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Structure of Cosmos and Man. Hight Magic

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Поиск утраченного смысла. Загадка Лукоморья
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  русская версия " Устройство космоса и человека. Высшая магия"
   Structure of Cosmos and Man. Hight Magic.
   Book for people of white race.
   1. The origin and structure of cosmos.
   2. Soul. Mechanism of evolution. What awaits us after death.
   3. Predators and herbivores, as basis for understanding this world and all living creatures.
   4. About me.
   5. Children and parents. Who we give birth to and who gives birth to us.
   6. The origin of humanity, the roots of all race and their role in the world
   7. Zion and Jews.
   8. Opening of extrasensory abilities.
   9. The creaturs of the astral world.
   10.Methods of astral battle.
   11. Funeral rite and caring for the soul of deceased.
   12. Who are the gods. Analysis of all world religions.
   13. Who is Shiva. About Yoga.
   14. About world.
   15. Nutrition systems, dietology, healing.
   16. Energy of minerals and their impact on humans.
   17. The influence of the brand cars on human life and health.
   18. Individual development for middle souls.
   19. What punishment awaits fools and lazy people.
   20. My contacts.
   * Just in case, I sorry if my English is not very correct and I made mistakes in the text, I learned English myself. I'm from Russia
   1. The origin and structure of the cosmos.
   I describe what I saw and felt thanks to my extrasensory abilities. Structure of the Cosmos.
   Imagine the ball, in the first outer layer there is absolutely nothing, there disappears energy, it is emptiness beyond which there is nothing.
   The second layer is something cold as death, in my senses, it is static and in harmony.
   The third layer is dark chaos, where energy is moving with mad speed, it's dangerous to touch it, because this space starts to destroy you.
   The fourth inner, this is the Cosmos in which we live, here there is Spirit and Mind, here is ordered energy and life. Our Cosmos, like us, consists of layers according to the principle of bodies, that is: in the center we have a physical body, then comes a less dense etheric, astral, mental, soul bodies. We exist in the densest layer of the cosmos in physical body, because around us the physical world and we have a physical body, but if we go further into space, then there will be no stars, planets of solid matter, there creaturs, planets and stars live on energy level and don't have a physical body, their lives are just as rich, just it's a few different forms of life.
   Galaxies in space it's like the body cells, they provide life and movement, each galaxy has its own function in space, its energy. Stars are energy charges of these cells, maybe as electrons, and planets are storehouse of resources.
   Cosmos consists of Areas of the differend energies. This energies was formed when great Spirit and Reason awakened. This energies are the basic energies of this world and human emotions (hatred, contempt, fear, love, envy, joy, fire, water and many other varieties), I have not yet studied all Areas and all energies.
   Spirit and Mind woke up like this:
   In the cold static Nothing created tension, the Mind and Spirit wanted to wake up and energies began to move clockwise and counterclockwise, thus there appeared the Raja (active, aggressive, predatory, male) gunas and Tamas (passive, feminine), their fusion in some proportion awakened the Spirit, Reason, Cosmos. Further in this Cosmos, as a result of mixing gunas in different ratios appear different energies. This energies - the result of the harmonious fusion of these gunas in some proportion, there energies with middle energy (Herbivores ) rotate counter-clockwise, there are predatory energy - clockwise, energies formed Areas in the Cosmos. Reasonable creatures divided into the original cosmic Clans, which are divided into many clans, depending on the level of development of its members, the functions and tasks performed. As many Areas of differend energies and so many clans.
   If the energy is predatory, then the clan inhabiting its Area is also predatory, because the souls of the members of this clan originated in the Area of this predatory energy.
   You can see the born of energies and mind in miniature, take an empty space in front of you and twist energy in different directions, mix them with each other and see what happens. Should obtain in result a reasonable entities, energies with different qualities.
   When the Spirit awoke around there was chaos, there was a fight between male and female energy, the energies randomly was moving clockwise and counter-clockwise. Spirit - Mind is in the uppermost chakra, his first desire and intention was to control this chaotic energy, male and female energy are reasonable, because they are part of the universal Mind, they submitted to the intention of Spirit to control chaos and mixed with each other, and appear Area and energy of third eye with function and energy to control the cosmos.
   The next desire of the Spirit was Equilibrium, the male and female energies created this energy and Area in the center of the head.
   Further, there was a desire to create, male and female energy created the energy and Area of creativity in the throat.
   For creativity, need a mind, male and female energy have created a department of the brain in the back of the head near the neck, this is a scientific thinking.
   Then Areas were created in the temporal lobes, with different amounts of male and female energy, in man this is the right and left hemisphere, logical and creative thinking.
   The need to think ,appeared Area in the upper part of the forehead.
   The need for stabilization and equilibrium of energy, appeared Area in the form of an energy column in the region of the head and neck.
   Then appeared Area with energy of feminine energy in the breast, Femininity.
   The male energy has responded to this by creating, as a counterbalance, a Area of masculinity, near the nose.
   I will not describe all stages of the formation of cosmos, I just give an example that the cosmos as a rational humanoid creature was formed gradually, by the power of intention, desire and need of the Creator - Spirit in some energy centers and feelings, and rational male and female energies united for this in such proportions that new energies were born - Areas- feelings - energy centers. These Areas, life is born in them - the soul, the birth of the soul is a manifestation of that emotion and energy where it was born, for example, in the brain Area, this intention and the need of the cosmos to manage and control more, such soul will evolve into other Areas and as lead there order. Where soul is originated, that function it will perform.
   * The energies have their own set of qualities, their space they occupy in the Universe. We live in the Area of the energy which is located in the chest.
   All natural objects created by natural means (minerals, plants, animals, planets, stars, elements (water, fire...) have intellect and soul, because around and inside us is the Great Spirit and Mind and from it everything is born. Accordingly, any newborn bacterium has a mind. Each of us was once a chemical element of some kind of matter ( part of it), a plant, an animal, now the soul has grown to the level of a human, and has the ability to grow to the level of God. Gods be in different levels, the highest-level of the Creators, Demiurges. There are souls of the level of animals and the level of Gods live in human bodies, they have different levels of perception, thinking and tasks in life.
   Middle souls are herbivores, they feed on natural energy.
   Predatory souls, they hunt for someone else's energy and souls.
   Man can learn to see and communicate with the great Spirit-Mind that is everywhere, to welcome it, for this you must be able to enter into thin layer this reality, at the soul level, the Spirit is something beautiful, rational and perfect.
   The Cosmos is arranged as human, it has top and bottom, head and limbs. Areas of differend energies are located in the Cosmos like in man, for example, such feelings as envy and hatred are in person around the chest and neck, so Areas this energies in the Space are near. There are Areas located in the region of the head of Cosmos, the beings born there perform the role of brain cells in the Cosmos, they are embodied in other Areas and can influence the development of other peoples and worlds.
   The Universe is divided into layers, as a person, it has a physical, etheric, astral, mental and body of the soul. In each of these layers there are different forms of life. This is completely my discovery, except that i began to understand this after a hint in different sources that there are different worlds and layers of being. So:
   8 pantheon of cosmic gods (Absolute) - the highest level, there are the highest Demiurges, keepers of time and space, stay away from them, you can get a hit if you do not know how to behave with the gods.
   7 pantheon of the gods - there are Demiurges and controllers, the keepers of cosmic balans between representatives of different Areas. Their place in the body of the Universe is center of the brain.
   6 pantheons of gods - this is the level on which dwell the gods Creators of cosmic Areas with different first- born energies, these pantheons as many as Areas and kinds of first- born energies.
   5 pantheon of the gods - is the national egregores and their gods.
   4 level is the astral world, where the astral beings of the higher and lower astral live.
   3 level is the physical world, here the main people.
   2 level - is the plan on which the family genus is located, there live astral copies of the dead members of family clan, these copies affect those who are embodied in their family clan, serve them, extract or steal energy for various purposes.
   1 level is the realm of the dead, the level on which souls of dead people dwell immediately after death until they go in their cosmic clan, at this level can also inhabit unrest souls.
   As i wrote there are predatory souls and herbivores, so the higher gods of the 7th pantheon are called herbivores -"middle", in this souls and the original energies in base are vortex twisted counter clockwise.
   Why middle? Because there are absolutely neutral souls between predators and middle, they occupy a pofigistic position, they are neither for middle, nor for predatory, they are for justice and balance. It turns out judges, middle, predatory. The difference in the degree of needs. Judges they do not hunt for resources and energy, they are connected to the cosmos, they act in its interests, the middle ones are fighting for territory, energy, power. Predators fight for territory, power and the energy of a stranger's soul. A different degree of selfishness, judges serve the Cosmos, in this their egoism, middle and predatory serve themselves.
   In cosmic Area, life is born - the souls, the birth of the soul is a manifestation of that emotion and energy where it was born. For example, in the brain space, this intention and the need of cosmos to control and think more. Some souls are born in the Area of emotions Joy, the moment of the birth of their souls is the moment of the Spirit"s manifestation of emotions of joy, their souls are parts of the energy of joy.
   Constellations. This is a man-made thing. People united the stars into constellations and gave them names, but this is nonsense, these stars only from the earth look like constellations, in reality they can be located at a great distance from each other. The stars are lively and rational, they have their own energy, destiny, task in space. There are no constellations, there are individual stars, but people by their will force the stars to create energy bonds, thus the egregore of the constellations is formed, the constellation energy is a cocktail of energies of the stars in it. Astrology is also an artificial thing, people by date of birth associated with different constellations, it affects the life and energy of man. Because of such violence over the stars, the cosmic gods covered the planet with a dome and gave it the status of a disenfranchised planet, because people forcibly united the stars into groups, this prevents the star from fulfilling its life task, it has to give energy to the egregore of constellation, imagine what you are against your will included in the group of strangers people and forced you to work, they thereby violated your energy integrity. The idea of ;;constellations should be abolished, all astrology should be in the trash, the stars should be told that they should not be in the constellation, let them live their own life and form energetic connections with those stars with whom they want. If this is done, then the cosmic gods will give Earth its cosmic status, return its rights, we will begin to feel ourselves as inhabitants of outer space, the connection with the cosmos will increase.
   There are no constellations, no signs of the zodiac, who are against and will interfere with this, interfere with the spiritual development of the stars and this planet, will be punished.
   Our sun is a male star, confusion with the sex of the star is one of reasons for the imbalance of male and female energy in people, hence so many fagots, male women and effeminate men, when a woman thinks about star as a woman, then male energy flies on her and she feels himself of man, if a woman thinks about star as a man, then her female energy is normalized, you can do it every morning, greet him (the star) and this puts in order your energy.
   And this planet is woman.
   2. Soul. Mechanism of evolution. What awaits us after death.
   A human consists of a physical body, an etheric body, astral body (body of emotions and energy), mental body (thoughts and images), they are destroyed after death.
   The fourth body of the soul, in Hinduism it is called the buddhi body that is all our past experience, programs and skills.
   The third body of the soul. Into it, during the incarnation programs are download for survival in Area in which the soul of man has come.
   The second body of the soul, it is connected with our cosmic clan, with Area in Universe from where we flew and originated, on this body are recorded the tasks for the incarnation, our mission, after death in this body there is an analysis of the incarnation, work on the mistakes.
   The first body of the soul is connected with the Cosmos, the Spirit, is responsible for the common cosmic worldview, with the help of this body it is possible to embrace and understand the Cosmos.
   Another souls can sit down on the body of your soul and the person loses connection with his native cosmic clan, ceases to feel the true nature of his soul, also begins to depend on the person who sat down on his soul, does not represent his life without him, can not independently develop himself, move through life. It's teachers, gods, husbands, parents, those who dominate us or those for whom we have become debtors.
   Human have a lot of astral twins, his own first from birth. After death, if everything is good, the soul must go into his cosmic clan, if it has not done anything bad and not stuck in the lower astral worlds. The astral twin of human remains in the earth family clan in the astral field of the earth, so you can know all your ancestors, if contact with family members on astral.
   About astral twins. Person has his first born astral double above his head, this is a twin from family line through which a person incarnates on earth. During the life this twin can be replaced by those who have power over person, for example by someone from relative. Because of this, person ceases to feel his nature, loses touch with soul, his easier to break through and easier to control, he is weak, energetically a person works for the one who gave him this double, he steals somebody's energy for the master of this double. In order to return your twin you have to go out from under the will of someone you consider as a family and friend, his soul may be hostile to you (mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, son, daughter, teacher, wife, husband, etc.)
   You should not allow any scum and pigs into your personal space, do not allow them to consider you as their friend, otherwise these assholes when they consider you as theirs give you their astral double, if they are dirty, then you will start to feel dirty from their twin.
   Once again. All creatures have an astral double above their heads which they were given in their family Clan of which they incarnated. It looks like this, here is my example. My first incarnation on this planet is a half-wolf half-dog in the forest, my past animal incarnations were in another space on another planet, I remember them but I will not tell , so my soul came through egregore of wolves into a dog with wolves genes, she was in the egregore of dogs, I was born from egregore of wolves, had a wolfish astral double, but that dog bent me to herself, she gave me double from egregor of dogs, then people killed me and I became a man, because when I was dying I had a dog double, I had a dog double in that human incarnation, parents there was a low level souls and they still haven"t fit for me family race, after I die from poisoning, my wife killed me (my present mother) and my soul went crying like it was on earth hurt, I noticed and caught a tall German clan, I"ve sitting there on astral about 300 years ,they invested in my soul knowledge about Germany, in family clans on the astral after death and before birth, we learn what we need in life. After i went on incarnation as German guy, this clan was given to me my first human astral double, the founder of the family clan gives it, I was not born through the father"s or mother"s family clans, but through genes of my father 's grandfather family, from childhood I was tied to my mother, she created from my energy to me new astral double who stands under her will, and steal my twin who gave me my real family clan, he was brave, more manly, strong, her twin was more infantile and cowardly. Then they kill me in World War I, and since I was under my mother and I had her twin, she didn"t let my soul back into my real family clan, one of the members of her family clan picked me up and we are sitting in his family and animals souls from Russian peasant family clan who I slaughtered in a fight, they taken with threats my soul to their family clan, then they find a woman my mother who agrees to give birth to me and they give my soul to her Russian family, where these russians pigs have crippled my life for 34 years , in fact, they are all thieves and now understood out who I am and from where, I finally understood where my real family line is and where my real first human twin is, I belong to the family clan through which I was born in a past life, when I came in here, they were so happy, "finally we found you, or we lost you, "oh, what are they cool, very influential German race, I found my true double from this kind, I become so bold and strong with this twin.
   I found the easiest way to find my true astral twin and true family lineage. In most cases, this is the first family species of the soul of the human level since its arrival on this planet, where the soul received its first human double after animal incarnation. He is the coolest and corresponds to the tasks of the soul, many souls like their second twin and family clan. For find yourself you need to enter in first family human race of your soul. It is necessary to greet its founder, so to speak, the founder of the first human family clan of my soul. By the way, not all people have human twin, someone else is on the animal stage and has an animal twin. And some souls in will never have a human twin, because their souls originated in such low-frequency cosmic spaces that their soul level never rises above the animal and the entrance to the realm of human souls is closed.
   * The nature of emotions.
   Emotions are the first-borns energies of which our subtle bodies are composed, so if the differend energies form Areas in Cosmos, then there are such Areas with the energy of pity, fear, envy, but this energies are not so bad in pure form. The souls born in these Areas are based on energies of this place. It is important to know from where your soul has come, from what Area with what energy, who are you, predator or herbivorous, to get contact with your main god of your cosmic clan and native race, the race of humanoids from where your soul flew. Say: i ( name) greeting head from my cosmic clan from cosmic Area from where my soul flew first time on the earth. Anthropoid white people, Reptiloids, something like big sensible Cats, some of them are similar to demons, Cosmos is very diverse. When you see the souls, then you learn to distinguish who from where.
   A bit of clarity in the picture of the world. Cosmos is intelligent, but not by itself, but at the expense of the souls born in it, as its particles, for example, galaxies are cells of the cosmos, and the stars and people are something smaller. That is, new cosmic Areas (emotions- energies) are born when the cosmos (the essences of the cosmos) have a need for something or this entities to have certain emotions or desires , we are parts of its emotions, people are not understand, they think around reasonable cosmos itself and he creates their souls with his desire, but WE are the cosmos itself, an exampleI how soul is born, it is the result of a surge of strong emotion of some big and reasonable cosmic object (joy, Hate, proud), it awakens new souls, a surge of emotion of strong being awakens souls from the energy of that emotion that object showed. Further, as cosmic Areas are born, I call them emotions of the cosmos. Incredibly, living beings also generate them when they want something very strongly or experiencing strong emotions and forcing others to experience the same emotions. My soul is from the 3 eyes of the cosmos, its basis is to study oneself (cosmos) and control, the souls of the founders of Russian clans from emotion of pride, this emotion is destructive, it blocks the mind's work, they are proud just so brainless and unreasonable, like bluff, there are many predatory Areas, they rotate clockwise, the souls born there need for energy of other souls to survive, they are like autolysis cells in the body, bring the cosmos to death, the cosmos just like we were born and died, now it has a new incarnation and we are part of it, if it dies, the souls will go back to him and fall asleep, so it"s necessary to fight for light souls and control predators souls who try to kill us and lead the universal to the end, I know how to make space immortal, if sacrificed predatory souls of moral moralities are sacrificed, then cosmos is getting younger because energy returns to it for development and birth of new souls.
