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Short circuit of an electric current

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   Nobody trusts me, but all this was. My senior brother studied in college and took a great interest in a photo. On a vacation I even helped it to print pictures. When it ' Change ' has got out of order, and the transformer in enlarger УП-1 has burned down, it has grown cold to this employment, and I have taken a great interest and even in a photocircle have entered the name at the House of pioneers. I studied then in the sixth class. The camera to me our head, Efim Nikolaevich, has repaired, and with an enlarger was more complex.
  Ours the neighbour, uncle Grisha, it was the electrical engineer, has advised to throw out the transformer and to put a simple bulb from a network. It is easy to tell, but even the smallest bulb did not get into 25 watt inside and then I have made the new case from three-liter tin banks from apricot compote which very much loved. With a cartridge and a piece of a wire without a plug I have found a bulb in a glove compartment with tools at the father, and a plug with a wire cut off from the transformer.
  And it was the main reason of that has occured then. I have not remembered a detail, there were in a head separate pictures. I remember, how has carefully smoothed out the ends of a wire with a bulb and with a plug, strong them has braided and has wound with an insulating tape, having pressed, to each other and has safely included in the socket, I remember, how has put a stool on a chair, обул rubber galoshes and has got to unscrew a fuse as reeled up on it the thickest wire which has managed to find. But whence sparks from eyes or from a meter fell down and how many has lain on a floor I do not remember.
  When has come to the senses, has found out, that I am in a strange room. One wall was is matte - white and absolutely empty, adjacent - glass through which trees and our well-known hill the same as from a window of kitchen where I tested an enlarger were seen. The opposite wall had a smart desk with various adaptations, and the teenager sat at it in shorts a back to me.
   It was recollected as once Petia Stockii, my schoolmate, has come to school in short штанишках which to it were sent by the aunt from America, and all of us a class laughed at it. The boy has looked back: " It you, Fill, what at you for a kind, from rehearsal, what? " Then has suddenly turned pale and speaks: "Wait, at me the computer is switched off! Who you such and how here it has appeared? " And I also speak: " Itself I do not know ". It was found out, that has got per 2057 and it is very similar to its cousin living in California
  Mesha so called my new friend, has pressed any button: " Now I shall acquaint you with it ". The empty wall has started to be shone faintly, and I have seen, how Fill in person, have appeared in a wall and have stepped to us. Children have told to me a lot of interesting. In 2020 have been invented teleportator and photo cells from EFFICIENCY of 90 % which at once have solved many problems.
   Monsters - power stations, transport, oil and enmity of people have disappeared. And, that most of all it was pleasant to me - schools. But teachers have remained. To each pupil the minimal list of subjects for obligatory studying according to its abilities and interests has been certain. Every day at two o'clock it was necessary to gather in regional stadium for playing sports. Time individual consultations and examinations were spent to a month in-home at the teacher in each subject.
  Then Fill has invited me on a visit. Has taken for a hand, and has pulled to a wall...
   Laying on a floor and feeling a pain in a nose, I have suddenly heard a gnash, have run up to a window and have seen, how uncle Grisha, With special claws on legs, climbs on a column. And I had enough mind to run up to the socket and to pull out a plug.
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