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    The Juche Idea means, in a few words, that the owner of the revolution and construction are the masses.Kim Il Sung*******************************8DPRK books now available from Korea Publications Exchange Association (KPEA). Recent titles include: (1) Leader and the People, (2) Army-Centred Politics of Kim Jong Il, (3) With Century, and many other books. KPEA's postal address is: Mrs. Sihn Nyo Suk Head of European Section Korea Publications Exchange Association P.O. Box 222 Pyongyang D.P.R. Korea Fax: 00850-381-4632

  #article# posted by Juche Idea @ 17:42
  "Comrade Kim Il Sung thinks more deeply than others about the position of the socialist camp and the international communist movement, as the fortified might of world revolution. He said:
  'The socialist camp and the international communist movement are the decisive factors in the development of the history of mankind at the present time. They are the greatest revolutionary forces of our times, standing face to face with imperialism and the forces of reaction. The existence of the united and powerful socialist camp and international communist movement checks the imperialist policy of aggression and war and inspires the revolutionary struggle of the peoples of the whole world.'
  "As he pointed out here, the very existence of the socialist camp and the international communist movement is the means of bringing together the working class and the revolutionary peoples of the whole world and inspiring the progressive peoples of the whole world in their heroic struggle. The greater its power, the stronger it is to move the whole international situation to further the success of the revolutionary struggle of the peoples, the greater its power to defeat the aggressive policies of the imperialists led by the U. S. imperialists, striking down the forces of reaction.
  "Therefore Comrade Kim Il Sung always developed a principled struggle against all subversive activities and schemes of the imperialist reactionaries, as well as against the splitting activities of the Right and 'Left' opportunists, upholding the banner of the unity of the socialist camp and cohesion of the international communist movement.
  "The Right and 'Left' opportunists appeared within the socialist camp and in the international communist movement at a time when the U. S.-led imperialists and their lackeys were looking for ways to subvert the socialist camp and the international communist movement, maneuvering particularly to undermine the socialist camp from within, and gobble up its member countries one by one. The Right and 'Left' opportunists caused splits within the socialist camp, and in their stubbornness, hampered the advance of the international communist movement.
  "They brought pressure to bear upon other parties and interfered in their internal affairs just because they refused to accept their point of view. They considered that their parties alone were in a position to draw the right conclusions about different questions arising in the international communist movement. They took arbitrary attitudes on many questions and maneuvered unscrupulously to bring a country which had betrayed the revolution into the socialist camp at their own will, or to remove a country of the same camp at their own discretion.
  "This is not all of such machinations. They even attached such labels as 'middle roadism,' 'eclecticism,' 'opportunism' and the like to the Workers' Party of Korea which was thoroughly adhering to the principles of Marxism-Leninism, as well as other principled parties, and slandered them, because these parties refused to support or follow their views.
  "These actions weakened the unity of the socialist states by bringing ideological disputes among parties into state relations.
  "The result was that the socialist camp and the international communist movement were prevented from fulfilling their great duties and role as a united force, as needed by the world revolution.
  "Those who value the future cause of world revolution, and the revolutionary peoples who struggle against imperialism and for freedom and liberation, all are deeply concerned about the present situation in the socialist camp and the international communist movement, and all strongly want to see the danger defused and the revolution creatively developed as quickly as possible.
  "The whole situation demands that Right and 'Left' opportunism be ended urgently and the unity of the socialist camp and cohesion of the international communist movement be achieved.
  "It was only the Workers' Party of Korea among all the many Communist Parties and Workers' Parties of the world that found the right road by which to go through this crisis and recover the unity of the socialist camp and the cohesion of the international communist movement.
  "This pressing and difficult question was faced up to and answered by Comrade Kim Il Sung, the great Leader of Korea's 40 million people, a thorough Marxist-Leninist and internationalist, who is not only leading the Korean revolution firmly on to victory on the principles of Marxism-Leninism and the Juche stand, but is at the same time fighting for the interests of the world revolution, with the Workers' Party of Korea under his command."
