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Revolution goes on...

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    Статья написана в 1995 году. Посвящена революции в России, ее особенностям и возможностям. [Рекомендую в рамках подготовки к игре "Третья Русская Революция 2005-2007 гг.] All schools base their studies of Russia on case studies. Economists concern Bolivia, neolibertarians Spain, Portugal, Zimbabwe and Chile. Revolution school theorists search a historical and revolution process in Russia in its authentity. There are main statements, which characterize school and implementation difficulties in application theory in different countries. Difficulties appear due to discordance of theoretical statements to real situation. Reforms in Bolivia for example were conducted in conditions of existing markets actions, Russian situation differs there is no market situation. Hence the market forming process will be called transformation. It's not correct to use theory applicable for reforms in situation of transformation process. Economists share an idea of monodisciplinarity.



Package of Two Notions of the Revolution Theory



Peter M. Korolev, CCU

   We consider there were two politological schools, totalitarionist and pluralistic, in past, there are three schools, economical, neoliberitarian and revolutionarian, now a days and we hope that REVOLUTION fits for the Russia situation description at its the best manner.
   Four main features of the revolution are:
      -- Syncretism of economics and politics (politics is a form of mafia in economics legislation),
      -- Lack of social base for transformation with political means,
      -- Lack of the pact or agreement between powers (leadership) and community (citizens representatives),
      -- Destructive factors are stronger than constructive ones.
   Three objectives we watch in this context:
      -- Design and description the total list of capitalist models,
      -- The uniqueness of the Russian analysis and especially the Russian political science,
      -- New senses of the Russian-American relations.
   {Michael McFall was a person who inspired me to realize an idea to express my thoughts about revolution as a possible interpretative base for description of the Russian situation, he writes on his "Why the Russian Policy has a Significance"(Moscow, NDI, April 1995. - In Russian): Where are not still in Russia state institutes that support a market economy. While the more clarity in functioning of the institutes of President, Government and Parliament has created more propitious conditions for successive economic reforms, a renewal of old institutes or creation a new institutes are needed for support the Russian economic transformation. Reformatories have not made new system of social services for supply, of effective pension system, of program for (re) training new jobs, of unemployment compensation system. Without such the social security network the Russian labor market will be not flexible (p.8). See also: "public expenditure on social security should be viewed alongside the resulting direct and indirect savings to the enterprises sector. Social support has a key role in assisting the efficiency objectives of the current economic reform and privatization programme carried out in the Republic of Kazakhstan" (Kazakhstan Social Impact. Project Terms of Reference. - London, Helsinki, 1995, p.6).
   Yury Gromyko writes: A transform school theorists presuppose a reorganization, remaking of initial system into another, not similar to the initial one. Prefix "trans" means need to go out a border, out of the present form order. A reform school theorists use such a vision. A principal tincture of reform is determined by reflection of reminding the large stage of life. Latin prefix "re" has its root here. A state collective and social symbols were like clothes for taboo things. They are appearing in present being. It's apparently true that from the governmental anthropology point of view President Yeltsin develops a Leninist tradition. It's very expensive to make a political symbol, this is a cause to realize political figure as long as possible. Нe has to serve a governmental elite till full exhaustion. A slogan of Bolshevist theorists "Make yourself rich!" is a very specific juncture between old communist order and "everyness" order. A law cretins' casuistic is only one dimension of process expressed with necessity. The main question is what is a drive for primary possessing process an our conditions [See: Yu.V.Gromyko. Styki [Junctures]. How to transit from one System of social relationships to another. An Essay of religious and methodological self-determination. - Moscow: Rossiya-2010, Independent Methodological University, 1993, 90 pp.-In Russian]; see also reconstruction in Chapter IV of the article. Pentti Malaska with reference to Tappio Tamminen writes about the emancipation of modernity. Нe assumes the driving forces of progress [Рentti Malaska. Progress, Nature and Technology in Late-Modern Transition. - Futures, Vol. 26, No 5, pp.529-541. - Cit on: Coherence and Chaos in Our Uncommon Futures - Visions, Means, Actions, Selections from the XIII World Conference of the World Futures Studies Federation. Turku, Finland, August 23-27, 1993. - Edited By Mika Mannermaa, Sohail Inayatullah, Rick Slaughter. Turku, 1994. - р.54]; we try making a quotation of this work in connection with other [Нannu Vanharanta. Coherence to the Chaotic Business World - Hyperknowledge Environment as a Bridge Between Scenarios, Visions, Strategies and Goals in the Continuous Corporate Strategy. - Oр cit., рр.329-337]. The driving forces of progress may be presented in the comparison (1 ) scientific and technological development with "capital"(in The Teconomy, new theory of Dr. Vanharanta), (2) social and political development with "people" and (3) economic development with ''work''. When we may postulate that Marx and Sorel together may be interpreted as an organized knowledge designers for the Russian revolution (on the beginning of the 20-th Century), and Sorel and Keynes -for the modern market economic order. F.Bacon and Turgot may be interpreted as a modern Ecosystem designers. Fathers of three Ecosystem Revolutions are: 1 - Вacon and Condorcet for the French revolution, 2 - Saint-Simon and Comte for the industrial revolution, 3 - Вell, Masuda and Toffler for the Information revolution. The Russian revolution was designed as The Teconomy, according our reconstruction, by Saint-Simon, Marx and Sorel as proponents, their contributions direct to three different projections of The Teconomy. Development of this idea see in main text of the paper}
   We consider that time for dictatorship is ending, pro-western revolution in Russia will be successive due to the Russian territory is large.
   {It means as Michael McFall discussed it decentralization o/ authorities and protection from dictatorship [We use his report on Saint-Petersburg Center of humanities and political Science Strategy March 9, 1995. - Archive of Club-Congress Cultural Organization]}
   It's a time for the Russian self-organization resource release.
   {See: Understanding and Self-Organization are Two Resources Of Act-Thinking Region by Svetlana Aristova and Petr Korolev. In: At the Lake. Information Bulletin of the Peipsi-Lake Project No 8,1994, Tartu, Estonia. See also: Club-Congress, No 16, February 1995, рр. 5-13 [In Russian]}
   "Transition to Democracy" approach uses a matrix


   where the first line means two sides of the 0ld regime (soft and hard), the second - two parts of community (radical and moderate). Political strategy of this school is making a pact between soft side of authority and the moderate part of community. Revolution approach needs to operate with not complete matrices paying to attention the lack of the social base. The aim of the strategical put is forming of the second line and different points interaction.
   {See development of this idea in details and in critical way on chapter V of this paper.}
   "Revolution goes on", this slogan of perestroyka may have new meaning at рublic consciousness today. What does "continuation" mean? What does "revolution" mean? These are the first set of questions.
   {The best critics, analysis and project for the Russian reforms development that we've known was made by Sergey V.Popov in his paper "Idut рo Rossii reformi... "[Reforms go on throughout Russia... (Meditation of involuntary participants)], In: Kentavr, No's 2 -3, 1992, Moscow. The remarkable feature of the paper is authors exact and strict questioning that made in orientation on tools and ways of transition to market process.}
   Interaction of two processes, observation and participation, produces reality of more concrete world: issues of uni- and multipolarity get additional points of view. We can speak about act-thinking configurator and consider that activity is its reduction. New light appears in the set of questions like reflection, understanding, communication and thinking.
   Metarevolution theory concerns relations between "observation" and "participation", what is dominant in pair (O, Р), and what does (O, Р) ... (Р, O) transition (revolution-1) mean? How can we the construction like [(O, Р) -> (Р,O) - > (O,Р)] interpret? We may consider theory of such combinations as following (ACR-matrix)
   Communities (Civic organizations)
   Residents (population)

