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Загадка Лукоморья
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Wherever I go your shadow follows me;
Whatever I do your ghost just chases me.
Try to find out: we differ like fall from spring.
You've never known what feelings mean for me.
You treated me like no one did at all;
You wanted only sex; I wanted so much more.
I wanted tenderness, but got dirty sex;
You gave me love for night; I wanted love till death.

Whatever I think my thoughts are full of you;
Though you are rough I can't stop thinking of you.
Whenever we fuck you invent something new.
I love you, girl, but you don't love me too.
I really believed that our hearts would beat as one;
You say it's stuff, you say it's really fun.
The door I have shut leads to the endless pain...
I tell you "goodbye", and vanish in endless rain...

The black and white;
The day and night,
Just you and I,
Just you and I.
The peace and war;
The sea and shore;
The less, the more.
I shut the door.

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