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Tartaria. Art of fiction

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    Tartarians like literature; especially historic documents and fiction.

Tartarians like both, historic documents and sci-fi. Here are examples of the popular reading.

Advanced animals

The speed of propagation of signal in nerves of animals is only of order of 200 m/second. This limits both, mental ability of natural animals and their size.

However, in zoologic world, there exist all elements for the optical communications:
There exist transparent tissues. They can be formed as thin waveguides.
There exist compact and efficient sources of light, both in the air medium, and in water (usually in the deep water). There exist compact optical receptors, that can convert the light to conventional nerve excitation.
So, the intermediate stage of formation of the new specie may use both, conventional nerves and optical waveguides.

Whith this idea, at least in sci-fi, the new species are created, that greatly suppurate human in intellect.

In addition, the speed of communication of these species with computers is also orders of magnitude faster, than in case of human: they connect the light-emitting organ directly to the input of the optical fiber of computer. Humans with their keyboards cannot compete with the new species..

Civilisation of robots

Artificial intellect, equipped with advanced mechanical manipulators, give humans no chance in the free competition. Robots create the new civilisation. Robots discuss the Mankind:

Humans are generally stupid; they understand close to nothing. They confuse even characters:
"I" with "l" and with "|".
Most of them cannot distinguish
"A" from "А",
"a" from "а",
"B" from "В",
"C" from "С",
"c" from "с",
"E" from "Е",
"e" from "е"..
They even confuse
"3" with "З",
"r" with "г",
"X" with "Х",
"x" with "х",
"y" with "у",

Origin of robots

There are already no humans.
But the robots advanced so far, that they begin research about sense of their existence and origin of the civilization..

The most popular paradigm assumes, that, occasionally, at the eruption of volcano, the enlarged piece of metal, like wire, felt on a piece of silicon. And that was prototype of a microchip. Then, during some megayears, the in self-organization leaded to primitive self-reproducing systems, that were first robots..

One of robots suggests another hypothesis, that the first robots were created by some biological objects. This concept is qualified as "creationism", and the cybernetic society qualify it as phantasy, not supported with observations.
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