strong. Even the things they played with were this powerful.
  However, he decided to put this game down first. There were many things he still had to do. Games, it was fine to play when he had free time. In any case, that damned woman hadn't hurried him.
  Zuo Mo went into the stone room to practice [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] and the gravestone version of [Vajra Profound Sutra].
  After cultivation, he took out the Water Drop sword from the ling spring. With the nourishment from the ling spring, its sheen was clearer than before. Zuo Mo caressed the Water Drop sword and then started to imprint it.
  One flying sword, it needed a long time to imprint it before it could move like a part of the body. And to have it move according to one's thoughts, the time needed was even longer. The flying sword was like a sword xiu's partner. The longer they were together, the more chemistry they had. Sword xiu wouldn't easily change a flying sword. This point, especially after reaching jindan, it was even more evident.
  These days that were spent imprinting it, he didn't waste his efforts. Right now, Zuo Mo could move the sword like it was a part of his body. It was of a higher grade than ice crystal sword and was even more nimble.
  Zuo Mo's mind moved and the Water Drop sword in his hand jumped into midair. At the same time, he gave a shout and jumped up from the ground.
  The sword flashed and moved easily.
  In mid air, a flame that seemed to be made out of water gave off a faint light. The places the sword passed, a stream of water flames burned silently.
  Zuo Mo seemed to be drunk. Using the Water Drop sword to practice [Li Water Sword Scripture] , it was truly an experience. When he reached the peak of his enjoyment, Zuo Mo didn't follow the sword scripture anymore. The sword couldn't be detected as he moved, and the sword seemed to carry a few hints of the explosive li water sword essence in the calm, and it still spread like waves.
  The sword essence which had been light and wave-like, gradually turned heavier and pressuring. When it moved, it moved with great force. The explosiveness which had been barely perceivable started to burn like fire in the wind.
  Still as cool as before but containing a strong explosiveness. Those two conflicting feelings gathered together but Zuo Mo didn't seem to feel it and wasn't uncomfortable at all.
  On the Water Drop sword, the light fire-like sword energy gradually started to retreat inside.
  When Zuo Mo woke up from his epiphany, he finally realized, without him noticing, his [Li Water Sword Scripture] had went up a level.
  There wasn't much joy. He stood there silently, finely savoring it.
  He wasn't clear himself what level his [Li Water Sword Scripture]was at now. [Li Water Sword Scripture]wasn't some high level and profound scripture. Even its creator wasn't some powerful sword xiu. It was quite unusual that Zuo Mo could master a sword scripture like this to this level. However, Zuo Mo needed to explore the road ahead by himself, because the [Li Water Sword Scripture]that he had practiced ended here. Even though the creator had written some of his speculations and frameworks for the future, many of those had been rejected by Pu Yao.
  Based on profoundness, li water sword essence was far from the tidal sword essence Zuo Mo had secretly learned. However, this was Zuo Mo's own comprehension and the sword essence he had the greatest grasp on! His understanding of li water sword essence far surpassed tidal sword essence.
  Maybe, he could look and study tidal sword essence and change [Li Water Sword Scripture]. Zuo Mo's heart moved.
  But he only thought about it. He wasn't so proud to the point of changing a sword scripture. Also, his understanding of tidal sword essence was just a hair.
  At this time, he suddenly detected that someone was outside the valley. The person who was there was very docile and hadn't set off the jinzhi.
  Mouth of West Wind Valley.
  'Shixiong, Ling Ying Sect's people came again!' The messenger was still the outer sect disciple that had come last time. However, there wasn't any of the fear that had been on his face last time, but excitement.
  'They came again?' Zuo Mo was dazed.
  'Yes!' The disciple said respectfully. He couldn't disguise his excitement: 'This time, five people came!'
  Zuo Mo instantly felt his scalp prickle.
  Five people... ...
  Last time, three had come. Now this time, five people!
  Zuo Mo wanted to turn and run.
  'They hadn't given up, and called to spar with Shixiong!' This outer sect disciple completely didn't notice Zuo Mo's shift and said excitedly: 'This group really doesn't know their own weight!'
  'Cough.' Zuo Mo forced himself to come and swallowed. He asked: 'Who came this time?'
  'The three from last time are all here, and two that I don't recognize.'
  Zuo Mo's heart calmed down lightly. Good, good, at least, it wasn't that all five were people he didn't know. Two people who had lost to him. Hm, he had completely reason to disregard them. The woman, she hadn't dared to fight that day, so this time, she definitely wouldn't act rashly. The headache was those two that he didn't know. Since the others had come to settle the score, they certainly would be stronger than the last two.
  His mind turned quickly. Inside, he was very hesitant. Should he go or not? He was slightly regretful that he had said too much previously. He asked: 'Where's the other shixiong? You can't bother just me every time with this kind of matter.'
  'Eldest Shixiong and Shijie are all outside. Luo Li Shixiong is in seclusion. Xu Yi Shixiong is forging and has ordered not to bother him. Hao Min Shijie is being punished. Only Xu Yi Xia Shijie is free. Should I notify her?'
  That woman?
  Dislike instantly rose in his heart. Never mind. If she was notified, the probability that this woman would do something behind his back was very high.
  Fine! Thinking about the new comprehension he just got from [Li Water Sword Scripture], Zuo Mo was instantly full of confidence. He had just learned something, and some people just came over for him to test it on. This Ling Ying Sect really was full of good people!
  After thinking it through, Zuo Mo didn't retreat anymore. He nodded and said with great composure: 'Go.'
  This outer sect disciple was instantly excited and hurried forward to led the way.
  When they reached the mountain gate, Zuo Mo instantly staggered when he saw the dense crowd.
  'Why are there so many people?'
  This outer sect disciple was extremely excited: 'Everyone heard that Ling Ying Sect had come and all ran over to personally see Shixiong win and teach a lesson to Ling Ying Sect's new money!'
  'Uh, but why are there female disciples as well?' Zuo Mo asked speechlessly.
  'Must be coming to admire Shixiong's elegant demeanor!'
  Goosebumps instantly rose over Zuo Mo's entire body.
  Seeing Zuo Mo come out, the crowd of female disciples shrieked. Zuo Mo almost tripped.
  'Wow! Shixiong is so handsome!'
  'Please! It's called cool!'
  'When Shixiong was in the outer sect, I knew then that Shixiong wasn't an average person!'
  'Really want to seduce him... ...'
  'I will kill you!'
  ... ...
  Large black lines fell over Zuo Mo's expressionless face. He decided to stay a bit further away from this crowd of crazy women.
  When Zuo Mo started walking towards the side with male disciples, the male disciples also expressed their emotions.
  'Shixiong, kill them!'
  'Chop them!'
  'Chop into eight pieces, cut of their hands and feet, pluck their tendons, break their channels, cut them up... ...'
  'So uncreative! Have to sunflower... ...'
  ... ...
  Zuo Mo rapidly distanced himself from these people that were completely sunk in fighting spirit.
  In the short journey of travelling through the female and male disciples, Zuo Mo, who had been full of fighting spirit, almost became completely lacking in the desire to fight.
  Of course, in the eyes of everyone else, Zuo Mo Shixiong was stepping resolutely, with a cool expression, and extremely elegantly passing from their side.
  But when Zuo Mo saw the even worse expressions on the faces of the five people from Ling Ying Sect, his mood instantly became better.
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  Chapter Ninety Four Appetite Wide Open
  The case of Jiang Nan was taken up once again, but this time, no one begged for mercy for Rui Wang. The Emperor didn't send an official of high position to investigate in Jiang Nan but sent down an imperial decree for the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court to cooperate in the investigation.
  Originally, some people had thought that the Emperor would use the chance to take down Rui Wang, but who knew that he was doing everything according to the rules. He didn't seem to side with his brother, and didn't take the chance to settle the score with his half brother. Many people were deeply moved by the benevolence of the Emperor.
  Whether or not He Heng was really so generous, it wasn't very important to Qu Qing Ju. In the palace at the moment, she dominated above all. And she ate, drank, played and amused herself greatly.
  The weather slowly moved into the fall but her appetite became better and better. She preferred to eat sour and spicy food. One night at the end of the ninth month, she ate two bowls of rice, one bowl of hot and spicy fish, and one bowl of mushroom tofu fish head soup in one sitting. It was all home-style cooking. But she just liked it and it scared He Heng into accompanying her on a walk of the gardens for more than two hours that night.
  Qu Qing Ju's birthday was the second to last day of the ninth month. That day, Empress Dowager Wei held a family banquet at Fu Shou Palace. Other than their family of three, there was only Muhou Empress Dowager, Jin An Princess Royal and Heng fei present. The other three feipin only kowtowed outside the palace doors before being excused to leave.
  Jiang Yong Yu was the only one of the imperial concubines whose position was a first-grade fei. Appearing at the banquet, she represented the generosity and virtue of the Empress who was able to tolerate other women in the palace. But Jiang Yong Yu understood inside what her identity was and what she should do. So after making her greetings, she picked the corner furthest away from He Heng to sit and quietly pretended to be a statue.
  After He Heng ascended the throne, he elevated the titles of Jin An Princess' children. Everyone in Jing knew by then that Jin An Princess was on good relations with the new Emperor. Of all the princesses of xiandi, only Jin An Princess' position hadn't been affected, and the people in Jing still carefully flattered and respected her.
  It was human nature. One's father being the Emperor or a half-brother being the Emperor, it really was two different things. No wonder some princesses would pick a side on the matter of succession. Jin An Princess managed to make a correct decision.
  Those who had eyes all knew that when the new Emperor was still Duan Wang, Jin An Princess had been extremely close to Duan Wang Fei. When the news that Duan Wang had been attacked, Jin An Princess had sent many herbs and medicine to Duan Wang. Didn't her actions clearly show Jin An Princess' position?
  The other person who benefited was Cheng Wang. Originally, he had been a pitiful little thing that his own father didn't care for. But now, he could be considered to be one of the most trusted people by the new Emperor. His wife had connections with the Emperor so overall, his status was even higher than when xiandi had been alive.
  'Empress, your appetite is so good,' After the meal, Jin An Princess looked with amazement at Qu Qing Ju who was wiping her mouth. A beat later, she commented, 'Eating is good fortune.'
  'It's not that much,' Qu Qing Ju took a mouthful of the digestive tea that a palace maid presented and looked in confusion at He Heng beside her, asking, 'Really too much?'
  'It's good you like eating,' He Heng smiled. He looked at the other's pale and smooth face, his fingers slightly trembling as he resisted the urge to reach out and pinch her face. He turned to order Ming He behind him, 'Today, the pickled cabbage fish head and Kung Pao beef tendons were made well. Who was the chef, reward!'
  Ming He noted the two dishes. He knew that it was the Empress who liked them and indicated for a taijian behind him to go reward the chef in the Imperial Kitchens.
  Empress Dowager Wei raised the teacup to take a sip, smiling as she commented: 'Recently, Qing Ju's appetite is getting even better. When aijia sees her eat, aijia feels the appetite improving and can eat an extra half bowl.'
  Hearing this, Muhou Empress Dowager smiled and teased: 'Meimei and Empress' good appetites, even I at Chang Ning Palace have heard of. Even the Imperial Kitchen is thinking all day of creating new pastries and dishes in hopes of receiving your favors.'
  'It seems that our mother and daughter's gluttonous reputation has spread,' Empress Dowager Wei smiled at Qu Qing Ju, completely uncaring of people in the palace spreading such news. She said to Muhou Empress Dowager, 'Jiejie, we have known other for more than twenty years. When xiandi was alive, we were always cautious and alert. Now that our children have grown up, we don't need to live so cautiously. In this time that we can still eat and drink, it's better to enjoy it.'
  Muhou Empress Dowager hadn't thought Empress Dowager Wei would say such a thing. She paused slightly before smiling, 'You're right. A life is short and hard. We've endured for more than half a lifetime, it can't be put to waste.' She and Wei shi had no conflicts of interest. Now that Duan Wang had ascended the throne, he had treated her well. Even Jin An Princess who had been recorded under her name was the most important among the princesses. Right now, she was only an idle Empress Dowager, what did she have to worry about?
  Qu Qing Ju listened to the sisterly-like conversation between the two Empress Dowagers. If one didn't know, they really wouldn't believe that the two had once served the same man. The words basically meant, we finally made it through, let's enjoy ourselves.
  But as the two chatted, the topic unknowingly skewed to land on Qu Qing Ju. Muhou Empress Dowager looked at Qu Qing Ju's waist that never grew thick no matter how much she ate: 'Today is Empress' birthday, it's not good to let a taiyi take the pulse. But, it's fine for a taiyi to take a look tomorrow. If too much is eaten, it might harm the stomach.' Her words were very euphemistic, but inside, she was suspicious of another matter.
  What kind of person was Empress Dowager Wei? When Muhou Empress Dowager's words came out, she knew what the other hand meant. She quickly calculated in her head. The passing of xiandi was the end of the fourth month. The end of the seventh month was the end of the mourning period. After the mourning period ended, Qu Qing Ju was still living in the back hall of Tian Qi Palace. Heng'er hadn't gone once to any of the other women in the palace. It was the end of the ninth month now, two months had passed, was it that ......
  The two Empress Dowagers were experienced and knew to not casually say their conjectures. Otherwise, if there was first hope and then disappointment, it was harmful. The two exchanged a glance. Empress Dowager Wei said: 'Since jiejie has said this, I'm worried now as well. Why don't we have a taiyi take the pulse tomorrow?'
  Qu Qing Ju felt helpless. After entering the palace, even though her body didn't have any ailments, the taiyi would take a pulse every two weeks. They had also prescribed some tonics. She really didn't like drinking those things.
  He Heng's eyebrow slightly twitched. He then smiled, promising: 'Since both muhous are worried, this son will summon the dean of the Imperial hospital tomorrow to take the pulse for the Empress.'
  Qu Qing Ju put down her teacup, interjecting: 'The weather turned cold lately, so I couldn't help but eat more. There shouldn't be any problems, but I should not cause both muhou to worry.'
  Empress Dowager Wei smiled and sighed: 'As long as you are all well, us, as muhou will be comforted.'
  Qu Qing Ju's heart moved slightly. She wasn't stupid, so she could hear that the majority of Empress Dowager's words were sincere. As a popo, Empress Dowager Wei was really very good. Not even in this era, in the place that she lived in her previous life, a popo as fair and considerate as Empress Dowager Wei was rare.
  Thinking about how she and Empress Dowager Wei had interacted, from the mutual probes at the intimacy now, Empress Dowager Wei tried to do the best for her as the erxi. Even when He Heng had given out a decree that was more of a love letter to announce to the world and not going to the hougong after the mourning period ended, Empress Dowager Wei had never been discontent with her and treated her even better.
  'Muhou's words have made erxi ashamed. As the younger generation, as long as you have healthy bodies, and are happy, it makes us happy.' Qu Qing Ju spoke with a smile, 'With a muhou so concerned with erxi like this, it is erxi's good fortune.'
  Empress Dowager Wei stilled. Then her voice was soft as she said: 'Stupid child, even now as Empress, you make aijia worried.'
  At one side, Heng fei listened to Empress Dowager Wei's words. Her heart was also full of admiration. When the Empress had just entered the fu, the Empress Dowager had been somewhat dissatisfied with Empress. Yet now, the Empress Dowager treated her like she was her own.
  From beginning to end, He Heng had a smile on his face. Even as they left Fu Shou Palace to return to Tian Qi Palace, the smile on his face didn't dissipate.
  His good mood maintained itself until morning court. When he heard officials suggesting he take a few female candidates as concubines, his brows wrinkled.
  Some certain officials didn't put any attention all day on state matters, didn't do any work, and their attention was entirely focused on the matter of his hougong. Such subjects, what was the use in keeping them?
  'Emperor, now that the mourning period has passed, your hougong is empty. This subject thinks that the xuannu should be taken as fei to expand the hougong.' An official in the Ministry of Rites said, 'This is a critical matter of continuing the line. Please, Emperor, make a decision.'
  The words seemed like they were urging He Heng to take fei. In reality, they were saying that the Empress was childless, and wanted him to take other women to have children.
  The kind of Emperor that was He Heng, he wouldn't listen to this spiel. If this person was speaking on behalf of the people, he might have felt that this person could be used. But this person was criticizing the matter of the women of the hougong. He Heng's face was cold as he looked at the Rites official: 'Are you meaning to criticize that zhen's Empress has no son, or implying to zhen to let other feipin give birth to the eldest imperial son?'
  This official of the Ministry of Rites nearly bit his tongue. He clearly only had been urging the Emperor to take concubines, how did become slandering the Empress and scheming about the Imperial Heir? He apprehensively knelt down: 'This subject did not mean that. Please forgive, Emperor.'
  It was the orthodox way for the di son of the middle palace to succeed the throne, unless the Empress really couldn't have a child. He wouldn't dare to imply for the Emperor to let other feipin give birth to the eldest son, wasn't that heretical?
  'The Empress has been married to zhen for not even a year. Before, she had to observe mourning for xiandi, and then she had prayed for xiandi everyday without pause. Such a virtuous Empress, to be marred by you in such a way, it is abominable,' He Heng uttered, 'As an official, the heart should be placed with the people and not to put the focus on zhen's hougong. Does everyone here like other people meddling in their houyuan? Or is it that some people believe they can arrange everything for zhen and make the decisions for zhen?'
  As the words landed, the entire court followed in kneeling down to ask for mercy. In this world, who would dare to make the decisions for the Emperor, wasn't that the great crime of treason?
  He Heng gave a cold snort, looking at the people kneeling below, 'Xiandi hasn't passed for a long time yet. Even though zhen used months to substitute for years to come out of mourning, but every time zhen thinks of xiandi's appearance and voice, it still hurts. There is much less interest to take other women. You all are scholars, and naturally know what is filial piety and righteousness. To respect the elders is filial piety, to be responsible for siblings and wife is righteousness. If filial piety and righteousness cannot be achieved, how is one a human?'
  'Emperor is enlightened!' He Ming shouted.
  'Emperor is enlightened, this subject is ashamed!' Luo Chang Qing and Wei Wen Guang simultaneously clamoured.
  The other's followed in shouting the Emperor was enlightened. No one dared to argue with the words, otherwise, wouldn't they be the person that wasn't filial or righteous?
  As to that official of the Ministry of Rites that suggested for He Heng to take other fei, he was so frightened his face was pasty-white and trembling. The officials on either side of him silently took a step back from him to distance themselves even more.
  He Yuan looked coldly at He Heng sitting on the dragon chair. The unshakable love between Emperor and Empress, it really ...... was an eyesore. Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Eighty Six - Wen Fei
  'Good day everyone,' Zuo Mo raised his hands in a greeting.
  Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan's expressions instantly became slightly uglier. Good? Good? After they returned to the sect, they had been greeted with scorn and mockery. Tao Zhu Er covered her mouth and giggled. Mirth appeared on the faces of the two Ling Ying Sect disciples, but the two managed to restrain themselves.
  Ling Ying Sect had the largest number of inner sect disciples in Dong Fu. At the same time, because they lacked a strong leader, the disciples fell into factions and the complexity of the inner sect was also the first in Dong Fu.
  Tao Zhu Er moved gracefully, her beautiful features instantly attracting everyone's eyes.
  Wu Kong Sword Sect's outer sect disciples quickly divided into two camps. The male disciples stared, some of them dazed, as they drooled. Jealousy rose up in the female disciple camp, shouts of 'whores' and 'fox demon' came out.
  Tao Zhu Er gave a beautiful smile, 'This little sister admires Zuo Shixiong's demeanor last time. However, as a disciple of Ling Ying Sect, I cannot watch as our sect's reputation is injured and have come today to specially visit Zuo Shixiong.
  The other said it so nobly but Zuo Mo sneered inside. This female might have a good appearance but she was as poisonous as a scorpion. If one wasn't careful, they would fall into her hands. Zuo Mo, having seen her laugh so heartlessly when her fellow disciples were defeated, didn't have a good impression of her.
  'Oh,' Nothing changed on Zuo Mo's face. Adding on that his face was tilted down, it was even harder for others to guess his thoughts.
  Tao Zhu Er instantly felt that her fist had hit cotton. Such an indifferent response, she didn't know what to say.
  But she wasn't a simple person. She took a step back and revealed the two other shixiong, stating, 'Wen Fei Shixiong and Ming Dao Shixiong are truly skilled disciples of our Ling Ying Sect, and are people this little sister admire very much. Coming this time... ...'
  Hearing this, Wen Shan and Ming Dao instantly couldn't help themselves from raising their head proudly and pushing out their chests, evidently they were very smug.
  'If you want a fight, then let's fight,' Zuo Mo suddenly opened, interrupting her, 'However, our Wu Kong Mountain isn't a place you can come and go whenever you want. Let's say the ugly matters first. Who ever loses to me, I will take a talisman from them to prove our sect's reputation.'
  The words were said righteously. The Wu Kong Sword Sect outer sect disciples all cheered.
  Hearing this, the two people's expressions became discontent.
  Wen Fei was clothed in green and white. a green soft cloth tied on his head. This made him look extremely elegant, as though he would leave with the wind at any time, almost like an immortal. He wasn't satisfied to be on the weak side and smirked, 'Fine, fine. If you have the ability, this one naturally will recognize the loss.'
  Wearing blue ling armor, and hair tied with a gold coronet, Ming Dao also spoke, 'If you lose, I will also take a talisman from you.'
  Tao Zhu Er stood in the back. Seeing the two sides about to fight, a smug smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan's eyes were blood red as they stared at Zuo Mo. They looked as though they wanted to eat him alive.
  'Who is first?'
  Zuo Mo asked as he stepped out a step, his presence soaring.
  It might have been that he had just practiced the sword. He felt his entire body was hot, his blood on fire, as though he was being roasted. The desire for battle suddenly erupted, moving restlessly as though it wanted to burst out of his body.
  Like a keen sword unsheathed, the sharp edge flashed into view! One step, and it was as though Zuo Mo had changed into a whole other person. The dullness that was on the surface and the slyness inside his bones seemed to have completely flown away. Desire for battle flowed on his body it was tangible, so pure that others could not disregard it.
  Tao Zhu Er looked dazedly at Zuo Mo. The expression on her beautiful face was like she had seen a ghost.
  How was this possible?
  Was this still that vulgar and greedy zombie?
  In her mind, Zuo Mo had a greedy and cheap character. Otherwise, who else would target someone else's flying sword in the middle of battle?
  Being defeated last time, especially by a little person like him, this was why Tao Zhu Er was so persistent. Getting tripped up by an opponent that she looked down on, how could she accept it?
  But, the Zuo Mo in front of her... ...
  Seriousness made its way into Wen Shan's eyes. The presence that the other exuded surprised him. However, he wasn't the kind of wastrel that Hu Shan and Yan Ming Zi were. His family might be rich, but he was very hard-working and did have some true abilities.
  He was shocked but not afraid. Taking a step forward, he declared, 'I'll fight!'
  Wen Fei revealed his talisman. A light green jade fan. The skeleton was made out of jade, the cloth of the fan clearly wasn't some common material. Green light could be seen moving on the surface. A painting of mountains and water was depicted on the surface of the fan. If someone looked closely, they would discover that the river stream between the mountains was actually slowly flowing.
  Sky River Fan, third grade.
  Water Drop sword, third grade.
  Zuo Mo couldn't help but sigh again at the variety of scriptures that Ling Ying Sect had. They even used fans.
  When Yan Ming Zi saw his Water Drop sword, his expression became ugly. However, he liked to collect all kinds of talismans and his eyes were very experienced. He instantly noticed that the quality of the Water Drop sword was slightly better than when he had been in possession of it. He became slightly depressed. Did flying swords selectively pick people as well?
  'Please!' Wen Fei shouted elegantly.
  The Water Drop sword moved before the word ended,!
  [Flowing Water]!
  Zuo Mo's favorite starting move. This move was like a sheep climbing a cliff, traceless.
  The move he released right now was very different from before. Before, it had been light and faint. Right now, it was still quiet, but there was a hint of fire. It was like a white flame, burning without a sound.
  Wen Fei smirked and gently waved Sky River Fan.
  Zuo Mo felt his eyes blur and an incredibly thick pillar of water came from the sky like a water dragon, heading towards him.
  [Water Dragon Roar]!
  Attack against attack!
  No one would have thought that Wen Fei, such a warm and elegant person, would fight so brutally. The two were competing to see whose attack would reach the other first.
  Zuo Mo snorted. His sword presence didn't change. The ling energy in his legs moving, he suddenly flashed towards the left. It was as though there were springs under his feet. His speed was extremely fast and dodged the water dragon.
  Competing in attacks?
  Zuo Mo wasn't afraid. Based on speed, nothing could compare to flying swords. He gathered his ling energy and the Water Drop sword gave a slight hum. The sword turned into a stream of light, it was as fast as lightning!
  A thin water curtain suddenly appeared in front of Wen Fei. The Water Drop sword crashed heavily against the water curtain. The water curtain shook fiercely. Wen Fei's expression behind the water curtain changed slightly. However, the curtain shook, but still managed to stop the Water Drop sword!
  Zuo Mo was also surprised. This water curtain seemed to be a thin layer and he hadn't thought it could stop the Water Drop sword. It was much stronger than he had predicted. However, he could also see this water curtain had just managed to stop it. If he put in a bit more effort, it would certainly break.
  He was going to channel his ling energy and hadn't thought the thick water dragon would act as if it was alive, turning nimbly and reversing back in his direction.
  In the blink of an eye, the water dragon rushed in front of him. When this water dragon appeared in front of him, he finally realized just how enormous it was! It was like a large river, roaring as it headed for his head, the presence extremely shocking!
  Zuo Mo didn't even think as the Water Drop sword turned into a dash of light and appeared between him and the water dragon.
  A cold light flashed in his eyes, and the Water Drop sword rose.
  [Water Fall]!
  Everyone felt the landscape suddenly flash and a waterfall seemed to have appeared in front of Zuo Mo. It was a waterfall composed of countless sword energies. As they flowed, they accurately hit the head of the water dragon!
  The head of the water dragon suddenly exploded, water splashing everywhere. The disciples that had been watching were instantly soaked but no one moved their eyes away. Such a spectacular fight, if they missed something, it would be such a pity.
  The water dragon continued to flow, as though it didn't have an end. The waterfall that was floating in the sky also seemed endless.
  'Amazing!' Yan Ming Zi said, his mouth gaping. He was completely convinced now. The other was so powerful, winning last time, it wasn't due to trickery.
  Hu Shan didn't dare to blink and nodded in empathy, 'I had heard before that Wen Fei Shixiong's Sky River Fan can enter the top three of our generation of disciples. It really lives up to the rumors!'
  Yan Ming Zi said, sharing in the pride, 'Right. But my Water Drop sword isn't mediocre. To be able to keep up with Sky River Fan, it isn't of average quality. I have really good eyes.'
  'That's because Zuo Mo's strong.' Hu Shan wasn't polite, 'In your hands, it would be great if you could even block five of Wen Shixiong's moves.'
  Yan Ming Zi wasn't angry, 'I'm not good as others in fighting. However, in buying talismans, which one of you is my match?'
  Hu Shan choked, not knowing what to say.
  Waves also spread in Tao Zhu Er's heart. She would have never thought that Zuo Mo could keep up with Wen Fei Shixiong because she knew just how strong Wen Fei Shixiong was.
  Wen Fei Shixiong wasn't famous outside the sect, but in this generation of Ling Ying Sect disciples, he was a truly strong person. He was deeply loved by the elders. That Sky River Fan had been made specially for him by the sect elders and was the envy of countless people. Wen Fei Shixiong didn't fail to live up to expectations. His talent was exceptional and he was hard-working. Adding on the nourishment from countless lingdan, his power was extremely deep. However, he rarely fought. Even the other disciples in the sect didn't know just how strong he was. Tao Zhu Er had accidentally saw Wen Fei Shixiong cultivating and had been shocked. It had left a deep impression. That was why she had requested Wen Fei Shixiong. She wanted to beat down Zuo Mo's bravado.
  Also, Tao Zhu Er knew that the elders were planning for Wen Fei Shixiong to make a display in the upcoming Dong Fu Sword Test Conference.
  This horrid zombie was actually able to fight to a standstill with Wen Fei Shixiong?
  How was this possible?
  Tao Zhu Er felt that her brains couldn't process it.
  The outer sect disciples stared with wide eyes, completely silent. Zuo Mo didn't notice, in the female disciples, an adorable and pink apple face was extremely nervous. Even her little fists couldn't help but tighten.
  The two exchanged blows like lightning. The two moves passed in the blink of an eye. Right now, it had moved into a standstill period. Everyone was able to release a breath. Recalling what happened, they cheered.
  But the two that were facing off were not so relaxed.
  The disdain that Wen Fei had initially had disappeared completely. What took over was seriousness. He, who had been desiring to show himself at the Sword Sect Conference, hadn't thought that he would meet such a strong opponent here!
  And Zuo Mo, two balls of fire furiously jumped in his eyes, his desire for battle in full swing!
  A standstill was disadvantageous for him. There was still another person. If he didn't quickly end the fight, then he basically had no hope of victory for the next battle.
  His thoughts swirling, he gave a long howl and decided to attack with all his power!
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  Chapter Ninety Five Pregnant
  The Emperor had become angry at Court, the officials underneath were all shaking. But some were very envious of the Tian Family. To have this kind of niece, it was really the good fortune from the previous life.
  He Yuan still attended court, but due to the case of Jiang Nan, he didn't have much power to meddle in other affairs. Hearing the officials beside him discuss the relationship between the Imperial Couple, he revealed a scornful smile. In this world, how many men had a love as deep as the ocean and how many emperors could be like the Yu Ming Emperor of the previous dynasty?
  Before the He Family took the country, the world was ruled by the Tong Family, and Yu Ming Emperor had been a rare good ruler in the previous dynasty. This person had done something that was famous in the world. That was, his palace only had his Empress, and no other woman.
  Many people had written their own versions of the love story between Yu Ming Emperor and Zhao He Empress. The stories were happy or sad, touching and wistful, but in all of them, they praised the infatuation of Ming Yu Emperor and his wisdom, as well as the virtues and intelligence of Zhao He Empress.
  People always had a shortcoming. The rarer something was, the more they liked to tell of it. The fact that there was so much written about Yu Ming Emperor and Zhao He Empress, wasn't it because an emperor's true love and monogamy were rare?
  Thinking of it, the smile on He Yuan's face grew wide. How many Yu Ming  Emperors were there in this world?
  After He Heng left the court, he started to walk towards the rear hall of Tian Qi Palace. As he walked, the coldness on his face retreated to become warm. When he reached the entrance to the rear hall, it seemed normal. The taijian guarding the door saw him, and was going inside to report before being stopped.
  'Ming He, go pass on zhen's decree. Summon the Dean of the Imperial Hospital to take the pulse of the Empress,' He took the step into the door as he finished.
  Qu Qing Ju felt that as she travelled into this era, her hobbies became more and more elegant. Reading, calligraphy, flower arrangement, pruning, poetry, painting. She had done all of them. It was a pity that she could never have a sustaining interest in any of the hobbies.
  Disinterestedly looking at the bonsai that had been trimmed by her into a mushroom shape, she sighed: 'There's nothing to play with this bonsai.'
  Mu Jin knew that the Empress was bored. In the hougong, aside from the feipin and noblewomen coming to pay their respects, it was the people of the Department of Internal Affairs coming to ask about the matters of the palace. After a time, it wasn't interesting.
  'Empress, nubi saw the chrysanthemums in the Imperial Gardens have bloomed. Why don't we summon some noblewomen into the palace to keep you company and admire the flowers, it would pass the time.' Mu Jin suggested, 'This way, it can also decrease the distance from you to them.'
  Qu Qing Ju sighed. No wonder when she had searched for historical information in her previous life, there would always be some woman riding a horse, woman toying with a cat, and scenes of parks and kickball. It was because an idle life was too one-note, and the crowds of Ms. Perfects needed to find things to pass the time.
  But the relationship between the Empress and the wives of the officials was important. The Emperor was the boss of the men of the world, therefore the Empress was the boss of the women of the world. If there weren't any interactions, it wouldn't be right.
  'Alight, ben gong knows. Three days from now, summon the wives above third-rank into the palace to attend a banquet to admire the chrysanthemums,' Qu Qing Ju pondered for a second, 'If there are unmarried di daughters in the family, they can bring them as well.'
  'Yes, nubi will go to let the female official announce the decree.' Mu Jin wholeheartedly plotted for Qu Qing Ju. Any matter that was advantageous for Qu Qing Ju, she would cleanly and nimbly do, and wouldn't leave any blemishes.
  Just as she turned, she saw the Emperor walk in. She quickly retreated to one side and knelt down, proclaiming: 'Nubi greets Emperor.'
  Qu Qing Ju heard Mu Jin's voice and raised her head to see He Heng walk over, still wearing the gold dragon-patterned robe that he wore when at court. She stood, meeting him and asking: 'Emperor, why have you come right now?'
  'When I got off from court, I remembered that a taiyi was being summoned today to see your pulse and came to take a look,' He Heng held her hand to sit down on an armchair at the side. Seeing the bonsai that seemed to be almost bare, he smiled and remarked, 'Just now on the outside, I heard you want to have a banquet, is it because the hougong is boring?'
  Qu Qing Ju smiled: 'A bit duller than at the wang fu. But it will slowly get better.'
  'It probably won't happen this year, but next year, I will take you out,' He Heng touched her sighing, 'If you are really bored, you can summon Tian furen in to talk with you, don't shut yourself in.'
  'Alright,' Qu Qing Ju felt that the other thought of her as a lonely and weak white flower. She smiled helplessly, responding: 'Emperor doesn't have to be so worried. I'm the Empress. If I'm bored, the servants would naturally think of ways to make me happy.'
  He Heng knew that what she said was true and a grimace appeared. Treating her like this, he really couldn't rest his worries. This was what it felt like to have your heart tied up with someone.
  A while later, Ming He came in to report that the Dean of the Imperial Hospital had arrived.
  Qu Qing Ju saw a sixty-something man come in wearing the official uniform of the Imperial Hospital. A fine sweat was on his forehead. He must have hurried over. Otherwise, in this early autumn, where would the sweat come from?
  'Subject Du Bai Zhu Shu greets Emperor, greets Empress.'
  It was possible to know from the name that he came from a family of medical practitioners. Qu Qing Ju silently examined the taiyi. His cheeks were red, his hair was salt-and-pepper but his overall energy was good. He must have taken very good care of his own health.
  'Du taiyi doesn't have to be so courteous. You have been in the Imperial Hospital for many years and very experienced. Recently, the Empress' appetites have increased. Come to take the pulse of the Empress and see if there are any ailments.' He Heng looked at Du Bai Zhu kneeling and indicated for him to come near to take Qu Qing Ju's pulse.
  When Du Bai Zhu heard the two words increased appetite, he paused. Then after thanking, he bowed and walked in front of Qu Qing Ju, holding his hands up and apologizing: 'Empress, subject offends.' Finishing, he took a silk cloth from his sleeve to place over Qu Qing Ju's wrist and started to take Qu Qing Ju's pulse.
  Five minutes later, Du Bai Zhu switched to his other hand and then Qu Qing Ju saw his expression become joyful.
  Du Bai Zhu took away the silk cloth over Qu Qing Ju's wrist, his face full of joy as he knelt in front of He Heng; 'Congratulations Emperor, congratulations Emperor. The Empress has a slippery pulse, it is a happy occasion.'
  Qu Qing Ju's eyebrows jumped. Slippery pulse ...... did he mean she was pregnant?
  'Really?' He Heng, who didn't usually express his emotions, asked in surprise, 'Can you tell how many months?'
  'Because the pulse isn't very evident, it shouldn't be more than a month. Unless a taiyi had practiced for many years, it would have been unlikely to detect the pulse.' Du Bai Zhu's face was full of delight, as though he was happier than anyone else that the Empress was pregnant. But at the same time, he didn't forget to compliment himself.
  'Good, good,' By this time, He Heng was grinning from ear to ear. He waved his hand, 'Reward, heavily reward.'
  'This subject thanks Emperor, thanks Empress.' Du Bai Zhu gasped at his luck inside. The Empress' pulse wasn't evident but it was definitely pregnancy. This time, he really showed his face in front of the Emperor and Empress.
  If this matter had occurred with xiandi, he would have been shuddering with fear. But now, the hougong was managed by the Empress and the Emperor only favored the Empress. He had nothing to worry about. It was a very good thing.
  'From today onwards, you don't have to attend anyone else, just serve the Empress,' He Heng mused as he barely managed to suppress his joy, 'From the Imperial Hospital, you can pick two trusted people to be your assistants. The diet of the Empress, zhen will get a pregnancy mama to pay more attention. If there is anything that cannot be used, you have to tell the pregnancy mama. Zhen requires you to guarantee that Empress and the child in her stomach will be absolutely safe.'
  'Chen will not fail Emperor's trust,' Du Bai Zhu gave a kowtow. Wealth could only be found through danger. If he could serve the Empress well this time, his status in the Imperial Hospital would be unshakable!
  After Du taiyi left, Qu Qing Ju finally looked in disbelief at He Heng: 'I'm pregnant?'
  The palace maids and taijian in the room were all kneeling with happy faces as they gave their congratulations. For them, the fact that the Empress had children, it was a good thing to them. Only when their mistress was well, would they, as servants, be well.
  'Yes, you have our child,' The smile on He Heng's face hadn't disappeared. His hand cautiously touched Qu Qing Ju's belly. As though afraid of harming the child, he quickly jerked his hand back, 'Tomorrow, I'll pick a useful and trusted pregnancy mama to serve you. Don't worry about any other matters, I'm there for everything else.'
  'Then the affairs of the hougong, I'll hand over to the two muhou,' Qu Qing Ju wasn't attached to the power of the hougong. Even more, with He Heng's heart here, she would always be the first in the hougong. If He Heng didn't treat her well, it was useless even if she kept a grip on the power of the hougong.
  'Right, I have to tell the two muhou,' He Heng thought, 'Take a good rest, I'll be back quickly. I'll eat the noon meal with you.'
  Qu Qing Ju gaped at He Heng as he rushed out of the room, appearing to float in the air. She shook her head in helplessness and then gave a faint smile.
  Empress Dowager Wei and Muhou Empress Dowager had been chatting together when they saw the Emperor rush in. They were surprised but seeing that his face was full of joy, the two were very happy, and also smiled.
  'Muhou, just now, the taiyi took the pulse and found Empress is pregnant,' He Heng was happy and sketched a bow to the two, 'This son is coming to announce the good news.'
  It had been a long time since Empress Dowager Wei saw her son forget appearances. She even felt that her son's eyes had become brighter. Her heart warming, she smiled, replying: 'Since that's the case, you should be keeping Qing Ju company. Us here, it's fine to let someone else report.'
  'This son was just too happy and forgot,' He Heng curbed himself slightly, but from each strand of his hair to his feet, 'jubilation' was written in large font, 'This son has also come to ask a certain favor.'
  'Aijia had expected that you were here about the management of the hougong.' Hearing it, Muhou Empress Dowager smiled, 'aijia had managed the houyong for decades, and doesn't want to suffer again. If you care for your wife, then beg your muhou. Aijia isn't willing to meddle.'
  Hearing this, Empress Dowager Wei responded: 'Jiejie is making things difficult for me. I haven't managed such things before. How about meimei will temporarily work, but can ask jiejie for help everyday. After our erxifu has given birth, then let her manage herself. Us two, being muhou, might want to be lazy but still have to care for the younger generation.'
  'That's fine,' Muhou Empress Dowager smiled, agreeing, 'After our big grandson comes out, we only have to care about grandson.'
  Naturally, He Heng gave his profuse thanks. As to the two Empress Dowagers expressing explicitly that they would only manage until the Empress gave birth, he understood the two's desire.
  Leaving Fu Shou Palace, He Heng got the Department of Household Affairs to present more good things to the palaces of the two Empress Dowagers to express his gratefulness.
  Empress Dowager Wei looked at the things that He Heng let others deliver and smiled helplessly. As a mother, she wouldn't bear to see her child in difficulty. The peace of the hougong, to an emperor, it was an important matter. Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Eighty Seven - Strong Attack Vs Strong Attack
  At the highest point of the waterfall, a flame suddenly appeared.
  This flame wasn't eye-catching, extremely faint, almost invisible as it burned silently. However, it was like the flame was dropped into oil, not water. Flames quickly spread across the top of the waterfall.
  On the top half of the waterfall, a cool flame flickered its crystal clear tongues.
  The waterfall was instantly lit up by the cool flame. Each water-like sword energy became shrouded in a ball of fire.
  Li water was like fire as it fell down.
  The first sword energy shrouded in fire quickly landed in the water.
  A clear sound of explosion! A large section of the water dragon instantly was destroyed, water spraying everywhere.
  Boom boom boom boom boom!
  The stream of explosions were like fireworks, ringing endlessly.
  Wen Fei's expression changed. What sword move was this? Didn't the other practice a water element sword scripture? Why would there be fire? At this moment, he didn't have the leisure to think. In the blink of an eye, only a small half of the water dragon remained after the explosions. The other's sword energies had increased in power due to those harmless looking clear flames.
  Suppressing the uncertainty inside, the last bit of underestimation in his heart dissipated. He now saw Zuo Mo as the greatest opponent he had ever faced.
  Wen Fei gritted his teeth, his ling energy flowed furiously, the Sky River Fan suddenly snapped shut and he pointed the fan gently at Zuo Mo.
  [Sky River Prison]!
  A spark of blue light came out of the fan and seemed to slowly fly towards Zuo Mo.
  A strong feeling of danger suddenly rose in Zuo Mo. This bit of blue light, the pressure it gave him far surpassed any of the previous moves. He didn't dare to be inattentive. His mind moved and the cold waterfall floating in the air instantly responded, leaping towards the blue light.
  Balls of clear fire. Inside were sword essences each as gentle as water.
  The rain of fire from the waterfall seemed to cover the blue light.
  Suddenly, Wen Fei opened the sky river fan, and shouted: 'Open!'
  That blue light was suddenly like a large net, aimed directly at Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo wasn't able to dodge in time and instantly was trapped.
  Zuo Mo only felt the blue light suddenly grow in front of his eyes. In the blink of an eye, waves filled his vision. His surroundings were a blur!
  Zuo Mo was very familiar with this kind of scenery! He had once practiced the sword in the river, and naturally was extremely familiar. Right now, he was in a air bubble. Who would have thought that the speck of blue light would contain such thick water energy? Those clear flames, when they entered the water, created explosions. However, there was too much water, and those little clear li water sword energies were ineffective and instead exploded on Zuo Mo. The pressure came in on all sides and the bubble was slowly being squeezed.
  Zuo Mo took a deep breath solemnly. This was the other's final attack!
  Instantly, his fighting spirit burst forward. He might not be able to compare to Wei Sheng Shixiong, but he wasn't putty that these wastrels could manipulate as they willed.
  Zuo Mo didn't detect that after practicing the sword, he had went from the initial fear of of battle to quickly not fearing battle and his desire for fighting was increasing.
  He was like that now. He became more excited the more he fought. Right now, especially when he saw Wen Fei's ultimate move, his fighting spirit had reached its peak!
  He widened his eyes, shouting soundlessly inside!
  The waterfall which had been raging fire disappeared. The Water Drop sword turned into a streak of light and returned to Zuo Mo's hands.
  Seeming to have felt Zuo Mo's desire to fight, the body of the Water Drop sword vibrated, like ripples in water. The clear hum it gave made Zuo Mo even more excited. He closed his eyes, caressing the sword like he was caressing a lover.
  Without the support of the waterfall, the water which had been coming in at all sides didn't have any resistance and instantly went in. The air bubble shattered and Zuo Mo was swept into the water.
  Wen Fei couldn't disguise the joy on his face! If you were in the water, weren't you just a fish waiting for me to slice you?
  He shouted: 'Up!'
  The ball of water containing Zuo Mo slowly flew into the sky. The ball was enormous, like a small pond.
  Zuo Mo was the wild beast in the cage. No matter how he struggled, he wouldn't be able to break free. Wen Fei was smug inside. This prison of water, it was much more secure than one made of steel.
  The faces of the Wu Kong Sword Sect outer sect disciples whitened. They were terrified as they looked at the large shadow cast by the ball of water as it flew higher. Zuo Mo's figure inside the water became more indistinct and could barely be made out.
  To say nothing else, just being smashed from such a height, it would definitely lead to internal injury!
  Determination suddenly appeared on Xiao Guo's pale face. She suddenly rushed out of the crowd, heading for Wen Fei.
  'Little girl, what do you think you are doing?' A graceful figure blocked Xiao Guo's path. Tao Zhu Er's face was cheerful as she looked at Xiao Guo.
  'Move aside!' Xiao Guo was angry and panicked. However, her anger was like a little kitten baring its teeth and scratching, extremely adorable.
  'Hm' Ming Dao's tense heart relaxed. Seeing Xiao Guo's innocence, his eyes instantly lit up: 'This girl isn't bad. What are you called?'
  'Move aside!' Xiao Guo was almost crying.
  Hints of cruelty flashed through Wen Fei's eyes. Looking at the ball of water in the air, he smirked smugly: 'Have a good taste of my [Sky River Prison].' Finishing, he reached out with his left hand, and swiped towards the ball of water.
  The ball of water in the sky transformed. In the water ball, an enormous hand headed for Zuo Mo. This guy had made him look so bad, Wen Fei didn't want to let him off that easily. It was very interesting to play like a cat with a mouse!
  The Wu Kong disciples couldn't help but gasp in shock, not wanting to look.
  Hopelessness made its way onto Xiao Guo's face. She knew she wasn't a match for the two, but... ...
  A rare determination flashed through her teary eyes.
  Just at this time, inside the water cage, the sword pointed downwards, Zuo Mo suddenly opened his closed eyes.
  For some reason, he thought about the day he had comprehended li water sword essence, saw the enormous hand that was about to catch him. From the corner of his eye, he could see the figures beneath. He could imagine now smug the other person was at this time, how excited.
  But, my sword scripture... ...
  It's [Li Water Sword Scripture]!
  The light exploded in Zuo Mo's eyes. It was like his eyes were suddenly void of all emotion, cold like the clear flames! His two hands grasping the Water Drop sword, the slanted sword unhesitatingly made an upward slash against the current!
  [Li Water Burning Heavens]!
  The gigantic hand shattered.
  On the ground, Wen Fei's expression changed! How was it possible! How could he still counterattack in the water cage!
  He gritted his teeth and wanted to change his technique, but his face suddenly became empty of color. He discovered that he had completely lost control of the water cage!
  How was it possible!
  At this time, other people had detected the change in the sky and all lifted their heads!
  The ball of water was rapidly collapsing into itself as if there was a deep bottomless pit inside it.
  And when Zuo Mo's body was revealed, everyone couldn't help but inhale. In mid air, the water cage had disappeared, leaving behind Zuo Mo's hands holding the sword.
  Shock was on Ming Dao and Tao Zhu Er's face. They looked in disbelief at the sword in Zuo Mo's hands.
  Around the three chi long sword, a ten chi long blade of blue flame slowly and silently burned. This blue flame was completely composed of water. Heavens, he had absorbed all of Wen Fei Shixiong's Sky River Prison, and turned it into his own weapon!
  This world, how could there be such a fantastical thing?
  This guy, was he really only zhuji level?
  Looking at Xiao Guo, Tao Zhu Er, and Ming Dao below, Zuo Mo instantly understood what had happened. A flash of anger floated in his eyes.
  His two hands holding the sword, he lifted it up. The water flame on the sword was like an enormous blooming flower, soundlessly opening.
  An angry bellow like thunder on a clear day.
  Containing all his anger, all his fighting spirit, all his ling energy, Zuo Mo was like a flash of light as he chopped downwards!
  A ruler-straight blue light suddenly appeared in midair, so bright one couldn't look directly at it.
  Below, the faces of Wen Fei and the others changed dramatically. This guy was crazy!
  His sword presence, it managed to wrap all three of them inside at once!
  At this time, the three couldn't attend to anything else. They all took out their final defenses.
  A water curtain appeared around Wen Fei, even thicker than last time. The Peach Blossom ling armor on Tao Zhu Er's body glowed brightly, peach blossoms flying in the air and shielding her inside. Ming Dao angrily took out a copper bell. The bell grew as it came into the open, firmly covering Ming Dao inside.
  At this time, Zuo Mo forgot everything. In his eyes, there was only the three people below. He was doing one thing only. That was, channeling ling energy, furiously, insanely pushing out ling energy!
  The straight and cold light landed from the sky with a strong and fierce presence, heavily smashing the three from above .
