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In Memory Of Sima Shteiner

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On first days of fall of forty first in Belarus.  
Bombarding stopped, the front moved east. 
Germans prevailed, Soviets lost. 
A new word was introduced, fascist. 

The order was given; the city was chilled.
Fascists declared their final verdict:
All Jews in the world supposed to be killed,
And then the world would be free of conflict.

Germans were armed to prevent any panic.
Jews only guessed what all this was about.
They brought their children, the old and sick.
An action was "peacefully" carried out.

Heavy footsteps of the sorrowful column
Filled empty streets with the deadliest rhythm.
Windows were shut. Help didn"t come.
Jews' footsteps beat their final anthem.

"Neighbors! Have mercy! Rescue my children!"
Silence was the answer. No one saved Jews.
"Please have some pity, if you are Christian!"
Nobody cared. Jews were refused.

A machine gun stood at the edge.
There was already a pile of the dead
Beneath the bloody twenty foot ledge.
"You! Schmutzigen Juden, walk ahead!"

Germans were calm, their movements were simple.
"Take off your clothes!" They didn"t feel any guilt.
It"s hard to undress murdered people.
With dead kids and women the ravine was filled.

Naked Jews faithfully stood in line,
White like chalk, filled with cold and fear
Sheepdogs growled completing the design
Of the killing action. Germans sneered.

Just twenty steps to the ledge, to nowhere.
Just twenty steps to the end of their time.
Fascists were certain the world wouldn"t hear
How they committed the most gruesome crime.

The officer played God! He felt so cool and smart! 
He"s young, handsome redhead 
He searched thru the line of naked for a sweetheart
"Hey! Jew girl! Two steps ahead!"

She made a step forward, holding her chin up,
As wind played with the curls in her hair.
She glanced at her father. She nodded, letup
A proud smile without fear.

"I"ll kill you tomorrow with the rest of the Jews.
Tonight you will sleep in my bed.
So thank your great God, because I chose only a few.
All other simply die instead."

Her brown eyes met his blue eyes with no fear.
She glanced at the ravine from the bottom- up.
Her beauty was worthy of the rhyme of Shakespeare.
And suddenly her hand flew up.

She grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling back his head.
She sank her pearl white teeth into his throat,
Arching and leaning her beautiful firm youthful breast
Against a swastika on his grey coat.

The soldiers were shocked and still they stood.
The officer struggled for a bit of breath.
The soldiers were armed but afraid to shoot,
While the girl choked him to death.

She turned into a demon from a sweetheart.
She held him firm and tight
The soldiers tried to pull them apart,
She wouldn"t let him see the sun light.

Her teeth locked tight and didn"t let him loose.
She rolled down the ledge with him 
Into the grave filled with dead Jews, 
Pulling with her all his team. 

A shot sent a bullet into her forehead,
But her teeth still locked on him tight.
He was very young, handsome redhead.
And now he simply died.

For several days in revenge they killed.
There was no chance to survive.
With dead Jewish bodies the ravine was filled.
From thousands just one stayed alive.

He brought us a story about the crime
That was committed without shame.
And that we honor the girl through time.
Sima Shteiner was her name.

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