Королев Петр Михайлович: другие произведения.

Curricullum Vitae

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    CV (in English) Revisited 2011 January

Petr Mikhailovich KOROLEV


Birth Date: 29/06/1953

  1. Personal Information

Peter Mikhailovich Korolev, M.A.(Radiophysics), Ph.D. (System Methodology)

Head of Research Laboratory of SMA Сenter 1999+

Teacher of informatics at the secondary school Kudymkar 1999-2001

PR officer at Regional Headquarters of the "Fatherland - All Russia" political and social organization during the Parliament 1999 election campaign Kudymkar 1999

Manager of Collaborative Russian Family Strengths Research Project (RFSRP) with Alabama State University and Cloverdale Center for Family Strengths, USA 1998+

Manager of the SYNHUE courses project in collaboration with The Union Institute, USA 1998

Guest editor The Proceedings of the East-West Seminar 1988-95,Club-Congress Publishing House, 1998

Researcher of the Center for Education, Research and Development, Kudymkar, 1997+

Founder Shareholder Center for Education 1997+

Head of Journalist and Mass Communication Programs on Regional TV and Broadcasting Company, Dialogue Group 1996

Lecturer at the Peace Research Center, Hesbjerg, Denmark, 1996

Consultant of workgroup on design of Russia 2010 Plan for Culture Development, Administration of the President, 1996

Lecturer at the Tartu University Estonia 1995

Lecturer at Turku School of Economics and Business Administration 1995

Director of the Institute on Conflict Resolution 1995

Program Director of the Seminar Problems and Perspectives of Regional Development Saint Petersburg Center for Humanity and Political Studies 1994-95

Member of Saint-Petersburg Association for scholars and researchers 1994+

Member of the Center for Humanity and Political Studies Strategy, Saint-Petersburg 1994+

Director of Club-Congress Cultural Organization 1993-1996, Club-Congress Universal 1998+

Consultant of the Committee on culture of the Leningradskaya oblast Administration 1992-1993

Teacher-Tutor at Experimental School, Nizhny Novgorod, 1992

Deputy Director of Institute of Russian Philosophy, Academy of Screen Arts Professor Moscow1990-1992

Consultancy Bureau Chief of the International East-West Organisation Nizhny Novgorod, 1991-1992

Consultant of the Committee on Science and Technology of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, 1990

Member of Managers Union and International (CIS) Managers Fund 1990

Founder of Private Fund Encyclopedia Korolevae 1989-1993

Founder Chairperson Nizhny Novgorod Academy of Sciences and Arts Program for Youth Advancement Regional Office for RD Societies 1988

Professor assistant on Philosophy at Gorky State Engineer and Construction Institute (Academy)1987-91

Regional Nizhny Novgorod Leader of the Committee for the think-and-do methodology and the organization activities games member of the USSR Committee for the think-and-do methodology and the organization activities games 1987-1991

Dean of Department for Social Professions at Gorky State Engineer and Construction Institute (Academy) 1986-87

Engineer of the Laboratory for Active Education Forms in High (Universities) and Special (technology) schools of the USSR Programs for Mathematics Education Gorky 1985-86

Diploma paper on applied mathematics Gorky State University 1982

Professor assistant of mathematics and engineer graphics High Military School Gorky 1981-1985

Researcher of the Collaborative International Project on Applied Mathematics in Pedagogy Gorky State University and Lumumba University, Moscow 1979-1984

Translator of the All Union Center for Translation of Scientific and Research Documetation and Information Gorky 1979-1982

Senior Engineer of the institute for applied mathematics and mathematical statistics the Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod) State University 1978-1980

Head of Laboratory of machine-based test of attained information for university students 1978-1980

Researcher of the project on nonlinear phenomena in heat and mass exchange Gorky State University, Academy of Sciences of Belorussia 1978-1979

Engineer of the Gorky Institute of Radio Communication, theoretical studies 1978

Diploma paper on Theoretical model of nonlinear oscillator Radiophysics Department Chair of Quantum Radiophysics 1977

Assistant-Researcher of the project on laser polymerization of macromolecules USSR Academy of Sciences Gorky Research Institute of Applied Physics 1976

The senior laboratory worker at Quantum Radiophysics Institute Gorky State University 1976-1977

Extensive experience of teaching, research, extension, professional administration; Rich experience in institution-building, founding-structures and innovative programs in many sectors and levels of Research, Technology, Education ranging from school education to university management; private to statutory bodies; and State and Central governments. Besides these experiences within the country, international contributions for research and teaching have been made.