  The most commonly used sword attacks were stab and slice. Even chopping was rarely used. And people could never have thought that a sword could be used to smash. What Zuo Mo used was a smash. Like what he had raised wasn't a flying sword but a heavy hammer!
  The blue light flashed and swallowed the three people on the ground.
  After the ear-shattering explosion was a deathly silence.
  Zuo Mo's legs weakened and he sat down on the ground, panting for his life.
  [Li Water Burning Heavens] was too strong for him, after he completed it he basically had no offensive power left.
  However... ...
  He gritted his teeth as he used the Water Drop sword to stand up. Looking at the deep pit over thirty feet deep, he only had one word-great!
  In the large hole, Wen Fei and the others were unconscious from the explosion. Wen Fei's clothing was in tatters. The ling armor on Tao Zhu Er's body was almost shattered and Ming Dao's copper bell had broken into countless pieces.
  Zuo Mo sighed. The terrifying power of this [Li Water Burning Heaven] had to be credited to Wen Fei's water cage. If there hadn't been so much water, it definitely wouldn't reach such a terrifying result. If countless liters of water were dropped, this was already very scary.
  It was time to take his spoils. Zuo Mo instantly became excited, completely disregarding any kind of manners. He was like a cat that smelt food, limping as he skipped towards the deep hole.
  Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan were so frightened dumb that they forgot to stop him.
  They were really rich! Zuo Mo sighed inside. He wasn't easy going at all.
  He took a water-blue ring from Wen Fei's hands. In reality, the best thing on his body was the Sky River Fan. However, what Zuo Mo cultivated was the flying sword. This Sky River Fan was good, but it wasn't suited to him. This ring wasn't normal. It definitely was the finest of the third grade. It could increase the ability to control water. However, he still needed to experiment to find the specific effects.
  He took a thousand year Peach Wood hairpin from Tao Zhu Er's head. Slurp slurp. There were three formations on it. [Evil Removing], [Nourishing], [Focus]. Good things, good things!
  From Ming Dao's body, Zuo Mo wasn't courteous in taking off the other's pair of boots. Third grade Wind Passing boots. Zuo Mo was very knowledgeable. There were [Wind Travel] and [Movement] formations on the boots and were very practical.
  'Vicious!' Yan Ming Zi looked at the three things that Zuo Mo picked. He couldn't help but inhale. He both hurt and admired it.
  Hu Shan was like a statue. When he saw Zuo Mo's wolf-like and greedy gaze, he couldn't help but shudder.
  At this moment, he decided he didn't want the jade pendant anymore!
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  Chapter Ninety Six
  The news that the Empress was pregnant quickly travelled from the hougong to the court. On the second day, many officials' wives sent congratulatory messages to the rear hall of Tian Qi Palace, expressing the joy the entire court felt towards the pregnancy of the Empress.
  Qu Qing Ju carelessly flipped open a note. The main idea was that the entire court heard that the Empress was pregnant and couldn't contain their joy, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep and had to write of their joy, and wrote a whole pile of good wishes before finishing with greetings to the Empress Dowager, Emperor, Empress etc etc
  The content of the messages weren't different, but what they expressed was the same. It was, us common people, we're happy today.
  Qu Qing Ju knew that the people had been keeping watch over her belly. If she gave birth to a son, it was the di eldest son. In the future, even if the other feipin had children, they couldn't shake the eldest son's position.
  Thinking of her body now which was only sixteen, and was raising another little life, she felt complicated. And then she couldn't help but have another bowl of rice.
  The Empress Dowagers of the two palaces had already let the servants deliver a whole pile of useful and useless things over. Especially Empress Dowager Wei. She seemed to want to stuff the rear hall of Tian Qi Palace full, sending over pile after pile of stuff. Qu Qing Ju started to wonder if Empress Dowager Wei still had anything left in her personal stores.
  'Empress, Jin An Princess had someone send congratulatory gifts into the palace,' Huang Yang held a list as he entered which he gave into Qu Qing Ju's hand. 'Her Highness Princess Royal also said to wait until the flower banquet tomorrow to have a good chat with you.'
  Qu Qing Ju flipped the list. The things listed avoided stuff that might cause trouble. It could be seen that Jin An Princess Royal had the intentions to become closer but was worried of getting into trouble. Putting the list to one side, Qu Qing Ju smiled, 'Go tell the messenger, say that ben gong will remember and to let Jin An Princess come early tomorrow.'
  Jin An Princess Royal and her, originally it had been half friendship, half beneficial. The way they interacted now, it was the best. Jin An Princess Royal might be female, but Qu Qing Ju felt that she was very decisive in her conduct. When she had separated from the Count of Bei Lu, she was unhesitating and didn't show any weakness. In the end, she had protected the reputations of the princess of the Imperial House, and captured titles for her children. In reality, if the Princess Royal and the Count of Bei Lu hadn't separated, her children might not have the same rank as they did now.
  After that, Jin An Princess expressed goodwill to He Heng and clearly distanced herself from lao da and lao san's family. The action seemed reckless, but it was much easier to obtain the good opinion of He Heng that way. No one liked people who backstabbed. In the very end, Jin An Princess' step was right. Now, she was the most free, most important princess, the Princess Royal, of all of xiandi's daughters. Even if she didn't have a fuma now, who in Jing would underestimate her?
  A woman as skilled as her, it was no wonder that an emperor as unjust as Qing De Emperor was soothed by her to not care about traditions and make her the Princess Royal. Even Qu Qing Ju herself didn't think she could do as well.
  'Empress, Cheng Wang Fu sent gifts.'
  'Empress, the Duchess of Zhong Yi sent gifts.'
  Qu Qing Ju spent the whole morning looking at different lists. She sighed. It wasn't an insignificant number of officials' wives that were qualified to send gifts to her. She didn't know how much had been just placed into the stores without a word.
  'Empress, Rui Wang Fu sent gifts.'
  The presents from Rui Wang Fu came relatively late. Qu Qing Ju had been preparing to use the noon meal when the people delivered it. She casually flipped open the list and was slightly shocked. Did Qin Bai Lu really prepare this for her? Thousand year ginseng, Tian Shan snow lotus, hundred year knotweed and so on. Things like cultivating bangles, and other valuable objects had been stuffed in. When she finished reading the list, Qu Qing Ju felt that Qin Bai Lu wouldn't be this good to her. Something along the line wasn't right.
  'Who sent this list?' Qu Qing Ju folded up the list in her hand, her brow furrowing as she asked, 'Ben gong has always been at odds with Qin Bai Lu, when has she been so good to me?'
  'Empress, you are the Empress now. How can Rui wang fei compete against you now?' Huang Yang responded, 'This list was personally sent by the steward of Rui wang Fu, He Fu Er. It shouldn't be wrong.'
  'Right now, the Emperor is investigating the old case of Jiang Nan. Rui Wang sending so much over, he must have other intentions,' Qu Qing Ju just remembered that the court was in the middle of the case of Jiang Nan. Rui Wang Fu sending so much over, were they thinking for her to have some pillow talk?
  That was funny. She, an Empress that the Emperor put importance on, would be stupid enough, for just this paltry amount of stuff, to go beg for mercy for Rui Wang, wasn't that was seeking suicide, being tired of living?
  The matter was overlapping with the court so the servants attending Qu Qing Ju cleverly didn't follow up. This was a quality that Qu Qing Ju was satisfied with. In this world, no one liked other people saying things they shouldn't by their ear.
  In the Imperial Study of Tian Qi Palace, He Heng finished reading the memorandum on the case of Jiang Nan, his face grave as he drummed his fingers. A long time later, he ordered: 'Summon the Duke of Zhong Yi for an audience.'
  When Tian Jin Ke came to Tian Qi Palace, He Heng had finished all of the memorandums on the desk. Seeing him come in, he called: 'Beloved Official Tian doesn't have to be courteous. Zhen has called you today to discuss the matter of Rui Wang.'
  Tian Jin Ke hesitated before replying: 'The evidence has been conclusive for the case of Jiang Nan. This subject doesn't know what the Emperor means.'
  'In his life xiandi liked zhen's sandi the most, so zhen doesn't want his life. But the case is truly frightening. Zhen, as a ruler, cannot tolerate such things to happen,' he sighed, 'It's hard to fulfill both righteousness and loyalty.'
  Hearing that the Emperor had spoken to such lengths, Tian Jin Ke couldn't even pretend to not understand. He immediately responded: 'Rui Wang's crimes are serious, but these cases were committed mostly by his subordinates who couldn't not moderate themselves and are not directly linked with Rui Wang. Wei chen thinks that Rui Wang is guilty but not guilty of death.'
  'Then you say, how should zhen determine Rui Wang's crimes?' He Heng looked at Tian Jin Ke below, mocking, 'At the very least, he is zhen's brother. Zhen doesn't bear for him to live too bleakly for the rest of his life.'
  Tian Jin Ke's heart jumped, fine sweat dotting his forehead. The Emperor, at such an age, had such a manner, it was truly shocking: 'This subject doesn't know.'
  'Fine, zhen won't bother you,' He Heng didn't keep going at the question. His tone suddenly became light, 'Now Empress is pregnant. She had always been close to your furen. In the future, if your furen doesn't have any major matter, then come to the palace to keep the Empress company.'
  Hearing the Emperor mention such a matter, Tian Jin Ke naturally happily complied. His niece was still very young. As an elder, he was happy she was pregnant and could steady her position as Empress but was worried she would be inexperienced and become worried, and frightened due to pregnancy.
  'Zhen doesn't have anything else. You are excused.' He Heng said with a faint smile.
  Tian Jin Ke saw the relaxed expression on the Emperor's face as though he wasn't affected by the case of Jiang Nan and left unworried. When he passed through the gates of Tian Qi Palace, he thought in puzzlement, did the Emperor only summon his to ask about the matter of Rui Wang?
  But why did he feel that it wasn't right?
  In Rui Wang Fu, He Yuan raised a wine cup to take a sip. He looked lazily at Gao Duo on his side whose face was full of worry. He smiled, asking, 'What, ben wang isn't worried, but why are you even more uneasy than ben wang?'
  'Wang ye, now that the evidence for the Jiang Nan case has all been presented to the Emperor, if the Emperor would try to take your life, you have no way out,' Gao Duo sighed, suggesting, 'Why don't we think of another way?'
  'Think of what?' He Yuan snorted, 'If he wants to kill, then kill. The winner as king, the loser as outlaw. Now that he is the Emperor, even if he didn't have the evidence of the Jiang Nan Case, he could still easily sort me out.'
  'But has wang ye thought of the people on the fu, and Shu gui taifei still waiting for you to receive her out of the palace? If you get in trouble, what about them?' Gao Duo sighed.
  'Don't worry, He Heng wants to settle accounts with me, but the hypocrite he is, definitely won't leave behind a bad name. The lives of everyone in this fu will remain,' He Yuan lowered his face, throwing his head back to drink to the bottom of the cup, 'Even more, the Empress is now pregnant, he wouldn't bear to start killing.'
  How did the matter relate to the Empress? Gao Duo looked in puzzlement at He Yuan. Seeing that his face wasn't pleasant, he didn't dare to use the Emperor's name and responded: 'If that's the case, wang ye, why don't you take advantage of the chance and save yourself?'
  'I can't hide forever,' He Yuan careless threw away the cup in his hand, 'don't waste any more attention for ben wang. Ben wang knows, you can leave.'
  Gao Duo looked at the wine cup rolling on the floor and left in helplessness. When he came out of the gate, he saw Rui Wang Fei standing at the door, and lowered his head, making a greeting.
  Qin Bai Lu didn't pay attention to him. She only stared at the gate of the building, as though the person inside was an enemy of hers.
  'Wang fei?' Ru Hua saw that wang fei's expression wasn't good and carefully urged, 'It's cold in autumn, let's go back to the room.'
  'Now he doesn't even want me to meddle in the matters of houyuan,' Qin Bai Lu grimaced as she spoke. Then her expression became malevolent, 'The congratulatory presents for the Empress' pregnancy, he didn't even ask me, the wang fei, before sending it off. This wang fei that I am, what's the meaning?'
  'Zhuzi, don't be angry, let's return.' Ru Hua reached to pull Qin Bai Lu. This was the doorway to the main building. What would happen if wang ye heard?
  'Humph,' Qin Bai Lu snorted, holding Ru Hua's hand as she left in discontent. It wouldn't matter if she didn't leave. By now, wang ye practically didn't go to her rooms, and didn't let her enter his. Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Eighty Eight - The Scalping Zombie
  Everyone was dumbstruck where they stood, their minds blank.
  To say nothing of victory and defeat, but what the people had expected was fierce combat, exchanging blows back and forth, a tense situation, and end with a barely achieved victory. The result was three people were defeated by a single move. This result made everyone's jaws drop to the ground. Even the Wu Kong Sword Sect disciples who had been full of confidence in Zuo Mo had lost their ability to speak.
  Xiao Guo stared dazedly at Zuo Mo.
  How Shixiong looked when he had been plundering from their bodies... ...
  Oh, why would she have used 'plundering'? No, no, Shixiong was appropriating his spoils! Xiao Guo unconsciously defended Shixiong.
  'For you,' Zuo Mo threw the thousand year Peach Wood hairpin that he took from Tao Zhu Er's head to Xiao Guo.
  Xiao Guo instinctively caught it. Inhales suddenly sounded among the female disciples. Their eyes suddenly became red as they looked at the Peach Wood hairpin on Xiao Guo's hands. They were like a herd of rabbits locked onto one single carrot.
  'It's a pity that her ling armor is shattered. Otherwise, removing it to give to you would be nice.' Zuo Mo muttered regretfully. He completely hadn't thought about just how inappropriate it was to take off a female xiuzhe's armor in public.
  A moment later, Xiao Guo refocused. Looking at the Peach Wood hairpin on her hand, her hand shook as though it had shocked her and almost threw it away, 'Shixiong, this is too valuable!'
  She might not recognize how good this Peach Wood hairpin was, but holding it in her hands, she could feel the extraordinariness of it. This Peach Wood hairpin, it was too valuable!
  This kind of thing, Shixiong should keep it for himself! She thought.
  Zuo Mo's eyes scanned the unconscious three people, impatiently saying, 'Just take it, and stop nagging.'
  What Xiao Guo was most afraid of was Zuo Mo's impatience. She instantly became timid and afraid of speaking.
  Zuo Mo strongly controlled his impulse to plunder everything from the three people that were unconscious. He turned his face to look at Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan.
  'Do you guys want to fight again?' That voice, it was as warm as the wolf-grandmother.
  Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan both shuddered, their heads shaking like a rattle-drum.
  'Really, neither of you wants to fight?'
  The two then nodded quickly like a chicken eating rice, their hands over their chests and their feet unconsciously moved back two paces. In their eyes, Zuo Mo had completely transformed into the most terrifying demon.
  'Such a disappointment,' When Zuo Mo expressionlessly said this sentence, his words were full of regret. Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan's hearts couldn't help but jump furiously. Zuo Mo waved his hand, 'Take them away. Do not bother me in the future.'
  It was like they had been pardoned from death. Exchanging a look, the two hurriedly picked up the three who were unconscious and ran away. They looked like they hated that their parents didn't give birth to them with two more legs.
  After their figures disappeared, Zuo Mo couldn't hold up any longer and crashed to the ground. Seeing the situation, Xiao Guo instantly was shocked and ran over to ask in panic, 'Shixiong, are you wounded?'
  Seeing the apple face full of concern, Zuo Mo's heart warmed.
  'Oh, nothing. Just a bit tired.' Zuo Mo waved his hand, pretending it was nothing. He then took out a dan from his bosom, and shoved it into his mouth. Folding his legs, he started to meditate.
  Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan only stopped when they couldn't see Wu Kong Mountain anymore. The two panted.
  'Is that guy even human?' Yan Ming Zi said breathlessly, 'The difference here with our information is too big.'
  'Lucky that we ran fast enough.' Hu Shan's face was relieved.
  Yan Ming Zi still had lingering fears, 'Exactly! Didn't you see his eyes as he looked at us? He wanted to strip us bare!'
  The two couldn't help but think of Zuo Mo's eyes. As though they didn't wear clothing on a snowy day, they shivered again and said at the same time, 'So scary!'
  After a while, the two gradually walked out from Zuo Mo's shadow. Yan Ming Zi pointed at the three unconscious people, 'What to do with them?'
  Hu Shan thought about how he would have to carry them to the sect and gritted his teeth, 'Wake them up.'
  After a while, three extremely tragic howls passed out.
  'Zuo Mo, I will never forgive you!'
  'Return my shoes... ...'
  'This girl will kill you!'
  Zuo Mo was extremely smug. He had completely changed his attire.
  His hand  held the  Water Drop sword, the Streaming Fire ling gathering pendant at his waist, a Black Blue Water ring on his finger, and on his feet were the wind travel boots. Extremely dandyish.
  This new set of attire, even Xu Yi Xia, who was famous for the wealth of her family in the sect, was gaping when she saw it. She wondered inside, did Zuo Mo Shidi rob a talisman shop?
  While smug, he still had to live out his days. Zuo Mo needed to spend time caring for the ling garden that he rented. Other than that, he couldn't stop his daily cultivation. His days were very full. However, Zuo Mo was very disappointed that for the next few days, no one came up to challenge him.
  These days nothing was as fast as plundering, not even ling farming or dan-making,. This was a no investment, great profit, a sleight of hand! Zuo Mo was regretful. If he had known earlier, he wouldn't have beaten all of them into unconsciousness that day. A small continuous flow was the best!
  He was unaware that, due to his strong performance, all of Ling Ying Sect had been shocked. Especially his demeanor when he had been 'receiving' his trophies. Under the effort of Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan's story-telling, it reached all of Ling Ying Sect.
  The nickname of 'the Scalping Zombie' was created.
  The Scalping Zombie was undoubtedly the opponent that the wastrels didn't want to touch the most. Wastrels usually relied on expensive talismans and countless jingshi to battle. However, if they went to provoke the Scalping Zombie, wasn't it giving money to the other? If they took great talismans, and they lost, then it would be hard to keep possession of the talisman. According to the detailed description from the talisman expert Yan Ming Zi and the comparison to the talismans the five people had lost, it proved that the Scalping Zombie's eyes were extremely experienced. If they lost, what they would lose was definitely the most valuable and expensive talisman they had!
  But if they wore only trash to go make a challenge, the already low chance of winning would head towards zero.
  The wastrels of Ling Ying Sect were all smart and perceptive. No one dared to go provoke this 'Scalping Zombie.'
  The elders of Wu Kong Sword Sect were all absent. Zuo Mo had an extremely enjoyable life. Especially because no one cared about him making dan.
  He would make a batch of Golden Crow pills every day. This was a very steady source of income. However, he didn't want to spend too much effort on it. Golden Crow pills might be profitable but it was still a first-grade lingdan, and the profits were limited. Zuo Mo's eyes had been spoiled by the fine talismans on his body. If he only relied on making Golden Crow pills, he would need at least half a year to be able to buy just any of the talismans he was wearing right now.
  The price of normal third-grade talismans were not expensive and Zuo Mo could afford it. However, for the fine specimens like this one, the price would reach an incredible height.
  Zuo Mo once again took up his previous experiment to use the essence of the sun as the primary and the li fire seal formation as the auxiliary fire, to make a new kind of lingdan.
  Taking up this eternally failing experiment wasn't completely for jingshi.
  He was going for a Golden Crow fire!
  Golden Crow fire was a fourth-grade fire seed. If he had it, the low-grade lingdan he made would automatically increase a level. Also, Golden Crow fire was one of the originators of all the fires in the world. It could merge with many other fire seeds. In the future, if he encountered better fire sources, he could merge it into the other fire.
  Of course, for Zuo Mo at this time, Golden Crow fire was already the best fire in the world! Even more, there was a possibility he could achieve Golden Crow fire through his own power. What would fill him more full of energy and fighting spirit other than this?
  He burrowed into Master's records room and started to research for ling grasses that could endure the essence of the sun and other dominant forces.
  Just as Zuo Mo prepared to focus and enter seclusion, the pink paper crane landed from the sky.
  'Ye, what's the answer from last time's game?'
  Zuo Mo hit his head, and wailed misfortune. These days, he had been enchanted in dan--making and threw that so-called game into the back of his head. Without any other way, he could only harden his head and reply, 'Apologies, I was busy these days.'
  'Ye doesn't place importance on me. I'm very hurt.',
  Zuo Mo felt his head swell. Threat. This definitely was a threat.
  'How about another two days?' Zuo Mo decided that in these two days, even if he had to not eat or sleep, he would definitely solve this game. He knew just how ruthless and vicious this paper crane girl was!
  However, he once again underestimated the paper crane girl's ruthlessness and viciousness.
  Just as Zuo Mo warily unfolded the pink paper crane that just flew over, he felt his eyes blur and the surroundings instantly changed.
  'Damned woman!' Zuo Mo swore angrily!
  It wasn't the first time that he encountered such a situation. It also wasn't the first time the damned woman used this trick.
  'Hee hee, ye don't scold me. Who made it that you didn't put importance on me? Ye doesn't want to play with me, I just have to find ways to amuse myself. Hee hee, this is a maze that I learned when I was seven. It's very fun. Ye, slowly enjoy it.'
  A sweet to the bones voice came out of the air, carrying a hint of laziness and indifference.
  'Damned woman!' Zuo Mo forced the words through his teeth. If the other was in front of him, he would definitely leap over and use the Water Drop sword to chop her into mulch. This damned uncaring, bored, and inane woman!
  His swearing didn't receive any reply. Zuo Mo slowly calmed down from the anger burning inside.
  He scanned the surroundings. Strangely, he was slightly panicked. Under his feet was a checkerboard. Each square was one foot squared, either black or white, alternating as it spread to the edge of the horizon.
  Illusion, this was an illusion! Zuo Mo told himself.
  If the other said that this was a maze formation, then it was certainly an illusion.
  However, all of this seemed so real. Zuo Mo could even feel the hardness of the tiles under his feet. It was completely empty. Zuo Mo seemed to be standing in the middle of nowhere, alone and without aid.
  Luckily, there wasn't anything dangerous. Zuo Mo was slightly comforted.
  He started to ponder how he would walk out of this maze formation. The formations that he knew were pitifully few and the maze formation in front of him clearly wasn't one of those. A maze formation that damned woman knew at seven years old... ...
  Zuo Mo started to grit his teeth again.
  Suddenly, a ball of mist floated out of nowhere.
  But the mist came quickly and left quickly.
  However, when the mist faded, Zuo Mo was dumbstruck as he looked at the scene in front of him. Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Ninety Seven Overestimating Oneself
  At Court, as the speaker recited the contents of the investigation, the officials listened with wide eyes and gaping mouths. They didn't think Rui Wang would have committed so many crimes.
  'Rui Wang, do you have anything to say?' He Heng calmly looked at He Yuan standing below, 'When fuhuang was alive, he was extremely good to you. Why did you have to commit such major crimes?'
  'If Emperor wants to kill subject-di, then do as you wish. There's no need to talk so much,' He Yuan did not beg for mercy. His face was full of scorn as though He Heng, sitting at the top, was just a joke, 'If fuhuang really cared for me, then I wouldn't be standing here today. By saying this much, you just want to proclaim me disloyal and unfilial.'
  'Zhen has never thought that way,' He Heng sighed, 'We were almost born at the same time, and had played together as children. Zhen doesn't bear to kill you. Even more so, many of the acts were committed by your subordinates, and aren't seriously connected to you.'
  He Yuan furrowed his brows and then sneered. He wanted to see how He Heng would deal with him.
  The officials looked at the expressions of the two brothers. On one hand, they were moved by the feelings of the Emperor, on the other, they felt helpless at Rui Wang's arrogance. Rui Wang had been arrogant and despotic in Jing for many years. Even now, with such undeniable evidence, he was still so unmanageable.
  'Pass zhen's decree. Rui Wang exhibited unruly behavior, and forfeits his salary for five years. He allowed his subordinates to smuggle salt, and buy and sell official posts and titles. Zhen hurts at heart but as xiandi once told zhen to hold fraternal affection, zhen doesn't bear to but still has to punish. From this day forth, Rui Wang cannot enter court, is demoted from Qin Wang to Jun Wang, deprived of his salary for five years, and will write a list of his own crimes to be posted on the city gates of all the regional capitals of Jiang Nan. The wealth that was seized from the Jiang Nan case will not be taken into the Treasury. Zhen will personally send it to Jiang Nan so it can be used to fix roads and construct bridges in order to benefit the people of Jiang Nan.' He Heng had a disappointed face as he stood, 'Qing can all leave.'
  'The Emperor is wise, this subject asks to be excused,' Everyone knelt to send the Emperor off, becoming even more respectful of the new Emperor.
  The Emperor did not take Rui Wang's life, did not erase him from the Imperial House's lineage. That was due to fraternal love. The Emperor punished Rui Wang, used the wealth seized to construct infrastructure for Jiang Nan, and asked for him to write his own apology letter to post on the gates of Jiang Nan's cities, it was so the Emperor didn't want to fail the people. It really was a win all around, with no flaws.
  This move seemed to look as though it was protecting Rui Wang, but on reflection, it was actually stomping Rui Wang to the ground. A wang ye who couldn't attend court, a wang ye who wrote his own crimes to present to the world. He wasn't a risk, and would become a blemish in history. In the future, people would most likely praise the Emperor for being loyal and righteous.
  A ruler with such cunning, as subjects, they naturally had to be more cautious in their work. If they made the Emperor angry, even in death, they may not have a good name.
  He Yuan quietly stood in the empty Grand Hall. The Emperor on the dragon chair had left, the officials beside him had also left. He looked calmly at the surroundings. A long time later, he smiled lightly: 'To kill without a trace, as expected of my good brother.'
  'Your Highness,' The little taijian who guarded the Great Hall carefully walked in front of him and informed in a small voice, 'It's closing time.'
  Looking at the taijian whose legs were quivering, He Yuan smiled, 'What, ben wang is very frightening?'
  The young taijian knelt with a bang and started to kowtow, pleading: 'Forgive me, forgive me, wang ye.'
  'Alright, stand up,' He Yuan didn't look at the taijian as he walked to the doorway leading into the hall. When he turned back, he saw the taijian was still kowtowing, and laughed out loud, 'Don't be afraid, ben wang won't ever stand here again.'
  The taijian froze. A beat later when he dared to look towards the doorway, he only saw the shining sun outside. Rui Wang had disappeared.
  He patted his knees as he stood, mumbling to himself: 'Still thinks he's the same Rui Wang, such arrogance.'
  The hougong was very busy at the moment because Qu Qing Ju had invited the wives of officials third-grade and up into the palace. Those who couldn't get out of the bed were the only ones in Jing who couldn't come.
  This was the first time the Empress had invited the titled women into the palace. No matter what the Empress was intent on doing, the people under didn't dare to slight her. Some thought that since the Empress was pregnant, she wanted to pick di daughters from the families of officials to enter the palace as fei to serve the Emperor. However, those who wanted to seize the opportunity took along the unmarried di daughters of their family, and smart people came alone, unwilling to even mention their daughters.
  Which woman in this world wanted to find other women to share their husband? Disregarding the fact that the Empress hadn't known she was pregnant when she had sent out the decree, even if she had known, based on the affection between Emperor and Empress, they wouldn't benefit if they sent their daughters in, and would offend the Empress instead.
  They also should think about where the Empress was living now. It was rumored that the Emperor had disliked the smell due to the new renovation of Kui Yuan Palace and specially made a decree that, until a month after the Empress has given birth, she was not to move out of the rear hall of Tian Qi Palace.
  The wife and the husband were living together. For a qie to blindly interfere, wasn't that just begging for punishment?
  Qu Qing Ju didn't feel any different even though she was now pregnant. When she reached the Imperial Gardens in her phoenix carriage, the people who should have come had arrived. Once she got out, the crowd knelt.
  'Furen, don't be so courteous. Please rise,' Qu Qing Ju looked at the different varieties of chrysanthemums placed in the garden. She smiled, teasing, 'Ben gong has met you all before. Furen, don't be restrained with ben gong just because the location has changed.'
  The wives gave their thanks and sat down according to their ranks. Very quickly, taijian started to place rare chrysanthemums onto the pedestal previously constructed in the middle for the women to see. Each pot of chrysanthemums would be brought up for a time, and then the next one would be even more beautiful.
  No matter if they were really amazed or just acting, they continuously gave their compliments, as though the chrysanthemums weren't of mortal hands and had been given down from the gods.
  Qu Qing Ju slowly drank a cup of date tea. She wasn't allowed to drink any other kind, not even ginseng. Red date tea was the only tea that was good for her and the embryo, so she had gradually started to change her diet.
  'This one is interesting,' Qu Qing Ju pointed at a pot of flowers where the back was white, and the inside was purple. She had once had such a flower, but she never knew the name. Because of her busy job, she never spent much time caring for it, and the flower, once it bloomed, wasn't as beautiful.
  'Empress, this chrysanthemum is called the 'Fragrant Young Phoenix'. Because the petals are as beautiful as a phoenix, so it received this name.' The taijian that had been holding the flower answered with joy. Originally, he had thought that this pot wasn't eye-catching and thus, wouldn't receive the favor of the Empress. Who knew that it was the only one the Empress would ask about? It was a blessing from the ancestors.
  ''Fragrant Young Phoenix'?' Qu Qing Ju mused for a second, 'That's a good name. Mu Jin, reward.'
  After seeing the Empress admire that flower, the wives followed in complimenting it, making this somewhat commonplace flower become rare.
  'This female subject has only seen chrysanthemums in the books, the plum blossoms are jealous of its fragrance. Today, borrowing the good fortune of Empress to view so many chrysanthemums, it is really this female subject's luck,' A girl wearing a light yellow short dress said in a moderately loud voice, 'The 'Golden Dragon Leaping Clouds' was also extremely beautiful.'
  Qu Qing Ju looked at the person who spoke. It was a girl, about fifteen or sixteen. She had a simple shuang ping ji, but that made her seem even more youthful.
  'For zhen, that 'Jade Phoenix Cloud' was the most beautiful,' He Heng, followed by a crowd of attendants, walked towards the direction where Qu Qing Ju was standing. He looked at the girl who spoke, 'Whose family are you?'
   'This female subject is the di granddaughter of Grand Duke Jing, Qin Chao Yun, greets Emperor,' The young girl saw the Emperor inquire and stood with a calm face. She gave a full bow to He Heng, 'This female subject spoke nonsense, and let the Emperor hear a joke.'
  Qu Qing Ju saw Qin Chao Yun's elegant posture and gave a small smile. Wasn't Grand Duke Jin Qin Bai Lu's grandfather, then wasn't Qin Chao Yun, Qing Bai Lu's sister or cousin? But the looks, the conduct, it was more pleasing than Qin Bai Lu.
  'En, you spoke too much,' He Heng calmly concluded, 'There's so many elders present, there's no reason for you, as one of the younger generation, to speak.'
  Qin Chao Yun seemed shocked that the Emperor would say such a thing to her. She stilled, then with a normal expression, she responded: 'The teachings of Emperor, this female subject will remember in her heart.'
  En, this conduct was much better than Qin Bai Lu. If a normal person had been admonished by the Emperor like this, she would have been red all over. But she acted as though the Emperor was teaching for her benefit. Qu Qing Ju sighed. It looked like the Qin Family did have some women with high attack power. Qin Bai Lu and Wei Ran Lu's mother only counted as the failures of the Qin Family.
  He Heng felt a bit surprised. He couldn't help but look again at Qin Chao Yun. She didn't seem to have deliberately dressed up, but her appearance gave others a feeling of elegance. It didn't stain the Qin Family's reputation. When his gaze fell upon a pair of pearl embroidered slippers, he took away his gaze, his voice even colder: 'Zhen isn't instructing you, but reminding you. At the very least, you were born of an educated and noble family so your conduct cannot stain the reputations of the noble families.'
  Everyone could hear that the Emperor didn't seem to like the Qin Family. They remembered that Rui Wang's wang fei was a daughter of the Qin Family, and didn't have a good relationship with the Empress. They instantly understood. This Qin Family had married a daughter to Rui Wang Fu. The result was that Rui Wang fell. So they wanted to shove a daughter into the palace. They really did think everyone else was stupid and couldn't see what they wanted.
  Some of the furen examined Qin Chao Yun's appearance and thought scornfully, just these looks, and she wanted to seduce the Emperor. Could she even compare to a finger of the Empress?
  The Duchess of Zhong Yi, Tian Luo shi took a sip from a teacup, uncaringly commenting: 'The reputation of the daughters of the Qin Family is good, but the rare ones who haven't learned well, it's of no benefit to their reputation.'
  The people beside her, hearing it, instantly agreed, provoking the Duchess Dowager of Jing's face to pale in anger.
  He Heng didn't look at the women, turning to walk towards Qu Qing Ju. Look at the time, the flower banquet should be finishing now. Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Due to the way the cultivation system in the novel has been set up, I've decided to change a term (again!). We will now have ling energy and ling power. Ling energy is now the energy that is spread out in the world which people absorb. Ling power is the stuff that people use, which is basically 'processed' ling energy. Think solar energy and solar power (in cactuar's words).
  Chapter Eighty Nine - Silly Yao
  The mist faded and a hot spring had appeared. In the steam that rose up, a crowd of beautiful women who were bathing could be barely made out. Their eyes were alluring and extremely seductive. The smooth and silky skin seemed to have magnetism, securely holding Zuo Mo's eyes.
  The beauties played and laughed, disregarding Zuo Mo as empty air.
  When had the pitiful Zuo Mo ever seen something like this? It was like he had been struck by lightning, dumbstruck. The laughter and breathing of the women burrowed into his ear. He felt his throat was dry, his entire body hot. Something inside his body seemed to be moving.
  What spell was this?
  Zuo Mo felt his heart beat faster and faster until it felt like his heart was going to jump out of his chest, uncontrollably beating.
  He used all the energy in his body to struggle to swallow. He detected that his entire body wasn't normal, definitely not normal! He started to channel ling power. It didn't have an effect. He couldn't help but be shocked.
  - Such a strong spell! Such a strong maze formation!
  Calm! Calm!
  It was fake! Fake!
  Zuo Mo told himself. At this time, he should close his eyes, but for some reason, his eyelids today didn't listen to him. It seemed that there was a mysterious world in that hot spring that uncontrollably attracted his eyes. If he didn't restrain himself forcefully, his legs would unconsciously walk towards the hotspring.
  Tracelessly capturing a person's mind and soul. Imperceptibly controlling a person's body. Zuo Mo's last bit of rationality concluded, this group of beauties were in reality a high grade maze formation!
  Fourth-grade or even fifth-grade?
  The person trapped would feel hot, the rhythm of breathing lost, the mind disturbed, ling power channeling would be obstructed... ...
  He reflexively swallowed again. Suddenly, Zuo Mo's pupils expanded.
  The hot steam suddenly disappeared. Those beautiful women, without an exception, their heart-startling faces, their amazing bodies, the porcelain skin and ... ...
  A blow like no other before attacked Zuo Mo like a stream of lightning. His breathing stopped, his heart stopped at this moment as well.
  Was this the final attack... ...
  All the beauties suddenly stopped moving like they were under a paralyzing spell. After that, with speed visible to the naked eye, they started to age and wither. The healthy and alluring skin lost the glow, the tightness, became wrinkled like the bark of a tree. Their beautiful appearance quickly withered and lost vitality.
  The skin turned bad, rotted and revealed the white bones inside.
  In the flick of a finger, a crowd of beautiful women became a crowd of skeletons.
  His chest heaving, Zuo Mo felt like he had ate countless mosquitoes and wanted to throw up! This reversal of events, all the blood in his body seemed to reverse flow and he almost spat out blood.
  The viciousness of this final attack... ...
  Zuo Mo was extremely shocked. The person who created this maze formation was really strong! He hadn't felt even a bit of ling power. This was a traceless attack. At this time, a tearing sound occurred next to his ear. The scene in front of him suddenly twisted as though it was being sucked away by something.
  Beautiful women, skeleton, the black and white checkerboard, it completely disappeared.
  He saw Pu Yao opening his mouth and a wisp of smoke was sucked inside. His state seemed comfortable and satisfied. When did Pu Yao recover? Did he just ruin the maze formation right now?
  Pu Yao closed his mouth and turned to look at Zuo Mo, lightly throwing down, 'You have a nosebleed.'
  Zuo Mo dazed and hurried to touch his nose. As expected, it was red!
  'Ha ha ha ha ha ha ... ...' Pu Yao laughed carefree, his face mischievous as he looked at Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo didn't understand at all.
  Bleeding proved that the other's maze formation was really too strong. He had actually been wounded and bled without him noticing. But why was Pu Yao laughing?
  He felt that Pu Yao's laugh was slightly strange. Even now, his chest felt unspeakably uncomfortable. The last ultimate attack, the power was too amazing. The feeling of disgust lingered in his heart.
  Barely managing to calm down, Pu Yao glanced at Zuo Mo and started snickering again. He swept across the pink colored paper on Zuo Mo's hands and snatched it over, shoving it into his mouth. He chew two times and swallowed it down. For the second time, he had a satisfied expression.
  'You... ... you eat paper?' Zuo Mo pointed at Pu Yao, face full of disbelief as he asked.
  'Such pure yin energy, it would be a pity to waste it.' Pu Yao thrust out a blood red tongue and licked his lips, still hungering.
  'When did you wake up?' Zuo Mo asked dumbly.
  'When this maze formation started.' Pu Yao snickered. However, Zuo Mo felt that the other's eyes as they looked at him were slightly weird.
  'You've recovered?' Zuo Mo still decided to have some concern for Pu Yao.
  'Not that easy.' Pu Yao stretched and said lazily, 'The injury this time was too much. Recovering isn't that easy.' From his expression, he didn't seem to be that concerned with his injury.
  It seemed the situation was better than he had thought. Zuo Mo felt slightly safer. He thought about the beautiful women he had just seen. He hurriedly asked, 'What maze formation was it just now? Too strong! I was injured without me noticing!'
  'Ha ha ha ha ha ha ... ...' Pu Yao couldn't resist and started howling with laughter again, holding his stomach. Laughing to the point of not being able to stand up.
  Zuo Mo's face was puzzled. He didn't know why Pu Yao was responding like this.
  This maze formation really was powerful... ...
  At a place far away from Sky Moon Jie.
  'Hm, why hasn't there been a response? Is he really not tempted by beauty? Hee Hee, has he surrendered?'
  A girl propped up her chin and talked to herself.
  A while later. Still nothing. Her face was suspicious.
  'There's no reason. As long as he isn't a playboy, he shouldn't be able to resist! Is he really experienced? He didn't seem like it! Did I look wrong? This miss dislikes that kind of men the most!'
  She completely did not know her tempting maze formation had been altered by Pu Yao and its effect had moved from one extreme to another extreme.
  She wasn't satisfied.
  In Little West Wind Yard.
  'Do you understand women?' Pu Yao asked.
  'Of course.' Zuo Mo looked strangely at Pu Yao. This question was so dumb and idiotic. Had Pu Yao's mind been wounded? His mind was now unclear? He reminded in goodwill, 'Li Ying Feng Shijie, Xiao Guo, Master. They are all women.'
  No. No. Pu Yao had previously been an old antique of three thousand years ago but, at least, he had been somewhat normal. But now, his mind had been wounded and become dumb. Zuo Mo looked slightly sympathetically at Pu Yao. So pitiful. A Sky Yao becoming a dumb yao.
  Meeting Zuo Mo's gaze, Pu Yao snickered, 'Have you been close with a woman?'
  Zuo Mo looked with even more sympathy at Pu Yao, 'I'm close to all of them.'
  Pu Yao's snickers suddenly stopped, like he had choked. He suddenly found that it was very difficult to explain this matter to Zuo Mo.
  'When you see them, do you have any strange thoughts in your head?' Pu Yao made a last effort.
  'Uh, strange thoughts?' Zuo Mo struggled, and then nodded, 'I have.'
  'So you really do have some thoughts!' Pu Yao became excited. He continued in leading, 'What thoughts?'
  'Selling medicine.' Zuo Mo bashfully and obediently answered.
  Pu Yao was dumbstruck.
  Zuo Mo counted on his fingers as he said, 'But it's a pity that Xiao Guo is still too poor right now. Master, she won't buy the dan that I make. Usually, only Li Ying Feng Shijie would buy. However, Xu Qing Shijie also would buy. Oh, after some more time, I would advertise moisture dan to them. And there must also be Xu Yi Xia Shijie. Oh, Hao Min might be lacking, but I won't say no to jingshi... ... in the future, I will make lots and lots of dan. Elder Wei Nan's jade scrolls said that women are the best people to sell to... ...'
  Pu Yao sprayed out blood and collapsed. After a while, his limbs twitched and he struggled up. He said, refusing to give up, 'Didn't you just see those naked women? Didn't you feel something?'
  If before, Zuo Mo had been using a look reserved for silly yao, then now Zuo Mo's gaze as he looked at Pu Yao was like if he was looking at an idiot. Full of pity, he said, 'Pu Yao, that's the seal formation!'
  Gurgle gurgle. Pu Yao once again fell down, fresh blood furiously flowing out from his mouth like a spring.
  So pitiful!
  Zuo Mo looked sympathetically at Pu Yao who had been heavily affected.
  However, Zuo Mo quickly didn't have the time to sympathize with Pu Yao. The sect leader and the others all returned to the mountain. When Zuo Mo saw the deep exhaustion in the expression of the elders, he perceptively didn't say anything. The sect leader didn't say any words, only waved his hands to signal for the disciples to leave.
  'This time, the incident really is too big.' Pei Yuan Ran sighed deeply, 'Sky Moon Jie would not be peaceful.'
  The others were silent. Yan Le's face was worried, 'We have to take precautions. Wei Sheng's talents are so outstanding, one in a hundred years. We need to think of ways for him to reach jindan early, otherwise... ...'
  Everyone understood the rest. A genius, no matter the talent, before they matured, they were all very fragile. Killing an exceptional zhuji xiuzhe only required an average ningmai. They only needed a seal, a talisman... ...
  'Oh, I wanted Wei Sheng to have a strong foundation. Looking at it now, time doesn't wait for me.' Pei Yuan Ran gave a deep sigh. He thought for a moment and said resolutely, 'In abnormal times, we have to act abnormally. Everyone, gather all your power to help Wei Sheng.'
  Xin Yan and Yan Le nodded at the same time. Shi Feng Rong hesitated for a second and said, 'What about Zuo Mo?'
  Pei Yuan Ran said helplessly, 'Zuo Mo's talent might be outstanding. In another sect, they naturally would take care and nurture. But our assets, Shimei, you know it as well. If we need to put all our energy into nurturing, we could barely just nurture Wei Sheng.'
  'Yes! Shimei, I only have that much in my stores. I don't even know if there is enough for just Wei Sheng.' Yan Le urged.
  Shi Feng Rong knew that what the shixiong said was the truth. Wu Kong Sword Sect wasn't some large sect and didn't have much wealth. How were young experts made? Made from countless jingshi and lingdan! Wei Sheng was the undisputed successor of the sect. Shi Feng Rong knew very well.
  However, Zuo Mo was her disciple. She gritted her teeth, 'I do not have objections on nurturing Wei Sheng. But since Zuo Mo won't have a share of the resources, then we should reimburse him in other areas. If I need to make dan for Wei Sheng, in the future, I won't have time to teach him and will have to leave him to his own devices.' Speaking of it, she was slightly sorrowful and then raised her head, 'I only have a request. Other than some special jade scrolls, all the jade scrolls in the sect should be open for him.'
  'This... ...' Pei Yuan Ran was slightly hesitant. Shi Feng Rong's request was against the sect's rules. But when he saw the determination on Shi Feng Rong's face, he still nodded, 'Yes, I agree.' Nurturing Wei Sheng. The most important part was the supply of lingdan. On this point, Shi Feng Rong was extremely important.
  Pei Yuan Ran was a charismatic person. He thought and then stood, 'Since the situation is this bad, the jade scrolls would be garbage if they are in the pavilion. From today onwards, all the jade scrolls in the sect will be open to all inner sect disciples.'
  And then the whole of Wu Kong Sword Sect shook!
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  Second, I know and agree it totally sucks that the elders want to focus on Wei Sheng. Pei Yuan Ran is bribing Shi Feng Rong, who really is trying her best within her limits since the other is her sect leader/boss. I'm going to play devil's advocate and say Pei Yuan Ran is investing in what looks to be the most profitable venture.
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  Chapter Ninety Eight
  As He Heng walked up to her, Qu Qing Ju prepared to stand and properly greet him but was stopped when he gently pushed on her shoulder: 'There's no need, zhen just came from muhou's palace, and came here to take a look.'
  Hearing that, Qu Qing Ju responded: 'It had been planned for muhou to also come here, but who knew that the two of them would say that due to the complexity of the palace affairs, they wouldn't be able to attend this flower banquet.' As she spoke, a hint of guilt appears on her face, as though it was her fault that the two Empress Dowagers were so busy.
  'You're pregnant now and it's not necessary to do those burdensome matters,' He Heng smiled as he sat down beside her, 'Both muhou will understand.' Towards the two Empress Dowagers, he was confident of their abilities.
  Earlier, he had asked the taiyi. They said that during a woman's pregnancy, she can't be exhausted, and can't be angry, or else it would harm the body and the child. That was a big no-no.
  Hearing He Heng say so, Qu Qing Ju smiled, 'This is escaping from frustration into relaxation.'
  Even though he was sitting at the front of a crowd of women, He Heng wasn't the slightest bit unsettled. He even managed to disregard the womenfolk sitting below, full of ease as he chatted with Qu Qing Ju about some small matters, acting as though the other people were also pots of flowers.
  Using a gap in the conversation, Qu Qing Ju looked down. All of the womenfolk seemed to be comfortably engaging in conversation with those beside them. The atmosphere hadn't cooled because the Emperor had arrived. They tried very hard to make the Emperor feel welcomed.
  Qu Qing Ju felt that she couldn't waste the time of the womenfolk present and said: 'Originally, everyone was to stay for a meal before leaving, but ben gong is pregnant. The taiyi has reminded many times not to sit long in the first three months so today, we won't keep everyone. To have neglected everyone so, ben gong hopes for everyone's understanding.'
  The womenfolk who had children stood in succession, thanking the Empress for inviting them as they mentioned that it was important to be careful in the first trimester. They also said that the Empress and the embryo inside were full of good fortune, and would smoothly coast and meet auspicious events along the way.
  Qu Qing Ju smiled and let them leave. Before they left, she took another look at Qin Chao Yun. A pretty beautiful young girl. She knew how to show herself off. But it was a pity that she wore such plain clothes, but her slippers exposed her true nature.
  If a person had to act, then they had to make it more realistic. Except for the normal hairpins, the plain clothing, how could she forget about her slippers?
  The embroidered shoes of unmarried girls were frequently changed. Especially the kind that were encrusted with agate or pearls. Because it wasn't easy to clean, the pearls and agate would fall apart or the color would be wrong. So after they wore it once, they wouldn't wear it again. This caused families who didn't have the wealth to not frequently wear that kind of slippers.
  This was where Qin Chao Yun had failed. If she had really preferred plain adornments, why would she wear that kind of slippers?
  She might have had some schemes, some bravery but was still too inexperienced. It wasn't enough in front of He Heng.
  Jin An Princess Royal had originally planned to privately talk with Qu Qing Ju after the banquet. But seeing the Emperor protect her so, she felt she didn't need to say those things and smiled as she left with the other womenfolk.
  After the womenfolk left, the two of them returned to Tian Qi Palace to eat. Each dish was tested by a taijian before they started to eat.
  The meat and vegetables of the dishes were perfectly complementing and all of them were beneficial to a pregnant mother and her child. Qu Qing Ju didn't like how the dishes became slightly less flavorful but still ate a lot.
  After the meal, He Heng went to the front hall. Qu Qing Ju leaned back on the recliner, calmly asking: 'The people who brought their di daughters into the palace, have you remembered all of them?'
  'Niang niang, don't worry,' Mu Jin put a thin blanket over her, 'There were only a few families who took their unmarried daughters into the palace, nubi remembered them all.'
  Qu Qing Ju nodded. She was confident in Mu Jin, 'The Qin Family is very fortunate to still be an educated noble family. Doing what they have done, it doesn't look anything like what a noble family would do.' She wasn't very clear about the Qin Family, but based on what she knew about educated and literary families, weren't they elegant, respectful, modest yet not false? Why was it then, when it came to the Qin Family, it seemed that they were ruining the reputation of all literary families? Wasn't that morally wrong?