   3. Predators and herbivores, as the basis for understanding this world and all living creatures.
   The world of people and gods is a reflection of the animal kingdom, the predator eats herbivore and lives of it. There are middle souls, they do not tie anyone to themselves, they receive energy from nature where they live, if they live in Areas of middle energies, predatory souls live on someone else's energy, they can also receive it from cosmic objects and Areas with Predatory nature, and they hunt, their spiritual bodies need somebody else's energy for survival and development. The young predatory souls act rudely, they take energy and resources with the help of brute force, for this they are punished and revenge, some predatory souls commit such crimes that their souls for this destroy forever. The high predatory souls have the instinct of self-preservation, they try to get energy by peaceful means, for example, they exchange something for something, for knowledge, for their protection, for money and material benefits, they catch people on their shortcomings, in their thirst freebie, on cowardice and stupidity, when a person does not want to think with his head and develop independently, he falls under black teacher or patron, a middle woman under predatory husband. The soul is not able to live independently risks to become food for more developed soul, if you do not want to live, give energy to the one who wants. Suicides, or those who do not want to live and think about death are potential victims of .
   All peoples of the earth have different cosmic gods, predatory or middle.
   According to the laws of nature, we can observe it in animals, two competing species that eat one type of food, can not live peacefully on one territory, a strong species displace the weak. The strongest survive, each species struggles for its prosperity, for resources, for territory, for power. One species can not be friends with another, there are no equal relations, one always dominates the other. Such friendship is always to the detriment of one. Middle for predator is food, a resource for survival, predator for middle - a parasite and killer. If representative of one species begins to act in the interests of another species, then he betrays himself and his family, he is a suicide. If he allows other species to live on his territory, he endangers the survival of his species. The intersection of two different species is a step towards the disappearance of one species and way to improve the breed for another species. Self-sacrifice and internationalism are unnatural suicidal things. If you want happiness, wealth, prosperity, then serve your species (land, resources, food, only for your own clan, otherwise death and extinction).
   * Siddhis - are spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise magical powers, abilities.
   The degree of your charge and enthusiasm for life depends on whether someone is sitting on your soul, whether you are standing by other people's will. Under the teachers, under the authority, under the parents, the women under the predatory soul men, in a state of loneliness feel this. Besides the predatory and middle souls in the Cosmos there are gray souls, they are beyond our struggle. They are without emotion, occasionally smiling, they are watching equilibrium of the world. Externally darkish lips, thin in gray robes, it worse than death to become one of them, they showed me a little what it is to be them, this living inside dies, and you feel yourself part of the Cosmos, merge with it, and down there these middle and predators people are fighting for life and energy.
   Gray is the former middle and predators who did not want or couldn't live and fight anymore, they just died, their inner state is merging with the Cosmos and necrosis, they have no emotions. They do not have chakras, they are dead. They keep a balance between middle and predatory souls.
   There are souls of Space executioners, the place where they originated is at the very bottom of the Cosmos, the Great Spirit and Reason created them to punish middle and predatory souls for some crimes. At the bottom of the Cosmos, does not mean in ass, in ass there is a space with the energy of water, as in our lower chakra. In analogy with living beings it's teeth, that part of the body that is responsible for protection and survival, these hangmen are teeth, or like the tail of a scorpion in the Cosmos.
   The role of freaks in space. So I call the that souls with whom I am hostile and whose actions from point of view of my morals are disgusting. The category of freaks includes predatory souls who use dirty methods to fight for power and energy, such qualities as hatred, anger, cruelty, all sorts of perversions and nastiness are embedded in their souls, they are so created and this does not change. The cosmos as a man is not perfect initially, he goes through the same stages in his evolution, from the level of a low-spirited being with its flaws, when negative emotions and energies dominate in it, for example, a person envious or greedy, or angry and hates everyone around, middle souls and some predators in their development learn to control these emotions.
   When in the cosmos the souls from Area with energy of hatred, greed, envy begin to seize power in spaces with other energies, then cosmos feels disharmony. Cosmos strives for spiritual perfection, therefore its purpose is with the help of the mind (with the help of souls born in Areas in the head, to bring order to those Areas that were captured by anothers predatory soul). We are now in the Area of the heart. When mind of cosmos will control all of its passions, the cosmos will come to its perfection and ... I do not want to think about it, may fall asleep again to be born again. The longer brain cells fight with predators, the longer the Cosmos will live. On the other hand, when the predatory souls begin to dominate, then the cosmos grows old and is also nearing its to the end, but I saw what would happen if kill the predatory soul, the cosmos is stand younger, therefore cosmos needs victims. Now Cosmos is in the develop stage of a man, he has already passed the stages of the evolution of a plant and an animal, now he is in a reasonable stage and has passed the age of the boy, he has already lived half his life. I learned this by asking the Spirit and the Mind of the cosmos to show how it feels, to associate its state with me, I felt it.
   Predators try to kill and steal tenderly so that the victim voluntarily surrendered the resources. High predatory souls are cunning and crooks, they all try to shift responsibility for their robberies and murders to others, like to act by someone else's hands. Their conscience does not torment, i myself was in the skin of predator, i was changed mind, so people look like prey, no sympathy and pity, is only food, this is a subhuman, an underdeveloped creature can be used and eaten, only strong in nature has the right to life and resources, the other servants and food.
   High and developed souls know many natural laws, can correctly communicate with any creature of the Cosmos and feel good in any society.
   4. About me.
   I was born in 1984, esoteric i started studying in 2000 year.
   I belong to the white German family lineage.
   After lessons of biology abandoned Christianity, just thought that there is a god, how it is arranged, that there is a soul, whether have animals the soul, during this period i find a yoga school, masters of this school were the black magicians. They attack me on the astral, trying to drive me insane and led to suicide, but i survived, i was lucky. They did such things, they put me in the energy flow, that i did not eat and did not sleep for 8 days (yes, really not minute slept for 8 days !!!), a shocking experience. They could control my body from a distance, push it, beat it, that i could faint and die, voices in the head can be heard as if the real people are talking near. They made me hunger for 32 days, (32 days no food), after which i was taken to the hospital from a toxicosis.
   Then the psychologist approached me and began to persuade me so, "here in Moscow there is a heavenly place, hospital No. 1, even famous people with problems of eating disorders (anorexics) are treated there", well, I agreed (many are underway) and this turned out to be a psychiatric clinic , if you get there, then you cease to be considered a man, I was forced to strip naked before a man, to wash and change clothes, after 4 days I was released home. Boring there, little books, you can not watch TV, you can not walk along the corridor, toilets open, while someone pisses other patients stand by and smoke cigarettes, personal things are all locked up, one entertainment to chat with the most normal alcoholics, so it"s interesting experience.
   A little bit about my adventures in astral, mages mocked and had fun at me, besides the real vision, they created me many illusions that i did not realize where reality was. For example, with very clear vision and hearing next to me, there were some sort of creatures and astral twins these magicians all day and night, life behind the glass, they was always with me, everywhere, in the bathroom, in the outhouse, they know and comment all my thoughts and feelings, the psyche of this just on the brink, wildly embarrassing, but then i get used to it. I begin to appreciate solitude alone with yourself, when you have not seen any entities yet and have not heard anyone. The important is not to listen to what they say and not be afraid, they can say that someone is going to kill you or someone else has clairvoyance and telepathy and he hears you, but often this is a lie. Profit this communication, that you can talk with any gods and astral doubles of any people, play with them in energy and psychological games and defeat them psychologically and energetically, this greatly develops the intellect and in life you stop being afraid and shy of people from any class, at least a king, even a billionaire, even Supermodel, you saw more stronger ones in the astral. Also exchanging sexual energy with them and mastering tantra, you get astral sex with those astral people with whom you want.
   5. Children and parents. Who we give birth to and who gives birth to us.
   Several variations of the relationship of parents and children in the aspect of middle and predatory souls.
   1. Both or one parent with predatory soul, a child with middle. As result, parents spend their entire lives trying to drink the vital energy of the child, in his childhood he almost without energy, weak with an overlapped perception of the world, robbed of abilities and attributes. They tie the child to old age, constantly reproaching him. These parents feed the child to the pig condition, so that the child grew weak and they could pity and kick him. If the child could not free his soul, this is a 40-year old looser, he either hates his parents or loves and can't live without them. If he does not free from them until his death, he has chance after death to go to the cosmic clan of one of the parents, where his soul will be eaten. It's important to be able to see the soul of person, just ask how the soul of your parent looks in the astral world, and if the parent is predator, you will be very surprised to see either a demon or a vampire. If nature of creature the hunts for others and live at another's energy, then its soul looks correspondingly, the planet on which it's creature was formed, from whom animals. When you see the soul of the parent, it is easier to understand that this creature is alien to you and what it wants to do with you, it will help to get out of the predatory parent and free your soul. When the Middle liberates his soul, then he is radically transformed, new abilities and perception of the world.
   2. Middle parents and a predatory child. Here the reverse situation, this small vampire will try to steal energy and ride on parents until old age, so that after his birth they will turn into old men.
   Predatory parents can't be beaten (in the astral sense), we must peacefully leave, otherwise nature will punish the middle man.
   And predatory child don't have the right to eat the soul of a middle parents after death.
   3. Predatory parents and predatory child. If predators from the same cosmos clan, this is the most harmonious relationship. There is strength and prosperity here. With good relations, energy support and mutual assistance in life. In the relationship between predators can be competition and they can drink each other, there is a fight for supremacy, training. Predators steals each other's energy if they come from different cosmic clans, from different cosmic Areas.
   *Family clan is a community of souls on the astral, which are united by one surname, they belong to the same national egregor (Russians, Germans...)
   I was interested in how the race of my cosmic race is arranged, their main biological species in which they are embodied. They are in the Area of the head. They are descended from primate-like creatures, they have a funny appearance, large light gray-blue eyes, blond hair on their heads that do not grow to any length like humans, but have a clear length all life, 10 centimeters, like from animals , big mouth with thin lips, heavy lower jaw, wide cheekbones, nose like Brad Pitt's, and humanoid body with fair skin. So the device of their society. They are cared for, give educate and provided their children before age of 6 years, then child becomes an adult, gets separate housing and goes to work to provide themselves with everything they need, to serve the society and not be a burden, and also continues to learn.
   Earthly children also able to work if our society would not protect them from this. The relationship between parents and children, as a member of the family to a member of the family, no arrogant attitude towards someone younger, no accounts and reproaches for the fact of birth.
   6. The origin of humanity, the roots of all race and their role in the world.
   This is the question of how the first person appeared on Earth, i do not believe in the origin of the monkey, and even archeologists have not found this intermediate link between a man and ape or at least a Neanderthal man. It's monkey originated from man, from creatures, who have transgressed the facet of humanity and become cannibals, this destroys the soul by lowering it to an animal level. If you learn to feel the energy and mind of monkeys, you will understand what they are abnormal, something in them from the maniacs of cannibals. Not all monkeys, those that are small, nature has created it. This chimpanzee is from people, more precisely from unsuccessful genetic experiments between human and natural monkey genes.
   So this is my version of the appearance of man, rather not version, but what i learned from astral by esoteric way. In space many of sensible races who are looking for suitable planets for the life, when planet is ready for appearance on it of an sensible life. Mars and Phaeton (the planet between it and the Earth) was habitable, the same green plants and oxygen, about 675 thousand years ago people from the neighboring galaxy arrived there and created their bases there, these people were about 13 foot tall, blonde, looking like white race. On the Phaeton and Mars gravity is less than on Earth and they could be there, so the Earth was uncomfortable for them, too heavy for such growth and weight, so they created a human body of our size in their bioengineering laboratories on the basis of their genes, it was a woman, then they created a male and began to populate the Earth with people of a white race. In the Internet on sites about forbidden archeology there is a photo of giants skeletons, these are skeletons of those people from Phaeton. This planet was chosen not only by them, but earlier the reptiloids also visited here, they changed the fauna of the Earth by throwing huge predators into the ocean and brought here huge dinosaurus, build a couple of bases and watch their beast, prepare for the settlement of these planets by intelligent beings with a modified genetics more suitable to local conditions (atmosphere). They were going to embody in these intelligent beings souls from their cosmic area, for the colonization of the planet, as well as Giants were going to embody in the white race souls from their cosmic clan. White giants destroyed these dinosaurus, before they brought to Earth the first humans. Nonsense these scientists data, that dinosaurs lived here millions of years ago, their conclusions are based on the degree of mineralization of bones, but this depends on the surrounding conditions in which the bone was, for example they also found dinosaur bones without mineralization with hemoglobin, and millions of years ago there was not enough oxygen on the Earth for such large animals to live here. There are rock carvings of ancient tribes, where dinosaurs are depicted. Still these bones are found at shallow depths, but the soil layer is constantly thickening, if millions of years had passed, we would not have got to those bones. When the white giants arrived on these 3 planets, the forces of the reptiloids were too small and they were destroued, then 650 thousand years ago they returned with a huge fleet and there was a war, they had bombs in the form of a capsule of enormous power, on Mars this bomb spawned enormous waves that destroyed life on, then they blew up the bomb in the ozone layer, it destroyed this layer, burned out oxygen and burned everything that was on land, on Mars there are frozen oceans, that's what remains after the destruction of the atmosphere. In Phaeton reptiloids managed to lay the bombs that destroued this planet to pieces. It sounds fantastic, but everything is logical, Phaethon and Mars were about the same size as the Earth, the same distance from the Sun, the fact of the existence of a Phaethon proved by scientists, in itself or from a comet, he could not be destroued. Mars now in this condition, as after atomic war, it is not in the phase that the planet undergoes in its evolution, when it is first red-hot, it has a thin crust, constant eruptions, then the layer of crust thickens, the oceans and atmosphere are formed, Mars already with thick bark and frozen oceans, Mars was passed that stage of evolution, when it formed life. The skeletons of giants are found by archaeologists. There are myths about dragons, it is unlikely to be a product of violent fantasy, so people were in contact with huge reptilians. After the destruction of Phaeton and Mars, some of the Giants hid on Earth and died here.
   By this way the first white man appeared on Earth, he was light-eyed and blond and the middle light soul was embodied in him. Next, they multiply a little and the question of the appearance of other races. Not only they were so clever, on the earth wanted to incarnate their representatives and other cosmic clans. The next was the appearance of Asians. They were created by reptiloids, they stole white gene material, added to it their own genes and created a black-haired, narrow-eyed humanoid, and then stole a white woman and make black-haired narrow-eyed baby. When you find the first Asian on the earth in the astral and you start looking for his mother and father ,a white woman appears and narrow-eyed black-haired humanoid. Appearance of Niggers, they were created by reptiloids, first they crossed the monkey with the Asian and then crossed this monkey-like creature with a white man. Niggers and dark-skinned peoples is the result of crossing of monkeys and human genes. And from these three species all the peoples of the earth appeared. Of course there were other alien interventions and transformations, but i write about the main ones. That is, if a person has brown eyes and dark hair, then he has an Asian gene, and possibly a monkey. So some people are descended from monkeys. So blondes people with blue eyes are absolute biorobots. For the comfort of those who have brown eyes and dark hair, who consider themselves members of white race, i can say that the natural people, our white ancestors who created our body, also came from creatures somewhat like lemurs, only on another planet. All cosmic races originated from animals, but specifically on our earth the human body is not the result of evolution, but the result of genetic engineering.
   About animal genes in man, this is affected by human nutrition, if a person eats for example too much meat, how much he does not need for survive, then part of his cells mutates, taking in the DNA of that animal, so who like eat pork , he is looking like pig.
   A little about the genes, for example, if you analyze the origin of eye pigments, the gray eye pigment belongs to people (aliens) who originated in the head of Cosmos, their energy is sublime and calm, the blue pigment is also humanoids from the head, but closer to the frontal lobes, it is fun and cheerful energy, green pigment is reptile gene, the result of genetic experiments of Reptiloids, it is the energy and state of cunning, superiority over others. Cosmos for billions of years, all this time new races of people arose in it, they developed technologies, traveled around the cosmos, made genetic experiments, mastered other planets, fought with each other, mastered magic, studied the true structure and origin of cosmos at the level of energy, as well energy is the same material world, only it is a microcosm, and sees person this energy or not depends on the training of vision. That brought to us a cocktail of genes from different cosmic races, people are the result of gene modification of many humanoids, plus genes of some animals, we have a bit of the genes of the first people.
   The difference in sensations can be understood if you put on colored lenses, the energy of color acts on the psyche, it is real because of a piece of plastic with paint (lens) other energies go on the head and the mood changes.
   So the giants (Titans) arrive on the planet, they bring here the first white people, the result of their genetic experiments, they were blond, small, naive and bright, they began to multiply, learn to survive and protect themselves.
   Next comes a series of floods, global cooling, the struggle for survival, periodically aliens add their genes and the genes of various animals to human genes so that people obey better and lose touch with their first creators. For example, the light brown hair pigment is from an animal that looks like a dog. Throughout history, civilizations were built and destroyed, there were technologies, there were nuclear wars, nations were fighting and mixing.