  "Under the wise leadership of Comrade Kim Il Sung, the Workers' Party of Korea held fast to the principles of Marxism-Leninism and the Juche stand and played a leading role in the settlement of all questions facing the international communist movement, maintaining a principled stand on all matters at all times, while leading external and internal activities without blunders, in terms of policy.
  "Comrade Kim Il Sung is the first to clearly recognize the true colors of revisionism when it appeared within the international communist movement, and took appropriate advance steps to keep the Party free of its influence, raising the standard against modern revisionism.
  "From the very day that modern revisionism raised its head, he took up the important task of refuting the fallacies of revisionism in order to put the international communist movement on a right track, firmly upholding the principles of Marxism-Leninism and the stand of Juche.
  "Comrade Kim Il Sung resolutely struggled against 'Left' opportunism which also appeared within the ranks of the international communist movement along with modern revisionism.
  "He saw that if 'Left' opportunism were left unchecked, it would produce no less danger to individual parties and the international communist movement than modern revisionism. As it was quickly shown, without struggling against 'Left' opportunism it was impossible to unite the anti-imperialist forces or to successfully fight against imperialism or even effectively combat modern revisionism.
  "Comrade Kim Il Sung made the stand and attitude of the Workers' Party of Korea clear on the situation through 'Rodong Shinmoon,' organ of its Central Committee, in such articles as 'Let us defend independency,' in which he made a principled criticism of Right and 'Left' opportunists and those people and parties dancing to their baton.
  "While taking up the anti-opportunist struggle in support of the principles of Marxism-Leninism, he clearly showed the proper way to defeat the Right and 'Left' opportunism and restore the unity of the socialist camp and cohesion in the international communist movement.
  "His position and his attitude towards the international communist movement were summed up and systematized in his historic report 'The present situation and the tasks of our Party' presented at the Conference of the Workers' Party of Korea.
  "At this Conference the communists and revolutionary peoples were able to hear for the first time the only correct means of surmounting the present obstacles in the international communist movement.
  "He pointed out that both Right and 'Left' opportunism had to be overcome, and the purity of Marxism-Leninism maintained to restore the unity of the socialist camp and cohesion in the international communist movement.
  "It was necessary to maintain a principled stand, carrying on this struggle by uniting it with the struggle to achieve the unity of the socialist camp and solidarity of the international communist movement. He said:
  'Our Party will fight against Right and 'Left' opportunism, while upholding the banner of unity. We must not commit the 'leftist' error of rejecting solidarity in order to fight opportunism, nor should we commit the rightist error of giving up the struggle against opportunism for the sake of unity. Our Party will do all it can to safeguard the unity of the socialist camp and solidarity of the international communist movement, while carrying on an uncompromising struggle against Right and 'Left' opportunism.'
  "First, he resolutely opposed the plans of the modern revisionists to drag renegades of the revolution back into the socialist camp and develop a community of a different character.
  "The modern revisionist attempted to introduce the Yugoslav Tito clique into the ranks of the socialist camp and the international communist movement, who had dropped out of the socialist camp and the international communist movement, betraying Marxism-Leninism, and had engaged in subversive activities against the international communist movement in collaboration with the U. S. imperialists.
  "Determinedly opposing this attempt, Comrade Kim Il Sung categorically argued that it was absolutely impossible to recognize Yugoslavia as a member of the socialist camp or to rank the 'League of Communists of Yugoslavia' among the Communist and Workers' Parties.
  "In line with this, he strenuously opposed the machinations of the 'Left' opportunists to deny the very existence of the socialist camp and to split the socialist camp and the international communist movement. He said:
  '. . .However serious they may be, the differences among the fraternal parties are still an internal affair of the socialist camp and the international communist movement. Differences among the parties must not be developed into an organizational split, but must, in all circumstances, be settle by means of ideological struggle proceeding from the desire for unity.'
  "What inspired this statement of Comrade Kim Il Sung's is his principled demand that communists should not allow themselves to be prejudiced or to commit errors based on subjective judgments in relation to fraternal parties and countries.