  'Empress, you might not know,' Jin Zhan, who usually had the most information, interjected, 'Nubi heard that the last Grand Duke Jing was a man of great character. Who knew that the heavens were jealous and he died before thirty without even a son. They could only pass the title to his shu di's son, who is the present Grand Duke Jing. The Grand Duke Jing's personality is weak and usually listens to the Duchess of Jing. In the past, it wasn't visible, but the Qin Family are more and more restless. If this continues, they might not be able to keep their label of a literary family.'
  'If that's the case, does it mean that the present Qin Family isn't considered as orthodox?' Yin Liu thought about how Rui Wang Fei acted, asking, 'Since they aren't orthodox, Rui Wang Fei also acts like this?'
  'Yes, thinking about it this way, Rui Wang Fei's branch is shu.' Mu Jin gasped ruefully, 'No wonder Rui Wang Fei is like that.'
  Even though she held a suspicious attitude regarding the division due to blood, Qu Qing Ju finally understood another matter. No wonder the conduct of the Qin Family was so short-sighted. So the real decision maker was a woman in the house. One had to know, in this time, no matter male or female, if they stayed in the home the entire time and didn't try to understand what was happening outside when they sent out orders, it was easy to make a wrong decision.
  The inner compound easily restricted a person's knowledge and judgment.
  When He Heng returned to the front hall, he abruptly dug out the list of the female candidates that the Department of Household Affairs had presented, 'Rui Wang's conduct has become confused, one of the causes is that Rui Wang Fei could not restrain him. Zhen doesn't bear for didi to have a person who doesn't serve him with the entire heart, and specially bestows some female candidates to serve in Rui Wang Fu in hopes their conduct can move Rui Wang.' After speaking, he then circled four names from the listed twenty eight, and let Qian Chang Xin leave with his words to send them to Rui Wang Fu.
  These four female candidates didn't seem to be of significance, but in reality, their paternal homes were all in Jing. Even though they weren't of exceptional families, they still had some standing in Jing City, and they had done some things which He Heng didn't like. So when he sent the four girls to Rui Wang Fu, he felt very good.
  He Heng put the list to one side. Right now, he didn't have any interest in taking a fei. In the past, he felt that the variety of beautiful women by his side was flowers on the gold, but now he felt, regardless of how many there were, if they weren't satisfactory, they just took up space.
  'Come, send down the order, bestow every one of the female candidates in Tuan Fang Hall a pair of gold bangles for their dowry. Three days later, they can return to their homes for marriage so they don't have to stay in the palace.'
  By making such an order, the Emperor was explicitly telling others he had no intentions of taking the female candidates as feipin so he's allowing them to go home to marry of their own initiative.
  The female candidates were sent home to marry on their own, the Empress was pregnant, then who would serve the Emperor? The people in the palace started to have thoughts, seemingly forgetting the lessons of the past.
  Qin Bai Lu listened to the servants report on Qu Yue Su's sorry situation, her mood light. She rewarded a handful of copper to the clever-tongued yahuan. Raising a teacup, she said to Ru Hua beside her, 'I just want to see, without wang ye's favor, how long she would survive.'
  Ru Hua saw the mirth on wang fei's face and said helplessly: 'Wang fei, nubi heard that today at court, wang ye was ......'
  'His matters has nothing to do with me,' Qin Bai Lu smiled coldly, 'Right now, I can't even run the inner compound, much less what happens outside.'
  Seeing wang fei's expression, Ru Hua understood. Wang fei still might not know that wang ye had been demoted and banned from court. This matter was extremely serious. If wang fei's state was seen by wang ye, would there be another fight?
  'Ben wang's affairs naturally doesn't have anything to do with you,' He Yuan strode in from outside. He didn't look at Qin Bai Lu and Ru Hua's expressions, and sat down at the front, faintly remarking, 'Right now, your Qin Family has put their hats for the Emperor, how would they even look at ben wang?'
  Qin Bai Lu's face instantly darkened. He Yuan's words were ugly, but it wasn't unsubstantiated. If he said it, then it meant that the Qin Family really did want to arrange someone to enter the palace.
  He Yuan lightly laughed, 'You really believe your Qin Family's daughters are goddesses that everyone falls in love? Your Qin Family might not find it embarrassing, but ben wang feels embarrassed for you.' His fingers gently tapped on the arm of the chair, mocking, 'Also, if you say that you have nothing to do with ben wang's affairs, why don't you pack up and go home? Ben wang will definitely ask for a divorce from the Emperor.'
  Qin Bai Lu's heart jumped. She looked at He Yuan, trying to find even the slightest hint of humor on his face. But his face didn't seem to be joking.
  'Wang ye ......qie was personally decreed by xiandi to be your wang fei, you cannot treat me this way,' Qin Bai Lu stammered, 'You can't divorce qie.'
  'Even if xiandi was here, if ben wang wanted to divorce you, then it will happen. Even more so, now that xiandi isn't here,' He Yuan looked frigidly at her, 'Get out, ben wang doesn't want to see you.'
  The rims of Qin Bai Lu's eyes reddened, she bowed and prepared to leave when she saw He Fu Er rush in, and then he said something which made it harder for her to endure.
  Why would the Emperor bestow a few concubines down, and accuse her of not serving wang ye well? Qin Bai Lu felt that her face was burning like someone had slapped her, burning with pain.
  He Yuan didn't care for her, only ordering He Fu Er to lead the people over for him to take a look.
  Qin Bai Lu looked at He Fu Er as he trotted away. She felt as though a basin of cold water had poured over her, freezing her from head to toe. Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Ninety - Pu Yao's Counterattack
  From any angle, Zuo Mo wasn't a slow person. Of course, Pu Yao might have his own opinions about this point.
  The changes in the sect allowed Zuo Mo to smell a strange flavor. Master had sternly told him to work hard and not slack off. She also said the jade scrolls in the sect, including all the scrolls in Fragrant Ginger Yard, were all open to him and he did not need to spend a single contribution point.
  A benefit that Zuo Mo could have only dreamed about in the past was placed in front of him, but he wasn't happy at all.
  The sect leader and the other shibo had announced these measures immediately after coming back. This meant that something had definitely happened or was going to happen. After the experiences of these two years, he knew this very well - spells were jingshi! No matter which sect or organization, they wouldn't freely pass spells to people. In the past, it was normal that the sect required contribution points for spells. Contribution points were effectively jingshi. But the sect leader suddenly said that spells didn't need contribution points anymore. This clearly meant there was a problem.
  Something was going to happen!
  Zuo Mo felt out the situation by asking if he needed to go train his body under Xin Yan Shibo. Master's answer once again proved his guess. He didn't need to go. Xin Yan Shibo was going into seclusion to forge. After that, Master told him that she was going into seclusion to make dan and didn't have time to teach him so he needed to study hard on his own.
  The conversation between him and Master lasted for a whole four hours. How to study and everything else, as though she needed to make everything clear.
  The bad feeling Zuo Mo felt became even heavier.
  In the end, Master had hesitated and urged him to spend more time practicing the sword, it was fine if he was slowing in dan-making. If, at this time, Zuo Mo still didn't know that there was a problem, then he was truly an idiot. Master waved her hand to send him away. When he had stepped outside the door to the dan room, the weak sigh that Master had given, Zuo Mo had heard it extremely clearly.
  Returning to the West Wind Yard, Zuo Mo's mood wasn't good, as though he was suffocating.
  This day, he didn't cultivate.
  At night, lying on the roof, his head pillowed on his arms, he looked at the stars in the sky in a daze. The sound tablet by his side quietly broadcasted all kinds of news.
  'What are you worried about?' Pu Yao had come out at some unknown time.
  'I feel that something is going to happen.' Zuo Mo said as he looked at the stars.
  'Something is going to happen?'
  'En. Two years ago when I opened my eyes, all I thought of was surviving in the sect. At that time, I didn't have any ideas and never thought about the future. I got used to staying here, used to this mountain. After, Master was very good to me, even though her temper might not be good. And Wei Sheng Shixiong, Old Black, Li Ying Feng Shijie, Xiao Guo... ...'
  'Even if something is going to happen, you can't do anything about it.' Pu Yao said unconcernedly.
  'I know.' Zuo Mo's eyes were slightly dark, 'My power is so weak. If something was really going to happen, I can't help.'
  'Then isn't that all?' Pu Yao asked strangely.
  'But I don't want... ...' Gazing at the faraway stars, Zuo Mo lightly muttered.
  Pu Yao became silent. He seemed to have remembered something.
  The second day, early in the morning, Zuo Mo ran to the rented ling garden and did a round of maintenance. He was just preparing to leave when someone came searching for him.
  Could you be Mister Zuo, Ling Plant Farmer Zuo Mo?' The person asked politely, his face intelligent.
  Zuo Mo was slightly surprised, 'That's me.'
  'This one has long heard of your name.' A hint of joy came across the person's face but he still showed extreme control, 'This one is He Rong and has a little shop. I heard that Mister Zuo Mo has planted a lot of Fiery Red flower. This one came to ask if Mister Zuo Mo is willing to sell.'
  Zuo Mo nodded, 'I did plant a lot of fiery red flower. However, there's still some time until they mature.'
  He Rong smiled and said, 'This one wants to reserve it first.'
  'Oh. What kind of reserve?'' Zuo Mo hadn't thought that the market had such high demand. His fiery red flowers hadn't matured and there were actually people that were coming up to reserve them. Since he had planted this batch of fiery red flowers to sell, it was naturally better that people were finding him.
  'How much has Mister Zuo Mo planted?' He Rong asked.
  'Eighty mu.'
  He Rong mused for a beat and then said, 'Right now, the market price of fiery red flower is about two pieces of third grade jingshi per tael. How much does Mister Zuo Mo think the harvest will be?'
  'About twenty catties.' Zuo Mo gave a conservative number.
  'As expected of a ling plant farmer, the yield is astonishing.' He Rong praised. He then followed up, 'I'm willing to first give sixty pieces of third grade jingshi as a down payment. If the market price in the future is lower than two pieces of third grade jingshi per tael, I will buy at this price and add the remainder. If it is higher than this price, then I will pay according to the market price. What does Mister Zuo think?'
  This price was already very good. Zuo Mo thought for a second before nodding, 'Good.'
  He suddenly asked, 'What's the price of second-grade fiery red flower?' His ling fields would produce some second-grade fiery red flower but there wouldn't be too much.
  'Fifty pieces of third-grade jingshi per tael.' He Rong was slightly shocked. When he thought about the fact the other was a ling plant farmer, he then added, 'If there is second-grade fiery red flower, this one is willing to take as much as there is.'
  Zuo Mo then asked about the market for all kinds of herbs and medicines. He Rong was clearly experienced. He could almost unhesitatingly report the prices of all herbs. After that, the two created an agreement and exchanged imprints. The imprints, it was to leave behind one's spiritual imprint on a blank jade scroll. This way, it was easier for the two to communicate. With imprints, the paper cranes could easily find the other for convenient communication.
  Zuo Mo could not do flying sword messages. He could only use paper cranes.
  Previously, other than the pink paper crane woman, Zuo Mo basically never used paper cranes. Paper cranes cost money. In the past, with his situation, he wouldn't bear it.
  Sixty pieces of third-grade jingshi, for Zuo Mo, it was a gigantic sum of money.
  Maybe he should buy a suit of ling armor. The ling armor he was wearing now was the second-grade ling armor that Yan Le Shibo had given him. It really didn't match with the fine third-grade talismans such as Water Drop sword. However, he only thought about it. It was naturally possible to buy a third-grade ling armor with sixty pieces of third-grade jingshi but what that amount could buy was normal third grade ling armor. It wasn't enough for the finest armors.
  After thinking, he decided to temporarily not spend the jingshi. He remembered his body still contained the great consumer of jingshi, Pu Yao.
  As expected, when he returned to Little West Wind Yard, Pu Yao came out.
  'I want the jingshi, Say, what do you want to exchange it for?' Pu Yao's words were very proud but he then reminded Zuo Mo, 'However, this little bit of jingshi, you won't get much of a good thing in return.'
  'What can I exchange it for?' Zuo Mo wasn't dumb and tested the waters.
  Even though Pu Yao's intelligence was a bit low right now, but this person's history was marked. He had forced through a lot of transactions.
  'Hm, I hadn't thought that you would have learnt.' Pu Yan scanned Zuo Mo a few times and then smiled cunningly, 'But this is better, a fair business transaction. Just sixty pieces of third-grade jingshi, what you can exchange for is a little trick using the consciousness. How about it? Or you can first make a payment, learn a section, then pay to learn another section.'
  'It's better to pay all at the same time.' Zuo Mo understood Pu Yao's character very well. If it was making regular payments, this guy would raise the price sky high. If he was stuck in the middle, he would definitely be in trouble.
  'He he. Up to you. How about it? Do you want to learn this little trick?' Pu Yao smiled darkly, the blood eye was like it was looking at prey. Zuo Mo felt his hairs stand up.
  Zuo Mo gritted his teeth, 'Learn!'
  He had kept on practicing [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] and his consciousness far surpassed the average person. However, he didn't know how to use it. His only use of his consciousness was when he was monitoring the lingdan during dan-making.
  'Ha ha!' Pu Yao smiled, satisfied. Ding ding dong dong. A stream of sounds from jingshi hitting each other, and made Zuo Mo's heart ache.
  Sixty pieces of third grade jingshi!
  'Hm, here.' Pu yao threw a ball of light at Zuo Mo, throwing down a, 'We're clear!' Before disappearing.
  Having had a previous experience, Zuo Mo took the ball of light. The moment the light ball touched his hand, it turned to countless characters that floated in his mind.
  [Fragrance Knowledge]. Using the consciousness, able to remember the attributes of any female and never forget. Also, as long as the other was in a radius of five hundred li from the user, the user could detect the other's position and find them. When the user was skilled, if they used this scripture, even if the other was thousands of miles away, the user could easily find them. Also, this scripture could detect the quality of the ling potential females had. At the very end, Zuo Mo saw a final sentence in conclusion, this scripture is the essential scripture for every pervert who wants to do paired cultivation!
  Zuo Mo wanted to spit up blood.
  'Pu Yao! Ye will kill you! Return ye's jingshi... ...'
  In the Little West Wing Yard, a heart wrenching howl echoed!
  In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao sat on the gravestone, extremely smug and cunning, saying, 'Ha ha ha ha, maze formation... ... humph humph, in the future, if anyone discuss formations with me, I'll discuss women with them! Ahaha... ...'
  Pu Yao still held a grudge against Zuo Mo's answer from last time. He was extremely exhilarated about this counterattack!
  The next few days, Zuo Mo didn't not recover from this painful blow. Sixty pieces of third-grade jingshi exchanged for such an useless scripture, Zuo Mo wanted to tear Pu Yao to pieces and feed him to the dogs!
  Deeply impacted, Zuo Mo decided to make Golden Crow pills to recover his losses.
  Sixty pieces of third-grade jingshi! That was three hundred Golden Crow pills! Last time, he had made a few hundred Golden Crow pills and it almost killed him.
  Carrying grief and motivation, Zuo Mo raced for Fragrant Ginger Yard, aspiring to furiously make Golden Crow pills. But quickly, he heard an unlucky news. Xu Qing told him that the ingredients in the sect for the fasting pill had been used up.
  He hurried to ask Li Ying Feng Shijie and the news he received was like lightning on a clear day.
  A certain ingredient was not being supplied anymore on the market!
  According to Shijie's speculations, there was someone maliciously hoarding the ingredients. The use of this ingredient was extremely widespread. Many lingdan required it. One of his avenues of wealth now cut off, it was like a stick to Zuo Mo's head!
  Accordingly, his hatred of Pu Yao quickly rose! Sixty pieces of third-grade jingshi, it only bought a scripture that didn't have any use, especially when he didn't have much money in the first place!
  He could not bear it!
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  Chapter Ninety Nine Decay
  The four candidates who had been bestowed by the Emperor were all taken in. Only after they had become yiniang did the people of the wang fu find out the shocking reality - wang ye had been demoted. Since he wasn't a qin wang anymore, the allowances in the fu and the number of servants had to decrease. The size of the wang fu had to shrink so some people were going to be thrown out.
  Just as the servants were worried for their future, they heard another piece of news. Wang ye had been banned from court, and his salary was to be docked for five years. Additionally, he had to admit his crimes in writing to the public.
  The servants who had been reluctant to leave the palace weren't reluctant anymore. They waited for the notice to come so they could find a new employer. As for the taijian and palace maids who had came out of the Department of Household Affairs, they wanted to go back to the department to be assigned again. They would rather find another master than to serve one who had no future. At the very least, anything would be better than now.
  Qin Bai Lu hadn't thought that such an event would happen. She listened to Ru Hua recite the happenings, and choked for a long time before stammering: 'Didn't he want to divorce me? Now that he's like this, how can he divorce me?!'
  Ru Hua sighed in helplessness. Not speaking of the ego that wang ye had, even if a normal person heard what wang fei had said, they would have been angry. In the beginning when wang fei just entered the wang fu, she rashly sorted out the concubines in the fu. When wang ye said a word, the two started to fight there and then, a subject of much mockery by the servants in the fu.
  Now that it was like this, wang ye and wang fei had nothing to say to each other, and wang ye had lost power. Wang fei should be thinking of how to comfort wang ye or secure the people of the houyuan. But she was rejoicing in the misfortune. To keep going like this, would there be any feelings left?
  Seeing Ru Hua wanting to speak but kept restraining herself, Qin Bai Lu uttered coldly: 'Since wang ye doesn't want me to manage anything in the wang fu, then whatever happens in the fu, I don't need to spend the effort for nothing. If anyone begs to see me, just say that I'm ill.'
  'Yes, wang fei.' Having served wang fei for almost a decade, Ru Hua was clear about wang fei's personality. She wouldn't have appreciated any more conversation. She bowed and silently stood to one side.
  But Qin Bai Lu couldn't remain calm for too long. Because the Qin Family had passed on the news that her cousin had been reproached by the Emperor in front of all the noblewomen. Earlier, she had called in sick to avoid attending Qu Qing Ju's chrysanthemum banquet, so she hadn't thought such a thing would happen.
  Listening to the cause of the matter, Qin Bai Lu was irritated. No wonder wang ye would speak of her Qin Family's daughters that way. So it had been because of this. It was also no wonder that her paternal family hadn't sent in their cards to her. So they had wanted to climb on the high branch that was the Emperor. She was only a failed wang fei, what use did she have?
  After managing to clearly figure out the matter, Qin Bai Lu felt her heart becoming cold. Both her family and her husband were like this. She had no hope left in her life. Thinking about the pregnant Qu Qing Ju, she lowered her head to touch her own empty belly. She didn't understand why all the good things of the world happened to Qu Qing Ju. A good popo, a good husband, a good birth, even more, she would soon have a child.
  Who said that the heavens had eyes? Some people lived well and others didn't.
  'Ru Hua, pass my orders, Qu shi is seriously ill. To prevent her from infecting others, she will not live in Xi Ce Yuan. Today, she will move to the Xi Ping Zhai in the western corner to recuperate.' She didn't believe all the women of the Qu Family would be lucky.
  Ru Hua heard wang fei's sinister order, and shook slightly, 'Nubi will send it down right now.'
  Coming out of the zhengyuan, she looked at the large building and for some reason, felt a gust of cold enter from her back into her heart.
  Qu Yue Su, who had been sick on the bed, watched as the servants of the fu roughly pack up her things and piled them in the middle of the room. She hated Qin Bai Lu for being cruel and hated herself because she couldn't do anything to the loathsome servants.
  After the things in the room were packed up, one of the mamas came up and jerked off the blanket on her, coldly announcing; 'Qu ce fei, you should get up. Wang fei has ordered for you to move to Xi Ping Zhai before midnight. Nubi will have to offend you here.' She easily pulled Qu Yue Su from the bed, who was dressed in her undergarments.
  Qu Yue Su was seriously ill and couldn't tolerate her handling. Her body froze and she started to cough. As she covered her mouth, she looked hatefully at the mama, wanting to eat her flesh and break her bones.
  'Ce fei, don't look like that at nubi. Nubi isn't the one at fault,' The mama waved her hand saying to the other yahuan behind her, 'What are you doing standing there? Help ce fei change.'
  When Yao Xi carried a bowl of hot medicine to enter the Ce Yuan, she coincidentally saw Qu Yue Su being pulled out of the room by two mamas, wearing a repulsive colored dress, her hair falling messily behind her back, cutting an extremely sorry figure, 'What are you doing to ce fei?!' She put the bowl onto the ground and tried to rush forward to push aside the mamas dragging ce fei.
  'Yao Xi guniang, this is wang fei's order, you shouldn't interfere,' The mama who was in command sneered, 'If you make a fuss, I can only assume you are angry at wang fei and deliberately opposing wang fei's command.'
  Yao Xi stilled. She was panicked and angry as she went forward to support Qu Yue Su, coldly asking: 'What do you mean mama, that it is wang fei's intention for ce fei not to be properly attired?'
  The mama twisted her mouth and then responded: 'Yao Xi guniang should say less. I'm old and can't hear anything.' She waved her hand for the servants to drag Qu Yue Su away. Yao Xi could only follow.
  The Xi Ping Zhai's name was better than the room. Yao Xi knelt by the bed with red eyes, looking at her mistress who was unnaturally flushed, kowtowing as she said: 'Zhuzi, nubi will ask for wang ye to come, wang ye will save you.'
  'There's no need to go, wang ye won't come,' She looked at Yao Xi who was crying in hurt, smiling, 'Don't cry, everyone has to make the journey.' She had been ill originally, and after suffering such an ordeal, she wouldn't survive.
  'Zhuzi, don't say that, you will get better,' Yao Xi went forward to grasp Qu Yue Su's hand, 'Nubi will go make medicine for you, you'll get better after eating it.'
  Qu Yue Su shook her head. In a daze, she seemed to have seen the beautiful lanterns at the riverside at the Lantern Festival, the bustling and tight crowds, and Qu Qing Ju and the Emperor holding hands. She muttered: 'That originally belonged to me, it's mine ... ... Qu ... ... Qing Ju, why ... ...'
  Her voice gradually grew smaller and finally faded in the silence of the room. Yao Xi looked at the motionless person on the bed and cried out loud.
  'Wang fei, Qu ce fei of Xi Ping Zhai has passed.' Ru Hua entered the room and saw wang fei was reading a book by the window. She went forward to report in a small voice, 'Yao Xi, the servant of Qu ce fei, hopes to see wang ye.'
  Qin Bai Lu flipped a page, her head not lifting as she rejected: 'Let her go beg He Fu Er, I can't make the decision.'
  Ru Hua saw that wang fei didn't want to speak and could only retreat. Looking at Yao Xi waiting at the door, wearing plain clothing and her bright red and swollen eyes, she revealed a conflicted expression, not knowing how to tell her.
  'Wang fei said that she hasn't been in charge of the household recently. If you want to see wang ye, then go find Chief Steward He,' Ru Hua furtively looked at the surroundings and quickly stuffed a pouch filled with silver into Yao Xi's hands before acting normal as she returned to the zhengyuan.
  Yao Xi slowly stood up. Looking at the pouch in her hand, she walked blankly towards the main building. No matter what, zhuzi had served wang ye for a length of time. Would he not even let the person be properly buried after death?
  He Yuan had a beautiful woman in his arms as she served him wine. As he became drunk, he let another beauty play the zither to raise his spirits. He drank until he was almost senseless, and couldn't even see clearly.
  'Wang ye, Qu ce fei has passed away.' He Fu Er reported at his side, 'Yao Xi, who served ce fei, asks for an audience.'
  'Who is Qu ce fei?' He Yuan placed a kiss on the face of the beauty in his arms. As the woman laughed, he frowned, 'Gone is gone, why tell ben wang?'
  'Wang ye, Qu ce fei is Empress' half-sister,' he Fu Er saw that wang ye was drunk and could only pour tea as he added, 'Many people are looking from the outside.' No matter how it really was, they should make it appear better.
  'The meimei of the Empress,' He Yuan pushed away the beauty in his arms, rubbing his forehead to clear his mind. He took a long draw of the tea He Fu Er handed over, 'If that's the case, then make sure the servants won't slight her, and bury according to protocol.'
  Not slighting yet according to protocol. That would be difficult. He Fu Er thought but didn't show any of it. Thinking about whom to appoint to carry out the affair, he praised, 'Wang ye can take care of her, it's her good fortune. This one will get someone to do so.'
  He Yuan sneered: 'If she wasn't Empress' meimei, ben wang wouldn't have spent the thought.'
  He Fu Er changed: 'The fact that Qu ce fei had a jiejie who is the Empress, it is her good fortune.'
  'Alright,' He Yuan gave a yawn, 'According to you, then isn't it the Empress' misfortune to have a sister like her?'
  He Fu Er laughed dryly. He knew that wang ye was drunk and didn't dare to reply.
  'Leave,' He Yuan once again gathered the beauty beside him into his arms, 'don't disturb ben wang.'
  There were many women in Rui Wang Fu. It wasn't a major matter for a ce shi to die but this ce shi was the Empress' meimei. So they had to find someone to report it into the palace. The news first passed to the Department of Household affairs, then the department would report to the Empress. But, according to emotional reasoning, this matter should have been reported to the Empress directly. Yet, according to protocol, Qu Yue Su was only a ce shi. Such an unlucky minor matter shouldn't ever have passed to the Empress. In the end, He Fu Er pondered for a long time before finding a circular way.
  Qu Qing Ju had been perplexed upon hearing that the junior supervisor of the Department of Household affairs had asked for an audience. At the moment, she wasn't in charge of palace affairs so why was the supervisor running to her?
  When she finished reading the announcement of death that the supervisor had presented, she felt conflicted inside. She held the letter, but didn't know what to say. In her impressions, Qu Yue Su was a talented and beautiful woman. She could have married into a good family, but she had to run with her ambitions and picked a wrong path, ruining her life.
  If she hadn't become a concubine of Rui Wang Fu in the beginning, and instead married a son of a noble family, then she wouldn't have lost her life.
  Weakness could harm one's life, that was the original Qu Qing Ju. Greed could ruin a woman, that had been Qu Yue Su. The former was pitiful, the latter was lamentable.
  'Empress,' the junior supervisor of the Department of Household Affair saw the Empress' expression wasn't well and his heart jumped. He didn't know what the Empress was thinking.
  'You are excused,' Qu Qing Ju put down the letter in her hand, waving her hand, 'Huang Yang, take some people with you to Rui Wang Fu, and burn some incense for ben gong to Qu ce fei, and add some paper money and candles.'
  It was lamentable as a concubine, but as a wife, how many women were happy?
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  Chapter Ninety One - Merging Sword Essences
  When Pu Yao saw Zuo Mo, he smiled.
  'Pu Yao, I don't want this garbage scripture. Either you return the jingshi, or exchange it for another scripture!' Zuo Mo's eyes were red, like a furious thin zombie, hatefully staring at Pu Yao.
  'Hee.' Pu Yao's light laugh was like the hiss of a snake. He slowly drawled, 'There's no such thing as refunds and exchanges here.'
  'In the future, don't think about getting jingshi!' Zuo Mo hatefully said.
  Pu Yao wasn't affected. He propped up his chin, his peerlessly beautiful face full of mockery, relaxed and carefree, 'I don't need your permission anyway.'
  Hearing this, Zuo Mo stopped breathing. Finally, he remembered that he didn't seem to have any ways of stopping this guy.
  He wasn't satisfied, wasn't satisfied!
  Zuo Mo hated so much that his teeth ached but didn't know what to do.
  Being shut down by Pu Yao wasn't a surprise. If he could have gotten something off Pu Yao, then it would be an amazing matter.
  The making of Golden Crow pills was stuck, the Fiery Red flowers in the ling gardens hadn't matured, Zuo Mo instantly lost all avenues of income. Especially right now when he was penniless. Without jingshi, he couldn't do anything.
  Zuo Mo could only stay in the little yard and cultivate, go to the ling garden. Any other times, he would go to Fragrant Ginger Yard to practice dan-making. He couldn't make Golden Crow pills but the other dan medicines were not affected. It was lucky that his reputation was now great, and since Master was in seclusion to make dan, his tab with Xu Qing could be greater.
  It was a pity that he couldn't find a dan that was as easy to sell and as profitable as Golden Crow pill. From the accounts, he was more in debt. Xu Qing wasn't concerned. This was normal. If people would earn jingshi from the moment they started learning dan-making, then everyone would be learning dan-making.
  Zuo Mo remembered what Master had said to him, spend more time practicing the sword!
  This sentence, he remembered it very clearly. The meaning behind these words didn't need to be said.
  Okay, since he couldn't make jingshi, then he will practice the sword. He had already reached a pretty good level with [Li Water Sword Scripture] but he had reached a barrier. He didn't have any idea of how to develop it further. What he could think about now was to see if he could merge Xin Yan Shibo's tidal sword essence and Li water sword essence together.
  This idea had sprouted when he had seen the sword river in his consciousness that was divided in two.
  However, merging two different sword essences was an extremely difficult matter. Luckily, almost all the jade scrolls in the sect were open, including Xin Yan Shibo's [Ice Dragon Sword Scripture].
  This time, the effect of opening the jade scrolls to the disciples wasn't large. Wei Sheng Shixiong was in the sword cave, Xu Yi Shixiong was obsessed with forging, Gong Sun Qing Shijie was packing up to travel to her betrothed, Luo Li Shixiong was still in seclusion, Xu Yi Xia and Hao Min didn't have much interest in the sword. Eldest Shixiong Qin Cheng was on a trip to manage affairs.
  Overall, the person most interested in these sword scripture scrolls was Zuo Mo. What Zuo Mo was most interested in was [Ice Dragon Sword Scripture]. In reality, this was the jade scroll he was most surprised about when the scrolls had been released this time. They even let this one out?
  The sect's strongest was [Void Sword Scripture], but in Zuo Mo's heart, [Ice Dragon Scripture] was the strongest sword scripture. He had never seen how powerful [Void Sword Scripture] was but he had personally experienced Xin Yan Shibo's terrifying sword essence many times and it had left a deep impression on him.
  To be able to see the entirety of [Ice Dragon Sword Scripture], it was a matter that Zuo Mo was overjoyed about.
  However, he quickly found that [Ice Dragon Sword Scripture] was like some of the jade scrolls in Fragrant Ginger Yard. The contents you were able to see were appropriate for the cultivation you had. If the cultivation wasn't high enough, you couldn't see the contents. This was to stop people who didn't have the cultivation but forced themselves to practice from damaging themselves.
  Zuo Mo couldn't see much of the contents, just the impression method of the flying sword and some of the shallower contents. Seeing this, he couldn't help but sigh. Water Drop sword might be much higher in grade than ice crystal sword but it wasn't as suited as ice crystal sword for practicing [Ice Dragon Sword Scripture]. This firmed Zuo Mo's determination to merge the two sword essence. If for nothing else, it was worth it just for the Water Drop sword.
  The language of [Ice Dragon Sword] was extremely profound and cryptic. But since Zuo Mo had a rough understanding of Ice Dragon sword essence, using it as a reference, he was actually able to understand the majority of the contents. After reading what was available to him, Zuo Mo put down the scroll and fell into contemplation.
  This deep contemplation of his was ten days long!
  He did not eat, drink, nor sleep, and did not rest for ten days!
  On the tenth day, Zuo Mo suddenly opened his eyes and raised his hand to form a sword energy!
  A streak of cool yet fiery light, containing the sharpness of a sword, hit the ground. It left behind a deep hole. On the edges of the hole, there were many traces of ice.
  It was a pity he could only force the two together like this. There were still many places in the new sword essence that Zuo Mo felt were very vague. It could only wait until Zuo Mo had a deeper understanding of [Ice Dragon Sword Scripture] and continuous battle for comprehension before he would become familiar.
  The new sword essence was with the li water sword essence as the primary and the Ice Dragon sword essence as the auxiliary. Originally, Ice Dragon sword essence was of higher grade than li water sword essence and it should have been Ice Dragon sword essence as primary and li water sword essence as auxiliary. But Zuo Mo's understanding of li water sword essences was far deeper than his understanding of Ice Dragon sword essence.
  After the two were merged, the power of the sword energy increased dramatically!
  In comparison, the merging of sword moves was much easier than merging sword essences. No matter if it was [Ice Dragon Sword Scripture] or [Li Water Sword Scripture], they didn't have complex or long moves.
  It was a pity no one came for him to test his sword with. Zuo Mo suddenly started to miss those people from Ling Ying Sect. If, once in awhile, someone came for him to test his sword with, and also came with a fine talisman, how great would that be!
  When Zuo Mo found out that his thinking had took ten days, he instantly jumped. Uncaring of anything else, he rode the grey beaked goose towards the ling garden. What he could celebrate was that the state of the Fiery Red flower and the other herbs in the ling garden were very good and there wasn't much change. He could finally release a breath.
  Extremely tired, he simply laid down on the grass in the ling garden and fell asleep.
  Dong Fu had recovered from the previous chaotic situation. This place had once again become a gathering ground for low level xiuzhe. Without those high level xiuzhe, the pressure that had been in the hearts of the low level xiuzhe instantly was swept away. The city became lively once again.
  'Did you hear? The Dong Fu Sword Test Conference is going to begin!'
  'I heard. You can go as long as you are zhuji. The qualification is really low this time!'
  'Dong Fu Hall has really put in a lot of resources this time. So many prizes, they are really generous.'
  'Che, so what? In the end, it would be Yu Bai who gets it. Just moving from the left pocket to the right.'
  'That's not so certain. Didn't Wu Kong Sword Sect have a genius called Wei Sheng? I feel he could be a dark horse!'
  'Wei Sheng? I also heard about him. Supposedly, Wu Kong Sword Sect also has a guy called the Scalping Zombie, extremely vicious!'
  'Who isn't vicious? It's only us that aren't vicious. Yu Bai, Zong Ming Yan, they are all vicious!'
  'That's so true... ...'
  ... ...
  The news that the time for the Dong Fu Sword Test Conference was quickly approaching became the hottest topic in Dong Fu. The number and quality of prizes offered this time was enough to make everyone gape. No one understood what was going on in Tian Song Zi's head that he would pay such a great price to hold a sword test conference.
  Fourth-grade Green Pine sword, fourth-grade Hundred Desolation Lucky Beast belt, fourth-grade Fragmented Gold coronet, third-grade Rowan sleeve, third-grade Sky shirt, third grade Icy Cobra ling armor... ...
  It had to be said that this move was extremely effective. The generous prizes greatly stirred the excitement of young xiuzhe, especially the poor disciples of those small sects. Where would they have the jingshi to buy talismans? They all drooled as they looked at the prizes.
  Once the news was announced, the people who registered were numerous. Since it didn't cost anything to register, it would be stupid not to. If they were lucky, they might be able to scoop up a talisman. They wouldn't lose anything if they lost. However, they had to start from the Preliminary Sword Test Conference and go through several rounds before entering the Sword Test Conference.
  The more significant sects in Dong Fu had an allotment of slots. They could directly attend the Sword Test Conference without first going through the Preliminary Sword Test Conference.
  Even though the treatment was different, the attendees didn't have many angry words. The lower the level of the xiuzhe, the more they understood the realities of the world. If the world was like this, what could they be angry about?
  Other than the xiuzhe in Dong Fu's surroundings, the Sword Test Conference this time had attracted large numbers of skilled people from the other twelve primary towns!
  Under the lure of a heavy reward, there would be courageous people!
  Due to holding a sword test conference, Dong Fu became abnormally busy.
  It was the second day when Zuo Mo woke up. The blinding sunlight woke him from a deep sleep.
  With his body fully rested, he became as vigorous and energetic as usual. When he returned to the Little West Wind Yard, he went to clean out the ling fields, sorting out the ling grasses which had matured. He was planning on going to Dong Fu at some time. These ling grasses could be exchanged for some jingshi.
  Just like normal, he burrowed into the stone room and started to practice [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] and [Vajra Profound Sutra].
  Four hours later, he opened his eyes, revealing joy. Just now, his cultivation had broken through to the fourth level of zhuji. Different from his consciousness which had kept on stopping before reaching third breath, the increase in his ling power was very quick. In a very short amount of time, he had broken through to zhuji fourth level. This speed could be called terrifying.
  Of course, the ling vein had played a crucial role. If it wasn't for this ling vein, he would probably still be at the second level.
  Based on this speed, he would quickly break through to ningmai! By that time, he would finally have some measure of self-protection.
  In Sky Moon Jie, jindan was undoubtedly the highest level of existence. The next level down was ningmai. However, the difference in power between different ningmai xiuzhe was very big but no matter what, if he reached ningmai, he would finally leave behind the ranks of low level xiuzhe.
  If one didn't have much ambition, ningmai xiuzhe could live a pretty good life in Sky Moon Jie. The benefits and tribute a ningmai xiuzhe received wasn't on the same level as a zhuji xiuzhe.
  After practicing [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation], Zuo Mo started [Vajra Profound Sutra]. As to [Fragrance Knowledge], he threw the scripture to one side.
  Studying women, it was better to study maze formations!
  The version of [Vajra Profound Sutra] Zuo Mo practiced was the gravestone version. After practicing it for a length of time, he discovered the difference between the two versions was increasingly greater.
  In meditation, Zuo Mo sat upright, his entire body was like a statue forged from  dark gold.
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  Main Page | Table of Contents | Chapter 6-10 Chapter One [Little Art of Cloud and Rain]
  'Don't forget!'
  'Even in death, you must not forget!'
  A strange yet familiar voice seemed to come from deep in the clouds. Again and again, echoing, layering, relentless.
  Must not forget?
  Must not forget what?
  He suddenly woke. Just as usual, his entire body was soaked, the clothing sticking to the skin uncomfortably. He sat up, the stars and dark sky above his head reminding him that there was still a long time before morning. A gust of wind blew over, whooshing icily.
  This dream again!
  Habitually blowing out a long breath.
  It was still early, he laid back down going back to sleep.
  Before he could walk to the gate of the mountain, Zuo Mo heard someone yelling from far away. 'Mo ge,[1] remember to water the fields for me. We made an agreement at the beginning of this month. This year's harvest is depending on you.'
  When he looked over, it was a fifty-something year old man, dark and thin. He was poking around in the field. If he didn't look closely, he wouldn't see there was a person there.
  The old man's nickname was Old Black. His real name was unknown. He was the oldest among the outer sect disciples of Wu Kong Sword Sect.[2]
  Zuo Mo wiped at the sweat on his forehead, replying, 'Won't forget. Don't worry, tomorrow, it's your turn!'
  Zuo Mo's body was thin like a stalk of bamboo. The purple robe of the outer sect disciples loosely draped on his body. In contrast to the slipperiness of his speech was his wooden face that looked like a zombie, dark and gloomy.
  Zuo Mo's zombie face was his trademark characteristic. In the beginning, everyone avoided him, but gradually they discovered that other than his face, his temper and personality were both extremely good at which point more people interacted with him. After these two years, he was the most popular among the outer sect disciples.
  Old Black's face lit up in joy, his mouth hurriedly complimenting, 'Good good good! Mo ge, your specialty, I, Old Black, has never seen anything else like it.'
  Zuo Mo's [The Little Art of Cloud and Rain] was special. He was the only one in the outer sect disciples to have mastered the third level of [The Little Art of Cloud and Rain]. It was with this that he almost had a monopoly on the contracts of rain-making for all the ling[3] fields of the sect.
  [The Little Art of Cloud and Rain] wasn't a complicated spell,[4] everyone knew how to do it. Its main use was creating rain for the ling fields. One only needed three to five days to learn the first level. The second level, it could be easily accomplished in one or two years. But starting from the third level, it required the ability of comprehension from each individual. In all of the outer sect disciples of Wu Kong Sword Sect, only Zuo Mo had successfully comprehended it.
  After [The Little Art of Cloud and Rain] reached the third level, its effectiveness increased dramatically and could drastically increase the production of ling grains and ling vegetables. Because of that, after he achieved the third level, his position in the sect rose. His name went from Little Zombie Mo to Mo ge.
  Zuo Mo waved his hand to bid farewell to Old Black.
  Zuo Mo bared his teeth and shifted the bag on his back. His shoulders ached. On his back was three hundred catties of ling grain which almost broke his thin and weak shoulders.
  A thin and weak zombie carried a cloth bag on his back that was many times larger than his body. He moved with difficulty along the mountain path.
  Lugging three hundred catties of ling grain, he wheezed his way down to the entrance to the mountain. Just as he passed the mountain gate, he threw the cloth bag on his shoulders to the ground as his entire body collapsed to the ground, his breath racing.
  After resting for a short period and he recovered some energy, he stood up and carefully took out a grass yellow paper crane from his bosom.
  The paper crane was the size of a palm, folded from yellow grass paper. Drawn on it in cinnabar, were seals.
  As he channeled in ling power, the paper crane began to enlarge. It grew slightly larger than a real crane. Thin stalks of bamboo made up the skeleton and a layer of yellow grass paper was pasted on top. Drawn over the entire body were seals that curved like tadpoles. It was evident that the craftsmanship of the crane wasn't very good. Many places that were pasted together were frayed. The quality of the yellow paper was very low as fragments of grass could be seen throughout on the paper.
  Zuo Mo lifted the cloth bag onto the back of the paper crane, from the ground.
  Inside the mountain, the outer sect disciples were restricted from flying. During these two years, Zuo Mo had cursed this rule inside countless times.
  Clumsily climbing onto the back of the paper crane, the sound of creaking and groaning could be heard as the bamboo rods of the paper crane bent. He paused in his motions. After a while, seeing that the paper crane showed no indication of collapsing, he exhaled in relief.
  'Lil' Yellow,[5] Lil' Yellow, you can't break down at this time.'
  Zuo Mo patted the head of the paper crane as it swayed and left the ground.
  The creaking of the bamboo and paper sounded once again. It was as though the paper crane was drunk. The flight path was strange, suddenly high, suddenly low, suddenly left before turning right. It wheezed as it followed the mountain road forward.
  Zuo Mo had a very steady seat. He was very experienced. This was the lowest quality of flying paper cranes. Its maximum load wasn't even four hundred catties. The weight right now was extremely dangerous. But this 'impotent' paper crane was something that all other outer sect disciples were envious of.
  In the outer sect disciples, he was the first one to have a mount. Of course, as to whether a flying paper crane truly counted as a mount wasn't in the limits of Zuo Mo's consideration.
  In the midst of the creaking and crying, after swerving for ten hours, when Zuo Mo's zombie face was slightly pale, Dong Fu could be seen far away on the horizon.
  In the midst of the clouds, Dong Fu faded in and out.
  Once upon a time, Dong Fu zhenren[6] broke off the peak with one sword strike and used the newly formed plateau as the foundation for his base, creating Dong Fu. After five hundred years, Dong Fu had developed into one of the thirteen primary towns of Sky Moon Jie. Three thousand jie of the xiuzhe,[7] Sky Moon Jie couldn't even be ranked. It was only a minor jie, its history just one thousand and five hundred something years. One thousand and five hundred years ago, Tian Yue[8] xianren[9] found and took control of this jie. She used her own name to name it Sky Moon jie. Tian Yue xianren was one of Kun Lun and so Sky Moon Jie logically became one of the jie that were governed by the realm of Kun Lun.[10]
  After that, some other zhenren came to Sky Moon Jie to start their own sects and it gradually developed into the present day situation.
  The paper crane creaked and groaned as it struggled to fly to the base of Dong Fu Mountain. During the journey, he was able to hear the laughter of other people. A thin zombie, sitting on a similarly thin, drunken paper crane. The scene caused many people to laugh.
  Zuo Mo sat in a dignified manner, his expression was natural as though he was the perfect zombie. In reality, on the inside, he was drooling at the other flying mounts that flew over his head - those were true mounts!
  This one with the grey body and red beak was a red beaked goose. The back of the goose was wide and soft, sitting on it, one would feel almost no shaking, it was called the greatest experience. The lump under that xiuzhe's feet was Lucky Magic Cloud, travelling on a cloud was so free and outstanding.  The silver hovering on the back of that xiuzhe was Thunder Wings, the lightning sparked and flew at high speeds like lightning, do you want to experience speed ... ...
  He could recite the slogans smoothly, but he was only able to recite the advertisements.
  The thing that shocked everyone the most was a Thousand Wings Boat that slowly sailed above his head. The entire boat was like a mountain as it flew across his head. Zuo Mo only felt his eyes become dark and when he raised his head, the light of the jinzhi[11] at the base of the black bottom were barely detectable.
  The greatest crime of all xiuzhe was extravagance!
  Zuo Mo couldn't help swearing inside, but when he saw the other xiuzhe scatter sorrily, his mood instantly became better.
  After flying for another two hours, xiuzhe and crane finally reached the base of Dong Fu Mountain. With Lil' Yellow's impotent flying ability that stuck to right above the ground, flying up Dong Fu was just wishful thinking.
  He climbed down from the paper crane and loaded off the bag. When he took down the paper crane, cracks could be seen on the surface. Zuo Mo sighed with grief inside. Did he have to buy a new one? This thought made his flesh hurt deeply.
  Narrowing his eyes to look at Dong Fu that was over the clouds, and the winding and countless stone steps, and then a look at the bag beside his feet, Zuo Mo's legs started trembling.
  'Brother, do you need help?' A shadow came across Zuo Mo's eyes.
  A man whose half-naked body was steely muscled came over.
  'How much?' Zuo Mo asked alertly. His eyes scanned around the surroundings. Receiving encouragement from his look, a few other men sitting at the side stood up.
  Noticing that others of his own profession seemed to want to come over, the man's heart tightened and he hurriedly stated, 'Three first grade.'
  Three first grade meant three pieces of first-grade jingshi.[12]
  Zuo Mo exclaimed in shock, 'Kill me!' And followed decisively, 'Just two. If you're willing, then do it. If not, never mind.' At this time, if he made out a shocked expression, he would have had both sound and look. The ploy was hopeless for Zuo Mo, because his zombie face didn't move and the atmosphere instantly became weird.
  'Too fake!' The strongman jerked his mouth, but seeing the other people that were restless in the surroundings, he gritted his teeth and crisply nodded, 'Fine!'
  Finishing, his hand that was as big as a fan reached for the cloth bag on the ground. Zuo Mo shouted, 'Wait!'
  'Make a contract first.' Zuo Mo took out a jade scroll.
  'Just two, what contract does it need?' The strong man muttered disapprovingly.
  'For safety. Otherwise, with my body, if you run, I can't catch up with you.' Zuo Mo's face was still expressionless, and his voice was still carrying a smile.
  Helplessly, the strong man could only sign a contract with Zuo Mo. Seeing this, the other people finally left.
  Finishing the contract, the man picked up the bag on the ground. The three hundred catty seemed weightless in his arms.
  Halfway up the mountain, Zuo Mo struggled to crawl up the mountain, his entire body soaked in sweat. The brawny man said with a face full of disdain, 'Your endurance really sucks.' Then he urged, 'Can't you be faster? I still want to complete two more job orders today! At this speed, it'll be lucky if we get there before dark.'
  Zuo Mo felt as though he was a fish out of the water. He felt he was suffocating. He put his butt on the stone stairs and panted roughly, one breath disconnected from the next, 'I ......I can't......'
  The man instantly panicked, 'It can't be like this. Are you trying to ruin my business?'
  Zuo Mo's eyes rolled and he stated expressionlessly, 'You can see it. I really don't have any more energy.'
  The man furiously ranted, 'Taking your business, I really lost a lot today.' Finishing, he grabbed Zuo Mo with one hand and put him under his arm, lengthening his stride and started to jog up the stone stairs.
  'You guys who cultivate your body, are really admirable.' Zuo Mo who was taking advantage said heartlessly.
  'What's admirable? Just eating based on physical strength. Right now, I'm at the fifth level of lianqi.[13] Once I get to zhuji ,[14] I can take more orders. These days, it's hard to make a living!' The muscled man couldn't help but sigh.
  'Yeah! Living isn't easy!' Zuo Mo felt sorrow in his heart. He suddenly remembered that Thousand Wing Boat he saw on the road and couldn't help but ask, 'Hey, what was with that Thousand Wing Boat? I have never seen it before.'
  'That's the moving palace of Chi Ye zhenren. You have to be careful and not provoke him.' The man gave a friendly reminder, 'If you see women dressed in white with a veil, you have to respectfully stay away. They are all concubines of Chi Ye zhenren and have terrible tempers. Many people have offended them and they didn't have good endings!'
  The man's strength was astonishing. One hand holding the three hundred catty bag, the other hand Zuo Mo as he spoke without showing any sign of exhaustion.
  'That's true. For us little people, to offend them is to seek death.' Zuo Mo agreed.