   If a person has Jewish blood and one of his ancestors was Jewish, this does not mean that a person is Jewish. When the soul incarnates on the Earth, it enters into the family genus. Family genus is a community of souls in the astral field of the Earth. The family genus is associated with the national egregor. There are German family clans, there are Russian, Chinese, Jewish... In this way the nationality of person depends on the kind of astral family it is in. For example, the Negro and Chinese have given birth to the child of the half-breed and child does not know who he is, but if you look at the astral family of his soul, you can tell what nationality he is, regardless of the genes of another nationality and race. So that a man with dark hair and brown eyes may be in the Aryan family genus and person with blue eyes and blond hair can be in the Jewish family genus. Family genus affects the energy and consciousness of person. A person may have several percent of Asian or Jewish genes, but if his soul is in the Aryan family genus, then these alien genes do not matter.
   The souls of the gray aliens have arisen in the throat of the cosmos, it is the energy of pride, they are predators.
   Gray humanoids. They have big heads, big eyes, small chin and carnivorous teeth. They also introduced their genes to humans. They caught the child of one of the first white humans, cut him to pieces and created from his and their genes a group of humanoids similar to humans, but with a bigger head, this group mingled with other white people.
   This Area is in the region of chest of the Cosmos, there are other middle Areas with middle energies, i'm from another middle Area.
   But it's even more interesting if you learn to see the souls of people, from where they came and understand their biological appearance look, we study all the cosmic diversity on our planet, we communicate with other species, develop, compete, become stronger.
  7. Zion and Jews.
  This information is addressed to all Jews and those who serve to Zion. I know everything about you, even that you do not know about yourself, where you come from, why you are on this earth, and your true role in nature and space. I am not your enemy, below I will write my position, despite the fact that I am Deutscher and represent the interests of white race. On the contrary, I want mutually beneficial cooperation, I can be very useful to you, so, here is my vision of the space arrangement and you in it.
  Space is arranged like person, he has spirit and mind, a person has different energies and emotions in different parts of the body and cosmos also, in different parts of it there are different areas with different energies and emotions, the souls of living beings are born in different parts of cosmos, souls are different from each other, depending on what kind of energy and emotions in the area it was born, respectively, different souls have different functions in the cosmic organism, there are souls born in different parts of the brain of the cosmos, they are strongest and saints, there are souls born in the throat or chest in such energies or emotions like joy, pride, hate, anger, love, etc.
  So, I found out that Zion is in the throat of the cosmos, there is the energy of aggression and irritation, a strong energy similar to the roar of a bear, that is, the Zion souls and their gods consist of this energy. This energy performs an important function in the body, it is responsible for self-defense, if there is little of it energy, then person or cosmos feels weak and defenseless, poor. Jews and Judaism stand under Zion and serve him.
  Now about other nations, and in particular about Russians, there are several egregors in Russia, this is Slavic, there are bright souls that originated in the space area where we are now, this is the heart region, here energy is similar to mercy, these souls cannot be touched, because for it's punished ,the planet itself protects them. Also Russian egregor, he stands under gods and souls that originated in throat area with energy Pride, this is a dull emotion, empty pride is not based on anything, as a bluff, this emotion blocks and inhibits the work of the mind, Russians are stupid, they can only threaten everything , bluff, steal and use other people's inventions and achievements, they have problems with creativity, these souls are associated with gray humanoids on earth. Zion souls bind with reptiloids.
  In Deutschland there are 2 main branches of family clans, these are the first Deutschers, the founder of Deutschland and it's egregor, his soul originated in space area with the energy of joy, Deutschers are not enemies of Jews and can live together peacefully, because Jews like these energies, they relax them. And there are Germans, when king came to power with soul from area of Pride and gave country name of Germany, so Germans family clans stand under cosmic gods with emotion of pride ( Thor) . Jews and Zioners have a conflict with them, Jews are angry at this arrogance and it causes them to do filth , Mein Kampf wrote man with soul from area of pride and of the Germanic kind.
  So, Zion and Jews do not have problems with white race and bright gods, they have problems with peoples standing under cosmic gods with emotion Pride, pride in the human body, for example, causes a feeling of irritation and aggression, it infuriates, it is reaction of Zion souls and Jews to people with a soul of pride, them enrages it's arrogance, it humiliates them, Zioners decided that they must destroy the whole white race and all the bright souls and clans on this planet in order to seize power, but this is a mistake. When white race is destroyed, the bright souls of the representatives of the white nations (Germans, Slavs ...) and souls from pride (Russians, Swedes) will begin to incarnate into the bodies of dark-skinned people, this is already happening and they will continue to serve their gods, Jews and Zions will feel deadlocked. A real example is Alexander Veljanov of "Deine Lakaien" who thinks he is Macedonian and looks like an Arab, but he was born through a bright German lineage, through the genes of German ancestor in him and has bright soul or Eric Garcia from "Rabia sorda", looks like an Indian, but a pair of white genes in it allowed his bright soul of the light kind born to the body of look like indians and now with his music he serves the German dark stage and white people. Besides, I communicated with bright gods, asked what they would do when white race disappeared, so blacks and Asians are the result of intersection of monkey and man genes, plus the genes of the first reptilians in asians, they told me that they would reprogram the animal body cells of the dark people from dark egregors and will reconnect the cells on the clans of white races and i myself already know how to do it, it is not difficult.
  So it does not make reason to destroy white race, it will not bring victory to the Zion forces on this planet, negros and Arabs hate Jews even more than whites. Besides, the white race is more beautiful and I think that it will be much more pleasant for Zioners and Jews to have beautiful bodies if they want to continue living on this planet.
  Do you really like to be carriers of monkey's genes, then the Asian race is better, the Asians in the brain have reptiloid genes, but their black hair is the genes of animals like cows with long black hair, Asians are the result of the genome modification of white man.
  l will reveal to you the main role of Ziones and Jews on this planet, their emotion is aggression and irritability, this emotion suppresses and breaks emotion of pride, their task is to fight with souls from area with emotion of pride, and in particular, these are Russians, Swedes and some Germans, need to destroy the Russian culture and mentality, give other values in return, I will not write here all methods, but if need i to do it, I am ready to write a whole program on how to destroy these forces on earth, this is work with religions, symbols, culture, youth education.
  Funny, I analyzed the Rabbis of Russia, their main rabbis rose under the Russian egregor, some of them were born through the Russian genus, Russian energy of pride is coming from the Russian rabbis, Russia has no more forces of Zion, they relaxed and became stupid, they are interested only money, they think they are serving Zion, thanks to the Torah, but no ...
  White souls from white race are not enemies of reptiloids, Zionians and Jews ,because you love our energies, these energies make you happy, I personally communicated on astral with the main reptiloids who supervise this planet and with 3 heads of Zion on earth, we even went to dream to each other, at first they wanted to harm me, but I was able to find contact with them and now they are thinking about my point of view regarding the future of the white race, I am not their enemy.
  Zion and Jews are quite useful phenomenon in space for the light forces of this planet, you fight with souls from the area of Pride, but you are so confused that you harm light souls too, you are punished for it, you don't most touch light souls at all, souls who originated in this area, when any begin to harm them, then legs begin to rot, because we walk on their planet, bright souls from the head of the cosmos, as mine soul, are also forbidden to touch, because we are connected with the creator's mind.
  An important function of Zion is to appear where too much energy of pride and suppress it, destroying its representatives, because souls from pride prevent higher souls from the mind of the cosmos to develop, they are predators, they destroy bright intelligent souls from the brain of cosmos, if Zion does not perform this function to combat the representatives of gray humanoids (pride) then chaos will come, civilization comes to standstill, on the one hand evil aggressive Zion souls on the other are stupid and proud, also aggressive souls from energy of pride and both these sides destroy bright intelligent souls, and when there is too much aggression and pride in the body, then it ceases to adequately assess itself and goes mad, this is the way to destroy the cosmos, we must keep the cosmic mind our common home in a viable state, contribute to its development, therefore each cell must perform its function ,if Zioners beat the souls of pride on the planet, they will become more harmonious and happy. Souls from the space where Zion should not harm light souls at all, the function of such emotions as aggression is to suppress other negative emotions in the body, you can observe this in yourself when you don't like some kind of emotion , then you get an emotion aggression andirritations in the area of the throat, like in space, the Zioners must destroy the underdeveloped peoples and, while not touching the holy bright people, then the state of the cosmos is harmonized, the Ziones must realize their aggression with benefit to the cosmos. And cells from the brain of the cosmos should direct them, this is how mind-controlled aggression to suppress negative manifestations in the body. Brain cell is me .
  I myself discovered these abilities in myself and obtained this knowledge myself, there are collectors of knowledge and copying of others' achievements, and there are those who generate knowledge, I create knowledge, I constantly learn, learn new things, I have a flexible mind, I think if me locked in room for a year, I will ask from humanoids scheme of the spaceship and draw it. I can get absolutely any knowledge about the world.
  And by the way. I want to offer you my services, I am ready to train everyone who wishes to magic ,so that you yourself can check my words, I can get any information, technological, scientific, about the space device from the astral and from space, about the human, about the history of the earth, I can to see the souls of people and penetrate into their consciousness, influencing it. I can see all past incarnations of person, as well as his potential future incarnation, correct his karma for influence on his future life. The world must be ruled by the supreme magical council, and not by a handful of magicians half-educations who themselves do not understand the consequences of their actions on the world around them, who do not understand their role in nature, where and why they are going .
  Power in the world must be conquered by cleverer methods, I will invent these methods for you, because we have a common enemy, I hate souls from Pride energy, I hate Russians and dream of destroying them, their culture, their family clans, I want to replace the population inhabiting in Russia, for more perfect representatives of the human species.This is a great job, a whole program for years. You want power and live on this planet, there are methods to control which soul and from where flies into the belly, so that Zion souls could incarnate into Jewish and Zionian families, you need to learn this too .
   8. Opening of extrasensory abilities.
   By extrasensory abilities i mean clairaudience and telepathy (the ability to hear the creatures of the astral world, the astral twins (phantom) of other people, the souls from the other world, understand the language of animals, the ability to communicate with cosmic objects and gods, read people's thoughts), clairvoyance (see all of them, if desired, the ability to scan your body, blood, see the energy and souls of people, their inner essence, fight in astral battle with the help of astral weapons), the ability to know the true nature of the Cosmos, to look at the past.
   Manage different energy, influence it on others (healing, either kill or maim (punish) at a distance, fight for power on the astral.
   First, it's just learning to see the energy, it took me 2 weeks, usually our view is defocused or focused on objects, energy is part of the material world, it's only the microcosm, it's less dense, so it's not visible. Take the empty space in front of you and look into it, contemplate (look) the air, first you will see particles of dust and particles of light if it's a sunbeam, then you should see the multicolored streams that float around, you can see the aura of people passing by, if you move your palm in your face, hands have something more dense than air. In the darkness energy seen better. And more important is self-confidence, that you will succeed.
   There are 2 kinds of vision, the first is real, the second is illusory, when some astral creature clung to you and start throwing all sorts of images to misinform, scare, draw energy out of you, it's important not get lost in the world of illusions, you can end up in a psychiatric hospital, if you do not distinguish the truth from lie.
   A little explanation about the nature of vision and hearing, we have an astral and mental body, in the astral it's our emotions and energies, in the mental our thoughts and images, we see dreams and fantasize, but in the physical piece of flesh called the brain there is not and can not be any images and dreams, it means our inner voice which we say to ourselves, our fantasies and dreams arise in thinner spiritual bodies, and if we hear our voice when we think something, then why we can't hear other people's voices in our head. I open the hearing for a month.
   Abilities need to be discovered with the help of your own cosmic gods.
   After you have learned to see the energy and are ready for hearing, you need to try contact with your cosmic clan, your gods from your cosmic clan, from where your soul flew to Earth to incarnate. When the soul goes to the incarnation, it joins the earthly family clan. It is important to find the most important person in clan.
   The effective method for knowing this world, the method of association on yourself or on space next to you, things or creature what you want to study. For example, you call yourself or space in front of you, the name of the thing that you want to know, it can be an animal, a plant, some kind of person, his soul, it can be a star or planet, a dead person. If you have high sensitivity and open vision, then you begin to feel yourself this object.
   Open extrasensory abilities provide opportunities for knowledge of other planets (mentally appearing there to see and feel), acquaintance with aliens, they can if they are asked to show their civilization, ships and weapons, although we still do not understand anything, but just admire. As an example, if you can do something in magic, find aliens from your cosmic clan and ask them to show their planet, if they agreed, then you will have a feeling that you are in another place, different energy, different images. Then you can return on their planet simply by saying that you are there, your astral double itself is teleporting there, and you again feel this planet.
   I was interested in how the race of aliens of my cosmic kind is arranged, their basic biological form in which they are embodied. They are in the space of the head in Cosmos. They originated from creatures similar to primates, they have a funny appearance, large bright gray-blue eyes, blond hair on the head that do not grow a lifetime to any length like humans, but have the same length of a lifetime, like in animals, a big mouth with thin lips, a heavy lower jaw, broad cheekbones, a snub nose. And an anthropoid body with white skin. So the structure of their society. About children are taken care of to 6 years, then the child becomes an adult, gets a separate dwelling and goes to work to provide for himself all the necessary and serve the society, and also continues to learn. Our earthly children can also work if our society did not protect them from this. In the human race everything is built so, we made our children infantile idiots with the help of toys and blunt cartoons, and also make parasites and energy debtors of parents, saving oneself of duties and responsibility for their survival. Ideal education is when child does not spend his time on stupid toys and fabulous illusory world of childhood, and from a small age is introduced into the adult world, learns their laws, skills, learns to earn and take care of themselves. Rightly so - was born and immediately learn to live in the real world, and not in the fairy-tale world of Santa Clauses, tooth fairies and other evil spirits. These games imitators of adult life like plastic irons and other plastic objects of life they do not prepare for adult life and do not develop (stupid waste of money), they inhibit the development of intelligence. For in 7 th years he not thinking about stupid fashionable plastic toys and games and had the psyche of idiot, but was preparing for an adult life and trying to realize his purpose. the sooner he begins to learn it, the more successful he will be in life. Toys are a way to get rid of a child for parents who can not or do not want to spend time on them.
   My race of aliens, from outer space where my soul flew. They sleep little and sleep is the continuation of life, they have reasonable dreams, they realize that they sleep and in a dream communicate with each other, they study, they do what they want. I was interested in them how the engine is arranged due to which they can quickly travel through space, there the principle of working with the energy of time, there are huge 15 meters of rotating disks on the horizontal axis and these disks are clinging to the energy of time, and if you twist it, you overcome everythinghigh-speed barriers. Until I realized that in these discs, how they can twist the energy of time, some metal with some kind of radiation, it's difficult, but this is a dangerous thing, when they invented and experienced it, there was a tragedy and many scientists died, so creating such engine is a mortal danger.
   In the region of the vertex on the head, where the hair usually grows in a circle, there is an energy formation in the form of a disk inside the head (this is the uppermost chakra), it is connected with our cosmic clan and national egregore, and this contain information about the nationality and soul of man, if you take this disk into your hand ( mentally), then you immediately understand what kind of soul a person has and who he is by nationality. And to more easily understand your essence and the energy of your soul, contact with your cosmic clan, you can touch your hand to this place on your head straight into the center of this circle on which the hair grows, there are small bald patches, not necessarily in the center of the head, i have it slightly biased to the left and try to feel the energy of this place, if it does, then this is the main energy of your soul, and representatives of your cosmic clan should shine with the same energy.
   A some of recent my adventures and impressions. I wake up in the morning, i live on the 2nd floor, i hear a cat screaming something, i decided to try to understand and the translation came to me, "Let's fuck ", i was interested, i looked out from the balcony, and i see her cat jumps to her and they start fuck right under my balcony, so i learned to read the language of animals.
   And if you contact with astral creatures in the astral world, in the process of fighting (there otherwise is impossible) with the master of this creatures, he clung to my throat and began to suck energy, so i felt bad, this is the astral murder. An interesting experience. If you defeat the master of astral creatures, then you gain power over all kind of these creatures.
   People with not very developed souls have 1 or 3 incarnations in the human body, their astral double above the head has the features of the animal that man had, astral doubles have their minds, they are a reflection of who the person is inside, his essence, these doubles care about the person, they protect the owner, hunt for energy.
   I was see people with a twin of a pig, a bear, an elephant, a snake, a dog, a wolf, a lizard, even a worm.
   By the way, I noticed, who were a pig, a boar, a bear, and sometimes an elephant have excess fat. I hate bears, I hate their smell and appearance, they are fat in the human body, probably because they continue program of the bear to eat for the winter, and since people do not hibernatefall in sleep for winter, they eat off all year round. Bears are not the owners of the forest, they are forest pigs with wool, eat raspberries, fish, carrion, defenseless people, they are not predators, they are vile killers, deer and hare they can't to catch, all their strength in a fight is thick fur, shave it and the bear will lose in fight with wolves, wolves and predatory cats, they are the kings of animals. in pigs, the program for life is "I live to eat", in the human body they live this program, in bears "I have to eat and sleep", in elephants "I want to be big", in dogs "I serve", in wolves " I have to defeat everyone who bothers me, "in cats," I am the greatest and most important "and so further.