Matrix 1

   where the f1rst line is the definite state (in probabilistic manner) of authority, the second line is one of community, and the third of population. We can get dynamical patterns at the revolution planning phase and its monitoring on. All assumptions we put upper completed with new due to practical operation of this pattern. For example, objects like




   explain a "lack of pact", "uniqueness of the Russian analysis" and "self organizational resource".
   Construction like [(A, C, R) + (O, P)] will give us an impressive picture of changeable revolution world.
   Chapter I
   1 To Participate or To Share
   There are terms like "public involvement", "public relations", "public participation", "public hearing", "endorsement", "scooping", "public initiative", "civic organization", "mediation tools", "conflict resolution" etc. All of them show a large cloud of senses around the "participation" notion. "To participate" means to take part in a situation of doing. Participant takes part in that he assumes as VALUE.
   What is value in revolution? This question we answer more lately. Value is a thing which a participant uses for connection with his/her position; value corresponds with his/her WILL. What does participant want, what does he will? He/she wants often that he hasn't have. In the activity approach he may know lack of means to escape the gap between goal, a mark of his/her will, and result, an ideal of his/her value presentation. In Russia every act is revolution act. The Russian act thinking at the great extent is "Restanding" (that is nor reflection nor understand, both of these intellectual functions are in fusion). Uniqueness of the Russian act thinking is in its unique orientation. The Russian participation directs on an ideal scheme of the procedure to get satisfaction.
   "Vote" means participate, in Russia this statement is not correct. Elect or be elected are neither participative verbs nor revolution ones. The Russian revolution may be pro-western that is electoral revolution ("relectution"), it must be realized in Russia and this means we need to explore what is the Russian meaning of a verb "elect". The orientalistic sense of the term cluster is caught with term via verb "share". The Russians do not imagine themselves what do they elect for? D0 elect but then they cannot ask for. Вe calm or be aggressive. What a sense of election, what a sense of democracy, - the Russians ask.
   2. The Russian Revolution is Lingvolution
   Revolution is produced from "revolve". Evolution, involution, simply "volution" have general mutual root 'vol', that is "will". Revolution means on some lines "deconstruction" (J.Derrida). Revolution means the will change procedure. Man wants and his will is determined with value and position (of doing and vision). Volition of will means vector shape of will, there are force and intention ("direction") of it. Revolution, politicians say, is way up to power. Destruct an old regime and establish a new one. We have often it without any content. What is content? It is smth that is contained.
   Establishment we understand not at framework of establishment of new form, we understand at framework of establishment of new content. What is the main Russian content? Language. There are many kinds of the language in Russia, they are in their authentity more than dialects or paroles. The linguistic priority is very significant factor of the Russian revolution, of the revolution of the power parole. The linguistic normalization procedure is the most significant tool for ruler. The revolution of the power parole means the search of the word and its supporter. Who is responsible? Man or Word? We assume that the Russian responsibility is responsibility of the word. That's why the Russian revolution may be called as LINGVOLUTION. Revolution does not mean rotation or transformation. Revolution is the complex change of force an intention. This aspect should be connecting with term "profession". Profession is derived from prophesy, root of which is "phesy" (may be from "Physis"), and means extreme speaking on that professional, vent out. That is sphere of being. Rooting to it is called as confession. Fusion of will and value processes as profession and confession mode. Therefore lingvolution has a complex structure.
   Georgy Schedrovitsky expressed this thought the following way: "To occur any action in country, - wide-scale as perestroyka or small in scale of sphere of action, say, of logics or geography, - it need first of all be simulated in words, in discussion and in thinking. If we have no this, action does not take place...
   Every attempt to make real smth goes out from existing institutions and constitutions and presents itself, as now usually talk, a social and sociocultural innovation. And therefore, it presupposes perestroyka that means you will be clubbed, beated and even killed ever time you make attempt to do real smth in set of small local revolutions" ["And for this cause I'd formulate the next principle... "[In Russian//Кentavr 2,94, pp. 10 ,11]
   G.Schedrovitsky, a thinker and revolutionary actor, stated his vision on Revolution theory in Russia. "No large complex deversified system allows innovation of its structure for if every innovation to every local place begins expand and reconstruct whole system. This is sequence of holistic principle of every system" [l.c. p. 10]. Innovation leads to revolution.
   3. An Idea of Continuation
   Revolution goes on. To last, to be continued, to go on, - what are the meanings of this verbs? Are they authentic to the Russian situation? Revolution as a bifurcation point may be expanded to the side of introduction and towards its consequences. Point of bifurcation it the pure change point. Change is pure when or if is free of stability. Stable means that has put or bed. Continuation is the out development. Introduction is that prevents it is reconstructed through retrospective reflection and the past teleological synthesis. Point of here-being is seemed as three-faces point. The second face is made, with projecting reflection, with goal putting. The third one is made with synergy of the previous ones. The here-being fixation is an act of idealization. The revolution ideal in here being is virtually value that is value which stability has sustainable behavior. How can we imagine ideal of the revolution point fixation?
   Large number of the existing political parties in Russia may be considered as kind of complex and wide-diversified social base for the party construction. The modern partisan construction is two-side one. One is PARTY OF CAPITAL, another is PARTY OF SOCIAL DEMOCRACY. The partisan construction is supplement with single civic organization of estates, elementary bodies of such factors as age, sex, and intentions. The political-civic union has carried on a dynamical nature and due to that is based on principle of the stable no equilibrium, the milestone of the revolution theory.
   Schematically it seems like following:

Political sphere

Party of Capital

Party of Social Democracy

Civic Organization

Here-Being Base (Roots of Revolution)



   4. The Russian Resource Antinomy
   It presents the following down-going sacred sense of the Russian way uniqueness and the up-going images set of the replied Russian soul. It's structurized on the triangle molecular form - 2 parties plus civic organization. The structure has no stable revolutionary behavior. Capital and social parties are rooted on the same civic organization. A famous question of Victor Frankl is TO НAVE OR TO ВE. It has the next revolutionary interpretation: to have AND to be. Revolution is the fusion point of here being. Introduction of revolution is transformed, transposed and expanded onto other value and will, which are fixed on the way of development. Revolution is a prerequisite of development. That's why we can call it like "DEVELUTION" or "REVOLOPMENT".
   The Russian revolution theory vision
   Two figures 1 (above) and 2 (the following) must be composed.