  The strides of the man were very big and his speed much faster than Xiao Huang. It only took him an hour to finish climbing up the winding stone stairs.
  Zuo Mo crisply paid him two first-grade jingshi. The man took the jingshi before turning to rush down the mountain.
  'Living isn't easy!' Zuo Mo looked at the back of the man and expressionlessly concluded.
  Zuo Mo was very familiar with Dong Fu. He took up the bag, and after a few turns he found his destination.
  This was a store that specialized in purchasing ling grains. It was a small storefront. Outside the door, there hanged a small flag. On it were two words, Ling Grains. The seal arrangement on the flag guaranteed that the two words could be seen from far away even at night.
  Three hundred catties of second-grade ling grain, to this kind of store, it was just a small piece of business. The storekeeper didn't even bother to come out to give a greeting, only sending a shop assistant.
  'Thirty pieces of second-grade jingshi.'
  The shop assistant had no intentions of bargaining. Zuo Mo also knew he didn't have any room to bargain and very crisply nodded.
  This price was slightly low but it was the same at any other store unless he could bring ten thousand catties or more of ling grain at one time. Then he would have the right to bargain on the price. Taking away the portion that needed to be given up to the sect, three hundred catties of ling grain was the result of his year of hard effort.
  Thirty pieces of second-grade jingshi, for him, was a large sum of money.
  Having thirty pieces of second-grade jingshi as he walked on the street, Zuo Mo felt that all the passer-by's eyes were like daggers.
  The streets of Dong Fu were wide. In the sky, many houses of different colors and shapes floated. These were also stores, but that was the high-end district. Without a high-grade mount any xiuzhe who could not fly on a sword couldn't enter, even if they wanted to. Some high-end stores were small islands floating in the sky, with grass and flowers blooming, and music streaming out.
  That was a place that Zuo Mo wouldn't even dream about. He always only looked at what was in his bowl. Chapter Two Jade Scroll
  Blurred like a fantasy with lights floating, Dong Fu was just as beautiful at night as it was in daytime.
  The lanterns on the two sides of the street gave off bright and gentle light. From the sky, there were the barks and squeals of the ling beasts, and the lights from flying talismans were more dazzling than a meteor shower. The cool night air didn't thin the crowds but made it busier. The merchants were all brimming with energy and the shop workers in each store wore uniforms as they stood on either side of the door. One person holding a copper bell, while the other held a Bagua mirror.
  The worker holding the copper bell sent out a spell and a clear voice spread out from the copper bell, 'This store sells talismans, all kinds of talismans at great prices. Whether or not you are a lianqi apprentice, or a skilled jindan,[15] this store can fulfill your needs......'
  Engraved on the copper bell was a Clear Sound Incantation. The voice was mild and moderate, and wasn't harsh on the ears. Even if it was heard for a long time, the listener wouldn't be bothered.
  The worker with the Bagua mirror cooperated beautifully and had made out a spell at the same time. The Bagua mirror flashed and above his head, holograms of different illusions began to flash, each illusion moving in realistic patterns. As the sound of the bell changed, the holograms changed as well in unison. This was a mirage spell, producing illusions and tricking others to believing it was real.
  Stores lined both sides of the street and it was a frequent sight that  the workers from stores opposite one another would glare at each other. Each pair of workers swung the bells rapidly with the lights of the Bagua mirror flashing.
  This scene was occurring all along the street.
  'Fifth-grade Secret Paradise. Has one ling spring, five hundred ping,[16] full of ling energy. No matter for raising animals or planting ling grains or grasses, we guarantee you have a good harvest! Two million fifth-grade jingshi. Don't miss it, this deal it won't come again!'
  'This store is selling all kinds of high-grade ling herbs. With a thousand year history , our store's quality is guaranteed! All of the medicine in our store has been inspected by high-level medicine professors in the Tian Xin School of Medicine! Please don't worry!'
  'Do you want to get into Yi Zi Hui Sword Sect? This training center takes in students all year round, providing training on all kinds of beginner spells, with personal lessons by experienced sword xiu [17]of Yi Zi Hui Sword Sect. Guaranteed to pass the first time! Why are you hesitating? Come try! Those who register now will receive fifteen percent off!'
  This was the city with no night, the primary town Dong Fu!
  Zuo Mo wasn't unfamiliar with this prosperous primary town, but he wasn't used to it. He didn't come often. If he hadn't brought a flying paper crane, it was hard to even make a trip to Dong Fu.
  Even the most beautiful street would have an intersection. Zuo Mo stared dazedly. He was lost.
  Damn it, lost again!
  He hit his head in frustration.
  Helplessly, Zuo Mo walked to a banyan tree and lifted his face. On the branches, he saw many small red birds. The little birds were entirely red and had long crimson tails. When they flew, it was like there was a stream of fire behind them so they were called Flaming Birds.
  They were intelligent and psychic. They could understand human speech and were good at learning. Many cities used them as road signs and direction. However, it wasn't a free service.
  Zuo Mo bore the pain as he threw one piece of first-grade jingshi. A flaming bird spread its wings and swooped down from the tree, accurately catching the jingshi and swallowed it into its stomach.
  'Free Market.' Zuo Mo shouted.
  The flaming bird flew a few circles around his head, and began leading the way.
  Zuo Mo hurried to keep up with the bird. The flaming bird didn't fly very quickly. The long tail feathers threw off red light that glowed brightly in the night.
  The red light spread out in the air and quickly disappeared. As he passed through the lantern-lit streets, listening to the calls of peddling, and looking at the holograms changing at the two sides of the street, Zuo Mo became silent and began thinking about how he felt when he had opened his eyes two years ago..
  He sighed in his heart and a slightly sorrowful mood pervaded.
  The clear call of the flaming bird startled him awake. When he saw the free market not far away, his mood lifted. The flaming bird circled a few times around and turned to leave with a trail of red glowing dots behind. Zuo Mo waved his hand at the leaving flaming bird.
  The Free Market was the most common place for low-level xiuzhe. It was called the Free Market because  anyone could put up a stall and sell things. They only had to buy a Mini-Room, and pay some fees before they could freely sell. The price of a Mini-Room was much lower than a store front. Usually when the mini-room was collapsed, it was only palm-sized and easy to transport. Many xiuzhe would buy one to carry around. Then they didn't have to worry about where to sleep when they went out.
  Buying here was much cheaper than normal stores but one had to spend time searching.
  The free market was like a gigantic weiqi board, divided into squares. Each square could hold ten Mini-Rooms which were arranged in two back to back rows of five.
  Zuo Mo quickly found his goal.
  'Oh, Mo ge, you came!' The store owner was a male about twenty seven or twenty eight. He had a pointy head, his two eyes moving rapidly. His name was Fu Jin. His potential was average and he didn't have much interest in cultivation. Right now, he only was on the third level of lianqi, so he had decided to start a business. He was skilled at managing and had a variety of suppliers. He basically had everything, no matter if it was low-level talismans or some spells. He could get all of them.
  Zuo Mo didn't waste words, 'Did what I want arrive yet?'
  'Of course, of course!' Fu Jin patted his thin chest and laughed, 'What Mo ge wants, I don't dare not to do my best!'
  Finishing his greeting, Fu Jin started to dig through a little pouch at his waist. Zuo Mo looked with red eyes at the small cloth pouch at Fu Jin's waist. The little cloth bag might be nondescript, but it was a third-grade Thousand Treasure Pouch.
  But very quickly, Zuo Mo's eyes were attracted to the small object held in Fu Jin's hands. A piece of blue-green jade, about one finger wide and two knuckles long. It was a jade scroll.
  'But Mo ge, don't blame me for not reminding you. This ling plant jade scroll has five kinds of elemental spells. However, not many can learn all of them.' Fu Jin said seriously, 'With Mo ge's third level abilities at [Little Art of Cloud and Rain], why don't you buy a water spell jade scroll? Don't be irritated at my chattiness, but I've seen a lot over the years and understand that one well trained ability is enough to overcome all.'
  Zuo Mo solemnly responded, 'Many thanks, Fu ge.'
  Fu Jin was looking out for him. He understood that.
  Seeing Zuo Mo still resolute, Fu Jin didn't continue. He handed the jade scroll to him, 'Already said the price, twenty pieces of second-grade jingshi.'
  Zuo Mo straightforwardly handed over the jingshi.
  Twenty pieces of second-grade jingshi was a significant piece of business. Fu Jin's mood improved and he smiled, teasing, 'If Mo ge can learn all of it then you will become a ling plant farmer. At that time, don't forget to help out this brother then!'
  Zuo Mo also chuckled and raised his hands together expressionlessly, 'Thanks, Fu ge for the words. To become a ling plant farmer, one has to learn three different types of elemental spells at the third level. It isn't that easy.'
  The two finished their transaction happily.
  The majority of the jingshi was spent but Zuo Mo didn't feel any heartache. He carefully put the jade scroll next to his skin. This was a treasure.
  Even though travelling at night was difficult, Zuo Mo prepared to return to the mountain after purchasing the jade scroll, if he stayed overnight at Dong Fu then he would need to spend money again.
  Without the weight of the ling grains Lil' Yellow became lighter and nimbler as it carried Zuo Mo, and continued to wheeze as it flew in the direction of Wu Kong Mountain.
  When he returned to his residence at Wu Kong Mountain, it was deep in the night.
  Zuo Mo laid on his roof under the stars, with his entire body aching. His fingers grasped the jade scroll. Holding the jade scroll in front of his eyes, his eyes narrowed, and he was unspeakably content.
  At this Sword River prefecture, there were many people that farmed. In Wu Kong Sword Sect, about seventy percent of the outer sect disciples would choose to farm when they chose their tasks. The sect would also give out some methods of farming. [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] was one of them, but these were the most basic spells. Wu Kong Sword Sect was a sect for sword xiu. They had many sword arts, but the number of spells they had on any other arts were pitiful.
  Farming was a deep and vast topic. Zuo Mo, who had continued as an outer sect disciple for two years, had a deep understanding of this.
  The jade scroll included five types of five element spells. They were all spells relating to farming. One of those included was [Little Art of Cloud and Rain]. When he saw this, the stone in his heart landed. Worth it! The elaboration included in the scroll about [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] was more comprehensive and profound than what he knew.
  Fu Jin wasn't wrong. Being a master at one thing was more realistic but Zuo Mo had his own plans.
  If he could learn all five kinds of the five element spells and if three kinds reached the third level, he could become a ling plant farmer. If [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] hadn't broke into the third level, then he wouldn't have had the idea. Now that  he could comprehend the third level of [Little Art of Cloud and Rain], that should mean that he had a bit of a talent in spells that belonged to the five elements.
  If he had given up all the ling grains to exchange for contribution points from the sect, then he could have received a decent sword manual.
  He didn't do that. What did he need a sword manual for? To chop wood?
  In comparison, farming spells were more useful to him. Even if he didn't learn all of them, the more he learned, the more abilities he had. The sect didn't have much, but uncultivated ling fields were everywhere. With enough ling fields, he could grow more ling grains, and get more jingshi.
  Thinking and thinking, Zuo Mo's head became clearer and his drowsiness disappeared.
  He sat up and reached out with his palm to touch his face. The muscles on his face were solid and hard like wood. This was why he never displayed any expressions.
  He didn't care about beauty. He cared about another matter.
  The faint starlight fell in the yard, giving out a slight silver shimmer. Like the night mist which rose, sorrow rose in the eyes of the expressionless Zuo Mo.
  Two years ago, when the head of Wu Kong Sword Sect was returning to the sect, he had found an unconscious Zuo Mo and brought him back to the sect. When Zuo Mo woke up, he found that his memory was blank. In the following two years, he made many attempts but couldn't recall any of his memories from two years ago.
  What was even stranger was his face. Frozen like a stone, Zuo Mo could not make any expressions. The sect leader said it possibly could be a rare kind of affliction. Because of this face, he wasn't accepted by the other disciples at the beginning and had received quite a few wrongs.
  But he didn't dislike this face of his. It was one of the only two links he could find to his past. Maybe one day, this wooden face could remind him.
  Who am I......where is my home......
  The other link was the dream that always appeared. Whose voice was that? And what must he not forget?
  But he forgot everything!
  Sighing in his heart, he shook his head as though he was shaking all those thoughts from his head. He carelessly took up the sound tablet beside him and input ling power in.
  The sound tablet was one of the most popular talismans in this xiu world. It was made up of a base and a round jade tablet. There were seal arrangements and it could receive sound transmissions from large scale seal arrangements. Zuo Mo's sound tablet was one of the most basic models. A base made out of cedar wood holding a jade tablet the size of a palm. After channeling in ling power, the surface of the jade tablet shone and flickered through a multitude of colors and a melodious voice came out.
  ' Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie once again breaks out in fierce conflict. Twelve xiuzhe camps simultaneously suffered large scale attacks from yaomo[18] with serious casualties.'
  'Zhou Ding Sword Sect has found another new jie. The exploration has already found large amounts of ling veins. According to those familiar with the matter, there are more than fifteen sects that have sent out high-level xiuzhe at the same time. Additionally, as there are a high amount of aboriginals on this jie, industry xiuzhe predict that this could cause the prince of xiu slaves on the market to drastically decrease......'
  'After slaying the famous high level Master Xi Mo Da of the yao race, the Western Shang Sword Sect of Western Shang Jie has forged the life feather into a flying sword. Today, the flying sword has finally come out of the forge. It is rumoured the energy of the sword when it came out expanded ten miles. High level experts from forging sects estimate this Gold Feather Sword has reached an astounding seventh-grade~ The Western Shang Sword Sect has a new weapon!'
  Under the stars, Zuo Mo listened silently. When he had just woken up, this rough sound tablet had helped him gradually understand this world.
  Since then, he developed the habit of listening to the sound tablet everyday.
  When his mood was bad or jittery, he would open the sound tablet and listen silently. His mood would then calm down.
  In the dark sea of the night, the stars shone and a zombie quietly sat on top of the roof and listened to the sound tablet, spellbound.
    Chapter Three The Little Yard
  Making rain for fifty mu[19] was a significant amount of work for even someone like Zuo Mo who had the cultivation of lianqi seventh level.
  Wiping the sweat on his forehead, Zuo Mo expressionlessly said, 'Alright, this is killing me.'
  Old Black cheerfully gave a thumbs up, 'Mo ge's [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] is just as rumoured!' Finishing, he squatted down with a face full of joy to check the growth of the ling grain.
  Zuo Mo calmly accepted the flattery. Old Black's ling grain had been sturdily planted. Based on his observations, this year's harvest would be good. Adding on the rain he made, it would easily increase the harvest by twenty something percent. For payment, Zuo Mo would take ten percent was a large sum.
  For some reason, when Zuo Mo saw the devoutness and joy that Old Black had when he stared at the ling grains, he himself wasn't happy.
  Old Black had been an outer sect disciple at Wu Kong Sword Sect for twenty years. His cultivation was low and he had planted ling grains in the sect for twenty years.
  The rent for the ling fields could be paid using ling grains. Each year, one had to give ling grains to the sect and receive contribution points before they were given continual qualifications to stay and be an outer sect disciple in the sect. If one wanted to learn new spells, then they need to keep contributing to the sect.
  Roughly calculating, the amount that a farmer would be left with was pitiful. The ling grains were a harvest that Old Black was reluctant to eat.
  It wasn't easy being an outer sect disciple. Zuo Mo knew that better than anyone.
  Even under these conditions here were still countless people trying to get into a small sect like the Wu Kong Sword Sect t. Even if it was hard, they could learn something. When they left the sect, they could find a good job. To someone like Old Black who didn't have any savings, it was a very steady job.
  Zuo Mo's days were much better. He was an outer sect disciple, but he had been taken in by the sect leader. No one dared to bully him. His innate skill and comprehension were high. After comprehending the third level of [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] by himself, his days became increasingly comfortable.
  Zuo Mo had no great ambitions. There were no clues to his history and birth. Other than living more comfortable days, he didn't have any other wishes.
  After the completing the job, he slowly walked back to his own residence.
  There was only Wu Kong Sword Sect on Wu Kong Mountain. There was plenty of space. The entire western peak was sectioned off as the residential area of the outer sect disciples. How extravagantly one wanted to live, outer sect disciples could decide and construct yards for themselves. Most people would choose the yards that former outer sect disciples had left. Even if people hadn't lived in them for a long time, often all that was  needed was a good cleaning.
  Zuo Mo's yard took up a great amount of space. He might be thin and weak but he liked large things so at the beginning, he had picked the biggest yard on the western peak. It was a seventh entry compound. Half a mu of fish pond, about five mu of ling fields. The shixiong[20] that had built this yard definitely would have been a fanatic about farming. There were no fake mountains, no flowerbeds and courtyard, no other decorations. This shixiong had changed it all to ling fields.
  Other people had no interest in a yard without any sense of beauty, appeal, and incomplete seal formations, but Zuo Mo liked it.
  He didn't raise anything in the fish pond. Just using the pond to bathe in the summer was a refreshing luxury. Ling fields were good. Zuo Mo had calculated well. If you rented ling fields from the sect, you had to pay rent. Zuo Mo didn't have to pay rent on the ling fields in this yard. There was also a cold spring in the yard.
  There were considerations in building a residence. Normally, it was best to build on top of a ling vein. Living constantly in places thick with ling energy would increase the speed of cultivation. That was the reason Secret Paradises with ling veins were so expensive. There weren't many places with ling veins at all, so how would it be given to the outer sect disciples like him?
  But who could have thought that under this neglected yard, there was a ling vein!
  When he had moved in, Zuo Mo had searched everywhere for a place to meditate. He found a secluded room. When he pushed open the door, a rotten smell had rushed at him. There were many meditation mats lying on the ground which all had decayed and rotted. There was only one mat that had kept its shape.
  After Zuo Mo put in tremendous effort into cleaning up the seclusion room, only the one mat had been left.
  When Zuo Mo sat on the mat for the first time, he froze in shock.
  In the location of the mat, the ling energy was much thicker than anywhere else!
  Zuo Mo, whose heart had been beating frantically, had first thought it was due to the mat. Quickly after, he found the real reason - under the mat there was a small side branch of ling vein! This section of ling veins was extremely small. It couldn't be detected even one step away from the mat.
  At this time, he finally understood why that nameless shixiong had built such a large yard. It was most likely to disguise this little section of ling vein.
  This nameless shixiong quickly became Zuo Mo's idol.
  To be able to find this little section of ling vein on the gigantic western peak and to clear an area for ling fields by himself. With such ability, this shixiong didn't seem like an outer sect disciple.
  After finding the secret of the ling vein, Zuo Mo became even more low-key. He knew the logic of not showing off one's wealth. If this bit of ling vein was found out by anyone else, there would be plots against him. At bes, it would be taken away by the sect.
  Zuo Mo prepared and placed thirty something mats on the floor of the seclusion room. In addition, there were seventy or so mats piled in the corners. The colors of the mats varied, and the shapes were all different. All of them were woven by him. This strange habit of Little Zombie Mo, weaving mats, was known throughout the outer sect. Some people, when they wanted to find him to ask for help, they would go out and buy some exquisite mats as gifts. This caused the number of mats to increase and fill the entire seclusion room.
  But normally, Zuo Mo persisted in meditating on the old mat that had been preserved. To not rot after such a long period of time, this mat might have a special attribute. Thoughts of that unfathomable nameless shixiong, lead him to be careful with anything that had been preserved in the room. He wouldn't dare to underestimate anything.
  The only thing that Zuo Mo was somewhat regretful about was the ling fields had been fallow for too long. The grade of the field had dropped, and had become first-grade ling fields. It had taken countless efforts from Zuo Mo for the vitality to revive. But to once again reach second-grade, it needed time.
  All five mu of the ling fields were planted with ling grains. The ling grains were waist-high, the leaf edges saw-toothed and very sharp. If not careful, it was easy to be cut. The ling grains had been seeded out at the same time so the height was extremely regular. It was a patch of green, extremely delightful.
  At night, it seemed very gloomy.
  To prevent from thievery, Zuo Mo put down jinzhi all around the yard. These low level jinzhi didn't have any attack power but if they were set off, they made a loud fuss.
  The entire yard was worn down and rotten. Spider webs were everywhere. All the furniture was broken and rotting. The seal arrangements inside the rooms didn't work due to years of neglect. No one competed for the yard with him.
  None of this affected Zuo Mo. He liked sleeping on the roof at night. He meditated in the seclusion room. All the other rooms were kept empty or as storage holding some normal food. For formations, he had someone carve a light seal formation for illumination during the nights. He was too thrifty to spend money on anything else.
  Sitting on the prayer mat, the thick ling energy in the surroundings made him so comfortable he almost groaned. Controlled his emotions he refocused and circulated the ling power in his body.
  The core scripture he used in his cultivation was [Ten Principle Scripture]. It was a widely circulated second-grade scripture. Its attribute was steadiness and mildness. Basically, there was no worry of accidentally cultivating incorrectly and becoming insane. The majority of the outer sect disciples of Wu Kong Sword Sect picked it as their main scripture to cultivate. If they wanted to reach zhuji, then the chances of success were very low. Disciples who had greater ambitions needed to use more contribution points of the sect to exchange for higher level scriptures.
  It was as though Zuo Mo entered a void. The ling power slowly moved through fixed paths. After one complete round, the body felt a fraction lighter.
  With his cultivation of lianqi seventh level, he could persist in three circuits each time. He could feel as he inhaled and exhaled, that a portion of the ling energy inhaled would merge into the ling power that was moving inside the body. The thicker the ling energy in the surroundings, the more he could inhale each time. In these two years, this section of ling vein was of crucial importance for him going from the third level of lianqi to level seven.
  After making three complete circuits, his mind retreated from the void.
  His entire body felt rejuvenated. The exhaustion of before was all gone.
  He casually ate something to fill his stomach. Before entering zhuji, xuizhe still needed normal food. Normal food couldn't contribute ling power but it was still essential to xuizhe who were still in the stage of lianqi. Thankfully, the price of normal food was cheap and no one needed to worry about starvation.
  He took out the jade stick he had brought yesterday. The jade stick was made from good jade, verdant and glistening. Holding it in his grasp, the material felt cold and heavy.
  Floating in his head were mountains of ling grains and him laying contentedly on top of it all.
  --Such a desirable life!
  In this gloomy room, a thin male with a wooden zombie face gave out a stream of snickers that would raise the hair of anyone present.
  After finishing dreaming, Zuo Mo focused attentively on examining the jade stick in his hand.
  Channeling in ling power to the jade stick, many words instantly floated into his mind.
  The jade stick had five kinds of spells, [Little Art of Cloud and Rain], [Art of Earth Energy], [Art of Aged Gold], [Art of Flora], [Art of Crimson Flame]. Other than [Little Art of Cloud and Rain], Zuo Mo had never learned any of the other four.
  Being able to learn new spells, Zuo Mo was extremely happy. He couldn't help taking a deep breath.
  He could guess that from now on he needed to focus most of his attention on the remaining four spells.
  The first one he tried was [Art of Aged Gold]. In the five elements, the primary use of the gold element was destruction and killing. Most of the spells related to the gold energy were related to killing. Ling grains had many natural enemies that were extremely troublesome, such as many kinds of aphids. They would burrow into the stalks of ling grains, even hollowing out the stalk. Average planters had no way of dealing with them.
  The [Art of Aged Gold] was a sufficient method to deal with these pests. It would let the power of gold element permeate inside the ling plants and kill the pests inside the ling plant stalks. This was the spell that Zuo Mo needed the most presently. Other than the contracts he had signed with the other disciples, he himself had rented fifty mu of ling fields.
  The harvest from these fifty mu of ling fields made up a significant amount of his income each year.
  He read through [Art of Aged Gold] word by word, not daring to miss a word. The number of spells he had learned were pitifully few. Learning a completely new spell, he instantly felt it was a challenge.
  After two hours, he made no progress. No matter how he tried, he could not form the aged gold energy that was mentioned in [Art of Aged Gold].
  All the spells in [Art of Aged Gold] were made using the aged gold energy. Being unable to form the aged gold energy, he couldn't learn any of the spells in [Art of Aged Gold].
  The zombie face was wooden but that pair of spirited eyes showed a few hints of fierceness.
    Chapter Four Absurdity
  The light of the sunrise cut through the darkness, the red sun was slowly rising. As the light streamed into the seclusion room through the windows, his thin fingers suddenly emitted a gold colour!
  Zuo Mo brought his index finger in front of his reddened eyes.
  There seemed to be a golden layer around his index finger. The expressionless Zuo Mo's eyes were filled with delight. As the beam of sunlight changed direction and left his finger, and revealed the original appearance. A layer of light gold energy was wrapped around Zuo Mo's index finger.
  It was the aged gold energy!
  Just at this time, a melodious bell rang five times,  clang clang clang clang clang. The sound echoed through the mountains.
  The gold light on the finger shook and the aged gold energy suddenly collapsed.
  With a dishevelled appearance, Zuo Mo jumped up from the ground. Damn it! It was already morning. Disregarding his hunger, he ran outside like the wind.
  At this time, if one was observing Wu Kong Mountain, then they would see hundreds of figures running out of their yards and heading to the same location.
  Zuo Mo once again cursed the rule that outer sect members were not allowed to fly inside the mountain boundaries, his feet moved frantically as he sprinted.
  The Hall of Hearing Principles was located at the Cow Horn Peak of Wu Kong Mountain. This mountain peak was named due to its shape.
  When Zuo Mo ran into the Hall of Hearing Principles, there were already many people sitting down. He randomly found a mat to sit and gasped for air.
  At the front, a young man was sitting. He was about twenty years old, his face was like jade, and his eyes like stars. He was in a dark blue plain robe. Among the dozens of people in the room, he appeared as a crane among chickens.
  It was Xu Yi, the third ranked disciple among the inner sect. Usually, he was responsible for teaching the outer sect disciple. He was the disciple of Xin Yan Shishu. He was the most talented at forging among the inner sect disciples. In addition, he had a vast knowledge regarding a variety of miscellaneous topics.
  On the table, a bell made from jade rang, the sound rose and spreading out. Zuo Mo felt his mind jump and become refreshed, the tiredness from staying up all night was disappearing.
  Xu Yi Shixiong's Green Water Jade Bell Set was one of the talismans that Zuo Mo coveted the most. The rack was made of red copper, and seven green bells were arranged in order of largest to smallest. Carved on each bell were countless miniscule seal characters. They glowed with a green light and it was lovely.
  Each bell had a different effect. The effect of bell that had just been struck was [Great Clear Sound Incantation]
  Zuo M could only just be envious. This set of green jade bells had taken Xu Yi Shixiong a tremendous amount of time and energy to forge. Even the other shixiong didn't have a set.
  Xu Yue Shixiong was well loved by the outer sect disciples. Would any other shixiong use [Great Clear Sound Incantation] to help disciples clear their minds?
  Xu Yi swept his sleeves out and the doors of the Hall of Hearing Principles were loudly closed.
  Zuo Mo's attention was on the desk in front of Shixiong. Other than that set of green jade bells, there were also a variety of knick-knacks.
  Forging? Zuo Mo instantly rejoiced inside. He had entered Wu Kong Sword Sect for two years but never heard Third Shixiong talk about forging.
  Every so often, Third Shixiong would teach some of the methods of cultivation. It was one of the benefits for outer sect disciples. Many people entered the sect just in order to learn these cultivation methods so when they left the Wu Kong Sword Sect, they could find a good job.
  Others, unlike Zuo Mo, couldn't find many jobs. Zuo Mo only had a cultivation of seventh level lianqi, but with his third level of [Little Art of Cloud and Rain], he could find a decent job in a farm or medicine garden. Sky Moon Jie didn't have many exports but due to the good climate and abundant ling energy, there were many farms and medicine gardens.
  Scriptures increase ling power and cultivation. What was needed was the resources and accumulation. Ling veins, ling medicine, jingshi, they could all increase cultivation. If they were not available, then you could only slowly cultivate over time.
  Spells were the usage of ling power. What was needed to learn spells were lessons and personal comprehension. There were geniuses who could comprehend the spell arts on their own, but for normal people receiving lessons was more effective.
  In some large sects, before disciples achieved zhuji, they were restricted from learning spell arts. That was because they believed  cultivation was fundamental.
  For many xiuzhe, the great pat of enlightenment was just a dream. Ling veins, ling medicine, and jingshi, none of these were things they could even wish for. So, in comparison, learning spells was more realistic. One could find a good job and receive a decent income with spells. Other than guaranteeing a livelihood, they could provide for their descendants so that they wouldn't find it as difficult to cultivate.
  'You have all spent a period of time at this sect. I know how much effort and hardship you have all endured, but you have to keep cultivating and not neglect it. It will help make it easier to find a living in the future. Your efforts will not be wasted. Cultivate through scriptures, so I won't speak too much on this. There isn't anything more to say about it. If your scores at the sect assessment are excellent this year, I naturally will pass on high-level scriptures to you.
  Today, I am going to be speaking of is how to forge two talismans. The first is Ling Fragmenting Hoe, the second is Needle and Thread Sucking pouch.
  The Ling Fragmenting Hoe is an essential talisman for you in the take care of the ling fields. It can excite the ling energy inside the ling fields and help the ling plants absorb ling energy. The Needle and Thread Sucking pouch is used to take in the sap of the ling plants. Remember, you must quickly hand over the sap of the ling plants that are sucked out, otherwise when the ling energy in the sap will dissipate. This will not earn a single contribution point.
  Pay close attention. I'll only say these things once ......'
  Xu Yi Shixiong spoke plainly, the vigor in his words that made people trust his lecture.
  Zuo Mo listened extremely carefully. This was the first time he touched the topic of forging. He was afraid to miss a single word.
  When Xu Yi Shixiong finished his lecture, six hours had passed. Zuo Mo hadn't ate all night and concentrated for six hours. Zuo Mo's front chest was touching his back. Quickly returning to his yard, he searched for something to fill his stomach.
  Before he could wipe his mouth, a sword light suddenly came from the sky, landing in the yard. The jinzhi around the yard didn't have any strength to resist before exploding.
  A man with an icy expression appeared in front of Zuo Mo.
  Zuo Mo swallowed the words that had reached his mouth back into his stomach. His heart beat wildly. Why had this death god come?
  Before he could make a bow, he heard the other snort, 'You are Zuo Mo?'
  'Zuo Mo greets Luo Li Shixiong!' Zuo Mo's voice was respectful as he made a deep bow. Luo Li Shixiong might be ranked fourth among the inner sect disciples but he had the deepest cultivation among this generation of disciples. His personality was cold and he was fanatical about cultivation. His innate talents were outstanding and among the second generation, he was the only disciple that managed to achieve [Empty Sword]. He was widely acknowledged as the person most likely, in the past two hundred years, to achieve the sect's lost technique, [Void Sword]. [Void Sword] was the sect's greatest sword art.
  Luo Li was famous equally for his innate talents and his moody temper. He was responsible for supervising a mine for the sect. According to rumors, if the xiu slaves who mined there were even the least bit noncompliant, he would kill them with one stroke.
  Luo Li was too lazy to talk to Zuo Mo and he appeared suddenly behind Zuo Mo, and flew off, holding Zuo Mo by his collar.
  Zuo Mo might have called himself the first one among the outer sect disciples to have a mount, but it was the first time he experienced such flying speed. He only felt the sky and earth were rotating, the oncoming wind made his face hurt and he couldn't even open his eyes.
  When his feet touched the ground, Zuo Mo almost collapsed.
  'So it really is a zombie face.'
  Zuo Mo, who had just recovered from dizziness, heard this and instantly formed a negative opinion of the speaker.
  A young female dressed in green, examined Zuo Mo with interest. Her chin was pointed and her cheekbones slightly high. There was a smile on her face but her eyes lacked warmth.
  Her gaze made Zuo Mo very uncomfortable, but he didn't dare to show any discontent. He respectfully gave a bow, 'Greetings to Hao Shijie!'[21]
  Hao Min Shijie and Luo Li Shixiong were the disciples of Yan Le Shishu.[22] Supposedly, Luo Li Shixiong was infatuated with her. That rumor seem to be true.
  'I heard your [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] is at the third level?' Hao Min pierced Zuo Mo with a stare and asked.
  'Very good.' Hao Min said, satisfied, 'I'm going out for a period of time. During this  time, the medicine fields will be in your care.'
  Zuo Mo was given no time to speak as she threw a jade pendant at him and coldly stated, 'This is the jade pendant and go to the medicine fields. Water the field once a day until I return. During this time, you must take care of the medicine fields.'
  Her tone instantly became severe, 'My temper isn't very good. We'll put the ugly words first. If something goes wrong with the medicine fields, then I won't forgive you when I return!'
  Finishing, she didn't even look at Zuo Mo. Turning to look at Luo Li she wrapped her arm around his arm, her smile like a flower, and her voice gentle as water, 'Shixiong, let's go.'
  A few hints of warmth floated on Luo Li's face. He looked carelessly at Zuo Mo, snorted coldly and the two flew into the air.
  Zuo Mo held the jade pendent, frozen to the spot as he watched the two disappear into the sky.
  When a person meets misfortune, even drinking water would get stuck in the teeth. He had never thought he would be this unfortunate.
  The outer sect disciples didn't like Hao Min Shijie. She was ruthless and selfish. Being ordered about by her didn't result in any benefits. Her temper was nasty and she was fickle as Luo Li Shixiong. If one wasn't careful, it would result in beatings and a scolding.
  From beginning to end, the two never even asked for his opinion.
  Zuo Mo screamed inside.
  From when he opened his eyes two years ago until now, he only interacted with the ling grains. He had never taken care of medicine fields before. Even worse, with his cultivation, he could only do the third level of [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] once every day.
  Thinking about the contracts he had signed with the other shixiong, his mouth was bitter.
  There were three places in Wu Kong Sword Sect for medicine fields. The one that Hao Min shijie was responsible was in Cold Mist Valley. He held the jade pendant, his heart jumping as he walked in the direction of Cold Mist Valley.
  Cold Mist Valley was between two mountain peaks and had mist swirling about all year around. The temperature was lower than anywhere else on Wu Kong Mountain and that was how it got its name. It was one of the important areas of the sect. Outer sect disciples had no permission to enter. If Zuo Mo's [Little Art of Rain and Cloud] had reached the third level, Hao Min definitely wouldn't have picked him.
  On the road, there were old trees and grass everywhere. The smell of the forest emanated from all around him and he was surrounded by life. Sometimes small animals like rabbits and squirrels passed by joyfully jumping. Zuo Mo had no interest in admiring scenery. His heart beat frantically as he held the jade pendant and furtively made his way, while his two legs trembled.
  Everywhere on this road were jinzhi. They were in the open or in the shadows. Some strong jinzhi occasionally would release a suffocating and terrifying aura. With his seventh level lianqi abilities, if he accidentally attracted the jinzhi, not a drop of him would remain.
  If it wasn't that he naturally had a zombie face, his face definitely would be pasty white and bloodless.
    Chapter Five Cold Mist Valley
  Using the jade pendant in his hands, Zuo Mo safely reached the entrance to Cold Mist Valley.
  The entrance was shrouded in mist, a white curtain of nothing.
  Zuo Mo hesitated for a while, and not finding any other roads, he could only stride towards the white mist.
  As he approached, as if it recognized him, the white mist parted to reveal a small path. His mind relaxed and he let out a breath. He admired the techniques that the sect had. If one day he could do the same, it would be so refreshing.
  His thoughts couldn't help but wander away.
  Following the path he walked half a mile, his field of view suddenly widened.
  About five mu of the valley was filled with various kinds of ling medicine. Their colors varied and their shapes were strange. It was as though a colourful carpet had been laid out on the valley. Several dozen rainbow Sparrow-Tailed butterflies flew around. Black-banded Yellow honeybees formed troops and flew to and fro.
  There was a silvery waterfall ran down from a cliff to the bottom of the valley, the flowing water roared like thunder. With great force water smashed into a deep pond creating a countless water drops, which formed a fine mist.
  Taking a deep breath, Zuo Mo felt unspeakably comfortable. The moisture and the fragrance of all the kinds of ling herbs blended together. He suddenly felt that taking care of the ling fields wasn't as bad as he had thought.
  Remembering that Hao Min shijie warned that he had to water the ling medicine once every day, Zuo Mo hurried and activated [Little Art of Cloud and Rain].
  Moisture began to condense from the surroundings, and was visible to the naked eye. It gradually formed a cloud which floated above the medicine fields. The spell on Zuo Mo's hands rapidly changed and after a series of dazzling movements, the cloud released a fine drizzle into the medicine fields.
  This little rain lasted for an hour before the cloud dissipated. Zuo Mo gave a breath of relief. It was very humid here and made it much easier to do [Little Art of Cloud and Rain]. He couldn't help but start to calculate. The situation was better than he had hoped for. If he toiled hard enough, he could barely finish what had been set out in the contracts.
  What he had to pray for was that nothing would happen to the medicine fields, and that they would remain safe and compete until Hao Min shijie came back.
  Nothing could be solved by him.
  If he had any fantasies before, he understood the cruel reality now. He was very sensitive to the density of ling energy. The ling energy of Cold Mist Valley was very plentiful. To have ploughed medicine fields in such a good location, the grade of the ling herbs that were produced wouldn't be low.
  If something really happened on his watch, he would ... ...
  He shuddered.
  Even though the path in the mist was layered in jinzhi, there weren't any in the valley. Zuo Mo went around the entire valley. The pond was so deep the bottom couldn't be seen. The coldness of the water pierced straight into the bones. The roaring of the waterfall was  thunderous, and echoed throughout the valley.
  He crouched in the ling fields, inspecting the ling herbs one by one. He needed to etch the characteristics of each ling herb into his memory. He had only grown ling grains before and had no knowledge of ling herbs, so he could only use this brute method. Right now, he didn't hope for receiving any rewards, and only hoped that nothing would go wrong.
  Any ling herb here, even by selling himself, it would be enough to repay its loss.
  He could guarantee he had never focused so hard before.
  It was only when the sky began turning dark did he drag his exhausted body back to his yard. When he saw the mess surrounding the yard, the jinzhi that had been ripped to shreds, he wanted to cry.
  At this time, he didn't have the energy to reconstruct the jinzhi. He was so tired that he wanted to die. He didn't have the strength to even raise his eyelids.
  Returning to the seclusion room, he only managed to channel a drop of ling power into the sound tablet before dropping down on the mat and falling asleep.
  He woke up in the sound of the sound tablet's broadcast.
  'The twenty third [Sword Test Conference] has finished its qualification rounds. Up until now, four thousand two hundred and fifty three sword xiu have receive qualifications for the competition. This year's [Sword Test Conference] has plenty of rewards. The top one hundred will receive a fourth-grade flying sword. The top ten will receive a fifth-grade flying sword. The prize for the winner has been confirmed as [Arrowpoint], a seventh-grade flying sword. According to those familiar with the competition, this is the highest grade prize in the history of the [Sword Test Conference]. This has caused the interest of many major sect disciples including those from Wu Shuang Sword Sect, Suo Luo Sword Sect... ...'
  'Good thing, good thing. I want, I want. No chance, no chance.'
  Zuo Mo carelessly climbed up from the mat, and hummed a strange tune.
  Walking out of the seclusion room, he started to reconstruct the jinzhi. As to the walls, he would have to  wait and  rebuild them at a later time.
  He could see broken bricks everywhere and began to clean the surroundings. Otherwise, he didn't even have space to set up the jinzhi. With his seventh level lianqi sill, there were many restrictions for him to set up a jinzhi.
  Humming a small tune, he cleaned up the broken and ruined walls. This yard had been built long ago and the walls were already in a decrepit state. Now, it was completely destroyed by Luo Li shixiong. Recalling the strong and intimidating Luo Li shixiong as he landed from the sky, Zuo Mo felt his heart palpitate even now.
  Ah, Zuo Mo suddenly stopped walking and bent down to pick up something.
  It was a little pink paper crane, much smaller than Zuo Mo's yellow paper crane, and very well made. This was Little Thousand crane, used for passing letters and speech. This was a plaything. It's speed wasn't as fast as sending letters with flying swords, especially over long distances. Using it wasn't very convenient so most of the users were xiuzhe that were lower than jindan.
  How did it arrive at his place?
  Zuo Mo rudely unfolded the pink Little Thousand crane and suddenly understood. It was a Wishing Little Thousand crane.
  Very long ago, when the xiuzhe started to break through the void and search for new jie, they frequently would encounter dangers and become trapped. These trapped xiuzhe found that they couldn't break free, so they would write their wishes and pleas for help on the Little Thousand Crane and send it away. Since there weren't any imprints, no one knew where the Little Thousand Cranes would end up, but the life of a xiuzhe was long. If they were lucky, they could survive for a long period of time.
  After the first time a Wishing Little Thousand crane was successful in helping rescue a trapped xiuzhe, the Wishing Little Thousand crane became fashionable in the xiuzhe world. As time progressed, this became a game for female xiuzhe to expel their feelings. They would write their emotions on the wishing Little Paper Cranes and send them out. They would also imprint the crane so the one who picked it up could sent the Wishing Little Thousand crane back to owners hands.
  What could make a young girl's heart beat faster than a fate that couldn't be calculated and was too wonderful for words?
  Zuo Mo couldn't understand it. In his heart, there were only jingshi, ling grains, and cultivation. Romance, this kind of luxury, he didn't have any of it.
  Unfolding the Little Thousand Crane revealed a few rows of beautiful writing.
  'Hoping so much
  To carry a bag
  Go out alone to roam
  At a place where there was no one else
  Soak in the sun'
  Sentimental nonsense. Zuo Mo snorted coldly inside and responded with the criticism he thought most accurate. It was such a pity to waste such good paper. He didn't know what paper it was made out of, but it was at least third-grade quality.
  To use third-grade paper to make a Little Thousand Crane was a waste that would raise people's hairs.
  Once the paper was used this way, it couldn't be used again. Such a pity, Zuo Mo thought.
  He was preparing to crumple the pink paper into a ball when he suddenly stopped. Expressionlessly, he tilted his head. Thinking, he started to run into his room.
  Rushing into the room, he looked around and found what he wanted.
  Fresh and thick cinnabar and a weasel bristle brush.
  Taking up the brush, dipping deep into the cinnabar, his wrist flowing as he wrote out a word.
  - 'Dumbass.'
  Smugly looking at the bright red colour that stretched across the pink paper, Zuo Mo roared with laughter.
  His life was nerve-wracking and full. It was extremely hard and he didn't have any time to be depressed. He knew very well the difficulty of life. Everyone was putting their lives on the line in order to survive, for their families, and for their descendants, Like Old Black, even if work was hard and exhausting  Zuo Mo didn't dislike this kind of life. He felt the opposite. This was life.
  Sentimental nonsense. Only people who had idle lives and no ambitions would have that. Zuo Mo looked down on those people.
  In a cheerful mood, he hummed a tune as he folded the paper again into a Little Thousand Crane.
  'Who's a dumbass, who's a dumbass. You're a dumbass, you're a dumbass......'
  Using the imprint that was on the Wishing Little Thousand crane Zuo Mo channeled ling power into the Wishing Little Thousand crane, and threw it up in the air.
  The pink Little Thousand Crane flapped its tiny wings and disappeared into the sky.
  Zuo Mo's mood became exceptionally well. He exuberantly cleaned the yard, his steps lighter than usual.
  When the jinzhi were finished, it was past noon. He got something to eat before going back to the seclusion room to meditate.
  Normal outer sect disciples rarely would spend such a long time on meditation. Compared to learning the spell arts, meditation and cultivation practice wasn't profitable.
  However, Zuo Mo persisted in spending four hours each day on meditation. After he found the ling vein in the seclusion room, he had spent even more time each day in mediation. The cultivation was the foundation; that was a rationale all xiuzhe understood.. What he cultivated with was the most basic scripture but he had the benefit of the ling vein so the results were still outstanding.
  Just how rigid the ranks were in the cultivation world, he had a very deep understanding. If he could achieve zhuji, even if he was an outer sect disciple, Hao Min and Luo Li wouldn't dare to treat him so poorly. Zhuji was a division line. It would directly decide the quality of your life.
  To receive a beautiful life. The only way was to continuously increase your own power.
  Once he sat down, he began mediating.
  Six hours had passed before he opened his eyes again.
  His eyes were filled with joy. Lianqi eight level!
  Persisting in cultivating, the reward finally came. He made it to the eighth level!
  The cultivation of eighth level liangqi, in all of the outer sect disciple of the entire Wu Kong Sword Sect, it definitely could enter the top three.
  He spread out his fingers and started to activate a spell. A layer of aged gold energy appeared around his finger. Once his cultivation increased a level, it was much easier activate a spell. An excited Zuo Mo started to activate [Little Art of Cloud and Rain]
  He instantly felt the difference. The speed at which the moisture condensed was much faster, and  raindrops fell like they wouldn't stop. He took the time to savor the new experiences.
  Remembering the medicine fields, he stood up and rushed out of his yard.
  Running to Cold Mist Valley in one go, not taking the time to recover, he started to activate [Little Art of Cloud and Rain]. Only when everything had been watered did the stone in his heart land on the ground.
  [1]? (ge): brother, could be used as a suffix onto a person's name. Or as 'Hey, bro!'
  [2]????: Wu ? is none? is empty/air/sky.
  [3]?: meaning spirit.
  [4]?? (fa jue): spells are a general term.
  [5]?? (Xiao Huang): literally little yellow. Little is a common prefix used in Chinese for nicknames
  [6]?? (zhen ren): spiritual master in Daoist usage.
  [7]???: ?? (tian yue) is sky moon?(jie) is scope, boundary and in taxonomic terms, kingdom. In many xuan huan novels, jie is another word for planet or world as in ?? (shijie)
  [8]??: those who cultivate
  [9]??: it usually means Daoist immortal in common usage. Used here as title of respect and power similar to 'General' or 'Governor.'
  [10]?(jing): means border, place, boundary, territory. In this novel, jing is a collection of jie which are under the jurisdiction of one power, a realm.
  [11]?? (jinzhi): restriction. An energy construct in this world.
  [12]??(jingshi): crystal rock. A kind of currency.
  [13]?? (lianqi): literally refine energy. The first major stage for a xiuzhe.
  [14]?? (zhuji): literally build foundation. The second major stage for a xiuzhe.
  [15]??(jindan): the fourth major stage of cultivation.
  [16]?: one ping is 3.3 square meters.
  [17]?: shortened form for xiuzhe
  [18]??: yao and mo are two different things. Yao could be considered equivalent to spirits, and mo to demons. They are put together as yaomo because they are both enemies of xiuzhe but they are not one entity.
  [19]?: measurement of area. Approximately one fifteenth of a hectare.
  [20]??(shixiong): senior male fellow student or apprentice
  [21]??(shijie): senior female student
  [22]?? (shishu): senior uncle. Male of a sect's older generation.
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  Peace is never lasting.
  Chapter One Hundred
  'Empress, this is what the Emperor ordered nubi to deliver to you.'
  Qu Qing Ju looked at the objects the palace maids held and saw that it was clothing and shoes suited for a pregnant female. She smiled, commenting: 'It must have been difficult for Emperor to take all this trouble.' Even though the palace maids on her side had already made many pieces for her, she would remember He Heng's goodwill.
  Mu Jin saw the palace maids out to the doorway of the hall. When she came back, she found that everything had already been sorted away. She assumed Qu xiaojie's death a few days earlier had affected the mood of the Empress, and went forward to ask: 'Niangniang, nubi heard the taiyi say that when the embryo is three or four months old, there would be movements. Have you felt anything?'
  'Really? Ben gong had thought it was an upset stomach,' Qu Qing Ju had been very interested in the fetus in her belly. She rubbed her chin, pondering, 'No wonder I kept feeling strange movements in my belly.'
  'If it was an ailment of the digestive system, Dean Du would have already found it,' Mu Jin opened the windows in the room, looking at the appearance of the sky, 'Nubi sees that the weather is well, niangniang could take a walk.'
  Lu mama, who had been standing silently at one side, looked out the window and nodded: 'Mu Jin guniang is right. Right now, His Highness has been in niangniang's belly for more than three months. Appropriate walking would be beneficial for you and His Highness.'
  Lu mama had been He Heng's decreed pregnancy mama. She was extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy. For Qu Qing Ju, she was an encyclopedia of pregnancy. From movement to diet to thinking, she knew everything.
  'Since Lu mama says so, then let's walk,' Qu Qing Ju touched her face, and took Jin Zhan's hand to stand up from the recliner.
  Mu Jin placed a fox skin cape to Qu Qing Ju before allowing Qu Qing Ju to walk outside.