   People in 80% of cases are similar in appearance to the animals that they were, for example, people, former bears and pigs, are genetically predisposed to gaining a lot of extra weight, they can grow to an enormous size and not die, I can with my genetics grow up to 80 kg, after then my joints and other organs start to hurt ( my height is 6'0), but they live their whole lives with a weight of 90 kg and above. I was in the animal incarnation of a huge thin dog, which was bred from the huge black Carpathian wolves. People dogs and wolves are more graceful and thin-boned. In Russia, most people are former pigs, bears, wolves, dogs, lizards, some snakes and monkeys, there is a mixed type, a man who was both a lizard and a bear. Snake people tend to be thin, elegant, well-dressed, some kind of grace in them, but I hate snake, I have a phobia for everything worm-shaped. There are also few people of bulls and cows. There are very few people -cats in Russia, cats are not fools, they don"t want to live in this terrible country, they love freedom and happiness, most of all people are cats in America.
   It"s a little about wolves and bears, before they were other animals in terms of energy and psyche. They were good animals with local middle souls, but then predatory souls began to incarnate into the genus of bears and wolves, people Slavs did not see the threat in these animals since they lived in harmony with them, but everything is changed when wolf and bear with zion soul attacked and ate white Slavic children. Karma bears are gluttony, meanness, nastiness, abomination.if you see a fat person, then this is 200% of a former pig, bear, elephant or slug (snail), other animals sometimes can grow fat a couple of times in life, but they usually lose weight quickly in a couple of months.
   I looked at the incarnation of husbarn my mother ( he not my father) and was not surprised, he was a pig, and in the human body he looks like a pig, look, smell, behavior, he has a nose .. oo is a mutation, I saw this in 3 people in all my live, it is a potato instead of a nose. And I noticed that people have a tense relationship with animals that they was, the people of these animals at the beginning of life accept, love, then hate and try to kill. He was a friend with pig in the childhood, then the uncle gave them a rifle with his brother and ordered to kill the piglet, since then he easily cuts pigs and eats pork. maybe therefore people who were pigs such pig-like, they are engaged in the fact that they kill pork, devour and devour it, it seems like cannibalism)). I used to adore dogs, I was not afraid of them, on the street I tried to stroke the most huge and creepy dogs, then I began to be afraid of them, now I have a special relationship with dogs, I often analyze how to kill or maim one or pack of dogs if they attack. my boyfriend's don't like cats (he was a cat and a wolf in past incarnations), he is infuriated by their audacity, he has astral double like a cat. I undestand to get a human astral double and become a human, get rid of animal fear, you have to kill or defeat the animal that you was.
   My boyfriend was a wolf and 3 years ago he had dog Huskies, she try found out who is stronger, she attacked him, he hit her in the face and put her fist into her mouth to show that he was not afraid of her teeth, defeated the wolf. To get out of the animal kingdom of those animals that you were, you need to defeat this kind of animals, stop fearing them, then you enter the human kingdom and the animal fear for survival is disappears.
   I noticed that in human society, like in the cartoon Zootopia, dominate those people who were a strong predatory animal. Bears dominate over wolves, wolves over dogs (although they are sometimes friends). Lions are over cats. Often I saw the directors of large companies from the realm of large cats, they even look like lions on the surface. Cats by the way are not from the earth, they were brought from Mars, before its destruction, so it seems to us that they are alien beings.
   It is important what kind of emotions a man experiences during sex, if animal emotions, then soul of child will incarnate from the animal kingdom, if you experience love and affection for a woman, then a luminous high soul can incarnate.
   There are a couple of ways to see and connect with the soul of a person; you can take yourself or someone by the upper tips of the ears; they are connected with the soul, as well as pupils of the eyes of person, if you look at them you can see the person sitting inside. For feel your soul, your true energy you need to focus on your pupils of eyes.
   If you risk starting training magic and accidentally to go crazy, it's can happens more than once, it's important not to panic, just calmly watch your condition as if from outside, look at your fear, panic, horror and relax. In extreme cases, greet me on the astral plane and ask mentally for help, from a distance i can help a person. Or ask help your god of your cosmic clan. People to go crazy from cruelty towards others or you are lost into illusions and you do not distinguish reality from other false images and information. This is part of learning magic. I warned that it is hard, further your choice and responsibility.
   9. The creatures of the astral world.
   On Earth, in addition to humans and animals, live many creatures of different astral nationalities, in the forest, in the water, in the city, in the air, they perform certain functions in nature. For example, in the city they can feed on the negative energy of people thereby purifying the space. There are the creatures of disease, when a person does something wrong, he is punished by this small shaggy toothy astral beast in some limb, pain starts and the person falls ill. House creatures, forest creatures, water creatures, dragons, devils creatures, that something like gargoyles, the creatures -the owners of cemeteries eating the energy of dead people, the creatures of the weather, creatures living in trees, all this is reality. Yes, the dragons live on the astral plane among us if they are called, but i do not like them, they are very cunning, their soul is predatory, it's unpleasant for me to communicate with them. These creatures have 6 bodies, they do not have physical and etheric.
   Different astral nations stand under different cosmic Areas, they can be predatory or middle, so your communication with them will depend on what kind of soul you have.
   Some entities can suck out your energy and kill you, if you fighting with him, (you must fight), some creatures will accept you and leave you alone if you can defeat the strongest of them, if not, he will simply suck out your energy and you can swoon. Some of they very much like to joke and deceive. The boss of these creatures can give you the astral double of their kind, put it on you, so you will feel yourself this creatures, amazing when you feel not the human body, but you feel yourself as another being with the plasticity of his body. Even since each person has an astral double, you can communicate with the twins of any famous people, favorite actors and musicians, they enter your body or become close and you communicate.
   10. Methods of astral battle.
   My little work. We all need to fight for our energy with other people. Our victory depends on our personal strength and on supporting the gods that stand behind us.
   You can vampire energy of people, it happens if your will stronger. To beat people with astral weapons.
   This applies to people with a middle soul, because predators soul already possess this. People with a middle soul are usually naive, peace-loving, bright as children inside, but world order and life dictates the need to develop such qualities as aggression, the desire to dominate and defeat the enemy. You need to know the state of predator, look at others from top to bottom, do not allow yourself to lose, live with device -"I do not lose, never," even if you have already been beaten. Learn to enter the state of predator on the hunt against your enemies, this is at the level of animal instincts, when he traces prey and begins to pursue it, enjoying the hunt and panic fear of the victim. Imagine yourself predator, feel the plasticity of his body, how he runs, pursues prey, feel the primitive pleasure of hunting. When you learn, you can, if necessary, include the state of the predator, and then the surrounding people begin to twist the bowels in horror when they are near you, and the predatory souls will begin respect you, because you can play by their rules. I'm not raising maniacs here, I'm very peaceful and good-natured, but life dictates the need to protect themselves and punish the enemies. I hope no one asshole here will come to mind to practice real hunting in the forest for someone)) I'm teaching an astral game that breaks down the psyche of rivals. To help, as an example of this state, watch the video of Agonoize "bis das blut gefriert"
   Ability to hold a punch (Defend) or check of you for strength. We are all familiar with such phenomenon as persecution of weaklings (looser), these are natural instincts aimed at the evolution of the soul, the survival of the strongest. It is usually the defensive reaction of attackers from someone else's ugliness, internal or external, the desire to protect themselves from this ugliness that can harm the aggressor, if he opens, accepts, admits it into his space. Or it is a test of strength the object of persecution, is worthy of being accepted into the company, test level of it's strength, if you are strong you is considers a reasonable person, if you weak, you are just meat, a victim, a lower development creature that can not be admitted into the company and personal space, the maximum that you can get, if you bow your head in front of the strong man is role of servant. It's the elucidation of a person's place in the food chain. You have to learn to defend, people beat in the hope of gaining your energy, abilities, attributes, if you will lose. They beat in appearance, in dress, in social status, in intelligence. You must love yourself very much and be well-developed in all spheres of life, therefore in life one should communicate only with leaders, with the most intelligent, talented, successful people, to learn the world, listen to the best, not popular music, literature, fashion, choose the best, ideal, strong, it helps to be above the opponent. Yes, even if you are not smartest and most handsome man, the ability to hold a blow (defend), causes respect from the powerful of this world and opens the way to their personal space and company.
   Creation of the astral weapon: we take an ordinary knife, we go to the cemetery, we stick this knife into the grave land and wait until it is saturated with dead energy, then wrap it in something and hide it where no one will find it, not in an apartment house, so that it's energy did not hurt anyone. And when someone attacks you on the astral, steals your energy, beats you with energy, presses your will, then you mentally beat the enemy with this weapon or stick it in ,hold the knife in the enemy until your victory.
   I discovered that glasses with mirrored yellow lenses reflect any energies reaching us, (just mirrored glasses have no such effect). If you put them on your eyes, then in astral those who look at us, they stop seeing us, the yellow glare blinded them when you wear these glasses, then such nervous tension subsides from head, consciousness clears up, because connections with parasites is torn, you start to see people as they are.
   My mother"s twin looks at me from the astral, watches me constantly, recognizes me by my eyes, puts pressure on my mind, so after wearing these glasses, I start to look at it as a stranger woman, go out of its influence, it"s so cool .By the way, in glasses with green mirrored glasses, parasites cease to recognize us on the astral, they also clear our minds.
   In the astral with you can do anything, beat, suck in energy, drive you crazy, rape, laugh at your weaknesses, threaten to find in reality and kill, dip into shit, feed worms, stick a dead person into you or some astral creature, try to devour your soul by submitting your will, and many things. While you pass through all this 100 times you will die inner.
   11. Funeral rite and caring for the soul of the deceased.
   So that the soul of deceased person can quickly, safely and calmly go to where it should be after death, it is our cosmic clan from where we incarnated to Earth, it is necessary to competently ritual with the body of the deceased.
   The most correct ritual was for our ancestors, when the body betrayed the purification of fire and the soul could easily go home, this is the most aesthetically and hygienic. We put so much care into our body during life and so cruelly deal with it after death, it is not difficult to imagine the processes that occur with the corpse after dead.
   Most often burying in accordance with the Christian tradition, the body is placed in a coffin, buried in cemetery, a christian cross is placed on the grave
   (a cross with two notches above and below, simple cross is a symbol of life, but these notches turn it into a symbol of death, because they mean that the soul is cut off from the connection with the earth and from the connection with the sky). And accordingly such cross emits necrotic dead energy. A monument is erected, a name is written, a photograph is hung up (the photo can not be, it also holds soul on the earth, these photos have live eyes, and other relatives regularly remember the deceased, carry him food (feed the dead), put candles and so on. It is in the Russian tradition.
   All real magicians see and know what is really going on in the cemetery and what it is. This burial ritual curse the soul and does not let it go quietly, it keeps it tied to the ground at least a hundred years, until the relatives forget about it and the grave will not be destroyed. The cemetery is a damn place, it holds a soul between heaven and earth. After death, the person's astral copy, as a result of such burial becomes accursed and acquires the features of a real vampire. As a result, there is a connection between the deceased and his relatives, they feed him with vital energy, which he does not need, and he dead energy necrotic to them, and often this connection leads to illness and death. In ancient times there was a special person, a priest who watched the soul go to the address (got home) after death, it is very important, the world is an eerie thing, the soul is a great energy value and there are those who want to harming or using it for their own Benefits. Need to protect the soul after death, control how she feels, sometimes because of a wrong life, the soul worsens her karma, that is, life has gone badly, you can help her recover and improve your karma for a better future incarnation.
   In short, the procedures necessary after the death of a person:
   - correct burial or cremation.
   - guarding and escorting the soul to home.
   - restoration of the soul if necessary
   - cleaning up from the energy of the deceased places where he lived.
   Who has deceased relatives or acquaintances, i can look their soul.
   12. Who are the gods. Analysis of all world religions.
   Chapters and founders almost of all religions and esoteric teachings on earth is predatory, people flee from the cruelties of this world, and they meet the elders and wise men who begin to teach them false theories of the world order, the world is suffering and you have to get out of the Samsara wheel and go to nirvana, like- "Get out of the way guys, give us your world and go to fucking nirvana or die as soon as possible, although you can still sit with blissful smile in the lotus or singing songs Hare Krishna, and in the meantime we will capture your world and fuck your women". Even predatory gods like Shiva and predatory guru love to devour the souls of middle disciples who are too much dissolved in these authorities. Nature is supportive of a strong man, since God does not punish a lion when he kills a roe deer, because it is in his predatory nature, it is necessary for him to survive and don't hope that they will be punished for attacking us, to punish your enemies it's your task.
   - Christianity.
   It is an artificially created religion. With an artificially created entity -Yahweh, to which people can worship and give their life energy and souls. The Bible were writte for create religion of slaves, there man is slave to God, to destroy the national self-consciousness and self-esteem of peoples professing this religion. Everything is built on faith and fear of analysis and doubt, don't believe, you need to taste everything yourself. If you open the vision, look at how the Christian god Yahweh looks, only without illusions, at first he will be very nice, if you not belive, he will show his true face and it's interesting to see who lives in the churches, what entities, that's "God's place".
   But was Christ? And if it's fiction, all its wonders, because in the Middle Ages in Europe they kill and burned everyone who something talk against the church and Christianity. And again, why Christ is Resurrection, because on the third day people seemed to be his soul, and then he go into heaven, they do not mean that the corpse revived, or he was walking dead? So where is the resurrection, if the soul has come out of the body?
   Christ on the astral is a short, very dark-skinned, dark-haired man with curly hair and a lively face. He apparently did a lot disturbed people, and he was killed, and his name and image was used to write religion for slaves, there are religions for the masters and leaders, there are religions that cultivate weakness, humility, slavery, suffering, death, this is an excellent weapon against competing peoples.
   More about Christ, Yahweh and Jehovah, who they are. Christ, this dark-skinned Jew, has a soul from Area from where gray aliens flew, energy of this Area is pride and meanness at the same time, so Christians who worship Christ have a state of pride, an eternal dual state of any believer in Christ have suppression of pride and the atonement of sins for perfect meanness. Why at the same time pride and meanness, because with an excess of this energy, pride appears, with a lack of this energy, a condition of meanness appears. Both of these feelings arise in the neck, near the spine.
   When Christians pray, they say simply God, they don"t call his names as Jews. On word God comes Jehovah, this is a huge demon-like with black fur and a dog's mouth, radiating hatred and horror, it turns those who pray to him into nonentities and slaves (besides the Jews, he gives them some of his qualities, because they created this religion). These are magicians of Zion put this astral creature Jehovah at the head of the Christian egregore. Yahweh is a cursed Slavic soul, this white man with a Slavic soul was killed when magicians put a spell on him that he would give the happiness and riches of the Slavic people to those who worship him. If you worship Yahweh, then there is a state of happiness and richness, this is secret of the dual nature of the Jews, they are cruel from Jehovah, happy and rich from Yahweh.
   In Christianity it is customary to call priests- fathers. Native fathers have a connection with the body of the soul of their child. We also have this connection with spiritual teachers (guru) and husbands have power over the soul of their wives. This body of the soul is responsible for the spiritual development and worldview of person, calling the priest - a father, we give him power over our soul and become his slave, don't do so.
   About Christian rituals:
   - Wedding.
   The symbol of white dress is the death of bride for her family clan, she goes to the family clan of her husband. But it's not right that woman getting married on the astral look like a corpse, really. The wedding is a celebration of life, it is better to make colorful dress as ancestors did.
   In the church they give wine and this bread is unleavened, saying that it is the blood and flesh of Christ, which means that people thus symbolically eat dead meat of man, the rite of cannibalism.
   -The rite of baptism.
   For the rite of baptism you need:
   1. The fabric in which the baby is wrapped after the ritual (in fact, in the magical sense, it means the shroud in which the dead are wrapped)
   2. White shirt (the dead, usually after bathing- "bathing a child in church" are dressed in new white clothes)
   3. The godfather or mother of the same sex with the child, this is the person to whom the soul of the child is attached. In this way they remove the protection from the child.
   Ceremony: the child is washed like deceased before burial, church oil is smeared by his energy centers and sense organs, paints a cross on his head, lips, ears, eyes, thus overlapping his connection with the cosmos and closing his feelings on Christian egregore, so that he perceives the world through the prism of Christian teaching. Then they cut the hair, roll it into a wax (ritual of black magic) and throw it into the water (well not into the ground), by this they take off important energy and information from the child's head, the person stupid after that, the brains are washed out.
   After all the procedures, the child dressed in white church shirt shines on the astral as a dead man. This is done for pumping his vital energy into the Christian egregor.
