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   Fate/stay Night/Multicross SI
   Don't Be the Tsundere By: timemaster40
Dear 'Rin'
First I should say Congratulations! You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn magic. You see I have observed some other beings like myself picking up random people from all over the multiverse and giving them powers of all forms and watching. I decided to take a shot at this as well.
You see dear, I want a new type of student. One who will look at magic with fresh eyes and take nothing for granted. Unfortunately, my students need at least a solid grounding in magecraft to learn anything from me. Thus they need to be traditionally trained, leading to a very formulaic thought process.
That's where you come in. you have no preconceived notions of what can and can't work. But that means you have no training. To fix that I have placed your mind and soul in the body of one of my most promising pupils, Rin Tohsaka. I have also given her families Magic Crest and all of her knowledge through the end of the Holy Grail War. Your headache is due to your mind and soul integrating all of this into yourself.
Since I don't want you to die I have also given you a younger body, specifically you are now 7. Happy Birthday! In a few days your memories should settle down. As for where you are I have decided to enroll you in school at a very prestigious school. I am sure you will figure out where you are when class starts today.
Also, since I cannot teach you in person I have left you with a helper to further your magic education. You also have the Tohsaka family chest that I gave your bodies ancestor to store things in. I may have also left a few gems in the chest for your use.
Your Teacher,
Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, Wizard Marshell
   270 Chapters + 89 Interlude + 32 Reflections
   Toaru Majutsu no Index
   A Certain Strange Scenario By: Brosephg
   A former machine of destruction programmed to slaughter espers strives to walk the path of the hero and a young man who has saved the entire world more than once who strives to abandon that path. What will happen when two polar opposites, a machine and a man, decide to unite against a common enemy who would see them and their loved ones destroyed?
   AU. Touma X Misaki.
   Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Adventure - [TMma K., Shokuhou M./The Queen]
   Chapters: 39 - Updated: Dec 30, 2016
   Toaru Majutsu no Index
   Times Change By: Brosephg
   In a world of tragedies, what if a certain tragedy never came to be? What if a bleak destiny was averted, and everything happened differently? AU. Touma X Misaki. Spinoff of A Certain Strange Scenario.
   Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Family - [Shokuhou M./The Queen, TMma K.]
   Chapters: 23 - Updated: Jan 7 2017
   Worm, Luna Varga
   Taylor Varga
   Тейлор заключила договор с демоном и используя новые силы отыгрывает целую семью рептилий.
   MLP, Worm
   A Friend in Need
   Worm, Ar Tonelico
   Hymn of Harmony
   Кхм, автор сделал невозможное и превратил Ворм-фик в доброе, милое и даже флаффное произведение. Крайне советую всем.
   Worm, SupCom
   Playing with Lego's
   Тейлор с силами Технаря-Серафима.
   Fate/Stay Night & Harry Potter
   Swords and Sorcery
   Worm/Kingdom Hearts
   A Skittering Heart
   Cook of the Mercenary Corp

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  М.Боталова "Академия Равновесия. Сплетая свет и тьму" (Любовное фэнтези) | | Е.Кариди "Навязанная жена" (Любовное фэнтези) | | В.Лошкарёва "Хозяин волчьей стаи" (Любовная фантастика) | | Е.Васина "Клуб "Орион". Серенада для Мастера." (Современный любовный роман) | | М.Санди "Последняя дочь черной друзы." (Любовное фэнтези) | | Л.Петровичева "Наследница бури" (Любовное фэнтези) | | А.Ардова "Мое проклятие. Книга 3" (Любовное фэнтези) | | О.Гринберга "Чужой мир - мои правила" (Юмористическое фэнтези) | | Я.Гущина "Невольница судьбы" (Любовное фэнтези) | | В.Мальцева "Месть" (Современный любовный роман) | |
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