  The weather at the beginning of winter wasn't very cold. Qu Qing Ju uneasily pulled at the cape on her body, taking in the sun that had no heat. Giving a yawn, she asked: 'Heard yesterday that Emperor punished a palace maid, do you know what happened?'
  Mu Jin and Jin Zhan exchanged a glance. In the end, it was Mu Jin who spoke: 'Nubi isn't very clear but only heard that the Emperor found that the attire of the maid broke protocol. It provoked the Emperor's temper and he flared out.' They had been afraid that this matter would affect the mood of the Empress and hadn't told her. Even though they hadn't said anything to niangniang, how did niangniang know?
  Qu Qing Ju knew what they were thinking, lazily pointing out: 'Ben gong is pregnant, many people in the hougong are having thoughts. Now, even the palace maids have other ideas.'
  'Niangniang, it doesn't matter what they think since Emperor isn't interested in them. What you should do now is rest and take care of the fetus. Why should you waste attention on these people?' Mu Jin urged, 'Futhermore, niangniang, you are Empress, can anyone overtake you?'
  'Naturally, I won't waste attention on these people,' Qu Qing Ju curled her lips in a smile, looking at a corner in front of her, 'But there are those people who come to hinder ben gong's eyes.'
  Mu Jin and Jin Zhan simultaneously followed Qu Qing Ju's gaze. Their faces both darkened. It was Han liangdi and the Emperor standing together as they talked. Looking at the smile on Han liangdi's face, it was as though she had found a treasure.
  Seeing the scene, the two looked worriedly at the Empress and found the smile on the corner of the Empress' mouth had grown wide. Her eyes though, had grown cold. Mu Jin couldn't resist saying, 'Niangniang, maybe the Emperor just coincidentally encountered Han liangdi.'
  Qu Qing Ju snorted. There weren't that many coincidences in the world, and not that many emperors who would keep themselves pure for a woman. The previous dynasty had Yu Ming Emperor and he had been extolled for a few hundred years. It could be seen just how rare the love of an Emperor was, one in a few hundred years.
  Han liangdi hadn't thought she would coincidentally encounter the Emperor in the Imperial Gardens. She looked bashfully at the upright figure of He Heng, asking in a soft voice: 'Emperor, qie has learned a new song a few days ago, does Emperor want to listen?'
  'Han liangdi's voice is like a oriole in a valley. Zhen hasn't heard you sing for a time,' He Heng saw a pavilion nearby and pointed at it, 'How about you sing for zhen today?'
  Han liangdi was so happy she almost couldn't disguise her expression. Following behind the Emperor and watching as he sat, she said: 'Qie will disgracefully present.'
  'Cutting by candlelight by the western window, the moonlight silver frost, asking when next month she would return, but saw that she was at another place... ...'
  Ming He, standing by He Heng, listened and then sniffed his nose. The song seemed as though Han liangdi was trying to invite favour from the Emperor?
  'She doesn't see the others tears, and doesn't know of the other's hurt ... ...'
  When the song ended, Han liangdi's eyes were slightly red as she pretended to be unaffected and bowed to He Heng: 'Qie's voice isn't as good as it was once, sorry to have disappointed the Emperor.'
  'En, Han liangdi's songs are as pleasing to the ear as before, zhen......' He Heng glanced outside the pavilion and his eyelids jumped, 'Zhen thinks that these matters of music, it's fine to play with occasionally, but shouldn't pay too much attention to these things. Right now, you are a fifth-grade liangdi. It isn't very dignified to practice singing all day. In the future if you want zhen to listen to a song, you can let the Department of Music rehearse and then let zhen see.
  She hadn't thought she would hear such a thing. Han liangdi instantly choked. Even the tears that had almost brimmed out were choked down,
  'Emperor's words are too harsh. Qie feels that Han liangdi's songs are very good, and the people of the Music department cannot compare.' Qu Qing Ju held Mu Jin's hand as she walked into the pavilion. After she walked in front of He Heng, she was going to bend in a greeting but was held up by He Heng.
  'If you like it, then let Han liangdi go back and practice more. In the future, you and zhen can listen together,' He Heng supported her to sit beside him, placing a stack of pastries in front of her, 'Or you can let Han liangdi sing now. Zhen remembers that Han liangdi had a 'Tan Lian Fu' that she sang well.'
  Qu Qing Ju smiled enchantingly, her eyes flickering before resting on Han liangdi. After thinking for a short while, she shook her head, rejecting: 'No, it's alright. It's just as Emperor has said, Han liangdi might not have a high rank but she is one of the feipin of the palace. To let her sing for qie, it is too humiliating.'
  'You are the Empress who mothers the world. There's no humiliation in her singing for you,' He Heng slightly raised his chin as he looked at Han liangdi, 'Han liangdi, what do you say?'
  'To be able to sing for Emperor and Empress is qie's good fortune,' Han Qing He forced out a warm smile and bowed to Qu Qing Ju, 'Please niangniang, allow pinqie to sing for you.' She felt half of her heart was freezing and the other half was boiling. The turmoil was extremely painful, but she had to make herself a singer.
  'Peach blossoms are bewitching, pear blossoms white, only the lotus blossom......'
  Qu Qing Ju gave a yawn and lazily leaned on He Heng's shoulder, muttering: 'Today's weather is so good, it makes people sleepy.'
  He Heng knew that after a woman became pregnant, she was easily drowsy. He reached around her back to let her lean more comfortably. The other hand slowly held a teacup that he sipped from as he frequently lowered his head to look at Qu Qing Ju leaning on his shoulder.
  Han Qing He looked at the scene and for some reason, felt her throat hurt, as though singing one word was extremely difficult. By the end, even she didn't know how she sang.
  'Stop,' He Heng said in a small voice, 'Empress is asleep, don't disturb her.' He bent down to lift the person leaning on his shoulder. Then he took a deep breath, pretty heavy.
  His empress looked beautiful and had a thin waist. Even three months pregnant, her belly wasn't visible. But when he lifted her, he found that she was much heavier than in the past. It did seem that what she ate everyday was effective.
  Thinking that Qu Qing Ju's belly would get bigger in the next few months, he couldn't help but furrow his brow. By that time, he didn't know how much Qu Qing Ju would endure. Even sleep would be difficult then.
  'Emperor, why don't nucai get someone to bring the sedan?' Seeing the situation, Ming He came forward to ask.
  'No need,' He Heng firmly held Qu Qing Ju, 'This place isn't far from Tian Qi Palace.'
  'Yes,' Ming He complied and dropped to follow behind with a bent body. He prepared for the possibility of the Emperor's hands faltering, he would use his body to cushion the Empress. From there to the rear hall of Tian Qi Palace, it was a somewhat horrifying experience for him.
  'Respectfully seeing off Emperor and Empress,' Han Qing He watched as the Emperor carried the Empress down the stairs of the pavilion. When she couldn't see their figures anymore, she finally angrily threw the cups from the table. What did the Empress mean, that she, Han Qing He, was born to be a singer?
  They were all the Emperor's women, yet she had to sing for the other to hear!
  'Zhuzi,' The palace maid behind her was frightened by her actions. Scanning the surroundings, she sighed when she saw no one was around, urging, 'Don't be angry outside, be careful since the walls have ears.'
  'Right now, she's pregnant and can't serve the Emperor but she's still holding onto the Emperor and not letting go. Even like this, many people are praising her for being virtuous, pah!' Han Qing He's anger couldn't be restrained. In the recent days as she bullied Feng Zi, she forgot her bounds and also forgot her identity.
  'Zhuzi!' The palace made was so frightened her legs grew weak, kneeling in front of her, 'Stop talking, that will get your head chopped off!'
  'Stand up, why do I only have people as stupid as you serving me,' Han Qing He breathed heavily. Seeing the person beside her pale in fright, she slowly calmed down, 'Return!'
  Such a good chance to get close to the Emperor had been ruined by Qu Qing Ju just like that. It was enough to make people hate!
  Qu Qing Ju had her eyes closed as she leaned into He Heng's embrace. Hearing his ever heavier breaths, she opened her eyes when they neared Tian Qi Palace. She looked confusedly at the surroundings, before raising her head to look at He Heng, 'Emperor?'
  'Awake?' He Heng stopped walking, lowering his head to look at the woman with a confused face in his arms, 'You fell asleep. I'm taking you back to the palace.'
  'I'm much heavier now, set me down,' Qu Qing Ju urged, 'Emperor, how could you carry me this entire way? It's too tiring.'
  'It's nothing,' He Heng tightened his grasp, 'Don't fuss, we're almost there. Zhen will carry you back.'
  Qu Qing Ju buried her head in his chest, muttering: 'So embarrassing.'
  'I've seen you in more embarrassing situations,' He Heng laughed out loud, 'But it's true that you are much heavier now.'
  Qu Qing Ju pinched at his waist, sniffing: 'Well, whose fault is that?'
  'My fault, my fault,' He Heng continued to take large steps forward, not at all affected by Qu Qing Ju's pinch, 'Heavier is good, I like you heavier.'
  The crowd of people following behind silently pushed their heads lowered. They expressed that they hadn't heard anything.
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  Chapter Ninety Two - Yin Fire Bead Chapter
  Zuo Mo's body shook like dice. The tendons in his forehead and shoulders were thick like earthworms, they were extremely horrifying.
  Pu Yao had come out at some time. Seeing Zuo Mo's state, he seemed slightly startled.
  Zuo Mo's body continued to tremble for almost an hour before ceasing.
  Zuo Mo opened his eyes and heavily exhaled. His eyes looked slightly uncertain. Just now, he felt that his body seemed to have changed slightly, but as to what had changed, he didn't know. He lowered his head to inspect himself and didn't make any discoveries.
  There wasn't any problems with the gravestone version of [Vajra Profound Sutra], right? His heart jumped.
  'Who taught you this?' Pu Yao's voice suddenly came from behind him.
  Zuo Mo jumped in fright. Turning, he released a breath upon seeing it was Pu Yao, 'When you were wounded, it was written on the gravestone.'
  Pu Yao didn't seem surprised. He only nodded his head: 'En. Keep practicing.'
  Zuo Mo's heart finally settled. Since Pu Yao said for him to keep practicing, then there shouldn't be a problem. Even though he had encountered great pain when breaking through one breath with [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation], but he had to admit that [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] was a good thing. Up until now, Zuo Mo hadn't found a scripture higher in level than [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation].
  '[Fragrance Knowledge] truly isn't suited for you.' Pu Yao said something that surprised Zuo Mo enormously. He followed up, 'I'll teach you another way to use your consciousness.'
  Zuo Mo stared at Pu Yao for a long beat. In the end, he couldn't resist asking, 'Pu Yao, are you okay?'
  Pu Yao didn't pay attention to him, stating, 'You still have a dozen or so of yin beads. Your control of fire isn't bad. I'll teach you how to make yin fire beads.'
  Uh oh, Pu Yao really had been wounded in the head this time! The previous Pu Yao definitely wouldn't do something like this. Zuo Mo looked sympathetically at Pu Yao. Of course, he didn't say anything. If there was something to be gained freely and he didn't take it, then he would be stupid. Pu Yao was now acting stupid, but did he have to follow in stupidity?
  He listened extremely carefully, afraid of missing a word.
  Last time, yin beads had caused a great disaster in Dong Fu. However, that had also informed Zuo Mo of just how valuable yin beads were. Without a doubt, yin beads were good things! Valuable things! Something that even those jindan experts were fighting over, how could it not be a good thing?
  The method of making yin fire beads wasn't complicated but the contents were extremely lengthy. After a while, Pu Yao was impatient and threw a ball of light at Zuo Mo, letting him read the entire [Yin Fire Bead Chapter] by himself.
  To make yin fire beads, there were three requirements. The first was yin beads, the second was fire, and the third was spiritual power. The more pure and dense the yin bead was, the higher grade the fire was, the stronger the consciousness was, the greater the power of the yin fire bead produced. The entire chapter was completely about these three points. The density and formation of yin beads were related to the level of cultivation. The manipulation of spiritual power had a crucial effect during the creation of the yin fired bead. But in the entire chapter, most of the contents were descriptions of all kinds of fire seeds and flames.
  In this chapter, the descriptions of fire seeds and flames were extremely detailed. It seemed to have ranked all of the fire seeds and flames that could be used to make yin fire beads. One of them was the fire that Zuo Mo dreamed of, Golden Crow fire. Due to the differences in fires, the effects of the yin fire beads made were different. All kinds of rare and strange flames broadened Zuo Mo's knowledge and amazed him.
  Until he finished, he was still hungry for more. He had never thought that there would be so many kinds of flame in the world. There were even many strange and relatively unknown flames in low grade flames.
  This was also the most detailed and complete scripture that he had encountered up until now. He didn't know which sect the scripture came from. To be able to study fire to this depth, they were really skilled!
  As he thought, his heart started to itch and he now wanted to make a few yin fire beads. According to the records in the scripture, as long as he could find a suitable fire, the yin fire beads that he could make would be something that even ningmai wouldn't easily meet head-on. Yin beads, this thing was really too sensitive. Even if he did make yin fire beads, Zuo Mo wouldn't easily use them. However, if he had this as one of his hidden cards, if it was a matter of life or death, it maybe could save him.
  Thinking about it, Zuo Mo was even more tempted.
  In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao stood in front of the gravestone, smirking, 'You finally couldn't bear it anymore! Three thousand years, your patience finally reached its limits? A guy who isn't willing to abide by your rules, even as old-fashioned as you, you actually compromised?'
  The gravestone was silent.
  Pu Yao suddenly became excited, sharpness in his blood eye, shouting, 'Then why weren't you willing to compromise before?'
  The gravestone was still silent.
  Pu Yao closed his eyes. When he opened them, he was so calm that he seemed like another person. His alluring and handsome face had faint disdain, 'You're dead yet you still want to leave behind your will. When did you become this stupid!' He raised his chin, coldly gazing at the gravestone, 'Also, how can I let you do as you please? Dead, then you shouldn't leave anything behind! Hee, such an interesting game... ...'
  The gravestone was silent as usual.
  Zuo Mo wiped the sweat off his face. He cut a sorry figure, his body covered in dirt and dry leaves. Wu Kong Mountain was situated among a vast stretch of mountains. The places that had some density of ling energy naturally were already occupied. What was abundant was a desolate landscape. Xiuzhe weren't interested in lands that had no ling energy. They also didn't have any use for normal lumber. Other than yao beasts, normal wild beasts were just a lump of meat in the eyes of xiuzhe. Now that every sect raised their own ling beasts, there naturally wasn't anyone who hunted these animals. The woods that were lacking in ling energy, no one usually cared for them.
  Zuo Mo was in a poor backwater location now. It was a mountain valley, trees were growing in every direction, most of them were covered in ivy. The high mountain peak blocked the sunlight. This place never saw the sun. The air was filled with a rotting stench. It had been many years since someone had came to this mountain valley. The leaves covering the ground were extremely thick. This kind of place was a breeding ground for miasma but Zuo Mo had prepared and made some first-grade Detoxification Dan.
  Over the last few days, he had been making his way through this vast forest. Right now, the elders of the sect were either out on errands or in seclusion. No one was looking over him. He was free and unrestrained. After he had seen the complete method to make yin fire beads, he had the idea of searching for a fire seed.
  What he wanted the most was Golden Crow fire. [Yin Fire Bead Chapter] had a high opinion of Golden Crow fire. The yin fire bead that was created with Golden Crow fire would be extremely yang and extremely masculine, astoundingly powerful. But in the short term, he could only think about Golden Crow fire. Before he could find a substitute herb, he couldn't do anything. Even if he found an herb that could work as a substitute, he wasn't very confident that it was possible. It was better that he would first find a low grade fire seed. Anything would be better than the Streaming Fire seal formation in the dan cauldron. If he had a fire seed, he could naturally form flames and create some yin fire beads.
  There were many low grade fire seeds that were introduced in the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter]. Zuo Mo was extremely motivated.
  However, any place that could form fire seeds, it must be a place with plentiful ling energy. If this was in the past, he definitely wouldn't have any way. But now, he had a fourth-grade black gold worm. Even though this method seemed stupid, but Zuo Mo felt it was very plausible. He was full of confidence in this black gold worm. It could even find a place as hidden as the rock room. If there really was a ling vein, it definitely could find it.
  But his luck wasn't that good. He specially picked backwater places. After searching in the mountains for a week, he still hadn't discovered anything. Each day, he would start as soon as the sun rose. Occasionally, he would be harassed by animals, yet his hands were empty. It would be a lie to say he wasn't demotivated. But when he thought of Wei Sheng Shixiong, Zuo Mo felt that this little bit of trouble really wasn't anything. He relaxed even more when he thought about it. If it could be easily felt, then he wouldn't have a chance at it.
  Looking at the surrounding geography, he decided to try. Taking down a bamboo cylinder slightly thicker than a thumb from his waist, he uncorked it and cast a spell.
  The black gold worm climbed out of the cylinder, its antenna nimbly moving and then started crawling deeper into a mountain valley.
  Zuo Mo's mind became alert!
  There was something!
  This was the first time the black gold worm had reacted like this. He had already become suspicious that this gold black worm had degenerated.
  He hurried behind the black gold worm, limping as he sprinted. The Water Drop sword quickly chopped in the front. Anywhere it passed, all the branches and ivy turned to pieces and cleared out a road.
  Sprinting until he reached the bottom of a cliff, Zuo Mo saw a cave about half a person high. Weeds were growing over the opening. If he didn't look closely, it would be hard to find. Zuo Mo only hesitated a while before bending down and pushing in. The inside of the cave was actually large and vast. The cold wind blew Zuo Mo's hairs on end. He scanned the surroundings. Entering his eyes was stalactites and stalagmites that had formed over thousands of years. The drip drop of water was abnormally clear in the quiet cave.
  Zuo Mo quickly found the black gold worm. It had stopped over a non-descript stalagmite.
  Compared to those wondrously shaped stalagmites, this stalagmite was only half a person tall, and didn't have anything that could attract a person's eye.
  Zuo Mo suddenly remembered a part of the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter] and instantly became excited. He slowly inhaled, calming down his excitement before walking towards the stalagmite.
  Under his control, the black gold worm reluctantly climbed down the stalagmite and moved to the side.
  Zuo Mo raised the Water Drop sword, and following the top of the stalagmite, gently stabbed in.
  The Water Drop sword easily entered. Zuo Mo suddenly had a joyous expression.
  Raising the Water Drop sword, a milky-white flame suddenly shot out of the cut!
  Second-grade rare fire seed, Stalagmite fire!
  Greedily looking at this quietly burning milky-white flame, Zuo Mo restrained the excitement and joy inside. Gathering ling power on his hands, he reached towards the Stalagmite fire!
  The spells to gather fire seeds were detailed in [Yin Fire Bead Chapter], even better than the spells Zuo Mo saw in Master's records room. Silently channeling ling power, his hands suddenly became attractive and with a hiss, this Stalagmite fire entered his body.
  His expression suddenly became even more serious. Sucking the fire seed into his body didn't mean that he could celebrate. The next step was the truly important one!
  Only by taming the fire seed could the fire seed be used.
  But even though this Stalagmite fire was just second-grade, but it had passed through countless months, absorbed countless amounts of ling energy, in order to form and grow to this large.
  How could it easily surrender?
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  Chapter One Hundred and One The Trust of the Emperor
  'Niangniang,' Fine sweat beaded Huang Yang's forehead as he looked in trepidation at the Empress who was partaking in her meal. He didn't even dare to breathe hard, as though any movement would enrage the Empress.
  'What is it?' Qu Qing Ju slowly ate a bowl of chicken porridge. Matched with the crisp pickled cabbage, it was flavourful. She saw Huang Yang refraining from speech in a panicked manner as she rinsed her mouth with the tea that Jin Zhan handed over and wiped her mouth with a handkerchief from Yin Liu, 'Say it, what has made you so panicked?'
  Huang Yang dropped to kneel at Qu Qing Ju's feet: 'Han liangdi was found this morning in the lotus pond of the Imperial Garden, already swollen.'
  Qu Qing Ju stilled. Han Qing He died?
  'How can you mention such a matter in front of niangniang?' Mu Jin's brows furrowed. Now that niangniang was pregnant, this kind of matter would scare niangniang and the small Highness in her belly, 'Shut your mouth.'
  'It's fine,' Qu Qing Ju's left hand slowly caressed her slightly upraised belly, 'Your expression wouldn't be this terrible for this kind of minor matter. Is it related to the cause of Han liangdi's death?'
  Huang Yang saw niangniang's calm composure and could only say through gritted teeth: 'The people of the Department of Household Affairs found a white jade hairpin on Han liangdi's body. Someone recognized that it was niangniang's.'
  When Jin Zhan and Yu Zan heard the words, their faces paled in fright. The clothing and hair ornaments of niangniang were under their management. If niangniang's things were lost, the most suspicious people would be them. The two knelt down, faces terrible as they said: 'Niangniang, nubi wasn't able to look after the ornaments properly and begs for mercy.'
  Qu Qing Ju laughed out loud, motioning for the two to stand up. Then she stood, uttering: 'Such a cold and desolate month but such a good play. They could even find the white jade hairpin that ben gong had lost half a month ago. Since right now, it's the two muhou who are in charge of the hougong, let us go visit Fu Shou Palace. Ben gong is very curious about this matter.'
  Huang Yang looked in puzzlement at the Empress. Niangniang didn't even seem to be the slightest bit angry.
  Mu Jin was perplexed and then recovered, 'That's so true. Huang Yang, go prepare the phoenix carriage. From last night, the snow had been coming down. Zhuzi is pregnant with His Highness. She can't endure the wind.'
  'Yes,' Huang Yang cheerfully stood and turned to let the servants prepare the phoenix carriage.
  In Fu Shou Palace, the two Empress Dowagers, He Heng, Jin An Princess Royal, the three other feipin and the main and assistant supervisor of the Department of Household Affairs were gathered for the matter of Han liangdi's drowning.
  Empress Dowager Wei's expression finished listening to the report the palace maid kneeling had reported. With a grave face, she repeated: 'You mean to say that yesterday in the late evening, Han liangdi went out of her residence alone. An hour later, you felt that it was strange, and started to search with the other servants and eventually found Han liangdi's corpse?'
  'Yes,' The one that answered was Han liangdi personal maid. She looked frightfully at the room full of powerful people, 'Before zhuzi left, she said ... ...'
  'What did she say?'
  'Said that if the Empress could put importance on her, then in the future, she would receive the Emperor's favor.' When the palace maid finished speaking, she pressed her forehead to the floor, so afraid she trembled all over.
  'According to what this palace maid says, the one who invited Han liangdi out was Empress, and then the Department of Household Affairs found the Empress' hairpin on Han liangdi's body,' The corners of Empress Dowager Wei's lips drew back, her voice scornful as she concluded, 'Meaning that the Empress murdered Han liangdi?'
  He Heng's brows furrowed as he asked: 'Muhou, Qing Ju is the Empress of a country. Why would she try to kill an unimportant minor feipin?' Last night, he had slept in the front hall of Tian Qi Palace, and hadn't been together with Qing Ju, but he believed that Han liangdi's death had nothing to do with Qu Qing Ju.
  Hearing her son unconsciously call out her erxi's name in front of so many people, Empress Dowager Wei raised an eyebrow at him before responding; 'Aijia is very suspicious of the matter as well.'
  'Empress Dowager, Emperor,' The palace maid's voice shook: 'It was because half a month ago, zhuzi had sung for the Emperor in the gardens, and had been found out by the Empress. Not long after that, people started to shortchange zhuzi's allowance. Zhuzi went out last night to see the Empress because there was no other way for her to survive. Please, Empress Dowager and Emperor, give zhuzi justice.'
  'Yesterday in the evening, it started to snow. The Empress is already three months pregnant. She would go visit Han liangdi in the snow and somehow managed to push Han liangdi into the lotus pond,' Jin An Princess snorted, 'After doing all that, she wouldn't have detected that she had lost something, just returning to rest in the rear hall of Tian Qi Palace. She is too vigorous.'
  'Nubi didn't say that the Empress did it,' The head of the palace maid shrunk back as she stuttered, 'And nubi thinks that it could have been a servant ... ...'
  'Outrageous. How can zhen not be clear about when someone enters or leaves zhen's residence?' He Heng slammed the table, 'Tian Qi Palace has guards and secret bodyguards at all times. Not just the Empress, even the normal palace maids and taijian's entry and exit would be recorded. You couldn't slander the Empress so you turn to slander Empress' people. What is your purpose?'
  The palace maid clearly hadn't thought of that flaw. She had been taken into the palace by Han Qing He from the wangfu and didn't know that the security of Tian Qi Palace was that stringent. A beat later, she started to bang her head continuously: 'Nubi doesn't mean anything, and asks for Empress Dowager and Emperor to investigate thoroughly.'
  Empress Dowager Wei raised a teacup as she looked icily at the kowtowing palace maid. She didn't care that the maid's forehead was bleeding and turned to say to Muhou Empress Dowager: 'Not even these people, even us sisters had entered the palace for a few years before knowing of the matter. The daring villain, who has plotted to harm the palace fei and slander the Empress, is truly evil.'
  'That's so true. Aijia had been Empress for more than a year after entering the palace before finding out that there are hidden guards in Tian Qi Palace to protect the Emperor,' Muhou Empress Dowager smiled mockingly as she raised her head, her gaze sweeping over the three of Jiang, Feng, and Luo. 'But in the past, no one dared to frame aijia. The younger generation is much more courageous.'
  Jiang, Feng and Luo couldn't sit and walked together to kneel at the center of the hall. Until the matter had been solved, all three of them were suspects. But the consequences of the enormous crime of plotting to harm the Empress and the palace fei would reach even their families. Could they bear to suffer the outcome?
  'Alright, you three don't have to kneel,' Empress Dowager Wei set down the teacup, 'Regarding Aijia's erxi, aijia is very clear. She isn't a person who would do such a thing. Even if she did, she wouldn't act so stupidly. Aijia doesn't care why the person is so reckless, but if they could admit it themselves, aijia won't act against her family. But when aijia finds out personally, don't blame aijia for being ruthless.'
  The main and vice supervisors of the Department of Household Affairs, by this time, had realized that the two Empress Dowagers and the Emperor were protecting the Empress. The three had worked together for many years and didn't need to exchange a look to know what the others were thinking.
  The main supervisor of the department stepped forward; 'Emperor, Empress Dowagers, nucai has just found that Han liangdi showed traces on the back of the head from being hit with something heavy. From the impact and the location, the criminal must be shorter than Han liangdi, and is a female. The Empress is slightly taller than Han liangdi, and pregnant women cannot lift heavy objects so the criminal cannot be the Empress. Nucai has also looked at the record from yesterday to today of the entrance and exit records of Tian Qi Palace. There are no suspects among the palace maids and taijian that attend the Empress. From this, it can be concluded that the Empress is certainly unconnected to the matter of Han liangdi.
  He Heng nodded, his face softening: 'It seems someone wants to hit two birds with one stone.' His gaze swept across the three feipin, his gaze landing on Luo Yin Xiu and Feng Zi Jin who were shorter than Han Qing He, his face darkening again, 'Catch all of the palace maids and taijian that serve Luo guipin and Ping cairen, and interrogate each one.'
  'Emperor!' Feng Zi Jin crawled forward, 'Qie is innocent, Emperor!'
  Luo Yin Xiu looked at the overly excited Feng Zi Jin and continued to keep her head down.
  'Emperor, the Empress asks to see you.' Ming He came in to report.
  'Allow,' He Heng's fierce expression instantly became gentle. When Qu Qing Ju entered, he couldn't resist standing and supporting the person to sit beside him, 'It's snowing outside, why did you come?'
  'Just heard that Han liangdi passed away, and qie's hairpin was coincidentally on her body. Qie couldn't stay away,' Qu Qing Ju frowned slightly, 'Qie's hairpin was lost half a month ago. It was that time when qie fell asleep in the Imperial Gardens. The location was unknown. Emperor had then specially bestowed qie a set of cat's eye hairpins as a replacement. Who knew that it would be found at Han liangdi's body.'
  He Heng remembered. Half a month ago, he and Qu Qing Ju heard Han liangdi sing and then Qu Qing Ju feel asleep. Afterwards, he had carried her back to Tian Qi Palace before they had discovered that two hairpins had fallen off. On the second day, he had gotten Ming He to deliver a box of hair ornaments decorated with cat's eye stones to the rear hall of Tian Qi Palace. It seemed that the white jade hairpin was one of the two that had fallen off before.
  'Don't be angry, zhen knows you aren't connected with the matter,' He Heng patted the back of the hand, 'Zhen will definitely send someone to investigate and clear your innocence.'
  Qu Qing Ju sighed and nodded her head slowly. She looked in apology at the two Empress Dowagers: 'Erxi is extremely unfilial to have made both muhou worried.'
  'This matter has nothing to do with you,' Muhou Empress Dowager said, 'Empress, you are just too na?ve. This hougong always have those of malicious and daring thoughts. Aijia and your muhou have been in the hougong for so many years, but really haven't seen tactics as stupid as this one. To keep such a person in the hougong, aijia wouldn't feel safe.'
  'That's so true. You are pregnant, don't waste attention on such matters. Aijia is here for anything and won't let them slight you.' When Empress Dowager Wei finished talking, she said to He Heng, 'Take the Empress away quickly. Such unlucky matters shouldn't dirty one's ears. You two, don't worry, aijia and jiejie will certainly uncover the truth. You should leave here now.'
  He Heng stood and bowed to the two, 'This son has no attention to spare for the matters of the hougong and has to trouble the two muhou.'
  'Leave, leave,' Empress Dowager Wei waved her hand, shooing them off like she was hurrying away ducks. After the Emperor and Empress left, she gave a cold smile, calmly ordering: 'For anyone suspicious, use heavy torture. Aijia doesn't believe that it can't be found out.'
  She swept a cold gaze at He Heng's three feipin: 'This hougong will not tolerate women who think themselves clever!'
  The three of Jiang, Feng and Luo couldn't help but shudder. Jiang Yong Yu's face was solemn as she bowed respectfully: 'Thanks Empress Dowager for instructing.'
  Empress Dowager Wei slightly nodded her head at her, and then said to Feng and Luo who were still kneeling: 'Before the matter is solved, you two will stay in the Sheng Shen Zhai behind Fu Shou Palace to reflect, and will save aijia from having to put people to watch you.'
  'Yes.' Luo Yin Xiu respectfully gave a kowtow. She was clear that the Empress Dowager was cutting off their escape route. But since she didn't do it, what did she have to be afraid of? Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Ninety-Three Stalagmite Fire
  The milky-white stalagmite fire was born in the stalagmites of yin caves, and was a kind of cold fire.
  Sucking it into his body, Zuo Mo felt a cold energy quickly spread through the channels in his body. Even though he had prepared before, his body couldn't help but shake, the ling power almost slipping out of control. Pushing aside his surprise, he tried to control the movement of ling power to surround this Stalagmite fire. This ball of Stalagmite fire was provoked, the cold energy increasing. The milky-white flame gave off a strong coldness. The coldness was also extremely humid. What was even more shocking was that, in such a freezing energy, the moisture hadn't been frozen into ice, but still existed as vapor.
  Quickly, Zuo Mo felt the effect of the icy moisture! The unparalleled icy moisture, following the spitting of the flame, spread out in waves. The cold energy they contained was even more dense. Wherever they touched the channels, the channels would be damaged. They were like an extremely corrosive mist, leaving behind patches of frozen white wherever it passed.
  The numbness of the channels was extremely uncomfortable. Zuo Mo gritted his teeth, continuing to control his ling power to suppress this Stalagmite fire.
  The Stalagmite fire was like a trapped beast, furiously fighting, the flame spitting.
  The freezing moisture was like the deadly energy that this white beast spat out, trying its best to damage Zuo Mo's channels.
  Zuo Mo felt pain inside. He could only follow the method of taming fire seeds from the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter], furiously channeling ling power. The ling power in his body suddenly changed, quickly enveloping the Stalagmite fire tightly.
  The Stalagmite fire seemed to have detected the change as it was covered by ling power, becoming more agitated than ever, furiously fighting.
  Zuo Mo's ling power flowed away quickly.
  The stronger the struggles of the Stalagmite fire became, the faster the ling power in his body would be used up.
  Zuo Mo became slightly panicked. If this speed continued, his ling power would quickly reach the bottom. Damn it! By now, this wasn't a question of whether or not he could tame this fire, but whether or not he could keep his life. If the Stalagmite fire lost the suppression from ling power, it would start burning from inside his body until he was burnt into a pile of ice.
  Who would have thought assimilating a second-grade fire seed would be so difficult?
  This wasn't going to work!
  At this time, Zuo Mo couldn't attend to anything else. He was like a gambler that was on the precipice of death, eyes red from losing! The step behind them was the fall off a thousand foot high cliff, there was no place to retreat! Since he could not retreat, then he would bet everything he had!
  You're just a second-grade Stalagmite fire, you dare to fight with ge!
  You don't know what you've done!
  Strangely, the anger inside Zuo Mo suddenly erupted after he was pushed to death's door. At this time, he didn't use [Yin Fire Bead Chapter]. In his eyes, this Stalagmite fire was just a large pest that had burrowed into his body!
  All of his spiritual power were gathered, and he unhesitatingly cast [Art of Aged Gold]!
  Zuo Mo didn't have any remaining thought of taming it. He only had one thought. Kill it!
  A handful of golden mist transformed into a little gold sword!
  It was instinct after practicing the sword for so long. Without any need to think, the sword essence erupted!
  The robust sword essence released itself through the little sword!
  A golden light flashed on the little sword and it quickly melted, the golden liquid flowing and twisting. In the flick of a finger, a miniature golden Water Drop sword appeared inside Zuo Mo's body!
  As the golden sword took shape, the robust sword essence quickly became murderous and cold! The coldness of the Stalagmite fire was like the heart-piercing cold in the deep of the cold spring, and the icy sword essence exuded by the little Water Drop sword was like the endless cold wind of the tundra, carrying ice, sharp as a knife!
  Zuo Mo hadn't thought that, just at this time, [Art of Aged Gold] suddenly broke through to the fourth level!
  Surrounded by ling power, the struggling Stalagmite fire suddenly stopped, motionless!
  Zuo Mo's murderous intent, carried by the sword essence, was passed onto the stalagmite fire without any hindrance.
  If you keep moving, I'll kill you!
  If this Stalagmite fire still didn't listen, then the Water Drop sword would cut it into pieces. He was prepared to give up this Stalagmite fire. For a second-grade Stalagmite fire, to pay with his life, it wasn't profitable.
  But the next scene struck Zuo Mo dumb.
  The milky-white Stalagmite fire shrunk into a small ball, like a little kid holding his legs in a ball, shaking. This action was so like what a person could do that Zuo Mo's rage decreased slightly.
  So weird, these days, even fire seeds bullied the weak and were afraid of the strong! Muttering in his heart, he didn't dare let down his guard. This time, the Stalagmite fire didn't stop Zuo Mo's consciousness from seeping in.
  What Zuo Mo didn't know was that this Stalagmite fire, formed after countless years, had a basic intelligence.
  Two hours later, Zuo Mo opened his eyes, giving a long exhale. He pointed out his index finger and a milky-white flame suddenly rose from his finger, silently burning. Thinking about the danger that had just passed, Zuo Mo still had lingering fears. He had been yearning for a flame for a long time, but he was entirely ignorant about the process of assimilating a flame. Based on his cultivation, he would have had a difficult time taming this Stalagmite fire. If he just barely tamed it, he would only end up burning himself to death.
  Thankfully, he had been inspired to use [Art of Aged Gold] and sword essence together to brutally suppress the Stalagmite fire.
  However, Zuo Mo was completely ignorant of the fact that taming a fire seed was related to cultivation.
  It was really dangerous. Having made a trip to death's doors and come back, Zuo Mo wiped the sweat off his forehead. Thinking about the simple description on [Yin Fire Bead Chapter], and his own dangerous encounter, he muttered, it seemed like he couldn't completely believe [Yin Fire Bead Chapter]. If he just followed the instructions, his little life would be gone.
  In the end, it was still that the things that Pu Yao gave weren't reliable!
  But upon further thought, he understood. Pu was a three thousand year old antique. The stuff he had naturally was the old things from three thousand years ago. Those things were so old their teeth would be falling out. How could there not be a problem?
  Would antiques understand going with the times?!
  Zuo Mo continued to rant, swearing at Pu Yao as though this was what he needed to comfort his wounded soul. Of course, he could only rant. He was still afraid. It was very lucky that he hadn't made Golden Crow fire before. The second-grade Stalagmite fire almost took his little life. The fourth-grade Golden Crow fire, he wouldn't even be able to stop it and would just burn to ash.
  However, in all, Zuo Mo was still very satisfied. This Stalagmite fire was a second-grade rare fire seed as ranked in [Yin Fire Bead Chapter], extremely uncommon.
  Zuo Mo's mind suddenly shifted. Holding the Water Drop sword, he slowly cut away at the stone stalagmite. The inside of the stalagmite was hollow. When Zuo Mo saw a thin layer of milk-like liquid at the bottom of the stalagmite, he couldn't help but be overjoyed. This milky-white liquid was called stone milk. It was an extremely rare material for dan-making. He hurriedly took out a small jade bottle from his bosom and carefully gathered all of the stone milk, not leaving behind one drop.
  When he saw the black gold worm that was turning on its spot restlessly, he first paused before laughing. He took out three drops of stone milk from the jade bottle and dropped it onto the body of the black gold wom,
  'Ha ha, ge eats meat, you drink soup!'
  As the white stone milk touched the shell of the black gold worm, it was like water touching sand, quickly being absorbed into the black gold worm. The sheen of the black gold worm's shell became even finer and shiny. The black gold worm seemed to be full, becoming motionless on the ground.
  Zuo Mo knew that it was absorbing the stone milk. He took out the bamboo cylinder and put it back in.
  Having gained the Stalagmite fire and stone milk, Zuo Mo was impatient to return to Wu Kong Mountain.
  When the disciples of Wu Kong Sword Sect saw Zuo Mo's sorry state, they were all shocked. Zuo Mo was focused on his goal, waving his hand at them, and like a burst of wind, headed straight for his own valley.
  Returning to the Little West Wind Yard, Zuo Mo instantly started to examine the Stalagmite fire.
  Stalagmite fire was a rare kind of second-grade fire seed, and naturally had its own unique attributes. It belonged to the ranks of cold fire. Just this, it was extremely rare in low grade fire seeds. Other than that, because it had been born in the humid, dark and cold of the cave stalagmites, it was both full of water and cold. Its flames would naturally give out cold moisture. In other words, it combined the two opposite qualities of water and fire in one entity. This attribute, it was even more rare in low grade fire seeds.
  In the five elements, water and fire opposed each other. However, in the natural world, there were many strange entities that could perfectly merge these two completely opposing attributes together.
  The [Li Water Sword Scripture] that Zuo Mo practiced was to manipulate water like fire. From a certain perspective, it also contained attributes of water and fire. This was also the best and trickiest bit of the sword scripture. However, while [Li Water Sword Scripture] had the qualities of water and fire, but it was far from the wonders of something natural like the Stalagmite fire.
  Manipulate water like fire. It was still water in the end. It just borrowed the shape of fire.
  Stalagmite fire was truly something that had both fire and water. However, fire was definitely its primary attribute so it was ranked into the ranks of fire seeds.
  There were many kinds of fire, but it was sorted according to the attributes. Generally, there were four major categories of hot fire, yang fire, yin fire and cold fire. Hot fire was the most commonly seen fire. Its most important quality was its high temperature. The Streaming fire from the Streaming fire seal formation was a classical hot fire. Yang fire were sorted based on being masculine and yang. The Golden Crow fire that Zuo Mo dreamed about was the epitome of yang fire. Yin fires, which were commonly also called ghost fire, were born from yin energy, such as Shura fire. Cold fire was also called Icy flame. Its unique quality was cold and icy. They usually were born in extremely dark and cold places.
  There were also some strange and weird flames that were hard to sort. Those flames, they were usually the finest of flames and were treasures that every xiuzhe dreamed about.
  But no matter the type of flame, they would have the basic quality of fire, melting. This was also one of the reasons why the fire method was the most mainstream methods for dan-making.
  In the next few days, Zuo Mo studied the stalagmite fire. The present Stalagmite fire was extremely tame. If he sent it east, it definitely wouldn't go west. Controlling fire depended on the consciousness. Zuo Mo's consciousness was his strong suit and he could control it with ease. He could even use some complex manipulations.
  After playing for a few days until he was familiar, Zuo Mo thought about making yin fire beads.
  Yin fire beads was only a general name. In reality, the yin fire beads that were made with different flames would all be different. Even the author of [Yin Fire Bead Chapter], who detailed so many fire seeds, he didn't have all of the fire seeds.
  There were hundreds of fire seeds recorded in the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter]. Only sixty eight had a description of the related yin fire bead, There was nothing on what was the effect of the yin fire beads that would be created with the remaining fires. Stalagmite fire was one of the remainder.
  Zuo Mo himself was extremely curious. What kind of yin fire bead would be created using such a special fire as Stalagmite fire?
  He started to make his first yin fire bead.
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  Of course, 'ping' is calm, peace, and average so it's more of a warning from He Heng in this case.
  Chapter One Hundred and Two East and West
  In the place that was the hougong, there were many secrets. It was possible that there wouldn't be a trace of what you had done. The crucial aspect was how high you climbed and how steady you stood.
  The two Empress Dowagers ordered the Department of Household Affairs to use torture. The people who served Luo Yin Xiu and Feng Zi Jin all went through the process. It didn't take their lives but it made people unable to even plead for death. Unable to endure the last cycle of torture, a palace maid called Zhu Yu spilled it all, even revealing what her zhuzi had done in the wang fu.
  'Aijia did wonder how a feipin, who didn't even have a secure position, could kill someone and remain undetected. So there was someone who helped,' Muhou Empress Dowager read through the confession and handed it to Empress Dowager Wei sitting beside her. She sighed, exclaiming, 'This Feng shi is too bold.'
  Empress Dowager Wei scanned the confessions, so angry that her face became red. She wasn't one who showed what she felt, but what the confessions revealed was shocking and infuriating. Especially when the criminal was someone she had personally picked for her son out of the female candidates.
  'Come, lead Luo guipin and Ping cairen here,' She suppressed her anger and sighed at Muhou Empress Dowager. 'We should have known earlier. Aijia shouldn't have arranged for such a cruel woman to serve at the Emperor's side.' No wonder Heng'er and erxi had been residing everyday but still didn't have any children in the past. It must have been the poison which harmed the body and it took about half a year to recover from.
  'Meimei, you should not blame yourself. You can only see a person's appearance but not their hearts,' Muhou Empress Dowager comforted, 'It was lucky that it wasn't more serious. It was the heavens that protected them. But since this matter has been solved, should we tell Emperor and Empress?' Such a major matter, the Empress poisoned when she had been in the wang fu, it wasn't right not to inform them.
  'This kind of major incident, we can't conceal it from the Emperor and Empress,' Empress Dowager Wei had recovered her composure, 'Also, send someone to lead Shu gui taifei and Rui Wang over.'
  'It should be like this,' Muhou Empress Dowager nodded. This matter was related to Shu gui taifei.
  As they talked, Feng and Luo came in. Just two days in Sheng Shen Zhai but both of them looked much more fragile. Luo guipin still managed to keep her posture but Ping cairen was a sorry figure. Both eyes were dry and unfocused as though she hadn't slept for two whole days.
  'Come, give Luo guipin a seat.' Muhou Empress Dowager's lips curled. Even though she was smiling, others could still feel her imposing dignity.
  'Thanks, Empress Dowager of both palaces,' Luo Yin Xiu released a breath inside. To let her sit now, it meant that the matter had been investigated. She was clear that she had nothing to the matter but was afraid that others would wrongly accuse her. After seeing the present situation, she had nothing to worry about.
  Qu Qing Ju heard that the two Empress Dowagers had called for her and He Heng to Fu Shou Palace, and looked in shock at He Heng who had been playing a match of weiqi with her: 'Muhou has investigated the matter this quickly?'
  He Heng naturally wouldn't inform her of the various strategies the Department of Household Affairs had, and only set down the stone in his hand. He smiled, answering: 'In this world, when something is done, then a trace will be found. You have to know that in this world, there isn't a case that cannot be solved. It's only whether someone will seriously investigate it.'
  Qu Qing Ju agreed with He Heng's words. People always talked, the best way for others not to find out was to not do it, so it was better to not commit malicious acts.
  Seeing her face full of approval, He Heng stood, adding: 'Since muhou wants to see us, let's go take a look at Fu Shou Palace.' He ordered for a servant to bring a fox skin cape and then made Qu Qing Ju put on a thick rabbit-skin hand muff before leading her out of Tian Qi Palace.
  Coming out of Tian Qi Palace, Qu Qing Ju felt the harsh winter wind blow into her face. The snow on the road had been swept away by the taijian but the roofs and the trees were full of snow. She took in a breath, 'Such heavy snow.'
  Reaching to pull the collar of her cape higher to cover her face, He Heng helped her onto his own carriage. Once the two of them settled, he replied: 'Now, it's the twelfth month. It's normal to have this much snow.'
  Even though she had seen the heavy snow of Jing City last year, Qu Qing Ju had a special feeling for snow. It was most likely due to the fact that she lived in the south and always read of the people making snowmen in the language books and had been disappointed that she couldn't make one herself.
  Not being able to obtain something that other people told them about from when they were little, most people would be stubborn in their attachment.
  Qu Qing Ju occasionally lifted the curtain as the Imperial carriage traveled and saw the palace maids and taijian kneeling on both sides of the road. Snow was still falling, the ground was cold, but those people knelt with their backs straight, not a hint of slacking.
  As they entered Fu Shou Palace, He Heng saw Feng shi kneeling in the center of the hall. Kneeling behind her was a few pale-faced palace maids and taijian. His expression darkened and held hands with Qu Qing Ju to bow to the two Empress Dowagers before sitting to the side.
  The ground and walls of Fu Shou Palace were heated. Qu Qing Ju had taken off the fox skin cape but still felt hot. Using her hand to slightly pull at her clothing, she looked at Feng Zi Jin kneeling on the ground, asking: 'Muhou, what is going on?'
  'These years, this Feng shi has been very brave. Emperor, Empress, take a look,' Empress Dowager Wei handed Chun Yu's confession to He Heng. Seeing her son's face become colder, she knew he was angry, and sighed, 'It's muhou who has to apologize for arranging such a villain beside you.'
  'Muhou cannot say that. Feng shi is malicious and adept at disguising herself. Is that muhou's fault?' He Heng furiously slammed the confession onto the table beside him, 'It was zhen who was blind to have kept such a woman like this for so many years.'
  'Emperor!' Feng Zi Jin knew that the matter had been exposed and looked discontentedly at the furious Emperor, 'If it wasn't that Emperor had to marry her, and favor her, why else would qie have to do such things?'
  Seeing the hand that Feng Zi Jin pointed at her, Qu Qing Ju raised an eyebrow. The marriage had been decreed by Qing De Emperor and He Heng who decided to marry the bride, so why did it become all her fault in the end? If she had the ability, she should be trying to kill Qing De Emperor and He Heng, what was the point of poisoning the original Qu Qing Ju?
  'Empress was the wang fei who xiandi decreed. Emperor and her are in deep love, it's the natural order of the world. You are just a small qieshi who, in jealousy, decided to plot against the Emperor. You poisoned wang fei in the wang fu, murdered Han liangdi after entering the palace and framed the Empress. Such a frightening person, and shameless to be angry at the Emperor for marrying. It is very funny,' Empress Dowager Wei smiled icily, 'So many shiqie in this world. If they were all like you, wouldn't the world end?'
  'Shengmu Empress Dowager, you were only a feipin too. Didn't you have times when you had been discontent, but you still became the high up Shengmu Empress Dowager?' Feng Zi Jin raised her head to stare directly at Empress Dowager Wei, scornfully asking, 'What's wrong with qie? We're all women, how is Qu Qing Ju nobler than me?'
  'A villain like you cannot compare to Shengmu Empress Dowager,' Muhou Empress Dowager looked coldly at Feng shi babbling nonsense, 'Both in appearance and morals, you cannot compete against Shengmu Empress Dowager. In the past when aijia was still Empress, Shengmu Empress Dowager respected aijia at every turn, and didn't slight aijia who did not receiving any Imperial favor. The Emperor she raised is intelligent and thinks of the people. Becoming Shengmu Empress Dowager, it is the will of the heavens. A woman such as you who dares to poison the wife, how can you compare? You are full of nonsense.'