   * Logical interpretation of the Bible
   So God created the first man Adam in the astral world, giving him a penis for some obscure purposes (probably to piss), then he looked and found that Adam had one rib that was superfluous, and decided to remove this rib and grow from piece of bone a woman, and gave her the tits and female sex organs (or Eve grew out of the rib directly from the body of Adam (horror film?). And God told them, i gave you paradise, and for this you must express your love and devotion to me so that i forbid you to eat the forbidden fruit (use your sexual organs for the purpose), go and suffer. Well, they tormented, but Satan - serpent is provoked them, and they did it. In punishment, God sent them to the Earth, he was from the spiritual world is materialized them. Probably it looked like that, here is an empty space and a piece of land and suddenly in this space, from nothing materialize or teleport the man and woman, like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film Terminator and woman robot in Termanator 3.
   Since they were the first people on earth, they began to multiply, so their children were interbreeding with each other and so on, according to the science and sad experience of some tribes, they had to die out or mutate in 500 years. Their children for some reason were Jews, the names of these first people in the Bible was Jewish, meaning the Jews are the forefathers of all mankind and we are all Jews: Negro Jews, Chinese Jews, white Slavic Jews, Indian Jews. So you decide who are your ancestors, Adam and his rib, Jews, monkeys or Humanoids.
   Christians claim that the pagans were making human sacrifices to their gods, but this is nonsense why the gods want the death of their children, they are interested in the life and prosperity of their people.
   Christianity asserts that this is a peaceful religion, but let's count the human sacrifices from it, first in the Bible it is written that even at the birth of Christ, King Herod kill all the newborns children in the city, only their prophet was born, and already brought death (this is certainly fake from the Bible, but nevertheless), after Christianity began to be forcibly planted in Europe, Russia, America and Mexico, the Spaniards forced the local tribes to accept Christianity. In the Middle Ages Inquisition was burned millions of people (they got rid of the most intelligent and advanced representatives of the white race) and cats as supposedly devilish animals, the same crusades, allegedly in the name of faith. Europe has not washed for centuries because of Christianity, and this has contributed to infections and the spread of deadly diseases, millions of Europeans have died from the plague, about 35% of Europe's population, it's not the fault kof the rats, it's Church say that hygiene is sin.
   Satanism is the same Christianity, this is the reverse side of one religion. There is a man himself erected in the cult, the idea of freedom and power, Satanism is tightly connected with the world of magic and astral entities responsible for magical power and rituals, and Satan is the demonic astral creature, little, fat with grey fur, not particularly scary, rather amusing, so Christianity will be more terrible.
   - Islam.
   This is also artificially created religion with an artificially predatory creature Allah, yes, Allah is were, i communicate with him, we did not like each other. The Arab tribes also by the way have their own pagan gods about whom they forgot like the Slavs. When a person becomes under any predatory religion, then he gives the upper body of the soul, responsible for the connection with his cosmic clan and the world perception of the cosmos as it is and instead get the astral body from the religion through which it perceives the world.
   When you leave religion, you must ask your natural cosmic clan to remove you all attributes of religion and build back your soul, with a full set of bodies the world blooms in all its beauty, the perception of harmony, beauty and truly divine great Mind and Spirit that is Everywhere.
   Well, there is a wrong attitude to life, life is suffering, to be happy you must stop suffering through curbing passions. It is much more correct and natural to live these passions, understand and thereby gain power over them. If you want wealth, do not leave this desire. And this religion suggests to leave from life and desires into nirvana. Even the highest gods do not rest from life, they are also in the process of fighting for the survival of their peoples and clans. Nirvana in the true sense means to break the soul. This Buddha has predatory soul, and if person is fond of idea leaving in Nirvana, because he does not like to live, he is afraid of suffering and trials, he wants to escape from them in some kind of eternal happiness somewhere in another world. The Buddha regards this as the unwillingness of soul to live and removes a part of the soul from person, if until the end of this life man does not love life, then he gets an even more difficult incarnation in which he must again accept life and endure the trials, if he accepts life, his gods will increase to him the lost part of soul.
   This is the religion of the Hindus, but now it is very popular among whites. Hindu gods such as Shiva, Parvati, Raksha, Kali, Krishna, are creaturs with predatory souls, their main task is to bring you into a blissful state, they can even open spiritual abilities, instead they block your connection with your own gods and take away part of the soul, some especially fanatical are dissolve their souls in these creaturs, die forever and never again incarnate. I regularly communicate with this gods, fucking beasts, i hate them.
   Well, then all these Sathya Sai Baba, a good magician and illusionist , also hunted for souls of people. Osho with his wise thoughts, they all sit down on the brain and drink energy. You can not worship and learn from teachers of foreign race, they will only harm, they will close you from your own gods, spiritual development is connection and service with your own gods and folk.
   Carlos Castaneda, many have gone mad from his teachings, I'll tell you why. The fact is that Castaneda is a Mexican, and Don Juan Matus is an Indian magician, the Indians hate white for seizing their lands and they decided to take revenge in this way. This is a false teaching, it introduces chaos into person's worldview. If you are white you can not learn from teacher of another race, because he does not want your spiritual development, he thinks only of his people, and another folk for him a competitor, an enemy to be removed, so if you open your mind to black teacher, then you can simply go crazy or for years walk around in search of truth, but it will not be, only true teachers and gods of your native race can give true light and knowledge.
   The teaching of Kabbalah is also predatory, there is a lot of false knowledge.
   Shambhala is the astral egregor of Asiatic magicians, all their knowledge is collected there. Shambhala stands under reptilians.
   Valhalla is not the place where the Scandinavian heroes, this is the realm of the dead, where accursed souls and traitors.
   - Paganism.
   Now the black magicians made copies of the Slavic gods, these predatory astral entities posing as these gods, come to people in ancient clothes and with beard, classics of the genre, the real pagan gods do not wear a beard. I will clear up. Slavic gods, they own the soul of planet, because their souls originated in this cosmic Area (heart of cosmos Area), the planet's soul also born in this Area. Scandinavian gods are souls that came from the Area of the throat with energy Proud (gray humanoids). Slavic gods are lighter, softer and warmer, they have a lot of heart energy, this is a smiling boy with short blond hair like wheat. For example, the god Veles is not a cattle god, as he is called, this association infuriates him, he is really connected with the world of nature, but he is not god of animals, he is responsible for energy of nature. Each animal species has its own patrons. Dazhdbog ( God of rain) knows how to control the weather. And once again, they do not look like ancient men, they knew technology and civilization.
   Scandinavian gods are cold and arrogant, these are gray humanoids of their throat Area with the energy of pride. And they are my enemies, Scandinavian gods are predators and invaders, they are enemies of the Slavic gods, they will step over someone else"s life in the struggle for their interests, they are scumbags. and the god One by the way is not one of them, in mythology something got it wrong, his soul is from this outer space, he is a Slavic god (true One, not a false one). Thor is one of these gods of scumbags. The most common forces on Earth are Slavic, Zion and Scandinavian, because the Zionians are supported by reptiloids whose bases are in the solar system ( moon, earth), and the Scandinavian are gray aliens, I watched what kind of rase is native for Scandinavian gods, the big-headed, big-eyed came out with a small chin, gray lips and sharp predatory teeth in the mouth failure.
   The most famous schools and gurus give such model of the world order, there is a reasonable Cosmos around us and we all parts of it, each person has a part of the spirit, people should be kinder to each other, not to fight, help each other to become better so that the cosmos developed. Very nice, only these gurus missed one moment because of which they made wrong conclusions. All souls are parts of the cosmos, only they parts of differend places in space, someone is part of the brain, someone is chest, each is part of some kind of energy and emotions and purposes of all souls is different, and Cosmos evolves due to the fact that it is using the mind (souls from head) trying to curb and suppress, destroy negative vibrations and energies, souls from the brain must destroy a part of souls from lower Areas and these low souls provoke, attack and hunt bright and high souls because they like these light energies, it is tasty for them. And this is evident, the cosmos really becomes cleaner, younger and more beautiful when nasty predatory soul is die.
   Do not believe people, fake guru who radiate the energy of love, these people almost always smile, behave as if they are holy and all-knowing, treat others as children, students or as relatives. Energy of love is a terrible force, the element of love has such qualitet to dissolve, when person begins to dissolve in someone. Love is a weapon, wenn predatory guru develops this energy, pumps its chakras with it and starts to radiate it to others, people feel it and open up to it, begin to love in response, when person loves, he begins to give his money, energy, attributes , soul, these guru sits on consciousness and subtle bodies of the soul, completely subordinating a person, if you see someone who behaves like a saint, loves everyone, then know that their only task is to enter your inner circle and take everything from you, each works for himself and his cosmic ones clan.
   13. Who is Shiva. About Yoga.
   Shiva is predatory soul.
   Now the Hindu egregor has strongly sat on the head of white people, it is stupidly it to bow to the foreign gods, and they will take a piece of your soul, it's better to honor your own gods.
   If Shiva is predator who hunts for souls, then i do not have to practice yoga anymore. Yoga at the Indian tradition these weapons against soul, she relaxes, moves from the struggle for power and place under sun.
   World order is not pink snot in Goa style, with some sort of villain who in future after spiritual growth to join the white bliss and harmony, who was a predator will become stronger and more dangerous.
   About the influence of body posture on mind, in yoga necessary to find the key in the asana, this is the third stage of yoga, I now found the keys to all asanas, I realized that each of them means what energy gives. I found a royal pose in which super protection is put on the mind and body and there is a disconnection from parasites that overlap the mind and harm us. The feet of the legs have channels and projection of the human body, they are connected to the body, so in order to enter the protected state, you have to connect the feet, close them, I sat in a sitting position and folded the feet together in front of me, and began to feel the earth and cosmos , the upper channels have opened ,consciousness cleared, there was a sense of yourself and your way. The lotus asana also understood, depending on which leg is on top, right or left, the person will focus on himself or open to the world around him, in the lotus position you have to cover your feet with your palms.
   When the right foot is on top (right for woman, left for man), then human opens onto the world, expanding, a dangerous condition, when the left leg is above (left for woman, right for man), self-analysis starts, a state of guilt and humiliation appears ,as soon as I covered my feet by hands, then I had a feeling of strength and fullness. Now I can adjust the asanas so that the correct state exists, create a connection to the true creator of yoga, not to Shiva. Shiva is just a thief and a transmitter.
   Shiva is a petite, swarthy, cunning Hindu with long greasy haers. He worked like a servant of white people who practiced this gymnastics, yoga was a divine military gymnastics of white people, Shiva was sent there as a spy to learn the secrets of white masters. He remembered everything well and transferred information to his employers, they told him that he would train the Hindus, so he became an important person with them. He had no special moral qualities, he loved women and eventually paid for it, mothers and fathers of these girls were outraged, their daughters can't get married if they lost their virginity, one became pregnant, eventually gathered a crowd and beat Shiva with stones and cut off a dick, all indians worships it naw, I see a picture as one Hindu waving a dark dick 10 cm in length and laughs, "with this he was going to fuck our daughters." As a result, Shiva was no longer incarnated on earth, the Indian people would not allow him to incarnate. Then came the followers of Shiva and forced to worship Shiva those who killed him. As a result, they made a saint out of him, becouse he stealing this gymnastics from the whites.
   As for yoga, by the way, for nerves, energy and health, it's better to have a fitness and a workout, martial arts plus gymnastics.
   Or you can engage in neutral yoga, like Aryan gymnastics without mantra and Mudra, which connects to some kind of astral egregors and gods. And do not engage with the instructors who stand under some spiritual teachers (guru), just only physics asanas with relaxed or clenched palms. The true creator of this gymnastics, his soul flew from the space that is in the head of the universe, he has a middle soul. This gymnastics is not called Yoga, Shiva borrowed it, changed it slightly and gave its name is Yoga (in the cosmic language it means the movement towards Shiva). To avoid getting up under Shiva, you need to greet the true creator of this gymnastics (do not use the word Yoga) and ask permission to use his gymnastics for physical health and nervous system, help in classes and protection from Shiva, of course you have to pay him (creator yoga) energy, but it's cheaper than paying Shiva, the middle ones do not encroach on other people's souls.
   14. About world.
   ln Russia live Light Slavic families , there are few of them. There are light European clans (German and French), too few. Russian clans with aggressive energy of pride, Jewish clans, fake-Russian clans with feminine, cold watery energy. Russian and fake Russian clans dominates and tries to drag people from Slavic and European clans in their families, so that they consider themselves Russian and serve them. Russian souls from pride are just squalid, stupid, cruel and proud animals, they hate everything bright and sacred and try to destroy it. Hitler was right, Russians are just animals, 5 years ago I was also Russian patriot, believed that Russia is the greatest country and Russians are the greatest people, but then I woke up, I remembered my past, from where my soul is, who I was in my past incarnation, I remembered how beautiful it is to be German and I saw that all these years Russian culture and Russian clan of my mother killed me, drank my energy, made me miserable. Russians live in their wretched little world with their narrow wretched thinking, they cannot understand and comprehend the thinking of European man, all beauty and diversity of German, French culture, I also admire the American white man, his courage, susceptibility, optimism and , the world will be able to develop only if at last it enslaves and destroys Russian culture that inhibits the development of the entire planet. Even when I spoke with the highest gods from pantheon 7, I asked how they relate to Russians and souls who originated in the energy of pride in throats of cosmos, they called them space assholes or bastards, they are hated by everyone in space. There are a lot of beautiful light souls in Russia, I meet many people who were in past incarnations by European aristocrats and even French kings, but these people sleep and consider themselves to be Russian, it hurts them. It is necessary to wake people up so that they remember what soul they have, learn from which family they are and who they were in their past life. I even have a whole collection, I found about 8 people around the world who were French kings and a couple of English kings. They are often famous musicians and great actors, because now musicians are kings of this world, they own the minds of people .
   About Russian culture. I'll tell you a secret, i better know, i was born in Russia, there is no Russian culture. It disappeared after 900 years, after the baptism of Rus: Christianity is a Jewish religion, all kings were with Jewish and german blood, Russian lords also with Jewish and german blood (for example Leo Tolstoy of the Volkonsky clan family, they were Satanists, i was in their palace, there are all in Masonic symbols - the star of David) (Freemasonry is satanism), Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev, Yeltsin, Putin are Jews, the symbols of the Soviet Union are Jewish symbols. Bulgakov is a perversion and Satanism, Dostoevsky's book reminds me of a damp stinking cellar. Leo Tolstoy, this freak who fucked for the money of slavish serf women using their beggarly position, he brought them to poverty, because he was the master of the land on which they lived. Dear women, well, in truth, what a fool woman would give him sex with his appearance free of charge?
   Russian literature is permeated with Greek mythology and influence of the French language. All clothes worn by Russians after 1400 were invented in Europe. Architecture is a miserable copying of ancient Greek architecture, and today copying American skyscrapers and business centers. Russian music is almost gone, we play music in the European style on musical instruments invented in Europe. Moscow and Russia is a peasant who shaved off his beard, put on a suit, bought expensive coffee at fashionable cafe (as in Europe) and decided to portray himself as a cultured civilized person. The only thing that the Russians know, how to make weapons and fight.
   Such things as nested doll, balalaika, Russian national costume is just a circus for tourists, a real Russian culture in the tales of Alexander Pushkin.
   Now Putin and his team steal trillions of dollars from Russia, Russia is the richest country in the world for mineral resources and all this is being stolen.
   Russians are very aggressive people, they believe that they will save decaying morally Evropa, they have a program to capture and drag the whole world into their sufferings, this is not peaceful nation, they are fighting for influence in the all world, ideological and energy, everywhere wherever Russians appear, they start to prove something to someone, what they are special, spiritual and exceptional, well, if Russians are so cool, better their would stay in their country (immigrants), they are very proud of their homeland and origin, but at the first opportunity they run from their country to far away.
   Russians press Europe with their victory in the 2 World War, they demand gratitude for salvation from the world, but the truth is that, if the United States and Great Britain did not help, diverting part of the German army, the outcome of Stalingrad and Moscow battle would be another and russians would speak now in German , it's so so humiliating, such great Russian people, such huge country USSR loose to little Germany.
   There are 3 main forces in the world, it is the American army, the Russian and the Chinese, I asked the astral forces to show the forecast who won if war started, to evaluate whose army is the strongest, so:
   USA and China, they showed me that they are not going to fight at all, these countries have almost love each other, they are beneficial to each other economically.
   USA and Russia, there are traitors in the Russian government, they serve to USA and transfer money there, Russia would lose in this war because they would betray it from within, internal saboteurs in the government would not allow the Russian army to win. For themselves they are not afraid, hundreds of luxury bunkers with all conveniences have been built in the Russia. In addition, they have several fake passports, several citizenships of different countries.
   Russia and China. Russians combat capability would be enough for maximum of 2 weeks and all ...
   A bit about the history of America, there used to be white people living with the Indians before Columb, but the Indian tribes killed all the whites, so when the colonization of America began there, European military began to destroy the Indian population is retribution, karma for the fact that the Indians kill out all white. To humanity more 600 thousand years, do you think during this time, white people would not have found such a huge land like America and would not have tried to live there? Do not feel sorry for the Indians, i certainly like them, simply because they are warriors and i respect them, but they are somehow alien and hostile to the white race people. The whites just came to America and took land on rightfully of strong. White people too mutch idealize the Indians, the real Indians are like animals inside. There are half-breed Indians who think they are Indians, but in fact they were born through the white family. Do not demonized white colonialists, I looked at the astral who first attacked, and saw group of Native American animals raping two white German women, the men of these women were walking somewhere, and these men were not Germans, some European garbage, when people arrival in America ,Immigrants were divided to couples, women were given to men. Look at the old foto of American Indians, they are ugly, square faces, forehead low and narrow.