  "He stated that relationships among fraternal parties should in no way be confused with the hostile relations existing between them and imperialism, and that when the leadership of any fraternal party commits an error, communists should naturally offer comradely criticism and help it to return to the right way.
  "He also said that one should not put any fraternal country on a par with the enemy or push it over to the side of the imperialists even if there are certain negative aspects in its attitudes.
  "Pointing out that the character of any society is determined by the class holding power and the form of ownership of the means of production, he taught:
  'We must clearly grasp the difference between the socialist and the capitalist countries. There are fundamental contradictions between socialist and capitalist countries originating from the nature of their social systems. These are objective differences, whether one likes it or not. Measures taken by the leaders may either intensify or alleviate the contradictions between the countries, but in so far as the social systems are opposed to each other, the fundamental contradictions between socialism and capitalism can under no conditions be eliminated.'"
  #article# posted by Juche Idea @ 18:17
  From: Kim Il Sung: Biography (III) by Baik Bong. (Miraisha, Tokyo, Japan,
  Part I of: "Thorough Internationalist Position"
  "The activities of Comrade Kim Il Sung are commanding wide attention throughout
  the world. His many writings, his addresses given at many conferences, his teachings
  give to the people at on-the-spot guidance sessions and his brief discussions
  with foreign guests--all are evoking international interest. Foreign guests
  who visit Korea consider it a great pleasure to meet Comrade Kim Il Sung.
  "The world's revolutionary peoples and representatives of their revolutionary
  organizations and parties, chiefs of state of Asian, African and Latin American
  countries, including newly independent states and neutral nations, pay warm
  respect to Comrade Kim Il Sung with high esteem.
  "This is because he is more than the great Leader of the 40 million Korean
  people; he is one of the outstanding leaders of the international communist
  movement and working-class movement and all his political activities have
  powerful worldwide repercussions.
  "Always, Comrade Kim Il Sung has thought of the world, even while thinking of
  Korea, and as he thought of the world he gave himself to deep thought about
  Korea; he always pondered world revolution even while leading the Korean
  revolution to its great victory.
  "This derives from his Marxist-Leninist understanding that the revolutionary
  struggle of the working class in every country is essentially international,
  and that only in that direction is ultimate victory possible both for the
  national and the international cause.
  "So from the days of his early revolutionary struggle, he thought it his first
  duty as a real Communist and revolutionary, not only to carry the Korean
  revolution to completion but to give positive support to the world revolution.
  He said:
  'It is the duty of all communists of the world to remain infinitely loyal to
  the revolution in their respective countries, and at the same time to fight for
  ultimate victory of the world revolution.'
  "His life and work are a living example of boundless loyalty to such
  proletarian internationalist duties in all his revolutionary activities. He
  continued to lead the Korean revolution to victory as its Leader, and as a real
  Communist and Leader of a victorious proletarian state he has always linked the
  Korean revolution to world revolution, and done everything in his power to
  develop the international communist movement and working-class movement.
  "Back to the 1930s, Comrade Kim Il Sung made the Korean revolution a link in
  the chain to promote the world revolution, developing the anti-Japanese
  national liberation struggle of the Korean people to its sharpest form, the
  anti-Japanese armed struggle.
  "The aggressive purpose of the Japanese imperialists in their occupation of
  Korea was not merely to rule Korea as a colony and to plunder it, but to
  assault the Asian continent and the Soviet Union, using Korea as a bridgehead.
  "Comrade Kim Il Sung thoroughly and successfully linked the national task of
  independence and the liberation of Korea with the internationalist duty of
  checking the advance of the Japanese imperialist aggressors, one of the main
  forces of world fascism, in expansion over the continent by means of aggressive
  war, by carrying on the great anti-Japanese armed struggle against these
  aggressive forces of Japanese imperialism, and so assisting world revolution.
