Майсурадзе Михаил Васильевич: другие произведения.

Fuck up song

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Загадка Лукоморья
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I live in a district of a big Russian city;
A district that will sleep even if Earth stops spinning;
Nothing happens here, and that is why I live here,
Because I like nobody fucks me up.

This is Russia, baby, and I know you feel it;
Here everyone believes that everything is silly,
But nothing they will do, because they are spinning
To make the life look like it"s not fucked up.

I see all stupid heads in ugly box of pleasure,
They tell I must spend every day at leisure
And that I"ll get for this a thousand bags of treasures.
I vomit, "cause I know it"s all fucked up.

I walk on icy streets and lash the street cleaner;
I go by bus and lash all that I ate at dinner;
I lie in bed and lash a hammer drill and sinners
That make a noise and fuck my rest-day up.

I take my money and go out to buy some beer,
And then for sure I"ll turn on my CD to hear
The music that will carry me away from here;
And while it plays nobody fucks me up.

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