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    Politics based on concept of priority of elite

http://budclub.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/fascismr03.shtml Fascisn, English version
http://budclub.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/fascismr03.shtml Фашизм, русская версия этой статьи

Fascism - ideology, politics and religion based on the concept of the superiority of some group of people specified by some formal criterion: belonging to some class, ethnicity, nation, religion or party. Such a concept may suppress the ability to the critical self-analysis leading to the collective narcissism.

The main assumption of the fascistic religion is that the superiority gives namely this group the moral right to dominate over all other people and use all methods necessary to provide such domination: propaganda of xenophobia, terror, racket, taking hostages, the war of extermination, cruelty. These methods, both theory and practice in Russia were well described by V.Lenin since the beginning of the past century [1],[2]. There is (See the Russian version for more Russian references.)

In years 1920-1930ths, fascism spread to Germany (and then to Italy), and got its future development. The canonic text on the German fascism, called also hitlerism, is the book by Adlf Hitler Mein Kampf published in 1925-1926 years [4]. This book is considered as an equivalent of Bible for hitlerism [5]. In hitlerism, the elite (In the general theory of fascism, this term can be interpreted as some kind of variable) has value "arian rase", the specific ethnicity, while the main enemy (this term also can be treated as variable) gets value "jews", another specific ethnic nationality. For this reason, hitlerism is also called "nazism". The racial orientation makes the main difference between hitlerism and stalinism (named after Stalin, leader of the USSR), where the template elite has value "proletariat" and the meaning of "main enemy" varies from epoch to epoch; first, it refers to the Bourgeoisie, then, kulaks (transliteration from Russian кулаки, which means independent farmers), then, after extermination of farmers, becomes some kind of "enemies of the people" (враги народа), which can be attributed to anybody: that time, every citizen of the USSR could be qualified as "enemy of the people". This gave the almost permanent source of slaves for the concentration camps, created in the USSR in 1918; this resourse was limited only by the population of the USSR, making stalinism stronger than hitlerism, at least during few generations. (The defenders of the Soviet Concept of History negate the relation between the barbarian use of demographic resources during the USSR and the reduction of population if Russia at the beginning of century 21.)
In many other aspects, hitlerism and stalinism are very close. Their cooperation included the mutual help in the suppression of the enemies inside the countries (Germany, USSR), the coordinated invasion to other countries [5], export of grain from starving Russia to more prosper Germany and the ideological support [6]. Such a cooperation lasted until year 1941; then the it converted to war.

The ideas of hitlerism and stalinism are generalized in the book The doctrine of fascism (La dottrina del fascismo), published by the Italian leader Benito Mussolini in 1933. In that book the ideas of fascism are formulated in the abstract form, that can be applied to any country and any epoch; the only need is to choose the appropriate strong majority as the elite to dominate and some minority as enemies (id est, victims). This idea generalizes the Russian concept of "bolsheviks" (transliteration from Russian большевики).

After the World War II (1938-1945), the hitlerism was condemned and punished; and fascism is not welcomed in civilized countries. In some countries, the book Mein Kampf is banned [8]. The ban give the neo-fascists [9,10,11] more opportunities: they may recycle the fascistic idea, re-use them, without to cite the sources. The groups, united with the collective narcissism, pretend to be "anti-fascists", while they never had red the classic fascists documents and can neither classify, nor even identify the phenomena of fascism meeting them in this century [12].

In principle some elements of fascism are present in politics any strong centralized government [13]. The political structure should be characterized as "fascism" as soon as the suppression and terror becomes dominant in the politics [14,15,16].

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More external links:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6gg1z5DovI 22/09/1939. Брест. Совместный парад Вермахта и РККА. Станислав Деркачев.
http://www.populuxe.net/2005/12/putin-fascist-or-nationalist.html Putin: Fascist or Nationalist? (2010)
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Copyleft 2010 by Dmitrii Kouznetsov. This text may be used for free, attribute http://budclub.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/fascismr03.shtml

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