  "Using the proletarian internationalist slogans, 'Let us defend the Soviet
  Union by arms!' 'Let the Korean and Chinese peoples unite to overthrow the
  common enemy, Japanese imperialism!' he defended and supported the
  revolutionary struggles of the peoples of the Soviet Union and of China by
  force of arms. In this course, he set a prime example of thorough proletarian
  Part II of: "Thorough Internationalist Position"
  "Comrade Kim Il Sung's complete proletarian internationalist thought and his
  achievements at the time of the anti-Japanese armed struggle form an important
  part of the brilliant revolutionary traditions inherited by the Workers' Party
  of Korea and the people after liberation.
  "When liberation had been won, Comrade Kim Il Sung continued to uphold the
  revolutionary principles of proletarian internationalism in keeping with the
  new historical conditions and actively supported the world revolution, closely
  relating all national tasks to the international task.
  "First he firmly maintained the position that making a success of the Korean
  revolution and construction by the Korean Communists and the people themselves
  was a positive contribution to the world revolutionary cause.
  "He said:
  'Those born in Korea are duty bound to carry through the revolution and build
  socialism and communism in Korea. The Korean revolution is an internationalist
  duty assigned to Koreans. So if the Korean people carry the Korean revolution
  through with credit, they faithfully discharge their internationalist duty.'
  "This Juche and revolutionary position of Comrade Kim Il Sung is genuine
  proletarian internationalism, and has nothing in common with national egoism.
  National egoism thinks only of national interests and utterly disregards the
  development of the international struggle.
  "His starting point is the concept that ultimate victory of the world
  revolution can be achieved only by the victory of socialism and communism in
  each country, the world being divided into so many nation-states.
  "How the success of the revolution and construction in one country contributes
  to the international revolutionary movement he made very clear. He taught:
  First, every victory strengthens the respective front in the socialist camp and
  the international communist movement, so strengthening and developing the
  socialist camp and the international communist movement as a whole; it also
  enables fraternal parties and peoples to direct more energies to development of
  the revolution in their own respective countries and in other countries, by
  relieving them of any burden to the successful country; in the third place it
  makes it possible for the Party and people of the country concerned to give
  more active support to the revolutionary struggle of fraternal parties and
  peoples, because of the firm material foundation built up in the country.
  "Looking at his task in this way, Comrade Kim Il Sung victoriously guided
  Korea's socialist revolution and socialist construction, thus making a major
  contribution to world revolution.
  "Throughout the whole course of the revolution and construction, he maintained
  his Juche position and the revolutionary principle of self-reliance. He held
  that this would save a heavy burden being imposed on fraternal parties and
  peoples, and would serve to strengthen and develop the socialist camp and the
  international communist movement in the long run.
  "He taught the Party and the people that it was their duty to do more work for
  the world revolution because the world struggle is yet to be won.
  "More than 20 years have passed since Korea was liberated. It was a very
  difficult time. The Korean people had to endure unprecedentedly arduous war
  and two periods of reconstruction. But this did not deter Comrade Kim Il Sung
  from quickly building Korea into a socialist power, independent in politics,
  self-supporting in the economy and self-defensive in national defense, using
  the independent strength of the Korean people. On these principles Korea was
  converted into a powerful citadel, able to safeguard the eastern outpost of the
  world revolution, a dependable base with a solid foundation of material
  Part III of: "Thorough Internationalist Position"
  "In helping the world revolution, Comrade Kim Il Sung never ceased to give
  great significance to the role of the socialist countries as the base for world
  revolution. He stressed that the socialist countries which had succeeded in
  the revolution must, firstly, inspire constantly the revolutionary struggle of
  peoples of the world through their own example in socialist construction;
  secondly, unite all forces opposed to imperialism and help materially and
  morally in all the struggles, including armed struggle, against imperialism;
  thirdly, make no compromises with any plans of the imperialists that are
  contrary to the rights and needs of the peoples, frustrate all intrigues of the
  imperialists to export counterrevolution and never separate the struggle for
  peace from the struggle against imperialism.