   In Europe, too bad, for centuries, there ruled church, they give you Christianity so that people were slaves of God, so that you worship the Christ. In the Middle Ages, millions of Europeans were burned at the fire of Inquisition, this is the genocide of white people. And now they have opened the borders for migrants from Africa and East, they will destroy white race.
   So Merkel admitted all these refugees to Germany and in fact to Europe, so that these niggers and arabs raped white women and humiliated the dignity of the German people, white has family of 1, 2 children, and Arabs average 5, thus in 50 years Europe will belong to them. I hate and despise white women and men who are friends and have sexual intercourse with nigger or arab, they betray their blood, ancestors and culture, they are traitors. And yes I hate refugees, all these peoples dream destroying the white race, they are death for whites and their culture. And for white! Both men and women, must carry weapons, knives, guns, electric shockers, wear some kind of protection in the form of bulletproof vests, at least from a knife, if any "animal" attacked you.
   People living in Scandinavian countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Norway), they do not even imagine how lucky they are, they live in the best place in the world. Their air, their nature, their cities and things that surround them are impregnated with warmth, kindness, patience and diligence. For me, Germany is a temple (houses, roads, things, they are sacred) and these dirty refugees, these damned Arabs desecrate my temple, breathing German air, drinking German water.
   By the way, in the subject of recent terrorist attacks in Europe, where immigrants attacked a crowd of people with a knife and all people began to run away, if I were there, and I always carry a knife with me, I would pull out a knife and go to meet it terrorist to kill him, maybe he wounded or killed me, but with me my white gods and strong hatred for the Arabs, I look at them as an dirty animals. If you were stabbed once in a fight or cut, try to cope with a painful shock and continue the fight, a person usually dies from several stab wounds. It is necessary to get rid of the psychology of the victim, you need look at the refugees as a prey.
   Refugees will be useful to Europeans, they will rid you out the foolishness of internationalism and tolerance, and possible turned into men and warriors your fagots which you grow on your gay parades.
   If white man or woman marries with member of different race, it means that he refused to serve the white race and in the next incarnation he will be born asian, nigger or Arab.
   * About culture.
   About the norm and perversion. Many people believe that be special or abnormal person is cool. Yes it is, but only within the framework of the natural norm, when person does not go against nature, because nature is very wise, nature is life, multiplying, development. Such things as homosexuality, pedophilia, zoophilia, suicide, insanity, disharmony of aesthetic forms, these are anti- natural things leading to death and extinction, to the involution of living beings. You think it's so cool to call yourself or someone crazy, and you've been in hospital for crazy pazients, it's not cool, it's scary and sad. Still I'm furious with modern art, where the artist created in an hour some incomprehensible crap, chaos or set of geometric figures, said that this is cool art and people believed him. Such styles as abstractionism, impressionism, avant-gardism, it's not cool it's just a miserable garbage that costs a lot of money. Picasso's picture i would not hang myself even in my toilet. The norm is not boring, nature and creatures that inhabit it are interesting and amazing.
   15. Nutrition systems, dietology, healing.
   As i wrote above, dense matter is a result of the fusion of spiritual energies. Scientists are still working and studying the world at the level of atoms, molecules, neutrons and protons. There are smaller particles that are still invisible for study, these particles arose in result of the fusion microparticles of spiritual energy. Thus the spiritual energy forms the physical world. And even the cells of the body and organs also have spiritual bodies and have a mind, we can communicate with them, ask their state, give commands. So, one can heal and maim people with the power of thought and energy. The physical human body is set in motion by a spiritual vital energy, if not will be spiritual bodies of the soul in the physical body, there will be no movement.
   The method of rapid healing:
   We find out the karma cause of the disease, we apologize, we get the right to be healed and there is such method of transferring the disease to the plant. When i got sick with the flu, i found a plantain on the street, apologized to him, cut the roots and mixed with my saliva, saying that I shifted my illness to the plant, as soon i did this, immediately felt the outflow of negative energy and the next day i felt well.
   People get sick because of violations of natural laws. They are punished by karma if they harmed anyone. Punish even for negative thoughts. It is important to choose plant with good energy, poisonous plants are not suitable for this.
   About healing and teaching other people, when we treat someone or teach it, we not most wish a person to be cured or learned, especially if the patient and student with predatory soul, otherwise the patient or student will take your energy for recovery or training.
   * Schizophrenia.
   I will explain schizophrenia, this is not a disease, it is a feature of the device of human consciousness. The first definition of schizophrenia is when person hears voices, a simple untrained person falls into category of crazy, trained and knowing falls into category of a magician, psychic and medium. The second definition is like a split personality, when periodically person can't control his thoughts and actions, it borders on paranoia (a syndrome like in the movie "As gut as it gets" with Jack Nicholson). Controlled, this is when it's at the level of thoughts that a person keeps under control and does not activate them. Uncontrolled this when human consciousness in the fog, and he can for no reason at all pounce on someone. I will analyze this state, a person has "Mind of soul" inside his head, this is his true image, the projection of his soul. If person has a weak mental body and a good connection with the soul, then this person gives rise to a state of dual personality. For those who begin to practice esotericism, it is advantageous to be a schizophrenic, because this "Mind of soul" protects the human soul, it gives rise to aggression in the brain and the psyche of a person and the desire to harm someone who wishes a person evil. For example, you sit there do not touch anyone, talk with people and suddenly uncontrollably, out of consciousness, from the inside of the head, a desire to hit a someone, of course person is frightened, like so, "i'm normal, I do not want do and think these things", but from the depths of the subconsciousness impulses come which it is difficult to control. When someone tries to harm this person's soul and has an evil intention, then the sensitive person has his second self "Mind of soul" giving rise to uncontrollable aggressive thoughts in the brain towards the ill-wishers. You need to communicate with this "Mind of soul" you need to greet it, find it in the your head, and it will explain the reasons why he forces your mind to attack someone without your conscious desire to do so. Controlled schizophrenic to be profitable, immediately understand who wishes you evil, tries to deceive or sit down on your soul. Because all kinds of images and aggressive thoughts that out of a person's desire appear in the head, drive away detractors. You just need to start communicating and be friends with this second self "Mind of soul", with your subconscious. A weak mental body and paranoia appear when a person does not bring the plan to the end, does not realize his desires and intentions, for various reasons, lack of will or fear, then this tension that affects the mind. Unrealized desires are harmful to the psyche. The mind of person is demolished (not schizophrenia), when a person loses control over consciousness, as punishment for inharmonious behavior towards someone or himself, and don't call other crazy, you harm the consciousness of a person, for this you can be punished by demolished your mind. Psychiatrists only can make an intelligent appearance and feed people with tranquilizers and pill to the state of a vegetable.
   * Anorexia nervosa.
   I guess i understood out what kind of phenomenon it is. I will describe the symptoms, one day a girl notices on her bones some fats and she suddenly, due to her little life experience, decides that she will not be loved for this fat, that if any boy will notice this, he will condemn her for this, eventually she understands that everyone does not care about her little fat, but it's too late, she's got a weight loss program in her head, an image of herself, bony and sporty, now she's losing weight for herself. Or another option, the girl is quite happy with her body until some guy makes her remark that she is fat. And the girl ceases to live in the present, she lives some future, she thinks that as soon as she grow thin to the desired result, the real life will come, she will be happy, she will gain inner perfection, purity and lightness of the "butterfly", in fact losing weight for inner comfort, for contentment with oneself. The reason why these girls dissatisfied with themselves in that they are uncomfortable in themselves, they are terrified alone with themselves and with this world. The state of constant tension and fear. The ideal condition is when person feels in his body as in a warm cozy house, he feels good alone with himself, he feels and sees his personality and he likes it. Such state is possible provided that no one is sitting on the person's soul and has no power over his consciousness. Around full of parasites with predatory souls who are trying to gain power over other people's souls, these are parents, teachers, religions, beloved men, just authoritative strong people. No one should have authority over you, then you are safe.
   * Down's Syndrome. People with such genetic and psihicheskie deviations in the last incarnation did something that lowered the status of their souls up to the level of an animal, crime, murder, or perversion. It is their karma in this incarnation.
   * Autism. There can be several reasons for this malfunction of the brain due to intoxication with poisons and heavy metals or parasites in the brain. The reason for this situation is negative karma, usually it's relationship with the mother, the autistic have large claims from the souls of their mothers, their mother's maim them mentality, break energy, affect the soul, their mothers kill them on the astral plane. Perhaps in a past incarnation this kid had great harm to the mother, was her tormentor.
   Other mental illness, when people lost control of their behavior and consciousness, this may be a consequence of a wrong attitude, energy attack from some one or poisoning of the brain of heavy metals.
   I can try to help if someone has mental problems.
   By the way, I hate gays (fagots) they are sick, they deviate from the natural norm, they refused to breed, they are deadly phenomenon for the people and the race, because they do not create families with women, they are weaklings. Man, who fucked in the ass is not a warrior, he is not able to protect his country and people. But is being treated, it's just a violation of male and female energies in the mind. Homosexuality is a disease that can be cured 100%. Homosexuality is specifically promoted in white countries so that the white race quickly becomes dead. The heads of the LGBT movement are Zionists, this is their intention.
   In the topic of health, i am now not vegetarian, (I did not eat meat for 15 years), recently there were problems with immunity and blood, i looked and scanned at the blood of friend who eats meat, so there was an aggressive protective environment that fought with the poisons that a friend consumes in the form of nicotine and alcohol, i had sick and passive environment in the blood, i decided to eat a bit of beef and it immediately became easier, the strength and blood became more aggressive, i realized that our bodies are inhabited by bacteria, their nature is parasitic and predatory, if you do not eat meat and live in a harmful environment and rarely to clean your body inside, you need feeds of meat for microorganisms, they come to life and begin to clean the environment around them from all slag and poison, a piece of beef or chiken is sometimes ( 1 in the week) only beneficial, often it is not necessary, because then these microorganisms multiply too much and begin to attack healthy cells of the body. The role in the nature of cow or other herbivore is to serve as food for higher organisms if they are vitally in need of it and then the soul of the cow shine happiness that it has helped someone's life, fulfilled one more appointment in nature and if you eat meat for pleasure, then of course karma deteriorates. But i not eating calves, which have not yet been given, but have already taken life and i do not eat pork, i disdain.
   It is necessary to reduce production of meat for the sake of ecology, raise prices for it or issue it on cards, for example, on a card it is written that a person can receive a few kilograms of meat a month, a consumption quota. Meat to humans is necessary, people survived thanks to meat, and if they refuse it and fall into a situation where will be nothing to eat, and their body is not adapted for meat. A man is omnivorous, between a herbivore and a predator.
   In addition, vegetarianism has a bad effect on the psyche, a person becomes too peace-loving, looking that he has a pussy on his forehead, the world is a struggle for survival and this does not change, it's forever, who does not understand this, is doomed to extinction.
   A short post about the adventures of my body over the past year or dangerous and poisoned world we live. In 2016 i had perfect health and powerful immunity, could spend hours breathing all the chemistry and feel nothing, eat something rotten and smelly and feel ok. But it all changed when i was poisoned with mercury in the summer of 2016, as i understood in 20 minutes later, when in the process my head began to spin and become cloudy in my eyes. In short, i ran for help, in hospital me sent home, saying nothing terrible, despite my whining that i started cramping, my brain and internal organs are getting colder, and i already said goodbye to this world, but nothing, warmed up at home. In the next months stomach failure, i recovered a little and felt normal, except for periodic numbness in the legs due to the fact that mercury was deposited in the nervous system.
   So after six months a new adventure, i badly washed apple and i had the strongest poisoning that was on his peel, i read about the symptoms and consequences and it all coincided that the apple was a substance that is processed by fruit trees derived from prussic acid or cyanide potassium, because i completely refused the immune system, the blood cells simply could not fight any rubbish that gets into our bodies every day, these are volatile substances from household chemicals, cosmetics, vapors of gasoline and cigars smoke, the smell of paint, fried food. From all of this, i had a pre-fainting condition on the verge of asphyxiation. I had to leave my job, our company was engaged in wholesale supplies of toys and i spent the whole day breathing this Chinese plastic, and this phenol, formaldehyde and plumbum are killing all the immunity at all. A drink a lot of water and cleansing starve helps well, they take all this poison out. Conclusion, us maliciously killed every day, and then people wonder why carcinoma is a disease of this century, because immunity is not able to cope and cleanse the body. Immunity is a pure liver and bone marrow, the liver cleans the blood, and the bone marrow produces blood cells that are designed to carry oxygen to the limb and fight the poisons that get into us, but the problem is that all these phenols, formaldehydes, mercury and plumbum are deposited in bone marrow, liver and nervous system (brain).
   Even health is pure brain, spinal cord and nerve sistem from poisons, heavy metals, they block the work of nerve cells and when foreign matter (some poison) enters the body, for example, these paralyzed and sick nerve cells do not have time and can not command the body to he produced cells that must neutralize the poison in the blood. We daily inhale with gasoline (benzine) and tobacco such poison like mercury and arsenic, hence the problem with immunity. Consumption of hydrated vegetable fats (margarine, palm oil) is the way to stroke, the blood vessels in the brain are clogged.
   I've discovered with such broken immunity (after mercury) that almost all the modern things around us are toxic. Immunity weakens when the organism is poisoned. Around us toxic clothes, shoes, upholstery furniture, blankets, cosmetics, household chemicals, carpets, sometimes finishing the apartment, toys, food (almost all the skin of all fruits is poisoned, it need wash with soap), margarines are just everywhere, and be careful with fish, in all fish, even after heat treatment eggs of parasites are preserved, they eating inners organs.
   You need to remove from your environment almost all toxic rubbish, eco furniture made of wood or metal with an eco mattress.
   By the way of 100% of all clothes and shoes in stores regardless of brand and price, 30% highly toxic, because of poor-quality materials and dyes, 50% of average toxicity.
   Concerning cosmetics, if i can not eat lipstick and a cream, without damage to the health how it is possible to put it voluntarily on a skin?
   And even manufacturers of washing powder and detergents for washing dishes are just criminals, these things really interfere with immunity and poison the body, I can not wear things after washing with powder, i suffocate from them. Now of cleaning products i use only soda powder and children's soap, it is fine cleaned, without any chemistry. I found an eco-friendly household chemical Frosch, a German company, i liked the gel for washing, i can smell it, smear it on the lips and nothing, only the feeling of freshness appears.
   Sugar destroys blood vessels, stopped recovering and reproducing the cells of the body, sugar also is food for cancer cells. Sugar is the enemy of immunity.
   Sugar destroy the cell membranes, the vessels lose their elasticity. Sugar is eaten by parasites and cancer cells, when I eat sugar, I see how black aggressive cells in me like a spider web proliferate and catch healthy organs, these are cancer cells, if I do not eat sugar, they starve and become weakened. They also eat dead flesh (meat, bad milk). When sugar enters in the blood, the body gives its nutrients to neutralize sugar, if he didn"t do this, the person would start to rot, like diabetics rot in the last stages of disease, for example, non-healing ulcers on the legs. Imagine such a hemoglobin cell floats, and sucrose enters the bloodstream, and its molecules, like small needles, stick into the hemoglobin cell and vessel cells, the cells die and internal bleeding occurs, the body must spend some nutrients to remove the dead cells before they didn't start to rot. if you do not eat sugar, the body sends these nutrients to the restoration of bones, including the spine, teeth, organs, vessels, I see and feel it as a white healing fluid inside.
   All the sweeteners are poison, they paralyze the cells, i even refused the chewing gum and the diet cola. Erythritol is not useful, it is a little poisonous. The best sweetener is liquid grape sugar, from it there are forces and body cells begin to divide, so there are many vitamins .
   Probably the only option is a natural honey (the body needs 3-4 ones a week for 1 spoon, excess vitamins are also harmful) and agave syrup is a thermally processed garbage.
   Chocolate. I do not know, which is worse, sugar or vegetable soy lecithin, soybeans is genetically modified, body cells can mutate from soy. Solid vegetable fats are a catastrophe for blood vessels. Now we can buy chocolate without sugar on honey and without soya lecithin. Such a drug as chocolate can be replaced with raw chocolate, it is grated raw cocoa beans with cocoa butter, they contain no carcinogens, which are formed during deep-frying of cocoa beans and contain no sugar, with honey sach chocolate is delicious.
   Of course chocolate does not really like the body (all chocolate and raw food too)
   But sometimes you can eat a little raw chocolate, if the person is a chocolate addict.
   Instead of chocolate, I buy a paste of raw cocoa beans and hazelnut. There is no sugar, if you add honey or grape sugar, it tastes like Nutella.
   Instead of chocolate, you can buy raw cocoa beans, they are too hard, they have to be soaked in water for 2 hours and then cleaned of skin, cocoa beans can be eaten with honey or dates.
   Not more than 8 pieces per day. The idea for coffee addict, buy raw cocoa powder, food flavor of coffee, honey, it taste almost like coffee, only useful, you can add quality milk.
