Майсурадзе Михаил Васильевич: другие произведения.

A King of World

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Загадка Лукоморья
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Once you were a king of world;
Now your destiny is sold.
Once you liked a flight of birds;
Now you've changed it for some words,
Not perfect ones.

Once you had one will to live;
Now you live to find new wills.
Once you feared some nature gifts;
Now you make the nature fear
Your comfort glance.

You play
With fire,

Who are you now?
And where do you go?
What d'you think about
The place that you call 'home'?
Whom are you waiting for?
No one will come for you.
Your faith's ignored;
You're ruined too;
So you are you no more.

Once you thought you were the one;
Now your thoughts are cool and fun.
Once you knew the sense of life;
Now you plead to put a knife
Deep in your heart.

Once you smiled in a face of death;
Now you hide behind your faith.
Once you were a king of world;
Now you're sinking in your gold
Beneath cold stars.

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