  "Comrade Kim Il Sung stated that only by maintaining such a revolutionary stand
  can the socialist camp fulfill its role as the base for the world revolution
  both in name and fact.
  "His stand is based on this unshakable proletarian internationalist attitude,
  and out-and-out revolutionary stance, positively supporting the world
  revolution, with everything possible done to help it.
  "While resolutely struggling for the unity of the socialist camp and cohesion
  of the international communist movement, he set about the development of
  relations of friendship and cooperation with newborn countries of Asia, Africa
  and Latin America, and vigorously tried to positively assist in the anti-
  imperialist national liberation struggle of the peoples in these regions, and
  the revolutionary movement of people all over the world, opposing the policy of
  aggression and war of the imperialists, in particular the ringleader, U. S.
  imperialism, and defending world peace and promoting human progress.
  "The most shining example in this struggle is his constant and resolute support
  given to the revolutionary struggle of the peoples of the world against the
  policy of aggression and war followed by the U. S. imperialists.
  "He carefully observed the maneuvers of the U. S. led imperialists for
  aggression and war and gave his unconditional support to the peoples of all
  countries subject to their aggression. He gave strong support to the struggle
  of the United Arab Republic people against the British and French imperialists'
  invasion of the Suez Canal in 1956, and the struggle of the Cuban people
  against the U. S. imperialist provocations in the Caribbean incident in 1962,
  giving great encouragement to the peoples of these countries as a living
  example of proletarian internationalism."
  "Comrade Kim Il Sung clearly set before the communists and the revolutionary peoples of the world, the position and role of the socialist forces, the national liberation movement, the working-class movement and the democratic movement, which together make up the world revolutionary forces, and announced the specific tasks by which to strengthen these forces. He set this out as one of the important components of the strategy of world revolution.
  "For a strong advance of world revolution, the first demand was for unity in the socialist camp and cohesion in the international communist movement, plus increased might and an enhanced role for the socialist camp as the base for world revolution. In this connection he set forth a series of principles to be observed by the parties of the socialist countries.
  "He stated that in order to boost the power of the socialist camp, the party of each socialist country must maintain loyalty to its national duty undertaken before the international communist movement, by successfully carrying out the revolution in its own country and strengthening the might of the country in every way.
  "This strengthening of every socialist country is a precondition to the strengthening of the total power of the socialist camp, for the whole socialist camp can be consolidated only by strengthening every socialist country, the basic unit of the socialist camp, and by then pooling the strength of the socialist countries.
  "Comrade Kim Il Sung stressed the role of every country of the socialist camp in the implementation of world revolution.
  "Most important in this connection, he taught, is for the Communist Party or the Workers' Party of every socialist country not to be content with success in its own country, but to thoroughly uphold the revolutionary stand of proletarian internationalism by carrying the struggle on to final victory in the world revolution.
  "He declared that the parties of the socialist countries must adopt the most resolute attitude first towards all imperialism, in particular U. S. imperialism, the main target of struggle in the world revolution.
  "Comrade Kim Il Sung said:
  'The position of each Communist or Workers' Party at the present period is judged in large measure by its approach to U. S. imperialism. Communists should never depart from the principled stand of opposing imperialism, U. S. imperialism above all. Particularly at this time when the U. S. imperialists are expanding aggression in Vietnam, all socialist countries should take a still colder and tougher attitude towards them'
  "He warned that any move to shun the struggle against U. S. imperialism and enter into compromises with it, claiming that independence and revolution are fine but peace is more precious, would result in helping the aggressive maneuvers of imperialism and in really increasing the danger of war. His position here is that it is impossible to bring about real peace without victory over the peace-destroyers and opposition to slavish peace, and the overthrow of the rule of the oppressors.
  "He pointed out that it was one kind of compromise in an inverse form to vociferate against imperialism but be fearful to actually fight it, and added that this and that side issue had nothing to do with the genuine anti-imperialist struggle, but would only encourage the imperialist policy of aggression and war.
