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Long Term Future

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    Millennium Long Tern Future studies presented in short and brilliant form. (Published in English)Сообщается о технике видения будущего глубиной в 1000 лет.

   Millennium-Long Vision:
A case of PM Scaling,
or FT and the `Neural Net Hour' calculation.
   Svetlana M. Aristova and Peter M. Korolev*
   What is a time, what is a space, what secret of that attractive force, which forces the man to investigate both of them? Thought is arranged so, that tries to clear true from her muddy coverlets. There has been a true cleared, she has been polished and shines by light of hundred suns. The one who went to her, she pleases and, in her beams, he finds forces for the following researches. Can she tire? Probably, can.
   Key words: `thoughton', femto-technologies (FT), millennium-long vision, a LT FS method, navigation devices, an extending line of scales, hemisphere.
   1. (Ant and its time perception)
   The ant creeps on a surface, overcoming space separating it from the purpose of its way. The ant does not know the future: it for the ant is not a secret, future before it; it is necessary to overcome this space. Camel, ship of a desert, goes through space; what are its dreams about? The small weightless particle, photon, is promptly carried on space, it bears light; what in the world is faster than it? Anything, unless a thought.
   2. (Knowledge, A physicists initial point and a negative mathematical calculations)
   Physicists repeatedly confirmed, that the speed of light is constant; it is equal to 300 thousand km per sec. But necessarily there will be any skeptic, who will object and will tell, but if it is a constant, why its value is expressed by a so strange image. Physicist will grasp and will answer, that there is no already separately space and time, that there is the uniform, which, for the lack of the term, refers to as the space-time.
   The future, I am echoing the physicist, too not is a mode only of time, it is a modus of a space-time. But in itself future does not interest us, as that for the worker-ant or for the camel, we are interested in the goods - knowledge of this future. The force of knowledge is to help to clear true from making it muddy the ignorance attacks. If it is possible to present knowledge in substantial way, its energy may be expressed with Einstein E=mc2. The question is how to measure weight of knowledge; it, thus, remains open. And the square of a constant probably also is a constant. What can mean a negative root of expression E/m? There can be, a direction not outside but inside?
   3. (The true and a pedagogy machine, two-in-one)
   Knowledge and ignorance are two aspects of the true; one is its light, the second is its shadow. Knowledge, in irreversible way, is that one kind of organisms transforms into ignorance. There is an opposite kind of organisms that transforms ignorance into knowledge by cleansing pedagogy or by restoring it. Thermodynamics terms fit for this distinction are entropy and neg-entropy. The quest for the reversibility goes on. What is the reversible known today? Breath. Ocean breaths, star breath, the universe breaths.
   4. (Time Calculus: A century-long term, gm-tm-pm scale, human history long)
   The man breathes, a cycle of breath make a breath and exhalation. It occupies approximately 3 seconds. The period of human life is an one million breaths and exhalations. During one respiratory cycle light passes a way almost in one million km, this is one light breath. One gm is a unit proportional to an individual human rhythm, one tm is a unit proportional to human generation, one pm is a unit proportional to century1. The history is 20, 50, 100 pm. Calculations is a fascinating thing. It is possible to set and to set questions. For example, what value of the knowing act? Hundred or one thousand gm? How many insights are in one pm? One million or ten millions? Accounting and its results wake an imagination. Let's make it in mind, making thus qualitative judgments.
   5. (Psychic and thermodynamic approaches to calculations)
   Mental, or psychic, phenomena are a kind of being of the thermodynamic characteristics of neural nets [Wildman 2000], which do calculate. Relation of a mental process and the real neural net functioning is similar to that of the temperature of any volume of gas and concrete individual motions of particles that contain in it. The description of evolution with the help of thermodynamic concepts have undertaken by Bergstrom and Nevanlinna [Bergstrom & Nevanlinna, 1972]2
   6. (What is a European culture)
   The European culture is not a cedar Lebanese, she is the perishable goods. It is explained by a history of her occurrence: she has appeared as reaction of seaside cities to sudden attacks of the pirates. It distinguishes her from the Chinese or Egyptian civilizations. Europe did not know prana-yoga, she only studies to breathe by historical substation. Therefore she has by such ridiculous worldview pictures, as Heliocentricism.
   7. (Like a Solar wind; `thoughtons')
   The substation of time is that of a solar wind. The man conceiving breathes in the spirit by that makes magnetosphere of the Earth, this substation referred to as by an ether earlier. Thought has of the carrier; we shall name this particle `thoughton'. If it, as well as photon, is weightless, then it has speed proportional speed of light. Whether thought far is distributed? In comparison with galactic and Universe scales, frontier of the most inquisitive human thinking is extremely thin and not coherent. It reminds strings, poles or islands at ocean of ether [see Malaska 1993].