  Muhou Empress Dowager's words defended Shengmu Empress Dowager from all angles and told other people that she was approving and in great favor for Shengmu Empress Dowager to sit and rise at the same height as her. She even pushed the matter onto the fate of the heavens, flattering both Empress Dowager Wei and the Emperor and explicitly expressed her position.
  When she heard the speech, Qu Qing Ju finally understood how Muhou Empress Dowager, in all these years without the favor of the Emperor and with no son of her own, managed to keep her seat and why Qing De Emperor hadn't ever thought to dispose of her. Her attitude and tactics, such an understanding woman. But just like Empress Dowager Wei, she hadn't met a reliable man, it was so regretful.
  She turned her head to look at He Heng. As expected, his expression had relaxed, clearly very satisfied and grateful for Muhou Empress Dowager's words.
  'Emperor, Shu gui taifei and Rui Wang have arrived.'
  'Er chen greets both muhou, greets huang xiong, huang sao.'  When He Yuan entered the hall, he calmly bowed to the four people as though he didn't see the people kneeling.
  This was the first time Qu Qing Ju saw He Yuan after He Heng had ascended the throne. Due to the fact that she didn't like He Yuan in the first place, she hadn't looked at him when he entered. But once the other spoke, she felt that He Yuan felt wrong, as though he went from a delusional youth to a steady yet silent uncle. The change was so drastic that she felt suspicious that the person in front of her and the He Yuan of the past were two different people.
  When Shu gui taifei saw Feng Zi Jin kneeling on the ground, her expression became slightly ugly. Before she could speak, Muhou Empress Dowager threw the confession in front of her, 'Shu gui taifei, look at that!' If Empress Dowager Wei had done that, others might have said that she was arrogant. But if Muhou Empress Dowager did it, then it was right.
  He Yuan looked at the confession that landed on the ground, and then at his mufei, whose expression had changed. He then knew that mufei had done something in the hougong that the Empress Dowager had found out. When he bent down to pick up the paper, and saw that Ping cairen and mufei had cooperated to kill Han liangdi to frame the Empress, his calm face became white. He turned to look at Shu gui taifei, 'Mufei?'
  Shu gui taifei didn't dare to look at her son. She apprehensively declared to the two Empress Dowagers: 'This throne should belong to my son. Why is it that you can live here?!'
  'Stop her mouth!' Muhou Empress Dowager commanded darkly, 'Shu gui taifei, aijia thinks that you should be more careful. The Emperor ascended the throne properly and rightly. When xiandi made his will, all the advisors had been present. Your misrepresentation of the facts won't be tolerated!'
  'Mufei is ignorant, er chen begs both Empress Dowagers to spare her life!' He Yuan watched as his mufei was held down by two mamas, a handkerchief stuffed into her mouth. He gritted his teeth and knelt in front of He Heng, 'Please, Emperor, punish lightly.'
  Qu Qing Ju had been sitting by He Heng's side. Looking at a once willful and brazen person kneeling in front of her, she felt a strange sense of pity.
  When Shu gui taifei saw it, she couldn't stop shaking her head. Tears of panic fell down as she couldn't speak. No one would recognize that just a year ago, she had been the Shu guifei, the most favored of the hougong.
  Ten years west, ten years east. But Shu gui taifei and He Yuan hadn't thought that this day would happen.
  Qu Qing Ju couldn't help but look at the two Empress Dowagers and found that their expressions were frightfully calm, as though Shu gui taifei and He Yuan were putting on an unfunny play in front of them and they were criticizing from high up.
  She couldn't help but touch her belly. If she was Shu gui taifei, she wouldn't want to see this either. Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Ninety Four - Why Do My Eyes Always Have Tears
  In the stone room, Zuo Mo's eyes were closed, his legs coiled up. A ball of Stalagmite fire was floating in front of him. Between the milky-white flames, a yin bead could be seen.
  His hands continuously formed the spell. Following the changes in his fingers, bursts of ling power were sent into the flame.
  The important part of making an yin firebead wasn't ling power but spiritual power. His consciousness carefully controlled the fire. The spell was extremely complicated and Zuo Mo instantly felt a heavy burden, especially when he needed to endure these conditions for about an hour. The pitiful Zuo Mo didn't know that usually making yin fire beads wasn't something a zhuji xiuzhe could accomplish.
  No one had told him. Pu Yao didn't tell him. The [Yin Fire Bead Chapter] didn't write of it.
  If he knew, he certainly wouldn't have tried.
  Sometimes, the ignorant had no fear. Zuo Mo, who had no knowledge, never even considered if his cultivation was enough to make the yin fire beads. Faithfully following the instructions on the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter], he carefully worked at making the yin fire bead.
  One by one, mysterious light characters were sent into the Stalagmite fire and burrowed into the yin bead. However, there was no change on the Stalagmite fire or the yin bead.
  Time slipped away. Sweat gradually formed on Zuo Mo's forehead.
  Ling power was being used up too quickly!
  Based on this speed, the ling power inside his body would quickly run dry. If his ling power couldn't be maintained, the yin bead would be ruined.
  When he thought about it, the picture of the forest of signs in the Free Market proclaiming [Purchasing Yin Beads At High Prices] floated up in Zuo Mo's mind. Something that even jindan were willing to pay high prices to buy, think of the price! The more he thought, the greater his flesh hurt. He seemed to see countless jingshi waving their hands at him and flying further and further away.
  Damn it!
  As expected, Pu Yao's things weren't reliable! What [Yin Fire Bead Chapter], it was a mistake chapter! What situation was this?
  Zuo Mo was panicked, angry and unwilling!
  Even though his own life wasn't in danger right now, but so many jingshi waving goodbye to him wasn't any different from being repeatedly stabbed by daggers. If he wasn't still in the process of forging, Zuo Mo probably would have ran over to Pu Yao to start arguing.
  Just at this time, in his sea of consciousness, Pu Yao unconcernedly raised his head: 'Forging this early? Young people are really full of motivation!' Finishing, he closed his eyes, mind at ease, and listened to his sound tablet.
  If Zuo Mo heard this, he would be spitting pints of blood. He was very pitiful, still ignorant of the situation. The only thing he was certain of right now was that he hadn't missed one word.
  Yet the situation in front of his eyes was completely different from the description in the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter]. According to the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter], he only needed to maintain it for an hour. Right now though, his ling power was almost empty. Was his cultivation not enough? Zuo Mo finally realized the problem, but his realization had come too late.
  In the end, he couldn't bear to give up this yin bead, gritting his teeth and persisting. He'll keep going as long as he was able! He couldn't just stand by and watch as the yin bead was wasted. He suddenly thought about how he used his consciousness to monitor the dan during dan-making. He took out a small portion of consciousness to carefully skimp and control the ling power in his body.
  The usage of ling power instantly lessened. However, if it kept on going like this, he still couldn't make it!
  Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and divided out another portion of his consciousness to carefully control a small ball of ling power. To avoid conflict with the continuously changing finger motions on his hands, Zuo Mo led the burst of ling power to the Gushing Spring point on the bottom of his feet. If he didn't have this little sliver of consciousness, Zuo Mo basically didn't have the attention to spare to control the ling power. Just the finger motions that could not be stopped were enough for him to deal with. But since he divided his consciousness, he could do three things as once.
  The feeling of his head being divided into three was extremely uncomfortable. Just a little while, and Zuo Mo felt his head start to hurt.
  This was an extremely familiar feeling!
  Previously, when Xin Yan Shibo's sword essence had wounded his consciousness, it had been this feeling. It was that time that he had landed in Pu Yao's trap of [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation].
  But for jingshi! For yin beads!
  Zuo Mo endured!
  Using all his power, he channeled the little bit of ling power towards the Gushing Spring point. He started to continuously revolve the ling power faster. The ling power started to revolve faster and gradually, it formed into a little whirlpool. There seemed to be suction force coming from the bottom of his feet. The ling energy in the surroundings seemed to slowly move towards the little whirlpool.
  This was something Zuo Mo had never tried before. But for jingshi, Zuo Mo didn't care about it that much. Speaking of it, the inspiration for this came from the [Li Water Sword Scripture]'s [Seven Whirlpools]. If this was the speed at which he usually absorbed ling energy, then he would have run out. Without any other solution, Zuo Mo thought of this risky way.
  The ling power on his feet quickened and ling energy gradually was suctioned in.
  As the ling energy that was sucked in entered the little whirlpool, the whirlpool started to grow, the speed increasing. The ling energy in the surroundings seemed to be pulled, great amounts pouring towards the whirlpool in Zuo Mo's feet.
  Zuo Mo inhaled sharply, the Stalagmite fire floating in front of his chest trembling, almost collapsing.
  He felt like there were nails coming out of the ground, continuously being hammered into his foot. The Gushing Spring point might be one of the major points in the body, but Zuo Mo had never used it to absorb ling energy before. Using it so heavily right now, it would be strange if it didn't hurt!
  But, for jingshi, ge will bear it!
  Zuo Mo tragically and furiously continued to channel ling power, speeding up the rate of ling energy absorption. The ling energy from the air, when it was absorbed into the body, needed to go through a process of refining before it can be turned into cultivation. The purer the ling energy, the stronger the power, the more easily it could be controlled and would not influence the mind. Zuo Mo couldn't care that much right now. Impure ling power was still ling power. At least, it could work in a pinch. Right now, he was like a starving man who hadn't eaten in ten years. Any bit of ling energy, he would ravenously pull it in.
  With the supply of new ling power, Zuo Mo could finally relax.
  The quality of the yin fire bead that would be forged wasn't something Zuo Mo was going to consider at this point. He would thank the heavens and earth if he could just finish.
  Ge's life is always so tragic! Zuo Mo was tragically angry. Absorbing the Stalagmite fire, he had almost lost his little life. Forging the yin fire bead, he was in great pain. The piercing pain from his feet, the jerking pain from his consciousness being split in three, the tearing pain from the impure ling power moving in his channels... ...
  Why do my eyes always contain tears, because I love the jingshi so deeply... ...
  - Still painful!
  Zuo Mo was shocked that he had the time for such nonsensical thoughts at this time, but he quickly didn't have the attention. Ling energy, not having been purified, it was much harder to control. The spells that he could easily complete before now became extremely difficult. The interior of his body was at a precarious equilibrium. The slightest shift and the balance would be broken, leading to a complete loss.
  Therefore, he bore the pain and the tears, carefully maintaining the equilibrium inside his body.
  In the rock room, Zuo Mo was like a whirlpool, the ling energy surrounding him flooding in.
  As the ling energy entered his body, the Stalagmite fire in front of him grew.
  Zuo Mo's clothes moved despite the lack of wind, flapping around. The sweat on his forehead continuously poured down. Even the dense ling energy in the rock room couldn't endure the ferocity of Zuo Mo's absorption and emptied out. Only the ling energy from the ling vein continuously entered the bottom of Zuo Mo's feet.
  The bottom of Zuo Mo's feet were now bright red, like heated metal. If one looked closely, they would discover the rock-hard leg now seemed as though it had epilepsy, contorting and jerking.
  When the last spell was cast into the Stalagmite fire, Zuo Mo couldn't stand up anymore, collapsing to the ground.
  He was so tired he didn't even want to move a finger. His entire body was like a toad that had been de-sinewed, his limbs doing strange convulsing motions.
  As he lied down, he instantly started to wail. The tearing pain of his channels, the throbbing pain from his wounded consciousness, and the piercing pain from the bottom of his feet. They all reminded him how bad his state was.
  After wailing for a while, Zuo Mo struggled up and crawled to pick up the yin fire bead.
  The grey yin bead now seemed like clear glass. There were strands of white patterns inside, like clouds floating on a blue sky.
  So beautiful!
  Zuo Mo's eyes became intoxicated. He felt that the pain he had just suffered through was worth it. He didn't know how powerful this yin fire bead was but looking at such a beautiful bead, and thinking about how hard it had been to make it, did he bear to use it to test its power?
  Like it was a treasure, he carefully put it away.
  He struggled to stand and instantly shouted in pain. At some unknown time, his right foot had swollen into a ball. Just the slightest touch, much less walking, would result in a sharp needle like  pain.
  It really was people die for wealth, animals die for food!
  Zuo Mo thought as he maintained a strange posture as he jumped on one leg out of the rock room.
  For this yin fire bead, he had paid a serious price. It was relatively easy to deal with the wound in his consciousness. [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] was specifically for healing consciousness wounds. What was more serious was the damage in his channels. He had to run to Fragrant Ginger Yard to find Xu Qing for a few medical dan in order to slowly heal him. Thankfully, for xiuzhe, channel damage might not be usual but it was one of the most common situations so the sect didn't lack for treatments.
  When Xu Qing saw Zuo Mo's sorry state, she was very shocked.
  Zuo Mo Shixiong's name was now known far and wide. At least, the name of the Scalping Zombie was known in the area around Wu Kong Sword Sect. The wastrels from Ling Ying Sect, it had been quite a few days since they came to harass the sect. Who had beaten Shixiong this badly?
  However, it wasn't her place to ask. She hurriedly took out five medical dan, handing them to Zuo Mo. Seeing Zuo Mo take them and turn around, she hesitated, and then weakly added: 'Shixiong, it's one piece of third-grade jingshi for each dan. In total, it's five third-grade jingshi.'
  The one-legged Zuo Mo's body shook. He almost fell down. He really made a great loss! And right now, he didn't have one jingshi left. He could only wave his hand, deferring: 'On the tab!'
  One piece of jingshi stumped heroes!
  'Oh.' Xu Qing nodded and then reminded Zuo Mo: 'Shixiong, the payment deadline is in ten days, don't forget! Shixiong is owing, let me see.' Finishing, she took out a little book and flipped two pages, reciting: 'The materials that Shixiong had been using for dan-making hadn't been cleared yet. Adding on today, in total, it is thirty pieces of third-grade jingshi!'
  Zuo Mo felt everything darken... ...
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  Chapter One Hundred and Three Who Misunderstood Whom
  'The crimes that Shu gui taifei have committed cannot be forgiven. Rui Wang, you are asking for mercy for Shu gui taifei, but have you thought of the innocent Han liangdi and the framed Empress?' Muhou Empress Dowager saw that He Yuan's forehead was bleeding from kowtowing before demanding coldly, 'Should we not punish her because she is gui taifei?'
  He Yuan stopped kowtowing. He turned to look at the mufei that was being held by the mamas and with a humble attitude, declared: 'Mufei is er chen's elder. If she has committed a crime, it should be assumed by erchen.'
  'Injustice has a beginning, a debt has an owner. If the offenses of the elders are assumed by the younger generation, are there still any laws?' He Heng put down the teacup, frowning, 'If all the people in Da Long Dynasty are like you, how can zhen rule the world?'
  'Feng shi plotted to kill fei and framed the Empress. She has malicious conduct and is bestowed five feet of white silk,' He Heng indifferently declared, 'The Feng clan, due to not properly teaching their daughters, are removed of their title and for three generations, cannot enter the court as an official.'
  'Emperor, please give a favor, Emperor,' Feng Zi Jin didn't think that the Emperor wouldn't care about past feelings, and even her paternal family would be affected. She wanted to kneel in front of He Heng but was dragged back by two palace maids who pressed her into the ground.
  'Emperor!' Feng Zi Jin was so panicked she started to sob. She wanted to beg for mercy but her mouth was stuffed so she couldn't talk.
  He Heng looked coldly at her, no emotion in his eyes as though she was just a stranger.
  'Drag her down, don't leave her here to disturb others,' Qian Chang Xin saw the Emperor's expression and motioned to the person beside him. Very quickly, others dragged Feng Zi Jin away.
  Sitting at the side, Luo Yin Xiu watched Feng Zi Jin dragged down like an animal and couldn't help but shudder. Her eyes when they looked at Qu Qing Ju became even more worshipping.
  Qu Qing Ju pinched a piece of pastry in her hands. Even in this noisy situation, she still had the interest to eat pastries. Detecting that Luo Yin Xiu was looking at her, she smiled at the other. Seeing the other lower her head in awe, she smiled carelessly and watched the farce in front of her with indifference.
  He Yuan raised his head to look at the three people that controlled his mufei's life. He felt powerless. There hadn't been another time when he had felt this hopeless. Kneeling helplessly on the ground, he dazedly stared at the clean floor.
  'Emperor, Shu gui taifei might have been accomplices with the criminal Feng shi, but it really wasn't her that sent someone to kill Han liangdi. Qie thinks that even though Shu gui taifei's crimes cannot be forgiven, they aren't worthy of death.' Qu Qing Ju wiped her mouth, her gaze sweeping across Shu gui taifei, 'Why don't muhou and Emperor spare Shu gui taifei's life?'
  'Oh? What is Empress thinking?' He Heng heard Qu Qing Ju speak and turned to look warmly at her.
  'Qie heard in the time of xiandi, Shu gui taifei frequently served by his side. If that's the case, why not let Shu gui taifei go guard the Imperial Tomb, to pray for xiandi every day and reflect,' Qu Qing Ju smiled as she looked at the two Empress Dowagers, 'How about that?'
  A woman as used to luxury as Shu gui taifei going to the Imperial Tomb, wasn't that even more uncomfortable than death? Empress Dowager Wei looked at her erxi. Seeing her sincere attitude, it didn't seem that she was purposefully making it difficult for Shu gui taifei. Empress Dowager Wei thought she was thinking too much. She turned to inquire of Muhou Empress Dowager, 'What does jiejie think?'
  It hadn't been a year since xiandi had passed. If they took care of Shu gui taifei now, some people might gossip. Sparing Shu gui taifei's life but sending her to stay at the harsh Imperial Tomb, it was the best choice. Muhou Empress Dowager looked in approval at Qu Qing Ju. It was perfectly normal that the Emperor was able to fall in love with her: 'Aijia feels that it is very good. When xiandi had been alive, he had been very much in love with Shu gui taifei. We have all served xiandi, and aijia doesn't bear to take your life. It's good for you to go serve xiandi. At the very least, if xiandi knew in the underworld, he certainly would be comforted.'
  He Yuan hadn't though the person that managed to keep his mufei's life in the end was Qu Qing Ju. He looked towards Qu Qing Ju, making a full formal bow; 'Thanks Emperor, thanks muhou, thanks ...... huang sao.'
  Hearing the obvious pause in He Yuan's words, Qu Qing Ju knew the other wasn't willing to bow to her. But she didn't care. Smiling slightly as she waved her hand: 'San shu doesn't have to be so courteous.'
  However, He Heng looked at He Yuan with a complicated expression before standing and declaring: 'Since the case has been solved, zhen will take Empress back to the palace. It's been cold recently, both muhou should take care.'
  Empress Dowager Wei and Muhou Empress Dowager both smiled and nodded. Empress Dowager Wei replied: 'Aijia knows, you two should also be more careful.'
  Qu Qing Ju and He Heng walked out of Fu Shou Palace. Seeing a yellow plum tree bloom beside the road, she took a breath, the cold wind and fragrance entering her nose: 'This scent is so nice.'
  'If you like it, then get someone to go to the plum gardens every day to pick fresh ones to put in the room,' He Heng held her warm hand, 'I don't dare to move this one.'
  'Who said I wanted to pick the flowers here?' Qu Qing Ju peeked at him from the corner of her eyes, 'I'm not Emperor. I'm not interested in any flowers.'
  'Why do I find the words strange?' He Heng laughed lowly, disregarding Qian Chang Xin and Mu Jin holding the umbrellas for them from behind. Looking forward, he abruptly declared: 'My hougong really is just only you, do you still not know?'
  'Just like Yu Ming Emperor of the previous dynasty?' Qu Qing Ju asked him with a smile.
  'Qing Ju, I will never become Yu Ming Emperor, and you won't become Zhao He Empress.' He Heng looked with a solemn expression at Qu Qing Ju. Before she could react, he twisted his head, 'I'm going back to the front hall.' Finishing, he quickly rushed off, even leaving the Imperial carriage to Qu Qing Ju.
  Watching as He Heng rushed off, Qu Qing Ju's lips curled but there was no mirth in her eyes. Behind her, Mu Jin detected that her mood wasn't right and handed the umbrella to Jin Zhan, carefully supporting her, 'Zhuzi, let's go back to the palace.'
  Qu Qing Ju saw Mu Jin's caution and laughed silently: 'It's fine. The Imperial carriage of the Emperor, the Emperor isn't here, I can't ride it. You all can accompany me on the walk back.'
  Mu Jin looked at the clean swept road head and looked at the shoes on the Empress' feet. She hesitated before motioning for Yu Zan to come forward, the two of them right and left, protecting the Empress in the middle.
  'Huangsao, please wait.'
  Qu Qing Ju returned her head and saw He Yuan walked in front of her, bowing deeply, professing: 'Thanks, huangsao for just now asking for mercy for chen di's mu fei.'
  'San shu doesn't have to be this polite. Ben gong didn't ask for leniency, but spoke the truth.' Qu Qing Ju slowly walked forward. Seeing He Yuan maintain a distance three strides away from her on the right behind her, she didn't know what the other was doing. But she didn't speak.
  'No matter what, today's favor, chen di will remember,' He Yuan placed his hands behind his back, his pale face turning ruddy from the cold wind. He looked at the side profile of Qu Qing Ju, 'The fact that mufei is alive is due to the Emperor's generosity.'
  Qu Qing Ju stopped walking, turning her head to look at He Yuan's expression. She found the other was sincere and hesitated before asking: 'Ben gong doesn't understand why Shu gui taifei would spend the effort to deal with ben gong, is it of benefit to her?'
  'She was proud for a lifetime, and couldn't tolerate failure,' He Yuan laughed at himself, 'Mufei and I dreamed for so many years. Waking up, not everyone can bear it.'
  Mother and son were pretty brazen and proud in their dreams.
  Qu Qing Ju continued to walk. Occasionally, palace maids and taijian would be encountered and they would all move aside and kneel, 'If a person doesn't dream, then they wouldn't have done anything. San shu, have you regretted what you once did?'
  He Yuan looked deeply at her: 'Maybe regretted once, but now, everything is settled and it isn't important.'
  The delusional person finally healed. Qu Qing Ju felt that he had jumped from his delusional stage of life into the elderly stage, his mentality had changed very rapidly. She remembered the last time she was near He Yuan. That was on Rui Wang Fu. At that time, his delusional state had been very serious.
  'History is the best teacher,' Qu Qing Ju smiled, 'It's good that san shu can think clearly now.'
  'Drinking, listening to songs, and being idle all day is good,' He Yuan thought about the days he lived now. He didn't have to go to court, didn't have to manage any other matters, didn't have to pay attention to the cards others sent. Closing the doors of the wang fu, he could amuse himself in any way, 'Carefree like an immortal.'
  Qu Qing Ju didn't know why He Yuan was saying such things to her, but he didn't seem to be implying anything. She could only reply, 'Those days are very admirable.'
  'Huangsao must also like leisurely days,' He Yuan's smiled, allowing the snow to fall on his head and shoulders.
  Qu Qing Ju turned to see his state. She still remembered the first time she went to Rui Wang Fu, she had been in the sedan, He Yuan had been standing like this, black hair, fox skin cap, youthful.
  When they neared Tian Qi Palace, He Yuan stopped. He bowed again to Qu Qing Ju: 'Does Empress know the ending of Yu Ming Emperor and Zhao He Empress?'
  Qu Qing Ju's eyebrow raised slightly: 'The historians of the previous dynasty recorded that the feelings between Yu Ming Emperor and Zhao He Empress was stronger than gold. After Zhao He Empress died due to illness, Yu Ming Emperor died not long after due to heartbreak. In the end, they were entombed in the same coffin. Not born at the same time but to die in the same coffin, isn't that the final ending?'
  'Huangsao might not know that Yu Ming Emperor in his later life had relations with a palace maid. When it was discovered by Zhao He Empress, Zhao He Empress had a heart attack and died. Yu Ming Emperor regretted it greatly, but the deceased cannot be revived and it was too late to repent. Even though the two were buried together after Yu Ming Emperor's death, where was the meaning? In the end, the two didn't leave behind a heir and the successor was Yu Ming Emperor's didi's son, what kind of fulfillment is that?' He Yuan raised his hand, concluding, 'The reality of a story is often harsher than the books. So Yu Ming Emperor and Zhao He Empress weren't perfect. Chen di asks to be excused.'
  Qu Qing Ju looked at his back. She suddenly smiled a beat later. It seemed that He Yuan had heard what she and He Heng had talked about. But was he explaining on He Heng's behalf or reminding her to not believe the Emperor's monogamy?
  Or maybe both? He might not be willing for her to be hurt over what He Heng had just said and didn't want her to believe in the Emperor's monogamy which would cause her hurt in the future?
  But, why was He Yuan so good-hearted to remind her? Was it to repay her for saving Shu gui taifei's life?
  'Emperor?' Qian Chang Xin didn't understand why the Emperor had rushed back to the front hall. He carefully brushed off the snowflakes  on He Heng's shoulders, tentatively asking, 'Before going to Fu Shou Palace, you said you want to have a meal with the Empress. So should the servants prepare now?'
  He Heng nodded unnaturally. He rubbed his slightly reddened ears, saying: 'Right, go see if the Empress has returned. If she has, come back and tell zhen. Zhen hasn't finished the weiqi match with her.'
  'Yes,' Qian Chang Xin left in helplessness. Since he was thinking of the Empress, then why did he just leave, was he teasing the Empress? The thoughts of the Emperor, it was hard to guess.
  In the room, He Heng played with the pouch at his waist. The embroidery wasn't as good as the handiwork of the embroidery women, but it was his most favored possession.
  Thinking about Qu Qing Ju, he couldn't resist touching his still blushing ears. A man saying words of love seriously, it was slightly embarrassing. Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Ninety Five - A Method Forced Out
  Thirty pieces of third-grade jingshi!
  If this was not long ago, he wouldn't feel it was anything major, but for him at the present, this was undoubtedly a large debt. He could not make Golden Crow pills so his most important income source was cut off. He did have a lot of yin beads but he didn't dare to sell them. It had caused such a ruckus recently and he had almost lost his little life. If someone found out that he had yin beads, no, if someone knew that the person who was selling yin beads last time was him, then his little life was definitely not going to survive.
  Jingshi was valuable but his life was even more precious.
  There was still some time until the Fiery Red flower in the ling gardens would mature, and he couldn't exchange for jingshi right now. He could risk it and sell the Moisture dan. But right now, he only had three Moisture dan. The efficiency of the water method really made people speechless. He could sell the Icy Cloud grass for a pretty good price, but for ling grasses this rare, if he sold it, it would be hard to buy in the future.
  Gather together thirty pieces of third-grade jingshi in ten days. These recent days, it kept on circling in his head. Even when he was nourishing his channels, he was still pondering it. But as time passed away, and the deadline of ten days was coming closer, Zuo Mo still didn't have a solution.
  Did he have to go sell some of the talismans?
  His gaze landed on the talismans on his own body and ached in pain. These were all the finest of the third-grade talismans. It would be a pity to sell them. As to the vambrace and ling armor Xu Yi Shixiong and Yan Le Shibo sold him, the quality was so-so and wouldn't sell for a high price.
  Why haven't the people from Ling Ying Sect come even once these days?
  If a few more came, wouldn't this problem be solved? Not just thirty pieces of third-grade jingshi, even if it was double that, it wouldn't be a problem. The people from Ling Ying Sect didn't have one cheap item on their body.
  Those days were dangerous but he had suddenly became rich. Zuo Mo yearned for those days, the satisfaction and happiness that had risen.
  Suddenly, his mind moved. They weren't coming to find ge, ge could go find them!
  Once this idea popped out, Zuo Mo instantly became excited. He jumped up from the floor, limping as he paced back and forth, his mouth muttering.
  The first reaction he had was: it was plausible!
  However, he restrained the joy inside and started to ponder the problems involved. Being challenged and going to challenge was completely different things. If he went to challenge at someone else's territory, if he wasn't careful, he would be swarmed. He needed to make sure the other side would respond, yet wouldn't enrage the other side so they would swarm him, and he couldn't alarm the elders of Ling Ying Sect... ...
  He needed to think about this, make a good plan... ...
  In the dark room, Zuo Mo rubbed his chin, his zombie face expressionless. Only that pair of eyes flashed with the light of jingshi.
  The Dong Fu Sword Test Conference was an extremely hot topic. From the size and the influence, the Dong Fu Sword Test Conference naturally couldn't compare to the Sword Test Conference of the entire Kun Lun Realm. However, the generous prizes attracted many young experts who didn't have much wealth, dramatically increasing the skill level of the Sword Test Conference. As the skill level of the conference increased, some young experts who were not tempted by the prizes into attending left their sects to travel to Dong Fu. This was a rare chance to spar with other sects. They didn't care about the prizes, but such a great chance to gain experience, it would be too much of a pity to miss it.
  For these non-local experts, if they wanted to attend the Sword Test Conference, they needed to start from the Preliminary Sword Test Conference. Consequently, even the preliminary conference became a very popular spectacle, lots of experts and a great viewing experience.
  Gu Rong Ping, coming from one of the thirteen primary towns of Dong Fu, Clear Sky Lake, his [Heart Lake Sword] was untraceable. From the first round of the prelims, he was undefeated for all thirteen rounds. His appearance was extremely dignified and handsome, his conduct elegant, quickly becoming the best cultivation partner in the eyes of Dong Fu's females! Every one of his battles would be extremely noisy, the screams of the females ringing in the years. Starting from the fifth round, those women had formed groups to seek information, and do all kinds of things to disturb the opponent. Gu Rong Ping quickly became the opponent others didn't want to encounter the most.
  Coming from another primary town, Gui Feng was the most eye-catching young talent. His [Little Ghost Sword] was strange and hard to predict, the power was astounding. Adding on his unpredictable footwork, he was labeled the hardest opponent to fight with.
  Coming out of poverty, no sect, no family, Nan Men Yang brightened everyone's eyes. His talent was strange, extreme strength. The second-grade [Vajra Chant] was used with his [Mountain Breaker Sword] for an extremely offensive and powerful style, the broadsword moves strong like they could break a mountain. He attracted the eyes of many sects. Such a great piece of jade, if they would take him in, they would only profit.
  Other young experts like Nan Men Yang who didn't have a sect or family started to come out and display their talents. The Dong Fu Sword Test Conference attracted the eyes of all the powers. Each sect was always hungry for talented disciples. No one who be bothered by having too many geniuses in their sect. A sect's prosperity and continuation wasn't dependent on one person.
  Sky Moon Jie's well-known sects, other than sending their disciples for experience, also sent out their elders to discover those youths of great potential. The little sects hoped to rope in those disciples with no family or sect. The bigger sects even dared to go after the geniuses of the small sects.
  Persuasion, prices, promises... ...
  Even the cause of it all, Tian Song Zi, had never thought that his action of holding the Dong Fu Sword Test Conference would actually cause a shuffling of the powers in Sky Moon Jie.
  In the stone room, Zuo Mo stretched out, his bones cracking. He expressionlessly opened his eyes, his eyes glowing with a light like that of a wolf.
  The damaged channels in his body had fully recovered. His consciousness had also recovered. These recent days, he had cultivated very hard. The progression of [Vajra Profound Sutra] was a surprise to him. He had originally assumed that the gravestone version would be significantly slower. Yet after the initial slow period, Zuo Mo's progression was extremely quick. However, the unexpected speed of improvement made him insecure. Many times, he had been doubting himself, suspicious that he was cultivating it incorrectly.
  Recently, due to the string of incidents that he encountered in cultivation, it made Zuo Mo suspicious of anything to do with Pu Yao. Even though this [Vajra Profound Sutra] didn't come from Pu Yao, but the gravestone under Pu Yao's butt.
  Other than healing, Zuo Mo spent all his time cultivating.
  There were still three days until the deadline. Fully recovered and ready, Zuo Mo decided to set out. He had prepared very well already. Like the lingdan that could restore ling power, even if it was two pieces of third-grade jingshi, Zuo Mo still gritted his teeth and put five on the tab.
  Ling Ying Sect was located at Ling Ying Mountain.
  Coming to the mountain gate of Ling Ying Mountain, looking at the magnificent gate entirely made out of jade, Zuo Mo couldn't help but sigh at the wealth of Ling Ying Sect. Ling Ying Sect had nineteen peaks, the area they occupied was more than seven times the area of Wu Kong Sword Sect. Supposedly, Ling Ying Sect had started out with one peak, but the sect leaders had been skilled at management and the other eighteen peaks had all been bought by the sect leaders with jingshi.
  Ling Ying Sect's main gate faced the road, and could be reached by rock stairs. The location was extremely advantageous and many people passed by.
  In reality, Zuo Mo's heart was beating hard. In Dong Fu, Ling Ying Sect's reputation was much more famous than Wu Kong Sword Sect. Ling Ying Sect had more than a few dozen disciples that were in zhuji alone. No matter how strong you were, if they all attacked you, you couldn't make it.
  But thinking about the three days until the deadline, Zuo Mo felt a burst of courage. Looking at the mountain gates that were carved out of jade, Zuo Mo wanted to tear it down and lug it home, then sell it for jingshi!
  Calm! He needed to be calm! Zuo Mo repeatedly told himself.
  Thinking about the plan he had made earlier... ...
  The disciples from Ling Ying Sect had noticed this stranger very early on.
  'Hey, what are you doing here?' A Ling Ying Sect disciple shouted as his brows furrowed, 'Don't you know this is Ling Ying sect?' He scanned Zuo Mo and said scornfully, 'Our sect's rules, those improperly dressed cannot enter!'
  The other Ling Ying Sect disciple said discontentedly, 'Shidi, don't waste words with him. Just throw him out!'
  This crowd of little minions, Zuo Mo naturally didn't take them seriously. To say nothing else, but the fact that these two didn't have much on their body was enough for Zuo Mo to disregard them. He was too lazy to pay attention to them, unconcernedly stating, 'Call Wen Fei out!'
  The expressions of the two Ling Ying Sect disciples changed. One of them lectured, 'You dare to call Wen Shixiong... ...'
  'I am Zuo Mo of Wu Kong Sword Sect.' Zuo Mo lazily interrupted.
  The lecturing voice suddenly stopped, the faces of the two people changing.
  'The Scalping Zombie... ...' The two looked at each other, and the person who had been speaking shuddered. The other person instantly ran towards the mountain.
  Seeing the reactions, Zuo Mo was very smug. It seemed that ge did have a reputation. But then he became slightly discontent. This nickname was really not pleasing to the ear!
  A short while later, Wen Fei and a group of people dressed in a multitude of colors appeared in Zuo Mo's vision. Zuo Mo's mind became alert, the light in his eyes increasing. They were like that of a wolf, having just seen a herd of fat sheep.
  Each motion this crowd of people made, Zuo Mo seemed to see human-like structures composed of countless jingshi  moving... ...
  When Wen Fei saw Zuo Mo, his face instantly became dark. The old hate and the new hate collided and rose. He said coldly, 'Brother Zuo coming here today, is it to return the talismans you have borrowed from me and my brothers?'
  Zuo Mo silently thought that this person was cunning and really wasn't a friendly person. He snickered, 'Borrow? Is Brother Wen joking? Our sect's rules, anyone that comes to challenge mush leave behind a talisman to show the result. If this one lost, Brother Wen can also pick a talisman from this one's body to serve as a memento. This is our sect's rules, one battle, one talisman! It's a pity that Brother Wen's luck wasn't very good and lost to this one. If Brother Wen wants to take it back, you can challenge me again at any time. However, if Brother Wen loses, you have to pay another talisman~'
  Zuo Mo bullshitted.
  Having his defeat being mentioned in front of the public, Wen Fei's face was dark but he could not argue.
  Tao Zhu Er saw Wen Fei was on the edge of losing control and thought the little rat was horrid. She could only stand out, 'Then why has Brother Zuo come this time? To show off in front of our sect?'
  Zuo Mo's spine straightened, standing taller, the light in his eyes increasing, his two hands fisted as he bowed in the direction of Wu Kong Mountains, his voice deep and grave.
  'Miss Tao is joking. There were five shixiong from Ling Ying Sect who came overall to challenge our sect. Our sect leaders have sternly taught us, our Wu Kong Sword Sect may be small, but needs to maintain our reputation. And has also said that matters between disciples should be resolved by disciples. This matter had started because of me and naturally cannot be given to someone else. I have not come with discourtesy but to ask for guidance from five of the Ling Ying Sect shixiong, one by one. After these five fights, no matter win or loss, this matter will be resolved! I heard that the shixiong of Ling Ying Sect have always been magnanimous and the sect's conduct is just. To be able to spar with five of the shixiong, one by one, this little disciple would be happy even if I didn't win. Please, help guide me!'
  The passer-bys only saw that at the gate of Ling Ying Sect, a thin youth was facing the wealthy experts of Ling Ying Sect, dignified and calm, not afraid, and all stopped in their steps.
  The words were loud and clear, extremely resolute. Passing through the air, the listeners felt their blood boil!
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  Chapter One Hundred and Four This Was Good
  The temperature of winter mornings were especially cold. The Imperial Guards guarding the palace doors drew in a cold breath but didn't dare stomp their feet to warm themselves. Watching the officials who usually preferred to ride a horse, sit on the sedan, the guards whose faces were paralyzed from the cold felt envious.
  'Hey brother, did you hear that Ning Wang is coming back to court?' The two Imperial Guardsmen that were changing shifts walked out of the palace gates, one of the brawny men said in a low voice as he looked at the surroundings, 'I heard yesterday many people had sent up a memorandum to the Emperor about such a matter.'
  The slightly thinner and taller one gave a superior expression: 'It is certain that Ning Wang would return to court. Xiandi was partial to Rui Wang so he locked Ning Wang on the outside. Now that it's cold, the Emperor is kind and honest, it's natural that he would summon Ning Wang back. Just watch, in three days, Ning Wang will be summoned back to court by the Emperor.'
  The brawnier one rubbed his head, laughing honestly: 'You're right. Rui Wang did such large mistakes, but the Emperor didn't take his life due to fraternal love. So it should be the same for His Highness Ning Wang.' If he had a say, Ning Wang was really mistakenly accused and locked up. Maybe the assassination had been done by Rui Wang. It was just that xiandi was partial and used Ning Wang as a shield.
  The thinner and taller one saw his mentality and didn't speak further, sighing inside. The twists and turns of the thoughts of those in the Imperial Family, whether it was fraternal friendship or anything else, it had nothing to do with them guards. Now that Ning Wang was returning to court, Rui Wang had become a powerless jun wang. These two had been at odds from the beginning. Rui Wang had been arrogant and offended countless people. One of those victims had been Ning Wang. There would be a reckoning for Rui Wang now.
  On the court, all the officials were discussing the matter of Ning Wang's return to the court. Some said since that Ning Wang had been locked under xiandi's orders, the Emperor shouldn't change it. Some said that Ning Wang now knew his mistake and was brothers with the Emperor, it was right for him to return to court to help shoulder the burden for the Emperor, and that was all the reason to summon him to court.
  In reality, everyone knew that it was suspicious that Ning Wang had been locked up by xiandi. Some suspected that Ning Wang had been a scapegoat pushed out by xiandi for Rui Wang. But now, no one dared to mention that thought,  and only fought over whether Ning Wang should return to court or not.
  Those that were at odds with Ning Wang naturally didn't want Ning Wang to return but there were people who supported Ning Wang's return. Those of keen eyes found that among those that supported Ning Wang's return were many of the conservative faction. So these people started to think about the Emperor's intentions.
  By now, Ning Wang's power base had been swept clean. Those officials that had been close to Ning Wang were suppressed completely by the officials that the Emperor favored, and some became part of the conservative faction. Was the Emperor trying to show the world he had fraternal love?
  The Duke of Zhong Yi who had once proved Ning Wang's guilt in front of xiandi suddenly changed his stance. The main idea was that Ning Wang had repented and changed for the better, he could make up for his offenses by returning to the court and working for the Emperor etc etc.
  The Duke of Zhong Yi and Luo Chang Qing, a pair of sly father and son-in-law, always followed the Emperor. Now that the two of them expressed their outlook, everyone understood the Emperor's position. As morning court progressed, no one dared to oppose this matter.
  'Since all the daren have asked for zhen's da ge to return to court, zhen is very comforted. In the past, da ge as the eldest had been very attentive to zhen and siblings. Now that zhen is Emperor, thinking of da ge living in the bitter cold mountain cold, it is difficult to sleep. For da ge to return to court to help lessen the burden for zhen, it is a good thing.' He Heng exclaimed: 'Duke of Zhong Yi, why don't you personally go and bring Ning Wang back to Jing.'
  The Emperor saying that Ning Wang was attentive of his brothers, wasn't that telling everyone he didn't believe Ning Wang ordered the assassinations?
  'Chen will obey,' Tian Jin Ke knew that the Emperor wanted Ning Wang to owe him a favor. He was very grateful inside for the goodwill that the Emperor held towards the Tian Family. After he made a deep bow to the Emperor on the dragon chair, he retreated to one side.
  At this time, many people's hearts were sour. Thinking about the four months pregnant Empress in the palace, they admired the other's good life.
  Deep in the palace, Qu Qing Ju was reading through a pile of cards. Seeing that it was close to the new year, even though they couldn't celebrate extravagantly because of the passing of xiandi, they still had to hold celebrations. Those who sent in messages were noblewomen of significant status, such as Cheng Wang Fei, Rui Wang Fei, and the duchesses and marquesses. She randomly flipped open one. The beginning was wishing good fortune for Emperor and Empress, and a gift list was inserted behind.
  As to what was to be bestowed down to them, naturally there were people serving Qu Qing Ju who would spend the time to organize it. All Qu Qing Ju needed to do was listen to them recite the list.
  'Niangniang, how about resting a while,' Mu Jin saw the Empress give a yawn and suggested, 'Nubi will sort the list before reciting it to you later.'
  'There's no need,' Qu Qing Ju waved her hand. Looking at the sky outside, 'It's almost noon, the Emperor is coming to eat later. Get the kitchen to prepare.'
  'Yes,' Mu Jin indicated for Yin Liu to order the kitchen and gathered the cards that Qu Qing Ju read to one side.
  'I heard that Rui Wang and Rui Wang Fei's relationship is extremely terrible and has made an uproar in Jing,' Qu Qing Ju held the card from Rui Wang Fu, 'Rui Wang Fei is still an imperial wife, how could she fuss like that?'
  'Empress, even you heard?' Jin Zhan sighed, 'Even before the Emperor ascended, there was already news that the two were frequently fighting. It's gotten worse. Nubi has even heard that Rui Wang has said he was going to divorce Rui Wang Fu which made the Qin Family very angry.'
  'The Qin Family' wasn't a good phrase to Qu Qing Ju. She suddenly thought of Wei Qin shi, inquiring: 'I remember that Wei Ran Shuang's mother is one of the Qin Family, how is Wei Ran Shuang right now?'
  Jin Zhan revealed a devious smile: 'She doesn't count as one of the Qin Family, just a distant cadet branch of the Qin Family. After Shengmu Empress Dowager sent someone to reproach Wei Qin shi, Qin daren made a match for Qin guniang on his own, but because of xiandi's passing, the marriage has been delayed.'
  'At the very least, she's the Emperor's cousin. If she married, her husband's family wouldn't dare to treat her unwell,' Thinking about Wei Ran Shuang's fragile act, Qu Qing Ju raised an eyebrow. Hopefully, after Wei Ran Shuang married, she wouldn't keep acting so pettily.
  'Who knows what her family is thinking, she's not a good person anyway.' Jin Zhan scornfully twisted her mouth. She still remembered that Wei Ran Shuang had wanted to be the Emperor's qieshi.
  'That was said well,' He Heng had a smile on his face as he strode in. He glanced at Jin Zhan before proclaiming, 'A woman like that, she really isn't a good person.'
  'Emperor!' Jin Zhan and the others were so frightened their faces were pale, legs soft as they knelt down. She hadn't thought that the Emperor would hear her words. What would happen if the Emperor thought the Empress was jealous, why did she act like Yin Liu and couldn't control her mouth now?
  'Stand up, zhen knows you all protect Empress,' He Heng waved his hand, evidently not caring what Jin Zhan said. He walked in front of Qu Qing Ju and bent down. Seeing a cup of red date tea in front of her, he said, 'I read some medicine books a few days ago. They said that a pregnant woman who drinks too much red date tea would increase blood circulation and it isn't good for the body.' Finishing, he pushed the red date tea to one side.
  When did he start studying that area? Qu Qing Ju looked at him, smiled and asked, 'Then what should I drink?'?
  'Drink a small amount of Long Jing and Bi Luo Chun every day. Slightly seeped is good for the heart. I have flipped through many books, they all say the same,' Finishing, he made Qian Chang Xin go find the Imperial Tribute tea from his stores.'
  Qu Qing Ju didn't have much interest towards tea, but since the other put so much effort in, she wouldn't waste the other's goodwill. Complying with He Heng, she didn't touch the cup of red date tea, 'Emperor is so busy lately, how was there time to look at all this?'
  'I don't feel secure in putting you and child into another's hands. Occasionally looking through medical books in my free time helps pass the time,' His gaze moved to the teacup and dryly coughed once before informing, 'I just heard you mention the Wei Family biaomei. You don't have to waste effort on her. Zhen heard that the person she is engaged to isn't in Jing city. Wei Qin shi's card has been blocked by muhou.'
  'She's Emperor's relative, I won't waste effort on her,' Qu Qing Ju smiled with a tilted head, 'Today, I had the kitchen make a pearl pigeon soup. Emperor has to have a taste.'
  Knowing that his Empress was changing the topic, He Heng saw the even brighter smile on her face, and could only smile and shake his head, ordering the servants to serve the meal.
  The food in the palace on the surface was set down, but the raw materials differed within the standards set down. The little kitchen Qu Qing Ju had almost equalled the Imperial Kitchen in terms of product. This was disregarding He Heng who frequently got the Department of Household Affairs to send things over to Qu Qing Ju.
  After the noon meal, He Heng leaned on the recliner as he read, Qu Qing Ju leaning on him as she played with a jade nine ring chain. A short while later, she untangled the chain in her hand, yawning as she threw it to one side. She twisted her body to place her head on He Heng's thigh, 'So boring.'
  He Heng looked at her slightly swelling belly, cautiously putting his hand on top. Occasionally, he could feel the small movements of the little life within. He smiled, asking: 'What do you want to play, I'll have them prepare.'
  'Nothing I really want,' Qu Qing Ju's hand moved back and forth on his leg, 'Why don't you talk about what you thought when you first saw me.'
  'At that time, you were wearing heavy makeup and didn't dare to look at me. I really thought I had married a weak and timid wife,' He Heng rested his hand on her back, allowing Qu Qing Ju to mess around on his leg, 'I'm very happy you managed to overcome the poison Feng shi fed you. Otherwise, I would never know that a man and woman can be together like this.'
  Qu Qing Ju's hand stilled. She didn't know what to say. A beat later, she asked: 'If I hadn't made it through?'
  He Heng gripped her hand tightly that she felt some pain: 'There isn't anymore 'if'. The result is that you are here, zhen is here.'
  'This is very good,' He Heng placed her hand on his face, sighing, 'To have Qing Ju accompany zhen, it's zhen's greatest luck.'
  There was nothing in being alone at the top, so each dynasty, each generation of emperor would have women that they favored. It was only because they couldn't find what they wanted with the bodies of the woman they favored, so they would continue to look for the next one.
  He knew that the woman lying in his lap was the one he wanted.
  But, he also knew that in this woman's heart, he wasn't that important.
  However, they still had a long time, and time would slowly change everything.
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  Chapter Ninety Six - A Cold Light
  Zuo Mo made a very detailed plan.
  First, he had to declare his intentions. This seemingly useless action was in reality very important. It could effectively stop the incident from running out of control. If the two sides really ended up having a major disagreement, the ones who would lose would definitely be Wu Kong Sword Sect who had less people.
  The second effect was to not alert the elders of the sect. Originally, Zuo Mo had thought of making an even bigger spectacle so the chances they would all attack him together would be smaller. But if too many people watched, the face of Ling Ying Sect would be damaged, and the elders of the sect would quickly find his elders. The sect leader definitely wouldn't forgive him. Even more, Zuo Mo had deliberately flattered them. What 'disciples have always been magnanimous and the sect's conduct is just.' It was all to push the other onto the rack to roast.
  How could he make the other accept an one-on-one challenge? He needed to make sure they saw hope of victory. As long as the others felt they could win, they definitely wouldn't retreat. Especially when they were being challenged. Due to their confidence, their face, they would accept it.
  Consequently, Zuo Mo challenged to fight five people one after the other. In his words, he had emphasized 'one by one' twice.