   The united configured scheme may have the following image:





Party of capital

Party of social democracy


Social services




Civic organizations

Here-Being Base for Revolution



(a population)




(Past, History, Experience)

(Future, Goals, Program)


   Chapter II.
   Philosophy is love for wisdom. Revolution as an act of love will.
   Wisdom is as Rick Slaughter noted a high store of the knowledge building. They are the data, information, knowledge and wisdom from down to up the order. Wisdom is a synonym for mathema. We introduced matrix of ACR and now we want to develop this presentation. Wisdom lays upper than schools. We shall try to show a core of all listed above schools. The revolution philosophy is expanded revolution school and we suppose that it determined main features of philosophical design.
   "Peaceful revolution". What does it mean? "Peaceful revolution means that there are opportunities for those against whom the revolution is made to destruct revolutionaries. The revolutionary has no rights to use extreme actions". The only support for them is their thinking ability and reason. The revolutionary elite must be more artificial than other around them and have to know in every moment of time and everywhere and before it will take place HOW they will be clubbed and killed [See: Schedrovitsky, 1994, р.10]
   1. Mathematics and Interpretations
   What do letters A, C, R in ACR-matrix mean? A stands for Authority, C does for Community, and R does for Residents (social background, grass-roots). What does 0 or 1 mean? Zero (0) means absence, 1 does the presence of sufficient structure for self-organization, functioning, development and interactions. A0 means that there is no authority, A1 does that there is an authority with ability to think nationally and globally, and work out the decision corresponding to this. C0 means that there are no revolutionary prerequisites we described above; C1 means that there is a construction of democracy (in every stage of development like triangle molecule or like. R0 means that the residents' interests lay not in national interest sphere; R1 does that residents are citizens of a society, which is opened for interactions and relations with civic organization or party (in no direct manner); they participate or, more strictly, share their ideologies.
   Typology of patterns






in monosets







































in bisets


in trisets

   Process of generation may be composed like this:













   Jumps (leaps) show the revolution direction in narrow meaning as change upper lay by low one.
   The same way for construction of 3-object vectors (trisets).
   Causal relation
   Teleological relation
   Genetic and functional relation
   Relevant absence
   This pattern may be represented with its process of interpretation. Revolution indicator of the process is its ability to have an interpretation to be divided onto two parts. Let pTp is noted of divided process. There are two meanings for duration of the process, positive and negative one. Typology of it is as following:
   Cross-typology of the divided-on-two process is defined with meanings:










