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    Nuclear explosion 2019.08.08 near Nenoksa (Russia) is interpreted as successful test of the new Russian dirty bomb.

Many people discuss events 08.08.08 near Severodvinsk, and complain about the "information vacuum"; they ask: "What happened?". I try to fill this "vacuum".

Dirty bomb

In vicinity of Severodvinsk, or rather, near the villages Nenoksa and Sopka, near military unit 59109, a new generation of "dirty bomb" was tested. This bomb has its own nuclear reactor, it is used to make life-threatening isotopes directly in flight. Spreading of these isotopes is main effect and goal of this weapon. Part of power of the reactor is used to accelerate this bomb; it can be launched as a rocket. So, It is also called a "rocket with nuclear engine". For the same device, the long and absurd term "Isotopic power source in a liquid propulsion system" is also used.

At the end of the mission of this bomb, it explodes, adding even more contamination. This can be performed in the following way. First, the reactor is shut down to the "iodine pit". Then, it is put deep into a supercritical state. Then, the strong explosion does not require a rapid assembling of pieces of a fissile material (as in a conventional nuclear bomb). This method of explosion had been tested in 1986 at the initiation of the Chernobyl disaster.


In certain sense, the test 2019.08.08 is successful:
1. The device demonstrated the thrust as an engine.
2. This engine threw into the atmosphere about 10^14 becquerels of unstable isotopes - several orders of magnitude less than the Chernobyl disaster.
3. At the end of the experiment, 2018.08.08,06:00 GMT (Local time 9:00), near the point with coordinates 64.8, 39.2, the device exploded, releasing of order of 10^13 joules of energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation (radiowaves, visible, ultraviolet, X-ray and gamma), as well as neutrons, alpha and beta particles, as well as other products of nuclear fission. The burst of light had ignited equipment of military unit 59109, and, in particular, the tank of the rocket fuel. The jump of ionizing radiation had been detected even at a distance of tens of kilometers in Severodvinsk.

The test was carried out by suicide functionaries. The direct performers died, turned into radioactive ashe. During few days since the explosion, rescuers could not even count these victims; estimates of their number vary from one to seven. Later, propagandists bargained and agreed at the estimate "5 victims". They are named: 1. Vyushin Alexey Nikolaevich (1976.06.07 - 2019.08.08)
2. Korataev Evgeny Yuryevich (1968.12.25 - 2019.08.08)
3. Lipshev Vyacheslav Yuryevich (1979.01.14 - 2019.08.08)
4. Pichugin Sergey Evgenievich (1973.06.02 - 2019.08.08)
5. Yanovsky Vladislav Nikolaevich (1948.01.30 - 2019.08.08)

The remote observers received lethal doses of radiation. The "Baza" name them:
1. Berezin Igor Andreevich
2. Plaksin Sergey Sergeevich
3. Perepelkin Alexey Alekseevich
4. Abalin Dmitry Evgenievich
5. Manyusin Alexander Ivanovich
6. Grishin Sergey Vasilievich

Dangerous to health and, probably, also lethal doses were also recieved by the residents of the nearest villages Nenoksa and Sopka. The test region and, in particular, aquatoria of Dvinski Bay is contaminated with unstable isotopes of iodine, ruthenium, cesium, strontium and plutonium in the amount of order of 10^15 becquerel. This pollution is so great, that Russian officials keep it a secret.

The phenomena above (including the casualities) should be qualified as successful testing of the dirty bomb: Neither "Elixir of Life", nor a medicine had been tested, but the weapon of mass destruction, and since the beginning, the goal of such a device is just murder of people (and, may be, even destruction of the Human civilization).


Based on publications (including those cited in articles "2019.08.08.explosion" and "вч 59109"), the preliminary list can be constructed of the Russian officials, suspected of making the dirty bomb, testing it on 08.08.08 near Nenoksa village, and hiding the danger of this experiment from the public: Bastrykin Aleksandr Ivanovih
Bortnikov Aleksandr Vasilievich
Gerasimov Valery Vasilievich
Kabantsov Konstantin Petrovich
Kiriyenko Sergey Vladilenovich
Kostyukov Valentin Efimovich
Magomedov Valentin Magomedovich
Mashenkov Valery Leonidovich
Popov Vyacheslav Alekseevich
Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich
Solovyov Vyacheslav Petrovich
Chaika Yuri Yakovlevih
Chernyshev Alexander Konstantinovich
Chistyakov Dmitry Leonidovich
Chaika Yuri Yakovlevich
Shoigu Sergey Kuzhugetovich
Zharov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

This list is far from complete and needs to be updated on the base of information that is not yet available.

Due to the preliminary character of this list, the estimates above should not be considered as Justification of the physical ordering od the listed officials and their relatives.

Chernobyl disaster

There is analogy with the Chernobyl disaster.

As in the case of the Chernobyl disaster, a map of this pollution is not published.
As in the case of the Chernobyl disaster, officials say that pollution is small and not dangerous.
As in the case of the Chernobyl disaster, officials postpone the evacuation of the region.
As in the case of the Chernobyl disaster, officials make conflicting statements about the incident.
As in the case of the Chernobyl disaster, the performers did not know that they are sacrificed. These victims help the Russian administration to interpret the successful atmospheric test of nuclear weapons of mass destruction as "an accident".

Adjustment of the estimates

If anyone thinks, that my qualitative estimates are not accurate, let him or her provide more accurate quantitative values:
1. More accurate estimates of the coordinates of the start point of a dirty bomb and its trajectory.
2. A more accurate estimate of the quantities of unstable isotopes spread in the atmosphere by the "nuclear engine".
3. A more accurate estimate of the coordinates of the explosion point.
4. Estimates of amounts of each of the unstable isotopes released during this explosion.
5. Estimation of the amount of gamma radiation and neutrons released at the explosion.
6. Assessment of the dose of gamma radiation received by inhabitants of Neneksa at this explosion.

If my estimates about the contamination are erroneous, then Russian officials have a great opportunity to refute them:
1. Publish a map of the density of ionizing radiation, at least for the Arkhangelsk region; release this map in open access.
2. Show to journalists (and readers, viewers) at least few living residents of Nenoksa and/or Sopka.

Yet, no any attempt to suggest more accurate estimates is detected.


https://region29.ru/2019/08/09/5d4d2f7f7aeb140e6c276512.html Взрыв на полигоне под Нёноксой: что известно спустя сутки. 2019.08.09, 18:45. В результате ЧП погибли два человека. Информация о взрыве на военном объекте в Архангельской области появилась днём 8 августа .
2019.08.13. http://www.rosbalt.ru/blogs/2019/08/13/1797006.html Алла Ярошинская. Анатомия вранья: от Чернобыля до Нёноксы. 13 августа 2019, 17:03. В худших советских традициях российские власти минимум трижды крупно солгали, реагируя на радиационный выброс в Архангельской области.
2019.08.16. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/08/15/europe/radioactive-iodine-norway-intl Norway detects radioactive iodine days after explosion in Russia. By Nathan Hodge, CNN. Updated 0733 GMT (1533 HKT) August 16, 2019. Moscow, Russia (CNN)The Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority on Thursday said "tiny amounts of radioactive iodine" had been detected at an air-filter station, one week after a mystery-shrouded explosion at a Russian military test range.// "Tiny amounts of radioactive iodine [have] been measured in air at our air filter station in Svanhovd in Northern Norway," the statement read." The level detected is very low and poses no harm to people nor the environment." The statement added that the sample was taken during the period of 9-12 August.
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