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    wiki-type scientific site

TORI (2011 February 28, 13:14 - 2013 February 27, 17:30) is wiki-type scientific site, that was active during almost two years at http://tori.ils.uec.ac.jp/TORI
Then the site had been attacked and disconnected; in May 2013 the duplicate is arranged at http://mizugadro.mydns.jp/t.

Ithemology of the name

TORI is acronym, and means Tools for Outstanding Research and Investigation. The site with this name had been established in march 2011 for development of scientific concept, based on the TORI axioms. The 6 axioms of TORI are used in definition of term science.

English had been declared as main working language at TORI; however, articles on other languages were also accepted.


The beginning of active loading of articles in TORI corresponds to 2011 March, the time of development of Fukushima disaster. As in the case of the Chernobyl disaster, the poor or criminal handling gradually had converted the local accident to the world-wide catastrophe.

When the technical support of TORI (wikimedia software) happened to be configured sufficiently for the practical use, it was immediately requested to deal with the catastrophe at the Fukushima nuclear plan: collecting links, justification of the related letters to the Japanese administration, and posting the first scientific map of contamination. The TORI articles about Fukushima and related topics counted many thousands visitors, and, perhaps, helped some English-speaking families to make the weighted decisions about evacuation in time, while the officials used to hide the important information about the nuclear contamination.

in 2013, TORI had been moved to server Mizugadro mentioned above.

TORI axioms

In TORI, the science (Наука) is defined as way of satisfaction of the personal curiosity of researchers, based on concepts obeying all the 6 axioms below:

S1. Applicability: Each concept has certain limited range of validity, distinguishable from the empty set.

S2. Verifiability: In the terms of the already accepted concepts, some specific experiment with some specific result, that confirms the concept, can be described.

S3. Refutability: In the terms of the concept, some specific experiment with some specific result, that negates the concept, can be described.

S4. Self-consistency: No internal contradictions of the concept are known.

S5. Principle of correspondence: It the range of validity of a new concept intersects the range of validity of another already accepted concept, then, the new concept either reproduces the results of the old concept, or indicates the way to refute it. (For example, the estimate of the range of validity of the old concept may be wrong.)

S6. Pluralism: Mutually-contradictive concepts may coexist; if two concepts satisfying S1-S5 have some common range of validity, then, in this range, the simplest of them has priority. The 6 TORI axioms make difference between Science and other kinds of Human knowledge (Custom, art, religion).

Criticism of TORI

The original concepts collected at TORI are supposed to be "Outstanding", id est, to fall out from the main flow of scientific activity of researchers.

For example, the search for new records in sharpening of optical pulses, techniques of the power scaling of laser systems, promises for the soon realization of the laser-fusion thermonuclear plants, as well as general warnings about "global warming" and other similar projects should be qualified as the "main stream"; such topics can be found in Citizendium, Wikipadia and other sites, and they are underrepresented at TORI.

Construction of superfunctions and their applications, contrary, stands out from the main stream, and this topic is represented in TORI with many articles.

Following the TORI axioms, the development of any new, outstanding scientific concept implies the strong justification. It should be specified, why the conventional paradigm is not so good, when, where and how it fails; what questions cannot be answered with the commonly accepted paradigms, and so on. Such justification looks as hard critics of the conventional paradigms. And it is real so. Indeed, the justification for new paradigm always implies the critics of the existing paradigm. In this sense, TORI is extremely critical.

Critics of TORI was also accepted at TORI. Unfortunately, the opponents almost did not criticize TORI. They tries to flood TORI with junk and to crack it; one of attackers happened to be successful.

Application of TORI

The main interest and goal of TORI is declared to be scientific, id set, satisfaction of personal curiosity of researchers. However, the axioms requires applicability and verifiability. At least some of results can be described in terms of connectional paradigms and published in the scientific journals. Some of results, represented at TORI, are published in Mathematics of Computation, Moscow University Physics Bulletin, Optical Review and so on.

Initially, the main topic of TORI was expected to be the Laser Science. However, other phenomena, related with the Fukushima disaster at Japan, the Election Fraud and degradation of science in Russia, etc., also fall into the definition of Science, as it is declared to deal with "phenomena of any origin". For this reason, some concepts related to these phenomena are also presented at TORI. In particular, the links in favor of the main concept about decay of science in Russia, are collected in TORI. The attempt to hide these links seems be one of motivations of the attack by Nishio Shigeaki, mentioned in section "History" above.

Future research

The phenomenon of TORI indicates robustness and efficiency of the TORI Axioms.
The crash of TORI should be attributed not only to the fraud by Nishio Shigeaki, but also to weakness of the Editor of TORI in administration of computers and, in particular, lack of experience installing Wikimedia and its configuration.

Perhaps, a new site with the same TORI axioms should be built up, with stronger defense against the trolls, intruders and frauders similar to Nishio Shigeaki. The first months of the working with now wikimedia installation should be spent for the improvement of the robustness and protection of the configuration.

In general, TORI as phenomenon should be qualified as important and successful experiment. This experiment indicated both, the success of the TORI axioms, and the efficiency of the Wikimedia software in representation and systematization of scientific results. However, in future, the strong policy against fraud is necessary.


http://mizugadro.mydns.jp/t Tori
http://mizugadro.mydns.jp/PAPERS/2013jmp.pdf D.Kouznetsov. TORI axioms and the applications in physics. Journal of Modern Physics, 2013, v.4, p.1151-1156.
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http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/science.shtml Science.
http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/decayofrussianscience.shtml Decay of Russian science.
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