   Type I


   Type II








   Type III




   1- Type of the divided-on-two process
   2- Matrix constructions: left column is start, right one is the final stage of a process; uр-line is time, low-line represents the subject state
   3- the causal, genetic and function relationships have the full start definition
   4- the causal, genetic and establish relationships have final definition
   5- the genetic and function relationships are finally complementary
   6- the teleology and establish relationships are start complementary
   7- the function and establish relationships are time complementary
   8- the genetic and teleology relationships are subject complementary
   9- the genetic and establish, and function and teleology relationshipsрs form pairs of subject-time complementary. Jumps ame complementary at the same
   Finally, all pairs mentioned above at their mutual connection give perfect causal relationship. It's obvious that holistic (continuous) processes may be constructed from interrupted uncaused processes. Using process reflection means that by means of it we may find out non-holistic (disturbed) situations and determine those meanings which reflectively complete situation to continuality and "supply" them to an action subsystem. The activities realization of meanings serves determination of situation by means of action release in it. A "situation-action" pair initiates reflective process which always satisfies to continua1ity requirement. That's why an activities process is realized
   {See: Oleg I. Genisaretsky. Methodological Organization of System Activities - In: Design and Implementation ol Automated Systems in Projecting (Theory and Methodology), - Moscow, 1974, pp.400-512, - [In Russian]. There are four assumptions on the functional reflection model. 1. Reflection applicability - a functional reflection is applied in a subject situations, it forms subject content and in this sense it is subject reflection itself. 2. Subjectivity of reflection and situation is determined by activities of the system, which is under a functional reflection. Therefore a subject content is determined and reserved from dissubjection. 3. There is an opportunity for choice separated subjects in situation. Functional reflection is expressed with monitor of the functional relations between subjects and discovers functional properties of subjects themselves. This is a principle of functional separate ability and subject connections. 4. Reflection may be over if separation of subjects and their functional relationship to a situation realized in corresponding functional holistic system.
   Methodology is a practical form to organize social activities. There are three levels or consideration of activities organization: (1) level of logic organization of activities, categories, ideal and abstract objects and semiotic and operational systems are reflected here. Thinking is a universal activities of consciousness, operating this subjects; (2) level of actor's organization of system activities. Concepts of an acting systems; (3) level of system organization of activities. System approach is a unit for reflecting of different activities systems [Genisaretsky, 1974, рр.437, 438,428]}
   The Russian revolution theory in its system approach is a thought as a type of the act-thinking system. Act of thinking is revolution act. Revolutionaries want to develop themselves, to progress and to solve problems of culture and science in Russia. They are constructive elements of goal of revolution, philosophy of which has thinking and the people-thinking world as a subject. "Thinking as activity" is a principle, which is a milestone of the Russian Revolution. There is no way for design of a new besides revolution and critics [G.Schedrovitsky, 1994, рр. 12, 17].
   2.Probability Nature.
   We may consider the matrix 1 as a matrix of probabilities that we introduce a norm, multiplying it on 1/12 (12 is a total number of ones in the matrix). This notion and interpretation give us an opportunity to estimate rate of the revolution investment.
   The revolution balance may be controlled by two resources - capital and social - from or on the base of which we can go out management of financial and human resources.
   The mass service theory may be applied for this goals. And then the revolution theory may be represented with mathematical interpretation. There is a problem for correct modeling of pattern behavior such a sign form
   Chapter III
   1. Basic terms.
   To0ls will be a real value for the Russian act-thinking due to its critical ability. Famous Russian writer of the 19th Century Nick0lay Leskov wrote a story about skillful arms-master from Tula. His name Levsha means his peculiarity of left-handed person. Russian emperor was in England with mission on the English king's invitation. English masters presented their major results of their skills. Among of different things a mechanical flea in natural size was a sabject of the English proud. The king gifted it to the Russian Emperor. When he came back to Russia he ordered to make something that will be more skilful than the English mecanical flea. Russian masters from Tula decided to shoe it. And he did it. Versed flea is a metaphor of the Russian skill. But this is not an end. Later the Russian Emperor made his gift for the English king. He gave to the king a flea. Where is a new quality init, Emperor said? English masters were surprised. The most impression was when they found out Levsha's name as trademark on every horseshoe of the mechanical flea.
   We use term tool in its wide sense including implement, instrument, way, route, mean, direction, sphere, relation, style.
   {In the Finnish language it corresponds to words "tie ", "keino ", "tyokalu"}
   It's relevant if we understand Russian rev01ution as lingv0lution.
   The Russian theorists of rev0lution are called themselves method010gists. What method0l0gy is better fit to description and prescription for reconstructing of causality and reproducing of activity? Activity is system organized. It is added with thinking. And their fusion is called as act-thinking. We may think the following tools have entered to consideration above: 1- transition to democracy matrix, 2- ACR-matrix.
   {Then we enter: 3- diagram of harmonization, 4- mindset of the Russian revolutionary.}
   Now we consider the general definitions as tools:
   Activity: It's a system of actions, behavior, knowledge, cooperation, abilities, vision. It requires thinking, mechanism of its self-organization.
   Thinking: In the Russian sense it is a vision. Vision is root for will and value. Vision determines a rev0lution doctrine. To think gl0bally is a triviality for Russians. They think so elsewhere. We may call it as total thinking. Total, h0listic and directed to sense thinking determines Russian type of vision.
   Reflection: According to type of thinking we enter systemic, acting and logic reflection.
   Application of the tools to basic structures of the rev01utionary theory is a goal of this paper.
   Communication and understanding: Two other types of the act-thinking are not an activity type. Communication theory we tie with lingvolution. Understanding is root of pyramid as a whole.
   Governance, run, operating, management, rule, etc.: This notion set presents some semasiological meanings of A-symbol in its interaction with C-symbol of ACR-matrix.
   {We define "management" as a tool for a reproduction and normalization of an activities at all levels and dimensions where its systemic and subjective parameters vary. The verb "manage" lays on the group of such synonymy ones as lead, run, conduct. It corresponds to Finnish 'johtaa". More full meanings of this tool another Finnish word "hallita" contains. They are: 1) rule (over), govern, reign (over). 2) manage, run, direct, supervise, administrate, 3) possess, be in possession of, hold, occupy ; 4) control, master, discipline, command, 5) master, have a command of, be good at [see; Suomi/Englanti/Suomi. Taskusanakirja. - Ilkka Reciaro & Douglas Robinson. - Gumeris. Juvaskyla, Helsinki, 1990. - р.72). Why we use this dictionary? Вecause of Finland is a state that concentrates ["its Russian policy optimum of aspects of the Russian situation in its changes.}
   2. Ontological scale for the Changes Description
   Times change catastrophically. The history of the Times includes three large, tempos of each of them is connected with a sphere-construction: seismosphere, biosphere and noosphere, backgrounds of which contents the grains of physics, biochemistry and reason.
   Every large tempo is counter pointed by the medium-scale tempos.
   {We use unpublished materials of the Saint-Petersburg Strategy Center Seminar "Problems and perspectives of the Development of Society ", especially lecture of Vsevolod A. Zubakov}
   They are the cloud time, the light time, the breathing time, the feeling time, the speaking time and the writing time.
   {Names of the times are derived from the main actor of these times. For eхamрle, the writing time is often called as civilization, time of writing to be the humans and written history}
   Perhaps there are low-scale times.
   Like a spirit lives within a body, times live containing a space. We speak of the Earth concerning its different states, its fluffiness with different tempos and therefore possessing of different faces.