  "Socialist countries can have diplomatic relations with imperialist powers, he said, but he reminded them that they must not terminate the anti-imperialist struggle because of that, must maintain always the class principle, bring pressure to bear upon the U. S. imperialists, expose and denounce the war policy of aggression and war and struggle to smash it by actual deeds.
  "The socialist countries must take a principled stand on war, he stated.
  "He said:
  'It is a principle of foreign policy for the socialist countries to struggle against the imperialist policy of aggression and war and for world peace and security. While fighting to prevent war, however, we Communists should never fear it, but should thoroughly annihilate the aggressors when they use arms against us.'
  "As historical experience shows, if one surrenders to the aggressive demands of the imperialists, wanting to prevent war, this will only make them more arrogant, promote their aggressive designs and increase the danger of war, contrary to one's intention. So, only when one holds fast to the principled position against the imperialists and wages the resolute anti-imperialist struggle, can one expect to smash the aggression of the imperialists and protect peace. This is his teaching.
  "He told the socialist countries too that they must firmly tighten solidarity with all forces opposed to imperialism, and assist positively in all types of anti-imperialist struggle, including armed struggle, both materially and morally.
  "The socialist countries must express class solidarity with the working class of the whole world fighting to topple capitalist society in a revolutionary way, and must provide every kind of assistance to the liberation struggle of the oppressed peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America fighting to break the iron chains of imperialism and colonialism."
  "Comrade Kim Il Sung stated in clear-cut terms the questions of highest principle arising in the development and strengthening of the anti-colonial, national liberation movement.
  "He attached great strategic value to the anti-colonialist national liberation movement in carrying out world revolution.
  "Right and 'Left' opportunists within the ranks of the communist movement were underestimating the revolutionary meaning of the anti-colonialist, national liberation movement, or criticizing it as 'movement for the dead' accompanied by the danger of war, branding it as a bourgeois movement, but Comrade Kim Il Sung valued it highly as a great revolutionary force to drive against imperialism, the closest ally of the international working class. This is a proper evaluation. In his article 'Let us intensify the anti-imperialist, anti-U. S. struggle,' Comrade Kim Il Sung made the following statement on the strategic importance of the anti-colonialist, national liberation movement in the development of world revolution:
  "The anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist struggle of the peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America is a sacred liberation struggle of millions of oppressed and humiliated people, and at the same time, it is a great struggle which can cut this life line of world imperialism. This struggle and the revolutionary struggle of the international working class to achieve socialism, constitute the two major revolutionary forces of our times. These struggles are united into one stream which will carry imperialism to its grave.'
  "Attaching such high value to the anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist struggle in the world revolution, Comrade Kim Il Sung indicated the unmistakable road of anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist struggle to be followed by those countries under colonialist oppression, where independence remains yet to be won, and by the newborn countries which have already won national independence.
  "He declared that there is no other way but to fight imperialism if oppressed peoples are to achieve national liberation.
  "In the same treatise he warned that the nature of imperialism could not and never would change, so imperialism would continue to exploit, oppress and plunder the peoples until its death, preventing the colonial peoples from winning independence. He said:
  'The oppressed peoples can liberate themselves only through struggle. This is a simple and clear truth confirmed by history. It is necessary to expose the false propaganda of the imperialists and thoroughly dissipate the illusion that the imperialists will give away their positions in the colonies and dependent countries with good grace. Where there is oppression, there always is resistance.
  'It is inevitable that the oppressed peoples must fight for their emancipation. So long as imperialism plunders and oppresses small and weak nations by force, it remains the inalienable right of the oppressed peoples to rise and fight against the aggressors with arms in hand.'
  "In fighting against imperialism, the peoples of the three continents have to concentrate the spearhead of their attack on U. S. imperialism, the ringleader of world imperialism, and must form an anti-U. S. united front against this common enemy. This is of primary importance in the teaching of Comrade Kim Il Sung.
