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Charles Browning

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    Bishop at the chuch of University of Galia

Charles Browning (Father Brown, Bishop Brown, Карл Браун, Поп Браун) is personage of utopia Tartaria. The spoiler presented here. Charles Browning is often called Charlie Brown or Pope Brown (after the story by Chesterton, and story about dog Snoopy)

Spelling of the name

The native language of the most of population of Tartaria is Russian.
Many English names were transliterated into Russian. Then, since the establishment of Tartaria, the official language is declared to be English; so, the names were transliterated back, and the spelling often differ from the English original. This often causes confusions. For example, the Minister of Police of the University of Galia is marked in documents as [[Agent Smit]] ([[Агент Смит]]); Agent is his name. But all the foreigners try to spell his last name "Smith". The Databases of Tartaria know this; if the context indicates, that the "Smith" refers to the specific citizen of Tartaria, the correction of the spelling to "Smit" is suggested.
Actually, the language of Tartaria is not exactly English; it is rather mixture of "Penguin English" with the Broklin surgic (American English + Soviet Russian). So, a lot of misspellings appear.
The same applies, of course, to various modifications of name of Charles Browning: Karl Brown, Carlo Braun, Charli Browning, Charli Brauning, and many other modifications refer to the same person.

Ministry of Love

Karl Brown born in one of divisions of Ministry of Love in republic Murka. In contrast to the ministry in novel by George Orwell of centry 20, the Murka's Ministry of Love indeed dealed with love, or, at least, with sex.

All females of Murka, upon reaching the age 16, were forced to serve in the Miniestery of Love (MVD) during 2 years. By the Murka's low, this proscription had been declared as "honourable duty". At the exhausting of the mineral resources of Murka, and extermination of the most of forests, the service to the female population in Ministery of Love had been considered as the only way to maintain the international debts, made by the previous rulers of Murka. In such a way, the most of female population of Murka had been served as sex-workers. After 2 years of education and intensive use, women were released; those, who were successful to get pregnant during the ministry service, had been released even earlier. However, they could sign a contract and continue the same service, even having some babies, and got the awards, good salary and total respect of a Citizen, who serve to pay the international Murka's debts.

Pregnancy of the girls serving the Minster duties, had been considered as normal and wanted phenomenon, in order to populate Murka, as all the people, who had any ability to the creative labor, tried to leave from Murka at any possibility - as soon, as they could get an entry permit from any civilised country. Head of Murka, traditionally called also Murka or "Murkagan", being reported about statistics of escape of citizen, used to say: "No problem, our servants will give light to new citizen" - and ordered the new Bull, that prohibited use of contraceptives by the staff on duties by the ministry.

Charles Brown was born from a yang girl, serving her duties in paying the "international debts". Soon afterr his birth, Brown hecome darker, and this wad been qualified as "korichneveyuschi" ("коричневеющий"), that and been translated into English a "Browning", that is, of course, much easier to pronounce, than "korichneveyuschi". Gradually, that become his last name.

Due to the strong racism, Browning had been qualified as "Nigger", and he could not find any position in the mining industry, nor in the military concerns. So, he left working at the ministry of Love, selling the special tickets for the service.

In this job, he got practical knowledge in the most popular languages.


At the Bigpuf, the banks of Murka, as well as banks of other nearby republics, could not return deposits to their clients, and the price of the national currency bills approached the price of brick of wood or coal of similar mass.

However, this inflation did not affect the price of the "funs" distributed by Browning. De-facto, during the Bigpuf, the tickets of the Murka's Ministry of Love become national money of Murka republic, and then, since creation of Tartaria, are used as money of Tartaria. It was not a choice of any of the pahans, joined into Tartaria, not choice of general [[Mark Arturov]], who helped the pahans to join into [[Tartaria]]. The fans of the Murka'a Ministry of Love were the only monetary documents, that still have some (and pretty solid) value. Perhaps, even too big values: since the beginning, by the order of the First Junta of Coordinators, the Murka Ministery of Love had been ordered to emit other bills, they were called "Kiss", that valued 1% of "Fun", and, due to the extreme poverty of population, coins, "Hug", that counted 0.01% of "Fun".

During several years, Browning worked as a cashier and then as administrator at the filial of the Murka Ministry of Love at Gallia. Soon after the Bigpuf, Murka and her proxies loss the election, and since that, her Ministry of Love continues as a bank. Having no other options, the Murka bank becomes the main bank of Tartaria.

Karl Browning bought the land from the Mirka government. The administration badly needed money (to handle the Libraries and network, Police, Roads, Military) and helped to establish churches in order to collect taxes from them. For the similar reasons, Karl tried to collect in his church many religions. He still handles to organize some sex there, but it is not compulsory; it is religion ritual, a way to serve God.

Many girls confirm, that they have some special feeling, doing this for the same "Fun" in the church. Brown claims, that he pays nothing to artists, putas, and they do it just for their love to God (Allah, Hegowa, Biddah, etc. - dependently on the specific branch of religion, the artist prefer).



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Банда наркоманов, Бигпуф, Карл Браун, Конституция Тартарии, Ли Сицин, По Лин, Тартария, Тартария.МВД,


English, George Orwell, Humor, Orwell1948, Russia, Tartaria, USSR, Utopia
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