   Milk acts on the brain cells as an anesthetic, for some time the cells are not cleaned until the milk leaves the body, the reason is antibiotics and preservatives in the milk. Milk in the shops is dead flesh with preservatives and antibiotics, it is poison for humans. You can buy fresh milk from farmers, fresh milk contains important vitamins, and in pasteurized milk vitamins and proteins are destroyed. From fresh milk, cells of the body are restored and cleaned. Milk in the store is poison, it is food for parasites and cause phlegm in the body.
   And not drink milk with long shelf life, it is poison. If you can't buy raw milk from farmers, you can sometimes buy organic milk with short shelf life of 5 days, 1-2 times a week. Raw goat milk is also helpful.
   Even raw eggs are useful, the body does not like cooked and roasted eggs, raw eggs are a source of vitamins for building new cells of the body and for immunity.
   The cells of the body barely digest the protein of beans and peas, they feel it as poison, after eating of beans they feel tired and sleepy.
   Vegetable oils. Refined vegetable oils are not absorbed by the body, they are harmful. Margarines are the cause of problems with blood vessels, solid vegetable fat is clogging vessels.
   Table salt is harmful, boiled salt is form harmful compounds for the body , salt should be food sea salt. It Is necessary to salt food just before dinner. The usual salt contains additive e536, e535, a derivative of cyanide, hydrocyanic acid, this is a poison harmful to immunity.
   Fish. Fish contain eggs from parasites. They can not be destroyed by cooking or roasting fish. If a person eats fish, they will become infected with parasites, they will affect the brain and the liver.
   About parasites in the body, I scanned my body, I know that when I ate fish, including thermally treated, all the same, the eggs of parasites got into me and multiplied, including in the brain and liver. Now I see that when using dairy products from the store, the parasites also grow and multiply, but in fresh fresh milk there are substances that kill them. Now I have cleaned up my body a little so that I ate a melon every day, parasites die from melons. There are parasites that save lives, for example, those who drink alcohol have worms that save brain of man, or in the intestines there are parasites that feed on slags, preventing us from getting sick from intoxication. Also parasites kills passion fruit, daikon, radish, wormwood grass, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, tansy grass .
   Dried fruit is a spoiled product. Dried abricoce, raisins, dates. On skin of dried fruits, too many preservatives. Large royal dates can be eaten when peeled of skeen.
   Frozen vegetables and berries are also with preservative, it is a poison for the body.
   Carrots and sugar beets can be poisonous, if fertilizers added to the soil are toxic.
   Melon and passion fruit destroy parasites in the body, but often these fruits can not be eaten.
   Daikon a large white radish, it is not as spicy as red radish and tastes good, the body is happy about this vegetable. Radish is also useful, it disinfects the body of parasites.
   In green immature fruit, more vitamins, green bananas contain 70% more vitamins than yellow, green bananas are superfood.
   Fresh vitamins from fruits start the process of cleansing and replenishment in cells.
   Vegetables and fruits should be washed and peeled with special soap. And yes, grapes, apricots, peaches, must eat without skin, on the skin of fruits is poisons and preservatives that kill the body.
   In the shop juice there are no vitamins, only preservatives and sugar, it is trash for body.
   About GMO products. In the product integrates the predator animal DNA or insect, if body cells admit GMO product because they read it as healthy food, damit DNA of predator animal or insect is introduced into your DNA, the cell of your body is mutated. Cell with other DNA becomes a foreign cell in the body, now it's another cell, this degeneration into a cancer cell. This sabotage, they know what GMO is kill, their purpose is to reduce the planet's population.
   Bread. Yeasts created by Nazis in the 2 world war, it is bacteria grown on the corpses of dead people. Yeasts poison the body with the products of their vital activity, and cancer cells multiply with yeast. Better buy natural bread without yeast and chemical additives or bake it yourself.
   If you eat bread, it is better to eat only the middle, in the bark there are many carcinogenic.
   Allergy to gluten.
   Gluten is a vital vegetable protein, it gives to cells energy, cells release special substances for gluten cleavage. People with gluten intolerance has weakened immunity so that their cells do not have the enzymes to break gluten, the reason being that since the childhood people in Europe and America fed dairy products and meat with antibiotics and preservatives, their body is poisoned and unable to cope with gluten. I think if person has problems with gluten, he should refuse milk and meat and cleanse the body.
   Here are the baking recipes and the recipe for the production of useful yeast (yeast substitute)
   This is a Russian site, use the online translator.
   Nuts - only raw, roasted nuts - that's poison. Almonds are dangerous because in them calcium cyanide, all cashew nuts are fried before the sale, peanuts are genetically modified, raw sunflower seeds are useful and walnuts are heat treated before the sale.
   The process of food intake is also important. This applies to fresh fruits and vegetables, I noticed that if you chew fruit for a long time, hold and dissolve the portion in the mouth, when you swallow this portion, the body cells scream with delight that they will live (yes, they can talk) in the blood turn on the cleaning process, feeling that this onethoroughly chewed fruit turned into a brush or sponge that collects all the wastes in the body and removes them, feel of state recovery and warmth. The whole secret is in saliva, if you swallow badly chewed food, then the body needs more energy to digest it, to release gastric juice. Saliva is substance that destroys the shell of plant cell, releasing enzymes and vitamins, besides saliva has such chemical composition that by itself cleans the blood, if the chewing gum were not such chemical rubbish, it could be used to stimulate salivation and so cleaning the blood.
   I used to be lazy to chew food for a long time, but this is the difference between heaven and earth in the benefits of fruit if you hold a piece in your mouth for about 20-30 seconds.
   A bit of my story. I was bitten by bee, the pain, but then I felt a wave of energy, heat in the body, increased blood circulation, the body began to cleanse and recover, that is the influence of bee venom, there such method of treatment- bitten of bees.
   Bee venom consists of about fifty unique and environmentally friendly drugs. You will not find such composition in ampoules. The analgesic effect is even stronger than that of drugs. Excellently tones the body and has beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.
   This treatment system is called Apitherapy, the doctor keeps the bees, puts a bee on you and it bites you.
   By the way makers of washing powder and washing-up detergents are just criminals, these things really disturb immunity and poison the body, I can not carry anything after washing with powder. Now of cleaning products I use only soda powder and children soap. I found an environmentally friendly household chemical "Frog", a German company, I liked the gel to wash, I can smell it, smear it on the lips and nothing, only the feeling of freshness appears.
   The basis of any cure is clean water 2-4 liters for the day, fresh air, hiking and sports, proper nutrition and starvation.
   By the way, for those who live alone and have weak will, and you want to lose weight or, for example, you want to quit smoking, there is such thing, a container with timer ( Kitchen safe), put it in, for example, cigarettes, money, kredite cards, snacks, keys to the cabinet with food and put timer from several minutes to 10 days ,things can be back when time runs out. Thanks to him I was starving for 5 days, when there is no access to money and food there is no torment, calmly doing other things. On this site, along with the delivery costs $ 100, you can find cheaper on Amazon for $ 70, or here you can find another website for 60 euros.
   By the way about milk and eggs from the point of view of esoteric. The hens and the cow are souls that also develop, now they are embodied in the bodies of animals, then through a couple of animal incarnations it is possible to go into the human body, we too were animals, I remember my last incarnation in the body of the animal. So they also feel the energy, they have emotions, they experience feelings of happiness, suffering, fear. When we drink milk the cow feels an outflow of vital energy, it grows old energetically and experiences suffering, milk is the concentration of vital maternal energy destined for the calf, the same story with eggs, it's part of chicken energy. So the cows instead of milk take female and vital energy as pay.
   Hens, as payment for their eggs, take energy of our soul, the more energy the soul has, then more chances that it will survive, the eggs take away the energy potential of the soul.
   If you eat eggs, then need asked permission of the hen, then she will take as fee the same energy as her egg contains, instead of the subtle energy from the soul.
   The same story with meat, eat it only for health, rarely. If eat only for pleasure, then karma destroed. Men has the right to eat the meat of animals, he gave them life, he fed and cared for them, and then it is time to pay bills, life and meat are the payment of animal. Humans is not debters of animals, according to cosmic laws, a higher being has right to eat a lower being, for its survival. But animal does not have the right to eat man, they curse him for it, I saw people with genetic deformities who were bears and tried human flesh, if you met a wolf, a bear, a pack of dogs or for example a lion, then tell him that if he kills and eats you, he will be cursed and never incarnate in the human body, animals understand everything, this should scare them. Bears and volfes is cursed for eating of man's flesh. Vegetarians gave animals human rights, put animals on the same level with humans, they are not right. But please don"t eat pork, because pigs are then embodied in the body of a person, and a person who was a pig in a past life, he is disgusting, he eats his whole life, food is the meaning of his life, so he is always fat.
   16. Energy of minerals and their impact on humans.
   The stones have a huge aura like cats, stones can fill with their energy both the room and the aura of a person. Stones are part of body of the planet, they are its cells and perform a specific function in the body. Their energy is part of chakra system of the planet. Also, the energy of each stone is associated with the energy of the first-born cosmic energies and with different cosmic Areas, so each person has stones with energy close to him. One and the same stone on different people with different souls can act in different ways, one person cleans and protects, the other man is destroys. It is necessary to individually select stones and wear them in different situations, based on the need for a particular energy.
   In women, the right hand and ear take energy, the left hand gives energy, in boy it is the opposite. And if woman wear jewelry on right hand and ear, then she collects the energy of a stone, if on her left hand, then she gives energy, she fills the space and people in it, and she loses energy. The same story with the watch, if woman wear watch on right hand, she will own and manage her time, if she wear watch on left hand, then she will spend (lose) her time on other people, do not have time to do her personal affairs. In men, on the contrary.
   If you wear metal or stone on your neck, then will you give energy or take depends on what kind of throat chakra have you, is predatory or middle, in which direction the energy rotates, takes chakra energy or gives it away, it should be looked at individually, as well as with amulets and brooches on the chest, it is necessary look in which direction your chakra rotates.
   The lack of female energy in woman, when she feels like male and behaves like male, means that some one steal female energy from her, she need to block the channel of outflow of energy, it is on the middle finger of left hand, need to put a thimble on this finger for sewing and really begin feel myself a girl. My mother was steal my female energy, but the problem is that the one who stole the female energy begins to become a male from the lack of female energy and begins to put more pressure on the consciousness, so that to protect the head it is necessary also on the left big thumb to put on a thimble, and that 2 thimble, it's really works.
   As for wedding rings, in Orthodox countries, the rings are worn on the ring finger of the right hand, in Western countries on the left. This is what meaning: the ring on the right hand of woman , she starts demanding energy, money from the man. The ring on the man"s right hand, he starts to give up just everything, as a result he has a lack of energy, apathy, a desire to die, to drink alcohol.
   The ring on the left hand of woman, she begins to give energy to her husband. On the husbarn's left hand, he takes energy and press the will of woman, he is dominates.
   It seems to me that, ideally, both a woman and man should wear wedding rings on giving hands in order to have energy exchange, a woman on the left, a male on the right.
   Lead cleans from evil spirits, repels parasites . It cleared the head, the nose was cleared, the head stopped hurting, the pressure went away, the astral parasites get out from my consciousness and the head was cleared of negative energy. Lead is sold in the shop for fishermen, these are lead sinkers, I bought a big ball, but lead is poisonous and it is harmful to touch it with my hands, I packed it in a sachet and put it in the egg from under the kinder of surprise.
   Sulfur acts even more steeply on evil spirits, if there are restless souls or demonic astral entities in the house, then a couple pieces of sulfur will drive them out, sulfur is also poisonous, and it must also be packaged as lead.
   Rules for working with minerals, stones should be regularly cleaned from dirty energies with the help of water and stones should be to obey under your will, so that they will work for you, you need to regularly say that the stone belongs to you, "this is my stone".
   Amazonite. This is a holy stone, the energy of holiness and purity comes from it, but the problem is that there is Plumbum in this stone and it is dangerous for health, it cannot be worn at all, you can only buy this stone for energy and store it in a jar with a lid. This stone drives out demonic astral entities.
   Aventurine. Mature stone clears the mind, increases intelligence, gives energy, great for those who study. Blue gives a feeling of freshness in the head, gives male energy. Green gives a burst of creative energy, red gives a rational energy to programmers or engineers. stones with black dots are harmful to consciousness. Yellow gives the energy of madness, crazy. Cherry stone is good. Pale blue and brown are harmful, the first gives a milky slowly state, the second is an old stone. The white stone is still immature.
   Agalmatolit. a mature stone is only dark gray, it turn on the brain, this stone is the brain tissue in the body of the planet. Light stone of different colors is useless.
   Agate. multi-colored stones take energy, black mature gives concentration, especially to those who practice dark magic. If you look at the planet as an organism, then agate in her body is something like mucus and snot.
   Blue agate saturated blue color gives the energy of the sea or ocean.
   Adular (moonstone). The transparent stone is still immature, it fogged the mind, gives a drowsy and inhibited state. Beige stone gives state of humanity, animal fear disappears, appear inner peace and dignity , awareness rises, because this stone in the body of the planet converts energy into a human's level energy, changes vibrations, there are plant, animal, human kingdoms mit different energies. The dark beige stone clears the brain so hard, so feel scary. gray stone is already old.
   Azurite. Bright blue gives the energy of young guy, dark blue gives the energy of a mature man, the greenish stone is an old man. This stone should be in the room of every guy, he fills the male energy so much that I think it can heal homosexuality, and woman can become a lesbian from it. If you have a child or teenager boy, give him this stone so that he does not become a fagot, now young people have a fashion for homosexuality, this stone awakens boys to male's actions.
   Azurmalahite. Blue carries a light, clean male energy, want to run, walk, be free. Blue green and green are old stones. This stone attracts women to men.
   Rock crystal is the brain- nerve tissue in the body of the planet, the blue stone carries male energy, it clears the mind and improves the work of mind. Rock crystal improves the transmission of impulses in brain cells.
   Aquamarine (blue beryl). Beryl. Associated with the astral body of the planet, therefore ideal for healers, magicians, psychics, helps to feel and control astral energy. The darker and more opaque the stone have more saturated energy. Light opaque stone causes inhibition. Green stone has healing power. Turquoise color gives qualities of arrogance and disgust. Red acts on the lower sexual chakra.
   Almandine (Pomegranate). This stone gives state of greed.
   Amesite. The stone of rich color is honor, nobility, aristocracy, purity.
   Ametrine. Connected with the upper chakra of the planet, clears the mind. but it is rather difficult to find a mature stone, as a rule it is sold young, it takes ( vampiring) energy.
   Ammolite. Heavy iron energy, expensive but useless stone .
   Turquoise stone. This is a stone of honesty and purity. If a person wears this stone, then he wants to tell the truth.
   Amphibolite. restores the etheric body. the etheric body of a person is connected with physical strength; with this stone even a weak person begins to feel strong, for fighters he increases the force of a blow.
   Anapaite is snot of the planet, clogs nose and breath.
   Anatase on quartz. A transparent stone gives energy of decline and death, most likely it is an old stone, and a white opaque stone enhances the reaction, gives swiftness and speed, is useful for athletes. This stone is part of the brain of the planet, the part of it that is responsible for the reaction.
   Angelite give youthful, easy, arrogant, aristocratic energy. Its owner will think that all people are below him.
   Anhydrite. the light stone is immature and useless, dark activates the immune system, but the problem is that the body throws all energy for production of immune cells and consumes too much vital energy from the abdomen .
   Andalusite. The useful stone is only black with greenish-yellow patches, it turn on the renewal and rejuvenation of the body, other colors (brown, yellow) are dangerous to the psyche, splitting consciousness.
   Andradite. Dangerous stone, there is a desire to give up energy, destroys a person.
   Antigorite this is mucus in the lungs of the planet, prohibited to keep it in the house, health problems will begin.
   Antimonite is slags or free radicals in you planets, it destroys a person.
   Anthraxolite (high carbon shungite). The stone must be yellow. Brown and black are harmful to health. Yellow is the thyroid of the planet, includes metabolic and purification processes in the body.
   Simbirtsite. The correct stone should be uniform in color like a toffee, without black spots. this stone neutralizes anger and calms, a person gets kinder from him, the mood rises.
   Amber. It is not a stone, but a resin of dead tree, it is a dead energy. Although there are exceptions, large amber inside which pieces of ancient plants carry energy similar to the era of dinosaurs, the energy of the Jurassic Park.
   Malachite. As a rule, sold only old stone, it is cold dead energy. Living stone gives raw underground energy.
   Diamond. Cold, proud, noble energy, I like, the older it is, the cleaner and better. The stone clears consciousness, increases mental abilities, the state is technologically cosmic. Diamond cut gives a warm, rich energy of comfort and wealth in the abdominal area.
   Blue Apatite. It is purity and nobility.
   Nephritis. The young light green takes energy, dark stone calms, takes the excess of emotional energy. Not wear it for a long time, laziness and apathy will appear.
   Onyx. Young multicolored is dirt and chaos. Ripe green onyx is wisdom and calm. Black onyx is ideal for black magicians and satanists, it is their energy, wish to perform a dark ritual from the effects of this stone.