   {Pentti Malaska in his mentioned above work with a references to A.Mikhailov and T.Lisina writes: "The view of nature as an open, complex system constrained by cosmic boundary conditions of the Earth, as depicted in display 6, are the nearest to the balance of nature. However, we know that the amount of solar radiation to Earth and its distribution on Earth have also changed over millions of years" [р.60]. See also: "Living Systems" By J. C. Miller. МcGrow-Нill Inc., 1978. - 1102 р. "Miller has developed theory of living systems, in which living processes can be identified at seven hierarchical levels: cell, organ, organism, group, organization, society and supranational systems. These levels also represent evolutionary sequences, which describe the temporal progress of change in the world. Each different subsystem maintains critical processes with inputs, throughputs and outputs of matter, energy and information. These flows are crucial to, continuous, reality and nature in continuum". [Cit. on: Нannu Vanharanta, 1994, p.331]. Daniel B.Botkin in his "Discordant Harmonies. A new Ecology for the Twenty-First Century" (Oxford University Press, 1990) "recognizes three different schools of thought about balance of nature at the global level. One presumes that the biosphere, as well as any l0cal ecosystem, is a steady-state system. Accordingly, nature at large is in harmonious balance, in constancy of form and structure and composition 0f all elements, and it will remain so, if no disturbed by external interventions, and it will return to balance after disturbance. Life is just one aspect 0f this perfect order, and perfectly fitted to it. This is consistent with the idea 0f a mechanical, machine metaphor and a divine order with the creator behind it. While accepting the view 0f the balance 0f nature, the other school 0f thought rests on the idea that life itself and its processes have the most dominant role in creating and maintaining that particular constancy and the steady-state conditions 0f nature, such as the mean surface temperature on earth and mean moisture conditions. This is, accordingly to Botkin, sti1l consistent with a mechanical machine metaphor, But it includes some old organic aspects too. Accordingly to the third school, the biosphere is always in change, and it has self-organizing capacity, which is the sole reason why life persisted and evolved on this planet. This school argues that if not seen through the eyes 0f old metaphors, observations and experiences show, that wherever constancy has been sought in nature, change has been discovered instead and whenever stability has been sought, discontinuity, fluctuations, and evolutionary leaps have been found. Nature undisturbed is to constant inform, structure, or proposition, But it changes at every point 0f time and space at some intrinsic, "natural" rate. The balance 0f nature does not exist, and perhaps has never existed: variations and change have always dominated. This view is on of the triggering elements of the late-modern transition. Nature operates according to the rules and laws 0f complex, evolutionary systems, not as a machine. Major bifurcations are natural phenomena on this course, chaos-like patterns included, and life itself is an essential agent 0f an evolving dynamic order. Table shows the major bifurcation 0f the biosphere over eons of time.
   (I) Biological innovations perturbing the biosphere.
   Origins of:
  -- Life,
  -- Photosynthesis,
  -- Aerobic photosynthesis,
  -- Other biochemical metabolism,
  -- Calcium-containing skeletons.
   Origin and expansion of bioturbating organisms
   The colonization of land by plants and animals
   The evolution of angiosperms, humans
   (II) Abiotic perturbations.
   Extraterrestrial perturbations: changes in solar luminosity, the impact on the earth of such bodies as asteroids and comets
   Crucial changes:
   The growth of large continents in major tectonic change
   Variation through tome in volcanism
   Plate tectonic changes altering
   Continental geographies, topography, ocean circulation
   Climatic change, principally glaciations
   Sea-level changes
   (Cit: Pentti Malaska. 1994. р.58-59, in chapter titled "The Late-modern Dilemma 0f Nature")}
   They are: (1) gaplogaia, simple earth, (2) pyrogaia, hot earth, (3) chemogaia, an earth residents of which were immortal membrane-like beings, restoration media, during the cloud and light times, (4) oxygaia, earth appeared as a result of prerifean crisis and populated by eucariots at the breathing time during cytocollectivization and at the feeling time during cefalization, (5) anthropogaia, earth of the sociation and civilization times, and (6) technogaia.
   From pyrogaia time when selection of isomers began, a process of genomerization development had start of which the following beddings produced: onvervaht (КA) 3900, fig-3 (AR) 3200; cyonogemer 2800, ferrogemer 2200, syderogemer 2000, protistogemer 1700, malakogemer 1100, sklerogemer 580, tallasogemer 570, khtonogemer 400, ramogemer 40. Numbers show to millions years from civilization. Four gemers relate to sociation and civilization (age of their generation is measured in thousand years): kaugemer 50, huntergemer 5-8, agrogemer 5-8, mechanogemer 0,2.
   What gemer - a measure of life and its form- are the earth choosing of who asks, an agent of living form or an agent of dearth form.
   On the second case all text previous should be transformed. For instance, new reduction of the first sentence should be rewritten: "Times are catastrofical, they appear when forms of life carriers existence without times, knowledge change". Spheric methodology and onthology substitutes to elliptic and hyperbolic ones. From this point of view all previous text is tanatography,
   {From greek term "tanatos ", dearth}
   i.e. a description of history in frame of which times present themselves like beddings or ashes of cultural deposits.
   Prerifean environmental crisis and a modem ecological crisis are two forms of life if we look at time-space from the retrospective (aversive or back "perspective") of the second approach. Modern ecological crisis is one from birth throes. The Earth perhaps is ready to give birth to specific quality of life-base that distinguishes from eukariots and cell united in selforganization order nucleous, mitochondria, chloroplasts and rybosoms.
   Euckaryot is a child from its parents - urkaryot and prokaryot. Urkaryots died in prerifean crisis. Eukaryots became leaders after crisis. Prokaryots gave a beginning to subsidiary line of development age of which is 1700 million years. If it is considered like incubation (forming as a foetus), then it should be noted the 15 following phases: archebacteriums, eubacteriums, cyanobacteriums, dynoflagelats, greens, amphibians, reptiles, mammalias, primates, humans.
   What is future of this line? What does follow after man, develop him? Is it time for man to make acquaintance with his death? His death becomes his oikumena. We may assume a union of a new born and eukaryot familiar to previous union of urkaryot and prokaryot, they form a new quality with living cycle in billion years range. This quality and a quality carrier will play a leading role in evolution.
   There is still a chance for man to exist in a subsidiary line - in COEVOLUTION.
   {See: Instrumental'naja teoria razwitija noosferi: kratkij ocherk vvedeuija [Instrumental Theory for developing noosphere; brief out-line of introduction. - (In Russian)]. - In Club-Congress No 8 1994 рр.60-74; Co-evolution Methodology for Self-Development of Humankind, by Svet1ana Aristova and Peter Korolev. - Proceedings of the VII East- West Seminar on World Unification. October 20-27. 1994, Hesbjerg, Denmark}
   3. Religion dimension of revolution.
   [A] Revolution. A way towards an action. An attempt of numerical (aritmmological) investigation if a sense and value of revolution.
   A global revolution goes on throughout the world. It requires total transformation of different world fragments. It is a methodological or revolution in worldview. Spherical vision is substituted by elliptic vision. The background of total transformation is a manage orientation. Global level is that of thinking transformation of vision, it infra structural supplement with activities orientation on local level and with orientation to smth "which take place" at cosmic level. What is this smth? What features are of cosmic level?
   Let's answer these questions arithmologically based on orthodoxal dogmatics. Assume 4 perfect number from the triangle numeric set.
   {Triangle numeric set is:
   1 - 3 - 6 -10
   0x01 graphic
   This is a set 0f figures, each 0f them presents a triangle-like composition, we call them as perfect numbers: a one, a three, a six, a ten. We used a treatise of Jamblici "Theologumena Arithmeticae"}
   First intention and direction of expansion for global level (considering content of a one in its possibility become of everything) we may find out on a quality change of a ten in its development from a one to a three and then to the limit, where a bifurcation ("vozneseniye", ascention) uр to a six is possible. The second intention is one we consider the quality transformation of a ten on the way from a six (which fuses in love-impulse a one, a two and a three) towards an eight (expressed symbolically a ideal of beauty and balance), towards an actual one (a ten) through overcoming a gap between invisible and visible, between the holy spirit and corpus cristi, and further through double bifurcation to the limit of an initial intention.