   8. (Millennium equals 10 pm, Cosmos discoursing)
   One thousand years is ten pm. Imaginary of this millennium is a development of the thought space and its arrangement so that to create the channels of dialogue such alive organisms, as magnetosphere of the Earth, with other cosmic subjects. This uniform coherent organism includes breathing human organisms, multiple and submitting to the one `khoreg', the chorus conductor. Individual breaths by a unique way modulate breath and duplication that in sacred writings is called as Universal church.
   9. (Archeology of LT-Future and one of human thinking)
   In terrestrial space we are parts of open system, through us the jets of substance are carried by, and for life we are updated ten or more times. Those prints, which were left by ancestors and which we leave in noosphere, drop out by a space rain; also penetrating us and forming in us that already have been thought properly3. What architecture of our human thought on nearest millennium?
   Hedonist speaks: the greater happiness, than complete disclosing of internal sight, hearing and deep memory, on the Earth is not present. It is not a simple Hedonist, I think; it is the man able to breathe. As the happiness of a deaf and blind born person, suddenly, per mature years of the corporal sight, which has survived disclosing, and hearing is ridiculous, but also it is a step on ways to completeness.
   10. (Music is a code of envision)
   To see and to distinguish, to listen to and to feel breath and music of the far magnetic plasmatic subjects, to be pleased to music with them sent and to transfer. By a mind I have come across traces, which are left by the previous generation not further as in to three-centuries prospect. There is their decoding.
   11. (A LT FS method)
   The future as a picture, contour, or the sketch, in the beginning should be fixed on a plane of consideration, thus it is not important in what kind; it is important, that it should be done as an object, that is, the division of the subject (agent of action and behaviour) and object (is carried out with what and above what the agent, 'actor' will work).
   Self-determination of the person, that is inspection and qualification of current resources, and also disqualification, that is definition of absent toolkit, material etc. is undertaken.
Following stage, development of order (sequence, structure linkages, interaction) and rules (norms and criteria), as well as manuals of further action is carried out.
Fourth and fifth are connected by that everyone behavioral act has the parallel plan of reflexion and understanding, that is building a chain and network of consequences.
   These consequences are fixed in next seven contexts:
in contexts of integrity and organization (as far as behavioral act conducts to coherence of behavioral acts);
in a context of feeling, sensation that sold is practical and solitarily;
in contexts of doing, being and deed, that made in the form of behavioral act has a theurgist framework;
in a context of efficiency - that is fixed in the Bible "and it was good". 4
   12. (Femto Technologies)
   It, probably, concerns ontology and it is meaningful interpretations of a negative root of energy of this time divided into weight of thinking substation. If we correctly understand it in the Micro-vita at a level of femto-technologies, FT.
   13. (Stages of Vision craft)
   We understand construction of the future that technical party, which is built by focal research of complete performance.5 Construction we understand as 'techne' i.e. craft or art, as practice. This practice is built during the following stages:
   First, judgments of life as basic resource for the future engineering,
   Second, portrayal of the future result, sense and mission of life,
   Third, engineering of life as act, which conducts to understanding of the own person,
   Forth, sensation of the person as tool and instrument of construction of the future,
   Fifth, understanding as binding and organizing environment for creation of next six contexts.
   These contexts, A to F, can be treated and as some tool plans.
   A, Group dynamics and the collective, cooperative structures are means of the case analysis and collective behavior;
   B, coordination and subordination of the figures in various areas of practice;
   C, form of public organization is tool for institution building;
   D, patterns of individual human behavior;
   E, tools of consciousness,
   F, mechanisms for the whole as functioning and developing one.
   14. (Vision in frame of science and technology expands our communicative abilities; an extending line of scales)
   The science is experience of research, which can learn to these approaches and inform what has been unexplored. The science is a method of research, and simultaneously it is working manual for the students. The students are we, transformed by our signs. This is continuation us behind frameworks of our physical existence. Thus, alongside with dialogue with the space, cosmic subjects, such as stars, we can communicate with ancestors and with our posterity.
   Ocean of thinking matter is full by islands and archipelagoes. What it is necessary to take possession? By navigating devices, which are made on a basis peta- and femto-technologies, PT and FT. NT (nano technologies) and PT, picto-technology, are already comprehended by mankind. FT and AT, atto-technologies, come by them on their replacement, deepening in this direction our sailing in noosphere. In appropriate way, G, giga, T, tera, P, peta, and E, exa, is an extending line of scales of sight of the student who is learning to see and to begin to see clearly the worlds and ideas. The science becomes science of consciousness or, simply, conscience.
   15. (Towards G- and T machine organization)
   The conscience is our best navigator in ways on unknown. She allows not increase ignorance, but to concern to knowledge with care. From Egyptian mega machines of consciousness and collective action the mankind will rise in the following 10 pm to G and T-machine organization expanding the constructive search on P- and E-horizons.
