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Загадка Лукоморья
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Come into my world and you'll find a paradise;
You're looking for the sun, I can see it in your eyes.
But instead of sunny place you will come to dirty hell,
And you'll forget your thoughts and all you've ever felt.

Tomorrow world will die. There's nothing more to say.
But we can stay alive if we'll pray hard every day.
I need your love, I know that you need to stay alive;
I can give you second life, but you must give me love, my bride.

I like to see you cry; I like to see your tears on face.
You cry for better life but you cry to outer space.
Nobody wants to come and take you out of this place,
'Cause everybody knows that you are fallen from the grace.

Someday you'll realize that you have no chance to win,
And then you will plead for excusing all your sins.
I'm neither God nor Devil, so you will always cry;
You will cry forever. You will cry until you die.

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