   Red or dark pink onyx. The stone of female sexuality, increases the desire of woman. I do not recommend to the mens, the stone acts on the lower chakra and man becomes like a fagot.
   Jasper. The young stone has the energy of dirt and mucus. Stone with points and layers is still being formed, there is no clear energy and there is no benefit from it, the white stone needs substances, it will be the vampire energy. Mature bright red stone has a bright feminine energy.
   Green oceanic jasper dark green color turn on in the body cleansing and recovery processes.
   Sapphire. This is a stone of a mature woman, he is an adult, it not for young girls, stone is quite noble. According to my feelings, an opaque dark sapphire is an old dead stone, a too light transparent stone, young and hungry. A sapphire is a woman or girl who wants to appear more mature and more important than she really is.
   Emerald. Young has a youthful perky clean energy. Mature stone has the energy of rigor. Perfect emerald is transparent bright green, youthful energy comes from it, from this energy you want to go on adventures, go to the club, call friends and arrange a holiday. the rest are emeralds of faded hues, not transparent, with black dots this is rubbish, they are either hungry at the stage of formation or dead
   Ruby. Light stone has childish energy, dark stone is old. Bright red, transparent has noble energy, the stone of kings, in the body of the planet a ruby ;;is in the chest, near the heart, it's energy of nobility.
   Alexandrite gives a sense of nobility and dignity. With the exception of green, it awakens envy. Turquoise alexandrite is the rarest and most expensive, the energy of royal arrogance.
   Topaz. Blue is a stone of weakness, doubt, destroys the energy of man. Yellow has a bright, warm, beautiful energy, it will suit more for women, and for mens - fagots.
   Zircon. It has qualities of color in which it is painted. Yellow is bright energy, blue is purity and nobility, the other colors did not impress me. The stone has almost no personal energy, it works as conductor.
   Tourmaline. Opaque, from him the slowly state of viscosity. Yellow transparent tourmaline gives a wonderful state of aristocrati. Green tourmaline gives male energy. Red has a rich female energy of middle-aged woman. Blue has infant energy. I think this is a wonderful gift for newborns (not to wear, of course, but to put a stone next to the child), the stone will give the child the necessary energy and calm him down, after one year of age , it is better to hide the stone, otherwise it will slow down the child"s maturity. Two or three colored tourmalines are dangerous for consciousness, there is conflict of male and female energy, there will be chaos, who am I man or woman.
   Orange calcite is filled with energy of joy and happiness.
   Aquamarine. This is youthful pure energy, a beautiful stone.
   Amethyst. Young with shades of pink is flexibility and coquetry. Mature dark stone is restraint, calm and nobility. Young light purple is purity of consciousness and nobility, it makes it easier to breathe, because in the body of the planet it is part of its respiratory system.
   Tanzanite. Young opaque gives a lot of energy to the astral body of person, it is great for astral battles. Mature transparent stone is balances and calms.
   Chrysolite. Light, young, transparent with hints of light green is chaos and emptiness. Dark mature stone is not so beautiful, but it gives a state of cunning, increases intelligence, for businessmen and merchants a good stone.
   Citrine. Mature transparent dark stone gives a state of cunning, increases the flexibility of the mind. The light transparent stone restores the energy of person, calms and also relieves pain. For example, for heartburn and pain in the stomach, this stone relieves pain in a few minutes. But this stone is a little toxic, it should be wrapped before you take it in your hand and of course you can not wear it in the form of bracelets and beads.
   Pink Quartz. Gives feminine energy, softens the heart.
   Lapis lazuli. Young light stone is apathy and contemplation. Mature just contemplation. Stone with green splashes is old stone.
   Cornelian. Yellow has energy of a child under 3 years old, the stone can suit for children. Pink with white veins is the energy of girl. Red transparent has soft feminine energy. Dark red stone changes the sex, gives the male military energy. Brownish opaque is dead stone.
   Pearls do not rejuvenate, on the contrary, it takes away both harmful and beneficial substances from the body, it absorbs everything. Black pearls are harmful, the dark pigment is absorbed by the body.
   Jade stone of dark green colour gives super concentration for 3 eyes, when you need to focus on something, stone clears the mind.
   Fluorite. Should be transparent and light, it affects 3 eyes and consciousness, its action can be compared to the state when self-awareness appears, as if you are alone with yourself, usually this state is achieved by meditation and contemplation, and the stone gives it condition within a couple of minutes. Eye of the Tiger. Gives courage, but takes a little energy.
   Hematite. It is useless, it can be compared with the waste of the waste of the planet, slag.
   Bulls-eye. Burgundy turn on cleansing and regenerating processes in the body.
   Sodalite. Blue gives a sense of nobility, it makes it easier to breathe. Not suitable for predatory souls.
   Now I study the properties of metals, I collect them, the most interesting and strong metal is tungsten. It can be of different alloys and types, tungsten destroys the mental body, so it can be used to destroy spells and programs that stand on a person. I use tungsten rings. So on the "ring finger"of the left hand of the woman and the right of the man, this tungsten ring clears the channels and comes the understanding of who your paar is now, restores the connection with the person who loves you. The best wedding rings are from tungsten, the woman should be worn on the left hand, and the man on the right. The ring on the middle finger, in women on the left hand, in men on the right, restores communication with their cosmic forces, comes an understanding of who you are in space, what your soul is, what cell you are in space organism. Ring on the little finger, in women on the left hand, in men on the right, comes an understanding of their karma and role on this planet in this incarnation. The tungsten rings need to be cleaned so that they work, for this I use lead, put it to the ring and it works fine again. Lead can not be taken bare handed, it is necessary to wrap in something. And do not buy tungsten jewelry yourself, because there are types of tungsten that destroy the mind and disembodiate the soul, I seriously, I will give a link to the rings I bought and use. Even tungsten cannot be applied to the head, it destroys the mind, a state of amnesia appears and cannot be worn on other fingers except those I have written, tungsten clears the mind and improves the vision of subtle energy, it is easier to control it. I use tungsten light bulbs, I smashed 6 bulbs and collected tungsten of them into one jar, and when I hold it in my left hand, the men should hold in the right, then I can see and feel the astral energy around more easily. Tungsten can be combined with other metals, tungsten and brass give effect of energetic cleaning, I see dirty energy coming out of my head and mouth that the enemies put into me and after such cleaning I feel light and transparent myself. Tungsten and silver soothes the nervous system and cleans the mind. Tungsten and platinum give a truly royal effect, a wonderful, proud, pure state.
   17. The influence of the brand cars on human life and health.
   My friend has an old Mitsubishi, and now he has problems with his spine and legs. And I saw almost the same car as his, only a hatchback, with a sticker "disabled". The owner is "disabled", I saw that he too has problems with his legs and spine, only worse. What a coincidence is the curse of the black Mitsubishi? I understood how it works on the astral. The owner of the brand Mitsubishi beats drivers on the spine and legs, he takes their ability to walk, for they are connected through the car to his egregor. The owner of the Mitsubishi brand is "disabled", with predatory soul, he has dentures on his legs and he throws his illness on to drivers, takes revenge on those who can walk. Predatory drivers or those who have astral protection of wife, daughter or mother , are temporarily under their protection and their spine is protected .
   Each manufacturer takes its own kind of energy, depends on who is the owner of the concern, here is the analysis of all brands.
   Reno. Owner of brand is predator, evil, predatory soul. Takes health energy as payment, from who drive this auto
   Volkswagen. I love this brand aesthetically, but the owner is also a beast, black, aggressive energy, like a black cloud, he takes the energy of the white race, the one who drives this car becomes more rigid, evil, cynical.
   Opel. Owner of brand is woman, white, bright, kind, the one who buys this car becomes softer. For middle souls, this is a wonderful car, it will take care of the driver.
   BMW. Owner of brand has a predatory soul, but his family is light, the drivers of this auto will have joyful energy in the upper chakras, but since the brand owner's soul is predatory, he will steal energy from the sexual chakra. There is every chance of becoming a joyful impotent.
   Audi. The owner of brand is Jew with a predatory soul. This car will bring harm to middle souls, it is good for predatory souls, other people from this car start to serve evil, in return they can be given success, money, but after death they will have to pay the bills with their soul for perfect meanness. If you want to sell your soul to the devil, buy an Audi.
   Mercedes. The owner of the brand is a woman with an middle soul. Who bought this car should improve the character and there will be a desire to do good.
   Skoda. The owner of the brand has a nasty temper, the one who drives this car will eventually become angry and grumpy.
   Kia. The owner of the brand is positive young man, the driver will feel this joyful energy, but for some reason, the backache hurts, it seems that this Asian (owner of the brand) has problems with spine and legs or will soon have, so he takes the energy of health and the ability to walk from drivers. They can get problems with your spine or legs.
   Fiat. The owner is a miserable and lost man. Want to become unhappy buy this car.
   Chevrolet. From the owner comes good American energy at its best. This is a good working American car, it gives a state of honesty, hard work and dedication, its energy helps in business and improves the character of the owner of the car.
   Dodge. A good owner of brand, he is light and good energy goes on the drivers, this is in the upper chakras, but he takes the vital energy of drivers, due to the fact that he has energy vampires in his family and they steal energy through him.
   Ford. The soul of owner of the brand is predator, he is like natural reptiloid by the energy, car not for maddle souls.
   Nissan. The owner of the brand is an aggressive predator. People with middle soul take this car lost their self-esteem, a car for predatory souls.
   Citroen. The owner is charming, cunning, predatory, interesting energy (European, technological, advanced). buyers receive this energy, but in return they pay with health energy.
   Subaru. The white drivers of this car have a feeling that they betrayed their white race, they lost communication with their native white race, the Japanese egregor will sit down on the driver's consciousness.
   Honda. The owner of the brand is predatory Japanese, he takes energy of hands, meaning "you can"t do anything or you won"t be able to do anything". The driver loses skills, abilities, some talents, everything falls out of the hands.
   Hyundai. Karma of South Korea and those who are born in it is to feel happy, it's country of happiness, behind them are cosmic gods with the energy of joy. Those who buy this car will feel a surge of joy.
   Chrysler. The owner of the brand is also similar to Reptiloid, cold, hard, ruthless.
   Infinity. the owner of the brand from Area in the brain of cosmos, interesting, fresh, elegant, predatory energy. He is sit down on the head of the drivers and they become in character as he is, more aristocratic, in return he takes away their most valuable energies, a person ceases to be himself.
   Land rover. The owner of the brand is predatory, looks like an angry bear, a beast of some kind, the driver on this machine become like beast, it 's dangerous in such a state to sit behind the wheel. The driver has a feeling that he is on the tank.
   Mazda. I looked at the owner of this company, and I wasn"t even surprised, this is a woman in a man"s body, I"m not going to write about his sexual preferences, it"s indecent, his soul originated in the Area of sexual organ of Cosmos. If woman buys this car, then the owner of the brand steal her female energy, she becomes male in character, if her husband does not protect her on the astral plane. If man is a driver, then he becomes more female and mannered.
   Lexus. The owner is predatory. He serves the American egregor, they need new souls and the one who buys this car will stand under American egregor, the person begins to feel a little bit American. This is until September 2018, now the owner of the brand has changed there, it s a young guy, the drivers will now have the energy of youth, in return they will pay with their experience and skills.
   Peugeot. Peugeot drivers have a desire to serve France, it's very patriotic car, but drivers stand under French egregor, this can change destiny, if they have to belong and serve their country, and not France.
   Volvo. The owner of the brand has cold European energy, he steal energy of joy and fun, in return gives peace of mind, prudence, cold.
   Alfa romeo. The owner of the brand is an Italian with joyful energy.
   Ibiza. A strange brand, the owner is some kind of crazy maniac, he will either kill the driver or make driver is maniac, the driver will have a desire to crush someone.
   People who have the car with negative impact, that is, the way out, is to remove the company's emblem from the car, from the hood and trunk. Your car, you bought it, but with this icon you connect to their egregor and take their energy, in return they take your energy (health, joy or something else). So if you remove the icon, the machine will no longer affect you. People understand and believe that when they dress a cross, a star of David, a swastika, a kolovrat, a star of Satan, then they connect to this egregor and astral entities that stand behind him, people take energy from there, in return, these astral entities take from people that they need and like. When you remove an emblem from a car, the owner of the brand stops seeing you on the astral and the connection breaks. Well, or option to stick the emblem with colored scotch and look at the changes in health.
   18. Instruction for individual development for middle souls.
   If person has decided to develop soul it's mean that he plan to become a god, the ruler of something and all the bosses can not be, only most strong, the rest in the expense, because the space and energy in the Universe is limited, and the souls of animals ready for the transition to a new stage are standing in line on the human clans, so natural selection takes place for reicarnation, only strongest remain, some souls die as a result of violation of natural laws, unwillingness to live and fight.
   1. Learning to see and feel energy
   2. Open clairaudience and telepathy, by constantly greeting your cosmic clan from where your soul come to the earth, until they talk to you.
   3. Open clairvoyance, see with whom you communicate, feel them energy.
   4. Meet with gods of your clans, earth family and cosmic, understand the nature of your soul and the way of development on which you will go. In the earthly family head of the clan can be a stranger, just get meet for knowledge, but do not listen to it, it is useful to know because his personality affects your energy and the chakra system. With patron of the cosmic clan meet is to difficult, because different astral creatures will bring to you other gods and essences in order to seize your energy, consciousness and soul, they can be unreal beautiful, shine love, give useful advice, show miracles, but you need to listen to yourself, if the fog in your head or an unpleasant feelings, it means cheating. From yours real gods usually fresh, easy and clear in the head.
   5. If you do not want to stand under Shiva, then you have to transform yoga into something of your own gymnastics.
   6. Learn to understand nature of the soul and the who stand behind soul of man, middle is calmness, nobility, northern beauty, joy. Predatory are more aggressive, cunning and predatory, although some have joyful energies.
   7. Learn to communicate with planets and stars, understand their nature and see the soul.
   8. There also learn to speak with gods, astral creatures, animals and plants, to see their souls.
   9. If you enter the astral and start with someone else to fight and so do not be afraid that they will kill you, they only threaten, do not afraid of dirty methods, and black humor, this is stronger than any sword.
   19. What punishment awaits fools and lazy people.
   Middle souls. After death you can get into someone else's cosmic clan and they will eat your soul, if you have strong bond or debts with predatory soul man, with a mother, a husband, spiritual teachers- guru. They can take you to their clan after death. In the course of life, if you are stupid, you will be constantly robbed of energy and attributes. If you are lucky to return home, your gods and patrons will punish you, because you having the opportunity and information to become the strongest magician and god, and you missed this opportunity and in the next life conditions and opportunities will be worse. The refusal to serve your cosmic clan does not improve karma.
   In the world now more than 70% of the incarnated predatory souls.
   I dream of a new civilization, people of new cosmic formation, with cosmic thinking and perception. In Cosmos there are beautiful highly developed civilizations, they perceive the world about as i suggest in my book, they study reality. Without deep knowledge and studying of this world, at the energy level, it is impossible to build a highly developed civilization with spaceships. How people are going to communicate with aliens, if the aliens have telepathy and telekinesis and can control someone else's mind, but we are not, and they keep us for animals because of our stupidity.
   Appeal to predatory soul people, if you are much wiser after this book and decide to consciously eat some middle soul for your spiritual development, then you must give it to read this book, otherwise it will be a vile murder.
   I am the author of this book, i forbid predatory souls from the any Areas, to use the knowledge of this book to harm of me, this planet, creatures and gods with a middle soul, under the threat of a curse.
   I forbid everyone (consciously or unconsciously) to take my energy, my siddhi, my attributes, i forbid something at all to take from me (except for information in the book) for the discovery of your spiritual abilities and spiritual development, you should get it yourself or ask for of your cosmic gods- patrons.
   This book, this is a new Holy scripture, a new religion, a new true esoteric teaching, and i am his God and Guru! Pray for me! Do you hate me? At me at least the most cool humor from all spiritual leaders.
   If you liked my ideas and you agree with the concept of this book, then you can serve the development of our civilization. Send this book to your friends, post information about the book on various sites. Just imagine how our world will become if hundreds of thousands of people find out this information.
   If interested i can send you information about your soul or the soul of your loved ones. Predator you or Middle soul, from where your soul flew to Earth, from Area of Universe with what energy, where your home is. To which family genus you belong, to which national egregor belongs this genus, who you are by nationality. I can see how many percentages of Asian and monkey genes are in you .
   Or i can see all the incarnations of man, i have this fourth incarnation on this planet, the knowledge of the past helps to understand the events of my present life, to understand why you are connected with one or other people, why should you be born in this place.
   Also invites you to study.
   In a programme:
   - training in the vision of subtle astral energy (aura of man, animals, objects)
   - clairvoyance (to see astral entities, souls, to learn cosmos, to look into the past, to recognize your past incarnations)
   - clairaudience and telepathy (the ability to read people's thoughts, understand the language of animals, communicate with astral entities and souls from the other world ...)
   Open abilities allow one to see and know the origin and structure of the cosmos, the arrangement of any objects (planets, people, animals, plants, their souls, to see the cause of any events in life)
   Requirements for students is the desire to make efforts, including physical ones for their successful development .
   20. My contacts.
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