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A Child in me

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A chance
I've got a chance to live
In perfect world
Without a painful grief.

And now
I know what I should do
To make this chance
Be undeniably true;

A glance
A glance of present life
Is brighter than
A beam of laser light;

It's loud
It's loud enough to hear
That my own present life
Is not worth living here

Where I
Still try to build a town
That illustrates my world,
Where down's instead the ground
And rocks are made of gold,
All trees are made of leather,
My castle's made of dreams;
I've got here sunny weather
With hunny-bunny winds.
The knights are riding faster
Without useless heads;
The only one disaster
Here is pissing in a bed.

A child
A child that lives in me
Won't die forevermore,
Won't grow up to be sick;

And I
And I won't let him go
Not for a million bucks,
Not for a price of world.

And I
Still try to build a town
Made of a crystal light
For me, you, our son
Without sloth or pride.
Where nights do not last longer
Than blinks of our eyes;
Where love is getting stronger
Day by day and sight by sight.

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