2. Recognition & Awards

SYNHUE Courses Project -- Citations -- "In recognition of - contribution to the empowerment of humanity and the promotion of philosophical principles of Synergistic Human Evolution (SYNHUE) in the Komi-Permyak Region (Russia)" Diploma, 1998

National Lecturer and Organizer in Management Education Research and Development Nizhny Novgorod Academy of Sciences and Arts, Committee for the think-and-do methodology and the organization activities games, the USSR Committee for the think-and-do methodology and the organization activities games, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Kiev, Yerevan, Odessa, Kemerovo, Tver, Smolensk, Vologda, Simbirsk, Yekaterinburg, Dnepropetrovsk, Tynda, Kaliningrad, Pskov, Peipsiare,Aktyubinsk, Saint-Petersburg 1987-96

3. International Consultancy

From 1994 onwards, contributed for educational research, training, and consultancy in CIS bodies, Foreign Universities, Multinational Corporate Sectors, and Government Institutions outside Russia

Visiting Faculty at Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine 1994

Training Faculty for Investment Assessment at Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 1996

Eurograd Program 1994

International Annual Conference on conflict-resolution, Saint-Petersburg, 1994, 1995

Peace Research Center Consultant 1996+

Methodologists Society CIS, USA, Europe expert

Conflict resolution expert

Epistemology, Value systems, and Development Models Expert

4. International Research Training, Visits



The Quest for the Futures Advanced Methodology Seminar, WFSF, UNESCO, FFSF, Turku School On Business and Administration, Turku, Presenter and reviewer

2000 Finland

18th International Conference on school informatics the Kudymkar Workshop, Academy of Space Instrumentation Saint- Petersburg

1998 Russia

Scholarship on Peace Research East-West Seminar PSG Hesbjerg

1995-96 DK

Instructor of the Helsinki University Knowledge Service European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Training on Assessment of Big Investment in Russian Traffic Infrastructure, St.-Petersburg

1995 Russia

Tartu - Saint-Petersburg - Yale University Collaborative project on Complex Demographic, Ethnographic, Social and Environmental Field studies, Tartu University

1995 Estonia

Instructor of Methodology Consultancy on Economic Transitive Prospects of the Eastern Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk

1994 Ukraine

Democratic Party of USA, Training on Fund Raising, St-Petersburg

1994 Russia

Value game, Coordinator, International Academy of Sciences San Marino, Russian Session, Moscow (The Year 1991 of Russian Culture)

1992 Russia

Organization, participation and reflection at more than 50 think-and-do experiences throughout the USSR, and Russia

1984-1991 USSR

1992+ Rusia

5. Major Original Contributions

Original Contributions in the areas: Measurement and Development of Local Communities (Case study of Russian Old-believers of Estonia), Teledemocracy megaproject, SYNHUE courses adaptation to the local circumstances, 1999 situation analysis of Russian province), Family Strengths Research - cultural adaptation, Method of Ethical Futurology in Futures Studies

Management: Working as a manager of different organizations from 1977; has acquires skills for public involvement and democracy decision-making. P.Korolev has reputation of the best visionary manager in organization of activities in conflict and chaotic situations

Originator of private sector in Education at Russian Province; Conceptualized and acted as leader researcher in Knowledge Economy. Collaborated researches with Alabama University project on Family Strengths Research. Run well known computer courses using client-oriented and think skills oriented pedagogy for every levels of population.

Models of Teaching: Initiated major reforms in teacher education and school teaching (1978-1979, 1985-86); conducted and directed training-cum-research projects in Information processing Social interaction and Personal development models from 1984 onwards; Models of Teaching and Educational Technology Programming Knowledge Tests (machine-based and statistics models); Models of Individual and Group development during self organization identification and goal-putting phases of game-like training in Russia, CIS, international audience.

Personalizing Teacher Education Curriculum in accordance to the needs of the trainees and conceptualized the program, project structure and system approach of teacher education at secondary level. It is popularly known as Korolev Complimentary style.

Researches, Papers and Futures Studies: P.Korolev is an author of books 'Provincial Flash-art" (1990, Manuscript), "Towards the holistic man" (Manuscript, 1992), "Culture Hero of Our Days' (1993, manuscript) "Ethics" (In collaboration with Dennis Boytim and Svetlana Aristova, 2000 Club-Congress Publishing House); co-editor of "East-West Seminar 1988-1995" (1998, Club-Congress Publishing House); different papers and reports on Method, Knowledge technology, Politics, International Law, Religion, Philosophy, Arts, Education (Australia, Taiwan, Finland, Latvia, Russia), Ethical Futurology, Linguistics.


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