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Warning of violation of the right of "intellectual property

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   Because that on the appeal about of violation of my rights of intellectual property by GuardBot Inc, which was sent to the addresses listed below were not answered within 10 days, I have to perform a publication of this letter internet and in the media.
   Koganitsky Gregory
   Firm Gregory climatisation D'Air
   Address - rue Cote 4427 Pierrefonds Montreal Qc H9H2Y4
   Tel (514) 889 9875
   E.Mail: gert99@mail.ru
   Copes to -
   *Headquarters of Marine Corps - General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. Commandant of the Marine Corps Headquarters, US Marine Corps 3000 Marine Corps, Pentagon Washington, DC 20350-3000 (703) 614-2500 ... (703) 784-9344 or (703) 784-9206
   *Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - 675 North Randolph Street Arlington, VA 22203-2114 (703) 526-6630 employment@darpa.mil outreach@darpa.mil
*Spherical Amphibious Robotic Vehicles System GuardBot Inc http://www.guardbot.org/applications.html GuardBot Inc. PO Box 113380 Stamford, CT 06911 Tel: 203 724 9826 Fax: 203 930 2800 info@guardbot.org
   *US patent office - 1-866-999-4258 usptoinfo@uspto.gov patent infringement -
   "Warning of violation of the right of "intellectual property"

In the course of 2014-2015years firm GuardBot Inc http://www.guardbot.org/ announced in: "AUSA's ILW Winter Symposium in Huntsville, Alabama" ; "NAB show in Las Vegas, NV."; "Eurosatory show in Paris, France" and , according to her said "...GuardBot, Inc. owns an exclusive license for this technology which is protected by multiple US and foreign patents..." they claimed "Spherical Amphibious Robotic Vehicles System" as own invention.
   0x01 graphic
   This invention may not be claimed by firm GuardBot Inc or other applicants and it cannot be announced or commercially used as it is copied without permission of the author from the earlier patent pending and from the previously published articles.
   Date of Patent Claim - July 21, 2005
   0x01 graphic
   Moreover, this matter was given to competitive tenders "Challenger" of program "DARPA" in March 2007. The drawings and description have been provided to the office of DARPA.
   The articles (author and inventor Koganitsky Gregory) -
   *The autonomous or remote-controlled military assault robot. - http://samlib.ru/k/koganickij_g_a/assaultrobot.shtml
   Date of posting - 14/10/2011
   0x01 graphic
   *Martian "saw-cut" (in this text, "saw-cut" is the word-for-word translation of the Russian slang word that means money sharing between racketeers) -
   Date of posting - 13/10/2011
   0x01 graphic
   *"Action of the light mobile platform carrying the remote controlled module that armed by the high rate mortar against enemy targets. Part Three (Action on the urban landscape)"  (Russian text ....) -
   Date of posting - 20/03/2013
   0x01 graphic
   The mobile acoustic or optic sensor described in article
   0x01 graphic
   Manner of usage of the module
   If adequate explanation will not be provided, I will have to refer to the press and will have to refer to the court.
   Koganitsky Gregory



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