  The one that was at a disadvantage in this plan was Zuo Mo.
  His core idea was very simple. He would first place himself in a disadvantageous position. The disciples of Ling Ying Sect, no matter if it was confidence, or face, it wouldn't be good for them to go over the line.
  One person battling five in a row. If it was like this and Ling Ying Sect still lost, these people could only suck it up. Their elders would have nothing to say and wouldn't have the face to go to Wu Kong Mountain to make trouble for Zuo Mo. They couldn't afford the embarrassment.
  Of course, one person fighting five in a row was extremely disadvantageous for Zuo Mo. He wasn't so confident to the point he believed he could win over all five. But he didn't need to win all the fights. He had come for the jingshi. Everything was fine as long as he made a profit.
  In other words, if he could win three out of the five fights, he would make a profit! Of course, the prerequisite was that the talismans on the losers didn't suck.
  The level of difficulty in winning five fights was too high. Zuo Mo had never thought about it. Winning three battles, Zuo Mo felt that it might be risky but it was possible. In the last little while, his cultivation had increased greatly and the initial merging between Li Water sword essence and tidal sword essence had increased his confidence.
  So after thinking it over, the large debts caused Zuo Mo to make a decision and come.
  He had been very cunning with his virtuous words. When he saw the value of what this group of people was wearing, Zuo Mo's desire for battle rose. Luxury was a crime! Each of them had at least a few talismans that were not lower in value than what Zuo Mo had taken.
  He wouldn't be making a loss today!
  As to the one battle, one talisman, he had just made it up. In any case, no one would run to the sect leader to ask for proof.
  'Great! This one admires Brother Zuo's bravery very much! Brother Zuo is right, disciples have a responsibility to the reputation of their sect. Since Brother Zuo has made a challenge, we will naturally receive it. Count me in!' One person walked out of the crowd of Ling Ying Sect disciples.
  This person was the Eldest Disciple of Ling Ying Sect, Lin Yuan. His face was proud as he looked at Zuo Mo with a raised chin. Lin Yuan was the Eldest Disciple in Ling Ying Sect. He had strong connections to Ling Ying Sect, his family was a famous merchant clan in Sky Moon Jie, and his wealth was the greatest among all of the disciples. Due to the fact that his family's business provided great aid to Ling Ying sect, it caused his status in Ling Ying Sect to be very special.
  Tao Zhu Er looked in sympathy at Eldest Shixiong, but tightly closed her mouth, not saying a word.
  Eldest Shixiong usually was very conceited, and in Ling Ying Sect, where everyone competed on background and family, no one dared to go against him, gradually forming his conceited and arrogant temper.
  Yan Ming Zi hid in the back, mockery in his eyes. Perhaps, out of all these people, he was the one who most accurately guessed Zuo Mo's aim. For some reason, when he saw Zuo Mo, he would think of the other's greedy expression when he was plundering.
  Hu Shan and the others had tasted defeat at Zuo Mo's hands and smirked in the shadows. There were many disciples in Ling Ying Sect, constantly fighting, and their relationships were very complicated. They naturally were willing to see others trip up. That way, no one would mock them about this incident again.
  They had spread the name of the Scalping Zombie far and wide but the great majority of people hadn't seen it for themselves. How could they believe it? Especially when it was the conceited and arrogant disciples of Ling Ying Sect. They only felt that Hu Shan and the others weren't strong enough. They didn't even pay attention when Wen Fei was defeated. Rather, they scorned Wen Fei.
  So Wen Fei Shixiong who was the focus of the elders also had an inflated reputation! Even a guy from a little sect like Wu Kong Sword Sect whose main profession was making medicine could defeat him. If that wasn't an inflated reputation, then what was?
  Wen Fei kept on feeling that there was smugness hidden deep in Zuo Mo's eyes. The two had fought before. He didn't believe one bit the words that had come out of Zuo Mo's mouth. When he saw Eldest Shixiong Lin Yuan step out, he instantly knew that it was bad. He was very clear what Eldest Shixiong's true power was. Even he had been defeated, how would Eldest Shixiong even be a match?
  At this time, the cheers of the disciples caused the shadow over his heart to darken.
  'Eldest Shixiong is mighty!'
  'As expected from Eldest Shixiong! This composure, take a look at it. What's called being a role model, this is called a role model!'
  'Eldest Shixiong, let him have a taste of how powerful our Ling Ying Sect is! What Scalping Zombie, when he comes here, he's the only one getting scalped!'
  The flattery flowed like a flood.
  The light on Lin Yuan's face as he stepped out was even brighter. The head was raised high, like an arrogant and smug rooster!
  Such honor, would they let Eldest Shixiong take it all?
  Some opponents of Lin Yuan who were in secret conflict with him couldn't restrain themselves and stood out as well.
  'Count me in!'
  'I'll come.'
  'Dare to bully our Ling Yin Sect. Humph, this one will see just how good you are!'
  Another three people came out, all of them heads of various factions in Ling Ying Sect. If they didn't stand up now, it would be hard to maintain power in their factions! As expected, when the three came out, their faction members became excited and felt it was a great honor, calling out flattery.
  Wen Fei grimaced inside. He glanced at Zuo Mo out of the corner of his eyes. He felt that under the expressionless visage, the other would definitely be laughing! The people who step out, if it was machinations and scheming, partisan politics, they were very good. But if it was the sword... ...
  He saw a few more people wanting to join in and could only push hard at the shixiong beside him and shout loudly.
  'Chang Shixiong at the end!'
  Chang Shixiong, who had been pushed out, looked with slight surprise at Wen Fei, and said, 'I had assumed you would have another fight. Why push me out?'
  'Please, Shixiong, help me take back my ring.' Wen Fei had a pleading expression.
  A surprised expression made its way onto Chang Shixiong's face. Wen Fei's actions directly admitted that he wasn't a match. He looked in interest at Zuo Mo. He turned his face to smile at Wen Fei, 'Alright.'
  After Wen Fei shouted, all the voices suddenly stopped. The people who had been tempted all shrunk back. The mood became slightly strange. The fiery atmosphere suddenly became silent, completely silent. The expressions of the three who had said they would fight became slightly unnatural. There wasn't much change in Lin Yuan's expression, but the uncontrollable wariness in his eyes made Zuo Mo pay special attention to this Chang Shixiong.
  It seemed this person was strong!
  Tao Zhu Er, and the others, after hearing Wen Fei yell 'Chang Shixiong at the end', they first paused and then became joyous.
  'Ho, now that's something to see!' Hu Shan said in a quiet voice, unable to suppress the excitement in his voice.
  'That's so true. After Chang Shixiong fought two years ago, until now, I've never seen Chang Shixiong fight again.' Yan Ming Zi was extremely excited.
  'Chang Shixiong has been resting his body and mind... ...' Hu Shan said.
  'Che, only ghosts believe that!' Yan Ming Zi said disdainfully.
  Tao Zhu Er suddenly turned around and added, 'Even ghosts don't believe it.'
  Lin Yuan was dissatisfied with the present mood. This damned guy called Chang, nothing good happened whenever he came out! He spoke to break the suffocating silence, 'Alright. However, we'll say it first. If you lose, I can take a talisman from you.'
  'Naturally.' There was still no expression on Zuo Mo's zombie face. No one could see what he was thinking. He weakly added, 'But if you want this Water Drop sword, you have to wait until after the five fights for me to give you. I don't have a substitute flying sword.'
  'No problem.' Lin Yuan generously said. He looked like he was already the victor.
  Lin Yuan's supporters became excited again. They widened their eyes, afraid of missing a detail. Thinking about the picture of Eldest Shixiong beating this horrid zombie up, it would be very interesting!
  The Water Drop sword floated in front of Zuo Mo's chest like a leaf floating in water.
  Chang Shixiong's eyes focused. His eyes were very experienced. The Water Drop sword looked like it was quietly floating but in reality, it was making extremely small movements. It was like a snake that had already found its target and was waiting for a chance!
  This was an extremely tiny detail. However, he had to re-judge the strength of this weak-looking youth.
  In comparison, Wen Fei's response was much faster and his face much uglier. He had fought with Zuo Mo before and he had a direct understanding of the other's strength. Right now, this opening move gave him great pressure, pressure that hadn't appeared when they had fought last time!
  There was only one explanation. In this interval of time, Zuo Mo had become stronger!
  Zuo Mo's legs were naturally spread out, his face slightly lowered, his eyes looking down like an old monk in meditation.
  Lin Yuan smirked and took out his flying sword. This was a flying sword that was entirely gold, countless seals carved on it. Between the seals, golden light flashed like ripples of water.
  '[Yang Emperor Sword], fourth-grade!' he said proudly.
  Hiss, the xiuzhe in the surroundings inhaled sharply, their eyes hot as they looked at the sparkling gold sword. A fourth-grade flying sword was very rare in Sky Moon Jie.
  Enjoying the envious and admiring glances of everyone else, Lin Yuan's mood was very good. He postured, 'You are a guest. This one will let you have three moves!'
  Zuo Mo didn't move. It was like he didn't hear it.
  Seeing the situation, Lin Yuan was dissatisfied with Zuo Mo's lack of cooperation and snorted, 'If you are looking for death, then don't blame this one! Attack!'
  The sound feel and Zuo Mo suddenly opened his eyes!
  It was impossible to describe the cold light that flashed through Zuo Mo's eyes. It was like an extremely sharp and vicious sword energy, and also like a poisonous snake that had been hiding in the shadows who suddenly bared its fangs!
  The Water Drop sword that had been quietly floating in front of his chest disappeared.
  It suddenly appeared at Lin Yuan's neck, the sword point slightly spilling out a sword energy, just barely grazing Lin Yuan's neck.
  Lin Yuan's expression was dumb as he stood, maintaining his posture. He was afraid to move. On his well-maintained and lily-white neck, a drop of blood was very bright.
  The mountain gate of Ling Ying Sect was deathly silent!
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  Chapter One Hundred and Five Fated  
  Halfway through the night, Qu Qing Ju suddenly woke up from her dreams, the cramping in her legs unbearable, as though something had twisted her foot tendon and was swinging on it.
  'Qing Ju, what is it?' He Heng suddenly awoke from his slumber and saw that the forehead of the person beside him was dotted with sweat. From the light casted by a candle in the corner of the room, he saw that even the colors of her lips had changed, and paled himself, hurriedly calling for a servant.
  A commotion later, Qu Qing Ju's cramps disappeared under the massage of the pregnancy mama. She rubbed her forehead tiredly. She felt that she was very drowsy but couldn't fall asleep.
  'Emperor, please don't worry. When a woman is pregnant, hand and foot cramps may occur. If care is taken with the diet, it will subside in a while.' The pregnancy mama saw that the Emperor didn't have a happy expression and informed cautiously, 'Normally, if someone massages niangniang, it can help relieve the symptoms.'
  He Heng's face cleared slightly. Seeing Qu Qing Ju's tired state, he ordered: 'Zhen will get the nurses from the Imperial Hospital for this matter. You can all leave.' He didn't understand medicine but knew that a person had many acupuncture points. If a wrong spot was pressed, it was deleterious to the mother and the fetus.
  The pregnancy mama, Mu Jin and the others carefully left. After leaving the room, they finally took a breath. The Emperor's expression had been very dark, so frightening that they didn't dare to breathe.
  'Can't sleep?' He Heng kept on patting Qu Qing Ju's back and seeing that she didn't fall asleep, he asked, 'Still uncomfortable?'
  Qu Qing Ju shook her head and changed positions: 'Can't sleep.'
  'What is it?' He Heng pulled the blanket up and wrapped it more securely around the two of them, 'I'm not having morning court tomorrow so we can talk now.' Tomorrow, it was the start of sealing the pen and the break from court. In reality, He Heng still had a pile of things to do but to comfort the person beside him, of course he wouldn't say those things.
  Qu Qing Ju felt that she didn't have any desire to talk, but looking at the other's spirited state, she could only respond: 'Talk about what?'
  'Anything will do,' He Heng forced down the urge to open his mouth in a yawn, 'Like your childhood, or what things you like.'
  Qu Qing Ju stared for a beat before sighing: 'I don't remember much from my childhood. Before, I didn't have many chances to leave the compound. When I grew older, only jiumu would take me to meet others, but I couldn't spend all my time with jiumu. The relationship between Tian Family and the Qu Family became antagonistic after that. So from birth, life was like that, there's not much to talk about.'
  'Liang shi was truly horrid,' He Heng lovingly ran his fingers through Qu Qing Ju's hair behind her back, 'Xiandi hadn't done many things for me. This entire life, the only good things he did are two matters. One is you, the other is the succession edict.'
  'I can't compare to the succession edict. In this world, this is only one succession edict, but there are hundreds of thousands of women,' Qu Qing Ju squirmed and changed her position to put her head at He Heng's neck, 'Liang shi was horrid, but my father was the true culprit. My mother died of unknown causes and father was in a rush to welcome a new wife. If it wasn't for jiujiu and his family, I'm afraid that even my dowry would have been very meager. If I really had married that shoddily, then what reputation would I have had with the Imperial House?'
  'The family of the Duke of Zhong Yi is very good,' He Heng said a beat after hearing her words, 'In this world, there are men like your father, but there are couples who are together for their lives.'
  Qu Qing Ju's lips curled. Was He Heng telling her that he wasn't the same kind of person as the Duke of Chang De?
  'There are women in this world who like hearing pretty words, but there are also those who only see reality,' She put a hand on his chest, 'Coincidentally, I am the latter. I don't like hearing what people say, only like seeing what people do.'
  'Doing is better than seeing?' The smile on He Heng's face grew wide, 'I'm very comforted by how smart Qing Ju is.'
  He was afraid that she wouldn't like to hear him, and also wouldn't like to see what he did.
  On the twenty ninth day of the twelfth month, the court pen was sealed. Except for those who had to be on duty in each ministry, the other people had gone home to pass the year. But even so, those officials weren't truly idle. They were proactively finding out whose family received gifts from the Emperor and which families were able to attend the Imperial Family's year-end banquet.
  This was the first year since the new Emperor had ascended the throne. Those who received gifts from the Emperor meant that those people, at the very least, had caught the Emperor's eyes. It would have been strange if no one in Jing cared about them.
  So from the twenty ninth to the thirtieth day, there were gifts coming out of the palace. Those who received them were ones such as Cheng Wang and the Duke of Zhong Yi. Aside from the luck character and spring couplets from the emperor, there were gifts from the two Empress Dowagers and the Empress. Some, such as the Right Minister Right, Ning Wang, Rui Wang, and Minster Luo, also received some gifts.
  As for the others' families, some people received the Emperor's character, some received the Empress' gifts but they didn't have the honor to receive gifts from the four big personages. However, at this year end, all the officials in Jing City understood one thing. That was, you could only eat if you followed the Emperor.
  The year banquet was on the thirtieth day. Other than the members of the Imperial House, only families who had a first-rank title were lucky enough to be able to enter the palace to enjoy the banquet, such as the Duke of Zhong Yi and the two heads of the two Empress Dowager's paternal families.
  Qu Qing Ju and He Heng sat together at the very front. Due to her pregnancy, she didn't drink any wine. In front of her was a 'phoenix returning to the nest' soup. Basically, it was a chicken stuffed inside a pig's stomach and then cooked using an old pot, but the taste was good and fitting to drink in the winter.
  The people below knew that the Empress was pregnant and no one was foolish enough to toast her. So halfway through the banquet, she had been idle.
  'The Empress' belly is so round and smooth. Chen fu thinks this child must be male.' Qin Bai Lu raised a wine cup, stood and said to Qu Qing Ju, 'Chen fu toasts niangniang, and wishes that niangniang will give birth to a son soon and stays young forever.'
  The Empress was already pregnant. Wishing for her to give birth to a son soon, wasn't it not appropriate? Luo Wen Yao furrowed her brows, and followed in standing and raising her wine cup, 'Chen fu wishes Empress to stay healthy and have a good year.'
  Qu Qing Ju grasped the wine cup from her side. Mu Jin poured her a cup of water. She raised the cup towards the two people: 'Many thanks to both dimei. Since I can't drink now, I have to use water in place of wine to thank both of you.'
  He Heng placed a duck's tongue into Qu Qing Ju's bowl, smiling as he declared: 'Everyone here isn't an outsider so zhen isn't afraid everyone will laugh. Zhen and Empress are both young and feel the sex doesn't matter.'
  Everyone followed in agreeing, and along the way, praised both Emperor and Empress. The major idea was that no matter if it was an imperial son or daughter, they would certainly be the recipients of Emperor and Empress' good genes, and in the future, would become one that would stun the world.
  Qin Bai Lu couldn't believe that the Emperor would so brazenly protect Qu Qing Ju to the point that he would say in front of all those people that he didn't care whether it was a boy or girl. Did the Emperor not want someone to carry down the line?
  'In the future, zhen and Empress will have many children. To guess whether each one is a boy or girl, that would be zhen and Empress bringing trouble upon ourselves.' He Heng roared with laughter, self-mockingly adding, 'Zhen doesn't want to go to such trouble.'
  Everyone naturally followed in laughing, but their hearts were scared witless. What the Emperor just said, it seemed to mean that he was only going to have children with the Empress only.
  It must be that they heard wrong!
  Qu Qing Ju raised an eyebrow at He Heng. Seeing he was smiling as he listened to the flattery of the people below, she lowered her head to continue drinking soup.
  Wei Qing E and He Qi sat together. She looked dazedly at Qu Qing Ju dressed in a purple wide sleeved dress embroidered with a hundred birds bowing to a phoenix. She couldn't believe her eyes and ears. The Emperor was really willing to favor only one woman, and was even willing to have only her have children?
  She thought about the tongfang that the other officials had sent over after they returned to court. Even though she had shared in the hardships with wang ye and wang ye treated her much more closely, didn't he still take the women that others gave as tong fang?
  Was it really true that this world had a man that was faithful, and this man was the Emperor as well?
  Wei Qing E slowly took her gaze back. Strangely, her gaze fell on Qin Bai Lu. Qin Bai Lu's expression wasn't well. Rui Wang beside her didn't seem to pay any attention to her. The two sat at a two-person table but their atmosphere wasn't any different from strangers.
  It was no wonder then that Qin Bai Lu was that jealous of Qu Qing Ju. As a woman, she could understand what the other thought, even she was slightly jealous of the Empress. She had the status, she would almost have a child, and she even had the fidelity of her husband. And this woman who had everything didn't even need to be kind or generous, didn't need a high birth but still lived better than all of them.
  'What are you looking at?' He Qi pulled her sleeve under the table, warning in a small voice, 'Don't copy lao san's wang fei's stupidity. I heard the Emperor doesn't like that one and already bestowed down a few beauties to Rui Wang Fu.'
  Wei Qing E's heart jumped. Her brow creasing, she asked: 'Wasn't it said that the Emperor didn't keep any of the female candidates?'
  'He didn't keep any, but that doesn't mean that he can't bestow them to other people,' He Qi swirled the wine cup in his hand, flicking a look in the direction of He Yuan, 'Lao san was too arrogant in his conduct, but that one of his isn't a peaceful one. I heard that in the past, she had done many things to offend the Empress. The way the Emperor dotes on the Empress, would he spare that one of lao san's?'
  'The Emperor wouldn't ......' Wei Qing E's tongue twisted. The Emperor wouldn't manage such matters.
  'Don't see only his appearance, he's ruthless,' He Qi pushed his voice so quiet that only the two of them could hear, 'How that Qu ce fei's of lao san passed away, there's a lot that went on there.'
  Wei Qing E gripped her wine cup tighter. Then a woman who could keep a man like that in the palm of her hand, how scary was she?
  In that instant, the look that Wei Qing E gave Qu Qing Ju was as though she was seeing a devastatingly beautiful demoness.
  Qu Qing Ju didn't know that she had been levelled up to demoness. She gave a yawn and ate the fruits that had been cut up. She occasionally exchanged words with the noblewomen as the year banquet slowly came to a conclusion.
  At precisely midnight, the fireworks exploded outside the hall, dying half of the hall red.
  Qu Qing Ju looked outside the hall and managed to see one of the fireworks burst, impossibly beautiful.
  'Like it?' He Heng reached out a hand to her, 'I'll accompany you outside to see.'
  Qu Qing Ju gave him her hand. The two walked out of the hall holding hands and stood at the tall stage outside the hall. They watched as bud after bud of fire bloom and then wither, beautiful as though it was a dream.
  Behind the two were the people who had come to attend the banquet. Everyone saw the hands of the Emperor and Empress entwined together. Under the fireworks, the figures of the two were like a painting.
  Wei Qing E stood next to He Qi. Her gaze was fixed on the Emperor and Empress' hands that hadn't let go from beginning to end. She seemed to once again see the last evening of the year one year ago, as Qu Qing Ju, clad entirely in red, walked down step by step from those stairs, and the Emperor, still a wang ye then, couldn't resist going forward to support Qu Qing Ju.
  It seemed that she had never forgotten that scene, and it was deeply embedded in her heart.
  The fireworks then, it was still as bright and attractive as today, but what she could remember was the hand the Emperor couldn't help but reach out.
  Maybe some things were fated.
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  Chapter Ninety Seven - Lin Yuan's Plotting
  Lin Yuan's entire body was still, beads of sweat sliding off his face, his eyes filled with terror. He could clearly feel the bone-aching coldness from the sword energy that was just touching his skin. All the hairs on his body were raised. He didn't tremble. It wasn't that he was bolstered by his bravery, but that he didn't dare to. He did his best to maintain his posture, afraid that the slightest bit of movement would cause the sword energy to move.
  For some unknown reason, he kept on feeling that if there was an accident, the sword energy at the tip of the flying sword would unhesitatingly cut into his neck.
  Maybe it was the steadiness of the flying sword, maybe it was Zuo Mo's eyes, maybe... ...
  It didn't matter that he knew Zuo Mo didn't dare to kill him but he didn't dare to gamble.
  'I surrender.' Lin Yuan's voice was dry and raspy, nothing remaining of the past conceit and proudness. It echoed in a patch of silence and could be heard clearly.
  The coldness disappeared from his neck without any warning.
  Lin Yuan's heart finally settled down. He swallowed, looking in terror at Zuo Mo and the Water Drop sword that was peacefully floating in front of his chest. There was only one thought in his head. This person couldn't be provoked!
  The spectators finally managed to react, dissolving into noise. Disbelief was on everyone's faces. No one could have thought that the entire battle would finish so quickly! When Lin Yuan took out the fourth-grade [Yang Emperor Sword], the great majority had already assumed his victory.
  The gap between fourth-grade and third-grade flying swords was an extremely large one!
  But, one move, and Lin Yuan lost.
  In the crowd of spectators, a cold light flashed through a pair of eyes hidden in the shadows.
  Lin Yuan focused. He pretended to be generous and opened, 'I lost. You can take down any of the talismans on my body.' People like him, what they were afraid of losing was both the fight and their honor. Losing in battle wasn't major. He hadn't created his power based using physical power. But if he lost his reputation, then it was really sweeping the floor.
  His heart was still beating heavily. Please do not pick... ...
  'Then the ling armor on Brother Lin's body.' Zuo Mo said.
  'Alright!' Lin Yuan rushed to answer, afraid Zuo Mo would take it back. He had been afraid that Zuo Mo would pick the fourth-grade [Yang Emperor Sword]. The [Moonwater Black Turtle Armor] might be a fine third-grade ling armor, and he had put a lot of effort into getting it, but it couldn't compare to [Yang Emperor Sword]. [Yang Emperor Sword] had been bestowed down by the sect leader. If it was lost, it would be bad for him.
  Lin Yuan rapidly took the ling armor off his body, throwing it to Zuo Mo, deliberately pretending to be forthright, 'Brother Zuo really is skilled, Lin Yuan has no compunctions about losing. I'll take Brother Zuo as my friend. In the future if you need any help, please speak!'
  Zuo Mo raised his hands in a greeting, 'Brother Lin's demeanor is extraordinary, this little brother admires it. To be able to interact with people like Brother Lin, this little brother feels very honored!' His hands, however, were extremely fast and impolite in putting the [Moonwater Black Turtle Armor] onto his body.
  The [Moonwater Black Turtle Armor] was entirely black, constructed of thirty six black turtle shells, and forged with essence of moonwater. It was extremely durable. Zuo Mo could tell as he put the armor on that this was far better than the ling armor that Yan Le Shibo had given him. It was both comfortable and breathable, and the ling energy inside the Black Turtle armor slowly seeped into Zuo Mo's body, extremely pleasurable.
  Zuo Mo felt extremely good inside, disregarding the sighs that came from the surroundings. Of course, he knew that, based on just the price, the fourth-grade [Yang Emperor Sword] that Lin Yuan had far surpassed this [Moonwater Black Turtle Armor]. However, this was also where he was the smartest. If he demanded the [Yang Emperor Sword], even though Lin Yuan would give the [Yang Emperor Sword] to him due to face, but that way, this incident would increase in severity. A fourth-grade flying sword, there wasn't many of those in Wu Kong Sword Sect. In all of the disciples, only Wei Sheng Shixiong's [Splitting Rainbow] was fourth-grade.
  Coveting this flying sword, that was waiting for the other's elders to come find him!
  Not just that, he would also enter into an unsolvable disagreement with Lin Yuan. The other would certainly hate him! Also, [Yang Emperor Sword] wasn't suited for Zuo Mo. At most, he could sell it for some jingshi. But [Moonwater Black Turtle Armor], he could use it right now. Wearing it on his body, his defensive power would increase dramatically. He would have more confidence in making a profit this time.
  On someone else's territory, being too arrogant meant a terrible death!
  Zuo Mo got a bargain and gave Lin Yuan enough face. Lin Yuan managed to keep possession of [Yang Emperor Sword] and got face, his mood instantly rose. As for the [Moonwater Black Turtle Armor], just a third-grade talisman, he didn't care that much.
  Lin Yuan threw a jade scroll at Zuo Mo, generously saying, 'This jade scroll has the directions to use this [Moonwater Black Turtle Armor]. For this armor to land in the hands of a hero like Brother Zuo, this little brother is very honored.' He then scanned the surroundings, and said clearly, 'Brother Zuo is one against five. Everyone should admire his courage. However, is our Ling Ying Sect those that take advantage of others? This unskilled one suggests that, after each of Brother Zuo's fights, he can rest for an hour to recover his ling energy, and be fair. How does everyone feel?'
  Lin Yuan's actions instantly aroused the agreement of many people.
  'Lin Shixiong is really a honest person!'
  'Didn't think that a disciple of Ling Ying Sect could have a demeanor like this. It really isn't easy, isn't easy!'
  No matter if it was the disciples of Ling Ying Sect or the other spectators, they all spoke praises.
  Zuo Mo took the jade scroll, praising, 'Brother Lin is really a genuine person!'
  However, the faces of the three people who were going to fight next were extremely bad, their eyes hateful as they glared at Lin Yuan. Chang Shixiong, however, was staring at Zuo Mo, his expression pondering.
  Zuo Mo hadn't thought that the situation would change to be like this. Looking at the eyes of the other three people, Zuo Mo's heart was like a mirror. He he, this Lin Yuan really helped him out!
  With this jade scroll, he didn't need to search on his own. One hour, it was enough for him to broadly grasp how to use this ling armor. As to recovering ling energy, the previous fight had been so quick he basically hadn't used any ling energy at all.
  Lin Yuan bowed with his hands at Zuo Mo and proudly went back to his troop. That demeanor, there was nothing remaining of his expression when he had just lost. The shidi that were dependent on him gave a flood of praise for Lin Yuan's generosity. Lin Yuan pretended to calmly wave his hand, smirking inside. He didn't have good intentions in giving the instructions to the [Moonwater Black Turtle Armor] to Zuo Mo. He had gone first and lost. If his competitors won, then no matter how successful his performance was, it wouldn't make a difference.
  He had been generous in giving the [Moonwater Black Turtle Armor] to Zuo Mo and suggested that Zuo Mo could rest for an hour between each fight so to undermine the people after him. Increasing Zuo Mo's power was attacking his opponents. If those people also lost, he would have lost honorably. If the other people wanted to copy him, it definitely wouldn't have the same effect.
  The other people were not able to object to Lin Yuan's 'reasonable' suggestions. They could only stare with dark faces at Zuo Mo sitting cross legged on the ground.
  An hour later, Zuo Mo finally opened his eyes. He was extremely happy inside. As expected, this [Moonwater Black Turtle Armor] was very good. There were natural seal formations on the shells of black turtles. When they were used, flying swords would have a hard time breaking through.
  The second Ling Ying Sect disciple had been impatiently waiting long ago. When Zuo Mo opened his eyes, he walked out.
  He threw the bright red cape off his body, revealing the tight clothes underneath.
  When the other tore off the cape, Zuo Mo's eyes became straight.
  This guy... ...
  Disregarding the glowing ling armor on his body, not saying anything of the finest third-grade vambrace, Zuo Mo wouldn't even look at the bright red [Crimson Blood Bull Boots], his eyes were staring fixedly at the other's waist, wrist and chest... ...
  On the belt, there was a miscellany of paper seals, oh no, a collection of paper seals that would make someone think this guy sold seals for a living. Second-grade [Turtle Shell Seal], second-grade [Multiple Ghost Shadows], second-grade [Domineering Five Thunder Seal].
  On the wrists, a circle of one-use talismans were tied, second-grade [Sharp-headed Prickly Snake Shuttle], second-grade [One Star Galaxy], second grade [Light Rain Twin Sparrows]... ...
  There were a few pouches hanging on his chest, the smell of medicine wafting out. To Zuo Mo whose main profession was dan and medicine, he was too familiar with this smell. [Ling Returning Dan] that was used to recover ling energy, definitely not lower than second-grade; [Red Flower Dan] used to stem bleeding, also not lower than second-grade; the [Plum Colored Dan] that had a special smell, second-grade miasma... ...
  On the outside of his legs, hanging on one of them was a second-grade [Great Sun Moon Wheel], the other a second-grade [Sky Net].
  ... ...
  Not just Zuo Mo, all the spectators were completely dumbstruck.
  Yan Ming Zi snickered, 'It looks like Wang Shixiong is going all out. Using his ultimate medicine-seal-style from the start.'
  Hu Shan looked with fear at Wang Shixiong who was standing fully armored, 'Only upon personal experience can one know the power of Wang Shixiong's medicine-seal-style!' He had once fought against Wang Shixiong, and had been completely suppressed for the entire battle, almost to the point he couldn't raise his head.
  Yan Ming Zi nodded sympathetically, 'The shixiong that use medicine and seals in our sect cannot be counted, but to be like Wang Shixiong, to use the medicine-seal-style to such a degree, it had never happened before.'
  Hu Shan, 'Wang Shixiong does have some real skill.'
  Yan Ming Zi added, 'His wealth is really abundant!'
  The two couldn't help but fall silent. The disciples of Ling Ying Sect might all have wealthy families, but there were still very drastic differences between them. Like Wang Shixiong, who dared to use seals and medicine to such a degree, if he didn't have the wealth to back it up, he wouldn't dare to do so. Everyone could understand the core philosophy of the medicine-seal-style - to use jingshi to win. While everyone could understand the concept, but it was another matter if they could do it.
  Wang Shixiong's seal-medicine-style once again proved a truth that had existed for countless years, this world, when you throw enough jingshi at someone, the great majority of the time, you could win.
  Maybe, as a person, Wang Shixiong was not as personable as Lin Yuan but his seal-medicine-style was still very famous in Ling Ying Sect. When he tore off the cape and revealed all he owned, all of the Ling Ying Sect disciples suddenly became excited. That was because, in Ling Ying Sect, the absolute majority of disciples believed deeply in one truth, the person with the most jingshi was the one that was right!
  To the xiuzhe that were passing by, this scene was an extremely heavy blow.
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  Chapter One Hundred and Six The Letter of Divorce
  After the New Year festival passed, it was the time for the families to visit each other. As the Empress in the central palace, Qu Qing Ju naturally received many notices, but due to her pregnancy, she had just seen the members of the two Empress Dowager's paternal family, Tian Luo shi and others. Today, she needed to meet Ning Wang Fei and Cheng Wang Fei.
  'Ning Wang Fei, Cheng Wang Fei, please come in,' Huang Yang hurriedly walked out of the door into the rear hall, a wide smile on his face as he performed a greeting to Wei Qing E and Luo Wen Yao before bowing to lead the two people inside.
  'Thanks gonggong,' Luo Wen Yao smiled politely at Huang Yang. She knew that Huang Yang was someone that the Empress used often, so she treated him extremely courteously.
  'Cheng Wang Fei is too polite, please,' Huang Yang's attitude became even more humble as he steadily walked inside, 'Empress knew that both wang fei were coming and had woken early to wait.'
  Wei Qing He followed Huang Yang's words with some words expressing her gratefulness. When they reached the door to the room, she didn't speak anymore. Huang Yang announced: 'Empress, Ning Wang Fei and Cheng Wang Fei have arrived.'
  'Quickly come in please,' Wei Qing E heard Qu Qing Ju's voice. And when the curtain in front of them was raised, a very familiar looking palace maid coming out, bowing to them and ushered them into the room.
  This was the first time Wei Qing E came to this place. At a glance, she saw that much care had been taken with the tasteful furnishings in the room, and there was nothing with corners, since they were worried that those things would harm the pregnant Qu Qing Ju.
  She looked at Qu Qing Ju who sat in front. Qu Qing Ju only had a simple hairstyle, a buyao inserted from the side. With her black hair, it expressed an indolent beauty.
  'Greetings to Empress,' Wei Qing E and Luo Wen Yao simultaneously made a bow, their movements full of deference.
  'Us sisters-in-law don't have to be so polite with each other,' Qu Qing Ju waved her hand and got the palace maids to bring a carved stool for each of them. Then she said: 'It's still snowing today, it must have been trouble to make you two visit ben gong.'
  'Niangniang's words are taking good fortune from chen fu,' Wei Qing E added a smile as she said, 'chen fu should have come in before to give thanks, but these last few days were so busy so the visit was delayed. It's lucky that niangniang is kind and hasn't blamed chen fu.'
  'Da sao's words are too polite,' Qu Qing Ju saw that Wei Qing E was attired even more dignified than in the past and sighed inside. There were many women in Ning Wang Fu. Wei Qing E had a di son herself, and must have spent limitless amounts of attention, 'Ning Wang Fu had been empty for so long, it's natural to spend time cleaning it up. Originally, ben gong should have sent servants to do so, but the Emperor missed da be and summoned you back to Jing as soon as possible. Your family must have gone to great trouble.'
  'It's our entire family's good fortune that Emperor missed our wang ye,' Wei Qing E smiled, replying, 'wang ye frequently mentioned the good of the Emperor and said that even dying won't be enough to repay the kindness of the Emperor.'
  In the beginning, Wei Qing E hadn't been as antagonistic as Qin Bai Lu who had picked a fight whenever possible with Qu Qing Ju, but she acted as she was the eldest. Now, her words and actions were done to flatter to her, the er dixi. Qu Qing Ju couldn't see any discontent in her actions and couldn't help but sigh again. Such a virtuous wife, and didn't abandon or give up on Ning Wang. Now that Ning Wang returned to Jing, he had taken quite a few women as tongfang. That really wasn't a good thing to do.
  'They're brothers, there's no need to speak of kindness,' Qu Qing Ju waved her hand, and said to Luo Wen Yao: 'Ben gong heard you have some happy news, this really is a happy event.'
  Luo Wen Yao's face instantly blushed and she lowered her head as she responded: 'The taiyi diagnosed it a few days earlier. Chen fu had thought to wait a few days before telling you.'
  'Such a happy event, you can't conceal it from ben gong,' Qu Qing Ju smiled, adding, 'ben gong let them prepare some things for pregnancy. When you leave, take it with you. If you are lacking in anything, send someone to tell ben gong, don't restrain yourself.'
  Wei Qing E listened to the conversation between the Empress and Cheng Wang Fei. She could detect the closeness that the Empress treated Cheng Wang Fei with. It was very different from the politeness that was offered to her. One year ago, no one would have thought that even Cheng Wang would have a change of fortune.
  'Actually, ben gong heard yesterday that people were saying that Rui Wang Jun Fei was ill, have you two heard?' Three days ago, she had just attended the year end banquet, and then got sick right after. If the news came out, who would be embarrassed?
  'San dimei has always been delicate. Yesterday night, it snowed, maybe she wasn't careful and got sick,' Wei Qing E spoke on the subject. She had an idea what the Empress meant and naturally would follow the direction, ' But san dimei usually doesn't interact much with chen fu and si dimei, so we also don't know.'
  Qu Qing Ju nodded, looking rueful: 'That's so true, san dimei's personality usually is proud. Even ben gong, she wasn't willing to interact much with. In a while, ben gong will get them to bestow some things down, it will be a token of ben gong's goodwill.'
  The words appeared to be concerned about Qin Bai Lu but the implication was accusing Qin Bai Lu was discourteous to the Empress. Wei Qing E glanced around the room. There were many palace maids and taijian standing around. If these words were leaked out, everyone would know of Qin Bai Lu's haughtiness.
  She dropped her gaze slightly so she would not look at the warm smile on Qu Qing Ju's face. The tone of her voice was assenting: 'Empress is kind-hearted and benevolent. Rui Jun Wang Fei's actions are truly somewhat discourteous.'
  Really kind-hearted and benevolent. Even when a jun wang fei was discourteous to her, she would still let bygones be bygones and bestow gifts down. This entire court, who wouldn't praise her for being virtuous?
  'We are all one family, both you and I knew her temperament,' Qu Qing Ju displayed a helpless look, 'ben gong will just hope that she will recover quickly now.'
  Luo Wen Yao used a handkerchief to cover her mouth as she agreed: 'Empress is right, the best thing would be that san sao recovers.'
  Wei Qing E felt for a second that the closeness between the Empress and Cheng Wang Fei, perhaps it was because they were strangely similar in some aspects?
  'Emperor?' Ming He saw the Emperor walk to the door of the rear hall and then turn to circle back to the front hall, and couldn't help cautiously asking, 'Should nucai go in to notify Empress?'
  'No need,' He Heng waved his hand. He took down a book from the shelves and buried his head down. Ming He took a peek. It was still that 'Prescriptions Worth a Thousand in Gold' that the Emperor had read for many days. Ever since the Empress had been found to be pregnant, the Emperor seemed to develop an interest in medical books.
  A long time later, just as Ming He assumed that the Emperor would keep reading, an attendant of the Empress came to ask if the Emperor was going to go have a meal together. Then he saw the Emperor throw away the book and stand up.
  Looking at the medical book that the Emperor had heartlessly thrown to one side, it wasn't anything. In front of the Empress, it couldn't compare to one hair strand.'
  In Rui Jun Wang Fu, Qin Bai Lu furiously smashed everything that the palace had sent down before she felt her fury had been somewhat relieved. She hatefully looked at the ginseng, sneering: 'Pretending to be so virtuous, like I don't have these things?'
  She once hated Qu Yue Su, and after Qu Yue Su died, the one she hated most became Qu Qing Ju. The two sisters of the Qu Family seemed to have been born to be at conflict with her, and disturb her days.
  'Wang fei, wang ye is already unhappy that you called in sick to not pay your respects to the Empress. Now, you smashed the Empress' gifts. If wang ye knew, it won't be good,' Ru Hua rushed the servants to clean up the room. After the attendants had all left, she urged, 'Right now, even for yourself, you have bear it.'
  'Bear it?' Qin Bai Lu pointed in the direction of the main building, 'He only amuses himself everyday and has never thought about me. Even if I tore down this room, he won't care!'
  'But if you keep going like this......'
  'You don't have to persuade me. In wang ye's eyes, I'm afraid that even a fingernail of the Empress is better than me. Maybe right now he's regretting that he hadn't married the Empress in the beginning rather than me!' Qin Bai Lu was so infuriated that she didn't control her words, 'The Empress is so noble, so beautiful, I'm nothing!'
  Ru Hua sighed helplessly. She thought about the rumors about wang fei outside. Jealous, not virtuous, arrogant and bad-mannered, disrespectful of the Empress. There were even people that said wang ye was going to divorce wang fei. If wang fei knew of those things, her sadness would be great.
  She just didn't understand what great irreconcilable enmity there was between Empress and wang fei that wang fei would hate Empress so. It was clear that the two hadn't interacted much. Was it really because of the rumors about the decree of marriage? But the Empress and Emperor were very well together and wang fei really didn't need to be jealous of the Empress.
  Outside the door, He Fu Er stood behind He Yuan, his legs trembling. He hadn't thought that wang fei would say such reckless things. If it passed into the Emperor's ears, wouldn't it cost wang ye his life?
  Thinking about the stories of the love between the Imperial Couple, He Fu Er swallowed. It would really cause his death. He was so unfortunate to have heard these words.
  Furtively looking at wang ye's expression, He Fu Er's legs grew even weaker. It had been a long time since he had seen wang ye look so terrible. Hearing the continuing complaints of the wang fei inside the room, He Fu Er finally couldn't stand and knelt down hard.
  He Yuan didn't look at He Fu Er, and with a grim face, went up to kick open the door. Gazing at Qin Bai Lu who had abruptly froze, he ordered icily: 'He Fu Er, bring pen and paper.'
  'Wang ye!' Qin Bai Lu shrieked, 'I'm the wang fei xiandi decreed to you, you can't divorce me.'
  'So you do know that your words would cause ben wang to divorce you, then why couldn't you control your mouth?' He Yuan looked in disgust at Qin Bai Lu, 'Ben wang might only be a jun wang now, but it doesn't mean having to tolerate a wang fei like you.'
  'Pen and paper!' He Heng's voice grew even more harsh.
  Very quickly, someone brought pen and paper. Grinding the ink and laying down the paper, it seemed to have all been done in the blink of an eye in Qin Bai Lu's eyes.
  'Wang ye,' Qin Bai Lu knelt down. She knew that He Yuan was serious this time and couldn't resist hugging his legs, crying: 'You can't treat me this way.'
  'Get her off!' He Heng didn't even look at Qin Bai Lu. He held up the brush to dip in the ink and fluidly started writing.
  'Wang ye, wang ye,' Ru Hua knelt down at He Yuan's feet, 'wang fei wasn't doing it on purpose, please, forgive her this time, wang ye.'
  The two minor taijian saw that wang ye's face darkened even more and went up to drag and pin Ru Hua at one side.
  Ru Hua stared as wang ye wrote the entire letter of divorce in one go as though he had finally vented all the emotions he had suppressed for a long time. She suddenly stopped pleading because she felt that, no matter how she and wang fei pleaded, wang ye wouldn't change his mind.
  'Take it,' He Yuan threw the still wet letter of divorce in front of Qin Bai Lu, coldly gazing down at her kneeling on the ground, 'The thing that ben wang regrets the most in this lifetime was marrying you.'
  Qin Bai Lu's head buzzed as though she couldn't hear anything. She looked dazedly at the man that looked from high up down at her. She suddenly stood, pushing aside He Yuan and was going to throw herself at the wall, before she was pulled back by He Fu Er at the side.
  'If you want to die, go back to your Qin Family to die, don't dirty ben wang's place,' He Yuan sneered, 'Someone come, pack up all of Qin shi's things and send them back along with Qin shi back to the Qin Family.'
  'Yes,' He Fu Er saw that the matter had progressed to this step and didn't dare provoke wang ye so he started to order others to start packing.
  He Yuan didn't look again at Qin Bai Lu, he turned and walked away.
  The news that the daughter of the Qin Family had been divorced by Rui Jun Wang spread through the entire Jing City by the afternoon. Almost everyone didn't believe that Rui Jun Wang would do it. Right now, Rui Jun Wang didn't have any real power. If he offended the Qin Family, wouldn't his days become more difficult in the future?
  There were those that felt the daughter of the Qin Family wasn't worthy of being a wang fei, were moved by Rui Jun Wang who wasn't willing to suffer, and sighed.
  On the second day, there was an Imperial Censor who reproached Rui Jun Wang's actions. The main idea was that the daughter of the Qin Family had been declared by xiandi. The fact that Rui Jun Wang had divorced his wife, the daughter of the Qin Family, it was being unfilial to xiandi. It ruined the conduct of Da Long Dynasty. Along the way, he praised the love that the Emperor had for the Empress.
  'The Empress is virtuous in her conduct, filial to her elders, attentive to zhen, zhen's love for her is only natural,' The boot-licking had been misconstrued. He Heng's face was dark as he continued, 'The daughter of the Qin Family dishonorably conducted herself, was of arrogant manner, and no virtues at all. Even in front of zhen and Empress, she was arrogant and disrespectful. Rui Jun Wang is zhen's brother, how can zhen bear for him to be served by such a wang fei?'
  The Imperial Censor choked. The terrible reputation of Qin shi had already spread through Jing. It really was somewhat inappropriate for him to compare Qin shi to the Empress. He then knelt down and didn't say another word.
  'Zhen thought, as a man, one should be filial to elders, esteem his wife, and love and protect his children. As a woman, one should have proper conduct, esteem her husband, be virtuous and intelligent. Only like this, can husband and wife be harmonious.' He Heng furrowed his eyebrows, adding, 'Zhen heard that the Great Scholar Lu da ren of Hong Yuan Cabinet has a good daughter of both talent and good appearance. Why don't zhen act as a matchmaker and let Lu xiaojie and zhen's sandi be engaged and will marry by the end of this year.'
  Lu Jing Hong paused and then forced out a smile as he knelt, replying: 'Wei chen thanks the Emperor for decreeing the marriage.'
  The Emperor was cutting off the Qin Family's retreat. And also pulled his daughter in. But he could not refuse.
  He could only hope that Rui Jun Wang would treat his daughter well in the future. He would thank the heavens and earth if it didn't turn out like Qin shi's circumstances. Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Ninety Eight - Zuo Mo's Fury and Heartache
  After a long while, Zuo Mo's soul finally returned to his body.
  Even though his own attire had improved dramatically over the past, but seeing the other armed to the teeth, Zuo Mo couldn't help but lose his soul. Of course, this wasn't due to shock at the other's power, but shock at so many talismans, paper seals, and lingdan.
  Damn it!
  Zuo Mo's eyes were bloody red. He looked as though he wanted to strip the other bare.
  When ge is penniless, you ... ...
  Zuo Mo, who had come to fight for thirty pieces of second-grade jingshi, felt a burst of anger leave his chest and rush upwards. He was completely infuriated.
  'Come!' Wang Shixiong shouted confidently, and moved first!
  He was extremely wary of the [Flowing Water] that Zuo Mo had sent out. Untraceable and fast, he didn't have a grasp on whether he would be able to combat it. Learning a lesson from Lin Yuan's fight, he decided to attack first so after he spoke, he attacked.
  The [Multiple Ghost Shadows Seal] that had already been gripped on both his hands beforehand made a light bang. Everyone felt their eyes blur and then five Wang Shixiong suddenly appeared on the battlefield!
  'As expected, it is still this unrivalled and wretched starting move!' Hu Shan sighed.
  Second-grade [Multiple Ghost Shadows Seal]. It could make two fake illusions that were exactly the same as the user. Using two of them simultaneously, there were instantly four illusions. Adding on the real one, it was hard to detect the real Wang Shixiong. This [Multiple Ghost Shadows Seal] evidently had been made well. It was extremely detailed to confuse the fakes with the real one. Other than cultivating a spell like [Sky Eyes] [Ghost Eyes] or [Yinyang Eyes], it was basically impossible to tell.
  Zuo Mo hadn't practiced a spell like that. He also hadn't thought that the other would use up two second-grade [Multiple Ghost Shadow Seal] at once. This expenditure, it was frightening! One second-grade [Multiple Ghost Shadow Seal] would require at least twenty pieces of third-grade jingshi. Two of them was forty pieces of third-grade jingshi!
  Ge was aching to hit someone like you!
  Zuo, a poor guy, Mo's fighting spirit started to burn like a prairie fire, almost lighting up all the blood in his body.
  Since there are five of you, then all of you can accept it!
  Zuo Mo gritted his teeth, raising his hand for [Seven Whirlpools], and it completely surrounded all five figures. This move was an extremely wide-range attack, perfectly suited for dealing with [Multiple Ghost Shadow Seal]. The fake ones were, in the end, fake. When they were torn by the sword energies, they instantly broke.
  It evidently was not the first time Wang Shixiong had encountered this situation. He wasn't panicked, his two hands blurring, whoosh whoosh whoosh, three paper seals leapt from his hand.
  [Turtle Seal], [Vajrapani Seal,] [Empty Explosion Seal]!
  Two layers of protection were added to Wang Shixiong's body. The inner green one was [Turtle Seal], the outer one was [Vajrapani Seal]. The moment the [Empty Explosion Seal] was thrown out, it exploded with a bang.