   16. (Hemispheric nature of LT vision)
   Thought in the world of sign reality loses its way; it comes across marks of different epochs. How to leave from a dark wood? Thought directs upwards, - but so it is arranged or so the world of thinking is arranged, together with striving upwards, it is immersed in depth, remaining thus on thin hemisphere to the shell. Without it thought remains free of body and will be dissolved, losing outlines. Accustoming on the top floors and new bottoms, thought forms new stability and coherence of hemisphere.
   17. (Two in one, `adwaita')
   This secret of breath... The change of a breath with an exhalation and on the contrary is a change of a surface of a hemispheric sheet. The gravitation is not centered; it is allocated on this explosive plane of points - marks of thought. Creating prana inside, in his microcosm, the man thinks and breathes by ether of noosphere. So the building of universal church is building up6.
   We thank Sohail Inayatullah for electronic messages with so exciting enclosures as `Expanding our Knowledge and Ignorance: Understanding the next 1000 Years' and stories about those first the FFF Humanity 3000 seminars which was held in Seattle, Washington from April 11-14th and t from September 26-29, where ideas on genetics, evolution, and intelligence were presented in very provocative manner.
      -- Paul Wildman names it one `neural net hour'. Wildman, Paul. 2000. Life Futures: An Initial Taxonomy of Terrestrial and Non-Terrestrial Forms of Life in Journal of Futures Studies, May 2000, 4(2): 96,106
      -- The microlevel of such system is not only our special way of the description of system, it has the status "of an existing reality", and our internal experience is a kind of existence of a thermodynamic level. Cit on Lefebvre, Vladimir. 1996. Kosmicheskij Subjekt, Moscow: In-kvarto, p 97-98; Bergstrom, R.M. & Nevanlinna, O. 1972. An Entropy Model of Primitive Neural Systems in International Journal of Neurosciences, 4:171-173
      -- Archeologists could describe 1000-years perspective in terms of cultural levels. Simply speaking? 1000 years is 5 meters of new strata. What their contents? This is a question when we build a discourse on nature of the 1000-year perspective.
      -- Gen.1:10, 12, 18, 21, 25, 31: "After that God saw everything he had made and, look! [it was] very good".
      -- Ludwig Wittgenstein explored linguistic reality to find creative resource there. We have no yet common language; we don't know how to get it. Using expert estimates of Russian methodologists we had modeled humanity evolution [Aristova & Korolev 2000] and got a solution of the equation, AX=aX, in form of a factor polynomial. Rating of 12 categorical values, expressed with the general meaning clouds of verbs, depends on character of the A-matrix normalizing. Complete performance of A could be represents by its two parts.
      -- Very useful source for reading on Envision FS student could find at David Zilbermans paper `Otkrovenie v Adwaita-Vedante kak opyt semanticheskoi destrukcii yazika, and shankara, nezaochnoe postizhenie, In Voprosi Filosofii 1972, No 5 pp.117-129 (In Russian)
   Aristova S.M., Korolev P., 2000, Knowledge and information transformation: reflexive games in human language, in: Brushlinsky A., Lepsky V., ed,. Reflexive control, Papers of the International symposium, October 17-19, Moscow, - RAS Institute of Psychology, pp.61-63, available at http://zhurnal.lib.ru/editors/k/korolew_p_m/humanindex1.shtml
   Bergstrom, R.M. & Nevanlinna, O. 1972. An Entropy Model of Primitive Neural Systems in International Lournal of Neurosciences, 4:171-173
   Lefebvre, Vladimir. 1996. Kosmicheskij Subjekt, Moscow: In-kvarto
   Malaska, Pentti, 1993, Progress, Nature and Technology in Late-modern Transition, in Mika Mannermaa, Sohail Inayatullah, Rick Slaughter, ed., Coherence and Chaos in Our Uncommon Futures - Visions, Means, Actions - Selections from the XIII World Conference of the World Futures Studies Federation Turku, Finland, August, 23-27, 1993; pp. 49-63, esp. Diagram 6 on p. 60, where the human spiral within the energy cycles of nature visualized. See also a paper cited by the author, Mikhailov A I and Lisina T G, 1993, The Sun and a Man - Influence upon Social Life, WFSF XIII World Conference Aug.1993 Turku.
   Wildman, Paul. 2000. Life Futures: An Initial Taxonomy of Terrestrial and Non-Terrestrial Forms of Life in Journal of Futures Studies, May 2000, 4(2): 93-108
   * Svetlana M. Aristova, Historian, Educator, Director of SMA Center for Education R&D, Deputy of Permian Komi Regional Parliament; Peter M. Korolev, SMA Center for Education R&D, office 12, Volodarskogo 25, Kudymkar Permskaya oblast 619000 Russia, E-mail: smac_edu@permonline.ru

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