  "Again in the same work he made his view specific, that the peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America had common interests in the anti-imperialist, anti-U. S. struggle. He said:
  'Until Africa and Latin America are free, Asia cannot truly be free; when the U. S. imperialists are driven out of Asia, the liberation struggle of the African and Latin American peoples will benefit.'
  "Elucidating the dialectical correlationships between the tricontinental peoples in the anti-imperialist, anti-U. S. struggle, he stressed that differences in social systems and political ideas should never be allowed to be an obstacle in joint struggle and concerted action against U. S. imperialism. He said that no one must be allowed to split the anti-U. S. united front or refuse to take part in joint action, attaching primary importance to one's own specific national or partisan interests.
  "This teaching of Comrade Kim Il Sung's is entirely appropriate as an appraisal of the anti-U. S. struggle of the tricontinental peoples, and is the correct guide in the national liberation struggle of the peoples in these regions.
  "He showed the clear road of those countries that have become newly independent, breaking the yoke of imperialism."
  "Emphasizing that the peoples of the countries which have got rid of the bondage of imperialism must take the road of socialism, Comrade Kim Il Sung said:
  'The capitalist path is the path of exploitation and oppression, slavery and ruin, while the socialist path leads to the abolition of class exploitation and national oppression, to the freedom and happiness of the entire people and complete independence and prosperity of the country.'
  "Comrade Kim Il Sung set forth a series of social and economic tasks to be undertaken by the newly independent countries.
  "He called the attention of the peoples of newly independent countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America to the fact that today the imperialists were not only suppressing the national liberation struggle in the three continents, but were also engaged in subversive activities aimed at stealing the newborn countries away from the anti-imperialist front one by one, and warned that the imperialists are plotting to penetrate the newly independent countries, interfere in their internal affairs and undermine them from within, either by the naked use of violence or 'aid.'
  "U. S. imperialism bribes and whips together the reactionaries of these countries, pitting them against the progressive forces and sets newly independent countries adrift towards the Right. Its aim is to have these countries suppress the revolutionary forces internally, and then externally oppose the socialist countries and disorganize the anti-imperialist forces.
  "Comrade Kim Il Sung exposed these maneuverings of the imperialists, especially of the U. S. imperialists. In 'Let us intensify the anti-imperialist, anti-U. S. struggle,' on the road for the newly independent countries to follow, he said:
  'All people who have achieved independence should struggle to crush both the subversive activities of the foreign imperialists and the domestic forces of reaction, tear up their economic footholds, strengthen the revolutionary forces, set up a progressive social system and build an independent national economy and their national culture. Only by so doing can they safeguard the gains of the revolution, achieve the prosperity of their country and their people, and contribute to the common struggle of the peoples of the whole world to bury imperialism.'
  "So he always taught the peoples of the newly independent countries to carry the national liberation revolution through to the end and carry on the anti-imperialist, anti-U. S. struggle thoroughly, wholeheartedly supporting and backing up their revolutionary cause.
  "This thorough execution of the tasks of the national liberation revolution presented by him is, at the same time, the road to socialism. Only by taking the road to socialism can the newly independent countries eliminate all national inequalities and achieve real freedom and prosperity.
  "The days have gone when the anti-colonialist national liberation movement of each country had to direct the spearhead of its struggle against its suzerains. As Comrade Kim Il Sung said, all oppressed peoples and the peoples of the newborn countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America must solidly unite with the international working class moving towards socialism, organize the anti-U. S. united front and beat down U. S. imperialists everywhere and, after winning independence, continue the revolutionary struggle to build the socialist and communist society where exploitation and oppression will be liquidated for all time and all people will be able to be free and equal.
  "If U. S. imperialism, the head of imperialism, is defeated in the three continents, the position of imperialism will be greatly weakened as a whole in these areas, and with imperialism weakened, it will greatly benefit the struggle of the working class of capitalist countries for the final overthrow of the rule of capital.
  "Capitalism will be completely destroyed on a worldwide scale when the socialist camp has further increased its power, when more colonial dependent countries are free of the ruling system of imperialism and march towards socialism, and when the working class and peoples of capitalist countries rise in a decisive struggle for socialism and against capital."