  A large shock occurred on the battlefield, an invisible high speed air wave viciously spread out. The [Seven Whirlpools] that had just destroyed the fake illusions instantly were smashed to pieces by this explosive air wave. At the center of the explosion, Wang Shixiong was not afraid. He had just put on two defensive paper seals on his body. The effect was evident at this time. The [Empty Explosion Seal] was astoundingly powerful, but it still could not break through the two layers of protective armor. He was untouched.
  The spectators jumped in fright. Such an unreasonable way of battle, this was the first time they had seen it.
  The blood of the Ling Ying Sect disciples were all boiling. They all knew that once Wang Shixiong was at an advantage, just wait for the storm to arrive!
  Zuo Mo was both sorrowful and furious.
  Second-grade [Turtle Seal] fifteen pieces of third-grade jingshi, second-grade [Vajrapani Seal] fifteen pieces of third-grade jingshi, second-grade [Empty Explosion Seal] thirty pieces of third-grade jingshi.
  This string of numbers flowed across Zuo Mo's heart... ...
  Wang Shixiong's practiced response allowed him to take the initiative. He unhesitatingly started his attack.
  [Sharp-headed Prickle Snake Shuttle], [One Star Galaxy], and [Light Rain Double Sparrow] were like a pack of wolves that smelt blood, murderously howling as they leapt at Zuo Mo.
  The howl of the [Sharp-headed Prickly Snake Shuttle] was able to shock a person's soul. The three cun snake shuttle suddenly transformed in midair into a thin black snake. Like a streak of black lightning, it displayed its vicious and sharp fangs!
  [One Star Galaxy] was seven dots of blue light, like a galaxy. It seemed extremely beautiful, without any killing intent.
  When [Light Rain Double Sparrow] flew into the air, it turned into two blue fork-tailed sparrow. With simultaneous calls, they flew a strange shape and headed straight for Zuo Mo.
  Wang Shixiong's move this time was extremely beautiful. All of Zuo Mo's retreats had been sealed shut. He had no place to escape.
  These one-use talismans were much more expensive than paper seals! Thirty pieces of third-grade jingshi, forty pieces of third-grade jingshi, thirty pieces of third-grade jingshi, another string of numbers flew past Zuo Mo's heart.
  Every time a number flowed past, Zuo Mo's heart felt pain. Up until now, he had successively felt pain eight times. Any person, who was in pain for eight times, if they still seemed normal, then they were very skilled. But clearly, Zuo Mo wasn't! After his heart broke for the eighth time, the anger in his chest instantly reached a climax.
  If fire was used to describe someone's anger, than Zuo Mo was composed entirely of fire, blood-red flames streaming out of his body and into the sky!
  If he could tolerate this, what else couldn't he tolerate?
  No one could tolerate this!
  All the anger gathered and compressed at this instant. His eyes widened angrily, his hands moving as though he was throwing a large ball, crouching forward. The Water Drop sword gave a clear ring and flew into the sky.
  The fifth move of [Li Water Sword Scripture] - [Banana Rain]!
  Wang Shixiong felt the sky above him darken and reflexively raised his head. His pupils suddenly widened, his expression changing!
  Not paying anymore attention to the talismans that had left his hand, he raised his hand and threw out two [Domineering Five Thunder Seal], and then whipped his hand to throw out a little red umbrella.
  The little umbrella was extremely small, about half the size of a pen. When it was sent out, it started to grow, flying above his head and protecting him. This was a one-use second-grade talisman [Sleeve Umbrella]. Even though it was a one-use talisman, it was extremely expensive! Even Wang Shixiong, when it wasn't a crucial time, didn't bear to use it. However, the present situation was dangerous and he had no hesitations about using this card!
  Once the two [Domineering Five Thunder Seals] left, it turned into two strings of five interconnected thunder exploding in the air.
  The [Banana Rain] referred to the rain hitting the banana plant. Other than this, there was another meaning. It was rumored, in the ancient era, there was an eighth-grade talisman called the Banana Fan. A gentle wave of this fan would create endless flames. Many heroes had been killed with this little Banana Fan. It had then became one of the most famous five attributed talismans. The banana of [Banana Rain] had the meaning of fire.
  The rain was a rain of fire, the fire was a snowy-white cold fire.
  The area of Ling Ying Sect suddenly became cold. Even the completely jade mountain gate had a thin layer of frost. The fire had not arrived, but the coldness had explosively started to spread.
  Having merged in the Tidal Sword essence composed of countless icicles, the li water sword essence had been completely changed. Originally, it had been a clear fire shape of water, right now, it seemed slightly similar to Zuo Mo's icy Stalagmite fire.
  The fire rain which was white and cold gave off the feeling that it was snowing instead.
  However, no one was entranced by this beautiful scene. They were all shocked by the fatal murderous intent. In the white fire rain, sword essence criss-crossed, cold and icy, sharp, unable to be broken, endless!
  The five interconnected thunder crackled and howled as it rushed towards the slowly descending rain of fire in the sky.
  Many people silently praised the quickness of Wang Shixiong's reaction. The two [Domineering Five Thunder Seal] were very powerful. If it could block for a while, the three one-use talismans he had put out earlier could successfully attack Zuo Mo.
  The white fire rain that seemed to be slowly moving met the five thunder.
  Crack crack crack!
  Like the sound of electricity flashing in the water, the two strings of five interconnected thunder didn't even last for a second before strangely vanishing.
  Everyone who was watching all were shocked. In the middle of it all, deeply feeling the power in Zuo Mo's move, Wang Shixiong wasn't just shocked. This time, his face was slightly pale!
  He was praying that the [Sleeve Umbrella] would be effective. As an afterthought, he quickly threw out the [Great Sun Moon Wheel] and [Sky Net]. Between protecting his life and killing the enemy, he chose to  protect his life.
  Facing the three talismans that were gearing for him, Zuo Mo didn't dodge. He activated the [Moonwater Black Turtle Armor]. A blue light suddenly erupted from the black armor. A circle of light that was like water waves suddenly appeared around Zuo Mo. To be secure, he also started [Vajra Profound Sutra]. A layer of dark gold quickly appeared on the arms, head, and other parts that were exposed to the outside.
  Between protecting his life and killing the enemy, Zuo Mo chose to kill the enemy!
  He was gambling. Gambling that the other would choose to protect himself! He had won his gamble. The three one-use talismans that didn't have a person controlling them seemed powerful, when they hit the water-like blue light around Zuo Mo, the circle of light did shudder fiercely, and Zuo Mo's insides were affected and took a few steps back.
  However, these three one-use talismans had no lasting power, and turned to light, disappearing into the air.
  Zuo Mo had blocked these three one-use talismans, that meant that his risky endeavor had been successful and had taken the initiative. Right now, he could easily control the [Banana Rain]. Anger boiling, Zuo Mo smirked coldly. This move had just begun!
  The [Sleeve Umbrella] managed to stop the fire rain for a while. Even though the sword energies in the fire rain created cracks when they hit the umbrella, but this talisman that he had spent so much jingshi to buy now showed it was worth that many jingshi, managing to block off the fire rain.
  However, he couldn't be on the defense, that would mean defeat!
  Wang Shixiong was an extremely experienced fighter. Looking at the seemingly untouched Zuo Mo nearby, he gritted his teeth. But when he saw the light coming off the other's armor, his hate towards Lin Yuan was even greater! However, he didn't become dumb due to anger. He knew, if he won this match, that was slapping Lin Yuan's face in front of everyone. The acting that Lin Yuan had done beforehand would be completely wasted!
  Only he could be the hero!
  His hands reached for his waist.
  Seeing the other take out a stack of red and green paper seals from his waist, Zuo Mo, anger burning up his body, seemed to see rows of numbers flying past his eyes, his heart also seeming to feel throbbing pain.
  Wastrel! Shameless!
  Zuo Mo bared his teeth, the furious anger that covered his body exploding, his anger reaching its maximum. He unhesitatingly sent out the killing move that he had been readying for a long time!
  Translator Ramblings: The plant is ?? or Musa basjoo, commonly known as the Japanese banana. The author took the famous banana leaf fan of the Journey to the West and moved it into this world.
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  Chapter One Hundred and Seven Birth of a Son
  Lu Yu Rong knelt as she listened to the Ministry of Rites' official finish reciting the Imperial Decree before respectfully kowtowing along with her family. She watched as her father received the Imperial Decree from the official. Her expression wasn't joyful nor angry, and no one was able to see her thoughts regarding the marriage.
  After the Rites official left, Lu furen looked worriedly at the Imperial Decree: 'Lao ye, what are we going to do, Rui Jun Wang's personality ...' Everyone knew what Rui Jun Wang's personality was like. Her daughter marrying that kind of a person, what good days would she have?
  Even more, the Emperor wasn't close to Rui Jun Wang. Shu gui taifei was at odds with the two Empress Dowagers and had once even done an idiotic thing as to try to harm the Empress. Their Lu Family becoming connected to Rui Jun Wang, it was a great problem.
  'Don't worry, since the Emperor decreed the marriage, it shows that he trusts our Lu Family,' Lu Jing Hong sighed, not knowing if he was comforting Lu furen or himself, 'Furthermore, Rui Jun Wang has no real power right now. What does the Emperor have to be suspicious of?'
  Luo furen knew that the matter was set in stone and there was no benefit in discussing it anymore. She was only feeling sorry for her daughter, marrying a powerless member of the Imperial Family.
  'Mother doesn't have to be worried for me,' Lu Yu Rong squeezed out a smile, 'Rui Jun Wang is still a jun wang. Also, he has no children in his fu. Daughter might be marrying over as the second wife, but the first one was divorced, so I'm not that different from the original. Furthermore, another person might not be better a better match than Rui Jun Wang.'
  Lu Jing Hong's di son, Lu Zhan, heard his meimei's words and ground his teeth: 'Meimei don't worry, gege will be here. If Rui Jun Wang dares to bully you, gege will go accuse him in front of the Emperor to bring you back.'
  'It's not that scary,' The smile on Lu Jing Rong's face became brighter. She looked at the Imperial Decree in Lu Jing Hong's hands, 'Life, it's just like that.'
  Once the words came out, the Lu family became silent. No matter what, they felt they had fallen short for their daughter.
  When the peach flowers were in full bloom, He Heng, after the officials begged him three times, finally changed the era name to Jia You, and informed the ancestors to use the first year of Jia You to count the years. At the same time, the world started calling He Heng by Jia You Emperor.
  In the fourth month of the first year of Jia You, rain continued to come down for a few days, but what made He Heng feel restless wasn't the fine rain but Qu Qing Ju, who was close to childbirth. As the time grew closer, he became more and more nervous. A woman giving birth, it was like a foot in life and a foot in death. Thinking about the frightening event, he couldn't calm himself.
  It was now the end of the fourth month, but due to continuing rainfall for three days, the weather was slightly cold. He Heng finished reading the memorandum in his hands, and prepared to go to the rear palace, when he saw Ming He rush in, and make a sloppy bow.
  'Emperor, Empress is giving birth.'
  'What?!' His expression changed slightly, he stood and took large steps, not even taking the time to change the robe he was wearing, which was stained with drops of ink.
  When they came to the rear hall of Tian Qi Palace, the door to the delivery room had been closed. He Heng didn't know that his pale face had frightened all the palace attendants. He looked at the tightly secured door to the delivery room, demanding gravely: 'When did the Empress start labor?'
  'This morning, the Empress felt her belly hurt and let nubi help her take a bath and then a meal. She walked for a while in the room before entering the delivery room,' Jin Zhan bowed as she narrated, 'Please, Emperor, don't worry. The midwife mama said that zhuzi's fetus is in a good position and it will be a smooth delivery.'
  He Heng's brain was a mess. He unconsciously raised a teacup for a drink, 'Why not tell zhen earlier?'
  'Niangniang said that Emperor had many state affairs and to let nubi inform you when she entered the delivery room,' Jin Zhan heard the anger in the Emperor's words and knelt down fearfully in front of He Heng, 'Pease, Emperor, don't be angry.'
  Waving to let the palace maid who'd answered stand, he wasn't in a good mood, but still recognized that the palace maid was one of Qu Qing Ju's personal maids. So he didn't want to lash out at her, and continuously downed tea.
  When Empress Dowager Wei and Muhou Empress Dowager rushed over, they saw the black face of the Emperor and a silent room. There wasn't even much sound coming from the delivery room. Their hearts grew cold as they assumed that the Empress wasn't well, and asked urgently, 'How's the Empress?'
  'Empress Dowager, just now a midwife mama came out to say the Empress was fine and had drank a bowl of ginseng porridge.' Jin Zhan carefully answered, 'But His Highness would have to take some more time before being born.'
  'Childbirth is a hardship for women,' Empress Dowager looked worriedly around the room and walked to sit down on a chair. She even forgot to invite Muhou Empress Dowager to sit down as well. Her brows creased as she said to Jin Zhan, 'Tell the other servants to be careful. Anything the midwives want, you have to immediately send it in, understand?'
  'Nubi will remember,' Jin Zhan turned to walk outside the hall and pass the Empress Dowager's decree to the other servants.
  Muhou Empress Dowager sat down next to Empress Dowager Wei. She had rarely seen the Empress Dowager Wei be so panicked and could only comfort: 'Meimei, don't be too worried. These days, the taiyi and the pregnancy mama all said that the position of the child is very good. Very quickly, you can hug your big grandson.'
  Empress Dowager forced a smile. Her gaze still fixed on the door to the delivery room, not even noticing the bow He Heng gave her.
  He Heng saw the two Empress Dowagers arrive but his mental state didn't calm down much. With a stomachful of tea, he couldn't help standing and started pacing in circles around the room. After a few minutes, sweat dotted his forehead. He didn't know whether it was from nervousness or the heat.
  The palace attendants in the room didn't dare to even breathe heavily. Watching as the Emperor becoming more and more jittery, they wished to push their heads down even further in hopes that the Emperor wouldn't see them.
  A shout of pain from Qu Qing Ju finally passed out of the room. He Heng rushed forward a few steps to the door of the delivery room. But after listening, he couldn't hear any more noises and couldn't resist asking: 'Why hasn't there been news?'
  Ming He looked at the hourglass from the corner of his eye. It had just been half an hour. He might be a taijian but even he knew that it wasn't so easy for most women to give birth the first time.
  'Why hasn't the Empress made a sound?' He Heng pointed at a palace maid, 'Go take a look.'
  'The Empress is giving birth, there's nothing for the other people to do,' Empress Dowager Wei stood to walk next to He Heng. She restrained the panic in her own heart, 'Look at the time. That year that aijia gave birth to you, it took the entire night. Don't panic, no one has come out from inside. That means that the Empress is fine.'
  He Heng roughly wiped at the sweat on his forehead and paced around the room twice. If it wasn't for the stupid protocols of the Imperial Family and his worry that others would say things about Qing Ju in the future, he would have burst in already, and wouldn't be so frantic outside the door.
  The quiet surroundings made him feel it was harder to endure. He didn't know how much time passed when he seemed to have heard the midwife mama inside the room say something. He couldn't resist pressing himself against the door, wanting to see from the crack of the door. But to prevent the wind from entering the delivery room, all the curtains had been shut down. Other than a patch of black, he couldn't see anything else.
  An unknown amount of time later, He Heng felt many hours had passed when in reality it had been only one hour, just when he wasn't able to resist trying to push his way in, cries of an infant sounded suddenly from the delivery room. The wailing was so loud it seemed to burst through the roof.
  He Heng exhaled greatly and realized that his entire body felt weak, and the tea in his belly was pushing uncomfortably.
  'Congratulations Empress Dowagers, Emperor,' One of the midwife mamas jubilantly opened the door and walked out, another midwife mama behind her carrying a swaddled infant. Kneeling down in front of the three noble personages, she announced, 'Empress gave birth to a healthy imperial son!'
  'Reward, great reward,' Empress Dowager Wei walked to the doorway and took over the infant from the midwife mama, smiling joyously at the chubby imperial son, 'Pretty heavy, good, good, the brows and eyes are like the Emperor, Emperor come ......' Empress Dowager Wei looked in the direction that He Heng was standing and then glanced around the room, where was he?
  She looked at the half-open door, paused for a beat and then smiled as she shook her head. Together with Muhou Empress Dowager, they smiled as they started to look at their sturdy grandson.
  After giving birth, Qu Qing Ju felt as though she had used up all the strength she had in her life. She tiredly gave a yawn and drowsily watched as He Heng pushed aside two of the midwife mamas who'd tried to block him and strode next to the bed. He was a sorry figure with his head full of sweat. She grew suspicious that the person who gave birth was He Heng, not her.
  'Emperor, the blood is thick in the delivery room, you cannot enter......' A midwife mama was still trying to stop him but was paralyzed by He Heng's icy glare.
  'Zhen is in a good mood today, don't make zhen angry,' he uncaringly sat down at the bedside. After shouting away the midwife mama, he loving held Qu Qing Ju's hand, 'Thanks for your trouble. Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?'
  'Just tired, want to sleep,' Qu Qing Ju gave a yawn, 'I've used all my energy.'
  'Aright,' He Heng looked around the delivery room. He called for a palace maid to bring a clean blanket and wrapped Qu Qing Ju's hands and feet inside before bending down to lift her entirely with the blanket, 'There's too much blood here. I'll take you back to the room to sleep.'
  The entire room of people watched with gaping mouths as the Emperor just carried the Empress away. Then they recovered and hurried to follow them out.
  The midwife mama looked at the gory blanket left on the delivery bed and couldn't help but be moved. She had delivered for many noble families before, but she had never seen a husband be as attentive as the Emperor. Who said that the Imperial Family had no love, the Emperor treated the Empress much better than those gentlemen of the noble families.
  Qu Qing Ju's room had already been prepared. After He Heng put her down on the clean bed, he took out a handkerchief to wipe the sweat on her forehead for her. In a soft voice, he said: 'Muhou had our child carried down to drink milk. Sleep now. Once you wake up, I'll get them to bring him here for you to see.'
  'Alright,' Qu Qing Ju saw that there was still sweat on his forehead and smiled as she suggest, 'Emperor should also change.'
  Who knew when she finished speaking, He Heng's expression changed, as though he was holding something back.
  'What is it?' Qu Qing Ju asked in puzzlement.
  'Zhen drank too much tea just now,' He Heng stood, quickly responding: 'Zhen will be back quickly.' He headed in the direction of the bucket in the side room.
  Qu Qing Ju stilled and then laughed, her mood unspeakably good.
  Mu Jin and the others who were attending Qu Qing Ju in the room saw the Empress laugh. Even though they didn't know what the Emperor had just said to her, they followed in laughing. No matter what, as long as the Empress was well, they were well.
  After He Heng hurriedly solved his problem in the toilet and came back, he saw Qu Qing Ju had fallen asleep. Looking at her sleeping visage, he tucked in the blanket for her and couldn't help giving a warm smile.
  Empress Dowager Wei stood at the doorway. The foot that had been raised went back down. A beat later, she turned and retreated. Looking at the sky that had clearly at some unknown time, she serenely sighed: 'This is good.'
  'Empress Dowager, the sun came out,' Ding mama beside her exclaimed in shock, 'The sky cleared when Little Highness was born. This is very auspicious.'
  Empress Dowager Wei peered out at the sun that had came out of the clouds, smiling and declaring: 'Aijia's grandson will naturally have a good life.'
  Ding mama nodded: 'Nubi saw that the earlobes of His Highness are big and fleshy, the brow high and clear, the hair black and thick. It is all signs of good fortune.'
  Empress Dowager Wei smiled, clearly very satisfied with what Ding mama had said.
  'The Empress gave birth to an imperial son?' When Jiang Yong Yu finished listening to what Ai Lu said, she gave a faint smile, 'Then the clothing I made will be useful.'
  It had been a very long time since the Emperor had ever come to her palace. Luckily, the Empress treated her well. For her, as long as the Empress remained unshakable in her position, she would have good days. Take for example, the rank she held. If it wasn't for the Empress, what qualifications did she have to be titled a fei in the first place?
  'Nubi heard that the Empress had been personally carried by the Emperor out of the delivery room,' Ai Lu informed in a small voice, 'Emperor treats Empress so well.'
  'That is good,' Jiang Yong Yu finished the sewing on the small undergarment in her hands. Embroidered on it was a chubby infant hugging a gigantic red koi. The size was perfect for an infant a few months old to wear, 'The Empress is well, then we will be well.'
  The news that the Empress had given birth to the Imperial Eldest Son very quickly made its way to the ears of the noble families. It caused a fuss in every family as they wrote congratulatory messages and prepared gifts. Many women were admiring. The Empress had been the only one favored by the Emperor and in one sweep, got a son. This was the good fortune that others could admire but didn't have.
  In Rui Jun Wang Fu, He Yuan was tipsy. After hearing He Fu Er's report, he stilled and then ordered: 'Send the gifts that ben wang prepared a few days ago to Tian Qi Palace.'
  He Fu Er paused and hesitated for a beat before asking: 'But wang ye, isn't it supposed to be a month before ... ...'
  'Send it, don't be so chatty,' He Yuan drank to the bottom of the wine cup, 'Ben wang isn't lacking those things.'
  He Fu Er helplessly complied. He sighed inside. If those things were sent into the palace, he wondered if the Emperor would misunderstand. If he thought that wang ye was trying to use the presents to get back into court, then it would be troublesome.
  Oh, he was becoming less able to predict what wang ye thought now. Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePrintPinterestRedditTumblrLike this:Like Loading... Related
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  Chapter Ninety Nine - Seal Soldier
  [Layered Wave]!
  The white fire rain that was covering the sky gradually started to gather, merging into a white pillar of rain. The rain pillar shook, creating sprays, one wave after another, like an enormous white snake shaking in the sky, continuously shaking its body to attack that red umbrella. The power kept on gathering, kept on increasing!
  If it was said that it had been the rain hitting idly the banana leaf before, now it was a storm, the intensity having multiplied.
  [Sleeve Umbrella] was still a one-use talisman in the end. It had not been nurtured for a long time. At this time, it couldn't bear the attack anymore and scattered with a boom. [Great Sun Moon Wheel] wasn't a defensive talisman in the first place and was even weaker, basically torn to pieces. The [Sky Net] was also shredded by countless sword energies.
  The questions relating to the power of talismans were extremely complex. Other than their grade, it was also connected to the time the xiuzhe spent imprinting on the talisman. Usually, the longer they spent imprinting on it, the talisman would be more nimble and easier to control. The power would also be greater. This was why talismans had to be 'nourished'. Other than this, some xiuzhe who were skilled in seal formations, as their cultivation increased, they would forge the seal formations inside the talisman.
  Like Zuo Mo's Water Drop sword, if it landed on Xin Yan Shibo's hands, and was reforged, it could easily rise to fourth or fifth-grade. But with Zuo Mo's pitiful cultivation, he didn't have the power to control it if it was fourth-grade.
  It wasn't always, the higher the grade, the better the talisman. It depended on whether or not the talisman was suitable. The fourth-grade [Yang Emperor Sword] that Lin Yuan had was able to be controlled by zhuji cultivators and was a very rare specimen.
  The benefit of a one-use talisman was that it did not need to be imprinted to be used. However, its power was far from the same grade talismans that had been 'nourished' for a long time.
  People only had limited amounts of time and energy. The more talismans they had, the less they could spend imprinting on each talismans. Consequently, a true expert wouldn't have an abundance of talismans. They would only focus on imprinting a few and rely on those for most of their fights. If they could not easily manipulate their talismans in battle, it was an easy opportunity for their opponents.
  Talismans could aid or subdue each other. There were many patterns involved, and it was hard for people to predict all the situations encountered in battle. If they could stock up on a few one-use talismans that did not need to be imprinted, they would get a few more choices. It was the same rationale with paper seals.
  However, it was extremely rare for someone to use talismans and paper seals to such an extreme as Wang Shixiong. In the eyes of truly powerful experts, one-use talismans could work in an emergency, but it was too weak. In the lower level fights, this kind of expendable strategy would almost always win.
  It was a pity that he had encountered Zuo Mo who had comprehended sword essence!
  Sword moves that had sword essence as the core, the power would increase and would surpass the cultivator of the same power level.
  Only now did Wang Shixiong suddenly realize in shock that the white flame falling from the sky was not fire, nor rain, but sword energies!
  He almost could not believe this discovery. A guy in zhuji, how could he give such a terrifying sword move? But in front of this many people, would Wang Shixiong be content with surrendering like this?
  He had his own pride. Red flashed through his eyes. He gritted his teeth. All in!
  A  gold paper seal instantly appeared on his hand.
  'Seal soldier!' Someone from Ling Ying Sword Sect who had been spectating shouted in shock, causing the crowd to rumble. Everyone's eyes were instantly attracted by the little gold paper seal. For the first time, Chang Shixiong had a serious expression. Among the crows, there was also a pair of eyes which suddenly became bright in the shadows.
  Chang Shixiong seemed to have perceived it, turning to glance over the crowd.
  Yan Ming Zi muttered dazedly, 'This is a seal soldier?'
  Hu Shan gaped, speechless.
  The families of most Ling Ying Set disciples were wealthy. Their experiences and knowledge wasn't something a poor guy like Zuo Mo could compare with. Zuo Mo might not recognize what this seal soldier was, but listening to the shocked murmurs of the crowd, he also knew that it was something magnificently powerful.  However, at this time, his chest was filled with the sharp sword essence and he could not retreat!
  Wang Shixiong's face was solemn, his fingers moving, and his mouth quickly recited, 'Powerful Warrior Protects Master!'
  As he finished speaking, a golden-armored soldier three zhang tall appeared beside him.
  The features of the golden armored soldier were not clear. His entire body was enveloped inside the golden armor. He was standing without a weapon, but a heavy killing aura swept the whole field, and people couldn't not help but be in awe. The golden armored soldier, as it appeared, turned his head up towards the white rain snake in the sky, his hand pushing up, and boomed,'Ha!'
  Everyone felt their ears ring, like someone had taken a hammer and gave a blow to them. Everyone was shocked! Even Chang Shixiong who had been calm all this while slightly changed his expression.
  It was like the mighty white water pillar met an invisible barrier and splashed in all directions. Wang Shixiong, who was positioned underneath it, was untouched.
  Zuo Mo's chest felt like it was hit. He grunted. A sweet fishy taste spread out in his mouth. He could help but be aghast. What was this?
  At this time, he could not retreat. He refocused and once again attacked.
  Wang Shixiong, who had been standing underneath the golden armor soldier suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. The golden armored soldier towering over him wavered and then vanished like it was an illusion.
  'I lost.'
  Wang Shixiong's face was as pale as powder. He clearly had been wounded. He staggered as though he could collapse at any time.
  Zuo Mo finally released a breath. This fight had been really dangerous. If the other had used the paper seal at the start, he would have been the one to lose. His eyes couldn't help but look at the gold paper seal that had landed in front of Wang Shixiong. The gold of the paper seal was much duller than before.
  'This seal soldier can only be used one more time.' Knowing what Zuo Mo was thinking, Wang Shixiong said.
  'Then I'll take it!' Zuo Mo said unhesitatingly. Even though he didn't want to have a grudge with the other, but the impression that this seal soldier gave him was too deep. He had never seen such a powerful, terrifying paper seal!
  Wang Shixiong didn't waste words. He threw the seal soldier to Zuo Mo and then a jade scroll. 'This is the spell for the seal soldier.'
  Zuo Mo carefully took the seal soldier and jade scroll. This seal soldier was something that could protect his life. Jingshi was important, but his little life was even more important. Something that could protect his life, the more he had, the better. This guy called Wang might be a bit of a prodigal son, and was of few words, but Zuo Mo felt he was much easier on the eyes than Lin Yuan.
  Wang Shixiong walked back among the disciples. He didn't have the energy to mind anything else, dropping to the ground, and sat cross-legged. His wounds were not insignificant.
  This battle had really been a series of up and downs. The people who had watched were also alarmed and shocked. Wang Shixiong's loss had caused many of the Ling Ying Sect disciples' faces to turn ugly, especially the two that were up next, whose faces were like dirt. They were far from being as strong as Wang Shixiong, and had less jingshi than him.
  Just at this time, Chang Shixiong, who had been placed at the end, walked out. The Ling Ying Sect disciples who had been making a commotion instantly quieted, their eyes looking straight at Chang Shixiong.
  Zuo Mo's expression changed slightly. He just had received light internal injuries. This guy named Chang, it could be seen he wasn't a simple character. Was it that he couldn't wait any longer?
  Chang Shixiong suddenly turned, beckoning at the two who were up next, 'Come here.'
  The two exchanged a look, hesitated but still forced themselves to walk over.
  'You two do not have to fight, you aren't a match.' Chang Shixiong said serenely. Turning, he said to Zuo Mo, 'Pick two items.'
  Zuo Mo was in a daze. Looking at the two people, he couldn't help but hesitate.
  Chang Shixiong turned his face back, his eyes landing on the two. The two were like frightened rabbits, hurriedly saying, 'Chang Shixiong can make the decision!'
  Zuo Mo was not polite in demanding a belt and a pair of vambraces from the two. They were pretty good among third-grade items. The two did have pain on their faces, but obediently took it down, handing it off to Zuo Mo.
  When Zuo Mo took them, Chang Shixiong said to Lin Yuan, 'One [Red Flower Dan], third grade.'
  Lin Yuan grimaced. Without a second word, he took out a third-grade [Red Flower Dan], throwing it to Chang Shixiong. Chang Shixiong then threw the third-grade [Red Flower Dan] to Zuo Mo. 'Heal yourself first.'
  Finishing, he sat down himself to rest.
  Zuo Mo wasn't sanctimonious and shoved the [Red Flower Dan] into his mouth. Up to now, this third-grade [Red Flower Pill] was the highest grade lingdan that he had ever consumed. It turned into a hot stream, spreading through his organs, extremely comfortable. He didn't dare to slack off, channeling ling power to dissolve the power of the medicine.
  There was a strange silence. It was like the peace before the storm, making people feel suffocated.
  Yan Ming Zi said in a low voice, 'Let's move back a bit.'
  Hearing this, Hu Shan and Tao Zhu Er also were startled awake, hurriedly falling back about seven zhang. There were many people who also had the same idea as them. All the Ling Ying Sect disciples seemed to understand each other and all moved back. The only people standing in their original spots were Wen Fei and a few others.
  The surrounding xiuzhe watched this migration. However, they did not move. They felt that the distance right now was enough to be safe.
  'Ha, they'll regret it later.' Yan Ming Zi mocked.
  'Yes, the horror of Chang Shixiong, you would only believe it after you experience it personally!' Hu Shan said empathetically.
  'Who do you think will win?' Tao Zhu Er asked.
  'Do we need to even discuss it? The Scalping Zombie might have some skill but can he compare to Chang Shixiong? Let's hope that there won't be any blood, there isn't anyone here that could stop him... ...' Terror filled Yan Ming Zi's eyes.
  'Should we back up a bit more?' Yan Ming Zi shuddered and couldn't help saying.
  'That's true,' Yan Ming Zi nodded. 'Do you have the Spirit Travelling seal?'
  'I have two.' Hu Shan took out two Spirit Travelling seals.
  'Give me one.' Yan Ming Zi hurriedly snatched one, holding it in a death grip.
  At the side, one person couldn't stop himself, 'Do you have to exaggerate so much? Hasn't Chang Shixiong been relaxing and cultivating his personality?'
  Yang Ming Zi, Hu Shan, and Tao Zhu Er first paused and then all had sympathy on their faces as they looked at the person.
  The person couldn't bear the three's gaze, his face flushing. 'Chang Shixiong is always writing sutras everyday. I've seen it myself. He also raises ling beasts... ...'
  'So dumb.' Yan Ming Zi shook his head.
  'Idiot.' Hu Shan rolled his eyes and spat out.
  'Let's move back a bit more.' Tao Zhu Er directly disregarded the person and said to the other two.
  At this time, Zuo Mo finally stood up.
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  Yimu means aunt from the maternal side.
  Chapter One Hundred and Eight Competing for the Empress' Favor Rather Than The Emperor
  His Highness the Eldest Imperial Son was the only heir of the Emperor at present so everyone knew that this Eldest Imperial Son held special meaning. So when the third day 'washing ceremony' came, the people who were allowed to attend all prepared auspicious gifts for the basin to express their regard for the Eldest Imperial Son.
  Because the Empress was in her confinement period, the Eldest Imperial Son was personally carried out by the two Empress Dowagers. Additionally, the Emperor sat from beginning to end. Everyone could see how much importance was placed on the infant by the three major personages of the palace.
  At the washing ceremony, some noblewomen of significant status were fortunate enough to get close to the Eldest Imperial Son. When they left the palace, they kept on praising how well the Eldest Imperial Son looked and how auspicious his features were.
  Those that didn't have enough status to be close to the Empress Dowagers also crowded around to praise as though they would offend someone if they said it too late.
  More people in Jing started to fawn over the members of the Tian Family, but to their surprise, the Tian Family became more low-key. Even the families that the shu daughters of the Tian Family married into started to be low-key. When the actions of the Tian Family passed into He Heng's ears, it improved his impression of the Tian Family to be even better. After a short while, he would find a chance to bestow some things to the Tian Family to imply that he was very satisfied with the Tian Family's methods.
  The Jing City was always a prosperous place and there were naturally people in stalls on the sides of the street. So when one vendor saw a large stallion with a golden-yellow cloth tied around it, he knew that it was a messenger with a decree and chatted about it with his customers.
  'After the Empress gave birth to the Eldest Imperial Son, our Jing City has become busier as well,' A dumpling vendor chuckled as he wrapped the dumplings in lotus leaves and handed them to the customer in front of him, 'We can try to partake in the cheer as well.'
  Qu Wang Zi had a difficult expression on his face as he stared at the cabbage stuffed buns in his hand. He turned to look at the distant stallion, asking in befuddlement: 'That road seems to be Zhong Yi Gong Fu?'
  'Yup. The Duke of Zhong Yi is a good official, and also the paternal family of the Empress. For the palace to bestow something to Zhong Yi Gong Fu, isn't that very normal?' The owner placed the prepared buns into the steamer basket, lowering his head to look at the fire in the stove, his face proud as he said, 'The empress once brought the stewed eggs that my dai jie sold. Right now, many noble personages go to taste my da jie's stewed eggs. They all say that my da jie's stewed eggs are full of flavor. If this guest is interested, then go buy some for a taste.' He pointed at the stewed eggs stall opposite the street, his face full of pride.
  Qu Wang Zhi twisted his head to look. As expected, many people were crowded around the stall buying eggs. He had seen some of them people, they were the stewards of some noble families.
  'Hey, isn't this Young Master Qu?' A youth wearing the uniform of the Dong Shan Academy sitting on a horse looked down at Qu Wang Zhi with a scornful expression, 'What lucky day is this that I'm so fortunate to see Young Master personally buying buns?'
  The manservant that held the reins for the youth respectfully raised his hands, uttering: 'This one greets Young Master Qu.'
  Qu Wang Zi recognized that this youth was the Duke of Zhong Yi's shumei's son and instantly felt his face burn. He laughed dryly and raised his hands to greet: 'Nice to see Young Master Chen.'
  'I can't receive Young Master Qu's bow,' The youth sat straight on the horse, smiling coldly as he declared, 'Your fu is such a noble family that it feels even the Empress is lower than them. Us poor little families cannot receive a bow.' That year at the Empress' coming of age ceremony, that was how Liang shi had mocked his mother. When his mother had returned home, she had cried over the matter to the point she became sick. If it wasn't that the Emperor had decreed a marriage for biao jie half a month later, his mother would have remained ill for much longer.
  He had never met his yimu but heard from his mother say that his yimu had been very caring of her, and never bullied her because his mother was a shu daughter. So even though it had been a few decades, his mother still sighed when she mentioned yimu.
  Thinking about the family of Chang De Gong Fu, he felt slightly disgusted. At the very least, they were a ducal family but they acted worse than any common family. And this Young Master Qu always carried himself arrogantly in the past at the Dong Shan Academy. Every time they met, his nose was pointed at the heavens. Seeing Qu Wang Zhi's lackluster state, he felt it was karma.
  'Young Master Chen is joking,' Qu Wang Zhi couldn't even force out a smile. He even felt that the eyes of the surrounding vendors become strange as they looked at him. That made him, who was very attentive to his honor, almost not able to stay up. He made a messy bow, 'This one still has other matters, and will go first. Young Master Chen, do whatever you want.'
  Squeezing out of the crowd that had been spectating, he didn't even realize that the buns in his hand had been crushed flat by his hands. His steps grew faster and by the end he was sprinting. Only when no one was looking at him anymore did he find a store selling medicine as he panted. He brought a packet of medicine and then slowly made his way outside the city.
  After his father was especially pardoned, because it had been cold in the jail, his knees had worsened. Now, he could only lay in bed all day. Because his jiejie had died, his mother cried all day. His grandmother couldn't endure it and passed away not long ago. The funeral had been done by erjie who gave the silver. Thinking about the mutually-blaming father and mother, he wanted to turn and leave, and never return to the old village house.
  'You don't have any right to blame me. That year, it was you that begged for me to marry to the fu. You couldn't teach your daughter properly and blame me for neglecting her, why don't you think of what you did before?!'
  'You evil woman. That year, I shouldn't have married you. If it wasn't for you, I would be the Emperor's father-in-law, it's all because of you ......'
  Hearing the sounds of arguing inside the house, Qu Wang Zhi showed a fed up expression. In the end, he put the buns and the medicine at the doorway, then turned and left the noisy place.
  In the rear hall of Tian Qi Palace, Qu Qing Ju finally came out of the confinement. She took a refreshing bath and changed into a beautiful silk dress before sitting at the bed to slowly wave a fan at the deeply asleep son. In the end, she couldn't resist kissing her son's mouth.
  Mu Jin saw the Empress' actions and she smiled. Walking next to the bed to look at the imperial son who fisted his hands in sleep, she informed in a small voice: 'Niangniang, Heng fei niangniang has come to pay respects.'
  'Heng fei has come?' Qu Qing Ju moved her gaze away from her son. After ordering the nursemaid to keep a watch over the imperial son, she stood, ordering, 'Let's go and see her'
  Jiang Yong Yu had been drinking tea as she sat on a chair. Seeing Qu Qing Ju come out, she immediately put down the teacup and rose to give her a greeting.
  'Heng fei doesn't have to be so courteous,' Qu Qing Ju smiled as she sat down at the front, 'Please sit. Now that it's the sixth month, it's so hot. Why did you come over?'
  'Pinqie has nothing to do usually, and made some clothing for His Highness, just not sure if they fit,' Jiang Yong Yu took a stack of infant clothing from Ai Lu's hands, 'Hope that Empress doesn't dislike pinqie's handiwork.'
  Qu Qing Ju took over the clothing for a look. She sighed in admiration: 'Heng fei's skills are so exquisite. What ben gong makes cannot compare to you.' She indicated for Mu Jin to put the clothing away, 'It must have been great trouble for you to make such eye-straining things in this heat.'
  Jiang Yong Yu hurriedly responded: 'Just some children's things, it doesn't take much effort. Saying something inappropriate here, pinqie has liked His Highness at first sight. Pinqie is happy to make clothing for His Highness.'
  'Then in the future, da imperial son's clothing will have to trouble his shu mother,' Qu Qing Ju's face was happy, 'Then ben gong will be much more idle.'
  Jiang Yong Yu's smile grew wider when she heard Qu Qing Ju's words. But she was very aware of her boundaries and knew that the Emperor might come over at this time. She stood to bid farewell. Her intention was to follow the Empress to live her life. If she met the Emperor, then what would that be?
  Mu Jin saw Heng fei off and then, with the other servants, inspected the clothing that Heng fei brought one by one. She concluded: 'The materials are the best, and there's nothing wrong with them.'
  'En,' Qu Qing Ju wasn't surprised. She knew that a person like Jiang Yong Yu definitely wouldn't do something disadvantageous to others and to her. She randomly picked up one of the undergarments. The material used was fine satin, smooth and fine to the touch. Even if it was worn in the summer heat, it would feel cool. It was most likely that Heng fei had used the best fabric she had to make these things. Touching the tiger embroidered on the undergarment, she smiled, remarking, 'After His Highness takes a bath, put this on him.'
  Mu Jin hesitated for a second before asking: 'Niangniang, why do you treat Heng fei so well?'
  'She has never harmed me, and expressed goodwill to me. I won't make it difficult for her,' Qu Qing Ju looked at the pile of baby clothes. She didn't know how long it would take to make these clothes that even the threads were cut clean, 'We're all women, I don't have to make life difficult for her.'
  Mu Jin pondered and then understood what the Empress was thinking. Thinking about the usual conduct of Heng fei, she asked in puzzlement: 'Heng fei didn't try to take advantage of the opportunity to catch the attention of the Emperor, it's such a surprise.'
  'She knows what she wants,' Qu Qing Ju put down the undergarment in her hand, smiling, 'she's a smart person so that's why I dare to treat her so.'
  When He Heng walked into the inner room of the rear hall of Tian Qi Palace, he saw Qing Ju fiddling with a pile of baby clothes. He walked in front of her and picked up a small shirt, 'The bat embroidered on here isn't bad.'
  'En, Heng fei embroidered it,' Qu Qing Ju looked at him, 'These clothes are all made well.'
  Putting down the shirt in his hand, He Heng turned to ask, 'Huang'er is still sleeping?'
  'Slept for two hours, he might wake soon,' Qu Qing Ju pulled him over to the bed to look at her son. Pointing at the askew limbs of her son, she commented, 'Like a pig.'
  'My son sleeps so aggressively,' He Heng gave a satisfied smile as he examined his son from head to toe. Along the way, he pulled up the silk blanket on his son's stomach, 'Looking at his posture, why don't we name him Tun'er ,[i] a base name makes it easier to raise.'
  When Qu Qing Ju heard the name, the first she thought about were the cute animals like dolphins and blowfish .[ii] She looked again at the round tummy that was pushing on the silk blanket. He seemed more like a piglet.
  'You don't like it?' He Heng saw her face full of doubt and thought she wasn't happy. He pointed to his son's stomach: 'Look at that stomach, it's like a pig.'
  So Tun meant pig. She laughed dryly: 'Tun Tun is good, I like it.'
  Maybe that he was disturbed by his unreliable parents, Tun Tun pouted as he opened his eyes. Smelling the fragrance of his mother, he moaned a few times but didn't cry. Just as He Heng went to lift him, a stream of infant urine landed on He Heng's robes.
  The nursemaid on the side was so scared her face changed. But Qu Qing Ju roared with laughter as she pointed at He Heng's dripping robes, 'Emperor is very lucky. An infant's urine is good stuff, it can ward off evil. This year, our Da Long will have a good year of good weather.'
  Tun Tun groaned on his father's body as though he agreed with what his mother said. He Heng helplessly rubbed his son's butt once before handing the child to the nursemaid and let them leave for his son to nurse. Turning, he went to sit down next to Qu Qing Ju.
  'Don't come over, you're damp,' Qu Qing Ju held a hand out to block but she was pinned down by He Heng on the bed and rubbed against.
  'It can't be just me alone that enjoys our  infant  son's urine. Qing Ju should also ward off spirits,' He Heng pinned the other under him, reaching to touch the waist that had recovered very well, 'They all say that after a woman gives birth, the waist becomes thick. How come Qing Ju's waist is still so soft?' As he spoke, he placed a kiss on Qu Qing Ju's face.
  Qu Qing Ju reached to touch his ticklish spot, but her hand was caught in his. His other hand took advantage of the opportunity and sneaked inside her clothes.
  Standing outside, Mu Jin, Qian Chang Xin and the others heard the laughter of the two zhuzi as they played around. They indicated for the people waiting outside to retreat to the outer doors and then dropped their heads to stare on the patterns of the floorboards.
  More than an hour later, the Emperor and Empress finally came out. Both had changed, and their moods were pretty good.
  Qian Chang Xin and the others quickly served the noon meal up. He looked the Emperor's eagerly attentive state as he personally served the Empress. He thought on the inside, the da ren of the court, would any of them ever think that the Emperor could act like this?
  Looking at the Empress that had no qualms about accepting the Emperor's service, he thought that it was hard to find a woman who could treat the Emperor like a normal person. The Empress was also rare in the world.
  As the sun set in the west, Yu Ping palace was a flurry of activity. The Emperor and Empress had bestowed down many good things which caused the entire palace to be enveloped in good cheer.
  Jiang Yong Yu looked at the valuable objects and smiled as she rewarded some to her servants. Then she let Ai Lu put everything away in her personal stores, her anxious heart finally settled down.
  It looked like that the Empress really had accepted her. In the future, it meant that she would have a steady support.
  'Didn't think that the Emperor would also bestow so much,' Ai Lu said happily, 'It seems that the Emperor still has zhuzi in his heart.'
  'Stupid girl, the Emperor is rewarding me for being tactful,' The corner of Jiang Yong Yu's lips went up, 'Don't think about those useless things, serve the evening meal now.'
  Today, the Emperor had gone as far as to send down a decree to let her have her own small kitchen. That represented that she had really become the mistress of a palace.
  It didn't matter if it was fated to not compete for the favor of the Emperor, it was better to compete for the favor of the Empress. The days were idle and secure, so why not?
  [i]? (tun): suckling pig
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  Chapter One Hundred - Bloody Chang Heng
  The moment Zuo Mo stood up, Chang Shixiong opened his eyes and also stood.
  'I am Chang Heng.' Chang Heng made a simple introduction. It looked as though he was talking of daily life with a friend.
  'I am Zuo Mo,' Zuo Mo warily answered. For some reason, this Chang Heng that didn't show any signs of power made him feel pressure. A kind of pressure that he had only felt from Wei Sheng Shixiong. Taking the chance, he closely examined the other. A short pale green and grey robe that had faded from washing. It was abnormally different among the magnificent brocades of the Ling Ying Sect disciples. A round face, short hair, the hair like wires, each strand sticking up.
  'You surprised me,' Chang Heng continued,'I heard that your Shixiong Wei Sheng had comprehended sword essence but hadn't thought that you also had comprehended sword essence.'
  A rumble instantly sounded from the surroundings!
  They might have inexperienced eyes and did not see Zuo Mo's true power, but everyone knew what comprehending sword essence meant. The faces of Lin Yuan and the others relaxed. To say nothing of anything eyes, it wasn't an embarrassment to lose to a genius who had comprehended sword essence. Even Wang Shixiong who was sitting on the ground couldn't help but shake his head with a bitter smile. If he knew that Zuo Mo had comprehended sword essence, he definitely wouldn't have stepped out to fight.
  Everyone's eyes as they looked at Zuo Mo were completely different, full of awe and respect. Of course, there was also some jealousy and envy among those.
  Zuo Mo shook his head,'I can't compare to Shixiong,' He was extremely shocked inside. Chang Heng could tell his power level with a look. His own cultivation definitely wasn't weak.
  'You do not have to be too modest.' Chang Heng carelessly waved his hand,'I will find Wei Sheng in the future.'
  Seeing the other speak so carelessly of Wei Sheng Shixiong, Zuo Mo was very uncomfortable inside,and snorted,'Let's compete first before saying so.'
  Chang Heng shook his head,'You are not a match for me.'
  'How would you know before we try?' Zuo Mo said, discontent.
  'I'm on the verge of becoming ningmai.' Chang Heng's light words made Zuo Mo speechless. Zuo Mo had to admit that Chang Heng was right. The cultivation between them differed too much. His cultivation had grown furiously but it was only the fourth level of zhuji right now. The other was on the verge of ningmai which was the tenth level of zhuji.
  Even though he had once won against a zhuji xiuzhe when he was a lianqi, but he was very clear that half of the reason could be attributed to his opponent.
  His opponent now was Chang Heng. Zuo Mo couldn't help but glance at the other. The steadiness of the other's attitude, and the oppressing pressure made him believe the other was very strong. Zuo Mo's battle experience was now extremely rich. What people he could fight, what people he should avoid, Zuo Mo was very clear.
  'I surrender! Which item do you want?' Zuo Mo blurted out very quickly.. He had come for wealth. Now that he had made so much, even if he surrendered this one, he had already won four. Such rich prizes, he was already content.
  From a glance, it could be seen that he wasn't on the same level as Chang Heng and definitely had no chance of victory. It would be better to admit defeat. If he was wounded by the other, then he would have a deficit. As a businessperson, a sense of when to retreat was essential. Zuo Mo comforted himself.
  Chang Heng started at Zuo Mo for a beat and smiled,'You are a smart person.'
  'I just know my limits,' Zuo Mo said as he raised his hands. He