   A way to action is difficult, it paths through a despair related with understanding of two-fold man's nature which is a shape and similarity of God. Kjerkegaard described this state as a illness to death. Consulting with Death man has a will to make action, get a power for its release. It is a synthesis of incompatible substances, a finite and infinite, corporal and spiritual. Daring go out from absolute limit, from spherical methodology it's finding a germ of binocular vision and forming a resource for action. A germ of two-focused vision is developed with the action development. Birth is distinguished from creation. Although a birth is realized due to a Creator's Plan, it consists of the shift-like transformation set via a set of birth-deaths. A three is perfect but falling asleep it wakes up in a different quality of other perfectness of a six that has being at the first developing stage of a four. On the way of a three a feeling time is forming on the to a six a speaking time is forming. A four is the first point of a word magic ('magia'). A civilization retrospective fuses in synergy times of fathers and forefathers, epogen and aestogen, these origins (roots) of sociation and cefalization, to put seed of the synergy in its antinomy for a civilization development perspective. Writing in graphogen comes to a point of bifurcation. Nobody knows its direction besides God. A divine is one from two origins of the Christian man therefore in action of creativity he finds a readiness to act in this point (on local level) where it is possible to find a power allowed a man be born. Self-birthing: this is a sense of a "vozneseniye" (ascension ) transformation. (The sixth member of orthodox faith reads: rising up to the heavens and sitting on the right hand from a Father). An action on local level may draw us near to God, to a one. Plan of cefalization made by a Christ mission, completed with a plan of sociation realized by his resurrection and ascension up the heaven. This is a way to action on the battle field of a Faith, this is a way of thinking expansion from global to local level, this is its act-thinking development. This is a way of the knowledge history about action.
   [B] Intention of a new time
   Other is build a new way, that lays on a new times' intention. This is a projection towards that cannot be observed by knowledge because of it is clear and empty, there is no trace of action and may be it will not. It will not a traces of action and if will come in it will not any traces.
   Can it perceive a world of the invisible? Yes, prophets answer by means of spiritual eye, of wise vision. The first step to the vision (from a six to an eight) is a philosophical one. Philosophy is antinomian one, it has two origins, origin of love (a perfect of a six) and origin of beauty (harmony of a Sophia-like eight). Reminder the 8-th member of the orthodox Faith Symbol: "Believe in---Holy Spirit, life-creative Lord emanating from Father and Son, glorifying, greeting, speaking by prophets". Philosophy is an edge of existing generation (a visible substance) directed on the horizon of unobserving, the invisible. Changeable protein-like nature of that is in front here - in a paradise beauty - embodied in a verb (in Logos, in word). Holy Spirit may be percepts as a presentiment of the end, as a death carrying ocean breath (Aphrodite came from the same Ocean!). Death again and it is life again; it is a new awakening. It is like sleep of Saint Sergey of Radonezh and awakening of Saint Audrey Rublev a philosopher-visionary perceived invisible world, its spiritual substance is not only in colors of the icons, it is in light. He discovered "golubets" (heaven-blue), this is not a color, it is a light like a golden gleam of the heaven world. This is a way of ascetic connected with specific transcendence of Radonezh with its Symbol of the Trinity, origin of Life. This is a reverse prospective (retrospective) of the way from a one to a three.
   [C] Rublev and Dante: Two ways towards God
   Another way, another transcendence was realized at the same time by Dante Alighieri. If Audrey Rublev was a spiritual grandson of Sergey of Radonezh then one of the spiritual grandson and simultaneously (that's very important) one of the spiritual father of Dante was Russian orthodox priest Pavel Florensky. Dante built a way to God through hell. Difference between the ways is conventional. ????????? of Rublev is his spiritual ascetic experience's result. It's a joy of an elder man skilled in making set of senseless actions, skilled in its chaos and karmic closeness overcoming, it's a joy of a monk has become innocent child again. It's a motive of Saratushtra of F. Nietzsche.
   Movement along the hell circles is like sailing directions in new global geometry (gaiametry). Discovery of a reverse prospective is a discovery of gemisphere, it's a discovery of the uncertainty, the imaginary. The 7th chapter of the Florensky's book "Mnimosti v geometrii [Imaginaries in geometry] (Moscow: Pomorie, 1922) wrote about it. This discovered the plane shape of the Earth - one-sided plane Mobius leaf like. Dante found out a new geometry for the spiritual world. Dantenian plane is not a Euclidian plane, Dantenian plane breaks weak points of Copernicus cosmology and helps us come back to origins of the Ptolemaic world picture.
   [D] Ecclesia making
   Point in which the world as a globe is transformed into the world as a hemisphere is defined on the way from an eight (astrological meaning is Uranus) to a nine (Neptune). You feel a Death breath in this point, you feel a border of Universe out of it a principle of absolute acts, end of action the principle of Relativity. Overcome this border means to get an ability for visioning. A spiritual eye look at the world in perspective that we called earlier as reversive one. It means acquisition of a True Criterion of John, the acquisition of a Christ's Body. God via Christ finds a man's body (in transformation from a two to a three), here a Christian man via a divine origin in himself finds a Christ's Body.
   Global revolution is replaced by hemispheric evolution. ECCLESIA MAKING replaces civilization. Time of extreme unction people comes up to take time of writing people place. It's time of dancing or playing people.
   "Profess a sole christening for sin absolving - this is a principal motif of the 10-th member of the Faith Symbol, it fulfils with content of a ten, the 4th triangle (perfect) number. It's hymnology sounds like "Rig Veda" or "Psalms". A ten as an actual (i.e. realized) one is an origin where potentiality of an absolute one Christ cruixificated suffer and Doomsday favor fuse. The Last Judgment (numerically is a seven) is co-focused to suffering of Christ on the Cross. This bi-focus is foreseen the 1st horizon of "continuation" of a ten ("hope for the dead will be resurrected"). The second horizon defines an origin for new form of life of a future age", a beginning of a new billion-year period (if we use a Tsiolkovsky thinking's scale).
   [E] Pneumatic Ellipse
   Cosmic transformation is a response on global revolution in process of which bifocused vision is forming. Global thinking gets its act-thinking dimension and action mode. Through new visioning we can find out shape of the invisible base of a globe, its hemisphere. Constitutive feature for ecclesia making is building and it comes up to take civilization place. Noosphere tempo gets its pneumatospheric counterpoint. Writing man using a deconstruction of different times is giving birth to himself and get ability to give birth to himself , he gets god-likeness and then god's image. A universe is total time and space transformed. A result of such transformation is that part of the invisible now will get visible shapes, part of visible substance now will get invisible field-determination. World duality that called as corpuscular-wave dualism at physisists or male-female monada at daosists presents itself by means of Shiba Cosmic Dance. Macro fragments of the Universe begin use this recourse forming new mechanisms for regeneration, recovering and birthing new organs, new faces, new ????????. . Environmentalism is replaced by geometry, spaciometry (total for a space measurement), history and project is replaced by two supplementary aspects of chronometry. The imagine and a certain in their relativity things contain pneumatic ellipse. Noosphere is solved by pneumatic ellipse in field of the visible and by pneumatic hyperbola in field of the invisible. Absolute ceases be only point or only plane but it becomes as point as a plane as a "point 0f plane"
   Chapter IV
   We are going to present a style of thinking of typical Russian intellectual oriented on revolution interpretation of modern Russian situation.
   {We tried reconstruct a spirit of a book of Yu. V. Gromyko. Styki (Jonctures). How to transit from one System of social relationships to another. An Essay of religious and methodological self determination.(Moscow: Rossiya. 2010. Independent Methodological University. 1993, 90 р. - In Russian) using a plan of the paper.}
   Perestroyka is rea1ization of ideas of bolshevist school in form of counter-revolution. It's very strange situation: why majority of population supports reforms if they are realized without checking of interests of a majority? Real revolution should be organized as a change of our living style and way of thinking as overlapping a frames of ideological society and ideocracy. Two means a high tech of social consciousness in go out of ideas with real experiences of actors implemented them.
   Restoration and reproduction of Russian self-consciousness and world view need to think, and answer the following 5 questions:
   1- what will be the Russian traditional form of statehood in the 21-st century- 3d Millenium?
   2- what is the Russian multi-ethnical hyper-ethnos with a Russian people as a core?
   3- what place and functions of orthodox religion in living style of Russian super-ethnos and its statehood? What are its relationships with Old-believers, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims and Judaists?
   4- what are relationships between processes of reproduction of Russian social traditional living-style and processes of development and modernization?
   5- what is the Russian contribution to design of world conception for multinational social and cultural life of other peoples throughout the world?
   This vision determines understanding of world history and its current processes.
   Ethnos rises and puts its coherent mode on the base of the protostate idea. The idea is new Russian post-communist civilization with restorated Russian anthropology. This is a goal for real carrier of statehood, for Russian people not for population. Situation in Russia of today is such there is a population but there is no a people. We use term people to mark "nation" or "public".