  "The revolutionary ideas of Comrade Kim Il Sung have become a mighty ideological and theoretical power which firmly equips the Korean people and the revolutionary peoples of the whole world with the correct strategy and tactics for the world revolution, and a fully revolutionary position, leading them strongly to fresh victories. They serve as a splendid example to crush Right and 'Left' opportunism in terms of ideas and theory, and defend and develop Marxism-Leninism.
  "Comrade Kim Il Sung's establishment of this world revolutionary strategy means that Marxism-Leninism has entered a new stage of development in this latter half of the 20th century.
  "Today, Marxism-Leninism has been developed and enriched by none other than Comrade Kim Il Sung, in this new historical stage of world revolution, the era of the complete collapse of imperialism and total victory for socialism. This is a result of his fierce struggle against the Right and 'Left' opportunism of all hues.
  "For one to solve new questions of strategy and tactics in a new historical stage of revolution, one must take a resolute stand towards the anti-imperialist struggle, an outstanding Marxist-Leninist view, have rich experience in the anti-imperialist revolutionary struggle and so on.
  "It is precisely because Comrade Kim Il Sung is equipped with this extraordinary and indomitable revolutionary fighting spirit, a profound understanding of Marxism-Leninism, a creative attitude towards it and rich experience in the revolutionary struggle, that he has been able to put forth this great strategic ideology, representing precisely the objective needs of the new historical stage of the development of the world revolution.
  "The peoples of the world are fighting today, treasuring Comrade Kim Il Sung's outstanding strategy for the world revolution as their guiding compass, and drawing deep courage and strength from the distinguished leadership of Comrade Kim Il Sung.
  "The revolutionary peoples, communists and revolutionaries of all the world are calling Comrade Kim Il Sung, the great Leader of the 40 million Korean people, 'an outstanding strategist of the international revolutionary movement,' 'the leader of the liberation movement of the whole world,' 'a distinguished leader of the tricontinental peoples' and 'a symbol of anti-imperialist struggle.' They speak of him with boundless respect and veneration.
  "To gain deep knowledge and mastery of his strategy for world revolution, they are widely engaged in the study of his immortal works: the treatise 'Let us intensify the anti-imperialist, anti-U. S. struggle'; the report at the Conference of the Workers' Party of Korea 'The present situation and the tasks of our Party'; the Political Program of the Government of the DPRK 'Let us embody more thoroughly the revolutionary spirit of independence, self-sustenance and self-defense in all fields of state activity.' In these they find the one and only guiding compass for achieving national and social emancipation and winning the final triumph of the world revolution.
  "So his treatise 'Let us intensify the anti-imperialist, anti-U. S. struggle' is praised by them as 'most appropriate and most concrete application of Marxism-Leninism in the prevailing international situation, and a document of top level in the present-day world in terms of theory and practice' as 'a document to be used as a textbook giving boundless courage and confidence to the fighting revolutionaries of the world, and a bomb to the enemy imperialists.' They all say: 'The treatise of Comrade Kim Il Sung, outstanding Leader of the tricontinental peoples is an invaluable document which provides the revolutionaries of the world with renewed revolutionary fighting will.'"

Популярное на LitNet.com Л.Лэй "Над Синим Небом"(Научная фантастика) В.Кретов "Легенда 5, Война богов"(ЛитРПГ) А.Кутищев "Мультикласс "Турнир""(ЛитРПГ) Т.Май "Светлая для тёмного"(Любовное фэнтези) С.Эл "Телохранитель для убийцы"(Боевик) К.Юраш "Процент человечности"(Антиутопия) Д.Сугралинов "Дисгардиум 3. Чумной мор"(ЛитРПГ) А.Светлый "Сфера 5: Башня Видящих"(Уся (Wuxia)) М.Атаманов "Искажающие реальность"(Боевая фантастика) В.Коломеец "Колонизация"(Боевик)
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