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How Did the Colours Appear?

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Загадка Лукоморья
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  How Did the Colours Appear? (Myth)
   Once the Earth all was gloomy and grey. There weren`t any colours and only yellow Sun was shining during the day and yellow Moon - at night. But nobody paid attention to this. Nobody, except one raven.
   The raven lived morose, he never said "Hello" or "How do you do?" to over. He never smiled. He only walked and was bored. Seeing that, the sun and the moon were sorry for Raven and they decided to show him their world.
   Oh, my God! How many colours were there in space! Raven laughed all the time and he didn`t know where to look, because it was so beautiful in space.
   Every day Sun and Moon took Raven to space. That`s why he became black. But the raven didn`t want only to look at the colours, he wanted the whole his planet to be coloured. And that`s why after each flight to space Raven took a piece of colour from there and hid it into his house. When the house was full of colours, the raven went about the world and whatever he saw on his way - a tree, a flower, grass or an animal - he coloured all them. And very soon everything on the Earth became coloured, like Raven wanted.
   Seeing that all animals blessed the raven and that`s why he lives one hundred years. But the sun and the moon cursed Raven for his theft and that`s why he alone is black without shades on the Earth. And the people now usually connect their dirty stories with ravens.
  (Composed when I was 11)
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