   {Identity of population and people is determined by extent of naturalization a form of publicity in living-style and way of population}
   When we speak of reforms, we can remember that it should not be a goal for people, it is a mean for any other process's implementation. When we make policies and work out state goals we should foreseen a people's response to their promotion. Every citizen should be explained what objectives and directions country as a whole is going to select in its revolution change. Wealth means ability of large population groups to accomplish labor exertion and of restoration of skilled labor's paradigmatic.
   CAPITAL. It's very important to differ and synthesize two notions "cost" and "value". It will be put as a base for statehood that is constituted in terms of anti-monetary economics. Anti-monetarists develop activities' systems. Social development and statehood are non-economical categories, they have their origins and their roots out of economical reality, they in opposite generate it. We may discuss a "capital" concept's change in 20th century. This change is a shift of consciousness looking for capital from land, iron, treasure to human organized potential. There are financial and industrial capitals, contradiction between them is a cause of struggle caste' and non-caste' systems of social organization. Special types of enterprises that produce a new form of social order shou1d and have established. We can watch (or observe) contours of "market" organization as an autonomous movement. On the place of all automatically making market we should build complex systems for skilled labor' paradigms in the different fields that is really restored a paradigmatic of the skilled labor, put goals for development of different systems of professional activities, establish expert systems for control and valuation of quality as results of work as educational levels of workers. This is a base and outlines for self-movement' arrangement. It should be called MARKET.
   The budget of Russian market-making concludes 90% of time and efforts to restore a labor culture and its value, 3% - to get run of financial circulations and make contracts, and 7% should be invested to coordinate one with other. Therefore it should be given to people paradigms of free industrial movement, it should be defined rules of "game" and its restrictions; it should be defined a movement objectives; it should be created a multitude of autonomous self-acting industrial firms and industrial systems which are able to realize their activities on regionally specific conditions; it should be given norms for skilled labor.
   Development of systems of practice in the 3-d Millennium is a human oriented development that has obligatory development of human itself as its mechanism.
   Russian anthropologists realize anticaste model for life's organization and oriented to industrial capital's development. Russians seek a collective and communal way their rescue. Protostate idea is idea of new post-communist civilization with restored Russian anthropology. Russian anthropology is determined by dialectical contradiction between goals and conditions of activity. Conversion of activity conditions to goals means reduction of an activity recourse, destruction of its primary sense. Activity is communal oriented one. There are no communities in Russia now, and therefore no civic society formation of which supposes find out complicated relationships between communities.
   Real communist bolshevist anthropology of statehood and the state Americanism are incredibly familiar in their intention to destruction and replacement of natural form of anthropological contact and manage impact. State Americanists consider the Russian patriotic form of consciousness and self-identification as Enemy Number One.
   {See, for example, issue of "America" Magazine, devoted to the US-President Вill Clinton. 1993}
   A way out ideocracy is a way of real change of constitutional communist anthropology. Transition from skilful understanding to social action is constructed on the way of simplification using the idea of simplicity. It must not content lies, distortions and substitutions. On this way conditions for connection and coordination elites of society with common ordinary members of it will be build up. In order to carry out this work it is necessary to distinguish "place" (post) that is official person's workplace and "position" (attitude) which is determines by imagination ability.
   {Einbildungskraft as Kant discussed it.}
   Every Russian should have pane of his own inferiority (defect list) not in relation to the West but in relation to his own national history. Overcoming of his pain in his growth in historical Russian dimension that is one of his self-consciousness and his own history. The question is what is controlled by human goal energy and requires meekness, comprehension and prayer.
   PEOPLE REFORM. There is a Greek word ????, agon, meant contest. There is a tendency to create conditions for agonal living style that is a situation of real abilities' control where more able person should have more respect. Consciences as a religious dimension of consciousness allow us to acknowledge our own type of participation in a social situation. Undertaking is a way of strategic thinking that provides for non-standard (lateral) search action on the conditions of local, partial, splitting, breaking and no holistic economical systems. Goal promotion, working out projects of social groups of population that support these goals, policymaking and programming are the state activities.
   To realize reform means need to design paradigms of new act-thinking supported by state activities. This is a special form of intercommunication of undertaking and statehood. Statement of goals to population of a country is main duty for reformatory. Task of reform is planning of social action out of class approach. Reform is nothing else but clear way for coordinating of movement forms that are of transition to the future. Rules of reform should be publicized. Population is interested in direction of jerk, way of their contribution encouragement, what is reward of their working effort. They should understand different chances for making success depending from their education, professional preparation, national peculiarities and so on.
   In order to the mission people will go out from ideological society in conditions of destroyed orthodox mean of its self-identification it should be described and formed Russian worldview in framework of which it is possible answer a question what is Russian self-consciousness in 21st Century and 3d millennium. Building a worldview we have vital need to find out our own answers on questions of the united key questions. We begin view education as poly-sphere processor that includes and reforms other systems of social practice. The same process may be organized for the health sphere included treatment, disease prevention service and health promotion. Maintenance of health that is needed for realization goals of reform means system design of educational, environmental and social security bodies in their interconnections and coordination.
   It was a waste speeches about legal state because of all of them have no aim to distinguish of a natural law, moral norms and conscience (internal religious dimension of consciousness) and (2) a formal juridical law of western civilization.
   {See interesting parallel in "Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Styles in a Collective Context - The Chinese" by Weining Chang [Sharing Tools for Personal/Global Harmony. - 3d Annual International Conference on Conflict resolution. - Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 11-16 May 1995. - On Site Program, p.11). She defines conflicts as ingroup moderated and as out group intensified. In opposition to western cases she pays attention to the following pairs of notion:
      -- Mediator / court of law or other impersonal bodies
      -- Avoid direct confrontation / direct confrontation
      -- Equality principle / equity principle
      -- Personal and social consideration / impersonal concern
      -- Facts as references for judgment / facts as basis for judgment
   Good common sense is in opposite of laws leads to compromised settlement, no to win/lose outcome; we have in chinese case future interaction and restored social order instead of no future interaction and term "social order irrelevant" in western cases.
   Pentti Malaska proposed a theory of Harmony for the Social Transformation [We reproduce some features of it using archive of Club-Congress Cultural Organization, especially Malaska's report on Kondratieff Conference at Saint-Petersburg, Russia 1995 March 15, on title "Triadic Harmony and Transformation of Society"]. He draw a diagram that contains three sectors, - economic, social and spiritual, - in their dynamics. Disturbance of harmonic order leads to different case interpretation such as western one with its values of economy, effectivity and solidarity, eastern one with its equality of possibilities, and like Iran case with its human freedom as a dominant indicator. Describing sectoral interaction he said on the example of economic sector that it is supplied with material recourses taken from environment and with contribution from an other sector, it has orientation to way of production, wealth and prosperity, and has material order as a result which to be distributed as a contribution to other sector. He spoke of rights and justice when he described a social and political sector; and of means and values when he described cultural and spiritual sector. It seems like similar to mindset of Weining Chang. See also "Synergistic Human Evolution(SYNHUE): a unified theory of integrated differences" by Dennis C.Boytim. [Cit. on: Club-Congress 1994, No.2, Saint-Petersburg, рр.79-82, No 4, рр.35-55]}
   No form of effective democracy has its legitimacy in Russia. Russian statehood is not a result of constitutional or juridical-like declarations, is not a result of individual choice of smb's behavior style: do I like this person or not?
   Wisdom of people as a whole and information to public are very different things. Toffler's point of view on statehood (in frame of school of individual life libertarianization) is nothing else but force positivism. Is it really possible to constitute functions of Russian post-communist statehood? Constitution is legal form of existing practice and forming and developing practice needs other than constitution forms of regulation.
   We have intention to industrial capital. How can we escape from the fiscal? If nation has its 0wn way in reproduction of its social system, if it understands what bonds and cooperation links are between science, engineering and administration and if nation may realize its development due to educational system, then it becomes free from financial capitalist systems. Restoration of Russia is reproducing of Russian spiritual and religious base and development of so called military-industrial complex (MIC).
   Russia presents itself as very complicated system; Russian statehood is not product of juridical activity and not a result of comparison with western world. The Russian statehood aims is not law consensus mechanism but it's ideal goal horizon of mobilization collectives, communities, social groups and social systems to realization of complex tasks. The Russian statehood now is not only legislative norms for consensus-making of different subjects of law process but also on ideal goal context determines form of movement to future and ideal agents of different levels and types. One of the main state goals is creation of movement patterns for local industrial-trade structures. Economic reform is not a goal for people; it is a mean for restoration of Russian statehood not only by means of state official duties maintain but also by means of public participation in realization of idea of new Russian post-communist civilization with restored Russian anthropology. Parliamentary republic is the only acceptable form for Russian State. There is a proposal to form a program-like organized statehood. Statehood contains in its basis other types of ideal characteristics, particularly important for the Russian state; they are a holiness and historic truth. The f1rst one is determined with bond of state and church, statehood and religion, the second one with bond of statehood and thinking. To statement of state goals is to foresee in indicators of these goals national social-activities' structure of their achievement and cultivated forms of living-style, which guarantee their achievement. It means a prediction of public response on their statement and promotion that expresses in public participation in this process and furthermore all system of infrastructure maintenance of goals realization. Scale and level of state goals should be open and are able to observe by civic society' self-determination and selection. State should have a monitoring tools for organization projecting of changes of social structure as a whole and publicized/published these organizational projects.
   The idea of new Russian post-communist civilization primarily may be expressed by the idea of regional development. Centers of regional development are systems aimed to the growth of Russian rooted life, they move as free subject agents of reconnaissance, expansion and competition ability throughout the world. They have target to organize a stage of world development on the Russian territory using uniqueness of environmental resources and on base of tradition and history of given region.
   {Interesting data and generalizations are in the рaрer "Some Thoughts on Strategic Challenges of Transforming Central European Countries" by Tibor Vasko prepared for presentation at the VII Interdisciplinary discussion "Ecofuture: The way to a Catastrophe or to Noosphere?" (Saint-Petersburg, Russia 15-17 March 1995); see also: Club-Congress 1995 No 22, рр.11-24}
   "Regional development" is not a final concept but a tool (instrumental concept) that determines conditions and means for above mention process's realization. Regional agents of development get possibility to form their own concept of Russian statehood opposed to Russian state provincialism.
   There is very important issue for foreign policy, which may be used by Russia to great effect to fulfill the adequate content of the concept of "developing country". In exact correspondence with the concept developing country is not poor needy state but power with actually mobi1e developing economy, industry and social sphere. Russia should solve task of restoration holistic multi-criterial notion of development (not only criterion of exceptionally economic growth), it will serve to select group of states able and desire to declare real their own authentic models of development.
   From the point of geopolitical system diplomacy the major item of European life is relationship between Russia and Germany, the major item of Asian life is relationships between Russia, India, China, Tibet and Japan. Eurasia as a continental power will be formed around the axis of Berlin- Moscow-Delhi-Beijing- Tokyo.
   Transfer of American living style as a modernization without reproduction means export to Europe form of a new order. There is a "surface" Americanization in Europe result of which will be destruction of traditions and cultures. Culture is a base for reproduction process for original living styles. American form of living style is based on transfer all the best and able to live parts from multitude of ethno state matrices. What do intended to real unification European peoples look for and wait? Russia should present a people-historic unity of real multinational system with restored holistic cultural, historic and ethnic foundations.
   Idea of economical impact of West and Russia is not in creation of so called free economic zones, it is in creation of jerk experimental stages for concrete joint international projects. Idea is to use Russian intellectual resources and western investments for probable problem projects which determine the alternative policies of development of civilization and progress in key directions of practical systems' development (energy sources, forms of feeding, oceanic bottom opening up and so on).
   A problem of the 3-d Millennium is a problem of configuration of internal spiritual activities' perception/knowledge and scientific equity knowledge/perception of a natural matter. It requires synthesis of religious, engineer, and scientific and philosophical knowledge. Note that scientific research is a way of making of knowledge that has mass and general application. We stand for distinguish in macroeconomic ontology activities' industrial economy and anti-activities' financial economy.
   There are different tools for analysis of state and statehood. The German concept presents an attempt to connect statehood and thinking. The English way of analysis considers a state from point of view the idea force violence to individual. The Franco-roman idea based on primarily equality of population considers a process of state generation as a realized by totality of averaged l'homme moyen on the base of contrat social. Russia needs in synthesis of these traditions but not in borrowing or following one of them.
   Study of Russia should have a methodologically organized order. It should be created a special system package of different disciplines such as sociology, politic science, economics, psychology, semasiology, epistemology, conscientology, religion; it should be practice oriented theory basic for work out programs and projects, fundamental for discussion its principles and results of its implementation. This is a knowledge of development this theory has bad forty years of experience and presented a super-knowledge in definite fields such as logics, methodology, philosophy, art, science and engineering. Results of very high level should be used for design of practice of Business-Action out of communist ideas. Build worldview like a project and present it like a set of questions, - this task requires an ability of person, community and public (people) put goals and propose project for conflict participants' cooperation and coordination. This task has links with task of restoration multi-dimensional criteria of development.
   As for forecast it is an auxiliary tool of action after goals of our own action putting and scenarios proposing. Act-thinking of political leader is a complicated art of package of all literalities in feeling of situation that be carries out and very plain and as simple as possible way of maintaining living styles and practices of huge masses of population.
   Chapter V
   All schools base their studies of Russia on case studies. Economists concern Bolivia, neolibertarians Spain, Portigal, Zimbabwe and Chile. Revolution school theorists search a historical and revolution process in Russia in its authentity. There are main statements, which characterize school and implementation difficulties in application theory in different countries. Difficulties appear due to discordance of theoretical statements to real situation. Reforms in Bolivia for example were conducted in conditions of existing markets actions, Russian situation differs there is no market situation. Hence the market forming process will be called transformation. It's not correct to use theory applicable for reforms in situation of transformation process. Economists share an idea of monodisciplinarity.

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